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Dr. Glazier Office Hours

JHS 317 xm ¦uesday& ¦ ursday 10:45 ± 11:45AM
229-5855 xm à  or F to be arranged
sglazier@stlawu.edu xm ²y appointment

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1.m ¦ omas Engel & P ilip eid. ¦ 

2nd ed. Pearson Education Inc. San Francisco CA 2008.
m £ectures exam keys grades and ot er course
materials: ttp://angel.stlawu.edu/angelm
 m £ibrary resources for projects: ttp://sciencelibrary.stlawu.edu - CHEMIS¦m

Includes attendance engagement and useful contributions
Course Citizens ip 5% to t e task at and.
Problems (9) 15% ¦ ree eac : Discussion written and on-line.
Exams (4) 50% One our in-class.
Project (1) 10% Current topics in biop ysical c emistry.
Compre ensive. ou may substitute your final exam grade
Final 20% for your lowest exam grade.
No make-up problems or exams will be given except for university sponsored events or excuses
approved by t e Dean of Students¶ office.¦ ere is a 10% penalty per day for late work.

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4.00 93-100 2.25 75-76.9 ¦ e mean final grade will usually
3.75 91-92.9 2.00 72-74.9 correspond to a 2.9. If you
3.50 88-90.9 1.75 70-71.9 collectively all do an outstanding
3.25 86-87.9 1.50 67-69.9 job t en you will be rewarded by
3.00 83-85.9 1.25 65-66.9 t e meancorresponding to a ig er
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2.75 81-82.9 1.00 60-64.9 grade. ¦ is appens in about one

2.50 77-80.9 0.00 < 60 t ird of classes.m


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18t 1 7.1± 7.2: Equations of state
25t 2: 1st law internal energy eat and work
Ú m
1st 2: Heat capacity and ent alpy
5.1± 5.8: 2nd law and entropy
8t G m Friday 2/12/10 C apters 1 ± 2

15t 6: Equilibrium and Gibbs energy
22nd 16: Kinetic t eory of gases
18.13± 18.14: eactive collisions
1st G mmFriday 3/5/10 C apters 5 6&16

8t m
15t 18.1± 18.5: ate laws & reaction
22nd 19.1 19.5 19.7: adical-c ain reactions m
19.8: P otoc emistry
29t G m Friday 4/2/10 C apters 18 ± 19
ë m 6    
5t 8.1 ± 8.6.: P ase c anges
12t 9.1 ± 9.13: Ideal & real
11: Electroc emistry batteries and fuel cells
19t G m Friday 4/23/10 C apters 8 ± 9
26t 19: Enzyme kinetics £   
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3rd  
  mG ¦uesday 5/4/108:30 ± 11:30 AMm


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I want to make t e most of our t ree ours of guaranteed biop ysical c emistry time.
Productivity in class is governed by t e c aracter of individual preparation and
engagement. ¦o prepare for eac class complete omework covering material from
our previous meeting andskim t e new reading assignmentworking examples as you
go. Come to eac class ready to learn and contribute.

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xm Advice±   
Problems sets will be give for eac c apter to reinforce material covered in class
and elp you prepare for exams. I encourage you to form study groups to work on
omework and to prepare for exams. If you find a particular type of problem
difficult find unassigned problems of t at type to practice. C emistry is learned
by doing ± make mistakes discuss different approac es (rig t and wrong ones)
play and stay current. ou will be asked to explain your reasoning and points of
uncertainty during lecture ± be ready.

xm Motivation±         !    

          " # $%&'()
¦wo semesters of exam and omework grades are posted on Angel as evidence
t at ig quality omework corresponds to ig exam grades. If you come across
a good problem from your researc or studies t at you¶d like to see on a
omework or exam send me a copy and I may use it.

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Ãe are privileged to ave t e opportunity to devote ourselves to t e simple task of
sc olars ip and I expect students to acknowledge t e fragile foundation of privilege
by complying wit t e University¶s academic onor code. Damaging t e integrity of
your education is offensive to your professor peers and society at large all of w om
rely on your potential to contribute now and in t e future. ¦alk to me if you
encounter a grey area. ttp://www.stlawu.edu/acadaffairs/academicintegrity. tmm
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St. £awrence University is one of a number of colleges offering a course in biop ysical
c emistry to comply wit guidelines from t e American C emical Society (ACS). ¦ e
ACS as increased t e amount of bioc emistry content required for c emistry majors
in response to a boom in bio-related researc . ¦ e project for t is course as
t reegoals: 1) Co-discover progress in t e field of biop ysical c emistry by reviewing
current literature in peer-reviewed journals; 2) Publis a journal of our own t at
reflects our classes¶ interests and unique c aracter; and 3) Encourage collaboration
between c emists and bioc emists.

ë  m
Design a project t e meets t e t ree goals listed above by publis ing a journal of
biop ysical c emistry as seen by our class. ¦ e contents of t e journal s ould relate
to topics from class and be written so t at our journal¶s audienceis interested and
learns about current topics in biop ysical c emistry. ¦ e project will be completed in
four steps: 1) Organizational meeting; 2) Approval of job assignments and task list; 3)
oug printing; and 4) Final publication and dissemination.