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A Professional Quantity Surveyor (PQS) may perform the following functions:

Prepare and evaluate construction and development tenders from information provided by
architects, engineers and other design consultants and negotiate and award contracts to
successful proponents;
Manage, administer and co-ordinate all types of construction and development projects,
including contracts and sub-contracts, construction progress schedules, cost control systems,
and work measurements;
Prepare, submit and manage progress invoices, valuation of changes and finalize contracts;
Provide advice on construction cost and strategic planning to prospective owners, architects,
engineers and public authorities;
Prepare and interpret tender documents, specifications, general conditions, and other parts and
forms of contracts;
Prepare and submit estimates for construction and development work;
Provide commercial advice and support to construction and development project works;
Conduct or participate in arbitration and court hearings;
Research, negotiate and support dispute resolution activities;
Functions of a Construction Estimator Certified professional.
A Professional Quantity Surveyor has a detailed and comprehensive knowledge of construction and
construction methods, as well as the laws relating to construction projects and accounting, in order
to provide cost and financial advice.
A Professional Quantity Surveyor may specialize in mechanical or electrical disciplines, but all
Professional Quantity Surveyors must have a working knowledge of the practical aspects and
design features of both fields.