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Naftali Peretz Naftali Building for Social S3 POINTS OF INTEREST HALLS AND AUDITORIUMS Lion Hall H22 OUTDOORS

HALLS AND AUDITORIUMS Lion Hall H22 OUTDOORS Sam Mallah Palm Tree Garden O31
Sciences Lola Litsyn Auditorium H17 Samuel Merenfeld Garden O40
Beit Hatfutsot: The Museum of the Jewish I1 Abraham Lev Auditorium H21 Adler Music Street O14
Nicholas and Irene Marsh Building for Dental M5 People Malka Brender Hall of Justice H8 Sarita and Noel Werthein Senate Plaza O34
Abraham Meerbaum Auditorium H15 Albert and Elba Cuenca Boulevard O18
Medicine Malka Moses Hall H23 Sheila and Yossi Carmel Garden O21
Broshim Campus Student Dorms (Student City) I2 Adolfo and Thelma Fastlicht Auditorium H13 Albert and Elba Cuenca Entrance Plaza O41
Ornstein Drs. I. and G. Ornstein Building of X2 Miriam and Adolfo Smolarz Auditorium H16 Shelley and Joel Tauber Family American O36
Cymbalista Synagogue and Jewish Heritage I3 Alpha Omega London Lecture Hall H1 Albert Einstein Square O27
Chemistry Mordechai Nadivi Hall H24 Honor Plaza
Center Anwar and Naji Shemesh Auditorium H2 Alexander and Antonie Moksel Promenade O4
Porter School of Environmental Studies D1 Naftali Building Hall 002 H11 Shlomo Rechavi Garden O22
Einstein Student Dorms I4 Argentina Auditorium H2 Alpha Omega Regency Garden O2
EcoBuilding Nicholas and Elizabeth Slezak Auditorium H15 Stanley and Helen Grosman Garden O24
Elite Sports Center I5 Austrian Friends of Tel Aviv University Hall H3 Bernard Jaskarzec Memorial Garden O39
Sackler School of Medicine M6 Ofair Hall H23 Theo and Margot Lowengart Bridge O37
Institute for National Security Studies I6 Bar-Shira Auditorium H4 Betty Wozniak and Sofia Blake Garden O23
Sara Racine Root Laboratory F5 Paul and Mania Pacanowski Lecture Hall H11 Townsend Avenue O20
Marcelle Gordon University Club (Green House) I7 Benyamin Yerushalmi Hall (449) H6 Botanic Gardens O30
Saul Kaplun Building of Mathematics and X3 Philip and Zelda Thau Auditorium H29 Urs and Aviva Felber Jubilee Plaza O35
Space Physics TAU Shop I8 Berger Hall H6 Bronja and Juma Mandel Square O33
UNIVERSITY ADMINISTRATION Eitan Berglas School of Economics S2 The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History and I9 Raya and Josef Jaglom Auditorium H30 Victor and Adrea Carter Garden O26
Schreiber Wladimir Schreiber Institute of X4 Bob Shapell School Halls 01 & 127 H28 Dan Bochner Avenue O8
Engineering Studies Building E2 National Research Center Boris and Lena Melamed Auditorium H18 Rose and Morris Leigh Auditorium H3 David and Marlene Snider Family Garden O17
Desenberg Wolff Building U1 Mathematical Sciences
Faculty of Management G1 Rosenberg School Halls 001& 002 H26 GATES
Engineering and Maintenance Building U2 Moshe Sharett Building of Educational T4 Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt Auditorium H27 David and Zipporah Federmann Promenade O28
Genia Schreiber University Art Gallery A3 Sciences LIBRARIES Clairmont Hall H9 Rudy and Erwin Guttman Lecture Hall H11 De Botton Square O7 Austria Gate (Prof. Klausner St.) G1
Eric Mitchell Student Center U3
Gilman Isaac and Rosa Gilman Building of T3 Shenkar Chemistry Arieh and Rivka Shenkar X5 Claudia Caviezel-Birne Hall H8 S.E. Hoofien Hall H8 Dr. Marvin Schloss Memorial Garden O1 Matatia Gate (Prof. Klausner St.) G2
Itzhak Alfred Guttmann Administration Building U4 Archeology Library L1
Humanities Building of Chemistry Dan David Building H2 Sam and Simone Mallah Student Recreation H21 Entin Square O9 Ramniceanu Gate (Dr. George S. Wise St.) G4
Machinery Building North U5 Azrieli School of Architecture Library Building L2
Gretl and Fred Raymond Building of Health M3 Shenkar Physics Arieh and Rivka Shenkar X6 Center Josef Kryss Gate G5
Planning, Methods and Control Building U6 Bob Shapell School of Social Work Library L3 Dolfi and Lola Ebner Auditoriums H5 Esther Sidi Garden in Memory of the O25
Professions Building of Physics and Astronomy Sara and Felix Dumont Auditorium H2 Universitys Fallen in Israels Wars Frenkel Gate (Haim Levanon St.) G7
Registration Center Caroline and Joseph S. U7 Brender-Moss Library for Social Sciences and L4 Dr. Dina and Nachum Verlinski Hall (202) H15
I. Meier Segals Garden for Zoological Research F2 Sherman Archie Sherman Building of Life F6 Schottlander Hall H6 Frankel Avenue O6 Dan Bochner Gate (Haim Levanon St.) G8
Gruss Building Management Dr. Sterna Germanis-Kaufman Hall (215) H15
Inge and Harold Hartog Building for Crop F3 Sciences Sigma Epsilon Delta Fraternity Auditorium H1 Hanna Doron Memorial Garden O15 Jozef Saper Gate (Haim Levanon St.) G9
Security and Logistics Building U8 Constantiner School of Education Library L5 Drachlis Conference Hall (496) H6
Improvement TAU International D2 Silverstone Hall H25
Senate George S. Wise Senate Building U9 David J. Light Law Library L6 Edzia and Tanesz Dach Auditorium H10 Henry Gildred Promenade O11 Gate 10 (Klatzkin St.) G10
Jack Green Building of Biotechnology F4 Terry and Lawrence Bessner Building for F7 Targ Auditorium H9
Elias Sourasky Central Library L7 Elite Sports Hall H12 Holocaust and Heroism Square and Avenue O5 Chella and Moise Safra Gate (Prof. Klausner St.) G14
Louis Calder Jr. Computation Center X1 Zoological Research Venezuela Hall H11 donated by David and Fela Shapell
ACADEMIC UNITS Geography Library L8 Fabian-Cyril Boisson Auditorium H7 Gate 16 (Dr. George S. Wise St. West) G16
Maurice and Gabriela Goldschleger E5 Trubowicz Building of Law W1 Yaakov Efter Hall H11 Jacob and Shoshana Schreiber Square O12
Gitter-Smolarz Library of Life Sciences and L9 Haim Auditorium H17 Gate 17 (Dr. George S. Wise St. East) G17
Animal House M1 Multidisciplinary Research Building in W.A. Minkoff Building of Law W2 Yolanda and David Katz Auditorium H19
Medicine Harry Triguboff Executive Education H22 Laura Schwarz-Kipp Square O16
Bob Shapell School of Social Work S1 Engineering and Exact Sciences Webb The Max Webb Family School of T5 Yona Ettinger Hall H6
Marc L. Grinsten Music Library L10 Auditorium Levi and Fortuna Eskenazi Sculpture Garden O10 PUBLIC CAR PARKS
Britania The Cohen-Porter Family United F1 Maurice and Gabriela Goldschleger School of M4 Languages Building Zakheim Family Hall H8
Mehlmann Library L11 Jonas and Blanche Feiner Hall H14 donated by Giulia and Beniamino Matatia
Kingdom Building Dental Medicine Wolfson Building of Computer and Software E3 Zeev Segal Hall (003) H11 Social Sciences P1
Neiman Library of Exact Sciences and L12 Kaplun Lecture Hall H8 Lowe and Marshall Garden O32
Buchmann-Mehta School of Music A1 Mexico Building of the Arts A4 Engineering Zobedia and Marcos Leon Holcblat Auditorium H18 George S. Wise P2
Engineering Kuky and Sergio Grosskopf Family Foyer H16 Meir Ilan Square O13
Carter Victor and Adrea Carter Building T1 Michel Kikoine Foundation Art Gallery A5 Wolfson Building of Electrical Engineering E1 Magnet House P3
Wiener Library The Caroline and Joseph S. L13 Lecture Hall in Memory of Judy Langer-Gefter H20 Troupeau de Gazelles au nom de Michel Sapon O29
Chaim Rosenberg School of Jewish Studies T2 Myers David and Inez Myers Building for the M7 Wolfson Building of Mechanical Engineering E4 Broshim Technical College P4
Gruss Building (02) Adopte par la Famille Sapon
David Azrieli School of Architecture A2 Transgenic Modeling of Human Disease Yad Avner Geography Department T6 South Car Park P5
Morris and Manja Leigh Avenue O38
David Glasberg Tower for Medical Research M2 Norman, Evelyn and Irving Feintech Garden O3 East Car Park P6
Paula and Menachem Gottesdiener Square O19 Botanic Gardens P7
M2 M7
M1 Registration Center P8
T6 L 8 H24 P8
Dental School P9
H15 M6 U1 Mitchell P10
Parking Facility for the Miriam and Adolfo P11
MET BOULEV U5 . KLA Smolarz Auditorium
M5 M3 H7 R ST R I9
M4 H1 F1 H3 F5
T5 O28 O30
ST R E E T O4 O2 O3
KLATZKIN P9 G10 T2 H26 X4 F3
U7 L 13 L 7 I1 X1 F2 O29
X3 U8
T1 D2 L 11 X6 H21 F7
I5 D1
H12 O6
O26 O31 X5 H18
G9 A4 H13 I3
O12 X2 H10
L 2 T3 H6 L 1 I8 O32
A2 H25 L 12
O8 O7 G1 H22 G14 TO AYA
O11 O22
P10 A3 A5 T4 L 5 H14 O23 O24
G8 G16
U3 O10 U9 H30
L 6 O35 O37
O9 W2
W1 H8 E4 H29
O14 O13
G7 O20 O34 U4
H9 A1 L 10 E3 H27
H4 H16 O38
S3 H11 P1 G4 S2 H23
O16 E2
L 4 O17

WI SE S S1 L 3 H28
RG E S. U6
D R.
O40 P11

.W I7




A# Academic Units U# University Administration U HA
Arts A G# Gates G LE
Engineering E N ON
P# Public Car Parks P ST
Exact Sciences X RE
H# Halls and Auditoriums H ET
Humanities T
Interdisciplinary D I# Points of Interest I
Law W L # Libraries L
Life Sciences F P4 P5
O# Outdoors O
Management G
Medicine M Cafeterias

Social Sciences S Tel-O-Fun