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Edelman perspectives on growing engagement,
building trust, and accelerating business performance

August 2017


Driving recruitment through advanced marketing techniques
By Andrew Moon, Digital Strategist, Edelman

When asked what keeps CEOs up at night, attracting and retaining top talent is high on the
list. Recruiting the right talent to deliver on ambitious business strategies is increasingly
challenging. The talent acquisition teams who embrace innovative technologies that help
identify hard-to-find talent, harness insights from backend metrics and bring the employer
brand to life will lead the pack. These five best practices for modern recruitment can help you
win the war for talent.

1 Candidates are
customers, too
Borrowing from the principles of content marketing,
2 Employer branding - if you
build it, they will come
Dont underestimate the value of ongoing employer
you can now conduct digital searches that quickly brand building. Not only does it help shape and
identify talent to build robust slates of candidates. improve opinions amongst recruits as well as
And just as you craft an optimum customer employees, it reassures all external stakeholders that
experience, an excellent candidate experience your company is home to the best and brightest who
champions transparency, facilitates consistent are dedicated to producing top products and services.
communication with talent, illuminates the Ensure your employer brand resonates with talent
employer brand and ensures corporate reputation seamlessly across all channels such as social media,
is bolstered in the process. careers websites and email campaigns. Also, be
mindful of feedback on third party sites such as
Glassdoor that influence opinion and reputation.
Talent challenges

Ratio of workers to retirees in
2025, making the competition
for talent more intense.
-McKinsey & Company
3 Embrace the evolving
and the emerging
When following a candidate-centric approach, test
evolving and emerging platforms. Top companies take

Professionals who consider advantage of opportunities to use technology to
themselves passive job seekers enrich the candidate experience. For example,
-LinkedIn piquing the interest of a younger demographic through
Snapchat, creating an experience to reinforce your

New hires who look for a new employer brand through virtual or augmented reality or
job within the first six months of lead generation tactics like retargeting or account-
starting another new job. based marketing.
-Successful Onboarding

2017 Edelman
4 Use your most authentic
storytellers employees
The 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer indicates that
5 Get modern with
Did you know its possible to track a candidates first
while leadership credibility is at an all-time low, peer- click on a piece of content all the way through their
to-peer interaction is increasingly a top source for tenure as an employee? Companies can improve
credible, trustworthy information. Increasingly, processes and glean insights spanning the entire talent
employees want to hear from people like me rather lifecycle by integrating their technology stack (e.g., ad
than senior leaders. Companies that enable their platforms, site analytics, HRIS) and following a strict
people to share information and act as ambassadors measurement framework. Ultimately, this allows recruiters
for their organizations are at an advantage in the to focus on whats most important: people.
search for talent. To support business and talent
strategies, consider empowering your employees as Contact Andrew.Moon@Edelman.com for more
storytellers with engagement platforms like Dynamic information about Edelmans Talent Acquisition offering.
Signal that allows your people to share news about
your company on social media platforms that
influence potential candidates.

Talent acquisition is the

first step in the employee 8 in 10 leaders say talent is
their #1 priority. - LinkedIn

experience lifecycle
A companys employer brand is only as true as
the employee experience that backs it up. And
that experience extends through the entire
employee lifecycle: from the awareness, Advocacy Consideration
consideration and application and hiring
stages; to a successful (and ongoing)
onboarding process; continuing with
engagement and development through an TALENT
employees tenure; and even leveraging
relationships with past employees as
LIFECYCLE Application
ambassadors in the advocacy stage. and Hiring

All of these stages have distinct communication

and experiential considerations, comprising a
full Employee Value Proposition (EVP). For more
information on Edelmans EVP offering, please Engagement Onboarding
contact us at:

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Our global network of employee engagement specialists develop engagement strategy; deploy the tools and processes to deliver
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2017 Edelman. For more information, contact us at employeeengagement@edelman.com.