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URL- www.hclinfosystems.in
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Topic .Scope research paper Feb 2010.

a) Name b) Occupation

c) Age..d) Income.
e) Address: - .

Q.1What is the sources of Recruitment & Selection used by your organization?

A) Internal

B) External

C) Both

Q.2 Does the external recruitment bring in desirable employees in the organization?

A) Yes

B) No

Q.3 Which of the following external sources are used in HCL infosystems Ltd.?
A) Advertisements

B) Internet

C) Campus drives

D) Consultancies

E) All of the above

Q.4 Which of the following methods of selection did you face during your selection process?

A) Written test

B) Group discussion

C) Personal interview

D) All of the above

Q.5 Do you think innovative techniques like stress test, psychometric test, and personality test
should .be used for selection?

A) Yes

B) No

Q .6 What form of Interview do you prefer?

A) Personal interview

B) Telephonic interview
C) Video conferencing

D) Other

Q.7 Are you satisfied with the current recruitment and selection process followed by the organization?

A) Highly Satisfied

B) Satisfied

C) Dissatisfied

D) Highly dissatisfied

Q.8 Are you satisfied with the remuneration offered to you?

A) Highly Satisfied

B) Satisfied

C) Dissatisfied

Q.9 Are you satisfied with the career growth opportunities in the company?

A) Yes

B) No
Q.10 When do you prefer to go for Manpower Planning?

A) Yearly

B) Quarterly

C) No Fixed Time

Q.11 What are the main reason for employees leaving the organization?

A) Insufficient salary package

B) Inappropriate training and development

C) Insufficient supervision

D) Market condition

Q.12. How do you rate the HR practices of the Company?

A) Very Good

B) Good

C) Average

D) Bad