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Fr ie nd s
My name is Roxy. I'm
happy to be back to school. I've
missed my friends and teachers.
I'm planning to go abroad so I want
to speak English fluently. Hi guys!
I'm Albert. I've been at
Trilce for three years. It's a great
school. I'm not very good at English
but I'm trying hard.

or k out And I'm
W Dorothy. I first came to
this school two years ago. I've
learned lots of English and I've
Hello! My made good friends, too. Now,
name is Silvia Garcia. I'm I'm ready for more.
the tutor; I'm called Mrs. Garcia by
some students. Others call me Si lvia and
that's OK if they are polite. If they
were rude I'd feel offended.
y wwoorrkk
Wis hes
h nology And you?
What about you?

Tec Stick your photo

PAIR WORK. Work in pairs. Give some information about you and your partner.
Then your partner tells the class about you.

Willy, Paul and Kathy are back to school from their summer vacations. Today is their first school day.
Now they are talking about their vacations during recess.

Willy: Hi there! What are you two talking about?
Paul: Our vacations. Kathy was telling me that she was abroad. Can you believe it? She's been to
Willy: Really? Africa?
Kathy: Yes, it was amazing.
Paul: What did you see there?
Kathy: I saw lots of wild animals. I went on a Safari.
Willy: Did you take any pictures?
Kathy: Yes, look, I have them in my cell phone.
Paul: Wow! Just like on Animal Planet!
Kathy: What about you two guys?
Willy: Well, my family and I usually go to our beach house but this time Dad had to attend a seminar
in Trujillo so we swam and surfed in Huanchaco beach instead.
Paul: Oh! Lucky you two. I haven't done much. I spent my vacations at home because I broke my leg
while I was skateboarding.
Kathy: Oh. I'm sorry to hear that. Does your leg still hurt?
Paul: Not really. It's better now thanks.
Willy: Listen! The bell's ringing!
Kathy and Paul: Let's go! We have an English class.

Now underline the tenses you recognize in the dialogue.

Appendix extra material (Tense Revision).

Work in groups of three. Make up your own dialog and talk about your summer vacations. Use the
dialog above as a reference and try to use as many of the underlined tenses as possible.