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7.3,The list for contrast between the QR and the diagnostic code No. SVS Code |_P Code wire spol 2 | rom Not_[accris_| ase Pel Seer Nat Signal To Low 21 AD sgl ine ken Nez [-accrint | Ave Peel Ses Nat Snel Tooth [22 | F013 | 21 a al ne too 125 A.VCCR Nod ACCP2L | Accel Pedal Sensor No.2 Signal Too Low 2 vm 22. AD? signal line broken Nod ACCP2H | Accel Pedal Sensor No.2 Signal Too High 2 ‘P0223 22 AD? signal line short to 123 A-VCC3 Nos _[acriuw za | _ roi Nos | acrauv a Nor [acriry mf pono Nos [acezrv za roan Nog ACCPY _ | Both Accel Pedal Sensor Signal Lavalid 2 P2120 21 ADI and 22 AD2 signal lines broken o10_[ wor 2 | ma soit _[iswow a a7 | poate | 12803 igntinestanwos7 AvoCE so12 [ona | sosersseSesor Sign To igh N13 [env | os Presser See Sigal Tao Low 37 |__| 126A adie ken a ae wot [rnvmi —| poor resuerSeuorteromancetmatd |” 6 ie VDE sig woe [rrom [ae ee wort [ecu | cima on Saw Sinatra High Goma and 1 A ial ie ok Nott [ecu | cima Pres eso Sign Too Law 7 _|_ Peis [ 21 ADHend 17 ADS how © 154A-GNDI Ca Pret Sonor ipl Kea i ——— xa [roe mere @7 | _Poisi | Seso damaged op votape mctnged | se | at VEER, so20 | vou | vee system Vuze To High pam se vage 2 Te pps Beal vote VBBIDY, o2t | vans, — | vise syson Vag Too Low ty Sym velageet oz _[ruwit | oot Tenp Sen Sign Teo igh T_ [Penis [156 aprigal ine broken 023 [aw | coon temp Senn Sg Foo Low Th [Pont [155 Abaca 35 AND No24_| THL Fuel Temp Sensor Signal Too High M4 Pouss: 162. ADS signal line broken 1028 [rw | fue Temp Sesr Sigal Tao Low 1 [_ Poa _| 16 AD ili ton 55 AGS nee Tranter Sue ST] — hg | aus ab ect ie waar [ana A Tome Sener | Gg | penta _| 32 Assign cw 55 A-ONDS No2s [ATM | Atm ris Ser Sigal Tos High 15 [Pane | Ecvinal siatiostonto_5V N029_[ratwn | atom rs SesorSiematTo tow 15 [Pas | ecUinemsialsiont> GND oa | vaca [ic Vatu Sig Too Hah Gis [30 ADI spline shaw 65 ANOS oat [vavct, [1c Volume sig Two Low S0/ADIS iain bok ose _[siswitr | SinerSwich Shon io Wart 25 Post [ #8 Sw ken nde DBA wo No33__| NENOP __| Crank Sensor No Pulse a P0337 40 NEtbroken ‘No34_| GNOP. ‘Cam Sensor No Pulse 12 P0342 120 G broken 13s _[ixeawon [ cank cam Senor ore 5 [_roses | HoNEand_1206 bien nose | spout | venitespeetsensorFequeny Totti |__2! Posty | 27 V1 igpuonormal VS sensor feueney oa? [soi | vehi speed Senor tng Opn Stan [21 oso2 | 27.VSI woken, sor fo GND shot 1 No38_| SPDSG__| Vehicle Speed Sensor Signal Invalid 21 POSOL 27 VSI input not broken On/Off EX, Brake MVT Oop Open oa cr - wea lexscn | ote 28 | __Pieat | s6oUTS broken, sonia GND ‘odo _[ exmpr | EX. Rake MV Output Sarto BATT 2 [risk | 36 0UTS shonin COM! oust shor io RATT TWVlor3o TOs, 107 jes COMT ao, noat_| asrwvs | sopuistonto BATT 10 tote 10s hres ‘COM! ota son to GND TW Toros TOG. 107 jor COMI oto GND, TO oa | asrwv1 | sutpestonte GND. 108. 105 soto GND COM oui pen od th TW and 106. 107 injectors COM rake, Noas_| ncconn | TWV5 aul TW open ond 10 toh, 1 ken “COMB outa sotto BATT T W240 142, 14 injectors COND sono FBT, Noat_| wsrwvo | supuistontoBATT 138,129 storie +B COM oxi shoo GND TWVoto Ta. 14 jects COND Hato GND, Ts Noas_| asrwv2 | Supui santo GND 18, 139 sotto GND {COMB oui open fxd Both TWV2 a 142, 14 injeies COND broken Noas_| nocowe | 1WV6 mf TW open lad 137,138, 139 rien No47_| NCTWV1_| TWV1 output open load Injector coil open 103 TW! broken No48_| NCTWV2 | TWV2 output open load Injector coil open 137 TWV2 broken, Noas_[ worwvs | rwv5 ouput pen os carci pea TOSTWY3 broken No.s0_| NCTWV4 | TWV4 output open losd Injector coil open 138 TW broken NoSt_| NCTWVS_| TWVS output open load Injector coil open 105 THVS bepcem No.52_| NCTWV6 | TWV6 output open load Injector coil open 139 TWV6 brodcen, apes harge-ap cat eon Nosi_| LONG. (insufficient charge) BCU intemal fire “apactor chargeup TSH aoneTOn ‘ Nos4 | OCHG {excessive charge) ECU internal flare Noss_[ poviur | revs expat stone RATT 152, 153 POV Ison 1B ‘No.56_| PCV2BT_| PCV2 owiput short to BATT ISL PCV2 short to +B TEE TS TSO, TST POV, POV nost_| evar _| revises ouput shonto BATT ‘n Nosé_| PCVIGD_| PCV1 output Open Loadishort to GND _ 152,_153 PCV brekoen or short 19 GND Nose | pov2an | rov2 ouput Open todston w GND 18 TSE. 15H 150, 151 - POVI- POV BS xoso_| pevan _| revia2 ouput Open Losssor to GND shor GND Nost_[ wruror | sippy pump contol overland an mesh reakowa under overload Noe [nroror | sipay pump contol ove presse NPC>PFINGISMPa rai ovepretare ee Pp contra can not Yost rosare POPS Spply pap con wo Toad HST Ra woot [a Segre me un no presse, nding el eakage vias [pcux | Common al pen cede wpe tint Common al penne OMFS ee os oss | Common presse 191M Tar dagen on Oa No.67_| NOINDL vinder 1 fuel system falure ‘ Paso FCCB) a Into damage no ston Ge gh No.68_| NOINJ2 _| Cylinder 2 fuel system Faure 8 Paso? CCB) Shor dg ETON le aa No.69_| NOINI3 vnder 3 fuel system falure 6 aso FCCB) wm onoe Histor anaged no yEGion Gadeeirwagh Nov0_| ows _| cylinders fuel ayten fare recs) Into ange, no TR OST No71_| NOINIS rlinder $ Fuel system falure o PO805 CCB) a Into damage no estan Gn gh No72_| NOINI6 _| Cylinder 6 fuel systern falure “ P0306 FCCB) nora [neon | ogo evn 7 Panto | NE alae w Ren mor than 300, whan ese thn 200, NE cons saing Sea | OTTTS, TOT Horm RDS No74 | GRELGD_| Glow Relay Output Short to GND _ 35 ross preheating) wo2s | onruar | Santeyoumtoeete'stame [5 | wusez | mauris, noua bmienor sania a ‘No.76__| ESTPSW | Engine Stop switch stuck closed “ vue EWEOn Spy Cae a I aT wort | tuwor | ctu Femp ose nein ore wars [morn [ac Pesue Sores upetin | 19 [BIE | PIPTBOP ip ets pert a7 | m9071 | poor Pre Soman exeisowerimt | 5? | P99 | PINTROPL (May) aes over tnt woso_[xevan [tn Rev sw open tant/stono and [| Piste | S25We token sono ND wont [never | s/ ner sw-oupu sions AAT [rie [ a svimkerortoni STCANIH, TECANILbalcnetae No82_| CANBI__| CANI Node Exror ‘ woos GND CAH, SCART wake as No83_| CANB2 | CAN2 Node Error woot GND wows fcusw | GE SMER Cea Nainaton ramet [gy Poros | 77 SW27 woken (VSROKR) No.8S_| NEUTSW | (manual transmission only) o possi) {66:59 broken (VS=8OKm/h) No.6 | FDACTI_| F/D (Flow Damper) Ht activated ‘1 P0263 Damper functions, injector stops fuel supply Nos? _| FDACT2_| F/D (Flow Damper) #2 activated ss Pens, ‘Damper functions, injector stops fuel supply No8t_| FDACTS_| F/D (Flow Damper) #3 activated a eae Damper functions, injector stops fuel supply No89 | FDACT4 | F/D (Flow Damper) #4 activated «6 Pons ‘Damper functions, injector stops fuel supply No.9 | FDACTS _| F/D (Flow Damper) #5 activated 2 P0266 Damper functions, injector stops fuel supply No91_| FDACT6_| F/D (Flow Damper) #6 activated & PonT2 Damper functions, injector stops fuel supply No92_| NABS Can Bus-Line Open From ABS ° volt ABS cutoff from CAN BUS CANOPE: o vols: CAN cut CAN BUS. oos_| SMETER | car tacit Open ram METER iy Sagres Man ey an | Sy TA aa TR OT Noot | MRYCS _| closed 5 posse 6V No95_| CRSW1__| Cruise SW Cireuit Malfunction s PIS65 keeps pressing for a long time not relax No.96 RNOT IR data is not written 2 Pista. YR date not written (all 0) No.9?_| QRERR | QR data Error 2 P82 QR date error (EEPROM) KQRSW write 0,1,2 OR det Tet Be 12 0 dno ror Dsinton cnsing risnr | Stondr sna oops poacon woos_|aanon_| Shatagnn bates ose | som | er tn inch fa ae No.100_| MCPU CPU fault; -Main CPU fault 3 Poco ‘wuniliary ECU) 3] reser | sce cominansy cet yay Fs ace wort | row | sisksum smash oss No.102_| POILH Engine Oil Pressure Sensor Too High POSz8 24 AD L2short Wo 57 ACCA 1o10t | rons, [tng 0 sun Senor to ow sez [ 3 ADI2 bake No.104_| POILDN _| Engine Oil Pressure Down Pasae MPOILTHL_D) woos [ecaap Fas [57 oUrte san ND wes [rant iste [37 0UF6stonn +B 70 7.4 Vehicle wiring diagram Released, 1/46 sed, 694/97 ed, 28°12 Rovieed, ed/i/is Oi 7.5 Engine harness diagram of SINOTRUK Howo Trouble shooting of the EC common rail system: The connection of the diagnostic analyzer with the computer makes the power supply switch assume the “ON” position. Switch on the DST-PC, click the menu-start diagnosing-newly set up diagnosis-connect ECU-data test, select the accelerator pedal sensor, switch, odometer, battery voltage, air inlet pressure, common rail pressure, etc. that need to be tested. Check and see if the measured value is equal to the standard value. If not, find out the cause. For example, the standard value of the accelerator pedal sensor at the closed state is 0.8V, at the fully opened state 4,1V-4,2V. The actual test value is about 2V at the fully opened state. This indicates that there is failure in the sensor or in the line. Exit, click the diagnosis, check and if there is any trouble code. If PO120 or PO121 appears, this indicates that the output voltage of the accelerator pedal sensor NO.1 is normal. Test method: Find out in the light of the wiring diagram of the complete vehicle the numbers of the three terminals of the accelerator pedal sensor NO.1, they are NO.125 for power supply lead, NO.21 for signal line and NO.135 for earth cable, respectively. (135) (125) (21) es B 7.6 Failure of NO.1 accelerator pedal sensor (DTC P0120 PO121) PO120 Accelerator sensor No.1 output voltage bad + Failure manifestation: Driving performance bad ‘Measured item: Accelerator sensor No. | output voltage idle run postion sticking + DIC Precondition for setting Accelerator sensor No.2 normal = Idlerun switch normal Chueh ON ABS not work = DTC conkition for setting judge time more than | see.) Idlerun ang ‘Accelerator sensor No.2= SV mt 0.65V accelerator sensor No.2 Losv POI21 Accelerator sensor No.1 vo ge recovery bad + Failure manifestation: Driving performance bad + Measured item: Output voltage of accelerator sensor No.l inidlen + DTC Precondition for setting Accelerator sensor No.2 normal Idle run switch normal Clutch ON ABS not work position not return, DTC conkition for setting (judge time more than 1 see.) m= llerun and mt Accelerator sensor No.2 SV 1 0.65V = accelerator sensor No.2. =1.05V POI22 Accelerator sensor No.1 unnormal (low side) + Faifure manifestation: No + Measured item: Sensoriwiting harness open circuit, shor circuit, damaged DTC Precongition for seting Battery voltage normal So CPU unnormal + DTC condition for setting (judge time more than 1 see.) Voltage of accelerator sensor No.t higher han 0.4sv. POI23 Accelerator sensor No.1 unnorn + Failure manifestation: No + Measured item: Sensonviring hamess open circuit, short circuit, damaged + DTC Precondition for setting = Battery voltage normal = NoCPU unnormal + DTC condition for seting (judge time more than | see.) ME Voltage of accelerator sensor No.1 higher than 4.8V + Check engine system waming light: Shines + System response: '= Exit cruise control, made reentry forbidden + DIC reset condition: Absolute value of difference between accelerator seusor 1 and 2 below 0,3V. + Chock engine system warming light: Shines + System response 1 Exiteruise control, mode reentry forbidden + DTC reset condition: 0.65 = accelerator sensor No.1 10sv + Chock engine system warning light: Shines + System response: Voltage of accelerator sensor-voltage of accolerate sensor No.2 = Exit cruise control mode, mode reentry forbidden + Reset condition: Reset wien diagnosis count at zero point. + Check engine system warning light: Shines + System response HW Woltage of ae sensor No.2 1& Exit cruise control mode, mode reentry forbidden F aecelerae ator sensor-voltage + Reset condition: Reset when diagnosis count at zero point 4 Accelerator pedal position sensor ECU L] Is elt Acep2_ (22) | L] AGNDS (136) i (oR? ei 1. Accelerator sensor signal check DTC connector 1. Switch on ignition switch. Confirm ‘Adjusted accelerator pedal position’ and “Accelerator pedal position sensor No.1 voltage output’ through DST-PC data display sereen, Reference value: ‘Accelerator pedal actual position Adjusted accelerator pedal postion Output voltage all closed W% O8-095V ull open 100% 41425V Operate accelerator pedal, change environmental D>) contiton etc. and reproduce failure according to fm data and diagnosis result 5 1. Switch off ignition switch, dismantle accelerator sensor connector and then switch on ignition switch . 2. Measure vollage between terminal | and 2 of J accelerator sensor connector (Vehicle wiring hamess Terminal configuration under wide ce valve: 5405V Tema ference valve: Se Tier) Masa volags beeen ECU eras 7 lage betwee ECU 3. Measure voltage between terminals: ton it TNJ check ECU connector ECU failure, replace (To TM x > Foal a Wiring hamess between ECU and Sensor failure->Repair 4, Measure voltage between ECU terminals Switch off ignition switch and connect accelerator sensor connector. Switch on ignition switch and measure voltage between ECU2I terminal and ECUI35 terminal, Reference value: Accelerator pedal full closed 0.8-0.95V. Accelerator pedal full open 4.1~4.25V —s Repair connector 16 ‘5, Measure voltage between sensor terminals (25) (a1) (135) es Don't dismantle accelerator sensor connector. Measure voltage between terminal 2 and 3 of accelerator sensor connector( vehicle wiring harness side) Reference value Accelerator pedal full closed Accelerator pedal full open 0.8-0.95V 4.1-4.25V Accelerator sensor feilure. Replace pedal assembly. n