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Topic Details (in hrs)

What is DevOps, really? Why is it such a big deal now?
Is agile a pre-requisite?
Introduction What's cutting-edge in this space? Relevance to PLM 0.5
DevOps capabilities
Concepts of Continuous Integration/Deployment/Delivery
The fundamentals Microservices and Containers 0.5
Coffee Break 0.25
An End-to-end view - tooling and processes
Demo of a practical use case
Putting it all together DevOps Culture 1
DevOps Game 1 Objective - Is DevOps applicable to my situation? 1
Lunch Break 0.5
Preview of tools in each DevOps capabilities
Reference architectures
DevOps toolsets How to choose your toolset. Open source Vs Proprietary 1
So, how do I get started with all this? Typical phases
Scaling to the Enterprise
Getting started Why does DevOps fail? 1
Coffee Break 0.25
DevOps Game 2 Objective - How do I start implementing DevOps from Monday morning? 1
3 use-cases, from 3 Continents
Use case illustrations What do we learn from these experiences? 1

Setting up a Continuous Integration pipeline

Hands-on exercise Visualize changes in the life of a Developer / QA / Release Manager 1
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