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Republic of the Philippines

Brgy. San Juan,Surigao City

First Quarter Examination

S.Y. 2016-2017

Name: _______________________________ Grade& Section: _________________ Score: __________

Test I. (Knowledge) MULTIPLE CHOICE. Direction: Read the questions carefully. Write the letter of the
correct answer in the space provided.

1. An organism that causes disease to its host; also known as infectious/disease agent.
a. Bacteria b. pathogen c. fungi d. Virus
2. What is referred as the stage of infection when microorganisms grow and multiply the sick person may
be more capable of spreading disease to others?
a. Convalescence stage b. illness stage c. incubation stage d. prodromal stage
3. What healthy alternative can one do to avoid smoking?
a. Hang out with smoking organizations
b. Join sport clubs and organizations
c. Try one puff to be part of the gang
d. None of the above
4. This stage is called _________which starts from the onset of non-specific signs and symptoms such as
a. Illness stage b. convalescence stage c. prodromal stage d. incubation stage
5. One-celled organisms that is found almost everywhere.
a. Bacteria b. fungus c. virus d. parasite
6. Which of the following illustrate gender?
a. Anton loves to cook
b. Frank does not cry in public
c. Monaliza has a positive body image
d. Ronnie is attracted to Anna
7. HIV is spread in the following ways
a. Sharing needles Syringes to inject drugs, vitamins, hormones, steroids or medicines
b. Women with HIV infection can pass HIV to their babies during pregnancy, delivery and
c. HIV is spread through saliva
d. People who are exposed to blood and/or body fluids at work, who maybe exposed to HIV
through needles sticks or other on the job exposures.
8. Disease caused by direct and indirect spread of pathogens from one person to other is called_____.
a. Communicable b. Resident bacteria c. Non-communicable d. Toxin Bacteria
9. It permits man and woman equal enjoyment of human rights
a. Gender equality b. gender bias c. gender role d. gender
10. Which healthy attitude rule is broken when a young couple commits to a premarital sex?
a. Interact with both genders in respectful ways
b. Express love and intimacy in appropriate ways
c. Appreciates own body
d. Both b and c
11. Which of the following shows a healthy attitude towards self?
a. A student who admits his mistakes and apologize for his deeds
b. A woman who undergoes a surgery to improve her nose
c. A girl who keeps on hiding herself because she is ashamed of what she looks like
d. A boy who is ashamed of his gay brother
12. It is an integral part of what we do and who we are.
a. Gender b. sex c. sexuality d. self-expression

13. A period in a couples relationship which precedes their engagement and marriage.
a. Dating b. courtship c. engagement d. wedding
14. Not a mere contract but an inviolable social institution.
a. Parenthood b. marriage c. dating d. vow
15. A place where you can be yourself and learn youre first ABCs in life
a. Society b. home c. family d. school
16. The phase of pregnancy that lasts from week to birth
a. First trimester b. Third Trimester c. Second Trimester d. Second and third trimester
17. An unplanned and unwanted pregnancy can cause emotional anguish, possible health risks, and in some
cases, limited life options.
a. Premature b. teenage pregnancy c. prenatal d. unwanted pregnancy
18. It includes all the decisions to ensure the best possible lives for family and children.
a. Parenthood b. family planning c.counseling d. responsible parenthood
19. Which among the statements given below upholds the responsibility of parents to their children?
a. Choose their course in college
b. Choose their husband or wife
c. Teach them religion
d. Teach them values
20. The smallest integral unit of the society
a. home
b. family
c. school
d. barangay

Test II. IDENTIFICATION. Read the questions carefully and identify what is asked. Write your answer on
the space provided.

__________21.The biological basis of being a male or female

__________22.Your understanding of your feeling and your character.
__________23.The way you feel about yourself.
__________24.The way you think as a man or a woman.
__________25.State of being dependent on a drug or combination of drugs.
__________26. Colorless, bitter-tasting liquid that is consumed and/or used either as beverage or medicine.
__________27.A condition when a person heavily consumes alcohol consistently.

Test III. (Process) TRUE OR FALSE. Write X if the statement is correct and Y if the statement is wrong.

28. Smoking and drinking liquor is healthy during pregnancy ___________

29. An over the counter drug is mandated by law as not to be used by anyone either in small or large
30. Marriage of persons below 18 years old is null and void.____________
31. Pregnancy is a time when a woman carries a developing baby in her uterus.__________
32. Personality is one of the attributes or features that distinguish an individual.__________
33. Alcohol drinking is one of the most common past-times of human beings. ___________
34. Prevention is better than cure.___________
35. Sanitation and sanitation facilities can affect the transmission of diseases where food and water become
36. Seek medical advice immediately if unwell. ____________
37. The purpose of gender and human sexuality education is to promote wholesome family and
interpersonal relationships. __________
38. If you know yourself well, you will know what you must do to stay healthy.__________
39. The way you see yourself is influenced by many people.______________
40. Making Good Decisions means making choices that are healthy and responsible.___________

Test IV. (Understanding) DECISION MAKING:

Directions: Answer the problem using the perspective of other people presented.

Kathleen Mae is 14 years old and is studying in Caraga Regional Science High School. A friend of her confided
that she already got a boyfriend who is happened to be your classmate. She stays up all night chatting with her
boyfriend and sleeps in class during the day. What will you do or advise her if you are her:

a. Mother/Father

b. Teacher

c. Friend

Mrs. Alaba

Recipe for success: Study while others are sleeping;

Work while others are loafing;
Prepare while others are playing;
And dream while others are wishing..
-William A. Ward