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Age difference between Love Partners based on 7th cusp and sublord

According to krishnamurti Paddathi(K.P), the lord of

constellation in which 7th cusp falls and Sublord of it
determine all physical and mental features of spouse
or Lover.
Age difference between partners or lovers is seen by
judging the constellation (nakshtra) lord and sublord
of 7th cusp.

1. If Saturn rules the constellation or sub, age

difference will be more.
It can be more than enough to seperate them mentally.
They may seem to belong to different generations and
partner looks old.

2. If Sun, Venus or Jupiter rules constellation or sub,

then age difference will be normal and couple will
adjust to each other tastes.
But Sun ruling the 7th cusp Sub, doesnt promise a
good union.
Love will be mechanical and lasts for smaller
Jupiter ruling 7th cusp Sub will make partner feel Love like duty.
Venus ruling 7th cusp Sub will make partner more romantic and try all possible methods to entertain partner.
Love lasts for longer time.

3. If Mars, Mercury or Moon rules the constellation or sub, the difference of age will be very less and they
might have born in same year.
Mars as 7th cusp sublord, usually forces love and sometimes gets brutal.
Mercury will engage more in talk, romance than in love.
Moon will behave like Venus (mentioned above) but with mood fluctuations.

4. For Rahu and Ketu, planets in their conjunction, direct view, lords of houses occupied by them and
constellations occupied by them should be considered.

Note that both constellation lord and sublord of 7th cusp should be taken into account but not the sign lord.
If Saturn happens to be ruling both constellation and sub of 7th cusp, then age, appearance, mentality etc all
will be more and couple will suffer from generation gap.