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Membrane Systems are large-scale industrial facilities,
structures that can cover large areas, are fastset up, are
resistant to severe working conditions, and force construction
systems in terms of architecture and engineering.

Lightweight and easy to install and dismantle membrane

systems are made from knitted fabric membrane material
and are derived from reverse side curved surfaces with
minimum surface and high strength carrier material.
Unlike reinforced concrete structures, it is a building material
that serves both as a carrier and as a cover, taking shape
according to the restressing force generated by asymmetric
tensile strength, not by pressure. It is a staple of norms of sanity
that have been approved by the World Health Organization.
Because it has an anti-bacterial surface plate on the surface,
it does not hold bacteria.

In the structure of the Membrane Material there are synthetic

Above and below these are covered with PVC, PTFE or silicone

Systems have advantages such as easy installation and

disassembly and application in a very short time compared
to industrialized construction systems and materials such as
iron, concrete, reinforced concrete.

The application areas of the systems are quite extensive.

Shopping centres, marketplaces, amphitheatres, parking
areas are preferred in places such as.


The most important factor that makes Tensaform preferred in textile architecture and
membrane shell structures is its turnkey approach from design to implementation. It
has earned its place among the biggest companies of its industry not only in Turkey but
also around the world in terms of project consulting, planning, manufacturing, assembly,
service and maintenance for PCT, PTFE, ETFE membrane structures and steel and
aluminum structures thanks to its rapid, creative and professional teams, its advanced
machinery that meets todays needs, and a production capacity of 300,000 m2 for PVC,
150,000 m2 for PTFE and 100,000 m2 for ETFE.

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PVC & PTFE Etfe Textile Mesh Facade
Shades Systems Systems
Stadiums, amphitheaters, It is among the most-preferred Material texture, colors,
tensile shades, tensile coating types in modern sunshade feature, distant-close
structures, inverse umbrellas, stadiums. perception, various forms, all
mall shade closures etc. for more beautiful structures.

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Tensile Moduler Rental Aluminium
Systems Systems Modular Systems
Lightweight, durable and can Many features such as water In modern architecture, there are
be assembled/disassembled SURRQJDPHUHWHUGDQW\ many places Aluminum Systems
for multiple times, tensile and 1100 PVC Dtex yarns and can be used. Such as fairs, events,
systems. KXQGHUHWVRIGHUHQWVROXWLRQV organisations, concerts and many
other places on our everyday life.


The cover material used in the mem-

brane structures is a special type of fab-
ric obtained by touching the fibres which
are the main carriers of the membrane
cover. Acrylic, PVDF (fluorine), non-weld-
able PVDF (100% fluorine) lacquer layer
can be preferred in PVC coatings accord-
ing to the feature of the used progeny. Weldable PVDF (fluorine) lacquer, Non-weldable PVDF
Alternatively, membranes coated with (100% fluorine) lac,
a Nano-technological TiO2 layer can be TiO2 coating
Good light transmittance
This TiO2 layer is not a lacquer but a
separate layer made on PVC. It contains Fire behaviour (DIN 4102 B1 ...)
active (photocatalytic) components with Commercial life 20 years
the suns rays and keeps the white onion
Due to the special low-wick yarns used in tex-
coming out for years.
tures, the water from the edges of the membrane
PVC Coated Polyester Weaving; and the contaminants brought by it are less accessible.
Width up to 300cm Special PVC composition coated on polyester fabric, as well
Easy to operate, economical to install as preventing fungal and mold

Various final floors formation, adhesion values increase the safety of welding
Acrylic lacquer,


ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene) is

a fluoropolymer-based material. It is
usually applied in 2 layers with 3 layers,
in the form of inflatable air cushions,
sometimes in the form of a single wall.
ETFE material is very thin and lightweight.
Approximately 1% of glass is weightless
and there is no risk of breaking like glass such as shopping malls, big roofs, skylights, show centres,
film. When air inflatable system is used, hotels, social facilities, sports facilities, airports and
the resistance increases very much. stadiums.
ETFE Systems are mounted on the Advantages of the ETFE system;
carcass frame system with special Transparency and Lightness,
Aluminium profiles. Blower machines
in inflatable cushion systems are able High Heat Insulation,
to feed the inflatable cushion system High Workability,
continuously by entering the system
Fire resistance,
again when extra pressure is required in
any illegally fed system. The self-cleaning feature,
ETFE cushions provide maximum benefit Outstanding durability,
from daylight as well as heat insulation. The interior has natural skylights,
ETFE systems offer suitable solutions for Eco-friendly,
all kinds of roof and faade structures

High heat insulation

Lightness High heat insulation Elasticity feature

Self-cleaning feature Long life Acoustics


Textile facade is a new category in including flat (closed), pvc, mesh, PTFE (Teflon)
screens and fabric architecture used laminated and/or mesh by aluminum and/or specially-
on exterior facades of buildings. It designed tensioning apparatuses, special to the steel
can be easily applied on both old construction designed for facade, during or after
and new buildings, and used for constructing the building.
many structure types from industrial These systems, which are used in line with the
buildings to malls, stadiums and necessities of sunshade function, shading and
housing structures. Textile Facade heat insulation, and light permeability that must be
coating applications are carried out perceived differently from inside and outside (night-
by applying statically resistant and day, inner-outer, distant-close appearance), are also
guaranteed import textile products attractive with their convenience of application and
of ETFE materials or textile materials their economic costs.

Creative design


$RUGDEOH Fabric Architecture Durable and lightweight

This innovative partnership spirit takes its strength
from being supported by an expert team and
high technology also, gathering architectural and
engineering disciplines together.

Project department
6 Civil Engineers, 4 Architects,
4 Technicians
1 2 3
Project department Marketing Administra- Steel Manufacturing
Steel Manufacturing Department 6WD WLYH$DLUVDQG+5 Department:
1 Civil Engineer, 2 Technician, Department:6WD 6WD

Membrane Manufacturing Department 4 5 6
3 Civil Engineer, 4 Technician,
Quality Control Department
Membrane Manufactur- Quality Control Depart- Assembly Department:
Assembly Department ing Department: ment: 6WD 6WD
2 Civil Engineer, 4 Technician,
15 Supervisors and 20 Installation


1 Project Consulting Teflon ironing and pressing machines in

all sizes), its experienced engineers and
Designing 3d setup modeling, draft trained personnel, and with an annual
project analysis, detail development, mock 300,000 m2 PVC, 150,000 m2 PTFE,
up preparing, material selection, technical 100,000 ETFE processing capacity.
assembly methodology, creating a budget
4 Assembly
are our services given by our expert team.
We are carrying out our reinforced
concrete anchorage, steel construction
and membrane cover assembly within our
2 Project Design
company in a controlled manner and by
We believe that creation dreams of keeping our health and safety inspections
architects, spatial designers and investors on highest levels. We are providing all kinds
should never be prevented by any means. of opportunities for our experienced,
We are trying to assist our customers in trained teams and technicians to produce
how they can make their wishes come a high-quality field product in compliance
true, rather than telling them what not with the assembly diagrams provided to
to do. We are trying to provide the most them, and by following the construction
ideal concept solution by collaborating in site rules tin suitable processes and with
order to find the best solution with our necessary equipment and tools.
customers or solution partners wishing to
have more information. 5 Service and Maintenance
We generally provide a two-year
3 Fabrication warranty for the manufacturing and
assembly errors of steel construction
2XU IDFWRU\ ORFDWHG LQ 7HNLUGD0DONDUD and membrane cover for works
is the worlds biggest textile membrane manufactured and assembled by
processing facility with a 6000m2 indoor us. Then, if requested (particularly in
and 4000m2 outdoor areas, and provides ETFE applications), we carry out semi-
solution for textile architecture projects annual maintenance, repair and part
both in Turkey and around the world renewal processes in order to render
with its most advanced machinery (5m the steel+membrane and ETFE cover
and 3 m width cnc cutting counters, systems to be much more durable by
special production etfe welding machines, our special maintenance and service
modern High Frequency (HF) machines, agreement.


As Tensaform, our main purpose is to build environment-

friendly, long-lasting and aesthetic membrane structures.
In this rapidly emerging sector, we apply the state-of-
art production methods with a creative approach in the
production of textile membrane structures.


(PTFE) membrane and PVC covered polyester yarn weaved

membrane and to give a better service to our customers by
modernizing the machinery; our new factory is pressed into
service which is in Malkara organized industrial site that has a
total area of 10000 m2 and 5000 m2 closed membrane cover
manufacturing area.


manufacturing plant, open and closed stock area are giving
service inside our new facility that has 5000 m2 closed and
5000 m2 open area.


1 Surface inspection 2 Static strength test 3 Cutting

4 )HEOPSDVWLQJ 5 Ironing 6 Measurement Control

7 Hot bar press welding 8 Packaging 9 Shipment


1 Material template 2 Cnc cutting preparation 3 Dimensionally controlled placement

4 Cutting 5 Sticking 6 Internal rope connection

7 Bonding 8 5RYLQJ 9 Packaging and shipment


1 Surface inspection and cutting 2 Sticking

3 Measurement Control 4 Packaging 5 Shipping


1 Material template 2 Cnc cutting preparation

3 Cutting 4 Sticking


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Trkmenistan Olympic Complex 2016 Bursa Crocodile Arena Stadium 2016

Medine King Abdulaziz Airport 2016 Gaziantep City Stadium 2016

Konya City Stadium 2016 7UDE]RQ$N\D]6WDGiXP 2016

9DNIEDQN6SRUt Palace 2016 Havelsan ETFE Roof 2016

Baku Europen Games Park 2015 $QWDO\D([SR 2016

King Halid Airport Carpark 2016 Konya Butterfly Museum 2015

North Ankara City Landscape Awnings 2013 Antalya Erasta AVM 2014

VWDQEXO$[LV$90Facade 2013 7urkPHQEDshi <DWc0DULQD 2012

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