International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation

2017 Call for Phuture Articles

'Phuture' is an educational/scientific publication of the International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation
(IPSF), which is published annually. We kindly invite students, recent graduates, academics and
professionals to contribute their articles to this year’s publication. The theme of 'Phuture 2017' has been
determined as:

Mental Health Care: The New Role of Pharmacists

For the first time, world leaders are recognizing the promotion of mental health and well-being, as well as
the prevention and treatment of substance use, as health priorities within the global development agenda.
As the burden of mental disorders continues to grow with significant impacts, medicines emerge as a main
treatment modality. In this context, pharmacists are ideally positioned to play an essential role in the battle
against mental illness.

Our vision for this edition is to gain perspective from current and aspiring pharmaceutical scientists and
pharmacists and get new answers for the following questions:

1. Do 21st century pharmacists have the necessary tools to bridge the gap between mental health care and
primary health care systems?
2. What is the role of pharmacy education and training in the future of mental health care?
3. What types of board certifications or training programs are available after graduation for pharmacists to
specialize in mental health?
4. Which are the most common mental, neurological and substance use disorders, and what novel insights
are on the rise?
5. What are the most abused/misused medications for mental illnesses and what measures should be
taken to prevent misuse and abuse?
6. How can the primary-care pharmacists support the early detection of mental illness?
7. What strategies should be outlined to promote the rational use of antipsychotic drugs?
8. Are pharmacists giving patients correct and rational advice on managing side effects and encouraging
them to preserve with their medication?

If applicable, the answers may have a perspective of your country or region.

To submit an article or to provide answers to the questions above, please contact for
further steps and guidelines. The deadline for submitting articles is on 31st August 2017 23:59 (GMT 0). If
there are any questions feel free to contact us!

Vive la Pharmacie!

João Pedro Almeida
IPSF Pharmacy Education Committee - Phuture Editor 2016-2017

Louisa Sullivan
Chairperson of Pharmacy Education 2016-2017