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A LAW EACH DAY(Keeps Trouble Away)

By Philstar.com
Published: September 18, 2015 | No Comments

There is no more doubt that the present administration under Aquino III is the No. 1 enemy of the
masses. It is a government against the Filipino people instead of being for the people. It has no
concern at all in uplifting the living and working conditions of the common tao.
Its oft repeated catchphrase telling us that kayo ang boss ko is exactly the opposite of what it is
doing or has failed to do after almost six years in power. And this is very obvious in two areas of
governance and public service.
The first is in providing an efficient and adequate mass transportation system and ensuring the
speedy and punctual flow of public and private vehicles in major thoroughfares to avoid waste of
valuable time. Very noticeable in this connection are the long queues of commuters every morning
and late evenings as they try to get rides in the trains or buses going to and from their places of work.
While this has been the situation even in past administrations, it has turned for the worst during this
Seeing all those people suffering under the heat of the sun or amidst pouring rains very early in the
morning or late at night should have already prompted this government to sit up, take notice and do
something to ease their plight. Instead however, it has remained oblivious and unconcerned and
simply passed the blame on others, or admit its helplessness and ineptness. Its Secretary of the
Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) even went to the extent of disdainfully
telling the commuting and riding public to just grin and bear it as it is not fatal after all. Such
callousness is indeed so sickening and disgusting.
But more disgusting and repellent is the recent move of Aquino III himself thumbing down
proposals lowering the income tax of fixed income earners and the lowly working class. These are
proposals coming from Administration lawmakers themselves who realize that the tax bracket
systems in the country have been stuck at the 1997 levels yet. Aquino however believes that lowering
their income tax at his time is not beneficial since there is no government surplus. It would just
increase the budget deficit which would be a negative factor from the standpoint of credit rating
agencies, he said.
Quite striking and even perplexing here is the alleged lack of government surplus. Coming to mind
right away is the fund surreptitiously concocted by this administration since 2011 supposedly for
disbursement acceleration program (DAP) of the government. This DAP funds were eventually
discovered as being used to dispense favors and convince (bribe?) legislators to toe the line in
passing its controversial pet bills like the RH law and in impeaching high government officials who
have incurred its ire, like ex- Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez and ex Chief Justice Corona. This
DAP which has already been declared as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, seem to be contrary
to the very idea of lack of government surplus.
Another striking aspect of Aquinos reason for thumbing down the proposal to lower the income tax
is that he seems to be more concerned about getting favorable economic ratings on his
administration. Apparently this is more for propaganda effect to show that his administrations
economic performance is outstanding. In the long run however, it is quite obvious that such stance
will be more beneficial to the affluent and rich businessmen than with actually helping the low
income earners increase their meager earnings and improve their lives even a little bit.
The proposal to lower the income tax however is actually more beneficial to our country. Admittedly,
it will lower the government revenues. And lowering government revenues will mean that there will
be less money in the government coffers that will be stolen by government officials. So less revenue
means less graft and corruption in the government. It would seem therefore that this proposal is one
of the more effective ways of fighting and even eventually eradicating the many corrupt practices
plaguing every administration which are the very cause of chronic poverty in our country.
I am not an economist but common sense tells me that lowering the income tax will also mean
empowering the low income earners in terms of increasing their means of livelihood. More income
will give them more buying power which will thus stimulate spending that will propel the start of
economic progress. Besides, more income will provide them with more resources that may even
enable them not only to save more but to engage in some small but profitable businesses. Eventually
therefore, a stronger and bigger middle class will emerge.
A stronger and bigger middle class is thus a very important factor in achieving sustained and all
inclusive economic growth. It will bridge the wide gap between the rich and poor in our country.
More people will enjoy the countrys wealth and resources instead of the present 10 percent of the
population owning almost 80 percent thereof. The poor will not become poorer while the rich will
not become richer anymore. There will be a more equitable distribution of the countrys rich assets
and resources. The elusive social justice will thus be attained leading to true and lasting peace.
The proposal to lower the income tax will also be politically beneficial to our country. People will be
more independent and will not just rely on the political largesse given by politicians who invariably
use government money to dispense political patronage. With less people depending on dole outs
given by politicians, political dynasties who perpetuate themselves in power because of the gap
between the rich and poor electorate will gradually be eliminated. Thus in the long run we may even
realize our long sought dream of having a government of the people, for the people and by the
It would appear therefore that with his move thumbing down the proposal to lower the income tax,
Aquino would like to maintain the present economic and political situation. This is really very sad.
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