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By Elaine Storey
Lest we forget



Supermoon -largest since 1948
The recent super-
moon occurred
on Nov 14th and
appeared as a
huge white orb
when it first snuck out from behind some cloud
As the darkness descended and the moon took
to its usual place high overhead, according to
recorded data, it was 7% bigger than an average
full moon.
January 26th, 1948 was the last time we saw a
moon this close and the next one will occur
November of 2034, eighteen years from now.
Christ on the Battlefield ed the rations to the other three company I think my leg is broken. Please help me.
platoons. I was dog tired but I still had to
W.W.I Story Holly Moses! Help him, a big
see that all stations in my sector were
by: R. Parker Storey hunk of a lad about 180 pounds. My first
properly manned. Then I crawled into my
impulse was to take off like a wounded
Sgt. Robert Parker Storey, Service # 111477 dugout for a few minutes catnap. deer. I took a look at the poor kid all
lived to tell the tale of his W.W.1 experience. I was asleep instantly, having the alone and frightened.
He enlisted at 22 years of age and within most awful nightmare. I could hear crash-
Sure kid, Ill do what I can.
months of being sent overseas, became cap- ing and banging and I could feel the earth
Where is your field kit?
tured and held as a prisoner of war for thirty moving. Then someone was shaking me
months before being released. wildly. It was Garson, one of my platoon. He reached into his kit bag and
Hey, Sarge, wake up. Weve got to get came out with bandages, tapes, and a pair
His stories paint a graphic and true picture of out of here quick. The Gerries are of scissors. I got mine out too.
life in the trenches. This is the fourth of his shelling the daylights out of us. Word
stories I have featured here. I had some surplus rum in my
came for all who can make it, to get back water canteen.
to Maple Corpse support trenches.
On June 2nd, 1916, I was cap- Here kid, take a good slug of
tured by the Germans. Previous to that I Then he was gone. I grabbed my this. It will help to ease your pain. Think
had been on active duty in the trenches for rifle and scrambled inside. Shells and you can take it?
about eight or ten months, during which mortars were pouring in. Our well-kept
time I had had a number of very close trenches were already caved in. There I dont think that youngster had
calls, but I always felt I had a good Guardi- was no sign of life anywhere. I was alone ever had a drink before, and he ended up
an Angel watching over me. right in the middle of the most intense with some coughing and sputtering, but he
artillery fire I had ever experienced. I had came up with a smile.
I was sure poor mom prayed to get out of this somehow, using the low
daily for the safety of her two boys, me Gee Sarge, I feel better already.
spots, I began to work my way towards Ive been laying here all alone for a couple
and my kid brother, who at the age of Maple Corpse.
sixteen was now serving another battalion of hours. I dont feel afraid anymore.
only a few miles to the north of us. I was I didnt dare tell him how scared I was
planning to get a leave to go see him as at the moment, but I got busy finishing
soon as we got back to our rest billets af- taking off his puttee and rolling up his pant
ter this trip, but I never saw him again as leg, and there, sure enough, was a jagged
the poor kid was killed in action on June piece of bone sticking out of one side, and
30th, 1916, the same month I was cap- a hole in the other side. Fortunately there
tured. All my family and I had to go on was very little blood, and I could under-
for over four months was Missing, be- stand he must have had a lot of pain. I had
lieved taken prisoner, and I did not know never had any experience in dressing
about Fredricks death till about the end wounds of this kind, but I figured all I
of September. could do was to get the dressing on the
Thats the realities of war. Many So far I was still in one piece so I keep out any dirt.
get mangled and crippled, many die in figured my Guardian Angel was still
I became so engrossed I almost
captivity. And some, miraculously come watching over me. But I said a silent pray- forgot about the shelling still going on.
through without a scratch and some, like er and kept on going another seventy-five All the while I was working on him I kept
me, spend years of humiliation and despair feet or so when I saw my first sign of life: wondering how I was going to lug him
in a faraway prison of war camp. a young lad who had just joined my pla-
toon a week earlier. He was in a low spot out of this inferno. He was too heavy for
Back to the reality of the battle. on his backside with his back against a me to attempt to carry him. Anyway, that
On the night of June 1st, I and about fif- sandbag and he appeared to be trying to would be suicidal, as it would draw instant
teen of my platoon were detailed to go take off one of his puttees, and he was machine gun fire. There was only one
out to the ration dump to bring in the moaning. So far he had not seen me. way. I would have to keep low and try to
company rations. It was about four miles drag him out. I finished the dressing,
back near the head of the Zillebeke Lake. Hey! Weatherup, whats hap- pulled down his pant leg and bound it all
Sloshing through muddy communication pened to you? up with his puttee. It had taken me a long
trenches and over a slimy, unfamiliar path, I dont know, Sarge. Ive been time, probably well over an hour and a
it was near five a.m. when I had distribut- here for an hour or two and I cant get up. half. By this time, it was
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past one oclock. We had been under shell about a minute there was complete silence. worry about the bullets you can hear, but
fire for five or six hours and so far, we I thought I had crossed over the Rubicon. look out for the ones you cant hear. They
were still in one piece. I felt we were not Then I heard what I thought at first was a are the ones that do the damage.
alone, and that God and my Guardian An- lot of hounds barking. I opened my eyes.
I never saw Weatherup again. He
gel were still watching over us. I was in a deep crater and there standing
did not come down in the crater I landed
Come on kid, Im going to take over me was an enormous Heinie. He had
in, but after I arrived in the Kriegsgefagen
you for a ride. Weve got to get the hell a rifle with a fixed bayonet pointed directly
(prison camp) where I was to spend the
out of here before our luck runs out. at my guts, and I remember he had a puz-
next thirty months, I learned through the
Dont you pass out on me or your goose is zled look on his face as though he thought I
grape-vine that he had been captured but
cooked. was dead. My first reaction was My God,
wounded grievously, and died of his inju-
hes going to pull the trigger or skewer me
O.K. Sarge, Ill hang on. Dont ries later that summer.
with the bayonet.
worry about me. I have always believed that noth-
I scrambled to get up but my legs
We both got on our backs and ing but Devine Guidance led me to where
would not respond. Then that big Heinie
both of us wrapped our hands around my this poor boy lay wounded. We were only
did a wonderful thing. With one big hand,
Lee Enfield (bolt-action rifle). I dug in my together for three or four hours, but look-
he reached down, pulled me up onto my
heels and I started to pull in the general ing back, that seems like a lifetime of
wobbly feet, spun me around and gave me
direction of Maple Corpse. It was rough, friendship. I have always been glad that I
the most beautiful kick in my backside and
heavy going, but I managed to cover forty was there to give him hope and comfort
yelled, Rouse mit. I could have kissed
or fifty feet before I had to stop to get my when he needed it the most. God and my
him; I was so sure I was a dead duck. I
wind back, and to make sure I was still on Guardian Angel truly watched over me
didnt know a word of German but there
course. Then we were off again and we that day in the battlefield.
was no mistaking what he meant was, Get
made better progress. I was beginning to When Grandpa wrote these stories about WW1,
going that away I started scratching and
feel we were going to make it. Once again he used the real names of many of his friends
scrambling my way up the steep wall of
we were on our way. We had only made and comrades. Through their attestation papers,
that crater and with constant prods from
it a few feet when the ground shook and we were able to discover more about them.
the butt of his rifle I finally made it to the
there was a mighty roar. I was blown into Harold Weatherups service # was 113626. He
top. The shells had stopped, but machine-
outer space. I remember going up so high was from Parry Sound, and enlisted on July
gun fire was pouring in from our side, and
I could see all around, but I must have 31st, 1915. According to records he was buried
I could hear the snap of bullets flying past
passed out on my way back down. I must in Niederzwehren Cemetary, his grave reference
my ears. There was an old saying: Dont
have landed like a sack of cement. For was 11,E,12
The Fraser Lake Dollar/Corner Store will be ...Coach, I think I need a nap(Destiny Louie)
donating $1 from every cup of coffee sold to the Crisis
Centre for Christmas Hampers!
From 6am-8am & 6pm-8pm daily
UNTIL December 15th

The North Central Better at Home Program

Help is available for seniors who need support with light
housekeeping, light yard work, home visits, transporta-
tion, snow removal, grocery deliveries and friendly visit-
ing. Sarrah is available Mon - Fri 11:00 am - 2:00 pm for
doing intakes and scheduling.
Call for more information or drop into Autumn
Services and pick up a
pamphlet that explains the services in detail.
It took a few hours before the bear family doe and her six-month-old fawns.
WILDLIFE, close grew bored with the Food-Search-Game
The house was twenty feet away, but be-
and wandered off into the woods, leaving
encounters of the garbage and debris strewn across the deck
fore she could climb the front steps, the
dog returned, now with the doe giving
and yard.
furry kind Relieved to have them gone, the resident
By E Storey Shimmer ran past me and the deer kept
and her dog settled in for the night. Over
Many folks who elect to live in our area are the next few days she thought little of the coming. She took one look at me and never
looking to enjoy natures attributes and the encounter as she packed for an ensuing flinched before raising into the air and com-
peace and quiet that comes without living trip. Knowing the bear family would be ing down on my forearm with her front
in someone elses backyard. Sometimes hooves. The blow surprised me and I fell
asleep in their den by the time she re-
however, that privacy comes with a price backwards on the front steps hitting my
turned, the up-close wild-life encounter
and for one local Francois Lake resident her seemed unlikely to re-occur. back. She came down on my leg with an-
tranquility and safety were put to the test other whack before the dog returned for
when a few of her regulars turned from Returning at the end of October with her another go round and chased her off again.
inquisitive to aggressive. vehicle filled to the roof, the rural home-
I had my computer bag in one hand, purse
owner spent several days unpacking and
In September upon returning home from a readying the yard for the first snowfall. in the other, and wasnt to the front door
meeting and before turning out the lights, a After attending a meeting in town a few when the dog and deer came racing back.
loud noise on the deck got the attention of days later, she got home at dusk to see This time I had my hands full and yelled
both her and the family dog. some deer bellied up to the smorgasbord of and waved at the doe. Shimmer stopped
With the dog barking loudly at her feet, she grass in the front lawn. short of the front steps and the irate deer
peeked through a drawn curtain to see a came down on her back, pinning her to the
Its Francois Lake, the deer outnumber the
large sow black bear and her cubs making residents almost two to one while deer ground. I was ready to fight her off this
themselves comfortable in the front lawn time, but she seemed happy that she had
are a hazard on the road, in yards they re-
and on her deck. handed both of us a whack and she saun-
semble moving pieces of lawn furniture
tered off like nothing happened.
Knowing not to let the dog out or to ven- that normally mind their own business.
ture outside herself, she holed up inside her Giving little to no thought about the deer, Fortunately Shimmer wasnt hurt and I was
home while the insistent bear shook the able to get us both into the house without
she opened the van door and let her dog
front door and pounded on the glass with further injury. Now, to avoid another en-
out of the vehicle. The dog, picked up the
her large front paws. counter, we look both ways before ventur-
scent and took off into the dark after the
ing out, especially at night.

Local pair ran a half marathon in Vegas...just because they could!

It was Donyas fault, says Sylvia has returned to Quesnel for five runs.
Legary about the instructor who A good pair of shoes cost about $200 a pair and many of us go
introduced her to running nine through 3-4 pairs a year, averaging about 500km a pair. You need
years ago. to have two pairs at every run, so you can rest the insoles and let
Legary admits to getting hooked them re-inflate.
Sylvia Legary with Lori after a few runs with Donya Nic- In 2012, Legary tackled a half marathon-21 kms in Victoria with
Rothenbush after their olss Learn to Run Group. They her nephew and the following year, they both did the full mara-
run in Vegas in October started out pretty slow says Legary of thon of 42.195km.
the ten week long training course. They run in all weather during every season. Donya taught them
You run for a minute, walk for a minute and build it up until to stretch after a run, hydrate throughout, and to generally take
you are running for ten minutes and walking for one minute. care of themselves.
Legary and many of the women who started running with the The idea to run in Vegas was as much Legarys idea as it was her
Learn to Run Program, were soon entering 5k and 10k runs running partner Lori Rothenbush. She said, Lets enter the run in
which led to half marathons, marathons and eventually to Tough Vegas, and next thing I know its 5:30 a.m. and were surround-
Mudder endurance runs where you enter as a group and help one ed by thousands of strangers in a strange city and we take off run-
another over the finish line. ning down the Vegas Strip. There were bands playing and there
Legarys first run was the Vanderhoof Goose Chase where she were people cheering us all along the way. You could run into a
ran 8km, she tackled Prince George CIBC Run for the Cure and store or restaurant and have your picture taken. It was a pretty
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Christie agreed to take on the daunting task of
Minor Hockey raises funds fundraising and thanks to charity hockey games,
50/50 raffles, and puck tosses the community
for new score clock raised just under half of the funds within four
The association approved for Dave to develop a
Submitted by FL Minor business sponsorship program, and the program
Hockey.. was kicked off at the beginning of this hockey sea-
son in September.
The Fraser Lake Minor Generous donations from New Gold and Stellaten
Hockey Association First Nation along with further fundraiser programs
owns the current score at the minor hockey games have raised enough to
clock, which has been purchase the clock.
New clock has been ordered in the arena since On November 10th, the FLMHA passed a motion to
1989. order the new scoreclock and it was ordered six
The existing clock has been used by minor hockey days later.
for six months a year for almost thirty years, and The clock will be shipped the week of December
has been maintained by the Village. 12th and the Village Works crew will be installing it
We were notified by the Village in January 2016 that following the Christmas break in January.
the score clock was on its last legs, and could no FLMHA will be hosting a community celebration
longer be repaired as parts were no longer availa- shortly thereafter, details to follow.
ble. The Minor Hockey Association would like to give a
At the January meeting, we made a motion to huge thanks to New Gold, Stellaten
start looking for a new clock. Initiation Coach Dave First Nation, Village of Fraser Lake, FL &
The whole line racing to the puck Olivia Weber skating to the net surrounding community residents, par-
ents and volunteers of the hockey asso-
ciation, and last
years and cur- Rylan Storey
rent Minor Hock- ready for a
ey Executive for
supporting this
fundraising ef-
Ryden Holland
gets ready

Fraser Lake Community Health Centre

Following is the current list of providers and the dates they are at the facility for the months of
October, November and December 2016 . (dates are subject to change)
Dr Shannon Douglas Monday & Thursday To Book your next medical
Dr Tim Bowen-Roberts Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday appointment
Ginny Burns-Nurse Practitioner Tuesday to Friday Call:
Dr Gerry McFetridge Oct 31 to Nov 8 250.699-6225
Dr Gerry McFetridge Dec 5 to 16
Closed 12:001:00 daily
Medical Clinic open Monday to Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Ambulatory Outpatient Monday to Friday 9:30 am - 5:00 pm
Lab open Monday to Friday 8:30 am - 10:30 am
Xray open Monday & Wednesday 9:00 am 3:30 pm/ Thursday 9:00 am - 11:00 am
Public Healthall inquiries call 250-699-6225

December 2016
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
1 2 3
Arts Council SOUP & BUN
AGM Legion Indoor market
Lakeview Bible Coffee 2pm
Chapel Christmas
Tea 7pm

4 5 6 7 8 9 10
St. Andrews CWL Food Safe FL Seniors SOUP & BUN
Bazaar CNC Christmas Dinner 2pm Coffee
12pm lunch $5 at Legion group

11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Worldwide SOUP & BUN Mixed Hockey
candle service Indoor market Tournament
Coffee 2pm

18 19 20 21 22 23 24
Christmas Christmas craft @ SOUP & BUN
Dinner at Legion Community
Autumn Social &
Services Charity Hockey

25 26 27 28 29 30 31
Christmas Day.

all who attended. Public Health administered soup: Debbie Goertz, Helen MacNiven and
Presidents Report 47 flu shots throughout the day, with many Shahla Foote, Sarrah & Elaine. If you wish to
By Anne Letz
families taking part. help out with this program, let us know and we
Well where did November On Friday Nov 18th, we organized our 5th annu- would be more than pleased to pencil you into
go? Quite a busy month al Community Spirit Family Fun Night which our rotation.
we had here at Autumn took place at the arena. This Autumn Services The third potluck was held on Sunday Nov 27th,
Services. event relies on the work of many volunteers with another great turnout. The potlucks foster
The 2nd Pot Luck of the and once again a few key people stepped up and community spirit and theres usually a crowd of
Fall season was a Hallow- gave richly of their time. All the games and 30-60 people in attendance.
een Costume event and activities are a big hit -ping-pong throw; bal- Mark Sunday, December 18th on your calendar.
was attended by 38 people, (not all were in loon pop; fish pond; bean-bag toss; free skate; Thats the day our executive at Autumn Ser-
costumes but great to see those who were) lots face painting; Lego & Duplo corner and kids vices makes the Turkey for a Christmas Pot-
of food as usual and a really good time. crafts as well as pictures with Santa. There luck. This year we are planning a Christmas
Friday, Nov 4th was soup and a bun for $5.00, were lots of smiles at this event and we sold Carol sing following dinner.
32 bowls sold while the Indoor market was raffle tickets and held a 50/50 draw. Special Look for our 8 gift baskets at the front door-
being held. We have tables to spare should thanks to Mike, Janet, Shannon, Santa and Mrs tickets are $1 each. There is a Christmas-
anyone want to sell their wares, only $10.00 a Clause. themed basket, boys, girls, babies, horse-
table. The next Indoor markets are on Dec 2nd On 24th and 25th we had an indoor flea Market lovers, mens, womens and a gardeners bas-
& Dec 16th. where you could make a donation and take ket. Get your tickets today, drawn on Decem-
On Nov. 10th we held our 3rd annual Health- whatever you wanted off the tables. ber 23rd. Once again all proceeds from this
Fest, there was a free lunch and flu shots with 5 Every Friday is soup day and we wish to thank raffle go back to support costs and program-
exhibitors and free goodies. A big thank you to the volunteers who have stepped up to make ming .
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unique experience. Sylvia & Lori with a copy
College of New Caledonia
Many of us can thank of the Phraser Connector FoodSafe Level 1
Donya for getting us in front of the MGM
going. She was al- Grand after their run in
ways encouraging us. Las Vegas Date: Monday December 5, 2016
As we ran, and Time: 9:00 am5:00 pm
stretched, or biked, Donya was constantly Fee: $130.00
shouting words of encouragement. The saying
from her that is always in my head when it gets Location Fraser Lake CNC
tough is, You got this! 298 McMillan Avenue
She seriously made you believe you could do Register at CNC Vanderhoof
And for many members of the running group, they dont let silly stuff
Phone: 250.567-3200
like the weather, the distance, the hills or the blister on their heal,
stop them from walking up to a starting line and doing whatever they
have to do to get across the line several hours later.
While Donya and her family have recently moved on, and they are
missed by the whole community, the running group continue to do
what their coach inspired in them Get out and Get moving!
Runs are at 5:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays with a long run on Sun-
day. Times change due to hockey practices and such, but the runners Signature Creations at the Snowflake Tea
just wanna run. Watch for them in all kinds of weather and in the
dark, give them some room and a wave...

late nights
This Christmas give the gift of
the Get $125 gift certificates
Glide.. @ Lash n Nail...For only $100
Flexible hours for your convenience!

TECHNOPURE WATER Martineau Plumbing & Heating

Water Treatment Systems
Licensed Gas Fitter & Plumber
95% High Efficient Furnace Replacement
Drink only the best HotWater Tank Replacement
Call Wayne Martineau
Phone 250.699-6597
For bottled water, pick up, or delivery
Cell 250.699-1384
Call 699-6688

FL & Area Cancer Support

Catholic Womens League
We are a group that exists to support anyone who
Craft Bazaar and Tea is affected by cancer in any way. We meet on the
third Tuesday of every month at the FL Legion at
Sunday noon for a no host lunch. (please note venue
December 4th change). We also celebrate peoples birthdays
12:00 Noon each month and Sue Bloomquist supplies the
cake..Thanks Sue. As well we charge a fee of $1
Lunch $5.00 for chair rental which is just another way of earn-
Seating is limited, ing money for our fundraising.
please arrive early Quilt Winner -Lilian Johnson,
50/50 board Winners - Donna Eisert and Iso-
bel Conwright
Teddy Bear & Chocolate winner -Avery
Parker. Overall we raised a little over $1100 at
the Snowflake Tea and Craft Fair.
We would like to thank all the volunteers who
December 3rd & 11th
helped by knitting and crocheting etc. items for
our sale Regina Kemp, May Reid, Irene Sauteur
and Eileen Malchow. A very special thank you to
our crocheting machine Charlotte Grimm who
has made numerous items for us the last few
years. Also thanks to Janet Colburn and Cindy
Adams for their help with setting up and manning
the tables. Also many thanks to our generous do-
nor who pays for one of our two table rentals at
the fair.
Thank you to everyone for your support of our
Cancer group and we wish you all a very Merry
Christmas and all the best in 2017. For more info
call Judy 699-7763 or Jeanette 699-6460

THANK YOU FROM Goodbye to an era...

By Elaine Storey

AUTUMN SERVICES Old signage, ready for

the dumpster behind
the former Super Valu
Thank you to all the volunteers who helped out with the Store
Community Spirit Family Fun night
on Nov 18th at the arena.
Thank you so much to everyone that came out and espe-
cially to everyone that volunteered their time for our commu-
nity so our children
could have this fun event!
Mike Macdougall, Janet Coburn you are super stars! Great
job on being the best volunteers every week not just this
Remember the dairy section.?
night! The carnival games were great!!
Rick Wymer, Patti Rojeck we thank you so much While its not healthy to continue flogging a dead horse, this
for all you do every year!
Thank you to Samantha Holland, Deanna Downey & Bella picture of the debris being discarded from the old Super
Downey, Shannon Hatch, Kiona Armatage, Value store, touched a chord.
Tamara Lowen, Serena, Lynn Clark, Melissa Beth, Sarah Yes, I too got the memo - Loblaws closed its unprofitable
Leanne, Betty Peters,
Caulette Hummel, Rachael McLean, Ray Dickenson, and stores in rural Canada. Along with our store closure, 15 peo-
Jennel Harder for all your help! ple lost their jobs. Yet thanks to a sense of community and the
Thank you to Mouse Mountain School entrepreneurial spirit, we are blessed to have the Hurrys and
for the loan of the fish pond. the FL Corner Store step up to provide local food options.
Thank you to everyone who donated things for the draws
including Home Love Designs, Yet seeing the guts of the store abandoned (albeit the equip-
Marilynn Malchow Reyden, Par 3 Sports, ment was seriously outdated no one would argue) the Clean-
Ace Hardware, and Crystal Smith! Up of the fixtures signalled a bit of an Up Yours! to some.
...also, Josh Lepoidevin and Christina
GREAT JOB on the concession Today, Loblaws is Canadas largest grocery retailer. They have
CONGRATULATIONS to Ryley Litke performed another complete historic turnaround in a challenging eco-
who won $118 on the 50/50 draw. nomic environment. Their clam is thus-Loblaws true competi-
Tickets are still available for the raffle tive advantage remains its employees, who constantly look
-$1 each. There are 8 baskets to choose from for new and innovative ways to serve their customers better.
Christmas, Babies, Girls, Boys, Men's, Women's, We lowered prices and consumers responded, said Galen G.
Horse-lovers, and the Gardeners basket. Tickets are Weston, Executive Chairman and President, of Loblaws.
available at Autumn Services until Dec 23rd and will be I guess that was a privilege only offered to some, and obviously
brought over for the Community Social & not those of us living in rural. FYI: the 2016 third quarter rev-
Charity Hockey Game and drawn that night! enue highlights for Loblaws was $14,143 billion, an increase
of $197 million compared to the third quarter of 2015...hum?

Fraser Lake Building Center

Offering: delivery services
Ace is the PLACE Tool rental
Hours for Christmas shopping... Building quotes
-kids toys, Christmas lights, paint And the friendliest staff in town
OPEN Mon to Fri
light bulbs, dog toys, coffee,
8:00 to 5:30 sheets, cleaning supplies, nails,
OPEN Sat filters, brooms, shovels, gloves,
9:00 to 5:00 kitchen cabinets, floor mats ... 250.699-6506
closed Sunday www.ace-canada.ca
40 Cougar Street, Fraser Lake B.C.

Free ads on this page Community page

Endako Hall Association GREGORY BRUCE LaROCQUE
Annual General Meeting
NOVEMBER 28, 2016
AT 7:00 P.M.
To be held at the Endako Community Hall

FORT FRASER In search of a set of BUNK BEDS

Looking for a set of bunkbeds
Reasonably priced
For all your gatherings
For summer cabin.
Kitchen meetings $20 December 3, 1956 October 11, 2016
Hall meetings/classes $35 $50 Call 250-699-6369
Funerals $100 Or leave message It is with great sadness the LaRocque family
Dinners $125
announce the passing of Bruce on October 11, 2016.
Dances, weddings $200
Singleton Art Gallery Bruce passed away peacefully in Edmonton Alberta
Two-day weekend $250
Fully equipped kitchen & free Open by chance where he had lived for many years.
or by Appointment He leaves behind a loving family of his son Cody
(Janelle) grandchildren Hailey Jean and Oakley
For information & bookings: In Endako Leo. His Mom and Dad, Marjorie and Leo
Phone: Colleen DeLong 13505 McMaster Road LaRocque, his brother Neil (Sherry), his sister
250.690-7570 or email
Sharyn (Dave) and his sister Judy,
Call 1.250-713-8169 as well as many nieces and nephews.
For appointment
A private service, officiated by Morgan Ryder of
BOOK LAUNCH Rose Lake, was held in Fort Fraser on October 28.
Bruces ashes were spread in his favorite place of
WHERE: ELKS HALL in VANCERHOOF, 474 Victoria St Top Lake where he will rest in peace.
WHEN: FRIDAY, December 2, 7:00 pm Bruce will be missed by all who knew him.
Come help celebrate the launch of local author Janet Romain's
latest book "Not My Fate" The Story of a Nisgaa Survivor. The LaRocque family would like to thank all of
The book launch will feature an author reading and live, local en- those who helped us at this very sad time.
tertainment. This is a free, family event. Thank you for the condolences, the goodies and
the beautiful cards. A special thank you to Yvan
Laramee and the Fort Fraser fire department for all
Pre-school Childrens Activities of the assistance from planning lunch after the ser-
*Lego day is Thursday, Dec 1st, 3:15-4:40 Library vice to breakfast for the family the next morning.
*FL StoryTime ends on Dec 15 It made what was a difficult time so much easier
*Ft Fraser StoryTime ends on Dec 10 and we appreciate it so very much. Also a big
*Cruisers & Crawlers Tuesdays 2-3 until Dec 13 thank you to Morgan Ryder for travelling to Fort
*Gym Time Tuesdays 3-4 until Dec 13 Fraser to be with us on this day
and officiating at the service.
*Baby Talk for infants, birth to crawling,
to begin in January 2017
call 250-570-7868 to register. YOU ARE AN ANGEL AMONG US BRUCE.


Family Social & Dance
At the Fraser Lake Arena

Autumn Services is the home of

the Phraser Connector, your 100%
volunteer run local paper! 4pm-7pm ~ Dance & Activities
Sponsored in part by the Sunday, December 11, 2016 & Hockey Game
7pm ~ Charity
Nechako Literacy Committee BEST OF ALL
Candy Canes
In Fraser Lake this event will be held at
Snacks Completely FREE!!
312 McMillan Avenue Mouse Mountain School at 6:45pm.
Po Box #557 Goody Bags Funded by:
Coffee and tea will be served along with Activities
Fraser Lake BC some cookies after the event. Bring a pic-
V0J 1S0 ture of you loved one, a tale will be there
Door Prizes
with candles light. Please come join and Brought to you by:
Phone: (250) 699-0056 support our families who lost their loved
Or (250) 699-1023 ones.

To read the Phraser Connector on-line: (250) 699-8063
www.phraserconnector.wordpress.com In the Fraser Lake Shopping Center
We want to wish
AD RATES everyone a Merry
Phraser Connector is distributed SPECIALS
FREE once a month to December 2nd - 10th Christmas and a
1480 area mail boxes ~Up to 20% off clothing &
workwear, camo clothing,
Happy New Year!
Business Card 5.3cm x 9.3cm - $30 per insert knives, & life jackets!
3 x Business Card size - $75 per insert
~ Hockey gear & footwear Thanks for shopping
15% off
1/4 Page size 6 cm x 19 cm - $105 per insert local!
1/2 Page 12cm x19cm - $185 per insert
Full page 24cm x 19cm - $375 per insert Watch for our December Hunting & Fishing flyer
Ask about our rates for non-profits
To advertise email: Some local snow & ice data..
phraserconnector@gmail.com This year we had our first big snowfall on Oct 8th-8in.
In 2006, Oct 27th, it snowed two feet in a few days.
Dont forget to call Last year the first snow fell on Oct 25th, by Christmas-
Autumn Services 250-699-0056 time only an inch remained on the ground.
for all your Fraser Lake froze on December 6th last year.
Copying & Designing needs!! In 2013 we only had 3 inches of snow by Dec 29
Book a Birthday Party, This year Remembrance Day was a balmy plus 6
Meeting or Baby Shower! The lake froze on November 30, in 2014


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