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Difference between DC, DSC and DJ

Mass communication:

Mass communication refers to the process of transferring or transmitting a message to a large group of
people. Typically, this requires the use of some form of the media, including newspapers, television, and
the Internet. The term mass communication was coined in the 1920s, with the advent of nationwide
radio networks, newspapers, and magazines which were circulated among the masses. The distribution
of information to a wide range of people remains the main function of mass communications.

Development Communication:

This describes an approach to communication which provides communities with information they can
use in bettering their lives, which aims at making public programmes and policies real, meaningful and
sustainable. Such information must be applied in some way as part of community development but it
must also address information needs which communities themselves identified. The outcome of this
approach, in short, is to make a difference in the quality of life of communities.

Development communication is the art and science of human

communication applied to the speedy transformation of a country
and the mass of its people from poverty to a dynamic state of economic
growth that makes possible greater social equality and the larger
fulfillment of the human potential.

Development Journalism:

The term development journalism is used to refer to two different types of journalism. The first is a
new school of journalism which began to appear in the 1960s. The idea behind this type of development
journalism is similar to investigative reporting, but it focuses on conditions in developing nations and
ways to improve them. The other type of development journalism involves heavy influence from the
government of the nation involved. While this type of development journalism can be a powerful tool
for local education and empowerment, it can also be a means of suppressing information and restricting

The first type of development journalism attempts to document the conditions within a country so that
the larger world can understand them. Journalists are encouraged to travel to remote areas, interact
with the citizens of the country, and report back. This type of development journalism also looks at
proposed government projects to improve conditions in the country, and analyzes whether or not they
will be effective. Ultimately, the journalist may come up with proposed solutions and actions in the
piece, suggesting ways in which they might be implemented. Often, this type of development journalism
encourages a cooperative effort between citizens of the nation and the outside world.

Development Support Communication:

The art and science of human communication linked to a society's planned transformation from a state
of poverty to one of dynamic socio-economic growth that makes for greater equity and the larger
unfolding of individual potential."