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From: Douglas Grandt answerthecall@me.

Subject:Does ExxonMobil view the Permian Basin as a permanent resource?
Date:August 19, 2017 at 12:01 PM
To:Darren W. Woods Darren.W.Woods@ExxonMobil.com, William (Bill) M. Colton William.M.Colton@ExxonMobil.com,
Jeffrey J. Woodbury jeff.j.woodbury@exxonmobil.com, Susan K. Avery, PhD savery@whoi.edu, Suzanne M. McCarron
Suzanne.M.McCarron@ExxonMobil.com, Max Schulz max.schulz@exxonmobil.com
Cc: Colin Hayes (Senate ENR Ctee) Colin_Hayes@energy.senate.gov, Angela Becker-Dippmann (Senate ENR Ctee)
Angela_Becker-Dippmann@energy.senate.gov, Michaeleen Crowell (Sen. Sanders) Michaeleen_Crowell@sanders.senate.gov,
Thomas, Katie (Sanders) Katie_Thomas@sanders.senate.gov

Does XOM Consider The Permian

Basin As A Permanent Resource?

Dear Darren, Bill, Jeff, Susan and Suzanne,

Forbes published Gilmer: We Should View The Permian Basin As A Permanent Resource (Bit.ly/Forbes17Aug17) on
Thursday. According to the author, Allen Gilmer has stated:
Ive never understood this Keep it in the Ground movement. I wonder if they even know what theyre talking
about keeping in the ground. Because the reality is that [where the Permian Basin is concerned] youre talking
about keeping in the ground an economy that is somewhere between the size of India and China, and that makes
no sense to me."
We should view the Permian Basin as a permanent resource. The Permian is best viewed as a near infinite resource
we will never produce the last drop of economic oil from the Basin.
The research weve done indicates that we have at least half a trillion barrels in the Permian at reasonable
economics, and it could be as high as 2 trillion barrels. That is, as a practical matter, an infinite amount of resource,
and it is something that has huge geopolitical consequence for the United States, in a very good way. It has a huge
consequence in terms of GDP, and right now it is creating an American energy global ascendancy.
Do you and ExxonMobil agree with Mr. Gilmer? Do you honestly believe you will outlive and survive the Saudi price war
and ascendency of green electricity, producing Permian forever? Do you have a back-up plan to avert insolvency?
Please share your survival plan with Americans who depend on you as a viable and responsible leader of the industry.
Doug Grandt