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Dr.Esayas G/Youhannes
Executive Director,
e-mail: esayas.gebreyohannes@aaitedu.et
Letter of Recommendation
Date: April 27,2017

Ref. No: AAiT-ED-353-09-17

This letter of recommendation is written in favor of Mr. Hagos Welegebrial and his desire to apply to
your University for PhD program in the field of Structural Engineering. Mr. Hagos Welegebrial completed
his M.Sc degree in Structural Engineering, at Addis Ababa Institute of Technology, AAU, in November

I had taught Mr. Hagos Welegebrial Structural Engineering course /theory of Elasticity and concrete
structure / in post graduate program and he scored an excellent result. I have advised him for his
master's Thesis entitled and he has done a great job on his Thesis. In the process to conduct the thesis,
he showed great interest in the subject and has demonstrate many admirable academic qualities
(independent work ability, acquiring new skills quickly, punctuality on his academic works and so on).

Mr. Hagos has a strong interest in pursuing further studies in the field of Structural Engineering.
Ethiopian Higher Education institute has a crucial need of skilled manpower in the field of Structural
Engineering. Thus, Mr. Hagos's further training will contribute for Axum University and the country in
both research and teaching.

Mr. Hagos is well organized, conscientious and hard-working. He is cooperative and has pleasant
character and can get along very well with others.

In conclusion, I have no doubt that he will excel in his PhD study successfully if he is given the
opportunity at your University. This is, therefore, to let you know that I strongly recommend his
application in your PhD program in Structural Engineering.

Sincerely Yours, 4-'1:0 c 1'1 1.:

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Esayas GebreYOUhannc "(o~\.,,>;(,.
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Associate Professor r.., ~ ~~ ~~~~~~r;,

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Addis Abab~ .Institut~ ~f T~~~~\('~~.'f" ..JI~ ~fi,c}JFi

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