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1. Introduction - 3 -

2. Features -3-

3. Indenter home page -3-

4. Travel request creation -7-

5. Change Cost center for Non-Project specific travel - 14 -

6. Lodging Requirement - 15 -

7. Travel Modification - 16 -

8. RELOAD - 17 -

9. Benefits - 18 -

10. Target Audiance - 18 -


Travel Authorization System (TAS) application is used for raising both Domestic and International travel request
for employees going business travel, Deputation and Transfer . This application is used by all HCL Group
companies (CSW, INFRA, BSERV, AXON). Based on business rule , approval is required by business

Application provides flexibility to employees to provide their requirement for Forex, Lodging, Dendent Details in
TAS request. The application is integrated with Expense Claim System for settlement of Travel Expenses.


TAS is designed with the purpose to give transparency to the process and make it easier for the employees to
raise travel request. Some of the key features are as follows:

Employee can travel against project or cost center.

Provision of taking advance in multiple currencies.

RELOAD approval automated from the system

Notification to Travel Desk Vendor from the system for disbursal of FOREX.

Provision to update Lodging requirement for business travels.

Employee should not exceed maximum open travels

o Domestic Travel 5 for India Employee, 10 Open for GEO employees

o Overseas Travel 2 Open travel (below E6 band) & 4 Open Travel (above E6 band)

Auto closure of un-settled travels as per policy after 60 days of travel completion.


At the top of the homepage, the Travel Request, Travel Preference, Reports, Search and Delegation tabs are

Indenter Home Page Tab:

My Travel: The My Travel tab provides the status of the last TAS requests employee have entered into
the system in a table with the following details:

Details displayed in My Travel:

Request number indicates the system generated travel request number of the travel request.
Start Date indicates the date of departure.
End date indicates the date of return.
Source indicates the city of departure.
Destination indicates the destination city.
Status indicates the status of the request.
Pending with indicates the person or team with whom the request is pending.
Travel Type indicates whether travel is Project Specific or Non Project Specific.
Travel Scope indicates whetehr travel is domestic or international.
Duration indicates whether travel is STBT/ Deputation/ Transfer.
The last column provides a link for copying the travel request.

Travel Approval: Travel requests pending for approval by approver are displayed in this. In case
employee has no travel request for approval, this tab is not displayed.

Travel Extension Approval: Date modification in Travel request pending for approval by approver are
displayed in this. In case employee has no date modification pending for his/her approval, this tab is not

Advance Approval: Reload request for additional advance against a travel request pending for
approval by approver are displayed in this. In case employee has no reload request pending for his/her
approval, this tab is not displayed.

Dashboard:TAS requests submission and approval compliance is displayed in this page.

Travel Request Tab: This has links to create travel request:

Domestic: Click this to create Domestic travel request.

International: Click this to create International travel request.

Travel Preferences:

You can save your preferences such as preferred airlines, hotels, membership numbers, in travel preferences.
The travel desk will to refer to these travel preferences while making any bookings for you.

To enter your travel preferences, go to the [Travel Preferences] tab.

This will bring you to the Travel Preferences page. In this page, you can enter any or all of the following details:

Your preferred airlines.

Your preferred hotels.
Your frequent guest cards.
Your preferred car hire.
Your membership cards, and
Your rail booking preferences.

Click [Save] to save your travel preferences. If you have any changes in preferences, the Travel Preferences
tab can be updated at any time.

Search: Employee can search request using different parameters.

Delegation: Approvers can give delegate rights for a specific period to another person as per defined rule
Delegated person can act on pending request during delegation period.


Employee can create Domestic or International travel requests by clicking Domestic or International in Travel
Request tab. TAS request page is further divided in sections listed below:

Travel & Employee general details

Itinerary details

Advance details

Dependent details

Passport information

Employee Orientation Details

Support desk

Employee Consent


Field details of travel request:

Also for First time , requester will have to upload their Profile Details in AMEX Link after logging to their
site. This link will be displayed in both domestic and International travel request for India based
employees only.
Select [Travel Type] either Project specific travel or Non-Project specific travel.
Select [Is Travel Expense Reimbursed from Customer] as Yes or No. This is applicable for Project
Specific travel only.
Select [Duration] as STBT/ Deputation/ Transfer.
Enter [Objective] of your trip.
Choose the relevant [Travel Category] and [Travel Sub Category].
Select [Project Code].


In case your project WBS Code is not shown in the drop down menu, then you will need to contact the
respective project manager or project support associate to be assigned to the required project WBS
You cannot raise a travel request against a project WBS code without being assigned to that particular
Project WBS code.

Enter [Mobile Number].

In Your Previous Itineraries table, you can view the last itineraries entered by you in previous travel requests.
Click [Copy this itinerary] link to copy the itinerary into your current travel request.
Origin Country indicates the country of departure
Starting City indicates the city of departure
Destination Country indicates the country of arrival
Destination City indicates the city of arrival
Mode indicates class of travel undertaken, such as Economy, World Traveller Plus, Business Class.
Time of Journey indicates the time of the day.

Create your itinerary in the Itinerary Details table.

In Starting From, select [Country] and enter [City].

In Destination, select [Country], [Region] and enter [City].
Select [Mode].
Select [Date of Journey].
Select [Time of Journey].
Select [Reporting Date].
Click [Add] to add this itinerary to the flight travel request.


The line item will not be added to your itinerary, until you click the add button.
For travel to multiple locations, please enter all the line items you intend to travel to. For example if you
are travelling from London to Paris, and then from Paris to Hong Kong, and then returning from Hong
Kong to London. You will need to enter all the three line items separately, and click the add button after
entering each line item.
If you select Duration as STBT it is required to provide minimum two itinerary.

In case Lodging is required, employee can create lodging requirement by clicking Add Lodging Details visible in
case of STBT travel only.

Enter Advance in the Advance Details table.

In Country, select [Country], destination countries entered in Itinerary are displayed for selection.
In Requester Currency, select [Currency] in which advance is required.
In Vendor, select [Vendors] through which advance is required based on your preference.
Enter [No. of Days (Adv. reqd.)].
Enter [Amount Requested in Req. Curr.)].
Select [Remarks].
Click Add button to add advance, this will open Forex Vendor Consent for consent on confirmation
advance is displayed in table below.

Incase you are travelling with family members, enter Family members details and click Add to add .

You can validate and update your passport details in the Passport Information table. If your details are missing
or incorrect, you can add the details to this table.

Enter [Passport Name]
Enter [Passport Issue Date]
Enter [Passport Number]
Enter [Passport Expiry Date]
Enter [Passport Issue Place]

After adding passport details in the Passport Information table, you have to provide Employee orientation

Select [Are you traveling to this country for the first time?] as Yes/No
Select [If yes please select the visa type] as B Visa/ Others/ NA


Employee Orientation Details is applicable for International travel only.

In case employee is travelling country for the first time, employee has to go through "Pre-departure
Orientation Session" by clicking link provided and upload certificate.

In the Support Desk table you can select relevant ES and Travel desk teams.

Search employee and add in [Copy To] you want to notify for TAS request submission.
Add [Comments] if required. You can use this field to highlight to the travel desk specific details of your
flight travel such as multiple location trips etc.
Click [Save], to save the flight travel request for future amendment.
Click [Submit], to submit the flight travel request.
Requestor have to provide their conscent as per points mention below for sharing their personal data
with Travel Desk Vendor for ticketing before submission.

Business Visa Questionarie (BVQ): This is applicable fro International, STBT travel for employee till E4

Requestor Confirmation popup opens displaying approver details for approval.


In exceptional circumstances, the application will allow you to request flight approval retrospectively.
However, before any flight travel can be undertaken, an offline approval is required. You need to enter a
retrospective flight approval request in order to claim your airfare expenses. Airfare expenses cannot be
paid without a Travel Number.
You have ninety days to raise a retrospective flight Travel request.


You can travel on other cost center for business travels in case cost of travel is borne by other department.

Steps for changing cost center:

Step 1: Click on Change Cost Center botton.

Step 2: User can select L4 based on L4 Code, L4 Desc, L4 Head Code and L4 Head Name.

Step 3: System will default New Cost Center and remark is mandatory for changing cost center.

Step 4: In case Cost Center is not available for L4 in which travel is required then, provision is given to send mail
to ES for creating Cost Center in SAP. After confirmation from ES, request can be created again


Requester can apply for Lodging for business travels only. For that user need to select option Lodging
required and Add Lodging Details in system as shown in screen below.

Screen for adding lodging details from Add Lodging Details


If your travel plan changes, you can modify your travel request. For example, to extend or prepone travel dates.
To modify a travel request,

Go to the My Travel view in the home page.

Open the travel request by clicking the [Request Number].
In the travel request page, click [Modify] button.

A window will pop up with your complete itinerary details. For each line item, you can change any or all of the
following details in this window:

The Starting City. The starting city for each line item needs to be in the same starting country.
The Destination Region and the Destination City. The destination region and city need to be in the
same destination country.
Mode, Journey Date, flight Time, and Reporting Date.
You will not be able to delete an itinerary once it has been submitted. If you are not going to be undertaking a
submitted itinerary, select [Trip Status] as Inactive.
Add additional itineraries in the Add New Itinerary table.
Enter [Remarks] to justify the modification, and click [Submit].

If the travel request has already been approved, it will be sent to business approvers once again for additional

Indenter can apply Reload for Short term business travels (Domestic & International) only

Approval is required from first approver as defined in travel request

RELOAD can be taken for Country of travel

For International travels, Indenter can select any currency while Appling for advance / reload.

Indenter can attached the approval mail while applying for reload or later(on asking of ES). This can be
done till reload id approved.

No check on No. of days for which reload is requested.

Reload can be taken till the last day of Travel.

On reload submission it will go for Approver 1 approval for exceltional approval.


Key Benefit derived out of TAS application are as follows:

1. Automated business approval and notification to all stakeholders from system

2. Provision for applying Forex and Lodging requirement.

3. Reminder from system for settlement of travel Expense

4. Controls built in system for allowing project based travel as per project assigned in RAS.

5. Provision builtin for allowing employees to travel in other Cost Center.

6. Automated checks in system for additional approval in case of violation of Cooling of Period, travel


TAS applications is used by all HCL Group employees from CSW, INFRA, BSERV and AXON.:

Requester: An requester can raise Domestic and International travels. Request for advance and

Approver : Based on business rule business approval is required by Reporting Manager or Project
Manager or Org. Unit Heads. Approver can approve, reject, or refer back the request.

ES : Employees mapped to this role are authorized to disburse Advance requested in system and
coordinate with Forex vendor where ever applicable.

Travel Desk: Employees in this role are responsible for booking travel tickets.

Lodging Desk: Employees mapped in this role coordinate for booking hotel/lodging requirement for
traveler as per details provided in system.