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No Information Gatotkaca Hercules

1 Picture

2 Characteristics 1. Strong 1. Strong

2. Brave 2. Brave
3. Heroic 3. Clever
4. Heroic
5. Patient

3 Family (s) Father: Bimasena Father: Zeus

Mother: Arimbi Mother: Danae
Uncle: Arjuna
Wife: Ahilawati
Daughter: Barbarika
4 Sibling (s) Iphicles
5 Power (s) He can fly from cloud He can lift the Giant by
to cloud without wings his hand and throw it
as fast as lightening to down. Besides, he has
defend not only his got a lot of trick to
father and uncle but cheat the giant.
also the Gods. He can hold the sky on
his shoulder
6 Weapon (s) 1. A hat called 1. His own strength
2. A vest called
3. Sandals called
7 Problem (s) 1. In a year old, there 1. The king of Greece was
was no weapon which jealous to him and sent
can cut off his him to find golden
umbilical cord apples at Hesperides.
2. The weapon from 2. He met Giant who can
Batara Narada can cut grow bigger after
off his umbilical cord Hercules threw it down
but also can kill him 3. Atlas asked him to hold
3. Batara Narada sent the sky on his shoulder
Gatotkaca to have forever
fight to Sekipu