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Technical Analysis 09 August 2010

JPY=EBS, Last Quote [Candle], Last Quote [Ichimoku 9, 26, 52, 26] Weekly
30Jul09 - 13Feb11

JPY=EBS , Last Quote, Candle Pr

15Aug10 85.40 85.55 85.31 85.51
JPY=EBS , Last Quote, Tenkan Sen 9
15Aug10 88.57 97
JPY=EBS , Last Quote, Kijun Sen 26
15Aug10 90.01
JPY=EBS , Last Quote, Senkou Span(a) 52 96
06Feb11 89.29
JPY=EBS , Last Quote, Senkou Span(b) 52
06Feb11 90.06
JPY=EBS , Last Quote, Chikou Span 26
21Feb10 85.51











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Comment: The lowest weekly close since 1995, only the twelfth time it has seen a weekly close below 86.00.
Allow for a little more hesitation today at the key 85.00 level, watching and listening to what the authorities have in
mind – probably precious little serious plans, just fretting uselessly. Note that the US dollar is not oversold against
the yen and that momentum is steadily, not dramatically, bearish. Continue to expect generalised US dollar
weakness and a series of cautious downside probes against the yen and other major currencies.

Strategy: Attempt small shorts at 85.55, adding to 86.15; stop well above 87.00. First target 85.00/84.82,
then more keeping in mind the record low was 79.75 in 1995.
Chart Levels:
Support Resistance Direction of Trade
85.30 85.55
85.20 85.75
85.00* 86.19
84.82* 86.57
84.50 87.00*

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