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Lieutenant- Colonel of the NKVD, summer service dress, 1945 The white cap cover and unpiped white cotton kite were worn by officers wit everyday and undress uni fo ms in summer. The shoulder boards are blue with gold lace: the other NVD tinguishing colour, brick red, appears on the cap band. This internal security officer n his shoulder boards, Breeches piping was offici ly brick red prior to February 1943, blue thereafter, but in practice both would be seer NKYD security troops did see some front-line combat but were deploye as "blocking de: prevent the line troops retreating. They were em ployed in the repression and mass deportation of ethnic groups suspected of being disloyal to the regime, both du in pi after the war, and onged operations in the Ukraine and the Baltic republics which lasted int the early 1950s, With some divisions their strength was equal to about ten per ccent of the total man-power o Red Army Rifle divisions in (Far left) Captain, NKVD Frontier Troops, parade dress, 1945 The officer's mundir pi tunic (made in bath single ‘and double-breasted versions here the latter) had a waist seam, skirts, and rear skirt pocket flaps. It was intro. din 1943, but did not rake its appea June 1945 Vietory Parade in Moscow. The Front Troops! version illustrated differed from that of the other troops of the NKVD only in the green colour of - until the the piping and the backing for the lace collar and cuff patches. On his breast this officer wears the "Order of the Red Banner’, instituted on | August 1924; and the medals "For Service in Action” and "Victory over Germany (Lett) Senior Lieutenant of Aviation, service dress, 1945 On the V-VS officer's peaked cap the hand-ombroidered and the cockade was gilt metal with a light blue The light blue arm-of service piping appeared on the cap, the collar and cuffs of the kitel and on the breeches (and the | worn with walking-out uniform). The medal is for the "Defence of Mascow", which was established on 1 May 1944. 49