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In this day we are going to invite you to visit the country of germany,this place is

well-known for its rich culture and history.This site is famous for its starring role in
the first and second world war and for be the country that expirienced the influence
of the nazis movement in this great place.
For this reason you should go to this wonderful country for visit some interesting
places that can show you the history of this sites,as the next :

Berlin: Its a fascinating city with immense public buildings, theatres and more
of 170 museums and collections.
Munich: Is a cosmopolitan city, where its residents enjoy of their giant
boulevards and the traditional dances. It has so many theatres and
excellent museums for instances the Deutshess Museum; also here is
the urban park of Englischer Garten.
Frankfurt del Meno: Its a place that has so many museums as the Stdels
Museum, that houses a collection with works from the
Renaissance until the XX Century.
Heidelberg: Its a very touristic city, it has a castle named the palace of Heidelberg
with gothic-renaissance style.
Lbeck: Its a medieval city and in the year of 1987 was declared as humanity
patrimony, an interest site in Lbeck is the Theatre of Puppets called
If you love the idea to come by germany for look this amazing places,you will adore
the delicious food of this country because the Gastronomy of Germany changes a
lot of from a region to other in the same territory, however the most important food
in this country are the meats, especially the pigs and cows meat, that use to find it
as a lunch meat named Wurst. Also is frequent to find a typical food as the rollmops,
that is an appetizer made with a herrings fillet that is rolled up around a pickler. In
addition, the Germanys people use to prepare a typical food called Saverkraut that
is producing for the fermentation of the cabbage in a wonder barrel.
Germany also is a country very famous for a big variety in dairy products as the
Allgver Emmentaler and the Onderwlder Frhstchs Kse, which are different kind
of cheese and for its products in the baking industry as the Pumpernickel, the
Mishbrot and the Volkornbrot, that are distinct types of breads or the Ksekuchen
and the cake of the black jungle(Schwarzwlder kirschtorte). In addition, the
Germans are recognized for their diversity kind of wine and beer as the case of the
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