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Comprising a Complete Directory of the

General Conference, all Division, Union.
and Local Conferences, Mission Fields,
Educational Institutions, Publishing
Houses, Periodicals, and Sanitariums.
Also a survey of the field for 191$, with
Statistical Tables.


.(Reconstituted in 1
H. E. ROGERS, Statistical Secretary of
ici '



Take me, Lord, this year and use me,

Use me in thy work below;
I no other mind would cherish,
Thy will only would I know.

Thke me, Lord, this year -and use me,

All my powers I give to thee;
Sanctify and make them holy,
Thy salvation I would see.

Take me, Lord, this year and use me

In thy work for dying men;
I would spend and be spent for thee,
Till my Lord shall come again.

Take me, Lord, this year and use me,

Faith reveals the triumph near;
I would share that coming triumph,
Willing bear the burden here. .
THE Year Book for 1916 indicates many changes over previous
issues, not only in names and addresses of officials and workers, but
also in organizations and grouping of territory. The most important
change in territorial lines will be found under the Asiatic Division
Conference, in which Australasia, China, India, and the East Indies
are grouped under one division organization.
The rapid growth of this work throughout the field, and the many
changes thus made necessary, have occasioned many corrections in the
directories, even while being prepared for the press. At the time of
closing the pages for printing this issue, the number of conferences,
missions, and institutions, and their distribution in various portions of
the field, are indicated by the following table:
Local Pub. Sanita-
Division Unions Confs. Missions Schools Houses riums
N. American 12 68 2 44 14 18
European 10 45 47 6 12 0
Asiatic 6 8 29 18 7 4
S. American 3 4 11 2 2 1
S. African 1 3 11 1 1 3
W. Indian 1 3 1
N. Latin Amer. 8 1
Bahamas 1
Hawaiian 1
Totals 33 131 110 71 38 32
The foregoing shows that the entire world is arranged in four divis-
ion conferences, two unattached unions, one group of eight mission fields,
and two local missions, a total of 278 organizations completely organ-
ized and in full working order, with forces of laborers of various kinds
engaged in service throughout the field. As auxiliaries, there are 141
institutions 71 advanced schools, 38 publishing houses and branches,
and 32 sanitariums, besides a number of other institutional interests.
The one outstanding feature of this issue is the fact that this cause
is growing very rapidly in every way. Some of this growth is set
forth in the statistical tables; but these can not reveal all the increase.
Only ten years ago 81 pages were required to give a complete directory
of all our conferences and missions; now, 164 are necessary. Then
there were 168 conferences and missions; now, 278. In 1906 there were
3,502 laborers; the last returns, for 1914, show a total of 5,313. Dur-
ing the past ten years 976 missionaries (not including children) have
been sent into service in foreign mission fields.
Necessarily, the larger portion of the directory matter consists of
proper names, personal and geographical, some of which may seem pe-
culiar, and not to harmonize with one's accustomed ideas in these mat-
ters; but they are not necessarily incorrect because of this fact. Forms
and usages current in fields in which reports originate have been fol-
lowed, notwithstanding the use of forms in certain cases which may
seem inaccurate. Thus there will be found proper names without in.,
itials relating to certain native workers in India and the Pacific
Islands who do not follow such forms. And in the ministerial directory
occur addresses beginning with an initial, which abbreviation, coming
after the initial of the proper name, seems to imply ari error in punctua-
tion. Other peculiarities will be observed, occurring, however, not with-
out intention; in some cases proper names have been changed from
former spelling, upon request of the worker.


Directory of the Seventh-day Ad-
ventist Denomination.
Organized May 21, 1863.

Territory: The North American, Treasurer: W. T. Knox, Takoma

European, Asiatic, and South Park Station, Washington,
American Division Conferences; D. C.
the following-named Union Con- Auditor: J. J. Ireland, Takoma
ferences: South African, West Park Station, Washington, D. C.
Indian, and the missions of
Bahamas Hawaii, Mexico, Gua- APPOINTED ASSISTANTS.
temala, Salvador,
' North Hon- Field Secretary: W. W. Prescott,
duras, South Honduras, Porto Takoma Park Station, Wash-
Rico, Haiti, and Cuba. ington, D. C.
Cable Address: Adventist, Wash- Assistant Secretary: J. L. Shaw,
ington. (A B C Code, fifth Takoma Park Station, Wash-
edition.) ington, D. C.
Telegraphic Address: General Con- Office Secretary: T. E. Bowen,
ference, Washington, D. C. Takoma Park Station, Wash-
(NOT Takoma Park.) ington, D. C.
Express and Freight Address: Assistant Auditor: S. E. McNeill,
General Conference, Takoma Takoma Park Station, Wash-
Park, D. C. (NOT Washing- ington, D. C.
ton.) Consign freight via B. & Statistical Secretary: H. E. Rog-
0. Ry. ers, Takoma Park Station,
Postal Address: Takoma Park Washington, D. C.
Station, Washington, District of
Columbia, U. S. A.
President: A. G. Daniells, Takoma GENERAL CONFERENCE COM-
Park Station, Washington, D. C. MITTEE.
Vice-President for North Ameri-
can Division: I. H. Evans, Ta- General.
koma Park Station, Washington,
D. C. A. G. Daniells, Takoma Park
Vice-President for European Divi- Station, Washington, D. C.
sion: L. R. Conradi, Grindel-* I. H. Evans, Takoma Park Sta-
berg 15a, Hamburg, Germany. tion, Washington, D. C.
Vice-President for Asiatic Divi- L. R. Conradi, Grindelberg 15a,
sion: R. C. Porter, Box 523, U. Hamburg, Germany.
S. Postal Agency, Shanghai, R. C. Porter, Box 523, U. S.
China. Postal Agency, Shanghai, China.
Vice-President for South Ameri- 0. Montgomery, Florida, F. C. C.
can Division: 0. Montgomery, A., Buenos Aires, Argentina,
Florida, F. C. C. A., Buenos South America.
Aires, Argentina, South Ameri- W. A. Spicer, Takoma Park Sta-
ca. tion, Washington, D. C.
Secretary: W. A. Spicer, Takoma W. T. Knox, Takoma Park Sta-
Park Station, Washington, D. C. tion, Washington, D. C.

PRESIDENTS OF UNION CON- West Russian: J. T. Boettcher,

FERENCES. Post box 50, Saratov, Russia.
In North American Division.
In Asiatic Division.
Atlantic: R. D. Quinn, South Lan- Australasian: C. H. Watson,
caster, Mass. " Mizpah," Wahroonga, N. S. W.,
Central: R. A. Underwood, College Australia.
View, Nebr. India:
Columbia: B. G. Wilkinson, 411 North China: R. F. Cottrell, Han-
Cedar St., Takoma Park Sta- kow, China.
tion, Washington, D. C. Northeast (Asia):
Eastern Canadian: M. N. Camp-
bell, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. In South American Division.
Lake: L. H. Christian, 3145 Lyn- South American: J. W. Westphal,
dale St., Chicago, Ill. Florida, F. C. C. A.; Buenos
Northern: Chas. Thompson, 2718 Aires, Argentina, South Ameri-
Third Ave., South, Minneapolis, ca.
Minn. Brazilian: F. W. Spies, EstacAo
North Pacific: C. W. Flaiz, Col- Sao Bernardo, S. P. R., sao
lege Place, Wash. Paulo, Brazil, South America.
Pacific: E. E. Andross, Box . 146,
Glendale, Cal. Miscellaneous Union Conferences.
Southeastern: IV. H. Branson, 169
Bryan St., Atlanta, Ga. South African: W. B. White, 56
Southern: S. E. Wight, 2014 Roeland St., Cape Town, South
Twenty-third Ave., North, Nash- Africa.
ville, Tenn. West Indies: A. J. Haysmer, Riv-
Southwestern: G. F. Watson, ersdale, Jamaica, British West
Keene, Tex. Indies.
1109 Fourteenth St., West, Cal-
gary, Alberta, Canada. Sabbath-school: Mrs. L. Flora
Plummer, Takoma Park Sta-
In European Division. tion, Washington, D. C.
British: W. J. Fitzgerald, 8 Publishing: N. Z. Town, Takoma
Lancaster Road, Stroud Green, Park Station, Washington, D. C.
London, N., England. Educational: F. Griggs, Takoma
Central European: G. W. Shu- Park Station, Washington, D. C.
bert, Bauerstr. 38, Munich, Ger- Medical: W. A. Ruble, M. D., Mel-
many. rose, Mass.
Danube: J. F. Huenergardt, V., Missionary Volunteer: M. E.
Katona JOzsef-utca 28. T. 5. Kern, Takoma Park Station,
Budapest, Hungary. Washington, D. C.
East German: H. F. Schuberth, ELECTIVE MEMBERS.
Prldandstrasse 189, Berlin-Charl.,
Germany. G. T. Butler, Bowling Green, Fla.
East Russian: 0. E. Reinke, Post- W. C. White, Sanitarium, Cal.
fach 164, Petrograd, Russia. S. N. Haskell, South Lancaster,
Latin: L. P. Tieche, 1 Rue Nico- Mass. - -
las Roret, Paris XIII, France. W. C. Sisley, Stanborough Park,
Scandinavian: J. C. Raft,. Mar- Watford, Herts, England.
grethevej 5, Copenhagen, V., C. H. Jones; Mountain View, Cal.
Denmark. J. L. Shaw, Takoma Park Sta-
West German: J. G. OblAnder, tion, Washington, D. C.
Ringelstr. 43, Frankfurt a. M., E. R. Palmer, Takoma Park Sta-
Germany. tion,. Washington, D. C.

G. B. Thompson, Takoma Park R. L. Pierce, 2123 Twenty-fourth

Station Washington, D. C. Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn.
Dr. H. W. Miller, Takoma Park F. F. Byington, College View,
on, D. C.
Station,Washigt Nebr.
C. S. onga
cre, Takoma Park W. C. Sisley, Stanborough Park,
Station, Washington, D. C. Watford, Herts, England.
W. W. Prescott, Takoma Park H. Hartkop, Grindelberg 15a,
Station, Washington, D. C. Hamburg, Germany.
H. E. Meyer, 1420 Avenida ,20,
51 Members. Tacubaya, D. F., Mexico.
Jens Olsen, Akersgaden 74,
Christiania, Norway.
PUBLISHING DEPARTMENT. E. Lind, Gamla Kungsholmsbro-
gatan 38, Stockholm, Sweden.
Office Address: Takoma Park Sta- L. E. Borle, Gland, Switzerland.
tion, Washington, D. C. W. E. Lanier, 819 Indiana St.,
Manila, Philippine Islands.
J. Robert, Gland, Switzerland.
Secretary: N. Z. Town. W. H. B. Miller, Warburton, Vic-
Assistant Secretary: W. W. East- toria, Australia.
man. A. Pages, Estacao Sao Bernardo,
S. P. R., Sao Paulo, Brazil,
South America.
W. C. White, Sanitarium, Napa G. E. Hartman, Florida, F. C.
Co., Cal. C. A., Buenos Aires, Argentina,
R. C. Porter, Box 523, U. S. South America.
Postal Agency, Shanghai, China. W.T. E. Gillis, Box. 523, U. S. Pos-
L. R. Conradi, Grindelberg 15a, tal Agency, Shanghai, China.
Hamburg, Germany. B. R. Owen, Seoul, Korea.
W. B. White, 56 Roeland St., E. Parkinson, 17. Abbott Road,
Cape Town, South Africa. Lucknow, India.
J. C. Raft, Margrethevej 5, Co-
penhagen, V., Denmark. MANAGERS CIRCULATING DE-
J. T. Boettcher, Post box 50, PARTMENTS AND BRANCHES.
Saratov, Russia. H. H. Hall, Mountain View, Cal.
0. E. Reinke, Postfach 164, Pet- Jas. Cochran, Mountain View, Cal.
rograd, Russia. L. W. Graham, Room 903, 32
F. W. Spies, Sao Bernardo, Sao Union Square, New York, N. Y.
Paulo, S. P. R., Brazil, South J. W. Mace, Melville Bldg., South
America. Bend, Ind.
J. W. Westphal, Florida, F. C. C. I. A. Ford, Takoma Park Station,
A., Buenos Aires, Argentina, Washington, D. C.
South America. D. W. Reavis, Takoma Park Sta-
G. W. Caviness, 1420 Avenida 20, tion, Washington, D. C.
Tacubaya, D. F., Mexico. S. N. Curtiss, 1224 Euclid Ave.,
A. J. Haysmer, Riversdale, Jamai- Kansas City, Mo.
ca,British West Indies. G. C. Hoskin, 719 East Flanders
A. W. Anderson, Warburton, Vic- St., Portland, Oreg.
toria, Australia. J. M. Rowse, 1109 Fourteenth St.,
West, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
L. D. Randall, 169 Bryan St.,
E. R. Palmer, Takoma Park Sta- Atlanta,Ga.
tion, Washington, D. C. J. L. McConaughey, 2123 Twenty-
C. H. Jones, Mountain View, Cal. fourth Ave., North, Nashville,
S. J. Abegg, 411 West Railroad Tenn.
Ave., Fort Worth, Tex. - J. R. Ferren, College View, Nebr.

GENERAL FIELD MISSIONARY Assistant Secretary: L. A.. Han-

SECRETARIES. sen, Takoma Park Station,
V. 0. Cole, South Lancaster, Mass. Washington, D. C.
1. D. Richardson, Route 3, Silver OTHER MEMBERS.
Spring, Md. H. W. Miller, M. D., Takoma
J. B. Blosser,Berrien Springs,Mich. Park Station, Washington, 1). C.
J. W. Davis,2014 Twenty-third W. B. Holden, M. D., East Six-
Ave., Nort, Nashville, Tenn. tieth St., Portland, Oreg.
A. F. Harrison, Keene, Tex. A. C. Selmon, M. D., Box 523,
D. W. Dillen, 169 Bryan St., U. S. Postal Agency, Shanghai,
Atlanta, Ga. China.
J. H. McEachern, College View, W. C. Dunscombe, M. D., Cape
Nebr. Sanitarium, Plumstead, Cape,
C. E. Weaks, Box 523, U. S. Pos- South Africa.
tal Agency, Shanghai, China. W. E. Bliss, M. D., New Eng-
F. E. Painter, Mountain View, land Sanitarium, Melrose,
Cal. Mass.
W. R. Beatty, 719 East Flanders L. M. Bowen, Loma Linda, Cal.
St., Portland, Oreg. G. E. Klingerman, M. D., Sanita-
W. L. Manfull, 502 Seventeenth rium, Cal.
Ave., West, Calgary, Alberta, J. A. Burden, Paradise Valley
Canada. Sanitarium, National City, Cal.
W. W. Fletcher, Warburton, Vic- G. H. Heald, Takoma Park Sta-
toria, Australia. tion, Washington, D. C.
Samuel Joyce, Stanborough Park, A. B. Olsen, Surrey Hills Hydro,
Watford, Herta, England. Caterham Valley, England.
A. R. Sherman, Florida, F. C. R. H. Habenicht, M. D., Diamante,
C. A., Buenos Aires, Argentina, Entre Rios, Argentina, South
South America. America.
G. C. Jenks, 56 Roeland St., Cape Riley Russell, M. D., Soonan,
Town,South Africa. Korea.
J. A. P. Green, 1420 Avenida 20, V. L. Mann, M. D., 17 Abbott
Tacubaya, D. F., Mexico. Road, Lucknow, India.
H. A. Robinson, Apartado 492, Newton G. Evans, M. D., Loma
Barcelona, Spain. Linda, Cal.
H. Box, Grindelberg 15a, Ham- Frederick Griggs, Takoma Park
burg, Germany. Station, Washington, D. C.
R. M. Carter, Estacilo Sao Ber- D. D. Comstock, M. D., Glendale,
nardo, S. P. R., Sao Paulo, Cal.
Brazil, South America. Julia A. White, M. D., Hunting-
ton Beach, Cal.
TARIES. T. A. Sherwin, M. D., Sanitarium,
Wahroonga, N. S. W., Aus-
Miss E. M. Graham, Takoma Park tralia.
Station, Washington, D. C. A. W. Semmens, M. D., Loma
F. W. Paap, Takoma Park Sta- Linda, Cal.
tion, Washington, D. C.
Secretary: F. Griggs, Takoma
OFFICERS. Park Station, Washington, D. C.
Secretary: W. A. Ruble, M. D., Assistant: W. E. Howell, Takoma
New England Sanitarium, Mel- Park Station, Washington,
rose, Mass. D. C.

Other Members. M. C. Wilcox,, Mountain View,

J. L. Shat.v, Takoma Park Sta- W. A. Spicer, Takoma Park Sta-
tion, Washington, D. C. tion, Washington, D. C.
C. C. Lewis.Takoma Park Sta- Mrs. Vesta J. Farnsworth, 6210
tion, Washinaton, D. C. Racine St., Oakland, Cal.
0. J. Graf. Berrien Springs, Mich. F. M. Wilcox, Takoma Park
B. F. Machlan, South Lancaster, Station, Washineton, D. C.
Ma es. Mrs. Fannie D. Chase, Takoma
C. W. Irwin, Pacific Union College, Park Station, Washington, D. C.
St. Helena, Cal. T. E. Bowen, Takoma Park Sta-
Paul Steiner, Gland, Switzerland. tion, Washington, D. C.
M. E. Kern. Takoma Park Sta- W. E. Howell, Takoma Park Sta-
tion, Washington. D. C. tion, Washington, D. C.
Erik Arnesen, Skodsborg, Den- C. C. Lewis, Takoma Park Sta-
mark. tion, Washington, D. C.
H. U. Stevens, Diamante, Entre
Rios, Argentina. South America.
W. E. Straw, Kenilworth, Cape,
J. E. Shultz, Box 523, U. S. Pos- ARY VOLUNTEER
tal Agency, Shanghai, China. DEPARTMENT.
.H. F. Benson, 169-171 Amanuma,
Suginami-mura, Toyotama-gun, OFFICERS.
Tokyo, Japan. Secretary: M. E. Kern, Takoma
I. F. Blue, 17- Abbott Road, Luck- Park Station, Washington, D. C.
now, India. Asst. Secretary: Matilda Erick-
F. L. Chaney, Cooranbong, N. S. son, Takoma Park Station,
W. Australia. Washington, D. C.
C. L. Benson, 1111 Rudd Ave., Field Secretary: Meade MaeGuire,
Canon City, Colo. Takoma Park Station, Wash-
H. A. Morrison, College View, ington, D. C.
Nebr. Office Secretary: Mrs. I. H. Evans,
E. C. Kellogg, College Place, Takoma Park Station, Wash-
Wash. ington, D. C.
Glen Wakeham, Stanborough
Park, Watford, Herts, Eng, OTHER MEMBERS.
land. C. L. Benson, 1111 Rudd Ave,
Dr. E. Meyer, Friedensau, Bez. Canon City, Colo.
Magdeburg, Germany. Erik Arnesen, Skodsborg, Den-
Guy Dail, Grindelberg 15a, Ham-
MENT. J. E. Shultz, Box 523, U. S. Pos-
tal Agency, Shanghai, China.
OFFICERS. Mrs. L. Flora Plummer, Takoma
Secretary: Mrs. L. Flora Plum- Park Station, Washington, D. C.
mer, Takoma Park Station, Mrs. Fannie D. Chase, Takoma,
Washington, D. C.; Asst. Sec., Park Station, Washington, D. C.
Rosamond D. Ginther. Miss E. M. Graham, Takoma
Park Station, Washington, D. C.
OTHER MEMBERS. Mrs. Anna L. Hindson, Mizpah,"
G. B. Thompson, Takoma Park Wahroonga, N. S. W., Aus-
Station, Washington, D. C. tralia.
W. W. Prescott, Takoma Park Frederick Griggs, Takoma Park
Station, Washington, D. C. Station, Washington, D. C.

W. E. Howell, Takoma Park Sta- Treasurer: W. T. Knox, Takoma

tion, Washington, D. C. Park Station, Washington, D. C.
H. S. Beckner, Claremont, Cape, Secretary: H. E. Rogers, Takoma
South Africa. Park Station, Washington, D. C.
I. F. Blue, 17 Abbott Road,
Lucknow, India. OTHER MEMBERS.
Glen Wakeham, Stanborough A. G. Daniells, W. W. Prescott,
Park, Watford, Herts, England. K. C. Russell, F. M. Wilcox,
B. P. Hoffman, 1 of 1882, Fukiai- S. E. McNeill, Allen Moon, Wm.
cho, Kobe, Japan. Covert, A. G. Haughey, R. A.
J. A. P. Green, 1420 Avenida 20, Underwood, H. W. Cottrell, S.
Tacubaya, D. F., Mexico. N. Curtiss, D. W. Reavis, G. B.
Union Miss. Vol. Sec. for South Thompson. T. E. Bowen.
American Union Conference. Executive Committee: I. H. Ev-
ans, W. A. Spicer, W. T. Knox,
F. M. Wilcox, H. E. Rogers.
Incorporated 1904. FOREIGN MISSION BOARD.
Legal Title: "General Conference Incorporated 1899.
Corporation of Seventh-day Ad-
ventists." Legal Title: "Foreign Mission
Constituency: The General Con- Board of Seventh-day Adven-
ference delegates. tists."
Office Address: Takoma Park Sta- Trustees: A. G. Daniells. W. A.
tion, Washington, D. C. Spicer, W. T. Knox. I. H. Evans,
Officers: Pres., I. H. Evans; Sec.. W. B. White, G. B. Thompson,
H. E. Rogers; Treas., W. T. '. W. Prescott.
Knox. Off ^,-s: Pres.. A. G. Danielle:
Board of Trustees: I. H. Evans, , W. A. Spicer; Treas., W.
W. T. Knox, W. W. Prescott, Knox.
F. M. Wilcox, E. R. Palmer. B.
G. Wilkinson, H. E. Rogers.

CIATION. W. T. Knox, Takoma Park Sta-
tion, Washington, D. C. (Also
Incorporated 1887. general agent for trans-Atlan-
tic steamship lines.)
Legal Title: " General Conference C. H. Jones, Mountain View. Cal.
Association of the Seventh-day (Also general agent for trans-
Adventists." Pacific steamship linos.)
Constituency:. The General Con- Review and Herald Publishing As-
ference delegates. sociation, Room 903. 32 Union
Office Address: Takoma Park &mare, New York, N. Y.
Station, Washington, D. C. A. Bacon, 84 Upper Tollington
OFFICERS. Park, London. N.. England.
H. E. Moon. 3645 Ogden Ave.,
President: I. H. Evans; Takoma Chicago. Ill.
Park Station, Washington, D. C. W. H. Williams, 109 Bryan St..
Vice-President: W. A. Spicer, Ta- Atlanta, Ga.
koma Park Station, Washing- J. F. Beatty, 719 East Flanders
ton, D. C. St., Portland. Oreg.

GENERAL LABORERS HOLD- Town, N. Z., Takoma Park Sta-

ING CREDENTIALS FROM tion, Washington, D. C.
THE GENERAL CON- White, W. C., Sanitarium, Napa
Co., Cal.
Butler, G. I., Bowling Green, Fla. Bowen, T. E., Takoma Park Sta-
Daniells, A. G., Takoma Park Sta- tion, Washington, D. C.
tion, Washington, D. C. Crisler, C. C., Sanitarium, Cal.
Haskell, S. N., South Lancaster, Hansen, L. A., Takoma Park Sta-
Mass. tion, Washington, D. C.
Kern, M. E., Takoma Park Sta- Haskell, Mrs. H. H., South Lan-
tion, Washington, D. C. caster, Mass.
Knox, W. T., Takoma Park Sta- Ruble, W. A., Melrose, Mass.
tion, Washington, D. C.
Lewis, C. C., Takoma Park Sta- MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
tion, Washington, D. C. Ireland, J. J., Takoma Park Sta-
Loughborough, J. N., Lodi, Cal. tion, Washington, D. C.
Prescott, W. W., Takoma Park MacEnterfer, Sara, Sanitarium,
Station, Washington, D. C. Cal.
Shaw, J. L., Takoma Park Sta- Plummer, Mrs. L. Flora, Takoma
tion, Washington, D. C. Park Station, Washington, D. C.
Spicer, W. A., Takoma Park Sta- Rogers, H. E., Takoma Park Sta-
tion, Washington, D. C. tion, Washington, D. C.


Organized May z6, 1913.
Territory: The following-named Treasurer: W. T. Knox, Takoma
Union Conferences: Atlantic, Park Station, Washington, D. C.
Central, Columbia, Eastern Ca-
nadian, Lake, Northern, North EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE.
Pacific, Pacific, Southeastern,
Southern, Southwestern, West- General.
ern Canadian.
Population: 100,000,000. I. H. Evans, Takoma Park 'Sta-
Cable Address: Adventist, Wash- tion, Washington, D. C.
ington. (A B C Code, fifth G. B. Thompson, Takoma Park
edition.) Station, Washington, D. C.
Telegraphic Address: North Amer- W. T. Knox, Takoma Park Sta-
ican Division Conference, Wash- tion, Washington, D. C.
ington, D. C. (NOT Takoma
Postal Address: Takoma Park
Station, Washington, D. C. Atlantic: R. D. Quinn, South
Lancaster, Mass.
Central: R. A. Underwood, Col-
President: I. H. Evans, Takoma lege View, Nebr.
Park Station, Washington, D. C. Columbia: B. G. Wilkinson, 411
Vice-President: - Cedar St., Takoma Park Sta-
Secretary: G. B. Thompson, Ta- tion, Washington, D. C.
koma Park Station, Washing- Eastern Canadian: M. N. Camp-
ton, D. C. bell, Oshawa, Ontario.

Lake: L. H. Christian, 3145 Lyn- ELECTIVE MEMBERS.

dale St., Chicago, Ill. Frederick Griggs, Takoma Park
Northern: Chas. Thompson, 2718 Station, Washington, D. C.
Third Ave., South, Minneapolis, W. W. Prescott, Takoma Park
Minn. Station, Washington, D. C.
North Pacific: C. W. Flaiz, College W. A. Ruble, New England San-
Place, Wash. itarium, Melrose, Mass.
Pacific: E. E. Andross, Box 146, F. M. Wilcox, Takoma Park Sta-
Glendale, Cal. tion, Washington, D. C.
Southeastern: W. H. Branson,
169 Bryan St., Atlanta,Ga.
Southern: S. E. Wigt , 2014 29 members.
Twenty-third Ave., North, Nash- APPOINTED ASSISTANTS.
ville, Tenn.
Southwestern: G. F. Watson, Home Missionary Secretary: F.
Keene, Tex. W. Paap, Takoma Park Station,
Western Canadian: H. S. Shaw, Washington, D. C.; Assistant,
1109 Fourteenth St., West, Cal- Miss E. M. Graham.
gary, Alberta, Canada.
Publishing: W. W. Eastman, Ta-
koma Park Station, Washing- Office: Takoma Park Station,
ton, D. C. Washington, D. C.
Medical Missionary: H. W. Miller, Secretary: W. W. Eastman.
M. D., Takoma Park Station,
Washington, D. C. GENERAL MEMBERS.
Educational: Frederick Griggs, Ta- N. Z. Town, Takoma Park Sta-
koma Park Station, Washing- tion, Washington, D. C.
ton, D. C.; Assistant, W. E. W. C. White, Sanitarium, Cal.
Howell. W. W. Prescott, Takoma Park
Missionary Volunteer: M. E. Station, Washington, D. C.
Kern, Takoma Park Station,
Sabbath-school: Mrs. L. Flora C. H. Jones, Mountain View, Cal.
Plummer, Takoma Park Sta- E. R. Palmer, Takoma Park Sta-
tion, Washington, D. C. tion, Washington, D. C.
Religious Liberty: C. S. Long- R. L. Pierce, 2123 Twenty-fourth
acre, Takoma Park Station, Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn.
Washington, D. C.
Negro: C. B. Stephenson, Grays- MANAGERS OF BRANCH PUB-
ville, Tenn. LISHING HOUSES.

FOREIGN DEPARTMENTS. S. J. Abegg, 411 West Railroad

Ave., Ft. Worth, Tex.
General: F. F. Byington, College View,
German (West): G. F. Haffner, Nebr.
Clinton, Mo. L. W. Graham, Room 903, 32
German (East): B. E. Miller, Union Square, New York,
1703 Gates Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.
N. Y. J. W. Mace, Melville Bldg., South
Danish-Norwegian: P. E. Broder- Bend, Ind.
son, 2718 Third Ave., South, L: D. Randall, 169 Bryan St.,
Minneapolis, Minn. Atlanta, Ga.
Swedish: S. Mortenson, 5942 Peo- S. N. Curtiss, 1224 Euclid Ave.,
ria St., Chicago, Ill. Kansas City, Mo.

J. F. Beatty, 719 East Flanders Assistant Secretary: L. A. Han-

St., Portland, Oreg. sen, Takoma Park Station,
J. M. Rowse, 1109 Fourteenth St., Washington, D. C.
West, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
CIRCULATING MANAGERS W. E. Bliss, M. D., Melrose, Mass.
H. H. Hall, Mountain View, Cal. L. M. Bowen, Loma Linda, Cal..
I. A. Ford, Takoma Park Sta- F. Griggs, Takoma Park Sta-
tion; Washington, D. C. tion, Washington, D. C.
Jas. Cochran, Mountain View, H. A. Green, M. D., Boulder,
Cal. Colo.
D. W. Reavis, Takoma Park Sta- J. D. Shively, M. D., College View,
tion, Washington, D. C. Nebr.
J. L. McConaughey, 2123 Twenty- Newton G. Evans, Loma Linda,
fourth Ave., North, Nashville, Cal.
Tenn. D. D. Comstock, Glendale, Cal.
V. 0. Cole, South Lancaster, Mass.
L D. Richardson, R. F. D. 3, Office: Takoma Park Station,
Silver Spring, 1VId. Washington, D. C.
J. B. Blosser, Berrien Springs, Secretary: Frederick Griggs, Ta-
Mich. koma Park Station, Washing-
J. W. Davis, 2014 Twenty-third ton, D. C.
Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn. Assistant Secretary: W. E. How-
E. 1V1. Oberg, 2718 Third Ave., ell, Takoma Park Station,
South, Minneapolis, Minn. Washington, D. C.
D. W. Dillen, Graysville, Tenn.
F. E. Painter, Mountain View,
Cal. J. L. Shaw, Takoma Park Sta-
W. R. Beatty, 719 East Flanders tion, Washington, D. C.
St., Portland, Oreg. C. C. Lewis, Takoma Park Sta-
W. L. Manfull, 502 Seventeenth tion, Washington, D. C.
Ave., West, Calgary, Alberta, M. E. Kern, Takoma Park Sta-
Canada. tion, Washington, D. C.
A. F. Harrison, Keene, Tex. C. L. Benson, 1111 Rudd Ave.,
J. H. McEachern, College View, Canon City, Colo.
Nebr. C. W. Irwin, Pacific Union Col-
lege, St. Helena, Cal.
HOME MISSIONARY SEC- 0. J. Graf, Berrien Springs, Mich.
RETARIES. E. C. Kellogg, College Place,
F. W. Paap, Takoma Park Sta- Wash.
tion, Washington, D. C. H. A. Morrison, College View,
Miss E. M. Graham, Takoma Nebr.
Park Station, Washington, D. C. E. G. Salisbury, Takoma Park
Station, Washington, D. C.
M. E. Cady, 2547 Piedmont Ave.,
C. S. Longacre, Takoma Park Sta-
PARTMENT. tion, Washington, D. C.
Headquarters: Takoma Park Sta- L. L. Caviness, Takoma Park Sta-
tion, Washington, D. C. tion, Washington, D. C.
Secretary: H. W. Miller, M. D., W. W. Ruble, College View, Nebr.
Takoma Park Station, Wash- M. B. Van Kirk, 2718 Third Ave.,
ington, D. C. South, Minneapolis, Minn.

E. D. Dick, Lacombe, Alberta, Field Secretary: Meade MacGuire,

Canada. Takoma Park Station, Wash-
F. R. Isaac, Keene, Tex. ington, D. C.
N. W. Lawrence, College Place, Field Secretary: C. L. Benson,
Wash. 1111 Rudd Ave., Canon City,
L. H. Wood, 2014 Twenty-third Colo.
Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn. Field Secretary (for German):
Leo Thiel, 169 Bryan St., At- J. F. Simon, Clinton, Mo.
lanta, Ga. Office Secretary: Mrs. I. H. Evans,
T. D. Rowe, Oshawa, Ontario, Takoma Park Station, Wash-
H. W. Miller, Takoma Park Sta- ington, D. C.
tion, Washington, D. C.
Newton G. Evans, Loma Linda, OTHER MEMBERS.
Cal. J. L. Shaw, Takoma Park Sta-
C. A. Russell, Berrien Springs, tion, Washington, D. C.
Mich. Frederick Griggs, Takoma Park
B. F. Machlan, South Lancaster, Station, Washington, D. C.
Mass. W. E. Howell, Takoma -Park Sta-
C. L. Stone,411 Cedar St., Ta- tion, Washington, D. C.
koma Par Station, Washing- Mrs. L. Flora Plummer, Takoma
ton, D. C. Park Station, Washington, D. C.
C. J. Boyd, Box 414, Huntsville,
Ala. Mrs. F. D. Chase, Takoma Park
M. E. Olsen, Takoma Park Sta- Station, Washington, D. C.-
tion, Washington, D. C. M. L. Andreasen, Hutchinson,
J. H. Schilling, Clinton, Mo. Minn.
M. L. Andreasen, Hutchinson, C. J. Boyd, Box 414, Huntsville,
Minn. Ala.
G. E. Nord, Box 20, R. F. D. 1, G. E. Nord, Box 20, R. F. D. 1,
La Grange, Ill. La Grange, Ill.
H. G. Lucas, San Fernando, Cal. All Union Missionary Volunteer
H. J. Sheldon, Redfield, S. Dak. Secretaries in the Division.
S. M. Butler, Takoma Park Sta-
tion, Washington, D. C.
N. S. Ashton, care Academy, Mt. RELIGIOUS LIBERTY ASSO-
Vernon, Ohio.
Headquarters: Takoma Park Sta-
SABBATH-SCHOOL DEPART- tion, Washington, D. C.
' MENT. Secretary: C. S. Longacre, Ta-
- koma Park Station, Washing-
(Same officers and members of ton, D. C.
department as for the General
Conference.) OTHER MEMBERS.
J. 0. Corliss, 316 Everett St.,
Allen Moon, Rooms 606-608, Tre-
ARY VOLUNTEER mont Temple, Boston, Mass.
DEPARTMENT. W. M. Healey, 667 Eighteenth
St., San Diego, Cal.
C. P. Bollman, Takoma Park Sta-
Secretary: M. E. Kern, Takoma tion, Washington, D. C.
Park Station, Washington, D. C. G. B. Thompson, Takoma Park
Asst. Secretary: Matilda Erick- Station, Washington, D. C.
son, Takoma Park Station, D. W. Reavis, Takoma Park Sta-
Washington, D. C. tion, Washington, D. C.

J. E. Jayne, Room 902, 32 Union Carl Leer, Harvey, N. Dak.

Square, New York, N. Y. John Isaac, Box 644, Oklahoma
F. M. Wilcox, Takoma Park Sta- City, Okla.
tion; Washington, D. C. G. A. Grauer, 333 East Locust
W. A. Spicer, Takoma Park Sta- St., Lodi, Cal.
W. L. Burgan, Takoma Park Sta-
tion, Washington, D. C.
C. E. Holmes, Takoma Park Sta- B. E. Miller (secretary) 1703
tion, Washington, D. C. Gates Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.
L. L. Caviness, Takoma Park Sta- C. W. Weber, 3306 West Thirty-
tion, Washington, D. C. first St., Cleveland, Ohio.
A. J. Clark, 304 West Allen St., G. P. Gaede, 630 Twenty-second
Springfield, Ill. St., Milwaukee, Wis.
S. Ti. Horton, Box 758, Kalamazoo, J. G. Hanhardt, South Lancaster,
Mich. Mass.
K. C. Russell, South Lancaster, P. E. Broderson (secretary), 2718
Mass. Third Ave., South, Minneapolis,
L. A, Smith, 2123 Twenty-fourth Minn.
Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn. Lewis Johnson. 3022 West Sixty-
H. W. Cottrell, 508 East Everett second St., Seattle, Wash.
St.. Portland. Oreg. M. S. Reppe, Hutchinson, Minn.
W. F. Martin, 017 East Fifth St., C. A. Thorp. College View, lebr.
Santa Ana, Cal. L. H. Christian, 3145 Lyndale
-C. B. Haynes, 169 Bryan St., St., Chicago, Ill.
L. H. Christian, 3145 Lyndale
St., Chicago, Ill. S. Morten son ( secreta ry) , 5942
C. Thompson, 2718 Third Ave., Peoria St., Chicago, Ill.
South, Minneapolis, Minn. Fred Johnson. College View, .Nebr.
G. F. Watson, Keene, Tex. G. E. Nord, Box 20, R. F. D. 1,
H. S. Shaw. 1109 Fourteenth St., La Grange, Ill.
West, Calgary, Alberta. August Anderson, 1213 East Thir-
teenth Ave., Spokane, Wash.
Carl Svenson, 3840 Snelling Ave.,
Minneapolis, Minn.
Department Headquarters and F. C. Gilbert. (secretary), South
Office: ---- Lancaster, Mass.
OFFICERS. R. D. Quinn, South Lancaster.
General Foreign: H. C. Hartwell, 31 Peck St.,
(chairman), P. E. Broderson, Rochester, N. Y.
B. E. Miller, G. F. Haffner, S. B. F. Machlan, South Lancaster,
Mortenson, F. C. Gilbert, G. G. Mass.
G. G. Roth (secretary), South
Lancaster, Mass.
G. F. Haffner (secretary), Clinton, L. F. Passehois, Laconia, N. H.
Mo. R. D. Quinn, South Lancaster,
J. Schilling, Clinton, Mo. Mass.

I. Vuilleumier, 3177 St. Hubert Assistant Secretary: Miss E. M.

St., Montreal, Quebec. Graham, Takoma Park Station,
H. C. Hartwell, 31 Peck St., Washington, D. C.
Rochester, N. Y.
Foreign Literature Depositories.
I. H. Evans, Takoma Park Sta-
Pacific Press Pub. Assn., College tion, Washington, D. C.
View, Nebr.; Manager, F. F. W. T. Knox, Takoma Park Sta-
Byington. New York Branch tion, Washington, D. C.
of Review and Herald Pub. W. A. Spicer, Takoma Park Sta-
Assn., 32 Union Square, New tion, Washington, D. C.
York, N. Y.; Manager, L. W. N. Z. Town, Takoma Park Sta-
Graham. tion, Washington, D. C.
G. B. Thompson, Takoma Park
Station, Washington, D. C.
NORTH AMERICAN NEGRO W. .W. Eastman, Takoma Park
DEPARTMENT. Station, Washington, D. C.
E. R. Palmer, Takoma Park Sta-
Secretary: C. B. Stephenson, tion, Washington, D. C.
Graysville, Tenn. I. A. Ford, Takoma Park Sta-
OTHER MEMBERS. tion, Washington, D. C.
H. H. Hall, Mountain View, Cal.
S. E. Wight, 2014 Twenty-third R. L. Pierce, 2123 Twenty-fourth
Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn. Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn.
G. F. Watson, Keene, Tex. L. W. Graham, Room 903, 32
L. H. Christian, 3145 Lyndale St., Union. Square, New York, N. Y.
Chicago, Ill. J. W. Mace, Melville Bldg., South
R. A. Underwood, College View, Bend, Ind.
Nebr. L. D. Randall, 169 Bryan St.,
B. G. Wilkinson, 411 Cedar St., Atlanta, Ga.
Takoma Park Station, Wash- S. N. Curtiss, 1224 Euclid Ave.,
ington, D. C. Kansas City, Mo.
11. D: Quinn, South Lancaster, J. F. Beatty, 719 East Flanders
Mass. St., Portland, Oreo.
J. K. Humphrey, 184 West 135th J. M. Rowse, 1109 Fourteenth St.,
St., New York, N. Y. West, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
J. M. Campbell, 1415 Seventeenth V. 0. Cole, South Lancaster, Mass.
St., N. W., Washington, D. C. I. D. Richardson, R. F. D. 3,
M. C. Strachan, Box 825, Tampa, Silver Spring, Md.
Fla. J. B. Blosser, Berrien Springs,
Sydney Scott, 316 Foster St., Mich.
Nashville, Tenn.. A. E. Sanderson, 29 Pine St.,
W. H. Green, 638 Thirtieth St., Keene, N. H.
Detroit, Mich. S. A. Ruskjer, Sauk Center, Minn.
U. S. Willis, 618 West Thirty- C. W. Fla iz, College Place, Wash.
ixth St., Savannah, Ga. G. F. Haffner, Clinton, Mo.
B. E. Miller, 1703 Gates Ave..
Brooklyn, N. Y.
HOME MISSIONARY DEPART- P. E. Broderson, 2718 Third Ave.,
MENT. South, Minneapolis, Minn.
S. Mortenson, 5942 Peoria St.,
Headquarters: Takoma Park Sta- Chicago, Ill.
tion, Washington, D. C. J. W. Davis, 2014 Twenty-third
Secretary: F. W. Paap, Takoma Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn.
Park Station, Washington, D. C. D. W. Dillen, Graysville, Tenn-

P. E. Painter, Mountain View, Bollman. C. P., Takoma Park Sta-

Cal. tion, Washington, D. C.
W. R. TIPatty, 719 East Flanders Broderson, P. E., 2718 Third Ave.,
St., Portland, Oreg. South, Minneanolis, Minn.
W. L. Manfull, 502 Seventeenth Eastman, W. W., Takoma Park
Ave., West, Calgary, Alberta, Station, Washington, D. C.
Canada. Evans, I. H., Takoma Park Sta-
A. F. Harrison, Keene, Tex. tion, Washington, D. C.
J. H. McEachern, College View, Griggs, F., Takoma Park Sta-
Nehr. tion, Washington. D. C.
W. H. Hayes, 109 Bryan St., At- Haffner, G. F., Clinton, Mo.
lanta, fla. Longa cre, C. S., Takoma Park Sta-
F. F. Byington, College View, tion, Washington, D. C.
Nebr. MaeGuire, Meade, Takoma Park
J. R. Ferren, College View, Nebr. Station, Washington. D. C.
And all Union Conference Home Miller, B. E., 1703. Gates Ave.,
Missionary Secretaries. , Brooklyn. N. Y.
Miller, H. W., Takoma Park Sta-
tion, Washington, D. C.
PRESS BUREAU. Mortenson, S., 5942 Peoria St.,
Chicago, Ill.
Secretary: W. L. Burgan, Ta- Ostoich, M., 2119 Salisbury St.,
koma Park Station, Washing- St. Louis, Mo.
ton, D. C. Pean, F. W.. Takoma Park Sta-
tion, Washington, D. C.
Palmer, E. R., Takoma Park Sta-
NORTH AMERICAN CONFER- tion, Washington, D. C.
Reed. L. A., Mountain View, Cal,
ENCE CORPORATION OF Roth, G. G., South Lancaster,
VENTISTS. Schilling, J. H., Clinton, Mo.
Stephenson, C. B., Graysville,
Incorporated Nov. 5, 1913. Tenn.
Tait, A. 0., Mountain View, Cal.
Trustees: L. H. Evans, W. T. Thompson, G. Takoma Park
Knox, G. B. Thompson, W. W. Station, Washington, D. C.
Prescott, L. M. Bowen, M. E. Wilcox, F. M., Takoma Park Sta-
Kern, H. E. Rogers. tion, Washington, D. C.
Officers: Pres., I. H. Evans; Wilcox, M. C., Mountain View,
Treas., W. T. Knox; Sec., H. E. Cal.
GENERAL LABORERS HOLD- Howell, W. E., Takoma Park Sta-
ING CREDENTIALS FROM tion, Washington, D. C.
Simon, J. F., Clinton, Mo.
Erickson, Matilda, Takoma Park
MINISTERS. Station, Washington, D. C.
Anderson, J. N., College View, Smith, L. A., 2123 Twenty-fourth
Nebr. Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn.
Benson, C. L., 1111 Rudd Ave., Wilcox, Kathrina B., Mountain
Canon City, Colo. View, Cal.
Organized 'pr.
Territory: The Conferences of Negro Representative:
Maine, Northern -New England, Sec., J. K. Humphrey, 184 West
Massachusetts, Southern New 135th St., New York, N. Y.
England, Eastern New York,
Greater New York, Western MINISTERS.
New York, and the Bermuda
Mission. . R. D. Quinn, South Lancaster,
Office: South Lancaster, Mass. B. F. Machlan, South Lancaster,
G. G. Roth, South Lancaster,
Conference: Mass.
Pres., R. D. Quinn. K. C. Russell, South Lancaster,
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, C. L. Mass.
Kilgore. A. E. Sanderson, 29 Pine St.,
Executive Committee: R. D. Keene, N. H.
Quinn, the presidents of confer- F. C. Gilbert, South Lancaster,
ences composing the Atlantic Un- Mass.
ion, and B. F. Machlan, C. L. Eugene Leland, Hamilton, Ber-
Kilgore, W. E. Bliss, M. D., L. muda Islands.
W. Graham, K. C. Russell, V. 0.
Cole, A. E. Sanderson, F. C. LICENTIATE.
Gilbert. V. 0. Cole, South Lancaster,
Legal Assn.: " The Atlantic Mass.
Union Conference Association of
Sec. and Treas., C. L. Kilgore. C. L. Kilgore, South Lancaster,
Union Book Depository: Miss Pearl L. Rees, South Lan-
New York Branch of Review caster, Mass.
and Herald Pub. Assn., Room 903, Mrs. R. D. Quinn, South Lan-
32 Union Square, New York, caster, Mass.
N. Y. J. L. Johnson, 17 Seventh Ave.,
Manager, L. W. Graham. New Brighton, N. Y.
Union Field Miss. Sec., V. 0.
Educational Dept.: EASTERN NEW YORK CON-
Sec., B. F. Machlan. FERENCE.
Medical Missionary Dept.: Organized 1906.
Sec., MT. E. Bliss, M. D.
Territory: Eastern portion of the
Religious Liberty Dept.: State of New York, east of the
eastern boundaries of the coun-
Sec., K. C. Russell. ties of Cayuga, Tompkins and
Tioga, excepting the counties
Young People's Dept.: south of the southern bound-
Sec., Mrs. R. D. Quinn. ary of Delaware, Greene, and
Columbia Counties.
Home Missionary Dept.: Office: 317 West Bloomfield St.,
Sec., A. E. Sanderson. Rome, N. Y.

OFFICERS. Mrs. D. G. Turk, 525 State St.,

Conference: Binghamton, N. Y.
Pres., W. R. Andrews. Mrs. Bessie J. Rice, Keene, N. Y.
Sec. and Treas., H. A. May. Mrs. Celia '1'. Koenig, 100 Rock-
Executive Committee: W. R. land' Ave., Syracuse, N. Y.
Andrews, C. D. Green, . E. E. Florence L. Hoxie, R. F. D. 2,
Covey, J. C. Stevens, H. I. Fonda, Blossvale, N. Y.
W. H. Lewis, H. A. May. A. E. Iverson, 317 West Bldom-
Legal Assn.: "The New York field St., Rome, N. Y.
Conference Assn. of S. D. A." Miss Gertrude Birdseye, 150 West
Pres., W. R. Andrews; Sec. and Brighton Ave., Syracuse, N. Y.
Treas., H. A. May. Joseph Schnetzler, 127 Glenwood
Blvd., Schenectady, N. Y.
Tract Society: Mrs. Joseph Schnetzler, 127 Glen-
Sec. and Treas., H. A. May. wood Blvd., Schenectady, N. Y.
Field Miss. Sec., E. E. Covey, G. C. Russell, Otego, N. Y.
605 Noah Jay St., Rome, N. Y.
Sabbath-school Dept.: Miss Myrtle E. Schultz, 107
Sec., Miss Florence L. Hoxie, Henry St., Schenectady, N. Y.
R. F. D. 2, Blossvale, N. Y. is-; Lula Ferris, 40 Second St.,
Educational Dept.: Albany, N. Y.
Miss Myrtle Wright, care E.
Supt., Mrs. Bessie J. Rice, Hoxie, R. F. D. 2, Blossvale,
Keene, N. Y. N. Y.
Medical Missionary Dept.:
Sec.,Dr. Isadore L. Green, GREATER NEW YORK CON-
1008 ashington St., Watertown,
Religious Liberty Dept.: Organized 1902.
Sec., Territory: The city of Greater
Young People's Dept.: New York, Long Island, and
Sec, Mrs. Bessie J. Rice. the counties of Westchester,
Rockland, Putnam, Orange,
Home Missionary Dept.:* Dutchess, Sullivan, and Ulster,
Sec., J. W. Freiberger. in the State of New York.
Office: Room 902, 32 Union
Square, New York, N. Y.
W. R. Andrews, 1128 Eastern
Ave., Schenectady, N. Y. OFFICERS.
D. G. Turk, 525 State St., Bing- Conference:
hamton, N. Y. Pres., J. E. Jayne.
J. C. Stevens, 100 Rockland Ave., Sec. and Treas., N. C. Van
Syracuse, N. Y. Horn.
S. B. Whitney, Vienna, N. Y. Executive Committee: J. E.
LICENTIATE. Jayne, B. E. Miller, C. T. Everson,
C. J. Coon, Otego, N. Y. L. W. Graham, J. K. Humphrey,
L. Klebhan, S. F. Svensson, W. G.
E. E. Covey, 605 North Jay St., Van Horn, J. M. Calvert.
Rome, N. Y. Legal Assn.: " Greater New
H. A. May, 317 West Bloomfield York Corporation of Seventh-day
St., Rome, N. Y. Adventists." Pres., J. E. Jayne;
J. W. Frieberger, 317 West Bloom- Sec., L. W. Graham; Treas., N.
field St., Rome, N. Y. C. Van Horn.

Tract Society: H. P. Hansen, 926 Fourth Ave.,

Sec. and Treas., N. C. Van Brooklyn, N. Y.
Horn. Anna Hoglund, 4219 Seventh Ave.,
Asst. Sec. and Treas., P. W. Brooklyn, N. Y.
Derby. Miss E. Kehrein, 772 Courtland
Field Miss. Sec., J. M. Calvert. Ave., New York, N. Y.
Miss Lena W. Lewis, 442 St.
Sabbath-school Dept.: Nicholas Ave., New York, N. Y.
Sec., Mrs. J. E. Jayne, 129 Miss A. Meyer, 78 Norwood Ave.,
Cleremont Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Brooklyn, N. Y.
L. W. Graham, Room 903, 32
Educational Dept.: Union Square, New York, N. Y.
Supt., W. G. Wirth. C. H. Wilkinson, 17 Sumpter St.,
Brooklyn, N. Y.
Medical Missionary Dept.: Mrs. J. E. Jayne, 129 Cleremont
Sec., B. B. Kinne, M. D., 10 Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Benton Ave., Middletown, N. Y. Miss F. E. Wagner, 1704 Linden
St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Religious Liberty Dept.: Miss Emma Wells, 20 Broad St.,
Sec., Middletown, N. Y.
Miss Florence Tate, 257 Flatbush
Young People's Dept.: Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Sec., Mrs. J. E. Jayne, 129 N. C. Van Horn, Room 002, 32
Cleremont Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Union Square, New N. Y.
Miss Mary F. Marsh, 1044 Put-
MINISTERS. nam Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Leo Fellman, 681 East 136th St.,
J E. Jayne, Room 902, 32 Union New York, N. Y.
Square, New York, N. Y. Miss Elsie- Castberg, 454 Fortieth
C. T. Everson, 825 West 178th St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
St., New York, N. Y. John E. Hanson, 825 West 178th
J. K. Humphrey, 184 West 135th St., New York, N. Y.
St., New York, N. Y.
B. E. Miller, 1703 Gates Ave.,
Brooklyn, N. Y.
S. F. Svensson, 436 East 138th MAINE CONFERENCE.
St., New York, N. Y.
H. C. J. Walleker, 161 Cumberland Organized 1867.
St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Territory: The State of Maine.
Office: 75 Grant St., Portland,
J. E. Patzkowski, 442 East 176th Maine.
St., New York, N. Y.
R. Immonen, Room 902, 32 Union OFFICERS.
Square, New York, N. Y. Conference:
Wm. G. Wirth, Room 902, 32 Pres., H. W. Carr.
Union Square, New York, N. Y. Sec., Mrs. H. W. Carr.
Treas., B. B. Ross.
Mrs. J. M. Calvert, Room 902, Executive Committee: H. W.
32 Union Square, New York, Carr, E. E. Osborne, A. E. San-
N. Y. derson, E. C. Taylor, W. G. Mc-
J. M. Calvert, Room 902, 32 Un- Keen, W. A. Bickford, R. S.
ion Square, New York, N. Y. Hobbs.
Sarah Crowe, 182 West 131st St., Legal Assn.: " Maine Confer.
New York, N. Y. ence Association of S. D. A."

Pres., H. W. Carr; Clerk and B. B. Ross, 75 Grant St., Port-

Treas., W. 0. Howe; Trustees: land, Me.
H. W. Carr, E. E. Osborne, E. C. Mrs. B. B. Ross, 75 Grant St.,
Taylor, W. 0. Howe, R. S. Hobbs. Portland, Me.
W. 0. Howe, 64 Brentwood St.,
Tract Society: Woodfords, Me.
Sec., Mrs. H. W. Carr. Ruth De L'horbe, 85 Gray St.,
Asst. Sec., Mrs. B. B. Ross. Portland, Me.
Treas., B. B. Ross.
Field Miss. Sec., Nathan
Sabbath-school Dept.: ENCE.
Sec., Mrs. H. W. Carr. Organized 1870, being a portion
Educational Dept.: of the territory originally
known as the New England
Supt., Miss Jennie R. Bates. Conference.
Medical Missionary Dept.: Territory: The State of Massa-
Sec., Office: Rooms 606-608, Tremont
Religious Liberty Dept.: Temple, Boston, Mass.
Sec., W. 0. Howe. OFFICERS.

Young People's Dept.: Conference:

Sec., Miss Jennie R. Bates. Pres., J. K. Jones.
Sec. and Treas., H. B. Tucker.
MINISTERS. Executive Committee: J. K.
Jones, B. F. Machlan, W. E. Bliss,
H. W. Carr, 75 Grant St., Port- E. R. Numbers, F. C. Gilbert, H.
land, Me. B. Tucker.
E. E. Osborne, Foxcroft, Me. Legal Assn.: " The Massachu-
setts Conference Association of
Honorary Ministerial Credentials. Seventh-day Adventists." Pres.,
S. J. Hersum, Gorham, Me. J. K. Jones; Clerk, H. B. Tucker;
P. B. Osborne, Fairfield, Me. Treas., H. B. Tucker.
E. L. Sanford, Richmond, Me.
. S. W. Walker, 7 Whittier St., Tract Society:
Portland, Me. Sec. and Treas., H. B. Tucker.
Field Miss. Sec., E. R. Num-
Jennie R. Bates, Norway, Me.
W. G. McKeen, 114 Pearl St., Sabbath-school Dept.:
Portland, Me. Sec., Mrs. E. M. Wilber.
Mrs. C. P. Wood, 25 Central St.,
Camden, Me. Educational Dept.:
Miss Cora Bowers, 75 Gray St., Supt., B. F. Machlan.
Portland, Me.
Miss E. H. Morton, 365 Allen Medical Missionary Dept.:
Ave., Woodfords, Me. Sec., W. A. Ruble, M. D.
G. W. Howard, Kezar Falls, Me.
Mrs. H. W. Carr, 75 Grant St., Religious Liberty Dept.:
Portland, Me. Sec., J. K. Jones.
H. G. Knight, Clinton, Me.
L. L. Howard, R. F. D. 4, Port- Young People's Dept.:
land, Me. Sec., Mrs. E. M. Wilber.

Dr. Mary Sanderson, 46 Forest

MINISTERS. Park Ave., Springfield, Mass.
J. K. Jones, 439 Varnum Ave., Miss Nora Lacey, care New Eng-
Lowell, Mass. land Sanitarium, Melrose, Mass.
A. V. Cotton, 141 Orchard St., Dr. W. A. Ruble, care New Eng-
West Somerville, Mass. land Sanitarium, Melrose, Mass.
E. L. Cardey, Room 606, Tremont
C. Meleen, 28 Oakland Ave., Ever- Miss Ella M. Chatterton, 66 Ellen
ett, Mass. St., Leominster, Mass.
J. G. Hanhardt, South Lancaster, Clifford A. Wilkinson, R. F. D. 1,
Mass. Mansfield, Mass.
0. F. Butcher, South Lancaster, Miss Florence M. Kidder, R. F.
Mass. D., care George Beckner, Athol,
P. F. Bicknell, South Lancaster, Mass.
Mass. Miss Ruth P. Meleen, 28 Oakland
LICENTIATES. Ave., Everett, Mass.
W. A. Butler, 2 Reed.St., North- Miss Bessie Jamieson, R. F. D. 2,
ampton, Mass. Southbridge, Mass.
W. W. Rice, 6 Carleton St., Me- Miss Bessie R. Munn, 149 River
thuen, Mass. Road, New Bedford, Mass.
F. J. Gonsalves, 812 Belleville HOME SCHOOLS.
Ave., New Bedford, Mass. Mrs. W. A. Ruble, New England
MISSIONARY LICENTIATES. Sanitarium, Melrose, Mass.
H. B. Tucker, Rooms 606 to 608, Mrs. Harold Stearns, Brook St.,
Tremont Temple, Boston, Mass. Natick, Mass.
E. R. Numbers, South Lancaster, Mrs. E. 0. Hutchinson, R. F. D.,
.Mass. Athol, Mass.
C. E. Palmer, 7 Upland Road, Mrs. Lottie Grieshaber, Box 39,
Everett, Mass. R. F. D., Ashland, Mass.
J. G. White, care New England
Sanitarium, Melrose, Mass.
Mrs. E. M. Wilber, South Lan- NORTHERN NEW ENGLAND
caster, Mass.
Mrs. M. A. Wheeler, 141 Orchard CONFERENCE.
St., West Somerville, Mass. Organized as the Vermont Con-
Miss Ethel W. Meek, 18 Or- ference. June 15, 1862; reorgan-
chard Place, Malden, Mass. ized 1909.
Miss Cora A. Spencer, 28 Tower Territory: The States of Vermont
St., Worcester, Mass. and New Hampshire.
Mrs. Florence Wheeler, 28 Annis Office: 136 North Main St., Con-
St., Methuen, Mass. cord, N. H.
Miss Lena Matson, 77 St. James OFFICERS.
Ave., Holyoke; Mass. Conference:
Miss Lela Wilson, Room 606, Tre-
mont Temple, BoAton, Mass. Pres., R. J. Bryant.
Mrs. Ella Merrell, care New Eng- Sec. and Treas., D. K. Royer.
land Sanitarium, Melrose, Mass. Executive Committee: R. J.
Miss Jennie Thayer, South Lan- Bryant, D. K. Royer, E. G. Farns-
caster, Mass. worth, H. A. Clark, C. F. Ball,
Miss Myrtle Davis, 2 Reed St., M. D., C. J. Rider, J. A. Applegate.
Northampton, Mass. Tract Society:
Dr. W. E. Bliss, care New Eng- Field Miss. Sec., J. A. Apple-
land Sanitarium, Melrose, Mass. gate.

Sabbath-school Dept.: Territory: The States of Connect-

Sec.. L. 0. Machlan. icut and Rhode Island and the
town of Attleboro, Mass.
Educational Dept.: Office: 51 Whitmore St., Hartford.
Supt., R. J. Bryant. Conn.
Young People's Dept.:
Sec., L. 0. Machlan. Pres., F. W. Stray.
Religious Liberty Dept.: Sec. and Treas., W. E. Fortune.
Sec., R. J. Bryant. Executive Committee: F. W..
Stray, W. E. Fortune, J. A.
Medical Missionary Dept.: Tefft, B. E. Nicola, H. C. Wil-
Sec., A. M. Cram, M. D. cox, Ellery Robinson, L. H.
Starr, J. A. O'Brien.
Home Missionary Dept.: Legal Assn.: "The Southern
Sec., E. A. Jones. New England Conference Assn. of
S. D. A.. Inc." Freq.. F. W. Stray:
Sec. and Treas.. W. E. Fortune:
R. J. Bryant..136 North Main St., Trustees: F. W. Stray, W. E.
Concord. N. H. Fortune. J. A. Tefft, D. B. Par-
L. F. Pagsebois, Laconia, N. H. melee, G. P. Coates.
H. J. Farman. Hardwick. Vt.
A. J. Verrill, Mechanic EON. Me. Tract Society:
C. J. Rider. 16 North Main St., Sec. and Treas., W. E. Fortune..
Rutland, Vt. E1-1,1 Miss. Sec.. A. L. Griffis.
LICENTIATES. 44 Winship St., Hartford, Conn.
F. L. Ahhott, Portsmouth, N. H. Sabbath-school Dept.:
H. A. Clark, R. F. D. 5. Enos-
burg Falls, Vt. Sec., Mrs. Bessie P, Wilcox.
D. K. Rover, Concord. N. H. Supt., F. W. Stray.
I. A. Armstrong, R. F. D. 2, Wa-
terbury, Vt. Medical Missionary Dept.:
A. M. Cram, Bridgewater, Vt. Sec., B. E. Nicola, M. D.
Mrs. M. A. SeriImer, 46 Chase St.,
Burlington, Vt. Religious Liberty Dept.:
Mrs. Orin Armstrong, West Rut- Sec., F. W. Stray.
land, Vt.
J. A. Annlegate, 26 White St., Young People's Dept.:
Concord, N. H. Sec., Mrs. Bessie P. Wilcox.
Miss Nella F. Eastman, Center Sec., F. S. Hartwell, 224 Grove
Barnstead. N. H. St., Putnam, Conn.
Miss ilraee Scott, Randolph, Vt.
Miss Muriel Wyman, Jamaica, Vt. MINISTERS.
F. W. Stray, R. F. D Amston,
SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND W. R. Uchtmann, 331 Deacon St!,
CONFERENCE. Bridgeport, Conn:
Organized in 1903, from territory Honorary Ministerial Credentials.
formerly comprised in the New B. E. Nicola. W D., Sanitarium.'
England Conference. Attleboro. Mass.

LICENTIATES. Executive Committee: H. C.

Hartwell, H. L. Shoup, H. M.
F. S. Hartwell, 224 Grove St.,
Putnam. Conn. Fleming, J. E. Belknap, W. M.
S. E. Norton. nni George St.,
New Haven, Conn. Legal Assn.: "The Western New
York Conference Association of S.
Vice-Pres., H. M. Fleming; Sec.,
Mrq. R K. 11.mberlino.. 96 Laurel J. E. Belknap; Treas., W. M. Ve-
Hill Ave.. Norwich. Conn. horn; Auditor, J. H. Weeks;
Mrs. Fva 13. Pao...eft. 32 Spring Councilmen, H. L. Shoup and J. S.
St., WiBinantic. Conn. Jenks.
Louise C. Merger. 51 Whitmore
St., Hartford, Conn. Tract. Society:
Anna n. Wvkm,,n. 28 Wilkinson Sec. and Treas., W. M. Vehorn.
Pt_ Plifflorl, Conn. Field Miss. Sec., J. H. Weak&
Christina Valenta, 1405 Pembroke
at.. 11r;Annr,nrt. Sabbath-s-chool Dept.:
Flora A. Morey. 330 Shelton Ave., Sec., Mrs. E. E. .Prescott, 718
New Haven, Conn. Ashland Ave., Buffalo, N. Y.
W. E. Fortune. 51 Whitmore St.,
TrartCr`Tri. Conn. Educational Dept.:
A. L. Griffis. 44 Winship St., Hart- Supt., Mrs. H. C. Hartwell, 31
ford. Conn. Peck St., Rochester, N. Y.
Mrs. Bessie P. Wilcox, 88 Bos-
ton St., Guilford, Conn. Religious Liberty Dept.:
Sec., H. C. Hartwell, 31 Peck
Margarethe E. Kleuser, 280 West Young People's Dept.:
Ivy St., New Haven, Conn. Sec., Mrs. H. C. Hartwell, 31
Margurite H. Coffin, 88 Boston Peck St., Rochester, N. Y.
St., Guilford, Conn.
Florence A. Wheeler, 42 Name- MINISTERS.
Rug Ave., New London, Conn. H. C. Hartwell, 31 Peck St.,
Lillian E. Eastman, R. F. D., Rochester, N. Y.
Amston, Conn. H. L. Shoup, 94 Florida St.,
Buffalo, N. Y.
F. C. Carlson, 21 Terrace Place,
Jamestown, N. Y.
WESTERN NEW YORE M. R. Coon, 32 Cayuga St.,
Organized 1906. Honorary Ministerial Credentials.
J. W. Raymond, 211 Main St.,
Territory: The State of New York Hornell. N. Y.
west of the eastern boundary of F. Peabody, 40 West End Ave.,
the counties of Cayuga, Tomp- Atlanta, Ga.
Office: 60 Grand Ave., Rochester,
Mrs. E. E. Prescott, 718 Ashland
.N. Y.
Ave., Buffalo, N. Y.
OFFICERS. Marie A. Bentz, 354 Parkdale
Ave., Buffalo, N. Y.
Conference: George Owens, Tunesassa. N. Y.
Pres., H. C. Haltwell. W. M. Veh.orn, 322 Pennsylvania
Sec. and Treas., W. M. Vehorn, Ave., Rochester, N. Y.

Mrs. Addie M. Vehorn, 322 Penn- BERMUDA MISSION.

sylvania Ave:, Rochester, N. Y. Address: Hamilton, Bermuda Is-
Mrs. IL C. Hartwell, 31. Peck St., lands.
Rochester, N. Y. ML1SLer and Director: Eugene
J. H. Weaks, 458 Hazelwood Ter- Leland.
race, Rochester, N. Y. Church-school Teacher: Mrs. J.
Mrs. Louise Allison, 26 Gatchell Eva Leland.
St., Buffalo, N. Y. Secretary of Y. P. S.: Manuel
Ruth Mercereau, 313 South Au- Simons.
rora St., Ithaca, N. Y.
Charles R. Koons, 287 Park Ave., INSTITUTIONS IN THE AT-
Rochester, N. Y. LANTIC UNION CON-
Mrs. Charles R. Koons, 287 Park FERENCE.
Ave., Rochester, N. Y.
CHURCH-SCHOOL TEACHERS. Fertm ood Intermediate School,
George Owens, Tunesassa, N. Y. Tunesassa, N. Y.
G. H. Winslow, Tunesassa, N. Y. South Lancaster Academy,
Mrs. G. H. Winslow, Tunesassa, South Lancaster, Mass.
N. Y. Publishing:
Mattie B. Tefft, 509 Lafayette St., New Y ork Branch of Review
Jamestown, N. Y. and Herald Pub. Assn., Room
Clara B. Keith, 430 Herrick St., 903, 32 Union Square, New
Elmira, N. Y. York, N. Y.
Matilda Thaler, Burt, N. Y. South Lancaster Printing Co.,
Lena Taylor, 94 Florida St., Buf- South Lancaster, Mass.
falo, N. Y. Sanitariums:
Mrs. Lulu Storie-Longway, 31 New England Sanitarium, Mel-
Peck St., Rochester, N. Y. rose, Mass.


Organized 19oz.
Territory: The Conferences of - ucational, Young People's, Re-
Colorado, Kansas; Nebraska, ligious Liberty, and Missionary
Missouri, and Wyoming. Departments, the Union Field Mis-
Office: College View, Nebr. sionary Secretary, the presidents
of Union College and the Clinton
OFFICERS. German Seminary, the Manager
of the Kansas City branch of the
Conference: Pacific Press Pub. Assn., the
Pres:, R. A. Underwood. manager of the College View
See., Miss Alettie E. Cornell. branch of the Pacific Press Pub.
Treas. and Auditor, W. J. Huff- Assn., and the business manager
man. of the Bouldel-Colorado Sanita-
Executive Committee: R. A. rium.
Underwood, the presidents of the Legal, Assn.: " Central Union
local Conferences in the Union, Conference Assn. of S. D. A."
the Union Conference Auditor, Pres., R. A. Underwood; Sec., F.
the secretaries of the Medical, Ed- F. Byington.

Union Book Depository: LICENTIATES.

Kansas City Branch of Pacific H. A. Morrison, J. H. McEachern,
Press Pub. Assn., 1224 Euclid E. C. Witzke.
Ave., Kansas City, Mo. Manager, MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
S. N. Curtiss. W. J. Huffman, Miss Mettle E.
Union Field Miss. Sec., J. H. Cornell, H. A. Green.
Educational Dept.:
Sec., W. W. Ruble; Advisory
Board, the Educational Secretary Organized 1883; divided and re-
of the Union (Chairman); Presi- organized 1908.
dent of the Union Conference,
Presidents of the local conferences Territory: The State of Colo-
in the Union, the local conference rado east of the Continental
Educational superintendents, prig- Divide.
cipais at academies in tne Union, Office: 1112 Kalamath 1St., Denver,
President of Union College, Nor- Colo.
mal Director of Union College,
and Principal of the Clinton. Ger- OFFICERS.
man Seminary. Conference:
Pres:, A. T. Robinson.
Medical Missionary Dept.: Sec. and Treas., R. T. Emery.
Sec., Dr. H. A. Green. Executive Committee: A. T.
Robinson, G. W. Anglebarger,
Young People's Dept.: A. W. Lane, H. A. Vandeman,
Sec., W. W. Ruble, College Math Wencel.
View, Nebr. Legal Assn.: " The Seventh-day
Adventist Association of Colo-
Financial Secretary: J. W. Chris- rado." Pres., A. T. Robinson;
tian. Sec. and Treas., R. T. Emery.
Work for the Blind: Tract Society:
Board in charge of the " Chris- Sec. and Treas., R. T. Emery.
tian Record" and the work for Field Miss. Sec., C. B. Sutton.
the blind: R. A. Underwood, F.
F. Byington, J. W. Christian, Sabbath-school Dept.:
W. W. Ruble, S. J. Quantock. Sec., Stella M. Parker.
Editorial Committee: Mrs. A. O.
Wilson, H. C. Lacey, Miss Mettle Educational Dept.:
E. Cornell (Sec.); Treas., Cen- Supt., Varner Johns.
tral Union Conference.
Religious Liberty Dept.:
(The following named persons Sec., J. F. Pearson, 2441 High
may be addressed at College St., Denver, Colo.
View, Nebr., unless other ad-
dress is given.) Young People's Dept.:
Sec,, Varner Johns.
R. A. Underwood, W. W. Ruble, Medical Missionary Dept.:
H. C. Lacey, J. W. Christian, J. Sec., Dr. H. A. Green, Colorado
H. Schilling, J. A. L. De'rby. Sanitarium, Boulder, Colo.
Honorary Ministerial Credentials. Home Missionary Dept.:
J. H. Morrison. Sec., C. B. Sutton.


Stella, Bungor, 1112 Kalamath St.;
A. T. Robinson, 415 Maxwell
Denver, Colo.
Ave., Boulder, Colo. Lora Duncan, 1112 Kalamath St.,
M. A. Altman, 1125 North Pros-
Denver, Colo.
pect St., Colorado Springs, Colo.
R. T. Emery, 1112 Kalamath St.,
G. M. Alway, 228 Third St.,
Denver, Colo.
Longmont. Colo.
Alice Finch, 712 South Union Ave.,
G. W. Anglebarger, 531 Santa
Pueblo, Colo.
Fe Drive, Denver, Colo.
Ada Madison, Colorado Sanita-
H. A. Aufderhar, R. F. D. 3, Love- rium Boulder, Colo.
land, Colo.
' Parker, 1112 Kalamath
Stella M.
E. E. Farnsworth, Campion Acad-
St., Denver, Colo.
emy, Loveland, Colo.
Bessie Sufficool, 102 West Sixth
W. A. Gosmer, Campion Academy,
St., Pueblo, Colo.
Loveland, Colo.
C. B. Sutton, 1112 Kalamath St.,
W. F. Kennedy, Jaroso, Colo.
Denver, Colo.
0. J. Nerlund, 4473 Stuart St.,
W. B. Davy, 1112 Kalamath St.,
Denver, Colo.
Denver, Colo.
H. A. Vandeman, 1217 Claremont
David Voth, 831 Galapago St., Alice Crooks, Monte Vista, Colo.
Denver, Colo. Grace DeLand, 1112 Kalamath St.,
T. B. Westbrook, Colorado Sani- Denver, Colo.
tarium, Boulder, Colo. Pearl Jenkins, Campion Acad-
C. S. Lightner. 2917 Glenarm St.. emy, Loveland, Colo.
Denver, Colo. Floretta Lewis, Yuma, Colo.
D. E. Robinson, 1112 Kalamath I. N. Long, Jaroso, Colo.
St.. Denver, Colo. Virgie Gass, Jaroso, Colo.
Clara Matschke, Lyons, Colo.
Honorary Ministerial Credentials. P. W. Peters, R. D. 1, La Salle;
C. R. Kite, Carr, Colo. Colo.
U. P. Long, 401 South Second Gladys Robinson, Bellvue, Colo.
St., Lamar, Colo. Marie Sherman, Blanca, Colo.
C. E. Peckover, R. F. D. 2, Boul- Zella Schmaltz, 33 Small Ave.,
der, Colo. Pueblo, Colo.
Dr. B. F. Richards, 310 Masonic Bessie Stanley, Wiley, Colo.
Temple Bldg., Denver, Colo. Mary Miles, Boulder, Colo.
F. G. Specht, R. F. D. 3, Loveland, Edna W:ilters, R. F. D. 2, Boulder,
Colo. Colo.
L. A. Spring, 4921 Irving St.,
Denver, Colo.
Organized 1875; reorganized 1914.
C. W. Allen, 1112 Kalamath St.,
Territory: The State of Kansas.
Denver; Col o.
Office: Corner First and Lawrence
Varner Johns, 1112 Kalamath St.,
Sts., Wichita, Kans.
Denver, Col o.
Office Address: 615-617 Butts
-T. W. Turner , R. F. D. 3, Love-
131 dg.; Wichita, Kans.
land, Colo.
Missionary Credentials.
J. S. Kilgore, 1112 Kalamath St., Pres., W. D. MacLay.
Denver, Colo. Sec. and Treas., Burton Castle

Executive Committee: W. D. Honorary Ministerial Credentials.

MacLay, W. H. Clark, A. G. W. W. Stebbins, 4015 East Nine-
Steinert, F. I. Mohr, E. T. Wilson, teenth St., Kansas City, Mo.
H. S. Osterloh, W. A. McCroskey.
Legal Assn.: " The Kansas Sev- LICENTIATES.
enth-day Adventist Conference E. T. Wilson, 702 East Third St.,
Assn." Pres., W. D. MacLay; Hutchinson, Kans.
Sec. and Treas., Burton Castle. E. E. Dunham, 615 Butts Bldg.,
Wichita, Kans.
Tract Society: L. D. Minner, 615 Butts Bldg.,
Sec. and Treas., Burton Castle. Wichita, Kans.
Field Miss., Sec., M. W. Shidler. Joseph Phillips, 615 Butts Bldg.,
Wichita, Kans.
Sabbath-school Dept.: Mrs. G. R. Hawkins, 615 Butts
Sec., Miss Fay Eagle. Bldg., Wichita, Kans.
Robert L. Bradford, 615 Butts
Educational Dept.: Bldg.. Wichita. Kan s.
Supt., Miss Eunice A. Craw- Carl Carlson, 615 Butts Bldg..
ford. Wichita, Kans.
Henry Miller, 817 South Seventh
Religious Liberty Dept.: St., Atchison, Kans.
Sec., D. E. Huffman, Center- MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
ville, Kans. J. B. White, Oswego, Kans.
Young People's Dept.: H. H. Howard, R. F. D. 2,
Sec., Miss Eunice A. Crawford. Edward Harris, 615 Butts Bldg.,
Home Missionary Dept.: Wichita, Kans.
M. W. Shidler, 822 Fifth St.,
Sec., E. R. Allen. East, Hutchinson. Kans.
MINISTERS. Mrs. Lillie Bland, 341 South
Dod,re Ave., Wichita, Kans.
W. D. MacLay, 615 Butts Bldg., Miss Maud I. Davis, Wellington,
Wichita, Kans. Kans.
W. H. Clark, 821 West Fifth St., Miss Lizzie Sutton, 615 Butts
Topeka, Kans. Bldg.. Wichita, Kans.
D. E. Huffman, Centerville, Kans. Miss -Eunice A. Crawford, 615
M. G. Huffman, 615 Butts Bldg., Butts Bldg., Wichita, Kans.
Wichita, Kans.
A. S. Bringle, Downs, Kans. CHURCH-SCHOOL TEACHERS.
J. Z. Walker, 1517 North Twenty- Miss Estella Corwin, Oswego,
third St., Kansas City, Kans. Kans.
W. L. Nott, 615 Butts Bldg., Albert Wheeler, Oswego, Kans.
Wichita, Kans. Miss Eunice Davis, Downs, Kans.
A. B. Campbell, Oswego, Kans. Orrie Dawkins, Palm, Kars.
B. H. Shaw, 615 Butts Bldg., John Loucks, I iberal, Kans.
Wichita-. Kans. Miss Bessie Maburin, 500 North
J. W. Allison, 743 Freeman Ave., Main St., Hutchinson, Kans.
Kansas City, Kans. Miss Clara Huenergardt, Shaffer,
A. G. Steinert, Bison, Kans. Kans.
G. R. Hawkins, 615 Butts Bldg., Miss Alice Ames. Jetmore. Kans.
Wichita, Kans. John Thirgess, Thayer, Kans.
Bernard Voth, 615 Butts. Bldg., Miss Freda Pearson, Galena,
Wichita, Kans. Kans.
A. C. Anderson, care Sanitarium, Miss Clara Jameson, Wellington,
Wichita, Kans. Kans.

Miss Exy Smith, Cedar Vale, Home Missionary Dept.:

Kans. Sec., W. A. Long.
Alva Patterson, Nekoma, Kans.
Miss Maude Weese, Horace, Kans. MINISTERS.
Miss Anna Jenson, 341 South J. S. Rouse, 203 West Franklin
Dodge St., Wichita, Kans. St., Clinton, Mo.
Miss Inis Morey, 121 South Vine L. W. Terry, Appleton City, Mo.
St., Wichita, Kans. D. P. Miller, 1228a Bayard Ave.,
Mrs. C. C. Brown, 414 South St. Louis, Mo.
First St., Iola, Kans. C. G. Bellah, Poplar Bluff, Mo.
Mrs. Wm. Duce, 2066 Hallock St., F. L. Limerick, Columbia, Mo.
Kansas City, Kans. L. B. Schick, 203 West Franklin
Miss Lucile Daily, Hill City, St., Clinton, Mo.
Kans. J. H. Roth, 2913 Keokuck Ave.,
St. Louis, Mo.
F. H. Hoxie, Queen City. Mo.
J. W. Owens. 4293c St. Louis
Organized 1876; reorganized 1914. L. F. Trubey, College View. Nebr.
Territory: The State of Missouri.
Office: 203 West Franklin St., X. C. Bradley, Goldsberry, Mo.
Clinton, Mo. G. A. Droll, 2301 East Fourteenth
St., Kansas City. Mo.
OFFICERS. W. A. Long, 203 West Franklin
Conference: St., Clinton, Mo.
J. I. Easterly, 1623 Prospect Ave.,
Pres., J. S. Rouse. St. Joseph, Mo.
Sec. and Treas., M. L. Meehan.
Executive Committee: J. S. MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Rouse, S. N. Curtiss, J. F. Simon, M. L. Meehan, 203 West Franklin
R. B. Turner, C. I. Swinhart. St., Clinton, Mo.
Legal Assn.: " Missouri Con- J. R. Osborne, 203 West Franklin
ference Association of S. D. A." St., Clinton, Mo.
Pres., J. S. Rouse; Sec. and Chas. E. E. Sanborn, Route 29,
Treas., M. L. Meehan. Box 133, Wellston Station, St.
Tract Society: Louis, Mo.
Mrs. A. E. Daniels, 2512 Bernays
Sec. and Treas., M. L. Meehan. Ave., St. Louis, Mo.
Field Miss. Sec., J. R. Osborne. Mrs. C. 0. Bellah, Poplar Bluff,
Sabbath-school Dept.: Miss Alice Guthrie, 203 West
Sec., Miss Alice Guthrie. Franklin St., Clinton, Mo.
Educational Dept.: Miss Reida Reinmuth, 2913 Keo-
kuck Ave., St. Louis, Mo.
Supt., W. A. Long.
Home Missionary Dept.: NEBRASKA CONFERENCE.
Sec., W. A. Long.
Organized 1878.
Religious Liberty Dept.: Territory: The State of Nebraska,
Sec., J. C. Bradley, Goldsberry, excluding the eleven western
Mo. counties belonging to the Wy-
oming Conference.
Young People's Dept.: Office Address: 315 East Ninth
Sec., W. A. Long. St., Hastings, Nebr.

OFFICERS. Honorary Ministerial Credentials.

Conference: R. F. Andrews, College View,
Pres., D. U. Hale, College View, Nebr.
Nebr. J. S. Hart, College View, Nebr.
Sec. and Treas., Anna M. Pe- LICENTIATES.
Executive Committee: D. U. A. F. Kirk, care Sanitarium,
Hale, A. F. Kirk, L. B. Johnson, Hastings, Nebr.
C. J. Kunkel, Lars Nielson, W. C. J. Paulson, 410 East Ninth St.,
Sherrig, G. J. Seltzer. Hastings, Nebr.
C. E. AcMoody, College View,
Tract Society: Nebr.
Sec. and Treas., Ralph Rhodes. J. D. Johnson, 953 South Fifty-
Field Miss. Sec., A. J. Olson, first St., Omaha, Nebr.
College View, Nebr. H. F. Saxton, Fairbury; Nebr.
C. L; Premer, College View, Nebr.
Sabbath-school Dept.: J. W. Miller, 2203 North Twenty-
seventh Ave.. Omaha, Nebr.
See., Miss Florence Howell.
Educational Dept.:
A. J. Olson, College View, Nebr.
Supt., Miss Florence Howell. Ralph Rhodes, 315 East Ninth St.,
Hastings, Nebr.
Religious Liberty Dept.: Miss Maud Cotton, 2210 North
Sec., B. L. House, College View, Twenty-first St., Omaha, Nebr.
Nebr. Miss Agnes Thoger, 953 South
Fifty-first St., Omaha, Nebr.
Medical Missionary Dept.: Mrs. F. A. Washburn. care Sani-
Sec., Dr. E. D. Haysmer, care tarium, Hastings, Nehr.
Sanitarium, Hastings, Nebr. Miss Emma Mallat, 1608 South
Twenty-third St., Lincoln, Nebr.
Young People's Dept.: n N. PM- Arcot-1, 315
Sec., J. I. Beardsley, College East Ninth St., Hastings, Nebr..
View, Nebr. )ricc minpin Bnehner. 402 D St..
Lincoln, Nebr..
Home Missionary Dept.: Daisy Reid, 315 East Ninth St.,
Hastings, Nebr.
Sec., J. I. Beardsley. E. C. Blue, 213 East High St.,
MINISTERS. Hastings, Nebr.
D. U. Hale, College View, Nebr. CH1TRCH-SCHOOL TEACHERS.
L. B. Porter, Battle Creek, Nebr. Miss Ida Brown, College View,
Fred Johnson, College View, Nebr. Nebr.
0. 0. Bernstein, 1128 South Eigh- Miss Lillie Holaday, College View,
teenth St.. T.ineoln, Nebr. Nebr.
11. L. House. College View. Nebr. Miss Ella Johnson, 632 South
Lars Nielson, College View, Nebr. Burlington Ave., Hastings, Nebr.
C. J. Kunkel, College View, Miss Inez Hoffman, Oakdale, Nebr.
Nebr. Miss Edna Ragsdale, Curtis, Nebr.
L. E. Johnson, Ringgold, Nebr. Miss Gertrude Sinclair, Blooming-
G. J. Seltzer, Fairbury, Nebr. ton, Nebr.
W. H. Sherrig, 953 South Fifty- Miss Cbriqtma Erickson, Te-
first St., Omaha, Nebr. kamah, Nebr.
E. L. Cook, 835 North Cedar Mrs. Edith Cummings, College
Ave., Hastings, Nebr. View, Nebr.

Miss Mable Dimond, College View, Religious Liberty Dept.:

Nebr. Sec., N. T. Sutton.
Mrs. Josephine Tucker, College
View, Nebr. Home Missionary Dept.:
Miss Eva Prussia, 331 East Sec., F. C. Clark.
Fourth St., Grand Island, Nebr.
H. C. Wilson, Wilcox, Nebr. MINISTERS.
..is s Louise Reid, Heda, Nebr. N. T. Sutton, Crawford, Nebr.
Miss Hazel Nelson, Big Creek,
Nebr. C. H. Miller, Sidney, Nebr.
Miss May Sturm, Star Route, H. E. Reeder, Broadwater, Nebr.
F.-dapleton, Nebr. E. H. Curtis, Cheyenne, Wyo.
H. A. Fish, Bellefourche, S. Dak.
WYOMING CONFERENCE. Paul Curtis, Garland, Wyo.
Organized 1907.
Territory: The State of Wyo-
ming; the following-named Asa Smith, Crawford; Nebr:
counties in Nebraska: Sioux, Mrs. Asa Smith, Crawford, Nebr.
Dawes, Sheridan, Box Butte, F. C. Clark, Crawford, Nebr.
Seotts Bluff, Morrill, Banner, Mrs. Grace Stewart, Rapid City,
Kimball, Cheyenne, Garden, S. Dak.
Deuel; and the following-named Anna M. Cately, Sheridan, Wyo.
counties in South Dakota: CHURCH-SCHOOL TEACHERS.
Butte, Meade, Lawrence, Pen-
nington, Custer, Fall River. H. E. Reeder, Broadwater, Nebr.
Office: Crawford, Nebr. J. L. Long, 348 East Fifth St.,
Sheridan, Wyo.
OFFICERS. Miss Mae Markert, Hemingford,
Conference: Nebr.
Pres., N. T. Sutton. Miss Eliza Sauerwein, Heming-
Sec. and Treas., Asa Smith. ford, Nebr.
Executive Committee: N. T. Miss Alida Chapman, Pringle,
Sutton, C. H. Miller, Asa Smith, S. Dak.
H. A. Fish, J. M. Fletcher. Mrs. J. M. Fletcher, Broadwater,
Legal Assn.: " Wyoming Con- Nebr.
ference Assn. of the S. D. A." J. B. Jenkins, Jr., Lisco, Nebr.
Pres., N. T. Sutton; Sec., C. H.
Miller; Treas., Asa Smith.
Seca and Treas., Asa Smith. TRAL UNION CONFERENCE.
Field Miss. Sec., F. C. Clark.
Sabbath-school Dept.: Campion Academy, Loveland,
Sec., Mrs. Asa Smith. Colo.
Clinton German Seminary, Clin-
Educational Dept.: ton, Mo.
Supt., J. M. Fletcher, Broad- Hastings Intermediate School,
water, Nebr. Hastings, Nebr.
Hill Agricultural Academy, R.
Young People's Dept.: F. D. 2, Downs, Kans.
Sec., J. M. Fletcher, Broadwater, Strode Industrial Academy, Os-
Nebr. wego, Kans.

Union College, College View, Sanitariums:

Nebr. Boulder - Colorado Sanitarium,
Publishing: Boulder, Colo.
Pacific Press Pub. Assn. Branch- Kansas Sanitarium, Wichita,
es at College View, Nebr., Kans.
and at 1224 Euclid Ave., Nebraska Sanitarium, College
Kansas City, Mo. View, Nebr.
Christian Record Pub. Co., Col- Nebraska Sanitarium, Hastings,
lege View, Nebr. Nebr.


Organized 1907..
Territory: The Conferencei of Young People's Dept.:
Ohio, Eastern Pennsylvania, Sec., C. L. Stone.
West Pennsylvania, New Jer-
sey, District of Columbia, Ches- Home Missionary Dept.:
apeake, Virginia, and West Sec., I. D. Richardson.
Office: 411 Cedar St., Takoma MINISTERS.
Park Station, Washington, D. U. B. G. Wilkinson, 411 Cedar St.,
OFFICERS. Takoma Park Station, Wash-
Conference: ington, D. C.
C. L. Stone, 411 Cedar St.,
Pres., B. G. Wilkinson. Takoma Park Station, Wash-
Sec. and Treas., R. T. Dowsett. ington, D. C.
Executive Committee: B. G. R. T. Dowsett, 411 Cedar St.,
Wilkinson, the presidents of the Takoma Park Station, Wash-
conferences composing the union, ington, D. C.
and R. T. Dowsett, J. L. Shaw, Dr. H. W. Miller, Takoma Park
Dr. H. W. Miller, 1. D. Richardson, Station, Washington, D. C.
C. L. Stone, D. W. Reavis, N. S. N. S. Ashton, care Academy, Mt.
Ashton, Dr. D. H. Kress. Vernon, Ohio.
Legal Assn.: " Columbia Union C. M. Sorenson, Takoma Park
Conference Assn." Pres., B. G. Station, Washington, D. C.
Wilkinson; Sec. and Treas.; R. T. Dr. D. H. Kress, 411 Cedar St.,
Dowsett. Takoma Park Station, Wash-
Auditor, R. T. Dowsett. ington, D. C.
Union Book Depository: S. M. Butler, Takoma Park Sta-
Review and Herald Publishing tion, Washington, D. C.
Assn., Takoma Park, D. C. Stewart Ki,me, care Sanitarium,
Manager, E. R. Palmer. Takoma Park Station, Wash-
Union Field Miss. Sec., I. D. ington, D. C.
Richardson. LICENTIATE.
Educational Dept.: I. D. Richardson, R. F. D. 3,
Sec., C. L. Stone. Silver Spring, Md.
Medical Missionary Dept.: MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Sec., Dr. D. H. Kress. I. A. Ford, Takoma Park Sta-
tion, Washington, D. C.
Religious Liberty Dept.: E. G. Salisbury, Takoma Park
Sec., - -. Station, Washington, D. C.


M. C. Kirkendall, 1611 Tenth St..
Organized 1890. Baltimore, Md.
H. E. Robinson, 1910 Longwood
Territory: The States of Dela- St., Baltimore, Md.
ware and Maryland, except the S. T. Shadel, Rock Hall, Md.
counties of Montgomery, Prince M. C. Whitmarsh, 729 Dupont St.,
George's, Charles, and St. Wilmington, Del.
Mary's. J. H. Wierts, 3700 Fait Ave.
Office: 1611 Tenth St., Baltimore, Baltimore, Md.
Md. A. S. Booth. 1611 Tenth St..
OFFICERS. G. P. Rodgers, 1714 Druid Hill
Ave., Baltimore. Md.
Sec. and Treas., Emma S. New- F. E. Hankins, 1611 Tenth St.,
comer. Baltimore, Md.
Executive Committee: M. C. Emma S. Newcomer, 1611 Tenth
Kirkendall, S. T. Shadel, J. H. St., Baltimore, Md.
Wierts, James Richardson, F. E. Mrs. Irena C. Pettibone, 21 Jef-
Hankins. ferson St., Frederick, Md.
Legal Assn.: " Chesapeake Con- Miss Mary C. Hurlock, 1910 Long-
ference Association of S. D. A." wood St.. Baltimore, Md.
Pres., M. C. Kirkendall ; Sec. and
Treas., Emma S. Newcomer. CHURCH-SCHOOL TEACHERS.

Tract Society: Emil Messinger, Fords Store, Md.

Charles Blosser, Rock Hall, Md.
Sec. and Treas., Emma S. Mrs. Viola Blosser, Rock Hall.
Newcomer. Md.
Field Miss. Sec., F. E. Hankins. Miss Lura Phillips, 1611 Tenth
St., Baltimore, Md.
Sabbath-school Dept.: Glenn S. Draper, 1606 Howland
Sec.. Miss Phoebe Ell wanger, St., Wilmington, Del.
Greensboro, Md.
Educational Dept.:
Supt., Miss Phoebe Eliwanger,
Greensboro, Md.
Medical Missionary Dept.:
Sec., Dr. H. N. Sisco, 1315 North Organized 1909.
Charles St., Baltimore, Md.
Territory: The District of Colum-
Religious Liberty Dept.: bia, the counties of Montgom-
Sec., M. C. Whitmarsh. ery, Prince George's, Charles,
and St. Mary's, in Maryland;
Young People's Dept.:' and the following. counties in
Virginia: Alexandria, Fairfax,
Sec . Miss Phoebe Ellwange
Greensboro, Md. \Loudoun, Prince William, Fail-
vier, Stafford, Northumberland,
Home Missionary Dept.: King George, Westmoreland,
Sec., F. E. Hankins. Office: 7 Fourth St.. N. E., Wash-
Richmond, and Lancaster. ington, D. C.

W. A. Nelson, 18 Sycamore St.,
Conference: Takoma Park Station, Wash-
Pres., R. E. Harter. ington, D. C.
Sec. and Treas., R. C. Taylor.
Executive Committee: R. E. - MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Harter, T. E. Bowen, M. E. Ol- Miss L. M. Slocum, 1528 Ninth
sen, C. M. Sorenson, L. A. Hansen, St., N. W., Washington, D. C.
I. A. Ford, J. M. Campbell. A. J: Bristol, Takoma Park Sta-
Legal Assn.: "District of Co- tion, Washington, D. C.
lumbia Conference Corporation of Miss Janet Morris, 149 A St., N.
S. D. A." Pres., R. E. Harter; E., Washington, D. C.
Sec. and Treas., R. C. Taylor. R. . Taylor, 7 Fourth St., N. E.,
Washington, D. C.
Tract Society: Mrs. Alice Graham, 1252 Sixth
Sec. and Treas., R. C. Taylor. St., S. W., Washington, D. C.
Field Miss. Sec., D. A. Rees, Maude E. Belmont, 149 A St.,
1528 Ninth St., N. W., Wash- N. E., Washington, D. C.
Mrs. R. E. Harter, 390 Blair Road,
ington, D. C. Takoma Park Station, Wash-
Sabbath-school Dept.: ington, D. C.
Mrs. M. S. Hicks, 1415 Seven-
Sec., Mrs. Maude Harter, 390 teenth St., N. , Washington,
Blair Road, Takoma Park Sta- D. C.
tion, Washington, D. C. Mrs. Margaret Howard, 1415 Sev-
Educational Dept.: enteenth. St., Washington, D. C.
1). A. Rees, 1528 Ninth St., N. W..
Supt., C. M. Sorenson. Washington, D. C.
Miss Jessie Welsh, 2811 Eleventh
Medical Missionary Dept.: St., N. W., Washington, D. C.
Sec., L. E. Elliott, M. D. J. W. Thompson, White Stone.
Religious Liberty Dept.:
See., W. A. Nelson.
Organized in 1903, out of ter-
Home Missionary Dept.: ritory comprising the Pennsyl-
See., D. A. Rees, 1528 Ninth Si., vania Conference, which was
N. W., Washington, 1). C. organized in 1879.
Territory: That portion of Penn-
sylvania lying east of the east-
R. E. Harter, 390 Blair Road, ern line of Potter, Clinton, Cen-
Takoma Park Station, Wash- ter, Mifflin, Huntingdon, and
ington, D. C. Fulton Counties.
F. E. Gibson, 423 North Columbus Office: 4910 Arch St., Philadelphia,
St., Alexandria, Va. Pa.
J. M. Campbell, 1415 Seventeenth
St., N. W., Washington, D. C. OFFICERS.
F. H. Seeney, Tenth and V Ste.. Conference:
N. W., Washington, D. C. Pres., H. M. J. Richards.
Sec. and Treas., Lucy Page
Honorary Ministerial Credentials. Emerson.
H. W. Herrell, Oakton, Va. Executive Committee: H. M. J.

Richards, F. A. Harter, J. S. H. 0. Gauker, Fleetwood, Pa.

Washburn, R. M. Fried, 0. F. Jessie M. Weiss, 175 South Wyo-
Schwedrat. ming Ave., Kingston, Pa.
Legal Assn.: " The Pennsyl- Lucy Page Emerson, 2123 North
vania Tract and Missionary So- Newkirk St., Philadelphia, Pa.
ciety." Pres., H. M. J. Richards; Mrs. Bertie C. Richards, 4910
Sec. and Treas., Lucy Page Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. ,
l'T.tnerson. Emma E. Poch, 4910 Arch St.,
Philadelphia, Pa.
Tract Society:
Honorary Missionary Credentials.
Sec. and Treas., Lucy Page
Emerson. C. D. Wolff, R. F. D. 1, Sellers-
Field Miss. Sec., C. V. Leach. ville, Pa.
Mrs. Elsie M. Evans, Ariel, Pa.
Sabbath-school Dept.:
Spec., Mrs. Bertie C. Richards.
Mrs. C. D. Wolff, R. F. D. 1,
Educational Dept.: Sellersville, Pa.
Fl. J. Stalker, Mohnton, Pa.
Supt., Mrs. Bertie C. Richards.
Young People's Dept.:
Sec., Mrs. Bertie C. Richards. NEW JERSEY CONFERENCE.
Religious Liberty Dept.: Organized 1902.
Sec., J. S. Washburn. Territory: The State of New
Home Missionary Dept.: Office: 200 Columbus Ave., Tren-
Sec., C. V, Leach. ton, N. J.
H. M. J. Richards, 4910 Arch St., Conference:
Philadelphia, Pa. Pres., A. R. Sandborn.
A. R. Bell, 1565 North Tenth St., Sec. and Treas., Clarence Lawry.
Reading, Pa. Executive Committee: A: R.
J. S. Washburn, 5318 Chancellor Sandborn, H. J. Adams, G. W.
St:, Philadelphia, Pa. Spies, J. 0. Miller, J. M. Gaff.
0. F. Schwedrat, 2426 Poplar St., Legal Assn.: "New Jersey Con-
Philadelphia, Pa. ference Association of S. D. A."
C. S. Baum, Hamburg, Pa. Pres., A. R. Sandborn; Sec. and
T. H. Branch, 2011 Reed St., Treas., Clarence Lawry.
Philadelphia. Pa.
V. Nutter, 1942 North Seven- Tract Society:
teenth St., Philadelphia, Pa. Sec. and Treas., Clarence Law-
F. A. Harter, 4910 Arch. St., ry.
Philadelphia, Pa. Field Miss. Sec., T. H. Barritt.
LICENTIATES. Sabbath-school Dept.:
H. J. Detwiler, Blossburg, Pa. Sec., Ella A. Iden.
H. M. S. Richards, 4910 Arch St.,
Philadelphia, Pa. Educational Dept.:
Supt., Ella A. Iden.
C. V. Leach. P. F. D..5, Lancaster, Religious Liberty Dept.:
Pa Sec., A. R. Sandborn.

Young People's Dept.: Zada Hibben, 22 Upper Mountain

Sec., Ella A. Iden. Ave., Montclair, N. J.
Mrs. Anna E. Rambo, Fairlon.
Home Missionary Dept.: N. J.
MINISTERS. Miss Marion Whitcomb, Fairton
A. R. Sandborn, po Columbus N. J.
Ave., Trenton, N. J. Miss Lora Tarbell, 601 Gem,see
J. 0. Miller, 552 Grove St., Irving- St., Trenton, N. J.
ton, N. J. Mrs. Laura Miller, 552 Grove St.,
G. W. Spies, 27 Oak St., Bridge- Irvington, N. J.
ton, N. J. Miss Elsie Achenbach, Cape May
A. 0. Lund, 257 Randolph Ave., Court House, N. J.
Jersey City, N. J. Miss Linnie Baumgartner, 10
Paul Matula, 44 Oak Ave., Irving- Manheim Ave., Bridgeton,
ton, N. J.
Charles Baierle, 165 Whitman
Ave., Camden, N. J. OHIO CONFERENCE.
R. H. Martin, 202 Wayne Ave.,
Paterson, N. J. . Organized 1863. .
H. F. Taylor, 185 Myrtle St.,
Jersey City, N. J. Territory: The State of Ohio.
J. M. Gaff, Annandale, N. J. Postal Address: Box 8, Mt. Ver-
P. F. Richard, 354 Sixteenth St., non, Ohio.
Irvington, N. J.
S. S. Shrock, 842 Taylor Ave.,
Scranton, Pa. Conference:
LICENTIATES. Pres., E. K. Slade.
See. and Treas., H. D. Holtom.
C. E. Gulick, 159 West Broad St., Executive Committee: E. K.
Burlington, N. J. Slade, G. C. Quillin, N. S. Ash-
G. W. Holman, Swedesboro, N. J. ton, C. W. Weber, W. W. Miller,
G. Medairy, Sussex, N. J. W. J. Venen, R. I. Francis.
G. A. Sandborn, Tenth St. and Legal Assn.: " The Ohio Con-
Fifth Ave.. Boulder, Colo. ference Association of the S. D.
MISSIONARY LICENTIATES. A. Church." Pres., E. K. Slade;
Sec., W. J. Venen; Business
C. J. Beach, 323 South Nineteenth Agent, G. C. Quillin.
St., Newark, N. J .
T. H. Barritt, 200 Columbus Ave., Tract Society:'
Trenton, N. J. Sec. and Treas., J. I. Cassell.
Ethel Carroll, 14 Bock St., New- Field Miss. Sec., V. 0. Punches,
ark, N. J. Route 1, Mt. Vernon, Ohio.
Frieda Ebert, 84 South St., Jersey
City, N. J. Sabbath-school Dept.:
Christina Kuklish, 78 East Twen- See., Bessie E. Acton.
ty-fourth St., Bayonne, N. J. Educational Dept.:
Ida Paulson, 241 Van Vorst St.,
Jersey City, N. J. Supt., Bessie E. Acton.
Clarence Lawry, 200 Columbus Medical Missionary Dept.:
Ave., Trenton, N. J. Sec., Dr. W. J. Venen, 1110
Ella A. Iden, 200 Columbus Ave., Glenwood Ave., Youngstown, Ohio.
Trenton, N. J.
Pauline Kinner, 29 Armory Place, Religious Liberty Dept.:
Paterson, N. J, See., H. A. Weaver,


Sec., Bessie E. Acton. H. D. Holtom, Box 8, Mount
Vernon, Ohio.
Home Missionary Dept.: V. 0. Punches, Route 1, Mount
Vernon, Ohio.
Sec., V. 0. Punches, R. F. D. Miss Cora B. Gibson, Route 4.
I, Mt. Vernon, Ohio. Wakeman, Ohio.
W. M. Campbell, 2207 Lawn Ave..
MINISTERS. Norwood, Ohio.
E. K. Slade, Box 8, Mt. Vernon, Mrs. W. M. Campbell, 2207 Lawn
Ohio. Ave., Norwood, Ohio.
Francis M. Fairchild, 127 Monroe Miss Anna E. Smith, 12931/2
Ave., Findlay, Ohio. North High St., Columbus,
H. M. Jump, 852 Colburn St., Ohio.
Toledo, Ohio. Miss M. Hortense Howell, 12931/2
F. H. Henderson, 87 Fay St., North High St., Columbus,
Akron, Ohio. Ohio.
.J. F. Olmsted, 1214 Kendall Ave., Miss Ida M. Walters, 2563 Glen
Portsmouth, Ohio. Mawr Ave., Columbus, Ohio.
.T. J. Marietta, 128 Eastern Ave., J. I. Cassell, Box 8, Mt. Vernon,
Dayton, Ohio. Ohio.
W. J. Venen, 1110 Glenwood Ave., Miss Carrie M. Askey, 1405 Ad-
Youngstown, Ohio. dison Road, CleVeland, Ohio.
W. W. Miller, ,120 Rice St., Miss Bessie E. Acton, Box 8,
Springfield, Ohio. Mount Vernon, Ohio.
C. W. Weber, 3306 West Thirty- Mrs. Katherine Weaver, North
first St., Cleveland, Ohio. Market St., Van Wert, Ohio.
T eslie Muntz, 1118 Myrtle Ave., Miss Mary I. Meek, 624 South
Cincinnati, Ohio. Walnut St., Bucyrus, Ohio.
H. A. Weaver, North Market St., Miss Nellie Underwood, Dresden,
Van Wert, Ohio. Ohio.
R. S. Lindsay, 849 East Forty- C. E. Reichenbach, Lake View.
seventh St., Cleveland, Ohio. Ohio.
.I. H. Behrens, 3055 Mathers St., .Miss Ella M. Talmage, R. F. D.
Cincinnati, Ohio. 4. Mt. Gilead, Ohio.
H6norary Ministerial Credentials. CHURCH-SCHOOL TEACHERS.

H. H. Burkholder, Box 147, Bell- Sara K. Rudolph, 228 Rose St.,

ville, Ohio. Springfield, Ohio.
A. G. Haughey, Route 6, Mount Mabel Andre, 103 West Park
Vernon, Ohio. Ave.. Columbus, Ohio.
P. E. Lindsey, Clyde, Ohio. Bertha Acton, 128 Eastern Ave.,
C. C. Webster, Route 1, Mt. Dayton, Ohio.
Vernon, Ohio. Ruth Atwell, Lake View, Ohio.
LICENTIATES. Daisy Delph, care Sanitarium,
Newark, Ohio.
G. C. Quillin, Killbuck, Ohio. Guv Corder, R. F. D., Dresden,
Raleigh French,- Mound Place, Ohio.
Route 3, Zanesville, Ohio.
H. A. TI ossin, 1440 Ohenchain Vernon Hagman, care Academy,
Ave., Springfield; Ohio. Mount Vernon, Ohio.
John Klepe, 602 Powersdale Ave., Florence Hartsock, care Frank
Youngstown, Ohio. Sander, Ravenna, Ohio.
H. V. Eusey 34 Midland Ave., Mrs. W. E. Wagner, R. F. D. 25,
Columbus. Ohio. Akron, Ohio.

Young People's Dept.:

Sec., R. F. Farley.
Rhea Barr, 849 Arch Ave., Al-
liance, Ohio. MINISTERS.
Lottie Gibson, Route 4, Wake-
man, Ohio. W. C.' Moffett, 2705 West Main
Allene White, Route 1, Wakeman. St., Richmond, Va.
Ohio. R. D. Hottel, New Market, Va.
Lena Lane, care Frank Draper, W. E. Bidwell, 2705 West Main
P. F. D.. Grafton, Ohio. St.; Richmond, Va.
Mrs. W. J. Venen, 1110 Glen- W. H. Sebastian, 2705 West Main
wood Ave., Youngstown, Ohio. St., Richmond, Va.
J. B. Mallory, 2705 West Main
St., Richmond, Va.
Honorary Ministerial Credentials.
Organized 1883.
A. C. Neff, Quicksburg, Va.
Territory: The State of Virginia, T. H. Painter, Stanley, Page Co.,
except the counties of Fau- Va.
quier, Loudoun, Prince William, W. H. Armstrong, 2705 West
Fairfax, Stafford, Alexandria, Va.
Ma in St., Richmond,
King George, Westmoreland,
Northumberland, Richmond, and LICENTIATES.
Lancaster, which belong to the
District of Columbia Conference. L. 0. Gordon, 2705 West Main
Office: 2705 West Main St., Rich- St., Richmond, Va.
mond, Va. Ii.. F. Farley, 2705 West. Ma in
St.. Richmond, Va.
Pres., W. C. Moffett. Anna C. nice, 707 Randolph St.,
Sec. and Treas., F. N. Johnson. Richmond, Va.
Executive Committee: W. C. W. H. George, 2705 West Main
Moffett, W. G. Dick, A. C. Neff. St., Richmond, Va.
Stewart Kime, L. 0. Gordon. J. L. Goode, 707 Randolph St.,
Negro Mission Committee: W. Richmond, Va.
C. Moffett, Stewart Kime, L. 0. E. F. Dresser, New Market, Va.
Gordon, J. B. Mallory, W. H. 1,1 N. J oh n:,on, 2705 West Main
Sebastian. St., Richmond, Va.
Legal Assn.: " Virginia Con- A. G. Yakovenko, Yale, Sussex
ference Agency of S. D. A." Co., Va.
Pres., W. C. Moffett; Sec. and -1lr. E. V. Manners. 3105 Chest-
Treas., F. N. Johnson.
Tract Society:
Sec. and Treas., F. N. John-
son. Florence N. Swan, 707 Randolph
St., Richmond, Va.
Field Miss. Sec., W. H. George. Grace L. Whitehead, Doswell, Va.
Mrs. Lucy Robinson, Norfolk, Va.
Sabbath-school Dept.: Alice Gray, Rileyville, Page Co..
Sec., Mrs. W. C. Moffett. Va.
Roberta Ellis. Yale. Cusses
Educational Dept.: Va.
Supt., W. C. Moffett. Mrs. W. FT. George. Stanley. Vol .

WEST PENNSYLVANIA CON- I. N. Williams, Fredonia, N. Y.

FERENCE. J. W. Watt, R. F. D. 5, Indiana,
Organized 1903. W. F. Schwartz, 2402 Pennsyl-
vania Ave., Erie, Pa.
Territory: All of Pennsylvania A. N. Durrant, 2851 Orbin St.,
lying west of the easterly line Pittsburgh, Pa.
of Potter, Clinton, Center, Mif- C. F. Ulrich, 708 Twenty-seventh
flin, Huntingdon, and Fulton St., Altoona, Pa.
Counties. G. L. West, 229 Queen St., Con-
Office: 7155 Mt. Vernon St., Pitts- nellsville, Pa.
burgh, Pa. J. P. Gaede, 342 Miller St., Mt.
OFFICERS. Oliver Station, Pittsburgh, Pa.
D. A. Parsons, 7155 Mt. Vernon
Conference: St., Pittsburgh, Pa.
Pres., F. H. Robbins.
Sec. and Treas., H. K. Hack- MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
man. H. K. Hackman, 7155 Mt. Vernon
Executive Committee: F. H. St., Pittsburgh, Pa.
Robbins, I. N. Williams, C. F. Miss Minnie Enoch Dauphinee,
Ulrich, W. F. Schwartz, J. P. 7155 Mt. Vernon St., Pitts-
Gaede, B. F. Kneeland, H. S. burgh, Pa.
Brown. H. K. Christman, 7155 Mt. Vernon
Legal Assn.: " 1ATest Pennsyl- St., Pittsburgh, Pa.
vania Assn. of S. D. A." Pres., Miss Sophie Gooss, .342 Miller
F. H. Robbins; Sec. and Treas., St., Mt. Oliver Station, Pitts-
H. K. Hackman. burgh, Pa.
Tract Society: Miss Maud Gauntlett, 2851 Orbin
' Sec. and Treas., H. K. Hack- St., Pittsburgh, Pa.
man. Miss Addle Bowen, 128 Alexander
Field Miss. Sec., H. K. Christ- St., Greensburg, Pa.
man. Mrs. J. P. Anderson, 129 South
Twenty-fourth St., Pittsburgh,
Sabbath-school Dept.: Pa.
Sec., Miss Minnie Enoch Dauph- Wm. Robbins, R. F. D. 35, Con-
inee. nellsville, Pa.
C. E. Will, 119 Woodland Ave.,
Educational Dept.: Washington, Pa.
Supt., C. F. Ulrich, 708 Twen-
ty-seventh St., Altoona, Pa. CHURCH-SCHOOL TEACHERS.
Religious Liberty Dept.: H. C. Dean, 7155 Mt. Vernon St.,
Sec., F. H. Robbins. Pittsburgh, Pa.
Miss Della McIntyre, R. F. D. 5,
Young People's Dept.: Indiana, Pa.
Sec., C. F. Ulrich, 708 Twenty-
seventh St., Altoona, Pa.
Home Missionary Dept.: WEST VIRGINIA CON-
Sec., W. F. Schwartz, 2402 FERENCE.
Pennsylvania Ave., Erie, Pa.
Organized 1887.
A. Robbins, 7155 Mt. Vernon Territory: The State of West
St., Pittsburgh, Pa. Virginia.
B. F. Kneeland, 602 Dwight St., Office: 1618 East Seventh St.,
Coudersport, Pa. Parkersburg, W. Va.

OFFICER& C. T. Redfield, 910 Grant St..

Conference: Charleston, W. Va.
G. A. Stevens, 412 Virginia Ave.
Pres., J. W. Hirlinger, Bridge- Martinsburg, W. Va.
port, W. Va. N. W. Philips, 153 North Fourth
Sec. and Tteas., Jennie Burdick. St., Steubenville, Ohio.
Executive Committee: J. W.
Hirlinger, C. T. Redfield, G. A. LICENTIATE.
Stevens, H. F. Kirk, J. E. Mere- T. IV. Thirlwell, 1618 East Sev-
dith. enth St., Parkersburg, W. Va.
Pres., J. W. Hirlinger. H. F. Kirk, 1618 East Seventh
Sec. and Treas., Jennie Burdick. St., Parkersburg, W. Va.
Board of Directors: J. W. Hirl- Jennie Burdick, 1618 East Sev-
inger, S. F. Ross, C. T. Redfield, enth St., Parkersburg, W. Va.
B. B. Johnson. Mrs. J. W. Hirlinger, Bridgeport,
Statutory Attorney, Henry W. Va.
Field Miss. Sec., H. F. Kirk.
Sabbath-school Dept.: LUMBIA UNION CON-
Sec., Mrs. J. W. Hirlinger, FERENCE.
Bridgeport, W. Va.
Educational Dept.: Fireside Correspondence School,
Supt., C. T. Redfield, 910 Grant Takoma Park, D. C.
St., Charleston, W. Va. Mt. Vernon Academy, Mt. Ver-
non, Ohio.
Religious Liberty Dept.: Shenandoah Valley Academy,
New Market, Va.
Sec., J. W. Hirlinger, Bridge- Washington Missionary College,
port, W. Va. Takoma Park, D. C.
Young People's Dept.: Publishing:
Sec., C. T. Redfield, 910 Grant Review and Herald Pub. Assn.,
St., Charleston, W. Va. Takoma Park, D. C.
MINISTERS. Sanitariums:
J. W. Hirlinger, Bridgeport, W. Washington Sanitarium, Tako-
Va. ma .Park, D. C.
Organized igoz.
Territory: The Conferences of OFFICERS.
Maritime, Quebec, and Ontario, Conference:
and the Newfoundland Mission. Pres., G. H. Skinner.
Office: Oshawa, Ontario. Seca and Treas., Miss Lulu Van
OFFICERS. Buskirk.
Conference: Executive Committee: G. H.
Skinner, L. 0. Machlan, Wm.
Pres., M. N. Campbell. Wasell, B. Farris.
Sec. and Treas., M. M. Hare. New Brunswick Legal Assn:
Asst. Sec. and Treas., Edna " The Executive Board of the
P. Leach. Province of New Brunswick in '
Executive Committee: M. N. connection with the Seventh-day
Campbell, A. V. Olson, M. M. Adventist Church of the Mari-
Hare, T. D. Rowe, G. H. Skinner, time Provinces." Chairman, G.
W. C. Young, D. J. C. Barrett. H. Skinner; Sec., J. C. Porter.
Auditor, M. M. Hare. Nova Scotia Legal Assn.: " The
Union Book Depository: Executive Board of the Province
of Nova Scotia, in connection with
Canadian Publishing Assn., the Seventh-day Adventist Church
Oshawa, Ontario. of the Maritime Provinces."
Manager, M. M. Hare. Sabbath-school Dept.:
Supt., F. A. Spangler.
Sec., Mrs. G. H. Skinner.
Educational Dept.:
Young People's Dept.:
Sec., M. M. Hare.
Sec., L. 0. Machlan.
Young People's Dept.:
Sec., M. M. Hare. G. H. Skinner, 184 Winslow St..
MINISTERS. West St. John, New Brunswick.
M. N. Campbell, Oshawa, Ontario. J. T. Erring-ton, Charlottetown,
M. M. Hare, Oshawa, Ontario. Prince Edward Island.
L. 0. Machlan, Williamsdale East,
Edna P. Leach, Oshawa, Ontario. Cumberland County, Nova Sco-
Olive L. Leach; Oshawa, Ontario. tia.
F. A. Spangler, Oshawa, Ontario. Wm. Wasell, Yarmouth, Nova
Scotia. .
Lulu Van Buskirk, 184 Winslow
Organized 1902. St., West St. John, New Bruns-
Territory: The Provinces of New Manuelra Verge, 162 Church St.,
Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Amherst, Nova Scotia.
Prince Edward Island. Mrs. G. H. Skinner, 184 Winslow
Office Address: 184 Winslow St., St., West St. John, New Brims-
West St. John, New Brunswick. wick.



ONTARIO CONFERENCE. Mrs. Wm. Boyce, 219 William St...

London, Ontario.
Organized 1899. Miss Louisa J. Wilton, 22 Harvey:
Territory: The Province of On- St., Chatham, Ontario.
tario lying east of the Eighty- Miss Amy Gosnay, 219 Burriss
ninth parallel. St., Hamilton, Ontario.
Miss Evelyii Case, 486 Montrose
Office Address: 486 Montrose Ave., Ave., Toronto, Ontario.
Toronto; Ontario.
Pres., A. V. Olson. Organized 1880.
Executive Committee: A. V. 01- Territory: The Province of
, son, T. D. Rowe, F. G. Hill, T. H. Quebec.
Robinson. Office Address: 280 Villeneuire
Field Miss. Sec., Joseph Cap- West, Montreal, Quebec.
Sabbath-school Dept.: Conference:
See., Margaret Shanks. Pres., W. C. Young, Sherbrooke
Educational Dept.: Quebec.
Supt., T. D. Rowe. Sec. and Treas., F. E. Dufty,
Box 3189, Montreal, Quebec.
Young People's Dept.: Executive Committee: W. C.
Sec., Young, J. Yuilleumier, F. Me-
Elroy, Wm. Knowlton, I. S.
Home Missionary Dept.:. Jones.
See., Joseph Capman.
MINISTERS. W. C. Young, Sherbrooke, Quebec.
A. V. Olson, 486 Montrose Ave., P. C. Webster, 280 Villeneuve
Toronto, Ontario. West, Montreal, Quebec.
T. D. Rowe, Oshawa, Ontario. J. Vuilleumier, 3177 St. Hubert
M. J. Allen, 92 Brunswick Ave., St., Montreal, Quebec.
F. W. Johnston, 556 Elgin St.,
Ottawa, Ontario. F. E. Dufty, Box 3189, Montreal,
W. H. Boyce, 219 William St.,
Joseph Capman, 98 Beechwood Territory: The Island of New-
Ave., Hamilton, Ontario. foundland and Labrador.
W. J. Hurdon, 107 Preston St., Office Address: Box 217, St.
Ottawa, Canada. John's, Newfoundland.
Sadie Baker, 1202 Duff.prin St.,
Tdronto, Ontario. OFFICERS.
Margaret Shanks, 213 Dalhousie
St., Brantford, Ontario. Superintendent: D. J. C. Barrett.
Mrs. M. J. Allen, 92 Brunswick Mission Committee: D. J. C. Bar-
Ave., Toronto, Ontario. rett, M. N. Campbell, G. H.
Mrs. Joseph Capman, 98 Beech- Skinner, G. H: Morgan, P. A.
wood Ave., Hamilton, Ontario. Hubley, J. R. Johnston.

Sabbath School and Home Mis- CHURCH-SCHOOL TEACHER.

sionary Secretary: Mrs. E. A. Miss Nettie Knister, Box 217, St.
Hubley, Box 2, Catalina, New- John's, Newfoundand.
'D. J. C. Barrett, Box 217, St. CONFERENCE.
John's, Newfoundland. Educational:
R. A. Hubley, Box 2, Catalina, Eastern Canadian Missionary
Newfoundland. Seminary, Oshawa, Ontario.
MISSIONARY LICENTIATES. Wi lliamsdale Academy, Wil-
liamsdale East, Nova Scotia.
Mrs. R. A. Hubley, Box 2, Cata-
lina, Newfoundland. Publishing:
Nettie Knister, Box 217, St. Canadian Publishing Assn., Osh-
John's, Newfoundalnd. awa, Ontario.


Organized 'got.
Territory: The Conferences of Educational Dept.:
East Michigan, Indiana, North- Sec., C. A. Russell.
ern Illinois, North Michigan, Training-school Representative,
Southern Illinois, West Mich- 0. J. Graf, Berrien Springs, Mich.
igan, and Wisconsin.
Office: 3145 Lyndale St., Chicago, Medical Missionary Dept.:
. Ill.
Sec., D. H. Kress, M. D.
Conference: Religious Liberty Dept.:
Pres., L. H. Christian. Sec., L. H. Christian.
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, A. N. Young People's Dept.:
Executive Committee: L. H. Sec., C. A. Russell.
Christian, A. N. Anderson, the Home Missionary Dept.:
presidents of the Conferences
composing the Lake Union Con- Sec., J. W. Mace.
ference; and 0. J. Graf, J. B. MINISTERS.
Blosser, J. W. Mace, C. A. Rus-
sell, G. E. Nord, Dr. D. H. Kress. L. H. Christian, 3145 Lyndale
Legal Assn.: " Lake Union St:, Chicago, Ill.
Conference AsSociation of Sev- G. E. Nord, R. F. D. 1, Box 20,
enth-day Adventists." Pres., L. La Grange,
H. Christian; Sec. and Treas., LICENTIATES.
A. N. Anderson.
J. B. Blosser, Berrien Springs,
Union Book Depository: Mich.
Review and Herald, 212 South C. A. Russell, -Berrien Springs,
Lafayette St., South Bend, Ind. Mich.
Martauer, J. W. Mace. 0. J: Graf, Berrien Springs, Mich.
Union Field Miss. Sec., J. B. H. O. Olsen, R. F. D. 1, Box 20,
Blosser, Berrien Springs, Mich.


J. Mace, 212 South Lafayette
W. Wm. Guthrie, Holly, Mich.
St., South Bend, Ind. Delmar P. ood, 413 Ten Eyck
A. N. Anderson, 3.145 Lyndale St., St., Jackson, Mich.
Chicago, Ill. M. Shepard, Holly, Mich.
0. M. Kittle, 223 F6rest St., Flint.
EAST MICHIGAN CONFER- B. L. Post, 234 Logan St., South,
ENCE. Lansing, Mich.
L. T. Nicola, 426 Trumbull Ave..
Organized 1902, from territory Detroit, Mich.
formerly comprising the Mich- A. F. French, Holly, Mich.
igan Conference. I. J. Woodman, St. Charles, 1\1
Territory: The southeastern por- W. H. Green, 638 Thirtieth St..
tion of Michigan, including the Detroit, Mich.
following counties: M. C. Guild, 714 South Jefferson
Lenawee, Monroe, Wayne, Ave., Saginaw, Mich.
,Washtenaw, Jackson, Ingham, W. E. Videto, Holly, Micli.
Livingston, Oakland, Macomb, W. D. Parkhurst, 114 Orange Si...
St. Clair, Lapeer, Genesee, Jackson, Mich.
Shiawassee, Clinton, Gratiot, H. B. Westcott, 602 West Ohio
Saginaw, Tuscola, Sanilac, Hu- St., Bay City, Mich.
ron, Bay, Midland. H. 4. Boylan, 1019 Genesee St.,
Office: Holly, Mich. Lansing, Mich.
OFFICERS. Honorary Ministerial Credentials.
Conference: L. G. Moore, 213 Pine St., North,
Lansing, Mich.
Pres., Wm. Guthrie. J. L. Edgar, 400 East Fifth St.,
Sec. and Treas., Tillie E. Barr. Flint, Mich.
Executive Committee: Wni.
Guthrie, D. P. Wood, L. T. Nic- LICENTIATES.
ola, 0. M. Kittle, T. W. Steen, F. J. Rowland, St. Charles, Mich.
J. B. McKenney, W. H. Green. Timothy Summerville, Linden,
Legal Assn.: " East Michigan Mich.
Conference Association of the A. V. Morrison, Holly, Mich.
S. D. A." Pres., Wm. Guthrie.
Honorary Ministerial Licentiate.
Tract Society:
H. S. Guilford, Chesaning, Mich.
Sec. and Treas., C. N. Keiser,
426 Trumbull Ave., Detroit, Mich. MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Field Miss. Sec., H. W. Johnson,
Holly, Mich. Katherine M. Dunham, 413 Ten
Eyck St., Jackson, Mich.
Sabbath-school Dept.: Nellie M. Stevens, M. D., 125
South Bond St., Saginaw, Mich.
Sec. Tillie E. Barr, Holly, Mich.
Educational Dept.: Marie P. Harriman, 426 Trumbull
Ave., Detroit,. Mich.
Supt., Lotta E. Bell, 426 Trum- Agnes Everest Webber, 426 Trum-
bull Ave., Detroit, Mich. bull Ave., Detroit, Mich.
Lotta E. Bell, 426 Trumbull Ave.,
Young People's Dept.: Detroit, Mich.
Sec., Lotta E. Bell, 426 Trum- Mrs. T. M. Summerville, Linden,
bull Ave., Detroit, Mich. Mich.

Mina Pierce, R. F. D. 6, Milford, Mrs. Clara M. Hurd, 618 West

Mich. Court Si., Flint, Mich.
Mrs. Elizabeth Wright, 602 West Miss Leola Winne, R. F. 1).,
Ohio St., Bay City, Mich. Akron, Mich.
Flossie Winne, 426 Trumbull Miss Lona Lamb, B. F. D., May-
Ave., Detroit, Mich. ville, Mich.
Ariel Arnold, 375 Wreford Ave., Miss Beatrice Connor, St. Charles,
Detroit, Mich. Mich.
T. W. Steen, Holly, Mich. Mrs. Nellie Brainard, Napoleon,
El. W. Johnson, Holly, Mich. Mich.
- Vara Lynch, 426 Trumbull Ave., Miss Inez Bird, Edenville, Mich.
Detroit, Mich.

Miss Winona De Camp, 426 Trum-
bull Ave., Detroit, Mich. Organized 1872.
Mrs. Lulu Flinn, 426 Trumbull
Ave., Detroit, Mich. Territory: The State of Indiana.
Miss Ethel Gordon, 426 Trumbull Office: 521 East Twenty-third St.,
Ave., Detroit, Mich. Indianapolis, Ind.
Miss Ida Parker, 638 Thirtieth
St., Detroit, Mich. OFFICERS.
Mrs. Leona Boat-Glidden, . Holly, Conference:
Mich. Pres., E. A. Bristol.
Miss Nettie Birmingham, 508 Sec. and Treas., D. A. Bailey.
South Lynn St., Sta. A, Bay Executive Committee: E. A.
City, Mich. Bristol, W. A. Young, T. A.
Miss Dot McCormick, 600 Con- Goodwin, R. W. Hostetler, C. M.
gress St., Saginaw, Mich. Christiansen, E. A. von Pohle.
Miss Gladys Pool, 42 Westwood Legal Assn.: " The Indiana As-
St., Hillsdale, Mich. sociation of Seventh-day Advent-
Miss Ina Hicks, 800 West Sag- ists." Pres., E. A. Bristol; Sec.;
inaw St., Lansing, Mich. W. A. Young; Treas., D. A.
Miss Frances Baldwin, R. F. D. Bailey.
5, Elsie, Mich. " The Indiana Medical Mission-
Miss Olive Medford, R. 2, Sag- ary and Benevolent Association."
inaw, Mich. Pres., E. A. Bristol; Sec. and
Miss Zeo Lehman, R. F. D., Treas., Dr. F. A. Loop.
Stockbridge, Mich.
Miss Ruby Crain, Ithaca, Mich. Tract Society:
Mrs. Nona Martyn, R. F. D. 7, Sec. and Treas., D. A. Bailey.
Jackson, Mich. Field Miss. Sec., E. E. Franklin.
Miss Eva Butler, 114 Orange St.,
Jackson, Mich. Sabbath-school Dept.:
Miss Mildred Smith, R. F. D. 1, Sec., Mrs. Lee S. Wheeler.
Ashley, Mich.
Educational Dept.:
Miss Elsie Curtis, R. F. D. 1,
Owosso, Mich. Supt., Miss Carolyn M. Ras-
Miss Mabel Reavis, Imlay City,
Mich. Medical Missionary Dept.:
Miss Grace Shepard, Otter Lake, Sec.,
Miss Alfaretta Sherman, R. F. Religious Liberty Dept.:
D. 6, Milford, Mich. Sec.,

Young. People's Dept.: Gertrude Sims; Beech wood Acad-

Sec., Miss Carolyn M. Ras- emy, R. F. D. 1, Fairland, Ind.
musson. Mrs. 0. S. Hadley, 1605 Sturm
Ave., Indianapolis, Ind.
MINISTERS. Theresa Thompson, 1026 North
E. A. Bristol, 521 East Twenty- Bell St., Kokomo, Ind.
St., Indianapolis, Ind. Mrs. Lee S. Wheeler 521 East
W. A. Young, 904 College Ave., Twenty-third St., Indianapolis,
Indianapolis, Ind. Ind.
Lee S. Wheeler, 521 East Twen- CHURCH-SCHOOL TEACHERS.
ty-third St., Indianapolis, Ind.
J. H. N. Tindall, 521 East Twen- Stella Jacobs, Y. W. C. A., Mun-
ty-third St., Indianapolis, Ind. cie, Ind.
E. F. Peterson, 521 East Twenty- Averil Hughes, R. F. D. 4, Mid-
third St., Indianapolis, Ind.- dletown, Ind.
I.. W. Browne, 1911 Alvord St., Mrs. Elizabeth Lawson, R. F. D.
Indianapolis, Ind. 9, Anderson, Ind.
11 M. Kelley, 2607 North Del- Irene Presnall, Maxwell, Ind.
aware Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. Blanche Hicks, 442 South Walnut
St., Hartford City, Ind.
Honorary Ministerial Credentials. Maggie Hicks, 307 Park Ave.,
O. S. Hadley, 1605 Sturm Ave., South, Mishawaka, Ind.
Indianapolis, Ind. Orville Dunn, R. F. D. 5, Albion,
W. j. Stone, 3531 East New York Ind.
St., Indianapolis, Ind. Lois Johnston, R. F. D. 3, Green-
town, Ind.
LICENTIATES. Charles Allen, R. F. D. 1, Tell
L W. Rader, R. F. D. 1, Fairland, City, Ind.
Ind. Elizabeth Blake, 86 Evans Ave..
Frank _Dudley, Hartford City, Ind. Noblesville, Ind.
S. Copeland, 307 South Park Susie Blake, 1201 South Tenth
A ve., Mishawaka, I nil. St., Terre Haute, Ind.
Cenora Misner, R. F. D. 1, Fa ir-
E. A. von Pohle, Beechwood Charlotte Maloney, 153 Richmond
Academy, R. F. D. 1, Fairland, Ave., Richmond, Ind.
Ind. Alta Clapper, 1500 East Michigan
D. A. Bailey, 521 East Twenty- St., Indianapolis, Ind.
third St., Indianapolis, Ind. Letha LaFevre, 1500 East Mich-
E. E. Franklin, 1500 East Mich- igan St., Indianapolis, Ind.
igan St., Indianapolis, Ind. Beatrice Murphey, 505 West Sev-
C. E. Garnsey, Wabash Valley enteenth St., Anderson, Ind.
Sanitarium, La Fayette, Ind. Mrs. Lizzie Caton, Sullivan, Ind.
Mrs. R. W. McMahan, 805 Me- Mrs. Dan Stinett, Bicknell, Ind.
ridian St., Anderson, Ind.
Mary Kent, Hartford City, Ind.
Myrtle, Robertson, 1605 Sturm NORTHERN ILLINOIS CON-
Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. FERENCE.
Jennie Sims, 1605 Sturm Ave., In-
dianapolis, Ind. Formerly part of the Illinois Con-
Carolyn M. Rasmusson, 521 East ference organized in 1871; di-
Twenty-third St., Indianapolis, vided and reorganized in 1902.
Ind. Territory: The northern portion
Bertha Wright, 1605 Sturm Ave., of the State of Illinois to the
Indianapolis, Ind. southern boundary of the coun-

ties of Iroquois, Ford, Living- R. Calderone, 1419 West Austin

ston, Woodford, Peoria, Knox, Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Warren, and Henderson, ex- T. F. Hubbard, 1224 Sixteenth
eluding the city of Peoria. St., Moline, Ill. - -
Cffice: 3645 Ogden Ave., Chicago, Adolph Johnson, 2710 Montrose
Ave., Chicago, Ill.
J. M. Erikson, R. 1, Box 20, La
Conference: Grange, Ill.
Pres., Wm. A. Westworth. W. D. Forde, 5126 Dearborn St.,
Sec. and Treas., H. E. Moon. Chicago, Ill.
Executive Committee: Wm. A.
Westworth, E. F. Peterson, LICENTIATES.
Adolph Johnson, H. H. Todd, R. C. Gardner, 3645 Ogden Ave:,
Wm. Covert, C. J. Tolf, and J. Chicago, Ill.
W. Cummings. J. H. Miller, 3645 Ogden Ave.,
Legal Assn.: " The Illinois Chicago, Ill.
Conference Assn. of S. D. A."
Pres., Wm. A. Westworth; Sec.,
J. W. Cummings.
" Northern Illinois Med. Miss. H. E. Moon, 3645 Ogden Ave.,
and Sanitarium Assn." Pres., Chicago, Ill.
Wm. A. Westworth. J. B. -Clymer, Sheridan, El.
Mrs. Helen Odell, 216 West
Tract Society: Prairie St., Pontiac, Ill.
Sec., H. E. Moon. Miss Ella Hancock, Roswell, N.
Field Miss. Sec., C. J. Tolf, 363 Mex.
Iowa Ave., Aurora, Ill. Miss Edith Shepard, 3645 Ogden
Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Sabbath-school Dept.: Mrs. Hannah Swanson, 48 North
See., Edith Shepard. Sacramento Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Miss W. Mueller, 43 North Sac-
Educational Dept.: ramento Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Miss Rosa Kozel, 48 North Sac-
Supt., Edith Shepard.
ramento Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Miss Vesta Cash, 1403 West
Young People's Dept.:
Austin Ave., Chicago, Ill.
See., Edith Shepard. Miss Gladys Seely, 48 North
Sacramento Ave., Chicago, Ill
Miss Gertrude Merriner, 460 Jef-
Wm. A. Westworth, 3645 Ogden ferson Ave., Elgin, Ill.
Ave., Chicago, Ill. Miss Anna Hibben, 224 East
Wm. Covert, 295 Grand Ave., Au- North St., Princeton, Ill.
rora, Ill. Miss Jean Phillips, 224 East
J. C. Harris, 303 Prairie Ave., North St., Princeton, Ill.
Joliet, Ill. Miss Anna Johnson, 303 West
Louis Halsvick, 2716 West. North One Hundred and Tenth St..
Ave., Chicago, Ill. Chicago, Ill.
E. R. Lauda, 3645 Ogden Ave., C. J. Tolf, 363 Iowa Ave., Au-
Chicago, Ill. rora, El.
M. H. St. John, 3645 Ogden Ave., Mrs. A. E. Thomson, 3645, Ogden
Chicago, Ill. Ave., Chicago, Ill.
L. D. Santee, 1061 Raymond St., Miss Lydia Henke, 48 North Sac-
Pasadena, Cal. ramento Ave., Chicago, Ill.
E. W. Webster, 2932 Walnut St., Miss Mary Senator, 5132 Dear-
Chicago. Ii]. born St., Chicago, Ill.

Geo. Leffler, 243 West One Hun- Miss Florence. Fuels, Rock Falls,
dred and Ninth St., Chicago, Ill.
111. Miss Ella Foreman, 157 North
J. Sansonetti, 1107 West Erie Whitesboro St., Galesburg, Ill.
St., Chicago, III. Miss Mary Marsh, care E. B. Van
Miss Johanna Henrickson, 2914 Dorn, R. F. D. 2, La Grange
West North Ave., Chicago, Ill. '
Mrs. Kate Williams, 1213 Fif-
teenth St., Moline, Ill.
Steen Rasmussen, 2500 Richmond NORTH MICHIGAN CON-
St., Chicago, Ill. FERENCE.
Dr. Lyman Bedford, 1152 One Formerly a part of the Michigan
. Hundred and Third Pl., Chi- Conference, organized in 1861;
cago, Ill. divided and reorganized in 1902.
Miss Anna Soukup, 48 North
Sacramento Ave., Chicago, Ill. Territory: All of Michigan north
Miss Alfreda Johnson, 1121 Thir- of the counties of Bay, Mid-
ty-sixth St., Rock Island, Ill. land, Gratiot, Montcalm, Me-
Gabriel Vas, 1154 East Ninety- costa, Newago, and Oceana.
first St., Chicago, Ill. Office: 510 Petoskey St., Petos-
A. E. Thomson, 7233 South key, Mich.
Western Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Miss Mamie Meleen, 7233 South Pres., J. J. Irwin.
Western Ave., Chicago, Sec. and Treas.,
Miss Mabel Rank, 48 North Sac- Executive Committee. J. J. Ir-
ramento Ave., Chicago, Ill. win, F. J. Harris, E. A. Piper, M.
Miss Ida Christensen, 2514 Moffat Stephens,. F. E. Fenner.
St., Chicago, Ill. Legal Assn.: "North Michigan
Miss Amelia Eitel, 2117 Kedzie Conference Assn. of S. D. A."
Ave., Chicago, Ill. Pres., J. J. Irwin; Sec. and
Miss Rena Curtis, 48 North Sac- Treas.,
ramento Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Miss Freda Earl, 1644 West Six- Tract Society:
ty-first St., Chicago, Ill. Sec. and Treas.,
Miss Lucile Minisee, 5216 Fed- Field Miss. Sec., B. F. Williams.
eral St., Chicago, Ill.
Miss Olive Jensen, 300 Grand Sabbath-school Dept.:
Ave., Aurora, Ill. Sec., Miss Florence Crouch.
Fenton Hibben, R. 3, Aledo, Ill.
Mrs. Helen Leffler-Hibben, R. 3, Educational Dept.:
Aledo, Ill. Supt., Miss Augusta Blosser.
Miss Marguerite Porter, care Al-
bert Nadig, R. F. D. 1, Box Religious Liberty Dept.:
71, Stockton, Ill. Sec., J. J. Irwin.
Mrs. Mildred Holmes-Nixon, 512 Young People's Dept.:
Bridge St., Streator, Ill.
Sec., Miss Augusta Blosser.
Miss Ethel Clark, 1221 North
Mill St., Pontiac, Ill. MINISTERS.
Miss Edith Reynolds, 303 Prairie J. J. Irwin, 220 Michigan St.,
Ave., Joliet, Ill. Petoskey, Mich.
Miss Geraldine Young, care San- F. J. Harris, 855 East Broadway,
itarium, Hinsdale, Ill. Mt. Pleasant, Mich.

R. J. Bellows, Gladstone Mich. OFFICERS.

E. A. Piper, 332 West Fifteenth Conference:
St., Traverse City, Mich. Pres., A. .J. Clark.
E. E. Fenner, R. F. a, Onaway, Sec. and Treas., A. H. Brig-
Mich. ham.
Executive Committee: A. J.
LICENTIATES. Clark, A. H. Brigham, R. J.
S. C. Hannon, Harris, Mich. Nethery, R. B. Craig, W. W.
Geo. W. Wikander, General De- Brayshaw, C. W. Curtis, A. L.
livery, Houghton, Mich. Van Fossen.
Legal Assn.: " The Southern
MISSIONARY LICENTIATES. Illinois Conference Assn. of S.
B. F. Williams, 201 Wachtel Ave., D. A." Pres., A. J. Clark; Sec.,
Petoskey, Mich. R. B. Craig.
Miss Florence Crouch, 510 Pe- Tract Society:
toskey St., Petoskey, Mich.
Miss Augusta Blosser, 510 Pe- Sec. and Treas., A. H. Brig-
toskey St., Petoskey, Mich. ham.
Mrs. M. M. Faulkner, 1215 Ver- Field Miss. Sec., A. L. Van
mont Ave., Lansing, Mich. Fossen.

Sabbath-school Dept.:
Edna Evans, Gaylord, Mich. Sec., Miss Cora B. Hicks.
Alice Wehner, 332 West Fifteenth Educational Dept.:
St., Traverse City, Mich.
Jennie Boucher, 153 North Lan- Supt., Miss Cora B. Hicks.
sing Ave., Mt. Pleasant, Mich.
Harold Bogar,, Cooks, Mich. Young People's Dept.:
Mabel Mathewson, Twining, Mich. Sec., Miss Cora B. Hicks.
Bessie Rubens, Whittemore, Mich.
Gertrude Boothby, Buckley, Mich. Home Missionary Dept.:
Emilie Crouch, Harris, Mich.
Mrs. Mabel Burt, Onaway, Mich. Sec., A. J. Clark.
.1 ennie Judson, Mesick, Mich. MINISTERS.
Elma Pitton, Frankfort, Mich.
Bessie Berkeley, Petoskey, Mich. A. J. Clark, 304 West Allen St.,
Springfield, Ill.
P. C. Hanson, 304 West Allen
St., Springfield, Ill.
SOUTHERN ILLINOIS CONFER- R. J. Nethery, 1101 Harmon
Ave., Danville, Ill.
ENCE. E. N. Sargeant, 403 East Cal-
Formerly a part of the Illinois ifornia St., Urbana, Ill.
Conference organized in 1871;
divided and reorganized in 1902. Honorary Ministerial Credentials.
Territory: The southern part of C. H. Bliss, R. F. D. 36, Peoria,
the State of Illinois, south of Ill.
the counties of Iroquois, Ford,
Livingston, Woodford, Peoria, LICENTIATES.
Knox, Warren, and Henderson, C. W. Curtis, Mulberry Grove,
and including the city of 11l.
Peoria. J. 0. Ferris, 403 East California
Office: 304 West Allen St., Spring- St., Urbana, Ill.
field, Ill. C. F. Woertz, Chester, Ill. -


A. H. Brigham, 304 West Allen Sec. and Treas., F. R. Eastman
St., Springfield, Ill. Field Miss. Sec., E. M. Fishell,
A. L. Van Fossen, 304 West Cedar Lake, Mich.
West Allen St., Springfield, Ill.
Cora B. Hicks, 304 West Allen Sabbath-school Dept.:
St., Springfield, Ill. Sec., Miss Frances Case, care
C. J. Smith, Berrien Springs, S. D. A. Tabernacle, Battle Creek,
Mich. Mich.
Mary B. Craig, 1097 West Green
St., Decatur, Ill. Educational Dept.:
Miss Minnie Hooker, 204 South Supt., Mrs. Flora H. Williams.
Busey St., Urbana, Ill.
R. B. Craig, Citizens' Bank Bldg., Medical Missionary Dept.:
Decatur, Ill. Sec., Dr. 0. R. Cooper, Berrien

Amanda Trueblood, Carterville, Religious Liberty Dept.:
Cora Anderson; 17 South Peach Sec.. S. B. Horton, Box 758,
St., Du Quoin, Ill. Kalamazoo, Mich.
Ruth Watts, 308 West Allen St., Young People's Dept.:
Springfield, Ill.
Lowell Johnston, 304 West Allen See., Mrs. Flora H. Williams.
St., Springfield', Ill.
Mrs. J. G. Manring, Xenia, Ill. Home Missionary Dept.:
Elizabeth Morrison, 535 South Sec., E. I. Beebe, Ovid, Mich.
-Lincoln Blvd., Centralia, Ill.
Ada Tuttle, Martinsville, Ill. 1111.1\TISTERS.
Ada Russel, 1016 South Eleventh C. F. McVagh, 1945 Francis Ave.,
St., Herrin, Ill. Grand Rapids, Mich.
Nettie Wood, R. F. D., Strasburg, U. S. Anderson, Berrien Springs,
G. E. Langdon, care S. D. A.
Tabernacle, Battle Creek, Mich.
WEST MICHIGAN CON- W. II. Wakeham, Berrien Springs,
Formerly a part of the Michigan E. I. Beebe, Ovid, Mich.
Conference, organized in 1861; N. M. Jorgensen, 37 Beidler St.,
divided and reorganized in 1902. Muskegon, Mich.
Territory: Southwestern Michi- C. L. White, 146 West Fifteenth
gan south of the counties of St., Holland, Mich.
Mason, Lake, Osceola, and Isa- R. U. Garrett, Cedar Lake, Mich.
bella; and west of the counties J. G. Lamson, 113 Burton St.,
of Isabella, Gratiot, Clinton, Grand Rapids, Mich.
Ingham, Jackson, and Hillsdale. W. J. Blake, R. F. D. 7, Box 26,
Office: 1214 Madison Ave., Grand Battle Creek, Mich.
Rapids, Mich. J. M. Hoyt, Greenville, Mich.
Wm. Reefman, 736 Woodworth.
Conference: St., Grand Rapids, Mich.
Pres., C. F. McVagh. S. B. Horton, Box 758, Kalama-
Sec. and Treas., F. R. Eastman. zoo; Mich.
Executive Committee: C. F. Mc-
Vagh; G. E. Langdon, F. R. East, Honorary Ministerial Credentials.
mail, J. E. Root, J. J. Evans, F. A.. C. .Bourdeau, 1211 March St:;
S. Clarke. J. M. Hoyt. Kalamazoo, Mich.

M. S. Burnham, Otsego, Mich. Ethel Spencer, 292 West Main

W. C. Hebner, 978 Pavone St., St., Battle Creek, Mich.
Benton Harbor, Mich. Luella Wells, R. F. D. 1, care
R. C. Horton, Comstock, Mich. G. M. Woodruff, Jenison, Mich.
H. Nicola, 123 Manchester St., Sadie Penke, R. F. D. 1, Biteley,
Battle Creek, Mich. Mich.
J. E. White, Marshall, Mich. Irene Campbell, care College, Ber-
J. J. Graf, Berrien Springs, Mich. rien Springs, Mich.
I. M. Covert, Covert, Mich. Dorothy White, care College, Ber-
rien Springs, Mich.
LICENTIATES. Hazel Royston, R. F. D. 1, care
Clinton W. Lee, care College, Martin Wilson, Fenwick, Mich.
Berrien Springs, Mich. Mina Davis, R. F. D. 5, care 0.
Fred Wright, Charlotte, Mich. Landon, Hastings, Mich.
Lyle Shepard, Portland, Mich. Violette Royston, care F. S.
R. A. Hart, 42 Lincoln St., Battle Clarke, Carson City, Mich.
Creek, Mich. R. U. Garrett, care Academy, Ce-
dar Lake, Mich.
MISSIONARY LICENTIATES. Lillian Harding, care Academy,
Cedar Lake, Mich.
F. R. Eastman, 1214 Madison Edith Colburn, 412 West Shep-
Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. herd St., Charlotte, Mich.
Mrs. Flora H. Williams, 1214 May Philo, care Mrs. Iverson,
Madison Ave., Grand Rapids, Covert, Mich.
.Mich. Winona Sevy, care A. J. Barrett,
Miss Frances Case, care S. D. A. Edmore, Mich.
Tabernacle, Battle Creek, Mich. Myrtie Thompson, care F. A.
E. M. Fishell, Cedar Lake, Mich. Savage, Stanton, Mich.
D. 0. Babcock, care S. D. A. Una Garton, Berrien Springs,
Tabernacle, Battle Creek, Mich. Mich.
Miss Jennie DeYoung, 146 West Mildred Wilson, 120 Stewart Ave.,
Fifteenth St., Holland, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich.
Mrs. Emma Hebner, 978 Pavone Myra Hodges, 404 Market St.,
St., Benton Harbor, Mich. Greenville, Mich.
Mrs. Bertha E. Jorgensen, 37 Florence Thomas, 1211 March St.,
Beidler St., Muskegon, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich.
Mrs. Laura Whitgrove, 73 Burton Hattie Brassington, R. F. D. 64,
St., Grand Rapids, Mich. Byron Center, Mich.
Miss Edna Walker, 1235 Euclid Leta Rumery, care J. A. Me-
Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. Allister, Otsego, Mich.
Miss Beatrice Smalley, 224 Wash- Vivian Colburn, R. F. D. 3, Paw
ington Ave., Charlotte, Mich. Paw, Mich.
Miss Frances P. Godwyn, 212 Edna Decker, R. F. D. 1, care
Michigan Ave., Albion, Mich. J. E. Root, Coopersville, Mich.
Miss Gladys Mapes, 915 South-
west St., Kalamazoo, Mich.
Mrs. Lillian Eyestone, 935 Thomas
.St., Grand Rapids, Mich. WISCONSIN CONFERENCE.
W. J. Blake, R. F. D. 7, Box 26A.
Battle Creek, Mich. Territory: The State of Wis-
Mrs. Harriet Hefflqy, 359 Ann St.. consin.
Battle Creek, Mich. Office Address: Rooms 304 and
Mrs. A. Schoonard, 383 Champion 305, Ruh Bldg., Fond du Lac,
St., Battle Creek, Mich. Wis.

OFFICERS. H. H. Hicks, 818 Water St., Eau

Conference: Claire, Wis.
Pres., P. A. Hanson. E. F. Ferris, 1095 Alvin St.,
Sec. and Treas., Frank Hiner. Appleton, Wis.
Executive Committee: P. A. G. P. Gaede, 630 Twenty-second
HanSon, L. E. Wellman, P. C. St., Milwaukee, Wis.
Hanson, P. L. Larson, G. P. Honorary Ministerial Credentials.
Gaede, Frank Hiner, Wm. Brig-
ham. J. B. Scott, R. F. D., Chetek, Wis.
Legal Assn.: " Wisconsin Con- F. Stebbeds, Clearwater Lake,.
erence Assn. of S. D. A." Pres., Wis. )
P. A. Hanson; Sec. and Treas., D. H. Oberholtzer, Palm City,
Frank Hiner. Ex. Corn.: P. A. Cal.
Hanson, Frank Hiner, P. L. Lar- S. S. Smith, R. F. D., New Lisbon,
son, P. C. Hanson, Wm. Brigham. Wis.
H. W. Reed, Clearwater Lake,
Tract Society: Wis.
Sec. and Treas., Frank Hiner. LICENTIATES.
Field Miss. Sec., A. Belding.
I. Hill, Route 2, West De Pere,
Sabbath-school Dept.: Wis.
Sec., Mrs. Mary Howell. A. W. Ericson, Ogema, Wis.
Educational Dept.:
Supt., G. R. Fattic. A. Belding, 305 Ruh Bldg., Fond
du Lac, Wis.
Medical Missionary Dept.: P. L. Larson, care Sanitarium,
Sec., W. T. Lindsay, M. D. South Madison, Wis.
Frank Hiner, 305 Ruh Bldg.,
Religious Liberty Dept.: Fond du Lac, Wis.
Sec., H. W. Reed, Clearwater 0. R. Fattic, 305 Ruh Bldg.,,
Lake, Wis. Fond du Lac, Wis.
Mrs. Mary Howell, 304 Ruh Bldg..
Young People's Dept.: Fond du Lac, Wis.
Sec., G. R. Fattic. Miss Sue Jones, Merrill, Wis.
Miss Bertha Odegaard; Box 457,
Home Missionary Dept.: Bayfield, Wis.
Sec., Arthur Belding. Miss Louise Leibau, 122 Lloyd St.,
Milwaukee, Wis.
MINISTERS. Mrs. D. B. Christianson, care
P. A. Hanson, 304 Ruh Bldg., Sanitarium, South Madison,
Fond du Lac, Wis. Wis.
C. Edwardsen, 514 Weeks Ave., F. H. Johnson, 305 Ruh Bldg.,
Superior, Wis. Fond du Lac, Wis.
P. M. Hanson, 700 . Woodward Esther Eahn, Ogema, Wis.
Ave., Chippewa Falls, Wis.
L. E. 'Wellman, 611 Otjen St., Missionary Credentials.
Milwaukee, Wis. Dr. W. T. Lindsay, care Sani-
F. F. Petersen, Plainfield, Wis. tarium, South Madison, Wis.
S. Sorensen, Box 457, Bayfield, Dr. A. I. Lovell, care Sanitarium,
Wis. South Madison, Wis.
'Wm. Lewsadder, 135 Warner St., CHURCH-SCHOOL TEACHERS.
Fond du Lac, Wis.
W. S. Shreve, Boscobel, Wis. Miss Mary Begg4, Almond, Wis.
Louis Drews, 1941 North Four- Mrs. E. A. Allen, Route 1, Arpin,
teenth St., Sheboygan, Wis. Wis.

Tait Buck, Baraboo, Wis. Miss Mabel V. Jensen, Route 1,

Miss Euphemia Macaulay, Route Cassville, Wis.
2, Chetek, Wis. Mrs. J. Armitage, Route 4, Osh-
Mrs. Bertha Peake, Bethel, Wis. kosh, Mich.
Mrs. Ada Hughes, Bethel, Wis.
Mrs. Louise Anderson, Cataract,
Mrs. Maude Scott, Route 2, Che- INSTITUTIONS IN THE LAKE
Miss Lillian Kirschner, care Geo. Educational:.
Nelson, Clear Lake, Wis.
Mrs. Mina Hege, Clearwater Lake, Adelphian Academy, Holly,
Wis. Mich.
Miss Frances DeVinney, 429 Beechwood Academy, Fairland,
Water St., Eau Claire, Wis. Ind.
Mrs. John Hoffman, Route 2, Bethel Academy, Bethel, Wis.
Broadview Swedish Seminary,
South Range, Wis. R. F. D. 1, Box 20, La
Miss Edna Sweet, La Farge, Wis. Grange, Ill.
Mrs. Esther Kloss, Route 2, Cedar Lake Academy, Cedar
West De Pere, Wis. Lake, Mich.
Miss Grace Jorgensen, care Sani- Clearwater Lake Industrial
tarium, South Madison, Wis. School, Clearwater Lake, Wis.
Miss Flora McChesney, care Chas. Emmanuel Missionary College,
McCrillis, Marshfield, Wis. Berrien Springl, Mich.
Miss Grace Jordan, Milton Junc- Fox River Academy, Sheridan,
tion, Wis. Ill.
Miss Eliza Parfitt, Route 1, Mo- Walderly School, South Range,
sinee, Wis. Wis.
Miss Doris Johnson, Route 5, Publishing:
Box 71, Ft. Atkinson, Wis.
Miss Inez Brasier, Route 2, West South Bend Branch of the Re-
De Pere, Wis. view and Herald Pub. Assn.,
Miss Jennie Nelson, Poy Sippi, Melville Bldg., South Bend,
Wis. Ind.
Emmanuel Missionary College
Miss Mabel Parfitt, Route 9, Press, Berrien Springs, Mich.
Frankville, Wis.
Miss Marian G. Engelbert, care Sanitariums:
C. B. Cady, Valley Junction, Madison Sanitarium, Madison,
Wis. Wis.
Miss Maude Bisbee, care W. E. Tri-City Sanitarium, 1213 Fif-
Lemon, Tunnel City, Wis. teenth St., Moline, Ill.
Miss Gertrude Holmes, Route 2, Wabash Valley Sanitarium, La-
South Range, Wis. fayette, Ind.
Organized 19o2.
Territory: The Conferences of MINISTERS.
Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, Chas. Thompson, 2718 Third Ave.;
and South Dakota. South, Minneapolis, Minn.
Office Address: 2718 Third Ave., M. B. Van Kirk, 2718 Third Ave.,
South, Minneapolis, Minn. South, Minneapolis, Minn.
M. L. Andreasen, Hutchinson,
Conference: S. A. Ruskjer, Sauk Center, Minn.
M. S. Reppe, Hutchinson, Minn.
Pres., Chas. Thompson. P. E. Bertlielsen, Hutchinson,
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, W. H. Minn.
Edwards. H. R. Johnson, Hutchinson, Minn.
Executive Committee: Chas.
Thompson, W. H. Edwards, A. R. LICENTIATE.
Ogden, G. W. Wells, S. E. Jack- W. H. Edwards, 2718 Third Ave..
son, E. T. Russell, M. B. Van South, Minneapolis, Minn.
Kirk, M. L. Andreasen, E. M.
01:ern:, S. A. Iluskier, Dr. H. W. MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
BarbOur. E. M. ()berg, .2718 Third Ave.;
Transportation Agent, W. H. South, Minneapolis, Minn.
Edwards. \V. J. Maxson, 2718 Third Ave.,
Legal Assn.: The Northern South, Minneapolis, Minn.
Union Conference Assn. of S. H. W. Barbour, Nevada, Iowa.
D. A., Incorporated." Pres., Chas. Bessie Thompson, 2718 Third Ave.;
Thompson; Sec. and Treas., W. H. South, Minneapolis,.Minn.
Union Book Depository: IOWA CONFERENCE.
Kansas City Branch of the Organized 1863.
Pacific Press Pub: Assn., 1224 Eu-
clid Ave., Kansas City, Mo. Territory: The State of Iowa.
Manager, S. N. Curtiss. Office: -Nevada, Iowa.
Union Field Miss. Sec., E. M. OFFICERS.
Oberg, 2718 Third Ave., South, Conference:
Minneapolis, Minn. Pres., A. R. Ogden.
Educational Dept.: Sec., Mrs. Flora V. Dorcas,
Treas., A. R. Smouse.
Sec., M. B. Van Kirk. Executive Committee: A. R.
Ogden; A. P. Hanson, J. W. Dor-
Religious Liberty Dept.: cas, E. W. Wolfe, .1: W. McCo-
Sec., Chas. Thompson. mas, V. B. Watts, J. L. McGee.
Legal Assn.: " The Iowa Sev-
Medical Miisionaly Dept.: enth-day Adventist Association."
Sec., Dr. H. W. Barbour, Neva- Pres., A. R. Ogden; Sec. and
da, Iowa. Treas., A. R. Smouse.
Young People's Dept.: Tract Society:
Sec. and Treas., R. E. Bowles.
Sec., M.. B. Van Kirk. Field Miss. Sec., L. L. Grand
Home Missionary Dept.: District Miss. Directors: Steen
Sec., S. A. Ruskjer. Jenson, C. V. Starr..


Sec., Mrs. Flora V. Dorcas. C. V. Starr, Pleasanton, Iowa.
Field Sec., Mrs. Meta Peterson Steen Jenson, 211 Logan St..
Meyer. Council Bluffs, Iowa.
R. E. Bowles, Nevada, Iowa.
Educational Dept.: Mrs. Flora V. Dorcas, Nevada.
Supt., S. A. Oberg. Iowa.
Laura E. Buck, 519 West Fifth
Religious Liberty Dept.: St., Waterloo, Iowa.
Sec., Wm. Ostrander. Mrs. Meta Peterson Meyer, Stu-
Young People's Dept.: art, Iowa.
Esther Anderson, 923 Penn Ave .
Sec., S. A. Oberg. Des Moines, Iowa.
Home Missionary DePt.: Cora Quinn, 739 Comanche Ave.,
Clinton, Iowa.
See., Mrs. Meta Peterson Meyer. Bessie Scism, 232 North Ransom
MINISTERS. St., Ottumwa, Iowa.
A. R. Ogden, Nevada, Iowa. Mrs. R. W. Brown, Nevada, Iowa.
.r. C. Clemens, Apt. 9, The Central, Mrs. Myrtle Asay, Grinnell. Iowa.
Council Bluffs, Iowa. Mrs: C. A. Prescott,. 617 Oak
.J. W. Dorcas, Nevada, Iowa. Park Ave., Des Moines, Iowa.
J. W. McComas, 225 West Six- Anna Nelson, Nevada, Iowa.
teenth St., Davenport, Iowa. Mrs. K. Rasmussen, 612 River St..
Wm. Ostrander, 1820 West Ninth Decorah, Iowa.
St., Des Moines, Iowa. A. R. Smouse, Nevada, Iowa.
E. W. Wolfe, Cresco, Iowa. J.. L. McGee, Nevada, Iowa.
F. M. Corbaley, 160 West Lo
cust St., Dubuque, Iowa. Honorary Missionary Licentiate.
J. W. Beams, Nevada, Iowa. Nellie M. Butler, 614 Dubuqm
V. B. Watts, Route 1, Ottumwa, St., Iowa City, Iowa.
W. A. McKibben, 1915 Sherman
J. J. Westrup, Nevada, Iowa.
W. K. Smith, 311 South Gun- Organized 1862.
nison St., Burlington, Iowa.
S. A. Oberg, Nevada, Iowa. Territory: The State of Min-
Honorary Ministerial Credentials. Office: 336 East Lake St., Minn-
E. G. Olsen, Forest City, Iowa. eapolis, Minn.
M.' W. Lewis, College View, Nebr. OFFICERS.
0. Madsen, Ruthven, Iowa.
C. W. Heald, Nevada, Iowa. Conference:
H. Rorholm, Route 3, Altoona, Pres., G. W. Wells.
ToWa.' Sec., Miss Mary D. Hopkins.
Treas., S. D. Hartwell.
Executive Committee: G. W.
C. J. Metzger 312 East Fifth St., Wells, S. D. Hartwell, G. M.
Muscatine, Towa. , Brown, C. Swenson, P. G. Stanley,
Mrs. Minnie Sype, Carroll, Iowa. H. M. Hiatt, Stemple White.
R. W. Brown, Nevada,' Iowa. Legal Assn.: " The Minnesota
Gray. Nevada, Iowa. Conference Association of Sev-
\V." C.. Foreman, Nevada, Iowa. enth-day Adventists." Pres., G.
I. M. Olsen, Nevada, Iowa. W. Wells; Sec. and Treas., S. D.
-Sype; '.Denison. Hartwell.

Tract Society: LICENTIATES.

Sec. and Treas., S. D. Hartwell. R. A. Hare, Maple Plain, Minn.
Field Miss. Sec., Geo. A. Camp- E. L. Sheldon, Alexandria, Minn.
bell, Anoka, Minn. N. R. Nelson, Crookston, Minn.
Oscar Akre, Benson, Minn.
Sabbath-school Dept.: 0. J. Dahl, Benson, Minn.
Ben Le Due, Cloquet, Minn.
Sec., Miss Mary D. Hopkins. Wm. Shasky, 1915 Fillmore Ave.,
Educational Dept.: Northeast, Minneapolis, Minn.
Ray Hendricks, Eagle Bend, Minn.
Supt., H. M. Hiatt, Anoka,
Religious Liberty Dept.: Gust Freeman, 336 East Lake St.,
Minneapolis, Minn.
Sec., Stemple White, 920 East Geo. Campbell, Anoka, Minn.
Sixth St., Duluth, Minn. Miss Lena Nichols, 679 Holly Ave ,
Young People's Dept.: St. Paul, Minn.
Miss May Jenson, 906 East
Sec., E. L. Sheldon, Alexandria, Eighth St., Duluth, Minn.
Minn. Miss Mary D. Hopkins, 336 East
Lake St., Minneapolis, Minn.
Home Missionary Dept.: Miss Frances Cameron, 2722 Third
Sec., Ave., South, Minneapolis Minn.
Miss Mabel Broderson, 2722 Third
MINISTERS. Ave., South, Minneapolis Minn.
Miss Bernice Fischer, 981 Bradley
G. W. Wells 336 East Lake St., St., St. Paul, Minn.
Minneapolis, .Minn. Edwin Bye, 336 East Lake St.,
G. M. Brown, 336 East Lake St., Minneapolis, Minn.
Minneapolis, Minn. E. J. Nelson, 336 East Lake St.,
S. D. Hartwell, 336 East Lake St., Minneapolis, Minn.
Minneapolis, Minn. Miss Susie Anderson, 692 Selby
Andrew Mead, Brainerd, Minn. Ave., St. Paul, Minn.
Carl Svenson, 3840 Snelling Ave., Miss Hulda Anderson, 710 Twen-
Minneapolis, Minn. ty-sixth Ave., South, Minneap-
Stemple White, 920 East Sixth olis, Minn.
St., Duluth, Minn. Miss C. M. Wyman, 2311 Fourth
A. W. Kuehl, 131 Fulton St., Ave., South, Minneapolis, Minn.
Mankato, Minn.
J. H. Hoffman, 331 Twenty-third CHURCH-SCHOOL TEACHERS.
Ave., West, Duluth, Minn.
C. L. Taylor, Maple Plain, Minn. Miss Clara Anderson, Anoka,
G. L. Budd, Alexandria, Minn. Minn.
E. Hilliard, Good Thunder, Minn. Miss Grace Rosenthal, Austin,
P. G. Stanley, 679 Holly Ave., Minn.
St. Paul, Minn. Miss Elizabeth Gott, Alexandria,
Anol Grundset, Crookston, Minn. Minn.
H. M. Hiatt, Anoka, Minn. Miss Naomi Richardson, Brainerd,
R. L. Benton, 407 First St., East, Minn.
Albert Lea, Minn. Miss Ethel Gott, Barnesville,

Honorary Ministerial Credentials. Miss Mabel Vasicek, 826 Ninth

Ave., East, Duluth, Minn.
Hans Steen, 718 Maryland Ave., Miss Lulu Pressnall, Detroit,
St. Paul, Minn. Minn.
J. Christian, Benson, Mina, Miss Belle Austin, Detroit, Minn.

J. J. Koehn, Dodge Center, Educational Dept.:

Minn. Supt., J. J. Reiswig.
Miss Julia Nelson, Hutchinson,
Minn. Religious Liberty Dept.:
Miss Jennie Burgeson, La Moille, Sec., E. L. Stewart.
G. S. Livingston, Lockhart, Minn. Young People's Dept.:
Mrs. Elva Haak, Mankato, Minn. Sec., J. J. Reiswig.
Miss Elizabeth Magnusson, 336
East Lake St., Minneapolis, Home Missionary Dept.:
Minn. Sec.. Andrew Roedel.
Miss Ethel Griese, 336 East 'Ake
St., Minneapolis, Minn. MINISTERS.
Miss Rachel Anderson, Montrose, S. E. Jackson, Drawer N, James
Minn. town, N. Dak.
Miss Myrtle Cady, , Owatonna, Carl Leer, Harvey, N. Dak.
Minn. A. V. Rhoads, 1017 Fourth Ave.,
Miss Florence Riechel, Red Lake North, Fargo, N. Dak.
Falls, Minn. E. L. Stewart, 602 Fifth Ave..
Mrs. E. W. Wren, 756 East N. W., Minot, N. Dak.
Cook St., St. Paul, Minn. J. J. Reiswig, Drawer N, James-
Miss Alta Hilliard, Verndale, town, N. Dak.
Minn. J. H. Seibel, Bowdon, N. Dak.
Miss Vera Shepard, Bruno, Minn. Martin Olson, Valley City, N. Dak
W. A. Alway, Harvey, N. Dak.
S. G. Burley, Harvey, N. Dak.
NORTH DAKOTA CONFERENCE. J. A. Litwinenco, Herried, S.
Organized 1902. R. T. Nash, Harvey, N. Dak.
Territory: The State of North Honorary Ministerial Credentials.
Office Address: Drawer N, James- George Wagner, Manfred, N. Dak.
town, N. Dak. Valentine Leer, Harvey, N. Dal:
Conference: M. Ruskjer, Minot, N. Dak.
Pres., S. E. Jackson. C. D. Hein, Drawer N, Jamestown.
Sec., F. R. Lauterbaeh. N. Dak.
Treas., Andrew Roedel. A. F. Schmidt, Harvey, N. Dak.
Executive Committee: S. E. MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Jackson, A. V. Rhoads, J. J. Reis-
wig, Carl Leer, J. H. Seibel, Mar- N. J. Michalenko, Drawer N.
tin Olson, J. A. Litwinenco. Jamestown, N. Dak.
Legal Assn.: " The North Da- S. M. Harkov, Drawer N, James-
kota Conference Association of town, N. Dak.
Seventh-day Adventists." Pres., John Koehler, Drawer N, James
S. E. Jackson; Sec., F. R. Lauter- town, N. Dak.
bach; Treas., Andrew Roedel. Artha Zoller, Drawer N, James
town, N. Dak.
Tract Society: Jacob Jutzy, Drawer N, James-
Sec. and Treas., Andrew Roedel. town, N. Dak.
Field Miss. Sec., Jacob J. Jutzy. Andrew Roedel, Drawer N, James-
town, N. Dak.
Sabbath-school Dept.: Richard Graham, Rock Lake, N.
See., Miss Artha Zoller. Dak.

CHURCH-SCHOOL TEACHERS. Religious Liberty Dept::

Miss Mima Carlson, Jamestown, Sec.,
N. Dak.
Miss Helen E. Walde, Lincoln Val- Young People's Dept.:
ley, N. Dak. See., Miss Alma DuBois.
Miss Elizabeth Walde, Goodrich,
N. 'Dak. Home Missionary Dept.:
Jacob Richert, New Home, N. See., W. B. Payne. '
Reinhold Widmer, Bowdon, N. MINISTERS.
Dak. E. T. Russell, Drawer 586, Water-
Miss Lillie Schwartz, McClusky, town, S. Dak.
N. Dak. E. G. Hayes, Drawer R, Redfield,
Miss Marion Edwards, Belfield, S. Dak.
N. Dak. C. M. Babcock, Chamberlain, S.
Miss Susan Walde, Beach, N. Dak.
Dak. C. F. Cole, Drawer 586, Water-
Miss Anna Edwards, Morristown, town, S. Dak.
S. Dak. Emanuel Lovold, Breckenridge, S.
C. L. Emmerson, Drawer R, Red-
J. W. Lair, Drawer 586, Water-
Organized 1879. town, S. Dak.
D. P. Gaede, Drawer 586, Water-
Territory: The State of South town, S. Dak.
Dakota, excluding the Black M. E. Anderson, Drawer 586, Wa-
Hills. tertown, S. Dak.
Office Address: Drawer 586,
Watertown, S. Dak. Honorary Ministerial Credentials.
OFFICERS. N. J. Ronlund, 933 North Main
Ave.. Sioux Falls, S. Dak.
Pres., E. T. Russell. LICENTIATES.
Sec. and Treas., I. G. Ortner. C. W. Ruhendall, Madison, S.
Executive Committee: E. T. Dak.
Russell, I. G. Ortner, Alfred Jen- D. F. Weatherly, Madison, S. Dak.
sen, Henry Eder, J. W. Lair, C. R. H. Wiper, Drawer 586,- Water-
F. Cole, and H: J. Sheldon. town, S. Dak.
Legal Assn.: " South Dakota TT. J. Sheldon, Drawer R. Redfield.
Conference Association of Sev- S. Dak.
enth-day Adventists." Pres., E.
T. Russell; Sec. and Treas., I. 0. MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Ortner. I. G. Ortner, Drawer 586, Water-
town, S. Dak.
Tract Society: W. B. Payne, Drawer R, Redfield,
Sec. and Treas., I. G. Ortner. S. Dak.
Field Miss. Sec., W. B. Payne. Alma DuBois, Drawer, 586, Water-
town, S. Dak.
Sabbath-school Dept.: Olga Albertsworth, Drawer 586.
Watertown, S. Dak.
Sec., Miss Olga Albertsworth. Gus Youngberg, Oldham, S. Dak.
Educational Dept.: Alfred. Youngberg, Burke, S. Dak.
T. L. Oswald, Drawer 586, Water-
Supt., Miss Alma DuBois. town, S. Pak.

Jacob Stotz, Tolstoy, S. Dak. Alice Reichel, Route 1, Salem, S.

Olaf Granlund, Toronto, S. Dak. Dak.
(leo. W. Tucker, Drawer 586, Carl :Wolter, Bowdle, S. Dak.
Watertown, S. Dak. Una May Dourly, Colome, S. Dak.
Mrs. E. M. Owen, 702 North Main
St.. - Mitchell, S. Dal:. MEDICAL MISSIONARIES.
H. J. Sheldon, Drawer R, Redfield, Dr. Anna B. Farnsworth, Mitchell.
S. Dak. S. Dak.
P. -A. Field, Drawer R, Redfield. Alida Brown, Drawer R, Redfield,
Dak. S. Dak.
Arthur Christensen, Drawer R, Delbert Brown, Lock Box 112,
Redfield, S. Dak. Aberdeen, S. Dak.
D. P. Harder, Drawer R, Red- Beulahl Payne, 24 Seventh Ave..
field, S. Dak. Southwest, Aberdeen, S. Dak.
Mrs. E. G. Hayes, Drawer R, Cecilia DuBois, 24 Seventh Ave., -
Redfield, S. Dak. Southwest, Aberdeen, S. Dak.
Arnie DuBois, Drawer R, Red- Edith Gilley, Drawer R, .Redfield,
field, S. Dak. S. Dak.
CHURCH-SCHOOL TEACHERS. Mrs. M. E. Anderson, Drawer 586,
Watertown, S. Dak.
Floy Bowes, 618 North Second Leola, Barber, Bridgewater, S.
St., West, Aberdeen, S. Dak. Dak.
Samuel Lorenz, Route 1, Bowdle,
S. Dak.
Marie Anderson, Breckenridge, S.
Verna Walker, Route 1, Winfred, NORTHERN UNION
S. Dak.
Ethel Hodson, Chamberlain, S. CONFERENCE.
Dak. Educational:
Beulah Soper, Colman, S. Dak.
Carrie Brackett, Clear Lake, S. Danish-Norwegian Seminary,
Dak. Hutchinson, Minn.
Alfrida Mortenson, Camp Crook, Maplewood Academy, Maple
S. Dak. Plain, Mimi.
Hattie Smith, Route 1, Elk Point, Oak Park Academy, Nevada,
S. Dak. Iowa.
Alma Andersen, Florence, S. Dak. Plainview Academy, Redfield,
Frances Masden, 331 Utah St., S. Dak.
Huron, S. Dak. Sheyenne River Academy, Har-
Blanche Wood, Madison, S. Dak. vey, N. Dak.
Lelah Garrett, Route 3, Parker,
S. Dak.
Ida Stratton, Redfield, S. Dak. Towa Sanitarium, Nevada, Town.
Organized rgo6.
Territory: The Conferences of MINISTERS.
Montana, Southern Idaho, C. W. Flaiz, College Place, Wash.
Southern Oregon, Upper Colum- 0. A. Johnson, College Place,
bia, Western Oregon, Western Wash.
Washington, and the Territory N. W. Lawrence, College
of Alaska. Wash.
Office: College Place, Wash. F. S. Bunch, College Place, Wash.

OFFICERS. Honorary Ministerial Credentials.

H. W. Decker, College Place,
Conference: Wash.
Pres., C. W. Flaiz. A. J. Breed, College Place, Wash.
Sec. and Treas., S. J. Lashier. LICENTIATE.
Executive Committee: C. W.
Flaiz, H. W. Decker, U. Bender, E. C. Kellogg, College Place,
C. A. Burman, T. G. Bunch, H. W. Wash.
Cottrell, L. Johnson, J. M. Wil- MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
loughby, J. Riffel, J. F. Beatty,
J. J. Nethery, S. J. Lashier, and S. J. Lashier, College Place, Wash.
the Business Managers of Walla Miss Pearl Cook, College Place,
Walla College and the Portland Wash.
Sanitarium. W. R. Beatty, 719 East Flanders
Legal Assn.: "North Pacific St., Portland, Oreg.
Union Conference Assn. of S. C. M. Everest, East Sixtieth and
D. A." Pres.,{0C. W. Flaiz; See. Belmont Sts., Portland, Oreg.
and Treas., S. J. Lashier. F. W. Peterson, College Place,
Auditor, S. J. Lashier. Wash.
Transportation Agents, S. J.
Lashier and J. F. Beatty. MONTANA CONFERENCE.
Organized 1898.
Union Book Depository:
Territory: The State of Montana.
Portland Branch of Pacific Press Office: 411 Black Ave., South,
Pub. Assn., 719 East Flanders Bozeman, Mont.
St., Portland, Oreg.
Manager, G. C. Hoskin. OFFICERS.
Union Field Miss. Sec., W. R. Conference:
Beatty. Pres., U. Bender.
Sec. and Treas., T. G. Johnson.
Sabbath-school Dept.: Executive Committee: U. Ben-
Sec., N. W. Lawrence. der,. T. G. Johnson, V. T. Arm-
strong, N. C. Erntson, D. H.
Educational Dept.: Hanson.
Legal Assn.: " The Montana
Sec., N. W. Lawrence. Conference Association of Sev-
enth-day Adventists." Chairman,
Religious Liberty Dept.: U. Bender; Sec. and Treas., T. G.
Sec., H. W. Cottrell. Johnson.
Tract Society:
Young People's Dept.: Sec. and Treas., T. G. Johnson.
Sec., N. W. Lawrence. Field Miss. Sec.,

Sabbath-school Dept.: OFFICERS.

Sec., Mrs. U. Bender. Conference:
Pres., J. J. Nethery.
Young People's Dept.: Sec. and Treas., T. L. Copeland.
Sec., Executive Committee: J. .1
Nethery, F. D. Wagner, B. M.
MINISTERS. Grandy, C. H. Rittenhouse, H. C.
Beach, T. L. Copeland, Wm. But-
U. Bender, Bozeman, Mont. ler.
Paul Iverson, Kalispell, Mont. Legal Assn.: " Southern Idaho
N. C. Erntson, 724 North Jack- Conference Assn." Pres., J. J.
son St., Helena, Mont. Nethery; Sec. and Treas., T. T..
L. F. Starr, garland, Wyo. Copeland.
D. H. Hanson, Bozeman, Mont.
David Nordenmalm, 604 Ninth Tract Society:
Ave., South, Great Falls, Mont. Sec. and Treas., T. L. Copeland
Field Miss. bk-x.,
Honorary Ministerial Credentials.
J. C. Foster, Darby, Mont. Sabbath-school Dept.:
U. G. Adkins, Antrim, Mont. Sec., Alta B. Squier.
LICENTIATE. Educational Dept.:
J. K. Fischer, Billings, Mont. Supt., R. W. Airey.

MISSIONARY LICENTIATES. Religious Liberty Dept.:

Mrs. U. Bender, Bozeman, Mont. Sec., F. D. Wagner.
T. G. Johnson, Bozeman, Mont. Young People's Dept.:
V. T. Armstrong, Route 4, Boze- Sec., R. W. Airey.
man, Mont.
J. J. Nethery, Boise, Idaho.
Alice Smithwick, Route 4, Boze- F. D. Wagner, Pocatello, Idaho.
man, Mont. B. M. Grandy, Filer, Idaho.
Rhoda Hart, Great Falls, Mont. C. H. Rittenhouse, Baker, Oreg.
L. F. Crooker, Missoula, Mont. R. W. Airey, Caldwell, Idaho.
Honorary Ministerial Credentials.
A. C. Bird, Caldwell, Idaho.
SOUTHERN IDAHO CON- W. L. Killen, Union, Oreg.
Organized 1907. T. L. Copeland, Box 643, Boise.
Territory: That portion of Idaho Miss Alta Squier, Boise, Idaho.
south of the Forty-fifth paral- Mrs. C. H. Rittenhouse, Baker.
lel, including all of Lemhi Oreg.
county, together with six coun- Mrs. B. M. Grandy, Filer, Idaho.
ties in Oregon, as follows: Wal- Mrs. F. D. Wagner, Pocatello.
lowa, Union, Baker, Malheur, Idaho.
Harney, Grant.
Office: Rooms 230 and 232, Boise CHIIRCH-SCHOOL TEACHERS
City National Bank Bldg.. F. A. Hartley, Caldwell, Idaho.
Boise, Idaho. Mrs. F. A. Hartley, Caldwell,
Office Address: Box 643, Boise, Idaho.
NO110, Miss Katie Bell, Boise.

Mrs. Mary Kelsey, Parma, Idaho. T. L. Theumler, Hubbard, Oreg.

Miss Lovica Holland, Cambridge, C. L. Lingenfelter, Bandon, Oreg
Idaho. C. J. Cole, Eugene, Oreg.
Geo. J. Post, Eagle, Idaho.
Mrs. Ethel M. Barton, Union, Honorary Ministerial Credentials.
Oreg. B. C. Tabor, 459 Morton 'St.
Miss May Bell, Filer, Idaho. Ashland, Oreg.
L. A. Gibson, Cottage Grove,
FERENCE. Lowell Tupper, Merrill, Oreg.
Formerly part of the Western MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Oregon Conference; organized Miss Grace Davison, 1164 Military
1910. St., Roseburg, Oreg.
Territory: All the southern part Mary C. Wilson, Grants Pass,
of Western Oregon south of the Oreg.
northern boundary of Lane J. P. Wheeler, 1164 Military St.,
County, including the counties Roseburg, Oreg.
of Lane, Douglas, Coos, Curry, Mrs. C. J. Cole, Box 293, Eugene,
Josephine, Jackson, Klamath, Oreg.
and Lake.
Office Address: 1164 Military St., Honorary Missionary Licentiates.
-Roseburg, Oreg. Mrs. B. B. Tabor, 459 Morton St.,
Ashland, Oreg.
Mrs. M. A. Neal, Cottage Grove.
Conference: Oreg.
Pres., T. G. Bunch.
Sec. and Treas., J. P. Wheeler. CHURCH-SCHOOL TEACHERS
Executive Committee: T. G. Rachel Hall, Gravel Ford, Oreg.
Bunch, .1. C. Dutcher, E. B. Es- Carrie Oberg, Cottage Grove.
tell, C. J. Cole, C. L. Lingenfelter. Oreg.
Legal Assn.: " Southern Oregon Jessie L. Scovill, Roseburg, Oreg.
Conference Association of S. D. Mabel Dougherty, Medford, Oreg.
A." Pres., T. G. Bunch; Sec.
and Treas., J. P. Wheeler.
Sec. and Treas., J. P. Wheeler. ENCE.
Field Miss. Sec., Organized 1880.
Sabbath-school Dept.: Territory: That portion of the
Sec., Miss Grace Davison. State of Washington lying east
of the Cascade Mountains; the
Educational Dept.: counties of Umatilla, -Morrow.
Supt., Miss Grace Davison. Gilliam, dad Wheeler, in the
State of Oregon: and that por-
Religious Liberty Dept.: tion of the State of Idaho lying
Sec., T. G. Bunch. north of the Forty-fifth paral-
lel excepting Lemhi County.
Young People's Dept.: Office: College Place, Wash.
Sec., Miss Grace Davison. OFFICERS.
T. G. Bunch, 1164 Military St.. Pres., C. A. Burman.
Roseburg, Oreg. See. and Treas., Lloyd E. Biggs.

Executive Committee: - C. A. MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.

Burman, A. M. Dart, S. A. Miller, Dr. J. Reith, College Place, Wash.
J. Riffel, J. A. Rippey, F. W. Lloyd E. Biggs, College Place,
Peterson, August Anderson. Wash.
Legal Assn.: "Upper Columbia F. A. Bower, Leavenworth, Wash.
Mission Society of Seventh-day Mrs. Emma Wilkinson, 1104 East
Adventists." Pres., C. A. Burman; Nora St., Spokane, Wash.
Sec., F. W. Peterson; Treas., Miss Anna J. Olson, College Place,
Lloyd E. Biggs. Wash.
F. E. Stratton, College Place,
Tract Society: Wash.
Sec. and Treas., Lloyd E. Biggs. Miss Nellie- Nelson, 1213 East
Field Miss. Sec., F. E. Stratton. Thirteenth St., Spokane, Wash.
Mrs. J. W. Harmer, North 3107
Sabbath-school Dept.: Normandie St., Spokane, Wash.
Sec., Miss Anna J. Olson. Mrs. E. C. Stiles, College Place,
Educational Dept.: Miss Elizabeth Tollmann, College
Supt., Miss Anna J. Olson. Place, Wash.
Religious Liberty Dept.: Honorary Missionary Licentiate.
Sec., A. M. Dart. Mrs. Iva F. Cady, Sunnyside,
Young People's Dept.:
Sec., Miss Anna J. Olson. Miss Anna A. Pierce, College
MINISTERS. Place, Wash.
Miss Rose E. Herr, College Place,
C. A. Burman, College Place, Wash.
Wash. Mrs. H. P. Flower, College Place.
August Anderson, 1213 East Thir- Wash.
teenth Ave., Spokane, Wash. H. W. Blackenburg, 142 West
B. J. Cady, Sunnyside, Wash. Columbia Ave., Colville, Wash.
A. M. Dart, 723 West Sinto Ave., Miss Effa Ragsdale, Coeur d'
Spokane, Wash. Alene, Idaho.
W. T. Hilgert, Lewiston, Idaho. E. E. Ladd, Culdesac, Idaho.
J. K. Luther, College Place, Wash. F. J. Ogden, Farmington, Wash.
F. M. Oliver, 721 South Mission L. I. Stiles, Locust Grove School,
St., Wenatchee, Wash. R. F. D. 6, North Yakima,
.1. Riffel, College Place, Wash. Wash.
J. A. Rippey, College Place, Wash. Miss Stella McDonald, Locust
W. H. Thurstdn, College Place, Grove School, R. F. D. 6.
Wash. North Yakima; Wash.
Honorary Ministerial Credentials. Miss Alice Clinkenbeard, Milton,
F. D. Starr, Spokane, Wash. Miss Mabel Craker, Nez Perce.
L. H. Ells, College Place, Wash. Idaho.
W. W. Steward, College Place, Miss Lucy Andrus, 502 South
Wash. Seventh St.. North Yakima.
Oscar Hill, College Place, Wash. Wash.
P. W. Province, Wenatchee, Wash. Miss Artilla Sittner, Wilson
Creek School, Penawawa, Wash.
LICENTIATES. S. C. Hansen, R. F. D. 8, Spo-
R. A. Libby, Colville, Wash. kane, Wash.
Edwin Swanson, Troy, Idaho. Mrs. S. C. Hansen, R. F. D. S.
S. W. Mimro, Ferdinand, Idaho. Spokane, Wash.

N. C. Bungor, Viola, Wash. Medical Missionary Dept.:

Mrs. N. C. Bungor, Viola, Wash. Sec., W. B. Holden, M. D.
Mrs. Leland Bunnell, Viola, Wash.
Miss Iris Yaw, Wenatchee, Wash. Religious Liberty Dept.:
Mrs. Grace Nelson, 307 South Sec., H. G. Thurston, 2217 Fair-
Ninth St., Walla Walla, Wash. ground Road, Salem, Oreg.
Miss Celia Ferguson, Toppenish, Young People's Dept,:
Sec., Miss Edith Starbuck.
Home Missionary Dept.:
H. W. Cottrell, 508 East Everett
Organized 1877; reorganized 1902. St.; Portland, Oreg.
Territory: That portion of the H. G. Thurston, 2217 Fairground
State of Oregon lying west of Road, Salem, Oreg.
the western boundary lines of E. W. Catlin, 508 East Everett
Gilliam and Wheeler Counties, St., Portland, Oreg.
and north of the northern boun- J. L. Kay, Gaston, Oreg.
dary lines of Lake, Klamath, 0. E. Sandnes, 5921 Forty-first
and Lane counties. Ave., S. E., Portland, Oreg.
Office: 508 East Everett St., P. C. Hayward, 360 Fourteenth
Portland, Oreg. St., Portland, Oreg.
H. J. Dirksen, 930 Rodney Ave.,
OFFICERS. Portland, Oreg.
Honorary Ministerial Credentials.
Pres., H. W. Cottrell.
Vice-Pres., H. G. Thurston. R. D. Benham, Cornelius, Oreg.
Treas., C. E. Olcott. C. Johnson, McMinnville, Oreg.
Sec., H. G. Thurston. I. G. Knight, Harrisburg, Oreg.
Executive Committee: H. W. W. C. Ward, 435 Bay St., Santa
Cottrell, H. G. Thurston, J. H. Cruz, Cal.
Hanson, W. C. Emmerson, J. F. T. H. Starbuck, 506 East Everett
Beatty, Wm. Reith. St., Portland, Oreg.
Legal Assn.: " Western Oregon LICENTIATES.
Conference Association of Sev-
enth-day Adventists." Pres., H.
C. J. Cummings, Portland Sani-
W. Cottrell; Sec. and Treas., C. tarium, Portland, Oreg.
E. Olcott. Board of Trustees: G. E. Johnson, 508 East Everett
H. W. Cottrell, H. G. Thurston, St., Portland, Oreg.
T. H. Starbuck, D. J. Chitwood, L. K. Dickson, 508 East Everett
W. Vollmer. St., Portland, Oreg.
Titus Kurtichanov, 508 East Ev-
Tract Society: erett St., Portland, Oreg.
A. J. Meiklejohn, 508 East Everett
Sec and Treas., C. E. Olcott. St., Portland, Oreg.
Field Miss. Sec., E. A. Hamil- L. L. Moffitt, 508 East Everett
ton. St., Portland, Oreg.
Sabbath-school Dept.: E. H. Emmerson, R. F. D. 2, Gas-
ton, Oreg.
Sec., Miss Edith Starbuck.
Educational Dept.: J. F. Beatty, 719 East Flanders
Supt., G. E. Johnson. St., Portland, Oreg.

C. E. Olcott, 508 East Everett Miss Eliza Jenson, R. F. D.,

St., Portland, Oreg. Woodburn, Oreg.
John Peterson, R. F. D. 3, Wood- Miss Marie Gustafson, R. F. D..
burn, Oreg. Woodburn, Oreg.
Miss Edith Starbuck, 508 East 0. A. Overton, Newberg, Oreg.
Everett St., Portland, Oreg. Miss Clara Miller, 212 Water St..
Mrs. H. W. Cottrell, 70 East Oregon City, Oreg.
Tenth St., North, Portland, Lambert Moffitt, 212 Water St.,
Oreg. Oregon City, Oreg.
Mrs. E. V. Perry, 508 East Ev- Miss Inez Mortenson, R. F. D. 3,
erett St., Portland, Oreg. Box 50, Salem, Oreg.
Mrs. Grace Campbell Folkenberg, Miss Elizabeth Nelson, 116 North
508 East Everett St., Portland, Edison St., St. Johns, Oreg.
Oreg. Miss Ruby Leighton, Troutdale,
Miss Mary Treber, 508 East Ev- Oreg.
erett St., Portland, Oreg. Miss Lelia Whitlow, Toledo, Oreg.
Miss Minnie W. Smith, Oregon
City, Oreg.
Miss Eliza dole, 516 Salem St.,
Miss Laura White, Cornelius, Organized 1902.
K. C. Parker, 95 East Sixty- Territory: All of the State of
seventh St., North, Portland, Washington west of the Cas-
Oreg. cade Mountains.
Miss Ella Lawson, 95 East Six- Office Address: Auburn, Wash.
ty-seventh St., North, Portland, OFFICERS.
Miss Orpha Strong, 95 East Six- Conference:
ty-seventh St., North, Portland, Pres., L. Johnson.
Oreg. Sec. and Treas., H. A. Green.
Miss Mabel Baker, Falls City, Executive Committee: Lewis
Oreg. Johnson, J. E. Graham, J. W.
Miss Bertha Mosser, Forest Boynton, J. F. Piper, L. D. House,
Grove, Oreg. H. A. Green, J. M. Willoughby.
Miss Lillian Holland, R. F. D., Legal Assn.: " Western Wash-
Gresham, Oreg. ington Corporation of Seventh-
Miss Lydia Price, Hillsboro, Oreg. day Adventists." Pres., Lewis
Miss Gladiolus Cuddy, Hood Johnson; Vice-Pres., J. A. Hol-
River, Oreg. brook; Sec. and Treas., H. A.
Mrs. M. B. DeSpain, Amity, Green.
Miss Belle Dodge, Amity, Oreg. Tract Society:
Miss Luella Eighme, R. F. D. 2, Sec. and Treas., H. A. Green.
Gaston, Oreg. Field Miss. Sec., H. E. Loop.
Miss Janette Newcombe, R. F.
D. 2, Gaston, Oreg. Sabbath-school Dept.:
Miss Ada Frizzell, R. F. D. 2, Sec., G. C. George.
Gaston, Oreg.
Miss Blanche A. Johnson, Lents, Educational Dept.:
Oreg. Supt., G. C. George.
Mrs. Fern Rice, McCoy, Oreg.
Miss Carrie Graham, McMinnville, Medical Missionary Dept.:
Oreg. SeC., Dr. W. B. Scott.

Religious Liberty Dept.: Etta Barrett, 54231/2 Sheridan

Sec., J. M. Willoughby. Ave., Tacoma, Wash.
G. C. George, Auburn, Wash.
Young People's Dept.: Opal Clark, 5423 Shri
dan Ave.,
Sec., G. C. George. Tacoma, Wash.
Hal E. Willoughby, 5708 South
MINISTERS. Alaska St., Tacoma, Wash.
Lilly Floding, Auburn, Wash.
L. Johnson, 3022 West Sixty-sec-
ond St., Seattle, Wash. Honorary Missionary Licentiate.
F. W. Field, Battle Ground, Wash. Mrs. Alice H. Robinson, 2320
J. A. Holbrook, 710 Garden St., Broadway, Bellingham, Wash.
Bellingham, Wash.
C. A. Wyman, Battle Ground, CHURCH-SCHOOL TEACHERS.
Wash. Miss Margaret Phillips, Auburn,
A. J. Stone, 5702 South Alaska Wash.
St.. Tacoma, Wash. Miss Hazel Wilcox, Centralia,
J. W. Boynton, 2320 Broadway, Wash.
Bellingham, Wash. Miss Christine Brotherson, Colby,
J. M. Willoughby, 5708 South Wash.
Alaska St., Tacoma, Wash. Junius J. Paulsen, Route 3, Fern-
J. F. Piper, 3519 Meridian Ave., dale, Wash.
Seattle, Wash. Miss Clara Ogden, Route 6, Mt.
A. E. Serns, 3022 West Sixty-sec- Vernon, Wash.
ond St., Seattle, Wash. Miss Marie Young, Route 3, Bel-
J. W. McNeil, Auburn, Wash. lingham, Wash.
Miss Marthea Matterand, Route
Honorary Ministerial Credentials. 2, Battle Ground, Wash.
Miss Hulda Venden, care D. H.
Daniel Nettleton, Port Townsend, Delano, Orting, Wash.
Wa sh. Miss Clara Hansen, Route 2, care
11. Hansen, 15091/2 H St., Belling- C. B. Shaw, Puyallup, Wash.
ham, Wash. W. Reed Nellis, Ridgefield, Wash.
T. Godfrey, Olympia, Wash. Miss Luella Foster, Route 2,
A. J. Stover, Ridgefield, Wash. Stanwood, Wash.
J. E. Graham, 2846 West Sixty- Miss Olah Cresap, Avenue D,
first St., Seattle, Wash. Snohomish, Wash.
W. W..Sharp, National City, Cal. Andrew N. Nelson, 1208 Shelby
LICENTIATES. St., Seattle, Wash.
Miss Louise B. Noah, 24 Har-
C. A. Purdom, Station A, Van- rison St., Seattle, Wash,
couver, Wash. Miss Verna House, Sedro Woolley,
Ole S. Lee, 3211 Norton Ave., Wash.
Everett, Wash. Fred Boardman, Route 2, Van-
S. N. Rittenhouse, '1808 North couver, Wash.
Forty-second St., Seattle, Wash. Miss Bessie Woolsey, 1308 South
Sixty-fourth St., Tacoma,Wash.
H. A. Green, Auburn, Wash.
Magna Madsen, 1122 Marion St., PACIFIC UNION CON-
Seattle, Wash. FERENCE.
Stella B. Lowry, 2320 Broad-
way, Bellingham, Wash. Educational:
Mrs. J. F. Piper, 3519 Meridian Laurelwood Academy, Gaston,
Ave., Seattle, AITash. Oreg.

Mt. Ellis Academy, Bozeman, Press Pub. Assn., 719 East

Mont. Flanders St., Portland, Oreg.
Royal Intermediate School,
Cottage Grove, Oreg. Sanitariums:
Walla Walla College, College Portland Sanitarium, East Six-
Place. Wash. tieth and Belmont Sts., Port
land, Oreg.
Publishing: Walla Walla Sanitarium, Col-
Portland Branch of the Pacific lege Place, Wash.


Organized Igo'. '

Territory: The Arizona, Califor- McElhany, J. Adams Stevens,

nia, Central California, Inter- Clarence Santee, N. P. Neilsen, B.
Mountain, Northern California, E. Beddoe, W. F. Martin, J. Er-
Northwestern California, South- nest Bond, E. A. Curtis, W. S.
eastern California, and South- Holbrook, Newton G. Evans, M.
ern California Conferences, and D., C. W. Irwin, H. G. Lucas, J.
the Nevada Mission. H. Paap, W. C. White, C. H.
Jones, M. E. Cady, G. W. Reaser,
Office: 1108a Broadway, Glen- C. E. Rice, G. E. Klingerman, M.
dale, Cal. D., M. W. Newton, C. B. Hughes.
Postal Address: Box 146, Glen- Officers: Pres., E. E. Andross;
dale, Cal. Sec., Claude Conard; Treas., C. W.
Union Book Depository:
Pres., E. E. Andross. Pacific Press Publishing Assn.,
Mountain View, Cal.
Vice-Pres., E. W. Farnsworth.
Manager, C. H. Jones.
Sec. and Treas., Claude Conard.
Union Field Miss. Sec., F. E.
Executive Committee: E. E. An-
dross, E. W. Farnsworth, Claude Painter.
Conard, B. E. Beddoe, W. F. Mar- Educational Dept.:
tin, N. P. Neilsen, Clarence San-
tee, J. L. McElhany, J. Adams Sec., M. 'E. Cady.
Stevens, J. Ernest Bond, W. S.
Holbrook, E. A. Curtis, F. E. Religious Liberty Dept.:
Painter, M. E. Cady, C. H. Jones, Field Director and Cor. Sec.,
C. W. Irwin, T. J. Evans, M. D., W. F. Martin.
G. W. Reaser, L. M. Bowen.
Legal Assns.: " Pacific Union Young People's Dept.:
Conference Association of Sev-
enth-day Adventists." Board of Sec., M. E. Cady.
Counsel: E. E. Andross, G. W.
Reaser, L. M. Bowen, Claude Con- Rome Missionary Dept.:
ard, C. E. Rice, C. H. Jones, C. W. Sec.,
" Pacific Union College Associa- Press Bureau:
tion." Board of Directors: E. E.
Andross, E. W. Farnsworth, J. L. Sec., F. A. Coffin.

MINISTERS. Sec. and Treas., Claude Conard,

E. E. Andross, Box 146, Glendale, Box 146, Glendale, Cal.
Cal. Executive Committee: J. B.
K W. Farnsworth, 6210 Racine Bond, C. D. M. Williams, C. E.
St., Oakland, Cal. Stump, A. E. Earll, I. P. Dillon.
G. W. Reaser, Box 146, Glendale, Legal Assn.: " Arizona Con-
Cal. ference Corporation of Seventh-
.1. 0. Corliss, 316 Everett St., day Adventists."' Pres., ,T. E.
Glendale, Cal. Bond; Sec., A. E. Earll.
H. A. Washburn, Pacific Union
College, St. Helena, Cal. Tract Society:
E. J. Hibbard, Pacific Union Col- Sec. and. Treas., Arizona Tract
lege, St. Helena, Cal. Society, 417 West Fifth St.,
M. E. Cady, 2547 Piedmont Ave., Los Angeles, Cal.
Berkeley, Cal. Field Miss. Sec.,H. A. Hebard,
W. S. Holbrook, 325 West Fifth 417 West Fifth St., Los Angeles,
St., Reno, Nev. Cal.
J. W.. McCord, 537 Twenty-fifth
St., Oakland, Cal. Sabbath-school Dept.:
C. B. Hughes, Pacific Union Col- Sec., Mrs. Tressa 'Hutchinson.
lege, St. Helena, Cal.
G. W. Rine, Pacific Union College, Educational Dept.:
St. Helena, Cal. Supt., J. E. Bond.
LICENTIATES. Religious Liberty Dept.:
C. W. Irwin, Pacific Union Col- Sec., C. D. M. Williams.
lege, St. Helena, Cal.
F. E. Painter, Mountain View, Young People's Dept.:
Cal. Sec., Mrs. Emma Wheeler.
MISSIONARY LICENTIATES. (All persons named below may
H. H. Hall, Mountain View, be addressed at 615 North
Cal. Tenth St., Phoenix, Ariz.)
Miss Lela M. Bullock, Box 146,
Glendale, Cal. MINISTERS.
Claude Conard, Box 146, Glendale, J. E. Bond, C. D. M. Williams,
Cal. I. P. Dillon, L. L. Hutchinson,
F. A. Coffin, Box 146, Glendale, W. L. Sims, P. L. Knox.
las. Howarth, Box 146, Glendale, Honorary Ministerial Credentials.
Cal. H. F. Courter, Safford, Ariz.
Katherine ,B. Hale, Mountain
Mrs. M. Evva Holbrook, 325 West
Fifth St., Reno, Nev. F. M. Owen.
ARIZONA CONFERENCE. Mrs. Tressa Hutchinson, Birda
Knox, Jessie H. Dillon, Lena
Organized 1902. E. Williams.
Territory: The State of Arizona. Honorary Missionary Licentiate.
Office Address: 615 North Tenth
St., Phoenix, Ariz. Mrs. M. T. Poston.
Conference: L. B. Ragsdale, Mrs. Emma
Pres., J. E. Bond. Wheeler.

CALIFORNIA CONFERENCE. A. E. Place, Garden City Sani-

tarium, San Jose, Cal.
Organized 1873. James Taphouse, 916 Laguna St.,
San Francisco, Cal.
Territory: The following-named
counties in the State of Cali- MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
fornia: Alameda, Contra Costa,
Monterey, Santa Cruz, Santa C. H. A. Brooke, Asst. Light-
Clara, San Mateo, San Fran- keeper, Goat Island, Ferry P. 0.,
cisco, San Benito. San Francisco, Cal.
Office 537 Twenty-fifth St. (near Miss Mary Clark, 537 Twenty-
Telegraph Ave.), Oakland, Cal. fifth St., Oakland, Cal.
Mrs. Vesta J. Farnsworth, 537
OFFICERS. Twenty-fifth St., Oakland, Cal.
Miss Celia Green, 537 Twenty-
Conference: fifth St., Oakland, Cal.
Pres., J. L. McElhany. Mrs. Ada LaFrance, 1014 Fifty-
Sec. and Treas., H. B. Thomas. third St., Oakland, Cal.
Executive Committee: J. L. C. C. Morlan, 537 Twenty-fifth
McElhany, J. W. McCord, C. E. St., Oakland, Cal.
Ford, A. Brorsen, R. S. Fries, H. L. C. Nelson, 1874 Fairview St.,
G. Childs, B. M. Shull. Berkeley, Cal.
Legal Assn.: " California Con- K. Nozaki, Mountain View, Cal.
ference Association of the Sev- Mrs. E. E. Parlin, 445 Rich St.,
enth-day Adventists." Pres., J. L. Oakland, Cal.
McElhany; Sec., E. E. Parlin; Mrs. J. L. McElhany, 537 Twen-
Treas., H. B. Thomas. ty-fifth St., Oakland, Cal.
Miss Sarah E. Peck, Pacific Union
Tract Society: College, St. Helena, Cal.
Sec., D. R. Sperry. D. R. Sperry, 537 Twenty-fifth
Treas., H. B. Thomas. St., Oakland, Cal.
Field Miss. Sec., C. C. Morlan. Mrs. M. E. Tarver, 1095 Mission
St., San Francisco, Cal.
Sabbath-school Dept.: H. B. Thomas, 537 Twenty-fifth
St., Oakland, Cal.
Sec., Mrs. Vesta J. Farnsworth. Y. Watanabe, Mountain View,
Educational Dept.: Mrs. Etta L. Williams, 487 Thir-
Supt Miss Sarah E. Pick. ty-ninth St., Oakland, Cal.
Sec., Mrs. J. L. McElhany. Miss Christena Anderson, 6210
Racine St., Oakland, Cal.
Home Missionary Dept.: Miss Letha Atwood, 322 South
Sec., H. B. Thomas. Fourth St., Richmond, Cal.
Miss Frances Fry, 1912A Milvia
St., Berkeley, Cal.
J. L. McElhany, 537 Twenty-fifth Mrs. R. S. Fries, 594 Forty-
St., Oakland, Cal. eighth St., Oakland, Cal.
A. Brorsen, 844 Thirty-fourth St., Miss Anna Johnson, 2547 Pied-
Ca kland, Cal. mont Ave., Berkeley, Cal.
C. E. Ford, 598 Jones St., Oak- F. A. Lashier, Mountain View,
land, Cal. Cal.
R. S. Fries, Z37 Twenty-fifth St., Mrs. F. A. Lashier, Mountain
Oakland, Cal. View, Cal.
A. S. Marchus, 2812 East Twenty- John Livingstone, 22 Pala Ave..
third, St., Oakland, Cal. Piedmont, Cal.,

Miss Lena Mead, 1720 Thirty- Young People's Dept.:

fifth Ave., Fruitvale, Cal. Sec., Mrs. Alice Mina Mann.
Miss Hazel McElhany, 477 Forty-
fourth St., Oakland,. Cal. Home Missionary Dept.:
Miss Ella P. Nelson, Mountain Sec., G. A. Wheeler.
View, Cal.
Other Workers Employed by the N. P. Neilsen, Box 1304, Fresno.
Conference. Cal.
Miss Emily G. Dobbs, 537 Twen- E. H. Adams, 217 Mariposa St.,
ty-fifth St., Oakland, Cal. Fresno, Cal.
Miss Ida May Hudson, 3663 Foot- F. E. Brown, 215 Porter St..
hill Boulevard, Oakland, Cal. Hanford, Cal.
Otto Woesner, 537 Twenty-fifth J. R. Patterson, Tulare, Cal.
St., Oakland, Cal. G. A. Grauer, 333 East Locust
St., Lodi, Cal.
B. L. Howe, 1802 Forest St.,
FERENCE. C. W. Fuller, Winton, Cal.
Organized 1911. Honorary Ministerial Credentials.
Territory: The following-named J. W. Bagby, Route 3, Lemoore.
counties in the State of Cali Cal.
ifornia: Tulare, Madera, Fresno, H. C. Basney, Box 1304, Fresno,
Kings, Mariposa, Merced, and Cal.
Kern County north of the Te- A. S. Kellogg, Box 1304, Fresno,
hachapi Mountains. Cal.
Office: Central California Con- Chas. N. Miller, Box 1304, Fres-
ference of S. D. A., Fresno, Cal. no, Cal.
Postal Address: Box 1304, Fresno, LICENTIATES.
Cal. R. R. Breitigam, Box 1304, Fresno,
Conference: G. A. Truesdell, Tulare, Cal.
Pres., N. P. Neilsen. Geo. T. Vore, Portersville, Cal.
Sec. and Treas., G. A. Wheeler. MISSIONARY LICENTIATES:
Executive Committee: N. P.
Neilsen, E. H. Adams, G: A. G. A. Wheeler, Box 1304, Fresno,
Grauer, F. E. Brown, Nis Hansen, Cal.
B. L. Howe, P. J. olfsen. C. L. Davis, Selina.
Legal Assn.: " Central Cal- Miss Lida Ackley, Route 7, Box
ifornia Conference Assn." Pres., 117a, Fresno, Cal.
N. P. Neilsen; Sec. and Treas., Miss Lou Ellen Watts, Box 1304,
G. _k. Wheeler. Fresno, Cal.
Miss Ada Bond, Coalinga, Cal.
Tract Society: Miss Gertrude Patterson, 144
See. and Treas., G. A. Wheeler. Diana St., Fresno, Cal.
Field Miss. Sec., C. L. Davis. R. J. Brown, Box 1304, Fresno,
Sabbath-school Dept.: Mrs. Alice Mina Mann, Box 1304,
Sec., Miss Lida Ackley. Fresno, Cal.
Supt., Mrs. Alice Mina Mann. C. D. Stone, Armona, Cal.
Mrs.. C. D. Stone, Armona, Cal.
Religious Liberty Dept.: Miss Bertha M. Messick, Rollie
Sec., B. L. Howe. 7. Box 243, Fresno. Cal.

Miss Mae I. Hudson, Route 7, Sabbath-school Dept.:

Box 243, Fresno, Cal. Sec., Mrs. J. T. Spriggs.
Miss Bessie M. Loper, 2131 Gai-
ther St., Selma, Cal. Educational Dept.:
Miss Alice Brown 111 East Fifth Supt., W. M. Andress.
St., Hanford, Cal.
Miss M. E. Kinneburg, Dinuba, Religious Liberty Dept.:
Cal. Sec., M. A. Hollister.
John Hart, Route 3, Lemoore, Cal.
Mrs. John Hart, Route 3, Le- Young People's Dept.:
moore, Cal. Sec., W. M. Andress.
Miss Florence Walder, Route 3,
Box 36, Laton, Cal. Home Missionary Dept.:
Miss Violenty Ryder, Route 1,
See., W. M. Andress.
Exeter, Cal.
Will Potts, 2517 0 St., Bakers- MINISTERS.
field, Cal.
E. A. Curtis, 122 South Eighth
Dr. Myrtle Hudson, Chowchilla,
St., Grand Junction, Colo.
Mrs. Lena G. Morris, Lemoore, M. A. Hollister, 122 South Eighth
Cal. St., Grand Junction, Colo.
J. T. Spriggs, 122 South Eighth
Miss Ione Cochran, Winton, Cal.
St:, Grand Junction, Colo.
W. M. Andress, 122 South Eighth
St., Grand Junction, Colo.
INTER-MOUNTAIN CONFER- W. M. Adams, 2050 South Thir-
ENCE. teenth East, Salt Lake City,
Organized 1916, from territory Chas. Nelson, R. 2, Logan, Utah.
formerly comprising the Utah H. G. Gjording, 122 South Eighth
and Western Colorado Confer- St., Grand Junction, Colo.
Honorary Ministerial Credentials.
Territory: The State of Utah,
that part of Colorado west G. 0. States, Cedaredge, Colo.
of the Continental Divide, and LICENTIATE.
San Juan County, New Mexico.
Office: 122 South Eighth St., J. A. Neilsen, 122 South Eighth ,
St., Grand Junction, Colo.
Grand Junction, Colo.
Mrs. E. A. Curtis, 122 South
Conference: ,..,,Eighth St., Grand Junction,
Pres., E. A. Curtis. olo.
Sec. and Treas., J. F. Gaster. Mrk-`; J. T. Spriggs, 122 South
Executive Committee: E. A. Eight', St., Grand Junction,
Curtis, W. M. Adams, J. F. Gas- Colo. N
ter, Chas. Nelson, J. A. Neil- Mrs. W. be. Andress, 122 South
sen, W. M. Andress, M. A. Hollis- Eighth St., Grand Junction,
ter. Colo.
Legal Assns.: " S. D. A. Assn. J. F. Gaster, 122 South Eighth
of Western Colorado." St., Grand Junction, Colo.
" Utah Conference Corporation Mrs. W. M. Adams, 2050 South
of S. D. A." Thirteenth East, Salt Lake City,
Tract Society: Utah.
J. L. Sauder, 320 South Sev-
Sec. and Treas., J. F. Gaster. enth East, Salt Lake City,
Field Miss. Sec., J. L. Sander. Utah.

Mrs. J. F. Gaster, 122 South Tract Society:

Eighth St., Grand Junction, Sec., E. C. Peifer.
Colo. Treas., Verah MacPherson.
Mrs. M. A. Hollister, 122 South Field Miss. Sec., E. H. Abbott.
Eighth St., Grand Junction,
Colo. Sabbath-school Dept.:
Mrs. H. C. Holloway, 1957 South Sec., Mrs. Pearl J. MacPherson.
Twelfth East, Salt Lake City,
Utah. Educational Dept.:
Esther Smith, 321 Twenty-sev- Supt., J. W. Rich.
enth St., Ogden, Utah.
Young People's Dept.:
Sec., J. W. Rich.
Miss Lenna Hough, Cedaredge,
Colo. Home Missionary Dept.:
Miss May Johnson, Delta, Colo. Sec., Bertha Wadsworth.
Miss Marie Coombs, 1125 Emerson
Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah. MINISTERS.
Clarence Santee, Lodi, Cal.
Henry Shultz, Lodi, Cal.
NORTHERN CALIFORNIA A. J. Osborne, 2131 P St., Sac-
ramento, Cal.
CONFERENCE. D. T. Fero, Lodi, Cal.
Organized 1911. M. C. Israel, Oakdale, Cal.
F. DeWitt Gauterau, Stockton,
Territory: The following-named Cal.
counties in the State of Cali- N. W. Kauble, Lodi, Cal.
fornia: Stanislaus, Tuolumne, T. H. Watson, Lodi, Cal.
San Joaquin, Calaveras, Ama- C. M. Gardner, Modesto, Cal.
dor, Sacramento, Yolo, Sutter, G. G. Sims, Yuba City, Cal.
Yuba, Colusa, Glenn, Butte, LICENTIATES.
Tehema, Shasta, Siskiyou, Al-
pine, Eldorado, Placer, Nevada, E. E. Backus, Modesto, Cal.
Sierra, Plumas, with the excep- E. J. Urquhart, Chico, Cal.
tion of that small portion of M. J. King, Wheatland, Cal.
these counties lying east of the J. W. Rich, Lodi, Cal.
summit of the Sierras. MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Office: 341 East Lodi Ave., Lodi,
Cal. Verah MacPherson, Lodi, Cal.
Mrs. Pearl J. MacPherson, Lodi,
Conference: E. C. Peifer, Lodi, Cal.
E. H. Abbott, Lodi, Cal.
Pres., Clarence Santee. Esther Bergman, Stockton, Cal.
Sec. and Treas., Verah Mac- J. Archie Wiley, Sacramento, Cal.
Pherson. Mrs. Ella H. Osborne, 2131 P St.,
Executive Committee: Clarence Sacramento, Cal.
Santee, A. J. Osborne, N. W. Mrs. E. J. Buchanan, Stockton,
Kauble, G. M. Wissner, E. J. Cal.
Urquhart, T. H. Watson, J. W. Bertha Wadsworth, Lodi, Cal.
Rich, P. H. Glantz. Miss Alice Brayshaw, Modesto,
Legal Assn.: " Northern Cali- Cal.
fornia Conference Association of
the Seventh-day Adventists." Pres., CHURCH-SCHOOL TEACHERS.
Clarence Santee; Sec. and Treas., W. B. Miramontez, Route 4, Box
Verah MacPherson. 104a, Modesto, Cal..

Miss Ethel Horning, R. F. D. 4, Sec., D. E. Sperry.

Modesto, Cal. Treas., H. B. Thomas.
Miss Vinna Hart, Turlock, Cal. Field Miss. Sec., C. C. Morlan.
Miss Lila Hazelton, Turlock, Cal.
F. M. Oliver, Ceres, Cal. Sabbath-school Dept.:
Miss Goldie Fisher, Modesto, Cal. Sec., Mrs. Vesta J. Farnsworth.
Ralph Chapman, Hughson, Cal. 537 Twenty-fifth St., Oakland,
Miss Della Chapman, Esmeralda, Cal.
G. B. Morrison, Tokay St., Lodi, Educational Dept.:
Cal. Supt., Miss Sarah E. Peck,
Miss Stella Voris, care Academy, care Pacific Union College, St.
Lodi, Cal. Helena, Cal.
Miss Alma Fink, R. F. D. 4, Lodi,
Cal. Young People's Dept.:
Miss Bee Barbee, R. F. D. 3, Sec., C. S. Prout.
Lodi, Cal.
Miss Lottie Angell, 2301 K St., Home Missionary Dept.:
Sacramento, Cal. Sec., C. S. Prout.
Miss Florence Angell, 2301 K St.,
Sacramento, Cal. MINISTERS.
Miss Chloe Buchanan, Woodland, J. A. Stevens, Box 408, Santa
Cal. Rosa, Cal.
Miss El Mina Hicks, Camino, E. J. Hibbard, care Pacific Union
Cal. College, St. Helena, Cal.
Miss Amy Rich, Yuba City, J. D. Alder, 3012 E St., Eu-
Cal. reka, Cal.
Miss Amy Parker, Chico, Cal. S. T. Hare, Sanitarium, Cal.
Andrew Nelson, Sanitarium, Cal.
G. W. Rine, care Pacific Union
H. A. Washburn, care Pacific Un-
CONFERENCE. ion College, St. Helena, Cal.
Organized 1915. C. S. Prout, Box 408, Santa Rosa,
Territory: The following counties R. W. Munson, Sanitarium, Cal.
in the State of California: So- W. H. Saxby, Sanitarium, Cal.
lano, Marin, Napa, Lake, So- MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
noma, Mendocino, Trinity, Hum-
boldt, Del Norte. Mary M. Lester, Box 408, Santa
Office: 840 Third St., Santa Rosa, Rosa, Cal.
Laura B. Morrison, Box 408, Santa
Postal Address: Box 408, Santa Rosa, Cal. '
Berger Johnson, Box 408, Santa
Rosa, Cal.
Rosa, Cal.
OFFICERS. Jesse Johnson, Box 408, Santa
Rosa, Cal.
Conference: Oleta Butcher, Box 408, Santa
Pres., J. Adams Stevens. Rosa, Cal.
Sec. and Treas., S. Donaldson. H. Lyle Wallace, 3012 E St.,
Executive Committee: J. Adams Eureka, Cal.
Stevens, E. J. Hibbard, S. T. Frances May, 3012 E St., Eu-
Hare, L. M. Bowen. reka, Cal.
Belle F. Hickox, Box 408, Santa
Tract Society: Rosa, Cal.
Located at 537 Twenty-fifth St., S. Donaldson, Box 408, Santa
Oakland, Cal. Rosa, Cal.


Pearl Stone, 3012 E St., Eureka, (Operated jointly by Southern'
Cal. California and Southeastern Cal-
P. C. Pierce, 307 Grant St., ifornia Conferences.)
Healdsburg, Cal. Located at 417 West Fifth St.,
Mrs. P. C. Pierce, 307 Grant St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Healdsburg, Cal. Sec., Clyde Lowry.
Mrs. II. E. Osborne, St. Helena, Treas., B. M. Emerson.
Cal. Field Miss. Sec., H. A. Hebard.
Mrs. Lydia Wolfkill, St. Helena,
Cal. Sabbath-school Dept.:
Velma Wallace, Sanitarium, Cal. Sec., J. C. McReynolds.
Bernice Walker, Sanitarium, Cal.
Floyd Gardiner, Sanitarium, Cal. Educational Dept.:
Mrs. Mabel Alsberger, R. F. D. 3, Supt., I. C. Colcord, 417 West
Sebastopol, Cal. Fifth St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Lura Atwood, Box 408, Santa
Rosa, Cal. Religious Liberty Dept.:
Victor Wolfkill, Sonoma, Cal.
Esther Francis, St. Helena, Cal. Sec., W. M. Healey, 667 Eigh-
Vera Starr, Ukiah, Cal. teenth St., San Diego, Cal.
Miss Nettie Jones, 1111 Second Young People's Dept.:
St., Napa, Cal.
Sec., R. R. Cook.
Home Missionary Dept.:
Organized 1915.
W. F. Martin, 617 East Fifth
Territory: The following-named St., Santa Ana, Cal.
counties in the State of Cal- R. S. Owen, 3988 Ingalls St.,
ifornia: Orange, San Diego, Im- San Diego, Cal.
perial, Riverside, and San Ber- J. A. Burden, Loma Linda, Cal.
nardino. J. W. Adams, Hinkley, Cal.
Office: 617 East Fifth St., Santa W. M. Healey, 667 Eighteenth
Ana, Cal. St., San Diego, Cal.
C. F. Folkenberg, 325 West
OFFICERS. Eighteenth St., Santa Ana, Cal.
Conference: C. C. Jensen, EaSt San Diego, Cal.
Pres., W. F. Martin. L. H. Proctor, 617 East Fifth
Sec. and Treas., J. C. Mc- St., Santa Ana, Cal.
Reynolds. M. Serna, Box 315, Imperial, Cal.
Executive Committee: W. F. L. E. Brant, 617 East Fifth St.,
Martin, J. A. Burden, Chas. E. Santa Ana, Cal.
Rice, Frank Lane, R. S. Owen, F. M. Burg, Loma Linda, Cal.
Clyde Lowry, C. F. Folkenberg. H. J. Hoare, M. D., Loma Linda,
Legal Assn.: (Operated jointly Cal.
by the Southern California and W. A. George, M. D., Loma Linda,
Southeastern California Confer- Cal.
ences) " Southern California As- W. J. Johnson, M. D., Paradise
sociation of Seventh-day Adven- Valley Sanitarium, National
tists." Office, 417 West Fifth City, Cal.
St., Los Angeles, Cal. Pres., W. L. Black. North San Diego,
Benjamin E. Beddoe; Sec. and Cal.
Treas., B. M. Emerson. Luther Warren, Lome. Linda, Cal.

LICENTIATES. T. J. White, M. D., Loma Linda,

C. L. Snodgrass, 617 East Fifth Cal.
St., Santa Ana, Cal. J. J. Weir, M. D., Loma Linda,
Harry McWhinny, 617 East Fifth Cal.
St., Santa Ana, Cal. Fred Herzer, M. D., Loma Linda,
Henry Zutt, East San Diego, Cal. Cal.
John Knox, Pacific Union College, Lavina B. Herzer, M. D., Loma
St. Helena, Cal. Linda, Cal.
R. R. Cook, 617 East Fifth 'St., T. S. Whitelock, M. D., San Diego,
Santa Ana, Cal. Cal.
Frank Abbott, M. D., Upland,
Dorothy Harbaugh, M. D., Santa
John C. McReynolds, 617 East
Ana, Cal.
Fifth St., Santa Ana, Cal.
Leroy Otis, M. D., Norwalk, Cal.
Chas. E. Rice,. Paradise Valley
C. F. Dail, M. D., San Diego,
Sanitarium, National City, Cal.
A. C. Marquez, Loma Linda, Cal.
Mrs. Luther Warren, Loma Linda,
Olive E. Adams, Hinkley, Cal. Miss Mae Gwinnup, 301 Santa
H. A. Hebard, 617 East Fifth St., Ana St., Riverside, Cal.
Santa Ana,. Cal. Mrs. Lottie Butka, Loma Linda,
Mrs. W. W. Sharp, Paradise Val- Cal.
ley Sanitarium, National City, Miss Ethlyn Adams, Loma Linda,
Cal. Cal.
Mrs. John Knox; Pacific Union Miss Marie Anderson, Loma Linda,
College, St. Helena, 'Cal. Cal.
Mrs. H. E. Scoles, Loma Linda,
Honorary Missionary Credentials. Cal.
Walter Harper, Metropolitan, Cal. Miss Veda Smith, R. F. D. 2,
Frank Lane, Box 196, National Box 41, El Centro, Cal.
City, Cal. Miss Ida Bennett, 1516 North
Rebecca Hannaford, Paradise Val- Flower St., Santa Ana, Cal.
ley Sanitarium, National City, Miss Vivian Nightingale, 840 H.
Cal. St., San Bernardino, Cal.
Mrs. Josephine Gotzian, National Miss Henrietta Hughes, Paradise
City, Cal. Valley Sanitarium, National
City, Cal.
Medical Misionary Credential& Mrs. Jennie Cre Frazee, 1723
Granada Ave., San Diego, Cal.
Newton Evans, M. D., Loma Mrs. Guy Jenkins, San Diego,
Linda, Cal. Cal.
T. J. Evans, M. D., Loma Linda, Miss Edith Willitts, Route 1, Es-
Cal. condido, Cal.
Alfred Shryock, M. D., Loma Miss Laura Sturges, Escondido,
Linda, Cal. Cal.
Julia A. White, M. D., Hunt- Harry Sturges, Hemet, Cal.
ington Beach, Cal. Miss Leora Hair, 33 Grant St.,
A. W. Truman, M. D., Loma Redlands, Cal.
Linda, Cal. Miss Effie Brown, Brawley, Cal.
E. H. Risley, M. D., Loma Linda, Miss Anna Woodoworth, Victor-
Cal. ville, San Antone Valley, Cal.
Zenobia Nightingale,. M. D., Lo- L. M. Knapp, Route 1, Box 74M,
ma Linda, Cal. San Diego, Cal.
R. I. Rail, M. D., Loma Linda, Miss Ivy Thompson, Garden
Cal. Grove, Cal.

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CON- H. S. Prenier, San Fernando, Cal.

FERENCE. J. F. Blunt, 149 North. Kern St.,
Los Angeles, Cal.
Organized 1901. H. F. Rand, care Glendale Sani-
Territory: The following-named tarium, Glendale, Cal.
counties in the State of Cal- Honorary Ministerial Credentials.
ifornia: San Luis Obispo, Santa
Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, J. H. Rogers, R. F. D. 1, Box 67,
and that portion of Kern Coun- San Fernando, Cal.
ty lying south of the Tehachapi F. R. Shaeffer, Box 226, Sawtelle,
Mountains. Cal.
Office: 417 West Fifth St., Los G. A. Rauleder, 1245 East Forty-
Angeles, Cal. fifth St., Los Angeles, Cal.
L. D. Santee, 1061 Raymond St.,
OFFICERS. Pasadena, Cal.
Conference: S. Swinson, 417 West Fifth St.,
Pres., B. E. Beddoe. Los Angeles, Cal.
Sec. and Treas., B. M. Emerson. 0. E. Jones, Tropico, Cal.
Executive Committee: B. E. V. H. Lucas, 2007 Morton Ave.,
Beddoe, G. A. Snyder, F. I. Rich- Pasadena, Cal.
ardson, H. G. Lucas, I. C. Col- , LICENTIATES.
cord, E. G. Fulton, C. A. Bur-
rows. C. E. Andross, 417 West Fifth
Legal Assn.: " Southern Cal- St., Los Angeles, Cal.
ifornia Association of Seventh- J. R. Dieffenbacher, 417 West
day Adventists." Pres., B. E. Fifth St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Beddoe; Sec. and Treas., B. M. C. Castillo, 2507 Cincinnati St.,
Emerson. Los Angeles, Cal.
Tract Society:
B. M. Emerson, 417 West Fifth
Sec., Clyde Lowry. St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Treas., B. M. Emerson. I. C. Colcord, 417 West Fifth
Field Miss. Sec., H. A. Hebard. St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Sabbath-school Dept.: Clyde Lowry, 417 West Fifth
St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Sec., Jennie L. Ireland. Mrs. M. E. Hoyt, 1327 East
Educational Dept.: Fiftieth St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Supt., I. C. Colcord. Miss Elizabeth Carter, 417 West
Fifth St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Young People's Dept.: Mrs. Florence W. Merrill, 417
Sec., C. E. Andross. West Fifth St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Miss Jennie L. Ireland, 417 West
Home Missionary Dept.: Fifth St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Sec., Clyde Lowry. Violet R. Bell, 417 West Fifth St.,
MINISTERS. Los Angeles, Cal.
B. E. Beddoe, 417 West Fifth Mrs. Amy R. Temple, 1038 El
St., Los Angeles, Cal. Molino St., Los Angeles, Cal.
F. I. Richardson, 417 West Fifth Honorary Missionary Licentiates.
St., Los Angeles, Cal. Mrs. E. J. Calkins, 417 West
H. . Lucas, San Fernando, Cal. Fifth St., Los Angeles, Cal.
G. A. Snyder, 3626 South San C. F. Marvin, care Glendale Sani-
Pedro St., Los Angeles, Cal. tarium, Glendale, Cal.
E. A. Brown, Box 170, Santa
A. Ritchie, 562 West Second St., D. D. Comstock, care Glendale
Glendale, Cal. Sanitarium, Glendale, Cal.

Belle-Wood Comstock, care Glen- Misgion Committee: W. S. Hol-

dale Sanitarium, Glendale, Cal. brook, A. W. Russell, W. H.
Bradley, C. W. Pierce, H. A. Hart-
Byron Dart 149 East Third St.,
Glendale, Cal. Young People's Dept.:
Miss Marie Lucas, 140 East Sec., Mrs. M. Evva Holbrook.
Mountain St., Pasadena, Cal.
M. E. Carr, 3500 Sanfranco St., MINISTER.
Los Angeles, Cal. W. S. Holbrook, 325 West Fifth
Miss Lela Worster, 2220 Fargo St., Reno, Nev.
St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Mrs. May Traver-Stafford, San LICENTIATES.
Fernando, Cal. W. H. Bradley, 325 West Fifth
Mrs. W. C. Baldwin, San Fer- St., Reno, Nev.
nando, Cal. R. L. Shoemaker, 325 West Fifth
Mrs. Roy Carmichael, 401 North St., Reno, Nev.
Maryland St., Glendale, Cal. G. L. Wilkinson, 325 West Fifth
Mrs. Geo. C. Cook, Norwalk, Cal. St., Reno, Nev.
Miss Almira Lothrop, 124 North
Thomas St., Los Angeles, Cal. MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Lindsay Hesseltine, 1447 Orchard Mrs. M. Evva Holbrook, 325 West
St., Los Angeles, Cal. Fifth St., Reno, Nev.
Miss Mary Moore, Box 145, Po- Miss Nellie A. Buchanan, 325
mona, Cal. West Fifth St., Reno, Nev.
Mrs. T. A. Fleck, 1418 Euclid A. W. Russell, Fallon, Nev.
Ave., Santa Barbara, Cal.
Mrs. Ethel Johnson, Inglewood,
Miss Mary E. Learned, 455 Fif- INSTITUTIONS IN THE PA-
teenth St., San Pedro, Cal. CIFIC UNION CONFERENCE.
Miss Marguerite Smith, Oceano,
Cal. Educational:
Miss Annie Bennett, 430 East Lodi Academy, Lodi, Cal.
Anaheim St., Long Beach, Cal. Lorria Linda College of Medical
Evangelists, Loma Linda, Cal.
Pacific Union College, St. Hele-
Phoenix Intermediate School,
Organized 1913. Phoenix, Ariz.
San Fernando Academy, San
Territory: The' State of Nevada, Fernando, Cal.
and that portion of California
east of the summit of the Publishing:
Sierra Nevada Mountains in-
cluded in the counties of Modoc, Pacific Press Pub. Assn., Moun-
Lassen, Mono, and Inyo. tain View, Cal.
Office: 325 West Fifth St., Reno, Sanitariums:
Nev. Glendale Sanitarium, Glendale,
Loma Linda Sanitarium, Loma
Mission: Linda, Cal.
Supt., W. S. Holbrook. Paradise Valley Sanitarium,
Sec., A. W. Russell, Fallon, Nev. National City, Cal.
Treas., Claude Conard, Box 146, St. Helena Sanitarium, Sani-
Glendale, Cal. tarium, Cal.
Organized rgo8.
Territory: The Conferences of MINISTERS.
Cumberland, Florida, Georgia, W. H. Branson, 1611 Bryan St.,
North Carolina, and South Car- Atlanta, Ga.
olina.. C. B. Haynes, 169 Bryan St.,
Office Address: 169 Bryan St., Atlanta, Ga.
Atlanta, Ga. L. A. Hoopes, Graysville, Tenn.
G. H. Baber, Graysville, Tenn.
Pres., W. H. Branson. W. E. Abernathy, 169 Bryan St.,
Sec. and Treas., W. E. Aber- Atlanta, Ga.
nathy. D. W. Dillen, 169 Bryan St.,
Executive Committee: W. H. Atlanta, Ga.
Branson, the presidents of the L. D. Randall, 169 Bryan St.,
conferences composing the union, Atlanta, Ga.
and W. E. Abernathy, D. W. W. H. Hayes, Graysville, Tenn.
Dillen, Leo Thiel, C. B. Haynes, Leo Thiel, 169 Bryan St., At-
A. N. Atteberry, W. H. Hayes. lanta, Ga.
Legal Assn.: " Southeastern A. N. Atteberry, Graysville, Tenn.
Union Conference Assn. of S. Anna Knight, 169 Bryan St.,
D. A." Pres., W. H. Branson; Atlanta, Ga.
Sec. and Treas., W. E. Abernathy.
Auditor and Transportation Union Negro Mission Department.
Agt., W. E. Abernathy. Supt., W. H. Branson.
' Sec., W. E. Abernathy.
Union Book Depository: Home Miss. Sec., Anna Knight.
Atlanta Branch of Southern Executive Committee: W. H.
Pub. Assn., 169 Bryan St., At- Branson, W. E. Abernathy, R. W.
lanta, Ga. Parmele, W. H. Heckman, J. B.
Manager, L. D. Randall. Locken, J. L. Shuler, N. V.
Unionld ie Miss. Sec., D. W. Willess, U. S. Willis, C. G. Manns,
Dillen. M. C. Strachan, G. E. Peters,
W. E. Strother.
Educational Dept.:
Sec., Leo Thiel.
Medical Missionary Dept.: CUMBERLAND 'CONFERENCE.
Organized 1900.
Religious Liberty Dept.:
Territory: Eastern Tennessee, the
See., C. B. Haynes. western boundary being the
western line of the counties of
Young People's Dept.: Macon, Smith, DeKalb, War-
Sec., Leo Thiel. ren, Grundy, and Marion; also
seven counties in northwestern
Home Missionary Dept.: Georgia, viz., Dade, Walker,
Sec., W. H. Hayes. Catoosa, Whitfield, Murray,
Fannin, and Gilmer.
Press Bureau: Office: 31 and 32 Deaderick Bldg.,
Sec., C. B. Haynes. Knoxville, Tenn.


Conference: L. L. Lawrence, 404 Tremont St..
Pres., R. W. Parmele. North Chattanooga, Tenn.
See. and Treas., Mrs. Clara A. B. Russell, 31 and 32 Dead-
Russell. erick Bldg., Knoxville, Tenn.
Executive Committee. R. W. Mrs. Clara Russell, 31 and 32
Parmele, Cyrus Simmons, C. R. Deaderick Bldg., Knoxville, Tenn.
Magoon, L. L. Lawrence, C. W. Mrs. Laura A. Magoon, 31 and 32
S 1 ade Deaderick Bldg., Knoxville, Tenn.
Legal Assn.: " Cumberland Con- Dr. M. M. Martinson, Grays-
ference Association of S. D. A." ville, Tenn.
Pres., R. W. Parmele; Sec., C. R. Miss Dollie Thrailkill,- 112 Ivy St.,
Magoon. Johnson City, Tenn.
Mrs. Lydia E. Parmele, M. D.,
Tract Sbciety: 31 and 32 Deaderick Bldg.,
Knoxville, Tenn.
Sec. and Treas., Mrs. Clara
Field Miss. Sec., L. L. Lawrence. Miss Nellie Travis, Graysville,
Sabbath-school Dept.: Mrs. F. E. Washburn, 713 Bennett
Sec., Mrs. Laura A. Magoon. Ave., Chattanooga, Tenn.
Mrs. Mary Ballard, 2123 Laurel
Educational Dept.: Ave. Knoxville, Tenn.
Supt., Mrs. Laura A. Magoon. Miss Ina Young, 751 South Main
St., Greenevill, Tenn.
Religious Liberty Dept.:
Sec., Cyrus Simmons, Box 522, Negro Mission.
Knoxville, Tenn. Negro Mission Committee: R.
W. Parmele, L. L. Lawrence, C. G.
Young People's Dept.: Manns, H. N. Gemon, C. R. Ma-
Sec., Mrs. Laura A. Magoon. goon.
Medical Missionary Dept.: MINISTER.
Sec., Mrs. Lydia E. Parmele, C. G. Manns, 410 Eighteenth St.,
M. D. Knoxville, Tenn.
Home Missionary Dept.: LICENTIATE.
Sec., Mrs. Clara Russell. H. N. Gemon, 410 Eighteenth St..
Knoxville, Tenn.
R. W. Parmele, 31 and 32 Dead- Mrs. Emily McGlocklin, 1003 East
erick Bldg., Knoxville, Tenn. Clinch St., Knoxville, Tenn.
C. R. Magoon, 31 and 32 Dead-
eriek Bldg., Knoxville, Tenn.
Honorary Ministerial Credentials. FLORIDA CONFERENCE.
Smith Sharp, Graysvi.11e, Tenn. Organized 1893.
C. G. Howell, Daylight, Tenn. Territory: The State of Florida,
H. W. Pierce. Graysville, Tenn. excepting the counties of Es-
LICENTIATES. cambia, Santa Rosa, Walton,
Holmes, Washington, Jackson,
Cyrus Simmons, Box 522, Knox- and Calhoun, which belong to
ville, Tenn. the Alabama Conference.
Burt White, 713 Bennett Ave., Office: Rooms 11 and 12, Yowell-
Chattanooga, Tenn. Duckworth Bldg., Orlando, Fla.


Conference: C. P. Whitford, Drawer 28, Or-
Pres., W. H. Heckman. lando, Fla.
Sec. and Treas., A. L. Bayley. B. W. Spire, Drawer 28, Or-
Executive Committee: W. H. lando, Fla.
Heckman, W. H. Smith, I. M. R. S. Ingersoll, Drawer 28, Or-
Martin, J. W. Siler, C. L. Harvey. lando, Fla.
Legal Assn.: " Florida Con- C. F. Dart, New Smyrna, Fla.
ference Association of S. D. A." James DeVries, Formosa, Fla.
Pres., W. H. Heckman; Sec. and J. W. Siler, 1121 East Ashley St.,
Treas., A. L. Bayley. Jacksonville, Fla.
A. L. Bayley, Rooms 11 and
Tract Society: 12, Yowell-Duckworth Bldg.,
Sec. and Treas., A. L. Bayley. Orlando, Fla.
Field Miss. Sec., J. W. Siler. Mrs. Lulu V. Gregory,' Rooms
11 and 12, Yowell-Duckworth
Sabbath-school Dept.: Bldg., Orlando, Fla.
Sec., Mrs. R. G. Stringer. Miss Lillian Hickok, Route 2,
Miami, Fla.
Educational Dept.: Mrs. R. G. Stringer, Rooms 11
Supt., Mrs. R. G. Stringer. and 12, Yowell-Duckworth
Bldg., Ora
ndo, Fla.
Medical Missionary Dept.: Dr. Olive Ingersoll, Drawer 28,
Sec., R. S. Ingersoll, M. D. Orlando, Fla.
Miss Bessie Smith, 1902 Lacka-
Religious Liberty Dept.: wanna Ave. Jacksonville, Fla.
Sec., W. H. Smith. Miss Cora Felker, Rooms 11 and
12, Yowell-Duckworth Bldg.,
Young People's Dept.: Orlando, Fla.
Sec., Mrs. R. G. Stringer. CHURCH-SCHOOL TEACHERS.
Home Missionary Dept.: E. W. Tonjes, Snead's Island, Fla.
Sec., A. L. Bayley. A. F. Arkb auer, Roselle and
Charles Sts., Jacksonville, Fla.
MINISTERS. A. H. Foster, Orlando, Fla.
W: H. Heckman, Rooms 11 and Mrs. E. Meade 'Graham, Miami,
12, Yowell-Duckworth Bldg., Fla.
Orlando, Fla. Miss Esther Garber, St. Peters-
W. H. Smith, 1902 Lackawanna burg, Fla.
Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. Miss Alice Case, New Smyrna.
.I. M. Martin, Box 770, West Fla.
Palm Beach, Fla. Miss Mary Anderson, Daytona,
B. M. Heald, Fort Myers; Fla. Fla.
Honorary Ministerial Credentials. Negro Mission.
L. T. Crisler, Fort Myers, Fla. Committee: W.. H. Heckman, MT.
Victor Thompson, 310 West Six-
teenth St., Jacksonville, Fla. H. Smith, A. L. Bayley, M. C.
J. C. Mikkelsen, Plant City, Fla. Strachan, J. S. Green.
A. L. Gregory, Rooms 11 and
12, Yowell-Duckworth Bldg., M. C. Strachan, Box 825, Tampa,
Orlando, Fla. Fla.
Allen Walker, Fort Ogden, Fla. J. S. Green, Box 1031, St. Peters-
A. H. Evers, Cocoa, Fla. burg, Fla.


Felicia M. Palmer, 2735 Ever- W. E. Strickland, Gainesville, Ga.
green Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Annie B. Thomas, Punta Gorda, W. S. Fulbright, 169 Bryan St.,
Fla. Atlanta, Ga.
Mary L.- Moore, 621 West Broad- J. K. Macmillan, 169 Bryan St..
way, Ocala, Fla. Atlanta, Ga.
Mrs. M. C. Kenyon, 1856 Wat-
kins St., Augusta, Ga.
Organized 1901. J. H. Shrock, Decatur, Ga.
Mrs. J. H. Shrock, Decatur, Ga.
Territory: The State of Georgia, Miss Pearl Howington, Gaines-
excepting the counties of Dade, ville, Ga.
Walker, Ca toos a, Whitfield,
Murray, Fannin, and Gilmer, be- Negro Mission.
longing to the Cumberland Con- Committee: N. V. tailless, W.
ference. S. Fulbright, J. K. Macmillan,
Office: 169 Bryan St., Atlanta, Ga. R. E. Williams, U. S. Willis.
Conference: U. S. Willis, 618 West Thirty-
sixth St., Savannah, Ga.
Pres., N. V. Willess. R. E. Williams, 209 Greensferry
Sec. and Treas., J. K. Mac- Ave., Atlanta, Ga.
Executive Committee: N. V. MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Willess, J. A. Strickland, W. S. Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, 1918 Al-
Fulbright, J. K. Macmillan, Dr. bany St., Brunswick, Ga.
J. R. Mitchell. Miss Margaret Simmons, 621
West Thirty-first St., Savan-
Tract Society: nah, Ga.
Sec. and Treas., J. K. Mac- Mrs. Jennie Hankinson, 3029
millan. Mongomery St., Savannah, Ga.
Field Miss. Sec., W. S. Ful- Mrs. M. J. Tate, 35 South Doray
bright. St., Atlanta, Ga.
Miss Mary E. Jones, 211 Chest-
Sabbath-school Dept.: nut St., Macon, Ga.
Sec., J. K. Macmillan. Miss Julia F. Baugh, 58 Greens-
ferry Ave., Atlanta, Ga.
Supt., Leo Thiel. Mrs. M. J. Tate, 35 South Doray
Religious Liberty Dept.: St., Atlanta, Ga.
Ocilla, Miss Margaret Simmons, 621
Sec., J. A. Strickland, West Thirty-first St., Savan-
Ga. nah, Ga.
Young People's Dept.: Miss Julia F. Baugh, 58 Greens-
Sec., 'Leo Thiel. ferry Ave., Atlanta, Ga.
Home Missionary Dept.:
Sec., J. K. Macmillan. NORTH CAROLINA CON-
N. V. Willess, 169 Bryan St., Organized 1901.
Atlanta, Ga. Territory: The State of North.
J. A. Strickland, Ocilla, Ga. Carolina.

Office Address: 234 Summit Ave., MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.

Greensboro, N. C. W. P. Dougherty, 24 Blades Ave..
New Bern, N. C.
OFFICERS. Miss Elizabeth McHugh, 8 George
Conference: St., New Bern, N. C.
C. R. Callicott, Greensboro, N. C.
Pres., J. B. Locken. Mrs. G. E. Peters, 541 East Nash
Sec. and Treas., C. R. Callicott. St., Wilson, N. C.
Executive Committee: J. B. Miss Maude Dickson, 544 East
Locken, J. W. Beach, W. L. Ad- Nash St., Wilson, N. C.
kins, W. P. Dougherty, C. R. Miss J. M. Gillam, 541 East Nash
Callicott. St., Wilson, N. C.
Legal Assn.: " North Carolina
Conference Assn. of S. D. A." CHURCH-SCHOOL TEACHERS.
Pres., J. B. Locken; Sec. and Mrs. N. P. Fox, 707 Willow
Treas., C. R. Callicott. Brook St., High Point, N. C.
Miss Irma Vinson, 238 Hay-
Tract Society: wood St., Asheville, N. C.
Miss Maude Dickson, 544 East
Sec. and Treas., C. R. Callicott. Nash St., Wilson, N. C.
Field Miss. Sec., W. P. Dough- Miss Mary Bostic, Wilmington,
erty. N. C.
Sabbath-school Dept.: Miss Myrtle Maxwell, R. F. D..
Banners Elk, N. C.
Sec., C. R. Callicott. Miss Lucy Hunt, R. F. D. 4.
Albemarle, N. C.
Educational Dept.: Miss Ella M. Padgett, R. F. D. 5,
Supt., Leo Thiel, 169 Bryan St., Hickory, N. C.
Atlanta, Ga.
Religious Liberty Dept.:
Sec., J. B. Locken. ENCE.
Young People's Dept.: Organized 1907.
Sec., Leo Thiel. Territory: The State of South
Home Missionary Dept.: Carolina.
Sec., C. R. Callicott. Office Address: Greenville, S. C.
Negro Mission. Conference:
Committee: J. B. Locken, W. Pres., J. L. Shuler.
L. Adkins, G. E. Peters, C. R. Sec. and Treas., T. E. Pavey.
Callicott, H. N. (lemon. Executive Committee: J. L.
MINISTERS. , Shuler, Silas Davis, G. F. Turner,
Henry Tonjes, T. E. Pavey.
J. B. Locken, 234 Summit Ave.,
Greensboro, N. C. Tract Society:
W. L. Adkins, 1305 South Third Sec. and Treas., T. E. Pavey.
St., Wilmington, N. C. Field Miss. Sec., Henry Tonjes.
G. E. Peters, 541 East Nash St.,
Wilson, N. C. Sabbath-school Dept.:
Sec., T. E. Pavey.
Honorary Ministerial Credentials.
D. T. Shireman, Morganton, N. C. Educational Dept.:
.T. 0. Johnston. Eufola, N. C. Supt., Leo Thiel.

U. D. Pickard, Kinston, N. C. W. E. Strother, 2225 Gervais St.,
N. J. Grant, care Oakwood. School, Columbia, S. C.
Huntsville, Ala.
Religious Liberty Dept.: LICENTIATES.

See., Silas Davis. W. H. Maynor, 521 Dingle St.,

Sumter, S. C.
Young People's Dept.: B. W. Abney, 10 Short Court,
Sec., Leo Thiel. Charleston, S. C.
Home Missionary Dept.: CHURCH-SCHOOL TEACHERS.
Sec., T. E. Pavey. Mrs. W. H. Maynor, 521 Dingle
MINISTERS. St., Sumter, S. C.
Miss Strother, 2225 Gervais St..
J. L. Shuler, Greenville, S. C. Columbia, S. C.
Silas Davis, Greenville, S. C.
S. R. Haynes, 4 Washington INSTITUTIONS IN THE SOUTH-
Road, Greenville, S. C. EASTERN UNION CON-
T. E. Pavey, Greenville, S. C. Educational:
H. Tonjes, ' 87a Sheppard St.,
West, Charleston, S. C. Southern Training School,
Graysville, Tenn.
Miss Leora Warren, 152 Branch
St., Spartanburg, S. C. Atlanta Branch of the Southern
Miss Ida Acker, Cherokee, S. C. Pub. Assn., 169 Bryan St.,
Atlanta, Ga.
Negro Mission.
Committee: J. L..Shuler, B. W. Sanitarium:
Abney, T. E. Pavey, Henry Ton- Florida Sanitarium, Orlando,
jes, W. E. Strother. Fla.


Organized Igo'.

Territory: The conferences of Wight, G. H. Curtis, Lynn H.

Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Wood, C. N. Sanders, A. L.
Mississippi, and Tennessee B.
Miller, C. S. Wiest, W. Brown,
River. R. L. Pierce, J. W. Davis, M. F.
Office: 2014 Twenty-third Ave., Knox, W. R Elliott.
North, Nashville, Term. Legal Assn.: " Southern Union
Conference Assn. of S. D. A!!
OFFICERS. Pres., S. E. Wight; Sec. and
Conference: Treas., G. Ti. Curtis.
Pres., S. E. Wight.
Sec. and Treas., G. H. Curtis. Union Book Depository:
Auditor and Transportation Southern Publishing Associa-
Agent, G. H. Curtis. tion, 2123 Twenty-fourth Ave.,
Executive Committee: S. E. North, Nashville, Tenn.

Manager, R. L. Pierce. ALABAMA CONFERENCE.

Union Field Miss. Sec., J. W. Organized 1901.
Territory: The State of Alabama,
Religious Liberty Dept.: and the following counties in
Sec., L. A. Smith. Florida: Escambia, Santa Rosa,
Walton, Holmes, Washington,
Educational and Young People's Jackson, and Calhoun.
Depts.: Office: 316 Lyric Bldg., Birming-
ham, Ala.
Sec., Lynn H. Wood.
Home Misionary Dept.: Conference:
Sec., G. H. Curtis. Pres., A. L. Miller.
Sec. and Treas., 0. R. Gods-
Southern Union Mission. mark.
Executive Committee: A. L.
Superintendent, S. E. Wight. Miller, R. I. Keate, J. F. Wright,
Sec. and Treas., G. H. Curtis. M. L. Wilson, 0. R. Godsmark,
Committee: S. E. Wight, G. H. 0. P. Ivie, Carl G. Meyer.
Curtis, A. L. Miller, C. S. Wiest, Legal Assn.: " Alabama Con-
C. N. Sanders, B. W. Brown, W. ference Assn. of S. D. A." Pres.,
R. Elliott, T. B. Buckner, J. A. L. Miller; Sec. and Treas.,
G. Dasent, J. H. Lawrence, Syd- 0. R. Godsmark.
ney Scott, N. B. King, Randall Tract Society:
Sec. and Treas., 0. R. Gods-
Field Miss. Sec., M. L. Wilson.
S. E. Wight, 2304 Seifried St.,
Nashville, Tenn. Sabbath-school Dept.:
Sydney Scott, 316 Foster St., Sec., Mrs. Helen M. Keate.
Nashville, Tenn.
Educational Dept.:
Honorary Ministerial Credentials. Supt., J. F. Wright.
P. T. Magan, Madison, Tenn. Religious Liberty Dept.:
E. A. Sutherland, Madison, Tenn. Sec., A. L. Miller.
F. W. Halladay, Box 414, Hunts- Young People's Dept.:
ville, Ala.
T. H. Jeys, Box 414, Huntsville, Sec., J. F. Wright.
Ala. Home Missionary Dept.:
LICENTIATE. Sec., J. F. Wright.
J. W. Davis, 2014 Twenty-third MINISTERS.
Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn. A. L. Miller, 1705 Eighth Ave.,
North, Birmingham, Ala.
MISSIONARY LICENTIATE. J. S. Bellinger, Whistler, Ala.
G. H. Curtis, 2014 Twenty-third R. I. Keate, 715 North Eigh-
Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn. teenth St., Birmingham, Ala.
J. F. Wright, Montgomery, Ala.
Honorary Missionary Licentiates. LICENTIATE.
C. J. Boyd, Oakwood School, M. L. Wilson, 316 Lyric Bldg.,
Huntsville, Ala. Birmingham, Ala.


0. R. Godsmark, 316 Lyric Bldg., Organized 1908.
Birmingham, Ala.
Mrs. Helen M. Keate, 715 North Territory: All the State of Ken-
Eighteenth St., Birmingham, Ala. tucky excepting the eight coun-
Mrs. Pearl M. Wilson, 1705 ties west of the Tennessee
Eighth Ave., North, Birming- River, belonging to the Tennes-
ham, Ala. see River Conference.
Sarah V. Parker, 316 Lyric Bldg., Office Address: 1122 Park St.,
Birmingham, Ala. Bowling Green, Ky.
Miss Angie Foster, Clarke Bldg., Conference:
Birmingham, Ala. Pres., B. W. Brown.
Miss Sylvia Gardiner, Borden Sec. and Treas., E. A. Williams.
Springs, Ala. Executive Committee: B. W
Miss Ora Waters, Elkwood, Ala. Brown, James Hickman, S. D.
Miss Dillen, Box 414, Huntsville, Bossing, C. W. Vermillion.
Ala. Legal Assn.: " Seventh-day Ad-
Mrs. L. C. Scott, R. F. D. 1, ventist Conference Association of
Long Island, Ala. Kentucky." Pres., B. W. Brown;
Mrs. C. G. Leitzman, Red Level, Sec., E. A. Williams.
M. E. Whatley, Red Level, Ala. Tract Society:
C. R. Waldron, R. F. D. 1, Sec. and Treas., E. A. Williams.
Rockford, Ala. Field Miss. Sec., James Hick-
Negro Mission.
Committee: A. L. Miller, 0. R. Sabbath-school and Young Peo-
Godsmark, M. L. Wilson, J. G. ple's Depts.:
Dasent, C. A. Blackwood. Sec., Miss Lena A. Brown.
MINISTER. Educational Dept.:
J. G. Dasent, 110 Early St., Supt., B. W. Brown.
Montgomery, Ala.
Religious Liberty Dept.:
LICENTIATES. Sec., B. W. Brown.
R. Roberts, 2609 Clarendon Ave., Home Missionary Dept.:
Bessemer, Ala.
C. A. Blackwood, 556 East New- Sec., B. W. Brown.
ton St., Dothan, Ala. MINISTERS.
Bowling Green, Ky.
S. D. Miller, 758 South Hamilton W. H. White, 1240 Scott St., Cov-
St., Mobile, Ala. ington, Ky.
C. A. Wilson, 615 Adams Ave., O. A. Dow, 1122 Park St.,
Huntsville, Ala. Bowling Green, Ky.
R. M. McAllister, 618 West Bel-
mont St., Pensacola, Fla. MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
C. L. Hornung, 2121 Osage St.,
Mrs. C. A. Blackwood, 556 East James Hickman, 1122 Park St.,
Newton St., Dothan, Ala. Bowling Green, Ky.
S. P. Robinson, Box 15, R. F. D. E. A. Williams, 1122 Park St.,
3, Sylacauga, Ala. Bowling Green, Ky.

Lena A. Brown, 1122 Park St., Legal Assn.: " Louisiana Con-
Bowling Green, Ky. ference Association of S. D. A."
Mrs. Mina Dow, 1122 Park St., Pres., C. N. Sanders; Sec. and
Bowling Green, Ky. Treas., C. B. Caldwell.
Miss Lola May Brown, 1122 Park Sec. and Treas., C. B. Caldwell.
St., Bowling Green, Ky. Field Miss. Sec., G. B. Boswell,
Edna George, Route 4, Henderson, Alexandria, La.
Miss Lena A. Brown, 1122 Park Sabbath-school Dept.:
St., Bowling Green, Ky. See., Mrs. Emma L. Morrow.
Bessie Mount, Ford, Ky.
Miss Audra Reichenbach, Nich- Educational Dept.:
olasville, Ky. Supt., Mrs. Frieda Huber-Paul.
Negro Mission. Medical Missionary Dept.:
Committee: B. W. Brown, Sec.,
J. H. Lawrence, James Hickman,
William Winston, S. D. Bossing. Religious Liberty Dept.:
J. H. Lawrence, 2315 Magazine Young People's.Dept.:
St., Louisville, Ky. See., Mrs. Frieda Huber-Paul.
William Winston, 1500 South C. N. Sanders, 810 Jackson Ave.,
Clay St., Louisville, Ky. New, Orleans, La.
F. S. Keitts, 127 North State 0. F. Frank, 304 Hode s St.,
St., Bowling Green, Ky. Lake Charles, La.
Delia Wilson, 2315 Magazine St., Jas. A. Morrow, 810 Jackson Ave.,
Louisville, Ky. New Orleans, T.a.
W. P. McLennan, 2756 Virginia
CHURCH-SCHOOL TEACHER. Ave., Shreveport, La.
M. B. Winston, 1500 South Clay MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
St., Louisville, Ky.
Mrs. C. N. Sanders, 810 Jackson
Ave., New Orleans, La.
G. B. Boswell, Alexandria, La.
LOUISIANA CONFERENCE. R. W. Paul, 810 Jackson Ave.,
New Orleans, La.
Organized 1901. Mrs. Frieda Huber-Paul, 810 Jack-
son Ave., New Orleans, La.
Territory: The State of Louisi- C. B. Caldwell, 810 Jackson Ave.,
ana. New Orleans, La.
Office Address: 810 Jackson Ave., Mrs. Emma L. Morrow, 810 Jack-
New Orleans, La. son Ave., New Orleans, La.
Negro Mission.
Conference: MINISTER.
Pres., C. N. Sanders. T. B. Buckner, 1410 Ashton St.,
Sec. and Treas., C. B. Caldwell. Shreveport, La.
Executive Committee: C. N.
Sanders, G. B. Boswell, 0. F. LICENTIATE.
Frank, W. P. McLennan, C. A. W. Williams,- 803 Lee St., Alex-
Lantz. andria, La.


Lucy Picou, 810 Jackson Ave., Chas. S. Wiest, 932 Union St.,
New Orleans, La. Jackson, Miss.
R. E. Burke, Box 78, Meridian,
Susie Campbell, 2912 General
Taylor St., New Orleans, La. Honorary Ministerial Credentials.
Henry Balsbaugh, 932 Union St..
Jackson, Miss.
Mrs. Mary Balsbaugh, 932 Union
Organized 1901. St., Jackson, Miss.
Territory: The State of Missis- Ben C. Marshall, 703 South Gal-
sippi. latin St., Jackson Miss.
Office Address: 703 South Gal- John R. Staton, 703 South Gal-
latin St., Jackson, Miss. latin St., Jackson, Miss.
Virgil Smith, 516 West Silas
OFFICERS. Brown St., JacksOn, Miss.
Conference: Mrs. R. E. Burke, Box 78, Me-
ridian, Miss.
Pres., Chas. S. Wiest.
Sec. and Treas., Ben C. Mar- CHURCH-SCHOOL TEACHERS.
shall. Mrs. C. S. Wiest, 932 Union St.,
Executive Committee: Chas. S. Jackson, Miss.
Wiest, R. E. Burke, Ben C. Mar- Miss Medea Peterson, Quitman,
shall, J. D. McEachern, G. Z. Miss.
Clark, John R. Staton.
Legal Assn.: "Mississippi Con- Negro Mission.
ference Association of Seventh- Executive. Committee: The
day Adventists." Pres., C. S. President of the Conference and
Wiest; Sec., Ben C. Marshall. two other persons whom he may
Tract Society:
Sec. and Treas., Ben C. Mar-
shall. N. B. King, 809 Atlanta St.,
Field Miss. Sec., John R. Sta- Hattiesburg, Miss.
ton. A. C. Chatman, 907 Rose St.,
Jackson, Miss.
Sabbath-school Dept.:
Sec.. Mrs. Fannie Richardson. D.V. Barnes. Greenville, Miss.
Educational Dept.: Roscoe Watkins. Natchez, Miss.
Twenty-third Ave., North, Nash- P. J. Johnson, Box 95, Ellisville,
ville, Tenn. Miss.
Religious Liberty Dept.: Dora Wilson, 1091 Lynch St.,
Jackson, Miss.
Sec., R. E. Burke, Box 78,
Meridian, Miss.
Young People's Dept.: TENNESSEE RIVER CON-
See., Mrs. R. Burke, Box 78, FERENCE.
Meridian, Miss.
Organized 1888.
Home Missionary Dept.:
Territory: Western Tennessee, the
See., C. S. Wiest. eastern boundary being the

eastern line of the counties of Miss Beulah Cothern, 2014 Twen-

Sumner, Trousdale, Wilson, ty-third Ave., North, Nashville,
Cannon, Coffee, and Franklin; Tenn.
and the following-named coun- Miss Anna Adams, 2008 Fourth
ties in Kentucky: Ballard, Mc- Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn.
Cracken, Marshall, Graves, Ful- F. C. Bruce, 2014 Twenty-third
ton, Hickman, Carlisle, and Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn.
Calloway. S. L. Clark, Hazel, Ky.
Office: 2014 Twenty-third Ave., M. Wheeler, 1720 Simkin St.,
North, Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn.
Miss Sibyl Strawhun, 1315 South
Wellington St., Memphis, Tenn.
Pres., W. R. Elliott.
Sec. and Treas., F. C. Bruce. Miss Flossie Hall, 2314 Seifried
Executive Committee: W. R. St., Nashville, Tenn.
Elliott, M. F. Knox, J. R. Kenne- Miss Xana J. Hibben, 620 Pearce
dy, C. F. Lowry, 0. L. Denslow, St., Memphis, Tenn.
L. F. Lambert, M. Wheeler. Miss Minnie Brown, 620 Pearce
Legal Assn.: " Tennessee River St., Memphis, Tenn.
Conference Assn. of S. D. A." Miss Mary Volfe, Springville,
Pres., W. R. Elliott; Sec. and Tenn.
Treas., F. C. Bruce. Miss Bertha Laughlin, Ashland
City, Tenn.
Tract Society: Miss Ione Smith, 1701 Simkin
Sec. and Treas., F. C. Bruce. St., Nashville, Tenn.
Field Miss. Sec., M. Wheeler. Mrs. Fannie Izlar, Nashville, Tenn.
Sabbath-school Dept.: Tennessee River Mission.
Sec., F. C. Bruce. Pres., W. R. Elliott.
Educational and Young People's Sec. and Treas., F. C. Bruce.
Sec., L. H. Wood. Randall Johnson, 316 Foster St.,
Religious Liberty Dept.: Nashville, Tenn.
Julia P. Lowe, 1701 Simkin St.,
See., W. R. Elliott. Nashville, Tenn.
Home Missionary Dept.: H. E. Alston, Jackson, Tenn.
Sec., W. R. Elliott.
W. R. Elliott, 2014 Twenty-third INSTITUTIONS IN THE SOUTH-
Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn. ERN UNION CONFERENCE.
C. F. Lowry, 624 Woodland St., Educational:
Memphis, Tenn.
Hazel Academy, Hazel, Ky.
Honorary Ministerial Credentials. Oakwood Manual Training
C. N. Martin, Bon Aqua, Tenn. School, Huntsville, Ala.
W. R. Burrow, 321 Montgomery Publishing:
St., Memphis, Tenn.
Southern Pub. Assn., 2123
Twenty-fourth Ave., North,
I. C. Pound, 2014 Twenty-third Nashville, Tenn.
Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn.
Mrs. A. M. Patton, 36 North Oakwood Sanitarium, Hunts-
Camilla St., Memphis, Tenn. ville, Ala.
Organized 1901; reorganized igoz.
Territory: The Conferences of LICENTIATES.
Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mex- F. R. Isaac, Keene, Tex.
ico, North Texas, South Texas, A. F. Harrison, Keene, Tex.
and West Texas.
Office: Box 107, Keene, Tex. MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
H. H. Hamilton, Keene, Tex.
OFFICERS. C. E. Smith, Box 107, Keene, Tex
Conference: W. L. Adams, Keene, Tex.
Pres., G. F. Watson.
Sec. and Treas., C. E. Smith.
Executive Committee: G. F.
Watson, the presidents of the ARKANSAS CONFERENCE.
conferences composing the Union,
Principal of Keene Academy, C. Organized 1888.
F. Smith. A. F. Harrison. and the
Educational and Young People's Territory: The State of Arkan-
Missionary Volunteer Secretaries. sas.
Legal Assn.: " The Southwestern Office Address: Box 14, Little
Union Conference Corporation of Rock, Ark.
S. D. A." Pres., G. F. Watson;
Sec. and Treas., C. , E. Smith. OFFICERS.
Auditor and Transportation Conference:
Agent, C. E. Smith.
Pres., W. E. Baxter.
Union Book Depository: Sec. and Treas., M. G. Haynes.
Executive Committee: W. E.
Western Branch of the South- Baxter, C. J. Dart, J. T. Jacobs,
ern Publishing Assn., 411 West Walter Kirkham, James Dicker-
Railroad Ave., Fort Worth, Tex. son.
Manager, S. J. Abegg. Legal Assn.: " Arkansas Con-
Union Field Miss. Sec., A. F. ference Association of the Sev-
Harrison. enth-day Adventists." Pies., W.
Educational Dept.: E. Baxter; Sec., C. J. Dart.
Sec., W. L. Adams. Tract Society:
Medical Missionary Dept.: Sec. and Treas., M. G. Haynes.
Sec., Assistant, Mrs. M. G. Haynes.
Field Miss. Sec., Walter Kirk-
Young People's Dept.: ham.
Sec., W. L. Adams. Sabbath-school Dept.:
Religious Liberty Dept.: Sec., Mrs. W. E. Baxter.
See., G. F. Watson.
Educational Dept.:
Home Missionary Dept.: Supt., Mrs. W. E. Baxter.
Sec., W. L. Adams.
Religious Liberty Dept.:
MINISTERS. Sec., W. E. Baxter.
G. F. Watson, 304 Grand Ave.,
North, Fort Worth, Tex. Young People's Dept.:
E. W. Carey, Keene, Tex. Sec., C. J. Dart, R. F. D. 3,
J W. Norwood, Keene, Tex. Fayetteville, Ark.

Home Missionary Dept.: Postal Address: Box 727, Clovis,

N. Mex.
Sec., C. J. Dart, R. F. D. 3,
Fayetteville, Ark. OFFICERS.
Pres., R. B. Coberly, Hagerman,
W. E. Baxter, Box 14, Little Rock, N. Mex.
Ark. Sec. and Treas., L. J. Black.
M. Jones, 615 South Ninth St., Executive Committee: R. B.
Fort Smith, Ark. Coberly, Burt Bray, Frank Weeks,
J. T. Jacobs, Box 14, Little Rock, E. H. Wilcox, G. L. Truitt.
Ark. Legal Assn.: "New Mexico Con-
ference Association of Seventh-
Honorary Ministerial Credentials. day Adventists." Pres., R. B.
J. H. Krum, Kensett, Ark. Coberly; Sec., L. J. Black.
Trustees: Frank Weeks, Burt
C. J. Dart, Fayetteville, Ark. Tract Society:
M. G. Haynes, Box 14, Little
Rock, Ark. Sec. and Treas., L. J. Black.
Mrs. M. G. Haynes, Box 14, Field Miss. Sec., E. H. Wilcox.
Little Rock, Ark.
Mrs. W. E. Baxter, Box 14, Little Sabbath-school Dept.:
Rock, Ark. Sec., Pearl A. Weeks, Roswell,
Katie Baker, Box 434, Pine Bluff, N. Mex.
Educational Dept.:
Supt., E. H. Wilcox.
Crystal Duce, Schaberg, Ark.
Miss Zella Miller, St. Paul, Ark. Religious Liberty Dept.:
Miss Maude Coleman, Fayette- See., Burt Bray, Las Cruces,
ville, Ark. N. Mex.
Miss Esther Marlow, Rogers, Ark.
Roland Burdick, Lucky, Ark. Young People's Dept.:
Miss Bessie Wilson, Keene,. Tex. Sec., Etta M..Black,
Louise Oliver, Lucky, Ark.
David M. Twigg, Gentry, Ark. Home Missionary Dept.:
Miss Sarah Cock, Little Rock,
Ark. Sec., R. B. Coberly, Hagerman,
Miss Mae Smith, Van Buren, N. Mex.
Ark. Asst. Sec., Etta M. Black.
NEW MEXICO CONFERENCE. R. B. Coberly, Hagerman, N. Mex.
H. L. Hoover, Estancia, N. Mex.
Organized 1909. Burt Bray, Las Cruces, N. Mex.
Territory: The State of New Honorary Ministerial Credentials.
Mexico (excepting San Juan Albert Schroeder, Kermit, N. Mex.
county belonging to ,the Inter-
Mountain Conference) and El LICENTIATES.
Paso and Culberson counties, in Frank Weeks, Roswell, N. Mex.
Texas. M. R. Proctor, 1110 Texas St., El
Office: 112 West Otero St., Clovis, Paso, Tex.
N. Mex. F. G. Montoya, Mora, N. Mex.


L. J. Black, Clovis, N. Mex. Sec., C. U. Taylor.
Etta M. Black, Clovis, N. Mex.
Minnie T. Proctor, 1110 Texas St., Committee to Oversee the Colored
El Paso, Tex. Work:
Pearl A. Weeks, Roswell, N. Mex. J. I. Taylor, E. B. Hopkins,
E. H. Wilcox, Clovis, N. Mex. Thomas Murphy.
Faye Fern Felter, Hagerman, N. J. I. Taylor, Keene, Tex.
Mex. W. M. Cubley, Keene. Tex.
Mrs. J. A. Scott, Roswell, N. Mex. E. B. Hopkins, Keene, Tex.
Mrs. C. D. Colburn, Doretta, N. W. A. Sweany, Keene, Tex.
Mex. R. W. Leach, 724 North Lee Ave.,
Sherman, Tex.
Martin Stueckrath, Keene, Tex.
NORTH TEXAS CONFERENCE. Thomas Murphy, Waco, Tex.
Organized 1878. Honorary Ministerial Credentials.
Territory: That part of the State T. W. Field, Keene, Tex.
of Texas lying east and north H. B. French, Keene, Tex.
of the following counties: East W. A. McCutchen, Ke ne, Tex.
of Wichita, Archer, Jack, Palo C. W. Miller, Waurika, Okla.
Pinto, Erath, Hamilton, Lam-
pasW and north of Burnet, LICENTIATES.
Williamson, Lee, Burleson, Lib- C. U. Taylor, Keene, Tex.
erty. Hardin, and Orange. E. M. Gates, South Seventh and
Office: Keene, Tex. Thirtenth Sts., Corsicana, Tex.
Conference: W. F. Field, Keene; Tei.
Pres., J. I. Taylor. A. M. Woodall, Keene, Tex.
Sec. and Treas., A. M. Woodall. Mrs. A. M. Woodall, Keene, Tex.
Executive Committee: J. I. Mrs. W. A. Sweany, Keene, Tex.
Taylor, W. M. Cubley, C. E. C. L. Collison, Keene, Tex.
Smith, Martin Stueckrath, C. L. 0. J. Corwin, 411 West Railroad
Collison., Ave., Fort Worth, Tex.
Mrs. 0. J. Corwin, 411 West Rail-
Transportation Agent: C. E. road Ave., Fort Worth, Tex.
Smith. Mrs. M. B. Hopkins, Keene, Tex.
Sec. and Treas., W. F. Field. Mrs. W. A. Sweany, Keene, Tex.
Field Miss. Sec., C. I. Collison. Miss Neva Matthews, Keene, Tex.
Miss Lorena Wilcox, Keene, Tex.
Sabbath-school Dept.: Miss Bennie French, Keene, Tex.
Sec., Mrs. A. M. Woodall. J. W. Winn, Route 3, Naples,
Educational Dept.: Mrs. J. W. Winn, Route 3, Naples,
Supt., C. U. Taylor. Tex.
W. G. Hassenpflug, Valley. View,
Religious Liberty Dept.: Tex.
Sec., J. I. Taylor. Miss Laura Reynolds, Dalworth,
Young People's Dept.: Miss Sidney' Smith, 805 North
Sec., C. U. Taylor. Cleveland Ave., Sherman, Tex.

Miss Era Harper, 3315 Grand MINISTERS.

Ave., Dallas, Tex. John Isaac, Box 644, Oklahoma
Miss Maude Martin, Nacogdoches, City, Okla.
Tex. N. Clausen, Box 644, Oklahoma
Reese Hopkins, Route 2, Mari- City, Okla.
etta, Tex. T. J. Hickman, Elk City, Okla.
C. M. McDonald, Route 3, Box 41,
Wewoka, Okla.
J. R. Bagby, 905 Choctaw St.,
I. A. Crane, Route 3, Waurika,
Organized 1894. Okla.
U. B. Dake, Cement, Okla.
Territory: The State of Oklahoma. N. R. Hickman, Elk City, Okla.
Office: 217 West Seventh St., A. A. Meyer, Hitchcock, Okla.
Oklahoma City, Okla. D. F. Sturgeon, Gage, Okla.
Office Address: Box 644, Okla- M. G. Nunes, Guthrie, Okla.
homa City, Okla.
OFFICERS. Honorary Ministerial Credentials.
Conference: A. J. Voth, Kiel, Okla.
Pres., John Isaac. LICENTIATES.
Sec. and Treas., William Voth.
Executive Committee: John Abraham Loewen, Hitchcock,
Isaac, N. Clausen, J. R. Bagby, Okla.
C. M. McDonald. T. J. Hickman, Ezra Fillman, Ketchum, Okla.
J. I. Loewen, William Voth. W. R. Hanson, Box 127, Enid,
Legal Assn.: " Oklahoma Con- Okla.
ference Corporation of Seventh- W. E. Barr, Muskogee, Okla.
day Adventists." Pres., John
Isaac; Sec., William A. Woodruff; MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Treas., William Voth. William Voth, Box 644, Okla-
homa City, Okla.
Tract Society: Mrs. Sopha Parker, Tulsa, Okla.
Sec. and Treas., 'W. A. Wood- Mrs. 0. M. Hindbaugh, 715 North
ruff. Broad St., Guthrie, Okla.
Field Miss. Sec., Albert Priest. Miss Almetta Garrett, 114 East
Eighth St., Oklahoma Oky,
Sabbath-school Dept.: Okla.
Sec., D. D. Voth. Mrs. Carrie V. Hanson, Box 127,
Enid, Okla.
Educational Dept.: Miss Genevieve Low, Route 7,
Supt., Miss Almetta Garrett, Oklahoma City, Okla.
114 East Eighth St., Oklahoma Miss Viola Joplin, Box 644, Okla-
City, Okla. homa City, Okla.
Miss Margaret Basel, Muskogee,
Religious Liberty Dept.: Okla.
Sec., I. A. Crane, Route 3, Wau- Miss Dora Hickman, Elk City,
rika, Okla. Okla.
Albert Priest, Box 644, Okla-
Young People's Dept.: homa City, Okla.
Sec., Miss Almetta Garrett. D. D. Voth, Box 644, Oklahoma
City, Okla.
Home Missionary Dept.: W. A. Woodruff, Box 644, Okla-
Sec., N. R. Hickman. homa City, Okla.

CHURCH-SCHOOL TEACHERS. Office: Lewis Ave., Palm Heights,

J. H. Ball, Route 3, Waurika, San Antonio, Tex.
Okla. Office Address: Box 755, San An-
W. P. Seals, Route 3, Waurika, tonio, Tex.
Miss Jessie Casey, Route 3, OFFICERS.
Waurika, Okla. Conference:
A. W. Peterson, Ketchum, Okla. Pres., E. L. Neff, 2204 Everett
Miss Le tha Taylor, Ketchum, St., Houston, Tex.
Okla. Sec. and Treas., C. C. Mattison.
Miss Bertha Dunn, Ketchum, Executive Committee: E. L.
Okla. Neff, J. A. Leland, J. B. Hampton,
C. E. Grant, Wewoka, Okla.
B. E. Bridwell, Wewoka, Okla. H. F. Neumann, N. H. Conway.
W. S. Lincoln, Provence, Okla. Legal Assn.: " South Texas Con-
Mrs. W. S. Lincoln, Provence, ference Association of S. D. A."
Okla. Pres., E. L. Neff; Sec. and Treas.,
H. W. Schmidt, Shuttuck, Okla. C. C. Mattison.
C. C. Voth, Shattuck, Okla. Tract Society:
Miss Lydia Stoelting, Bartlesville,
Okla. Sec. and Treas., C. C. Mattison.
Miss Rosslyn E. Gallion, Box Field Miss. Sec., N. H. Conway.
644, Oklahoma City, Okla. Sabbath-school Dept.:
Miss Mabel Gage, Weatherford,
Okla. Sec., Mrs. C. C. Mattison.
Miss Atha Davis, Coodys Bluff, Educational Dept.:
Miss Georgia Olsen, Grandfield, Supt., E. L. Neff.
Okla. Religious Liberty Dept.:
W. 0. Belz, Hitchcock, Okla.
Miss Clara Stoelting, Butler, Okla. Sec., J. A. Leland.
Miss Florence Hanson, Cedar- Young People's Dept.:
dale, Okla.
Mrs. J. L. McCurdy, Crescent, Sec., Mrs. J. A. Leland.
L. E. Martin, Buffalo, Okla. Home Missionary Dept.:
Miss Nellie Riddles, Elmwood, Sec., N. H. Conway.
Miss Irene Couch, Choctaw, Okla.
- Okla. E. L. Neff, 2204 Everett St.,
Miss Lela Sims, Gage, Okla. Houston, Tex.
J. A. Leland, Route 7, Box 409,
San Antonio, Tex.
SOUTH TEXAS CONFERENCE. J. B. Hampton, Box 755, San An-
tonio, Tex.
Organized 1911. H. F. Neumann, Box 755, San An-
tonio, Tex.
Territory: All that portion of the R. L. Bradford, Jr., 1501 East
State of Texas lying east of Crocket St., San Antonio, Tex.
the West Texas Conference,
and south of the south line of MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
the following counties: Lampa- N. H. Conway, Box 755, San An-
sas, Bell, Milam, Robertson, tonio, Tex.
Madison, Walker, San Jacinto, C. C. Mattison, Box 755, San An-
Tyler, Jasper, Newton, and tonio, Tex.
west of Louisiana to the Gulf Mrs. C. C. Mattison, Box 755, San
of Mexico. Antonio, Tex.

Mrs. J. A. Leland, Route 7, Box Sabbath-school Dept.:

409, San Antonio, Tex. Sec., Mrs. J. S. McMullen.
Miss Margaret Warnock, 100 East
Thirtieth St., Austin, Tex. Educational Dept.:
Mrs, W. W. Cox, 134 Agarita
Ave., San Antonio, Tex. Supt.; T. J. Hooper.
J. M. Lopez, Laredo, Tex. Young People's Dept.:
Benito Delagado, Station A, San
Antonio, Tex. Sec., T. J. Hooper.
C. J. Buhalts, Box 352, Abilene,
Glenn Willhelm, Route A, Hous- Tex.
ton, Tex. G. A. Lagrone, B. F. D., Cleburne,
Miss Ellen Knudson, Route 5, Tex.
Hudson, Tex. J. L. Parnell, Sidney, Tex.
Miss Helen Stoner, D: S. B., El
Campo, Tex. Honorary Ministerial Credentials.
H. Clay Griffin, Roscoe, Tex.
N. J. Ethredge. Abilene, Tex.
Organized 1909. J. S. McMullen, Box 46, Amarillo.
Territory: That part of the State Mrs. J. S. McMullen, Box 46.
of Texas, lying west of the Amarillo, Tex.
eastern line of the following
counties: Wichita, Archer; Jack, CHURCH-SCHOOL TEACHERS.
Palo Pinto, Erath, Hamilton, Miss Lillie Griffin, Route 2, San-
Lampasas, San Saba, Mason, ta Anna, Tex.
Kimble, Edwards, and Val- Mrs. S. J. Smith, Box 16. Abilene.
Verde, excepting the counties of Tex.
El Paso and Culberson, which
are attached to the New Mex-
Address: Box 46, Arriarillo, Tex. WESTERN UNION CON-
Conference: Educational:
Addington Intermediate School.
Pres., C. J. Buhalts. Addington, Okla.
Sec., Mrs. J. S. McMullen. Keene Academy, Keene, Tex.
Trews., J. S. McMullen. Ketchum Intermediate School,
Executive Committee: C. J. Bu- Ketchum, Okla.
halts, G. A. Lagrone, Jr. L. Par-
nell, J. S. McMullen, T. J. Hooper. Publishing:
Fort Worth Branch of South-
Tract Society: ern Pub. Assn., 411 West
Sec. and Treas., J. S. McMullen. Railroad Ave., Fort Worth,
Field Miss. See., T. J. Hooper. Tex.

Organized 5907.
Territory: The Conferences of ALBERTA CONFERENCE.
Manitoba, Alberta!, British Co-
lumbia, and Saskatchewan. Organized 1906.
Office Address: 502 Seventeenth
Ave., West, Calgary, Alberta. Territory: The Province of Al-
OFFICERS. Office: 502 Seventeenth Ave.,
Conference: West, Calgary, Alberta.
Pres., H. S. Shaw. OFFICERS.
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, F. L. Conference:
Hommel. Pres., H. H. Humann.
Executive Committee: H. S. Sec. and Treas., F. L. Hommel.
Shaw, F. L. Hommel, H. H. Ha- Executive Committee: H. H.
mann, J. G. Walker, E. M. Chap- Humann, P. P. Adams, J. L. Wil-
man, A. C. Gilbert, W. L. Man- son, C. K. Reiswig, J. K. Fish,
ful!, E. D. Dick. Chas. Rick, F. L. Hommel.
Legal Assn.: "Alberta Confer-
Union Book Depository: ence Association of Seventh-day
Canadian Branch of the Pacific Adventists." Pres., H. H. Hu-
Press Pub. Aisn., 1109 Four- mann; Sec. and Treas., F. L.
teenth St., West, Calgary, Al- Hommel.
berta. Tract Society:
Manager J. M. Rowse.
Union Field Miss. Sec., W. L. Sec. and Treas., F. L. Hommel.
Ma 01111. Field Miss. Sec., R. P. Mooney.
Educational Dept.:. Sabbath-school Dept.:
Sec., H. S. Shaw. Sec., Mrs. H. Gertrude Riek

Religious Liberty Dept.: Educational Dept.:

Supt., Miss H. A. Beardsley.
Sec., H. S. Shaw.
Young People's Dept.: Religious Liberty Dept.:
Sec., J. L. Wilson.
Sec., E. D. Dick.
Young People's Dept.:
Home Missionary Dept.:
Sec., Miss H. A. Beardsley.
Sec., F. L. Hommel.
MINISTER. Home Missionary Dept.:
H. S. Shaw, 1109 Fourteenth St., Sec., R. P. Mooney.
West, Calgary, Alberta. MINISTERS.
MISSIONARY LICENTIATES. H. H. Humann, 502 Seventeenth
Ave., West, Calgary, Alberta.
W. L. Manfull, 502 Seventeenth P. P. Adams, Lacombe, Alberta.
Ave., West, Calgary, Alberta. J. L. Wilson, Lacombe, Alberta.
F. L. Hommel, 502 Seventeenth C. K. Reiswig, Lacombe, Al-
Ave., West, Calgary, Alberta. berta.

H. A. Niergarth, Washington Conference:
Missionary College, Takoma Pres., J. G. Walker, Pitt Mead-
Park Station, Washington, D. C. ows, British Columbia.
J. K. Fish, Lacombe, Alberta. Sec. and Treas., J. B. Giddings,
C. C. Neufeld, Lacombe, Alberta. 1708 Maple St., Vancouver, Brit-
A. P. Pond, Lacombe, Alberta. ish Columbia.
J. L. Beane, Lacombe, Alberta. Executive Committee: J. G.
A. C. Harder, Lacombe, Alberta. Walker, J. B. Giddings, E. R.
Potter, George Freeman, C. E.
MISSIONARY LICENTIATES. Wood, A. H. Nicholson, George
E. D. Dick, Lacombe, Alberta. Legal Assn.: " British Colum-
H. E. Shelstad, 502 Seventeenth bia . Association of Seventh-day
Ave., West, Calgary, Alberta. Adventists." Pres., J. G. Walker;
F. L. Hommel, 502 Seventeenth Sec. and Treas., J. B. Giddings.
Ave. West, Calgary, Alberta.
R. P. Mooney,
' Lacombe, Alberta. Tract Society:
Mrs. H. Gertrude Rick, Lacombe, Sec. and Treas., J. B. Giddings.
Alberta. Field Miss. Sec., -
Miss Ruby Rick, 502 Seventeenth
Ave., West, Calgary, Alberta. Sabbath-school Dept.:
W. G. McCready, 502 Seventeenth Sec., Miss Bertha Lofstad.
Ave., West, Calgary, Alberta.
T. S. Bowett, 742 Second Ave., Educational Dept.:
S. E., Calgary, Alberta. Supt.,
Miss H. A. Beardsley, Lacombe,
Alberta. Young People's Dept.:
Sec., Miss Lydia Stickle.
Home .Missionary Dept.:
B. Saxild, Mannville, Alberta.
Miss Josephine Renville, Stettler, Sec., Miss Bertha Lofstad.
Mr. A. E. Owen, Granum, Alberta. J. G. Walker, Pitt Meadows,
Mrs. A. E. Owen, Cayley, Al- British Columbia.
berta. A. 0. Burrill, 2056 Forty-second
,Miss Gertrude King, Steveville, Ave., East, Vancouver, British
Alberta. Columbia.
Miss Phyllis Sargeant, Lacombe, H. E. Giddings, Pitt Meadows,
Alberta. British Columbia.
Miss Hazel Knutson, Lacombe,
Alberta. Honorary Ministerial Credentials.
Elmer Clark, Beiseker, Alberta.
Mrs. Ellen Clark, Beiseker, Al- J. Rottacker, Armstrong, British
berta. Columbia.
E. R. Potter, Kelowna, British.
FERENCE. C. E. Wood, Nelson, British Co-
Organized 1902.
Territory: British Columbia, Can- E. S. Horsman, 1708 Maple St.,,
ada., Vancouver, British Columbia.
Office: 1708 Maple St., Vancouver, J. B. Giddings, 1708 Maple St.,.
British Columbia. Vancouver, British Columbia.

C. 0. Smith, 1708 Maple St., Van- Sabbath-school Dept.:

couver, British Columbia Sec., Mrs. V. W. Robb.
Henry Berg, Armstrong, British
Columbia. Educational Dept.:
John W. Lowther, Nanaimo, Brit- Supt., G. R. Soper.
ish Columbia.
George Toombs, Vernon, British Young People's Dept.:
Miss Lydia Stickle, R. R. 1, Sal- Sec., Mrs. R. Cowan.
' mon Arm, British Columbia. MINISTERS.
Miss Bertha. Lofstad, 1708 Maple
St., Vancouver, British Colum- E. M. Chapman, 418 LaiNdcr,vae
bia. Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba.
V. W. Robb, 418 Lansdowne Ave.;
CHURCH-SCHOOL TEACHERS. Winnipeg, Manitoba. -
Henry Berg, Armstrong, British LICENTIATE.
R. E. Noble, Armstrong, British G. R. Soper, 418 Lansdowne Ave.,
Columbia. Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Miss Lydia Stickle, R. R. 1, Sal- Honorary Ministerial Credentials.
mon Arm, British Columbia.
Miss Sarah Stickle, Firvale, Brit- Neil McGill, Giroux, Manitoba.
Miss Mabel 0. Hallberg, Box B. L. Grundset, 418 Lansdowne
559, Nanaimo, British Colum- Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba.
bia. Mrs. V. W. Robb, 418 Lansdowne
Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Mrs. R. Cowan, 418 Lansdowne
MANITOBA CONFERENCE. Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Organized 1903.
Territory: The Province of Man- SASKATCHEWAN CONFER-
itoba and that portion of On- ENCE.
tario lying west of the eighty-
ninth meridian. Organized 1912.
Office Address: 418 Lansdowne
Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba. Territory: The Province of Sas-
OFFICERS. Office: Room 103, Willough by -
Conference: Sumner Block, Saskatoon, Sas-
Pres., E. M. Chapman. katchewan.
Sec. and Treas., B. L. Grundset. OFFICERS.
Executive Committee: E. M. Conference:
Chapman, V. W. Robb, John Mc-
Kelvy, Evan Roberts, D. H. Car- Pres., A. C. Gilbert.
michael, L. F. Gretzinger. Sec. and Treas., U. Wissner.
Legal Assn.: " The Manitoba Executive Committee: A. C.
Conference of- the Seventh-day Gilbert, W. A. Clemensen, D. D.
Adventists." Pres., E. M. Chap- Neuf eld, 0. Ziprick, T. M.
man. Krainean, 0. E. Lindgren, U.
Tract Society:
See. and Treas., B. L. Grund- Tract Society:
set. Sec. and Treas., U. Wissner.
Field Miss. Sec., Field Miss. Sec., L. A. Philpott.

Sabbath-school Dept.: J. V. Maas, McLean, Saskatche-

Sec., Mrs. A. C. Gilbert.
Religious Liberty Dept.: W. G. Forshaw, 103 Willoughby-
Sec., M. Mackintosh, 1668 Rae Sumner Block, Saskatoon, Sas-
St., Regina, Saskatchewan. katchewan.
Young People's Dept.:
U. Wissner, 103 Willoughby-Sum-
Sec., 0. Ziprick, Box 273, Ros- ner Block, Saskatoon, Saskat-
th ern, Saskatchewan. chewan.
Mrs. A. C. Gilbert, 103 Willough-
Home Missionary Dept.: by-Sumner Block, Saskatoon,
Sec., 0. Ziprick, Box 273, Ros- Saskatchewan.
them; Saskatchewan. T. M. Krainean, 103 Willoughby-
Sumner Block, Saskatoon, Sas-
MINISTERS. katchewan.
A. C. Gilbert, 103 Willoughby-
Sumner Block, Saskatoon, Sas-
Christian Sulzle, Fenwood, Sas-
M. Mackintosh, 1668 Rae St., Re- CONFERENCE.
gina, Saskatchewan.
0. Ziprick, Box 273, Rosthern, Educational:
Saskatchew an. Alberta Industrial Academ v,
W. A. Clemensen, North Battle- Lacombe, Alberta, Canada.
ford, Saskatchewan.
Honorary Ministerial Credentials. Canadian Branch of the Pacific
Press Pub. Assn., 1109 Four-
0. 0. Farnsworth, Sonningdale, teenth St., West, Calgary, Al-
Saskatchewan. berta, Canada.


Organized 1913.
Territory: Europe; the Russian Office: Grindelberg 15a, Ham-
and the Turkish posSessions in burg, Germany.
Asia; Persia, Arabia, and Af-
ghanistan; and that part of Af- OFFICERS.
rica not included in Rhodesia, President: L. R. Conradi, Grindel-
British Central Africa,. and the berg 15a, Hamburg, Germany.
. Union of South Africa: Vice-President: J. T. Botteher,
Post box 50, Saratov, Russia.
Population: 650,000,000. Secretary: Guy Dail, Grindel-
Cable Address: Advent, Ham- berg 15a, Hamburg, Germany.
Treasurer: Miss Alice KUssner,
burg. (A B C Code, fifth edi- Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg, Ger-
t ion.) many.

DIVISION CONFERENCE COM- Representatives of Departments.

General. Medical: Dr. A. B. Olsen, Surrey
Hills Hydro, Caterham Valley,
L. R. Conradi, Grindelberg 15a, England.
Hamburg, Germany. Sabbath-school : H. Hartkop,
T. T. B6ttcher, Post box 50, Sara- Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg, Ger-
tov, Russia.
Guy Dail, Grindelberg 15a, Ham- Missionary Volunteer: E. Arne-
burg, Germany. sen, Skodsborg, Denmark.
Alice Kiissner, Grindelberg 15a, Publishing:. W. C. Sisley, Stan-
Hamburg, Germany. borough Park, Watford, Herts,
Presidents of Union Conferences.
Other Members.
British: W. J. Fitzgerald, 8 Lan-
caster Road, Stroud Green, .T. Robert, Gland, Vaud, Switzer-
London, N., England. land.
Central European: G. W. Schu- C. Juhl, care Sanitarium, Skods-
bert, Bauerstr. 38, Munich, Ger- borg, Denmark.,
many. J. Erzberger, Sissach, BaseHand,
Danube: J. F. Huenergardt, V., Switzerland.
Katona J5zsef-utca 28. I. 5,
Budapest, Hungary. 20 members.
East German: H. F. Schuberth,
TThlandstrasse 189, Charlotten- LABORERS ENGAGED IN GEN-
burg-Berlin, Germany. ERAL WORK UNDER THE
East Russian: 0. E. Reinke, Post-
fach, 164, Petrograd, Russia. EUROPEAN DIVISION
Latin: L. P. Tieche, Gland, Ct. CONFERENCE.
Vaud, Switzerland.
Scandinavian: J. C. Raft, Mar- MINISTERS.
grethevej 5, Copenhagen, V.,
Denmark. L. R. Conradi, Grindelberg 15a,
Hamburg, Germany.
West German: J. G. Obliinder,
Heidestrasse 22, Hamburg, Ger- J. T. B6ttcher, Post box 50, Sara-
many. tov, RuSsia.
Guy Dail, Grindelberg 15a, Ham-
West Russian: J. T. B6ttcher, berg, Germany.
Post box 50, Saratov, 'Russia.
Superintendent of Union Mission. MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Alice Kiissner, Grindelberg 15a,
Levant: E. Frauchiger, Ottoman Hamburg, Germany.
Post, Box 109, Galata, Constan- L. Spicer. Crindelherg 15a. Ham-
tinople, Turkey. burg, Germany.
Organized rpoz.
Territory: The Conferences of Young People's Dept.:
North England, Midland, South Sec.,
England, Scotland, Wales, Un-
ion District, and the Irish Home Missionary Dept.:
Mission. Sec., W. R. White.
Cable Address: " Hygiene," Gars-
ton, Herts, England. MINISTER.
President's Office: S Lancaster W. J. Fitzgerald, W. T. Bartlett,
Road, Stroud Green, London, C. H. Hayton, H. F. De'Ath.
N., England.
Treasurer's Office: Stanborough A. B. Olsen.
Park, Watford, Herts, England.
(All persons named below may MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
be addressed as above.) S. Joyce, H. D. Clarke, G. Baird.
Glen Wakeham.
Pres., W. J. Fitzgerald.
Recording Sec., H. F. De'Ath. BRITISH UNION DISTRICT.
Treas., H. D. Clarke.
Sec., Organization effective January 1,
Executive Committee: W. J. 1912.
Fitzgerald, W. C. Sisley, W. H.
Meredith, J. J. Gillatt, S. G. Territory: The counties of Mid-
Haughey, H. E. Armstrong, R. dlesex, Essex, Hertford, Bed-
Mussen, Dr. A. B. Olsen, W. T. ford, Huntingdon, Cambridge,
Bartlett, A. E. Bacon, Dr. C. H. Norfolk, Suffolk, and London
Hayton, S. Joyce. north of the Thames.
Legal Assn.: " Seventh-day Ad- (All persons named below may be
ventist Union, Limited." Pres., addressed at 8 Lancaster Road,
W. J. Fitzgerald; Sec., W. T. Stroud Green, London, N., Eng-
Bartlett; Treas., W. C. Sisley. land.)
Gen. Conf. Transportation Agent:
A. Bacon, 84 Upper Tollington Chairman of Committee, W. J.
Park, London, N., England. Fitzgerald.
Union Book Depository: Treas., H. D. Clarke, Stan-
borough Park, Watford, Herts,
International Tract Society, England.
Ltd., Stanborough Park, Watford, Sec.,
forts, England. Executive Committee: W. J.
Manager, W. C. Sisley. Fitzgerald, A. Bacon, J. Taylor,
Union Field Miss. Sec., S. Joyce: J. D. Gillatt, H. W. Armstrong.
Sabbath-school Dept.: MINISTERS.
Sec., J. D. Gillattt, A. D. Armstrong,
J. Taylor.
Medical Missionary Dept.:
Hills Hydro, Caterham Valley, Miss A. B. Crowther, Miss B
1,:n gland. Green. 0. Dorland.

SOUTH ENGLAND CONFER- byshire, Cheshire, (excepting

ENCE. the Wirral Peninsula), Stafford-
shire, Worcestershire, War-
Organized 1902; formerly a part wickshire, Northamptonshire,
of the British. Conference or- Leicestershire, and Rutland-
ganized 1898. shire.
Territory: All of England south Office: 235 East Park Road,
of the northern boundary of Leicester, England.
the counties of Kent, London (All persons named below may
south of the Thames, Surrey, be addressed as above.)
Buckingham, Oxford, and Glou-
cester. OFFICERS.
Office: 1 Devereux Road, Wands- Conference:
worth Common, London, S. W.,
England. Pres., W. H. Meredith.
(All persons named below may be Sec.,
addressed as above.) Treas., H. D. Clarke, Stanbor-
ough Park, Watford, Herts, Eng-
Conference: Executive Committee: W. H.
Meredith, W. H. Baldwin, D.
Pres., S. G. Haughey. Redhead, J. McAvoy, A. Arm-
Sec., H. W. Lowe. strong.
Treas., H. D. Clarke, Stanbor-,
ough Park, Watford, Herts, Eng- Sabbath-school Dept.:
land. Sec.,
Executive Committee: S. G.
Haughey, J. H. Bunker, L. F. Young People's Dept.:
Langford, F. A. Spearing, H. Sec.,
Sabbath-school Dept.: W. H. Meredith, A. Armstrong,
See., H. W. Lowe. T. M. French.
Young People's Dept.: LICENTIATE.
Sec., H. W. Lowe. J. MeAvoy.
S. G. Haughey, L. F. Langford, Miss H. Blair, Miss Brown, Miss
F. A. Spearing, C. E. Penrose. L. Michelmore, T. Maxwell.
D. Morrison.
R. Borrowdale, H. W. Lowe, Miss
A. Dobson, Miss E Cummings, Organized 1902; formerly a part
F. C. Bailey, G. W. Bailey, L. of the British Conference or-
W. Barras, Miss C. Thicke. ganized 1898.
Territory: The counties of Lanca-
shire, Yorkshire, and all Eng-
MIDLAND CONFERENCE. land to the north, also the
Wirral Peninsula in the county
Organized 1913; formerly a part of Cheshire, and the Isle of
of the North England Confer- Man.
ence, organized 1902. Office: " Warden House," Crump-
Territory: The counties of Lin- sa 11 Crescent, Manchester, Eng-
colnshire, Nottinghamshire?
_ Der- land.

(All persons named below may WELSH CONFERENCE.

be addressed as above.)
Organized 1908.
Conference: Territory: Wales and the coun-
ties of Monmouth, Hereford,
Pres., H. E. Armstrong.
and Shropshire.
Sec., E. E. Craven.
Treas., H. D. Clarke, Stanbor- Office: 29 Borstal Ave., Heath,
ough Park, Watford, Herts, Eng- Cardiff, South Wales.
land. (All persons named below may
Executive Committee: H. E. be addressed as above.)
Armstrong, J. Harker, C. Davies, OFFICERS.
W. Maudsley, D. Ralston. Conference:
MINISTERS. Pres., A. E. Bacon.
H. E. Armstrong, W. Maudsley. Sec., --
Rec. Sec., R. Whiteside.
LICENTIATE. Treas., H. D. Clarke, Stan-
F. S. J ackson. borough Park, Watford, Herts,
Executive Committee: A. E.
J. Andrews, Miss C. Sanders, J. Bacon, W. H. Charles, A. Thomas,
Bell, Miss N. Mauls, Miss G. .1. Owen, T. Morris.
Davies, E. E. Craven.
A. E. Bacon.
Organized 1908. :E Whiteside, M. J. Nicholls.
Territory: Scotland.
Office: 176 Langside Road, Cross F. Powell, Miss M. Lenan ton,
Hill, Glasgow, Scotland. Miss D. Moseley.
(All persons named below may
be addressed as above.)
Conference: Office: Stanborough Park, Wat-
Pres., J. J. Gillatt. ford, Herts, England.
Sec., (All persons named below may
Treas., H. D. Clarke, Stanbor- be addressed as above.)
ough Park, Watford, Herts, Eng; OFFICERS.
Executive Committee: J. J. Mission:
Gillatt, A. Rodd, Robert Camp- Director, R. Mussen.
bell, A. Samuel, T. Thompson. Trees., H. D. Clarke.
Advisory Committee: R. Mus-
Sabbath-school Dept.: sen, W. J. Fitzgerald, W. Read,
Sec., . W. Shaw, J. McC]ements.
J. J. Gillatt, A. Rodd. R. Mussen, W. Read.
W. J. Young, J. West.
W. Prescott.
Miss Jane Archibald, W. Mus- MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
grave,. Mrs. E. O. Jackson. lies M. Ballard, Miss E. Marks.
Organized 1912.
Territory: The German-Swiss, Sec., 0. Fassnacht.
South German, Bavarian, Wur- Executive Committee: F. Pries-
temberg, and Moravian-Silesian er, J. Erzberger, W. KEIT, J.
Conferences, and the Austrian, Kiibler, J. Frey.
Bohemian, Anterior Austrian,
and Adriatic Missions. Tract Society:
Cable and Telegraphic Address: Sec. and Treas., 0. Schildhauer.
Advent, Hamburg. Field Miss. Sec., G. Whin.
Office Address: Ba,uerstr. 38, Mu-
nich, Germany. Sabbath-school Dept.:
Sec., 0. Schildhauer.
Conference: MINISTERS.
Pres., G. W. Schubert. F. Prieser, J. Erzberger, J. Penner,
Sec., 0. Schildhauer. J. P. Frei, C. Reihlen, W.
Treas., N. Schlatterer and M. Schlegel.
Auditor, G. Woysch.
Executive Committee: G. W. F. W. Som.
Schubert, E. Gugel, H. Fenner, MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
F. Prieser, Wolfgarten, J. Erz- F. Ruffin, R. Bkhler.
berger, J. Muth, W. Schiller, A.
Wreck, H. Box.
Tract Society:
Secretary for all Central Euro-
pean fields, not otherwise pro- ENCE.
vided for, Otto Schildhauer.
Organized 1902.
Sabbath-school Dept.:
Secretary for all Central Euro- Territory: Baden, Alsace-Lor-
pean fields not otherwise pro- raine, Palatinate, and the Prov-
vided for, Otto Schildhauer. inces of Rhenish-Hessen and
G. W. Schubert, J. Erzberger. OFFICERS.
Pres., H. Fenner.
Treas., N. Schlatterer.
Organized 1901. Executive Committee: H. Fen-
ner, Fr. Fleck, W. Brenckmann,
Territory: German Switzerland, Chr. Rebensburg, F. F. Grieser.
and cantons of Grisons and Auditor, G. Woysch.
Address: Nonnenweg, corner Bir- Tract Society:
mansgasse, Basle, Switzerland. Sec. and Treas.; 0. Schildhauer.
Field Miss. Sec., E. FuchS.
Conference: Sabbath-school Dept.:
Pres., F. Prieser. See., 0. Schildhauer.

H. Fenner, C. Kapitz, R. Werner, Conference:
J. Fehr, H. Zimmermann, F. F. Pres., Emil Gugel.
Grieser, F. Persson. Sec., II. Schultze.
LICENTIATES. Treas., M. Haupt.
D. Eicher, F. W. Kiimpel. Executive Committee: E. Gu-
gel, G. Hofer, K. Wittig, F.
G. Zollmann, Marie Barall, 0.
Hesse, M. Busch, H. Muller, A. Tract Society:
Stammberger. Sec. and Treas., 0. Schildhauer.
Field Miss. Sec., F. Riedlinger.
Sabbath-school Dept.:
Sec., 0. Schildhauer.
Organized 1910. MINISTERS.
Territory: The Kingdom of Ba- E. Gugel, F. Horner.
varia to the right of the Rhine.
OFFICERS. K. Golzer, F. Thin-.
Sec., 0. Schildhauer. F. Grieser, Lina Mirolf, G. Diir-
Treas., M. Haupt. olf, Theod. Kestenholz, B. Ried.
Executive Committee: G. W.
Schubert, H. Langenberg, J. G.
Tract Society: FERENCE.
Sec. and Treas., 0. Schildhauer. Organized Sept. 12, 1913.
Field Miss. Sec., L. Lutz.
Sabbath-school Dept.: Territory: Moravia and Austrian
Sec., 0. Schildhauer.
MINISTERS. Conference:
H. Langenberg, G. L. Voigt, 0. Pres., J. Muth.
Schildhauer, L. R. Kiepe. Sec., P. Englert.
LICENTIATES. Treas., M. Haupt.
Advisory Committee: J. Muth,
A. Sachsenmeyer, G. Seng. J. Berke, P. Niedoba, A. Kudelka,
H. Spanknobel, K. Spankntibel, Tract Society:
M. Scheifele, B. Schmidt, A.
Langenberg, A. Hauschildt. Sec. and Treas., 0. Schildhauer.
Field Miss. Sec., A. Posch.
Sabbath-school Dept.:
WURTEMBERG CONFERENCE. Sec., 0. Schildhauer.
Organized 1912. MINISTERS.
Territory: Kingdom of Wurtem- J. Muth, P. Niedoba.
berg and Hohenzollern lands,
including all the territory with- LICENTIATES.
in their borders. H. Aherle, G. Geier.


P. Just, 0. Bethke, P. Englert, Sec., 0. Schildhauer.
R. Neumann, K. Polednik, M.
Suchanck. MINISTERS.
W. Schafer, H. Bischoff.
AUSTRIAN MISSION. 0. Studeny, F. Bohm, B. Vietze,
J. Simon, A. Urban, J. Chlustin.
Dating from Jan. 1, 1915.
Territory: Upper and Lower
Mission: Dating from Jan. 1, 1915.
Director, J. Wolfgarten. Territory: Tyrol And Vorarlberg,
Sec., E. Ehinger. Carinthia, Salzburg, and Styria.
Treas., N. Schlatterer.
Advisory Committee: J. Wolf- OFFICERS.
garten, G. Werner, K. Ffla.vacek. Mission:
Tract Society: Director, K. Kamm.
Sec., J. Miiblbacher.
Sec. and Treas., 0. Schildhauer. Treas., N. Schlatterer.
Field Miss. Sec., F. Prauhart. Advisory Committee: A. Ber-
Sabbath-school Dept.: eck, C. Brich, C. Meyer.
Auditor, G. Woysch.
See., 0. Schildhauer.
Tract Society:
Sec. and Treas., 0. Schildhauer.
J. Wolfgarten, G. Werner.
LICENTIATES. Sabbath-school Dept.:
E. Ehinger, R. Lange. Sec., 0. Schildhauer.
M. Matuchek, C. Pliberschek. K. Kamm, A. Bereck.
B. F. Hagemann.
Dating from Jan. 1, 1912. J. Milhlbacher, F. Einspieler, R.
Poctzl, A. v. Wallenstern, E.
Territory: Bohemia. Knebel.
Director, W. Schafer. Dating from Jan. 1, 1915.
Sec., 0. Studeny.
Treas., N. Schlatterer. Territory: Carnioja, Istria, and
Advisory Committee: W. Scha- Dalmatia.
fer, H. Bischoff, E. Seidl.
Tract Society: Mission:
S.ec. and Treas., 0. Schildhauer. Director, G. W. Schubert.
Field Miss. Sec., A. Poach. Sec., 0. Schildhauer,

Treas., N. Schlatterer. Sabbath-school Dept.:

Advisory Committee: Union
Conference Committee. Sec., 0. Schildhauer.
Auditor, G. Woysch.
Tract Society:
Sec. and Treas., 0. Schildhauer. F. Binder, ,


Organized 1912.
Territory: The Middle Hungarian, OFFICERS.
Rumanian, and Transylvania Conference:
Conferences, and the Save and Pres., J. F. Huenergardt.
North Hungarian Missions. Sec., D. Lasz16.
Cable and Telegraphic Address: Treas., Mrs. Auguste Wakeham.
Advent, Budapest. Executive Committee: J. F.
Office Address for Danube Union Huenergardt, A. Minck,- Dr. Ker-
Conference and all Danube 6kgyart6, P. IntrikS.
Union Fields and Workers: V.,
Katona J6zsef-utca 28. I. 5, Tract Society:
Budapest, Hungary. Sec. and Treas., W. Koch.
OFFICERS. Field Miss. Sec., E. Braun.
Conference: Sabbath-school Dept.:
Pres., J. F. Huenergardt. Sec., M. Koch. .
Sec., M. Koch.
Treas., Mrs. Auguste Wakeham. MINISTERS.
Auditor, G.. Woysch. A. Mina., C. Popescu, 0. Gass-
Executive Comthittee: J. F. mann.
Huenergardt, H. Meyer, P. R.
Paulini, F. Kessel, R. Schillinger, LICENTIATES.
W. Koch, E. Braun, F. A. Dorner. Er Littge, A. Zeiner.
Field Miss. Sec., E. Braun.
Sabbath-school Dept.: J. Fillop, M. Oesz, G. Motorka,
Sec., M. Koch. . D. Lasz16, F. Bodszfisy, J.
J. F. Huenergardt.
FERENCE. Territory: Rumania.
Organized 1911. OFFICERS.
Territory: The Hungarian coun- Conference:
ties of Arad, Bdkds, Bihar, Pres., P. R. Paulini.
Csanild, Csongrad, Jasz-Kun- Sec., P. Turturica.
Szolnok, Pest-Pilis-Solt-Kis- Treas., Mrs. Auguste Wakeham.
Szilagy, and Hajdu. Executive Committee: P. R.

l'aulini, St. Demetrescu, G. Krii- SAVE MISSION.

ger, A. Danile, S. T. Negoita.
Organized 1911.
Tract Society:
Territory: Croatia, Slavonia, Bos-
Sec. and Treas., W. Koch. nia, Herzegovina, Montenegro.
Sabbath-school Dept.: OFFICERS.
See., M. Koch. Mission:
Director, R. Schillinger.
Treas., Mrs. Auguste Wakeham.
P. R. Paulini, J. Mantu, St.
Demetrescu. Tract Society:
See. and Treas., W. Koch.
LICENTIATE. Field Miss. Sec., E. Braun.
Florea Mateescu.
Sabbath-school Dept.:
J. Stanescu, I. Rinea, J. Radu- MINISTER.
lescu, P. Turturica, E. Seefried.
R. Schillinger.
N. Dumitrescu. P. Hoffman, P. Krainean, F. Stiihr.


ENCE. Organized 1911.
Organized 1910. Territory: The Hungarian coun-
ties of Abauj-Torna, Arva,
Territory: Translyvania, Bereg, Borsod, Gomor, Heves,
Hont, LiptO, Marmaros, NOgrad,
OFFICERS. Saros, Szabolcs, Szatmar, Sze-
Conference: pes, Ugocsa, Ung, Zemplen, and
Pres., H. Meyer-Bartschy. OFFICERS.
Sec., H. Bauer. Mission:
Treas., .Mrs. Auguste Wakeham.
Auditor, G. Woysch. Director, Fr. Kessel.
Executive Coinmittee:: H. Mey- Sec., J. Bethleni.
er-Bartschy, J. Murbach, Andras Treas., Mrs. Auguste Wakeham.
Istvan Kotyor, A. Tiikelt, J. Sabbath-school and Missionary
llueurencs. Sec., M. Koch.
Advisory Committee: Fr. Kes-
Tract Society: sel, S. Debreczenyi, N. Bodszien,
F. Szemjan.
See. and Treas., W. Koch.
Sabbath-school Dept.: Fr. Kessel.
Sec., M. Koch. LICENTIATE.
St. Kelemen.
H. Meyer-Bartschy, A. Wegener, J. Bethleni, J. Antal.
J. Murbach.
MISSIONARY LICENTIATES. A. Schlottner, H. Holthus, B.
H. Bauer, J. Weber, J. Pokier, Holthus, K. Wellmann, S. Well-
P. Betea. -mann.
Organized rgog.
Territory: The East German Un- EAST GERMAN UNION DIS-
ion District, East Prussian, TRICT.
Oder, Saxon, Silesian, Vistula,
and Warta Conferences, and the Organized 1909.
Galician Mission.
Office Address for East German Territory: Berlin,Charlottenburg,
Union Conference and all East Potsdam, Rixo rf, Schoneberg,
German Union Fields and Wilmersdorf, Lichtenberg, Bran-
Workers: Uhlandstr. 189, Ber- denburg, Spandau, District Jiit-
lin-Charl., Germany. erbogk-Luckenwalde, Teltow,
OFFICERS. Zauch-Belzig, Niederbarnim, Je-
richow I and II, East and
Conference: West Haverland, and Stor-
Pres., H. F. Schuberth, Uhland- kow-Beeskow.
stras se 189, Berlin-Charl., Ger- Address: Uhlandstrasse 189, Ber-
many. lin-Charl., Germany.
See., R. Riihling.
Treas., M. Thummel. OFFICERS.
Executive Committee: H. F.
Schuberth, F. Gotting, 0. Schwe- Conference:
necke, Dr. E. Meyer, J. Seefried, Pres., H. F. Schuberth.
C. Bruck, P. Drinhaus, A. 0.
Janert, F. Gruber. Sec., R. Milling.
Legal Assn.: " Deutscher Verein Treas., M. ThUmmel.
fiir Gesundheitspflege." Pres., L. Executive Committee: H. F.
R. Conradi; Sec., Schuberth, W. Hoffman, J. Wint-
Treas., W. Krumm. zen, C. Beutin, W. Kattan.
Auditor, G. Woysch.
Union Book Depository: Tract Society:
Internationale Traktatgesell- Sec. and Treas., R. Riihling.
scha ft, Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg, Field Miss. Sec., C. Ostwald.
Manager, H. Hartkop. Sabbath-school Dept.:
Union Miss. Sec., R. RUhling. Sec., R. Riihling.
Union Field Miss. Sec., H. B8x.
Sabbath-school Dept.: MINISTERS.
Sec., R. Riihling. W. Hoffman, J. Wintzen, M.
Medical Missionary Dept.: Scharer, F. Hambrock.
Sec., Dr. E. Meyer. LICENTIATES.
Young People's Dept.: 0. Giebel, J. Salatzkat, W. Muller.

H. F. Schuberth. H. Junker, F. Kahlert, R. Fatting,

0. Bauscher, W. Ninow, E.
MISSIONARY LICENTIATE. Jager, H. Kobs, 0. Schuberth,
R. Riihling. A. Naumann, G. Reckziegel.


FERENCE. Sec. and Treas., R. Riihling.
Organized 1903. Field Miss. Sec., P. Schwabe.
Territory: East Prussia. Sabbath-school Dept.:
OFFICERS. Sec., R. Riihling.
Conference: MINISTERS.
Pres., 0. Schweneeke. J. Seefried, K. Kazemeck, H.
Sec., F. May. Glass.
Treas., M. Thilmnael.
Executive Committee: 0. LICENTIATES.
Schwenecke, G. Domnick, F. Ul- A. W. Miiller, H. Schlichting.
dokat, G. Dobinski, J. Urgien. MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Tract Society: M. Bellair, M. Gollasch, H.
Sec. and Treas., R. Riihling. Schmidt, R. HiIle, 0. Panzig,
Field Miss. Sec., D. Urbschat. F. Selle.

Sabbath-school Dept.:
Sec., R. Riihling. SAXON CONFERENCE.
Organized 1908.
0. Schwenecke, G. Domnick, F.
Uldokat, F. Leplatoni, A. Ma- Territory: The Kingdom of Sax-
jewski. ony.
W. Tribbensee, H. Korsch, W. Conference:
Becker. Pres., P. Drinhaus.
Treas., M. Thiimmel.
F. Seidler, M. Budnick, A. Jab- Executive Committee: P. Drin-
lono wski, J. Browarzik. haus, G. Schiirer, J. F. Ott,
Queck Piwarz.


Sec. and Treas., R. Riihling.
Organized in 1901, as the East Field Miss. Sec., E. Loser.
German Conference.
Territory: Grand Duchies of Mec- Sabbath-school Dept.:
klenburg-Schwerin and Stre- Sec., R. Riihling.
Iitz, government districts of
Stettin and Stralsund of the
Prussian province of Pomera- P. Drinhaus, J. F. Ott, G. Freund,
nia; TJkerrnark and Priegnitz August Krautschick, E. Drin-
of the province of Brandenburg. haus, A. Hennig.
Conference: H. Jaster, W. Brinck, R. Dau-
Pres., J. Seefried. miehen, P. Neef, R. Grossmann,
Sec., H. Schlichting. J. Brzezinski, P. Horn.
Treas., M. Thilmmel.
Executive Committee: J. See-
fried, J. Ide, P. Fenner, B. A. Meyer, L. Natshinski, E.
Schmidt, H. Glass. Miiller, W. von Oppen.


Organized 1907. Sec. and Treas., R. Ruhling.
Field Miss. Sec., R. Volzke.
Territory: The Province of Si-
lesia. Sabbath-school Dept.:
OFFICERS. Sec., R. Riihling.
Conference: MINISTERS.
Pres., F. Gutting. A. 0. Janert, Andr. Krautschick,
Sec., W. Schulz. A. Rebensburg.
Treas., M. Thiimmel.
Executive Committee: F. Ga- MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
ting, R. Schutz, T. FOrster, B.
Schonfeld, A. Irmler. F. Rohne, M. Kruger, W. Thal-
ainnn, M. Schilling, E. Nather.
Tract Society:
Sec. and Treas., R. Riihling.
Field Miss. Sec., J. Kanzok.
Sabbath-school Dept.:
Organized 1912.
Sec., R. Riihling..
Territory: Province of Posen and
MINISTERS. the government district of
F. Gutting, P. Stocker, R. Schutz, Frankfort on the Oder.
W. Schulz, E. Enseleit.
G. Bartsch, H. Seidel, A. Wal-
ter, H. Dietrich. Pres., C. Bruck.
Sec., A. Stissmann
Executive Committee: C. Bruck,
W. Bartsch, E. von Oppen, M. 0. Kapitz, 0. Kruger, Chr. Schaf-
Rieger, F. Daniel, G. Wurzel, fer, F. Tschirschnitz.
M. Metz, St. Kapusta.
Tract Society:
Sec. and Treas., R. Rtihling.
Field Miss. See., H. Bigalke.
Sabbath-school Dept.:
Organized 1911.
Sec., R. Riihling.
Territory: The Province of West
Prussia and the government MINISTERS.
district of Koslin. C. Bruck, 0. Kapitz, A. Liidtke,
Thr. Brzonson.
Conference: LICENTIATES.
Pres., A. 0. Janert. M. W. Zielinski, St. Zielinski,
Sec., W. Thalmann. H. Hufnagel, Dr. F. Backe.
Treas., NI. Thiimmel.
Executive Committee: A. 0. MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Janert, Andreas Krautschick, R. R. Nickel, W. Kloss, A. Siissmann,
Volzke, F. Blok, W. Bahr. W. Hartseil, K. Bresan.

GALICIAN MISSION. Treas., M. Thiinimel.

Entered 1908. MINISTER.
F. Gruber.
Territory: Galicia and Bukowina.
OFFICERS. A. Weinert, J. Niedoba, A. Knit-
Mission: tel, V. Jacubowicz, J. Peter,
Director,' F. Gruber. F. Dzik, K. Jelen, L. Rowlin.


Organized 1913, at Budapest; began its separate existence Jan.
Territory: The Azof, Newa, and Donner, W. Schelesnikow1.
North Caucausian Conferences, Schwamberger.
and the Middle Russian, Ural,
Volga, and White Sea Missions. MINISTERS.
Address: Post box 14, Minsk, Rus- K. A. Reifschneider, M.. Demidow.
OFFICERS. M. Manschur, M. Grietz, G. Fritz,
J. Reimer, T. Soloducha.
Pres., 0. E. Reinke.
Sec. and Treag., A. Poltrock. NEWA CONFERENCE.
Executive Committee: 0. E.
Reinke, K. A. Reifschneider, J. Organized 1912.
Sprohge, J. F. Ginter, J. Lwoff.
Auditors, A. Woysch and P. Territory: EsthOnian-speaking
Brandt. Esthonia, Petrograd, Olo-
Sabbath-school and Miss. Sec. nets, and Novgorod govern.
for all Fields, A. Poltrock. nients.
0. E. Reinke. Pres., 0. E. Reinke.
Sec., A. Borm.
Treas., A. Poltrock.
AZOF CONFERENCE. Executive Committee: 0. E.
Reinke, K. Hahn, S. Jefimow, W.
Organized 1912. Gaidischar, K. Willumson.
Territory: The governments of MINISTERS.
Yekaterinoslaf, Taurien, Khar- K. Hahn, S. Jefimow, L. Nikkai.
kov, and that part of the Don
between the Don and Donetz. LICENTIATES.
J. Raukas, H. Kristal.
A. Klement, M. Barengrub, G.
Pres., K. A. Reifschneider. Ruddi, A. Borm, G. Netewitsch,
Sec., M. Demidow. K. Schneherg.
Treas., A. Poltrock.
Executive Committee: K. A. MISSIONARY NURSES.
Reifschneider, M. Demidow, G. E. Wilson, K. Rullis.


FERENCE. Dating from Jan. 1, 1911.
Organized 1901 as South Russian Territory: The governments of
Conference; reorganized 1912. Samara, Orenburg, Ufa, Kazan.
Territory: Governments of Ku- Vjatka, and Perm.
ban, Dagestan, Black Sea, OFFICERS.
Stavropol, and Terek.
OFFICERS. Director; 0. E. Reinke.
Conference: Sec., Theodore Wagele.
Treas., A. Poltrock.
Pres., J. Sprohge. Advisory Cominittee: 0. E.
Sec:, Paul Swiridow. Reinke, Jakob Wuckert, H.
Treas., A. Poltrock. Schmitz.
Executive Committee: J.
Sprohge, F. Koch, W. Swiridow, MINISTERS.
.T. Lukasch, 0. Maus. G. Hetze, H. Schmitz.
T. Wilgele.
1. Sprohge, F. Koch.
LICENTIATE. F. Bitsch, W. Panitza.
0. Grigorjew.
T. Kiktew, W. Swiridow.
Dating from Jan. 1, 1911.
Territory: The Region of the
Prm lnsnlnsivn ra that --:ticr:
MIDDLE RUSSIAN MISSION. between the Don and the Don-
etz), and the governments of
Organized 1907. Saratov, Astrakan, and Sini-
Territory: The governments of OFFICERS.
Yaroslaf, Kaluga, Mogilef, Mos-
cow, Orel, Penza, Riazan, Smo- Mission:
lensk, Tambov, Tula, Tver, Director, J. F. Ginter.
Vladimir, Voronezh. Sec., J. Rust.
Treas., A. Poltrock.
OFFICERS. Advisory Committee: J. F. Gin-
Mission: . ter, G. Hetze, K. Schamkow, C.
Director, J. Lwoff. Schwab.
Sec., M. Jurkin. MINISTERS.
Treas., A. Poltrock. J. F. Ginter, K. Schamkow, H.
Advisory Committee: J. Lwoff,
M. Jurkin, M. Pachla. Ostwald.
J. Schonemann.
J. Lwoff, J. Pachla.
.1. Nenilin, C. Tkatschenko. Schwab.


Dating from Jan. 1, 1912. Director, 0. E. Reinke.
Sec. and Treas., A. Poltrock.
Advisory Committee: East Rus-
Territory: Governments of Arch- sian Union Committee.
angel, Wologda, H. Novgorod, MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Kostroma, and Kazan. N. N. Peregonzew, G. Kuksow.


Organized 'gm.
Territory: The L6man and the LICENTIATE.
French Conferences, the Latin A. Vaucher.
Union District, and the Spanish,
Italian, Northern. France, and MISSIONARY LICENTIATE.
Portuguese Missions. J. Bourguin.
General Office: Paris, France.
(All workers in the various Lat-
in Union Fields, whose addres-
ses are not given, may be
reached through the following FRENCH CONFERENCE.
address: La Ligni ere, Gland,
Ct. Vaud, Switzerland.) Organized 1907.
OFFICERS. Territory: Southern France.
Conference: Office: La Ligniere, Gland, Switz-
Pres., L. P. Tieche. zerland.
Sec., A. Vaucher.
Treas., Max Haas, Gland, Ct. OFFICERS.
Vaud, Switzerland. Conference:
Executive Committee: L. P.
Tieche, H. H. Dexter, Joseph Pres., H. H. Dexter, 68 Cours
Curdy, J. Robert, Paul Steiner, Pierre Puget, Marseille, France.
P. A. DeForest. L. Zecchetto, Tell Sec., L. A. Mathy.
Nussbaum, E. Bork. Treas.. Max Haas, Gland, Ct.
Vaud, Switzerland.
Sabbath-school Dept.: Executive Committee: H. H.
Sec., Max Haas. Dexter, L. P. Tieche, J. P. Gour-
guet, S. Bernard, L. Bouzanquet.
L. P. Tieche, 1 Rue Nicolas Roret, Sabbath-school Dept.:
Paris XIII, France.
Sec., Max Haas.

H. H. Dexter, J. P. Badaut.
Territory: Department of Seine,
MINISTER. E. Fawer, L. A. Mathy, M. Ras-
Jules Rey. pal.


Organized 1884. Organized 1903.
Territory: The French-speaking Territory: Italy.
parts of Switzerland, with the
following territory in France: MINISTER.
Le Doubs, le Jura, 1'Ain, la Sa-
voie, la Haute-Savoie, and Bel- L. Zecchetto, Casella Postale 218,
fort. Florence, Italy.
Office: La Ligniere, Gland (Ct. LICENTIATES.
Vaud), Switzerland. L. Benezet, Elie Bertalot.
(All persons named below whose
addresses are omitted may be MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
addressed as above.) F. Cupertino, L. Lippolis, G. Sab-
OFFICERS. atino.
Pres., L. P. Tieche.
Treas., Max Haas.
Executive Committee: L. P. Organized 1904.
Tieche, P. Guy Aafranc, Pierre
Schild, Alcide Guenin, Ulysse Territory: Portugal.
Augsbourger. MINISTERS.
Sabbath-school Dept.: C. E. Rentfro, 155 Rua Alvaro
Sec., Marie Hanhardt. Castelloes, Porto, Portugal.
Paul Meyer, R. Heliodore Sal
MINISTERS. gado 62-2E, Lisbon, Portugal.
Paul Steiner, Ulysse Augsbourger,
A. F. Raposo.
- Wenn rrovm, Oscar Meyer.
Marie Hanhardt. SPANISH MISSION.
Organized 1903.
Established 1908.
Territory: Northern France, ex- Director,
cept Department of Seine.
Field Miss Sec., H. A. Robinson.
Tell Nussbaum, Joseph Curdy. MINISTER.
LICENTIATES. Frank Bond, Apartado 492, Bar-
Albert Guyot, J. Monnier. celona, Spain.
E. Valat. Vic. Garcia, Vic. Terrandiz.
Organized 1901.
Territory: The Scandinavian Un- Treas., Chr. Pedersen.
ion District; the conferences of Executive Committee: J. C.
East Norway, West Norway, Raft, M. M. Olsen, Chr. Juhl,
Sweden, Denmark, Finland; the Erik Arnesen, L. Baunsgaard.
North Swedish, South Swed-
ish, and Icelandic Missions, and Tract Society:
the Faroe Islands. Sec., Chr. Pedersen.
Office: Margrethevej 5, Copenha- Field Miss. Sec., A. G. Sand-
gen, V., Denmark. beck.
(Workers in this field whose ad-
dreises are omitted, can be Sabbath-school Dept.:
reached through the union office Sec., Chr. Pedersen.
Young People's Dept.:
OFFICERS. See., Chr. Resen.
'Pres., J. C. Raft.
See., Erik Arnesen, Skodsborg, M. M. Olsen.
Treas., Chr. Pedersen. P. Heilskov Christensen, L. J.
Executive Committee: J. C.
Raft, N. C. Bergersen, A. G. Kirkelykke, R. P. Regel, Chr.
Christiansen, L. Muderspach, C. Resen, 0. T. Helleraas.
0. Carlsson, N. P. Nelson, Emil MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Lind, 0. J. 0. Rost, 0. Nelson, P. A. Christiansen, Ida Hansen,
E. Rosenwold, Olaf J. Olsen, Jens Ebba Schmitt, Katherine Hjort.
Olsen, Erik Arnesen.
J. C. Raft, Margrethevej 5, Co- DENMARK CONFERENCE.
penhagen, V., Denmark.
Organized 1880.
Emanuel Christiansen, J. _ J. Hok- Territory: Denmark, exclusive of
land. the islands of Zealand and
Cable Address: Expedit, Copen-
TRICT. Office: Margrethevej 5, Copenha-
gen, V., Denmark.
Organized 1912.
(All persons named below map be
Territory: Islands of Zealand and addressed as above.)
Bornholm, Denmark. OFFICERS.
Office: Margrethevej 5, Copenha- Conference:
gen, V., Denmark.
Pres., A. G. Christiansen.
OFFICERS. Sec. and Treas., Chr. Pedersen.
Conference: Executive Committee: A. G.
Pres., J. C. Raft. Christiansen, J. U. P. Jensen, H.
Sec., Erik Arnesen, Skodsborg, Skov, L. P. Hansen, S. M. 'rids-
Denmark. gaard.

Auditors, P. Norreen, J. Hou- Sabbath-school Dept.:

ma nn. Sec., Selma Ringstrtim.
Tract Society: Young People's Dept.:
Sec. and Treas., Chr. Pedersen. Sec., A. Wash.
Field Miss. Sec., A. G. Sand-
N. C. Bergersen, 0. P. Norder-
Sabbath-school Dept.: hus, A. 0. Niirem, Chr. Tobias-
Sec., Chr. Pedersen. sen.
Young People's Dept.: LICENTIATE.
Sec., A. Guldhammer. A. Wash.
Hanna Holth, Peter Nelsen, Line
A. G. Christiansen, P. Christen- Nelsen, Hildur Ringvold, Ma-
sen, N. P. Hansen. thilde Larsen.
Julius Bech, J. P. U. Jensen.
Soren Andersen, Anna Jepps- Organized 1912.
son, Johanne Thiiger, Axel Ras-
mussen, A. Guldhanimer, Marie Territory: Western part of Nor-
Jensen. way, south of Hiteren, follow-
ing political line of division
southward, down the Topdal
EAST NORWAY CONFERENCE. River, and to the sea just east
of the city of Lillesand.
Organized 1887. Office: Akersgaden 74, Christiania,
Territory: All of Norway, not in- Norway.
cluded in the territory of the (All persons named below may
West Norwegian Conference. be addressed as above.)
Cable Address: Sundhedsbladet, OFFICERS.
Office: Akersgaden 74, Christiania, Conference:
Norway. Pres., 0. J. 0. Rost.
(All persons named below may Sec., L. J. Stene.
be addressed as above.) Treas., Jens Olsen.
Executive Committee: 0. J. 0.
OFFICERS. Rost, Enok Endresen, E. M.
Conference: Eriksen, Jean Borgen, 0. Peder-
Pres., N. C. Bergersen. sen.
Sec., C. B. Jensen. Auditor, A. C. Christensen.
Treas., Jens Olsen.
Executive Committee: N. C. Tract Society:
Bergersen, Chr. Tobiassen, A. Sec. and Treas., Selma Ring-
Eriksen, T. Paulsen, H. J. Han- strom.
sen. Field Miss. Sec., Elias Bjaanas.
Auditor, A. C. Christensen.
Sabbath-school Dept.:
Tract Society: Sec., Selma Ringstrom.
Sec. and Treas., Selma Ring-
strom. Young People's Dept.:
Field Miss. Sec., Elias Bjaands. Sec., L. J. Stene.

MINISTERS. Sabbath-school Dept.:

0. J. 0. R6st, J. M. Niirem. Sec., Teckla Rosenholm.
Young People's Dept.:
L. J. Stene.
Sec., Seth Lundstrom.
Marius Ekeberg, L. Sliboe-Larsen,
Hilda Andal, Randi Andersen, L. Muderspach, J. Wallenkampf.
Nilia Hoyer.
Honorary Ministerial Credentials.
0. Johnson, Emil Ahren, K. A.

Organized 1882. LICENTIATES.

S. Lundstrom, Carl Young.
Territory: Sweden, except Norr-
botten, Viisterbotten, Vaster- MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
norrland, Jamtland, and a part
of Giifleborgs Liin, which are Elfin Lindblom, N. Zerna, Nauna
included in the North Swedish Rudholm, Leonard Andre.
Mission; and also excluding
Skane, Halland, Blekinge, Smd-
land, and Oland, which belong
to the South Swedish Mission. FINLAND CONFERENCE.
Office: Gamla Kungsholmsbroga-
tan 38, Stockholm, Sweden. Organized 1909.
(All persons named below may
he addressed as above.) Territory: Findland.
Office: Unionsgatan 4, (after June
OFFICERS. 1, 1916, Ostra Teatergranden 3)
Conference: Helsingfors, Finland.
Pres., L. Muderspach. OFFICERS.
Sec., Seth Lundstrom.
Treas., Teckla Rosenholm. Conference:
Executive Committee: L. Mu- Pres., C. 0. Carlsson.
derspach, 0. Johnson, Karl Matts- Sec., V. Kohtanen.
son, Ch. Kahlstrbra, Emil Lind. Treas., N. Hammar.
Auditors, Jens Olsen, Vald. Executive Committee: C. 0.
Johansson. Carlsson, N. Hammar, 0. Hoglund,
Legal Assn.: " Sallskapet San- K. J. Sysimetsa, Mrs. Julia
ningens Mirold." Sucksdorff.
Pres., E. Lind; Vice-Pres., 0.
Nelson; Sec., Seth Lundstrom. MINISTERS.
Advising Members: L. Muders- C. 0. Carlsson, H. Mikkonen.
pach J. C. Raft, E. Rosenwold,
A. J. Settergren, Karl Mattsson, LICENTIATES.
0. Johnson, Ch. Kahlsarom, A. F.
Blomkvist. N. Savander, A. Rintala, V. Koh-
Tract Society:
Sec. and Treas., Teckla Rosen- MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
holm. 0. Rautelin, Agnes Wickholm, K.
Field Miss. Sec., K. A. Ek- Soisalo, Rikku Puranen, Kir-
eroth. sti Grundstrom.


Organized 1912. Supt., E. Rosenwold.
Territory: The southern part of MINISTER.
the Kingdom of Sweden, in-
cluding the provinces of Skane, E. Rosenwold, Gamla Kungs-
Halland, Blekinge, and Sma- holmsbrogatan 38, Stockholm,
land; also Oland. Sweden.
Office: Margrethevej 5, Copenha-
Cail J. Gidlund.
Supt., 0. Nelson.
Sec., Oscar Angervo. ICELAND MISSION.
Advisory Committee: Scandi-
navian Union Conference Execu- Territory: Iceland and Greenland.
tive Committee. Address: Hverfisgotu 30 B, Rey-
Local Committee: 0. Nelson, A. kjavik, Iceland.
J. Settergren, W. Andersson. OFFICERS.
0. Nelson, A. J. Settergren. Director, Olaf J. Olsen.
Local Committee: Olaf J. Olsen,
MISSIONARY LICENTIATES. Bjorn Jonsson, Halldor Sigurds-
Oscar Angervo, Ellen Svensson, son.
Selma Carlsson. Sec. and. Treas., Sigridur Tor-
Field Miss. Sec., Nils Anders-
Organized 1909. MINISTER.
Territory: Counties of Norrbot- Olaf J. Olsen.
ten, Viisterbotten, Viisternorr-
land, Jamtland, and part of LICENTIATE.
Gafleborgs Lan (in Sweden). Nils Andersson.
Organized 1909.
Territory: The West German Un- OFFICERS.
ion District, Hessian, Lower Conference:
Rhenish, Middle German, North Pres., J. G. ()blander.
German, Upper Rhenish, and Sec., Fritz Neunes.
Westphalian Conferences, and Treas., Anna Obst.
the Belgian and Holland Mis- Executive Committee: J. G. Ob-
sions. kinder, H. Hartkop, W. Krumm,
Cable and Telegraphic Address: E. Land.
Advent, Hamburg.
Office Address for West German Tract Society:
Union Conference and all West Sec. and Treas., Fritz Neunes.
German Union fields and work- Field Miss. Sec., Wm. Knitter.
ers: Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg,
Germany. miNISTE.tts.
OFFICERS. P. Zahl, H. Feddersen.
Conference: LICENTIATES.
Pres., J. G. ()blander.
Sec., Fritz Neunes. Grabi.j, A. Behrens.
Asst. Treas., Ella Ludewig.
Auditor, G. Woysch. C. v. Fintel, A. Bremer, H. Klages,
Executive Committee: J. G. A. Severin, F. Kroll, Fr. Greg-
()blander, L. Mathe, R. G. Kling- mins, August Kruse, Albert
bell, E. Bahr, K. Sinz, W. Prill- Pioch, W. Hinz.
witz, M. H. Wentland, J. Wib-
bens, R. Hartkop, W. Krumm.
Legal Assn.: " Hamburger Ve-
rein der Siebenten-Tags-Adven- HESSIAN CONFERENCE.
tisten." Pres., L. R. Conradi; Organized 1912.
Sec. and Treas., H. Hartkop.
Territory: Hesse-Nassau, Upper
Tract Society: Hesse, Principality of Wal-
Sec. and Treas. for all West deck, and district Wetzlar.
German fields not otherwise pro-
vided for, Fritz Neunes. OFFICERS.
Sabbath-school Dept.: Conference:
Sec. for all West German fields Pres., J. G. Oblander.
not otherwise provided for, L. R. Sec., P. Lux.
Kiepe. Treas., Ella Ludewig.
MINISTER. Executive Committee: J. G.
1. 0. ()blander. Obliinder, H. Behr, Georg Reith
J. Streib, S. Hiihmann.


DISTRICT. Sec. and Treas., Fritz Neunes.
Field Miss. Sec., N. Heiner.
Organized 1909.
Sabbath-school Dept.:
Territory: Hamburg, and province
of Schleswig-Holstein; Liibeek. Sec., Fritz Neunes.

MINISTERS. the Hessian District of Schmal-

H. Behr, R. Muller, R. Rall. kalden.
P. Thurm, P. Lux, K. Adolf, W. Conference:
Geissel, Fritz Neunes. Pres., W Prillwitz.
Sec., M. Gliick.
Treas., Anna Obst.
LOWER RHENISH CONFER- Executive Committee: W. Frill-
ENCE. witz,,G. Perk, A. Lusky; A. Bab
schrnieter. H. Voigt.
Organized 1911.
Tract Society:
Territory: Lower Rhineland.
Sec. and Treas., Fritz Neunes.
OFFICERS. Field Miss. Sec., H. Hartmann.
Sabbath-school Dept.:
Pres., L. Mathe.
Sec., H. Brinkmann. Sec., Fritz Neunes.
Treas., Ella Ludewig.
Executive Committee: L. Ma- MINISTERS.
the, W. DUrner, R. Halenz, P. W. Prillwitz, H. Dierking, A.
Drinhaus. Woysch, A. Schmidt, Adolf
Willer, P. Uldokat, G. Perk,
Tract Society: 0. Belle.
Sec. and Treas., Fritz Neunes.
Field Miss. Sec., A. Schiefer. LICENTIATES.
M. Wevers, P. Rosel, F. Dorre,
bbath-school Dept.: A. Balschmieter.
Sec., Fritz Neunes.
M. Gliick, W. Althoff, H. Wie-
L. Mathe, F. Gassmann, G. Blihre, nand, A. Sommer, R. Fischer,
K. Jonuleit. H. Diehr, W. Scholl.
Hossfeld, 0. Carstens.
A. Thomas, A. Schramke, H.
Rund, A. Rogalski, H. Brink- Organized 1907:
mann, W. Friese, M. Lahm, G.
Eckel. Territory: Province of Hanover
(except the southern part, with
Gottingen), Oldenburg, Bremen,
MIDDLE GERMAN CONFER- Ostfriesland, Schaumburg-Lippe,
and the district of Rinteln.
Organized 1909. Conference:
Territory: The Province of Saxo- Pres., E. Bahr.
ny (excepting Friedensau, Dis- Sec., F. Hilmer.
trict Jerichow I and II), the Treas., Anna Obst.
Thuringian States, Anhalt, Executive Committee: E. Bahr,
Brunswick, the southern part of A. Lippert, H. Schwiigermann,
the Province of Hanover, and A. Weske.


Sec. and Treas., Fritz Neunes.
Field Miss. Sec., Aug. Koll- Organized 1898 as the West Ger-
hosser. man Conference.

Sabbath-school Dept.: Territory: The Province of West

Sec., Fritz Neunes. phalia, Grand Duchy of Lippe-
Detmold, and Principality of
E. Bahr, P. Staubert, F. Wein. OFFICERS.
mann, 11. GUldenzopf. Conference:
LICENTIATES. Pres., M. H. Wentland.
P. Waak, Ch. Johnsen, H. Zim- Sec., A. Janke.
mermann, T. Kbbele. Treas., Anna Obst.
Executive Committee: M. B.
MISSIONARY LICENTIATES. Wentland, W. Schwenecke, A
A. Oestereich, F. Hilmer, E. Lammel, E. Mannesmann, Fr.
Schtitt, C. Mansfeld, R. Dang- Rutorf.
Tract Society:
Sec. and Treas., Fritz. Neunes.
UPPER RHENISH CONFER- Field Miss. Sec., H. Reinicke.
ENCE. Sabbath-school Dept.:
Sec., Fritz Neunes.
Organized 1911.
Territory: Upper Rhineland and
M. H. Wentland, W. Schwenecke,
Oldenburg-Birkenfeld, and the
Grand Duchy of Luxemburg. C. Dangschat.
H. Potschke, E. Nopper, Fr.
Pres., K. Sinz.
Treas., Ella Ludewig. A. Janke, M. Becker, H. Limpert,
Executive Committee: K. Sinz, G. Fischdick.
D. Brinekmann, A. Mattern, Aug.
Sec. and Treas., Fritz Neunes. Organized 1903.
Field Miss. Sec., P. Schorn-
stein. Territory: Belgium.
Sabbath-school Dept.: OFFICERS.
Sec., Fritz Neunes. Mission:
MINISTERS. Director, R. G. Klingbeil.
Sec., J. L. Loots.
D. Brinckmann, W. Schick, J. Treas., Anna Obst.
Braun. Advisory Committee:, R. 0.
LICENTIATES. Klingbeil; J. H. Weidner, Th.
W. John, P. Glide, P. Lantzrath. v. Vrecken.
E. Reuss, E. Fischer, F. Schwerdt. Sec. and Treas., Fritz Neunes.

Sabbath-school Dept.: Advisory Committee: J. Wib-

Sec., Fritz Neunes. bens, P. Schilstra, Chr. Wester-
daal, A. Postema, J. Toben. -
R. G. Klingbeil, J. H. Weidner, Tract Society:
J. L. Loots. Sec. and Treas., Fritz Neunes.
Field Miss. Sec., A. Postema.
Fr. Jochmann, A. Koopmans, E. Sabbath-school Dept.:
Lecoultre. Sec., Fritz Neunes.
HOLLAND MISSION. J. Wibbens, P. Schilstra.
Organized 1901. LICENTIATES.

Territory: Holland. P. Meyer, P. Voorthuis, Jr., D. P.

Boersma, C. J. C. Bezooyen.
Director, J. Wibbens. F. J. L. Wortmann, W. v. Ey-
Sec., P. Voorthuis, Jr. seren, H. Twynstra, H. von der
Treas., Anna Obst. Haeven.


Reorganized 1913, at Budapest; began its separate existence
Jan. I, 1914.
Territory: The Baltic and Duena MINISTER.
Conferences, and the Amur, J. T. Bottcher.
Black Sea, East Siberian, Little
Russian, Polish, Trans-Caucas-
ian, Turkestan, West Russian, BALTIC CONFERENCE.
and West Siberian Missions.
Address: Post box 14, Minsk, Organized 1907, at Riga, the or-
Russia. ganization effective Jan.
OFFICERS. 1, 1908.
Conference: Territory: Governments of Kur:
Pres., J. T. Bottcher, Post box land, Kovno, Suvalki.
50, Saratov, Russia. Address: Post box 14, Minsk.
Sec. and Treas., L. Wojtkie- Russia.
w cz.
Executive Committee: J. T. OFFICERS.
Bottcher, D. Isaak, H. J. Loeb-
sack, J. Schneider, J. Perk, T. Conference:
Will, Paul Swiridow. - Pres., J. Schneider.
Auditors, A. Woysch and P. Sec., J. Drikis.
Brandt. Treas., L. WojtkieNvicz.
Sabbath-school and Missionary Executive Committee: J.
Sec. for all fields, L. Wojtkie- Schneider, J. Drikis, J. Gaiseh.
wicz. K. Schneberg, M. Stahl.

.1. Schneider. J. Gaidischar.
1. Drikis, J. Birsin, Anton Eglit, A. Kalaschnikow, Pjetuehow.
A. Sommer, A. Sprohge.


DUENA CONFERENCE. Separated from South Russian
and Little Russian Missions
Organized Jan. 1, 1914. Jan. 1, 1912.
Territory: Districts of Riga, Territory: Governments of Cher-
Wenden, Walk, Wolmar in the son, Bessarabia, and Podolia.
Government of Livonia; the Address: Post box 14, Minsk,
governments of Vitebsk and Russia.
Address: Post box 14, Minsk, OFFICERS.
Russia. Mission:
OFFICERS. Director, P. Swiridow.
Sec., J. G. Schaak.
Conference: Treas., L. Wojtkiewicz.
Pres., D. Isaak. Advisory Committee: P. Swiri-
Sec., P. Brandt. dow, J. Albrecht, J. Cori-dick.
Treas.. L. Wojtkiewicz.
Executive Committee: D. Isaak, MINISTERS.
T. Wilson, P. Brandt, K. Sutta,
P. Swiridow, 3. Pilkewitscli.
.T. Dreymann.
J. C. Schaak, J. Coridick.
1). Isaak. J. Wilson.
J. Albrecht, E. Rosenbrilek.
J. Preekun, A. Eglit, P. Purmal,
Margaretha Thiessen, Mathilde
Stein, Olga Saalman, J. Stepps.
Dating from Jan. 1, 1911.
Hermine Petroff, E. Spruhde, K.
Benner. Territory: The governments of
Yeniseisk, Irkutsk, the prov-
inces of Transbaikalia, Ya-
Dating from Jan. 1, 1914. Mission:
Territory: The Amur and Coast Director, Epifan Gnildjin.
Provinces. Advisory Committee: Epifan
Gnildiin, Alex. Sittnikow.
Mission: MINISTER.
Director, H. Gabel. E. Gnildjin.
FT. Gabel. Alex. Sittnikow.


Separated from Caucasian Con-
Organized 1912. ference in 1912.

Territory: Governments of Kiev, Territory: Governments of Baku,

Poltava, Chernigov, and Kursk. Erivan Elizabetpol, Kutais, Tif-
Addrest: Post box 14, Minsk, lis, and Kars-District.
OFFICERS. Mission:
Conference: Director, A.. Osol.
Sec., W. Dymann.
Pres., H. J. Loebsack. Treas. and Sabbath-school and
Sec., F. Gaidischar. Miss. Sec., L. Wojtkiewicz.
Treas., L. Wojtkiewicz. Executive Committee: A. Osol,
Executive Committee: H. J. Th. Heyde, W. Istjagin.
Loebsack, F. Gaidischar, A. E.
Gontar, B. Marzian. MINISTER.
A. Osol.
H. J. Loebsack, F. Gaidischar, A.
E. Gontar. A. W. Dymann, G. Gas-
arjan, IV. Slawnow, IV. 1st-
LICENTIATE. jagin, W. Sulawa, J. P. Schit-
S. Pro wolowsky.
C. Chmalewsky, B. Purmal.
Dating from Jan. 1, 1911.
Territory: The provinces of Fer-
POLISH MISSION. ghana, Samarkand, Syr- Dania;
the Transcaspian Territories;
Organized 1912. and the vassal states of Khiva
and Bokhara.
Territory: Governments of Lomza, OFFICERS.
Plotsk, Warsaw, Kalish, Petro- Mission:
kov, Kielce, Siedlez, Holm,
Radom, Lublin. Director, B. Schmidt.
Advisory Committee: B.
Schmidt, D. P. Bertram, Ph. Trip-
Director, T. Will. B. Schmidt.
Sec., A. Geisler.
Treas., L. Wojtkiewicz.
Advisory Committee: Theodore
MINISTER. Dating from Jan. 1, 1908.
Th. Will. Territory: Volhynia, Grodno,
Minsk, and Vilna.
MISSIONARY LICENTIATES. Address: Post box 14, Minsk,
A. Geisler, E. Buclewitz, Russia.

OFFICERS. Seinipalatinsk, and Semirye-

Mission: chensk, and the governments of
Director, J. Perk. Tomsk and Tobolsk.
Sec., Karl Schmitz.
Treas., L. Wojtkiewicz. OFFICERS.
Advisory Committee: J. Perk, Mission:
K. Rempfert, A. Schilberg. Director, H. K. Lobsack.
MINISTERS. Advisory Committee: H. K.
J. Perk, K. Rempfert. Lobsack, J. Jurickson,' G. Zirat.
J. Sergejew, K. K. Duck.
G. Arnhold. MINISTERS.
MISSIONARY LICENTIATES. H. K. Lobsack, J. Jurickson; 0.
Karl Schmitz, W. Konrad, T.
K. K. Dtick.
Dating from Jan. 1, 1911. E. Skorobrestschuk.
Territory: The provinces of MISSIONARY NURSE.
Uralsk, Turgay, Akmol insk, Emilie Krause.


Organized 1910.
Territory: The Armenian, Bulga- Office Address: Ottoman Post,
rian, Central Turkish, Cilician, Box 109, Galata, Constanti-
and Grecian Missions. nople, Turkey.
Office Address: Ottoman Post, Director: Z. G. Baharian.
Box 109, Galata, Constanti- Treasurer: P. Bridde.
nople, Turkey.
OFFICERS. Z. 0. Baharian.
Committee: E. E. Frauchiger, Su-
perintendent; Z. G. Baharian, LICENTIATE.
Fr. Scior, P. Bridde, A. M. Bedros Tousdjian.
Buzugherian, C. Motzer. MISSIONARY LICENTIATE.
Treasurer: A. Kiissner, Grindel- E. Ash ikian.
berg 15a, Hamburg, Germany.
Sec. and Asst. Treas.: P. Bridde.
ARMENIAN MISSION. Organized 1912.'
Organized 1910. Territory: Bulgaria.
Territory: Vilayets of Sivas, Tre- OFFICERS.
bizond, Mamuret-ul-Aziz, Diar- Mission:
bekr, Van, Bitlis, Erzerum. Director, C. Motzer.

Treas., A. Ktissner. CILICIAN MISSION.

Advisory Committee: C. Mot-
zer, D. Varsano, Ivan Pettkoff. Organized 1910.
Sabbath-school and Missionary Territory: Vilayets Konia, Adana,
Sec., P. Bridde. Aleppo.
MINISTER. Office Address: Ottoman Post,
C. Motzer. Box 109, Galata, Constantino-
ple, Turkey.
LICENTIATES. Director: A. M. Buzugherian.
A. Thomas, G. D. KadalefF. Treasurer: - P. Bridde.
Advisory Committee: A. M. Bu-
MISSIONARY LICENTIATES. zugherian, H. Shadarifian, E.
Ff. Stoltenberg, G. Sabeff, N. Theodorides.
A. M. Buzugherian.
Organized 1910. A. Veziriades.
Territory: Vilayets . Constantino-
ple, Adrianople, Kastamuni, Ai-
din, Angora, Brusa, and the
Turkish Islands. GRECIAN MISSION.
Office Address: Ottoman Post,
Box 109, Galata, Constantino- Separated from Turkish Mission
ple, Turkey. in 1910.
Director: E. E. Frauchiger.
Treasurer: P. Bridde. Territory: Greece.
Advisory Committee: E. E. Fra-a- Office Address: Ottoman Post,
chiger, G. Perenian, P. Bridde, Box 109, Galata, Constantino-
E. Ayvazian. ple, Turkey.
MINISTER. Director: Fr. Scior, Austrian
Post, Salonica.
E. E. Frauchiger, E. Ayvazian. Treasurer: P. Bridde.
A. J. Girou.
Fr. Scio.
G. Aressian, D. Keanides, 0. Pi- MISSIONARY LICENTIATE.
renian, P. Bridde. Alexander Keanides.
Territory: The following Missions, CANARY ISLANDS MISSION.
comprising all of Africa (ex-
cept the South African Union, Opened 1911.
Rhodesia, and British Central
Address: La Laguna, Teneriffe,
Africa), and the surrounding is-
lands, Syria, Mesopotamia, Ara- Canary Islands.
bia, Persia, Afghanistan, Turk- Missionary Licentiate: B. B. Ald-
estan, Siberia, and Trans-Can-
casia, are operated under the
direction of the Mission Board BRITISH EAST AFRICAN
(Executive Committee) of the MISSION.
European Division Conference,
Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg, Ger- Organized 1912 (Entered 1906).
Territory: British East Africa.
Head Station: Gendia, Kisumu,
British East Africa.
ABYSSINIAN MISSION. Second Station: Wire Hill, Kis-
Opened 1907. Third Station: Karungu, Kisumu.
Fourth Station: Rusinga, Kisumu.
Territory: Italian Colony of Eri-
trea, Abyssinia, British and Fifth Station: Kisi, Kisumu.
Sixth Station: Kaniadodo, Kis-
Italian Somaliland. umu.
Address: Asmara, Eritrea, Poste Seventh Station: Ka m agambo,
Restante (via Brindisi, Italy),
East Africa.
Director: Hans Steiner. OFFICERS.
Minister: Hans Steiner. Mission:
Licentiate: Emery Lorntz. Director: A. A. Carscallen.
Sec., B. L. Morse.
Advisory Committee: A. A.
Carscallen, J. D. Baker, B. L.
Separated from Levant Union MINISTERS.
in 1912. A. A. Carscallen, J. D. Baker, B.
L. Morse.
Territory: Syria (excepting Vil- LICENTIATES.
layet Aleppo), Mesopotamia, L. Lane, R. Watson.
and Arabia.
Local Committee: H. Erzberger MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
(Director), L. Krug (Sec.), E. B. Phillips, IT. Sparks. P. E.
Shukry Noufel. Pelhove, Alfred Matter.
H. Erzberger, Deutsche Post, Bei- GERMAN EAST AFRICAN
rut, Syria.
L. Krug, Deutsche Post, Jerusa- Established 1903.
lem, Palestine, Syria. Territory: German East Africa
Magda Skodsti, Ibraham al Khalil. Supt. Victoria Field, B. Mime,

Majita, Post Musoma, Victoria Third Station: Utimbaru, Post

Nyanza, German East Africa. Shirati, German East Africa.
Supt. Pare Field, E. Kotz, Ki- Fourth Station: Sizaki, Post Mu-
hurio, Post Buiko, via Tanga, soma, German East Africa.
German East Africa. District Usukuma: District Supt.,
R. Lusky, Ntusu.
I. SOUTH PARE MISSION Head Station: Ntusu, Post Mu-
FIELD. soma, German East Africa.
Second Station: Itilima, Post Mu-
Local Committee: E. Kotz, H. soma, German East Africa.
Drangmeister, M. Ponig, M. Third Station: Kanadi, Post Mu-
Kunze (Sec.). soma, German East Africa.
Head Station: Kihurio, Post Fourth Station: Mwagala, Post
Buiko, via Tanga, German East Musoma, German East Africa.
Second Station: Friedenstal, Post
Buiko, via Tanga, German East B. Ohme, J. Persson, R. Lusky,
Africa. W. Kolling.
Third Station: Vuasu, Post Bui- LICENTIATES.
ko, via Tanga, German East K. Kaltenhhuser, F. W. Vasenius,
Africa. 0. Wallath, F. Winter, E. Dom-
Fourth Station: Vunta, Post Bui- inick, V. Toppenberg, R. Stein.
ko, via Tanga, German East IV. Seiler, F. Bornath.
B. Schurich, L. Aberle, L. Barho,
E. Kotz, H. Drangmeister, M. Po- P. Drinhaus.
M. Kunze, Mrs. A. C. Enns.
Organized December, 1913.
SION FIELD. Territory: Gold Coast, West Af-
Local Committee. B. Ohme, J. Address: Coomassie. via Seccon-
Persson, W. KoRing, R. Lusky, dee, Gold Coast, West Africa.
F. W. Vasenius, K. Kalten- OFFICERS.
hauser, F. Winter (Sec.).
Director: IV. H. Lewis.
District Majita: District Supt.,
B. Ohme, Majita. MINISTER.
Head Station: Majita, Post Mu- IV. H. Lewis.
soma, German East Africa.
Second Station: Iramba, Post LICENTIATE.
Shirati, German East Africa. J. A. B. Davies.
Third Station: Nyabangi, Post MISSIONARY LICENTIATES,
Musom a , Germ an East Africa.
Fourth Station: Shirati, German J. W. Garbrah, James Dauphin.
East Africa.
District Ushashi: District Supt., LOWER EGYPT MISSION.
J. Persson, Bnsegwe.
Head Station: Busegwe, Post Mu- Dating from Jan. 1, 1914..
soma, German East Africa.
Second Station: Ikizu, Post Mu- Territory: Lower Egypt.
soma, German East Africa. Director: W. C. Ising.


W. C. Ising.
Entered 1911.
Territory: Persia and Afghanis-
0. Bezirdjian, Tigran Fakarian. tan.
Wilhelmina Miiller. Office Address: Grindelberg 15a,
Hamburg, Germany.
0. Staubert, Poste restante, Ta-
Entered 1914. briz, Persia.
Territory: Island of Madagascar LICENTIATE.
and the surrounding islands. F. F. Oster, Maragha, Persia.
Paul Badaut, Rose Hill, rue de
la Renie 42, Mauritius, Indian SIERRA LEONE MISSION.
Organized 1913.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Water-
Br. Moikeenah. loo, Sierra Leone, West Africa.
Director, R. S. Greaves.
Organized December, 1913. Advisory Committee: R. S.
Territory: Nigeria, West Af- Greaves, E. W. Myers, W. H.
rica. Lewis, J. E. Hartley, J. A.
Director: D. C. Babcock, Lalu- During.
pou, via Lagos, Nigeria, West MINISTER.
R. S. Greaves.
D. C. Babcock, R. P. Dauphin. LICENTIATES.

LICENTIATE. E. W. Myers, I. W. Harding,

Thos. Baker.
S. Morgue.
H. E. Lynch, D. B. Thomas, B.
NORTH AFRICAN MISSION. W. Davies, D. E. Smart, S. V.
Entered '1905. Davies, Geo. Williams, Jos.
Palmer, Henry Wilson.
Territory: Algeria and Tunis.
J. C. Guenin, 2 rue Station San- THEISS MISSION.
itaire, Algers, Algeria. Organized 1911.
Territory: The Kingdom of Ser-
lose Abella, W. E. Hancock. via, and the Hungarian coun-
ties of Bacs-Bodrog, Torontal,
Temes, KrassO-Szore'ny, Szer-
R. T. E. Colthurst. em, Pozsega, and Verocze.


Dating from Jan. 1, 1914.
Director, R. Schillinger.
Sec., M. Ludewig. Territory: Upper Egypt and
Treas., Mrs. Auguste Wakeham. Egyptian Sudan.
Sabbath-school and Miss. Sec., Address: Asyut, Upper Egypt.
M. Koch. Director: George Keough.
Field Miss. Sec., E. Braun. MINISTER.
Advisory Committee: R. Schil-
linger, W. Herbert, Chr. Will- George Keough.
werth, Jovanovics, Vasziljevics. MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
S. Farag, Bulos Abdul Messiah.
R. Schillinger, W. Herbert, M.
Ludewig, A. Mocnik.
LICENTIATE. (Unentered.)
M. Jeftity. Territory: Kamerun.
Territory: Congo Free State:
Organized 1911.
Territory: The Hungarian coun- (Unentered.)
ties of Baranya, Bars, Eszter-
gom, Feher, Gyor, Komarom, Territory: Tripoli, Morocco, and
Moson, Nyitra, Pozsony, Som- the French possessions in North-
ogy, Sopron, Tolna, Trencsen, ern Africa, excepting Algeria
TurOcz, Vas, Veszprern, and . and Tunis.
Director, E. A. Dorner. FERENCE.
Sec., W. Fiirle. Educational:
Treas., Mrs. Auguste Wakeham.
Sabbath-school and Miss. Sec., Friedensau Industrial School,
M. Koch. Friedensau, Post Grabow, Bez.
Advisory Committee: F. A. Magdeburg, Germany.
D0rner, P. Wenzel, W. Ririe. Latin Union School, Gland,
MINISTERS. Scandinavian Union Mission
School, Skodsborg, Denmark.
F. A. Dbrner, J. Christoffers. Stanborough Park Missionary
LICENTIATE. College, Watford, England.
Swedish Missionary School, Ny
W. Fiir16. hyttan, &limboAs, Sweden.
Waterloo Industrial School, Wa-
MISSIONARY LICENTIATES. terloo, Sierra Leone, West Af-
F. Gronnerth, A. Nagy. rica.

Publishing: Stockholm Publishing House,

Barcelona Publishing House, Gamla Kungsholmsbrogatan
Apartado 492, Barcelona., 38, Stockholm, Sweden.
Spain. Sanitariums:
British Publishing House, Wat-
ford, England. Caterhath Sanitarium, Surrey
Finland Publishing House, Un- Hills Hydro, Caterham
ionsgatan 4, Helsingfors, England.
Christiania Health Home, Ak-
Hamburg Publishing House, ersgaden 74, Christiania, Nor-
Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg, way.
Germany; with branches in Friedensau Sanitarium, Fried-
Basle, Petrograd, Constanti- ensau, Post Grabow, Bez.
nople, and Budapest. Magdeburg, Germany.
Latin Union Publishing House,
Gland, Switzerland. Lake Geneva Sanitarium, Gland.
Scandinavian Publishing House, Switzerland.
Akersgaden 74, Christiania, Skodshorg Sanitarium, Skods-
Norway; with branch at borg, Denmark.
Margrethvej 5, Copenhagen, Stanborough Park Sanitarium,
V., Denmark. Watford, England.


Organized 19'3; reorganized 1915.
Territory: The Australasian Un- Butterfield, B. Peterson, R. F.
ion Conference, the Indian Cottrell, F. A. Allum, 0. A. Hall.
Union Mission, the Northeast- B. L. Anderson, L. V. Finster,
ern Union Mission, the North F. A. Detamore, Mrs. C. N. Wood-
China Union Mission, the South ward, J. E. Shultz, H. M. Blun-
China Union Mission, and the den, A. C. Selmon, M. D., C. E.
East Indian Union Mission. Weeks.
Population: 879,652.025. (As the complete formation of
Cable and Telegraphic Address: the Division Conference Executive
"Adventist," Shanghai. will be perfected at the first ses-
Postal Address: Box 523, U. S. sion of the Conference at the end
Postal Agency, Shanghai, Chi- of 1916, the former Executive
na; or 25 Lahore Road, Shang- Committee is continued, with the
hai, China. addition of the new officers ap-
OFFICERS. pointed.)
Conference: Legal Name under which Prop-
Pres., R. C. Porter. erty is held: " General Conference
Vice-Pres. and Sec., J. E. Ful- Corporation of Seventh-day Ad-
ton. ventists." H. W. Barrows, At-
Treas. and Auditor, H. W. Bar- torney-in-fact.
rows. Publishing Dept.:
Executive Committee: R. C.
Porter, J. E. Fulton, C. H. Wat- General Sec., C. E. Weaks.
son, F. H. De Vinney, H. W. Bar- Field Sec., (for China) H.
rows, C. N. Woodward, C. L. Blunder!.

Sabbath-school Dept.: 'MINISTERS.

R. C. Porter, J. E. Fulton, J. F.
Sec., Mrs. C. N. Woodward. Shultz.
Educational Dept.: LICENTIATES.
C. N. Woodward, W. E. Gillis.
Sec., J. E. Shultz; other mem- H. M. Blunden, H. J. Doolittle,
bers of Committee, H. F. Benson, C. E. Weaks.
Riley Russell, M. D.
Medical Missionary Dept.: Mrs. R. C. Porter, Mrs. C. N.
Sec., A. C. Selmon, M. D. Woodward, Mrs. J. E. Shultz,
Mrs. W. E. Gillis, Mrs. H. M.
Young People's Dept: Blunden, Miss Olive Osborne,
Miss Florence Shull, Miss Flor-
See., J. E. Shultz. ence E. Wilson, E. H. James,
Mrs. E. H. James, C. H. Davis,
Home Missionary Dept.: Dr. D. E. Davenport, Mrs. D.
E. Davenport, C. F. Glascock,
Sec., H. M. Blunden. Mrs. C. F. Glascock, Mrs. H. J.
(All persons named below may Doolittle, H. W. Barrows, Mrs.
be addressed at Box 523, U. S. H. W. Barrows, Mrs. C. E.
Postal Agency, Shanghai, China.) Weaks.


Organized 1894.
Territory: The Conferences of H. Mills, G. F. Wright, A. W.
New South Wales, North New Anderson, E. Watson, F. Knight,
Zealand, South New Zealand, W. H. B. Miller.
Queensland, South Australia, Financial Advisory Committee:
Victoria, Tasmanian, West Aus- C. H. Pretynian, G. S. Fisher,
tralia; and the Mission fields J. M. Johanson, C. H. Watson,
of Micronesia, Melanesia; and A. Mountain, Sr.
Polynesia. Legal Assn.: " Australasian
Cable Address: " Adventist," Syd- Conference Association, Ltd."
ney. Pres., C. H. Watson; Sec. and
Office: " Mizpah," Wahroonga, Treas., C. H. Pretyman.
N. S. W., Australia.
Union Book Depository:
Signs Publishing Company, Ltd.,
Conference: Warburton, Victoria, Australia.
Pres., C. H. Watson. Manager, W. H. B. Miller, War-
Vice-Pres., W. W. Fletcher. burton.
Sec. and Treas., C. H. Prety- Union Field Miss. Sec., W. W.
man. Fletcher.
Executive Committee: C. H. Book Committee: J. M. Jo-
Watson, C. H. Pretyman, the hanson, A. W. Anderson, G.
presidents of the local con- Teasdale, Mrs. A. L. Hindson,
ferences, W. W. Fletcher, Mrs. W. W. Fletcher, C. M. Snow.
A. L. Hindson, G. S. Fisher, Island Book Committee: J. M.
J. Mills, C. M. Snow, J. M. Cole, Mrs. A. L. Hindson, Mrs.
Johanson, Dr. T. A. Sherwin, J. A. G. Waugh, C. H. Pretyman,

J. D. K. Aitken, W. W. Fletcher, LICENTIATES.

J. M. Johanson. C. V. Bell, Australasian Mis-
sionary College, Cooranbong,
Sabbath-school Dept.: N. S. W., Australia.
F. L. Chaney, Australasian Mis-
Sec., Mrs. A. L. Hindson. sionary College, Cooranbong, N.
S. W., Australia.
Educational Dept.: C. H. Pretyman, " Mizpah," Wah-
Sec., A. W. Anderson. roonga, N. S. W., Australia.
W. R. Carswell, " Mizpah," Wah-
Medical Missionary Dept.: roonga, N. S. W., Australia.
P. B. Rudge, " Mizpah," Wah-
Sec., Dr. T. A. Sherwin, Sani- roonga, N. S. W., Australia.
tarium, Wahroonga,- N. S. W., Dr. T. A. Sherwin, Sanitarium,
Australia. Wahroonga, N. S. W., Aus-
Religious Liberty Dept.: Joseph Mills, Australasian Mis-
Sec., A. W. Anderson. sionary College, Cooranbong, N.
S. W., Australia.
Sec., F. Knight. Mrs. A. L. Hindson, " Mizpah,"
Cor. Sec., Mrs. A. L. Hindson. Wahroonga, N. S. W., Aus-
Committee: W. W. Fletcher, F. tralia.
Knight, Mrs. A. L. Hindson. Mrs. E. Shannon, Sanitarium,
Wahroonga, N. S. W., Aus-
Home Missionary Dept.: tralia.
Sec., W. W. Fletcher. Dr. M. M. Freeman, Sanitarium,
Wahroonga, N. S. W., Aus-
Cor. Sec., Mrs. A. L. Hindson. tralia.
Central Polynesian Union Mission A. Mountain, Si., " Mizpah,"
Wahrponga, N. S. W., Aus-
Advisory Committee: A. G. tralia.
Stewart, J. S. Steed, E. E. F. J. Parkin, " Mizpah," Wah-
Thorpe. roonga, N. S. W., Australia.
A. G. Miller, Warburton, Vic-
Eastern Polynesian Union Mission toria, Australia.
Advisory Committee: F. E. CHURCH-SCHOOL TEACHERS.
Lyndon, G. L. Sterling, W. R. Mrs. Joseph Mills, Australasian
Missionary College, Cooranbong,
MINISTERS. N. S. W., Australia.
C. H. Schowe. Australasian Mis-
C. H. Watson, " Mizpah," Wah- sionary College, Cooranbong, N.
roonga, N. S. W., Australia. S. W., Australia.
J. M. Johanson, Cooranbong, N. Miss Rhea Allbon, Australasian
S. W., Australia. Missionary College, Cooranbong,
W. W. Fletcher, " Mizpah," Wah- N. S. W:, Australia.
roonga, N. S. W., Australia. Mrs F. L. Chaney, Australasian
R. Hare, Warburton, Victoria, Missionary College, Cooranbong,
Australia. N. S. W., Australia.
A. W. Anderson, Warburton, Vic- H. Kirk, Australasian Missionary
toria, Australia. College, Cooranbong, N. S. W.,
G. Hubbard, Sanitarium, Wah- Australia.
roonga, N. S. W., Australia. Miss I. B. Turner, Australasian
C. M. Snow, Warburton, Vic- Missionary College, Cooranbong,
toria, Australia. N. S. W., Australia.


FERENCE. Miss A. E. Pearce, Miss H. R.
Pearce, P. 0. Foster, J. Hind-
Organized 1895. son, A. E. Hodg,ki son W. Cod-
ling, F. Knight, A. G. Wise.
Territory: The State of New Miss I. Robertson. Mrs. M.
South Wales. Caro, Miss A. E. White, Miss
Office: " Tereora," The Avenue, S. Read, Miss M. Cori n
Strathfield, N. S. W., Australia. Miss V. M. Rogers, Miss C. M.
Rule, Miss A. S. Hi pgin s . hiss
OFFICERS. F. E. Perry. M. A. Connell. A.
Conference: Bill I as, Mrs. E. Caro.
Sec. and Treas., P. G. Foster. T. J. Roberts, E. Bernoth , Mrs.
Executive Committee: E. H. E. Esere et .
Gates, W. G. Brittain, G. S.
Fisher, J. Hindson, A. E. Hodg,,-
kison, W. L. H. Baker, A. C. NORTH NEW ZEALAND CON-
Hard wi ek e. FERENCE.
Tract Society: Organized 1Sg9.
Sec. and Treas., A. E. Hodgki-
s on. Territory: That portion of the
Field Miss. Sec., A. E. Hodg- Dominion of New Zealand
ison. north of Cook's Straits.
Cable Address: Mastery, Welling-
Sabbath-school Dept.: ton, New Zealand.
See., Miss C. M. Rule. Office: 70 Nairn St., Wellington.
New Zealand.
Educational Dept.: OFFICERS.
Supt., C. H. Schowe. Conference:
Religious Liberty Dept.: Pres., J. M. Cole.
Vice-Pres., H. E. Piper.
Sec., W. G. Brittain. Sec. and Treas., E. Rosendahl.
Young People's Dept.: Executive Committee: J. M.
Cole, Dr. P. M. Keller, H. Letts,
See., Miss A. S. Higgins. F. C. Rampton, Dr. Erie Caro.
Home Missionary Dept.: G. F. Wright, H. E. Piper. .
Legal Assn.: "New Zealand
See.; T. R. gent. Conference, Incorporated."
(All persons named below may be Tract Society:
addressed a t " Tereora," The Sec., U. G. 0 roube.
Avenue, Strathfield, N. S. W., Treas., E. Rosendahl.
A ustralia .) Field Miss. See., C. F. Ha /Is-
E. H. Gates, W. L. H. Baker, Sabbath-school Dept.:
W. 0. Brittain, C. A. Paap, Sec., Miss E. E. Edwards.
A. Smart, 0. Teasdale.
Educational Dept.:
Supt., E. Rosendahl.
F. L. Sharp, G. Robinson, G. E.
Marriott, R. A. Salton, C. E. Young People's Dept.:
Ash croft. See., Miss E. E. Edwards.

Religious Liberty Dept.: Educational Dept.:

Sec., H. E. Piper. Supt., J. H. Mills.
Home Missionary Dept.: Young People's Dept.:
Sec., C. Head. See., Miss H. Osborne.
(All persons named below may Religions Liberty Dept.:
be addressed at 70 Nairn St.,
Wellington, New Zealand.) See., E. S. Butz.
Asst. Sec., J. H. Mills.
Home Missionary Dept.:
J. M. Cole, G. G. Stewart, H. E.
Piper. See., J. Allen.
LICENTIATES. (All persons named below may be
.1. A. Chaney, H. Letts, J. Gillis, addressed at Corner Peel and
M. W. Carey, A. King, R. K. Grey Sts., South Brisbane,
Piper, L. G. Paap, E. Rosendahl. Queensland, Australia.)
E. S. Butz, J. Allen.
F: G. Hampton, A. Hokin, Miss
E. E. Edwards, Dr. P. M. Kel- LICENTIATES.
ler, Dr. F. Keller, Dr. Eric
Caro, Mrs. R. K. Piper, Mrs. L. Currow, R. E. Hare, J. W.
L. G. Paap, Miss E. Hill. Kent, L. Newbold, S. L. Hoopes.
Miss M. Smart, Miss Archibald. J. H. Mills, C. E. Hames, Miss E.
Westerman, G. H. Morrison,
Miss H. Osborne.
Organized 1899.
Territory: The State of Queens- FERENCE.
Office.: Corner Peel and Grey Organized 1899.
Sts., South Brisbane, Queens-
land, Australia. Territory: The State of South
Australia, and the city of.
Conference: Broken Hill, N. S. W.
Pres., E. S. Butz. Office: 116 Grote St., Adelaide,
Sec. and Treas., J. H. Mills. South Australia, Australia.
Executive Committee: E. S. OFFICERS.
Butz, H. J. Cooper, W. G. Hodg-
kinson, F. L. Wiltshire, J. Allen, Conference:
H. W. Woodgate. Pres., W. J. Westerman.
Tract Society: Vice-Pres., C. P. Michaels.
Sec., C. E. Hames. See. and Treas., Miss R. V.
Treas., J. H. Mills. Stratford.
Field Miss. See., S. L. Hoopes. Executive Committee: W. J.
Westerman, C. P. Michaels, C.
Sabbath-school Dept.: Davey, L. D. A. Lemke, W.
See., Miss H. Osborne. W ere, J. J. Potter, W. Vercoe, Jr.

Tract Society: Executive Committee: W. H.

Sec., J. Todd. Pascoe, C. K. Meyers, B. Wal-
Treas., Miss R. V. Stratford. drom, S. H. Amyes.
Field Miss. Sec., J. Todd.
Tract Society:
Sabbath-school Dept.: Sec. and Treas., T. W. Ham-
Sec., Miss M. C. Barlow. mond.
Field Miss. Sec., B. Waldrom.
Educational Dept.:
Supt., Sabbath-school Dept.:
Sec., Mrs. H. E. Sharp.
Religious Liberty Dept.:
Joint Sees., T. A. Brown and Educational Dept.:
E. B. Rudge. Supt., W. H. Pascoe.
Young People's Dept.:
Religious Liberty Dept.:
Sec., Miss M. C. Barlow.
Sec., C. K. Meyers.
(All persons named below may be
addressed at 116 Grote St., Young People's Dept.:
Adelaide, South Australia, Aus- Sec., Mrs. H. E. Sharp.
Home Missionary Dept.:
W. J. Westerman, C. P. Michaels, Sec., W. H. Pascoe.
L. D. A. Lemke, D. N. Wall.
(All persons named below may be
LICENTIATES. addressed at 7 Battersea St.,
T. A. Brown, E. B. Rudge. Sydenham, Christchurch, New
J. Davies, Mrs. G. Chapman, MINISTERS.
Miss R. V. Stratford, Miss W. H. Pascoe, C. K. Meyers.
M. C. Barlow, J. J. Potter, A. V.
Carter, Mrs. L. Thomas. LICENTIATES.
CHURCH-SCHOOL TEACHERS. T. A. Driver, A. Currow, H. E.
Norman Faulkner, Miss A. E. Sharp, J. Thomson.
B. Waldrom, G. A. Brandstater,
SOUTH NEW ZEALAND CON- A. McCoy, Mrs. H. E. Sharp,
Miss J. McCullough, Miss L. E.
FERENCE. Dawkins.
Territory: That portion of the H. Crouch.
Dominion of New Zealand south
of Cook's Straits.
Office: 7 Battersea St., Sydenham, TASMANIAN CONFERENCE.
Christchurch, New Zealand.
OFFICERS. Organized 1915.
Conference Territory: The State of Tas-
Pres., W. H. Pascoe. mania.
Sec. and Treas., T. W. Ham- Office: Franklin Chambers, Ho-
mond. bart, Tasmania.

OFFICERS. Tract Society:

Conference: Sec.,
Pres., A. H. 'White. Field Miss. Sec., C. Hallam.
Sec. and Treas., J. L. Smith.
Executive Committee: A. H. Sabbath-school Dept.:
White, H. B. Hurhurgh, P. Ap- Sec., Mrs. M. Lukens.
peldorff, E. P. Fehlberg, A. Gall,
H. Murfet, J. A. Moore. Educational Dept.:
Supt., A. W. Anderson.
Tract Society:
Religious Liberty Dept.:
Sec. and Treas., J. L. Smith.
Field Miss. Sec., J. A. Moore. Sec., A. W. Anderson.
Young People's Dept.:
Sabbath-school Dept.:
Sec., Miss E. M. James.
Sec., Miss M. Armstrong.
Home Missionary Dept.:
Young People's Dept.: Sec., A. G. Miller.
Sec., Miss M. Armstrong.
(All persons named below may be
(All persons named below may be addressed at- Ph air's Bldg., 327
addressed at Franklin Cham- Collins St., Melbourne, Vic-
bers, Hobart, Tasmania.) toria, Australia.)
M. Lukens, J. H. Woods, T. H.
A. H. White, H. C. Harker. Craddock, A. H. Rogers, H.
A. W. Chelberg, B. Judge.
N. J. Walldorff, E. H. Guilliard,
W. Gillis, Miss M. Armstrong, J. S. Stewart.
J. Gillespie, Mrs. F. Bottrill, Miss
E. M. James, Miss M. Mc-
Dowell, W. Armstrong, Miss M.
VICTORIAN CONFERENCE. Anderson, Miss H. L. Cozens,
Organized 1888. Mrs. M. Lukens, Harold F.
Smith, Mrs. Morgan, C. Mann,
Territory: The State of Victoria. T. Whittle.
Office: Phair's Building, 327 Col- CHURCH-SCHOOL TEACHER.
lins St., Melbourne, Victoria, Miss Violet Branford.
Pres., M. Lukens.
Vice-Pres., J. H. Woods. Organized 1902.
Sec. and Treas., J. Gillespie.
Executive Committee M. Lu- Territory: The State of West
kens, J. H. Woods, R. A. Nat- Australia.
trass, C. Hallam, J. A. McAinSh, Office: 103 William St., Perth,
E. Watson, A. E. White. West Australia, Australia.


Established 1894.
Pres., A. H. Piper.
Sec. and Treas., R. E. G. Blair. Address: Rarotonga, Cook Is-
Executive Committee: A. H. lands, Pacific Ocean.
Piper, L. J. Imrie, H. Ward, Director and Minister: G. L.
A. G. Minchin, W. J. Smith, W. Sterling.
N. Lock, A. S. B. Craig. Missionary Licentiates: Mrs. G.
L. Sterling, H. Streeter, H. B.
Tract Society: P. Wicks.
Sec. and Treas., Mrs. R. E. G.
Field Miss. Sec., W. N. Lock. FIJI MISSION.
Sabbath-school Dept.: Established 1889.
See., Miss C. PettMson.
Address: Suva Von, Suva, Fiji,
Educational Dept.: Pacific Ocean.
Supt., MT. J. Smith. Director: A. G. Stewart.
Sabbath-school Dept.: Sec., Mrs.
Religious Liberty Dept.: A. G. Stewart.
Sec., A. W. Cormack. Ministers: A. G. Stewart, Paul-
iasi Bunoa, Joni Lui, Mecusela
Young People's Dept.: Naisogo, Henele Ma'afu.
Licentiates: H. R. Martin, Nai-
See., Miss C. Patterson. buka, Timoci, Veniesi, Kelevi,
Home Missionary Dept.: Missionary Licentiates: Mrs. A.
See., R. E. 0. Blair. G. Stewart, Mrs. Ellen Meyers,
Miss E. E. Clarke, Pereniki.
(All persons named below may be Emori, Veresi, Tevita, Sanapa-
addressed at 103 William St., lati, Finiasi, TKameli , Semiti,
Perth, West Australia, Aus- T.evi.
A. B. Piper, L. J. Imrie, W. J.
Smith. Established 1895.
LICENTIATES. Address: Nukualofa, Tonga,
L. P. Harvey, A. W. Cormack, Friendly Islands, Pacific Ocean.
G. T. Newbold, A. H. Britten. Director and Licentiate: F. E.
MISSIONARY LICENTIATES. Missionary Licentiates: Mrs. E.
W. N. Lock, A. A. Shapcott, Miss E. Thorpe, W. W. Palmer, H.
F. Reed, Miss E. Britten, Miss L. Tolhurst.
Sawyer, R. E. G. Blair.
E. Behrens, Miss R. Giblett, Miss
C. Brown, Miss M. Dawkins, Established 1911.
Miss B. M. Voss, Miss K. Gib-
lett, Miss A. Smith, Miss M. Address: Lord Howe Island, via
Robinson. Sydney, Australia.

Operated as a branch of Norfolk NORFOLK ISLAND MISSION.

Island Mission.
Sabbath-school Sec., Mrs. E. Fen- Established 1895.
ton. Address: Norfolk Island, Pa-
cific Ocean.
MONAMONA MISSION FOR AB- Licentiate: A. H. Ferris.
Address: Kuranda, via Cairns, Established 1890.
Queensland, Australia. Address: Pitcairn Island, Pacific
Sec. and Treas., J. L. Branford. Ocean, care British Consul, Pa-
Board of Management: C. H. peete, Tahiti, Society Islands.
Watson, J. L. Branford, E. S. Missionary Licentiates: M. R. Ad-
Butz. ams, Mrs. M. R. Adams.
Licentiate: J. L. Branford.
Missionary Licentiates: R. M. To-
enhofer, George Mitchell.
Established 1895.
NIUE MISSION. Address; Apia, tipolo, Samoa, Pa-
cific Ocean.
Established 1914. Director and Minister: J. E. Steed.
Licentiate: H. T. Howse (Sec.
Address: Niue Island, Pacific and Treas.).
(Icean. Missionary Licentiates: Mrs. L.
Director and Licentiate: S. W, E. P. Dexter, Miss May Pontey.
Missionary Licentiate: Miss Vai
K crisome.
Established 1892.
NEW GUINEA MISSION. Address: Papara, Tahiti, Society
Established 1908. Islands, Pacific Ocean.
Director and Minister: F. E.
Address: Bisiatabu, Port Mores- Lyndon.
by, British New Guinea. Licentiates: W. R. Howse, H. A.
Director: A. N. Lawson. Rill.
Licentiates: A. N. Lawson, Bennie Missionary Licentiates: Mrs. F.
Tavodi. E. Lyndon, R. S. Cozens, .1. R.
Missionary Licentiate: Mitieli Na- M eCoy.
NEW HEBRIDES MISSION. Established 1914.
Established 1912. Address: Gizo, New Georgia, Sol-
omon Islands.
Address: Atchin, New Hebrides, Director and Minister: G. F.
- Pacific Ocean. Jones.
Director and Minister: C. H. Licentiates: 0. V. Hellestrand, D.
Parker. Nicholson.
Missionary Licentiates: Mrs. C. H. Missionary Licentiate: Mrs. G. F.
Parker, N. Wiles. Jones.
Organized 19ro.
Territory: India, Burma, and MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Ceylon. Mrs. H. R. Salisbury, F. 0. Ray-
Cable Address: Adventist, Luck- mond, A. W. Knight, W. Jos-
now. eph, W. H. Gall, C. Stafford,
Mrs. A. H. Williams, Mrs. Edith
General Office: 17 Abbott Road, E. Bruce (Annfield House, Mus-
Lucknow, India. soorie, India), Marion Bel-
OFFICERS. chambers, Geo. F. Furnival,
Mission: (Annfield House, Mussoorie, In-
Pres., dia), Mrs. Geo. F. Furnival, R.
Vice-Pres., J. S. James. D. Brisbin, Mrs. R. D. Brisbin,
Sec., R. D. Brisbin. Mrs. I. F. Blue, R. Loasby,
Treas., A. H. Williams. H. A. Skinner, R. A. Thrist,
Executive Committee: Frank Smith, Dr. Olive Santee
, J. S. James, G. W. Pet- Smith, Mrs. Floyd Smith.
tit, L. J. Burgess, S. A. Wellman,
A. H. Williams, V. L. Mann, A.
W. Knight, R. D. Brisbin, I. F.
Blue, Mrs. S. A. Wellman. BENGAL MISSION.
Legal Assn.: " India Financial
Assn. of S. D. A." Chairman, Organized 1910.
S. A. Wellman; Sec. and Treas.,
Territory: Comprising areas where
the following languages are
Board of Trustees: spoken: Bengali, Oriya, Santali,
S. A. Wellman, G. W. and Assamese.
Pettit, I. F. Blue, L. J. Bur-
gess, A. H. Williams, J. S. OFFICERS.
James. Mission:
Union Field Miss. Sec., A. W. Supt., L. J. Burgess.
Knight. Advisory Committee: I. J.
Burgess, L. G. Mookerjee, A. G.
Medical Sec., Dr. V. L. Mann. Watson, R. H. Leech, J. M. Comer.
Sabbath-school Sec., Mrs. S. A. MINISTER.
J. M. Comer, 75 Park St., Cal-
Young People's and Educational cutta, India.
Sec., I. F. Blue.
Home Miss. Sec., R. D. Brisbin. L. J. Burgess, 2 Debi Serampore
(All persons named below may be Road, P. 0. Entally, Calcutta,
addressed at 17 Abbott Road, India.
Lucknow, India, unless other Walter S. Mead, 75 Park St.,
address is given.) Calcutta, India.
C. C. Kellar, 75 Park St., Cal-
MINISTER. cutta, India.
L. G. Mookerjee, 6 Dehi Seram-
I. F. Blue. pore Road, P. 0. Entally, Cal-
cutta, India.
A. G. Watson, 11 Wellington
A. H. Williams, Floyd Smith. Square, Calcutta, India.


Mrs. L. J. Burgess, Mrs. J. M. Mission:
Corner, Mrs. Walter S. Mead, Supt., S. A. Wellman.
J. H. Reagan, Mrs. J. H. Rea- Advisory Committee: S. A.
gan, P. C. Day, Provo Mitter, Wellman, R. P. Morris, I. F. Blue,
S. C. Sircar, A. Mondol, M. C. C. C. Belgrave, Wm. Lake.
Dass, Miss Della Burroway, MINISTER.
R. H. Leech, Mrs. M. B. Leech,
Mrs. L. G. Mookerjee, Mrs. C. S. A. Wellman, 17 Abbott Road,
C. Kellar, Mrs. A. Owen. Lucknow, India.
C. C. Belgrave, Dwarikhal, Gar-
BURMA MISSION. hwal, India.
R. P. Morris, Najibabad, United
Organized 1910. Provinces, India.
Territory: Burma. M. M. Mattison, 17 Abbott Road,
OFFICERS. Lucknow, India.
Acting Supt., Mrs. S. A. Wellman, Wm. Lake,
Advisory Committee: R. A. Mrs. M. M. Mattison, P. C.
Beckner, G. A. Hamilton, D. C. Poley, Miss V. E. Chilton, Mrs.
Ludington, A. W. Stevens, David A. O'Connor, Miss B. A. Kurtz,
Hpo 11la. *Miss M. B. Shryock, Miss L.
MINISTERS. M. Scholtz, Mrs. Chas. Bel-
0. A. Hamilton, 60 Lower Kem- grave, Mrs. R. P. Morris, Sho-
mendine Road, Kemmendine, to Mitter, R. Peters.
H. H. Votaw, (on furlough in * On furlough.
U. S.)
R. A. Beckner, Civil Lines, Man- SOUTH INDIA MISSION.
dalay, Burma.
Maung Maung, and David Hpo Organized 1910.
MISSIONARY LICENTIATES. Territory: Comprising areas
where the following languages
Miss Mary Gibbs, Mrs. R. A. Beck- are spoken; Tamil, Telegu, Kan-
ner, Dr. 011ie Oberholtzer-Torn- arese, Malayalam, and Singha-
blaad, Mrs. G. A. Hamilton, F. lese, and including Ceylon.
A. Wyman, Mrs. F. A. Wyman,
Eric Hare, Mrs. Eric Hare, Wil- Address: Kilpauk, Madras, South
liam Carratt, Rachel Jones, A. India.
J. Denoyer, Don C. Ludington, OFFICERS.
Mrs. Don C. Ludington, Mrs. Mission:
Caroline Votaw, Maung Ba Tin. Supt., J. S. James.
Advisory Committee: J. S.
James, V. E. Peugh, Edward
NORTH INDIA MISSION. Thomas, G. G. Lowry, Solomon.
Organized 1910. MINISTERS.
Territory: Comprising areas where J. S. James, Kilpauk, Madras,
the following languages are South India.
spoken: Urdu, Hindi, and Bi- G. G. Lowry, Coimbatore, South
hari. India.

LICENTIATES. M. D. Wood, Kalyan, liombity

J. W. Kent, Kilpauk, Madras, Presidency, India.
South India. G. F. Enoch (on furlough in U. S.)
V. E. Peugh, Kilpauk, Madras,
South India.
E. D. Thomas, Nazareth P. 0., A. G. Kelsey, Victoria Terrace,
Tinnevelly District, South In- Victoria Road, Mazagon, Bom-
dia. bay, India.
E. E. Morrow, Coimbatore, South

Mrs. A. G. Kelsey, Miss Elinora
Reid, Mrs. M. D. Wood, Miss
Mrs. Minnie James, Mrs. V. E. R. E. Boose, Miss Mary Moss,
Peugh, A. Davasayaham, Mrs. MT. R. Nelson, Mrs. W. R.
E. E. Morrow, Mrs. G. G. Nelson, Mrs. G. W. Pettit, Mrs.
Lowry, Asirvatham, A. Gnan- W. R. French, Mrs. G. F.
asahamoni, Mrs. S. Thomas, Enoch (on furlough in U. S.).
Mrs. P. Joseph.


SION. Organized 1914.
Organized 1910. Territory: Comprising the fol-
lowing language areas: Urdu,
Territory: Comprising areas Punjabi, and Sindhi.
where the following languages
are spoken: Marathi and Gu- OFFICERS.
jarati. Mission:
Address: Victoria Terrace, Vic-
toria 13 oad, Mazagon, Bombay, Supt.,
India. Advisory Committee:
, V. L. Mann, H. C.
OFFICERS. Menkel, F. H. Loasby.
Supt., G. W. Pettit. MINISTER.
Advisory Committee: G. W. IT. C. Menkel.
Pettit, G. F. Enoch, M. D. Wood,
W. R. French, A. G. Kelsey. LICENTIATES.
MINISTERS. V. L. Mann, F. H. Loasby.
G. W. Pettit, Victoria Terrace, MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Victoria Road, Mazagon, Bom-
bay, India. Mrs. H. C. Menkel, Mrs. V. L.
W. R. French, Victoria Terrace, Mann, Mrs. F. H. Loasby, R. L.
Victoria Road, Mazagon, Bom- Kimble, Mrs. R. L. Kimble, A.
bay, India. Gardiner.
Organized 1915.
Territory: Malaysian and Philip- British North Borneo:
pine Missions. Director, Roy Mershon.
Pres., Sec. and Treas.,
Sec. and Treas.,
Federated Malay States:
(A full list of officers for this Director, Sec., and Treas., G. A.
Union can not be given until
the organization has been per- Thompson.
fected.) West Java Mission:
Director, Sec., and Treas., I. C.
Connection with Asiatic Division Director, Sec., and Treas., J. S.
dating from Jan. 1, 1912. Yates.
Territory: Straits Settlements; F. A. Detamore, 300 Serangoon
The Federated Malay States, Road, Singapore, Straits Set-
British North Borneo, Siam, tlements.
and the Dutch East Indies. R. P. Montgomery, Sandakan.
Cable Address: " Advent," Singa- British North Borneo. (on fur-
pore. lough in U. S.)
G. A. Thompson, 14 Scott Road,
Postal Address: 300 Serangoon Kaula Lumpur, Federated Ma-
Road, Singapore, Straits Set- lay States.
tlements. J. S. Yates, Zee Straat, Padang.
Sumatra, Dutch East Indies.
Mission: K. M. Adams, 300 Serangoon
Supt., F. A. Detamore. Road, Singapore, Straits Set-
Sec. and Treas., J. W. Rowland. tlements.
Advisory Committee: F. A. Roy Mershon, Sandakan, British
Detamore, Roy Mershon, R. P. North Borneo.
Montgomery, T. C. Schmidt, G. A. G. A. Wood, Oendaan Gang Klar-
Wood, G. A. Thompson, J. S. ing No. 2, Soerabaya, Java,
Yates, K. M. Adams. Dutch East Indies.
Sabbath-school, Educational, and J. W. Rowland, 300 Serangoon
Road, Singapore, Straits Set-
Young People's Sec., K. M. Ad- tlements.
T. C. Schmidt, 29 Gang Baroe
Field Miss. Sec., C. T. Everett. Kramat, Weltevreden, Java,
Dutch East Indies.
Officers of Local Missions.
Straits Settlements: Mrs. F. A. Detamore, Mrs. Roy
Director, Sec., and Treas., J. W. Mershon, Mrs. K. M. Adams,
Rowland. C. T. Everett, Mrs. G. A. Wood,
Mrs. J. W. Rowland, Mrs. R. P:
East Java Mission: Montgomery, Mrs. G. A. Thomp-
Director, G. A. Wood. son, Mrs. I. C. Schmidt, Mrs.
Sec. and Treas., Mrs. G. A. J. S. Yates, Miss P. Tunheim
Wood. (on furlough in U. S.) .

PHILIPPINE MISSION. Home Missionary Sec., W. E.

Organized 1906.
Territory: Philippine Islands and MINISTERS.
Sulu Archipelago. L. V. Finster, E. M. Adams, R.
Cable Address: " Adventist," Ma- E. Hay.
Postal Address: 819 Indiana St., LICENTIATES.
Manila, Philippine Islands. Dr. Carlos Fattebert, W. E. Lan-
Sabbath-school Sec., Mrs. L. V. Mrs. E. M. Adams, Mrs. L. V.
Finster. Finster, Mrs. U. C. Fattebert,
Missionary Volunteer Sec., Mrs:, Mrs. W. E. Lanier, Robert
W. E. Lanier. Stewart, Mrs. Robert Stewart.


Organized 1916.
Territory: The following mis- Tract Society:
sions: Japan, Korea, and Man-
churia. Sec., A. B. Cole.
(At the time of going to press Field Miss. Sec., H. Stacey.
with the Year Book, a full Sabbath-school Dept.:
complement of officers has not
been selected, and hence can Sec., S. Miyake.
not be given here.)
Educational Dept.:
Supt., H. F. Benson.
JAPAN MISSION. Young People's Dept.:
Organized 1896. Sec., B. P. Hoffman.
Territory: Japan. Home Missionary Dept.:
Cable Address: " Adventist," To-
kyo. Sec., H. Stacey.
Postal Address: 169-171 Amanu- MINISTERS.
ma, Suginami-mura, Toyotama-
gun, Tokyo, Japan. F. H. DeVinney, 169-171 Amanu-
ma, Suginami-mura, Toyota-
OFFICERS. ma-gun, Tokyo, Japan.
Mission: H. F. Benson, 169-171 Amanu-
Supt., F. H. DeVinney. m a, Suginami-mura, Toyota-
Sec. and Treas., A. B. Cole. ma-gun, Tokyo, Japan.
Advisory Committee: F. H. B. P. Hoffman, 1 of 1882, Fuki-
DeVinney, H. F. Benson, B. P. aicho, Kobe, Japan.
Hoffman, H. Stacey, T. H. Oko- T. H. Okohira, 169-171 Amanu-
hira, H. Kuniya, K. Noma. ma, Suginami-mura, Toyota-
Publishing Committee: F. H. ma-gun, Tokyo, Japan.
DeVinney, B. P. Hoffman, and H. Kuniya, 4396 Sonta Machi,
Editor of Magazine. Kagoshima, Japan.


LICENTIATES. Mun Cook, Kim Na Chun, Ne

Alfonzo Anderson, 31 Komachi, Keun pk, Kim Ku Hyuk.
Hiroshima, Japan. Publishing Committee: C. L.
P. A. Webber, 1 of 10, Jigyo, Ni- Butterfield, H. A. Oberg, Mimi
shi-machi, Fukuoka, Japan. Scharffenberg.
H. Stacey, 169-171 Amanuma, Sec., B. R. Owen.
Suginami-mura, Toyotama-gun, Treas., Kim Pong Ku.
Tokyo, Japan. Field Miss. Sec., H. A. Oberg.
Mrs. H. Stacey, 169-171 Amanu-
ma, Suginami-mura, Toyota- Sabbath-school Dept.:
ma-gun, Tokyo, Japan. Sec., Mimi Scharffenberg.
J. N. Herboltzheimer, 2180 Mi-
nami Ota-machi, Yokohama, Educational Dept.:
Japan. Sec.,
Mrs. J. N. Herboltzheimer, 2180
Minami Ota-machi, Yokohama, Medical Missionary Dept.:
Japan. Sec., Dr. Riley Russell.
Mrs. F. H. DeVinney, 169-171
Amanuma, Suginami-mura, To- Home Missionary Dept.:
yotama-gun, Tokyo, Japan. Sec., Mimi Scharffenberg.
Mrs. H. F. Benson, 169-171 Aman- MINISTERS.
uma, Suginami-mura, Toyota-
ma-gun, Tokyo, Japan. C. L. Butterfield, Seoul, Korea.
Mrs. B. P. Hoffman, 1 of 1882, W. R. Smith, Wonsan, Korea.
Fukiaicho, Kobe, Japan. Riley Russell, M. D., Soonan,
Mrs. Alfonzo Anderson, 31 Koma- Korea.
chi, Hiroshima, Japan. H. A. Oberg, Seoul, Korea.
Mrs. P. A. Webber, 1 of 10, Jigyo, R. C. Wangerin, Keizan, Korea.
Nishi-machi, Fukuoka, Japan. Chyong Mun Cook, Soonan, Ko-
A. B. Cole, 169-171 Amanuma, rea.
Suginami-mura, Toyotama-gun, Ne Keun Ok, Keizan, Korea.
Mrs. A. B. Cole, 169-171 Amanuma, Mrs. C. L. Butterfield, Seoul, Ko-
Suginarni -m ura , Toyotama -gun, rea.
Tokyo, Japan. Mrs. W. R. Smith, Wonsan, Ko-
Mrs. Riley Russell, Soonan, Korea.
KOREAN MISSION. Mrs. H. A. Oberg, Seoul, Korea.
Mrs. R. C. Wangerin, Keizan,
Organized 1908. Korea.
Miss Mimi Seharffenberg, Seoul,
Territory: Korea. Korea.
Cable Address: " Adventist," Miss May Scott, Soonan, Korea.
Seoul. B. R. Owen, Seoul, Korea.
Office Address: Seoul, Korea. Mrs. B. R. Owen, Seoul, Korea.
Supt., C. L. Birtterfield.
Sec. and Treas., B. R. Owen. Organized 1914.
Advisory Committee: C. L. Territory: Manchuria.
Butterfield, B. R. Owen, W. R.
Smith, Riley Russell, H. A. Postal Address: Mukden, Man-
Oberg, R. C. Wangerin, Chyong churia. China.

Mission: Bernhard Peterson.
Supt., Bernhard Peterson.
Sec. and Treas., 0. J. Grundset. LICENTIATE.
Advisory Committee: B. Peter- 0. J. .Grundset.
son, 0. J. Grundset, Feng S. S.
Sec., Mrs. B. Peterson. Mrs. B. Peterson, Mrs. 0. J.
Young People's Dept.: Grundset, J. G. Gjording, Mrs.
Sec., Mrs. 0. J. Grundset. J. G. Gjording.


Organized 1915.
Territory: The following-named Frederick Lee, S. G. White, D.
missions: Central China, East B. Liu, D. D. Hwang, Fang Chu
China, North China, and West Chat, Mo Gi Ren.
Office: Sabbath-school, Dept.:
Sec., Mrs. Bertha Selmon (act-
Educational Dept.:
Supt., R. F. Cottrell.
Sec., 0. J. Gibson.
(It is impossible to give a full Young People's Dept.:
complement of officers for this
Union Mission, as they have Sec., 0. J. Gibson.
not been selected at the time
of going to press with this Provincial Officers.
publication.) Hunan Province:
Director, S. G. White (acting).
Sec. and Treas., S. G. 'White.
Honan Province:
Organized 1909. Director, Frederick Lee.
Territory: The Provinces of Ho- See. and Treas., 0. J. Gibson.
nan, Shensi, T(ansu, Hupeh, Hupeh Province:
Hunan, and Kiangsi.
Postal Address: Hankow, Hupeh, Director, Dr. A. C. Selmon
China. (acting).
Sec. and Treas., Dr. A. G. Lar-
Supt., A. C. Selmon, M. D. Kiangsi Province:
(acting.) To be supplied.
Sec. and Treas., R. J. Brown
(in language school.) MINISTERS.
Sec. and Treas., A. G. Larson, R. F. Cottrell (on furlough in
M. D.. (acting.) U. S.).
Advisory Committee: A. C. Sel- Frederick Lee, Yen cheng, Ho-
mon, R. J. Brown, A. G. Larson, nan, China.

D. B. Liu, Yen cheng, Honan, Educational Dept.:

D. D. Hwang, Yen cheng, Honan, Supt., H. J. Doolittle.
China. Young People's Dept.:
LICENTIATES. Sec., K. H. Wood.
S. G. White, Changsha, Hunan,
China. Provincial Officers.
0. J. Gibson, Yen cheng, Honan, Kiangsu Province:
Director, K. H. Wood, (acting).
MISSIONARY LICENTIATES. Sec. and Treas., K. H. Wood.
Dr. A. G. Larson, 10 Kitai Skaia,
Hankow, Hupeh, China. Anhwei Province:
Mrs. A. G. Larson, 10 Kitai Director, 0. A. Hall.
Skaia, Hankow, Hupeh, China. Sec. and Treas.,
Mrs. R. F. Cottrell (on furlough
in U. S.) Shantung Province:
Mrs. Frederick Lee, Yen cheng,
Ronan, China. Director, C. P. Lillie.
Mrs. 0. J. Gibson, Yen cheng, Sec. and Treas.,
Ronan, China. MINISTERS.
Mrs. S. G. White, Changsha, Hu-
nan, China. 0. A. Hall, C. P. Lillie.
R. J. Brown, Hankow, Hupeh,
Mrs. R. J. Brown, Hankow, Hu- K. H. Wood.
peh, China.

Mrs. B. Miller, Mrs. 0. A. Hall,
EAST CHINA MISSION. Mrs. K. H. Wood, Mrs. C. P.
Organized 1909.
Territory: The Provinces of Ki-
angsu, Anhwei, Shantung, and NORTH CHINA MISSION.
Chekiang. Organized 1915.
Postal Address: Box 523, U. S.
Postal Agency, or Corner Ward Territory: The Provinces of Chih-
and Lahore Roads, Shanghai, li, Shansi, and the dependency
China. of Mongolia.
(All persons named below may be
addressed as above.) Office Address: Peking, China.
Mission: Mission:
Supt., 0. A. Hall. Supt., A. C. Selmon,M. D.
Sec. and Treas., K. H. Wood. Sec. and Treas., Berta Selmon,
Advisory Committee: 0. A. M. D.
Hall, K. H. Wood, C. P. Lillie, MINISTER,.
H. J. Doolittle, W. E. Gillis, S. S.
Han, and the Field Miss. Sec. A. C. Selmon.

Sabbath-school Dept.: MISSIONARY LICENTIATE.

Sec., Mrs. 0. A Hall. Bertha Selmon, M. D.


WEST CHINA MISSION. Warren, Mrs. F. A. Allum, Li Fah

Rung, Shi Yung Gwei.
Organized 1914.
Sabbath-school Dept.:
Territory: The Provinces of
Szechwan, Kweichow, Yunnan, Sec., Mrs. M. C. Warren.
and the dependency of Thibet. Young People's Dept.:
Telegraphic Address: " Adventist
Mission," Chungking, Szechwan. Sec., Mrs. F. A. Allum.
Office Address: Chungking, Szech- MINISTER.
wan, China. F. A. Allum.
Mission: M. C. Warren.
Supt., F. A. Allum.
Sec. and Treas., M. C. Warren. MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Advisory Committee: F. A. Al- Mrs. M. C. Warren, Mrs. F. A.
lum, M. C. Warren, Mrs. M. C. Allum.


Organized igrs.
Territory: The local missions in Sec. and Treas., P. V. Thomas,
the Provinces of Fukien, Tung shan, Canton, China.
Kwangtung, Kwangsi, the Advisory Committee: B. L. An-
French Dependency of Annam, derson, W. C. Hankins, J. P. An-
and the islands of Formosa and derson, S. A. Nagel, P. V. Thomas,
Hainan. A. L. Ham, A. Mountain, Jr., Dr.
Office: Law Keem, N. P. Keh, T. K.
(A full complement of officers Ang.
can not be given here, as they Tract Society:
have not been selected up to
the time of going to press.) Field Miss. Sec., A. Mountain,
Sec. Hongkong Tract Society,
Mrs. A. Mountain, Jr.
SOUTH CHINA MISSION. Sabbath-school Dept.:
Organized 1909; reorganized 1912. Sec., Mrs. B. A. Meeker.
Territory: The Provinces of Fu- Educational Dept.:
kien, Kwangtung, Kwangsi,
the French dependency of An- Supt., P. V. Thomas.
nam, and the islands of For- Young People's Dept.:
mosa and Hainan.
Telegraphic and Cable Address: Sec., Mrs. P. V. Thomas.
" Adventist Mission, Canton." Provincial Officers.
Postal Address: Tung shan, Can-
ton, China. Director and Treasurer of Fukien
and Formosa, W. C. Hankins.
OFFICERS. Director of Swatow Work, J. P.
Mission: Anderson.
Supt., B. L. Anderson, Kulang- Treasurer of Swatow Work, T. K.
su, Amoy, China. Ang.

Director and Treasurer of Can- Mrs. P. V. Thomas, Tung shan,

tonese Work, A. L. Ham. Canton, China.
Director and Treasurer of Hakka A. Mountain, 18 Ashley Road,
Work, S. A. Nagel (on fur- Kowloon, Hongkong, China.
lough in U. S.). Mrs. A. Mountain, Jr., 18 Ashley
Road, Kowloon, Hongkong, Chi-
B. L. Anderson, Kulangsu, Amoy,
W. C. Hankins, Kulangsu, Amoy,
George Harlow, Wuchow, Kwang-
B. A. Meeker, British Post office,
Canton, China. Educational:
J. P. Anderson, Swatow, Kwang- Australasian Missionary Col-
tung, China. lege, Cooranbong, N. S. W.,
Dr. Law Keem, Wuchow, Kwang- Australia.
si, China. Bethel Girls' School, Tung shan,
T. K. Ang, Swatow, Kwang- Canton, China.
N. P. Keh, Kulangsu, Amoy, China Missions Training School,
China. - Box 523, U. S. Postal Agency,
S. A. Nagel, Waichow, China Shanghai, China.
(on furlough in U. S.). Darling Range School, Green's
N. K. Keh, Kulangsu, Amoy, Landing, Darling Range,
China. West Australia.
Fiji Training School, Buresala,
LICENTIATES. Ovalau, Fiji, Pacific Ocean.
A. L. Ham, Tung shan, Canton,
China. Garhwal Industrial School,
P. V. Thomas, Tung shan, Canton, Dwarikhal, Garhwal District,
China. India.
Floyd Bates, Swatow, Kwang- India Christian Training School,
tung, China. 17 Abbott Road, Lucknow,
MISSIONARY LICENTIATES. Japan Mission 'Training School,
Mrs. George Harlow, Wuchow, 169 Amanuma, Suginami-mu-
Kwangsi, China. ra, Toyotama-gun, Tokyo,
Mrs. B. L. Anderson, Kulangsu, Japan.
Amoy, China. Karma tar Middle English
Mrs. W. C. Hankins, Kulangsu, School, Karmatar, E. I. It.,
Amoy, China. India.
Mrs. Susan Wilbur, Tung shan, Korean Industrial School, Soo-
Canton, China. nan, Korea.
Mrs. J. P. Anderson, Swatow, Marathi Training School for
Kwangtung, China. Nurses, Kalyan, Bombay Pres-
Mrs. B. A. Meeker, British Post idency, India.
office, Canton, China. Meiktila Technical School,
Mrs. S. A. Nagel (on furlough Meiktila, Burma.
in U. S.). Mussoorie Primary and Middle
Mrs. Law Keem, Wuchow, Kwang- English School, Annfield
si, China. House, MusSoorie, India.
Mrs. F. E. Bates, Swatow, Kwang- Oroua Missionary School, Long-
tung, China. burn, New Zealand.
Mrs. A. L. Ham, Tung shan, Can- Santali Girls' School, Karma-
ton, China. tar, E. I. R., India.

Singapore Training School, 300 Philippine Publishing House,

Serangoon Road, Singapore, 707 Calle Vermont, Manila,
Straits SettleMents. Philippine Islands.
South India Training School, Signs Publishing Co., Ltd., War-
Coimbatore, India. burton, Victoria; Australia.
Tamil Day and Boarding Signs of the Times. Publishing
School, Nazareth P. 0., Tin- House, Box 523, U. S. Pos-
nevelly District, South India. tal Agency, Shanghai, China.

Publishing: Sanitariums:
Avondale Press, Cooranbong, Adelaide Sanitarium, Barker
N. S. W., Australia. Road, Nailsworth, Adelaide,
South Australia.
International Tract Society, 17 Christchurch Sanitarium, ,Papa-
Abbott Road, Lucknow, India. nui, Christchurch, New Zea-
Japanese Publishing House, 169 land.
Amanuma, Suginami-mura, Sydney Sanitarium, Wahroon-
Toyotama-gun, Tokyo, Japan. ga, N. S. W., Australia.
Korean Mission Press, Seoul, Warburton Sanitarium, War-
Korea. burton, Victoria, Australia.


Organized 1916.
Territory: The following Union OFFICERS.
Conferences: South American, Division:
Pres., 0. Montgomery.
Brazilian, and the Inca Union Sec. and Treas., W. H. Wil-
Mission. liams.
Ex. Com..
Population: 37,000,000. (The full organization of the Di-
Postal Address: Florida, F. C. vision Conference is being made
C. A., Buenos Aires, Argentina, up while the Year Book is go-
South America. ing to press.)


Organized 1906.
Territory: Argentina, Chile, Falk- Executive Committee: J. W.
land Islands, Paraguay, Uru- Westphal, G. E. Hartman, F. H.
guay. Westphal, Julio Ernst, F. L. Per-
Cable Address: Adventist, Bue- ry, Dr. R. H. Habenicht, E. L.
nos Aires. Maxwell, W. W. Wheeler, C. E.
Office Address: Florida, F. C. C. Krieghoff, H. U. Stevens, R. T.
A., Buenos Aires, Argentina, Baer.
South America.
Union Publishing House:
Conference: Casa Editora Union Sudameri-
Pres., J. W. Westphal. cana, Florida, F. C. C. A., Bue-
Sec. and Treas., G. E. Hart- nos Aires, Argentina, South
man. America.

Manager, G. E. Hartman. Mrs. A. G. Nelson, Casilla '43,

Union Field Miss. Sec., A. R. Punta Arenas, Chile, South
Sherman. America.
Camilo Gill, Diamante, Entre Rios,
Sabbath-school Dept.: Argentina, South America.
Sec., Mrs. Luisa P. de Everist. Lillian Voris, Diamante, Entre
Rios, Argentina, South Amer-
Medical Missionary Dept.: ica.
Sec., R. H. Habenicht, M. D.
See., H. U. Stevens.
Organized 1902.
Young People's Dept.:
Territory: Argentina (excepting
Sec., -- the Territory of Misiones, For-
mosa, Chaco, and the upper
Home Missionary Dept.: half of Corrientes.)
Sec., Mrs. Luisa. P. de Everist. Postal Address: Florida, F. C.
C. A., Buenos Aires, Argen-
tina, South America.
J. W. Westphal, Florida, F. C. (All persons named below may be
C. A., Buenos Aires, Argentina, addressed as above.)
South America.
E. W. Thomann, Florida, F. C.
C. A., Buenos Aires, Argentina, Conference:
South America. T'res., R. T. Baer.
R. FL Habenicht, Diamante, En- Sec. and Treas., Guillermo Em-
tre Rios, Argentina, South menegger.
A merica. Executive Committee: R. T.
W. W. Wheeler, Diamante, En- Baer, G. Block, G. Emmenegger,
tre Rios, Argentina, South A. R. Sherman, G. W. Casebeer,
America. N. Hansen, E. W. Thomann.
Tract Society:
0. H. Maxson, Diamante, En- Sec. and Treas., G. Emmeneg-
tre Rios, Argentina, South ger.
America. Field Miss. Sec.. A. R. Sherman.
H. U. Stevens, Diamante, En-
tre Rios, Argentina, South Sabbath-school Dept.:
America. Sec.. Mrs. Maria Casebeer.
Young People's Dept.:
G. E. Hartman, Florida, F. C. Sec., A. R. Sherman.
C. A., Buenos Aires, Argentina,
South America. Home Missionary Dept.:
G. B. Replogle, Diamante, Entre See. G. Emmenegger.
Rios, Argentina, South America.
Lydia G. de Oppegard, Florida, F. MINISTERS.
C. C. A., Buenos Aires, Argen- R. T. Baer, Luis Ernst, Godo-
tina, South America. fredo Block, G. W. Casebeer,
Miss Almeda Kerr, Diamante, En- Nicolas Hansen.
tre Rios, Argentina, South
A. G. Nelson, Casilla 43, Punta Guillermo Emmenegger, Elvira
Arenas, Chile, South America. Foley, A. R. Sherman, Marga-

rita Klatt, Santiago Siegfried, ALTO. PARANA MISSION.

Audrey Murphy, Mrs. Cassie
Dennis, Francisco Abay, C. F. Organized 1906.
Territory: Paraguay, the territo-
CHIIRCH-SCHOOL TEACHERS. ries of Misiones, Chaco, For-
mosa, and upper half of Cor-
G. Block, Emma Sailer, Julio rientes, Argentina.
Weiss, Marcel Tayard. Address: Posadas, Misiones, Ar-
gentina, South America.
Supt., Julio Ernst.
Organized 1907. Sec., G. E. Hartman.
Territory: Chile, South America. Treas., Julio Ernst.
Executive Committee: Julio
Cable Address: Adventista, San- Ernst, Luis A. Rojas, Lazaro
tiago, Chile, South America. Solis.
Office Address: Casilla 2830, San-
tiago, Chile, South America. Sabbath-school Dept.:
(All persons named below may Sec., Maria Ernst.
be addressed as above.) Young People's Dept.:
OFFICERS. Sec., Julio. Ernst.
Conference: MINISTERS.
Pres., F. H. Westphal. Julio Ernst, Luis A. Rojas.
Sec. and Treas., J. A. Wester-
Executive Committee: F. H. Eugenio Brouchy, Francisco Ta-
Westphal, C. E. Krieghoff, Dam- borda, Pedro Brouchy, Mrs.
aso Soto, J. C. Hidalgo, Victor Pedro Brouchy, Mateo Leites,
Thomann, John Lorenz, J. A. Mateo Da Silva.
Sabbath-school Dept.:
Sec., Mrs. F. H. Westphal. URUGUAY MISSION.
Organized 1906.
Young People's Dept.:
Sec., John D. Lorenz. Territory: Uruguay Republic,
South America.
Home Missionary Dept.: Address: Calle Arenal Grande
2535, Montevideo, Uruguay,
Sec., Mrs. F. H. Westphal. South America.
F. H. Westphal, D. Soto, C. E. Mission:
Krieghoff, V. E. Thomann, En- Supt.; F. L. Perry.
rique Balada. Sec. and Treas., F. L. Perry.
Executive Committee: F. L.
Perry, Alexandro Ernst, Carlos
John Lorenz, J. C. Hidalgo, Ar- Gerber, Jr., A. G. Hammerly.
istides del C. VAsquez, Facun-
do Olavarria, Juan C. Disseg- Sabbath-school Dept.:
net. Sec., Mrs. F. L. Perry.

Young People's Dept.: LICENTIATE.

Sec., J. T. Thompson. J. T. Thompson.
F. L. Perry. Nora Davis, Mrs. F. L. Perry.


Organized rg xi.
Territory: The Conferences of RIO GRANDE DO SUL CON-
Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Cath- FERENCE.
arina, and the mission fields of
Paranfi, Sfio Paulo, Rio Es- Organized 1906.
pirito Santo, East Brazil, and
North Brazil. Territory: The State of Rio
Headquarters: EstaeRo Silo Ber- Grande do Sul, Brazil.
nardo, S. P. R., sac. Paulo, Office Address: Caixa Postal 106,
Brazil, South America. Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do
Sul, Brazil, South America.
OFFICERS. (All persons named below may
Conference: be addressed as above.)
Pres., F. W. Spies.
Sec., P. Hennig. OFFICERS.
Treas., A. Pages. Conference:
Executive Committee: F. W. Pres., Henry Meyer.
Spies, P. Hennig, A. Pages, the See. and Treas., A. Preuss.
presidents of the conferences and Executive Committee: H.
the superintendents of the organ- Meyer, A. P. Preuss, R. Dietrich,
ized missions of the union. F. Belz, E. Bergold.
Legal Assn.: " Associacilo dos
Adventistas do Setimo Dia- no Tract Society:
Brazil." Pres., F. W. Spies; Sec. and Treas., A. Preuss.
Sec. and Treas., A. Pages. Executive Committee: H. Mey-
er, A. Preuss, H. Streithorst.
Union Book Depository: Field Miss. Sec., Emil Froem-
Sociedade Internacional de Tra- ming.
tados no Brazil, Estaerto Suo
Bernardo, Siio Paulo, Brazil, Sabbath-school Dept.:
South America. Sec., A. Preuss.
Manager, A. Pages.
Union Field Miss. Sec., R. M. Young People's Dept:
Carter. Sec., W. A. Ernenputsch.
Sabbath-school Dept.: MINISTERS.
Sec., Mrs. Pauline Hennig. H. Meyer, R. Dietrich.
Home Missionary Dept.: LICENTIATE.
See., Paul Hennig. Franz Belz, H. Streithorst.
F. W. Spies. C. Hacker, A. Preuss, E. Froem-
ming, Jose Amador das Reis,
MISSIONARY LICENTIATE. W. Walla, J. Schmidt, Hedw.
Paul Hennig. May, W. A. Ernenputsch.


FERENCE. Established 1910.
Organized 1906. Territory: States of Bahia, Ser-
gipe, Alagoas, and Pernambuco,
Territory: State of Santa Cath- in Brazil, South America.
arina, Brazil. Headquarters: Estacao Sao Ber-
Office Address: Sao Jose, Santa nardo, S. P. R., Sao Paulo,
Catharina, Brazil. Brazil, South America.
Conference: Superintended by Union Com-
Pres., A. Rockel.
Sec., A. Anniess. MINISTERS.
Treas., H. 01m. Nuempel, R. Wilfart.
Executive Committee: A. Roc-
kel, A. Hort, A. Anniess, Fr.
Peggau, A. van Roo.
Sabbath-school Dept.: Established 1906.
Sec., A. Anniess.
Territory: The States of Para-
MINISTER. hyba, Rio Grande do Norte,
' Pianhy, Ceara, Maranhao, Pa-
A. Rockel. ra, Amazonas, Matto Grossa,
LICENTIATE. Coyaz, and Minas Geraes.
Henry Ilaefft. OFFICERS.
Superintended by Union Com-
Joao Alves Martins da Cunha.
CHURCH-SCHOOL TEACHERS. B. M. Carter, Max Rhode, C. C.
Mrs. Sthulmann, Martha Olin, Speellt.
C. C. Specht.

Established 1906. MISSION.
Territory: State of Parana, Bra- Established 1910.
zil. Territory: States of Espirito San-
Address: Estacao Sao Bernardo, to, Rio do Janeiro, and the
Sao Paulo, Brazil, South Amer- Federal District.
ica. Address: Caixa Postal 768, Rio
OFFICERS. de Janeiro, Brazil, South Amer-
Superintended by Union Com-
mittee. OFFICERS.
Supt., F. R. Kuempel.
E. Suessmann. Executive Committee: F. R.

Kuempel, E. C. Ehlers William S. P. R., Sao Paulo, Brazil,

Denz, J. H. Peters, F. W.
' Spies. South America.
F. R. Kuempel, E. C. Ehlers. Mission:
Sec. and Treas., A. Pages.
J. H. Peters, Miss Sarah Kinner, Executive Committee: John
Miss Blanche Davis. Lipke, A. Pages, J. H. Boehm.
CHURCH-SCHOOL TEACHER. Field Miss. Sec., G. Conrad.
.1. 11. Peters. MINISTERS.
.1. Lipke, J. H. Boehm.
Established 1906. .1. E. Brown.

Territory: State of Silo Paulo, MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.

Brazil. G. Conrad; C. Reidt, Miss L.
Address: Estaclio sac) Bernardo, Warts, Miss C. Roy.


Organized 1914.
Territory: Bolivia, Ecuador, and OFFICERS.
Peru. Mission:
Address: Casilla 1002, Lima, Peru, Supt., W. R. Pohle.
South America. Treas. and S. S. Sec., Miss
OFFICERS. Claire M. Wightman.
Mission: MINISTER.
Supt., E. L. Maxwell.
Sec. and Treas., A. L. West- W. R. Pohle.
Executive Committee: E. L.
Maxwell, A. L. Westphal, F. A. 0. H. Schulz, Miss Claire M.
Stahl, C. E. Knight, W. R. Wightman, Millie Sauerwein.
Sabbath-school Dept.:
Sec., A. L. Westphal. ECUADOR MISSION.
Established 1906.

BOLIVIA MISSION. Territory: Ecuador, South Amer-

Established 1907. Address: Casilla 44, Quito, Ecua-
dor, South America.
Territory: Republic of Bolivia, Superintendent' and Minister: C.
South America. E. Knight.
Telegraphic Address: " Adventis-
Postal Address: Casilla 7, La Mrs. C. E. Knight, Enrique Man-
Paz, Bolivia, South America. gold.

PERUVIAN MISSION. Superintendent: F. A. Stahl.

Established 1906. Minister: C. V. Achenbach.
Licentiate: F. A. Stahl.
Territory: Republic of Peru, Missionary Licentiate: Mrs. F. A.
South America. Stahl, J. M. Howell, Mrs. J. M.
Cable and Telegraphic Address: Howell.
Adventista, Lima.
Address: Casilla 1002, Lima, Peru, Native Worker: Z. Comacho.
South America.
Sec. and Treas., A. L. Westphal. CONFERENCE.
Executive Committee: E. L.
Maxwell, A. L. Westphal, R. B. Educational:
Stauffer. Pua Training School, Pua,
Chile, South America.
Young People's Dept: River Plate Academy, Dia-
Sec., R. B. Stauffer. mante, Entre Rios, Argentina,
MINISTERS. South America.
E. L. Maxwell, Ignacio Kalber-
. matten. Publishing:

Brazil Publishing House, Silo
Bernardo, S. P. R., Silo Paulo,
R. B. Stauffer, Miss Maud Car- Brazil, South America.
Buenos Aires Publishing House,
Florida, F. C. C. A., Buenos
Aires, Argentina, South Amer-
(Under Peruvian Mission.)
River Plate Sanitarium, Dia-
Address: Puno, Peru, South mante, Entre Rios, Argentina,
America. South America.


Organized 1902.
Territory: The Conferences of OFFICERS.
Cape, Orange Free State, and Conference:
Natal-Transvaal, and the Mis- Pres., W. B. White.
sions in Basutoland, Barotse- Vice-Pres., W. S. Hyatt.
land, Rhodesia, Nyasaland, and Sec. and Treas., W. B. Commin.
Ida firland. Executive Committee: 'W. B.
Population: 10,000,000. White, W. S. Hyatt, H. J. Ed-
ined, 0. K. Butler, W. H. Ander-
Cable Address: Adventist, Cape son, W. C. Walston, W. E.
Town. Straw, G. C. Jenks, E. W. H.
Office: 56 Roeland St., Cape Jeffrey, W. B. Commin, H. S.
Town, South Africa. Beckner, P. A. Venter, Sr.

Legal Assn.: " South African W. C. Dunscombe, M. D., Dord-

Union Conference of S. D. A." recht, Cape, South Africa.
Union Field Miss. Sec., G. C. Miss Ida Thomason, Cape Sani-
Jenks. tarium, Plumstead, Cape, South
Sabbath-school Dept.: W. B. Commin, 56 Roeland St.,
Sec., Mrs. A. P. Tan. Cape Town, South Africa.
Miss M. E. Robertson, Union
Educational Dept.: College, Kenilworth, Cape,
Sec., W. E. Straw, Union South Africa.
College, Kenilworth, Cape, South Mrs. W. B. White, " Wynnton,"
Africa. Selous Road, Claremont, Cape,
South Africa.
Religious Liberty Dept.:
Mrs. J. C. Rogers, 56 Roeland St.,
Sec., H. J. Edmed. Cape Town, South Africa.
Young People's Dept: Mrs. M. C. Sturdevant, 37 Broad-
Sec., H. S. Beckner, 47 Van way, Bezuidenhout Valley, Jo-
Beek St., Johannesburg, Trans- hannesburg, Transvaal, South
vaal, South Africa. Africa.
Mrs. A. P. Tarr, Umtata, Trans
Home Missionary Dept.: Kei, Cape, South Africa.
Sec., G. H. Clark. W. H. Hurlow, 56 Roeland St.,
Cape Town, South Africa.
Committee on Literature in Na- F. Stuckey, Muizenberg Sani-
tive Languages: W. B. White, tarium, Muizenberg, Cape,
W. S. Hyatt, E. W. H. Jeffrey, South Africa.
W. H. Anderson, J. R. Campbell,
C. Robinson, F. B. Armitage, J. Mrs. F. Stuckey, Muizenberg San-
P. Casey, W. B. Commin. itarium, Muizenberg, Cape,
South Africa.
MINISTERS. H. J. McMullin, 168 Railway St.,
W. B. White, 56 Roeland St., Germiston, Transvaal, South
Cape Town, South Africa. Africa.
.1. C. Rogers, 56 Roeland St., Mrs. I. J. Hankins, 56 Roeland
Cape Town, South Africa. St., Cape Town, South Africa.
M. C. Sturdevant, 37 Broadway, Mrs. E. W. H. Jeffrey, 56 Roe-
Bezuidenhout Valley, Johan- land St., Cape Town, South
nesburg, Transvaal, South Af- Africa.
rica. Joseph Rasimeni, 128 Waihoek,
Bloemfontein, Orange Free
State, South Africa.
G. H. Clark, 56 Roeland St., Robert Mapupuka, 37 Broadway,
Cape Town, South Africa. Bezuidenhout Valley, Johannes-
W. E. Straw, Union College, Ken- burg, Transvaal, South Africa.
ilworth, Cape, South Africa.
Cr. C. Jenks, 27 First Ave., Bloem- CHURCH-SCHOOL TEACHERS.
fontein, Orange Free State,
South Africa. Miss Helen Hyatt, Union College,
James Mtimkulu, care Messrs. Kenilworth, Cape, South Africa.
Border and Allen, Kroonstad, Miss Ethel Edmed, Union College,
Orange Free State, South Af- Kenilworth, Cape, South Africa.
rica. Miss Laura Page, Union College,
MISSIONARY LICENTIATES. Kenilworth, Cape, South Africa.
H. J. Williams, M. D., Cape San- Mrs. Ida Bowen, Tsungwesi Mis-
itarium, Plumstead, Cape, South sion, Rusape, Rhodesia, South
Africa. Africa.

Miss Annie Visser, Olivedale, P. D. C. Theunissen, 56 Roeland St.,

0. Dewdrop, via Ladysmith, Cape Town, South Africa.
Natal, South Africa.
Miss V. Sutherland, Maranatha LICENTIATE.
Mission, Martindale, Cape, Daniel May, Parow, Cape, South
South Africa. Africa.

J. V. Willson, 7 Cheapside, Kim-
CAPE CONFERENCE. berley, Cape, South Africa.
Mrs. J. V. Willson, 7 Cheapside,
Organized 1892. Kimberley, Cape, South Af'
Territory: Cape Colony, South J. P. Casey, 56 Roeland St.,
Africa. Cape Town, South Africa.
Cable Address: " Adventist," Cape Mrs. J. P. Casey, 56 Roeland St.,
Town. Cape Town, South Africa.
Office: 56 Roeland St., Cape Philip Venter, 56 Roeland St.,
Town, South Africa. Cape Town, South Africa.
Owen Sparrow, 56 Roeland St.,
OFFICERS. Cape Town, South Africa.
Conference: Mrs. H. J. Edmed, 56 Roeland St.,
Cape Town, South Africa.
Pres., H. J. Edmed.
Mrs. D. F. Tarr, 80 St Patrick's
Sec. and Treas., J. P. Casey.
Road, Port Elizabeth, Cape,
Executive Committee: H. J.
South Africa.
Edmed, I. J. Hankins, D. F. Tarr,
Mrs. T. Smith, Bonnie Vale,
W. B. Commin, J. V. Willson, A.
Cape, South Africa.
W. Staples, G. W. Webb.
Mrs. D. C. Theunissen, 56 Roe-
Tract Society: land St., Cape Town, South
Sec. and Treas., J. P. Casey. Miss Gladys Webster, 56 Roeland
Assistant, Floyd Tarr. St., Cape Town, South Africa.
Sabbath-school Dept.: Miss Emmie Staples, 56 Roeland
St., Cape Town, South Africa.
Sec., Mrs. Bertha Smith, Bon- B. P. de Beer, Oudtshoorn, Cape,
nie Vale, Cape, South Africa. South Africa.
Floyd Tarr, 56 Roeland St.,
Young People's Dept.: Cape Town, South Africa. -
Sec., Miss Blanche Willmore,
The Home," Rokeby Park, via MEDICAL MISSIONARIES.
Grahamstown, Cape, South Af- I. R. Armer, 19 Currie St., East
rica. London, Cape, South Africa.
Home Missionary Dept.: Mrs. I. R. Armer, 19 Currie St..'
East London, Cape, South Af-
Sec., Mrs. H. J. Edmed. rica.
Q. H. Jubber, 27 Western Road.
MINISTERS. Port Elizabeth, Cape, South
H. J. Edmed, 56 Roeland St., Africa.
Cape Town, South Africa,
I. J. Hankins, 56 Roeland St., CHURCH-SCHOOL TEACHERS.
Cape Town, South Africa. Miss Edna Edmed, 56 Roeland St.,
D. F. Tarr, 8 St. Patrick's Road, Cape Town, South Africa.
Port Elizabeth, Cape, South Miss Agnes Staples, Content,
Africa, Cape, South Africa.


ENCE. Maritzburg, Natal, South Af-
Territory: The Colonies of Na- E. A. Royston, Stranack St.,
tal and Transvaal. Maritzburg, Natal, South Af-
Telegraphic Address: Watch- rica.
man," Maritzburg, Natal, South H. S. Beckner, 47 Van Beek St.,
Africa. Johannesburg, Transvaal, South
Office: Stranack St., Pietermaritz- Africa.
burg, Natal, South Africa. C. Baumann, Stranack St., Maritz-
burg, Natal, South Africa.
OFFICERS. E. Van Niekerk, Germiston,
Conference: Transvaal, South Africa.
Pres., W. S. Hyatt. Mrs. W. S. Hyatt, Stranack St.,
Vice-Pres., J. C. Baumann. Maritzburg, Natal, South Af-
Treas., J. C. Baumann. rica.
Asst. Treas., Eric Royston. Miss C. A. Dixie, Stranack St.,
Sec., Eric Royston. Maritzburg, Natal, South Af-
Executive Committee: W. S. rica.
Hyatt, J. C. Baumann, H. S. Miss Mary Dixie, Stranack St.,
Beckner, A. A. Pitt, C. J. A. Maritzburg, Natal, South Af-
Birkenstock, C. M. Blaine, D. H. rica.
(:roenewald. Mrs. M. E. Smith, Stranack St.,
Maritzburg, Natal, South. Af-
Tract Society: rica.
Treas., J. C. Baumann. Mrs. Mary Baiunann, Stranack
Asst. Treas. and Sec., Eric St., Maritzburg, Natal, South
Royston. Africa.
Sabbath-school Dept.:
Sec., Mrs. J. C. Baumann. C. H. Shaw, Stranack St.,
Maritzburg, Natal, South Af-
Young People's Dept.: rica.
Mrs. C. IL Shaw, Stranack St.,
Sec., W. L. Hyatt. Maritzburg, Natal, South Af-
Home Missionary Dept.: Miss Susie Fourie, Stranack St.,
Sec., C. Baumann. Maritzburg, Natal, South Af-
W. S. Hyatt, Stranack St., Ma-
ritzburg, Natal, South Africa. ORANGE FREE STATE
D. H. Groenewald, 28 Murchison CONFERENCE.
St., Ladysmith, Natal, South
Africa. Organized 1913.
LICENTIATES. Territory: Orange Free State,
W. L. Hyatt, Stranack St., Ma- South Africa.
ritzburg, Natal, South Africa. Cable Address: " Adventist,"
E. M. Howard, 23 Fischer St., Bloemfontein, Orange Free
Durban, Natal, South Africa. State, South Africa.
A. H. Van Eden, Stranack St., Office: 27 First Ave., Bloemfon-
Maritzburg, Natal, South Af- tein, Orange Free State, South
rica. Africa.

OFFICERS. Director and Minister: W. H.

Conference: Anderson.
Pres., 0. K. Butler. LICENTIATES.
Sec. and Treas., P. L. Fouche.
Executive Committee: 0. K. S. M. Konigmacher, Victor Wil-
Butler, G. W. Shone, Arthur son.
Shone, P. A. Venter, Sr., F. Snij- MISSIONARY LICENTIATES.
Mrs. W. H. Anderson, Mrs. S. M.
Sabbath-school Dept.: Konigmacher, Mrs. Victor Wil-
Sec., Miss C. C. Cloete. son.
Young People's Dept.:
Sec., Mrs. 0. K. Butler. BASUTOLAND MISSIONS.
Home Missionary Dept.: Kolo Mission.
Sec., A. E. Shone.
Established 1899.
0. K. Butler, 27 First Ave., Address: Morija, Basutoland,
Bloemfontein, Orange Free South Africa.
State, South Africa. Supt. and Licentiate: E. C. Sils-
G. W. Shone, Kroonstad, Orange bee.
Free State, South Africa. Missionary Licentiates: Mrs. E.
C. Silsbee, Lazarus Molokomme.
S. G. Hiten, 27 First Ave., Emmanuel Mission.
Bloemfontein, Orange Free
State, South Africa. Established 1910.
Address: Leribe, Basutoland,
P. L. Fouche, 27 First Ave., South Africa.
Bloemfontein, Orange Free Superintendent: H. C. Olmstead.
State, South Africa.
Mrs. 0. K. Butler, 27 First Ave., Licentiates: H. C. Olmstead, J. R.
Bloemfontein, Orange Free Campbell, M. D. Kalaka.
State, South Africa. Missionary Licentiates: Mrs. H. C.
Mrs. G. W. Shone, Kroonstad, Olmstead, Mrs. J. R. Campbell.
Orange Free State, South Af- Mission School Teacher: Murray
rica. D. Kalaka.
A. E. Shone, Dewetsdorp, Orange
Free State, South Africa.
Mrs. A. E. Shone, Dewetsdorp, KAFIRLAND MISSIONS.
Orange Free State, South Af-
rica. Territory: Kafirland, Trans Kei,
Miss C. C. Cloete, Bultfontein, and Griqualand, South Africa.
Lady Grey, Aliwal North,
Cape, South Africa. Address: Grahamstown, Cape,
South Africa.
Supt.: E. W. H. Jeffrey.
Licentiates: E. W. H. Jeffrey,
Established 1905. A. P. Tarr, I. B. Burton, P.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Pem- Missionary Licentiates: C. Spar-
ba, Northwest Rhodesia, South row, P. Faba, Agrippa Mzo-
Africa. zane.

Maranatha Mission. SOMABULA MISSION.

Established 1906. Established 1901.
Address: Martindale, Cape, South Address: Gwelo, Rhodesia, South
Africa. Africa.
Supt. and Licentiate: C. Tarr. Supt. and Licentiate: J. N. de
Missionary Licentiate: Mrs. C. Beer.
Tarr. Missionary Licentiates: Mrs. J.
N. de Beer, G. W. Hutchinson,
Hubert Sparrow.
Established 1911. TSUNGWESI MISSION.
Address: Victoria, Southern Rho- Opened 1910.
desia, South Africa. Address: Tsungwesi Mission, In
Supt. and Licentiate: T. J. Gib- yanzura. Siding, via Salisbury,
son. Rhodesia, South Africa.
Missionary Licentiates: Mrs. T. Supt. and Licentiate: F. B. Jew-
J. Gibson, Laurie Sparrow, ell.
Mrs. Laurie Sparrow. Missionary Licentiate: Mrs. F. B.


Established 1911.
Acquired 1902.
Address: Zulu Mission, P. 0.
Head Station: Malamulo Mission, Dewdrop, via Ladysmith, Natal,
Blantyre, Nyasaland, British South Africa.
Central Africa. Supt. and Minister: F. B. Armi-
Substations: Matandani and Mon- tage.
ekera. Missionary Licentiates: Mrs. F.
Superintendent: C. Robinson. B. Armitage, J. I. Robison.
Licentiates: C. Robinson, G. A.
Missionary Licentiates: Mrs. G. INSTITUTIONS IN THE SOUTH
A. Ellingworth, Miss E. Edie,
Miss Irene Fourie, H. J. Hur- AFRICAN UNION CON-
low, Mrs. H. J. Hurlow. FERENCE.
Mission School Teachers: G. A. Educational:
Ellingworth, Miss E. Edie.
Claremont Union College, Ken-
ilworth, Cape, South Africa.
SOLUSI MISSION. Sentinel Publishing House, 56
Roeland St., Cape Town,
Established 1894. South Africa.
Address: Solusi Mission, Bula- Sanitariums:
wayo, Rhodesia, South Africa. Cape Sanitarium, Plumstead,
Supt. and Minister: W. C. Wal- Cape, South Africa.
ston. Kimberley Baths, 7 Cheapside,
Licentiate: R. P. Robinson. Kimberley, South Africa.
Missionary Licentiates: Mrs. W. Natal Health Institute, 126
C. Walston, Mrs. R. P. Robin- Longmarket St., Pietermaritz-
son. burg, Natal, South Africa.
Organized June 26, 1906.
Territory: The Conferences of Ja- Sec. and Treas., C. B. Degering.
maica, South Caribbean, and Executive Committee: E. C.
West Caribbean. Boger, N. J. Aalborg, C. H.
Population: 11,000,000. Keslake, W. H. Randle, Wm.
Cable Address: " Adventist," Co- Burkley, C. B. Degering, C. C.
lon, Panama. McCatty.
Office Address: Box 40, Cristobal,
Canal Zone, Panama. Tract Society:
Sec. and Treas., C. B. Degering.
Conference: Sabbath-school Dept.:
Pres., A. J. Haysmer, Rivers- Sec., Mrs. N. J. Aalborg, Bala-
dale, Jamaica, British West In- clava P. 0., Jamaica, British West
dies. Indies.
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, F. H.
Raley, Box 40, Cristobal, Canal Young People's Dept.:
Zone, Panama. Sec., Mrs. E. C. Boger, 124
Executive Committee: A. J. Manchester Square, Kingston, Ja-
Haysmer, E. C. Boger, N. H. maica, British West Indies.
Pool, W. G. Kneeland, F. H.
Raley, A. F. Haines, E. C. Wid-
gery. E. C. Boger, 124 Manchester
Union Field Miss. Sec., J. A. P. Square, Kingston, Jamaica,
Crean. British West Indies.
N. J. Aalborg, Balaclava P. 0.,
MINISTER. Jamaica, British West Indies.
A. J. Haysmer, Riversdale, Ja- Hubert Fletcher, Riversdale, Ja-
maica, British West Indies. maica, British West Indies.
C. H. Keslake, Port Antonia, Ja-
maica, British West Indies.
F. H. Raley, Box 40, Cristobal, W. H. Randle, Porus P. 0., Ja-
Canal Zone, Panama. maica, British West Indies.
A. F. Haines, Riversdale, Jamai- G. A. Roberts, 124 Manchester
ca, British West Indies. Square, Kingston, Jamaica,
British West Indies.
Honorary Ministerial Credentials.
E. Van Deusen, Riversdale, Ja-
Organized 1903. maica, British West Indies.
Territory: Island of Jamaica, LICENTIATES.
Cayman Islands, and Turks S. U. Powell, 124 Manchester
Islands. Square, Kingston, Jamaica,
Cable Address: " Adventist," British West Indies.
Kingston. L. G. Mullings, Mountain Side
Office Address: 124 Manchester P. 0., Jamaica, British West
Square, Kingston, Jamaica, Indies.
British West Indies.
C. B. Degering, D. E. Heron, Mrs.
Conference: E. C. Boger, W. F. Burkley,
Pres., E. C. Boger. Mrs. N. J. Aalborg, Constance

Johnston, Julia Johnston, A. Home Missionary Dept.:

E. Hoist, George Smith. Sec., S. L. Ash.
S. U. Powell, 124 Manchester N. H. Pool, M. B. Butterfield,
Square, Kingston, Jamaica, Brit- C. E. Boynton, E. C. Widgery,
ish West Indies. L. Rashford, Philip Giddings,
Miss Maud Peart, Riversdale, Ja- Frank Hall. D. F. Wellnian,
maica. British West Indies. W. E. Neff.
SOUTH CARIBBEAN CON- E. C. Henriques, A. E. Riley,
FERENCE. Henry Beck, R. Hyder, J. J.
Smith, Chas. Cave, M. D.
Organized 1906.
Territory: Trinidad; British, Fred Hutchinson, Mrs. Florence
French, and Dutch Guianas; Hutchinson, Miss Annie Os-
Venezuela; the Windward, Lee- borne, Miss Maud Atkins, S.
ward, and Virgin Islands. L. Ash, Mrs. Chas. Cave, Miss
Cable Address: " Adventists," Mabel Skerrett, Mrs. E. C.
Port of Spain, Trinidad. Widgery, Mrs. M. B. Butter-
Office Address: 199 Belmont Cir- field, Mrs. C. E. Boynton, Mrs.
cular Road, Port of Spain, Trin- E. C. Henriques, Geo. Rickard,
idad, British West Indies. Miss Eloise Burrowes.
Wm. Lewis, Mrs. Nathan Payne,
Pres., N. H. Pool, 38 Belle Eau Mrs. J. C. Wilson, Miss Mary
Road, Port of Spain, Trinidad, Elisha.
British West Indies.
Sec. and Treas., Fred Hutchin-
Executive Committee: N. H. WEST CARIBBEAN CONFER-
Pool, E. C. Widgery, C. E. Boyn- ENCE.
ton, S. A. Critchlow, E. C. Hen-
riques, Thos. Cotton. Organized 1906.
Territory: Panama, Colombia,
Tract Society:
Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and St.
Sec. and Treas., Fred Hutchin- Andrews, Old Providence, and
son. Corn Islands.
Field Miss. Sec., Cable Address: " Adventist," Co-
lon, Panama.
Sabbath-school Dept.: Office Address: Box 40, Cristobal,
Sec., Mrs. Florence Hutchinson. Canal Zone, Panama.
Educational Dept.: OFFICERS.
Supt., E. C. Henriques. Conference:
Pres., W. G. Kneeland.
Medical Missionary Dept.: Sec. and Treas., J. P. Redding.
Sec., Chas. Cave, M. D., Hast- Executive Committee: W. G.
ings, Barbados, British West In- Kneeland, J. A. Reid, Dr. D. E.
dies. Blake, J. W. Shultz.
Young People's Dept.: Tract Society:
Sec., E. G Henriques. Sec. and Treas., J. P. Redding.

Sabbath-school Dept.: J. A. Reid, Corn Island. Nicara-

Sec., Mrs. F. H. Raley. gua.
B. E: Connerly, Barranquilla, Co-
Medical Missionary Dept.: lombia.
J. W. Shultz, Port Limon, Costa.
Sec., Dr. D. E. Blake. Rica.
Young People's Dept.: LICENTIATE.
See., Mrs. J. P. Redding. Dr. D. E. Blake, Box 40, Cristo-
bal, Canal Zone, Panama.
Home Missionary Dept.:
J. P. Redding, Mrs. J. P. Redding,
MINISTERS. Mrs. W. G. Kneeland, Mrs. F.
W. G. Kneeland, Box 40, Cristo- H. Raley, Mrs. B. E. Connerly,
bal, Canal. Zone, Panama. R. T. Newball.


Detached fields, under General Young People's Sec., Miss Ruth
Conference direction, to the McCully.
general supervision of which
N. Z. Town, Takoma Park Sta-
tion, Washington, D. C., has F. G. Lane, A. N. Allen, J. E.
been appointed. Anderson, H. C. Goodrich.
Population: 25,000,000. LICENTIATE.
H. S. Mould.
Established 1905. Mrs. Mildred Anderson, Mrs. A. F.
Burgos, S. H. Carnahan, Mrs.
Territory: Cuba and the Isle of Ida Fischer- Carnah an, A. U.
Pines. Cochran, Miss Grace White, Miss
Cable Address: " Adventista," Ruth McCully, G. E. Holmes,
Santa Clara: S. E. Kellman.
Office Address: Santo Domingo,
Santa Clara, Cuba, West Indies.
Mission: Organized 1913.
Director, F. G. Lane. Territory: The Republic of Gua-
Sec. and Treas., S. E. Kell- temala. Central America.
man. Cable Address: Adventista, Gua-
Advisory Committee: F. G. ' temal a.
Lane, A. N. Allen, S. E. Kell- Office Address: Apartado 218,
man, H. S. Mould, A. U. Cochran, Guatemala City, Guatemala,
H. C. Goodrich, J. E. Anderson, Central America.
A. E. Doering.
Sabbath-school Sec., Mrs. Mildred OFFICERS.
Anderson. Mission:
Field Miss. Sec., A. U. Cochran. Director and Treas., J. B. Stuy-
Educational Sec., H. S. Mmad. vesant.

Sec., Mrs. Adella Innis. (All persons named below may be

Field Miss. Sec., Chas. F. In- addressed as above.)
Sabbath-school Dept.: Mission:
Sec., Mrs. Carrie Stuyvesant. Director, G. W. Caviness.
Sec. and Treas., H. E. Meyer.
Advisory Committee G. W.
.1. B. Stuyvesant. Caviness, W. S. Swayze, J. W.
Erkenbeck, H. E. Meyer, J. A. P.
Mrs. J. B. Stuyvesant, C. F. In-
nis, Mrs. Adella Innis. Book Depository:
Mexican Publishing House, 1420
Avenida 20, Tacubaya, D. F.,
Manager, H. E. Meyer.
Established 1905. Field Miss. Sec., J. A. P.
Territory: Republic of Haiti.
Address: Box 88, Cape Haitien, Sabbath-school Dept.:
Haiti. Sec., J. A. P. Green.
Mission: Minister: G. W. Caviness.
Director and Treas., A. F. Prie- Licentiates: Juan Robles, S. Mar-
ger. chisio, E. W. Thurber, E. R.
Advisory Committee: A. F. Johnson, J. A. P. Green, C. P.
Prieger, E. A. Curdy, M. N. Isaac. Martin, Carlos S. Nicolas.
Educational Dept.: Missionary Licentiates: Mrs. A.
L. Caviness, Mrs. Marie Green,
Sec., E. A. Curdy. E. Vircinia Martin, Mrs. Lithe
Sabbath-school Dept.: Prince-Thurber, Mrs. Irma Lew-
Sec., Mrs. Margaret E. Prieger.. is-Johnson, H. E. Meyer, Mrs.
H. E. Meyer, W. F. Mayers.
Young People's Dept.:
Sec., Mrs. Margaret E. Prieger.
Dr. J. W. Erkenbeck, Hotel
MINISTER. Americano, Ameca, Jalisco,
A. F. Prieger. Mexico.
Dr. W. S. Swayze, 1262 Ave.
LICENTIATE. Libertad, Guadalajara, Mexico.
M. N. Isaac. Dra. Alice M. Swayze, 1262 Ave.
MISSIONARY LICENTIATES. Libertad, Guadalajara, Mexico.
E. A. Curdy, Arioste Pean, Jules
J. Baptiste, Mrs. M. E. Prieger.
M. Brutus. Organized 1908.
Territory: British Honduras and
MEXICAN MISSION. five northern provinces of
Spanish Honduras, namely:
Territory: The Republic of Mex- Santa Barbara, Cortez, Yoro,
ico. Atlantida, and Colon; the ter-
Office Address: 1420 Avenida 20, ritory of Mosquitia, and the
Tacubaya, D. F., Mexico. Bay Islands.

Office Address: Coxen Hole, Rua- Sabbath-school Dept.:

tan, Spanish Honduras, Central Sec., Mrs. M. E. Steele.
Young People's Dept.:
Mission: Sec., D. D. Fitch.
Director, Isaac Baker. 'INISTERS.
Sec., C. M. Paden. William Steele, D. D. Fitch.
Executive Committee: Isaac LICENTIATE.
Baker, Dr. A. J. Hetherington,
Clarence E. Moon.
Christopher Jones, S. J. Bennett,
G. D. Raff, Millie E. Steele, Ra-
Sabbath-school Dept.:
Sec., Mrs. Alma Osgood-Jones. fael Lopez, Jessie C. Butler,
Mrs. C. E. Moon, Mrs. G. D.
Young People's Dept.: Raff, Mrs. D. D. Fitch, C. N.
Sec., Mrs. Alma Osgood-Jones. Moulton, Miss Edith Frye, Miss
Ethel Frye.
Isaac Baker.
Mrs. G. D. Raff.
Mrs. Alma Osgood-Jones, Mrs.
Eliza Perry, C. M. Paden, Mrs. SALVADOR MISSION.
C. M. Paden.
Organized 1915.
Territory: Republic of Salvador.
PORTO RICAN MISSION. Address: Apartado 103, San Sal-
vador, Salvador, Central Amer-
Organized 1909. ica.
Director and Treas.: John L.
Territory: Porto Rico and Santo Brown.
Domingo. Licentiate: John L. Brown.
Cable Address: Adventista, San- Missionary Licentiate: Mrs. J. L.
turce. Brown.
Office Address: Mission Adven-
tista, Calle Hoare, Stop 14, San-
OFFICERS. Organized 1935.
Director, William Steele, Box Territory: Spanish Honduras (ex-
24, Bayamon, Porto Rico. cepting the five northern prov-
Sec. and Treas., Mary A. Fitch. inces), and the northwestern
Advisory Committee: William - portion of Nicaragua.
Steele, Dr. J. F. Morse, G. D. Raff, Address: Tegucigalpa, Southern
Rafael Lopez, D. D. Fitch. Honduras.
Director and Tress.: Henry
Tract Society: Brown.
Sec., Mary A. Fitch. Missionary Licentiate:Henry
Field Miss. Sec., G, D. Raff. Brown.
F. H. Conway, 767 Kinau St.,
Entered 1909. Honolulu, Hawaiian Territory.
Territory: The Bahama Islands. LICENTIATE.
Population: 56,000. Robert McKeague, Hilo, Hawa-
Address: Box 473, Nassau, Baha- iian Territory.
Minister: J. H. Smith.
Missionary Licentiates: G. G. Mrs. Birdie Conway, 767 Kinau
Coffin, Mrs. Almeda H. Nelson. St., Honolulu, Hawaiian Terri-
Mrs. Mabel McKeague,
Hawaiian Territory.
L. T. Heaton, 767 Kinau
HAWAIIAN MISSION. St., Honolulu, Hawaiian Terri-
Entered 1895. Mrs. L. T. Heaton, 767 Kinau
St. Honolulu Hawaiian Terri-
Population: 192,000. tory.
Territory: The Hawaiian Islands. Miss Ada Robinson, 767 Kinau
Office: 767 Kinau St., Honolulu, St., Honolulu, Hawaiian Terri-
Hawaiian Territory tory.
OFFICERS. Miss Bertha Lofstad, 767 Kinau
Mission: St., Honolulu, Hawaiian Terri-
Supt., F. H. Conway.
Sec. and Treas., Miss Bertha CHURCH-SCHOOL TEACHER.
Lofstad. Miss M. E. Tamka, 767 Kinau
Advisory Committee: F. H. St., Honolulu, Hawaiian Terri-
Conway, Robert McKeague, L. T. tory.
Heaton, Jonah Kurnalae.
See. and Treas.. Miss Bertha AND THE NORTHERN LATIN
Field Miss. See., L. T. Heaton.
Sabbath-school Dept.: Watchman Press, Riversdale, -
See., Mrs. Birdie Conway. Jamaica, British West Indies.
Mexican Publishing House, 1420
Young People's Dept.: Avenida 20, Tacubaya, D. F.,
See., Yen Chin. Mexico.

At the Educational Council held at St. Helena, Cal., June 4-14, 1915,
it was recommended that the work of our intermediate schools, acad-
emies, and colleges be organized upon a semester (half year) basis,
each semester to be subdivided into three periods of six weeks each.
It was also recommended that the credits given in these schools be
reckoned upon a unit basis, one unit representing a study pursued 36
weeks with five recitations a week, forty-five minutes in length, or its
equivalent; that College credits be given on the semester-hour basis, a
semester-hour representing a study pursued one sixty-minute hour a
week for eighteen weeks. The scope of the various courses conducted
in these schools is as follows:
Grades Years
Intermediate Course 7-10 4
Academic Course 9-12 4
College Course (General) 13-16 4
Collegd Course (Special) :
For Ministers (Complete) 13-16 4
For Ministers (Shorter Course) 13, 14 2
For Bible Workers and Missionaries
one- and two-year courses
Teachers (Elementary) 13, 14 2
Business and Shorthand 13, 14 2
BuSiness only 12/,13 lk
Shorthand only 12k, 13 lk
Music the conservatory course
College Course (medical) 13-16 4
For Medical Evangelists 4
For Nurses ... the instruction given in our sanitariums 3
For Preparatory Medical Students 13, 14 2
Lists of church-schools and teachers will be found in connection with
directories of the Conferences in which such schools are located. Di-
rectories of Colleges, Academies, and Intermediate Schools follow.
(Colleges, Academies, and Intermediate Schools, in Alphabetical Order)

ADDINGTON INTERMEDIATE Faculty: J. H. Ball, Principal;

SCHOOL. Jessie Casey, W. P. Seals, As-
Addington, Okla.
Established 1909.
Postal Address: Route 3, Wau-
rika, Okla. Holly, Mich.
School Board: W. B. Etehison Established 1904.
(Chairman), G. W. Webb
(Treas.), E. W. Johnston Corporate Name: Adelphian Acad-
(Clerk), W. H. Haynes, J. D. emy Association.
McCoy, H. W. Strader, H. G. Board of Trustees: Wm. Guthrie
Sims. (Chairman), Thos. W. Steen

(Sec.), D. P. Wood, L. T. Nicola, tron and Cook; Mrs. P. P. Ad-

0. M. Kittle, W. H. Green, J. B. ams, Instrumental Music; Miss
McKenney. Lydia Christensen, Asst. Instru-
Faculty: Principal, Thos. W. mental Music; C. A. Rick, Farm
Steen, English; William E. Supt.; E. D. Dick, Business
Videto, Bible and History; Pre- Manager; Mrs. C. A. Rick,
ceptor, Burton H. Phipps, Sci- Treasurer.
ence and Mathematics; Precep-
tress, Mary E. Lamson, Eng-
and Languages; Mable Patter- COLLEGE.
son, Asst. Preceptress, Rhetoric
and Grammar; Milton E. Hitch- Cooranbong, New South Wales,
cock, Commercial Branches; Australia.
Howard 0. Butler, Agriculture.
Industrial Department: T. W. Established 1894.
Steen, Mechanical Work; M. E.
Hitchcock, Printing; Mary E. Board: C. H. Watson, J. M. Jo-
Lamson, Domestic Science; H. hanson, E. H. Gates, A. W.
0. Butler, Agriculture and Dai- Anderson, G. S. Fisher, W. W.
rying; B. H. Phinns, Buildings Fletcher, C. H. Pretyman, F.
and Grounds; Mable Patterson, L. Chaney, A. Mountain, Sr.
Sewing. Faculty: F. L. Chaney, Head-
master; R. Hare, Bible Teach-
er; J. M. Johanson, Manager;
C. H. Schowe, Preceptor; Mrs.
ALBERTA INDUSTRIAL Bridgett, Preceptress and Ma-
ACADEMY. " tron; C. V. Bell, H. Kirk, Miss
R. Allbon, Mrs. Schowe, Mrs.
Lacombe, Alberta, Canada. F. L. Chaney, Miss D. Arthur,
Miss U. Hosking, H. C. White.
Established 1907. Business and Industrial Depart-
ment: J. D. K. Aitken, Super-
Board of Managers: E. D. Dick, intendent of Avondale Press;
H. H. Hamann, C. K. Reiswig, A. J. Dyason, Supt. of Health
R P. Adams, J. L. Wilson, J. K. Food Dept.; F. W. Reekie,
Fish, F. L. Rommel, Charles Supt. of Farm; Miss Rhae
Rick. Allbon, Sloyd; T. Escreet,
Faculty: E. D. Dick, Principal Blacksmithing; T. Lister, Elec-
and Instructor of Science; P. trical and Engineering; F. L.
P. Adams. Bible and Vocal Mu- Chaney, Carpentry.
sic; L. W. Cobb, English and
History; J. L. Beane, Mathe-
matics; Miss H. A. Beardsley,
Normal Training and Asst. Bi- BEECHWOOD ACADEMY.
ble Dent.; Miss Robina Adams, Fairland, Ind.
Geography and Asst. Mathe-
matics; Mrs. C. A. Rick. Book- Established 1902.
keeping and Civics; A. C. Har-
der, Precentor, and German Board of Managers: E. A. Bris-
Dent.; Adolph Bernhardt. Asst. tol (Pres.), E. A. von Pohle
German; Miss Essie Barber, (Sec.), Wm. Applegate, and
Preceptress, Matron, Sunt. of the Indiana Conference Com-
Treatment Booms, Physiology mittee.
and Hydrotherany; Miss Phyl- Faculty: E. A. von Pohle, Prin-
lis Sergeant. Primary Dent.; cipal, Manager. Bible, History;
Mrs. A. C. Harder, Asst. Ma- H. 0. Patchett, Preceptor,

Mathematics, and Science; Ger- Erikson, J. Hoffman, E. J.

trude A. Sims, Preceptress, Boo, A. Johnson, C. F. McVagh,
English, Domestic Science; Mrs. Win. A. Westworth, P. A. Han-
C. E. Ledford, Accountant; Mrs. son, E. A. Bristol.
Lida Eaton-Patchett, Music, Executive Committee: Wm. A.
Modern Languages; C. E. Led- Westworth, S. Mortenson, A.
ford, Bible and Agriculture. Johnson, G. E. Nord, H. 0. Ol-
son, E. J. Boo.
Faculty: G. E. Nord, Principal
BETHEL ACADEMY. and Business Manager; H. 0.
Olson, M. A., Asst. Principal
Bethel, Wis. and Business Manager, Precep-
tor; J. M. Erikson, Bible and
Established 1899. Greek; W. H. Wineland, B. A.,
Educational Board: P. A. Hanson Assistant Preceptor, English,
(Pres.), H. T. Elliott (Sec.), Latin; Mrs. H. 0. Olson, Pre-
P. C. Hanson, G. P. Gaede, ceptress, Swedish; L. A. Dahl,
L. E. Wellman, Frank Hiner, B. S., Science and Mathematics;
P. L. Larson, Wm. Brigham. Clara Olson, Piano and Organ";
Faculty: H. T. Elliott, Principal, 0. R. Swanson, Commercial Sub-
Business Manager, and Bible; jects; Signe Jensen, Matron;
G. H. Straight, Mathematics Edith Peterson and A. 0. 01-
and Science; P. L. Thompson, son, Intermediate Grades.
Preceptor, History; Gladys Mc- Industrial Department: C. H.
Dill, Preceptress, English; Mattson, Farm Superintendent,
Grace Wright, Music; W. H. Gardening, Woodwork and Car-
\Vohlers, Farm Manager, Ger- pentry; Hildur Anderson-Wine-
man and Mathematics; Mrs. land, Sewing; Oscar Olson and
W. H. Wohlers, Matron, Bible. Anna Anderson, Hydrotherapy.


Canton, China. Loveland, Colo.
Established May 14, 1904. Established 1907.
Address: Tung shan, Canton, School Board: A. T. Robinson
China. (Chairman), W. A. Gosmer
Faculty: Principal, Mrs. P. V. (Sec.), G. W. Anglebarger, Mat
Thomas; Treas., Mrs. Susan Wencel, W. A. Hankins, H. A.
Wilbur; assisted by Chinese Vandeman, A. W. Lane, F. G.
teachers. Specht, Robert Beaird.
Faculty: W. A. Gosmer, Princi-
BROADVIEW SWEDISH SEM- pal, History; E. E. Farnsworth,
Bible; H. E. Edwards, Precep-
INARY. tor, Science and Mathematics;
R. F. D. 1, Box zo, Olive C. Taylor, English; Maude
Strickland, Preceptress, Assis-
La Grange, Ill. tant Teacher; Mrs. W. A. Gos-
Established 1910. mer, Voice Culture, Piano, Or-
gan; Mrs. H. E. Edwards, Lan-
Board of Trustees: L. H. Chris- guages; Pearl M. Jenkins,
tian, Chairman; S. Mortenson, Primary Department; Mrs. H.
Sec.; G. E. Nord, Treas.; J. M. A. Aufderhar, Matron.
1,1111:C'A T I ONA L [\ STI TUTION S. 171

Administration: W. A. Gosmer, (Sec.), W. E. Straw (Treas.),

Business Manager; G. R. W. S. Hyatt, H. J. Edmed,
.,\Foore, Accountant. 0. K. Butler, W. H. Anderson,
W. C. -Walston, G. C. Jenks,
E. W. H. Jeffrey, H. S. Beek -
ner, P. A. Venter, Sr.
Faculty: W. E. Straw, Principal;
Cedar Lake, Mich. Miss M. E. Robertson, Matron
and Preceptress ; Miss Helen
Incorporated 1899.
Hyatt, Miss Ethel Edmed, Miss
Board of Managers: J. J. Irwin Laura Page, Miss Louisa Kay.
(Pres.), C. F. McVagh, E. W.-
Webster, J. J. Evans, Morton
Stephens, F. S. Clarke, R. U.
Garrett (See. and Treas.). CLEARWATER LAKE INDUS-
Faculty: B. U. Garrett, Principal TRIAL SCHOOL.
and Business Manager; J. H.
Clearwater Lake, Wis.
Tiney, Preceptor;- R. B. Wheel-
er; Mrs. R. B. Wheeler, Pre- Established .190G.
ceptress ; Miss Lillian Harding,
Primary Department; Miss An- Board: P. A. Hanson, II. Peter
na E. IF iefarek, Stenographic son, Ceo. E. Crawford, F.
Department; Miss May Reed, Stebbeds.
Music Department; Mrs. Tressa Faculty: G eo. E. Crawford; Prim
1A1oodman, Matron; Leslie Bur- cipal and Preceptor, Bible, Sci-
gess. Farm Manager. ence; Mina liege, Primary
Teacher, Elementary Branches;
Mrs. Clara Crawford, Preeep-
CHINA MISSIONS TRAINING tress, Domestic Science.
Shanghai, China.
Established 1910.
Clinton, Mo.
School Board: R. C. Porter, C.
N. Woodward, H. J. Doolittle, Incorporated 1910:
and the superintendents of mis-
sions in China. Legal Title: " Clinton German
Local Board: 0. A. Hall, R. C. Seminary ."
Porter, C. N. Woodward, W. E. Board of Managers: B. A. Un-
Gillis, ( on furlough), H. J. derwood, E. C. Witzke, B. E.
Doolittle. Miller, H. A. Aufderhar, J. F.
Faculty: H. J. Doolittle, Princi- Simon, J. S. Rouse, Carl Leer,
pal, Mrs. H. J. Doolittle, and J. H. Schilling, G. F. Haffner.
a corps of Chinese assistant G. F. Watson, H. S. Osterloh.
teachers. W. D. MacLay, C. J. Kunkel,
J. Isaac.
Local Board: J. II. Schilling
CLAREMONT UNION COLLEGE. (Chairman), E. C. Witzke,
(Sec.), R. A. Underwood, G. F.
Kenilworth, Cape, Haffner, J. F. Simon, W. D.
South Africa. MacLay, J. S. Rouse, J. F.
Established 1892. Harder.
Officers of the Board: Pres., R. A.
Board of Trustees: W. B. White Underwood; Vice-Pres., J. H.
( airm ) , W. B. Comm in Schilling; Sec., E. C. Witzke.

Faculty: President, J. H. Schil- ence; N. C. Nelsen, Plumbing;

ling, History, Homiletics and Hanna Hjelle, Practical Nurs-
Exegesis; Business Manager, ing.
E. C. Witzke, Latin, Greek, He-
brew; J. F. Harder, Bible; DARLING RANGE SCHOOL.
Carl Gallion, German, Spanish;
R. E. Hoen, Science; Mrs. R. E. Green's Landing, Darling Range,
Hoen, English; Miss Marian West Australia.
Switzer, Mathematics; J. F.
Simon, History and Bible; Established 1907.
Ernst Hartmann, Instrumental
and Vocal Music, and Art; Board of Managers: A. H. Piper,
Otto v. d. Crone, Bookkeeping, L. J. Imrie, W. J. Smith, C. H.
Stenography, and Typewriting; Palmateer, D. F. Smith.
Emil Oswald, Preceptor; Miss Trustees: G. Chapman, L. Moul-
Helen Gaede, Preceptress; Mrs. ton, James Clarke, C. E. Ash-
Emil Oswald, Matron, Domestic croft, R. Howie.
Science. Faculty: Principal, W. J. Smith;
Assistant Teachers, E. Beh-
rens, Preceptor and Farm
Manager; Miss K. Giblett, Miss
Established 1910. SIONARY SEMINARY.
Board of Managers: Chas. Thomp- (Formerly Buena Vista Academy.)
son, G. W. Wells, P. E. Broder- Oshawa, Ontario.
son, M. L. Andreasen, C. A.
Thorp, C. E. Edwardsen, A. P. Established 1912.
Hansen, Alfred Jensen, M. B. Board of Trustees: M. N. Camp-
Van Kirk. bell (Pres.), M. M. Hare (Sec.),
Faculty: M. L. Andreasen, Presi- A. V. Olson, G. H. Skinner, W.
dent; H. R. Johnson, Bible; C. Young, Thos. D. Rowe.
P. E. Berthelsen, Danish, His- Faculty: Thos. D. Rowe, Princi-
tory; M. S. Reppe, Norwegian, pal, English Language and His-
History; J. M. Peterson, Eng- tory; H. S. Miller, Bible, Sci-
lish, German; C. J. Martinson, ence, and Mathematics; Miss
Science, Mathematics; Caroline Eva V. Johnston, Normal De-
Hopkins, Commercial; Dagmar partment; Miss Herminie Roth,
Christiansen, Latin, Asst. Eng- French Department; Miss Annie
lish; 0. A. Linnereu, Music; Tenny, Music Department; Mrs.
Matie Ruskjer, Matron. Thos. D. Rowe, Preceptress;
Industrial Faculty: H. R. John- Mrs. Mabel Patten, Matron.
son, General Work; C. J. Chris-
tiansen, Farm Manager; A. M.
1 Martin, Carpentry; Alvin John-
son, Blacksmithing; M. S: EMMANUEL MISSIONARY
Reppe, Baking; M. L. Andrea- COLLEGE.
sen, Printing; Anna Hilde, Sew-
ing; Carl Gregersen, Bookbind- Berrien Springs, Mich.
ing; Dagmar Christiansen, Established 1901.
Library Science; C. J. Mar-
tinson, Electrical Engineering; Legal Title: " Emmanuel Mis-
Caroline Hopkins, Domestic Sci- sionary College, Incorporated."

Board of Trustees: L. H. Chris- FERNWOOD INTERMEDIATE

tian, C. F. McVagh, 0. J. SCHOOL.
Graf, J. H. Haughey, W. A.
Westworth, P. A. Hanson, E. A. Tunesassa, N. Y.
Bristol, C. A. Russell, Wm. Established 1907.
Guthrie, J. B. Blosser, J. J.
Irwin, A. J. Clark. Board of Trustees: H. C. Hart-
Officers of the Board: Pres., L. well, H. L. Shoup, H. M. Flem-
H. Christian; Treas., 0. J. ing, J. E. Belknap, W. M. Are-
Graf; Sec., J. H. Haughey. horn, G. E. Owens.
Faculty: President, 0. J. Graf, Faculty: G. E. Owens, Principal,
History, Philosophy; J. H. Bible, History; G. H. Wins-
Haughey, Mathematics, Ancient low, English and Mathematics;
Languages; W. H. Wakeham, Mrs. G. H. Winslow, Precep-
Bible; 0. R. Cooper, M. D., tress, Special Classes; Mrs.
Natural and Physical Science; G. E. Owens, Matron.
B. B. Smith, Commercial De-
partment; Myrta M. Kellogg,
Normal Department; Alma J. FIJI TRAINING SCHOOL.
Graf, Preceptress, German; Buresala, Ovalau, Fiji, Pacific
Mrs. Laura Foster-Rathbun, Ocean.
English; B. E. Huffman, Pre- Established 1904.
ceptor, Bible; F. 0. Rathbun,
Mathematics, Printing; Mrs. Superintendent: H. R. Martin;
Lou K. Curtis, Latin; Mrs. Matron, Miss E. E. Clarke;
Mabel L. Huffman, Piano, Or- Bible Teacher, Henele Ma'afu.
gan, Theory of Music; Mrs.
Roberta Graf, History, Domes- FIRESIDE CORRESPONDENCE
tic Science; Ramiro Garcia,
Spanish, French; Dorothy SCHOOL.
White, Normal Training School; Takoma Park Station, Washing-
Irene Campbell, Normal Train- ton, D. C.
ing School; C. A. Shull, Short- Established 1909.
hand, Typewriting; Fred Green,
Asst. Business Manager; Mrs. Management: Department of Ed-
M. C. White, Matron, Cooking; ucation of General Conference.
Genevieve Spohr, Violin; Mrs. Board of Managers: W. E. How-
Lela Brown, Assistant Piano; J. ell (Chairman), J. L. Shaw,
D. Reavis, Cornet, Guitar, Man- F. Griggs, G. B. Thompson,
dolin; Ardeene May, Art. M. E. Kern, C. C. Lewis (Sec.).
Industrial Faculty: 0. J. Graf, Faculty: Principal, C. C. Lewis,
Superintendent; J. H. Haughey, Assistants, W. E. Howell, M. E.
Apiculture; Orvil Ayars, Gen- Olsen, C. M. Sorenson, G. H.
eral Agriculture, Fruit Growing, Heald, E. L. Richmond, H. E.
Gardening; F. 0. Rathbun, Rogers, Mrs. Agnes Lewis-
Printing; Ernest U. Ayars, Caviness, Mrs. Barbara Knox-
Woodworking, Carpentry; B. Albertsworth.
E: Huffman, Grounds; B. B.
Smith, Book Store; Mrs. Lou
K. Curtis, Proof-reading; 0. R. FOX RIVER ACADEMY.
Cooper, M. D., Science of Cook- Sheridan, Ill.
ing; Mrs. I. J. Piper, Sewing;
George Simpson, Painting; Er-' Established 1900.
nest Weaver, Mechanical and Board: Wm. A. Westworth, Wm.
Carpentry Construction; C. C. Covert, J. B. Clymer, A. J.
Curtis, Dairying. Clark, E. F. Peterson.

Faculty: J. B. Clymer, Principal, Winston, Preceptress and Ma-

Mathematics; H. M. Johnson, tron; G. P. Eckard, Music Di-
Bible, Science, Preceptor; Wil- rector; Miss Ella Johnson,
helmina M. Jensen, English Primary Department; Mrs. E.
Language, History; Ivah P. C. Blue, Sewing Department.
Krome, Instrumental Music,
Voice, Preceptress; Etta M.
Emery, Matron. HAZEL ACADEMY.
Hazel, Ky.
SCHOOL. Board of Managers: W. R. El-
liott (Pres.), J. R. Kennedy
Friedensau, Post Grabow, Bez. (Sec.), C. F. Lowry, 0. L.
Magdeburg, Germany. Denslow, M. F. Knox, M.
Wheeler, L. F. Lambert.
Established 1899. Faculty: S. L. Clark, Principal
Principal: Dr. K Meyer. and Business Manager, Bible,
Other Teachers: W. Muller, H. Science; J. W. Grounds, Pre-
Teich, Th. Itzmann, Br. Pier- ceptor, History, Bible; Mrs.
inger, Ch. Zybach, Otto Schu- May 'Warren-Clark, Preceptress,
berth; Matron, M. Birkner; Mathematics, English; Miss Lo-
Business Manager, Chr. Wetzel; la May Brown, Assistant Pre-
Treas., C. Banas. ceptress, Piano, English; Miss
Languages: German, Russian, Carrie A. Borg. Matron, Domes-
English, French, Polish, Greek. tic Science.

R. F. D. 2, Downs, Kans.
Hindustani Language. Established 1910.
Dwarikhal, Garhwal District, Board: W. D. MacLay (Chair-
India. man), C. D. McComas (Sec.),
H. S. Osterloh, W. A. McCros-
Established 1910. key, E. T. Wilson, F. I. Mohr,
In charge of C. C. Belgrave; H. H. Howard, Eunice A. Craw-
R. Peters, Headmaster; and ford, C. A. Dixon, D. E. Hill.
five other native teachers. Faculty: H. H. Howard, Princi-
pal and Business Manager;
Eunice Davis, Intermediate
and Primary Depts.; C. L.
HASTINGS INTERMEDIATE Taylor, Farm Manager; Mrs.
SCHOOL. H. H. Howard, Preceptress and
Hastings, Nebr.
- Established 1909. INDIAN CHRISTIAN TRAIN-
Board: D. U. Hale, E. C. Blue, ING SCHOOL.
C. F. Stump, A. F. Kirk, J. I. Lucknow, India.
Beardsley. Established 1915.
Faculty: E. C. Blue, Principal and
Business Manager; 011ie G. Managing Board:
Manfull, Assistant; Mrs. L. I. F. Blue, S. A. Wellman.

Teaching Staff: I. F. Blue, Prin- Assistant in Sloyd; Ethel E.

cipal, with Mrs. I. F. Blue, Knight, Music.
and native assistants. Administration: F. R. Isaac, Busi-
ness Manager; L. N. Carter,
Treasurer; J. W. Norwood, Pre-
JAPAN MISSION TRAINING. ceptor; Mrs. Alice C. Harrison,
SCHOOL. Preceptress and Matron; W. J.
Ward, Manager Broom Factory;
169 Amanuma, Suginami-mura, Mrs. Etalea L. Taylor, Laun-
Toyotama-gun, Tokyo, Japan. dress.
Preparatory Department: Lorena
Established 1908. Wilcox, Principal; Mrs. W. A.
Sweany, Miss Bennie French,
Board: F. H. DeVinney, H. F. Miss Neva Matthews.
Benson, T. H. Okohira.
Principal and Manager: H. F.
Established 1911.
(Bengali and Hindi Languages)
Board of Directors: Thomas
Karmatar, E. I. R., India. Baker, Pres.; Ira Laroe, Sec.;
Established 1915. A. Z. Miller, Treas.; J. B.
Harrold, Ezra Fillman, W. J.
In charge of R. H. Leech, assisted Dunn.
by four Indian teachers. Faculty: A. W. Peterson, Princi-
pal; Miss Letha Taylor, Miss
Bertha Dunn.
Keene, Tex.
Established 1894. SCHOOL.
Board of Managers: G. F. Wat- Soonan, Korea.
son, C. E. Smith, J. I. Taylor,
J. A. Leland, John Isaac, W. Established 1909.
E. Baxter, C. J. Buhalts, R. B.
Coberly, A. F. Harrison, F. R. Board of Management: Mission
Isaac, H. L. Wilcox, J. W. Com mittee.
Norwood, J. D. Matthews, J. J. Faculty: C. L. Butterfield, Princi-
Cochran. pal; Kim Pyong No, Business
Officers: G. F. Watson, Chair- Manager; May Scott, Assistant
man; C. E. Smith, Sec.; F. R. Principal, in charge of Girls'
Isaac, Business Manager; L. N. Department; assisted by eight
Carter, Treas. Korean teachers.
Faculty: F. R. Isaac, Principal;
E. W. Carey, Bible and His-
tory; A. D. Field, Science, LATIN UNION SCHOOL.
Latin, and Mathematics; H. A.
Peebles, English and Spanish; Gland (Vaud), Switzerland.
H. H. Hamilton, Commercial Established 1904.
Department and Sloyd; H. C.
Harrison, Bookkeeping and - Board of Management: Paul

Steiner, L. P. Tieche, P. A. E. Westermeyer, German; Miss

De Forest, J. Robert. , Beatrice Haines, Preceptress and
Teachers: Paul Steiner, Dr. P. Matron; Mrs. J. H. Paap, Pi-
A. De Forest, E. Noulay, L. E. anoforte, Art; Mrs. W. B.
Conradi, M. D. Taylor, Vocal Music, Organ,
Harmony; Miss Hilda Paap,
Violin; Mrs. F. T. Oakes, Hy-
LAURELWOOD ACADEMY. drotherapy; Ivan Williams,
Wicker-work; George B. Mor-
Gaston, Oreg. rison, Grammar Grades; Miss
Stella Voris, Intermediate
Established 1904. Grades; Miss Alma M. Fink,
Primary Grades; Miss Ada
Board of Managers: H. W. Cot- Ritz, Sewing.
trell (Chairman), H. G. Thurs-
ton, M. H. St. John, J. H. Han-
son, W. C. - Emmerson, J. F.
Beatty, William Reith. LOMA LINDA COLLEGE.
Faculty: J. L. Kay, Principal, Legal Title: College of Medical
Bible, and Mathematics; Wm. Evangelists.
Reith, Preceptor, Business Man-
ager, Bookkeeping; Harold J. Loma Linda, Cal.
Reith, Assistant Preceptor, His-
tory, and Science; Mrs. J. L. Chartered 1909.
Kay, Preceptress, English, and
Assistant in Bible; Mrs. Fran- Board of Trustees (to serve three
ces N. Ladd, Assistant Precep- years): L. M. Bowen, F. M.
tress, Registrar; Miss Blanche Burg, Newton G. Evans, E. E.
de Spelder, Vocal and Instru- Andross, Claude Conard, C. E.
mental Music; Miss Luella M. Rice, J. It. Scott; (to serve
Eighme, Intermediate Depart- two years) S. S. Merrill, H. G.
ment; Mrs. C. M. Wyant, Ma- Childs, W. F. Martin, W. A.
tron. George, B. E. Beddoe, T. J.
Evans, E. H. Risley; (to serve
one year) I. H. Evans, W. T.
LODI ACADEMY. Knox, R. A. Underwood, Chas.
Thompson, C. W. Flaiz, L. H.
Lodi, Cal. Christian, Alfred Shryock.
Established 1908. Honorary Members: Mrs. Jose-
phine Gotzian, Dr. Julia A.
General Board of Management: 'White.
E. E. Andross, E. W. Farns- Officers of the Board: Pres., E.
worth, C. H. Jones, E. J. Hib- E. Andross; Vice-Pres., Newton
bard, W. C. White, L. M. Bowen, G. Evans; Sec. and Treas., S.
C. W. Irwin, P. J. Wolfsen. S. Merrill; General Business
Local Board of Management: C. Manager, L. M. Bowen.
Santee, J. H. Paap, J. D. Fink, Faculty of Medicine: N. G. Ev-
J. W. Rich, M. E. Cady, N. W. ans, B. S., M. D., President,
Kauble, N. P. Neilsen. Pathology; A. Q. Shyrock, A.
Faculty: J. H. Paap, B. S., B. M. D., Secretary, Histology
Principal, Business Manager, and Embryology; W. A. George,
Mathematics, English; W. P. A. M., M. D., Surgery; T. J.
Dayton, Bible, History; George Evans, A. B., M. D., Superin-
McCready Price, B. A., Science, tendent Sanitarium, Surgery; A.
Latin; IV. B. Taylor, Precep- W. Truman, M. D., Medicine;
tor, Bible, Carpentry; F. T. E. H. Risley, M. D., Chemistry
Oakes, Commercial Studies; L. and Materia Medica; F. M.

Burg, Bible Exegesis and His- Medical Jurisprudence. In addi-

tory; Julia A. White, M. D., tion, fourteen regular Staff
Gynecology; J. A. Burden, San- Members of the Los Angeles
itarium Principles; H. J. Hoare, County Hospital who are giving
M. D., Anatomy; Lyra Hunt regular instruction.
George, M. D.. Obstetrics; S. P.
S. Edwards. M. D., Physiology; San Bernardino County Hospital
G. K. Abbott, A. B., M. D., Staff.
Medicine; F. F. Abbott, M. D., J. W. Callnon, M. D., Superinten-
General Therapeutics; J. J. dent, Clinical Surgery; A. W.
Weir, M. D., Eye, Ear, Nose Truman, M. D., Internal Medi-
and Throat; F. E. Herzer, A. B., cine and Nervous Diseases; Wm.
M. D., Bacteriology and Hy- Burke, M. D., Gynecology; G.
giene; Z. E. Nightingale, M. D., R. Owen, M. D., Ear, Nose,
Obstetrics and Gynecology; and Throat; Newton Evans, M.
avina Baxter Herzer, M. D., D., Pathologist; J. J. Weir, M.
Pathology and Bacteriology; D., Eye Diseases; J. D. Craig,
L. D. Trott, M. D., Pediatrics; M. D., House Physician, Genito-
C. W. Harrison, M. D., Chemis- Urinary Diseases.
try; A. W. Semmens, A. B., Faculty of the Nurses' Training
M. D.. Physiological Therapeu- School: Daisy L. Harding, R.
tics; Harriet E. Allee, Registrar. N., Superintendent, Practical
Special Lecturers. Nursing, Hydrotherapy and
Massage; T. J. Evans, M. D.,
Wm. W. Roblee, M. D., Surgical General Diseases; F. E. Herzer,
Specialties; G. E. Tucker, M. M. D., Bacteriology; W. A.
D., Preventive Medicine; C. D. George, M. D., Genito-Urinary
Strong, M. D., Abdominal Sur- Diseases; Julia A. White, M. D.,
gery; Jessie H. Simpson, M. D., Gynecology and Pediatrics; A.
Mental Diseases; P. M. Savage, Q. Shyrock, M. D., Anatomy;
M. D., General Surgery; G. G. F. M. Burg. Bible; E. H. Risley.
Moseley, M. D., Diseases of the M. D., Radiotherapy; S. P. S.
Chest. Edwards, M. D.. Physiology;
J. A. Burden, Health Princi-
Los Angeles Department. ples; Zenobia E. Nightingale, M.
A. H. Larson, A. B., M. D., Chief D., Obstetrics; Lavina Baxter
of Dispensary, Obstetrics; Herzer. M. D., Surgical Nurs-
George Thomason, M. D., L. R. ing; C. W. Harrison, M. D.,
C. S., L. R. C. P., Surgery; Chemistry and Materia Medica;
D. D. Comstock. M. D.. Clinical A. W. Semmens, M. D.. HY-
Medicine; W. H. Smith. M. D., clrotherafiv; Irene V. Frishie,
F. R. C. S., (Eng.), Surgery; Manual Swedish; Lavern Os-
Wm. W. Worster. A. M., M. D., born, R. N.. Massage and Me-
Dermatology; Belle Wood-Com- chanotherapv; C. McReynolds.
stock, M. P.. Gynecology; C. A. Preceptor. Bible.
Burrows, M. D., Eye. Ear, Nose,
Throat: H. F. Rand, M. D.,
Cenito-Urinery Diseases: R. M. MAPLEWOOD ACADEMY.
Clarke, M. D.. Castro-Intestinal
Diseases; E. H. Thompson, M. Maple Plain, Minn.
D.. Gynecology: W. S. Morten- Established 1904.
sen, M. D., Pediatrics; P. F.
Haskell. M. D., Surgery; Ethel Executive Board: G. W. Wells
Leonard. B. S.. M. D., Path- (Pres.). R. A. Hare. (Sec.), G.
ology; D. A. Parsons. Bible; M. Brown, TT. M. Hiatt. Louis
Litta, Belle Hibben, LL. B., Anderson.

Faculty: R. A. Hare, Principal, wick, Primary Dept.; Mamie M.

Science; C. L. Taylor, Bible, Grimes, Matron; Mrs: V. T.
Blacksmithing; Lucian L. Rock- Armstrong, Preceptress.
well, Preceptor, History, Shop-
work; H. C. Franklin, Farm
Superintendent, Agriculture; MOUNT VERNON ACADEMY.
C. Ruth Youngberg, English
Language; Olive V. Boutelle, Mount Vernon, Ohio.
German, Commercial Branches,
Sewing; Hilda C. Hanson, Cook- Established 1893.
ing and Hydrotherapy; Jeanette Officers of the Board: E. K. Slade,
B. Franklin, Grade Subjects, Pres.; N. S. Ashton, Sec.; A. E.
Assistant Preceptress; Mrs. C. King, 'Treas.; R. T. Dowsett,
L. Taylor, Preceptress, Latin; Auditor,
Mrs. R. A. Hare, Instrumental
and Vocal Music. Executive Committee: E. K.
Slade, B. G. Wilkinson, F. H.
Robbins, N. S. Ashton, J. W.
Hirlinger, B. H. Cook, A. E.
FOR NURSES. Ulrich, G. 'C. Quillin, C. E.
Kalyan, Bombay Presidency, Local Board: N. S. Ashton, A. E.
India. King, E. K. Slade, C. E. Welsh,
I. J. Gault.
Established 1915. Faculty: N. S. Ashton, Princi-
In charge of Mrs. M. D. Wood, pal, Bible; H. 0. Swartout,
assisted by Miss Elinora Reid; Science and Mathematics; W.
M. D. Wood, Bible. H. Teesdale, History; M. L.
Kelley, Commercial Depart-
ment; Mrs. Marion L. Kelley,
Assistant Commercial Depart-
MEIKTILA TECHNICAL ment; Minnie 0. Hart, Pre-
SCHOOL. paratory Department; Grace V.
Purdham, English and Latin;
Meiktila, Burma. Grace Taylor, Music Depart-
Established 1910. ment; Ruth Cassell, Assistant
Music Department; A. E. King,
Superintendent: D. C. Ludington. Business Manager; H. S.
Teachers: Eva Hosie, Ba Tin, Weaver, Printing Department;
Maung Than, and three instruc- E. J. Stipeck, Preceptor; Mrs.
tors in trades. A. E. King, , Preceptress and
Matron; Mrs. Clara Morris,
Sewing Department.
Established 1901. MIDDLE ENGLISH SCHOOL.

Board of Managers: U. Bender, " Annfield House," Mussoorie,

D. H. Hanson. N. C. Ernston; India.
V. T. Armstrong, T. G. John- Established 1911.
Faculty: V. T. Armstrong, Princi- Staff: Geo. F. Furnival, Mrs. G. F.
pal; C. M. Barker, Preceptor and Furnival, Mohammed Bashier
Assistant Teacher; Olive Smith- Ullah Khan.

OAK PARK ACADEMY. W. Holladay, Mechanical De-

partment; George H. Jeys, Pre-
Nevada, Iowa. ceptor, Printing Department;
Established 1911. John M. Swofford, Farm Super-
intendent; D. H. Lewis, Broom-
Board of Managers: A. R. Ogden making, Tent Department; Ce-
(Pres.), R. W. Brown (Sec.), cil S. Corkham, Cashier, Science,
J. W. McComas, A. P. Hansen, Stenography; Bertha _Bartholo-
J. W. Dorcas, V. B. Watts, E. mew, Normal Department; Net-
W. Wolfe, J. L. McGee. tie L. Jeys, Preparatory Branch-
Faculty: R. W. Brown, Principal es; Nellah C. Jeys, Music De-
and Manager, Bible; C. E. partment; Margaret Lewis,
Plumb, Science and Mathemat- Dressmaking; Etta, L. Reeder,
ics; Floy Humphrey, Commer- Cooking, Nurses' Training De-
cial Branches; Mrs. R. W. partment; Isabella Cartwright,
Brown, Preceptress and Ma- Matron.
tron; Miss Anna Nelson, As-
sistant Preceptress, English and
Mrs. W. I. Morey, Piano; C. W. Longhorn, New Zealand:
Hannah, Preceptor; T. J. Roach,
Agriculture and Pedagogy. Established 1907.
Industrial Department: R. W.
Brown, Treas.; T. J. Roach, Board: J. M. Cole, G. F. Wright,
Farm Superintendent; Miss An- G. Hansford, M. Olsen, W. H.
na Nelson, Sewing and Dress- Pascoe, H. E. Piper, J. Gillis.
making; Elmer Anderson, Print- Principal: H. E. Piper.
ing; Mrs. R. W. Brown, Domes- Teachers: Miss I. B. Turner, Miss
tic Science and Cooking; C. E. M. Smart, Miss I. Dowling.
Plumb, Plumbing and Steam
Fitting; Simple Treatments,
Physician from Iowa Sanita-
St. Helena, Cal.
Board of Managers: E. E. An-
(Incorporated) dross, Pres.; E. W. Farnsworth,
Vice-Pres.; E. J. Hibbard, Sec.;
(For Colored) C. W. Irwin, Treas.; Claude
Conrad, Auditor; C. H. Jones,
Huntsville, Ala. W. C. White, L. M. Bowen, P.
Established 1895. 1. Wolfsen.
Faculty: C. W. Irwin, Pres., New
Board of Managers: C. B. Ste- Testament Greek, and Latin;
phenson (Chairman), C. J. Boyd R. J. Hibbard, Bible and Pas-
(Sec. and Treas.), G. F. Watson, toral Training; G. W. Rine,
S. E. Wight, W. H. Branson, English Language and Philoso-
A. L. Miller, C. S. Weist, W. H. phy; M. W. Newton, Higher
Williams, T. B. Buckner, Syd- Mathematics, Physics, and As-
ney Scott, M. C. Strachan. tronomy; H. A. Washburn, An-
Faculty: C. J. Boyd, Principal cient and Ecclesiastical History;
and Business Manager, Bible, G. F. Wolfkill, Biological Sci-
History; T. H. Jeys, English ence and Chemistry; A. E. Hall,
and Ministerial Department; F. Mediaeval and Modern History;

C. B. Hughes, Preceptor; Wm. Faculty: L. B. Ragsdale, Academic

E. Robbins, Registrar, Short- Grades; Mrs. Clara Pettis, In-
hand and Typewriting; N. E. termediate Grades; Mrs. Emma
Paulin, Violin, Orchestra, Har- Wheeler, Primary Grades.
mony, and Theory; Miss Hattie
Andre, Preceptress, Testimonies;
Mrs. Alma E. McKibbin, Bible PLAINVIEW ACADEMY.
History; Mrs. Wm. E. Robbins, Redfield, S. Dak.
Mathematics; Mrs. C. W. Ir-
win, Bookkeeping; Miss Kather- Established at Elk Point, S. Dak.,
ine B. Hale, Normal Director; in 1902; removed to Redfield in
Mrs. H. E. Osborne, Acting 1911.
Normal Director, Grammar Board: E. T. Russell, Chairman,
Methods; Mrs. Lydia Kime- H. J. Sheldon, Sec. and Treas.;
Wolfkill, Primary Methods; I. G. Ortner, Alfred Jensen, M.
Miss Anna Ray Simpson, Piano M. Kier, E. W. Bresee, J. W.
and Organ; Miss Beatrice L. Lair, Henry Edes, William Rein-
Davis, Voice, Singing, and His- er, C. F. Cole.
tory of Music; Mrs. Viola Faculty: H. J. Sheldon, Principal,
Miller, Asst. in English. Business Manager, Latin, His-
Instructors: Ignacio Theilig, Span- tory; C. L. Emmerson, Bible,
ish and French; G. H. Carl- History; A. C. Christensen,
sen, Manual Arts; E. Hermann, Preceptor, Science; Mrs. E. G.
German; Miss Harriet Maxson, Hayes, Preceptress, Matron, Do-
Grammar Grades in Normal; mestic Science; Aimee F. Du-
Miss Mabel Swanson, Primary Bois, English; D. P. Harder,
Grades in Normal; A. L. Baker, German Department; 1'. A.
Hebrew; C. E. Weniger, Latin; Field, Mathematics; E. G.
Max Hill, English; S. J. Whit- Hayes, Farm Supt., Agriculture;
ney, Hydrotherapy; Mrs. S. J. A. May Knowles, Vocal and In-
Whitney, Hydrotherapy. strumental Music; Mrs. P. A.
Industrial Faculty: C. W. Irwin, Field, Hydrotherapy, Sewing.
Manager; M. W. Newton, Me-
chanics; G. F. Wolfkill, Agri-
culture; C. B. Hughes, Grounds PUA TRAINING SCHOOL.
Improvement; G. H. Carlsen, Pua, Chile, South America.
Carpentry; A. D. Owens, Saw-
mill; Henry White, Printing; Established 1906.
Anderson, Photography; Board of Managers: F. H. West-
W. W. Peterson, Blacksmith- phal, C. E. Krieghoff, Damaso
ing; W. J. Schaefer, Poul- Soto, Victor Thomann.
try; Mrs. Wm. E. Robbins, Faculty: C. E. Krieghoff, Princi-
Matron, Domestic Science; Mrs. pal and Treasurer; Mrs. Maria
C. W. Irwin, Accountant; Mrs. T. Westphal, Matron and Pre-
I. Young, Laundry; Miss Lysle ceptress; Catalina Block.
Spear, Sewing.


Colegio Adventista del Plata, Di-
Phoenix, Ariz. amante, Entre Rios, Ar-
Established 1913. gentina, South America.
Board: J. E. Bond, L. B. Rags- Established 1898.
dale, C. D. M. Williams, C. E.
Stump, A. E. Ear11, R. E. Kal- Board of Managers: Chairman, J.
fus, D. L. Wagner. W. Westphal; Sec. and Treas.,


0. H. Matson; R. H. Habe- cal and Instrumental Music;

nicht, Ernesto Roscher, H. U. Mrs. H. S. Prenier, Spanish I;
Stevens, W. W. Wheeler, Jorge Mrs. L. G. Stafford, Critic
Lust. Teacher, Grades 6-8; Mrs. W. C.
Faculty: Principal, H. U. Ste- Baldwin, Critic Teacher, Grades
vens; other teachers, W. W. 1-5; Mrs. H. G. Lucas, Sewing
Wheeler, Camilo Gill, Miss Al- and Dressmaking; Miss Grace
meda Kerr, Judson Habenicht, Van Horn, Hydrotherapy; J. R.
and Mrs. udson Habenicht. Saunders, Violin.
Languages: Spanish, German, and
ROYAL INTERMEDIATE Karmatar, E. I. R., India.
SCHOOL. Established 1913.
Cottage Grove, Oreg.
In charge of Mrs. R. H. Leech,
Established 1907. assisted by two Indian teach-
Board of Management: 0. C.
Luchterhand (Chairman), D. A.
Estes (Sec.), F. P. Wheeler SCANDINAVIAN UNION MIS-
(Treas.), W. J. Murphy, S. C. SION SCHOOL.
Rockwell, E. M. Babcock. Skodsborg, Denmark.
Faculty: S. C. Rockwell, Princi-
pal; Carrie Oberg, Primary Pi- Established 1908.
ano and Organ; Mrs. C. M. Board of Managers: Scandina-
Stierwalt, Matron and Precep- vian Union Conference Com-
tress; 0. C. Luchterhand, Busi- mittee.
ness Manager. Principal: Erik Arnesen.
Other Teachers: P. G. Nelsen, Ma-
rie Norheim, Ingeborg Sorensen.
San Fernando, Cal.
Established 1902. Harvey, N. Dak.
Board of Management: B. E. Bed- Established 1903.
doe (Pres.), H. G. Lucas (Sec.
and Treas.), J. A. Burden, W. Board of Managers: S. E. Jack-
F. Martin, E. E. Andross, M. E. son, Carl Leer, J. H. Seibel,
Cady, E. G. Fulton, H. S. Martin Olsen, A. F. Schmidt,
Prenier, M. A. McElhany. J. J. Reiswig, A. V. Rhoads,
Faculty: H. G. Lucas, Principal, J. A. Litwinenco, W. A. Alway.
German, General History, Liter- Faculty: A. F. Schmidt, Princi-
ature; H. S. Prenier, Bible, pal; W. A. Alway, Bible; Anna
Pastoral Training, Spanish II; A. Anderson, History, Science;
S. Parker Smith, Science, Latin, Emily Johnson, English Lan-
Woodworking; W. C. Bald- guage; H. Alway, Preceptor,
win, Preceptor, Superintendent, Mathematics; Emma Specht,
Mathematics; Miss Ada Somer- German Language; S. G. Burley,
set, Normal Director, Rhetoric; Russian Language; Mrs. Be-
Miss Florence Lynam, Commer- atrice Burley, Instrumental and
cial Department; Miss Rena Vocal Music; Ida Anderson, Ma-
Klooster, Preceptress and Ma- tron; Trygve M. Langberg,
tron; Mrs. G. I. Bachman, Vo- Farm Manager.


SHENANDOAH VALLEY Stray, W. E. Bliss, L. W. Gra-

ACADEMY. ham, H. B. Tucker, A. P. Need-
ham, W. E. Fortune, J. E. Bel-
New Market, Va. knap, A. E. Sanderson, E. L.
Cardey, J. A. Trout.
Established 1906. Officers of the Corporation: Pres.,
Board of Trustees: W. C. Moffett, R. D. Quinn; Sec., J. A. Trout;
Stewart Kime, A. C. Neff, T. Treas., B. F. Machlan.
H. Painter, C. E. Neff, L. 0. Administration: B. F. Machlan,
Gordon, W. H. George, R. D. Business Manager; J. A. Trout,
Hottel, C. V. Woods, A. W. Accountant; S. L. Frost, Pre-
Painter, D. W. Goodrich, E. F. ceptor; Mrs. A. J. S. Bourdeau,
Preceptress; Miss Susie H. Bar-
Dresser. rows, Matron.
Faculty: E. F. Dresser, Principal; Faculty: B. F. Machlan, Principal,
Mrs. E. F. Dresser, Preceptress. Psychology; .0. F. Butcher, Bi-
ble; J. W. Field, History and
French; H. T. Curtis, Librarian,
SINGAPORE TRAINING Old Testament, History of Mis
SCHOOL. sions; E. E. Pringle, Science;
S. L. Frost, Preceptor, Mathe-
30o Serangoon Road, Singapore, matics; Geo. R. Lehman, An-
Straits Settlements. cient and Modern Languages;
Mrs. A. J. S. Bourdeau, Precep-
Established 1915. tress, Physical Culture and Hy-
Board of Directors: F. A. Deta- drotherapy; I. A. Steinel, Eng-
more, K. M. Adams, A. W. lish Language; Miss Edna
Westerhout, G. A. Thompson, Farnsworth, Instrumental Mu-
Roy Mershon. sic, History of Music, and Har-
Faculty: K. M. Adams, Principal; mony; Mrs. S. L. Frost, Asst.
Lo Ki Gong, Chinese (Hakka); Instrumental Music; E. H. Dex-
Samuel Rantoeng, Malay. ter, Voice Culture and Singing;
Church School Department: Lau- C. H. Castle, Department of
rence Fox, Laddie Duckworth, Business Education; Miss Jane
teachers. Sweet, Asst. Business Depart-
ment; Miss Ella Osborne, Nor-
mal Director; Miss Madge
SOUTH INDIA TRAINING Moore, Primary Department,
SCHOOL. - Critic Teacher; Miss Olive Ad-
ams, Intermediate Department,
Coimbatore, India. Critic Teacher; Miss Gladys
Butler, Grammar Department,
Established 1915. Critic Teacher; Miss Adeline L.
In charge of G. G. Lowry, assisted Chapman, Manual Training and
by three Tamil teachers. Art.
Industrial Faculty: B. F. Mach-
Ian, Superintendent; J. A.
Trout, Accountant; Miss Susie
SOUTH LANCASTER ACADEMY. H. Barrows, Matron; Mrs. I. A.
South Lancaster, Mass. Steinel, Cooking and Domestic
Economy; J. Lagraves, Car-
Established 1882. pentry; Mrs. J. A. Trout, Sew-
Board of Trustees: R. D. Quinn, ing and Dressmakinng; S. E.
B. F. Machlan, H. W. Carr, H. C. Brown, Farm Superintendent;
Hartwell, J. E. Jayne, K. C. J. H. Botsford, Steam and
Russell, Allen Moon, F. W. Electrical Engineering.

SOUTHERN TRAINING Higher - Mathematics, Natural

SCHOOL. Sciences; W. T. Bartlett, Bi-
ble; T. M. French, Preceptor,
Graysville, Tenn. Church History, Pastoral Train-
ing, Greek, Hebrew; G. Baird,
Established 1896. History, Latin, Bookkeeping;
Board of Managers: W. H. Bran- Henry Heide, English, French,
son (Pres.), A. N. Atteberry Assistant in Mathematics and
(Sec), S. E. _ Wight, B. W. Natural Sciences; C. H. Hay-
Brown, W. R. Elliott,' W. H. ton, Physiology, Hygiene, First
Aid,. Simple Surgery, and Mate-
Williams, G. H. Curtis, J. B.
Locken, W. H. Heckman, J. L. ria Medica of Tropical Diseases;
W. Halliday, Common Branches;
Shuler, N. V. Willess, A. L. H. F. De'Ath, Shorthand; Mrs.
Miller, C. S. Wiest, R. W.Tar-
T. M. French, Instrumental Mu-
mele. sic; Mrs. H. D. Clarke, Dress-
Faculty: A. N. Atteberry, Princi- making; G. Haining, Boot-mak-
pal, Mathematics and Science; ing and Repairing; H. Baasch,
L. A. Hoopes, Bible and Pas- Vocal Music; Miss D. Bacon,
toral Training; Rochelle Phil- Preceptress, Domestic Economy.
men, English; J. S. Marshall,
Preceptor, History; M. B. Mar-
shall, Normal Department;
Gradye Brooke, Piano and
Voice; Bertha Phelps, Precep-
tress and Matron, Latin; Nell STRODE INDUSTRIAL
Travis, Intermediate Depart- ACADEMY.
Industrial Faculty: A. N. Atte- Oswego, Kans.
berry, Business Manager; L. A.
Hoopes, Carpentry; J. P. McGee, Established 1906.
Printing; H. W. Pierce, Black-
smithing; John E. Cruze, Farm- Board of Managers: W. D. Mac-
ing; M. B. Marshall, Manual Lay, F. I. Mohr, W. H. Clark,
Training; Mrs. C. C. Phillips, .T. B. White, J. L. Ballard, H. S.
Cooking; , Sewing. Osterloh, W. A. McCroskey, A.
G. Steinert, W. J. Smith, E. T.
Faculty: John B. White, Princi-
pal, Bible, Science, and Mathe-
STANBOROUGH PARK MIS- matics; F. I. Mohr, Business
SIONARY COLLEGE. Manager, Commercial Depart-
ment; E. S. Marley, Preceptor,
Stanborough Park; Watford, History and English. Language;
Mrs. Olive McGee-Leech, Pre-
Herts, England. centress, Matron of Household,
History, Sewing, Botany, Bible;
Established 1901. Mrs. Florence M. Mohr, Matron
of Culinary Dept.: Miss Ruth
Board of Directors: British Union L. Harvey, Department of Mu-
Conference Committee. sic; A. A. Wheeler, Sixth, Sev-
Finance and Managing Commit- enth, and Eighth Grades; Miss
tee: 0. Wakeham, WT. C. Sisley. Estella M. Corwin. Grades One
Miss D. Bacon. to Five.
Instructors: 0. Wakeham, Princi- Manual Training: John B. White,
pal, Psychology, Pedagogy, Blacksmithing; F. T. Mohr, Ag-

riculture, Poultry; Mrs. Flor- Thompson, W. W. Ruble, M. B.

ence M. Mohr, Glove-making; VanKirk, H. A. Morrison, A. G.
J. L. Ballard, Carpentry; Taylor.
Frances Light, Laundry; Mrs. Faculty: President, H. A. Morri-
E. L. Marley, Bible and City son, Mathematics; H. C. Lacey,
Work; Gladys Roy, Bookkeeper Bible, New Testament Greek;
and Stenographer. Winifred P. Rowell, English
Language and Literature; G. G.
Andrews, History; L. R. And-
SWEDISH MISSIONARY erson,. German and Latin; J, A.
SCHOOL. L. Derby, Science, Philosophy;
J. N. Anderson, Hebrew, Mis-
Nyhyttan, JarnboAs, Sweden. sions; A. G. 'Taylor, Secretary,
Commercial: M. P. Robison,
Established 1898; reorganized Director Normal Department,
1908. Education; Lulu Blanche Hiatt,
Board of Managers: Swedish Con- Librarian, Oratory; Elsa North-
ference Committee. rup-Ward, Art; Mertie A.
Teachers: Karl Mattsson, Maria Wheeler, Registrar, Shorthand;
Mattsson, J. Wallenkampf, Ma- Florence Leo-Taylor, French
ria Johansson, Hanna Miettinen. and Spanish; L. C. Damsgard,
Asst. in Mathematics: Oliver S.
Belts, Director School of Music,
TAMIL DAY AND BOARDING Voice; Etta Bickert-Andrews,
SCHOOL. Piano, Organ, Harmony, His-
tory, Theory; Carl Engel, Vio-
Nazareth Post Office, Tinnevelly lin, Wind Instruments; Imo-
District, South India. gene Morrison, Asst. in Piano;
Josephine Tucker, Principal
Established 1912. Model School: Lillie Holiday,
Teacher in Model School; Ma-
In charge of E. D. Thomas, as- bel Dimond. Teacher in Model
sisted by five Tamil, teachers. School; Edith A. Cummings,
Teacher in Model School; M. E.
Ellis, Printing; Mrs. E. M.
UNION COLLEGE. Long, Laundry; Charles Will-
College View, Nebr. iams, Farm Superintendent;
Carl Maxwell, Engineer.
Established 1891. Administration: H. A. Morrison,
President; Mrs. Martha J.
Board of Managers: The presi- Derby, Preceptress; Frank
dents of the following confer- Wells and J. A. Tucker, Pre-
ences: Central Union, Nebraska, centors: Mrs. A. Beardsley,
Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Matron; A. R. Smith, Treasurer.
Wyoming, Northern Union, Min-
nesota, North Dakota, South
Dakota, Iowa, Southwestern WALDERLY SCHOOL.
Union, Oklahoma, the Educa-
tional Secretary of the Central South Range, Wis.
Union, the Educational Secre- Established 1907.
tary of the Northern Union,
President of the Union College, Board: P. A. Hanson, P. C. Han-
A. G. Taylor, J. W. Christian, son, L. E. 'Wellman, Frank
J. A. L. Derby. Hiner, P. L. Larson, G. P.
Executive Committee: R. A. Un- Gaede, W. Brigham, A. W. Hal-
derwood, A. R. Ogden, alas. lock.

Faculty: A. W. HaBock, Princi- WASHINGTON MISSIONARY

pal; F. C. Port, Preceptor; Miss COLLEGE.
Rosma M. Whalen, Preceptress;
C. W. Hess, P. E. Sheppler, Takoma Park Station, Washing-
Miss Gertrude R. Holmes, Pri- ton, D. C.
mary Department.
Legal Title: Washington Mis-
sionary College.
Established 1904; reorganized
College Place, Wash. Constituency: Executive 'officers
of the North American Division
Established 1892. Conference; the presidents and
educational secretaries of the
Board of Managers: C. W. Flaiz, Columbia, Atlantic, Southern,
H. W. Decker, F. S. Bunch, H. and Southeastern Union Confer-
W. Cottrell, J. J. Nethery, ences; all members of the
board; the President of the
Lewis Johnson, U. Bender, F. College; the medical superin-
W. Peterson, E. C. Kellogg. tendent of the Washington
Sanitarium; those members of
Officers of the Board: C. W. the College faculty who are
Flaiz, Chairman; E. C. Kel- heads of departments; such
logg, Sec.; F. W. Peterson, members of the North Amer-
Treas. ican Division and General Con-
ference Committees as may be
Faculty: E. C. Kellogg, Presi- present; the secretary and as-
dent; 0. A. Johnson, Special sistant secretary of the Edu-
Bible; F. S. Bunch, Bible; W. cational Department of the
E. Nelson, Physical Science; North American Division; and
Winifred L. Holmden, Ancient the members of the Columbia
and Modern Languages; D. D. Union. Conference Committee.
Rees, English; Clara E. Rogers, Board of Trustees: W. T. Knox,
Rhetoric W. C. Flaiz, History; I. H. Evans, B. G. Wilkinson,
W. I. Smith,
' Mathematics; C. J. L. Shaw, R. E. Harter, F. M.
H. Thompson, Biological Sci- Wilcox, H. W. Miller, E. R.
ence; Grace Wood-Reith, Di- Palmer, M. E. Olsen.
rector, Pianoforte and Voice; Officers of the Board: W. T.
Estelle W. Kiehnhoff, Piano- Knox, Pres.; M. E. Olsen, Sec.,
forte and Harmony; Lloyd E. J. L. Shaw, Treas.
Biggs, Violin and Orchestra; W. Administration: President, J. L.
C. Raley, Bookkeeper; Hedwig Shaw; Preceptor, C. P. Crager;
Kleuser Tetzlaff, Stenography Preeeptress and Matron, Mrs.
and Typewriting; B. B. Davis, M. M. Quantock; Preceptress,
Normal Director; Airs. B. B. Mrs. B. E. Griggs; Asst. Busi-
Davis, Art; Elizabeth Flower, ness Manager, C. C. Pulver.
Critic Teacher; Rose E. Herr, Faculty: J. L. Shaw, President,
Critic Teacher; Anna A. Pierce, Bible, Missions; M. Ellsworth
Critic Teacher. Olsen, English, Denominational
History; S. M. Butler, Bible; C.
Administration: E. C. Kellogg, M. Sorenson, History; H. H. Vo-
Pres.; F. W. Peterson, Mana- taw, Pastoral Training; E. F.
ger; W. I. Smith, Preceptor; Albertsworth, New Testament
Jean B. Henry, Preceptress. Greek, Hebrew; C. C. Lewis,

Public Speaking; 0. M. John, WATERLOO INDUSTRIAL

Science; H. W. Miller, M. D., SCHOOL.
Medical Missions, Tropical Dis-
eases; Clemen Hamer, Piano, Waterloo, Sierra Leone, West
Voice, Singing; E. G. Salisbury, Africa.
Mathematics; Angelina W. Established 1909.
Weber, Normal Department,
English; Mrs. Blanche E. Board: R. S. Greaves, J. A. Dur-
Griggs, Latin; Mrs. J. L. Shaw, ing, H. E. Lynch.
Mission History; Miss Pauline Faculty: R. S. Greaves, Mrs. R. S.
Schilberg, German; Mrs. M. N. Greaves, H. E. Lynch.
de Trummer, Spanish; Mrs.
Helen M. Williams, Bible Work;
Ruby M. Owen, Dressmaking; WILLIAMSDALE ACADEMY.
Mrs. E. F. Albertsworth, Har- Williamsdale East, Nova Scotia.
mony, History of Music; Mrs.
C. L. Stone, Art; Mrs. C. M. Established 1904.
Sorenson, Intermediate Meth-
ods; Mrs. May Kuhn, Primary Board of Management: Geo. H.
Methods; D. D. Beekman, Den- Skinner (Chairman), L. 0.
tistry; Floyd E. Hull, Printing; Machlan (Sec.), D. J. C. Bar-
Elihu Wood, Carpentry; L. E. rett, Wm. Wasell, B. Farris, L.
Elliott, M. D., Dispensary Longard.
Clinic. Administration: L. 0. Machlan,
Industrial Department: F. E. Business Manager; C. S. Bar-
Hull, Printing; E. C. Wood. rows, Preceptor; Miss Gladys
Carpentry; Ruby M. Owen, G. Machlan, Preceptress; Mrs. C.
Dressmaking. S. Barrows, Matron.
Special Lecturers: A. G. Daniells, Faculty: L. 0. Machlan, Principal,
I. H. Evans, W. A. Spicer, W. Bible, Mathematics; C. S. Bar-
W. Prescott, W. T. Knox, G. rows, History; Miss Gladys G.
B. Thompson, Frederick Griggs, Machlan, English, Music; Mrs.
C. S. Longacre, W. E. Howell, C. S. Barrows, Physiology; Mrs.
B. G. Wilkinson, M. E. Kern. L. 0. Machlan, Geography, Sew-
N. Z. Town. ing.
(In alphabetical order.)
Cooranbong, N. S. W., Australia. International Tract Society,
Established 1899.
Established 1889.
Manager, J. D. K. Aitken.
(This institution is operated as a Office: Stanborough Park, Wat-
department of the Australasian ford, Herts, England.
Missionary College, most of the Cable Address: "Hygiene, Gars-
work being done by students.) ton, Herts, England."
Publishing Board: Chairman, W.
T. Bartlett; Manager, W. C.
BARCELONA PUBLISHING Sisley; Sec., W. R. White; Di-
rectors, W. C. Sisley, W. J.
Fitzgerald, S. G. Haughey, W.
Sociedad Intemacional de T. Bartlett, W. R. White.
Tratados. Editors: Present Truth, W. T.
Bartlett, H. F. De'Ath; The
Established 1915. Missionary Worker, H. F. De'-
Ath; Good Health, A. B. 01-
Office Address: Apa.rtado 492. sen, M. D.
Barcelona, Spain.
P,blisbing. Board:: T. E. Boric,
Curdy, J. Robert. P. A. DP
Forest, L. Zecchetto. C. E. Rent- HOUSE.
fro, Paul Steiner. Tell Nuss- Buenos Aires,, Argentina, South
Baum. America.
Periodicals: Sefiales de los Tiem-
Tv's, Fl Esforzador, and Estu- Established 1897.
Ojos Biblicos.
Name: Casa Editora Union Sud-
BRAZIL PUBLISHING HOUSE. Cable Address: Adventist, Bue-
nos Aires.
Name: Sociedade Internacional Postal Address: Florida, F. C.
C. A., Buenos Aires, Argentina,
de Tratados no Brazil.
South America.
Established 1905. Publishing Board: G. E. Hart-
man, Wm. Kirstein, E. W.
Office Address: Silo Bernardo, S. Thomann.
P. R., Silo Paulo. Brazil, South Officers: Manager and Treas., G.
America. E. Hartman.
Cable Address: " Adventista," Editors: La Salud y Vida, R. H.
SAo Bernardo, Silo Paulo, Brazil. Habenicht, Mrs. Lydia Oppe-
Publishing Board: Manager. A. gard; El Atalaya, E. W. Tho-
Pages, Committee for Publish- mann; contributing editors, J.
ing; F. W. Spies. A. Pages, J. W. Westphal, F. L. Perry,
Lipke. E. L. Maxwell, F. H. West-
Editors: Rundschau der Adventis- phal; La Revista Adventista,
ten, A. Pages; Revista Mensal, Mrs. Lydia Oppegard, E. W.
F. W. Spies. Thomann.

CANADIAN PUBLISHING AS- Westworth, P. A. Hanson, E. A.

SOCIATION. Bristol, Wm. Guthrie, A. J.
Clark, J. J. Irwin, J. H.
Oshawa, Ontario. Haughey, 0. J. Graf, C. A. Rus-
sell, J. B. Blosser.
Organized 1895. Publishing Board: L. H. Chris-
tian, 0. J. Graf, J. H. Haughey.
Publishing Committee: M. N. Manager: 0. J. Graf; Asst. Busi-
Campbell, M. M. Hare, A. V. ness Manager, Fred Green;
Olson. Printer, F. 0. Rathbun.
Manager and Treasurer: M. M.
Editor Eastern Canadian Mes-
senger: Edna P. Leach. FINLAND PUBLISHING
Unionsgatan 4, Helsingfors, Fin-
Established 1897.
College View, Nebr.
Publishing Board: C. 0. Carls-
Established 1900. son, J. C. Raft, N. Hammar.
Editorial Board: Aikain Vartija,
Board of Managers: R. A. Under- C. 0. Carlsson, K. J. Sysi-
wood. F. F. Ryington, .T. IV. metsii, Julia Sucksdorff, Ester
Christian, S. J. Quantock, W. Vilberg; Lisalethi, editor, C. 0.
W. Ruble, Carlsson.
Officers: Pres., R. A, TTnderwood;
Sec., Miss Mettie E. Cornell;
Tre,n s., Central Union Confer-
ence: Editorial Committee of HAMBURG PUBLISHING
the Christian Record, a monthly HOUSE.
magazine for the blind. pub-
lished in American Braille and Internationale Traktatgesellschaft
New York Point types: Mrs. in Hamburg, Grindelberg 15a,
A. 0. Wilson, office editor and Hamburg, Germany.
manager; H. C. Lacey, Mettie
E. Cornell. Established 1895.
The Christian Record also has a
free eirerilatincr library denart- Cable Address: Advent, Ham-
anent, containing denominational 1mra.
tracts and pamphlets for free Publishing Board: L. R. Conradi,
circulation among the blind. Chairman; H. Hartkop, Man-
These tracts are sent to the ager; J. T. Boetteher. H. F.
reader and returned to the of- Schuberth, J. G. Obliinder, 0.
fice without postage. W. Schubert, J. F. Huenergardt,
0. E. Reinke, W. Krurnm, Dr.
E. Meyer.
General Canvassing Agt.: H.
EMMANUEL MISSIONARY Brix; Auditor. G. Woysch.
COLLEGE PRESS. Local Committee: H. Hartkop,
P. John. W. T H. Bfix,
Berrien Springs, Mich. IT. Berninger, F. Inmnitz, D.
Established 1001. Kremer, 0. Worch, IV. Knimm,
G. Dail, G. Woysch.
Board of Managers: L. H. Chris- Editors: Herold der Wahrheit,
tian, C. F. McVagh, W. A. and Der Advent-Bote, L. R.

Conradi; Zionswachter, A. geliumi munkas, editor, J. F.

Plass; Gute Gesundheit, E. Huenergardt; Snazi wremena,
Meyer, M. D., Dr. L. E. Con- editor, E. Jowanowitsch; Si-
radi; Unser kleiner Freund, A. onska Stracha, editor, R. Wla-
Plass; Der Protestant, H. F. dirnir.
Sehuberth; Der Erzieher, H. F.
Schuberth; Teekenen des Tijds,
J. Wibbens, R. G. Klingbeil; INTERNATIONAL TRACT
De WPrker. J. Wibbens; Hla- SOCIETY.
satel Pravdy, J. Simon; Sem-
nele Timpului, and Curierul /7 Abbott Road, Lucknow, India.
Misiorar, St. Demetrescu, P. R. Established 1898.
Paillini. Ziaras Sargs, J. Schnei-
der; Sioni Wahimees and Sioni Managing Board: , S. A.
Tiioline, L. Nikkar: Znaki Wellman, A. H. Williams, J. S.
Czasu, James, F. 0. Raymond, G. W.
, Stria Syonu,
Pettit, E. Parkinson.
Officers: Chairman,
Basle Branch. Vice-Chairman. S. A. Wellman;
See. and Treas., A. H. Wil-
Internationale Traktatgesellschaft, liams; Supt. of Manufacturing
Birmansgasse 31, Basle, Swit- Dent.. E. Parkinson.
zerland. Languages in which publications
Managing Board: L. R. Conradi, are iss,,ed: Erndish. Bengali.
Chairman; H. Hartkop, W. Se- Urdu, Hindi, Santali, Marathi.
bald, F. Prieser, W. Kllry. Burmese. Tamil, Karen.
Attorney: W. Sebald. Editors: Signs of the Times, S.
A. Wellman: associate editors,
Russian Branch. G. F. Enoch, J. S. James;
Address: Jefimow & Co., M. Gre- Herald of Health, editor, Dr.
bezkaja ul. No. 4 B., Quartier V. L. Mann; contributing ed-
41, Petrograd, Russia. itor, H. C. Menkel; managing.
Publication: Blagaja Wjestj, edi- editor, S. A. Wellman; Eastern
tor, J. A. Ljwow. Tidings, editor, R. D. Brisbin;
Juga Lakhyan, editor, L. G.
. Levant Branch. Mookerjee; Kalyuge Ke Chink,
Internationale Traktatgesellschaft, editor. S. A. Wellman; Nish-
Ottoman Post, Box 109, Galata, arat-i-Quiyamat, editor, S. A.
Constantinorle, Turkey; Man- Wellman.
ager, P. Bridde. Publishing in
the following languages: Ara- JAPANESE PUBLISHING
bic, Armenian, Armeno-Turkish
(Turkish language with Arme- HOUSE.
nian characters). Greek, Greco- Owari no Fukuinsha.
Turkish (Turkish language with
Greek characters), Turkish Established 1909.
(Turkish language with Arabic
characters). Address: 169 Amanuma, Sugi-
nami-mora, Tovotama-Gun,
Hungarian Branch. Tokyo, Japan.
Valblsos Tratok Nemzetkozi Kia- Manager: A. B. Cole.
dohivatala. Katona Jozsef-utca Field Agent: H. Stacey.
28. I. 5, Budapest, V., Hungary; Editors: Owari No Fukuin, T. H.
Manager, W. Koch. Okohira. F. H. De Vinney;
Publications: Utolsd Uezenet, edi- Shimei No Otodzure, T. H. Oko-
tor, J. F. Huenergardt; Evan- hira. F. H. De Vinney.

KOREAN MISSION PRESS. Officers: G. W. Caviness, Chair-

man; H. E. Meyer, Manager
Seoul, Korea. and Treas.
Editors: Las Senales de los Tiem-
Established 1909. pos, G. W. Caviness; associate
Publishing Board: C. L. Butter- editors, E. R. Johnson, C. S.
field, W. R. Smith, Riley Rus- Nicolas; El Amigo de los Nifios,
sell, Mimi Scharffenberg, H. A. Mrs. G. W. Caviness.
Oberg, Ne Kuen Ok, Kim Ku
Editors: Sei Chyensa Eui Keuip- ASSOCIATION.
yel, H. A. Oberg; Associate Ed-
itor, C. L. Butterfield. Established 1875.
Main Office: Mountain View, Cal.
Cable Address: Uprising, Moun-
HOUSE. Territory: The Pacific, North Pa-
cific, Central, Northern, and
Societe Internationale de Traites. Western Canadian Union Con-
Established 1897. ferences.
Directors: C. H. Jones, H. G.
Office: Gland (Ct. Vaud), Switzer- Childs, H. H. Hall, M. C.
land. Wilcox, J. L. McElhany, James
Publishing Board: L. E. Bork, Cochran, B. M. Shull.
L. P. Tieche, H. H. Dexter, J.
Curdy, J. Robert, P. A. De- Officers: Pres., C. H. Jones;
Forest, L. Zecchetto, C. E. Vice-Pres:. H. H. Hall; Sec.
Rentfro, Paul Steiner, Tell and Treas., H. G. Childs; Au-
Nussbaum. ditor, J. J. Ireland; General
Editors: Le Messager and Les Manager, C. H. Jones; Manager
Signes des Temps, A. Vaucher; Book Dept., H. H. Hall; Mana-
Le Vulgarisateur, P. A. De ger Periodical Dept., Jas. Coch-
Forest. ran.
Advisory Committee: The Presi-
dents of the following Union
MEXICAN PUBLISHING and local conferences: Pacific
HOUSE. Union Conference, Central Un-
ion Conference, Northern Union
Established 1899. Conference, North Pacific Union
Conference, Western Canadian
Office: 1420 Avenida 20, Tacu- Union Conference, and the Cali-
baya, D. F., Mexico. fornia, Central California, North-
Cable Address: Verdad, Mexico ern California, Southern Cali-
City, Mexico. fornia, Northwestern California.
Corporate Name: " Compania de and Southwestern California
Publicaciones, La Verdad,' S. Conferences.
Officers of Corporation: W. S. Publishing Committee: H. H. Hall,
Swayze, Pres.; Alfred Cooper, C. H. Jones, James Cochran,
Sec.; G. W. Caviness, Treas.; M. C. Wilcox, J. L. McElhany,
J. W. Erkenbeck, Auditor. E. E. Andross, F. H. Gage,
Publishing Committee: G. W. H. G. Childs, A. 0. Tait, L. A.
Caviness, W. S. Swayze, H. E. Reed, Dr. P. T. Magan, G. C.
Meyer, J. A. P. Green. Hoskin,

Editors: Signs of the Times, A. PHILIPPINE PUBLISHING

0. Tait, assistant editor, L. E. HOUSE.
Froom; Signs of the Times
Magazine, M. C. Wilcox; Our 707 Calle Vermont, Manila, Phil-
= 'Little Friend, Kathrina B. Wil- ippine Islands.
cox; associate editor, Vesta J.
Farnsworth; Evangeliets Send- Established 1914.
ebud, C. A. Thorp; Mission-
aeren, C. A. Thorp; Lys over Eoard: The Advisory Committee
Landet, C. A. Thorp; Christ- of the Philippine Mission.
licher Hausfreund, G. W. Er- Superintendent: R. M. Wallace.
furth and T. Valentiner; Deut-
scher Arbiter, G. W. Erfurth
and T. Valentiner; Tidens Tec- REVIEW AND HERALD PUB-
ken, A. Vermelin; Signalen, A. LISHING ASSOCIATION.
Vermelin; Die Zeichen der Zeit,
0. W. Erfurth and T. Valen- Established 1849; incorporated
tiner; Russian Review and 1861; reincorporated 1903.
Herald, S. C. Burley.
Main Office: ' Takoma Park Sta-
tion, Washington, D. C.
Kansas City Branch.
Cable Address: Review, Wash-
1224 Euclid Ave., Kansas City, ington.
Mo Manager, S. N. Curtiss. Territory: The Atlantic, Colum-
bia, Eastern Canadian, and
Portland Branch. Lake Union Conferences.
Constituency: The trustees of the
719 East Flanders St., Portland, corporation, the members of the
Oreg.; Manager, 0. C. Hoskin. executive committees of the
General Conference and the
International Branch. North American Division Con-
ference, the members of the
College View, Nebr.; Manager, F. executive committees of the
F. Byington; J. R. Ferren, following-named Union Con-
Manager Circulation Depart- ferences and of each local con-
ment. ference therein, as well as the
Union field missionary secre-
Canadian Branch. taries, the local conference field
missionary secretaries, and the
1109 Fourteenth St., West, Cal- local conference tract society
gary, Alberta, Canada, Box secretaries therein, namely, At-
1599; Manager, J. M. Rowse. lantic, Eastern Canadian, Colum-
bia, and Lake Union Conferen-
The Pacific Press Publishing ces; the editors of the peri-
Assn. handles publications in icals published by the Review
French, German, Danish, Swed- and Herald Pub. Assn., the
ish, Spanish, Russian, Portu- managers of the publishing
house departments and its
guese, Italian, and the Oriental branch offices, and such stock-
languages. It also gives special holders of the Seventh-day Ad-
attention to standard school ventist Pub. Assn. as donated
their stock hi said association
text-books and juvenile publi-
to the General Conference of
cations. Complete catalogues Seventh-day Adventists prior to
sent free on application. Jan. 1, 1905.

Board of Trustees: (to serve two New York Branch.

years) F. M. Wilcox, E. R. Room 903, 32 Union Square, New
Palmer, I. A. Ford, R. Hook, Jr., York, N. Y.; Manager, L. W.
E. L. Richmond, W. W. Pres- Graham.
cott; (to serve one year) W. T.
Knox, J. L. Shaw, G. B. Thomp- Foreign Publications: The New
son, C. S. Longacre, H. H. York Branch of the Review and
Cobban. Herald Publishing Association
carries a very large and com-
Officers: President, F. M. Wilcox; plete assortment of the tracts,
Vice-President, W. T. Knox; pamphlets, and books issued
Manager, E. R. Palmer; Asst. by our various foreign publish-
Manager, E. L. Richmond; ing houses. Send for catalogue.
Treasurer, R. Hook, Jr.; Secre-
tary, I. A. Ford.
Department Managers: Superin- SCANDINAVIAN PUBLISHING
tendent, E. L. Richmond; Book HOUSE.
Department, I. A. Ford; Peri-
odical Department, D. W. Rea- Established 1879.
vis; Assistants, Miss Lizzie
Gregg, Mrs. N. A. Porter. Corporate Name: Skandinavisk
Editors: Review and Herald, F. Office: Akersgaden 74, Christiania,
M. Wilcox; associate editors, Norway.
W. A. Spicer, G. B. Thompson, Cable Address: Sundhedsbladet,
L. L. Caviness. Youth's In- Christiania, Norway.
structor, Mrs. Fannie D. Chase; Publishing Board: J. C. Raft, N.
associate, Mrs. Adelaide B. Ev- C. Bergersen, 0. J. 0. Rost,
ans. Life and Health, Dr. G. Enok Endresen, A. G. Chris-
H. Heald; Liberty, C. S. Long- tiansen, Jens Olsen.
acre; managing editor, C. P. Treasurer: Jens Olsen.
Bollinan; associate editors, L. L. Editors: Sundhedsbladet, J. C.
Caviness, C. E. Holmes; special Ottosen, M. D.; Evangeliets
contributors, K. C. Russell, Sendebud, Erik Arnesen; Mis-
J. 0. Corliss, W. F. Martin, sionsefterretninger, Erik Arne-
S. B. Horton, C. B. Haynes. sen.
Sabbath School Worker, Mrs. L.
Flora Plummer; associate, Ros- Copenhagen Branch.
amond D. Ginther. Christian Margrethevej 5, Copenhagen, V.,
Educator, Frederick Griggs, Denmark.
managing editor, W. E. Howell. Corporate Name: Dansk Bogfor-
Church Officers' Gazette, Edith lag.
M. Graham, Matilda Erickson. Cable Address: Expedit, Copen-
Book Committee: E. R. Palmer, Treasurer: Chr. Hedeblik.
Chairman; F. M. Wilcox, I. A.
Ford, W. W. Prescott, W. W.
Eastman, R. Hook, Jr., N. Z.
Reavis, E. L. Richmond, C. P. PANY, LIMITED.
Bollman, L. L. Caviness. Established 1905.
South Bend Branch.
Office: Warburton, Victoria, Aus-
212 South La Fayette St., South tralia.
Bend, Ind.; Manager, J. W. Cable Address: " Signs," War-
Mace. burton, Victoria, Australia.

Board: J. M. Johanson, J. E. Editors: South African Sentinel,

Fulton, A. W. Anderson, L. D. managing editor, I. J. Hankins;
A. Lemke, M. Lukens, J. H. editorial staff, W. B. White, W.
Woods, W. H. James. S. Hyatt, H. J. Edmed. South
Editors: Signs of the Times, C. African Missionary, Mrs. W. B
M. Snow; Life and Health, C. White.
M. Snow.


Established 1905. South Lancaster, Mass.
Established 1882.
Postal Address: Box 523, U. S.
Postal Agency, Shanghai, China. Committee: The Executive Com-
Factory: 25 Lahore Road, Shang- mittee of the Massachusetts
hai, China. Conference.
Board of Management: R. C. Officers: President, J. K. Jones:
Porter, C. N. Woodward, W. E. Superintendent, Leonard J.
Gillis, and the superintendents Smith; Treasurer, H. B. Tucker.
of missions in China and Man-
Officers: R. C. Porter, Chairman; SOUTHERN PUBLISHING
C. N. Woodward, Sec. and
Treas.; W. E. Gillis, Superin- ASSOCIATION.
tendent (on furlough), C. N. 2119-2123 Twenty-fourth Ave.,
Woodward, Acting Superintend-
ent. North, Nashville, Tenn.
Editor: Shi Djao Yeuh Bao (The Established 1901.
Signs of the Times), J. E.
Shultz. Territory: The Southeastern,
Publishing Committee: Editor Southern, and Southwestern
Signs of the Times, B. L. An- Union Conferences.
derson, Mrs. J. P. Anderson, Constituency: The Executive Com-
A. C. Selmon, R. F. Cottrell, mittees of the foregoing Union
(on furlough), Frederick Lee Conferences.
acting for R. F. Cottrell. Board of Managers: S. E. Wight,
R. L. Pieree, W. H. Branson,
L. A. Smith, L. D. Randall, M.
Harvey, J. W. Davis, S. J.
PANY. Abegg.
56 Roeland St., Cape Town, Officers: Pres.. S. E. Wight;
South Africa. Vice-Pres., L. A. Smith; See.
and Treas., M. F. Knox; Gen-
Established 1894. eral Manager, R. L. Pierce;
Superintendent, W. A. Harvey;
Publishing Committee: W. B. Manager Book Dept., R. L.
White, H. J. Edmed, I. J. Pierce; Watchman Circulation
Hankins, W. B. Commin. Manager, J. L. MeConaughey.
Printing Works: Union College Editors: The Watchman, L. A.
Press, Kenilworth, Cape, South Smith; editorial contributors,
Africa. I. H. Evans, W. A. Spicer, P.

T. Magan, C. B. Haynes. Sec. and Treas.: Teckla Rosen-

Southern Union Worker, G. H. holm.
Curtis. Editor: Tidens Tecken, Emil Ah-
ren; Missionaren, Emil Ahren.
Fort Worth Branch.
411 West Railroad Ave., Fort
Worth, Tex.; Manager, S. J. THE WATCHMAN PRESS.
Riversdale, Jamaica, British
Atlanta Branch. West Indies.
169 Bryan St., Atlanta, Ga.; Established 1906.
Manager, L. D. Randall.
Territory: West Indian Union
Cable Address: " Watchman,"
HOUSE. Publishing Board: A. J. Hays-
mer, C. H. Keslake, E. C.
Gamla Kungsholmsbrogatan 38,
Boger, A. F. Haines, N. H.
Stockholm, Sweden. Pool, W. G. Kneeland.
Established 1895. Officers: Chairman, A. J. Hays-
men Manager. and Treas., A.
Corporate Name: Skandinaviska F. Haines.
Forlagsexpeditionen. Editor: The West Indian Watch-
Directors: Emil Lind, Emil Ah- man, C. H. Keslake; West In-
ren, Karl Mattsson. dian Messenger, C. H. Keslake.
The Advent Review and Sabbath tion, Washington, D. C.; editor,
Herald (denominational church Mrs. Fannie D. Chase; asso
paper, established 1849) ; week- ciate editor, Mrs. Adelaide B.
ly; twenty-four pages; annual Evans.
subscription, $2.00; published Liberty: a magazine of religious
at Takoma Park Station, freedom; an illustrated quarter-
Washington, D. C.; editor, F. ly; organ of the Religious Lib-
M. Wilcox; associate editors, erty Association; single copy,
W. A. Spicer, G. B. Thompson, 10 cents; yearly subscription,
L. L. Caviness. 35 cents; three years, 90 cents;
The Signs of the Times (lead- five years, or four copies, one
ing missionary paper and pro- year to one or more different
phetic expositor) ; illustrated addresses, $1; eight years, or
weekly; sixteen pages; annual eight copies one year, to one or
subscription, $1.75; published more different addresses, $2;
by Pacific Press Publishing published by the Review and
Assn., Mountain View, Cal.; Herald Publishing Association,
editor, A. 0. Tait; assistant Takoma Park Station, Wash-
' editor, L. E. Froom. ington, D. C.; editor, C. S.
Longacre; managing editor, C.
Signs of the Times Magazine; P. Bollman; associate editors,
forty-eight pages and cover; L. L. Caviness, C. E. Holmes.
$1 a year; published by the
Pacific Press Publishing Assn., The Present Truth (devoted to a
Mountain View, Cal.; editor, presentation of the doctrine of
M. C. Wilcox; associate editor, the second coming of Christ,
A. 0. Tait. and general Bible truth) ;
weekly; sixteen pages; annual
The Watchman; general mission-
subscription, 6s 6d ($1.60);
ary paper and Bible expositor; Stanborough Park, Watford,
illustrated monthly magazine Herts, England; editors, W. T.
of forty-eight or more pages Bartlett, H. F. De'Ath.
and covers; annual subscription
(including Canada), $1; to for- The Signs of the Times (devoted
eign countries, $1.25; published to an exposition of Bible
by the Southern Publishing truth and signs of the times) ;
Association, 2123 Twenty-fourth weekly; sixteen pages; annual
Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn.; subscription, 4s 6d; to countries
editor, L. A. Smith; editorial outside of Australia, and in the
contributors, I. U. Evans, W. Postal Union, 8s 6d ($2) ; War-
A. Spicer, P. T. Magan, 0: B. -burton, Victoria, Australia; ed-
Haynes; circulation manager, itor, C. M. Snow; contributing
J. L. McConaughey. editors, R. Hare, Alex. King.
The Youth's Instructor; organ of Signs of the Times; monthly;
Young People's Missionary Vol- thirty-two pages; annual sub-
unteer Dept. of the General scription, Rs. 2-8 (eighty cents);
Conference, and contains its international Tract Society, 17
Reading Courses, also the S. S. Abbott Road, Lucknow, India;
lessons for the youth) ; weekly; editor, S. A. Wellman; associate
sixteen pages; annual subscrip- editors, G. F. Enoch, J. S.
tion, $1,25; Takoma Park Sta- Tames.

The West Indian Watchman; lin C. Richards, Dr. Eulalia S.

monthly; thirty-two pages and Richards, Dr. W. H. James,
cover; 60 cents a year; Rivers- Dr. T. A. Sherwin, Dr. M. M.
dale, Jamaica, British West In- Freeman.
dies; editor, C. H. Keslake, Port
Antonio, Jamaica, British West Good Health (devoted to hygiene
Indies. and principles of healthful liv-
ing); monthly; thirty-two
South African Sentinel (devoted pages; yearly subscription, is
to an exposition of the signs 6d, postpaid; Stanborough
of the times and Sabbath Park, Watford, Hefts, England;
truth); monthly; sixteen editor, A. B. Olsen, M. D.
pages; annual subscription one
shilling and six pence; to Sabbath School Worker (or-
countries outside of South Af- gan of the Sabbath-school De-
rica, two shillings and six partment of the General. Con-
pence; editor, I. J. Hankins; ference); monthly; twenty-four
editorial staff, W. B. White, pages; annual 'subscription, 50
W. S. Hyatt, H. J. Edmed. cents; in clubs of two or
more, 35 cents; published at
Life and Health; national health Takoma Park Station, Wash-
magazine; an illustrated month- ington, D. C.; editor, Mrs. L.
ly. Tells how to keep well, Flora Plummer; associate, Rosa-
how to get well, and how to mond D. Ginther.
treat simple diseases at home
without drugs; also how to Christian Educator (organ of Ed-
sleep, cook, eat and dress for ucational Department of the
health; a practical journal for General Conference); a month-
the common people; single copy, ly magazine devoted to the
10 cents; yearly subscription, promotion of a broad, thor-
$1; six months (subscriptions ough, and rational education,
for less than six months not based upon true Christian prin-
accepted), 50 cents; three years ciples; thirty-two pages; an-
(or three subscriptions one nual subscription, $1; published
year), $2; five years (or five by Review and Herald Pub-
subscriptions one year), $3; lishing Association, Takoxna
five or ten subscriptions for six Park Station, Washington, D.
months, to five or ten addresses, C; editor, Frederick Griggs;
$1.50 or $3; five or more conies managing editor, W. E. Howell.
mailed by publishers to differ-
ent addresses, each, 5 cents,
postpaid; no extra charge on Sabbath School Quarterly; forty-
foreign subscriptions; published eight pages; containing the S.
by the Review and Herald Pub- D. A. International Sabbath-
lishing Association, Takoma school lessons; annual sub-
Park Station, Washington, D. scription, 20 cents; Pacific
C.; editor, George H. Heald. Press Pub. Assn., Mountain
M. D. View, Cal.
Life and Health (the Australasian Our Little Friend (a child's 'Pa-
Health Magazine): bimonthly; per); illustrated weekly; eight
64 pages; annual subscription. pages; annual subscription, 70
3s 6d; beyond the common- cents; Pacific Press Publishing
wealth, 4s: Signs Publishing Assn., Mountain View, Cal.;
Company, Warburton, Victoria. editor, Kathrina B. Wilcox;
Australia; editor, C. M. Snow; associate editor, Vesta J. Farns-
contributing editors, Dr. Frank- worth.

Bible Student's Library; send Missionary Leader; monthly;

for topically arranged list, to eight pages; (devoted to
Pacific Press Publishing Assn., Church and Missionary and
Mountain View, Cal. Missionary Volunteer programs,
Fourth Sabbath Readings, as
Gospel Herald; monthly; eight well as occasional instruction
pages; 25 cents; published at to our church officers as to
Oakwood Manual Training their duties) ; editor, Mrs. A. L.
School, Huntsville, Ala.; ed- Flindson ; asst. editor, Miss
itor, T. H. Jeys, Box 414, A. M. Williams; published by
Huntsville, Ala. the Australasian Union Con-
ference, " Mizpah," Wahroonga,
Herald ' of Health; monthly; 24 N. S. W., Australia.
pages; annual subscription, Rs.
2-8 (80 cents) ; International The Christian Record ( a paper
Tract Society, 17 Abbott Road, printed for the blind in Amer-
Luckn ow, India; editor, Dr. V. ican Braille and in New York
L. Mann; contributing editor, Point) ; monthly;.thirty-six
H. C. Menkel ; managing editor, pages; sent free to all blind
S. A: Wellman. persons; published at College
View, Nebr.; editorial commit-
Church Officers' Gazette; sixteen- tee, Mrs. A. 0. Wilson, H. C.
page monthly, containing in- Lacey, Miss Mettie E. Cornell.
structions to church officers,
and programs for the Home The Christian Record Publishing
Missionary, and Senior and Co. also has a Free Circulating
Junior Missionary Volunteer Library Department containing
societies of the churches; an- denominational tracts and pam-
nual subscription, fifty cents; phlets for free circulation
published at Takom a Park Sta- among the blind. These tracts
tion, Washington, D. C.; edi- are sent to the reader and m-
tors, Miss E. M. Graham, Miss' il turned to the office without
Matilda Erickson. postage.


Atlantic Union Gleaner (official The Educational Messenger;
organ of the Atlantic Union monthly; twenty-four pages;
Conference ) ; weekly; eight 75 cents: published by Union
pages; 50 cents a year; editor, College, College View. Nebr.
Miss Pearl L. Rees; published Columbia Union Visitor; (official
at South Lancaster, Mass. organ of the Columbia Union
Central Union Outlook; ( organ of Conference); eight pages: week-
Central Union Conference) ; ly: 50 cents; published at Mt.
eight pages; weekly; annual Vernon. Ohio; editor, Olive
subscription, fifty cents; editor, Krum -FIagm ann.
Miss Mettie E. Cornell; asso- Eastern Canadian Union Messen-
ciate editors, W. W. Ruble, ger (official organ of the East-
Pres. of Union College, Miss. ern Canadian Union Confer-
Sec. of Central Union Confer- ence) ; weekly: four pages: 50
ence; published at College cents; Oshawa, Ontario; editor,
View, Nebr. Edna P. Leach.

Lake Union Herald (official organ Western Canadian Tidings (of-

of the Lake Union Conference); ficial organ of the Western
weekly; eight pages; 50 cents Canadian Union Conference);
a year; editor, Mrs. Lou K. biweekly; eight pages; fifty
Curtis; published at Berrien cents a year; published by the
Springs, Michigan, and printed Western Canadian Union Con-
by Emmanuel Missionary Col- ference at Calgary, Alberta;
lege Press. editor, F. L. Hommel, 502 Sev-
enteenth Ave., West, Calgary,
Northern Union Reaper (official Alberta, Canada.
organ of the Northern Union
Conference); weekly; eight European Division Conference Re-
pages; 50 cents a year in the view (organ of the European
United States, 75 cents in Division Conference); sixteen
Canada and foreign countries; to thirty-two pages; price, 25
published by the Northern cents a year; published by the
Union Conference, 2718 Third European Division Conference,
Ave., South, Minneapolis, at Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg,
Minn.; editor, W. H. Edwards. Germany; editor, Guy Dail.
North Pacific Union Gleaner (of- The Missionary Worker (official
ficial organ of the North Pacific organ of the British Union Con-
Union Conference); weekly; ference); monthly; eight pages;
eight pages; 50 cents a year; Is 8d per year, postpaid. Inter-
published by the North Pacific nat ional Tract Society, Ltd..
Union Conference, College Place, Stanborough Park, Watford,
Wash.; editor, S. J. Lashier. Herts, England; editor, H. F.
Pacific Union Recorder (official
organ of the Pacific Union Con- Zions-WAchter (Zion's Watch-
ference); weekly; eight pages; man) (organ of the West Ger-
50 cents a year; editor, Claude man, the East German, the
Conard; associate editors, E. E. Danube, the Central European,
Andross, J. 0. CorliAs. and the East and West Russian-
Field Tidings (organ of the Union Conferences); semi-
Southeastern Union Confer- monthly; sixteen pages; annual
ence); eight pages; weekly; 50 subscription, mks. 2; for Amer-
cents; published at Graysville, ica, 50 cents; editor, A. Plass;
Tenn.; by the Southern Train- Internationale Traktatgesell-
ing School; J. P. McGee, editor. schaft, Grindelberg 15a, Ham-
burg, Germany.
Southern Union Worker (organ
of the Southern Union Confer- Asiatic Division News; organ
ence); weekly; eight pages; 50 of the Asiatic Division Con-
cents yearly; published by the ference; subscription price, 50
Southern Union Conference, cents a year; monthly; four
2014 Twenty-third Ave., North. pages; editor, Mrs. R. C. Por-
Nashville, Tenn. ter; associate editor, Florence
Shull; issued at 25 Lahore
Southwestern Union Record (of- Road, Shanghai, China.
ficial organ of the Southwest-
ern Union Conference); eight Australasian Record (official or-
pages; weekly; 50 cents; Z. gan of the Australasian Union
. Rubottom, editor and business Conference); weekly; eight
manager; C. E. Smith and G. pages; annual subscription 4s:
F. Watson, associate editors: foreign countries 5s; published
published at Keene, Tex. by the Australasian Union Cop-

ference, "Mizpah," Wahroonga, scription 2s 6d; editor, Mrs.

N. S. W., Australia; editor, W. B. White, " Wynnton," Se-
Mrs. A. L. Hindson. bons Road, Claremont, Cape,
South Africa.
Eastern Tidings; monthly; twelve
pages; Rs. 1 (32 cents) a year; The West Indian Messenger (or-
official organ of the Indian gan of the West Indian Union
Union Mission; 17 Abbott Road, Conference ) ; monthly; eight
Lucknow, India; R. D. Brisbin, _pages; 25 cents a year; Rivers-
editor. dale, Jamaica, British West In-
dies; editor, C. H. Keslake,
South African Missionary; week- Port Antonio, Jamaica, British
ly; four pages; annual sub- West Indies.

Iowa: The Workers' Bulletin; Oakwood -Bulletin; quarterly;
weekly; 40 cents; Iowa Tract published at Oakwood Manual
Society, Nevada, Iowa; editor, Training School, Huntsville,
Mrs. Flora V. Dorcas. Ala., in the interests of Chris-
tian education for the Negro.
Emmanuel Missionary College Southern Training School Quar-
Bulletin; quarterly; thirty-two terly; issued quarterly; eight
pages; free; editorial commit- pages; one number during the
tee: Prof. 0. J. Graf, and the year is the school calendar
editorial staff of The Student (usually about 78 pages); dis-
Movement. tributed free; published in the
The Student Movement; biweek- interest of the school; editors,
ly, eight pages, fifty cents a Southern Training School Fac-
year; eighteen issues; editorial ulty, Graysville, Tenn.
staff: H. W. Wilcox, editor in
chief; Edna Fitton, assistant The Southwestern Student;
editor; W. H. Wakeham, ad- monthly; annual subscription
visory editor; J. Augusta Blos- 50 cents; published in the in-
ser, Edwin Thiele, Ennis terests of Keene Academy, at
Moore, Arabella James, Olive Keene, Tex.
Woodard, Chas. Marsh, associ-
ate editors; Albert Campbell, The Student Idea; issued month-
manager; Loren Shepard, as- ly; 50 cents for nine months;
sistant manager; published at published at South Lancaster,
Berrien Springs, Mich. Mass.

Arranged alphabetic ally by languages.
Juga Lakhyan (Signs of the Evangeliets Sendebud; semi-
'limes); sixteen-page quarterly; monthly; sixteen pages; annual
annual subscription 8 cents; subscription kr. 2.50; rate for
published at 17 Abbott Road, America, $1; Akersgaden 74,
Lucknow, India; L. G. Mooker- Christiania, Norway, and Mar-
jee, editor, 6 Dehi Serampore grethevej 5, Copenhagen, V.,
Road, P. 0. Entally, Calcutta, Denmark; editor, Erik Arnesen,
India. Skodsborg, Denmark.
Missionsefterretninger; monthly
BOHEMIAN. eight pages; published as
Hlasatel Pravdy (Herald of angentts Senneoun; editor,
Truth); monthly; 16 pages; Erik Arnesen, Skodsborg, Den-
church and missionary paper;
subscription, 1.50 crown (Amer- Sundhedsbladet (health journal) ;
ica, 50 cents). Sabbath School monthly; twenty-four pages;
Quarterly, 1 crown; for Amer- annual subscription, kr. 3.00;
ica, 20 cents; editor, J. Simon. rate for America, $1.00; Akers-
Published by the Internationale gaden 74, Christiania, Norway,
Traktatgesellschaft, Grindelberg and Margrethevej 5, Copenha-
15a, Hamburg, Germany. gen, V., Denmark; editor, J. C.
Ottosen, Skodsborg, Denmark.
BURMESE. Evangeliets Sendebud; weekly;
Kin Soung (Watchman); twenty- sixteen pages; annual sub-
four pages; annual subscription, scription, $1.75; Pacific Press
12 cents; quarterly; published Publishing Assn., College View,
at 116c Montgomery St., Ran- Nebr.; editor, C. A. Thorp.
goon, Burma; R. A. Beckner, Missionaeren; monthly; eight
editor. pages; annual subscription, 50
cents, Pacific Press Publishing
CHINESE. Assn., College View, Nebr.; ed-
Shi Djao Yeuh Bao (The Signs itor, Marie Laursen.
of the Times); thirty-two Lys over Landet; devoted to
pages; monthly magazine; year- health, temperance, and relig-
ly subscription, 50 cents; 5 to ious liberty; thirty-six pages;
25 copies, 31/2 cents each; 25 quarterly, 40 cents; Pacific
or more copies, 3 cents each. Press Publishing Assn.,.College
Issued in Wenli and Mandarin View, Nebr.; editor, C. A.
editions. Editor, J. E. Shultz. Thorp; asst. editor, M. S.
Published by the Signs of the Reppe.
Times Publishing House, Post-
al address, Box 523, U. S. ESTHONIAN.
Postal Agency, Shanghai, China.
N. B.In the United States Sioni Wahimees (Zion's Watch-
and Canada, all orders for Chi- man) ; sixteen pages; monthly;
nese literature, aside from the Rbl. 80; for America, 50 cents;
paper, should be sent to the with Sioni Tooline and the
Pacific Press Publishing Assn., Sabbath School Quarterly, Rbl.
Mountain View, Cal. 1.50, or 80 cents; published by

the Internationale Traktatge- La Sentinelle; church paper;

sellschaft, Grindelberg 15a, thirty-two pages and cover,
Hamburg, Germany; editor, L. published quarterly by the
Nikkar. South Lancaster Printing Com-
pany, South Lancaster, Mass.
Rarama ; monthly; eight pages; Rundschau der Adventisten (Ger-
annual subscription 2s; print- man pa per for circulation
ed at Avondale Press, Cooran- among S. D. A. churches in
bong. N. S. W., Australia; edi- South America); twelve pages;
tor, Miss A. M. Williams, " Miz- monthly; subscription 65 cents;
pal," Wahroonga, N. S. W., published by the Brazil Pub-
Australia. lishing House, Silo Bernardo,
FINNISH. S. P. R., Silo Paulo, Brazil,
South America; editor, A.
Aikain Vartija ; monthly; six- Pages.
teen pages; annual subscrip-
tion, 50 cents; Unionsgatnn 4, Christlicher Hausfreund; bi-
Helsingfors, Finland; editors: weekly ; 16 pages; annual sub-
C. 0. Carlsson. K. J. Sysimetsit, scription, $1; College View,
Julia SucksdorfT, Ester Vilberg. Nebr.; editor, T. Valentiner;
assistant editor, G. W. Erfurth.
Lisalethi; monthly; eight pages;
annual subscription, 25 cents; Deutscher Arbeiter; biweekly;
Unionsgatan 4, Helsingfors, eight to sixteen pages; annual
Finland; editor, C. 0. Carlsson. subscription, $1; College View,
Nebr.; editor, T. Valentiner;
FRENCH. asst. editor, G. W. Erfurth.
Les Sign es des Temps (Signs of Die Zeichen der Zeit (Signs of
the Times); monthly; eight the Times) ; thirty-six pages;
pages; annual subscription, fr. quarterly; 40 cents; Pacific
1. 50 (30 cents. foreign, Press Pub. Assn.. College View,
40 cents); published at Gland, Nebr.; editor, T. Valentiner;
(Ct. Vaud), Switzerland; editor, assistant editor, G. W. Erfurth.
A. Vaueher.
Sabbatschul-Lektionen (Sabbath-
Le Messager (The Messenger); school Lessons) ; quarterly;
monthly church paper; twelve containing the S. D. A. Inter-
Pages; annual subscription, fr. national Sabbath-school lessons
2 (40 cents); Gland, (Ct. Vaud), in German; annual subscrip-
Switzerland; editor, A. Vaucher. tion. 20 cents; Pacific Press
Publishing Assn., College View,
Le Vulgarisateur et Messager de Nebr.
l'Hygien e (Popular Messenger
of Hygiene); monthly health Herold der Wahrheit (Herald of
Paper; sixteen pages: fr. 3.00 Truth) ; semimonthly; eight
(60' cents) Gland (Ct. Vaud). pages; annual subscription,
Switzerland; editor, P. A. De Mk. 2. (60 cents for America);
Forest. Internationale Traktatgesell-
schaft, Grindelberg 15a, Ham-
Le Visiteur; quarterly church pa- burg. Germany; editor, L. R.
per; four pages ; published by Conradi.
the South Lancaster Printing Gute Gesundheit (Good Health) ;
Company, South Lancaster, monthly; sixten pages; an-
Mass. nual subscription, Mk. 2 (for

America, 50 cents); Interna- cents); Internationale Traktat-

tionale Traktatgesellschaft, gesellschaft, Grindelberg 15a,
Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany; editors, J.
Germany; editors, E. Meyer, Wibbens, R. G. Klingbeil.
M. D., L. E. Conradi, M. D.
De Werker (The Worker); six-
Unser kleiner Freund (Our Little teen pages; quarterly church
Friend); monthly; 16 pages; paper for Holland and Flem-
annual subscription, mk. 1. (for ish Belgium with the Sabbath-
America, 35 cents); Interna- School Quarterly, 80 Holl.
tionale Traktatgesellschaft, cents; (for America, 35 cents);
Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg, Internationale Traktatgesell-
Germany; editor, A. Plass. schaft, Grindelberg 15a, Ham-
burg, Germany; editor, J.
Der Protestant (The Protestant);
religious liberty bimonthly; De Wachter (a Dutch translation
sixteen pages; annual sub- of the " South African Senti-
scription, 80 Pfg. (for Amer- nel ") ; sixteen pages; monthly;
ica, 25 cents) ; Internationale annual subscription one shilling
Traktatgesellschaft, Grindelberg and six pence; editor, I. J.
15a, Hamburg, Germany; ed- Hankins, 56 Roeland St., Cape
itor, H. F. Schuberth. Town, South Africa.
Der Erzieher (The Educator); HUNGARIAN.
educational quarterly; twenty-
four pages; annual subscrip- Utolso Uezenet (The Last Mes-
tion, 80 Pfg. (for America, 25 sage); sixteen pages; monthly
cents); Internationale Traktat- missionary paper; subscription
gesellschaft, Grindelberg 15a, price 1.50 crowns; (for Amer-
Hamburg, Germany; editor, H. ica, 50 cents) ; with Evangeliu-
F. Schuberth. mi munkas, and Sabbath-
school Quarterly, 3.00 crowns,
Der Advent-Bote (The Advent- or for America, 80 cents; edi-
ist Messenger) ; sixteen-page tor, J. F. Huenergardt; pub-
monthly; annual subscription, lished by the Vallasos Iratok
Mk. 1.20 (40 cents to Amer- Nemzetkozi Kiadnivatala, Ka-
ica); Internationale Traktat- tona Joszef-ut. 28. I. 5, Buda-
gesellschaft, Grindelberg 15a, pest, V., Hungary.
Hamburg, Germany; editor, L.
R. Conradi. Evangeliumi munkas (Gospel
Worker); monthly; eight
pages; for circulation among
HINDI. believers in Hungary; edited
Kalyuge Ke Chink (Signs of the and published as the paper
Times) 24-page quarterly; an- noted above.
nual subscription, 12 cents;
published at 17 Abbott Road, ITALIAN.
Lucknow, India; editor, S. A. L'Ultimo Messaggio ; monthly;
Wellman. sixteen pages; L 1.50 per an-
num in Italy; 40 cents -to Unit-
HOLLAND (DUTCH). ed States; editor, L. Zecchetto,
Casella Postale 218, Florence,
Teekenen des Tijds (Signs of Italy.
the Times) ; monthly; sixteen
pages; annual subscription 75 La Verita (The Truth ) ; quarter-
Holl. cents; (for America, 50 ly; twenty-four pages; 35 cents

a year; editor, R. Calderone; Press, Cooranbong, N. S. W.,

published by the Foreign De- Australia, and published by the
partment of the North Amer- North New Zealand Conference.
ican Division Conference, 3645
Ogden Ave., Chicago, Ill.
JAPANESE. Znaki Czasu (Signs of the
Owari No Fukuin; monthly; Times); sixteen pages; mis-
twenty-four pages; annual sub- sionary paper, eight numbers
scription 50 cents; published annually; price 85 pfg., or for
by the Owari No Fukuinsha, America, 35 cents per annum;
Amanuma, Suginami-rnura, To- editor, , published by
yotama-gun, Tokyo, Japan; the Internationale Traktatge-
editors, T. H. Okohira, F. H. sellschaft, Grindelberg 15a,
Hamburg, Germany.
De Vinney.
Shimei No Otodzure (Tidings of Stroz Syonu (Zion's Watchinan);
the Message); monthly; eight sixteen pages; quarterly church
pages; annual subscription 30 paper; price 50 pfg., for Amer-
cents; editors, P. B. Okohira, ica, 20 cents; published by the
F. H. De Vinney; published by Internationale Traktatgesell-
the Owari No Fukuinsha; ad- schaft, Grindelberg 15a, Ham-
dress as above. burg, Germany; editor,

Sei Chyensa eui Keuipyel; Revista Mensal; monthly; eight
monthly; twenty-eight pages; pages; annual subscription, 50
annual subscription 25 cents; cents; published by the Bra-
Korean S. D. A. Mission zil Pub. House, Estacao Sao
Press, Seoul, Korea; editor, H. Bernardo, S. P. R., Sao Paulo,
A. Oberg; associate editor, C. Brazil, South America; editor,
L. Butterfield. F. W. Spies.

Zianas Sargs (Zion's Watchman); Tuatua-Mou; monthly; eight
16 pages; monthly; illustrated; pages; annual subscription 2s;
Rbl. 80, for America, 50 cents; editor, Mrs. F. N. Waugh,
editor, J. Schneider, Grindel- " Mizpah," Wahroonga, N. S.
berg 15a, Hamburg, Germany. W., Australia; published by the
Sabbath-school Quarterly; Rbl. Avondale Press.
40, or 20 cents a year; editor,
J. Schneider; published by the RUMANIAN.
Internationale Traktatgesell-
schaft, at Grindelberg 15a, Semnele Timpului (Signs of the
Hamburg, Germany. Times); monthly; sixteen
pages; missionary paper; sub-
MAORI. scription price, Fr. 2.00 (to
America, 50 cents); with Cur-
Karere o to Pono; quarterly; ierul Misionar and the Sabbath-
eight pages; annual subscrip- School Quarterly, Fr. 3.75 (to
tion Is; editor, W. R. Cars- America, 80 cents); editors,
well, printed by the Avondale St. Demetrescu and P. R. Paul-

ini; published by the In- (outside of Mexico), $1.00 Uni-

ternationale Traktatgesellschaft, ted States money; editor, G.
Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg, Ger- W. Caviness, 1420 Avenida 20,
many. Tacubaya, D. F., Mexico.

RUSSIAN. El Amigo de los Ninos (a paper

for children); monthly; 16
Blagaja Wjestj (Message of pages; 50 cents; Mrs. G. W.
Grace); 8 pages; monthly mis- Caviness, editor, 1420 Avenida
sionary paper; subscription 20, Tacubaya, D. F., Mexico.
price Rbl. 1., for America, 50
cents, with Supplement, Rbl. El Mensajero del Rey; eight
1.80 (for America, 80 cents); pages; monthly; published at
published in Petrograd, Russia, 1420 Avenue 20, Tacubaya, D.
by Jefimow and Co., M. Gre- F., Mexico.
bezkaja ul. No. 4B, Quartier
41; editor, J. A. Ljwow. El Atalaya; a monthly; sixteen
pages; 75 cents a year; pub-
SAMOAN. lished by the Casa Editora
Union Sud-Americana, Florida,
Tali Moni (The Truth) ; month- F. C. C. A., Buenos Aires, Ar-
ly; eight pages; annual sub- gentina, South America; editor,
scription 2s; editor, Mrs. F. N. E. W. Thomann.
Waugh, " Mizpah," Wahroonga,
N. S. W., Australia; transla- La Revista Adventista; monthly;
tor, Fred Hunt; published by sixteen pages; annual subscrip-
the Avondale Press. tion 75 cents; Florida, F. C.
C. A., Buenos Aires, Argentina,
SERVIAN. South America; editor, Mrs.
Lydia Oppegard; assistant edi-
Snazi wremena (The Signs of tor, E. W. Thomann.
the Times); sixteen-page quar-
terly missionary paper; price La Salud y Vida; quarterly
.60 crown; for America, 20 health journal; 32 pages; sub-
cents; editor, E. Jowanowitsch; scription price, 35 cents; Flor-
Servian S. S. Lesson Quarterly ida, F. C. C. A., Buenos Aires,
and Sionska Stracha; sixteen- Argentina, South America; ed-
page quarterly church paper, or itors, R. H. Habenicht, M. D.,
" Servian Worker," 1 crown, Mrs. Lydia Oppegard.
50 heller per annum; for Amer-
ica, 40 cents; editor, R. Wladi- Seiiales de los Tiempos; month-
mir; published by the Vallfisos ly; sixteen pages; annual sub-
Iratok NemzethOzi KiadOhiva- scription two pesetas; to for-
tala, Katona JOzsef ut. 28. I. 5, eign countries, 50 cents; editor,
Budapest, V., Hungary. , Apartado 492, Barce-
lona, Spain.
El Esforzador; four-page monthly
Las Sefiales de los Tiempos; il- journal; 25 cents; address
lustrated; thirty-two pages; Apartado 492, Barcelona, Spain.
monthly; devoted to the expo-
sition of the prophecies, Bible Estudios Biblicos; quarterly; Sab-
doctrines, and health and tem- bath-school lessons for the en-
perance topics; annual sub- tire Spanish field; published as
scription (in Mexico), $2.00; above.
SWEDISH. Waugh; translator, Mrs. A.
Deane; issued by the Avon-
Tidens Tecken och Sions Vak- dale Press, Cooranbong, N. S.
tare; weekly; sixteen pages; W., Australia.
annual subscription' $1.75; Pa-
cific Press Publishing Assn.,
College View, Nebr.; editor, TAMIL.
A. Vermelin.
Nikalkala Sattium (Present
Signalen; monthly; eight pages; Truth) twenty-four-page quar-
50 cents: Pacific Press Pub- terly; annual subscription, 10
lishing Assn., College View, cents; published at Kilpauk,
Nebr.; editor, Mrs. A. Verme- Madras, South India; editor, J.
lin. S. James.
Tidens Tecken; semimonthly;
eight pages; annual subscrip- TONGAN.
' tion kr. 2; rate for America,
85 cents; Gamla Kungsholms- Talafekau Mooni; monthly;
brogatan 38, Stockholm, Swe- eight pages; annual subscrip-
den; editor, E. J. Ahren. tion 2s.; editor, Mrs. F. N.
Waugh; translator, Vai Vae-
Missionaren (with S. S. lessons mola; issued by the Avondale
for adults and children); semi- Press, Cooranbong, New South
monthly; twelve pages; kr. 1.50 Wales, Australia.
(70 cents for America) ; Scan-
dinavian Publishing Associa-
tion, Gamla Kungsholmsbroga- URDU.
tan 38, Stockholm, Sweden; ed-
' itor, Emil Ahr6n. Nishauat-i-Quiyamat (Signs of
the Times); 24-page quarterly;
TAGALOG. annual subscription, 12 cents;
published at 17 Abbott Road,
Patnubay ng Katubusan; month- Lucknow, India; editor, S. A.
ly; twenty pages; editor, L. V. Wellman.
Finster; associate editor, B. R.
Panis; twenty-five cents gold, a
year; 707 Calle Vermont, Ma- SUMMARY.
nila, Philippine Islands. General Periodicals 24
TAHITIAN. Union Periodicals 21
Local Periodicals 7
Tiarama (The Light); monthly; Foreign Periodicals 80
eight pages; annual subscrip-
tion 2s; editor, Mrs. F. N. Total 132
The languages in which denominational publications of all kinds
are issued are the following:
Amoy Hawaiian ifussian.
Arabic Hebrew Ruthenian
Armenian Hindi Samoan
Armeno-Turkish Hungarian Santali
Battak Icelandic Sechuanna
Bengali Ilocano Servian
Bohemian lloilo-Panayan Sesuto (So. Africa)
Bulgarian Italian Shanghai (China)
,Burmese Japanese Sintebele (So. Africa)
Cantonese (China) Javanese Slavonian
Cebuan Java-Malay Slovakian
Chassu (Kipare) Kafir (Koss Spanish
Chinyanja (British Kavirondo Suaheli
Cen. Africa) Kisukuma Sundanese
Chitonga (So. Africa) Kijita Swedish
Croatian Korean Syriac
Danish-Norwegian Laplandish Tagalog
Dutch Lettonian Tahitian
English Lithuanian Tamil (India)
Esthonian Malay (Singapore) Tigrinya
Fijian Mandarin (China) Tongan
Filipino Manyanga Turkish
Finnish Maori (New Zealand) Urdu (Roman)
Flemish Marathi Urdu (Persian)
French Niue Welsh
Garhwali Polish Wendic
German Portuguese Wenli (China)
Greek (Modern) Rarotongan Yiddish
Greco-Turkish Rumanian Zulu
Total Languages 86
(Arranged alphabetically.)
ADELAIDE SANITARIUM. Officers: W. B. White, Chairman;
Barker Road, Nailsworth, Ade-
I. J. Hankins, Sec.; Geo. Webb,
laide, South Australia. Medical Faculty: H. J. Williams,
Established 1908. M. D., Supt.; Miss Ida Thoma-
son, Matron and Head Nurse;
Board of Directors: W. J. West- G. W. Webb, Business Man-
erman, J. Todd, C. P. Michaels, ager.
Mrs. Clapp, W. Were.
Matron: Mrs. Clapp.
BOULDER-COLORADO SANITA- Surrey Hills Hydro, Caterham
RIUM. Valley, England.
Boulder, Colo. Established 1903.
Established 1896. Board of Managers: W. J. Fitz-
Board of Directors: R. A. Un- gerald, W. C. Sisley, W. T.
- derwood, A. T. Robinson, Earl Bartlett, Dr. A. B. Olsen, Dr.
Austin, T. B. Westbrook, J. G. C. H. Hayton.
Weller, H. A. Green, E. J. Officers: Chairman, W. J. Fitz-
Baker. gerald; Sec. and Treas., A. B.
Officers of the Board: R. A. Un- Olsen.
derwood, Pres.; H. A. Green, Medical Superintendent: A. B.
M. D., Vice-Pres.; E. J. Ba- Olsen, M. D.; Matron, Miss J.
ker, Sec. and Treas. Bacon.
Executive and Finance Commit-
tee: H. A. Green, Medical and
Sec. and Treas.
Medical Faculty: H. A. Green, Papanui, Christchurch, New
M. D.; Kate Lindsay, M. D.;
Fred Weber. M. D.; Mary Jack- Zealand.
son Weber, M. D. Board: W. H. Pascoe, G. A.
Nurses Training School: Flora Brandstater, S. H. Amyes, B.
E. Huenergardt, Supt. and Sec. Waldrom, T. Brown.
Sanitarium Store: Earl Austin, Manager: G. A. Brandstater.


Plumstead, Cape, South Africa. _Akersgaden 74, Christiania,
Established 1904. Norway.
Board of Trustees: W. B. White, Established 1900.
I. J. Hankins. H. J. Edmed, W.
B. Commin, J. P. Casey, G. W. Corporate Name: Kurbadet.
Webb, Miss Ida Thomason. Superintendent: C. M. Scott.

FLORIDA SANITARIUM. Officers: Matron, Miss Helene

Bartel; Business Manager, Chr.
Orlando, Fla. Wetzel; Treasurer, C. Balms,
Established 1908.
Old People's Home.
Legal Name: " The Florida San-
itarium and Benevolent Asso- Address: Friedensau, Post Gra-
ciation." bow, Bez. Magdeburg, Germany.
Trustees: W. H. Heckman, B. W. Managed by the Board of Trus-
Spire, W. H. Branson, Dr. R. tees for the institutions opera-
S. Ingersoll, A. L. Bayley. ted in behalf of the interests
Officers: Pres., W. H. Heckman; of the German Union Conferen-
Sec., Dr. R. S. Ingersoll; Treas. ces.
and Business Manager, B. W.
Medical Staff: Supt., R. S. Inger- GLENDALE SANITARIUM.
soll, M. D.; Asst. Physician,
Olive P. Ingersoll, M. D.; Ma- Glendale, Cal.
tron and Head Nurse, Miss
Emma Dineson. Established 1905.
Faculty: D. D. Comstock, M. D.,
FRIEDENSAU SANITARIUM. Medical Supt.; Belle Wood-Com-
stock, M. D., Supt. of Nurses
Friedensau, Post Grabow, Bez. Training School; Howard F.
Magdeburg, Germany. Rand, M. D.; Mary L. Zener,
M. D.; C. E. Kimlin, Business
Established 1899. Manager; Miss Lillian Alice
Santee, Supt. of Nurses; Mrs.
" Deutscher Verein fiir Gesund- Geneva M. C. Comstock, Ma-
heitspflege: " Legal organiza- tron; Earl W. Culver, Chef.
tion for holding the Friedensau
Trustees: L. R. Conradi, Presi-
berth, J. G. Ohliinder, J. T. OF SOUTHERN CALI-
Boettcher, H. Hartkop, 0. E. FORNIA.
Reinke, J. F. Huenergardt.
Members: E. Frauchiger, G. W. Incorporated 1910.
Schubert, J. Erzber<rer, L. Ma-
the, W. Prillwitz, E. Bahr, H. (This association operates the
Fenner, K. Sinz, J. Wolf- Glendale Sanitarium, located at
garten, F. Mitting, F. Prieser, Glendale, Cal.; the Paradise
D. P. Gaede, 0. Schweneeke, Valley Sanitarium, at National
J. Seefried, H. Mayer-Blirtschy, City, Cal.; and the Los Angeles
R. Schillinger, 0. A. Janert, R. Treatment Rooms, at 417 West
G. KU/when. J. Wibbens, M. H. Fifth St., Los Angeles, Cal.)
Wentland, F. Gruber, J. Muth, Board of Directors: E. E. An-
E. Gugel, H. Box, P. Drinhaus. dross, J. A. Burden, C. E. Rice,
Officers: Pres.. L. R. Conradi; D. D. Comstock, W. L. John-
Vice-Pres., W. Krumm; Sec., son, V. H. Lucas, B. E. Beddoe,
Auditor. 0. Woyseh. W. F. Martin.
Medical Faculty: Supt., Dr. E. Officers: Pres., E. E. Andross;
Meyer; Head Nurses, Joseph Vice-Pres., C. E. Rice; Sec. and
Esser, Miss M. Forster. Treas., B. M. Emerson.

IOWA SANITARIUM. Manager: J. V. Willson; Ma-

tron, Mrs. J. V. Willson.
'Nevada, Iowa.
Established at Des Moines, Iowa,
in 1899. (Removed and es- LABE GENEVA SANITARIUM.
tablished at Nevada, Iowa,`'in
1909. Reincorporated June 15, (Sanitorium du Leman.)
1915.) Gland, Ct. Vaud, Switzerland.
Corporate Name: "Iowa Sani-
tarium and Benevolent Associa- Established 1904.
Board of Managers: A. R. Og- Corporate Name: " Socia6 Phil-
den, Pres.; W. C. Foreman, anthropique de la Ligniere."
Sec. and Treas.; A. P. Hansen, Board of Directors: L. R. Conradi.
H. W. Barbour, M. D., Jacob L. P. Tieche, Jules Robert, P.
Shively, J. W. Dorcas, J. L. A. De Forest, Paul Steiner.
McGee. Officers: Pres., L. R. Conradi;
Faculty: H. W. Barbour, M. D., Sec. and Treas., J. Robert.
Medical Superintendent; 0. S. Local Board: J. Robert, P. A.
Parrett, M. D.; W. C. Foreman, De Forest, L. E. Borle, Paul
Business Manager; Hannah Lar- Steiner, George Weber.
son, R. N., Matron. Medical Superintendent: L. E.
Conradi, M. D.; P. A. De
Forest, M. D.
KANSAS SANITARIUM. Matron: Mrs. Elsie Robert.

Wichita, Kans.
Established 1902.
(Incorporated with College of
Board of Trustees: W. D. Mac- Medical Evangelists.)
Lay (Pres.), H. S. Osterloh,
J. D. McBroom, T. J. Watkins, Loma Linda, Cal.
E. T. Wilson, W. A. McCros- Established 1905.
key, H. A. Schneider, R. L. Car-
son, L. A. Sutter. Board of Trustees and Officers:.
Board of Management: R. I. Car- (Same as for Loma Linda Col-
son, W. D. MacLay, H. S. Os- lege, which see.)
terloh, J. D. McBroom, L. A. Medical Staff: T. J. Evans, M. D..
Sutter. Medical Superintendent; E. H.
Medical Faculty: L. A. Sutter, M. Risley. M. D.; J. J. Weir, M.
D., Medical Supt.; P. J. Ander- D.; Zenobia E. Nightingale.
son, M. D.; R. L. Carson, M. D.
Business Manager; Clara D.
Larsen, R. N., Matron.


7 Cheapside, Kimberley, South Established 1902.

Africa. Board of Trustees: P. A. Hanson
Established 1901. (Pres.). P. L. Larson (Sec. and
Business Manager), W. T. Lind-
Board of Trustees: Executive say, M. D., Arthur Belding,
Committee of the Cape Con- Frank Hiner, G. M. Pflugradt.
ference. John Cutler.

Medical Faculty: W. T. Lindsay, NEW ENGLAND SANITARIUM.

M. D., Medical Director; F. C.
Dean, M. D., House Physician. Melrose, Mass.
Established 1899.

NATAL HEALTH INSTITUTE., Officers: R. D. Quinn, Pres.; J. G.

White, Sec. and Treas.; W. E.
126 Longmarket St., Pietermaritz- Bliss, M. D., Supt.,
burg, Natal, South Africa. Chaplain; Mrs. J. G. White,
Established 1908. Medical Faculty: W. E. Bliss, M.
D.; W. A. Ruble, M. D.; Ora
Manager: C. H. Shaw. Kress, M. D., Lady Physician;
Miss Leonora Lacey, Supt. of
Nurses; Miss M. Mabel Ar-
nold, Physical Director.
College View, Nebr.
Established 1894.
Huntsville, Ala.
Board of Managers: D. U. Hale
(Pres.), R. A. Underwood, J. D. Established 1910.
Shively, M. D., Lars Nielson,
(Business Manager), B. L. Board: C. B. Stephenson, C. J.
House. Body, S. E. Wight, W. H.
Medical Staff: J. D. Shively, M. Branson, G. F. Watson, A. L.
D., Medical Supt.; Eva M. .Miller, C. S. Weist, W. H.
Shively, M. D.; Miss Ida John- Williams, T. B. Buckner, J. W.
son, Supt. of Nurses; C. A. Manns, J. W. Dancer.
Skinner, R. N. Faculty: Miss Etta Reeder, Super-
Faculty: J. D. Shively, M. D., intendent; C. J. Boyd, Business
Eva M. Shively, M. D., Lars Manager.
Nielson, Business Manager, C.
A. Skinner, R. N., Miss Ida
Johnson, Miss Alta Alix, Mrs. PARADISE VALLEY SANI-
A. E. Shepherd, Elder L. F. TARIUM.
Trubey, Chaplain.
National City, Cal. .
Established 1906.
(Owned and operated by the San-
Hastings, Nebr. itarium Association of Seventh-
day Adventists of Southern Cal-
Established 1908. ifornia.)
Board of Directors: E. E. Andross
Board of Directors: D. U. Hale (Pres.), Chas. E. Rice (Vice-
(Pres.), B. L. House (Sec.), Pres.), J. A. Burden (Sec.),
J. D. Shively, E. D. Haysmer, D. D. Comstock, M. D., W. J.
R. A. Underwood, Lars Nielson. Johnson, M. D., V. H. Lucas,
A. F. Kirk. B. E. Beddoe, W. F. Martin.
Faculty: Medical Superintendent, Local Board: W. J. Johnson, M.
E. D. Haysmer, M. D.; Supt. D., Medical Supt.; J. A. Bur-
of Nurses, Ellen Lindholm; den, Business Manager; Myrtle
Business Manager, A. F. Kirk. AT. Phillips, R. N., Supt. Train-

ing School and Head Nurse; Medical Faculty: J. C. Ottosen,

Mrs. J. A. Burden, Matron; M. D.; N. P. Nelsen, M. D.;
Miss R. E. Hannaford, Bible Jensine Iversen, M. D.; A. An-
Instructor. dersen, M. D.

East Sixtieth and Belmont Sts.,
Portland, Oreg. TARIUM.
Founded 1893; reorganized, 1902; Stanborough Park, Watford,
became an institution of the Herts, England.
North Pacific Union Conference,
1906. Established 1912.
Board of Directors: C. W. Flaiz Board of Managers: W. J. Fitz-
(Pres.), C. M. Everest (Sec. gerald, W. C. Sisley, Dr. C. H.
and Treas.), H. W. Decker, H. Hayton, W. T. Barlett, Dr. A.
W. Cottrell, C. A. Burman, L. B. Olsen.
Johnson, Jay J. Nethery, U. Officers: W. J. Fitzgerald, Chair-
Bender, T. G. Bunch. man; C. H. Hayton, Sec. and
Officers and Medical Faculty: C. Treas.; Medical Supt., C. H.
M. Everest, Supt. and Business Hayton, M. D., F. R. C. S.;
Manager; W. B. Holden', M. D., Matron, Miss Harrison.
Medical Director; Karl P. Mo-
ran, M. D., House Physician;
C. J. Cummings, Chaplain; Miss
Frances Ellis, Head Nurse; Car- GOOD HEALTH ASSOCIATION,
rie Nelson, Matron. LTD.
Incorporated 1903.
Office: Stanborough Park. Wat-
Diamante, Entre Rios, Argentina, ford, Herts, England.
South America. Trustees: W. C. Sisley, W. T.
Established 1909. Bartlett, Dr. A. B. Olsen, W.
J. Fitzgerald, S. G. Haughey,
Board of Managers: R. H. Habe- W. H. Meredith, H. E. Arm-
nicht, J. W. Westphal, G. B. strong, J. J. Gillatt, S. Joyce,
Replogle, Lillian Voris, Jose A. Bacon, R. Mussen, Dr. C. H.
Weiss, N. U. Stevens, Ernesto Hayton, A. E. Bacon, G. Haw-
Roscher. kins, W. R. White.
Medical Faculty: Director, R. H. Officers: Chairman, W. J. Fitz-
Habenicht, M. D.; G. B. Rep- gerald; Secretary, A. B. Olsen,
logle, M. D. M. D.; Treas., W. C. Sisley.
Officers: Medical Supt., R. H.
Habenicht; Business Manager,
G. B. Replogle; Sec. and Treas.,
Sanitarium, Napa County, Cal.
Established 1878.
Skodsborg, Denmark.
Established 1897. (Operated by the California Med-
ical Missionary and Benevolent
Officers: Director, J. C. Ottosen, Association.)
M. D.; A. C. Christensen, Busi- Board of Directors: E. E. An-
ness Manager and Treasurer; dross (President, C. E. Rice,
Chr. Juhl, Inspector. E. W. Farnsworth, C. W. Ir-

win, G. E. Klingerman, M. D., SYDNEY SANITARIUM.

H. McDowell, E. R. Rhymes,
R. Rose, R. F. Moore, C. H. Wahroonga, N. S. W., Australia.
Jones, W. C. White, and W. E.
Whalin. Established 1902.
Officers: G. E. Klingerman, M. D.,
Medical Superintendent; C. E. Board: C. H. Watson, E. H.
Rice, Treasurer and Business Gates, Dr. T. A. Sherwin, A.
Manager; L. V. Roberson, Sec- J. Dyason, C. H. Pretyman, G.
retary and Assistant Treasurer; S. Fisher, W. W. Fletcher.
Miss 'Helen N. Rice, R. N., Medical Faculty: T. A. Sherwin,
Training School Secretary and M. B., Ch. M., Sydney; M. M.
Lady Head Nurse; S. T. Hare, Freeman, M. B., Ch. M., Syd-
Chaplain; R. W. Munson, As- ney; Manager, G.. S. Fisher;
sociate Chaplain; Mrs. J. L. Matron, Mrs. Elsie Shannon.
Ings, Matron; H. McDowell,
Steward; H. F. Wilson, Gentle-
Medical Staff: G. E. Klingerman,
M. D.; F. Burton Jones, M. D.; 1213 Fifteenth St., Moline, Ill.
Ida S. Nelson, M. D.; Elsie B. Established 1900.
Merritt, M. D.
The California Medical Mission- Incorporated as " Northern Ill-
ary and Benevolent Asociation inois Medical Missionary and
also operates the following: Sanitarium Association."
Sanitarium .Vegetarian Cafe: 714 Board of Trustees: W. A. West-
Market St., San Francisco, Cal., worth, F. J. Otis, H. H. Todd,
R. F. Moore, Manager. W. A. Marsh, Jr., L. H. Chris-
St. Helena Sanitarium Food Com- tian, H. V. Weaver, S. D. Bur-
pany: R. Rose, Factory Super- geson, Wm. Covert, H. E. Moon.
intendent. Officers: W. A. Westworth
(Pres.), F. J. Otis, (Vice-Pres.),
San Francisco Dispensary: 916 H. H. Todd (Sec. and Treas.),
Laguna St., San Francisco, Cal., A. N. Anderson, Auditor.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Kuhns. Medical Faculty: F. J. Otis, M.
D., Supt.; Estella G. Norman,
Business Manager: H. H. Todd.
Wahroonga, New South Wales,
Organized 1903. RIUM.
Constituency: J. E. Fulton, M. La Fayette, Ind.
Lukens, E. H. Gates, C. H.
Pretyman, C. H. Watson, G. S. Established 1906.
Fisher, A. J. Dyason, A. G.
Waugh, W. W. Fletcher, F. C. Board of Trustees: E. A. Bris-
Richards, W. L. H. Baker, Dr. tol (Pres.), F. A. Loop, M. D.,
T. A. Sherwin, J. Hindson, G. C. M. Christiansen (Treas.),
Teasdale, P. Foster. T. A. Goodwin, J. W. Mace,
Board of Trustees: Pres., C. H. A. N. Anderson, Roy Fattic.
Watson; Sec., G. S. Fisher; Officers: F. A. Loop, Medical
Treas., C. H. Pretyman; E. H. Supt.; C. M. Christiansen, Man-
Gates, Dr. T. A. Sherwin, W. ager; Miss Bettie States, Head
W. Fletcher, A. J. Dyason. Nurse.


(Pres.) ; Anna B. Durrie, M. D., Takoma Park Station, Washing-
Lady Physician; C. E. Garnsey,
Supt. Training School; Mattie ton, D. C.
H. White, Sec.; C. M. Christian- Dedicated June 12, 1907.
sen; W. A. Young, Chaplain;
Miss Bettie States. Corporate Name: Washington (D.
C.) Sanitarium Association.
Constituency: The Executive Com-
WALLA WALLA SANITARIUM. mittees of the General Confer-
ence and of the following Con-
ferences: Columbia Union, Ches-
College Place, Wash. apeake, Eastern Pennsylvania,
New ersey, Ohio, West Penn-
Established 1905. sylvania, Virginia, West Vir-
ginia, District of Columbia, the
Board of Directors: C. A. Btu- Board of Directors, and the
man, John Reith, M. D., J. physicians in the employ of the
Riffel, Geo. Krieger, F. W. Washington D. C.) Sanitarium
Peterson, S. Miller, H. W. Association.)
Decker. Board of Directors: F. NI. Wil-
cox, H. W. Miller, C. E. Ham-
Medical Staff: John Reith, M. D., mond, I. H. Evans, W. T. Knox,
Superintendent; W. B. Holden, B. G. Wilkinson, J. L. Shaw,
M. D., Associate Physician; E. K. Slade, H. M. J. Richards,
F. W. Peterson, Business Mana- W. A. Spicer, Al R. Sandborn,
ger; Miss Lillian Morell, Ma- R. T. Baer, F. H. Robbins, W.
tron. J. Stone, R. E. Harter.
Officers: Pres., F. M. Wilcox;
Treasurer ad Business Mana-
WARBURTON SANITARIUM. ger, W. T. Knox; Sec.," H. W.
Miller, M. D.; Asst. Business
Warburton, Victoria, Australia. Manager, C. E. Hammond.
Medical Faculty: H. W. Miller,
Established 1910. A. B., M. D., Medical Supt.;
Board: Dr. W. H. James, A. G. J. W. Hopkins, M. D.; Lauret-'
Wise, C. M. Snow, S. Deane, to E. Kress, M. D.; Margaret
Ross Stewart, M. D.; L. E.
G. S. Fisher, M. Lukens. Elliott, M. D.; Stewart Kime,
Medical Supt.: Dr. W. Howard Chaplain; E. Workman, V. E.
James. Thompson, R. N., Hulda. E.
Matron: Miss M. Voss. Olsen, Lola G. French, R. N.
Calcutta, India. Sanitarium Treatment Rooms, 75 Park St.; J. H.
Reagan, Manager. (Under supervision of India Union Mis-
sion.) Established 1900.
Guadalajara, Mexico. Guadalajara Medical Mission, Avenida Libertad
747, Guadalajara, Mexico; owned and operated by Mexican
Mission; Alice M. Swayze, M. D., in charge.
Jerusalem, Palestine. Treatment Rooms (Heilanstalt), Deutsche Post;
L. Krug, Manager. (Under supervision of Syrian Mission.)
Los Angeles, Cal. Sanitarium Treatment Rooms, 417 West Fifth St.
(Under supervision of Sanitarium Assn. o S. D. A. of Southern
California) H. F. Rand, M. D., Physician in charge.
Mussoorie, India. Sanitarium Treatment Rooms, Kirkville, Mussoorie,
India. Wm. Lake, Manager. (Under supervision of India
Union Mission.) Established 1908.
Rangoon, Burma. Sanitarium Treatment Rooms, Sofaer's Building,
Rangoon, Burma. F. A. Wyman, Manager. (Under supervision
of India Union Mission.) Established 1914.
Simla, India. Simla Hydro, Belvidere, Simla, India. Established 1915.
San Francisco, Cal. St. Helena Sanitarium Dispensary, 916 Laguna
St.; operated by St. Helena Sanitarium.
Washington, D. C. Washington Sanitarium Mission Hospital, 1252
Sixth St., Southwest, Washington, D. C.; Medical Director,
L. E. Elliott, M. D.
Washington Sanitarium Treatment Rooms, 1713 I St., N. W.,
Washington. D. C.; Medical Director, Margaret Ross Stewart,
M. D.

British Health Food Factory. The International Health Association,
Ltd., Stanborough Park, Watford, Herts, England. Directors:
W. C. Sisley, Dr. C. H. Hayton, Dr. A. B. Olsen, W. T.
Bartlett, W. R. White. Manager and Sec., W. R. White.
Sanitarium Health Food Company, 75 Park St., Calcutta, India.
(Under supervision of India Union Mission.) Establishd 1900.
Colorado Sanitarium Food Co., Boulder Colo; A. T. Robinson Pres.;
E. L. Austin; Gen. Manager, Sec. and Treas.; Denver, Branch,
614 Fifteenth St., Denver, Colo.; J. G. Weller, Manager.
Copenhagen Food Factory, Baldersgade 14, Copenhagen, L., Denmark;
Business Manager, Chr. Hansen.
German Health Food Factory. Deutscher Verein Fuer Gesundheits-
pflege, Friedensau, Post Grabow, Bez. Magdeburg, and Cafn-
pestrasse 18, Hamburg, Germany. Manager, W. Krumm. Berlin
Branch, Hauptstrasse 9, Berlin-Schoneberg, Hamburg Branch,
Grindelberg 13a, Hamburg, Germany.
Iowa Sanitarium Food Company, 1317-1319 Des Moines St., Des
Moines, Iowa; T. A. Moore, Manager; 0. C. Graham, Foreman.
Nebraska Sanitarium Food Co., College View, Nebr.; F. H. Dryer,
Business Manager.
Sanitarium Food Company; (operated by the St. Helena Sanitarium);
R. Rose, Factory Superintendent, Sanitarium, Cal.
Swedish Food Factory, Legal Name: 115.1sof6dovarufabriken. Ad-
dress : Norrmalm 27-28, Vasteras, Sweden; Officers: Emil
Lind, K. M. Stanzen, Ester Lindberg.
Sanitarium Health Food Company; Head Office, 45 Hunter St., Syd-
ney, N. S. W., Australia. Factory, Cooranbong, N. S. W.
Board: W. W. Fletcher, G. S. Fisher, C. H. Watson, C. H.
Pretyman, E. H. Gates, Dr. T. A. Sherwin, A. J. Dyason.
Manager, G. S. Fisher.

Adelaide Cafe. 28 Waymouth St., Adelaide, South Australia; Mana-
ger, H. C. Moseley.
Auckland, New Zealand.. Strand Arcade, Auckland, New Zealand;
Manager, W. Wilton.
Brisbane, Queensland. 186 Edward St.; Manager, Miss E. M. Cooper.
Christchurch, New Zealand. Sanitarium Health Food Depot, 86 Cashel
St., West, Christchurch, New Zealand. Manager, T. W. Brown.
Melbourne, Victoria. 422-424 Little Collins St., Melbourne; Manager.
P. Glockler.
Perth, West Australia. Sanitarium Health Food Depot, 103 William
St., Perth; Manager, P. Otto.
San Francisco, Cal. Vegetarian Cafeteria, 714 Market St.; under
supervision of St. Helena Sanitarium; R. F. Moore, local
Sydney, N. S. W., Australia. 45 Hunter St., Sydney; Manager, G. S
Fisher; branch cafe, 283 Clarence St.
Wellington, New Zealand. 83 Willis St.; Manager, F. Grubb.

Only the names of ordained and Allen, J., Corner Peel and Grey
licensed ministers appear in Sts., South Brisbane, Queens-
this list. To determine the land, Australia.
nature of any person's ap- Allison, J. IV., 743 Freeman Ave.,
pointment, reference should be Kansas City, Kans.
made to the directory of the Allum, F. A., Chungking, Szech-
Conference operating in the field wan, China.
where the worker is located. Altman, M. A., 1125 North Pros-
This applies to the workers nect St.. Colorado Springs. Colo.
named above as well as all Alwav, W. A.. Harvey. N. Dak.
other classes. Alway, G. M., 228 Third St.,
Longmont, Colo.
Aalborg., N. J., Balaclava P. 0., Anderson, Alfonzo, 31 Komachi,
Jamaica, British West Indies. Hiroshimi, Japan.
Abbott, F. L.. Port4mouth, N. H. Anderson, August, 1213 East
Aberle, H., Bauerstr. 38, Munich, Thirteenth _ Ave., Spokane,
Germany. Wash.
Abella, Jose, 2 rue Station Sani- Anderson, A. C., care Sanitarium,
taire, Algers, Algeria. 'Wichita, Kans.
Abney, B. W., 10 Short Court, Anderson, A. W., Warburton, Vic-
Charleston, S. C. toria, Australia.
Achenback, C. V., Puno, Peru, Anderson, B. L., Kulangsu, Amoy,
South America. China.
AcMoody, C. E., College View, Anderson, Clarence, 336 East
Nebr. Lake St., Minneapolis, Minn.
Adams, E. H., 217 Mariposa St., Anderson, J. E., Santo Domingo,
Fresno, Cal. Santa Clara, Cuba, West Indies.
Adams, E. M.. 819 Indiana St., Anderson, J. N., College View,
Manila, Philippine Islands.
Adams, J. W., Hinkley, Cal. Nebr.
Adams. K. M., 300 Serangoon Anderson, J. P., Swatow, Kwang-
Road, Singapore, Straits Set- tung, China.
lements. Anderson, M. E., Drawer 586,
Adams, P. P., Lacombe, Alberta, Watertown, S. Dak.
Canada.. Anderson, U. S., Berrien Springs,
Adams, W. M., 2050 South Thir- Mich.
teenth East, Salt Lake City, Anderson. W. H., S. D. A. Mis-
Utah. sion, Pemba, Northwest Rho-
Adkins, U. G., Antrim, Mont. desia, South Africa.
Adkins, W. L.. 1305 South Third Andersson, Nils, Fiverfisg6tu 30B,
St.. Wilmington, N. C. Revkiavik, Iceland.
Ahr6n, E. J.. Gamla Kun'sholms- Andreasen, M. L., Hutchinson,
brogatan 38, Stockholm, Swe- Minn.
den. Andress, Wm. M., 122 South
Airey, R. W., Caldwell. Idaho. Eighth St., Grand Junction,
Akre, Oscar, Benson, Minn. Colo.
Alder, J. D., 3012 E St., Eureka, Andrews, R. F., College View,
Cal. Nebr.
Allen, A. N., Santo Domingo, San- Andrews, W. R., 1128 Eastern
ta Clara, Cuba, West Indies. Ave., Schenectady, N. Y.
Allen. C. W.. 1112 Kalamath Andross, C. E., 417 West Fifth
St.. Denver, Colo. St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Allen, M. J., 92 Brunswick Ave., Andross, E. E., Box 146, Glen-
Toronto. Ontario, dale, Cal.

Ang, T. K., Swatow, Kwangtung, Bahr, E., Grindelberg 15a, Ham-

China. burg, Germany.
Anglebarger, G. W., 531 Santa Bithre, G., Grindelberg 15a, Ham-
Fe Drive, Denver, Colo. burg, Germany.
Armitage, F. B., Zulu Mission, Baierle, Chas., 165 Whitman Ave.,
P. O. Dew Drop, via Lady- Camden, N. J.
smith, Natal, South Africa. Baker, J. D., Gendia, Kisumu,
Armstrong, A. D., 8 Lancaster British East Africa. (On fur-
Road, Stroud Green, London, lough in U. S.) '
N., England. Baker, Isaac, Coxen Hole, Ruatan,
Armstrong, A., 235 East Park Spanish Honduras, Central
St., Leicester, England. America.
Armstrong, H. E., " Warden Baker, Thomas, Freetown, Sierra
House," Crumpsall Crescent, Leone, West Africa.
Manchester, England. Baker, W. L. H., " Tereora," The
Armstrong, W. H., 2705 West Avenue, Strathfield, N. S. W.,
Main St., Richmond, Va. Australia.
Arnhold, ., Post-box 14, Minsk, Balada, Enrique, Casilla 2830,
Russia. Santiago, Chile, South America.
Ashcroft, C. E., " Tereora," The Balsbaugh, Henry, 932 Union St.,
Avenue, Strathfield, N. S. W., Jackson, Miss.
Australia. Balschmieter, A., Grindelberg 15a,
Ashton, N. S., care Academy, Mt. Hamburg, Germany.
Vernon, Ohio. Barnes, D. V., Greenville, Miss.
Aufderhar, H. A., R. F. D. 3, Barr, W. E., Muskogee, Okla.
Loveland, Colo. Barrett, D. J. C., Box 217, St.
Auger, E. P., 271 Shaw St., New John's, Newfoundland.
Bedford, Mass. Bartlett, W. T., Stanborough
Augsbourge.r, Ulysse, La Ligniere, Park, Watford, England.
Gland, Switzerland. Bartsch, G., Uhlandstr. 189, Ber-
Ayvazian, E., Ottoman Post, Box lin-Charl., Germany.
109, Galata, Constantinople, Basney, H. C., Box 1304, Fresno,
Turkey. Cal.
Bates, Floyd, Swatow, Kwang-
Babcock, C. M., Chamberlain, S.Dak. tung, ,China.
Babcock, D. C., Lalupou, via La- Bauke, Dr. F., Uhlandstr. 189,
gos, Nigeria, West Africa. Berl in-Ch arl., Germany.
Baber, G. H., Graysville, Tenn. Baum, C. S., Hamburg, Pa.
Backus, E. E., Modesto, Cal. Baxter, W. E., Box 14, Little
Bacon, A. E., 29 Borstal Ave., Rock, Ark.
Heath, Cardiff, South Wales. Beams, J. W., Nevada, Iowa.
Badaut, J. P., La Ligniere, Gland, Beane, J. L., Lacombe, Alberta,
Switzerland. Canada.
Badaut, Paul, Rose Hill, rue Beardsley, J. I., College View,
de la Renes 42, Mauritius, In- Nebr.
dian Ocean. Bech, Julius, Margrethevej 5, Co-
Baer, R. T. Florida, F. C. C. A., penhagen, V., Denmark.
Buenos Aires, Argentina, South Beck, H., 90 Brickdam, George-
America. town, British Guiana, South
Bagby, J. W., Route 3, Lemoore, America.
Cal. Becker, W., Uhlandstr. 189, Ber-
Bagby, J. R., 905 Choctaw Ave., lin-Charl., Germany.
Alva, Okla. Beckner, J. B., Athol, Mass.
Baharian, Z. G.. Ottoman Post, Beckner, R. A., 60 Lower Kem-
Box 109, Galata, Constantinople, mendine Road, Kemmendine,
Turkey. Burma.

Beddoe, B. E., 417 West Fifth Blake, D. E., Box 40, Cristobal,
St., Los Angeles, Cal. Canal Zone, Panama.
Beebe, E. I., Ovid, Mich. Blake, W. J., R. F. D. 7, Box 26,
Behr, H., Grindelberg 15a, Ham- Battle Creek, Mich.
burg, Germany. Bliss, C. H., Route 36, Peoria,
Behrens, A., Grindelberg 15a, Ill.
Hamburg, Germany. Block, Godofredo, Florida, F. C.
Behrens, J. H., 3055 Mathers St., C. A., Buenos Aires, Argentina,
Cincinnati; Ohio. South America.
Belgrave, C. C., Dwarikhal, Oar- Block, H., Le Due, Alberta,
hwal, India. Canada.
Bell, A. R., 1565 North Tenth Blosser, J. B.,. Berrien Springs,
St., Reading, Pa. Mich.
Bell, C. V., Australasian Mission- Blue, I. F., 17 Abbott Road,
ary College, Cooranbong, N. S. Lucknow, India.
\V., Australia. Blunden, H. M., Box 523, U. S.
Bellah, C. G., Poplar Bluff, Mo. Postal Agency, Shanghai, China.
Bellinger, J. S., Whistler, Ala. Blunt, J. F., 149 North Kern St.,
Bellows, R. J., Gladstone, Mich. Los Angeles, Cal.
Belz, Frank, Caixa Postal 106, Boehm, J. H., Estadio de Sao
Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Bernardo, S. P. R., Silo Paulo,
Sul, Brazil, South America. Brazil, South America.
Bender, U., Bozeman, Mont. 13oersma, D. P., 40 Graaf Lode-
13en6z6t, Leopold, Casella Postale wijkstraat, Arnhem, Holland.
218, Florence, Italy. Boettcher, J. T., Post box 50,
Benham, R. D., Cornelius, Oreg. Sara tov, Russia.
Benson, C. L., 1111 Rudd Ave., Boger, E. C., 124 Manchester
Canon City, Colo. Square, Kingston, Jamaica, Brit-
Benson, H. F., 169-171 Amanu- ish West Indies.
ma, Suginam i-mura, Toyota - Bollman, C. P., Takoma Park
ma-gun, Tokyo, Japan. Station, Washington, D. C.
Benton, R. L., 407 First St., East, Bond, Frank, Apartado 492, Bar-
Albert Lea, Minn. celona, Spain.
Bereck, A., Bauerstr. 38, Munich, Bond, J. E., 615 North Tenth St.,
Germany. Phoenix, Ariz.
Bergersen, N. C., Akersgaden 74, Booth, A. S., 1611 Tenth St.,
Christiania, Norway. Baltimore, Md.
Bernstein, 0. 0., 1128 South Eigh- Bornath, F., Majita, Post Muso-
teenth St., Lincoln, Nebr. ma, Victoria Nyanza, German
Bertalot, Elie, Casella Postale East Africa.
218, Florence, Italy. Bourdeau, A. C., 1211 March St.,
Berthelsen, P. E., Hutchinson, Kalamazoo, Mich.
Minn. Bowen, T. E., Takoma Park Sta-
Bezooyen, J. C., Grindelberg 15a, tion, Washington, .D. C.
Hamburg, Germany. Boylan, H. A., 1019 Genesee St.,
Bicknell, P. F., South Lancaster, Lansing, Mich.
Mass. Boynton, C. E., 90 Brickdam,
Bidwell, W. E., 2705 West Main Georgetown, British Guiana,
St., Richmond, Va. South America.
Bird, A. C., Caldwell, Idaho. Boynton, J. W.,2320 Broadway,
Bishoff, H., Bauerstr. 38, Munich, Bellingham, 'ash.
Germany. Bradford, Robert Lafayette, Sr.,
Black, W. L., North Santiago, 615 Butts Bldg., Wichita, Kans.
Cal. Bradford, R. L., Jr., 1501 East
Blackwood, C. A., 556 East New- Crocket St., San Antonio, Tex.
ton St., Dothan, Ala. Bradley, J. C., Goldsberry, Mo.

Bradley, W. H., 325 West Fifth Bryant, R. J., 136 North Main
St., Reno, Nev. St., Concord, N. H.
Branch, T. H., 2011 Reed St., Brzonson, Thr., Uhlandstr. 189,
Philadelphia, Pa. Berlin-Charl., Germany.
Branford, J. L., Kuranda, via Buckner, T. B., 1410 Ashton St..
Cairns, Queensland, Australia. Shreveport, La.
Branson, W. IL, 169 Bryan St., Budd, G. L., Alexandria, Minn.
Atlanta Ga. Buhalts, C. J., Box 352, Abilene,
Brant, L. E., 617 East Fifth St., Tex.
Santa Ana, Cal. Bunch, F. S., College Place,
Braun, J.,Grindelberg 15a, Ham- Wash.
burg, ermany. Bunch, T. G., 1164 Military St.,
Bray, Burt, Las Cruces, N. Mex. Roseburg, Oreg.
Breed, A. J., College Place, Wash. Bunoa, Pauliasi, Suva Von, Suva,
Breitigam, R. R. Box 1304, Fresno, Fiji, Pacific Ocean.
Cal. Burden, J. A., National City, Cal.
.Brinck, W., Uhlandstr. 189, Ber- Burden, W. D., 846 Sendagaya-
lin-Charl., Germany. machi, Tokyo, Japan..
Bringle, A. S., Downs, Kans. Burg, F. M., Loma Linda, Cal.
Brinckmann, D., Grindelberg 15a, Burgess, L. J., 2 Dehi Serampore
Hamburg, Germany. Road, P. 0 Entally, Calcutta,
Bristol, E. A., 521 East Twenty- India.
third St., Indianapolis, Ind. Burke, R. E., Box 78, Meridian,
Brittain, W. C-., "Tereora," The Miss.
Avenue, Strathfield, N. S. W., Burkholder, H. H.. Box 147, Bell-
Australia. vine, Ohio.
Britten, A. H., 103 William St., Burley, Harvey, N. Dak.
Perth, West Australia, Aus- Burman, C. A., College Place,
tralia. Wash.
Broderson, P. E., 2718 Third Ave., Burnham, M. S., Otsego, Mich.
South, Minneapolis, Minn. Burrill, A. 0., 2056 Forty-second
Brorsen, A., 844 Thirty-fourth Ave., East, Vancouver, British
St., Oakland, Cal. Columbia.
Brown, B. W., 1122 Park St., Burrow, W. R., 321 Montgomery
Bowline Green, Ky. St., Memphis, Tenn.
Brown, E. A., Box 170, Santa Burton, I. B., Martindale, via
Barbara. Cal. Grahamstown, South Africa.
Brown, F. E., 215 Porter St., Butcher, 0. F., South Lancaster,
Hanford, Cal. Mass.
Brown, G. M., 336 East Lake Butler, Geo. I., Bowling Green.
St., Minneapolis, Minn. Fla.
Brown, J. E., Estacdo de Sao
Bernardo, S. P. R., Sao Paulo, Butler, 0. K., 27 First Ave.,
Brazil. South America. Bloemfontein, Orange Free
Brown, J. L., Apartado 103, San State, South Africa.
Salvador, Salvador, Central Butler, S. M., Takoma Park Sta-
America. tion, Washington, D. C.
Brown, M. H., Dugger. Ark. Butler, W. A., 2 Reed St., North-
Brown, R. W., Nevada, Iowa ampton, Mass.
Brown, T. A., 116 Grote St., Ade- Butterfield, C. L., Seoul, Korea.
laide, South Australia, Aus- Butterfield, M. B., 199 Belmont
tralia. Circular Road, Port of. Spain,
Browne. L. IV.. 1911 Alvord St., Trinidad, British, West Indies.
Indianapolis, Ind. Butz, E. S., corner Peel and Grey
Bruck, C.. Uhlandstr. 189, Berlin- Sts., South Brisbane, Queens-
Owl., Germany. land, Anstralia,

Buzezinski, J., Uhlandstr. 189, Chatman, A. C., 907 Rose St.,

Berlin-Chad., Germany. Jackson, Miss.
Buzugherian, A. M., Ottoman Chelberg, A. W., Franklin Cham-
Post, Box 109, Galata, Con- bers, Hobart, Tasmania.
stantinople, Turkey. Christian, A. E., Benson, Minn.
Christian, J., Benson, Minn.
Cady, B. J., Sunnyside, Wash. Christian, J. W., College View,
Cady, M. E., 2547 Piedmont Ave., Nebr.
Berkeley, Cal. Christian, L. H., 3145 Lyndale St.,
Calderone, R., 1419 West Austin Chicago, Ill.
Ave., Chicago, Ill. Christiansen, A. G., Margretbevej
Campbell, A. B., Oswego, Kans. 5, Copenhagen, V., Denmark.
Campbell, J. M., 1415 Seventeenth Christiansen, P. Heilskov, Mar-
St., N. W., Washington, D. C. grethevej 5, Copenhagen, V.,
Campbell, J. R., Leribe, Basuto- Denmark.
land, South Africa. Christiansen, P., Margrethevej 5,
Campbell, M. N., Oshawa, Ontario. Conan h gen, V., Denmark.
Cardey, E. L., Room 606, Tre- Christoffers, J., V., Katona. az-
mont Temple, Boston, Mass. sef-utca 28. I. 5, Budapest, Hun-
Carey, E. W., Keene, Tex. gary.
Carey, M. W., 70 Nairn St., Wel- Clark, A. J., 304 West Allen St.,
lington, New Zealand. Springfield, Ill.
Carlson, Carl, 615 Butts Bldg., Clark, G. H., 56 Poeland St.,
Wichita, Kans. Cape Town, South Africa.
Carlson, F. C., 21 Terrace Place, Clark, H. A., R. F. D. 5, Enos-
Jamestown, N. Y. burg Falls, Vt.
Carlsson, C. 0., Unionsgatan 4, Clark, W. H., 821 West Fifth St.,
FIelsingf ors, Finland. Topeka, Kans.
Carr, H. W., 75 Grant St., Port- Clausen, N., Box 644, Oklahoma
land, Me. City, Okla.
Carr, S. W., Niue Island, Pacific Clemens, J. C., Apartment 9,
Ocean. " The Central," Council Bluffs,
Carscallen, A. A., Gendia, Kis- Iowa.
umu, British East Africa.
Clernenson. W. A., North Battle-
Carstens, 0., Grindelberg 15a, -for& Saskatchewan, Canada.
Hamburg, Germany.
Carswell, W. R. " Mizpah," Wah- Coherlv, R. B.. Hagerman, N. Mex.
ronga, N. S. W., Australia. Cole, C. F.. Drawer 586, Water-
Casebeer, G. W., Florida, F. C. town. S. Dak.
C. A., Buenos Aires, Argentina, Cole, C. J., Dwane, Oreg.
South America. Cole, J. M., 70 Nairn St., Well-
Castillo, C., 2507 Cincinnati St., ington, New Zealand.
Los Angeles, Cal. Cole, V. 0., South Lancaster,
Catlin, E. W., 508 East Everett Mass.
St., Portland, Oreg. Comer, J. M., 75 Park St., Cal-
Cave, Chas., Hastings Sanita- cutta, India.
rium, Barbardos, British West Connerly, B. E., Barranquilla, Co-
Indies. lombia, South America.
Caviness, G. W., 1420 Avenida 20, Conradi, L. R., Grindelberg 15a,
Tacubaya, D. ,F., Mexico. Hamburg, Germany. ,
Chaney, F. L., Australasian Mis-
Conway, F. H., 767 Kinau St.,
sionary College, Cooranbong, N. Honolulu, Hawaiian Territory.
S. W., Australia.
Chaney, J. A., 70 Nairn St., Cook, Chyong Mun, Soonan, Ko-
Wellington, New Zealand. rea.
Chapman, E. M., 418 Lansdowne Cook, E. L., 835 North Cedar Ave.,
Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba. Hastings, Nebr.

Cook, R. R., 617 East Fifth St., Dart, A. M., 723 West Sinto Ave.,
Santa Ana, Cal. Spokane, Wash.
Coon, C. J., Otego, N. Y. Dasent, J. G., 110 Early St.,
Coon, M. R., 32 Cayuga St., Au- Montgomery, Ala.
burn, N. Y. Ditumichen, R., Uhlandstr. 189,
Copeland, T. S., 307 South Park Berlin-Charl., Germany.
Ave., Mishawaka. Ind. Dauphin, R. P., Lalupou, via
Corbaley, F. M., 160 West Locust Lagos. Nigeria, West Africa.
St., Dubuque, Iowa. Davies, J. A. B., Freetown, Sierra
Corliss, J. 0., 316 Everett St., Leone, West Africa.
Glendale, Cal. Davis, J. W., 2014 Twenty-third
Cormack, A. W., 103 William St., Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn.
Perth, West Australia, Aus- Davis, Silas. Greenville, S. C.
tralia. De'Ath, H. F., Stanborough Park,
Cotton, A. V., 141 Orchard -St., Watford, England.
West, Somerville, Mass. De Beer, J. N., Gwelo, Rhodesia,
Cottrell, H. W., 508 East Everett South Africa.
St., Portland, Oreg. Decker, H. IV., College Place,
Cottrell, R. F., Hankow, Hupeh, Wash.
China. (on furlough in U. S.) Demetrescu, St., V., Katona J6z-
Coulter, H. F., Safford, Ariz. sef-utca 28. I. 5, Budapest, Hun-
Covert, J. W., Covert, Mich. gary.
Covert, Wm., 295 Grand Ave., Demidow, M., Post box 14, Minsk,
Aurora, Ill. Russia.
Craddock, T. H., Phair's Derby, J. A. L., College View,
327 Collins St., Melbourne, Vic- Nebr.
toria, Australia. Detamore. F. A., 300 Serangoon
Crane, I. A., Route 3, Waurika, Road, Singapore, Straits Set-
Okla. tlements.
Crisler, C. C., Sanitarium, Cal. Detwiler, H. J., Blossburg, Pa.
Crisler, L. T., Fort Myers, Fla. De Vinnev, F. H., 169-17,1 Aman-
Cubley, W. M., Keene, Tex. uma, Sueinami-mura, Toyota-
Cummings, C. J., Portland Sani- ma-gun, Tokyo, Japan.
tarium, Portland, Oreg. Dexter, H. H.. 68 Cours Pierre
Curdy, J., La Ligniere, Gland, Puget, Marseille, France.
Switzerland. Dickson. L. K.. 508 East Everett
Currow, A., 7 Battersea St., St.. Portland, Oreg.
Sydenham, Christchurch, New Dieffenbe el) er. J. R., 417 West
Zealand. Fifth St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Currovv, L., corner Peel and Grey
Sts., South Brisbane, Queens- Dierking. H.; Grindelberg 15a,
land, Australia. Hamburg,. Germany.
Curtis, C. H., Cheyenne, Wyo. Dietrich, H., Uhlandstr. 189, Ber-
Curtis, Paul, Garland, Wyo. lin-Charl., Germany.
Dietrich, R.. Caixa Postal 106,
Curtis, C. W., Mulberry Grove, Ill.
Curtis, E. A., 122 South Eighth Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do
St., Grand Junction, Colo. Sul, Brazil, South America.
Dillon, I. P., 615 North Tenth
Dahl, 0. J., Benson, Minn. St., Phoenix, Ariz.
Dail, Guy, Grindelberg 15a, Ham- Dirksen, H. J., 930 Rodney Ave.,
burg, Germany. Portland, Oreg.
Dake, 17. B., Cement, Okla. Dominick, E., Majita, Post Mu-
Dangschat, C., Grindelberg 15a, soma, Victoria Nyanza, German
Hamburg, Germany. East Africa.
Daniells, A. G., Takoma Park Domnick, G., Uhlandstr. 189, Ber-
Station, Washington, D. C. 1 in- Ch arl., Germany.

Doerner, F. A., V., Katona J6z- Ehlers, W., Estac5o de Sao Ber-
sef-utca 28. I. 5, Budapest, nardo, S. P. R., Sao Paulo,
Hungary. Brazil, South America.
Doerre, F., Grindelberg 15a, Ham- Eicher, D., Bauerstr. 38, Munich,
burg, Germany. Germany.
Doolittle, H. J., Box 523, U. S. Ellingworth ; 0. A., Ma I a mu lo
Postal Agency, Shanghai, China. Mission, Blantyre, Nyasaland,
Dorcas, J. W., Nevada, Iowa. British Central Africa.
Dow, 0. A., 1122 Park St., Bow- Elliott, W. R., 2014 Twenty-third
ling Green, Ky. Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn.
Dowsett, R. T., 411 Cedar St., Ells, L. H., College Place, Wash.
Takoma Park Station, Wash- Emmerson, C. L., Drawer R,
ington, D. C. Redfield, S. Dak.
Drangmeister, H., Kihurio, Post Emmerson, E. H., R. D. 2, Gaston,
Buiko, via Tanga, German East Oreg.
Africa. Enns, Mrs. A. C., Kihurio, Post
Drews, Louis, 1941 North Four- Buiko, via Tanga, German East
teenth St., Sheboygan, Wis. Africa.
Drinhaus, P., Uhlandstr. 189, Ber- Enoch, Geo. F., Takoma Park
lin- Charl., Germany. Station, Washington, D. C.
Driver, T. A., 7 Battersea St., Enseleit, E., Uhlandstr. 189, Ber-
Sydenham, Christchurch, New ]in-Charl., Germany.
Zealand. Erickson, A. W., Ogema, Wis.
Droll, G. A., 2301 East Four- Erikson, J. M., Route 1, Box 20,
teenth St., Kansas City, Mo. La Grange, In.
Dudley, Frank, Hartford City, Ernst, Julio, Posadas, Misiones,
Ind. Argentina, South America.
Diteck, K. K.. Post box 14, Minsk, Ernst, Luis, Florida, F. C. C. A..
Russia. Buenos Aires, Argentina, South
Dunham, E. E., 615 Butts Bldg.