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Ali & Co., invoices goods to its Sukkur Branch at list price which is cost +25%. The branch
makes cash sales at list price and credit sales at list price +2.4%. The following information is
available in respect of the year ended December 31, 2009:

Opening balances:
Branch stock at invoice price 18,000
Branch debtors 7,000
Transactions during the year:
Goods sent to branch at invoice price 240,000
Goods returned by branch to head office 8,000
Credit sales b y the branch 200,000
Cash sale s by the branch 27,000
Goods returned to branch by credit customers 1,050
Goods returned by credit customers of the branch direct to head office 3,000
Goods returned by cash customers of the branch direct to head office 7,200
Closing balances:
Branch physical stock at invoice price 10,450
Branch debtors 2,950

At the year-end, goods invoiced for Rs. 10,000 were in transit and reached the branch on
January 3, 2010. Certain goods were lost in fire at the branch.

Prepare the following accounts for the year ended December 31, 2009 in the books of the
head office:
(a) Branch Stock Account
(b) Branch Debtors Account
(c) Goods sent to Branch Account
(d) Branch Adjustment (Profit loading) Account (22)