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If you suspect misuse, fraud, or waste of state tax

dollars, or if you think a state program could be

run more efficiently, please contact us through our
Auditor General Hotline website:
Or, contact us by phone:
Hotline: 1-800-922-8477

Stay Up To Date Pennsylvania Department of

the Auditor General

Pennsylvania Auditor General Visit us at

QR code to access our website: www.paauditor.gov
Mission Statement
Our goal is to
serve the people of Auditor General
Pennsylvania by
transparency and
the effective use County officials and public assistance offices
Federal funds received by the commonwealth
of Liquid fuel tax funds
taxpayer dollars. Liquor store
Municipal pension plans
School districts, charter schools
We must strive to grow our economy and protect State and state-related universities
State-owned facilities
our environment and public health at the same Various departments in state government
time. Volunteer firefighters relief associations

Career Opportunities
Auditor General DePasquale is already
making PA better by. . . The Department of the Auditor General
Aiding in the protection of children continually accepts applications and resumes
from abuse from qualified individuals seeking to help
Ending the backlog of untested rape support our mission to safeguard
kits Pennsylvanias taxpayer dollars. The
Ensuring that seniors have adequate Department of the Auditor General is an
access to the services they need equal-opportunity employer. Some of the
Working on charter school reform opportunities qualify for the experience
Making certain the protection of out requirements of professional certifications,
states waterways and valuable e.g., CPA, CISA.
natural resources is upheld Learn more at: www.PaAuditor.gov/careers
Monitoring The Pennsylvania
Turnpikes Debt