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Thursday, August 17, 2017 Vol. 133, No. 7 Oregon, WI ConnectOregonWI.com $1

Stuff the Bus raises $8,500 Oregon School District

The Oregon Lions and

Lioness Clubs Stuff the
Bus fundraiser raised more
Drug dog
sniffs to
than $8,500 in cash and
school supplies that will
help support the Oregon
School District during the
coming school year.
That total is almost dou-

ble the amount raised at last
years event.
The Stuff the Bus fund-
raiser, held Aug. 12, offered
residents the opportunity to
donate money and school
supplies to fill the school county to lock down class-
bus that was parked at Wal- Board declines es to check vehicles, lock-
Donations are still being to make random ers and bags at the two
accepted. Cash and school
supplies can be dropped off
searches permanent The OSD administrative
team had recommended
at the administration office, SCOTT DE LARUELLE making permanent the
123 E Grove St. use of random drug dog
Unified Newspaper Group
searches at the schools
Random drug dog changing the district poli-
sweeps of Oregon High cy from the current model
School and Oregon Mid- of reasonable suspicion.
On the web dle School, their park- But the board decided to
ing lots and surrounding follow the recommenda-
See more photos from the Stuff the streets will continue next tion of the policy commit-
Bus event: school year. tee to extend the program
ConnectOregonWI.com But the searches are still only through the 2017-18
on probation. school year.
T h e O r eg o n S c h o o l In two sweeps last year
Board voted 5-1 Monday one announced, another
night to continue anoth- not a small amount of
er year of a pilot program drugs was found either on
that allows teams of police or off campus.
K-9 units from across the
Turn to Dogs/Page 9

Photo by Amber Levenhagen

Kayla Murphy, 6, hugs the lion mascot while donating school supplies.

Oregon Area Senior Center

Brickner brings local focus to senior center

BILL LIVICK once in a while, she quipped. recalled. So even though he was
Unified Newspaper Group In an interview with the Observer, from New Jersey, I still kind of man-
Brickner recounted the story of meet- aged to marry a local, right? I found
Rachel Brickner, the recently ing her husband. She began work- him locally.
Photo by Helu Wang
appointed director of the Oregon Area ing at the Observer when she was The couple went on to have two
13, serving as the Saturday morning children a son who lives and works Firefighters clean up the leaking chemical from the truck.
Senior Center, is a big believer in all

Hazardous spill causes

things local. receptionist and later writing high in Minneapolis and a daughter whos
She lives, shops and works local- school sports stories through her high in her second year of college and
ly. Shes lived in the Oregon School school and college years. they continue to live in the Oregon
District her entire life, Hardin had gone to graduate school School District, on about 40 acres in
save for one year when
she worked as a lawyer
in Appleton.
at UW-Madison, where he earned a
masters degree in agricultural jour-
nalism. After about a year in Vermont,
he returned in 1979 to launch a dairy
the Town of Brooklyn.
Its where Brickner and Hardin
raised their kids, and where Rachel
continues to indulge her passions at
Janesville St. closure
About the only caused Janesville Street
exception to that rule industry publication, The Milkweed, least, the ones that dont involve mak- Fire chief: Nothing to be closed for two hours
came when she picked which he still produces. ing life better for senior citizens.
a husband 30 years He used the Observer office to type- I have always been a gardener, a to worry about for around noon Aug. 4.
Oregon Fire Department
ago. His name is Peter Brickner set and print the magazine, which is, birdwatcher and a book reader, she community chief Glenn Linzmeier
Hardin, and hes from of course, where he encountered his revealed. We currently dont have told the Observer the truck
New Jersey. future wife. much for animals, but during the years HELU WANG driver discovered the leak
But Brickner even found him I met my husband when he was when our kids were being raised, I while on his way ship-
Unified Newspaper Group
locally in the office of the Oregon using the old linotype machines, and think we had every imaginable farm ping the material, which
Observer. much of the Observer staff was at
A hazardous materi-
Youve got to widen out the net our wedding reception, Brickner Turn to Brickner/Page 5 al spill in a truck trailer Turn to Spill/Page 12

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Mon.-Sat. 9-7; Sun. 9-6
2 August 17, 2017 Oregon Observer ConnectOregonWI.com

Photo by Evan Halpop

Roe Parker works on the entrance garden of glowers at Anderson Park on Aug. 12.

An afternoon on the prairie

AMBER LEVENHAGEN restoration Aug. 12. removing invasive plants For more information,
Unified Newspaper Group They filled in a rain gar- and brush to eventually visit andersonparkfriends.
den an area that nat- create a picnic area in the org or contact Anderson
Volunteers with Ander- urally collects water and forest. Park Friends Inc. president
son Park Friends Inc. gath- is a breeding ground for The group meets the Roe Parker at roe.parker@
ered at Anderson Farm mosquitoes with milk- second Saturday of each frontier.com.
County Park, 914 Union weed plants to naturally month from 8-10:30a.m. Contact Amber Levenha- Photo by Amber Levenhagen
Road, to work on the soak up the water. They and the community is wel- gen at amber.levenhagen@ Jim Hill uses a chainsaw to cut lumber.
ongoing prairie and forest also continued to work on come to volunteer. wcinet.com.

Photo by Evan Halpop Photo by Evan Halpop

Prairie at Anderson Park on Aug. 12. Andy Hoernemann, of Oregon, the vice president of Anderson Park Friends, works on a rain
garden at Anderson Park on Aug. 12.

It rapidly becomes home at Sienna Crest.

Care is excellent and the staff are family.

Call today to see how

Sienna Crest has been your
trusted community resource in
older adult care for over 20 years!

Sienna Crest Sienna Meadows

Memory Care
Assisted Living
981 Park St | Oregon 989 Park St | Oregon

835-0040 Photo by Amber Levenhagen

Seventy-two species of prairie plants have been planted to
attract butterflies and other animals as part of the prairie
www siennacr
www.siennacrest.com restoration.
ConnectOregonWI.com August 17, 2017 Oregon Observer 3
Village of Oregon

Board goes after former

officers hiring costs
Contract requires Chief Brian Uhl told the
Observer that Schuepbach
$3,000 repayment resigned of his own accord
but failed to pay the vil-
for leaving after lage, so the village began
less than a year garnishing money from his
paychecks, as stipulated in
BILL LIVICK his employment contract.
Unified Newspaper Group When the village was
no longer able to gar-
The Village Board last nish Schuepbachs wages
week directed the village or collect the remaining
attorney to begin collec- amount owed $597 the
tion actions for about $600 board directed Attorney
from a former police offi- Matt Dregne to begin legal
cer who resigned in March action to recoup the mon-
after less than a year on ey.
the job. Along with the amount
Former officer Lucas owed, Schuepbach will
Schuepbach began work- also have to pay the attor-
ing for the Oregon Police neys fees.
Department in July 2016 Vi l l a g e e x p e n s e s
and, as part of his contract incurred in hiring the offi-
with the village, agreed cer included background
to reimburse the village screening, testing, uni-
Photo by Scott De Laruelle for costs associated with forms, training and special
Oregon School District business manager Andy Weiland takes Village Board and school board members on a tour through hiring him amounting to gear.
Oregon High School, which is in the latter stages of a large renovation project. From left are Weiland, village deputy treasur- $3,000.
er Candie Jones, Village Board member Jeanne Carpenter, school board member Barb Feeney, village board member Jenna The contract requires Contact Bill Livick at bill.
Jacobson and school board president Steve Zach. Schuepbach to repay the livick@wcinet.com

Boards talk growth, future

village for 100 percent
of the hiring costs if his EMERALD INVESTMENTS
employment terminated MINI STORAGE
within his first year. He 5'x10' $38 Month
would have been required 10'x10' $60 Month
to pay two-thirds that 10'x15' $65 Month
the work were doing in the View elementaries has been would likely vote Mon-
Village, OSD buildings. cleaned up and safety has day to approve the former
cost if he terminated 10'x20' $80 Month
his position before his 10'x25' $90 Month
catch up on recent We work pretty hard and increased geometrically Methodist Church site on

second anniversary and
were pretty proud of where in the student pick-up/drop- Main Street for the new At Cleary Building Corp.
projects were going. off area, which had been a library, calling it pretty
one-third if he left before
Year 3.
190 S. Paoli St., Verona WI
(608) 845-9700
District superintendent problem. much a done deal.
SCOTT DE LARUELLE Brian Busler said while Busler called the new Thats probably where
Unified Newspaper Group there is no follow-up meet- STEAM wing at Oregon that will end up, he said.
ing between the boards
The table was full at Ore- planned yet, we will meet
Middle School as close
to state-as-the-art as it can
Staton said after the
library site is settled, likely INVENTORY CLEARANCE SALE TENT
gon High Schools Innova- again. be, and lauded the fantas- the next piece of the puzzle
tion Center Monday night, Growing district tic music spaces added last will be the senior center. He
as Village Board members year. said the very initial discus-

They are three of the fin- sion is for the village to

sat in for a joint session District growth task force
with the Oregon School co-chairperson Courtney
Board. Odorico gave an update on
The two sides shared the groups efforts, which
est music spaces in the state
of Wisconsin, he said.
Busler also discussed
sell the library and senior
center property to a private
developer, who would build
p ro d u c t s
Of f
f ro m
progress reports on recent started in February, with the ongoing construction a new senior center that he
and pending projects for a goal to provide a recom- at Oregon High School, includes senior housing. al l ove r t
about an hour before head- mendation to the steering including the new academic Thats a way to provide Stor e!
ing off to a tour of ongoing committee in February wing that has created a tre- some needed housing for
high school renovations. It 2018. mendous learning environ- seniors in a good location
was the first joint meeting The group has been ment for our kids. and also recover some of Housewares Lawn & Garden
between the boards in about charged with three tasks: After the joint meeting, the tax money we lost from
a decade, when the village studying long-term pop- Busler and business man- taking over the Methodist Paint Hardware
sold Jaycee Park to the ulation in the district, the ager Andy Weiland led both church property, he said. Plumbing, Electrical & More!!
district for $1. The topics capacity of existing facili- boards for a tour around the
high school. Bike trails
ranged from construction ties and whether additional New Products
around the school district facilities are needed, and if Budget update Staton also brought up a
to growth and possible sites so, where and how it would possible extension of bike added every week
for a new village library affect the current school Weiland said the district trails.

and senior center. configuration. still needs some numbers to Staton said the village
Village President Steve Odorico said the dis- finalize next years budget, is working on getting the
Staton said his board cer- tricts consultant is antic- which is usually approved Rotary Bike Trail connect-
tainly appreciates what the ipating the districts stu- by the board in October. He ed to the Badger State Trail,
school board is doing for dent population will grow guessed that the schools though he noted the area
the community, citing the from the current number tax impact will be around in question is out of the
successful $54.6 million of around 4,000 to around 3.5 percent. district and would depend
capital projects referendum 6,000 by 2030. She said the
in 2014. task force will be holding
What you did with that community meetings next
If I was to throw a dart
at something, thats proba-
bly where were at, he said
on the county and City of
Fitchburg for assistance. He
said Dane County Execu-
referendum is pretty amaz- month to talk more about
ing, he said. Its had a growth, and how it could
huge impact on the munic- affect the district.
Otherwise, the districts
finances are in fine shape,
tive Joe Parisi and county
officials have been very
supportive of the idea,
ipality. Working together as It sounds like its a long he said, noting continued and may have grant mon- Serving the Community Since 1961
we do for kind of common way away, but its only 13 and expected future growth, ey available for the proj- 167 N. Main St., Oregon
missions and that sense of years in the future, she compared to many other ect during the next budget
community, its a plus for said. Were working hard districts facing declining cycle. HOURS:
both organizations. because this growth is com- enrollment, and the finan- He said Fitchburg admin- Monday, Tuesday and Friday
School board president ing and its coming fast, cial problems that can istrator Patrick Marsh is 8 am-12 noon; 1:30 pm-6 pm
Steve Zach said the board and we want to be ready for cause. very excited about get-
tries to stay proactive when it so we dont compromise Things are going in a ting the trail connected to Wednesday
dealing with issues, or education. good direction here in Ore- that city.
potential issues. gon, Weiland said. Its never easy, because 8 am-12 noon; 1:30 pm-5 pm; 7-9 pm
I hope if you get a theme Construction continues it involves private property
from our board, its that we Busler talked about the Village facilities and roads but wed like Saturday 8 am-11 am
stay pretty high up in pol- recent referendums and Staton provided brief to get that connected, Sta-
icy matters and try to look projects at the various updates on a variety of top- ton said. Dr. John E. Breitbach
out 10 to 15 years and get schools both complet- ics, including the imminent

ahead of the curves of the ed and ongoing. He said choosing of a new location Email Unified Newspaper
developments we see com- all six district schools now for the library and the even- Group reporter Scott De
ing, he said. Thats why h ave s e c u r e e n t r a n c e s , tual upgrade of the senior Laruelle at scott.delaruel-
we have the task forces that and traffic around Neth- center. le@wcinet.com. www.breitbachchiropractic.com
are ongoing right now and erwood Knoll and Prairie He said the village board
4 August 17, 2017 Oregon Observer Opinion ConnectOregonWI.com

Letters to the editor policy

Unified Newspaper Group is proud to offer a venue for public debate
and welcomes letters to the editor, provided they comply with our
Letters should be no longer than 400 words. They should also con-
tain contact information the writers full name, address, and phone
number so that the paper may confirm authorship. Unsigned or anon-
ymous letters will not be printed under any circumstances.
The editorial staff of Unified Newspaper Group reserves the right to
edit letters for length, clarity and appropriateness. Letters with libelous
or obscene content will not be printed.
Unified Newspaper Group generally only accepts letters from writ-
ers with ties to our circulation area.
Letters to the editor should be of general public interest. Letters
that are strictly personal lost pets, for example will not be printed.
Letters that recount personal experiences, good or bad, with individu-
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either. Thank-you letters can be printed under limited circumstances,
provided they do not contain material that should instead be placed as
an advertisement and reflect public, rather than promotional interests.
Unified Newspaper Group encourages lively public debate on issues,
but it reserves the right to limit the number of exchanges between indi-
vidual letter writers to ensure all writers have a chance to have their
voices heard.
This policy will be printed from time to time in an abbreviated form
here and will be posted in its entirety on our websites.

Send it in!
We like to send reporters to shoot photos, but we cant be everywhere.
And we know you all have cameras.
So if you have a photo of an event or just a slice of life you think the
community might be interested in, send it to us and well use it if we can.
Please include contact information, whats happening in the photo and the
names of people pictured.
You can submit it on our website at ConnectOregonWI.com, email to
editor Jim Ferolie at ungeditor@wcinet.com or drop off a electronic media Community Voices
at our office at 156 N. Main St. Questions? Call 835-6677.

In the Aug. 10 article on the Friends of the Oregon School District,
Moving Public Library across
one of the groups founders names, Wendy Borden, was not provid-
ed. The Observer regrets the error.
Main Street doesnt add up
Last weeks photos of National Night Out misidentified a person icture a shiny new $8 housing units right across Park to pay for it than by collecting
from the Oregon Area Senior Center as being from the Verona Area million library, situated on Street from the existing library property taxes from new devel-
Senior Center. The Observer regrets the error. an expansive parcel amidst and other facilities within a opment on the site?
fine old shade trees, all of it block or two. Few of Genesis And in fact, two have been
atop one of the highest spots in 50-plus residents have cars, and proposed, both assisted-living
the historic part of Oregon. some are disabled. facilities. The first, in 2008,
It sounds wonderful. Accessing the library is safe was abandoned because of
But look closer, and it soon and convenient for these citi- the recession. The more well-
Thursday, August 17, 2017 Vol. 133, No. 7 becomes clear that siting a zens right now; the only way to known Sanctuary proposal,
USPS No. 411-300 new library on the old Peoples improve it would be for them to which was floated in February
Periodical Postage Paid, Oregon, WI and additional offices. United Methodist Church parcel live in the same building as the 2016, would have required a $1
Published weekly on Thursday by the Unified Newspaper Group, just doesnt add up. Its on the library itself! million grant but would have
A Division of Woodward Communications, Inc.
POSTMASTER: Send Address Corrections to
wrong side of Many other senior citizens added about $20 million in
The Oregon Observer, PO Box 930427, Verona, WI 53593. Main Street, live a few blocks further down assessed value to the village tax
Office Location: 156 N. Main Street, Oregon, WI 53575 it would be a Park Street from the library. base.
Office Hours: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday and Thursday lousy return True, they have to cross Oak Perhaps they were not the
Phone: 608-835-6677 FAX: 608-835-0130 on investment, Street to get there, but traffic on right deals at the right time,
e-mail: ungeditor@wcinet.com
and it doesnt Oak doesnt rank up there with but clearly this site has serious
jibe with Oregons busiest thoroughfares. potential for generating proper-
Circulation customer service: (800) 355-1892
the villages North Main Street is called ty taxes.
ConnectOregonWI.com vision for Main for good reason A new public library sitting
This newspaper is printed on recycled paper. revitalizing because thats where traffic is all by itself on the old church
our downtown. Noeldner most intense. Average weekday site would generating $0 in tax-
Circulation Lets start traffic is approaching 10,000 es. For the village to gain noth-
General Manager
Carolyn Schultz
with its loca- vehicles per day, and much of it ing financially from the deal
Lee Borkowski tion, which is a safety hazard. is commuter traffic during rush- would be bad business.
lborkowski@wcinet.com ungcirculation@wcinet.com
Elementary school children hour periods, with concrete Finally, the library plan goes
News use the existing library a lot. trucks and cargo trucks and lots against the villages commit-
Sales Manager Jim Ferolie
Kathy Neumeister
They are the most vulnera- of contractor pickups rolling ment to its vision.
ungeditor@wcinet.com ble users from a traffic safety through during the day. After beginning to formulate
kathy.neumeister@wcinet.com Sports standpoint. And right now, Ask any crossing guard who bold plans last year for building
Advertising Jeremy Jones Brook Street is the only street has served on North Main Street up Oregons historic downtown
Dawn Zapp ungsportseditor@wcinet.com they have to cross on their way whether it would be safer for into a truly urban, walkable
oregonsales@wcinet.com Assistant Editor to the library from Prairie View children to keep the library at place and weighing the many
Scott Girard
and Netherwood Knoll elemen- or near where it is and you are benefits of significantly increas-
Classifieds tary schools. likely to get an earful. ing the population of residents
Diane Beaman ungreporter@wcinet.com
Motor vehicle traffic on Worse, the new location could who actually live in and near
ungclassified@wcinet.com Reporters Brook Street is wonderfully force a crossing for Genesis the downtown business district,
Inside Sales Samantha Christian, Bill Livick, modest a matter of hundreds residents and other vulnerable it makes no sense for Village
Monica Morgan Anthony Iozzo, of vehicles per day. Being only users at one of the worst parts leaders to add no housing to a
insidesales@wcinet.com Amber Levenhagen, two blocks long, Brook Street of Main Street. The closest near-downtown parcel as large
Scott De Laruelle, Helu Wang is not and never will be a designated crossing to the old as the old church property.
major thoroughfare for motor- church site is a few hundred The best place in town for
Unified Newspaper Group, a division of ists. yards to the south on Grove the Oregon Public Library is
Woodward Communications,Inc. The upshot of this is most Street (Gorman and Company, where it is right now or within
A dynamic, employee-owned media company people who drive on Brook the old Red Brick School). a block of its current location.
Good People. Real Solutions. Shared Results. Street are on their way to some- At that location, it is impos- And the best way to pay for a
thing right there the Oregon sible to see southbound traffic new library is by generating
Printed by Woodward Printing Services Platteville Pool, Post Office, the existing over the hill and around the more property taxes on land
library, the Oregon Senior Cen- bend. Try crossing there on a in and near downtown Oregon
ter, school playgrounds or one workday at 5 p.m., and you will land which requires no new
NATIONAL NEWSPAPER of the playing fields in Kiser see. streets or sewers or other infra-
ASSOCIATION Firemans Park. That means The next thing that doesnt structure.
these drivers generally pay add up is return on investment.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES closer attention to whats going The village spent $890,000 Hans Noeldner is a Village of
One Year in Dane Co. & Rock Co. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $37 on around them than motorists early this year to acquire the Oregon resident and a former
One Year Elsewhere . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $45 who are commuting to and old Peoples United Methodist member of the Village Board.
from work on streets like North Church parcel. Thats a signif-
Oregon Observer Main. icant outlay for a municipality
Stoughton Courier Hub Verona Press Genesis also has affordable of Oregons size. How better
ConnectOregonWI.com August 17, 2017 Oregon Observer 5
Reports are taken from daily briefings 6:55 a.m. A man reported his truck
provided by the Oregon Police Depart- window had been either punched or
driving around looking for a place to
smoke the marijuana.
Putts for Paws
is Aug. 26
ment. shot out overnight on the 300 block of
North Perry Parkway, though no projec- June 24
J une 17 tile was located. 12:51 p.m. The passenger window
10:39 a.m. A woman reported a car- 8:26 a .m. A woman reported her of a pickup truck was broken out and
ton of cigarettes and medication were credit card had been used to make a about $5 of loose change was taken
taken from a residence on the 200 block purchase on Amazon by someone else, from a pickup truck parked in the dead AMBER LEVENHAGEN
of Walnut Street, but she was gone when who she identified. Staff at McDonalds end of Cusick Parkway. Unified Newspaper Group If You Go
police arrived. A man on scene told police provided police with video of the sus-
he had found the cigarettes, so it was un- pect appearing to take photos of credit June 27 The Oregon Police What: 4th annual Putts
clear if any burglary had taken place. cards earlier in the month. 6:20 p .m. A 25-year-old man was Department will hold the 4th for Paws
11:04 a.m. A man reported someone cited for burning without a permit after annual Putts for Paws golf When: 1p.m. Saturday,
June 18 shot at his bay window on the 600 block burning a couch and other household outing Saturday, Aug. 26. Aug. 26
1:36 a .m. A 26-year-old man was of South Main Street overnight. No pro- items in his backyard on the 100 block The event will be held at
knocked unconscious and had chipped jectiles were found, but there were two the Foxboro Golf Club, 1020 Where: Foxboro Golf
of Dewey Street. The fire was 4 to 5 feet
teeth after a fight with another man in small holes. in diameter and less than 5 feet from County Hwy. MM, starting at Club, 1020 Cty. Hwy.
the Headquarters parking lot. The victim 4:26 p.m. A 57-year-old man had his the deck of the home. The man asked 1p.m. Proceeds will benefit MM
did not want to pursue charges. front drivers side window shot out with how he was supposed to dispose of the the Oregon Police Depart- Info: jkohlman@vil.ore-
a BB gun between 3:15 and 4:15 p.m. on remainder of items he planned to burn ment K-9 program. gon.wi.us or 835-3111
June 18 the 600 block of North Perry Parkway. and was told to get a Dumpster. There are several different
9:25 a .m. Two unlocked vehicles sponsorship levels available
were gone through on the 300 block of June 21 June 28 ranging from $150 silver to
Lynne Trail. The vehicles were unlocked 7:24 p.m. A 33-year-old man had the 7:14 p.m. A 37-year-old woman was $750 platinum. More details green fees, cart, a drink tick-
because the victims had their windows back window of his vehicle busted out arrested on charges of domestic bat- on specific levels can be et and lunch.
smashed and items taken in the past, by what appeared to be a BB between 7 tery and disorderly conduct after she hit found by visiting vil.oregon. For more information,
but nothing was taken this time. a.m. and 3:30 p.m. on the 700 block of her fiance over the head with the board wi.us. call officer Josh Kohlman at
2:10 p.m. A 25-year-old man report- Swallow Tail Drive. game Trouble during an argument at The general cost per per- jkohlman@vil.oregon.wi.us
ed another man had walked up to him their residence on the 100 block of Ni- son for the event is $75. A or call 835-3111.
in his driveway on the 800 block of Ash- June 22 cole Circle. The incident left a red mark four-person team pass is
worth Drive at 10:45 p.m. the night be- 9:16 a.m. A man reported the driver over the victims right eye. available for $275 per team. Contact Amber Leven-
fore and said If you dont stop you will side rear window of his car was shot out 11:27 p.m. A 22-year-old man and Both include range balls, hagen at amber.levenha-
catch a rock through your window, ap- overnight on the 100 block of Ash Street. juvenile woman were cited after police gen@wcinet.com.
parently in reference to the 25-year-old A woman also reported the front window found them in a parked car at a park
speeding on the street. of her residence on the 600 block of after hours. Officers smelled marijuana Send it in!
Alpine Parkway was shot out with a BB and located a pipe and grinder. The man
June 19 gun overnight. A third person reported a admitted to smoking marijuana. The ju- If you have a photo of an event or just a slice of life you
2:02 a .m. A 46-year-old man was van had its side windows shot out with a venile was cited for curfew violation. think the community might be interested in, send it to us
charged with felony fifth-offense operat- BB gun within the last three days on the and well use it if we can.
ing while intoxicated on the 100 block of 800 block of South Perry Parkway. June 30 You can submit it on our website at ConnectOregonWI.
North Main Street. He was also charged 9:03 p.m. A woman was issued drug 11:19 p.m. A 54-year-old man was com or email to editor Jim Ferolie at ungeditor@wcinet.
with operating after revocation and re- citations after a traffic stop, during arrested for first-offense operating while com.
fused a chemical test. which the K9 unit alerted and officers intoxicated.
found marijuana. The group of three
June 20 people told the officer they had been Compiled by Scott Girard

Brickner: I have been slowly working toward this all my life

Continued from page 1 between the senior cen-
ter and what it offers, and
animal except we didnt peoples ability to continue
have sheep, geese and we living the way they want to.
didnt have a llama. That happens through exer-
Other than that, she add- cise classes, card games,
ed, I think every farm ani- nutrition programs and a
mal showed up on our farm host of other events and
at one point or another. activities the center offers.
An exercise class helps
Rewarding years keep someone remain phys-
Brickner began her role ically strong; a group play-
as director of the senior ing cards keeps somebody
center on June 19, more socially connected; good
than seven years after she nutrition is vital to good
started working there in the health, Brickner explained.
adult day program. Shortly Studies have shown that

after that, she added case social connections are as

management and outreach important as a persons
to her job duties. medication. So we offer
She is only the third a variety of activities and
director in the centers events and supports, and the

Deer Creek
37-year history. ultimate goal of every one
Brickner graduated from of those is to help maintain
t h e U W- M a d i s o n L a w independence for as long as

School in 1986 and worked possible.
for about five years as an For her part, Brickner
attorney (one year in Apple- feels like everything that
ton and four years in Mad-
ison) before returning to
shes done in life from
the legal background to the
MATC in 1992 to enroll in
the Practical Nursing Pro- Photo by Scott De Laruelle
medical background and the
emphasis on seniors that I
gram. Brooklyns Rachel Brickner took over as director of the Ore- had is going to help in
After graduating, she gon Senior Center last month, after working at the center for her new role as director of
worked as a geriatric nurse the past seven years in a variety of roles, most recently as the senior center.
at Oakwood Village for 18 case manager. In many ways, I feel as
years before taking a job at
the senior center.
She said practicing law
The senior center can also
enhance their quality of
the fact that theyre paying
their taxes, and those tax
though I have been slowly
working toward this all my
life without realizing it
August 19, 2017
life, she said. dollars are what pays for
wasnt a great family These are the people those services. anywhere along the line, 12:00-6:00 p.m. - Chicken and/or
balance for her, but she who came before us and She sees a direct link she said.
enjoyed the part that dealt BBQ Ribs, Potato, Vegetable, Dessert
paid their dues and built
with medical issues and the society that we enjoy & Coffee/Milk - $10
records, especially the cases
that involved seniors.
today, Brickner reflect- August 17-20, 2017 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
ed. They deserve to be
In fact, its what prompt-
ed her to give up a career
respected and supported for Angell Park, Sun Prairie 50 Bird Hillbilly Sporting Clays - $15
all of their contributions. Youth Age 17 & Under - $5 discount
in law and turn her focus to She described the seniors Includes: Parade on Thursday; carnival,
helping senior citizens. that she knows as fiercely Car Show Friday, family entertainment stage, Shoot & Eat $20
Brickner said working independent. craft fair, petting zoo, beer shelter, bands Friday Raffle Drawings at 7:00 p.m.
with seniors is rewarding They dont want to feel & Saturday, food and vendor booths, kid-
because it helps them con-
nect to the resources they
in any way as though they Questions? die korner, midget auto racing Sunday.
Sweet Corn served Sat. & Sun.
Deer Creek Sport & Conservation Club

are relying on a service

(608) 837-4547
8745 Miller Rd., Verona, WI

need to stay independent for anything, Brickner $7 per tote, $2.00 per single ear
and continue living in the observed. They want to do spchamber@frontier.com or Parking $5 (includes admission)
community of their choice. it all themselves, in spite of sunprairiechamber.com Admission: $1.00 Sat. & Sun. only Contact: Ray Gilden, (608) 832-6261
6 August 17, 2017 Oregon Observer ConnectOregonWI.com

Coming up Churches
All Saints Lutheran Church Good Shepherd Lutheran
Coloring group Family dance party Pool party 2951 Chapel Valley Rd., Fitchburg Church ECLA
The senior center will offer an adult The library will host a family Visit the Oregon Pool from 1-3 (608) 276-7729 Central Campus: Raymond Road and
Interim pastor Whitney Way
coloring group at 12:30 p.m. the fourth dance party from 6-7 p.m. Friday, p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 23, for an end SUNDAY SATURDAY - 5 p.m. Worship
Thursday of each month. Aug. 18. of summer pool party offered by the 8:30 a.m. classic service SUNDAY - 8:15, 9:30 and10:45 a.m.
Coloring materials are provided. Just April from Zumba Kids will teach library. 10:45 a.m. new song service Worship West Campus: Corner of Hwy.
come to relax your mind, tap into your dance moves and coordinate games. Everyone is welcome to attend the PD and Nine Mound Road, Verona
Brooklyn Lutheran Church SUNDAY - 9 &10:15 a.m., 6 p.m.
creativity and spend time with others. Crafts, including a panda mask and pool party, even if they did not earn 101 Second Street, Brooklyn Worship (608) 271-6633
For information, call 835-5801. dancing streamers, will also be avail- a free entry from the library reading (608) 455-3852
able. The event is all ages and no program. Cost is $1.50 for children Pastor Rebecca Ninke Hillcrest Bible Church
Wellness Walks registration is required. and $3 for adults. SUNDAY 752 E. Netherwood, Oregon
9 a.m. Holy Communion Eric Vander Ploeg, Lead Pastor
The Oregon Area Wellness Coali- For information, call 835-3656. There will be a cannon ball con- 10 a.m. Fellowship (608) 835-7972, www.hbclife.com
tion is sponsoring Wednesday Well- test, ping pong ball races, water vol- SUNDAY
ness Walks, which start at the senior School registration leyball, a treasure hunt and more. Community of Life Lutheran 8:30 a.m. worship at the Hillcrest
center at 9 a.m. Wednesdays. People Oregon School District registra- For information, call 835-3656. Church Campus and 10:15 a.m. worship with
PO Box 233, Oregon Childrens ministries, birth 4th grade
will be taking a brisk walk for 45 min- tion will be held from noon to 6 p.m.
utes each week, rain or shine, through Tuesday, Aug. 22, at the high school,
OccuPaws fundraiser (608) 286-3121, office@
communityoflife.us Holy Mother of Consolation
October. 456 N. Perry Pkwy. Patricia McConnell will talk about Pastor Jim McCoid Catholic Church
Those interested should bring an ID Students will receive their sched- her new book The Education of SUNDAY 651 N. Main Street, Oregon
10 a.m. Worship at 1111 S. Perry Pastor: Fr. Gary Wankerl
and water bottle. Coffee and water will ule, locker assignment and a lock. Will at Oregon Middle School, Parkway, Oregon (608) 835-5763
be available at the senior center after For information, visit oregonsd. 601 Pleasant Oak Dr., from 6-8 p.m. holymotherchurch.weconnect.com
the walk. org. Thursday, Aug. 24. Brooklyn Community United SATURDAY: 5 p.m. Worship
For information, call 835-5801. The event is $25 to attend and all Methodist Church SUNDAY: 8 and 10:15 a.m. Worship
Church events proceeds will benefit OccuPaws 201 Church Street, Brooklyn
(608) 455-3344 Peoples United Methodist
The Peoples United Methodist Guide Dog Association, an organi- Pastor George Kaminski Church
Sounds of Summer Church, 103 N. Alpine Pkwy, will zation that raises, trains and places SUNDAY 103 North Alpine Parkway, Oregon
The Sounds of Summer concerts host two community events Sunday, guide dogs with the blind at no cost 9 a.m. Worship (Nov.-April) Pastor Jason Mahnke
to the recipients. 10:30 a.m. Worship (May-Oct.) (608)835-3755, www.peoplesumc.org
return to Waterman Triangle Park from Aug. 20. Communion is the 1st & 3rd weekend
7-8 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 22. The rain A free showing of Before the The Education of Will is a mutu- Faith Evangelical Lutheran SATURDAY - 5 p.m. Worship
location is Rome Corners Intermediate Flood will begin at 1 p.m. The mov- al memoir of a woman and her dog. Church SUNDAY - 9 a.m. Worship and Sunday
School. Food and soft drinks will be ie, narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, is McConnell is an applied animal 143 Washington Street, Oregon school; 10:30 a.m. Worship
offered from 6-8 p.m. an exploration of climate change. behaviorist and has been studying (608) 835-3554
Interim pastor St. Johns Lutheran Church
The scheduled musician is Back 40 Community members are invited to and writing about dogs for over 25 SUNDAY - 9 a.m. Worship 625 E. Netherwood, Oregon
and food by Ziggys Smokehouse. participate in an afternoon hymn sing years. Holy Communion 2nd & last Pastor Paul Markquart (Lead Pastor)
For information, visit oregonwi. at 4 p.m. For information, or to purchase Sundays (608) 835-3154
com. For information, call 835-3755. tickets, visit occupaws.org. WEDNESDAY - 6 p.m. Worship
First Presbyterian Church SATURDAY - 5 p.m. Worship
408 N. Bergamont Blvd. (north of SUNDAY - 9 a.m. Worship
CC), Oregon, WI
(608) 835-3082 - fpcoregonwi.org Vineyard Community Church
Community calendar Pastor Kathleen Owens
Oregon Community Bank & Trust, 105
S. Alpine Parkway, Oregon - Bob Groth,
10 a.m. Service Pastor
Thursday, August 17 113 S. Main St., 291-2255 Wednesday, August 23 10:15 a.m. Sunday School (608) 513-3435, welcometovineyard.
11 a.m. Fellowship com
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., Chamber Sunday, August 20 Noon to 1:30 p.m., Estate Plan- 11:15 a.m. Adult Education SUNDAY - 10 a.m. Worship
membership meeting, Headquar- 1-3 p.m., Before the Flood movie ning workshop (free), Krause
ters Banquet Hall, 101 Concord Dr., Donovan Estate Law Partners, 116 Fitchburg Memorial UCC Zwingli United Church of Christ
showing, Peoples United Methodist Paoli
835-3697 Church, 103 N. Alpine Pkwy., 835- Spring St., 268-5751 5705 Lacy Road, Fitchburg
(608) 273-1008, www.memorialucc. At the Intersection of Hwy. 69 & PB
Noon to 6 p.m., Oregon School 3755 1-3 p.m., End of Summer Pool org Rev. Sara Thiessen
District Registration, high school, Party, Oregon Pool, 249 Brook St., Interim pastor Laura Crow (608) 845-5641
835-9094 Monday, August 21 835-3656 SUNDAY SUNDAY -
1 p.m., Kids movie: Lego Batman 6:30-8 p.m., Estate Planning 9:30 a.m. Worship 9:30 a.m. Family Worship
workshop (free), Krause Donovan Thursday, August 24
Movie, library, 835-3656
Estate Law Partners, 116 Spring 1 p.m., Kids movie: Sing!, library,
Friday, August 18 St., 268-5751 835-3656
6-7:30 p.m., Family dance party,
library, 835-3656 Tuesday, August 22
6-8 p.m., Dog behaviorist and
author Patricia McConnell ($25),
Support groups
Noon to 6 p.m., Oregon School Oregon Middle School, 601 Pleas- Alcoholics Anonymous Relationship & Divorce
Saturday, August 19 District Registration, high school, ant Oak Dr., occupaws.org meeting, First Support Group, State
9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Madison Speed- 835-9094 Presbyterian Church, Bank of Cross Plains,
way Marketplace, 1122 Sunrise 2-6 p.m., Oregon Farmers Market, Saturday, August 26 every Monday and every other Monday at
Road, 575-4097 Dorn True Value Hardware parking 1 p.m., Putts for Paws K9 Golf Friday at 7 p.m. 6:30 p.m.
10 a.m. to 3 p.m., VFW Corn lot, 131 W. Richards Road Outing (registration required), Fox-
boro Golf Course, 1020 County Caregiver Support Veterans Group,
roast, Waterman Triangle Park, 6-8 p.m., Sounds of Summer Group, Oregon Area Oregon Area Senior
732-6851 Concert: Back 40, Waterman Trian- Hwy. MM, 835-3111
Senior Center, third Center, every second
1-9 p.m., Art at Charlies on Main, gle Park, oregonwi.com Monday of each month Wednesday at 9 a.m.
at 9 a.m. Weight-Loss Support
Dementia Caregivers Group, Oregon Area
Supper and Support, Senior Center, every
fourth Wednesday of Monday at 3:30 p.m.
Community cable listings Senior center every month from 6-7:30 Navigating Life Elder
Monday, August 21 Monday, August 21 p.m., Sienna Crest, 845 Support Group, Peoples
Village of Oregon Cable Access TV channels:
Sloppy Joe on Bun 9:00 CLUB Market St., Suite 1 United Methodist
WOW #983 & ORE #984
Phone: 291-0148 Email: oregoncableaccess@charter.net Broccoli 9:00 Rubber Stamping Diabetes Support Church, 103 N. Alpine
Website: ocamedia.com Facebook: ocamediawi Carrot Raisin Salad 10:00 Dominoes Group, Oregon Area Pkwy., every first
New programs daily at 1 p.m. Fruit Cup 10:30 StrongWomen Senior Center, second Monday at 7 p.m.
and repeats at 4, 7 and 10 p.m. and 1, 4, 7 and 10 a.m.
Chocolate Ice Cream 1:00 Get Fit Thursday of each month
Thursday, Aug. 17 Monday, Aug. 21 VO- Vegetarian Sloppy Joe 1:30 Bridge at 1:30 p.m.
WOW: Village & School WOW: Village Board Tuesday, August 22 3:30 Weight Loss Support
Board Joint Meeting (of Meeting LIVE -5pm Baked Fish Tuesday, August 22
Aug. 14) ORE: OHS Play: Baked Potato Half 9:00 Veterans Group How to Be a Better Lover
ORE: Village & School Matchmaker (of Feb. 24) Coleslaw 9:30 Wii Bowling Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love
Board Joint Meeting (of Tuesday, Aug. 22 Whole Grain Bread 9:45 Zumba Gold one another, be compassionate and humble. Do not re-
Aug. 14) WOW: Sounds of Peach Cobbler 9:30 Bingo pay evil with evil or insult with insult. 1 Peter 3:8-9
Friday, Aug. 18 Summer: Red Hot Horn VO- Veggie Cheese 10:30 Parkinsons Exercise NIV
WOW: Sounds of Dawgs (of Aug. 15) Sauce & Red Potatoes 12:30 Sheepshead
Summer: The Byrd ORE: Distant Cuzins @ Wednesday, August 23 12:30 Shopping, Pick n Save To love others, you must first love yourself.This starts
Brothers Head Quarters (of July BBQ Chicken 5:30 StrongWomen with accepting yourself,faults and all, and gently nour-
ORE: Capitol City Band 21) Baked beans Wednesday, August 23 ishing and taking care of yourself. Our primary respon-
(of July 2016) Wednesday, Aug. 23 Marinated Cucumbers and 9:00 Wednesday Walkers sibility is to take care of ourselves. A person whose
Saturday, Aug. 19 WOW: 2017 Oregon Tomatoes 9:00 CLUB mental or physical health is seriously impaired will not
WOW: Progressives Kids Triathlon (of Aug. Oranges 10:30 Sing-Along be able to care for others,so it is vital that we maximize
Open Mic @ FireFly (of 12) Whole Wheat Bread 11:45 August Birthday Lunch our own health and well-being.Tending to ones own
Aug. 4) ORE: Mad Scientist @ Root Beer Float 1:00 Euchre happiness is also important, because with a sense
ORE: Distant Cuzins @ PVE (of July 27) VO- Vegetarian Wrap 1:00 Get Fit of joy in our life,we have something worth giving to
Head Quarters (of July Thursday, Aug. 24 Thursday, August 24 Thursday, August 24 others, and indeed, others will be drawn to us. People
21) WOW: Village Board **My Meal, My Way Lunch 9:00 Pool Players are naturally drawn to happy healthy people. Besides
Sunday, Aug. 20 Meeting (of Aug 21) at Ziggys Smokehouse (drop in 9:45 Zumba Gold being happy and healthy, we should strive to have an
WOW: First ORE: Friday Night between 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m.) 10:30 StrongWomen expansive heart that is filled with loving kindness and
Presbyterian Church LIVE Presents OHS Friday, August 25 12:30 Shopping at Bills compassion for everyone. This can be difficult; many
Service Football vs Mt. Horeb *Ham Slice 1:00 Movie: Loving people are admittedly hard to love. But by having an
ORE: Village & School 6:45 pm Yams 1:00 Cribbage open heart that truly desires to love everyone, your
Board Joint Meeting (of Banana 5:30 StrongWomen kindness and compassion will be mirrored in others.
Aug. 14) Multi-Grain Bread Friday, August 25 The frown or scowl of the person in front of you is
Strawberry Jell-o with Peaches 9:00 CLUB more easily turned around by a gentle smile than by
VO- Veggie Meatballs 9:30 Blood Pressure scowling back at them. This is, after all, the purpose of
SO- Seven Layer Salad 11:00 Piano and Chimes our lives,to love, and to
Recital love without limits. Christopher Simon
*Contains Pork 1:00 Get Fit
Jeremy Jones, sports editor
845-9559 x226 ungsportseditor@wcinet.com
Thursday, August 17, 2017
Anthony Iozzo, assistant sports editor The Oregon Observer
845-9559 x237 sportsreporter@wcinet.com
Fax: 845-9550 For more sports coverage, visit:

Iron Girls win relays

Girls tennis
Panthers swinging
Oregon residents
represented in Iron for top four finish
Girl competition JEREMY JONES
Sports editor
Oregon was well-represent-
ed over the weekend at the With 10 returning letterwinners and a talented core
fifth annual Iron Girl Pleasant of underclassmen, first-year co-head coaches Terry
Prairie womens triathlon and Geurkink and Alec Onesti are hoping that this seasons
duathlon. Oregon girls tennis team can earn its highest finish Bad-
Siblings Claudia, Cara and ger South Conference finish in recent memory.
Chloe Schwartz and Brooke Aiming for a top four finish in conference with a high
White and Grace Riedl com- number of experienced varsity players, Geurkink said
bined to bring home two this years team has the drive to have a successful and
of the three trophies for hopefully winning record.
the event, which had more With Geurkink and Onesti, the Panthers have had six
than 800 enrollees at Prairie different coaches in as many years after Costin Fink
Springs Park. decided not to return earlier this summer.
The Iron Girl is a competi- Geurkink was a longtime assistant coach at Verona and
tion similar to the Iron Man, Thirteen-year-old Oregon has coached with the Oregon boys team the past six sea-
only not as long. residents Brooke White (left) sons.
Also different, athletes and Grace Riedl won the The Panthers return eight letterwinners who gained a
can compete in the triathalon two-team relay Sunday at lot of varsity experience last year, including five senior
alone, competing in all three the Iron Girl competition in captains.
of the events (swimming, Pleasant Prairie. Julia Gerhards returns as one of the senior captains
biking and running) or the after going 13-15 at No. 1 singles last year.
events can be split out into Fellow seniors Katie Reisdorf and twins Addie and
relay teams of two or three. on despite having the sixth Kailey OBrien are also a senior captains. Reisdorf was a
Participants can also choose to fastest time in the run (27:00) 11-15 as a junior at No. 2 doubles and the OBrien sisters
just do two of the three events by Chloe. played at No. 3 doubles, going 8-12.
(duathon). White and Riedl won the Senior Mary Sanford is also a captain. She went 2-11
The mother- and two team relay. White did the at No. 4 singles last year.
two-daughter team of Clau- 12-mile bike ride. Riedl ran a
dia, Cara and Chloe Schwartz half mile swim and 3.2 mile Photos submitted
Turn to Tennis/Page 8
joined forces to win the three run. (From left) Chloe (15), Cara and Claudia Schwartz (13) com-
team relay sprint triathlon in 1 Launched in 2004 with peted in and won the relay sprint triathlon Sunday in Pleas-
hour, 14 minutes and 11 sec-
onds as team Schwartinator.
just two events in the United
States, the Iron Girl brand has
ant Prairie. Chloe did the 3.2-mile run, Cara did the 12-mile Swimming
bike ride and Claudia did the half-mile swim.
They were a minute-and-
half faster than everyone else
in the swim (10:29) by Clau-
gained popularity throughout
the years, garnering global
appeal. from 5 and 10k races to sprint triathlons.
Tigersharks compete at US
Central Zone Swimming
dia, two minutes faster in the The event series broadened half marathons, including
bike (34:50) by Cara and held over the last decade, varying mother/daughter races and - Jeremy Jones

Girls golf Championships

Four Oregon starters return in 2017 Izzy Block, 12, Finnley
Conklin, 10, and Hunter
Dobrinsky, 12, joined elite
Conklin swam his seed time
and came home with an 11th
place ribbon and scored five-
ANTHONY IOZZO swimmers on Team Wis- and-a-half points for Team
Assistant sports editor consin to participate in the Wisconsin. Later in the
United States Central Zone afternoon, Conklin shook
The Oregon High School Championship Swim Meet off his week old taper in the
girls golf team returns four held in Pleasant Prairie on 10-and-under breaststroke,
of five starters from last August 3-6. dropping 1.35 seconds for
seasons team state quali- All three Oregon swim- a personal best 1:29.37 and
fier. mers participated on open- took home a sixth-place
Senior Andi McCorkle ing day for team Wisconsin. medal and 13 more points
and juniors Sydney McK- Block led off in the 11-12 for Team Wisconsin.
ee, Ally Payne and Brooke year old 200-meter back- To round out his after-
McCallum all helped the stroke and took 36th with a noon, Conklin swam the leg
Panthers take second at time of 2 minutes, 41.87 sec- home on Team Wisconsin
sectionals and eighth at onds. Block then followed in B-Team relay which took
state as a team. the 50 butterfly taking 33rd 9th place.
But the one starter gone with a time of 32.30 sec- On Saturday morning,
is one of the best players onds. Block took 47th in the 100
in Wisconsin in the last Dobrinsky competed in backstroke with a time of
few years. Taylor McCork- the boys 11-12 800-meter 1:15.64. She swam in finals
le, who will be golfing at freestyle in his only event Saturday evening leading
Division I North Dako- at zones and brought home off the Wisconsin B-Team
ta State this fall, won the 18th with a time of 10:26.43. 400 medley relay. Block
individual Badger South In the 10-and-under timed swam the 100 backstroke
Conference title to help finals Thursday afternoon, portion and finished her leg
O r eg o n fi n i s h t i e d f o r Conklin began his zones in 1:14.02, helping her relay
second at the conference meet taking ninth in the 50 bring home seventh place
meet. breaststroke with a time of with a time of 4:49.92.
She also tied for 11th 42.01 seconds. Conklin fin- Conklins only event on
Photo submitted ished his first day of com- Saturday was the Wisconsin
individually at state and
was named the 2016 Wis- The returning letterwinners for the Oregon High School girls golf team (from left) are: Jane petition in the 400 freestyle B-Team boys 10-and-un-
Mautz, Andi McCorkle, Sydney McKee and Ally Payne; (not pictured) Brooke McCallum. by taking 20th with a time of der 200-medley relay.
consin Junior PGA Player
of the Year. 5:37.34. Conklin anchored the relay
The Panthers also have 2017 Badger South schedule On Friday, Blocks lone
event was the 11-12 50 free-
swimming the last 50 free-
style home and helped the
a new head coach, Eric
Instefjord, but still look Date Opponent Course Date/Result style. Out of 114 swimmers relay take seventh place in
to be a strong competitor Aug. 15 Edgewood Foxboro GC L, 173-180 in the event, Block took 2:27.99.
in the conference and sec- Aug. 16 Watertown Watertown CC 1:30p.m. 22nd with a time of 29.46 Sunday marked the final
tional. seconds. day of competition at the
Our goal is to improve Aug. 22 Milton Foxboro GC 9 a.m. Conklin had a big day Zones Championships, and
daily and become consis- Aug. 25 Monona Grove Monona GC 11a.m. on Friday afternoon swim- Block had a big day with
tent players, Instefjord Sept. 5 ming in two events and a two individual events and a
Fort Atkinson Foxboro GC 3:30p.m. relay for Team Wisconsin. relay.
wrote in a preview ques-
tionnaire. Sept. 13 Stoughton Coachmans Golf Resort 3:30p.m. Seeded 17th with a time of Block started her day in
Sept. 19 Badger South meet The Oaks GC 8a.m. 32.08 seconds in the boys the 11-12 100 freestyle and
10-and-under freestyle, Turn to OCSC/Page 8
Turn to Golf/Page 8
8 August 17, 2017 Oregon Observer ConnectOregonWI.com

Girls golf Tennis: 10 returners bring experience to Oregons lineup

Continued from page 7

Oregon returns a junior class that

saw plenty of opportunities a season
ago as underclassmen.
Junior Isabelle Krier went 5-22
last year at No. 2 singles and junior
Rachel Depuydt was 6-7 playing
various varsity positions. The Pan-
thers also return a pair of juniors with
doubles experience in Sophia Choles
(4-23) last year at No. 1 doubles with
her sister Kalli, and Ashley Johnson
who was 13-14 at No. 2 doubles.
Sophomore Giana Schultz saw
limited matches at No. 4 singles as a
Photo by Anthony Iozzo Lisa Dombrowskis family moved
Senior Andi McCorkle tees off on the 11th hole Friday in the away and Kalli Choles graduated.
WPGA/Madison Edgewood invite at Yahara Hills Golf Course. Depending how the lineup shakes
McCorkle finished with an 82. out, the Panthers could have as many
as four or five varsity slots up in the
Panthers finish ninth air.
Newcomers Anna Donovan, Jor-
dana Burkeland, Sarah Boerigter and
Photo by Jeremy Jones
Returning letterwinners for the Oregon girls tennis team (front, from left) are:
Anna Donovan, Rachel Depuydt, Gianna Schultz, Adeline OBrien and Mary San-
at Edgewood invite junior Caitlin Beyler are all compet-
ing for those spots.
ford; (back): Sophia Choles, Kailey OBrien, Julia Gerhards, Isabelle Krier, Katie
Reisdorf and Ashley Johnson.
Assistant sports editor

The Oregon High School

Whats next Edgewoods conference title streak on the line in 2017
Oregon traveled to Edgewood has won the last eight Badger South Stoughton was near the top the past two seasons but
girls golf team opened the Watertown Country Club
2017 season Friday at Yaha- titles, but the two-time defending Division 2 state were never able to overtake Madison Edgewood. The
ra Hills Golf Course in the Wednesday for a Badger champion Crusaders graduated a lot of talent coming Vikings expect to have some growing pains early this
WPGA/Madison Edgewood South dual. Results will be off of a 19-0 season, which culminated with a 7-0 vic- season as they replace Sarah Benoy, who finished in
Invitational. in next weeks paper. tory over Stevens Point Pacelli. the round of eight at last years Division 1 state tour-
The Panthers finished ninth Ranked No. 1 in the state coaches poll all year, the nament.
as a team with a 352. The Panthers travel to team graduated the state champion doubles team of Stoughton also graduated its top two doubles teams
Senior Andi McCorkle fin- Oak Ridge Golf Course at Maddie Molitor and Abby Fox and a pair of seeded in Kendra Havlerson and Marissa Robson, and Anna
ished tied for 19th with an 82, individual state qualifiers in Emma Sango and Jessica Nelson and Sydney Johnson.
8:30a.m. Thursday for Inman. Halverson and Robson won two rounds at the state
and junior Ally Payne was tied
for 24th with an 84. Junior the Milton invite. They host Molitor and Fox earned the No. 1 seed at state and tournament last season, while Nelson and Johnson
Sydney McKee was tied for Milton at 9a.m. Tuesday, only lost six games in four matches on their way to (No. 2 doubles) won their bracket at sectionals and
40th with an 89, and junior Aug. 22, at Foxboro Golf the title. Sango meanwhile, played her way to a third- went on to take a round at state.
Brook McCallum finished place finish at the Division 2 state meet, while Inman Senior Krissy Pohold went 16-10 last season at
Club. fought into the round of eight. No. 4 singles and finished second a sectionals, she is
tied for 69th with a 97.
Alyssa Schmidt was 88th Junior Kinsey Kessel and the Drake sisters, Grace expected to step in at No. 1 singles.
with a 105, but her score (senior) and Lizzie (sophomore) hope to lead the team Milton graduated its state qualifying doubles team
wasnt counted with the team third with a 66. to a third state title. Other returning varsity players are of Faith Dittman and Bethany Crandall but returns a
score. Claire Stein and Julia Hess. pair of young doubles players in junior Katie Chese-
Miltons Taylor Hakala
Edgewood 173, Monona Grove could be the team to beat in the Bad- bro and sophomore Christina Choi who are looking to
and Milwaukee Homesteads Oregon 180 ger South this season with sophomore Hailey Munz have success.
Speedy Kent both finished and senior Amanda Newman both returning. Rotating As new co-head coaches, we have been pleased
The Panthers hosted Madi- at No. 1 singles through most of the regular season, with the excellent levels of enthusiasm and effort that
with 71s to tie for first place. son Edgewood on Tuesday in
Milton won with a team score the duo went on to earn a No. 9 seed at state where we have seen from the varsity competitors in the first
a Badger South Conference they played their way to the quarterfinal round. few days of practice, Terry Geurkink said. If our
of 319. dual and fell 173-180. The Silver Eagles No. 2 doubles team of senior Sara players consistently exhibit high levels of ambition
Stoughton Scramble McCorkle led Oregon with Paulson and sophomore Jewel Lindwall also returns. and coachability, we hope to steadily improve, and
a 40, and Payne followed with Realignment brings Watertown to the Badger South challenge for a top four spot in the Badger Conference
Oregon traveled to Coach- a 42. Sydney McKee finished
mans Golf Resort Mon- and Beaver Dam to the Badger North this season. tournament.
with a 45, and Sam McK- Watertown returns two special state qualifiers in senior Oregon, which plays in a loaded sectional that fea-
day and won the Stoughton ee rounded out the top four
Scramble with a 63, helped by No. 1 singles player Ricki Budewitz and half of the tures Middleton, Madison West, Verona and Waunakee
with a 53. Schmidts 54 was teams No. 1 doubles team in junior Jenna Koepp. among others, hasnt advanced anyone through sub-
McCorkles eagle on 18. thrown out.
Stoughtons A team shot Seniors Celeste Bayer (No. 2 singles) and Meghan sectionals since 2007 when Natalie Fuller and Amber
Caitlyn Hegenbarth led Petroski (No. 4 singles) are also back as solid players. Cook qualified for individual state at No. 1 doubles.
a 64, and Fort Atkinson was Edgewood with a 40.

Golf: Oregon looks to get back to state meet OCSC: Oregon swimmers help
Continued from page 7 stability in the varsity lineup.
Junior Jane Mautz also returns this
Liliana Maier, freshman Sam McKee
and freshman Alyssa Schmidt are new- Team Wisconsin take fifth at
season. Mautz started in a few tourna- comers that will help complete the pro-
Andi McCorkle was 32nd at state in
2016 and is currently 43rd in the Player ments last season, including the Cru- gram. Central Zone Championships
of the Year standings. McKee was 42nd sade Fore a Cure at Maple Bluff Coun- Schmidt competed with the starting
try Club. five in the season opening meet Friday Continued from page 7 into two groups where the
at state last year, and Payne was tied for 11-and-older swimmers
43rd at state. Instefjord said senior Alex Dempich, in the WPGA/Madison Edgewood Invi-
junior Mackenzie Gard, sophomore tational at Yahara Hills Golf Course. took 66th with a time of swim under a preliminary
McCallum (77th at state) also adds format in the mornings with
In the 50 backstroke, the top-10 finals the same
evening, and the 10-and-un-

Panthers look to remain strong in Badger South

Block took 16th with a time
of 34.11, making finals for der swimmers race in a
the event on the last day of timed finals format.
competition. Block finished All three Oregon swim-
The Oregon High School girls golf team will have Madison Edgewood brings back three of five start- the preliminary session par- mers, as well as most of
its work cut out if it is going to challenge at the top the ers. Welch finished third in the Division 2 state meet ticipating on the Wisconsin the 12-year-old-and-under
Badger South Conference. last season and is the lone state qualifier back on the B-Team 200-freestyle relay members, were trained and
Defending Badger South champion Milton returns squad. which took sixth place with race tapered for the Wiscon-
four of five players from its state-qualifying team from The Crusaders, which tied for second in the Badger a time of 1:57.42. sin State Swimming Cham-
last year, and Madison Edgewood gets three play- South meet and took fifth at sectionals, also bring back Later Sunday evening, pionships that were held the
ers back, including sophomore state qualifier Grace junior Corinna Smith (tied for 10th at sectionals) and Block swam 34.12 in the weekend before. The timing
Welch. sophomore Anaka Leske (43rd at sectionals). 50 backstroke final, good of the state and zone meets
Watertown, which took fifth in the Little 10 Confer- Kendall Tribus (tied for 23rd at sectionals) and enough to bring home a back-to-back a week apart
ence in 2016, is now officially a part of the Badger Emma Woldt (tied for 39th at sectionals) both grad- 13th-place ribbon and four is tough on team Wisconsin
South adding to the competition, as well. uated. more points for Team Wis- swimmers competing in the
Milton is the favorite to repeat in the Badger South. Stoughton returns three of five starters and should consin. zone meet.
Senior Mia Seeman leads the returners. She was tied be competitive in the conference. The Vikings return The Central Zone Cham- Illinois Swimming Zone
for fourth at state and is currently second in the 2017 juniors Bre Viken (tied for 19th at sectionals) and pionships are comprised Team won the 14-and-un-
Wisconsin Junior PGA Player of the Year standings. Renee Anderson (tied for 42nd at sectionals and soph- from the best swimmers der Central Zone Champi-
Senior Holly Gunnink (tied for 68th at state), junior omore Myranda Kotlowski (tied for 36th at section- from the states of Illinois, onships with 4,675 points.
Taylor Hakala (tied for 22nd at state) and sophomore als). Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Team Wisconsin took fifth
Claudia Seeman (tied for 53rd at state) also return. Stoughton graduated Kelsey Taebel (39th at state) Oklahoma and Wisconsin. overall with 2189 points.
The Red Hawks graduated Leah Foster (tied for and Samantha Zweck (39th at sectionals) from its The long course 50-meter
58th at state). starting five. pool competition is divided John Dobrinsky
ConnectOregonWI.com August 17, 2017 Oregon Observer 9
Dogs: Board not convinced sweeps are effective Obituary
Continued from page 1 searches might not make James L. Richardson Richardson of Virginia
Beach, Va.; grandchil-
It goes to show that we
do have a drug problem,
Sweeps get teacher, much difference.
If the district is real-
ly serious about creating
dren, Brody, Kaiya, Jason,
Taylor, Sebastian, Camer-
Oregon police chief Brian
Uhl said after the second
student support a drug-free environment,
Zach hypothesized, the
on and Sharon; siblings,
David (Dorthy) Richard-
sweep. board could choose to drug son, Dale (Claudia) Rich-
After the first search of the high school and middle school ardson and Ann (Fred)
School board members in December, OHS principal Jim Pliner and OMS principal test all student-athletes and
were not so sure. close the campus at lunch. Morris all of Oregon; spe-
Shannon Anderson conducted a survey of teachers to see cial lifelong friend, Linda
Policy chairperson Krista how they felt about it. Pliner also surveyed students. If we open that door (to
Flanagan said extending the permanent random testing), Minash; his cat, Billy Bob;
program for another year Most were highly supportive, and few were highly it behooves us as a criti- many nieces, nephews and
would provide additional opposed. The most supportive group was OMS staff, at cal-thinking board, to ask friends. He was preceded
data to tell us whether this 78 percent, and the most opposed were OHS students, at those other questions, as in death by his parents.
is an effective tool for our 7 percent. well, he said. James Richardson A celebration gather-
students. Zach said the question ing will be held at Gun-
derson Oregon funeral
Board member Tim LeB-
run agreed, saying there
Staff, student survey that needs to be answered
is whether Oregon truly
James L. Just Jim and cremation care, 1150
Richardson, age 68, of Park St., Oregon, from
hasnt been enough infor- Group OHS OMS OHS has a drug problem com- Oregon, passed away on
mation gathered yet. pared to its neighbors. He 5-7p.m. Friday, Aug. 18,
teachers teachers students Thursday, Aug. 10, 2017. 2017. Per Jims wishes a
I dont think were well- pointed out that the recent He was born on Sept. 19,
enough defined to make Highly supportive 52 78 48 Dane County Youth Survey private burial will be held
1948, the son of Collins at a later date. In lieu of
policy change right now, Somewhat supportive 39 17 34 doesnt support that conclu- and Merle (Dale) Richard-
he said. (More informa- sion. flowers, memorials may
Somewhat opposed 9 9 11 son. be made to the Childrens
tion) will help us better One question asked stu- Jim graduated from
define the words that we Highly opposed 0 4 7 dents whether they had Cancer Research Fund at
Oregon High School. He childrenscancer.org. The
use and the boundaries we seen use drugs or alcohol worked as a carpenter for
use both physical as well at school. Students at dis- family would like to thank
the Local Union No. 314 the doctors and nurses at
as liberty boundaries. should be searched under Zach, who has opposed the tricts with random searches for 30 years and Walmart.
any circumstance, Fee- searches from the begin- answered Yes at 43 per- UW Carbone Cancer Cen-
Drawing the line Jim loved spending ter and UW Hospital who
ney said. It has nothing to ning. Zach was the lone cent, compared with 42 per- time with family, includ-
Board member Barb Fee- do with our objective and vote against extending the cent for Oregon, which did provided excellent care to
ing taking multiple visits Jim.
ney said while she has a lot I dont think its appropri- program for a year, saying not allow random searches to Virginia Beach to vis-
of concerns about the poli- ate, she said. its time for the board to at the time.. Online condolences may
it them. He also enjoyed be made at gundersonfh.
cy, she was willing to try it Uhl disagreed, saying it make a permanent change If you ask other school farming, fishing, watching
for one more year. She also was legal, provided police up or down on the ran- districts, do they have drug com.
NASCAR, and trips to the Gunderson Oregon
noted that the dogs dont are allowed to be in that dom sweeps. or alcohol problems at their casino.
sniff for alcohol, which she location. Weve been batting this schools that have random Funeral & Cremation
Jim is survived by his Care
said is a much larger prob- As long as theyre on around for several years searches, I think theyd say daughter, Serena (Bri-
lem in the schools. a public right-of-way now, and I dont know if Yes, he said. 1150 Park Street
a n ) B a l e s o f O r eg o n ; (608)835-3515
The data shows we have there is no expectation from another year of a pilot is Zach said creating a poli- s o n , Wa d e ( R e b e c c a )
an alcohol problem that is the public that dogs cannot going to get us any further cy of allowing random drug
almost twice as large as our go around and sniff their down the information pike,
marijuana problem, Fee- vehicles, he said. As long he said. I want to make
sweeps flies in the fact of
exactly what were trying to Get Connected
ney said. as were there legally, were a decision on the merits, do in our (board position) Find updates and links right away.
S h e a l s o s p o k e o u t well within our right to do long-term. papers; the type of climate
Search for us on Facebook as Oregon Observer and then LIKE us.
strongly against the police so off school property. were trying to create, he
practice of having drug B o a r d m e m b e r J e f f How big a problem? said.
dogs sniff vehicles not Ramin said hes still not Zach argued OSD doesnt
belonging to students or c o nv i n c e d t h e r a n d o m have a bigger drug prob- Email Unified Newspaper

CALL NOW 1-608-338-1170

staff parked in the school sweeps are an effective l e m t h a n c o m p a r a b l e Group reporter Scott De
lots or nearby on the road. deterrent, a theme echoed schools and that the random Laruelle at scott.delaruel-
I dont think those cars by board president Steve le@wcinet.com.

2016-17 sweeps turned up small amounts Proud Partner of

Wisconsin Athletics

K-9 units swept through Oregon Mid- the OHS parking lot, the first sweep only schools and on cars in both parking
dle School and Oregon High School turned up a small amount of marijuana lots, but no drugs were found on school

60-60-60 SALE! adno=535280-01

twice last year on Dec. 1, when stu- in a locker at OHS, according to district property at their building. Alerts on two
dents were given notice about the officials. Nothing was found at OMS. vehicles parked on the street next to the
search, and on April 20, when no notice The second sweep was conducted on high school turned up a small amount
was provided. a day (4/20) considered by some as a of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and 60% OFF INSTALLATION on a new bath or shower!
Though there were alerts from the reference to drug use. alcohol in one car, according to district New orders only.
y Minimum purchase
p required.
q Does not include material costs.
dogs at both schools, as well as cars in Drug dogs had alerts at both officials.
$0 Interest
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10 August 17, 2017 Oregon Observer ConnectOregonWI.com

NOTICE or other device in a motor vehicle other purpose of TID #5 is to provide financing 2017 meeting; * Jennifer & Kyle Murphy - $50; voted yes: Mr. Krause, Ms. Feeney, Ms.
than conventional brake pads and drums for new infrastructure and to promote 2. Approve payments in the amount * Brian & Jamie Mamerow - $50; Odorico, Ms. Flanagan, Mr. Le Brun, and
TOWN OF RUTLAND or disks, used for the purpose of slowing economic development in an area of the of $ 3,321,973.36; * Jamie & Josef Mueller - $50; Mr. Zach. Motion passed 6-0.
PUBLIC HEARING ON or stopping a motor vehicle. Village in need of rehabilitation or con- 3. Treasurers Report ending May * Daniel Tereba & Jane Tereba - $50 1. Personnel Matter: Discussion
PROPOSED AMENDMENT b. Emergency means a situation in servation work, as allowed by Wis. Stat. 31, 2017; * John & Donna Fosler - $95; held.
which there is an imminent and immedi- 66.1105. 4. Resignations: Heather Molnar, * Mueller Dental (Chad Mueller, A. ADJOURNMENT:
TO THE RUTLAND ate risk of injury to a person or damage At the Joint Review Board meet- RCI Teacher; Mary Hermes, first grade D.D.S.) - $100; Mr. Krause moved and Ms. Flanagan
COMPREHENSIVE PLAN to another vehicle or property. The term ing, interested parties will be afforded a teacher at NKE; * Skyzone - four 60 minute passes; seconded the motion to adjourn the
The Town of Rutland is proposing an does not include situations which result reasonable opportunity to express their 5. Staffing Assignments: * DBA Miracles in Massage (Jeanne meeting. Motion passed by unan-
amendment to the Towns Comprehen- from operating the vehicle in excess of views on the Project Plan and Boundary * Aimee J. Bailey, 1.0 FTE Reading R. Snow) - $50; imous voice vote. Meeting adjourned
sive Plan. The proposed amendments to the posted speed limit or from lack of due for TID #5. at OHS; * Murphy Family Dental - $50; at9:17 p.m.
the Town of Rutland Comprehensive Plan care by the vehicle operator. Copies of the proposed TID #5 * Amelia Bestul, 1.0 FTE 4th Grade In a roll call vote, the following Krista Flanagan, Clerk
are basically updating the future land use (2) Unlawful use of Engine Brakes Boundary and Project Plan are available at NKE; members voted yes: Ms. Feeney, Ms. Oregon School District
map (Map 5-2) to reflect annexations and and Compression Brakes. It shall be un- and will be provided upon request at the * Stephanie A. Bortz, 1.0 FTE Speech Odorico, Mr. LeBrun, Ms. Flanagan, Mr. Published: August 17, 2017
changing the use of property located in lawful for the driver of any vehicle to use Village Clerks office, 117 Spring Street, & Language at BKE; Dan Krause and Mr. Steve Zach.Motion WNAXLP
Section 7 from agriculture to commer- or operate or cause to be used or operat- Oregon, WI, between the hours of 7:30am * Emily B. Burns, 1.0 FTE Physical passed 6-0.
cial. The proposed amended map was ed Engine Brakes in the Town of Rutland, - 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. Education Mindfulness at NKE; A. COMMUNICATION FROM PUB- ***
recommended for adoption by the Town except in an emergency. Peggy Haag * Ashlyn T. Burr, 1.0 FTE 2nd Grade LIC: MINUTES OF THE FOCUS
of Rutland Plan Commission at their (3) Penalties. Any Person who is Village Clerk at NKE; None.
meeting on August 7, 2017. The Rutland convicted of violating any provisions of Published: August 17, 2017 * Patrick J. Dorn, .65 FTE Band at B. INFORMATION ITEMS: GROUP SESSION OF THE
Town Board adopted Resolution 2017-08- this ordinance shall forfeit not less than WNAXLP RCI/OMS; 1. OEA Report-none; SCHOOL BOARD OF THE
01 as the first step toward adopting the fifty dollars ($50.00) nor more than two * Kristen M. DuPuis, 1.0 FTE 5th 2. Student Report-none; OREGON SCHOOL DISTRICT
proposed changes at their meeting on hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) per vio- *** Grade at RCI; A. ACTION ITEMS:
August 8, 2017. This notice is submitted lation. Any person who is convicted of * Elizabeth J. Galica, 1.0 FTE En- 1. Contract with Dane County United HELD ON JUNE 21, 2017
to satisfy the notification requirements of a second or subsequent violation of the
MINUTES OF THE REGULAR glish-OMS; Way: Awaiting contract from Dane Coun- The Focus Group Session of the
s. 66.1001, Wisconsin Statutes. same provision of this ordinance in less MEETING OF THE SCHOOL * Rahel R. Holinbeck, 1.0 FTE Spe- ty United Way, will be placed on August School Board of the Oregon School
The Town of Rutland has sched- than twelve months shall forfeit not less BOARD OF THE OREGON cial Education at OHS; 14, 2017 Board meeting agenda; District was called to order by President
uled a public hearing on adoption of the than two hundred dollars ($200.00) nor SCHOOL DISTRICT HELD ON * Christopher E. Mitchell, 1.0 FTE 2. 2017-2018 Academic Standards: Steve Zach at4:32 PMin the Innovation
amended Town of Rutland Comprehen- more than five hundred ($500.00). Science at OMS; Ms. Flanagan moved and Mr. Krause Center Conference Room in the Oregon
sive Plan on: Section 2. Effective Date. This Or- JULY 10, 2017 * Melissa A. Staskal, 1.0 FTE Speech seconded the motion pursuant to sec- High School, 456 North Perry Parkway,
Thursday, September 14, 2017 at dinance shall take effect and be in force The regular meeting of the School & Language - DW; tion 120.13(13)(b) of the state statutes, in the Village of Oregon, Dane County,
6:30 p.m. from and after its passage and publica- Board of the Oregon School District was * Danielle J. Valentine, 1.0 FTE 2nd the Board approve the list and descrip- Wisconsin. Upon roll call, the following
Town of Rutland Hall tion as provided by law. called to order by the President at6:30 Grade at BKE; tion of the student academic standards board members were present: Ms. Bar-
785 Center Rd. Section 3. Severability and Conflict. p.m.in the OSD Innovation Center at * Sandra M. Van Tassel, 1.0 FTE Spe- in the areas of mathematics, science, bara Feeney, Mr. Tim LeBrun, Mr. Jeff
Stoughton WI 53589 If any section or part of this ordinance the Oregon High School in the Village of cial Education (Interim) at OHS; reading and writing, geography and his- Ramin, Mr. Dan Krause, Ms. Krista Fla-
If you have any questions or com- is adjudged unconstitutional or invalid Oregon, Dane County, Wisconsin. Upon * Adrienne P. Kangas, 1.0 FTE Li- tory that shall be in effect for the 2017- nagan and Mr. Steve Zach. The following
ments regarding the draft plan, please by a court of competent jurisdiction, the roll call, the following board members brary Media Specialist at OHS 2018 school year (Attachment A); and board members were absent: Ms. Court-
feel free to contact the Clerk by mail at remainder of this Ordinance shall not be were present: Ms. Barbara Feeney, Ms. * Natasha Odette, Change in con- direct the administration to incorporate ney Odorico. Administrators present: Dr.
4177 Old Stage Rd., Brooklyn WI 53521, affected thereby. Courtney Odorico, Mr. Tim LeBrun, Mr. tract from 1.0 FTE Special Ed at NKE to the Board-approved list and description Brian Busler, and Ms. Jayne Wick. Others
by telephone at 608-455-3925, or by The above and foregoing Ordinance Dan Krause, Ms. Krista Flanagan and Mr. 1.0 FTE 4th Grade at NKE; of the student academic standard that present: Dr. Jim Rickabaugh
e-mail at clerk@town.rutland.wi.us was duly adopted at a regular meeting of Steve Zach. The following board mem- * Nicole Buol, Change in contract shall be in effect for the 2017-2018 school Proof in the form of a certificate by
Dawn George, Clerk the Town Board of the Town of Rutland bers were absent: Mr. Jeff Ramin. Admin- from 1.0 FTE Special Ed at OHS to 1.0 year into a notice for parent/guardians in the Oregon Observer of communications
Published August 17, 2017 on August 8, 2017, by a vote of 4 ayes, 0 istrators present: Dr. Brian Busler, Mr. PST (Interim) District Wide; a manner that is consistent with the re- and public notice given to the public and
WNAXLP nays, and 0 not voting. Andy Weiland, Mrs. Candace Weidensee, * Diane Musser, Change in contract quirements of section 120.13 of the state the Oregon Observer and a certificate of
APPROVED: Mr. Dan Rikli, Mrs. Shannon Anderson, from .5 FTE to .8 FTE Occupational Ther- statutes. In a roll call vote, the following posting as required by Section 19.84 Wis-
*** By: s/Mark Porter Dr. Leslie Bergstrom, Mr. Mike Carr, Mr. apist; board members voted yes: Ms. Flanagan, consin Statutes as to the holding of this
Mark Porter, Town Board Chair Jon Tanner, Ms. Jina Jonen, Ms. Kerri * Rachel Hansen, Change in contract Mr. Krause, Ms. Odorico, Ms. Feeney, Mr. meeting was presented by Mr. Zach.
TOWN OF RUTLAND Attest: s/Dawn George Modjeski, Mr. Jim Pliner, Mr. Jason Zu- from .6 FTE to .8 FTE School Psych at LeBrun and Mr. Zach. Motion passed 6-0. Mr. Krause moved and Ms. Feeney
ORDINANCE NO. 2017-8-1 Dawn George, Town Clerk rawik, and Ms. Jayne Wick. OMS; 3. Food Service pricing for 2017- seconded the motion to proceed with the
AN ORDINANCE Published: August 17, 2017 Proof in the form of a certificate by * Sarah Huges, Change in contract 2018 School Year: Mr. Krause moved and meeting according to the notice as post-
WNAXLP the Oregon Observer of communications from .6 FTE to .8 FTE School Psych at Mr. LeBrun seconded the motion to ap- ed. Motion passed by voice vote 6-0.
REGARDING ENGINE and public notice given to the public and RCI; prove a 10-cent increase for lunch prices A. FOCUS GROUP SESSION:
BRAKING IN THE TOWN OF *** the Oregon Observer and a certificate of 1. Field Trips - none; for the 2017-2018 school year pursuant Dr. Rickabaugh facilitated a discus-
RUTLAND, DANE COUNTY, posting as required by Section 19.84 Wis- 2. Acceptance of Donations: to USDA National School Lunch Program sion around the Path Forward Board
PUBLIC NOTICE consin Statutes as to the holding of this * Oregon Rotary in the amount of (NSLP) requirements. Breakfast and milk paper.
WISCONSIN VILLAGE OF OREGON meeting was presented by Mr. Zach. $341.73 for BKE School Garden; fees will remain the same as the 2016- The following is a summary of the
The Town Board of Supervisors of The Joint Review Board will hold a Mr. LeBrun moved and Mr. Krause * Oregon Community Bank donated 2017 fees. In a roll call vote, the following five questions from the Board Focus
the Town of Rutland, Dane County, Wis-
consin does hereby ordain as follows:
meeting on Tuesday, August 22, 2017, at seconded the motion to proceed with the $200 as requested by Donna Fosler to board members voted yes: Mr. Krause, Group.
5:00 pm in the Lower Level of Village Hall, meeting according to the agenda as post- PVE; Mr. LeBrun, Ms. Flanagan, Ms. Odorico, Q1 - In what ways is the Boards cur-
SECTION 1: Regulations Related to
Motor Vehicle Conduct Prohibited. Sec-
117 Spring Street, Oregon, Wisconsin to ed. Motion passed 6-0. * Oregon Rotary Club - $300 for Ms. Feeney, and Mr. Zach. Motion passed rent policy work aligned to the Five Value
discuss and take action on a proposed A. CONSENT CALENDAR: Learner Park 2017; 6-0. Statements?
tion 1 shall be created as follows: resolution ratifying the Board of Trustees Ms. Feeney moved and Ms. Odorico * Michael & Laura Reese - $400 - Ore- 4. Netherwood Elementary School Q2 - What are the significant chal-
1) Engine Braking Prohibited. resolution approving the Project Plan seconded the motion to approve the fol- gon/Brooklyn Optimist Splash Pad; Easement for Alliant: Awaiting informa- lenges and opportunities (internal & ex-
(1) Definitions. and Boundary for the Village of Oregon lowing items on the Consent Calendar: * Timothy & Laura Brown- $30 for tion from Alliant. Will be placed on a fu- ternal) we face with advancing The Path
a. Engine Brakes are any mechan- Tax Increment District #5 (TID #5). The 1. Approve minutes of the June 12, Oregon/Brooklyn Optimist Splash Pad; ture meeting agenda. Forward paper?
ical exhaust device, compression brake
* The Bruning Foundation - $3,000 5. From Policy: 336 Acceleration: Q3 - In what ways is the Boards
for Brooklyn Elementary School; Ms. Flanagan moved and Mr. Krause policy work changing the learner expe-
* For PVE Playground Fund: seconded the approval of Policy 336 Ac- rience?
* Jana & Brian Woodhouse - $50 celeration with the addition of a second Q4 - What ongoing support can the
* Michael Donoghue- $25 paragraph to 336.06, clarifying subject Board provide to the A-Team, SLTs and
* Chad & Jen Wacht - $50 level acceleration data considered by teacher leaders to advance the Districts
* Sara & Tysen Trachte - $100

parent, student and school psychologist. mission?
* Michael & Christy Schwartz - $100; In a roll call vote, the following members Q5 - What makes the Oregon School
* Jeffery & Jennifer Halverson- $50; voted yes: Ms. Flanagan, Mr. LeBrun, Ms. District standout as exceptional and
* Jennifer Mora & Jose Mora Gonza- Feeney, Ms. Odorico, Mr. Krause, and Mr. unique, and Why?
lez - $40; Zach. Motion passed 6-0. B. ADJOURNMENT:
* Bryan & Kimberly Steffen- $50;

6. Re-allocating Middle School Ath- Ms. Feeney moved and Ms. Flana-
* Ashley Brown - $50; letics to Community Services (Fund 80): gan seconded the motion to adjourn the
Discussion held. Board members had an meeting. Motion
opportunity to ask questions and voice passed by unanimous voice vote.

their concerns. No motion was made. Meeting adjourned at5:40 p.m.

Labor Day Week

A. DISCUSSION ITEMS: Krista Flanagan, Clerk
1. Committee Reports: Oregon School District

a. Policy: Ms. Flanagan reported that Published: August 17, 2017
the next Policy meeting will be August WNAXLP

b. Vision Steering: Mr. Ramin report- ***
ed that the next VSC meeting will be July AGENDA
September 6 Great Dane Shopping News A. INFORMATION ITEMS:
1. Staffing Update: Dr. Busler report-
ed that we will be adding one 5th grade
Display ad deadline: Wednesday, August 30 at 3 pm. section for the 2017-18 school year, and
will keep the first grade position open 2017
5:30 P.M.
Classified ad deadline: Thursday, August 31 at Noon.
until the end of July. We will continue
to monitor second grade and not take PAYNE AND DOLAN
any action at this time. . If enrollment
numbers increase, we can hold a special INCORPORATED - OREGON
meeting. SITE
September 7 Oregon Observer, Stoughton Courier Hub 2. Superintendents Report: Dr. Bu-
sler reported on several events in the
Questions? district. BROOKLYN, WI 53521
and Verona Press Comments?
1. Board/DOMay 18Workshop Ac-
The Town Board and Plan Commis-
sion will make a site visit to the Payne
and Dolan Aggregate Oregon Site, 157
Display & Classified ad deadlines:
tivity (after check-out). Discussion was
County Highway MM, Brooklyn, WI 53521.
Story Ideas? held on the common understanding of
the Four Cs and their definition and The visit is for informational purpose

Friday, September 1 at Noon. how the Four Cs tie into What We only as no actions or decisions will be

Let us know how Value. A small group will get together to taken.
clarify the definition of Culture, one of Note: Agendas are subject to
amendment after publication. Check the
were doing. the Four Cs.
A. CLOSING: official posting locations (Town Hall,
In observance of the holiday, Town of Oregon Recycling Center and

1. Future Agenda was discussed.


Oregon Village Hall) including the Town


2. Check Out: Mr. Krause shared

Your opinion is something

website at www.town.oregon.wi.us. It is
our offices will be closed
that the Distant Cuzins Band, Ben Loku-

possible that members of and possibly


ta, Sam Miess, Nick Tierman, and Nate

we always want to hear. a quorum of members of other govern-

Krause who graduated this year, won

Monday, September 4, 2017. the Top High School Garage Band in mental bodies of the town may be in at-
Call 835-6677 or at the State and played at Summerfest. Mr. tendance at any of the meetings to gather
Zach reported he is producing the musi- information; however, no action will be
taken by any governmental body at said
connectoregonwi.com cal Sondheim on Sondheim for Straw Hat
Players. It will run August 4, 5 & 6 at Prai- meeting other than the governmental
body specifically referred to in the meet-
rie View Theatre. Mr. Zach also reported
that he was told that Bill AB262 was not ing notice. Requests from persons with
going through and would not be part of disabilities who need assistance to par-
the budget. A five minute break was taken ticipate in this meeting or hearing should
at8:07 p.m. be made to the Clerks office at 835-3200
A. EXECUTIVE SESSION ITEMS: with 48 hours notice.
At8:50 p.m.Mr. Krause moved and Ms. Posted: August 15, 2017
Feeney seconded the motion to go into Published: August 17, 2017
closed session as provided under Wis- WNAXLP
consin Statutes 19.85 (1) (c), (f) & (g). In


a roll call vote, the following members ***

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12 August 17, 2017 Oregon Observer ConnectOregonWI.com

Spill: Hazardous material mostly contained to truck, none found in roadway

Continued from page 1

Linzmeier did not identify.

The driver parked the truck
in the parking lot of Wisco
Industries and reported the
spill to the fire department.
Linzmeier told the
Observer because of expo-
sure to the material, the
driver was sent to hospital
for further health inspec-
Linzmeier said the spill
was mostly contained to the
truck, with no spill found
on the roadway, though the
initial investigation also
found another leaking spot
in the loading area of the
building. Firefighters evac-
uated the building, blocked
the parking lot and closed
the nearby street while
working on absorbing the
leaking material.
According to a news
release from Wisco Indus-
tries, the chemical was not
being delivered to Wis-
co and is not used by the
company. After the chem-
ical was neutralized, the
employees re-entered the
building at 2:10p.m.
Linzmeier said the street
closure was just a precau-
tion, as the top priority was
to make sure the public was
Theres no environmen-
tal hazard, Linzmeier said.
Nothing to worry about for
the community.

Contact Helu Wang at helu.

Photo by Helu Wang
Firefighters head back to fire trucks after sopping up and disposing of the leaking chemical.