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Brueninghaus Hydromatik

Axial piston units

in Marine and Offshore technology

RE 98079/03.95
Our experience the sea

The continual pressure of costs in Due to the swashplate design the motor has Hydraulic drives on ships are normally
shipbuilding industry gives the manufacturer the following advantages: equipped with their own hydraulic power unit.
of axial piston units the drive to think about
long service life, For our axial piston unit A4VSO with
new low cost solutions.
pressure control for parallel operation, it is
Especially for the shipbuilding industry the low operating noise, possible to power all hydraulic drives from
axial piston motor of the series A4FSP in one central power station.
swashplate design was developed. slim design,

tandem version for 100 % momentum


Examples for application Advantages
propulsion stepless speed control
bow thruster selection of diesel engine related to optimum
cargo pump operating data
steering gear long service life time
fan drive easy maintenance
winch drive low costs
ballast pump

Ringline system on board

The continual further development of

powerful hydraulic components enables
hydraulics to find more and more application Pressure line
in shipbuilding. Pressure
For example, in the field of axial piston
pumps and axial piston motors, the succesful
design of swashplate units opened the door
wider to the use of central power units on
With the swashplate design, acceptable
values have been attained for service life,
pulsation and efficiency. In addition, control
designs, which could only be implemented
with costly and great difficulty in bent axis Suction line / tank
machines can now be achieved quite simply.

Pressure control for parallel operation

The axial piston high pressure pumps shown

here maintain a controlled pressure to the
common piping system. By means of parallel
operation of the axial piston units (APU), the
main engine out-put (PTO) and axial piston
units themselves are loaded uniformly.
In addition the APUs operate without
oscillation of the control.
Example of a central Power Pack: It may be
mounted directly onto the main engine. Via a
PTO the pumps are driven at an optimum
Main propeller
With this design, drive powers of 6000 kW
per PTO are converted into hydraulic energy.
This corresponds to a oil flow of
Diesel engine 12000 L/min.


Suction line
Cut off valve
(Stand by mode) Process
pressure line


Variable displacement pump A4VSO, Hydraulic power units via PTO

Sizes 40...750 cm3 RE 92050

Drive speed
nominal value

Fixed displacement motor A2FM,
Sizes 5...1000 cm3 RE 91025/91001 Motor

Drive speed
actual value Drive speed
actual value signal

Winch Cargo pump

Variable displacement motor A6VM,

Sizes 28...1000 cm3 RE 91604/91603

The Meteor was equipped with a central

hydraulic system using Brueninghaus
Hydromatik axial piston units. The many
winches on board are operated by using a
secondary controlled A4VSO unit.
Germany's research vessel Meteor

In water submerged hydraulic motors

Great influence to the design of a propeller

drive will be the performance of the shaft
end. Due to the design of this motor, it is
possible to create the shape of the flange and
shaft to nearly every requirement and to
mount the propeller directly.
In order to cope with the high axial and
radial forces, arising from the application, a
new type of bearing was created.
Other very interesting applications have been
implemented together with Hydromarine. The
ships main drive, for example, produced a
better overall efficiency than the conventional
drive because of the considerably improved
arrangement of the propeller. This was partly Flange versions A4FP/A10FP
because the traction propeller version had
been selected.
The same principle was also applied for the
bow thruster. To protect the drive shaft
against seawater, there is a ceramics coated
sleeve included.

Fixed displacement motor A4FP, Sizes 32...500 cm3, RE 91125

Fixed displacement motor A10FP, Size 18 cm3, RE 91175


These shown examples are typical

applications for axial piston units in marine
and offshore field.

In addition to this, we offer in view of an

increasing demand for hydrostatic
transmission, in each marine equipment, the
suitable solution.


Cargo-Pump Propulsion

Our quality assurance system
is certificated
Our customers expect more from us than We are involved in all the product
perfectly functioning products. And that is a manufacturing stages, from the development
good thing too. It is expected that we ensure via production to customer service.
that we have a self monitoring, compre-
We have decided to install our quality
hensive quality safety system covering all
assurance system in such a way, that the
company areas.
highest demands of DIN EN ISO 9001 are
Not only DQS (German Quality Assurance fulfilled.
Society) confirms this with the certificate
The quality of our products as well as the
from them shown on the right.
advanced state of technology and competitive
cost is the reason why we have happy
Our customers are always the focal point of
our work.

Application example: Ship steering gear

The above shown power unit is part of steering
gear, placed in container ship
Hannover Express

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