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1 Extra Writing Practice Name

A Description of a Place
1 Choose the correct answer.

1. Tokyo is a modern Japanese / large city.

2. We saw a big impressive / stone castle at the top of the hill.

3. Lily lives in a cute / medieval little French village.

4. My parents stayed in a beautiful / new huge hotel in London.

5. My grandfather showed me an old black and white / interesting photograph of the town
where he was born.

2 Look at the adjectives below and answer the questions that follow.

beautiful glass narrow Italian ancient boring plastic square huge

1. Which two adjectives are used to express an opinion? and

2. Which two adjectives describe size? and

3. Which adjective describes age?

4. Which adjective describes shape?

5. Which adjective describes origin?

6. Which two adjectives describe material? and

3 Form sentences by matching A and B.


1. It is possible to a. very impressive.

2. You shouldnt miss b. see the sea from there.

3. It is well known for its c. traditional food.

4. The views are d. a boat trip along the river.

5. It is located e. in the centre of town.

1 Extra Writing Practice

4 Complete the chart with the expressions below to show the correct plan for a description of a place.

gives greater detail includes an opinion gives general details

tells you what you can see and do there introduces the place
gives a summary or conclusion




5 These sentences are taken from different descriptions of places. Write where they belong:
O (in the opening), B (in the body) or C (in the closing).

1. I really recommend spending a weekend in Paris.

2. The church was built in 1256.

3. Wales is one of the countries that form the United Kingdom.

4. The market takes place every Thursday morning.

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