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2nd Call for IPSF European Regional Office (EuRO) Regional

Working Group (RWG) 2017-18

IPSF is calling for interested individuals to run for vacant positions in the IPSF EuRO RWG

The IPSF Regional Office is a functional extension of the IPSF Executive, structured by
elected and appointed pharmacy students and recent graduates from IPSF member
countries of a specific IPSF region, forming the Regional Working Group. The mission of the
RWG shall be to advance and support the aims and objectives of the Federation at the
regional level. If you are interested in a particular position listed here, you should contact
the relevant IPSF Regional Working Group member (contacts below) before the deadline for
applications in order to get acquainted with the responsibilities you will handle.

To apply, you must submit a nomination form through the following link and send a
motivational video or animated presentation with no more than 3 minutes to
secretary@euro.ipsf.org and chairperson@euro.ipsf.org no later than Sunday 21 of st

August 23:59 GMT+2 for any role of the Regional Working Group you are applying for.

Below are the role descriptions of the vacant positions.

Regional Secretary

As the secretary, you are responsible for ensuring that the Regional Office runs smoothly in
close cooperation with the Chairperson. The Secretary needs to be familiar with the Regional
Office Documents as it is their responsibility to ensure that the Regional Office complies with
the Regional Office Documents. It is also the responsibility of the secretary to issue notice
and to distribute the agendas and minutes of all Regional Working Group meetings. This role
also encompasses all budgetary issues.

Essential abilities of the secretary are to be proficient in written and spoken English, to be
organised, have an eye for detail and good communication, time management, previous
budgeting experience and personal relations skills. The secretary is expected to maintain
contact with all members of the Regional Working Group and will be expected to contact
with members, IPSF exec and other external organisations. Applicants to this role are
required to have a high level of formal English. To complete the activities of the Secretary,
approximately 10 hours per week is required. For further information please send an email to
secretary@euro.ipsf.org (Mr. Eduardo de Melo Corvacho).

Regional Relations Officer

The Regional Relations Officer (RRO) is responsible for maintaining communication with
IPSF Regional Member countries through their Contact Persons to ensure they are satisfied
with what IPSF and the Regional Office has to offer. In turn, the RRO brings forth
recommendations for improvement from members to the Regional Working Group. A
portion of this portfolio is dedicated to the promotion of IPSF and the Regional Office to
Non-Member countries, through mailings and updates, and if possible, by doing promotional
tours and attending other congresses. A continuous nurturing of these contacts is essential
for the growth of the Regional Office and by extension, IPSF.

The RRO is also responsible for updating information lists of Contact Persons, Student
Exchange Officers, and Individual Members in the Region. It is also important to focus on
promoting IPSF and the Regional Office to current members to maintain activity, strength
and faith in the Regional Office and ultimately, the Federation. Likewise, the RRO should aim
to keep track of member events that could be promoted on the EuRO Facebook Page in
cooperation with the associations.

During the mandate, cooperation and involvement in the IPSF Internal and External
portfolios is also expected. In the IPSF Internal Committee, the RRO is responsible to
undertake tasks according to the Chairperson with leadership capacity. Likewise, the RRO
should provide their ideas and plans on how to manage external relations in the region and,
together with CRC and the Chairperson of External, identify potential sponsorship

Assets that will be important for successfully meeting the expectations of this position are
excellent communication skills, good grasp of the English language, extensive knowledge of
IPSF and the Regional Office and how it operates, motivation to travel and promote the
Federation and its activities, and a contagious exuberance for IPSF.

You should expect to dedicate approximately 10 hours per week for this position. All
questions regarding this position should be addressed to IPSF EuRO RRO (Mr. Ivan Ramos)
at rro@euro.ipsf.org