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August 13, 2017


Re: My Personal Health

1. In approximately 2005-2006 I began to experience significant health issues.

2. I attempted to seek assistance from my Family Physician at this time.

3. I was having significant gastric issues that would sometimes require an emergency trip to the
hospital. During these episodes I would become incapacitated with pain and vomiting and
would require I.V medications to become stabilized. I have a very high threshold for pain but
these attacks are unbearable when they're occurring. These attacks are so bad I literally became
too afraid to eat as I once did. My diet is now very unusual and far from adequate due to the
way I've trained myself to live so that I can prevent another attack at all costs.

4. Eventually I began to have bowel problems and would sometimes go into shock from the
associated pain. Then the bladder problems surfaced. I started to experience significant dental
problems. The joint pain elbows, shoulders, knees, wrists, back, neck is simply unreal. I
developed sores and I'm so tired all of the time, often claiming that I feel as though I've been
run over by a Mac truck. My muscles get so sore that I literally can't hold myself up at times. I
get what feels like electrical jolts mixed with a sharp stabbing sensation that randomly pierces
my limbs. I go into a coma-like state of sleep and am very confused upon waking. There were
periods where my doctor couldn't see my optic nerve for all of the pressure in my head. My
memory and neurological functions have been hit hard. Sometimes my brain will not allow me
to coordinate the simple task of walking down a flight of stairs. When I first became ill I lost
approximately 75lbs and have struggled to keep weight on since. I do well to hover around the
130lb mark. Because my immune system is so weak I'm prone to co-infections which do a
terrible number on me. I know I'm terribly malnourished. My eyes are always irritated.
Sometimes my vision is blurred and I get a dull coinciding headache. Sometimes my eyes black
right out for up to a minute. I get horrible sinus infections. I'm prone to reoccurring pneumonia.
The headaches are intolerable. I've had minor heart issues, and issues with passing out. I
randomly break out in hives and I get cysts that need intervention to heal. I'm often weak when
there's no reason to be. I feel the need to sleep a lot but I never feel rested. I have random
episodes where different body parts swell up, sometimes painfully so.

5. I was often chastised, by the staff at my doctor's office, for having too many 'issues' to discuss
with the Doctor at my appointments. I was constantly being told to stick to one issue at a time
although my issues were compounded and nearly impossible to separate from one another.

6. In approximately 2011 my Doctor told me, in front of my children, to stop bothering him with
my nonsense. He said that he had done all of the tests that he could and that there were no
obvious barriers to me enjoying good health should I want to. He made it clear that I was not
to bother him any longer.
7. By 2012 I was very ill.

8. Nearing the end of 2012 I developed a rash on my scalp that was unbearable. The rash, which
went from the nape of my neck to my front hairline, was so painful and itchy that I was nearly
driven insane. I couldn't raise my hand to my head without the heat from my hand causing
intolerable sensations on my head. It was a very unusual rash. I sought help from my Doctor
once again. I was directed to buy a treatment for Scabbies, though I knew that Scabbies was not
the cause for my condition. My Doctor took a biopsy from the base of my skull.

9. The Nurse from My Doctors Office called me one day to tell me that the biopsy revealed
something that the Doctor would like to see me for. When I called back to schedule an
appointment I was told that there was no reason to come into the Doctor's Office and that the
Receptionist had no record of the Doctor's request to see me.

10. I was far too sick, and felt too at risk to continue advocating my health issues with my Doctor. I
stopped fighting for my rights and I only went to the Doctor when I absolutely had to, such as
for antibiotics or pain killers for my horrible dental problems. My dental issues were resolved
and I didn't return to see my Doctor again until I developed Pneumonia over the winter of

11. When I went to my Doctor's Office for a follow-up appointment concerning the pneumonia I
was assessed by a different Doctor. I reported that both of my eyes were very blurred and that I
was experiencing neurological anomalies. This particular Doctor said that he was diagnosing
me with migraine headaches. I told him that I've suffered severe migraines since I was a
teenager and that I was experiencing symptoms quite contrary to what I would normally
experience. He stood by his diagnosis at my follow-up appointment with him at a later date.

12. In 2015/16 I was so ill that my daughter hired a Naturopath to care for me. This is when I began
to understand that I have been suffering from un-diagnosed, and therefore un-treated, Lyme
Disease for a number of years now.

13. I continue to heal with the assistance of a natural healer and various homeopathic remedies
which are not covered by OHIP and that I must pay out of pocket for, on a fixed income.

14. I do not know how I contracted Lyme Disease. I live in an area that is prone to ticks, however, I
do not recall ever being bitten by one. I am positive that other members of my family have
Lyme Disease as well.

15. Lyme Disease is a very serious disease that becomes increasingly debilitating the longer it
remains untreated. Prompt treatment is key! Treatment can be a long road but the longer it's
avoided the worse things can get all the way around and the harder it is to heal from in the long

16. There is much more to Lyme Disease than what we are currently aware of. This disease is a
potential epidemic. Science suggests that Lyme can be transmitted in various ways, even
sexually and that it can even cross over into a fetus in the womb. There seems to be various
strains and subsequent co-infections. Lyme research often crosses over into conspiracy theories
and patients can therefore appear to be have a psychiatric conditions from a physician's
perspective. Many physicians are unaware of the flaws with the standard Lyme tests, such as the
Elisa Test, and patients can, therefore, perpetually suffer with very real symptoms, while their
physician eventually develops the belief that 'it's all in their head' because the flawed test
doesn't support a Lyme Disease diagnosis.

17. I resent, absolutely, the notion that doctors think that they know more than their patients. I do
not feel as though I was taken seriously by my doctor nor do I feel that he paid due diligence to
me, his patient. I feel that this is all too often the case where people who are suffering real
symptoms are minimized and offered psychiatric medicines in return because our doctors are
ignorant to the realities of Lyme Disease.

18. I issue the above seventeen (17) statements, without malice or purposeful deceit, as part of my
evolving personal Record of events.


Brenda Everall