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See this months movers and shakers.
SIBOR to host annual PAGE 10
symposium in Brooklyn
The Global Real Estate Summit REAL ESTATE NEWS
and Expo in New York will be Experiential retail attracts millennials.
held for the first time in its 10-
year history outside of Staten Is- PAGE 8
The annual symposium pre-
sented by the Staten Island Board SCORE
of Realtors will be co-hosted by Optimize your landing page for success.
the Brooklyn Real Estate Board
Sept. 15, at the Dyker Beach Golf
Course in Brooklyn.
Relocating the summit to a new
venue across the Verrazano-Nar-
rows Bridge is a logical next step
SIBOR to continue Pack to School program
in its growth as a prominent busi-
ness event, said Sandy Krueger,
Talking about global real es-
tate requires that we expand hori-
zons beyond our boundaries,
Krueger explained. We see this
initiative evolving into a citywide
A variety of notable businesses
and organizations will partici-
pate at the summit, such as: Dou-
glas Elliman Real Estate; Hal-
stead Property; New York Wheel;
Sotheby's International Realty;
Toll Brothers; New York City Eco-
nomic Development Corp.; NYC
Department of City Planning; Special to Business Trends
NYU School of Professional Stud- From left, Realtors Kevin Swetsky and Mike Gentilesco work with Assistant Principal Anthony Casella in
ies Schack Institute of Real Es- distributing SIBOR Pack To School supplies in 2015 to students at PS 25/South Richmond High School,
tate; Wells Fargo Home Mortgage; Pleasant Plains. For the full story, please see page 10.
Empire State Bank; HSBC Bank
USA; Lennar Urban; Turnberry
Associates; Triangle Equities;
Keller Williams Realty; CBRE,
and others.
The daylong event also will in-
Developing culture on the waterfront
clude the Global Real Estate Sum- By TIM RONALDSON planning and improvement projects are tak- tural programs.
mits 2016 media partners: Staten Business Trends ing place on every corner. Last month, the Design Trust for Public
Island Media Group (Staten Is- Now, with the recent announcement of a Space and Staten Island Arts announced the
land Advance/SILive.com), Star Staten Islands North Shore is undergoing new vision program, the North Shore will
rapid changes. Development is thriving, and also be seeing an infusion of integrated cul- please see CULTURE page 14
please see BRIEFS, page 2

Charitable Giving column

Naming a charity as your beneficiary
of your retirement plan.

Monthly Update
marie@SIBOR.com. digital service capabilities avail-
BRIEFS MassMutual announces
able through MassMutual.
For more than 165 years,
Continued from page 1 MassMutual and its affiliated fi-
new affiliation nancial professionals have had a
MassMutual New York South long and rich heritage of helping
TEMPORARY PERSONNEL / STAFFING FOR YOUR: Network, and Brooklyn Home Re- recently announced that it is now families and businesses reach
porter, and participation from affiliated with Massachusetts Mu- their financial goals by operating
Custodial / Superintendant Needs such media companies as NY1 tual Life Insurance Company for the long-term benefit of its
Vacation Coverage News and The Real Deal. (MassMutual). MassMutual New policyowners afforded by being a
Handy Man Repairs The presenting sponsor of York South is located in Staten Is- mutually-owned company, said
SIBORs 10th annual Global Real land, and Brooklyn. John Vaccaro, a senior vice presi-
Interior / Exterior Maintenance Estate Summit is InterContinen- The affiliation follows an an- dent with MassMutual. As part
Emergency Staffing tal Capital Group. nouncement by MassMutual and of the MassMutual family, Mass-
The Sept. 15 conference will MetLife on July 5 that the acquisi- Mutual New York South will help
Truck with driver available (local) take place 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the tion by MassMutual of MetLifes even more people secure their fu-
Dyker Beach Golf Course, 1020 Premier Client Group has been tures and protect the ones they
86th St., Brooklyn. The event in- completed. love through strong portfolio of
cludes a day filled with informa- MassMutual New York South financial products and services
emp shows
shows u
p at
at yyour
our b
usiness aatt the
the ttime
ime rrequired
equired tion and networking opportuni- was previously affiliated with for local businesses and resi-
One person
person oorr several
several ties for real estate professionals MetLife, under the name MetLife dents.
and entrepreneurs seeking to Premier Client Group, New York Managing Partner Bob Begun
work with foreign buyers. South. heads MassMutual New York
One call
call to
to P
roject-One does
does it
it ffor
or y
ou! For ticket information and pur- Under its new affiliation, Mass- South and brings 18 years of fi-
chases, or to learn more about the Mutual New York South firm will nancial services experience to the
a l l Jean
J e a n ((718)
718) 7
61-8390 2016 Global Real Estate Summit, continue to deliver the exception- practice. He is joined by 100 asso-
log onto SIBORglobal.com, or al service and personalized guid- ciates, including 70 financial pro-
contact Annmarie Izzo at SIBOR ance that clients rely on today
at (718) 928-3223 or email Ann- with the addition of expanded please see BRIEFS, page 12

Rd. 7 p.m. Call 718-420-1966. cis Staten, 697 Forest Ave. 12:30 to
MONDAY College of S.I., Small Bus. Dev. Ctr. 1:30 p.m. Members and guests wel-
Bus. Outreach Ctr of SI/WBCLDC Business Counseling: CSI, 2800 come. For info, call 718-370-3140.
Small Bus. Counseling Victory Blvd. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. No College of S.I., Small Bus. Dev. Ctr.
MWBE/BOC Capital: WBCLDC, 705 charge. For info, call the SBDC at Business Counseling: Chamber of
Forest Ave., 2nd Fl. By appointment 718-982-2560. Commerce, 130 Bay St. 9 a.m. No
only. For info, call 718-816-4775. charge. Call 718-982-2560.
Kiwanis Club of Richmond Co.: College of S.I., Small Bus. Dev. Ctr.
LaFontana Restaurant, 2879 Amboy
TUESDAY Business Counseling: CSI, 2800
Victory Blvd. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. No
Greater New Dorp Networking charge. Call the SBDC at 982-2560.
Group: 8 a.m. Perkins, 1409 Hylan
Blvd. For information, call Steve
Lombardo at 718-702-8623.
Richmond Business Connections: WEDNESDAY
Z One, 1821 Richmond Ave. 8 a.m. Bus. Outreach Ctr of SI/WBCLDC
For information, call Ronald P. Small Bus. Counseling
Cutrone at (347) 258-8131 or visit MWBE/BOC Capital: WBCLDC, 705
http://rbcofsi.com. Forest Ave., 2nd Fl. By appointment
SI Business Friends: 7:30 - 8:45 only. For info, call 718-816-4775.
a.m. Hilton Garden Inn, 1100 South Richmond County Referral Source:
Ave. For information, call Dr. Richard Comfort Inn. 7:00 to 8:15 a.m. For
Bove at 718-938-5978 or visit info, email jcmexp@aol.com
www.sibfnetwork.com. Staten Island Business Council:
Bus. Outreach Ctr of SI/WBCLDC Andrews Diner, 4160 Hylan Blvd. 7
Small Bus. Counseling a.m. Members and invited guests
MWBE/BOC Capital: WBCLDC, 705 only. For info, call 347-855-4488 or
Forest Ave., 2nd Fl. By appointment send an e-mail to info@sibizcoun-
only. For info, call 718-816-4775. cil.com.
Direct120.com, Ultimate Think Bucks Business Network: Hamp-
Tank: Lorenzos, 1100 South Ave. For ton Inn, 1120 South Ave. 7:45 a.m.
info, visit www.direct120.com. For info, call 718-351-2557 or visit
Kiwanis Club of South Shore: www.sibucks.com.
LaFontana, 2879 Amboy Rd. 7:30 Kiwanis Club of Brighton: Jodys
p.m. For info, call 718-370-2770. Club Forest, 372 Forest Ave. 7:30
SCORE Business Counseling: S.I. p.m. For info, call 718-348-0505.
Bank & Trust, 1550 Richmond Rd. 9 Kiwanis Club of North Central:
a.m. to noon. No appointment nec- LiGrecis Staten, 697 Forest Ave.
essary. No charge. For info, call 718- 7:30 p.m. Call Len Bosso at 718-442-
727-1221. 7804.
Business Guild I of the S.I. Cham- SCORE Business Counseling:
ber of Commerce: Hilton Garden Chamber of Commerce, 130 Bay St.
Inn, 1100 South Ave. 7:45 a.m. Mem- 9 to 11:30 a.m. Appointment neces-
bers and invited guests only. Call sary. No charge. Call 718-727-1221.
Michael Anicito at 646-606-2111. E.L.I.T.E. (Executive, Leadership,
Business Network Intl. (BNI) Net- Interactive, Team, Effort) Net-
work Alliance Chapter: Z-One working Group: 1110 South Ave. 8
Lounge, 1821 Richmond Ave. 7 to a.m. New members welcome. For
8:30 a.m. For info, call Timothy info, call 347-273-1375.
Houston at 718-981-8600.
Rotary Club Staten Island: LiGre- please see EVENTS, page 9

Parisi Rampulla & Lenza, P.C.

78 Martin Avenue | Staten Island, NY, 10314
(718) 761-3333
Short Sales, Mortgage Modification,
Foreclosure Defense

in our opinion

Sports betting dead ... for now 66 Willow Avenue

Staten Island, NY 10305

Court ruling just means the fight for legal sports betting will be delayed JOE EISELE

et another court struck down many, if any, more legal options to le- $150 billion in wagers placed each year TIM RONALDSON
hard against our neighbors galize sports betting in its state, it has with illegal bookmakers, who are ei- Executive Editor
fight for legal sports betting the changing landscape of public opin- ther affiliated with organized crime STEVE COPPOLA
last month. This time, it was the Unit- ion on its side. rings or are stationed overseas. Director

ed States Court of Appeals for the People in this country are becoming New Jersey also has some powerful RICHARD GRADO
Third Circuit, which ruled against OK with sports betting; its easier for allies on its side. Legislators in our
New Jerseys wishes to operate legal them to swallow now than it was, say state of New York, California and ROBERT CUTRONA
sports betting in casinos and race- more than 24 years ago, when PASPA Pennsylvania are also trying to legal-
tracks. was enacted. Seton Hall University ize sports betting in their states. LAWRENCE RAMPULLA
The court upheld the federal Profes- conducted a recent poll that found that All this foreshadows the next move
sional and Amateur Sports Protection 63 percent of people believe betting on a lobbying effort at the federal level to
Publisher Emeritus
Act, which prohibits all but four states sports should be legal, with 68 percent have the law changed. With the change
from operating or licensing sports bet- saying its legality should be decided in government scheduled for Janu- Chairman
ting. The court ruled 10-2 in favor of on the state level. ary no matter who wins the race
Business Trends is mailed each month to the
upholding the law, striking perhaps The fact is that there is a lot of its the perfect time to reach a captive business and community leaders of Staten
the last legal blow to New Jerseys money at stake here, too. Nevada ac- audience. Island. To be added to the mailing list, e-
mail joe@sibiztrends.com. To submit a
fight for legal sports betting ... cepted $4.2 billion in sports wagers For the sake of New Yorks state in- news release, email news@sibiztrends.com.
... At least for now. last year. Thats a lot of money, but its come, lets hope that captive audience For advertising info, call 718-775-3154 or
While New Jersey doesnt have nothing compared to the estimated agrees with our take on the topic. email joe@sibiztrends.com.

Optimize your landing page for success

By BRIDGET WESTON POLLACK page helps ensure that customers find your for a free trial? ing a smile can go a long way to build cus-
No matter your industry, a well-designed small business for what youre known for. Buy a subscription? Order a starter tomer confidence in your company.
landing page can make or break your sales This doesnt mean your widget shop pack? Schedule a consultation? Make that If youre feeling stuck, you may want to
funnel. It might be your homepage or the should use widget every other word. You next step for your customer crystal clear. explore landing-page services, such as Un-
first step in your sales funnel. Wherever it dont want to turn off your customers by But be sure your call-to-action is clear bounce, Leadpages, OptimizePress or
is, your landing page exists to convince offering them a webpage that looks like and singular. PageWiz. These services arent free, but
your customer to take the next step. spam. A set of options for customers may con- they come with easy-to-use templates and
A great landing page quells concerns Intersperse your landing pages lan- fuse them, distract them or deter them optimization tools to make sure your land-
about your product or service, makes your guage with keywords your customers can from making a purchase. ing page works for you.
value stand out beyond the competitions identify with. If youre not sure what By making their next step simple and Still not sure if youve developed a clear
and asks customers to take action. theyre searching for, check Google Ad- even foolproof, you have a greater chance landing page for your business? Show it to
Its not an informational page; its a words Keyword Tool to look for long-tail of convincing your customer to follow a SCORE mentor for feedback and practi-
place to start engaging with customers one keywords that match your industry, prod- through. cal tips.
on one. uct or service.
Luckily, it doesnt take a lot of web de- Dont forget images Bridget Weston Pollack is the vice president
sign know-how to put together an effective Choose a clear call-to-action Whatever youre selling, nows the time of marketing and communications at the
landing page on your website. Whether your customers are coming to make sure it shines. Use large, clear pho- SCORE Association. In this role, Bridget is re-
Remember the following when compos- from search, social media or another tos of your work, and place them strategi- sponsible for all branding, marketing, PR and
ing your own landing page source, remember to guide them like you cally throughout your landing page. If communication efforts. She focuses on imple-
would a visitor to your store or office. Give youre selling a service rather than a prod- menting marketing plans and strategies for the
Include important keywords customers a clear call-to-action: the thing uct, use professional photos of your team organization to facilitate the growth of
Using top keywords on your landing they should do next. Should they sign up or action shots of your staff on the job. See- SCOREs mentoring and trainings services.

Sweet 16s
Experiential retail attracts millennials
Birthday Parties By James Prendamano terfront views, acres of parkland, friends and family.
Much much more! A June 19 article in Womens incredible restaurants and a pop- Staten Island is embracing the
.................................. Wear Daily announced that ulation that boasts one of the concept of experiential retail, es-
Steve White Neiman Marcus Group Ltd. LLC highest median family incomes pecially along the Bay Street cor-
6 Genesee Avenue reported an 81 percent decline in in all of New York City. Yet for ridor. A quick Google search will
Staten Island, NY 10308 profits, going from $19.8 million years, Staten Island has been turn up thousands of photos of
Phone: 718.317.5025 to $3.8 million, marking a drop in overlooked by some retailers who Flagship Brewery on Minthorne
Cell: 917.446.4029 Staten Arts Photography sales for its third consecutive preferred to be located in Manhat- posted on various social media
Email: statenarts@aol.com www.statenartsphotography.com quarter. tan or the other more populated sites by Millennials. Places such
Across the board the numbers boroughs. With real estate ex- as Coffeed located in Urby the
are down significantly and the perts predicting that the per 900 unit mixed use project on the
culprit, they say, is a decline square foot cost of Manhattan Stapleton waterfront that con-
in tourist traffic and an oil patch real estate will soon become pro- tains a working farm will cer-
disruption in Texas. hibitive, retailers are seeking new tainly be a favorite of Millennials
The article goes on to state, ways to attract customers espe- who are the target market for the
losing Brazilian and Russian cially Millennials. residences.
tourists has negatively impacted How best to attract Millennials Millennials are the most likely
the store in cities such as Flori- is the No. 1 question among retail- group to become part of the 30
da. ers. However there are opposing percent projected population
$ # % " !" Foot traffic is a key component
to retail success, which is why re-
opinions about the best way to tap
into the $14 trillion Millennials
growth along the Bay Street corri-
dor once the mayors rezoning is
tailers located near tourist attrac- will spend by year 2020. adopted.
tions or in destination based re- Some believe online shopping They will also make up a large
tail facilities do well unless is the future of retail, but the percentage of tourists and resi-
$ ! %" ! those tourists dry up or the retail WWD article points out that dents visiting the New York
facility fails to adjust to the while online retail sales are up, Wheel and Empire Outlets once
!! "# % "$ # & # # " changing needs of the consumer. they are generated by new cus- they are open on the waterfront.
When that happens, all bets are tomers who are spending less. At With this in mind, it makes sense
off. the same time, a report released for retailers who are struggling
Staten Island has always been by OpinionLabshows that Millen- with the decision whether to open
the home to the Staten Island nials prefer the brick and mortar a new location or expand their on-
Ferry, one of New York Citys experience to online shopping be- line presence, to make their
most visited icons carrying cause they want to feel the mate- brand part of the Staten Island
70,000-plus passengers daily. Stat- rial, try on their purchases and experience.
en Island also has spectacular wa- compare prices. They also enjoy For retailers skeptical about re-
the socialization of shopping at lying on tourist traffic alone to
centers where a pre-shopping bring them success, they should
brunch or post-shopping dinner consider the following facts: there
adds to the experience. are 15 million people living with-
This tech savvy generation in a 45 minute drive of Staten Is-
documents nearly every aspect of land; 8 million people living in
their lives through photographs New York City spend $78 billion
that are instantly uploaded to so- retail dollars annually; and Stat-
cial media sites. Facebook, Twit- en Islanders generate $1.2 billion
SCORE is the most recognized and utilized provider of ter, Instagram, Pinterest and in retail demand.
FREE Confidential Mentoring and Educational services to Americas small businesses. Snap Chat provide a viewer with With numbers like these, retail-
a virtual tour of a day in the life ers seeking to attract Millennials
Let SCORE help YOU! of a Millennial. From a colorful should be comfortable locating
salad served in an eclectic restau- their brand on Staten Island.
BUILD GROW THRIVE rant on Smith Street in Brooklyn,
to an antique pillbox hat pur- James Prendamano is a managing
Call: 718-727-1221 chased at a second hand store on director for Casandra Properties,
Email: info@scoresi.org Bay Street in Staten Island, Mil- Inc., Staten Islands premier real es-
lennials are attracted to experien- tate firm, specializing in all facets of
Web: www.statenisland.SCORE.org tial retail that can be shared with transactional real estate.

Staten Island SCORE New Headquarters

1855 Victory Boulevard, Staten Island, NY 10314
Walk-Ins Welcome Visit us on the Web at www.sibiztrends.com
Tuesdays & Thursdays from 9:00 am to Noon
Other Times By Appointment Only

Monthly Update
ta Diner, 921 Richmond Ave. 7:30 to Business Counseling: CSI, 2800

EVENTS 9:00 a.m. Call 718-981-0700.

SCORE Business Counseling: SI
Victory Blvd. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For
info, call 718-982-2560.
Continued from page 4 Bank & Trust, 1550 Richmond Rd. 9 Community Emergency Response
a.m. to noon. No appointment nec- Team (CERT): 7 p.m. For info. and
College of S.I., Small Bus. Dev. Ctr. essary. No charge. Call 718-727-1221. locations, call John Tidona at 448-
Business Counseling: CSI, 2800 Rotary Club of North Shore: LiGre- 7160 or portrichcert@yahoo.com.
Victory Blvd. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For cis Staten, 697 Forest Ave. 7 p.m.
info, call 718-982-2560. For info, call Christine DeHart at
Business Network Intl. (BNI) High
Achievers Chapter: PKs Restau- Bus. Outreach Ctr of SI/WBCLDC
THURSDAY rant,1281 Arthur Kill Rd. 7 to 8:30 Small Bus. Counseling
Bus. Outreach Ctr of SI/WBCLDC a.m. For info, call Timothy Houston MWBE/BOC Capital: WBCLDC, 705
Small Bus. Counseling at 718-981-8600. Forest Ave., 2nd Fl. By appointment
MWBE/BOC Capital: WBCLDC, 705 only. For info, call 718-816-4775.
Business Guild II of the S.I. Cham-
Forest Ave., 2nd Fl. By appointment ber of Commerce: Hilton Garden
only. For info, call 718-816-4775. Inn, 1100 South Ave. 7:45 to 8:45
Kiwanis Club of Staten Island:
LiGrecis Staten, 697 Forest Ave.
a.m. Members and invited guests
only. For info, call Lou Rizzo at 718-
SCORE Business Counseling: St.
7:30 p.m. For info, call 718-967-4345 490-0057.
George Library, 5 Central Ave. 10
or kiwanisclubofstatenisland.com. Business Guild III of the SI Cham- a.m. to noon. Appointment neces-
Rotary Club of South Shore: Man- ber of Commerce: Hilton Garden sary. No charge. Call 718-442-8560.
sion Grand, 141 Mansion Ave. 12:15 Inn, 1100 South Ave. 8 a.m. New
SCORE Business Counseling: Rich-
p.m. For info, call 718-987-2061 or members welcome. Call Nick Testa
mondtown Library, 200 Clarke Ave.
visit southshorerotary.org. at 646-823-4494.
10 to 11:30 a.m. Call 718-668-0413.
Rotary Club Mid-Island: New Dako- College of S.I., Small Bus. Dev. Ctr.

on the job SIBOR to continue its annual

Staten Island Economic
she spearheads the companys
program for the creation of pri-
this designation.
Headquartered in the greater
Pack To School program
Development Corp. vate and public partnerships Dallas, Texas, area, HD Vest is a More than 500 students at PS The supplies represent dona-
The Staten Island Economic bringing development to urban leading independent broker-deal- 373 in New Brighton will be start- tions and merchandise from the
Develop- areas throughout New York City. er focused on empowering holis- ing the new school year with an Island's real estate professionals
ment Corp. Goldman had previously been tic financial advice that encom- essential assortment of brand and arrive at SIBOR's offices to be
recently wel- employed by the New York City passes wealth management solu- new classroom supplies, courtesy apportioned into backpacks.
comed Elysa Economic Development Corpora- tions. of the Staten Island Board of Re- Putting the supplies into the
Goldman of tion for the Giuliani and Dinkins The Premier Advisors Forum altors. backpacks becomes a large effort
Triangle Eq- administrations. is an annual event that honors Now in its 14th year, SIBORs with participation by Realtors,
uities as a Her specific expertise is in suc- HD Vests top 75 performing advi- Pack To School program has family members, students seek-
Cabinet cessfully navigating Triangle sors from across the country and provided thousands of backpacks ing community-service hours,
member. through the citys land use ap- brings together the firms senior stocked with marble notebooks, a and other volunteers, Smith said.
Triangle proval processes as well as adding executives and leading financial ruler, crayons (24-count), wash- In addition to the supplies,
Equities was value through the clean-up of en- industry educational partners. able markers, pocket folders, glue each child is presented with a
Goldman established vironmentally challenged proper- As part of the Premier Advi- sticks, pencils and a pencil box to Best Wishes for a Successful
in 1986 by ties. sors Forum, which took place at Island school children. School Year note. In early Sep-
Lester Petracca and is a highly re- She holds a masters of science Four Seasons Resort Whistler, We take pride in our borough tember, Realtor volunteers from
garded professional, full-service, degree in real estate development Canada, from July 18-21, Vento and enjoy helping some of the across the Island will spend the
real estate development firm. Tri- from New York University. joined with other leading HD youngest members of our com- morning personally distributing
angles portfolio includes sub- Vest-affiliated advisors in educa- munity begin their new school supply-filled backpacks to the stu-
stantial work in mixed-use, office, JOHN J. VENTO tional meetings and networking year on a high note, said Claire dents. Anyone who would like to
retail, residential and hotel assets HD Vest events, along with an awards cer- Bisignano Chesnoff, president of make a donation can contact
throughout New York City and John J. Vento, CPA, MBA, CFP, emony and dinner. SIBOR. Smith at (718) 928-3230.
state. based in Staten Island, was recog- Roger Ochs, president and CEO This year, SIBORs goal is to Items may be dropped off at all
Goldman joined Triangle Equi- nized by HD Vest at its recent Pre- of HD Vest, said, Every year I provide hundreds of backpacks participating Realtor offices and
ties in 1996 to manage the devel- mier Advisors Forum as one of look forward to our Premier Ad- filled with student essentials, said at SIBOR headquarters, 1535
opment process. With more than HD Vests most successful advi- visors Forum and the opportuni- Linda F. Smith, SIBOR director of Richmond Ave., Suite No.3, in the
25 years of experience in acquisi- sors. This is the ninth year in a membership and coordinator of Bulls Head/Graniteville commu-
tion, development and leasing, row that Vento was honored with please see JOB, page 11 SIBORs Pack To School program. nity.


Naming a charity a beneficiary

of your retirement plan
By ERIKA HELLSTROM they are not subject to income be properly recognized and they
The world is complicated, and tax. can make a note in their files.
planning ahead with your fi- It doesnt have to be the whole Not sure who to give to? Con-
nances isnt always so straightfor- plan! You can designate a percent- sider helping children and adults
ward! Planned giving to charita- age to the charity, so that you can with autism on Staten Island!
ble organizations can seem com- ensure proper care of your loved Name Eden II Programs as a frac-
plicated. It usually involves an at- ones. Even designating 10 percent tional beneficiary on your plan.
torney and legal documents. can be a helpful planned gift for The tax ID is 13-2872916 and ad-
There is an easy way to make a the nonprofit as they plan for dress is 15 Beach St., Staten Is-
planned gift now that doesnt re- their future with sustainable land, NY 10304. Eden II is cele-
quire an attorney or too much sources of funding. Of course, if brating its 40th anniversary this
pain. your relationship ends with the year, and looks forward to the
Most of us have an IRA, 401k or nonprofit or your priorities next 40.
403b plan through our current or change, you can easily change the
former employers. The qualified beneficiary designation at any Erika Hellstrom is the chief devel-
employee benefit plans accumu- time. opment officer at Eden II Programs
late tax free during your lifetime. Contact your 401k or 403b plan and executive director of the Eden II
At death, they are subject to tax. (ex. Fidelity Investments) and & Genesis Foundation. Established in
Any taxable beneficiary who re- they will have you fill out a sim- 1976, Eden II Programs serves more
ceives a distribution from your ple form and have you write your than 500 individuals throughout the

S tories ttransform
ransform even
retirement plan (as a result of the fractional beneficiary details New York City area as well as Nassau
death of the owner) must pay in- with the exact percentage. You and Suffolk counties. The mission of

he ssimplest
implest fruit.
come tax on the entire amount re- will also need the organizations Eden II is to support people with
ceived. However, by naming your full name and tax ID, and present autism throughout their lives to
favorite charity as a beneficiary, it location. You should also notify achieve their full potential through
becomes tax exempt for them, as the organization so that you can service, science and passion.

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On the Job snack. But
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Month. pleted on time and within budget.
JOB Award-winning DiFazio Indus-
T hrough tthe power
he p off storytelling.
ower o storytelling.
Continued from page 10 perience in a Staten Island Economic
wide variety Development Corp.
of construc- The Staten Island Economic
ty to meet with our most success- tion projects Development Corp. has welcomed
ful advisors and personally con- with clients Anthony Rodinelli of Direct En-
gratulate them. Their ongoing that include ergy as a new Cigi member.
commitment to their clients and public utili- Direct Energy Business is part
to their profession truly sets them ties, private of a leading energy and energy-
apart. industries related services provider that is
Their excellence in client serv- DiFazio and govern- focused on helping customers
ice is an inspiration for other ad- ment agen- make their businesses better.
visors in our firm and, indeed, cies. With more than 30 years of Through energy choice and a
throughout the financial indus- experience in construction, the suite of innovative products and
try. multi-disciplined team of profes- services, customers can buy less
sionals and skilled craftsman, electricity and natural gas and
JOHN DIFAZIO combined with proven project better manage the impact of ener-
Staten Island Economic
Story Architects:
Architects: D
rafting n
arratives tthat
hat p
ropel o
rganizations fforward.
management techniques, is what gy on their operations.
Development Corp. makes DiFazio a cut above the Visit the website directenergy-
The Staten Island Economic rest. business.com to learn more about Smart businesses
Smart businesses connect
connect with
with their
their best
best prospects
prospects through
through stories.
Development Corp. recently Safety, efficiency and reliabili- how they can help your business Learn how
Learn how you
you can
can do
do the
the same
same at:
at: woden.me
named John DiFazio of DiFazio ty are what customers can expect navigate the energy opportuni-
Industries as its Member of the along with a project that is com- ties in your area.

Monthly Update
Regrets only to Carol Lundrig-
BRIEFS an at (917) 442-0358 or CarolLun-
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South Shore Rotary
fessionals, all of whom specialize donates $100k
in helping area residents, fami- The South Shore Rotary Club
lies and businesses prepare for at a recent meeting announced
the future, as well as business and that more than $100,000 has been
estate planning, retirement in- gifted during the last year to local
come planning and special needs organizations.
planning. Members work hard as volun-
At MassMutual New York teers to create and implement
South, we strive to provide our special events that raise funds,
customers with the tools neces- said William Barillari, Esq., im-
sary to help maximize their re- mediate past president, during a
sources, make smart financial de- current ceremony presenting
cisions and meet their financial funding to Staten Island groups.
goals, Begun said. Our affilia- As a result of our members com-
tion with MassMutual positions mitment to pooling their talent,
us strongly to continue this mis- resources and time to develop
sion and also expands our ability successful fundraising experi-
to serve the New York community ences, we are proud to present
and the surrounding area more than $100,000 to assist our
through our shared passion for community.
community service. The South Shore Rotary is
In fact, MassMutual and the comprised of business and pro-
MassMutual Foundation are com- fessional men and women who
mitted to strengthening the eco- share the mission to provide serv-
nomic vitality of local communi- ice to others, promote integrity,
ties by providing financial educa- and advance community and
tion programs such as its signa- world understanding, goodwill,
ture FutureSmart initiative that and peace with 1.2 million Rotary
seeks to reach 2 million middle members worldwide.
and high school students across
the country by 2020. Genesis Golf Outing
In addition, MassMutuals
LifeBridge program, a free term- to be held Sept. 26
life insurance program for eligi- The 17th Annual Genesis Golf
ble families designed to help pro- Outing, supporting Long Island
tect children's educational aspira- Programs and services for indi-
tions (MassMutual pays the pre- viduals with Autism, will be held
miums) is offered nationally, and on Sept. 26 at the Fresh Meadow
Community Service Award Country Club.
grants are awarded to eligible The Eden II & Genesis Founda-
nonprofit organizations in recog- tion is sponsoring the event, and
nition of the exemplary local vol- board member Christina
unteer efforts of affiliated finan- Thivierge of Thivierge & Roth-
cial professionals. berg, P.C., will be honored during
the outing.
Soroptimist to hold next At the event, there will be an
Ultimate Golf Getaway Super
meeting Sept. 14 Raffle for a trip to the Scottsdale
Soroptimist International of Championship in Arizona. The
Staten Island will host its next drawing will be held on Monday,
meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 14 at Sept. 26. Raffle tickets are $100
6:30 p.m. at LiGrecis Staaten. The each, and winners do not need to
cost for dinner is $35. be present to win.
The guest speaker will be To purchase tickets, go to
Nancy Sayegh Rooney, a lung www.eden2.org/GolfRaffle or con-
nurse navigator, who will speak tact a development associate at
about lung cancer screening for (516) 937-1397 ext. 531.
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& #"' ' " % ' % %' + #!

*** % + #!

Culture on the North Shore waterfront

will result in a plan that will in- urally occurring cultural dis-
CULTURE form long-term strategies for
neighborhood revitalization, sus-
trict along the North Shore, and
ideas for better wayfinding to im-
Continued from page 1 tainability and equitable econom- prove the pedestrian experience
ic development, ensuring the so- and help mitigate the impact of
cial, ethnic and economic diversi- the millions of additional visitors
launch of a multi-year project, ty of the community for years to expected to visit Staten Island.
Future Culture: Connecting come, officials said in a release. Gareth Smit, a photo urban-
Staten Islands Waterfront, that The five Design Trust fellows ism fellow and a visual storyteller
will bring five visionary urban- who will work on the project are: whose photographs are regularly
ists together to work with local Lisa Dahl, a participatory art featured in The New York Times.
artists, community members, fellow and a Staten Island artist He will bring an established body
area developers and city agencies who won the Community Artist of work on Staten Island. He will
to ensure the North Shore has in- Award for the Historic Tappen document the rich cultural com-
tegrated cultural programs. Park Community Partnerships munity and changing urban land-
The Design Trust for Public Illuminate Stapleton initiative, scape of Staten Island's North
Space and its fellows plan to ex- and completed a public art com- Shore through photography.
amine how art and cultural activ- mission at the Staten Island Ferry The project has the participa-
ities can enrich public- and pri- Terminal. She will organize a tion and support of the city Eco-
vately-controlled open space on multi-faceted community engage- nomic Development Corp. and de-
the North Shore. ment process to encompass a di- velopers such as BFC Partners,
We will test design and pro- verse and broad spectrum of per- Ironstate, New York Wheel and
gramming recommendations spectives on the Staten Island cul- Triangle Equities, officials said.
through public art pilots. Quar- ture, including the activities of Staten Islands waterfront in-
terly newsletters will apprise the the local maritime and creative cluding St. George, Tomp-
St. George, Tompkinsville and industries, the festivals and prac- kinsville and Stapleton neighbor-
Stapleton communities and poli- tices of the North Shores many hoods a Naturally Occurring
cy makers with the findings and different ethnic groups, and the Cultural District is home to
elicit their input. These efforts projects of cultural institutions. hundreds of artists and arts or-
Ben Margolis, a policy fellow, ganizations, officials said in a re-
who has more than 20 years of ex- lease. The area hosts multiple
perience working on economic private development projects and
development projects in the pub- related New York City govern-
lic, private and nonprofit sectors, ment initiatives, such as the Bay
among them the New York City Street Corridor Plan. This diverse
Economic Development Corp. community faces challenges in
and The Brookings Institution. planning for cohesive, quality
He will identify key opportunities public space during a rapid trans-
for the local cultural community formation.
by analyzing the political context The project will initiate a com-
and market conditions of the mon understanding and shared
North Shore. His findings will purpose among the arts commu-
guide the creation of a series of nity, private developers and busi-
policy recommendations. ness owners, and public agencies
Margie Ruddick, an urban de- about the character of the public
sign fellow and a Cooper-Hewitt realm on the waterfront. Artists
National Design Award winner, will be able to access and use new
who led the Queens Plazas ac- spaces, including key public- and
claimed renovation. She will de- privately-owned sites and store-
velop design and site recommen- fronts, for the production and
dations for effectively facilitating presentation of their work. Devel-
and integrating public art and opers will have the tools to help
cultural activities into the built them plan, operate and sustain
environment. She will analyze cultural activities to enliven and
the physical context, ecology, nat- connect their properties to the
ural systems and transportation areas neighborhoods, officials
infrastructure of the North said. City agencies will have a cul-
Shore. tural plan to complement the Bay
John Schettino, a graphic de- Street Corridor rezoning in 2017-
sign fellow and the creator of the 18, the citywide cultural plan and
The New York Penn Station Atlas, other agency initiatives.
a personal wayfinding tool for For more information, visit de-
Americas busiest transit hub. He signtrust.org/projects/future-cul-
will build an identity for the nat- ture.