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Division of Cavite SCHOOL

TIME _______-_______ WEEK 8
A. Content demonstrates demonstrates demonstrates understanding of demonstrates understanding of Weekly Test
Standard understanding of the understanding of the the concepts of nouns, verbs the letter-sound relationship
concepts of nouns, concepts of nouns, verbs and adjectives for proper between Mother Tongue and
verbs and adjectives for and adjectives for proper identification and description English for effective transfer of
proper identification identification and learning
and description description
B. Performance properly identifies and properly identifies and properly identifies and correctly hears and records
Standard describes people, describes people, describes people, animals, sounds in words
animals, places, things animals, places, things places, things and uses them in
and uses them in a and uses them in a a variety of oral and written
variety of oral and variety of oral and theme-based activities
written theme-based written theme-based
activities activities
C. Learning Objectives: Objectives: Objectives: Objectives: Measure ones ability
Competencies/ Nouns Nouns Nouns Distinguish rhyming words from to retain and apply
Objectives EN2G-If-g-2 EN2G-If-g-2 EN2G-If-g-2 non-rhyming words knowledge and
Objectives: Objectives: Objectives: EN2PA-Ig-2.3 concepts .Learn to
Identify proper nouns Differentiate common Identify mass and count nouns Objectives: answer a weekly test.
from proper nouns Classify/Categorize speech
sound heard in the poem - (
rhyming words)
Participate in generating ideas
through prewriting activities -
Write the LC Code EN2G-If-g-2 EN2G-If-g-2 EN2G-If-g-2. EN2G-If-g-2.1
for each
II.CONTENT Proper Nouns Common and Proper Learning about Mass Nouns Rhyming Words
Nouns and Count Nouns Classifying/Categorizing speech
sound heard (rhyming words)
A. References CG 2016 pages 28,30,51 CG 2016 pages28,30,51 CG 2016 pages28,30,51 CG 2016 pages27, 30, 47
1.Teachers Unit 1 pp. 52-53 Unit 1 pp.53-54 Unit 1 pp.59-61 TG pp. u2 34-36
2.Learners LM pages 77-80 LM pages 81-83 LM pages 100-103 LM pages 181-183
Materials Pages
3.Textbook Pages
4.Additional English (Learners English (Learners English (Learners Material). English (Learners Material).
Materials from Material). Grade 2. Material). Grade 2. 2013. Grade 2. 2013. pp. 100-103 Grade 2. 2013. pp. 181-183
Learning 2013. pp. 77-80 pp. 81-83
Resources (LR)
B. Other Learning Word cards, pictures, Pictures, powerpoint pictures of the following: pictures, word strips, manila
Resources charts, powerpoint presentation milk, juice, oil, rice, salt, sugar, paper, pentel pens, pocket
presentation water, pepper, coffee, eggs, chart
chickens, pencils,
birds, owers, children
powerpoint presentation
A. Reviewing Checking of Agreement Review/ Drill/Review Review
previous lesson or Review: Lets Try Show pictures of milk, juice, oil, Have the pupils listen to the
presenting the (Refer to LM, p. 77) Look at the picture. rice, etc. words the teacher read.
new lesson Lets Try What do you see in the Ask: What do see? Which Say: Clap your hands if the
What are common picture? pictures show things we can words that I will say have the
nouns? What is it all about? count ? same beginning Sound. Shake
Fill out the table. Write What about the others? your hands if the words have
the nouns under their Can you count them? the same ending sound and tap
proper column. your lap if the words do not
teacher have the same beginning or
classroom ending sound
cat always around sit - sing
pencil call pull sleep - us
shoes buy cold found - cold
school green been wish - gave
street read right best - fast
B. Establishing a Motivation: Motivation: Motivation Motivation: Orient pupils on the
purpose for the What do you notice Lets Listen Lets Aim Lets Aim directions.
lesson with the nouns listed in Listen to your teacher as Look at the following pictures. Read the following words.
the table? she reads the dialogue. COUNT NOUNS my by
How are they written? Answer the following one sun fun
What do we call them? questions. brothers sisters
Who are the characters in What have you noticed with the
the dialogue? words?
Where did they go? What do you call the words that
What are the things that have the same
they saw ? ending sound?
What other words rhyme with
my and by?
What other words rhyme with
one, sun, and fun?

C. Presenting Presentation: Presentation: Presentation: Presentation: Preparation of test
examples/ Get Set Present the following Read again the text entitledFor Lets Read
instances of the Look at the pictures. dialogue to the pupils: the Sake of Honey. Read the following poem and
new lesson Give a specific name for On a weekend, the tell the rhyming
each picture. Trinidad Family took a words.
trip to their farm. They Little Miss Muffet, sat on a
rode in a train. They tuffet,
saw a lot of trees on their Eating her curds and whey;
way. Three hours later, Along came a spider,
they reached the farm. Who sat down beside her
Lolo Enteng and And frightened Miss Muffet
Lola Lina were very away.
Lolo Enteng: Come, I shall A cat and a mouse full of glee
show you my trees. Started dancing, one, two,
Lia: Thats great! three.
The family saw different They danced in the daytime,
trees in the farm. They danced in the night,
Yaekov: I am tired. Let us They did not mind if it was dark
rest under the Balete or bright.
Mr. Castillo: Its nice to
stay here. Trees give us
Mrs. Castillo: Oh,
mangoes! Can we have
Mr. Castillo went up the
tree. He put the mangoes
in a basket. He also
picked fruits from
the Santol and Sampaloc
Yaekov: Why are there
many trees here?
Lola Lina: We planted
them years ago. Trees
give us fruits, wood,
medicine and shade. They
also help prevent oods.
The family had a
wonderful trip. The
following day, they went
home very happy.
What do you notice
with the nouns beside
the common nouns.
How are they written?
What do we call them?
D. Discussing new Comprehension Guided Practice: Ask the pupils: Comprehension Questions:
concepts and Questions: Have the class complete Can we count the things in the What are the rhyming words in
practicing new Ask the following: the tree map. (Refer to first column? (yes) the first stanza?
skills #1 1. Give specific names LM, p. 82) Naming words or nouns which What are the rhyming words in
for each picture. Lets group them by using can be counted are called count the second stanza?
Example: a Tree Map. nouns. Ask: What have you noticed
a. teacher Miss How about the nouns on the with the words you have read?
Fremista second column? Can you count What do you call words that
b. school them? No. have the same ending sound?
c. trees Narra What kind of nouns cannot be What other words can you think
d. market counted? Mass nouns cannot be of that rhyme with my and by?
Let the pupils look for
e. actor John Lloyd counted. What other words can you think
common and proper
Cruz Examples: liquid, powdered of that rhyme with one , sun,
f. actress Marian materials and gas and fun?
Ask the pupils:
Rivera Show the following pictures to And with brothers and sisters?
1. Who are the characters
g. cartoon character the class: I love nouns/naming
in the dialogue?
Darna words.
2. Where did they go?
h. milk Alaska Picture of count nouns eggs,
3. What are the things
i. month chickens, pencils, birds, owers,
that they saw?
j. day children
2. What do you notice Picture of mass nouns milk,
with the nouns beside juice, oil, rice, salt, sugar, water,
the common nouns? pepper, coffee
3. How are they
4. What do we call
E. Discussing new Group Activity Group Work: Group Work: Activity A
concepts and I. Write a proper noun Guide the pupils in Have the pupils listen to the
practicing new for the given common grouping the nouns. Ask the pupils to identify nouns poem read by the teacher and
skills #2 nouns. Guided Practice: (Refer to found on the text. classify the rhyming words.
1. teacher = LM, p. 83) Write the answers on the Little Miss Muffet, sat on a
____________________ Say: Color the proper board. tuffet, Eating her curds and
_________ nouns red and yellow for whey; Along came a spider,
2. month = common nouns. Who sat down beside her And
____________________ frightened Miss Muffet away.
_________ Ask pupils to put the pictures of What are the rhyming words?
3. day = Count Nouns in the left column
____________________ and Mass Nouns in the
_________ right column.
4. doctor =
5. ocean =
6. river =
7. school =
8. country =
9. restaurant =
10. tree =
II. (Refer to LM, p. 79)
F. Developing We Can Do It We Can Do It We Can Do It We Can Do It Testing
mastery Draw a star ( ) if the A.The common nouns Tell whether the noun is Activity B
( Leads to word is a proper noun. and proper nouns got countable or not. Write CN for Color the picture that rhyme
formative ______ 1. Boracay mixed count nouns and MN for mass with the word in the box.
assessment ) ______ 2. library together in the cloud. nouns on the blank before the
______ 3. doctor Write each noun under picture.
______ 4. Uncle Tony the proper heading.
______ 5. clinic
______ 6. Philippines
______ 7. slippers
______ 8. bag
______ 9. Miss Cruz
______ 10. Toyota
B.Identify common
G. Finding I Can Do It Have pupils do I Can Do It I Can Do It I Can Do It
practical/ I. Write a proper noun Color the proper nouns Let the children finish the Find the words that rhyme with
applications of for each given common red. Color the common Concept Circles about Count the word on the left.
concepts and noun. nouns yellow. and Mass nouns.
skills in daily 1. teacher Say: Now you know the
living 2. month meaning of count nouns and
3. day mass nouns. Can you ll up the 2
4. doctor Concept Circles all by yourself?
5. ocean Cut out the pictures and put
6. river them in the Count Nouns or
7. school Classify the following Mass Nouns Circle.
8. country common nouns.
9. restaurant Put a check (/) under the
10. tree proper heading.
II. Read the sentences The first one was done
and look for the words for you.
that are not correctly
written. Write these
correctly on
the blank.
H. Making Remember This: Remember This: Remember This: Remember This: What did you learn?
generalizations Common nouns are Count nouns are name anyone Rhyming words are words that
and abstractions common names of or anything that can be counted have the same final sound.
about the lesson persons, things, places, and whose
animals, or events. plural form can be formed by
They start with a small adding s or es.
letter. Examples: cup, bag, computer,
Proper nouns are specific tree, house, chair, pupil, boy,
names of persons, toy, girl, teacher
things, places, animals, Mass nouns or non-countable
and events. They nouns refer to things which
always start with a capital cannot be counted like
letter. water, sugar, etc. They usually
do not have a plural form so we
add quantifiers or
determiners to make them
Examples: dirt, ink, pepper,
sand, sugar, powder, sugar, rice,
our, wheat, rain, ice,
water, soup softdrinks, juice,
tea, vinegar, soy sauce, milk,
syrup, oil,
sauce, mud, food, grass, hair,
oxygen, smoke
Quantifiers: a pinch of, a
spoonful of, a teaspoon of, a
tablespoon of,
a bottle of, a slice of, a sack of, a
can of, a box of
Example: I will put a pinch of
salt in my soup
Please carry the sack of rice.
Determiners: many, a few, both,
some, much, a lot of, most of, a
little of
Example: She puts a little of
sugar in my coffee.
Much of the grass was watered
by the gardeners.

I. Evaluating Measure My Learning Measure My Learning Measure My Learning Measure My Learning Checking the test
Learning (Refer to LM, p. 80) (Refer to LM, p. 83) Say: Color the balloons with red List down the rhyming words paper.Noting item
Look for a proper noun
Write C for common if the noun is a count noun and found in the poem missed.
for each common noun.nouns and P for proper blue if it is a mass noun. below. Read and classify the
Choose the answer nouns. Whats the difference between rhyming words in the
from the word bank. ____ 1. teacher Count and Mass Nouns? (Refer poem. Write them in the box.
____ 2. Pinaglabanan to LM, p. 103) Jack Sprat could eat no fat,
Elementary School His wife could eat no lean,
____ 3. restaurant And so between the two of
____ 4. Pasig River them
1. church
____ 5. day They licked the platter clean.
____ 6. doctor
____ 7. April
2. country A cat and a mouse full of glee
____ 8. National
____________________ Started dancing, one, two,
____________ three.
____ 9. Luneta Park
3. car They danced in the daytime,
____ 10. book
____________________ They danced in the night,
____________ They did not mind if it was dark
4. street or bright.
____________ Good night, sleep tight,
5. bookstore Dont let the bedbugs bite.
____________________ And if they do
____________ Then take your shoe
6. boy
____________________ And knock em til
____________ Theyre black and blue!
7. flower
8. fruit
9. zoo
10. toothpaste
J. Additional Agreement: Agreement: Agreement: Agreement: Study next lesson.
activities for Allow the pupils to draw Write five common Draw or cut pictures of mass Read and classify the words that
application or 5 examples of proper nouns. Give an example and count nouns. rhyme.
remediation nouns and label them. of proper noun for each Write them in the chart and add
common noun. three more words.

A. No. of learners
who earned 80%
of the formative
B. No. of learners
who require
activities to
C. Did the
remedial lessons
work? No. of
learners who
have caught up
with the lesson
D. No. of learners
who continue to
E. Which of my
strategies worked
well? Why did
these work?
F. What
difficulties did I
encounter which
my principal or
supervisor can
help me solve?
G. What
innovation or
localized material
did I use/discover
which I wish to
share with other