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Managing Budgets & Results

Artology was a 5-week summer program that integrated science and art. It was hosted by Build a

Bridge International. It focused on low income youth from cities all around the world. The

Artology programming followed the book Water Stories from Around the World and introduced

students to themes based in environmental stewardship, cooperation and the water cycle. Each

week students would learn different stories from around the world and explore ways they could

incorporate environmental practices into their daily lives through multi-sensory activities.

Additionally, the students worked in local farms and gardens to express what they had learned

through art-making. At the finale of the program, student art was displayed in the Art Museum

Community Gallery.

Enrollment: During the 2014 Artology summer program 33 students enrolled. They represented

the following demographics:

4th-8th grades students

52% Female

48% Male

91% African-American

6% Bi-Racial

3% White

3% Hispanic or Latino

96% Non-Hispanic or Latino

73% of students qualified for federally funded meals based on income

79% of students came from low-income families

52% of students came from families living at or below the federal poverty line

6% of students were coping with homelessness

55% of participants were returning students

45% of participants were new students

(statistics provided by Artology 2014)


The summer program was an incredible experience for all who were involved. Parents

commented on how welcoming and inclusive staff members were and noticed that their

childrens confidence in science and arts grew. One parent expressed that their child wanted to

continue to visit the Wyck House. A parent survey revealed that each parent would recommend

the Artology program to their friends and that they all wanted to return in 2015.

General Financial Statement

Program Cost per Student= $1500

Students who received scholarships= 100% received some type of scholarship, 42% of

students received a full scholarship. The average subsidy was $1364

Lincoln Financial Funded 25% of the program

Artology programming only spent 17% of their budget in 2014.

As our Artology program moves forward we will pay more attention to how we allocate

our funds as we a diverse showing of how we spent this year. As we grow our

partnerships we can only imagine the children and community that we will be able to

serve in the future.