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R.A. No.

9287, April 2, 2004

R.A. No. 229, June 9, 1948

R.A. No. 137, June 14, 1947

P.D. No. 1605, June 11, 1978

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P.D. No. 483, June 13, 1974

L.O.I. No. 816, February 20, 1979

L.O.I. No. 797, January 24, 1979

Presidential Decree No. 1869, PAGCOR

Electronic Gaming and Poker

PAGCOR oversees the Philippine gaming industry through strict regulation of all persons, locations,
practices and related activities. Other than land-based casinos, there are licensed gaming sites around
the country offering the following:

Electronic Games
Bingo Games
Sports Betting
Poker Games

Application for non-casino types of gaming follows a structured two (2)-part process. All documentary
and procedural requirements listed under Part I must be satisfied before an Applicant can proceed to
Part II.

It determines the suitability of the specific site presented for the operation of gaming activity/ies.

The Applicant cannot proceed to Part II and/or secure Local Government Unit (LGU) document/s
unless the Applicant has received confirmation from PAGCORs Gaming Licensing and Development
Department (GLDD) on the acceptability of the site.

If the proposed gaming site is found to be acceptable in terms of the site location requirements, the
Applicant shall be advised to proceed to Part II through email.

Applicable Radial Distance Restrictions

Effective September 21, 2016, the following are the applicable radial distance restrictions as per Section 2 under

Regulation 3 of the Gaming Site Regulatory Manuals version 3.0 for Electronic and Bingo Games:

From schools, places

of worship/churches,
Type of Gaming horse racing outlets,
From another gaming establishment
Establishment public markets,
informal settlers and
resettlement Areas
Gaming Site
(Electronic Games)* At least 1 kilometer or at least 500
At least 300 meters meters if gaming sites are located in a
Gaming Site (Bingo highly urbanized city or municipality
Gaming Site (Poker At least 1 kilometer, and at least 5
At least 200 meters
Games)* kilometers from another Poker Club