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Here is a basic table design cate the holes in the stretcher 1" up
that can accommodate many uses. from the bottom and 1" down from
The table shown in the photo was the top edges. Drill these holes as
5. On the stretcher face of each
made of redwood and assembled deep as necessary for installing the
column, center and drill a pair of
using waterproof glue and lag-thread ends of the hanger bolts.
5/16"-diameter pilot holes, one
galvanized fasteners. Because it 7. Lag the hanger bolts into the
2-1/2" and the other 5" from the
was designed to serve as a deck feet and the stretcher, then fasten
bottom. Center and drill a pair of
table, it is somewhat low in height. these parts to the two columns. Se
holes of the same diameter through
However, you can easily cure the bolts with lock washers
the remaining faces of each col
substitute other woods, use and nuts.
umn; locate these holes 1" and
standard glue and fasteners, and 8. Center the top brackets (E) over
3-1/2" from the bottom.
raise the column height a few the column tops and fasten them in
6. Center and drill a pair of 7/32"-
inches to create a handsome read- place using #8x1-1/2 flathead
diameter pilot holes into each end
ing or dining table for the interior wood screws.
of the stretcher(C) and into the
of your home. 9. Lay the top upside down on a
back of each foot, using the same
1. Use the pattern provided to flat surface. Miter the ends of the
2-1/2" center-to-center spacing
make a template for the feet (B), apron pieces (F, G), then arrange
used on the columns. Set the lower
then lay them out on the lumber. them in a rectangle on the under
holes in the feet 1" above the bot
By alternating directions and over side of the top. Make sure the
tom edge of their backs as indi
lapping the feet, you can cut them apron is centered along the length
cated in the template pattern. Lo-
out of 2 x 8 stock with minimal and width.
waste. 10. Fasten the apron to the top us
2. Form the top (D) by edge-gluing ing #10 x 2-1/2" countersunk flat-
three pieces of 2 x 8 stock (or more head wood screws. Avoid using
numerous pieces of narrower glue in this assembly since both the
stock). After the glue dries, sand top and apron will tend to expand
the panel flat and trim it to the fin and contract with changing hu
ished dimensions given in the list. midity.
Round overall edges with a router. 11. Center the apron/top assem
3. Cut the remaining parts to the bly over the leg/column assembly.
dimensions provided. Fasten them together by driving
4. Arrange the column sides (A) #8 x 1-1/2" flathead wood screws
with their edges chasing each oth through the brackets into the top.
er, then fasten them into square (You will find this easier to do with
columns using wood glue and 3d the entire assembly turned upside
finishing nails. Set the nails just down.)
below the surface. 12. Sand the table and finish ac
cording to taste.

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