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of the

Seventh-day Adventist

The Official Directories



Published by the



Printed in the II. S A.

Denominational Maps and Charts
Helpful to Evangelists and Workers
The Law of God Chart
Printed on a good quality of cloth, and readable at a
good distance.
Size, 36 x 52 inches. Price, $1.50.

The Law as Taught by Roman Catholics

Together with some assumptions made by the Papacy in
declaring its right to change the Law of God.
Printed on cloth, size, 36 x 46 inches. Price, $1.25.

New Prophetic Chart

This chart will be found a great help in explaining the
prophecies of Daniel and the Revelation. Contains illus-
trations of the Great Image of Daniel 2, the Beasts of
Daniel 7, illustrations of the Sanctuary, the Three Woes,
and the Three Angels' Messages of Revelation, etc.
Printed in five colors on a fine quality of muslin, and
comes in two sizes :
36 x 48 inches $2.00
48 x 72 inches 3.25

Seventh-day Adventist Missionary Map

of the World
A new map just printed, showing the extent of our work
throughout the world by indicating the location of our sani-
tariums, schools, publishing houses, mission stations, and
other centers of influence throughout the world. This map
should be on the walls of every church, sanitarium, college,
academy, and other institutions.
The map is 48 x 84 inches in size, and is printed in five
colors. Price, $4, postage extra.
Order of your tract .society
Prices higher in Canada.



Comprising a Complete Directory of

the General Conference, all Union
and Local Conferences, Mission Fields,
Educational Institutions, Publishing
Houses, Periodicals, and Sanitariums.


H. E. ROGERS, Statistical Secretary of

the General Conference.




Printed in the U. S. A.
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'BEFORE me lies a land all unexplored ;
No foot of man has left its impress there.
My path across this plain God bids me
And make it straight or crooked as I will.
But right must be the path of those who win
The approbation of their inmost hearts,
And smile of an approving, all-wise God.
A goal, then, I must have a purpose firm.
A chart and compass, too, I'll surely need
To guide my steps across this trackless plain.
Oh, then I'll make my goal a perfect life!
My chart shall be God's Word ; my star, His
And if, perchance, I stumble here or there,
If sometimes darksome clouds obscure my
When clears my sky, I'll press my jour-
ney on,
Nor willing turn aside from the bright Star
That points me ever toward my chosen
A perfect moral likeness to my God.

jetotajeSialasjiast 2.442.t.a. . tonsetsviusigmettssSWatets

THE following pages contain a directory of the Conferences and insti-
tutions connected with the Seventh-day Adventist denomination. The
territory is divided into eight division conferences, each of which has
the organizations, churches, and membership indicated below:
North America
Union conferences 12
Local conferences 64
Mission fields 4
Total conference organizations 80
Organized churcheS 2,239
Membership of churches 104,999
Union conferences and mission, 17
Local conferences. 60
Mission fields 37
Total conference organizations 114
Organized churches 1,893
Membership of churches 67,550
Far East
Union organizations 11
Local conferences 2
Mission fields 41

Total conference organizations 54

Organized churches 234
Membership of churches 11,662
South America
Union organizations 4
Local conferences 6
Mission fields 15
Total conference organizations 25
Organized churches 137
Membership of churches 11,124
Southern Asia
Union organizations 4
Mission fields 13
Total conference organizations 17
Organized churches 51
Membership of churches 1.592

Union organizations 2
Local conferences 3
Mission fields 17

Total conference organizations 22

Organized churches 74
Membership of churches 4,350

Union conference 1
Local conferences 8
Mission fields 11-

Total conference organizations 20

Organized churches 224
Membership of churches 8,676

Union organizations 3
Local conferences 3
Mission fields 11

Total conference organizations 17

Organized churches 200
Membership of churches 8;222
Hawaiian Mission
Organized churches 2
Membership of churches 175
Grand Totals
Union organizations 54
Local conferences 146
Mission fields 150
Organized churches 5,054
Membership of churches 218,350
Number of advanced educational institutions listed 134
Number of primary schools (1922 statistical report) 1,259
Number of publishing houses and branches 51
Number of periodicals issued 154
Number of sanitariums 30

Page 37, under West Virginia Conference, change: Sabbath School,
Missionary Volunteer, and Home Missionary Secretary, Miss Nell
Mead; Medical Secretary, Dr. Clara M, Schunk,
Directory of the Seventh-day Ad-
ventist Denomination

Organized May 21, 1863
Territory: The following-named APPOINTED ASSISTANTS
Division Conferences: North
American, European, Far East- Office Secretary: T. E. Bowen.
ern, South American, Southern Assistant Auditor: Claude Conard.
Asian, African, Australasian,
Inter-American, and the Ha- SECRETARIES OF DEPARTMENTS
waiian Mission field.
Cable Address: Adventist, Wash. Publishing: N. Z. Town; Associate,
ington. (A B C Code, fifth H. H. Hall; Associate for North
edition.) America, W. W. Eastman.
Telegraphic Address: General Con- Sabbath School: Mrs. L. Flora
ference, Washington, D. C Plummer; Associate, J. S.
(NOT Takoma Park.) James.
Express and Freight Address: Medical: A. W. Truman, M. D.;
General Conference, Takoma Associate, L. A. Hansen.
Park, D. C. (Not ashington.) Educational: W. E. Howell; Asso-
Consign freight via B. & 0. Ry. ciate, C. W. Irwin.
Postal Address: Takoma Park Missionary Volunteer: M. E. Kern;
Station, Washington, District of Associates, H. T. Elliott and
Columbia, U. S. A. Meade MacGuire.
Religious Liberty: C. S. Longacre ;
- OFFICERS Western Associate, W. F. Mar-
President: W. A. Spicer.
Vice-Presidents: C. H. Watson, 0. Home Missionary: J. A. Stevens;
Montgomery, L. H. Christian, Associate, E. F. Peterson.
I. H. Evans, P. E. Brodersen, Bureau of Home Missions: M. N.
A. W. Cormack, W. H. Branson, Campbell; Associates: German,
E. E. Andross, J. E. Fulton. J. T. Boettcher; Danish-Nor-
Secretary: A. G. Daniells. wegian, N. R. Nelson; Swedish,
Associate Secretary: C. K. Meyers. August Anderson; Miscellaneous
Assistant Secretary: B. E. Bethtoe. Language Work, Western Divi-
Treasurer: J. L. Shaw. sion, B. P. Hoffman; Eastern
Associate Treasurer: C. H.Watson. Division, A. J. Clark.
Assistant Treasurer: H. H. Cob- Negro Department: W. H. Green.
General Field Secretaries: L. R. OTHER MEMBERS OF THE
Conradi, W. T. Knox; (North GENERAL CONFERENCE
American) G. B. Thompson, R. COMMITTEE
D. Quinn, F. C. Gilbert.
Auditor: J. J. Ireland. North America
Statistical Secretary: H. E. Rogers. Vice-President: 0. Montgomery.

Field Secretaries: G. B. Thompson, Far Eastern

F. C. Gilbert, R. D. Quinn. Vice-President: I. H. Evans.
ENCES Treasurer: H. W. Barrows.
Atlantic: E. K. Slade.
Central: S. E. Wight. Department Secretaries:
Columbia: F. H. Robbins. Publishing and Home Missionary:
Eastern Canadian: C. F. McVagh. C. E. Weaks; Associate, J. J.
Lake: Wm. Guthrie. Strahle.
Northern: E. T. Russell. Sabbath School: Mrs. I. H. Evans.
North Pacific: M. Lukens. Educational and Missionary Vol-
Pacific: J. L. McElhany. unteer: S. L. Frost.
Southeastern: W. H. Heckman. Medical: C. C. Landis, M. D.
Southern: G. W. Wells. Union Mission Superintendents:
Southwestern: M. B. Van Kirk. .Central China: 0. A. Hall.
Western Canadian: A. C. Gilbert. Chosen: H. A. Oherg.
East China: J. G. Gjording.
Europe East Siberian: T. T. Babienco.
Vice-President: L. H. Christian. Japan: V. T. Armstrong.
Secretary: W. K. Ising. Malaysian: L. V. Finster.
Treasurer: C. Pedersen. Manchurian: B. Petersen.
Auditors: Jens Olsen, P. Brandt. North China: Frederick Lee.
Field Secretaries: J. C. Raft, H. F. Philippine: S. E. Jackson.
Schuberth, W. E. Read. South China: F. H. DeVinney.
West China: M. C. Warren.
Department Secretaries:
South American
Publishing: ; Associate, H. Boex.
Vice-President: P. E. Brodersen.
Medical: W. A. Ruble, M. D.
Secretary and Treasurer: W. If
Sabbath School and Missionary
Field Secretary: J. W. Westphal.
Home Missionary: E. Kotz. Department Secretaries:
Publishing: E. H. Meyer.
Home Missionary: A. A. Cone.
Union Conference Presidents: Sabbath School: C. P. Crager.
Baltic: D. N. Wall. Educational and Missionary Vol-
British: J. E. Jayne. unteer: C. P. Crager.
Central European: G. W. Schubert. Union Conference Presidents:
Czechoslovakian: R. Rill-fling. Austral: R. T. Baer.
East German: J. H. Schilling. East Brazil: F. W. Spies.
Ethiopian: V. E. Toppenberg. Inca: H. U. Stevens.
Latin: A. V. Olson. South Brazil: N. P. Neilsen.
Polish: John Isaac.
Rumanian: P. P. Paulini. Southern Asia
Scandinavian: G. E. Nord. Vice-President: A. W. Cormack.
West German: Paul Drinhaus. Secretary and Treasurer: A. H.
Caspian: H. K. Loebsack. Williams.
East Russian: B. Schmidt. Auditor: W. E. Perrin.
North Russian: H. J. Loebsack. Department Secretaries:
Siberian: J. Wilson. Publishing: L. C. Shepard.
South Russian: K. A. Reif- Sabbath School, Home Missionary,
schneider. and Missionary Volunteer: S. A.
West Russian: J. A. Ljwoff. Wellman.

Educational: E. M. Meleen. PUBLISHING DEPARTMENT

Medical: H. C. 'Menke', M. D. Office Address: Takoma Park Sta-
tion, Washington, D. C.
Union Mission Superintendents:
Burma: J. Phillips. Officers:
Secretary: N. Z. Town.
Northeast India: H. E. Wil- Associate Secretary: H. H. Hall.
loughby. Associate Secretary for North
Northwest India: I. F. Blue. America: W. W. Eastman.
South India: G. G. Lowry. Assistant Secretary: J. H. Mc-
Eachern, 1532 California St.,
African Mountain View, Cal.
Sec. for Far-Eastern Division: C.
Vice-President: NV. H. Branson. E. Weaks, 25 Ningkuo Road,
Secretary and Treasurer: W. B. Shanghai, China.
Commin. Assoc. Secretary: J. J. Strahle,
Publishing and Home Missionary: 25 Ningkuo Road, Shanghai,
G. S. Joseph. China. -
Sabbath School: Mrs. A. P. Tarr. Sec. for South American Division:
Field and Educational: T. M. E. H. Meyers, Calle Pino 3801,
French. Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argen-
Medical: John Reith, M. D. tina,South America.
Union Conference Presidents: Sec. or African Division: G. S.
South Africa: J. W. MacNeil. Joseph, Grove Ave., Claremont,
Zambesi: Cape Province, South Africa.
Sec. for Southern Asia Division:
Australasia L. C. Shepard, P. 0. Box 15,
Poona. India.
Vice-President: J. E. Fulton.
Field Secretary: W. W. Prescott. Sec. for Europe: H. Box, 17 Hobe-
weg, Bern, Switzerland.
Vice-President: E. E. Andross. W. C. White, R. F. D. I, St.
Secretary and Treasurer: S. E. Helena, Cal.
Kellrn a n. 0. Montgomery, Takoma Park,
Miss. Vol. and Sabbath School: D. C.
Mrs. E. E. Andross. I. H. Evans, 25 Ningkuo Road,
Home Missionary and Publishing: Shanghai, China.
S. E. Kellman. L. H. Christian, Bern, Switzerland.
Educational: C. J. Boyd. L. R. Conradi, Grindelberg 15a,
Union Mission Superintendents: Hamburg. Germany.
Antillian: J. A. Leland. W. H. Branson, Grove Ave., Clare-
Caribbean: W. E. Baxter. mont,' Cape, South Africa.
Mexican-Central American: D. A. P. E. Brodersen, Calle Pino 3801,
Parsons. Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argen-
tina, South America.
Elective Members of General Con- A. W. Cormack, P. 0. Box 15,
ference Committee Poona, India.
W. C. White, C. H. Jones, E. R. E. E. Andross, Balboa, Canal Zone,
Palmer, F. M. Wilcox, R. L. Panama.
Pierce, J. N. Loughborough, H.
M. D., G. K. Abbott, M. D., F. E. R. Palmer, Takoma Park Sta-
Griggs, W. W. Ruble.. tion, Washington, D. C.


R. L. Pierce, 2123 Twenty-fourth MENTS AND BRANCHES
Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn. Jas. Cochran, Mountain View, Cal.
G. L. Gulbrandson, Stanborough J. R. Ferren, Mountain View, Cal.
Park, Watford, Herts, England. W. B. Walters, Takoma Park Sta-
A. Vollmer, Grindelberg 15a, Ham- tion Washington, D. C.
burg, Germany. R. F. Woods,
' 2123 Twenty-fourth
L. E. Bork, Avenue de Chailly, Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn.
Dammarie les Lys, (Seine et J. D. Snider, 212 South Lafayette
Marne) France. St., South Bend, Ind.
A. J. Settergren, Tunnelgatan 25, D. A. Bailey, 168 North Division
Stockholm, Sweden. St.,Peekskill, N. Y.
G. C. Hoskin, Pacific Press Pub. J. W. Mace, Takoma Park Sta-
Assn., Brookfield, Ill. tion, Washington, D. C.
F. Ludwig, Dr. Dietrichgasse D. W. Reavis, Takoma Park Sta-
3, Troppau, Czechoslovakia. tion, Washington, D. C.
F. Brennwald, Nakielska 64, Byd- S. J. Abegg, 719 East Flanders
goszcz, Poland, Europe. St., Portland, Oreg.
.1. M. Johanson, Warburton, Vic- C. L. Paddock, 303 Nokomis Bldg.,
toria, Australia. Winnipeg, Manitoba.
L. D. Randall, 507 East Fair St.,
M. V. Tucker, EstacAo Sao Ber- Atlanta, Ga.
-nardo, S. P. R., Sao Paulo, Bra- A. R. Smith, 1224 Euclid Ave.,
zil, South America. Kansas City, Mo.
J. G. Slate, Grove Ave., Claremont, L. W. Graham, Takoma Park Sta-
Cape, South Africa. tion, Washington, D. C.
E. W. Everest, Florida, F. C. C. A., R. E. Bowles, 182 North Snelling
Buenos Aires, Argentina, South Ave., St. Paul, Minn.
America. H. R. Gay, 112-114 St. Louis Ave.,
W. P. Henderson, 25 Ningkuo Fort Worth, Tex.
Road, Shanghai, China. H. C. Kephart, Box 5007, Cristobal,
Lyman Bowers, Seoul, Chosen Canal Zone, Panama.
(Korea). Superintendents
E. B. Jones, 17 Abbott Road, Luck- E. L. Richmond, Takoma Park
now, India. Station, Washington, D. C.
H. H. Rans, Oshawa, Ontario, Can- W. A. Harvey, 2123 Twenty-fourth
ada. Ave.,ur North, Nashville, Tenn.
V. Miettinen, Annegatan 7, Hel- S. N. tiss, Mountain View, Cal.
singfors, Finland. Bureau of Home Missions
V. E. Dietel, Apartado 492, Bar- M. N. Campbell, Takoma Park
celona, Spain. Station, Washington, D. C.
Elias Bjaanas, Tunnelgatan 25, HOME MISSIONARY SECRETARY
Stockholm, Sweden. J. A. Stevens, Takoma Park Sta-
E. A. Moon, 239-251 Calle Luna, tion, Washington, D. C.
Pasay, Rizal, Philippine Islands.
A. B. Cole, Box 7, Yodobashi P. 0., V. 0. Punches, South Lancaster,
Tokyo, Japan. Mass.
N. Slankamenac, Petra Zrinskog, H. F. Kirk, Takoma Park Station,
Street 13, Novi Sad, Jugoslavia. Washington, D. C.
R. Plesea, Stranda Labirint 116, E. E. Franklin, Berrien Springs,
Bukharest, Rumania. Mich.

V. 0. Cole, 2001 Twenty-fourth J. Popelka, Ba.dergasse 12, Trop-

Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn. pau, Czechoslovakia.
A. F. Harrison, 518 Terminal Bldg., P. H. Hermann, Strada Labirint
Oklahoma City, Okla. 116, Bukharest, Rumania.
H. Bigalke, Nakielska 64, Byd-
W. P. Dougherty, First Nat'l Bank goszcz, Poland, Europe.
Bldg., Chattanooga, Tenn. L. Lutz, Tizianstr. 35, Munich,
J. B. Blosser, College View, Nebr. Germany.
G. A. Campbell, 2718 Third Ave., A. Posch, Uhlandstr. 189, Berlin-
South, Minneapolis, Minn. Charlottenburg, Germany (care
F. E. Painter, 802 East Acacia Schuberth).
Ave., Glendale, Cal. W. Knitter, Reuter Kaserne 28,
Diisseldorf, Germany.
N. H. Conway, 719 East Flanders V. L. Beecham, 399 Upper Seran-
St., Portland, Oreg. goon Road, Singapore, Straits
C. R. Morris, 202 I. 0. 0. F. Settlements.
Bldg., Calgary, Alberta, Canada. A. Vogel, Dzirnavu eela 47, Riga,
H. Stacey, " Mizpah," Wahroonga, Latvia.
N. S. W., Australia.
WT. A. Bergherm, Florida, F. C.
C. A., Buenos Aires, Argentina, MEDICAL MISSIONARY
South America.
G. D. Raff, Calle Nueva, Stop 14,
Santurce, Porto Rico. OFFICERS
C. L. Bainer, Caixa Postal 1028, Secretary: A. W. Truman, M. D.,
Silo Paulo, Brazil, South Amer- Takoma Park, D. C.
ica. Associate Secretary: L. A. Hansen,
J. D. Leslie, 4a Calle Queretaro, Takoma Park, D. C.
No. 74, Colonia Roma. Mexico Assistant Secretary: H. W. Miller;
City, D. F., Mexico. M. D., Takoma Park, D. C. (For
J. W. Wilhelm, Caixa Postal 768, institutions in Eastern U. S'.)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South Assistant Secretary: G. K. Abbott.
America. M. D., St. Helena Sanitarium,
J. A.P. Green, Gland, Switzerland. Sanitarium, Cal. (For institu-
S. G. Joyce, Stanborough Park, tions in Western U. S.)
Watford, Herts, England. Assistant Secretary: P. T. Magan,
M. F. Wiedemann, P. 0. Box 813, M. D., 312 North Boyle Ave..
Manila, Philippine Islands. Los Angeles, Cal. (For Medical
John Oss, Mukden, Manchuria,
China. Assistant Secretary: Kathryn L.
Jensen, R. N., Takoma Park,
Nathan Brewer, 91-93 Yu Yuen D. C. ( For Nurses' Division)
Road, Shanghai, China.
R. M. Milne, P. 0. Box 310, Hong- OTHER MEMBERS
kong, China. W. A. Ruble, M. D., " The Stan-
J. 0. Wilson, 60 Lower Kemmen- boroughs," Stanborough Park,
dine Road, Rangoon, Burma. Watford, Herts, England.
J. C. Dean, 6 Dehi Serampore C. C. Landis, M. D., 25 Ningkuo
Road, Entally, Calcutta, India. Road, Shanghai, China.
A. E. Nelson, 17 Abbott Road, John Reith, M. D., Plumstead,
Lucknow, India. Cape, South Africa.

Adrian Clark, M. D., " Belve- F. W. West, M. D., 747 Avenue Lib-
dere," Simla, India. ertad, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mex-
H. A. Green, M. D., Boulder-Col- ico.
orado Sanitarium, Boulder, Colo. The medical superintendent, busi-
H. S. Brown, M. D., 3621 Ruther- ness manager, and superintend-
ford Ave., Harrisburg, Pa. ent of nurses in each regularly
E. A. Sutherland, M. D., Madison, organized and denominationally
Tenn. recognized medical institution.
E. F. Otis, M. D, New England The President and the Dean of the
Sanitarium, Melrose, Mass. College of Medical Evangelists.
0. S. Parrett, M. D., Rest Haven
Sanitarium, Sidney, B. C.
H. E. Scoles, M. D., Soonan,
F. A. Stahl, Casilla 1002, Lima, EDUCATION
Peru, South America.
P. Schmid, M. D., Tizianstr 37, OFFICERS
Munich, Germany. Secretary: W. E. Howell, Takoma
J. Nussbaum, M. D., 1 bis rue Park Station, Washington, D. C.
Bernardin de St. Pierre, Le Associate Secretary: C. W. Irwin,
Havre, France. Takoma Park Station, Wash-
H. C. James, M. D., Lowanho, Yen- ington, D. C.
cheng, Honan, China.
Mrs. 0. Tornblad, M. D., 60 Lower Field Secretary: M. E. Cady, Ta-
Kemmendine Road, Rangoon, koma Park Station, Washing-
Burma. ton, D. C.
Arthur Coyne, M. D., 9 Cockburn Assistant Secretary Secondary and
Road, Bangalore, India. Elementary Education: C. A.
T. A. Sherwin, M. D., Sydney Russell, Takoma Park Station,
Sanitarium, Wahroonga, N. S. Washington, D. C.
W., Australia. Assistant in Elementary and
Chas. Cave, M. D., 31 Dundonald Home Education: Flora H. Wil-
St., Port of Spain, Trinidad, H. liams, Takoma Park Station,
W. I. Washington, D. C.
Members at Large
Foreign Assistants
D. H. Kress, M. D., Takoma Park,
D. C. Assistant Secretary for Far East:
Lauretta Kress, M. D., Takoma S. L. Frost, 25 Ningkuo Road,
Park, D. C. Shanghai, China.
G. H. Heald, M. D., Takoma Park, Assistant Secretary for Southern
D. C. Asia: E. M. Meleen, 17 Abbott
Riley Russell, M. D., Glendale San- Road, Lucknow, India.
itarium, Glendale, Cal.
H. C. Menkel, Box 15, Poona, India. Assistant Secretary for South
W. E. Howell, Takoma Park, D. C. America: C. P. Crager, Calle
N. P. Nelson, M. D., Skodsborg, Pino 3801, Belgrano, Buenos
Denmark. Aires, Argentina, South America.
J. N. Andrews, M. D., Tatsienlu, Assistant Secretary for Africa:
Szechwan, China (on furlough). T. M. French, Grove Ave., Clare-
mont, Cape Province, South
A. H. Kretchmar, M. D., Grove Africa.
Ave., Claremont, Cape, South Assistant Secretary for Europe:

General Conference N. H. Saunders, South Lancaster,

J. L. Shaw, Takoma Park Sta- Mass.
tion, Washington, D. C. F. R. Isaac, First Nat'l Bank
M. E. Kern, Takoma Park Sta- Bldg., Chattanooga, Tenn.
tion, Washington, D. C. C. L. Stone, 202 I. 0. 0. F.
C. S. Longacre, Takoma Park Sta- Bldg., Calgary, Alberta, Canada.-
tion, Washington, D. C. K. L. Gant, Oshawa, Ontario,
Kathryn L. Jensen, Takoma Park Canada.
Station, Washington, D. C. J. C. Thompson, 2001 Twenty-
A. W. Truman, Takoma Park Sta- fourth Ave., North, Nashville.
tion, Washington, D. C. Tenn.
C. C. Lewis, Takoma Park Sta- G. R. Fattic, Berrien Springs, Mich.
tion, Washington, D. C. A. W. Peterson, 518 Terminal Bldg.,
C. K. Meyers, Takoma Park Sta- Oklahoma City, Okla.
tion, Washington, D. C. J. P. Neff, Takoma Park Station,
H. T. Elliott, Takoma Park Sta- Washington, D. C.
tion, Washington, D. C. L. L. Caviness, Gland, Switzerland.
Mrs. L. Flora Plummer, Takoma Steen Rasmussen, Tunnelgatan 25,
Park Station, Washington, D. C. Stockholm, Sweden.
Academy Principals
College Presidents
H. A. Morrison, Takoma, Park Sta- H. J. Detwiler, care of Academy,
tion, Washington, D. C. Mount Vernon, Ohio.
Frederick Griggs, Berrien Springs, J. I. Beardsley, Shelton, Nebr.
Mich. E. E. Farnsworth, Lodi, Cal.
0. M. John, College View, Nebr. Foreign School Principals
W. E. Nelson, La Jota, Napa Co., George Baird, Stanborough Park,
Cal. Watford, Herts, England.
W. I. Smith, College Place, Wash. A. G. Roth, Coilonges sous Sa-
B. F. Machlan, South Lancaster, leve, Haute Savoie, France.
Mass. J. S. Marshall, Puiggari, F. C. E. R.,
N. G. Evans, Loma Linda, Cal. Argentina, South America.
E. D. Dick, Spion Kop, Ladysmith,
Seminary Presidents Natal, South Africa.
H. 0. Olson, La Grange, Ill. L. H. Wood, Cooranbong, N. S. W.,
H. M. Johnson, Hutchinson, Minn. Australia.
W. B. Ochs, Clinton, Mo. D. E. Rebok, 25 Ningkuo Road,
Shanghai, China.
Junior College Presidents A. N. Nelson, Box 7, Yodobashi
Lamont Thompson, Keene, Tex. P. 0., Tokyo, Japan.
Leo Thiel, Ooltewah, Tenn. W. Mueller, Friedensau, Bez. Mag-
K. L. Gant, Oshawa, Ontario, Can- deburg, Germany.
ada. T. W. Steen, Santo Amaro, Sao
H. J. Klooster, Lacombe, Alberta, Paulo, Brazil, South America.
Canada. 0. F. Sevrens, Box 1772, Manila,
J. A. Tucker, Huntsville, Ala. Philippine Islands.
V. E. Hendershot, 399 Upper Se-
Union. Conference Secretaries rangoon Road, Singapore, Straits
D. D. Rees, College View, Nebr. Settlements.
W. W. Ruble, Box 146, Glendale, A. J. Olson, Mussoorie, India.
Cal. C. J. Boyd, Obispo, Canal Zone,
W. L. Adams, College Place, Wash. Panama.
H. J. Sheldon, 2718 Third Ave., C. 0. Carlstjerna, Nyhyttan, Jarn-
South, Minneapolis, Minn. bolts, Sweden.

General Division Departmental Secretaries:

0. J. Graf, Loma Linda, Cal. Europe:
Anna Knight, 2001 Twenty-fourth Far East: S. L. Frost, 25 Ningkuo
Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn. Road, Shanghai, China.
South America: C. P. Crager,
SABBATH SCHOOL Calle Pino 3801, Belgrano,
DEPARTMENT Buenos Aires, Argentina, South--
OFFICERS Southern Asia: S. A. Wellman,
Secretary: Mrs. L. Flora Plummer, P. 0. Box 15, Poona, India.
Takoma Park Station, Washing- Africa: T. M. French, Grove Ave.,
ton, D. C. Claremont, Cape, South Africa.
Associate Secretary: J. S. James, Australia: H. C. White, " Mizpah,"
Takoma Park Station, Washing- Wahroonga, N. S. W., Australia.
ton, D. C. Inter-America: Mrs. Matilda E.
Assistant Secretary: Rosamond D. Andross, Balboa, Canal Zone,
Ginther. Panama.
G. B. Thompson, Takoma Park C. K. Meyers, Takoma Park, D. C.
Station, Washington, D. C. W. E. Howell, Takoma Park, D. C.
M. C. Wilcox, Mountain View, Cal. C. A. Russell, Takoma Park, D. C.
C. K. Meyers, Takoma Park Sta- J. A. Stevens, Takoma Park, D. C.
tion, Washington, D. C. Mrs. L. Flora Plummer, Takoma
E. R. Palmer, Takoma Park Sta- Park, D. C.
tion, Washington, D. C. A. W. Spalding, Takoma Park,
Mrs. Fannie D. Chase, Takoma D. C.
Park Station, Washington, D. C. Frederick Griggs, Berrien Springs,
T. E. Bowen, Takoma Park Sta- Mich.
tion, Washington, D. C. J. W. Mace, Takoma Park, D. C.
M. L. Andreasen, Takoma Park Miss Kathryn L. Jensen, Takoma
Station, Washington, D. C. Park, D. C.
C. P. Bollman, Takoma Park Sta- Miss Lora Clement, Takoma Park,
tion, Washington, D. C. D. C.
C. W. Irwin, Takoma Park Sta- 0. J. Graf, Loma Linda, California.
tion, Washington, D. C.
S. A. Wellman, (Southern Asia). Union Conference Secretaries: .
Mrs. A. P. Tarr, (Africa). Atlantic: N. H. Saunders, South
C. P. Crager, (South America). Lancaster, Mass.
Mrs. I. H. Evans, (Far East). Central: D. D. Rees, College View,
Mrs. Matilda E. Andross, (Inter- Nebr.
America). Columbia: C. E. Andross, 266 Park
Ave., Takoma Park, D. C.
YOUNG PEOPLE'S MISSIONARY Lake: T. S. Copeland, Drawer C,
Office Address: Takoma Park Sta- Northern: H. J. Sheldon, 2718
tion, Washington, D. C. Third Ave., South, Minneapolis,
OFFICERS North Pacific: W. L. Adams, Col-
Secretary: M. E. Kern. lege Place, Wash.
Associate Secretaries: Meade Mac- Pacific: W. W. Ruble, Box 146,
Guire and H. T. Elliott. Glendale, Cal.
Educational Secretary: Uthai V. Southeastern: F. R. Isaac, First
Wilcox. Nat'l Bank Bldg., Chattanooga,
Junior Secretary: Harriet Holt. Tenn.

Southern: J. C. Thompson, 2001 C. K. Meyers, Takoma Park Sta-

Twenty - fourth Ave., North, tion, Washington,D. C.
Nashville, Tenn. W. L. Burgan, Takoma Park Sta-
Southwestern: A. W. Peterson, tion, Washington, D. C.
518-19 Terminal Bldg., Okla- C. W. Irwin, Takoma Park Sta-
homa City, Okla. tion, Washington, D. C.
East Canadian: K. L. Gant, Osh- A. J. Clark, Takoma Park Station,
awa Missionary College, Oshawa, Washington, D. C.
Ontario, Canada. H. W. Cottrell, College Place,
West Canadian: C. L. Stone, 201-2 Wash.
I. 0. 0. F. Bldg., Calgary, Al- L. S. Wheeler, 51 Whitmore St.,
berta, Canada. Hartford, Conn.
Negro Mission: Anna Knight, 2001 A. 0. Tait, Mountain View, Cal.
Twenty - fourth Ave., North, C. A. Holt, Takoma Park, Wash-
Nashville, Tenn. ington, D. C.
Latin: L. L. Caviness, La Dullive, Wm. Ostrander, Takoma Park,
Gland, Switzerland. Washington, D. C.
Scandinavian: Steen Rasmussen, Division Conference Secretaries
Tunnelgatan 25, Stockholm,
Sweden. L. H. Christian, Hoheweg 17, Bern,
Mistral: H. B. Lundquist, Florida Switzerland.
F. C. C. A., Buenos Aires, Argen- I. H. Evans, 25 Ningkuo Road,
tina, South America. Shanghai, China.
South Brazil: W. E. Murray, Caixa P. E. Brodersen, Calle Pino 3801,
Postal 1028, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argen-
South America. tina, South America.
A. W. Anderson, " Mizpah," Wall -
roonga, N. S. W., Australia.
RELIGIOUS LIBERTY E. E. Andrass, Balboa, Canal Zone,
Headquarters: Takoma Park Sta
tion, Washington, D. C. W. F. Martin, Box 146, Glendale,
Secretary: C. S. Longacre, Ta- Cal.
koma Park Station, Washing- E. K. Slade, South Lancaster,
ton, D. C. Mass.
Field Secretary West of Missis-
F. H. Robbins, Takoma. Park,
sippi: W. F. Martin, 421 North
Washington, D. C.
W. H. Heckman, First Nat'l Bank
Isabel St., Glendale, Cal. Bldg., -Chattanooga, Tenn.
OTHER MEMBERS G. W. Wells, 2001 Twenty-fourth
.7. L. Shaw, Takoma Park Station, Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn.
Washington, D. C. H. G. Thurston, Box 719, Boise,
G. A. Snyder, 3131 Pasadena Ave., Idaho.
Los Angeles, Cal. M. B. Van Kirk, 518 Terminal
W. M. Healey, 667 Eighteenth St., Bldg., Oklahoma City, Okla.
San Diego, Cal. S. B. Horton, Drawer C, Berrien
F. A. Coffin, Takoma Park Sta- Springs, Mich.
tion, Washington, D. C. E. T. Russell, 2718 Third Ave..
C. P. Bollman, Takoma Park Sta South, Minneapolis, Minn.
tion, Washington, D. C. A. C. Gilbert,-202 I. 0. 0. F. Bldg..
D. W. Reavis, Takoma Park Sta- Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
tion, Washington, D. C. S. E. Wight, College View, Nebr.
F. M. Wilcox, Takoma Park Sta- C. F. McVagh, Oshawa, Ontario,
tion, Washington, D. C. Canada.

A. W. Anderson, " Mizpah," Wah- Advisory Committee:

roonga, N. S. W., Australia. J. T. Boettcher; 603 South Wash-
E. M. Adams, Box 813, Manila, ington St., Clinton, Mo.
Philippine Islands. G. A. Grauer, R. F. D. B, Box 135a,
G. W. Schubert, Tizianstr. 35, Mu- Modesto, Cal.
nich, Germany. W. B. Ochs, care Seminary, Clin-
J. E. Jayne, Stanborough Park, ton, Mo.
Watford, Herts, England. B. E. Miller, 1703 Gates Ave.,
E. L. Maxwell, 537 Twenty-fifth Brooklyn, N. Y.
St., Oakland, Cal. K. A. Offermann, care Pacific Press
R. T. Baer, Florida, F. C. C. A., Pub. Assn., Brookfield, Ill.
Buenos Aires, Argentina, South Miscellaneous Languages Depart-
America. ment Western Division
F. W. Spies, Caixa Postal 768, Rio Secretary: B. P. Hoffman, 2003
de Janeiro, Brazil, South Amer- East Alder St., Portland, Oreg.
ica. - Miscellaneous Languages Depart-
W. E. Hancock, Casilla 2830, San- ment Eastern Division
tiago, Chile, -South America. Secretary: A. J. Clark, Takoma
A. V. Olson, Gland, Switzerland. Park, Washington, D. C.
J. C. Raft, Hoheweg 17, Bern,
Switzerland. Swedish Department
D. A. Parsons, 4a Calle Queretaro Secretary: August Anderson,
No. 74, Colonia Roma, Mexico Broadview College, La Grange,
City, D. F., Mexico. Ill.
Advisory Committee:
August Anderson, La Grange, Ill.
BUREAU OF HOME MISSIONS H. 0. Olson, R. F. D. 1, Box 58,
Office: General Conference, Tako- La Grange, Ill.
ma Park Station, Washington, 0. Granlund, Brookfield, Ill.
D. C. Adolph Johnson, 613 Central Ave.,
Secretary: M. N. Campbell. Lodi, Cal.
Carl Swenson, 189 West 100th St.,
Associate Secretaries: J. T. Boett- New York City.
cher, N. R. Nelson, August An-
derson, B. P. Hoffman, A. J. French Division
Clark. Director: L. F. Passebois, Ster-
Danish-Norwegian Department ling Junction, Mass.
Secretary: N. R. Nelson, 2444 Advisory Committee:
Stevens Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. L. F. Passebois, Sterling Junction,
Advisory Committee: Mass.
N. R. Nelson, 2444 Stevens Ave., M. N. Campbell, care General Con-
Minneapolis, Minn. ference, Takoma Park Station.
M. S. Reppe, Hutchinson, Minn. Washington, D. C.
J. D. Johnson, Brookfield, Ill. J. Curdy, Oshawa, Ontario, Can-
C. Edwardson, 2628 East Twenty- ada.
eighth St., Minneapolis, Minn. H. H. Rans, Box 398, Oshawa, On-
L. Halsvick, 129 East 18 th St., tario. Canada.
New York City. And the President of Eastern
German Department Canadian Union Conference.
Secretary: J. T. Boettcher, 603 Jewish Division
South Washington St., Clinton, Director: F. C. Gilbert, South Lan-
Mo. caster, Mass.

Advisory Committee: W. A. Butler, Berrien Springs,

F. C. Gilbert, South Lancaster, Mich.
Mass. Anol Grundset, 1712 Fifth Ave.,
0. Montgomery, Takoma Park South, Minneapolis, Minn.
Station, Washington, D. C. E. M. Oberg, College Place, Wash.
N. Z. Town, Takoma Park Sta- David Voth, Box 146, Glendale.
tion, Washington, D. C. Cal.
M. N. Campbell, Takoma Park E. F. Hackman, First Nat'l Bank
Station, Washington, D. C. Bldg., Chattanooga, Tenn.
-B. E. Beddoe, Takoma Park Sta- R. L. Soaries, . (Southeastern Union
tion, Washington, D. C. Negro Mission) 215 North Mc-
Dowell St., Charlotte, N. C.
Spanish Division 0. R. Staines, 2001 Twenty-fourth
Director: H. D. Casebeer, Route 4, Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn.
Arlington, Cal. Anna Knight (Southern Union
Advisory Committee: Mission), 2001 Twenty - fourth
Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn.
H. D. Casebeer, Route 4, Arlington, G. F. Eichman, 518 Terminal Bldg.,
Cal. Oklahoma City, Okla.
M. N. Campbell, Takoma Park T. R. Lukens, 201 I. 0. 0. F.
Station, Washington, D. C. Bldg., Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
A. N. Allen, 1325 North Four-
teenth St., Phoenix, Ariz. Publishing House Representatives
C. S. Nicolas, 917 South Presa St., L. W. Graham, Review and Herald
San Antonio, Texas. Pub. Assn., Takoma Park, D. C
J. R. Ferren, Pacific Press Pub.
Assn., Mountain View, Cal.
HOME MISSIONARY DE- G. C. Hoskin, Pacific Press Pub.
PARTMENT Assn. Brookfield, Ill.
Headquarters: Takoma Park Sta- R. L. Pierce, Southern Pub. Assn.
tion, Washington, D. C. Nashville, Tenn.
Secretary: J. A. Stevens.
Associate Secretary: E. F. Peter- Foreign Members
son. C. E. Weaks, 25 Ningkuo Road,
Office Secretary: Mrs. J. W. Mace. Shanghai, China.
OTHER MEMBERS A. A Come, Calle Pino 3801, Bel-
grano, Buenos Aires, Argentina,
(All of whom may be addressed at South America.
Takoma Park Station, Washing- H. C. White, " Mizpah," Wahroon
ton, D. C.): N. Z. Town, M. E. ga, N. S. W., Australia.
Kern, M. N. Campbell, Dr. A. W. J. Harker, Stanborough Park.
Truman, G. B. Thompson, Mrs. Watford, Herts, England.
L. Flora Plummer, C. K. Meyers, Steen Rasmussen, Tunnelgatan 25.
H. H. Cobban. Stockholm, Sweden.
North American Union Conference E. Kotz, Hoheweg 17, Bern, Switz-
Home Missionary Secretaries erland.
F. D. Wells, South Lancaster, S. A. Wellman, Box 15, Poona.
Mass. India.
H. E. Lysinger, College View, G. S. Joseph, Grove Ave., Clare-
Nebr. mont, Cape., South Africa.
E. R. Numbers, 3621 Rutherford Samuel Badaut, 100 Rue Leibuitz,
St., Harrisburg, Pa. Paris, France.
J. L. Wilson, Oshawa, Ontario, S. E. Kellman, Balboa, Canal Zone,
Canada. Panama.

NEGRO DEPARTMENT Advisory Council: A. G. Daniells,

O. Montgomery, F. M. Wilcox,
Secretary: W. H. Green, Takoma G. P. Thompson, R. D. Quinn, M.
Park Station, Washington, D. C.; E. Kern, F. C. Gilbert, C. B.
or 5740 Thirtieth St., Detroit, Haynes, M. N. Campbell, J. L.
Mich. McElhany, C. K. Meyers, C. W.
OTHER MEMBERS Irwin, L. E. Froom, A. W.
G. W. Wells, 2001 TWenty-fourth Spalding, A. 0. Tait, Mrs. A. T.
Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn. Robinson, Meade MacGuire, B. E.
W. H. Heckman, First Nat'l Bank Beddoe.
Bldg., Chattanooga, Tenn.
William Guthrie, Drawer C, Ber-
rien Springs, Mich. HOME COMMISSION
S. E. Wight, College View, Nebr.
M. B. Van Kirk, 518 Terminal (An interdepartmental committee,
Bldg., Oklahoma City, Okla. for the helping of parents and
F. H. Robbins, 3621 Rutherford uplift of the home.)
St., Harrisburg, Pa. M. E. Kern, Chairman; A. W.
E. K. Slade, South Lancaster, Spalding, Sec.; Mrs. Flora H.
Mass. Williams, Recording and Office
J. K. Humphrey, 141 West 131st Sec.; F. M. Wilcox, W. E.
St., New York, N. Y. Howell, Mrs. L. Flora Plummer,
M. C. Strachan, 1901 Rosedale St., J. A. Stevens, A. W. Truman,
Baltimore, Md. M. D., Mrs. U. V. Wilcox.
J. M. Campbell, 6421 Stanford
Ave., Detroit, Mich.
U. S. Willis, 4231 'West Labadia PRESS BUREAU
St., St. Louis, Mo.
C. E. Peters, 619 Ashland Blvd., Secretary: W. L. Burgan, Tako-
Chicago, Ill. ma Park Station, Washington,
J. H. Lawrence, 3028 Pinkney St., D. C.
Omaha, Nebr. Literary Editor: L. A. Smith,
F. H. Seeney, 606 N St., N. W., Glendale, Cal.
Washington, D. C.
B. W. Abney, First National Bank
Bldg., Chattanooga, Tenn. GENERAL CONFERENCE
H. D. Greene, South Lancaster, CORPORATION
N. B. King, 2001 Twenty-fourth Incorporated 1904
Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn. Legal Title: " General Conference
Miss Anna Knight, 2001 Twenty- Corporation of Seventh-day Ad-
fourth Ave., North, Nashville, ventists."
Tenn. Constituency: The General Con-
H. J. Miller, Box 1077, Oklahoma ference delegates.
City, Okla.
F. A. Osterman, East Robinson Office Address: Takoma Park Sta-
and Rosalind Ave., Orlando, Fla. tion, Washington, D. C.
Officers: Pres., F. M. Wilcox; Sec.,
H. E. Rogers; Treas., J. L. Shaw.
MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION Board of Trustees: F. M. Wilcox,
Secretary: A. G. Daniells. J. L. Shaw, C. H. Watson, C. K.
Recording Secretaries: C. K. Meyers, 0. Montgomery, E. R.
Myers, B. E. Beddoe. Palmer, H. E. Rogers.


J. L. Shaw, Takoma Park Sta- tion, Washington, D. C.
tion, Washington, D. C. (Also Campbell; M. N., Takoma Park
general agent for trans-Atlantic Station, Washington, D. C.
steamship lines.) Casebeer, H. D., Route 4, Arling-
C. H. Jones, Mountain View, Cal. ton, Cal.
(Also general agent for trans- Christian, L. II., Hoheweg 17,
Pacific steamship lines.) Bern, Switzerland. -
Adolph Dorn, Room 510, 30 Irving Clark, A. J., Takoma Park, D. C.
Place, New York, N. Y. Conradi, L. R., Grindelberg 15a,
(Consign freight and express Hamburg, Germany.
care W. A. Brown, 10 East Sev-
enteenth St., New York, N. Y.) Cormack, A. W., Box 15, Poona,
A. Bacon, 17 Orford Road, Wal-
thamstow, E. 17, London, Eng- Cottrell, H. W., 508 East Everett
land. St., Portland, Oregon.
G. C. Hoskin, Pacific Press Pub. Cottrell, R. F., Loma Linda, Cal.
Assn., Brookfield, Ill. Curdy, E. A., Oshawa, Ontario.
Fred Hutchinson, Drawer M, Cris- Daniells, A. G., Takoma Park Sta-
tobal, Canal Zone, Panama. tion, Washington, D. C.
And the Treasurers of Union Con- Eastman, W. W., Takoma Park
ferences in North America. Station, Washington, D. C.
Elliott, H. T., Takoma Park Sta-
tion, Washington, D. G
PERSONS HOLDING CREDEN- Evans, I. H., 25 Ningkuo Road, ,
CONFERENCE Flaiz, C. W., College Place, Wash.
Fletcher, W. W., Mizpah," Wah-
roonga, N. S. W., Australia.
Anderson, August, Broadview Col- Froom, L. E., 2123 Twenty-fourth
lege, La Grange, Ill. Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn.
Andross, E. E., Balboa, Canal Zone, Fulton, J. E., " Mizpah," Wah-
Panama. roonga, N. S. W., Australia.
Baker, A. L., Mountain View, Cal. George, W. A., M. D., Loma Linda,
Baker, W. L. IL, Oakwood Jr. Col- Cal.
lege, Huntsville, Ala. Gilbert, F. C., South Lancaster,
Beddoe, B. E., Takoma Park Sta- Mass.
tion, Washington, D. C. Green, W. H., Takoma Park Sta-
Berthelsen, P. E., Hutchinson, tion, Washington, D. C.; or 5740
Minn Thirtieth St., Detroit, Mich.
Bird, W. L., 1325 North Four- Hansen, L. A., Takoma Park Sta-
teenth St., Phoenix, Ariz. tion, Washington, D. C.
Boettcher, J. T., Clinton, Mo. Hoffman, B. P., 2003 East Alder
Bollman, C. P., Takoma Park Sta- St.,Portland, Oregon.
tion, Washington, D. C. Howll, W. E., Takoma Park Sta-
Bowen, T. E., Takoma Park Sta- tion, Washington, D. C.
tion, Washington, D. C. Huenergardt, J. F., Route 1, Box
Branson, W. H., Grove Ave., Clare- 58, La Grange, Ill.
mont, Cape, South Africa. Irwin, C. W., Takoma Park Sta-
Brodersen, P. E., Calle Pino 3801, tion, Washington, D. C.
Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argen- James, J. S., Takoma Park Sta-
tina, South America. tion, Washington, D. C.

Johnson, H. R., Hutchinson, Minn Shaw, J. L., Takoma Park Ste

Johnson, J. D., Brookfield, Ill. tion, Washington, D. C.
Kern, M. E., Takoma Park Sta- Spalding, A. W., Takoma Park
tion, Washington, D. C. Station, Washington, D. C.
Knox, W. T., Mountain View, Cal. Spicer, W. A., Takoma Park Sta-
Kress, D. H., M. D., Takoma Park tion, Washington, D. C.
Station, Washington, D. C.
Kurtichanov, Titus, Route 1, Box Stevens, J. A., Takoma Park Sta-
58, La Grange, Ill. tion, Washington, D. C.
Lewis, C. C., Takoma Park Sta- Sutherland, Dr. E. A., Madison,
tion, Washington, D. C. Tenn.
Lewis, W. H., Huntsville, Ala. Tait, A. 0., Mountain View, Cal.
Longacre, C. S., Takoma Park Sta- Thomason, Geo., M. D., 312 North
tion, Washington, D. C. Boyle Ave., Los Angeles, Cal.
Loughborough, J. N., Sanitarium,
Cal. Thompson, G. B., Takoma Park
Magan, P. T., M. D., 304 North 'Station, Washington, D. C.
Boyle Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. Thurber, R. B., 2123 Twenty-
MacGuire, Meade, Route B, Box 55, fourth Ave., North, Nashville,
Modesto, Cal. Tenn.
Martin, W. F., 421 North Isabel Town, N. Z., Takoma Park Sta-
St., Glendale, Cal. tion, Washington, D. C.
McCoy, L., Battle Greek, Mich. Truman, A. W., M. D., Takoma
Park Station, Washington, D. C.
McEachern, J. H., 1532 California Tucker, J. A., Huntsville, Ala.
St., Mountain View, Cal. Votaw, H. H., Takoma Park, D. C.
Meyers, C. K., Takoma Park Sta- Underwood, R. A., College View,
tion, Washington, D. C. Nebr.
Miller, H. W., M. D., Takoma Park Watson, C. H., Takoma Park Sta-
Station, Washington, D. C. tion, Washington, D. C.
Montgomery, 0., Takoma Park Wellman; D. E., Pacific Union Col-
Station, Washington, D. C. lege, St. Helena, Cal.
Mortenson, S., Route 1, Box 58, Westphal, F. H., Box 146, Glen-
La Grange, Ill. dale, Cal.
Nelson, N. R., 2444 Stevens Ave., White, W. C., R. F. D. 1, St.
Minneapolis, Minn. Helena, Cal.
Nichol, F. D., Mountain View, Cal. Wilcox, F. M., Takoma Park Sta-
Olsen, M. E., Takoma Park Sta- tion, Washington, D. C.
tion, Washington, D. C. Wilcox, M. C., Mountain View, Cal.
Palmer, E. R., Takoma Park Sta- Wirth, Wm. G., 312 North Boyle
tion, Washington, D. C. Ave., Los Angeles, Cal.
Parmele, R. W., 3131 Pasadena
Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. LICENTIATES
Passebois, L. F., Sterling Jet., Altman, Roger, College View,
Mass. Nebr.
Peterson, E. F., Takoma Park, D. C. Bralliar, F., Madison, Tenn.
Prescott, W. W., Takoma Park Burgan, W. L., Takoma Park Sta-
Station, Washington, D. C. tion, Washington, D. C.
Quinn, R. D., 5332 Sumner Ave., Coffin, F. A., Takoma Park, D. C.
Eagle Rock, Cal. Evans, Newton, M. D., Loma Lin-
Reppe, M. S., Hutchinson, Minn. da, Cal.
Russell, C. A., Takoma Park Sta- Hall, H. H., Takoma Park Sta-
tion, Washington, D. C. tion, Washington, D. C.

Hoskin, G. C., Brookfield, Ill. Ireland, J. J., Takoma Park Sta-

Jacobsen, E. C., Huntsville, Ma. tion, Washington, D. C.
Johnson, H. M., Hutchinson, Minn. Jensen, Kathryn L., Takoma Park
Knox, M. F., 2123 Twenty-fourth -Station, Washington, D. C.
Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn. Lewis, Mrs. C. C., Takoma Park
Long, Alex, La Grange, Ill. Station, Washington, D. C.
Offerman, K. A. Brookfield, Ill. Mace, Mrs. J. W., Tao ma Park
Mattsson, Karl, La Grange, Ill. Station, Washington, D. C.
Pierce, R. L., 2d23 Twenty-fourth McEnterfer, Sara, Sanitarium,
Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn. Cal.
Swedberg, August, Route 1, Box Peck, Sarah, Takoma Park Sta-
58, La Grange, Ill. tion, Washington, D. C.
Wilcox, U. V., Takoma Park Sta- Peifer, E. C., Brookfield, Ill.
tion, Washington, D. C. Plummer, Mrs. L. Flora, Takoma
Woods, R. F., 2123 Twenty-fourth Park Station, Washington, D. C.
Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn. Rogers, H. E., Takoma Park Sta-
Yakovenko, A. G., Route 1, Box 58, tion, Washington, D. C.
La Grange, Ill. Sherrig, Harry, Brookfield, Ill.
Thompson, Verne, 1112 Keeaumo-
MISSIONARY LICENTIATES ku St., Honolulu, Hawaii.
Ambs, K. F., Huntsville, Ala. Thompson, Mrs. Verne, 1112 Keeau-
Cobban, H. H., Takoma Park Sta- moku St., Honolulu, Hawaii.
tion, Washington, D. C.
Ginther, Rosamond D., Takoma White, W. R., 2123 Twenty-fourtb
Park Station, Washington, D. C. Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn.
Holt, Mrs. Harriet, Takoma Park Williams, Mrs. Flora H., Takoma
Station, Washington, D. C. Park Station, Washington, D. C.


Organized igor
Territory: The Conferences of Humphrey, B. F. Machlan, D. A.
Greater New York, Massachu- Bailey.
setts, New York, Southern New Legal Assn.: " The Atlantic
England, New England, and the Union Conference Assn. of S.
Bermuda Mission. D. A."
Population: 17,786,136; churches Department Secretaries:
179; membership, 9,258. Field Miss., V. 0. Punches.
Office Address: South Lancaster, Educational and Miss. Vol., N.
Mass. H. Saunders.
Officers: Medical Miss., E. F. Otis, M. D.
Pres., E. K. Slade. Home Miss., F. D. Wells.
Sec. and Treas., C. L. Kilgore. Negro Representative, J. K..
Executive Committee: E. K. Humphrey.
Slade, the presidents of confer- Ministers:
ences composing the Atlantic E. K. Slade, B. F. Machlan, H. W.
Union, and C. L. Kilgore, Verah Carr, V. 0. Punches, N. H. Saun-
MacPherson, F. C. Gilbert, W. C. ders.
DunsCombe; M. D., V. 0. Honorary: P. F. Bicknell, S. J.
Punches, F. D. Wells, E. F. Qtis, Hersum, J. W. Raymond, D. G.
M. D., N. H. Saunders, J. K. Turk, C. Meleen, C. J. Coon.

Licentiates: Adventists; " Pres., C. B.

C. A. Shull, W. C. Dunscombe, Haynes; Sec. and Treas., J. 1.
M. D., G. H. Winslow, F. D. Foster; Associate Sec. and
Wells, Verah MacPherson, D. A. Treas., J. K. Macmillan.
Bailey, J. N. Clapp, J. L. John- Department Secretaries:
son. Tract Soc., J. I. Foster; Asso-
Missionary Licentiates: ciate, J. B. Frank.
C. L. Kilgore, W. M. Vehorn, B. Field Miss., G. W. Oberg.
B. Ross, Rowena Pardon. Educational and Miss Vol., F. B.
Honorary: Mrs. J. C. Hennessy, Wood.
Ellery Robinson, Mrs. M. A. Home Miss., C. B. Haynes.
Scribner, W. A. Wilcox, Mrs. M. Medical Miss., B. B. Kinne, M. D.
A. Wheeler, Jennie Thayer, Flor- Religious Liberty, C. B. Haynes.
ence L. Boyle. Sabbath School, C. B. Haynes.
GREATER NEW YORK W. R. Andrews, H. N. Gemon,
CONFERENCE C. B. Haynes, C. Swenson, R.
Organized 1902 Calderone, L. Halsvick, J. K.
Humphrey, B. E. Miller, M. H.
Territory: The City of Greater Schuster. J. M. Comer, L. K.
New York; Long Island, (exclu- Dickson.
sive of that part contained in Honorary: P. Z. Kinne.
the City of Greater New York) ;
and the following-named coun- Licentiates:
ties in the State of New York: J. L. Johnson, J. E. Hanson.
Rockland, Putnam, Orange,
Dutchess, Ulster, Sullivan, Dela- Missionary Licentiates:
ware, Greene, and Columbia.. L. Batson, Percy Browne, U. T.
Population: 6,684,433; churches, Cady, Vesta Cash, Mrs. J. M.
22; members, 2,770. Comer, Jesse Cluff, Mrs. L. K.
Office: Room 1103, 120 West Dickson, J. I. Foster, J. B.
Forty-second St., New York. Frank, Mrs. L. Halsvick, H. P.
(Telephone, Bryant 4857-4858). Hanson, Mrs. C. B. Haynes,
Maija Helvio, Mrs. Etta Hen-
Officers: nessy, Mrs. J. K. Humphrey,
Pres., C. B. Haynes. Margaret Izso, Louise Johnson,
Sec. and Treas., J. I. Foster. Mrs. Nellie C. Tickner, Mrs. J. L.
Associate Sec. and Treas., J. K. Johnson, Louis Klebahn, Mrs. L.
Macmillan. Klebahn, B. B. Kinne, M. D.,
Asst. Treas., M. Miller. Jessie Lynch, Mary Lewis, J. K.
Executive Committee: C. B. Macmillan, Augusta Meyer, Mrs.
Haynes, J. I. Foster, J. K. Mac- B. E. Miller, Madge Miller, J. L.
millan, Louis Halsvick, J. M. Moran, H. H. Morse, Carrie Nel-
Comer, L. K. Dickson, S. R. son, G. W. Oberg, Mrs. M. H.
Haynes, B. E. Miller, M. H. Schuster, Mrs. C. Swenson, John
Schuster, R. Calderone, J. K. Tuzzolino, Ruth Tyrrell, Marie
Humphrey, Carl Swenson, W. R. Tyvold, F. E. Wagner, F. R.
Andrews, F. R. Wood, G. W. Wood.
Oberg, Miss Emma Wells, Louis Church Schools:
Klebahn. Ridgewood: 1925 Gates Avenue.
Legal Assn.: " Greater New U. T. Cady, Grammar:
York Corporation of Seventh-day Pauline Kraus, Primary.

Middletown: 9 Benton Ave. MASSACHUSETTS CONFER-

Mrs. Bertha Peake, Grammar. . ENCE
Violet Peake, Primary. Organized 1870
Church Directory: Territory: The State of Massa-
Brooklyn: chusetts.
Danish-Norwegian, Sixth Ave., Population: 3,852,356; churches,
and Fiftieth St. 31; members, 1,956.
English, Green and Patchen Office Address: South Lancaster,
AveT.- Mass.
Finnish, Sixth Ave. and Fiftieth
German, 1925 Gates Ave. Pres., W. C. Moffett.
Italian, 675 Hicks St. See.. and Treas., J. E. Edwards.
Negro, 201 Willoughby Ave. Executive Committee: W. C.
Swedish, 315 Forty-seventh St. Moffett, J. E. Edwards, R. S.
Patchogue: Fries, F. C. Carlson, A. T. Rob-
Patchogue, Long Island. inson, D. P. Wood, F. S. Burgess,
New York: J. H. Tiney, Jr..
Temple Church, 120th St. and Legal Assn.: " The Massachu-
Lenox Ave. setts Conference Assn. of S. D.
German, 330 East 156th St. A."
Hungarian, Temple, 120 St. Department Secretaries:
and Lenox Ave.
Tract Soc., J. E. Edwards.
Italian, 237 East 112th St.
Field Miss., T. M. Butler.
Negro (First Harlem), 144-6
Sabbath School, Mrs. J. Schnetz-
West 131st St. ler.
Negro (Second Harlem), 106-108
Home Miss., Joseph Schnetzler.
West 127th St. Religious Liberty,. P. F. Bick-
Negro (White Plains), 2 Fisher
Ave. Educational and Miss. Vol., J. H.'
Negro (New Rochelle), 18 Brook
Tiney, Jr.
Swedish, Ionic Hall, 155 East Ministers:
58th St. W. C. Moffett, P. F. Bicknell, R.
Mt. Vernon, 3 Morrison Ave., S. Fries, F. C. Carlson, D. P.
Cor. Fulton St., Mt. Vernon. Wood, Joseph Schnetzler, S. E.
N. Y. Norton, E. E. Osborne, H. D.
Staten Island: Greene, A. T. Robinson, B. M.
English: Masonic Hall, Rich- Heald.
mond Ave. and Bennett St., Licentiates:
Port Richmond, Staten Island. J. W. Freiberger, Walter How-
German: 844 Richmond Road, ard, J. F. Knipschild.
Stapleton, Staten Island.
Missionary Licentiates:
Up-State: J. E. Edwards, Mrs. Oris Arm-
Middletown, 3 Linden Ave. strong, Miss Fay Coss, C. S.
Munn, Miss Cora A. Spencer,
Newburgh, Odd Fellows Hall,
Mrs. R. S. Fries, Mrs. Con-
105 Broadway.
stance Wills, Miss Mabel Vree-
Port Jervis, Knights of Pythias' land, Miss Mary E. Walsh, Mrs.
Hall. Win. Wagner, Miss Candace Fer-
Poughkeepsie, Good Templar's guson, Miss Sophia Seehase,
Hall, Main and Garden Sts. Miss Annie Swenson, Manuel

Nobrega, W. W. Chartier. Worcester, English and Swedish,

Highland and West Sts.
Church School Teachers:
Miss Edna Bergman, Clifford
Wilkinson, Miss Ruth Nichols, NEW ENGLAND CONFERENCE
Miss Mattie Tefft, Gertrude
Muer, Gertrude Myers, Martha Territory: States of Maine, New
Keller, Esther Felters, Nella Hampshire and Vermont.
Eastman, Olive Lindburg, Jessie Population: 1,563,525; _ churches,
Willer, Nina Rowell, Ella Os- 46; members, 1,302.
borne, Mrs. J. A. Trout.
Office: 55 South Main St., Roches-
Church Directory: ter, N. H.
Amesbury, S. D. A. Church, Officers:
Spring St. Pres., D. U. Hale.
Athol Church, South Athol Rd. Sec. and Treas., V. H. Hanscom.
Boston, Boston Temple, cor. Executive Committee: D. U.
Warren Ave. and Canton St. Hale, V. H. Hanscom, M. R.
Brockton S. D. A. Church, Bailey, D. H. Hanson, W. A.
Crescent St. Bickford, G. E. Owens, W. E.
Danvers, Putnam St. . Tatro.
Everett, Universalist Church, Department Secretaries:
Broadway and Summer Sts. Tract Society, R. W. Tatro.
Fitchburg, Knowlton Terrace. Field Miss., A. M. Barnhardt.
Haverhill, 33 Central St.; Brad- Home Miss., H. P. Gram.
ford. Educational and Miss Vol., K. A.
Lowell, Liberty St., near School Wright.
St. Sabbath School; Mrs. A. L.
Mansfield, Foxvale Chapel. Griffis.
Methuen, Odd Fellows' Hall. Religious Liberty, M. C. Taft.
Natick, 8 Jackson Court.
New Bedford, English, Univer- Ministers:'
salist Church, Williams St. D. U. Hale, D. H. Hanson, M. R.
New Bedford, Portuguese, 736 Bailey, H. P. Gram, W. 0. Howe.
Pleasant St. Licentiates:
Northampton, I. 0. 0. F. Hall, G. E. Owens, C. 0. Perkins, E.
C6nter St. E. Covey, E. E. Clayton.
Pittsfield, 28 West St., over
Italian Bank. Missionary Licentiates:
Roxbury, colored, Cabot and V. H. Hanscom, H. B. Tucker,
Sterling Sts. A. L. Griffis,rs. Pearl San-
Roslindale, German, Fairview born, Missra o Bowers, Mrs.
Hall, Roslindale Sq. D. H. Hanson, Mrs. J. B. Rus-
Sanitarium Church, New Eng- sell, Mrs. W. 0. Howe, Mrs. L. A.
land Sanitarium, Melrose, Ellsworth.
South Lancaster, Sawyer and Church School Teachers:
Narrow Lane. G. E. Owens, L. G. Sevrens, Mrs.
Springfield, North Congrega- L. G. Sevrens, Mrs. V. C. Town-
tional Church, cor. Salem and send, Mrs. Jennie Hills, Miss
Elliott Sts. Martha Bartlett, Mrs. Rena F.
Taunton, Arlington Chapel. Tate, Miss Lillian Eastman,
Taunton, Portuguese, Main and Mrs. R. G. Cutts, Miss Mae
Weir Sts. Grills.

Church Directory: Home Miss., F. Bohner.

Auburn-Lewiston, Me., Sylvan Med. Miss.,
Ave., Lewiston. Religious Liberty, L. H. King.
Burlington, Vt., 190 North Win- Ministers:
ooski Ave. J. K. Jones, Orva Lee Ice, L. H.
Camden, Me., Central St. King, Jr., J. W. Raymond, 0. D.
Concord, N. H., Capital Hall,' Cardey, W. W. Rice, H. J. Cap-
Warren St. man.
Keene, N. H., Church Bldg., Mc- Licentiates:
Kinley St. J. C. Oswald, F. Bohner, J. E.
Manchester, N. H., Odd Fellows' Whelpley, A. R. P. Johnson,
Hall, Hanover St. C. A. Shull, G. B. Miles, P. E.
Norridgewock, Me., church build- Quimby, C. R. Gibbs, C. E.
ing. Eldridge, Harold Snide, A. P.
Portland, Me., 75 Grant St. Schwarz.
Randolph, Vt., church building. Missionary Licentiates:
Richmond, Me., church building. Mrs. J. C. Oswald, J. E. Oster-
Rutland, Vt., church building, blom, Miss Effa Gilbert, Mrs.
opposite High School. A. R. P. Johnson, Mrs. Clara
Westfield, Me., church building. O'Hare, H. A. May, R. S. Black-
burn, Mrs. E. B. Markham, Miss
Florence Tate.
Church School Teachers:
NEW YORK CONFERENCE B. M. Preston, Mrs. B. M. Pres-
ton, Miss Ruth Durning, Miss
Organized 1922 Edna Baker, Miss Inez Williams,
Territory: That portion of the Miss Miriam Gilbert, Mrs. G. E.
State of New York north and Miles, Miss Abigail Worcester,
west of the line formed by the Miss Myrtle Hartford, Mrs. C. J.
northern boundaries of Dela- Coon, Miss Emma J. Hunt,
ware, Green, and Columbia Carlton Mason Harry Butter-
Counties. field, Mrs. L. 0. Coon, Miss
Population: 3,700,794; churches, Ruby Farley, Miss Marion Seitz,
59; members, 2,293. Miss Caryl Porter, Miss Adell
Robert, William Reynolds.
Office: Union Springs, N. Y.
Church Directory:
Officers: Albany, 120 Jay St., 10: 00 a. m.
Pres., J. K. Jones. Auburn, I. 0. 0. F. Hall, Garden
Sec. and Treas., J. E. Osterblom. St., 2 p. m.
Executive Committee: J. K. Batavia, 27 Tracy Ave., 2: 30
Jones, J. E. Osterblom, C. A. p. m.
Shull, F. H. Hicks, 0. L. Ice, Binghamton, 75 Pennsylvania
H. M. Fleming, G. H. Rogers. Ave., 2 p. m.
Legal Assn.: " The New York Bolivar, Plum St., 11: 30 a. m.
Conference Association of S. Buffalo, English, 92 Hedley
D. A." St., 10 a. m.
Departmental Secretaries: Buffalo German, 92 Hedley St.,
Tract Soc., J. E. Osterblom. 1: 30 p. m.
Field Miss., J. E. Whelpley. Burt, S. D. A. Church, 10: 30
Sabbath School and Miss. Vol., a. m.
C. R. Gibbs. Corning, 73 West First St., Ger-
Educational, Mrs. E. B. Mark- man Evangelical Church, 1
ham. p. m.

Elmira, 310 West Third St., 10 Population: 1,985,028; churches,

a. in. 20; members, 854.
Fredonia, Grange Hall., West Office: 51 Whitmore St., Hartford,
Main St., 1: 30 p. in. Conn.
Glens Falls, Cor. Bay and Sarella
Sts., 10 a. in. Officers:
Herkimer, Main St., 9: 30 a. m. . Pres., E. L. Cardey.
Hornell, 1 Tobe's Hill Road, Sec. and Treas., J. I. Cassell.
1:45 p. m. Executive Committee: E. L.
Jamestown, English, 708 Cherry Cardey, N. C. Van Horn, E. F.
St., 1 p. m. Henry, L. S. Wheeler, W. F.
Jamestown Swedish, 44 Prather Baker, A. Blomstedt, I. M. Mar-
Ave., 9: 30 a. m. tin.
Jeddo, Ridge Road and County Legal Assn.: " The Southern
Line, 11 a. in. New England Conference Assn.
Lockport, Moose Hall, Hodge of S. D. A., Inc."
Bldg., 1: 30 p. in. Department Secretaries:
Niagara Falls., Grey and Trigg Tract Society, J. I. Cassell.
Hall, Main St., 2: 30 p. m. Field Miss., J. R. Osborne.
Olean, 110 East State St., 10 Sabbath School and Educational,
a. in. Miss Mabel A. Porter.
Oswego, East First St., 12 noon. Miss. Vol., E. L. Cardey.
Owego, 238 Prospect St., 10 a. m. Home Miss., J.. W. Sypher.
Rochester, 60 Grand Ave., 9: 45 Religious Liberty, E. L. Cardey.
a. in.
Rome, 321 West Bloomfield St., Ministers:
9: 30 a. in. E. L. Cardey, W. R. Uchtman,
Salamanca, 24 East Jefferson L. S. Wheeler, H. A. Rossin,
St., 1 p. m. A. Blomstedt, I. M. Martin,
Schenectady, 125 Randolph Ave., A. E. Sanderson.
2p.m. Licentiates:
Syracuse, 817 South Ave., 9: SO Andrew Yakush, D. A. Mozar.
a. in. Missionary Licentiates:
Troy, German Church, Seventh
and Fulton Sts., 2 p. Miss Elizabeth Kehrein, Miss
Union Springs, Academy Chapel, Mabel A. Porter, Mrs. D. A.
9: 45 a. in. Mozar, Mrs. H. U. Wendell, J. W.
Utica, Chapel, 1403 Miller St., Sypher, Mrs. J. W. Sypher, H. E.
1:45 p. m. Shipley, Miss Elsa Hagberg,
Watertown, Clay and Academy Mrs. Lee S. Wheeler, (Honor-
Sts., 1:15 p. m. ary), J. I. Cassell, Miss Esther
Wellsville, Orchard Place, off Flodin, Mrs. Julia E. Winch.
North Main St., 10 a. in. Church School Teachers:
Miss Helen E. Hall, Miss Julia
Callier, Miss Gladys Broome,
SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND Miss Marion Folsom, Miss Mar-
CONFERENCE ion Thurlow, Mrs. Marion D.
Fredericks, W. L. Place.
Organized in 1903, from territory Church Directory:
formerly comprised in the New Bridgeport, Conn., 312 Wilmot
England Conference. Ave.
Territory: The States of Connec- Bridgeport, Conn. (Slovakian),
ticut and Rhode Island. Sylvan Ave.

Bridgeport, Conn. (Hungarian), Church School Teachers:

111 Orland St. Miss Rosaclair Smith, Miss
Hartford, Conn., 51 Whitmore Louisa Linch.
New Haven, Conn., 64 Brewster
New Haven, Conn: (Colored), 28
New London, Conn., Union FERENCE
Chapel, Ocean Ave. Educational:
Pawtucket, R. I., 239 Central
Ave. Atlantic Union College, South
Providence, R. I. (English and- Lancaster, Mass.
Swedish), 381 Northup St., Greater Boston Intermediate
near Broad St., Edgewood, School, 29 Parker St., Malden,
R. I. Mass.
Westerly, R. I., Lester Ave. Greater New York Academy,
Willimantic, Conn., Y. M. C. A. 120th St., and Lenox Ave.,
Bldg. New York, N. Y.
Woonsocket, R. I. (French), 108 Harlem Academy, Carlton Hall,
Roberta Ave. 108 West 127th St., New York,
N. Y.
BERMUDA MISSION Hartford Intermediate School,
51 Whitmore St., Hartford,
Address: Hamilton, Bermuda Is- Conn.
lands. Pine Tree Academy, Auburn, Me.
Population: 18,000; church, 1; Union Springs Academy, Union
members, 83. Springs, N. Y.
Director, H. W. Carr. Publishing:
Department Secretaries: New York Branch of Review
Sabbath School and Home Miss., and Herald Pub. Assn., Peeks-
Mrs. E. M. Astwood. kill, N. Y.
Miss. Vol., Miss Clare Astwood. Sanitarium:
Minister: New England Sanitarium, Mel-
H. W. Carr. rose, Mass.


Organized 1902

Territory: The'Conferences of Col- Executive Committee: S. E.

orado, Inter-Mountain, Kansas, Wight, the presidents of the lo-
Missouri, Nebraska, and Wyom- cal conferences in the Union, the
ing. Union Conference Auditor, the
Population: 7,714,449; churches, Union Conference treasurer, the
256; members 11,077. secretaries of the Medical, Edu-
Office: College View, Nebr. cational, Young People's, Relig-
Officers: ious Liberty, and Missionary De-
Pres., S. E. Wight. partments, the Union field mis-
Sec. and Treas., Miss Mettie E. sionary secretary, the presidents
Cornell. of Union College and the Clinton
Auditor, R. T. Emery. Seminary, the manager of the

Kansas City branch of the Pa- Sutton, R. E. Hay, N. W. Dunn,

cific Press Pub. Assn., and the C. L. Wilson, G. T. Burgess.
business manager of the Boul- Legal Association: " The Sev
der-Colorado Sanitarium. enth-day Adventist Association
Legal Assn.: " Central Union of Colorado."
Conference Assn. of S. D. A." Department Secretaries:
")res:, S. E. Wight; Sec., R. T.
Emery. Tract Soc., G. T. Burgess.
Department Secretaries: Field Miss., C. N. Young.
Field Miss., J. B. Blosser. Sabbath School, F. A. Page.
Educational and Miss. Vol., D. Home Miss., A. G. Wearner.
D. Rees. Educational and Miss. Vol., N.
Home Miss., H. E. Lysinger. W. Dunn.
Medical Miss., H. A. Green, M. D. Medical Miss., Dr. H. A. Green.
Work for the Blind: Religious Liberty, M. L. Rice.
Board: S. E. Wight, D. D. Rees, Ministers:
R. T. Emery, D. R. Callahan, M. L. Rice, G. W. Anglebarger,
Roger Altman. B. W. Brown, R. E. Hay, J. E.
Ministers: Pfitzkowski, T. H. Coopwood,
S. E. Wight, J. B. Blosser, H. E. S. B. Slater, N. T. Sutton, A. G.
Lysinger, D. D. Rees, O. M. John, Wearner, N. V. Willess, G. W.
J. N. Anderson, W. B. Ochs, H. Berry, J. H. Hoffman.
F. Saxton.
Honorary: Licentiates:
U. P. Long, W. H. White, L. W. A. Catalano, N. W. Dunn, A. E.
Terry, W. F. H. Schroeder, J. P. Lickey, F. A. Page, H. E. West-
Gardiner, J. S. Hart, J. W. Hir- ermayer, J. B. White, Ac, C.
linger, H. A. Aufderhar, D. P. Madsen, C. N. Young, G. T.
Miller. Burgess.
Licentiates: Missionary Licentiates:
R. T. Emery, Dr. H. A. Green, Daisy Guy, Elsie Moore, Nora-
J. F. Harder, R. R. Neumann. bel Riddels, Esther Smith, Cor-
Missionary Licentiates: ena Rose.
Miss Mettie E. Cornell, Mrs. L.
N. Muck, Miss Pearl L. Rees. Church School Teachers:
Honorary License: Mrs. C. Henricksen, Mrs. J. A.
Miss Bessie Suflicool, Miss Ammy Land, Verlie Beeler, Mrs.. Galin
Welsh, Mrs. Anna Sufficool, Mrs. Presnell, J. E. Dean, Buford
E. M. Peebles. Ward, Mrs. Buford Ward, Ern-
est Heim, Mrs. Ernest Heim,
COLORADO CONFERENCE " Sidney Smith, Caroline Guy,
Organized 1908 Nancy Peterson,,Mrs. J. L. Mil-
ler, Hazel Buck, Lester Taft,
Territory: The State of Colorado C. L. Randolph, Margie Northey,
east of the Continental Divide. Anna Hart, Marjorie Phillips,
Population: 807,543; churches, 53; Esther Kraft, Georgina Hackett,
members, 2,844. Mildred Starr, Alice Cox, Olivia
Office: 1112 Kalamath St., Denver, Specht, Mrs. Gladys Gould.
Officers: Church Directory:
Pres., M. L. Rice. Boulder, Seventh St., and High-
Sec. and Treas., G. T. Burgess land Ave.
Executive Committee: M. L. Canon City, Main St., near
Rice, G. W. Anglebarger, N. T. Twelfth.

Colorado Springs, 324 North Sec. and Treas., James Larsen.

Wahsatch St. Executive . Committee : B. H.
Denver: Shaw, Arthur Carver, W. F.
First, cor. West Eleventh Ave., Kennedy, E. D. Kirk, F. S.
and Kalamath St. Chollar.
York, cor. East Thirteenth Legal Assn.: " Inter-Mountain
Ave. and York St. Conference Assn of S. D. A."
North, cor. Thirty-ninth Ave. Department Secretaries:
and Shoshone St. Tract Society, James Larsen.
South, Mexico and South Field Miss., W. D. Kieser.
Sherman Sts. Sabbath School and Home Miss.,
German, Thirty-ninth Ave. F. S. Chollar.
and Shoshone St. Educational, B. H. Shaiv.
Scandinavian, 1618 East Thir- Miss. Vol., James Larsen.
ty-eighth Ave.
Italian, cor. Thirty-ninth Ave. Ministers:
and Shoshone St. B. H. Shaw, F. S. Chollar, W. M.
Colored, 2536 Ogden St. Andress, F. H. Hoxie.
Fort Collins, Cor. Whedbee and Honorary: W. F. Kennedy.
Magnolia Sts. Licentiate:
Greeley, ' cor. Fourteenth Ave. W. D. Kieser.
and Eighth St. Missionary Licentiate:
Fort Lupton, McKinley Ave., James Larsen.
near First St. Church School Teachers:
Golden, Main St., near C. and S. Florence Chilson, Doris Breth-
Depot. ouwer, Alva Vance, Gertrude
La Junta, Fifth and Lewis Sts. Sinclair, H. F. Meeker, T. B.
Longmont, 236 Gay St. Moors, Beulah Soper, Mrs. B. H.
Loveland, Lincoln Ave. and Shaw; Mrs. H. B. Fate, Miss
Tenth St. Pearl Reece.
Pueblo, Thirteenth and Grand
Rocky Ford, 405 South Fourth KANSAS CONFERENCE
St. Organized 1875; reorganized 1914
Territory: The State of Kansas.
Population: 1,769,257; churches,
INTER-MOUNTAIN CONFER- 68; members, 2,304.
ENCE Office: 728 Kansas Ave., TOpeka,
Organized 1916 Kans. ei-
Officers: (04 f.
Territory: That part of the State
of Colorado west of the Conti- Pres., C. G. Bellah.
nental divide; the counties of Sec. and Treas., Herbert Griffith.
Daggett, Unita, Duchesne, Car- Executive Committee: C. G. Bel-
bon, Emery, Grand, and San lah, W. L. Nott, Bernard Voth,
Juan in the State of Utah and H. S. Osterloh, J. L. Ballard, L.
San Juan County in New Mex- C. Christofferson, Herbert Grif-
ico. fith.
Population: 186,469; churches, 12; Legal Assn.: " The Kansas Sev-
membership, 650. enth-day 'Adventist Conference
Office: 122 South Eighth St., Assn."
Grand Junction, Colo. Department Secretaries:
Officers: Tract Soc., Herbert Griffith.
Pres., B. H. Shaw. Field Miss., R. C. Baker,

Sabbath School, Miss Edna Wal- Population: 3,404,055; churches,

lace. 43; members, 2,219.
Educational, V. P. Lovell. Office: 203 West Franklin St ,
Miss. Vol., V. P. Lovell. Clinton, Mo.
Home Miss., F. C. Clark. Officers:
Medical Miss., Dr. Paul Christ-
man. Pres., H. C. Hartwell.
Religious Liberty, C. G. BeBah. Sec. and Treas.,
Ministers: Executive Committee: H. C.
C. G. BeIlah, A. E. Johnson, Hartwell, B. D. Robison, U. S.
W. L. Nott, Bernard Voth, A. S. Willis, E. W. Beckley, Max Hill,
Bringle, E. G. Hayes, L. B. 11. M. Carter.
Schick, J. W. Allison. Legal Assn.: Missouri Confer-
Honorary: A. G. Steinert, W. E. ence Association of S. D. A.
Neff. Pres., H. C. Hartwell; Sec. and
Licentiates: Treas.,
F. G. Young, L. 0. Knowlton, Department Secretaries:
W. F. Surber, R. C. Baker, Tract Society,
Lovell, F. C. Clark. Field Miss., R. M. Carter.
Missionary Licentiates: Sabbath School, Educational,
Miss Maud I. Davis, Miss Edna and Miss. Vol., Max Hill.
Wallace, Miss Marie Riffell, Mrs. Home Miss.,
John Bland, C. E. Davis, Dr. Religious Liberty, H. C. Hart-
Paul Christman, Herbert Grif- well.
fith, L. C. Christofferson, Mrs. C. Ministers:
G. BeIlah, Mrs. Gertrude John-
son. H. C. Hartwell, B. D. Robison,
C. J. Metzger, U. S. Willis, M.
Church School Teachers: Stueckrath, 0. B. Hall.
Olga Almskog, Blanche Bowes,
George Loewen, Gussie Mc- Licentiates:
Comas, Faye Miller, Alma Shaf- E. G. Crosier, R. M. Carter, Al-
fer, Carolyn Thorp, Olivia Uhrig, bert Miller, Max Hill, R. J. Roy.
E. 0. Westermeyer, Mrs. E. 0. Missionary Licentiates:
Westermeyer, Inez Williams, Mrs. Ella Merrell, Mrs. D. B.
Mrs. F. W. Webka, Annah Christianson, Mrs. Edna Carter.
Vaughn, Mary Althof, W. B.
Miller, Gladys Wagoner, Mrs. Church School Teachers:
Stella Atkinson, Lucille Web- A. M. Ragsdale, Mrs. A. M.
ster, Annie Updike. Ragsdale, Miss Elsie Baker, Miss
Church Directory: Alta Wilson, Della Mohr, Miss
Hutchinson, Sixth and Bismark. Mabel Giddings, Miss Ruby Max-
Kansas City, 2200 North Fifth well, Mrs. Mary Wilbur-Nelson,
St. Miss Gladys Shafer, G. E.
Kansas City, colored, Everett Crawford, Miss Gladys Evilsisor,
and Freeman Ayes. Miss Fannie Healzer, Mrs. Carl
Oswego, College St. Becker, Mrs. Ethel Baptist, Ed-
Topeka, 821 West Fifth St. win Santee, Mrs. R. V. Kime,
Wichita, Dodge and Burton Sts. Miss Myrtle Williams, Miss
Gertrude McDaniel.
Church Directory:
Organized 1876; reorganized 1914. Kansas City, First, Linwood
Territory: The State of Missouri. Blvd. and Charlotte St.

Kansas City,. Second, Twenty- Licentiates:

third and Woodland Sts. F. A. Lorenz, R. H. Hartwell,
Springfield, North Main and D. T. Snideman, J. I. Beardsley,
Lynn Sts. W. S. James, A. F. Kirk.
St. Joseph, 1701 North Second Honorary . License Minister:
St. Charles McWilliams.
St. Louis, Central, 618 North
Newstead Ave. Missionary Licentiates:
St. Lours German, Minnesota. B. C. Marshall, Miss Josie Kiser,
and Potomac
' Sts. Miss Ethel Beeson, Miss Delia
St. Louis, Second, Cook St. and Wilson.
Sarah Ave.
Church School Teachers:
Rose Nelson, Mary' Brebner,
NEBRASKA CONFERENCE Mrs. Herbert Campbell, Mrs. R.
Organized 1878 D. Musselman, Mrs. Edith
James, Hazel Ringer, Ethel Long,
Territory: The State of Nebraska, Mrs. W. Turner, Mrs. G. W.
exclusive of the counties lying Bowers, Christine Erickson, Bea-
west of the west line of Cherry, trice Raddicks, Belle Woodman,
Grant, Arthur, and Keith Coun- Mrs. Ethel Anderson.
Church Directory:
Population: 1,211,599; churches,
49; members, 2,276. Beatrice, corner Ella and Tenth
OffiCe Address: 1115 West Charles Sts.
St., Grand Island, Nebr. College View, English, Eleventh
and K Sts.
Officers: College View, German, Union
Pres., S. G. Haughey. College.
Sec. and Treas., B. C. Marshall. Fairbury, Tenth and. G Sts.
Fremont, Fifth and I Sts.
Executive Committee: S. G.
Haughey, C. II. Miller, A. F. Grand Island, 409 East Eighth
Kirk, J. W. Rogers, Fred Son- St.
nonburg, B. C. Marshall, J. I. Hastings, 205 East High St.
Kearney, Twenty-third St., and
Legal Assn., " Nebraska Confer- Ave. B.
Lincoln, 1020 South Fifteenth
ence Association of the Seventh-
day -Adventists." McCook, 512 'West First St.
Department Secretaries: Nebraska City, between 14th
Tract Society, B. C. Marshall. and 15th on Central Ave.
Field Miss.. D. T. Snideman. North Platte, corner Willow and
Sabbath School and Home Miss., Tenth Sts.
F. A. Lorenz. Omaha, Memorial, 2660 St.
Miss. Vol. and Educational, W. Mary's Ave.
S. James. Omaha, Scandinavian, 2660 St.
Medical Miss., Mary's Ave.
Omaha, Third, 975 North Twen-
Ministers: ty-fifth St.
S. 0. Haughey, B. M. Garton, Red Cloud, Walnut St. and
C. H. Miller, A. J. Meiklejohn, Third Ave.
0. W. Tucker, J. K. Fischer, Seward, Eleventh and Main Sts.
J. H. Lawrence. Valentine, Valentine and Elmore
Honorary, M. Helligso. Sts,

WYOMING CONFERENCE J. R. Staton, H. B. Davis, V. J.

Organized 1907 Johns, E. T. Wilson.
Territory: The State of Wyoming; Licentiates:
the following-named counties in H. C. Klement, Roy Kinzer.
Nebraska: Sioux, Dawes, Sheri- Missionary Licentiate:
dan, Box Butte, Scotts Bluff, W. R. Babcock.
Morrill, Banner, Kimball, Chey- Church School Teachers:
enne, Garden, Deuel; and the Agnes Meyers, Hilda Holsten,
following-named counties i n Ellen Pearson, Carl -Mock, Lola
South Dakota: Butte, Meade, Malone.
Lawrence, Pennington, Custer,
Fall River, Washington, and INSTITUTIONS IN THE CEN,
Population: 335,526; churches, 28;
members, 871. Educational:
Postal Address: Drawer 218, Craw- Campion Academy, Loveland,
ford, Nebr. Colo.
Office Address: Cor. Second and Clinton Theological Seminary,
Annin Sts., Crawford, Nebr. Clinton, Mo.
Inter-Mountain Academy, R. F.
Officers: D., Grand Valley, Colo.
Pres., J. W. Turner. Enterprise Academy, Enterprise,
Sec. and Treas., W. R. Babcock. Kans.
Executive Committee, J. W. Shelton Academy, Shelton, Nebr.
Turner, W. R. Babcock, J. R. Union College, College View,
Staton, A. S. McCully, J. M. Nebr.
Barto, E. T. Wilson, V. J. Johns. Wyoming Conference Intermedi-
Legal Assn.: " Wyoming Con- ate School, Crawford, Nebr.
ference Association of the Sev- Publishing:
enth-day Adventists." Pres., J. Pacific Press Pub. Assn. Branch,
W. Turner Sec. and Treas., W. 1224 Euclid Ave., Kansas City,
R. Babcock.' Mo.
Department Secretaries: Christian Record Pub. Co., Col-
Tract Soc., W. R. Babcock. lege View, Nebr.
Field and Home Miss., J. R. Sanitariums:
Staton. Boulder - Colorado Sanitarium,
Sabbath School, Educational, Boulder, Colo.
and Miss. Vol., Roy Kinzer. Kansas Sanitarium and Hos-
Religious Liberty, pital, Wichita, Kans.
Ministers: Nebraska Sanitarium, Hastings,
J. W. Turner, J. H. Wheeler, Nebr.


Organized '907
Territory: The conferences of Office: 3621 Rutherford St., Har-
Ohio, East Pennsylvania, West risburg, Pa.
Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Dis- Officers:
trict of Columbia, Chesapeake, Pres., F. H. Robbins.
Virginia, and West Virginia. Sec. and Treas., E. J. Stipeck.
Population: 23,518,434; churches, Executive Committee: F. H.
239; members, 12,010. Robbins, the presidents of the

conferences composing the Union, Garrett, and Allegany, in Mary-

and E. J. Stipeck, J. P. Neff, land; and including the counties
Dr. H. W. Miller, H. F. Kirk, of Morgan, Berkeley, and Jef-
H. J. Detwiler, D. W. Reavis, ferson in West Virginia.
W. B. Walters, Dr. H. S. Brown, Population: 1,519,603; churches,
H. A. Morrison, C. E. Andross, 21; members, 1,342.
E. R. Numbers. Office: 1901 Rosedale St., Balti-
Legal Assn.: " Columbia Union more, Md.
Conference Association of Sev-
enth-day Adventists." Officers:
Auditor, E. J. Stipeck. Pi:es., J. W. McCord.
Sec. and Treas., N. C. Van Horn.
Department Secretaries: Executive Committee: J. W. Mc-
Union Field Miss., H, F. Kirk. Cord, F. D. Gauterau, L. 0.
Minister of Education, J. P. Neff. Drews, G. Medairy, M. C. Stra-
Miss. Vol., C. E. Andross. chhn, W. H. Jones.
Home Miss., E. R. Numbers. Legal Assn.: " Chesapeake Con-
Medical Miss., Dr. H. S. Brown. ference Assn. of S. D. A."
Religious Liberty, F. H. Rob- Department Secretaries:
Tract Society, N. C. Van Horn.
Ministers: Field Miss., H. A. Wright.
F. H. Robbins, R. T. Dowsett, Sabbath School, Educational,
Dr. H. W. Miller, E. R. Numbers, Miss. Vol., Miss Eloise Wil-
H. J. Detwiler, C. E. Andross, liams.
H. A. Morrison, C. L. Taylor, Home Miss.; G. H. Clark.
W. J. Stone, J. S. Washburn, Religious Liberty, J. W. McCord.
M. L. Andreasen, C. A. Holt. Ministers:
Honorary: H. W. Herrell, S. S.
Shrock, D. E. Lindsey, H. F. J. W. McCord, Louis Drews, F.
Graf, J. W. Watt, I. N. Wil- D. Gauterau, M. C. Strachan, G.
liams, H. E. Robinson, C. C. Mediary.
Webster. Licentiate:
Licentiates: G. H. Clark.
E. G. Salisbury, A. W. Werline, Missionary Licentiates:
D. W. Reavis, L. W. Graham, H. A. Wright, G. R. Apsley, W.
E. L. Richmond, W. B. Walters, H. Jones, E. Williams, J. Blen-
J. W. Mace, E. J. Stipeck, H. F. nerhassett, J. Cooper.
Kirk, H. S. Brown, T. H. Barritt, Church School Teachers:
J. N Nimble, J. P. Neff.
Louise B. Stuart, Ruth Wilcox,
Missionary Licentiates: Ruth Blackmon, Ella Nelson,
Dr. Lauretta E. Kress. Ethel VanNockay, Phoebe Man-
Honorary: Mrs. Elsie M. Evans, ry, Edward Hassenpflug.
Miss Ella Talmage, Nellie B.
Underwood, F. N. Johnson. Church Directory:
English, Rosedale St., off
German, Gorsuch and Kenne-
Organized 1890 dy Sts.
Territory: The States of Delaware Colored, Harlem Ave: and
and Maryland, except the Coun- Dolphin St.
ties of Montgomery, Prince Hagerstown, English, Cross St.
George's, Charles, St. Mary's, and McComas Ave.

Salisbury, 412 East Isabella St. L. Workman, Mrs. 0. D. Burgess,

Wilmington: Mrs. Kate Baker.
English, 1604 Howland St. Church School Teachers:
Colored, 1126 French St. Mrs. G. D. Burgess, Mrs. C. H.
Taylor, Miss Bernice Robinson,
Mrs. N. A. Rice, Miss B. E.
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Acton, Miss Mildred Martin,
CONFERENCE Lawrence Ballard, Mrs. Inez
Budd, Mrs. J. W. Curry, Mrs.
Organized 1909 R. R. Salienburg, L. A. Wildes,
Territory: The District of Colum- Miss Esther Hicks, Miss Frances
bia, the counties of Montgom- Dingey, Miss Florence Numbers,
ery, Prince George's, Charles, Mrs. Jennie Russell, Miss 'Mil-
and St. Mary's in Maryland; and dred Stuart.
the following counties in Vir- Church Directory:
ginia: Alexandria, Fairfax,.Lou- Arlington, Va., Seventh and
doun, Prince William, Fauquier, Montgomery Sts.
Stafford, Northumberland, King Laurel, Md.,
George, Westmoreland, Rich- Main St., near Fourth.
mond, and Lancaster. Takoma Park, Md.:
Population: 698,580; churches, 16; Sligo, Washington Missionary
members, 1,566. College.
Office: 411 Cedar St., Takoma Takoma Park, Carroll and
Park, D. C. Willow Ayes.
Washington, D. C.:
Officers: Memorial, 1210 Twelfth St.,
Pres., R. E. Harter. N. W.
Sec. and Treas., E. L. Workman. Capitol Hill, 7 Fourth St., N.
Executive Committee: R. E. E.
Harter, B. F. Bryan, T. E. Ephesus, 606 N St., N. W.
Bowen, L. A. Hansen, E. L. First Church, Eighth St., near
Workman, M. L. Andreason. H St., N. E.
Legal Assn.: " District of Colum- Colonial Beach, Va., Colonial
bia Conference Corporation of S. Beach Church.
D. A." Kilmarnock, Va., Kilmarnock
Department Secretaries: Church.
Tract Soc., E. L. Workman. Vienna Church, Vienna, Va.
Field Miss., Comus, Comus, Md.
Sabbath School, Mrs. Maude Alexandria, 806 Prince St.,
Harter. Alexandria, Va.
Educational and Miss. Vol., Ruth Alexandria, No. 2, 1012 Pendle
C. Wilcox. ton St., Alexandria, Va.
Home Miss., Capitol Heights Church, Capitol
Ministers: Heights, Md.
R. E. Harter, H. E. Robinson,
B. E. Connerly, Wm. Ostrander, FERENCE
U. D. Pickard, N. W. Philips, Organized in 1903, out of territor3
E. C. Atkinson, F. A. Harter, comprising t h e Pennsylvania
R. M. Spencer, 0. F. Gaylord. Conference, which was organ-
Missionary Licentiates: ized in 1879.
Miss Janet Morris, Mrs. Maude Territory: That portion of Penn-
Harter, Mrs. B. E. Connerly, E. sylvania lying east of the east

em line of Potter, Clinton, Cen- Church School Teachers:

ter, Mifflin, Huntingdon, and Lowell Fritz, Miss Anna G.
Fulton Counties. Gloor, Miss Mary Glenright,
Population: 5,026.740; churches, E. M. Andross, C. T. Jackson,
Miss Doris Griner, Mrs. Elsie M.
38; members, 1,814. Evans, Miss Nell Ketterman,
Office: 3256 Germantown Ave., Miss Mary Sanford, Miss Ruby
Philadelphia, Pa. C. Williams, Miss Etella M.
Officers: Grube, Miss Virginia Shull, Miss
Lorena G. Stone, E. F. Traub.
Pres., B. G. Wilkinson. Church Directory:
Sec. and Treas., W. E. Fortune Allentown, Oak and Poplar Sts.
Executive Committee: B. G. Wil- Harrisburg, Sible and Clark's
kinson, H. G. Gauker, J. E. Hall, Third and Cumberland
Shultz, Charles Baierle, E. J. Sts.
Wood, W. J. Venen, John Ott, Lancaster, 419 South Prince St.
W. E. Fortune. Northumberland, Second St. bet.
Legal Assn.: " The East Pennsyl King and Queen Sts.
vania Conference Assn, of S. D. Philadelphia:
A., Inc." Fifty-first and Locust Sts.
Department Secretaries: Cor. Germantown Ave. and
Westmoreland St.
Tract Soc., W. E. Fortune. Italian, 3256 Germantown Ave.
Field Miss., H. G. Lewis. German, 3256 Germantown
Sabbath School and Educational, Ave.
Miss Ernestine R. Hochschor Colored, 1520 Lombard St.
ner. Reading, Windsor and Hampden
Miss. Vol. and Home Miss., Miss Sts.
Louise C. Kleuser. Scranton, Leonard Bldg., Adams
Medical Miss., Ave.
Religious Liberty, B. G. Wilkin- Wilkesbarre, 25 Second St.,
son. We stmoor.
Ministers: Williamsport, Seventh and Court
B. G. Wilkinson, W. J. Venen Sts.
J. B. Mallory, Charles Baierle Danville, cor. Pine and Spruce
J. E. Shultz, H. K. Christman, G. Sts.
A. Stevens, C. S. Baum, II. A. Stroudsburg, Second St.
Vandeman, D. D. Ehrhardt, H. Lebanon, South Seventh St.,
G. Gauker. near Walnut.
Honorary: S. S. Shrock. Sayre, cor. Olive and Harrison
Licentiates: Carlisle, East Main St.
M. J. Longo, W. E. Fortune, H. Lansdale Music Hall, Broad St.
G. Lewis, A. D. Haynal. Emaus, 175 Green St.
Fleetwood, Locust St.
Missionary Licentiates: Honesdale, Odd Fellows Hall,
Mrs. Mary Lester, Miss Anna Main St
Detwiler, Miss Ernestine R. Phoenixville, Moose Hall, Main
Hochschorner, Mrs. L. M. Mar- St.
tin, Mrs. Lydia J. Hilton, Miss Sellersville, Moose Hall, Main
Louise C. Kleuser, Miss Maud E. St.
Belmont, Miss Lydia Helmer, Wellsboro, Armory Hall, Main
Miss Louise V. Wurts, Mrs. J. B. St.
Matthews, Miss Nell E. Mead. Media, State and Jackson Sts.

NEW JERSEY CONFERENCE mia Bryne, Miss Marguerite

Organized 1902 Folger, 0. J. Lawrence, Nicholas
Lessner, Mrs. Lois Ryder, Miss
Territory: The State of New Jer- Treva Smallwood, Miss Lora
sey. Tarbell, Miss Claribell Willett.
Population: 3,155,900; churches,
37; membership, 1,606. Church Directory:
Office: 200 Columbus Ave., Tren- Asbury Park, cor. Borden and
ton, N. J. Heck Ayes.
Bridgeton, East Commerce St
Officers: and Carroll Ave.
Pres., 0. 0. Bernstein. Burlington, Conover St., South
Sec. and Treas., C. H. Gerald. Camden, cor. Kenwood and Pem-
Executive Committee: 0. 0. broke Ayes.
Bernstein, A. N. Durrant, J. C. Camden Colored, 1030 Linden St.
Dickson, F. E. Gibson, Paul Ma- Elizabeth, 127 Jefferson Ave.
tula, S. G. Silvers, M. H. St. Franklin, Rutherford Ave.
Jcihn. Jersey City No. 1, Stegman Ave
Legal Assn.: " New Jersey Con- and Hudson Blvd.
ference Association of S. D. A." Jersey City No. 2, Congress St.
Department Secretaries: between Summit and Central
Tract Soc., C. H. Gerald. Jersey City German, Congress
Field Miss., F. E. Hankins. St. between Summit and Cen-
Sabbath School and Asst. Miss. tral Ayes.
Vol., Mrs. Myrtle F, Bern- Jersey City Colored, 621 Com-
stein. munipaw Ave.
Educational and Miss. Vol., V. Jersey City Swedish, People's
D. Hagmann. Palace, Bergen Ave. and For-
Religious Liberty, 0. 0. Bern- rest St.
stein. MontClair, Fullerton Hall, South
Home Miss., L. G. Nyman. Fullerton Ave.
Ministers: Newark English, Grove and
0. 0. Bernstein, A. N. Durrant, Grain Sts.
R. F. Farley, J. P. Gaede, F. E. Newark Slovak, 307 Ellis Ave.
Gibson, Paul Matula, W. A. Nel- Newark German, 307 Ellis Ave.
son, W. H. Schacht, M. H. St. Newark Colored, Third S. D. A.
John, J. H. Wierts, E. H. Swan- Church, 308-312 Bergen St.
son. Paterson English, German S. D.
Licentiates: A. Church, North Eighth and
Charles Cender, N. J. Grant, Temple Sts.
V. D. Hagmann, L. G. Nyman, Paterson German, German S. D.
C. P. Sorensen, S. R. Haynes, A. Church, North Eighth and
F. E. Hankins. Temple Sts.
Paulsboro, Main St., cor. Dela-
Missionary Licentiates: ware.
Mrs. Myrtle F. Bernstein, Anna Perth Amboy, Danish, 411 Ne-
Cately, Maud Gauntlett, C. H. ville St.
Gerald, Signe Jensen, Mary Na-
halka, G. D. Kirichenko, Fred Perth Amboy, Slovak, 411 Ne-
Zimmerly. ville St.
Plainfield, cor. Craig Place and
Church School Teachers: Duer St., in German Reformed
Miss Grace Bryan, Miss Euphe- Church.

Pleasantville, Lake Place, West Honorary: L. A. Spring, A. G.

of Main St. Haughey.
Ramah, S. D. A. School Build-
ing, Ramah. Licentiates:
Swedesboro, cor. Broad St. and Geo. Johnson, D. S. Teters, M.
Helms Ave. D., N. Oncia, Guy Corder, E. R.
Trenton, 200 Columbus Ave. Corder, Lewis Lenheim, Ralph
Vineland, Floral Hall, Elmer St., Crawford, Victor Joseph, D. S.
in block east of East Blvd. Effs, Iliga Belich, 0. S. Hersh-
Washington, 24 West Warren berger.
St. Missionary Licentiates:
Woodbury, Mechanic's Bldg., cor.
Broad and Aberdeen Sts. Cora B. Gibson, M. Hortense
Howell, D. W. Percy, Elizabeth
Morris, Earline Trapp, Myrtle
OHIO CONFERENCE Chamberlin, A. E. King, Mrs.
A. E. King, Mary Brown.
Organized 1863
Church School Teachers:
Territory: The State of Ohio.
Population: 5,759,394; churches, Miss Mae Stebbins, Mrs. Audrey
65; members, 3,307. Knapp, Miss Helen Guthrie, Miss
Pearl Taylor, Miss Lottie Gib-
Postal Address: Box 8, Mt. Ver- son, 'Miss Myrtle Schoonard,
non, Ohio. Miss Rhoda Draper, Miss Doris
Officers: Hixon, Miss Estella Simpson, A.
Pres., N. S. Ashton. F. Kaelin, Mrs. A. F. Kaelin,
Sec. and Treas., Miss Ethel Peet, W. A. Ham-
Executive Committee: N. S. Ash- mond, Miss Martha Hottes, Miss
ton, C. F. Ulrich, R. S. Lindsey, Lynette Howe, Miss Ruth Lang,
J. J. Marietta, D. S. Teters, I. J. Miss Thelma Tracy, Miss Nora.
Gault, J. E. Cox, R. H. Patter- Krum, Mrs. M. E. Walker, Miss
son, W. F. Schwartz. Church Directory:
Legal Assn.: " The Ohio Confer- Elva Snider, Mrs. Tilford Daily.
ence Assn. of the S. D. A. Akron,- 825 East Buchtel Ave.
Church." Pres., N. S. Ashton; Alliance, 849 South Arch St.
Sec., C. F. Ulrich. Ashtabula, 5 Perry St.
Department Secretaries: BellefOntaine, 1361 South Main
Tract Society, Bowling Green, West Evers- Ave.
Field Miss., E. M. Fishell. Bucyrus, West Rensselaer St.
Sabbath School and Educational, Canton, Forester Hall, Cassill
0. S. Hershberger. Block, East Tuscarawas St.
Miss. Vol., Mrs. A. E. King.
Home Miss., E. R. Corder. Hall G, Odd Fellows Temple,
Religious Liberty, N. S. Ashton. cor. Seventh and Elm Sts.
Ministers: Colored, West Eighth, near
N. S. Ashton, H. J. Detwiler, J. Mound St.
E. Cox, F. M. Fairchild, L. 0. Cleveland:
Gordon, F. H. Henderson, R. S. English, 5700 Hough Ave., near
Lindsey, J. J. Marietta, J. W. East Fifty-fifth St.
Shultz, C. F. Ulrich, Geo. Polin- West Side, English, 3161 West
kas, W. F. Schwartz, G. F. Fourteenth St.
Theiss, E. C. Townsend, G. L. German, 3161-West Fourteenth
West, R. L. Bradford. St.

Columbus, Ohio Ave. and Fair Legal Assn.: " Virginia Confer-
St. ence Agency of S. D. A., Incorp."
Columbus, Colored, Cleveland
Ave., and Spring St. Department Secretaries:
Dayton, cor. Superior and Fer- Tract Soc., C. H. Kelly.
guson Ayes. Field Miss., J. W. Siler.
East Liverpool, Third floor Old Sabbath School and Miss. Vol.,
Opera House Bldg., Sixth St. Mrs. T. B. Westbrook.
Findlay, Prospect Ave. Educational and Home Miss., E.
Hamilton, North Second St., K. A. Manry.
of P., Hall. Religious Liberty,
Lima, 708 East North St. Ministers:
Mansfield, 46 West Fourth St.
T. B. Westbrook, R. D. Hottel,
Marion, 288 South State St.
W. E. Bidwell, E. A. Manry, W.
Mt. Vernon, Academia, Academy
H. Sebastian, A. J. Evelyn, W.
L. Adkins.
Newark, 20 North Sixth St.
Piqua, 824 North Broadway. Licentiates:
Ravenna, Ohio Ave., near South J. W. Siler, J. Z. Hottel.
Prospect St.
Missionary Licentiates:
Springfield, 515 East Catherine
St. C. H. Kelly, Miss Anna C. Rice,
Colored, 624 South Center St. Mrs. T. B. Westbrook.
Toledo, Orchard St., near Broad- Church School Teachers:
way. Mrs. R. Haughey, Miss Amelia
Youngstown, Bushnell Hall, 127 Lawrence, Miss Blanch Rails, E.
West Federal St. J. Walden, W. H. Sebastian, R.
Zanesville, Larzelere and Indi- H. McManns, Elsie Pollard,
ana Sts. Sarah Youn Spraggs, Miss Pansy
Miles, Lucy Marable.
Church Directory:
Organized 1883 White Churches:
Lynchburg, Park Ave., opposite
Territory: The State of Virginia Miller Park.
except the counties of ,Fauquier, Newport News, No. 1, 221 Forty-
Loudoun, Prince William, Fair-
fifth St.
fax, Stafford, Alexandria, King Petersburg, K. of P. Hall No.
George, Westmoreland, North-
124 N. Sycamore St.
umberland, Richmond, and Lan- Portsmouth, No. 1, 1610 County
caster, which belong to the Dis-
trict of Columbia Conference.
Norfolk No. 1, Thirty-third St.
Population: 2,160,263; . churches, and Colley Ave.
21; members, 698. Richmond, No. 1, 9 North Mor-
Office: 604 Front St., Highland ris St.
Park, Richmond, Va. Winchester, 10 West Cork St.
Officers: Colored Church:
Pres., T. B. Westbrook. Richmond No. 2, 912 North Sixth
Sec. and Treas., C. H. Kelly. St.
Executive Committee: T. B. Newport News, No. 2, 1240
Westbrook, G. V. Wood, J. Z. Thirtieth St.
Hottel, E. A. Manry, C. H. Kelly, Norfolk, No. 2, 1289 Calvert St.
W. A. Toler, J. J. Womack. Danville, 757 Doe St.

WEST PENNSYLVANIA CON- Corry, 1222 White St.

FERENCE Coudersport, West Chestnut St.
Clearfield, Merrill St.
Organized 1903 Dubois, Whitehead Hall.
Territory: All of Pennsylvania ly- Erie, 245 East Tenth St.
ing west of the easterly line of Huntingdon, Twelfth St.,be-
Potter, Clinton, Center, Mifflin, tween, Moore and arm
Huntingdon, and Fulton Coun- Springs Ave.
ties. Johnstown, 213 Hickory St.
Population: 3,693,277; churches, Meadville, 943% Water St.
27; members, 1,289. Mt. Jewett, Anderson and Main
Office: 142 South Negley Ave., New Castle, McGown's Hall.
Pittsburgh, Pa. North Warren, Main St.
Officers: Pittsburgh:
Pres., W. M. Robbins. English, 167 Fortieth St.
Sec. and Treas., W. B. Mohr. Colored, 6713 Frankstown Ave.
Executive Committee: W. M. German, 167 Fortieth St.
Robbins, M. A. Altman, D. A. Sharon, Lslie Hall, Walnut St.
Rees, F. C. Phipps, Dr. H. W. Washington, Brookside Ave.
Kelley, W. B. Mohr.
Legal Assn.: " West Pennsyl-
vania Conference Assn. of S. D.
Department Secretaries: WEST VIRGINIA CONFER-
Tract Soc., W. B. Mohr.
Field Miss., Organized 1887
Sabbath School and Miss. Vol., Territory: The State of West Vir-
Miss Florence Kimmel. ginia, except the counties of
Educational, M. A. Altman. Morgan, Berkeley, and Jeffer-
Home Miss., C. E. Richenbaugh. son, and including the counties
Religious Liberty, W. M. Rob- of Garrett and Allegany in
bins. Maryland.
Ministers: Population: 1,504,677; churches,
W. M. Robbins, F. C. Phipps, A. 14; members, 388.
0. Lund, D. A. Rees, C. W. Web-
er, M. A. Altman. Office: 1455 Seventh St., Parkers-
Licentiates: burg, W. Va.
C. E. Reichenbaugh, G. S. Rapp. Officers:
Missionary Licentiates: Pres., C. V. Leach.
Sophie Gooss, Mrs. A. Prewitt, Sec. and Treas., C. M. Paden.
Florence Kimmel', W. B. Mohr, Executive Committee: C. V.
C. H. Carter. Leach, J. E. Meredith, J. H. Mc-
Henry, I. I. Mansell.
Church School Teachers:
Department Secretaries:
Miss Lillian Stuart, Miss Helen
E. Beatty. Tract Soc., C. M. Paden.
Field Miss., J. A. Bee.
Church Directory: Sabbath School and Miss. Vol.,
Altoona, Union St. C. V. Leach.
Bradford, Jerome Ave., car. Educational and Home Miss,, C.
dockland, V, Leach,

Ministers: Clarksburg, W. Va., Masonic

C. V. Leach, T. W. Thirlwell, W. Building.
A. Rails, M. S. Banfield. Morgantown, W. Va., Episcopal
Licentiate: Church on Spruce St.
Missionary Licentiates: BIA UNION CONFERENCE
C. M. Paden, 0. W. Lawrence, Educational:
Miss Jessie Welsh, John A. Bee, Fireside Correspondence School,
Miss Flora E. Briggs. Takoma Park, D. C.
Church School Teachers: Mt. Vernon Academy, Mt. Ver-
R. E. Kruft, Mrs. R. E. Kruft, non, Ohio.
Marie Cain, Ruth Miller, Mrs. Shenandoah Valley Academy,
Jas. E. Lippart. New Market, Va.
Church Directory: Washington Missionary College,
Charleston, W. Va., 1534 Wash- Takoma Park, D. C.
ington St. Publishing:
Charleston, W. Va., Colored, Cor- Review and Herald Pub. Assn.,
ner Bream St. and Second Ave. Takoma Park, D. C.
Cumberland, Md., Oak and Washington Branch, Review and
Boone Sts. Herald Pub. Assn., Takoma
Huntington, W. Va., 26th St. Park, D. C.
and Fourth Ave. Sanitariums:
Parkersburg, W. Va., Mark and Washington Sanitarium, Tako-
Andrew Sts.' ma Park, D. C.


Organized Igor
Territory: The Conferences of Department Secretaries:
Maritime, Ontario, Quebec, and Field Miss.,
the Newfoundland Mission. Educational and Miss. Vol., K.
Population: 5,707,435; churches, L. Gant.
55; members, 1,590. Home Miss., J. L. Wilson.
Office Address: Box 337, Oshawa, Ministers:
Ontario. C. F. McVagh, J. L. Wilson, J.
Officers: Licentiates:
Pres., C. F. McVagh. S. Donaldson, K. L. Gant.
Sec. and Treas., Miss Amy Missionary Licentiate:
Frank. H. H. Rans.
Executive Committee: C. F.
McVagh, J. L. Wilson, D. J. C.
Barrett, K. L. Gant, H. H. Rans, MARITIME CONFERENCE
S. Donaldson, F. W. Stray, L. F.
Passebois. Organized 1902.
Legal Assn.: " Eastern Canadi- Territory: The Provinces of New
an Union Conference Corpora- Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and
tion of S. D. A." Prince Edward Island.

Population: 937,,955; churches, Department Secretaries:

16; members, 406. Tract Soc., G. L. Sather.
Office: Memramcook, New Bruns- Field. Miss., F. E. Thumwood.
wick. Sabbath School, N. C. Nelsen.
Officers: Home Miss., N. C. Nelsen.
Miss. Volunteer, N. C. Nelsen.
Pres., F. W. Stray. Educational Sec., D. J. C. Bar-
Sec. and Treas., F. E. Vansickle. rett.
Executive Committee: F. W.
Stray, E. M. Chapman, I. A. Ministers:
Armstrong, R. H. Cooke, W. C. D. J. C. Barrett, J. Capman.
Young, E. D. Lamont, F. E. Van- Honorary Ministerial Creden-
sickle. tials: J. T. Errington.
Department Secretaries: Licentiates:
E. A. Jones, M. V. Campbell.
Tract Society, F. E. Vansickle.
Field Miss., J. H. Crooks. Missionary Licentiates:
Sabbath School, Miss Lulu Van F. E. Thumwood, N. C. Nelsen,
Buskirk. G. L. Sather, Jeannette H. Don-
Educational, I. A. Armstrong. aldson.
Miss. Vol., Mrs. E. M. Chapman. Church School Teachers:
Home Miss., F. W. Stray. Miss Nina Hunt, Miss Murdena
Ministers: McConnell.
F. W. Stray, E. M. Chapman, W. Church Directory:
C. Young. Brantford, Alfred and Darling
Licentiates: Sts.
Chatham, McKeough St.
I. A. Armstrong, E. D. Lamont. Galt, Rose and Cambridge Sts.
Missionary Licentiates: Hamilton, Royal Templars' Bldg.,
Mrs. E. M. Chapman, F. E. Van- cor. Main and Walnut Sts.
sickle, J. H. Crooks, W. P. London, Rectory and York Sts.
Young, Miss Lulu Van Buskirk. St. Thomas, Mary and Curtis
Toronto, Awde and Dufferin Sts.
ONTARIO CONFERENCE Windsor, 1065 Howard Ave.
Organized 1899
Territory: The Province of On-
tario lying between the 77th and QUEBEC CONFERENCE
89th parallels, except the twelve Orga i7e.1 1880
counties bordering on the Que- Territory: The Province of Que-
bec Province. bec, with the exception of the
Population of Ontario: 2,523,274; Gaspe Peninsula, and the follow-
churches, 23; members, 767. ing twelve counties of Ontario:
Office: 3 Awde St., Toronto, On- Renfrew, Lenox and Addington,
tario. Frontenac, Lenark, Leeds, Carle-
Officers: ton, Grenville, Dundas, Russell,
Pres., D. J. C. Barrett. Stormont, Prescott, Glengary.
Sec. and Treas., Miss Jeannette Population of Quebec: 2,003,232;
H. Donaldson. churches, 12; members, 313.
Executive Committee: D. J. C. Office Address: 280 Villeneuve St.,
Barrett, J. Capman, F. E. Thum- West, Montreal, Quebec.
wood, H. H. Rans, S. Donaldson, Officers:
F. G. Hill, N. Wagar. Pres., F. G. Lane.
4O EASTERN CAN-At:tail Moist coNVEtztX0E

Sec. and Treas., Mrs. F. G. Lane. NEWFOUNDLAND MISSION

Executive Committee: F. G. Territory: The Island of New-
Lane, A. McPherson, W. H. foundland, and Labrador.
Hooper, H. M. S. Richards, W.
B. Lindsay, Mertin Davies, E. Population: 242,974; churches,
W. Thurber, C. S. Joyce, H. M. 4; members, 104.
Paquette. Office Address: Box 217, St. Johfi's,
Legal Title: " The Seventh-day Newfoundland.
Adventist Conference of Que- Officers:
bec." Supt., B. E. Manuel.
Department Secretaries: Sec. and Treas., Miss Amy
Frank, Oshawa, Ontario.
Tract Society, Mrs. F. G. Lane. Asst. Treas., Mrs. L. H. Davies,
Field Miss. Box 217, St. John's, New-
Home Miss., F. G. Lane. foundland.
Sabbath School, Mrs. F. G. Lane. Mission Committee: B. E. Man-
Miss. Vol. and Educational, K. uel; G. H. Morgan, G. Fifield, A.
L. Gant. J. Wood.
Ministers: Department Secretaries:
F. G. Lane, H. M. S. Richards, Sabbath School, Mrs. L. H.
E. W. Thurber. Davies.
Licentiate: Home Miss., B. E. Manuel.
W. B. Lindsay. Educational, B. E. Manuel.
Miss. Vol., L. H. Davies.
Missionary Licentiates: Minister:
Miss Mabel MacDougall, Emma B. E. Manuel.
Landry, Mrs. F. G. Lane.
Church School Teachers:
Church School Teachers: L. H. Davies, Carrie Hubley.
Miss Edna Levy, Miss Annie Pit-
Church Directory: ERN CANADIAN UNION
Kingston, Ontario, Collingwood CONFERENCE
and Union Sts. Educational:
Montreal, Quebec, 280 Ville- Oshawa Missionary College, Box
neuve West. 308, Oshawa, Ontario.
Ottawa, Ontario, 65 Fifth Ave. Maritime Academy, Meinram-
Waterville, Quebec, Westmount cook, New Brunswick.
St. Publishing:
South Stukley, South Stukley, Canadian Watchman Press, Box
Quebec. 398, Oshawa, Ontario.


Organized Igor
Territory: The Conferences of Chi- Population: 15,716,149; churches,
cago, East Michigan, Indiana, 359; members, 14,821.
Illinois, North Michigan, North Office Address: Drawer C, Berrien
Springs, Mich.
Wisconsin, South Wisconsin, and Officers:
West Michigan. Pres., Wm. Guthrie.

Sec., Treas., and Auditor, W. E. Executive Committee: J. W.

Abernathy. Christian, W. A. Woodruff, 0. F.
Executive Committee: Wm. Schwedrat, E. F. Ferris, R. C.
Guthrie, the presidents of the Spohr, G. E. Peters.
conferences comprising the Lake Legal Assn.: " Chicago Confer-
Union Conference, and Frederick ence. Association of S. D. A."
Griggs, G. R. Fattic, S. B. Hor- Pres., J. W. Christian.
ton, H. 0. Olson, J. D. Snider, Sec., J. R. Watts.
W. E. Abernathy, E. E. Frank- Board of Trustees: J. W.
lin, T. S. Copeland, W. A. But- Christian, W. A. Woodruff, R. C.
ler. Spohr, 0. F. Schwedrat, J. R.
Legal Assn.: "Lake Union Con- Watts.
ference Assn. of S. D. A." Department Secretaries:
Department Secretaries: Chicago Book and Bible House,
Field Miss., E. E. Franklin. W. A. Woodruff; Asst., J. R.
Educational, G. R. Fattic. Watts.
Training School, Frederick Field Miss., Emanuel Remsen.
Griggs. Sabbath School, Rosa N. Kozel.
Miss. Vol., T. S. Copeland. Home Miss., S. T. Shadel.
Home Miss., W. A. Butler. Educational and Miss. Vol., Miss
Religious Liberty, S. B. Horton. Grace Evans.
Ministers: Ministers:
Win. Guthrie, H. 0. Olson, Fred- J. W. Christian, Stemple White,
erick Griggs, W. R. French, G. R. J. W. McComas, J. M. Erickson,
Fattic, S. B. Horton, C. M. Sor- G. E. Peters, L. A. Hoopes, 0. F.
enson, H. E. Edwards, C. A. Bur- Schwedrat, S. T. Shadel, E. P.
man, W. H. Wakeham, J. H. Ferris, J. A. Dominski, G. Vi-
Haughey, J. W. Davis, W. A. trano, R. U. Garrett.
Butler, T. S. Copeland.
Honorary Ministerial Gredential:
J. 0. Ferris.
J. D. Snider, E. E. Franklin.
Missionary Licentiates:
W. E. Abernathy, Frank Hiner. Effianuel Remsen, J. W. Kasa,
Fenton Hibben, Paul Campbell,
N. Oancea, Dr. J. F. Morse, H. E.
Neufeld, E. C. Rowell, Emil Lef-
Organized 1919.
Missionary Licentiates:
Territory: The following-named
counties in the State of Illinois: C. E. Rice, Mrs. P. T. Hjelle,
Cook, DuPage, Will, Lake, Mc- Grace Evans, Rosa N. Kozel,
Henry, Kane, Kendall, Grundy, Helen Payne, Florence Lawrence,
Kankakee; and Lake County, J. R. Watts, W. A. Woodruff,
Ind. Effie Svenson, Louise Liebau,
Mrs. Hazel Thompson, Amelia
Population: 3,628,547; churches, Robersen, Mrs. V. Rizzo, Sophie
22; members, 2,086. Busenberg, Samuel Kaplan, An-
Office: 619 South Ashland Boule- drew Koliadko, Stephen Bero,
vard, Chicago, Ill. Minnie B. Sell, J. 0. Fenner, Mrs.
Officers: M. L. McKinney, Mrs. Mable Mc-
Pres., J. W. Christian. Ginnis, Mrs. C. L. Clough, Mrs.
Sec. and Treas., W. A. Woodruff. Winnifred P. Rowell.

Honorary Missionary Licentiates: EAST MICHIGAN CONFERENCE

Mrs. W. S. Jenkins, P. T. Hjelle,
Mrs. Anna Claus. Organized in 1902, from territory
formerly comprising the Michi-
Church School Teachers: gan Conference.
Marguerite Porter, Marie Vixie, Territory: The southeastern por-
Ragna Suserud, Mrs. C. Derrick, tion of Michigan, including the
E11a Foreman, Alice Bodin, Jean following counties: Hillsdale,
B. Henry, Ruth Branson, Mae St. Clair, Lenawee, Monroe,
Broderson, Blanche Shoup, A. L. ' Wayne, Washtenaw, Jackson,
Perkins, Rhoda Anderson. Ingham, Livingston, Oakland,
Church Directory: Macomb, Clinton, Lapeer, Ge-
nessee, Shiawassee, Saginaw,
Aurora, Plum and Iowa Sts. Tuscola, Sanilae, Huron, Bay.
Broadview, Theological Semi-
nary, La Grange. Population: 2,175,647; churches,
Brookfield, Pacific Press Chapel. 53; members, 2,243.
Chicago: Office: Holly, Mich.
Czecho-Slovakian, 2629 South Officers:
Sawyer Ave. Pres., W. H. Holden.
Danish-Norwegian, 2914 West Sec. and Treas., R. M. Harrison.
North Ave. Executive Committee: W. H.
German North Side, 2318 Ros- Holden, R. M. Harrison, W. B.
coe St. White, F. A. Webber, C. L.
German South Side, Sixty- Butcher, P. C. Hanson, J. C.
second and Lincoln Sts. Stevens.
Hungarian, 9228 Drexel Ave. Legal Assn.: " East Michigan
Italian, 1213 Gilpin Place. Conference Assn. of the S. D. A."
Polish, 1244 Erie St. Department Secretaries:
Rumanian, 3731 Guthrie St.,
Indiana Harbor, Ind. Tract Soc., R. M. Harrison.
Russian, 2914 West North Ave. Field Miss., Walter Pergande.
Swedish, 5414 Rice St. Miss. Vol. and Home Miss., C. M.
Prairie Ave. (colored), 4338 Bunker.
Prairie Ave. Educational and Sabbath School,
South Side, Sixtieth Place and Rose E. Herr.
Princdton Ave. Ministers:
North Shore, 656 Barry Ave. W. H. Holden, J. C. Stevens, G.
West Central, Tabernacle, P. Gaede, E. L. Peterson, J. M.
3855 W. Madison St. Campbell, 0. L. Denslow, S. N.
Chicago Heights Church, Chi- Rittenhouse, H. L. Peden, P. C.
cago Heights, Ill. Hanson, W. B. White, F. L.
Harvey, 125 153d St., Harvey, Abbott.
Ill. Honorary: E. I. Beebe, H. A.
Boylan, R. C. Gardner, W. D.
Hammond, 608 Truman Ave., Parkhurst, N. H. Pool.
Hammond, Ind.
Hinsdale, Sanitarium Chapel, Licentiates:
Hinsdale, Ill. W. H. Bergherm, C. M. Bunker.
Joilet, Richmond and Prairie Missionary Licentiates:
Ayes., Joilet, Ill. Mrs. Agnes E. Webber, W. C.
Kankakee, Oak and Dearborn, Hannah, Mrs. G. P. Gaede, Wil-
Kankakee. helmine Mueller, Rose E. Herr,
La Grange; La Grange, Ill. ' Mrs. Anna Graham, Ena Alger,

R. M. Harrison, I. M. Burke, Executive Committee: W. A.

Vinnie Goodner, Lula Hunt, Mil- Westworth, J. I. Taylor, R. J.
licent Jordan, Mrs. J. C. Stev- Watson, H. E. Moon, B. L. Post,
ens, H. A. Mickle, C. B. Burgess. 0. J. Forman, F. E. Endriss.
Honorary: Marie P. Harriman, Legal Assn.: " The Illinois Con-
Mina Pierce, Carrie I. Irwin. ference Assn. of S. D. A."
Church School Teachers: Department Secretaries:
Essie Burgess, Dot McCormick, Tract Soc., H. E. Moon.
Alfretta Sherman, Doratha Case, Field Miss., J. I. Butcher.
Wm. Wilkinson, Hazel Elwood, Miss. Vol., J. D. Reavis.
Leta Spencer, Hobart Crandell, Sabbath School, Evelyn Calkins.
Charles Branch, Mildred Won- Educational, Evelyn Calkins.
ders, Vilette Hall, Aileen Hib- Home Miss., J. D. Reavis.
blen, A. E. Mobley, Waldemar Religious Liberty, W. A. West-
Doering, Ethel Taylor. worth.
Church Directory: Ministers:
Ann Arbor, Prospect and Church W. A. Westworth, J. I. Taylor,
Sts. B. L. Post, G. E. Leffler, G. R.
Bay City, 304 South Dean St. Hawkins, J. M. Wilbur, J. D.
Detroit, German, 3901 Moran Reavis, C. C. Ellis.
Ave. Honorary: C. H. Bliss.
Detroit, - Grand River, Grand Licentiates:
River and Calumet. H. 0. Butler, R. A. Benjamin,
Detroit, Colored, Hartford Ave. Mrs. E. Flo Hawkins, E. F.
and Cobb St. Slater.
Flint, 907 Stockton St.
Holly, Adelphian Academy. Missionary Licentiates:
Jackson, Summit Ave. and Ten Miss Evelyn Calkins, H. E.
Eyck St. Moon, Mary B. Craig, Mrs. Kate
Lansing, 614 West Washtenaw Williams, Celia McAlister, Miss
St. Anna Hibben, Miss Jean Phil-
Pontiac, Hill St. lips, Miss Roxie Brown, J. I.
Saginaw, 1200 North Michigan Butcher.
Ave. Church School Teachers:
Mona Boles, Linnea, Edholm,
Leonard Lee, Gladys Scott, Eliz-
ILLINOIS CONFERENCE abeth Brown, Annabelle Seibert,
Organized 1918 Theodore Greer, Alma Hen-
Territory: The State of Illinois, drickson, Mabel Hicks, Mildred
except the following-named nine Avery, Laura Belle Drury, Cora
counties in the northeastern part B. Hicks, Mrs. F. G. Pontious,
of the State: Cook, Lake, Mc- Forrest Schoonard, Anna Lager,
Henry, Kane, DuPage, Kendall, Ava Kirkpatrick, Genevieve
Grundy, Kankakee, and Will. Nickell, Louise Ambs, Ruby
Population: 3,016,690; churches, Rateliff, Chester Cunnington.
39; members, 1,443. Church Directory:
Office: 304 West Allen St., Spring- Bloomington, Knights of Pythias
field, Ill. Hall.
Officers: Danville, Main and First Sts.
Pres., W. A. Westworth. Decatur, College' and Packard
Sec. and Treas., H. E. Moon. Sts.

Du Quoin, 527 South Jefferson Missionary Licentiates:

St. 0. G. Albert, Mrs. M. J. Allen,
Galesburg, 247 Blaine Ave. . Mrs. Mildred Bryan, L. W.
Moline, 1315 Fourteenth St. Foote, Mrs. Ida V. Hadley, Miss
Peoria, Fayette and Monroe Sts. Mary Kent, Amanda Perkins,
Rockford, 604 West State St. Eva Pitcher, Miss Edith Shep-
Springfield, 300 West Allen St. ard, Miss Alma Tibbs, Miss
Streator, 113 South First St. Helen Woods, Mrs. Hugh Wil-
Urbana, 1007 West Stoughton liams.
Church School Teachers:
Miss Inez Bird, R. E. Crabtree,
INDIANA CONFERENCE Miss Faye Ellis, Amanda Kirk-
Organized 1872 patrick, Verne Payne, C. Lam-
Territory: The State of Indiana, mey, Mildred Sigler, Thos. Stott-
excepting the seven counties in lemyer, Mrs. Thos. Stottlemyer,
the northern tier. Glenn Hamp, Mrs. Glenn Hamp,
Population: 2,512,677; churches, Miss Donna Priddy, Florence
56; members, 2,097. Bush, Lorraine Fankhouser, Mrs.
Birt Hughes, Roy Mote, Mrs.
Office: Cicero, Ind. Roy Mote, Roscoe Moore, Theo-
Officers: dore Gipson, G. F. Brown, Mrs.
Pres., C. S. Wiest. G. F. Brown, Mrs. Irene Ander-
Sec. and Treas., 0. G. Albert. son, Theo. Lucas, Miss Malinda
Executive Committee: C. S. Rodenburg, Ruby Downing.
Wiest, H. A. Lukens, J. H.
Talge, D. S. Hammond, W. R.
Simmons, 0. G. Albert, F. A. NORTH MICHIGAN CON-
Detamore. FERENCE
Legal Assn.: " The Indiana Assn. Organized 1902
of S. D. A." Territory: That portion of the
" The Indiana Medical Miss. and lower peninsula of Michigan
Benevolent Assn." Pres., Wm. north of a line formed by the
Guthrie; Sec. and Treas., Dr. southerly boundaries of t h e
W. R. Simmons. counties of Muskegon, making a
Department Secretaries: straight line across to the south-
Tract Soc., L. W. Foote. ern boundaries of the counties
Field Miss., W. B. Maris. of Montcalm, Gratiot, Midland,
Sabbath School and Educational, and Arenac.
Miss Edith Shepard.
Miss. Vol. Population: 509,400; churches, 44;
Home Miss., S. W. Porter. members, 1,338.
Religious Liberty, C. S. Wiest. Office: Reed City, Mich.
Ministers: Officers:
C. S. Wiest, H. A. Lukens, W. Pres., F. A. Wright.
A. Young, W. J. Blake, Hugh Sec. and Treas., A. P. Petersen.
Williams, Sydney Scott, F. A. Executive Committee: F. A.
Detamore, M. J. Allen. Wright, W. S. Cole, A. V. Morri-
Honorary: 0. S. Hadley. son, T. M. Summerville, F. S.
Licentiates: Legal Assn.: " North Michigan
C. W. Marsh, W. B. Maris, Frank. Conference Association of S. D.
Caton, S. W. Porter. A."

Department Secretaries: Office: 620 Tenth Ave., West,

Tract Soc., A. P. Petersen. Ashland, Wis.; address, Box
Home Miss. and Field Miss., D. 482.
W. Percy. Officers:
Educational and Sabbath School,
Inis Morey. Pres., J. J. Irwin.
Miss. Vol., F. A. Wright. Sec. and Treas., V. R. Neall.
Religious Liberty, Executive Committee: J. J.
Irwin, H. M. Forshee, E. A.
Ministers: Piper, A. W. Nelson, V. R.
F. A. Wright, A. V. Morrison, T. Neall.
M. Summerville, 0. M. Kittle, G. Legal Assn.: " North Wiscon-
H. Simpson. son Conference Assn. of S.
Honorary: J. C. Harris, F. J. D. A."
Harris, Chancy Wood, N. M.
Jorgensen. Department Secretaries:
Licentiates: Tract Soc., V. R. Neall.
A. P. Petersen, L. M. Petersen, Field Miss., H. G. Jensen.
F. W. James, Carl Pruitt, C. M. Sabbath School, Educational,
Gruesbeek, H. P. Evens. and Miss. Vol., Leonard Light.
Home Miss., P. G. Herwick.
Missionary Licentiates: Religious Liberty, J. J. Irwin.
Mrs. Bertha Jorgensen, Inis
Morey. Ministers:
Honorary: Mrs. M. M. Faulkner. J. J. Irwin, E. A. Piper, C. A.
Eckerman, A. L. Beazley.
Church School Teachers: Honorary: F. Stebbeds, R. -J.
Miss Luella Wells, Miss Kather- Bellows, P. M. Hanson.
ine Shepard, Miss Savilla Bir-
mingham, Miss Maud Bisbee, Licentiates:
Miss Arville Ebert, Miss Iva P. G. Herwick, H. M. Forshee,
Drumb, Miss Florence Harris. J. 0. Marsh.
Missionary Licentiates:
Miss Sue Jones, V. R. Neall, H.
NORTH WISCONSIN CON- G. Jensen, Leonard Light.
Church School Teachers:
Organized 1916
Miss Jewell, Hanson, Miss Clem-
Territory: The northern portion ence Volk, Miss Florence Orth,
of Wisconsin, including the fol- Miss Alice Wery, Miss Gladys
lowing counties: Pepin, Pierce, Ranney, Mrs. Bert Samples,
Dunn, Rusk, Taylor, Lincoln, Miss Ella Hummel, Miss Helen
Langlade, the nine northern West, Miss Amanda Hummel,
townships of Oconto County, Miss Grace Peak, Miss Marian
and the counties of Marinette, Obert, Miss Helen W. Odell.
Florence,Forest, Oneida, Vilas,
Price, ron, Ashland, Sawyer,- Church Directory:
Bayfield, Douglas, Washburn, Ashland, Wis., 620 Tenth Ave.,
Burnette, Polk, St. Croix, Bar- West.
ron, Chippewa; also the Upper Chippewa Falls, Wis., Wood-
Peninsula of Michigan. ward Ave. and Wisconsin St.
Population: 812,508; churches, 40; Menominee, Mich, 1718 Broad-
members, 1,105. way.

Merrill, Wis., cor. Eighth and Honorary Ministerial Creden-

Spruce Sts. tials: A. W. Coon, A. F. French,
Superior, Wis., cor. Eleventh St. E. A. Bristol.
and Ouming Ave. Licentiates:
G. A. Piper, A. D. Bohn, B. H.
Phipps, W. L. Avery, E. A.
Formerly part of the Wisconsin Missionary Licentiates:
Conference organized in 1871; A. E. Nelson, P. L. Larson, Dr.
divided and reorganized in 1916. R. S. Ingersoll, Dr. Olive Inger-
soll, Miss Ida Poch, Mrs. A. B.
Territory: All the counties of the Jorgensen, Emanuel Remsen, Ar-
State of Wisconsin south of the thur Skeels.
northern boundaries of Buffalo,
Eau Claire, Clark, Marathon, and Church School Teachers:
Shawano Counties, and all of Mildred Angell, J. P. Beach,
Oconto County south of a line Leah Graham, Seville Bean,
drawn due east from the north- Vern Brown, Grace Maas, Bessie
east corner of Shawano County Wery, Edna Wingard, Mrs.
to Marinette County, and from Doris Larson, Oscar Graves,
there following the northern Alma Du Bois, Grace Bush, Ruth
boundary of Oconto County to Benson, Helen Johnson, Mar-
Green Bay. guerite Mathe, Dora Janke, Va-
Population: 2,152,115; churches, lerie Caro, Grace Jordon, Edna
57; members, 1,905. Atkins, Marie Rienhart, Emma
Deering, Alice Grimm, Francis
Office: Box 513, Madison, Wis. DeVinney, Miss Eva Lewis.
Pres., I. J. Woodman. Church Directory:
Sec. and Treas., A. E. Nelson. Appleton, Richmond and Gilmore
Executive Committee: I. J. Sts.
Woodman, B. J. White, W. H. Eau Claire, Francis St., Shaw-
Westermeyer, G. M. Pflugradt, town.
Dr. M. 0. Bentley, L. G. Jorgen- Fond du Lac, I. 0. 0. F. Hall,
sen, W. H. Sherrig. South Main St.
Legal Assn.: " South Wisconsin Green Bay, 704 West Walnut St.
Conference Assn. of the S. D. A." Madison, Women's Bldg., Gil-
man St.
Department Secretaries: Milwaukee, English and German,
Tract Soc., A. E. Nelson. 865 Fifth St.
Field Miss., Geo. Butler. New London, Smith and Pine
Sabbath School and Educational, Sts.
Mrs. Augusta Jorgensen. Racine, 1201 Tenth St.
Miss. Vol. and Home Miss., L. G.
Medical Miss., Dr. Olive Inger-
Religious Liberty. I. J. Wood- FERENCE
man. Formerly a part of the Michigan
Ministers: Conference, organized in 1861;
I. J. Woodman, W. H. Sherrig, divided and reorganized in 1902.
Daniel Isaac, W. H. Wester- Territory: Southwestern Michigan,
meyer, B. J. White, L. G. Jor- consisting of the following
gensen. named counties: Allegan, Barry,

Berrien, Branch, Cass, Calhoun, Missionary Licentiates:

Eaton, Kalamazoo, Ottawa, Van- H. P. Bloum, F. E. Pierce, G. W.
Buren, and the south part of Stray, Mrs. J. F. Piper, Miss
Kent County, bounded by a Jennie DeYoung, Mrs. Edith
straight line east of the south Cross, Miss Vara Lynch, Miss
boundary line of Muskegon Bessie Harrison, Beatrice Smal-
County; also the following ley.
named counties of Indiana: Honorary: Mrs. Emma Hebner,
Elkhart, LaGrange, LaPorte, St. Miss Frances P. Goodwyn.
Joseph, Steuben, Porter. Church School Teachers:
Population: 908,565; churches, 48; Florence Ashley, Blanche Hicks,
members, 2,604. Lillian Kirshner, Florence Utter,
Office: 129 West Dutton St., Kala- Mrs. 0. T. Burt, Pansy Mid-
mazoo, Mich. daugh, Edith Hazelton, Susie
Klose, Vesta Clymer, Myrtle
Officers: Schultz, Helena Sargeant, Emilie
Pres., X. F. Piper. Crouch, H. P. Waldo, Madge
Sec. and Treas., H. P. Bloum. Kamerer, L. Faye Strickland,
Executive Committee: J. F. Aurora Bailey, Myrtle Peterson,
Piper, John Knox, Fred Green, Gladys Bakeman, Viola Boat,
J. W. Dresher, J. G. Lamson; Mary Stevens.
Ezra Brackett, G. W. Hosf ord. Church Directory:
Legal Assn.: " West Michigan Albion, G. A. R. Hall, East Erie
Conference Assn. of S. D. A." St.
Pres., J. F. Piper; See. and Allegan, Cutler St.
Treas., H. P. Bloum. Battle Creek, Washington and
Department Secretaries: West Van Buren.
West Michigan Book and Bible Benton Harbor, Ross and Lin-
House, G. W. Stray. coln Sts.
Field Miss., H. W. Johnson. Berrien Springs,Village, Old
Home Miss., E. R. Potter. Court House Bd g.
Sabbath School, Mrs. J. F. Piper. Buchanan, Third and Moccasin
Educational and Miss. Vol., G. Sts.
H. Smith. Charlotte, South Sheldon St.
Religious Liberty, J. F. Piper. Coldwater, North Polk St.
Ministers: Decatur, Delaware St.
J. F. Piper, J. W. Knox, E. R. Dowagiac, Oak St. and Prairie
Potter, G. H. Smith, G. W. Hos- Round.
ford, H. Z. Davis, W. H. May- Eaton Rapids, East Plain St.
nor, E. N. Sargeant, J. G. Lam- Elkhart, K. P. Lodge Hall, 414
son, C. N. Sanders, D. C. New- South Main St.
bold. Grand Haven, Unitarian Church,
Honorary: H. Nicola, L. T. Ni- Washington St.
cola, J. W. Covert, U. S. Ander- Grand Ledge, 414 Kent St.
son, J. E. White, Byron Hagle, Grand Rapids, 328 Cass St.
T. B. Buckner. Hartford, Harar St.
Holland, 13th St. and Central
Licentiates: Ave.
Reuben Greene, F. R. Wiggins, Homer, North Hillsdale St.
R. L. Boothby, E. L. Smith, El- Ionia, K. P. Hall, Main St.
dine Dunbar, George Wirsbin- Kalamazoo, 1004 Jackson St.
ski, D. S. Osgood, H. W. John- Otsego, Farmer and Franklin
son, L. C. Metcalf. Sts,

Quincy, Jefferson St. Fox River Academy, Sheridan,

South Bend, Ewing and St. Joe Ill.
Sts. Indiana Academy, Cicero, Ind.
St. Joseph, Library Hall, Main Walderly Academy, Hines, Wis.
and Elm Sts.
Union City, 606 North Broad- Publishing:
way. South Bend Branch of the Re-
Urbandale, North Hinman Ave. view and Herald Pub. Assn.,
212 South Lafayette St.,
South Bend, Ind.
INSTITUTIONS IN THE LAKE Pacific Press Pub. Assn., Brook-
Educational: Emmanuel Missionary College
Adelphian Academy, Holly, Mich. Press, Berrien Springs, Mich.
Bethel Academy, Bethel, Wis. Sanitarium:
Broadview Theological Seminary,
R. F. D. 1, Box 58, La Grange, Wabash Valley Sanitarium, La-
Ill. fayette, Ind.
Cedar Lake' Academy, Cedar Old People's Home:
Lake Mich.
Emmanuel Missionary College, James White Memorial Home,
Berrien Springs, Mich. Plainwell, Mich.


Organized 1902
Territory: The conferences of Educational and Miss Vol., H.
Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, J. Sheldon.
and South Dakota. Home Miss., Anol Grundset.
Population: 6,018,214; churches, Religious Liberty, E. T. Russell.
247; members, 9,233. Ministers:
Office: 2718 Third Ave., South, E. T. Russell, H. J. Sheldon,
Minneapolis, Minn. Anol Grundset.
Telephone, South 0604. Honorary: 0. Madsen, E. L.
Officers: Cooks, Martin Olsen, J. H. Hoff-
Pres., E. T. Russell. man, H. R. Johnson.
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, I. G. Licentiates:
Ortner. I. G. Ortner, G. A. Campbell.
Executive Committee: E. T.
Russell, I. G. Ortner, H. H. Missionary Credential:
Hicks, H. Meyer, Chas. Thomp- R. E. Bowles.
son, H. M. Johnson, H. J. Shel- Honorary Missionary Credential:
don, G. A. Campbell, S. A. Rusk- Gust Freeman.
jer, Anol Grundset.
Legal Assn.: " The Northern
Union Conference Assn. of S. D.
Transportation Agent, I. G. Ort-
ner. Organized 1863
Department Secretaries: Territory: The State of Iowa.
Union Field Miss., G. A. Camp- Population: 2,404,021; churches,
bell. 92; members, 2,980.

Office: Nevada, Iowa. Cedar Falls, Thirteenth and Wal-

Officers: nut Sts.
Pres., H. H. Hicks. Cedar Rapids, Kenwood Park.
Sec. and Treas., V. D. Hawley. Council Bluffs, Story and Bluff
Executive Committee: H. H. Sts.
Hicks, A. L. Miller, T. H. Jeys, Creston, 304 North Oak St.
V. D. Hawley, J. E. Shively, W. Davenport, 537 West Fifteenth
K. Smith. St.
Legal Assn.: " The Iowa Sev- Des Moines, Eighth and Wash-
enth-day Adventist Association." ington Sts.
Dubuque, Elm St., bet. 21st and
Department Secretaries: 22d.
Tract Soc., C. A. Regester. Fort Madison, Third and Alli-
Field Miss., M. W. Shidler. son Sts.
District Miss. Directors: J. W. Keokuk, Seventeenth and Ex-
Dorcas, Steen Jensen. change Sts.
Sabbath School, Mrs. Flora V. Marshalltown, First and Church
Dorcas. Sts.
Educational, Bert Rhoads. Mason City, Fourteenth St. and
Miss. Vol. and Home Miss., South Delaware Ave.
Religious Liberty, W. K. Smith. Muscatine, 509 Fifth St., West.
Ministers: Oskaloosa, 606 South Second St.
H. H. Hicks, A. L. Miller, W. K. Ottumwa, Ransom and Church
Smith, V. W. Robb, W. A. Mc- Sts.
Kibben, H. A. Fish, F. 13:Bre- Sioux City, 313 Omaha St.
see, J. C. Nixon, T. H. Jeys, D.
K. Olsen, F. F. Schwindt, J. W.
Licentiates: Organized 1862
V. D. Hawley, Bert Rhoads, W.
H. Teesdale, M. W. Shidler. Territory: The State of Minne-
Missionary Licentiates: Population: 2,387,125; churches,
Steen Jensen, C. A. Regester, 71; members,3,305.
Mrs. Flora V. Dorcas, Miss Office: 1854 Roblyn Ave., St. Paul,
Evelyn Davis, Miss Alice G. Kin- Minn.
ney, Miss Ida Robinson, Miss
Alma Nelson, Miss E. J. Blan-
Pres., Chas. Thompson.
chard, Miss Lillian Hagman,
Sec. and Treas., A. R. Smouse.
Miss Hannah Larson, C. V.
Executive Committee: Chas.
Starr, Ada Terwilleger, Verna
Thompson, G. J. Seltzer, A. H.
Burdick, Leila Burdick.
Rulkoetter, M. E. Anderson, H.
Church School Teachers: Christensen, H. L. Halverson, C.
Miss Edna Knudson, Miss Helen D. Kinsman.
Reynolds, C. V. Starr, Miss Bes- Legal Assn.: " The Minnesota
sie Bailey, Miss Ruth Adams, Conference Association of Sev-
Miss Dorothy Foreman, Miss El- enth-day Adventists."
sie Hanson, Olive Cox, Grace Department Secretaries.
Robinson, Miss Edna Wickham, Book and Bible House, L. H.
Miss Deloris Vaughn. Olson.
Church Directory: Field Miss., L. L. Grand Pre.
Burlington, Central Ave. and Sabbath School, Mary D. Hop-
Smith St. kins.

Educational, H. M. Hiatt. Duluth, English, 932 East Sixth
Miss. Vol., E. L. Sheldon. St.
Home Miss., Herbert Christen- Duluth, Scandinavian, 331 West
sen. 23d Ave., West Duluth.
Religious Liberty, Chas. Thomp- Fergus Falls, 413 Lincoln Ave.,
son. West.
Ministers: Hutchinson: English, Seventh
Chas. Thompson, N. J. Aalborg, Ave. S. E., and Main St.
A. S. Anderson, M. E. Anderson, Hutchinson: Scandinavian, Hut-
G. L. Budd, H. Christensen, 0. J. chinson Theo. Seminary.
Dahl, C. Edwardson, B. 0. En- Mankato, 213 State St.
gen, S. D. Hartwell, A. J. Hays- Minneapolis:
mer, H. M. Hiatt, C. W. Ruben- English, Stevens Ave. and
dall, A. H. Rulkoetter, E. L. Twenty-seventh St.
Sheldon, G. J. Seltzer, J. A. Norwegian-Danish, East Frank-
Swenson, D. F. Weatherly, H. L. lin and Twenty-seventh
Wood. Ayes., South.
Swedish, 2421 East Franklin
Licentiates: Ave.
L. L. Grand Pre, L. II. Olson, Owatonna, Grove and Pearl Sts.
L. C. Palmer, A. R. Smouse. St. Paul:
Missionary Licentiates: English, 677 Holly Ave.
Ellen Bodin, Erma Crook, Mrs. Scandinavian, 606 Maryland
V. B. Cummings, Agnes Gorham, . Ave.
Ethel Gorham, Alfred% Hanson, St. Cloud, Unity Church, Fourth
Evalyn Hoblit, Hanna Holth, Ave., South, and Second St.
Mary D. Hopkins, Erma Jondahl, Sherburn, Third and Main Sts.
Lillian Lindgren, Alice Mattson, Stillwater, Laurel and Fifth Sts.
Elizabeth Magnusen, Vesta Nel- Virginia, Seventh St. South, and
son, Henry Skadsheim, Hedvig Third Ave.
Nelson. Wells, Morton Ave. and Frank-
lin St.
Church School Teachers: Winona, Chestnut Place and
Winifred Babcock, Evelyn Bar- East Eighth St.
rett, Hazel Berg, Esther Chris-
tensen, Estella Gleason, Mrs. L.
D. Harris, Mabelle Jenson, NORTH DAKOTA CONFER-
Alice Jepson, Minnie Johnson,
Grace Jorgensen, Glenice Kisor, ENCE
Mrs. Waverly LeBard, Mrs. Organized 1902
Ruth Morrisset, Mrs. Mabel Territory: The State of North
Peterson, Viola Reed, Willard Dakota, except Adams and Bow-
Riechel, Merle Rosenthal, Mrs. man Counties.
Henry Skadsheim, Marie Skads-
heim, Lydia Sproed, Vera Stew- Population: 636,511; churches, 56;
art, Pearl Thompson, Beth members, 1,772.
Townsend, Mrs. F. F. Zumbaum, Office Address: Box CCC, James-
F. F. Zumbaum. town, N. Dak.
Church Directory: Pres., H. Meyer.
Alexandria, Sixth Avenue and Sec. and Treas., C. C. Dammen.
North St. Executive Committee: H. Meyer,
Austin, Cedar and Franklin Sts, C. C. Dammen, J. H. Seibel,
Brainerd, South Seventh St, Jacob Wagner,. A. A. Dirksen,

Mike Stern, T. M. Langberg. enth-day Adventists." Pres., S.

Legal Assn.: " The North Da- A. Ruskjer; Sec. and Treas., J.
kota Conference Assn. of S. H. Nies.
D. A.
Department Secretaries: Department Secretaries:
Tract Soc., C. C. Dammen. Tract Soc., J. E. Nies.
Field Miss., F. E. Barkley. Field Miss., F. L. Showacy.
Miss. Vol. and Sabbath School, Sabbath School, Ella E. Meri-
B. A. Scherr. ckel.
Religious Liberty, A. A. Dirksen. Educational and Miss. Vol., D.
Ministers: N. Reiner.
H. Meyer, P. G. Stanley, J. H. Home Miss., C. A. Scriven.
Seibel, E. J. Lorntz, A. A. Dirk- Religious Liberty, S. A. Ruskjer.
sen, J. A. Litwinenco.
Licentiates: Ministers:
T. M. LangbergT B. A. Scherr, J. S. A. Ruskjer, C. M. Babcock,
C. Harder, J. C. Michalenko. C. A. Scriven, A. W. Kuehl, E. .
H. Oswald, E. G. Olsen, E. Hill-
Missionary Licentiates:
Mrs. Jennie McClelland, Mrs. iard, F. E. Bresee.
B. Bunnell, Miss Martha Kurtz.
Church School Teachers:
Mrs. Guy Searle, Mrs. Mary F. L. Showacy, Gordon Oss, W.
Kelsey, Miss Eldina Bietz. F. Hahn.

Missionary Licentiates:
SOUTH DAKOTA CONFERENCE J. H. Nies, Grace Stewart, Ida
Organized 1879 Rislov, Ella E. Merickel.

Territory: The State of South Church School Teachers:

Dakota, except the Black Hills Ruth Johnson, Geo. Chapman,
Counties of Fall River, Custer, Mrs. Nellie Holtz, A. F. Ruf,
Pennington, Butte, Mead e, Everett Courser.
Washington, Shannon; and in- Church Directory:
cluding the counties of Adams
and Bowman, North Dakota. Aberdeen, Sixth Ave. and Lloyd
Population: 590,557; churches, 28; Sioux Falls, South Duluth Ave.,
members, 1,176. between Thirteenth and Four-
Office Address: Broadway and teenth Sts.
Third Ave., N. E., Watertown, S. Huron, 1146 Sixth St.
Dak. Watertown, Broadway and
Postal Address: Drawer 586, Wa- .Third Ave., N. E.
tertown, S. Dak.


Pres., S. A. Ruskjer. NORTHERN UNION
Sec. and Treas., J. H. Nies. CONFERENCE.
Executive Committee: S. A.
Ruskjer, J. H. Nies, C. M. Bab- Educational:
cock, M. M. Kier, F. E. Bresee, Hutchinson Theological Semi-
J. M. Christensen, E. H. Oswald. nary, Hutchinson, Minn.
Legal Assn.: " South Dakota Maplewood Academy, Maple
Conference Association of Sev- Plain, Minn.

Oak Park Academy, Nevada, Publishing:

Iowa. Northern Branch of the Pacific
Plainview Academy, Redfield, Press Pub. Assn., 182 North
S. Dak. Snelling Ave., St. Paul, Minn.
Sheyenne River Academy, Har- Sanitarium:
vey, N. Dak. Iowa Sanitarium, Nevada, Iowa.


Organized 1906
Territory: The Conferences of Coberly, N. W. Lawrence, A. C.
Montana, Southern Oregon, Bird, J. C. Foster, E. J. Hibbard,
Southern Idaho, Upper Colum- H. J. Dirksen, C. A. Wyman, A.
bia, Western Oregon, Western J. Stone, F. D. Starr, Daniel
Washington, and the Territory Nettleton, G. E. Langdon, Oscar
of Alaska. Hill, C. Sulzle, H. Hansen, L. A.
Population: 3,171,810; churches, Gibson, Paul Iverson, A. J.
224; members, 12,334. Stover, J. S. Kilgore.
Office: College Place, Wash. Missionary Licentiates:
Officers: S. J. Lashier, Miss Pearl Cook,
Pres., Morris Lukens. Miss Irene Gish, R. L. Walin, I.
Sec. and Treas., S. J. Lashier. Nomura, Dr. W. B. Holden.
Executive Committee: Morris Honorary: A. D. Guthrie, R. S.
Lukens, S. J. Lashier, J. S. McLain, Lucy B. Post, Asa
Rouse, J. W. Norwood, A. R. Smith, W. V. Sample, C. M. Ev-
Ogden, A. V. Rhoads, H. G. erest, Minnie Smith, T. G. John-
Thurston, B. M. Grandy, W. L. son.
Adams, N. H. Conway, E. M.
Oberg, W. I. Smith, Carl Leer, MONTANA CONFERENCE
Dr. W. B. Holden, S. J. Abegg. Organized 1898
Legal Assn.: " North Pacific
Union Conference Assn. of S. Territory: The State of Mon-
D. A." tana.
Auditor, R. L. Walin. Population: 548,889; churches, 24;
Transportation Agent, S. J. members, 836.
Lashier. Office: 1117 Fifth Ave., North,
Great Falls, Mont.
Department Secretaries: Officers:
Union Field Miss., N. H. Con- Pres., B. M. Grandy.
way. Sec. and Treas., M. G. Dealy.
Educational, W. L. Adams. Executive Committee: B. M.
Miss. Vol., W. L. Adams. Grandy, M. G. Dealy, W. M. Cub-
Home Miss., E. M. Oberg. ley, Jacob Riffel, J. L. Tucker,
Religious Liberty, H. G. Thurs- A. Kloss, Samuel Dick.
ton. Legal Assn.: " The Montana
Ministers: Conference Assn. of S. D. A."
Morris Lukens, N. H. Conway, Department Secretaries:
W. L. Adams, E. M. Oberg, C. W. Missionary Society, M. G. Dealy.
Flaiz, F. M. Burg, W. M. Lan- Field Miss., A. W. Wennerberg.
deen, W. I. Smith, S. J. Abegg. Sabbath School, Miss. Vol., and
Honorary: A. J. Breed, H. W. Educational, Mrs. M. G. Dealy.
Decker, W. W. Steward, R. B. Home Miss., M. G. Dealy.

Religious Liberty, B. M. Grandy. Educational and Miss. Vol., H.

Ministers: E. Weaver.
B. M. Grandy, W. M. Cabley, Religious Liberty, F. D. Wagner.
Jacob Riffel, J. L. Tucker, A. J. Foreign Dept., J. G. Hanhardt.
Lockert. Ministers:
Honorary: U. G. Adkins. H. G. Thurston, F. D. Wagner,
Licentiates: C. H. Rittenhouse, J. G. Han-
A. W. Wennerberg, J. L. Ch.ris- hardt, W. A. Gosmer.
tian. Licentiates:
Missionary Licentiates: A. Belding.
M. G. Dealy, Mrs. M. G. Dealy, Missionary Licentiates:
Mrs. Noyes Lorentz. J. S. McMullen, H. E. Weaver,
Church School Teachers: J. W. Lawrence, Miss Carrie
Mrs. Elizabeth. Nelson-Dealy, Dauphinee, Miss Helen Burch.
Lorene Colcord, Mrs. T. H. Church School Teachers:
Friedrich. Clarence Thurston, Miss Ver-
delle Ells, Floyd Baldwin, Miss
Lola Lindsay, Miss Olive Cooper,
SOUTHERN IDAHO CONFER- Miss Cecil Hagood, Miss Mina
ENCE Bird, Miss Freda Oster, Mrs. C.
Organized 1907 A. Rogers, Miss Iva Warren..
Territory: That portion of Ida- Church Directory:
ho south of the forty-fifth paral- Boise, 523 Main St.
lel, including all of Lemhi coun- Caldwell, Indiana and Linden
ty, together with six counties Ayes.
in Oregon, as follows: Wallo-
wa, Union, Baker, Malheur, Har-
Population: 384,110; churches, 29; ENCE
members, 1,122. Organized 1910
Office: Sixth and Main Sts., Boise, Territory: All the southern part
Idaho. of Western Oregon south of the
Office Address: Box 719, Boise, northern boundary of Lane
County, including the counties
of Lane, Douglas, Coos, Curry,
Officers: Josephine, Jackson, Klamath.
Pres., H. G. Thurston. Population: 122,253; churches, 22;
Sec. and Treas., J. S. McMullen. members, 1,045.
Executive Committee: H. G. Office: Sutherlin, Oreg.
Thurston, F. D. Wagner, C. H.
Rittenhouse, J. G. Hanhardt, Officers:
W. A. Gosmer, A. C. Bird, J. Pres., A. V. Rhoads.
Stith. Sec. and Treas., F. A. Lashier.
Legal Assn.: " The Southern Executive Committee: A. V.
Idaho Conference Assn. of S. Rhoads, F. A. Lashier, C. H. Cas-
D. A." tle, T. L. Thuemler, J. B. Mee-
Department Secretaries: han, F. L. Newkirk, J. H. Meier.
Tract Soc., J. S. McMullen. Legal Assn.: " Southern Oregon
Field Miss., J. W. Lawrence. Conference Association of S.
Home Miss., A. Belding. D. A."
Sabbath School, Miss Helen Department Secretaries:
Burch. Tract Soc., F. A. Lashier.

Sabbath School and Educational, counties of Umatilla, Morrow,

Mrs. C. Trefz-Meier. Gilliam, and Wheeler, in the
Field Miss. and Miss Vol., J. H. State of Oregon; and that por-
Meier. tion of the State of Idaho lying
Home Miss., A. V. Rhoads. north of the forty-fifth parallel,
Ministers: excepting Lemhi County.
A. V. Rhoads, T. L. Thuemler, Population: 544,784; churches, 50;
C. H. Castle, A. A. Carscallen, members, 3,443.
J. R. Patterson.
Licentiates: Office: 817 Nora Ave., Spokane,
J. H. Meier, F. A. Lashier, A. G. Wash.
Missionary Licentiate: Officers:
Mrs. C. Trefz-Meier. Pres., J. S. Rouse.
Church School Teachers: Sec. and Treas., R. R. Thrasher.
Mrs. Pearl Hoge, Miss Ada Hart- Executive Committee: J. S.
man, Mrs. Dell Gass, Mrs. R. S. Rouse, R. R. Thrasher, Dr. Silas
J. Hamilton, J. Marshall, Miss Yarnell, Dr. C. A. Hansen, J. A.
Edna Prouty, Mrs. Carrie Appel, Rippey, C. M. Christiansen, Carl
Mrs. Vivian Morton. Leer.
Legal Assn.: " Upper Columbia
Church Directory: Mission Society of S. D. A."
Ashland, Fourth and C Sts.
Drain, one door north of I. 0. Department Secretaries:
0. F. Bldg.
Eugene, using Congregational Tract Soc., R. R. Thrasher.
Church. Field Miss., J. W. Roberts.
Sabbath School, Mrs. J. S. Rouse.
Marshfield, between Sixth and Medical Sec., Dr. A. D. Schlott-
Seventh on Commercial.. hauer.
Medford, 607 North Riverside. Educational and Miss. Vol., A.
Roseburg, 1162 Military. E. Green.
Sutherlin, Sutherlin Academy. Home Miss., W. C. Thompson.
Bandon, Bandon, Oreg. Religious Liberty, J. S. Rouse.
Coquille, Coquille, Oreg.
Siuslaw, care of Bester's Camp, Ministers:
Cushman, Oreg.
Cottage Grove, Cottage Grove, J. S. Rouse, W. H. Thurston, W.
Oreg. C. Thompson, C. T. Everson, R.
McGlynn, McGlynn, Oreg. H. Martin, C. A. Hansen, C. F.
Hadsel Creek, Mapleton, Oreg., Cole, Carl Leer, G. F. Watson,
care Bester's Camp. J. A. Rippey, F. E. Stratton.
Greswell, Greswell, Oreg. Licentiates:
Grants Pass, Grants Pass., Oreg.
Royal (mail address), Cottage L. B. Losey, A. E. Green, D. R.
Grove, Oreg., Lorane Route. Schierman, W. A. Westerhout,
Albert Kruger.
UPPER COLUMBIA CONFER- Missionary Licentiates:
ENCE A. D. Schlotthauer, M. D., Mary
Engeberg, J. W. Roberts, Mrs.
Organized 1880 C. T. Everson, Mable Gage, Mrs.
Territory: That portion of the Morris Lukens, Mrs. E. Gehring,
State of Washington lying east Wm. Jensen, R. R. Thrasher,
of the Cascade Mountains; the Mrs. J. S. Rouse.

Church School Teachers: Department Secretaries:

Miss Grace Anderson, Rua Beail, Publishing, Clyde Lowry.
C. C. Cantwell, Miss Grace De- Field Miss., R. E. Keller.
land, Mrs. Myrtle Johnson, Miss Miss. Vol., J. L. McConaughey.
Alpha Nord, Mrs. J. J. Paulson, Sabbath School, Miss Edith
Clarence Pierce, Mrs. M. E. Pow- Starbuck.
ers, Miss Enid Sparks, Mrs. L. E. Educational, I. C. Colcord.
Ladd, Miss Grace Olsen, Elwin Home Miss., C. E. Olcott.
Johnson, Miss Anastacia Hart- Medical Miss., W. B. Holden,
sock, Mrs. Wm. Wagner, Mrs. M. M. D.
V. Olney, C. D. Terwilliger, Vir- Religious Liberty, A. R. Bell.
gil Dickson, Miss Muriel Rosen- Ministers:
burg, Miss Lilly Tabor, Harold
Kahler, R. E. Shafer, Mrs. R. E. J. W. Norwood, A. R. Bell, F.
Shafer, Miss Roberta Houston. H. Conway, N. C. Ernston, W. T.
Church Directory: Hilgert, F. S. Bunch, G. E. John-
Spokane, Wash., Spofford Ave. son, G. W. Rine, G. W. White,
and Lincoln St. John Peterson, C. A. Purdom, J.
Walla Walla, Wash., Fourth and K. Fish, V. P. Hulse, J. T.
Birch Sts. Jacobs, Ross Dustin, C. J. Cole.
Yakima, Wash., 11 N. 11th Ave. Honorary: T. H. Starbuck, R. D.
Benham, C. Johnson, E. J. Hib-
I. C. Colcord, C. E. Olcott, G. G.
Organized 1877; reorganized 1902 Sittser, G. M. Thorp, I. B.- New-
Territory: That portion of the comb, L. E. Esteb.
State of Oregon lying west of Missionary Licentiates:
the western boundary lines of
Gilliam and Wheeler Counties, J. F. Beatty, Mrs. Florence Back-
and north of the northern boun- storm, Mrs. J. W. Harmer, Mrs.
dary lines of Lake, Klamath, and K. 0. Johnson, Mrs. Jane Bald-
Lane Counties; also the coun- win, Asta Lehman, Clyde Lowry,
ties of Clarke, Skamania, Cow- Miss Pearl Stafford, Miss Edith
litz, Wahkiakum, and southern Starbuck, Miss Mary Treber,
portion 'of Pacific, in the State Miss Miranda Schmidt.
of Washington. Honorary: Mrs. F. H. Conway,
Mrs. W. T. Hilgert, Mrs. Eliza
Population: 605,518; churches, 49; Cole-Thorp.
members, 3,528.
Office: 508 East Everett St., Port- Church School Teachers:
land, Oreg. Mrs. V. P. Hulse, Miss Retta
Officers: Bernard, Mrs. Clara Webb-
Pres., J. W. Norwood. Smith, Mrs. E. J. Atkins, Paul
Sec. and Treas., J. F. Beatty. Ritz, Earl Stewart, Miss Helga
Executive Committee: J. W. Nelson, Mrs. I. C. Colcord, Mrs.
Norwood, G. W.- White, J. F. J. B. Rice, R. W. Airey, Miss
Beatty, C. A. Purdom, N. C. Marion Wilber, Kathleen Flana-
Ernston, R. W. Nelson,A. R. gan, Mrs. I. R. Stewart, Arthur
Bell, L. D. House, G. . An- Tucker, Mrs. Arthur Tucker,
drews. Miss Ethel Marsh, Miss Beatrice
Legal Assn.: " Western Oregon Bray, Mrs. Clifton Hardin, Mrs.
Conference Association of Sev- Eva Gibson-Carman, Miss Ethel
enth-day Adventists," Eddy, TATS. Marx Grimm, Miss

Grace Bruce, Miss Juanita cade Mountains, except the coun-

Swearingen, G. E. Norwood, Miss ties of Clarke, Skamania, Cow-
Madge Moore, Miss Nora Clark, litz, and Wahkiakum.
Ernest Gibson, Mrs. Ernest Gib- Population: 911,220; churches, 49;
son, Miss Marguerette Torrance, members, 2,341.
Miss Winona, Byington, Miss Office: Room, 204, Court Bldg., 408
Florence Carman, Mrs. Edgar L. Marion St., Seattle, Wash.
Miller, Mrs. F. H. Dolman.
Church Directory: Officers:
Albany, cor. Third and Mont- Pres., A. R. Ogden.
gomery Sts. Sec. and Treas., G. A. Nystrom.
Brownsville, South Brownsville. Executive Committee. A. R.
Dallas, Washington St., near Ogden, G. A. Nystrom, J. A. Hol-
Jefferson. brook, F. M. Oliver, L. E. Tup-
Falls City, one block north and per, J. A. Burman, Dr. W. B.
east of R. R. Station. Scott, H. H. Hamilton, G. W.
Forest Grove, Third St., between Pettit.
Second and Third Ayes. Legal Assn.: " Western Wash-
Hood River, Fifteenth and C ington Corporation of Seventh-
Sts. day Adventists."
Lebanon, Fifth and Oak Sts.
McMinnville, Lincoln and B Sts. Department Secretaries:
Newberg, Second and Grant Sts. Tract Soc., R. S. Dexter.
Oregon City, Head of Seventh Field Miss., A. A. Russell.
St,, opposite Eastern School. Sabbath School and Home Miss.,
Portland: Mrs. M. Sype.
Albina, German, Skidmore St. Miss. Vol. and Educational,
and Mallory Ave. Phillip Nelson.
Central, Eleventh and East Medical Miss., Dr. W. B. Scott.
Everett Sts. Religious Liberty, C. L. Ling-
Lents, Ninety-fourth St., and enfelter.
Fifty-eighth Ave., S. E. Ministers:
Montavilla, East Eightieth A. R. Ogden, L. Johnson, J. A.
and Everett Sts. Holbrook, F. M. Oliver, C. L
St. Johns, Central Ave. and Lingenfelter, G. W. Pettit, L. E.
Charleston St. Tupper, 0. J. Nerlund, T. G.
Scandinavian, Sixty-second St., Bunch, R. A. Libby, H. H. Hain-
near Fortieth Ave. ilton, R. J. Sype.
Tabernacle, Sixth and Mont- Honorary: J. E. Graham, J. W
gomery Sts. Boynton, C. A. Wyman, A. C.
Salem, Gaines St. and Fifth Ave. Anderson.
Silverton, Oak St. near South
Mill. Licentiates:
Tillamook, Fourth St. a n d Wm. Shafer, Mrs. Minnie Sype
Fourth Ave. A. A. Esteb, W. E. Atkins.
Vancouver, cor. Thirteenth and
Grant Sts. Missionary Licentiates:
R. S. Dexter, Bertha Lofstad,
Elsie Leadsworth, G. A. Ny-
WESTERN WASHINGTON strom, L. T. Heaton, C. L. Tup-
CONFERENCE per, J. C. Haussler, L. S. Me-
Organized 1902 lendy, Mrs. L. S. Melendy, Mrs.
Territory: All of the State of L. Johnson.
Washington west of the Cas- Honorary; Miss Clara Silver.


Miss Edrie Zigler, Mrs. Walter PACIFIC UNION CON-
Beach, Miss Lenora Reed, Mrs. , FERENCE
M. H. Johnson, Miss Elva Zach-
rison, Mrs. Estella. Boothby,
Miss Frankie Boothby, Mrs. Educational:
Edith Mott, Miss Grace Wooster, Laurelwood Academy, Gaston,
Miss Violet Scott, Miss D. De Oreg.
Land, Miss Lois Willis, Miss Mt. Ellis Academy, Bozeman,
Sarah Overton, Miss Iris Yaw, Mont.
Mrs. L. T. Andrus, Miss Lessie
Anspauch, Miss Laura Biksen, Gem State Academy, Caldwell,
Miss Iona Good, Miss Dorothy Idaho.
Zigler, Mrs. M. W. Dopp. Columbia Academy, Battle
Church Directory: Ground, Wash.
Aberdeen, First and E Sts. Sutherlin Academy, Sutherlin,
Bellingham, Maple and Forest Oreg.
Sts. Walla Walla College, College
Everett, Rockefeller and. Ever- Place, Wash.
ett Sts.
Seattle: Western Washington Academy,
Scandinavian, Twenty-second, Auburn, Wash.
N. W., and West Sixty-sev- Yakima Valley Academy,
enth Sts. Granger, Wash.
Central Church, Boylston Ave. Publishing:
and Olive St.
Green Lake, East 75th and 5th Portland Branch of the Pacific
Sts., N. E. Press Publishing Association,
Rainer Valley, Orchard and 719 East Flanders St., Port-
Mead Sts. land, Oreg.
Tacoma, Central, Tenth and I
Sts. Sanitariums:
Portland Sanitarium, East Six-
ALASKA MISSION tieth and Belmont Sts Port-
Ministers: land, Oreg.
0. W. Her wick, Ketchik an, Walla Walla Sanitarlin, Col-
Alaska. lege Place, Wash.


Organized 1901

Territory: The Arizona, Califor- Postal Address: Box 146, Glen-

nia, Central California, Nevada, dale, Cal.
Northern California, Southeast- Officers:
ern California, and Southern
California Conferences, and the Pres., J. L. McElhany.
Utah Mission. Sec. and Treas., B. M. Emerson.
Executive Committee: J. L. Mc-
Population: 4,245,767; churches, Elhany, E. W. Farnsworth, B.
205; members, 16,399. M. Emerson, Clarence Santee,
Office: 603 East Broadway, Glen- W. M. Adams, J. J. Nethery, G.
dale, Cal. A. Roberts, E. L. Neff, A. R.

Sandborn, J. A. Neilsen, V. E. ren, H. A. Washburn, T. H. Wat-

Peugh, F. E. Painter, W. W. son, E. W. Webster, C. D. M.
Ruble, David Voth, W. F. Mar- Williams.
tin, T. L. Copeland, G. W. Rea-
ser, C. H. Jones, P. T. Magan, Licentiates:
W. E. Nelson. W. E. Nelson, F. E. Painter,
Legal Assn.: " Pacific Union C. E. Weniger, L. W. Cobb.
Conference Assn. of S. D. A., a
Corporation Sole." Honorary Ministerial Licentiates:
Board of Counsel: J. L. McEl- 0. J. Graf, I. T. Reynolds.
hany, B. M. Emerson, C. H.
Jones, G. W. Reaser, W. D. Sal- Missionary Licentiates:
isbury, L. M. Bowen, C. E. Rice. C. H. Jones, B. M. Emerson, T.
Auditor, T. L. Copeland. L. Copeland, Violet R. Bell, J. M.
Transportation Agents, C. H. Rowse.
Jones, W. W. Ruble, B. M. Em- Honorary: Bertha 0. Benson,
- erson. Mrs. M. S. Boyd, Alice Bray-
Department Secretaries: shaw, 'W. M. Campbell, Eliza-
Field Miss., F. E. Painter. beth Carter, Mrs. L. E. Cox, Cy-
Educational and Miss, Vol., W. rus Davis, M. E. George, Ella
W. Ruble. Hancock, Walter Harper, Peter
Home Miss., David Voth. Lindahl, Stella B. Lowry, Sara
Medical Miss., P. T. Magan, M. D. McEnterfer, Florence W. Mer-
Religious Liberty and Press Bu- rill, C. C. Morlan, Jessie F.
reau, W. F. Martin. Moser, L. C. Nelson, Mrs. L. A.
Ministers: Parsons, H. L. Rawson, Mrs.
J. L. McElhany, E. W. Farns- Alice H. Robinson, B. A. Rogers,
worth, W. W. Ruble, W. F. Mar- D. K. Royer, Margaret Warnock.
tin, David Voth, G. B. Starr, P. Medical Missionary:
T. Magan, M. D., Ernest Lloyd, Dr. Mary McReynolds.
B. L. House, Guy Dail. Honorary: S. P. S. Edwards.
Honorary: J. W. Adams, G. M.
Alway, A. D. Armstrong, W. L.
Black, C. H. Bliss, Andrew Bror- ARIZONA CONFERENCE
sen, U.. B. Dake, E. A. Curtis, Organized 1902
Silas Davis, C. H. Edwards, 0.
0. Farnsworth, D. T. Fero, E. E. Territory: The State of Arizona.
Gardner,E. H. Gates, H. G. Gjor- Population: 334,162; churches, 12;
ding, W. M. Healey, M. G. Huff- members, 652.
man, 0. E. Jones, N. W. Kauble, Office Address: Box 887, Phoe-
Stewart Kime, Valentine Leer, nix, Ariz.
J. N. Loughborough, C. McRey- Office: 615 North Tenth St.,
nolds, E. A. Merrell, Isaac Mor- Phoenix, Ariz.
rison, R. W. Munson, R. J. Neth-
ery, D. H. Oberholtzer, C. F. Officers:
Parmele, H. W. Pierce, A. E. Pres., A. R. Sandborn.
Place, H. W. Reed, 0. E. Sand- Sec. and Treas., R. G. Lewis.
ness, Marcial Serna, F. R. Shaef- Executive Committee: A. R.
fer, W. W. Sharp, Melzar Shep- Sandborn, J. L. Sauder, C. A.
ard, H. Shultz, G. G. Sims, J. Winters, I. T. Reynolds, H. E.
B. Stuyvesant, Swin Swinson, Wallace.
James Taphouse, Victor Thomp- Legal Assn.: " Arizona Confer-
son, W. C. Ward, Luther War- ence Corporation of S. D. A."

Department Secretaries: Sec. and Treas., R. E. Kalfus.

Tract Soc., R. G. Lewis. Executive Committee: G. A.
Field Miss., J. L. Sander. Roberts, W. A. Johnson, E. L.
Sabbath School, Neva Sandborn. Maxwell, E. H. Adams, C. L.
Miss. Vol., Miss Neva Sandborn. Bond, C. F. Folkenberg, R. E.
Educational, K. M. Adams. Kalfus.
Home Miss., J. L. Sauder. Legal Assn.: " California Con-
Spanish, A. N. Allen. ference Assn. of the S. D. A."
Ministers: Department Secretaries:
A. R. Sandborn, C. A. Winters, Tract Soc., E. H. Abbott.
E. R. Lauda, C. D. M. Williams, Field Miss., J. B. Nelson.
W. L. Bird, H. L. Wallace, K. Sabbath School, Mary V. Walter.
M. Adams. Educational, Miss Frances Fry.
Miss. Vol. and Home Miss., C.
Honorary: M. Serna. L. Bond.
Licentiate: Religious Liberty, E. L. Maxwell.
I. T. Reynolds. Ministers:
Missionary Licentates: G. A. Roberts, E. H. Adams, C.
J. L. Sauder, Miss Neva Sand- L. Bond, E. A. Brown, J. R. Dif-
born. fenbacher, C. F. Folkenberg, W.
Church School Teachers: A. Johnson, E. L. Maxwell, An-
Mrs. Rena Seat, Miss Helen drew Nelson, I. P. Dillon, M. B.
Bird, Mrs. Lena E. Williams. Butterfield, L. L. Moffitt, A. V.
Church Directory: Edwards, N. C. Petersen:
Flagstaff, 319 West Beaver St. Licentiates:
Glendale, 127 North Third Ave. A. N. Bierkle, J. B. Nelson, Sal-
Globe, North Deveroux St. vador Arrabito, K. Nozaki.
Phoenix, Third and Pierce Sts. Missionary Licentiates:
Prescott, 137 West Carlton St. C. H. A. Brooke, E. H. Abbott,
Tucson, 607 East Ninth St. Miss Frances Fry, Miss Celia
Yuma, Second Ave. and Sixth Green, Miss Ida B. Hudson, Mrs.
St. Ada La France, Miss Laura Mor-
rison, Miss Ada J. Madison,
Mrs. E. E. Parlin, Mrs. Lottie
Miss Huldah Windhorst, Miss
Organized 1873 Elma C. James, Miss Hazel V.
Territory: The following-named Leach, Miss Marguerite Speck,
counties in the State of Califor- Miss Rose E. Boose, Mrs. May
nia: Alameda, Contra Costa, C. Hanley.
Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake,
Marin, Mendocino, Monterey, Church School Teachers:
Napa, San Francisco, Santa Lila Hazelton, Mrs. I. P. Dillon,
Clara, Santa Cruz, San Mateo, L. Coy Steck, Eva Beeler, Zella
San Benito, Solano, Sonoma, Bernard, Mrs. David Galush,
Trinity. Edris Rahn, Jane Opelt, Hila
Population: 1,318,396; churches, Hughes, Genevieve Hansen, A.
44; members, 3,885. Nelson, Mis. A. Nelson, F. A.
Office: 537 Twenty-fifth St. (near Rathbun, Mrs. Viola Miller, Paul
Telegraph Ave.), Oakland, Cal. Meeth, Mrs. Volter, Winnifred
Officers: James, Mildred Jones, Esther
Pres., G. A. Roberts. Jones, Alden Sage, H. A. John-

ston, Alfred McPherson, Alma Ukiah, Bush and Henry Sts.

McKibbin, Fred Landis, Winea Vacaville, Elizabeth and Stev-
Simpson, Mrs. Hattie Council- enson Sts.
man, Mona Beeler, Mrs. Van Vallejo, 414 Tennessee St.
Dusen, Katherine Hale, Mrs. Mi- Willits, Mendocino St., between
nola Robinson,' Mrs. Daisy Mc- Humboldt and Madden.
Connell, Daisy Bremner, Mrs. Watsonville, 358 East Lake Ave.
Ettie Brown, Dewey Langlaw, McKinleyville, Arcata, Star
Hazel Brown, Harriett Parker, Route.
Ada Terrill, Mrs. Chas. Taylor,
Geneva Brookshire, Julia Look,
Herschel 'Wheeler, Elsie Caylor, CENTRAL CALIFORNIA CON-
Lena Butler, Ruth Terrill, Mrs. FERENCE
A. Thelin, Mrs. Lovell Crawford, Organized 1911
Airs. N. 0. Lantz. Territory: The following-named
Church Directory: counties in the State of Califor-
Alameda, 1531 Verdi St. nia: Tulare, Madera, Fresno,
Arcata, D and Twelfth Sts. Kings, Mariposa, Merced, and
Byron, Railroad Ave. Kern County north of the Te-
Berkeley, 1630 Fairview St. hachapi Mountains.
Calistoga, Berry St. Population: 294,241; churches, 38;
Eureka, B and Harris Sts. members, 2,485.
Fort Bragg, Whipple and Pine Office: 2524 Mariposa St., Fresno,
Sts. Cal.
Fruitvale, Herrington Ave., at Postal Address: Drawer 1304,
San Juan St., Oakland. Fresno, Cal.
Healdsburg, Fitch and Piper Sts. Officers:
Laguna, 916 Laguna St., San
Francisco. Pres., E. L. Neff.
Monterey, 524 Foam St. Sec. and Treas., W. F. Field.
Mountain View, Bailey Ave. and Executive Committee: E. L.
Dana St. Neff, Fiank Weeks, G. A.
Napa, Church and Second Sts. Grauer, G. A. Wheeler, P. J.
Oakland, 531 Twenty-fifth St. Wolfsen, P. J. Buller.
Pacific Union College, La Jota, Department Secretaries:
Cal. Tract Society, H. W. Christian.
Petaluma, English and Upham Field Miss., H. G. Warden.
Sts. Sabbath School, Opal Stone.
Richmond, Thirteenth and Ohio Educational, Mamie Meleen.
Miss. Vol., Opal Stone.
San Jose, 65 South Seventh St. Religious Liberty, E. L. Neff.
Santa Cruz, Pennsylvania Ave. Publicity, G. A. Wheeler.
Sanitarium, Sanitarium, Cal.
Santa Rosa, 515 Orchard St., Ministers:
near Johnson.
San Francisco: E. L. Neff, H. S. Shaw, G. A.
Grauer, C. W. Fuller, Frank
S. D. A. Tabernacle, Capp St., Weeks, H. J. Winter, P. E.
between 21st, and 22d Sts. Scoggins, B. L. Howe, G. A.
Sebastapol, Petaluma Ave., be- Wheeler, H. G. Thompson.
tween Fannen and Walker
Ave's. Licentiates:
St. Helena, Madrona Ave. and C. F. Innis, C. T. Hare, T. M,
Pine St. Deem, A. D. Field,

Missionary Licentiates: Merced, Eighteenth and 0 Sts.

W. F. Field, H. W. Christian, H. Selma, 2059 Whitson and North
G. Warden, Frank Iano, Opal Sts.
Stone, Mamie Meleen, Dr. Myr- Tulare, 120 North H St.
tle B. Hudson. Visalia, Northeast corner First
Ave. and Bridge St.
Church School Teachers:
Mrs. Elmer Johnson, V. R.
Brenner, Miss Marie Schlenker,
Mrs. Abe J. Miracle, Mrs. Dor-
thy Apt, Lowell Housen, Mrs. Organized 1920
Lowell Housen, Miss Lily Nor- Territory: The State of Nevada,
deen, Miss Olive Hayes, Miss excepting the counties of Clark
Lena Wadleigh, Miss Alpha Lo- and Lincoln; and including that
per, Mrs. Ada Allen, Miss Lyda portion of the State of Califor-
Beeman, A. D. Field, Herman nia lying east of the summit of
Winters, Norman Howe, Miss the Sierra Nevada Mountains,
Flora Moffit, Mrs. Goldie and also Plumas County, and
Church, Miss May Hensley, Miss Lake County, Oregon.
Letha Atwood, Mrs. C. F. Innis, Population: 112,043; churches, 7;
Miss Lura Atwood, Dan. Mc- members, 292.
Cafferty, Mrs. Dan. McCaf-
ferty, Mrs. Beatrice Calkins, Office Address: 452 Ralston St.,
Miss Frances Cady, Miss Freeda Reno, Nev.
Miller, Miss Ivy Horning, Miss Postal Address: Box 2072, Reno,
Bessie Martin, David Harder, Nev.
Mrs. Julius Heinrich, Miss Leta Officers:
Roberts, Gust Meyer, Miss Olive
Almstead, Lowell Knapp, Mrs. Pres., V. E. Peugh.
Lowell Knapp, Henry Willers, Sec. and Treas., A. W. Russell.
Mrs. Henry Willers, Miss Laura Executive Committee: V. E.
Roche, Mass Esse Reed, Miss Peugh, H. K. Halladay, A. W.
Lois Christian, Miss Ruby Spear. Russell, C. W. Pierce.
Church Directory: Department Secretaries:
Bakersfield, 730 I St., Eighth Tract Society, A. W. Russell.
and I Sts. Field Sec., A. B. Huenergardt.
Coalinga, Fillmore St. and Van Sabbath School and Educational,
Ness. Mrs. Mary Vipond-Peugh.
Clovis, Second and Woodworth. Miss. Vol. and Religious Lib-
Dinuba, H and El Monte Way. erty, V. E. Peugh.
Exeter, Quince and Palm Sts. Home Miss., A. W. Russell.
Fresno, 2514 Mariposa St, Ministers:
Fresno, German, B St., near Cal- V. E. Peugh, H. K. Halladay.
ifornia Ave.
Hanford, Harris and Ninth Sts. Licentiates:
Hanford, Mexican, Harris and B. R. Ritz, A. B. Huenergardt.
Ninth Sts. Missionary Licentiate:
Lemoore, C and Follet Sts. Mrs. Mary Vipond-Peugh.
Lindsay, 605 North Mirage Ave.
Los Banos, Library Annex, Los Church School Teachers:
Banos. David Hartman, Mary Clark,
Madera, Vineyard Ave., between Maybelle Drake, Mrs. Libbie P.
Yosemite and Sixth Sts, Holmes; Mrs, F. H. Bulpitt,


FERENCE Stone, W. R. Jefferson, A. E.
Organized 1911 Barton.
Territory: The following-named Missionary Licentiates:
counties in the State of Califor- Wm. Voth, L. M. Overholt, Mrs.
nia: Stanislaus, Tuolumne, San C. D. Stone, Miss Ella McBroom,
Joaquin, Calaveras, A mad or, Mrs. Bertha Barnes, Mrs. J. A.
Sacramento, Yolo, Sutter, Yuba, Pearson, Mrs. M. C. Morgan.
Colusa, Glenn, Butte, Tehama, Church School Teachers:
Shasta, Siskiyou, Alpine, Eldo-
rado, Placer, Nevada, Sierra, Miss Esther Chambers, Mrs. M.
Plumas, with the exception of G. Nott, Miss Ruth Morse, Miss
that small portion of these coun- Mary Gear, Mrs. Eva McElhany,
ties lying east of the summit of Miss Lillian Warner, Mrs. Edith
the Sierras. Flett, Miss Elizabeth Friezen,
Mrs. W. A. Sweany, Mrs. L. M.
Population: 397,490; churches, 28; Hesseltine, Miss Lorene Putnam,
members, 2,236. Miss DeFer, 0. S. Olson, Mrs. 0.
Office: 341 East Lodi Ave., Lodi, S. Olson, Miss Mattie Morris, A.
Cal. W. H. Millard, Mrs. A. W. H.
Officers: Millard, Mrs. Daisy M. Clough,
Pres., Clarence Santee. Miss Mildred Haglund, Miss
Sec. and Treas., Win. Voth. Leda Schnell, Miss Edith Chat-
Executive Committee: Clarence ten, H. H. O'Harrow, Mrs. L. M.
Santee, E. A. Curtis, Adolph Gilstrap, Mrs. W.. D. Owens,
Johnson, C. L. Snodgrass, C. H. Miss Alice Street, Mrs. H. Mc-
Fink, P. H. Glantz, A. J. Os- Alexander.
borne. Church Directory:
Legal Assn.: " Northern Cali- Chico, North End Esplanade.
fornia Conference Assn. of S. Modesto, Sixth and J.
D. A." Sacramento, Twenty-third St.,
Department Secretaries: between J and K.
Stockton, Minor and Stanislaus.
Tract Soc., Miss Ella McBroom.
Field Miss., L. M. Overholt.
Educational, C. D. Stone. CONFERENCE
Miss. Vol., H. W. Carter. Organized 1915
Home Miss., 0. B. Stevens.
Religious Liberty, N. W. Kau- Territory: The following-named
ble. counties in the State of Califor-
Ministers: nia: Orange, San Diego, Im-
Clarence Santee, A. J. Osborne, perial, Riverside, and San Ber-
N. W. Kauble, T. H. Watson, nardino.
Adolph Johnson, C. L. Snod- Population: 340,774; churches, 34;
grass, W. A. Sweany, E. E. members, 2,420.
Farnsworth, J. G. White.
Honorary: C. L. Taggart. Office: 412-17 Citizens Natl. Bldg.,
Licentiates: Riverside, Cal.
Mrs. Ella H. Osborne, 0. B. Office Address: Box 584, River-
Stevens, F. A. Johnson, H. W. side, Cal.

Officers: Smith, Miss Sarah Monette, Mrs.

Pres., J. J. Nethery. 0. J. Graf, Miss Fedelma Ragon,
Sec. and Treas., C. C. Mattison. S. G. Morris, Mrs. Florence Hol-
Executive Committee: J. J. lenbeck, Mrs. Jennie Frazee, Miss
Nethery, R. S. Owen, T. S. Anna Keown, Miss May Bullard,
Whitelock, M. D., H. V. Voll- Miss Alice Neilson, Miss Milda.
mer, M. D., F. G. Ashbaugh, J. A. Scheffel, E. L. Terrill, Mrs. E. L.
Burden, W. H. Bradley. Carman, Miss Amy Parker, Miss
Legal Assn.: " Southeastern Gladys Rosser, Harold Johnson,
California Assn. of S. D. A." Miss Vivian Nightingale, Mrs.
Department Secretaries: Lillian Miller, Miss Ethyl Steele,
L. R. Mason, Miss Mildred
Tract Soc., J. W. Slattery. Gates, Miss Ora Bancroft, E. C.
Field Miss., H. A. Rentfro. Cushman, Mrs. E. C. Cushman,
Sabbath School and Educational, Vance Dickman, Mrs. Grace
Mrs. Mina Mann Dickman, Miss Florine Hall,
Miss Vol. and Home Miss., F. G. Mrs. G. W. McBride.
Medical Miss., H. W. Vollmer, Church Directory:
M. D. Ontario, W. B. St. and Pine Ave.
Religious Liberty, W. M. Healey. Redlands, Cor. Olive and Citrus
Ministers: Sts.
J. J. Nethery, J. A. Burden, W. Riverside, West Twelfth St.,
M. Healey, L. H. Proctor, H. 0: bet. Orange and Lemon Sts.
Basney, F. G. Ashbaugh, L. B. San Bernardino; Hensen and F
Ragsdale,R. B. Stauffer, A. E. Sts.
Serns, W. H. Bradley, E. H. Em- San Diego, G St. Church, Eight-
merson, A. M. Dart. eenth and G Sts.
San Diego, University-Ave.
Licentiates: Church, 2 University Ave. '
J. I. Robison, B. R. Spear, J. W. Santa Ana, Fifth and Ross Sts.
Dement. Brawley, North Imperial Ave.
Missionary Licentiates: San Pasqual, San Pasqual Val-
C. C. Mattison, J. W. Slattery, ley, Escondido.
H. A. Rentfro, A. D. Butterfield, Escondido, cor. Illinois and Or-
M. D., H. W. Gober, Mrs. Luther ange Sts.
Warren, Mrs. L. H. Proctor, H. Orange, Palm and Cleveland Sts.
W. Vollmer, M. D., J. W. War- Beaumont, cor. Eighth and Maple
ren, M. D., Josie Shyrock-War- Ave.
ren, M. D., Mrs. Edith Perry- Centralia, Dale Ave. near Lin-
Stoddard, Mrs. B. R. Spear, J. E. coln Blvd.
Johnson, Mrs. Debora Knight, Rialto, cor. Olive and Second Sts.
Mina Morse Mann, Mrs. E. R. Hemet, Thompson St. between
Osborn, Esther Stuyvesant. Acacia and Central.
Honorary: Walter Harper, Mrs. Garden Grove, South Euclid Ave.
W, W. Sharp, Mrs. Josephine
Church School Teachers: CONFERENCE
Mrs. Fannie Johnson, Miss
Laura Shafer, Miss Virginia Organized 1901
Cochran, Miss Anna Nightingale, Territory: The following-named
Miss Mildred Merryweather, counties in the State of Cali-
Mrs. J. A. Scott, Mrs. Robert fornia: San Luis Obispo, Santa

Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, land, Mrs. Amy R. Temple, Miss

and that portion of Kern County Cora A. Rapp, W. D. Salisbury,
lying south of the Tehachapi Miss Lillian Santee, D. A. Low-
Mountains. er, Mrs. Cleora Webster, Mrs.
Population: 1,038,169; churches, S. J. Townsend, L. A. Reynolds,
36; members, 4,238. Mrs. L. E. Cox, Vienna Hamil-
Office: 3131 Pasadena Ave., Los ton, Anna Hansen, C. C. Martin,
Angeles, Cal. Hanna Ortner, Mrs. Matilda
Pres., W. M. Adams. Medical Missionaries:
Sec. and Treas., W. L. Mecum. Julia A. White, M. D., Henry
Executive' Committee: W. M. Westphal, M. D., Mrs. Matilda
Adams, W. D. Salisbury, G. W. Cott.
Reaser, P. L. Knox, J. W. Rich, Church School Teachers:
S. H. Coombs, S. P. Smith.
Legal Assn.: " Southern Cali- D. A. Ochs, Byron Dart, Pauline
fornia Assn. of S. D. A." Sturges, W. B. VanAtta, Alfred
Legal Assn.: The President and Maurer, Mrs. Nellie Hawkins,
Presiding Elder of the Southern Rika Hartog, Mrs. Martin, Mabel
California Conference of Sev- DeGroot, Louise Wiessenhutter,
enth-day Adventists a Cor- Esther Johnson, Charlotte Jew-
poration Sole. ell, Miles Cadwallader, Mabel
Andre, Grace Morel, Ralph
Department Secretaries: Prout, Emma Hengst, Mrs.
Tract Soc., D. A. Lower. Archie Tong, Aileen Nicola,
Field Miss., L. A. Reynolds. Ward Hill, Mrs. Laura Lewis,
Sabbath School, Mrs. Cleora Mrs. N. Ostendorph, Bessie
Webster. Cairncross, Mrs. B. P. LeDuc,
Educational, H. G. Lucas. Carolyn L Moore, I. A. Steinel,
Miss. Vol., R. G. Schaffner. Lulu Jones, Letha Eastman,
Home Miss., V. H. Lucas. Mrs. I. A. Steinel, Mrs. F. W.
Medical Miss., Miss Matilda Paap, Ruth Johnson, Alice His-
Cott. cox, Mrs. Lena G. Morris, Gladys
Religious Liberty, G. A. Snyder. Hughes, Edna L. Wilbur, Alida
Ministers: Sipkens, J. G. Jacques, Emma
Patterson, Mrs. George C. Berge-
W. M. Adams, M. M. Hare, H. man, Mrs. Elizabeth C. Elvin,
G. Lucas, C. S. Prout, G. W. Ruth Richards, Helen Gurtien,
Reaser, N. J. Waldorf, G. A. Mrs. Gurtien, Mary E. Weil,
Snyder, C. J. Kunkel, P. L. Florence Palmer.
Knox, V. H. Lucas, W. J. John-
son, M. D., J. W. Rich, B. P.
LeDuc, R. W. Parmele, E. A. Church Directory:
Pohle, R. G. Schaffner, D. A. Los Angeles:
Ochs. Central Church, 141 West 14th
Honorary: H. W. Decker. Place, between Main and
Licentiates: Hill Sts.
Arthur Currow, H. N. Brass, E. Exposition Park, 1041 W. 38th
A. Mathwig, Owen Troy. St., West of Exposition
Missionary Licentiates: Park.
W. L. Mecum, P. B. Bontemps, White Memorial, cor. New Jer-
Mrs. M. E. Hoyt, Mrs. Florence sey and State Sts. East
W. Merrill, Miss Jennie L. Ire- First St. car.

Lincoln Park, East side Man- gett, Uinta, Duchesne, Carbon,

itou Ave., near Daly St. So. Emery, Grand, and San Juan,
Pasadena car. and including Lincoln and Clark
East 36th St. Church, 666 E. Counties in Nevada.
36th St. South Park Ave.
car (colored). Population: 410,492; churches, 6;
Hollywood, 5150 De Longpre, members, 191.
between Kingsley and Nor-
mandie. Office: 221 Kiesel Bldg., Ogden,
Ditman, 123 So. Ditman St. Utah.
East First St. car. Post Office Address: Box 909, Og-
German 337 E. Jefferson St. den, Utah.
Maple Ave. car.
Edendale, Fargo St., half block Officers:
west of Glendale Blvd. Supt., J. A. Neilsen.
Bell, cor. Baker Ave. and Gif- Sec. and Treas., Vesta I. Fink.
ford St.. Preaching, Sab- Executive Committee: J. A.
bath, 3 P. M. Neilsen, J. L. McElhany, W. A.
Graham, 8801 Cedar St., Kent Alway, J. L. Leach.
Station, 2 blocks east of
Watts line.
Florence, west side Mobeck Department Secretkies:
Ave., half block south of
Florence Ave. Watts car. Tract Soc., Vesta I. Fink.
Mexican, 114 So. Gless St. Field Miss., J. L. Leach.
East First St. car. Sabbath School, J. A. Neilsen.
Pasadena, East side of North Home Miss., J. L. Leach.
Wilson, one block North of Ministers:
Colorado St.
Glendale, California and Isabel J. A. Neilsen, W. A. Alway.
Sts. Missionary Licentiates:
Lon. Beach, Tenth and Linden
s. J. L. Leach, Vesta I. Fink.
Sawtelle, 123 No. Sixth St. Church School Teachers:
Preaching, Sabbath, 2: 45 p.m.
San Pedro, 559 West 12th St., R. F. Chapman, Helen Gardner,
Point Firmin car line. Marie Coombs.
Santa Monica, Wilshire, between
2nd and 3rd.
Burbank, east side Angeline INSTITUTIONS IN THE PACIFIC
Ave., between 3rd and 4th Sts. UNION CONFERENCE
Santa Barbara, Anapamau and Educational:
De La Vina Sts.
Eagle Rock, 2231 Myrtle Ave. Boarding:
Gardena-Moneta, Massachusetts Arizona Academy, 1325 North
St., near Broad Acre Station. Fourteenth St., Phoenix, Ariz.
Hawthorn, Acacia and Haw- La Sierra Academy, Route 4,
thorne Circle. Arlington, Cal.
Lodi Academy, Lodi, Cal.
Pacific Union College, La Jota,
Organized 1919 Non-boarding.
Territory: The State of Utah, Fresno Academy, Route J, Box
excluding the counties of Dag- 43, Fresno, Cal.

Glendale Academy, Hill Drive, Sanitariums:

Glendale, Cal. Glendale Sanitarium, Glendale,
Golden Gate Academy, King and Cal.
Alcatraz Ave., Berkeley, Cal. Loma Linda Sanitarium, Loma
Los Angeles Academy, 3210 Post Linda, Cal.
St., Los Angeles, Cal. Paradise Valley Sanitarium, Na-
tional City, Cal.
Mountain View Academy, Moun- St. Helena Sanitarium, Sanita-
tain View, Cal. rium, Cal.
Publishing: College of Medical Evangelists,
Pacific Press Pub. Assn., Moun- Loma Linda and Los Angeles,
tain View, Cal. Cal.


Organized 1908
Territory: The Conferences of Car- W. Field, F. R. Isaac, J. H.
olina, Cumberland, Florida, and Behrens.
Georgia. Honorary: R. H. Brock, W. W.
Population: 8,954,418; churches, Williams, H. L. Shoup, W. R.
140; members, 5,516. Hansen, H. J. Farman, J. C.
IVIikkelsen, Smith Sharp, G. H.
Office Address: 202-216 First Na- Baber, W. L. Killen, W. H.
tional Bank Bldg., Chattanooga, Armstrong, E. A. Curdy, E. C.
Tenn. Widgery, N. Clausen.
Officers: Licentiates:
Pres., W. H. Heckman.
Sec. and Treas., Burton Castle. E. F. Hackman, M. M. Martin-
Executive Committee: W. H. son, Burton Castle, W. P.
Heckman, the presidents of the Dougherty, E. C. Waller, L. D.
conferences composing the Un- Randall, L. F. Thiel, W. P. Brad-
ion, and Burton Castle, W. P. ley.
Dougherty, F. R. Isaac, E. F.
Hackman, L. D. Randall. Missionary Licentiate:
Legal Assn.: " Southeastern Un- Honorary: Miss Elizabeth Mc-
ion Conference Assn. of S. Hugh.
D. A."
Auditor, Burton Castle. Union Colored Dept.:
Transportation Agent, W. H. Supt., W. H. Heckman.
Sec., Burton Castle.
Department Secretaries: Asst. Sec. Miss. Vol. and Home
Field Miss., W. P. Dougherty. Miss., R. L. Soaries.
Educational and Miss. Vol., F. R. Union Evangelist, W. H. Abney.
Isaac. Executive Committee: W. H.
Home Miss., E. F. Hackman.
Religious Liberty, W. H. Heck- Heckman, the presidents of the
man. conferences composing the Un-
Medical, M. M. Martinson, M. D. ion, and Burton Castle, B. W.
Abney, J. F. Crichlow, W. E.
Ministers: Strothers, F. A. Osterman, R. L.
W. H. Heckman, V. B. Watts, F. Soaries.

Minister: Missionary Licentiates:

B. W. Abney. H. W. Potter, Mrs. R. I. Keate,
Licentiate: C. A. Woolsey, E. E. Cossentine.
R. L. Soaries, Church School Teachers (White):
Missionary Licentiate:
Miss J. M. Gillam. Mrs. Margaret Smith, J. R. Con-
ger, Mrs. J. R. Conger, Mrs. S.
Honorary: Emily McGlocken. E. Macklin, Miss Lou Gray, Miss
Mary Roberts, Miss Gertrude R.
CAROLINA CONFERENCE Holmes, H. P. Anderson, Miss
Margaret Cossentine, Fred Pal-
Organized in 1901 and 1907, as the mer, Earl Stafford, C. A. Van
North Carolina and South Caro- Fossen, Mrs. C. A. Van Fossen.
lina Conferences; reorganized as
Carolina Conference in 1918. Church Directory (White):
Territory: South Carolina, and that South Carolina:
part of North Carolina lying Charleston, 219 Calhoun St.
east of the following counties: Columbia, 1012 Assembly St.
Ashe, Watauga, Avery, McDow- Greenville, S. C., Hampton and
ell, and Henderson. Echols Sts.
Population: 3,947,952; churches, Spartanburg, S. C., Wolf and
44; members, 1,308. Wofford Sts.
North Carolina:
Office Address: 215 North Mc- Charlotte, 215 North McDowell
Dowell St., Charlotte, N. C. St.
Officers: Wilmington, I. 0. 0. F. Hall.
Pres., R. I. Keate. Colored Department
Sec. and Treas., H. W. Potter.
Executive Committee: R. I. Committee:
Keate, James Bellinger, F. A. R. I. Keate, H. W. Potter, J. S.
Starke, Thornton Woodall, Hen- Green, J. A. Bookhart, W. R.
ry Pike. Willis.
Legal Assn.: " Carolina Confer- Minister:
ence Association of Seventh-day J. S. Green.
Adventists, Incorporated."
Department Secretaries:
J. A. Bookhart, N. B. Smith, J.
Tract Soc., H. W. Potter. L. Martin, Charles Curtis.
Field Miss., C. A. Woolsey.
Sabbath School and Home Miss., Missionary Licentiate:
C. E. Boynton. Mrs. J. A. Bookhart, Thomas
Educational and Miss. Vol., E. Fountain.
E. Cossentine. Church School Teachers:
Asst. for Colored Edu. and Miss. Jessie K. Fordham, Frances J.
Vol., Clarke, Mrs. J. A. Godley, Ros-
Religious Liberty, R. I. Keate. etta M. Baldwin, Mrs. L. A.
Ministers: Page, Mrs. F. C. Abrams, Trula
R. I. Keate, Jas. Bellinger, E. E. E. Wade.
Chitwood, R. B. Clapp, C. E. Church Directory:
Boynton. South Carolina:
Honorary: H. Pannkoke. Charleston, colored, Holmes St.
Licentiate: Columbia, colored, 1218 Hender-
J. E. All. son St.

Darlington, 107 Jackson St. Department Secretaries:

Florence, 801 Cheaves St. Tract Society, Miss Cora Felker.
Sumter, Walker Ave. Field Miss., Fred Meister.
North Carolina: Sabbath School, Miss Ruth At-
Charlotte, colored, cor. South well.
Caldwell and. East Hill Sts. Miss. Vol. and Home Miss., H.
High Point, Beaman Ave. and W. Barto.
R. R.
Raleigh, Cabarrus and Pear- Educational, Miss Ruth Atwell.
son Sts. Religious Liberty, Cyrus Sim-
Wilmington, colored, cor. Wood mons.
and Fanning Sts. Ministers:
Wilson, Atlanta Ave.
Winston-Salem, 1362 Center- B. F. Kneeland, E. W. Wolfe,
ville St. F. C. Webster, I. D. Richardson,
H. L. Shoup.
CUMBERLAND CONFERENCE Cyrus Simmons, Fred Meister,
Organized 1900 H. W. Barto.
Territory: Eastern Tennessee, the Missionary Licentiates:
western boundary being the Miss Dorothy Thrailkill, Miss
western line of the counties of Delia Russell, Miss Cora Felker,
Macon, Smith, DeKalb, Warren, Miss Ruth Atwell.
Grundy, and Marion; also eight-
een counties in northwestern Church School Teachers:
North Carolina, viz., Clay, Cher- Mrs. B. F. Kneeland, Miss Rose
okee, Graham, Macon, Swain, Meister, Miss Masie White, Miss
Jackson, Haywood, Transylva- Myrtle Maxwell, Miss Letha
nia, Buncombe, Henderson, Mad- Litchfield, Mrs. Roberta Ingram,
ison, Yancey, Mitchell, Avery, Mrs. R. L. Underwood, Miss
Wautauga, Ashe, Alleghany, and Ethel Griesie, Mrs. G. S. Honey-
McDowell; also Dade, Walker, well, Miss Hilda Hockey, Miss
Catoosa, Whitfield, Murray, Beth Jones, Mrs. A. E. Witt,
Fannin, Gilmer, Union, Towns, Miss Verl Butler, Mrs. Olive
and Chattooga counties, in the Clark, Mrs. Obie White.
State of Georgia. Colored Department
Population: 1,309,304; churches, Committee: B. F. Kneeland,
29; members, 1,143. Cyrus Simmons, W. E. Strother,
Office: 1410 Magnolia Ave., Knox- W. H. Winston, F. L. Graves.
ville, Tenn. Ministers:
Officers: W. E. Strother, W. H. Winston.
Pres., B. F. Kneeland. Missionary Licentiate:
Sec. and Treas., Miss Cora Fel-
ker. Miss Felecia M. Palmer.
Executive Committee: B. F. Church School Teachers:
Kneeland, Cyrus Simmons, Fred Miss Willie Carpenter, Mrs.
Meister, F. C. Webster, E. W. Blanche White.
Legal Assn.: " The Cumber- Church Directory:
land Conference Assn. of S. D. Asheville, N. C., 238 Haywood
A." St.

Tennessee: Dudley, A. B. Russell, L. T.

Bristol, I. 0. 0. F. Hall. Crisler, R. E. French.
Chattanooga, Beech St. and Dun- Licentiates:
can Ave.
Chattanooga, colored, Short Dr. L. L. Andrews, D. C. Luding-
St., near Eleventh St.
Greenville, 800 West Main St. Missionary Licentiates:
Johnson City, 116 West Fair- W. B. Wynn, F. H. Parrish, Mrs.
view St. Grace Sweeney, C. L. 'Stilson,
Knoxville; Third Ave. and Gill Mrs. Carrie L. Stringer,' T. D.
St. Gibson, Miss Mary Baxter, Miss
Knoxville, colored, Lawson and Addie Mae Kalar.
Payne Sts. Church School Teachers:
Miss Lucile Bowen, Mrs. Evelyn
FLORIDA CONFERENCE Cowley Dyer, Blanche Vaughn,
Cecil Branson, Robert Cowdrick,
Organized 1893 Miss Alice Case, Miss Martha
Territory: The State of Florida, Bishop, Miss Mamie Wynn, Miss
excepting the counties of Es- Edith Courter, Miss Nellie Fer-
cambia, Santa Rosa, Walton, ree, J. H. Shrock, Mrs. J. H.
Holmes, Washington, Jackson, Shrock, Miss Eva Sammer, Miss
and Calhoun, which belong to Violet Trubey.
the Alabama Conference. Colored Department
Population: 828,618; churches, 44; Committee: J. L. Shuler, F. H.
members, 2,037. Stevens, C. L. Stilson, I. R.
Office: East Robinson and Rosa- Palmer, F. A. Osterman.
lind Ave., Orlando, Fla.; P. 0. Minister:
Box 372. F. A. Osterman.
Officers: Licentiates:
Pres., J. L. Shuler. F. H. Stevens, Samuel Hodge.
Sec. and Treas., C. L. Stilson. Church School Teachers:
Executive Committee: J. L. Mrs. B. M. Roberts, Zelma Cobb,
Shuler, C. R. Magoon, J. B. L. Henrietta Emanuel, Pearl
Locken, C. C. Hall, I. D. Swin- Walker.
Legal. Assn.: ' Florida Confer- Church Directory:
ence Association of Seventh-day Daytona, Cypress St.
Adventist." Jacksonville white, Roselle and
Department Secretaries: Charles Sts.
Arcadia, East Hickory St.
Tract Soc., C. L. Stilson. Clearwater, East Turner St.
Field Miss., W. B. Wynn. Gainesville, Railroad Ave.
Sabbath School, Mrs. Carrie L. New Smyrna, Orange Ave.
Stringer. Jacksonville, colored, Jessie and
Edticational and Miss. Vol., D. Van Buren Sts.
C. Ludington. Miami, white, Third St., near
Home Miss., R. E. French. Ave. D.
Religious Liberty, J. L. Shuler. Miaini, colored, Second St.
Medical, Dr. L. L. Andrews. Orlando, white, East Robinson
Ministers: and Rosalind Ave.
J. L. Shuler, C. R. Magoon, Allen Orlando, colored, West Robinson
Walker, J. B. Locken, Frank Ave.

St. Petersburg, South Sixth St. Colored Department

and Fifth Ave., South. Committee: A. S. Booth, J. F.
Tampa, white, in 2800 Block on Crichlow, P. M. Boyd, J. B.
Florida Ave. Clark.
Tampa, colored, West Palm Minister:
Beach, Hibiscus St.
J. F. Crichlow.
Missionary Licentiate:
Organized 1901.
Mrs. Jennie Hankinson.
Territory: The State of Georgia, Church School Teachers:
excepting the counties of Dade,
Walker, Catoosa, Towns, Union, L. J. Proyer, Mrs. L. J. Proyer,
Fannin, Gilmer, Murray, Whit- Miss Myrtice Smith, Mrs. M. F.
field, and Chattooga, belonging Sweedenberg, Mrs. M. E. Kim-
to the Cumberland Conference. brough.
Church Directory:
Population: 2,868,544; churches,
23; members, 1,028. Atlanta, 191 Cherokee Ave.
Atlanta, colored, 209 Greensferry
Office: 201 Cherokee Ave., Atlanta, Ave.
Ga. Augusta, colored, David and Ma-
Officers: ple Sts.
Columbus, colored, 1312 Twenty-
Pres., A. S. Booth. fourth St.
Sec. and Treas., H. W. Klaser. Fitzgerald, 650 Grant St.
Executive Committee: A. S. Macon, Log Cabin Heights.
Booth, Dr. J. R. Mitchell, A. E. Macon, colored, 207 Fourth Ave.
Deyo, 0. B. Crary. Savannah, Thirty-fifth and
Legal Assn.: " Georgia Confer- Whitaker Sts.
ence Association of S. D. A." Savannah, colored, Florence and
Department Secretaries: Forty-third Sts.
Tract Society, H. W. Klaser.
Field Miss., A. E. Deyo.
Educational and Miss. Vol., INSTITUTIONS IN THE SOUTH-
Home Miss. and Sabbath School, EASTERN UNION CON-
M. S. Pettibone. FERENCE
Religious Liberty, A. S. Booth. Educational:
Ministers: Graysville Academy, Graysville,
A. S. Booth, M. J. King, 0. B. Tenn.
Crary. Southern Junior College, Oolte-
wah, Tenn.
Licentiates: Winyah Lake Academy, Orlando,
Dr. J. R. Mitchell, M. S. Petti- Fla.
bone. Publishing:
Missionary Licentiates: Atlanta Branch of the Southern
G. M. Waters, A. E. Deyo, Mrs. Pub. Assn., 507 East Fair St.,
0. B. Crary, Miss A. C. Dewers. Atlanta, Ga.
Church School Teachers: Sanitarium:
Mrs. L. D. Randall, Miss Dorothy Florida Sanitarium, Orlando,
Cope, Miss Louise Dillard. Fla.
Organized rgoi
Territory: The Conferences of Ala- Missionary Licentiates:
bama, Kentucky, Louisiana-Mis- Miss Anna Knight.
sissippi, and Tennessee River. Honorary: Julia Lowe, Mrs.
Population: 9,844,547; churches, Emma L. Morrow, Mrs. Henry
99; members, 4,041. Balsbaugh.
Telegraphic Address: Phone M,
814 J, Nashville.
Office: 2001 Twenty-fourth Ave.,
North, Nashville, Tenn. Organized 1901
Officers: Territory: The State of Alabama,
and the following counties in
Pres., G. W. Wells. Florida: Escambia, Santa Rosa,
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, F. L. Walton, Holmes, Washington,
Harrison. Jackson, Okaloosa, Bay, and
Executive Committee: G. W. Calhoun.
Wells, F. L. Harrison, J. C.
Thompson, C. B. Stephenson, C. Population: 2,488,026; churches,
W. Curtis, R. L. Pierce, 0. R. 28; members, 769.
Staines, V. 0. Cole, M. F. Knox,
'W. R. Elliott, E. A. Sutherland, Office: Box 316, Clairton, Ala.
M. A. Hollister, N. B. King. Officers:
Legal Assn.: " Southern Union Pres., C. B. Stephenson.
Conference Assn. of S. D. A." Sec. and Treas., T. E. Pavey.
Transportation Agent, F. L. Har- Executive Committee: C. R.
rison. Stephenson, T. E. Pavey, 0. F.
Department Secretaries: Frank, W. P. McLennan, F. W.
Field Miss., V. 0. Cole. Schmh l, T. S. Tate, T. H. Al-
Educational and Miss. Vol., J. lison.
C. Thompson. Legal Assn.: " Alabama Con-
Home Missionary, 0. R. Staines, ference Assn. of S. D. A."
(also Asst. Medical Secretary.)
Asst. Home Miss., Educational Department Secretaries:
and Miss. Vol. Sec. for colored, Tract Society, T. E. Pavey.
Miss Anna Knight. Field Miss., F. W. Schmehl.
Asst. Educational Sec., Miss Sabbath School, Mrs. K. R.
Nannie May Smith. Haughey.
Medical Miss., E. A. Sutherland, Educational, Southern Union
M. D. Conference Educational Sec.
Ministers: Home Miss., K. R. Haughey.
Miss. Vol. Mrs. K. R. Haughey.
G. W. Wells, 0. R. Staines, V. 0. Religious' Liberty, 0. F. Frank.
Cole. Ministers:
Honorary: C. N. Martin, C. M.
Kinney, C. J. Buhalts, L. E. C. B. Stephenson, 0. F. Frank,
Wellman, Luzerne Thompson, W. P. McLennan.
Henry Balsbaugh. Licentiates:
Licentiates: F. W. Schmehl, J. G. Mitchell,
F. L. Harrison, J. C. Thompson. K. R. Haughey.

Missionary Licentiates: River and the counties of Trigg,

T. E. Pavey, Mrs. K. R. Haughey, Christian, Todd, Logan, Simp-
Miss Kathleen Meyer, Miss son, and Allen, belonging to the
Nellie J. Orr, Mrs. K. Rasmus- Tennessee River Conference.
sen. Population: 2,147,838; churches,
Church School Teachers: 21; members, 908.
Mrs. Martha Burleigh, C. R. Office Address: Room 620, Crutcher
Waldron, Mrs. C. R. Waldron, and Starks Bldg., Louisville, Ky.
Miss Julia Inabinet, Miss Bertha Officers:
Laughlin, Miss Bessie Morgan, Pres., C. W. Curtis.
Miss Christel Kaler. Sec. and Treas., N. L. Taylor.
Negro Mission Executive Committee: C. W.
Curtis, N. L. Taylor, J. W.
Committee: Same as Conference Wheeler, R. J. Bryant, E. H.
Committee. Huntley, H. R. Stearns, W. A.
Ministers: Gilbert.
T. S. Tate, T. H. Allison. Legal Assn.: " Seventh-day Ad-
Missionary Licentiates: ventist Conference Association
of Kentucky." Pres., C. W. Cur-
C. A. Wilson, Fannie R. Wilson, tis; Sec., W. A. Gilbert; Treas.,
Julia Wesley. N. L. Taylor.
Church School Teachers: Department Secretaries:
0. B. Edwards, Seneva Cross- Tract Society, N. L. Taylor.
grove, Blanche C. Palmer, E. M. Field Miss., H. R. Stearns.
Pearson. Home Miss. and Miss. Vol., W.
Church Directory: A. Gilbert.
Birmingham: Sabbath School and Religious
725 North Nineteenth St. Liberty, C. W. Curtis. _
Colored, corner Thirteenth St. Educational, J. C. Thompson.
and Ave. F. Ministers:
Clanton, 503 Second Ave., South. C. W. Curtis, R. J. Bryant, E.
Dothan, colored, 316 Range St. H. Huntley.
Huntsville, colored, 629 Madison Licentiates:-
'Mobile: H. R. Stearns, W. A. Gilbert,
Old Shell Road and Pine St. N. L. Taylor, I. 0. Wallace.
Colored, 659 South Hamilton Missionary Licentiates:
St. Mrs. R. Y. Howard, Mrs. Mat-
Montgomery: tie Lucas, Mrs. C. Heinig.
306 Finley Ave. Church School Teachers:
Colored, 110 Early St. Miss Alice Morton, Miss Thel-
Pensacola, Fla., West Garden St. ma Jones, F. E. Walleker, Mrs.
Sheffield, Seventh St. and Nash- F. E. Walleker.
ville Road.
Negro Mission
Executive Committee: C. W.
KENTUCKY CONFERENCE Curtis, N. L. Taylor, J. G. Da-
Organized 1908 sent, C. A. Howard, G. S. Pink-
Territory: All the State of Ken- ard.
tucky excepting the eight coun- Ministers:
ties west of the Tennessee J. G. Dasent, C. A. Howard.

Licentiate: Educational, John C. Thompson,

G. S. Pinkard. 2001 Twenty-fourth Ave.,
Church School Teachers: North, Nashville, Tenn.
Religious Liberty, W. R. Elliott.
Mrs. Marguerite Pons, R. I. S.
Thomson. Ministers:
Church Directory: W. R. Elliott, I. C. Pound, M.
White: L. Wilson, John Brownlie.
Bowling Green, Park and Licentiates:
Twelfth. C. R. Kinney, R. A. Freed, J. L.
Covington, 123 East Fifteenth Cooper.
Louisville: Missionary Licentiates:
Fourth Ave. between " A " and A. B. Schroader, Mrs. W. P.
Lee Sts. Stephens, Miss Elta Smith.
Bowling Green, Park and Fourth. Church School Teachers:
Lexington, Fifth and Upper Sts. Miss Pearl Johnson, Miss Beu-
Louisville: lah Walleker, Miss Lurline
Chestnut and Eighteenth Sts. Roach, L. B. Spear, Mrs. L. B.
Shelby and Burnett St. Spear, Miss Lura Wells, Miss
Irene Ballard, Mrs. Mary Craw-
FERENCE Executive Committee: W. R. El-
Organized 1920 liott, A. B. Schroader, N. B.
King, F. S. Keitts, C. B. Hollo-
Territory: The States of Louisi- way.
ana and Mississippi.
Population: 3,589,127; churches,
27; members, 1,068. F. S. Keitts, N. B. King.
Office: 703 South Gallatin St., Licentiates:
Jackson, Miss. C. B. Holloway, S. R. Washing-
Officers: ton.
Pres., W. R. Elliott. Missionary Licentiate:
Sec. and Treas., A. B. Schroader. C. Hayes.
Executive Committee: W. R.
Elliott, A. B. Schroader, I. C. Church School Teachers:
Pound, C. R. Kinney, John V. R. Lee, W. T. Brown, Mrs.
Brownlie. J. B. Green, Alyce M. Frazier.
Legal Assn.: "The Mississippi' Church Directory:
Conference Assn. of S. D. A." White:
" The Louisiana Conference Jackson, Miss., 703 South Gal-
Assn. of S. D. A." latin St.
Department Secretaries: New Orleans, La., Melpomene
Tract Soc., A. B. Schroader. and Colliseum Sts.
Field Miss., C. R. Kinney. Shreveport, La., Frederick and
Sabbath School, J. L. Cooper. Missouri Ste.
Home Miss., Medical, and Miss. Meridian, Miss., Eighth St. and
Vol., R. A. Freed. Thirty-eighth Ave.

Hattiesburg, Miss., 314 West Legal Assn.: " Tennessee River

Fourth St. Conference Assn. of S. D. A."
Mansfield, La., on Louisiana St.
just off Crosby. Department Secretaries:
Vicksburg, Miss., one block Tract Soc., C. 0. Franz.
from the end of Jackson- Field Miss., R. R. Brooks.
Road car line. Home Miss. and Miss. Vol., H.
Colored: B. Thomas.
Jackson, Miss., Rose and West Sabbath School, C. B. Caldwell.
Pascagoula Sts. Educational, J. C. Thompson.
New Orleans, La., 2413 Dela- Religious Liberty, M. A. Hol-
chaise St. lister.
Greenville, Miss., 647 Catley St. Ministers:
Columbus, Miss., Fifteenth St.
and Ninth Ave. M. A. Hollister, T. F. Hubbard,
Brookhaven, Miss., near cor. B. W. Spire.
South First and Chipawa Honorary: L. E. Wellman.
Meridian, Miss., Seventeenth St. Licentiates:
between Thirty-second and A. A. Davis, H. B. Thomas, R. R.
Thirty-third Ayes. Brooks.
Vicksburg, Miss., 1115 Fayette
St. Missionary Licentiates:
Yazoo City, Miss., 408 Clay St.
C. B. Caldwell, C. 0. Franz, Miss
Beulah Cothren, Mrs. H. Eder,
Mrs. J. G. Haggard.
ENCE Honorary: Dr. A. J. Harris.
Organized 1888 Church School Teachers:
Territory: Western Tennessee, the A. Covert, Miss Minnie Brown,
eastern boundary being the east- Mrs. Clara Norton, Mrs. H. H.
ern line of the counties of Sum- Ard, Miss Florence Hartsock,
ner, Trousdale, Wilson, Cannon, Mrs. H. E. Beck, Mrs. Jeanette
Coffee, Franklin; and the fol- White, Miss Keating Ascough,
lowing-named counties in Ken- Mrs. F. H. Artress, Mrs. M. E.
tucky: Ballard, McCracken, Bodwell.
Marshall, Graves, Fulton, Hick-
man, Carlisle, Calloway, Trigg, Negro Mission
Christian, Todd, Logan, Simp- Missionary Licentiate:
son, Allen. Committee: M. A. Hollister, C.
B. Caldwell, Randall Johnson,
Population: 1,619,556; churches, L. H. Bland, M. M. Young.
23; members, 1,296.
Office: 1715 Cass St., Nashville, Randall Johnson.
Officers: L. H. Bland, Milton Young.
Pres., M. A. Hollister.
Sec. and Treas., C. B. Caldwell. Missionary Licentiate:
Executive Committee: M. A. Miss Lela Davis.
Hollister, C. B. Caldwell, M. F. Church School Teachers:
Knox, R. R. Brooks, B. W. Spire, Mrst E. R. Jones, Andrew Toms,
A. A. Davis, H. B. Thomas. Miss Corine Bass.


Jackson, West Deaderick Ave. CONFERENCE
and Long St. Educational:
Memphis, Parkway and Dunlap Oakwood Junior College, Hunts-
St. ville, Ala.
Nashville, Fifth and Fatherland Nashville Agricultural Normal
Sts. Institute, Madison, Tenn.
Paducah, Bridge and Clements
Sts. Publishing:
Colored: Southern Pub. Assn., 2123
Twenty-fourth Ave., North,
Jackson, Lane Ave. and Sims St. Nashville, Tenn.
Memphis, 1051 Mississippi Blvd.
Nashville, Twelfth Ave., North, Sanitarium:
near Jefferson St. The Madison Rural Sanitarium,
Paducah, 713 South Seventh St. Madison, Tenn.


Organized 1901; reorganized 1902
Territory: The Conferences of Home Miss., G. F. Eichman.
Arkansas, Oklahoma, North Religious Liberty, M. B. Van
Texas, South Texas, and Texico. Kirk.
Population: 8,795,732; churches, Ministers:
143; members, 5,174. M. B. Van Kirk, A. F. Harrison,
H. M. Kelley, G. F. Eichman, M.
Office Address: 518-519 Terminal G. Nunes, A. W. Peterson, W. E.
Bldg., Oklahoma City, Okla. Straw, P. L. Thompson.
Officers: Honorary: T. W. Field, H. B.
French, W. S. Lowry, M. H.
Pres., M. B. Van Kirk. Brown, G. M. Brown, H. C. Grif-
Sec. and Treas., C. E. Smith. fin, 0. W. Wolf, A. A. Meyer,
Executive Committee: M. B. G. Hetze, Burt Bray, H. L.
Van Kirk, H. M. J. Richards, Hoover.
J. F. Wright, W. H. Clark, R. Licentiates:
'P. Montgomery, R. L. Benton,
C. E. Smith, A. F. Harrison, Orno Follett, H. R. Gay, C. E.
A. W. Peterson, G. F. Eichman, Smith.
P. L. Thompson, H. R. Gay. Missionary Licentiate:
Legal Assn.: " The Southwest- L. N. Carter.
ern Union Conference Corpora- Honorary: Miss E. E. Poch.
tion of S. D. A." Pres., M. B.
Van Kirk; Sec., C. E. Smith.
Auditor and Transportation ARKANSAS CONFERENCE
Agent, C. E. Smith. Organized 1888
Department Secretaries: Territory: The State of Arkansas.
Population: 1,752,204; churches,
Union Field Miss., A. F. Harri- 24; members, 517.
Educational and Miss. Vol., A. Office: 1215 Marshall St., Little
W. Peterson. Rock, Ark.

Officers: Church Directory:

Pres., H. M. J. Richards. Little Rock No. 1, 1213 Marshall
Sec. and Treas., L. J. Black. St.
Executive Committee: H. M. J. Little Rock, No. 2, 1809 Pulaski
Richards, N. R. Hickman, Isaac St.
Baker, 0. C. Wakenight, M. V. Ft. Smith, Tenth and D Sts.
Downing. Hot Springs, St. Louis and Cen-
Legal Assn.: " Arkansas Confer- tral Ayes.
ence. Assn. of S. D. A." Fayetteville, 36 South St.
Hiwasse, East part of town.
Department Secretaries: Hardy, Northwest part of town.
Tract Soc., L. J. Black. Harrisburg, Northwest part of
Field Miss., C. M. Norman. town.
Sabbath School, Educational, Springdale, center of town.
and Miss. Vol., Mrs. Bertie C. Marianna, colored, South Geor-
Richards. gia St.
Home Miss., N. R. Hickman. Searcy, N. W. of City Park.
Medical Miss. and Religious Lib- Gentry, 2 miles southwest of
erty, H. M. J. Richards. Gentry.
Ministers: Hope, 7 miles southwest of Hope.
H. M. J. Richards, N. R. Hick-
man, Isaac Baker, H. C. Griffin,
A. V. Cotton.
D. M. Twiggs, C. M. Norman. Organized 1878
Missionary Licentiates: Territory: That part of the State
L. J. Black, Mrs. Bertie C. Rich- of Texas lying east and north of
ards. the following counties: East of
Wichita, Archer, Jack, Palo Pin-
Church School Teachers: to, Erath, Hamilton, Lampasas;
Mrs. Etta M. Black, Mrs. B. G. ad north of Burnet, William-
Maguire, Mrs. Emma J. Hooper, son, Lee, Burleson, Liberty, Har-
D. M. Twiggs, Miss Elizabeth din, and Orange.
Burdick, Mrs. Allie Guthrie, Population: 2,189,844; churches,
Miss Millie Guthrie, Mrs. N. R. 27; members, 1,156.
Hickman, Miss Fremona Black.
Office: 2900 Live Oak St., Dallas,
Negro Mission Tex.
Minister: Officers:
U. S. Willis.
Pres., J. F. Wright.
Licentiate: Sec. and Treas., B. E. Bridwell.
A. B. B. Storey. Executive Committee: J. F.
Wright, J. S. Seal, G. R. West,
Missionary Licentiate: C. K AcMoody, C. U. Taylor,
Mrs. A. B. B. Storey. Henry Schmidt, G. W. Spikes.
Legal Assn.: " Texas Confer-
Church School Teachers: ence Assn. of S. D. A." J. F.
Mrs H. J. Chatters, Mrs. L. W. Wright, Pres.; B. E. Bridwell,
Isbell. Sec.

Department Secretaries: Office: 217 West Seventh St., Okla-

Tract Soc., B. E. Bridwell. homa City, Okla.
Field Miss., J. S. Seal. Office Address: Box 1077, Okla-
Sabbath School and Educational, homa City, Okla.
Miss Lorena Wilcox.
Miss. Vol. and Home Miss., C. T. Officers:
Burroughs. Pres., W. H. Clark.
Religious Liberty, J. F. Wright.
Sec. and Treas., Lowell Estes.
Ministers: Executive Committee: W. H.
J. F. Wright, G. R. West, C. E. Clark, C. E. Riffel, W. E. Barr,
AcMoody, C. U. Taylor, Jacob C. E. Grant, C. D. Hein, E. W.
Wasenmiller, E. M. Gates. McDaniel, H. J. Miller.
Honorary: I. A. Crane, W. A. Legal Assn.: " Oklahoma Con-
McCutchen. ference Corporation of S. D. A."
Department Secretaries:
Book and Bible House, C. G. Ort-
J. S. Seal, V. J. Maloney. ner.
Missionary Licentiates: Field Miss., T. J. Hooper.
Mrs. J. H. Hale, Mrs. F. B. Mo- Sabbath School and Educational,
ran, Miss Lorena E. Wilcox, Miss Letha Taylor.
Katie E. Baker, B. E. Bridwell. Miss. Vol. and Isolated, C. J.
Church School Teachers: Home Miss., Carl Riffel.
Mrs. W. 0. Belz, Mrs. Bennie Religious Liberty, W. H. Clark.
McDonald, Miss Mary Wood- Ministers:
ward, Miss Laura Reynolds, Mrs.
Flora Moyers, Mrs. J. D. Wil- W. H. Clark, W. E. Barr, C. J.
burn, Miss Helen Stoner, Miss Dart, C. E. Grant, Ezra Fillman,
Tressa Smith, C. E. Smith, 0. W. C. M. McDonald, D. F. Stur-
Wolf, Miss Lessie Culpepper, geon, C. D. Hein, A. C. Long, H.
Miss Fannie Lou Woods, Mrs. J. Miller, W. S. North.
Emma Hill, Miss Katie Baker, Honorary: T. J. Hickman, E. B.
G. B. Boswell, Miss Babel Niel- Hopkins.
sen. Licentiates:
Church Directory: Alton Hughes, Carl Riffel, James
Dallas,2900 Live Oak St. Ross, Frank Moran, T. J.
Fortth, orEllis and Fourteenth Hooper.
Sts. Missionary Licentiates:
Dalworth, Dalworth Park.
Sherman, 712 North Lee Ave. Mrs. R. A. Burger, Miss Letha
Denison, 112 South Scullin St. Taylor, G. P. Loy, Lowell Estes,
Waco, Jefferson and 13th St. Mrs. J. B. Ross, C. G. Ortner,
Gainesville, 424 North Taylor St. Oscar J. Love, Mrs. Lowell
Estes, Miss Irene Smith.
Church School Teachers:
Almetta Garrett, Elizabeth Lo-
Organized 1894 thian, Mrs. A. F. Harrison, F. A.
Territory: The State of Okla- Moran, May Wilhelm, Gussie
homa. Kinder, D. C. Reeder, Mrs. D. C.
Population: 2,028,283; churches, Reeder, B. H. Wilcox, Abbie
50; members, 2,175. Dunn, Geneva Bogard, Verna

Miracle, Jennie Dunn, Edith Legal - Assn.: " South Texas

Warren, Mrs. Henry Bridwell, Conference Assn. of S. D. A."
0. K. Armbrecht, Dorris Clonin- Department Secretaries:
ger, Leta Wilson, Pauline Cash, Tract Soc., 0. D. Slater.
Vada Huling, Frances Weiner, Field Miss., Walter Kirkham.
Selma Uhrig, Harry Liebman, Sabbath School, W. H. Hanhardt.
Avis Wiggins, Mrs. H. J. Miller, Home Miss., W. H. Hanhardt.
Mrs. S. A. Stephens, Lola Brock, Educational and Miss. Vol.,
Mrs. Eloda Black, Leona Laird. C. C. Wilcox.
Church Directory: Religious Liberty, R. P. Mont-
Ardmore, cor. Sixth and I Sts. gomery.
Enid, Randolph and Quincy Sts. Ministers:
Muskogee, 1318 East Okmulgee R. P. Montgomery, E. L. Stew-
St. art, J. B. Hampton, 0. J. Cor-
Oklahoma City, 217 West Sev- win, C. S. Nicolas, W. S. Lowry.
enth St.
Perry, Seventh and E Sts. Licentiates:
Sapulpa, Thompson and Linden C. C. Wilcox, Walter Kirkham,
Sts. W. H. Hanhardt.
Tulsa, 920 East Sixth St. Missionary Licentiates:
Colored Churches:
Guthrie, 921 East Vilas Ave. Miss Etta Hewgley, Mrs. 0. J.
Muskogee, West S. S. Boulevard Corwin, Miss Nannie M. De-
and Seventh St. Salme, 0. D. Slater.
Oklahoma City, Durland and Church School Teachers:
Second Sts. Miss Mildred Baldwin, Miss
Ethel Stuart, Lawrence E. Mar-
tin, J. L. Rettig, Harold Smith,
Organized 1911 Michael, Reece Hopkins.
Territory: All that portion of the Mexican Mission Schools:
State of Texas lying east of the
Texico Conference, and south of D. V. Cram (for Laredo).
the south line of the following Miss Helen Suche (for San An-
counties: Lampasas, Bell, Milam, tonio).
Robertson, Madison, Walker, San Negro Mission:
Jacinto, Tyler, Jasper, Newton, Committee: R. P. Montgomery,
and west of Louisiana to the C. E. Martin, 0. J. Corwin.
Gulf of Mexico. Licentiates:
Population: 1,600,136; churches, S. E. Kilby, C. E. Martin.
17; members, 804.
Bureau Workers Licentiates:
Office Address: 917 South Presa S. P. Cunill, J. R. Carranco.
St., San Antonio, Tex.
Church Directory:
Officers: Corpus Christi, 1200 Block
Pres., R. P. Montgomery. Chamberlain St.
Sec. and Treas., Miss Etta Hew- Houston, 915 Yale St.
gley. Berean, Houston, (Colored) Dow-
Executive Committee: R. P. ling and Calhoun Sts.
Montgomery, E. L. Stewart, San Antonio, 219 Winnipeg Ave.
Walter Kirkham, 0. J. Corwin, San Antonio, Mexican, San Fer-
W. S. Lowry. nando and Sibolo Sts.

Ephesus, San Antonio (Colored) Licentiates:

Hardeman and Hackberry Sts. J. J. Landis, M. R. Proctor, G. R.
Elgin, Rural, Route 5. Soper.
Hondo, Rural, Star Route. Missionary Licentiates:
El Campo, Rural, Hahn Route. Mrs. M. T. Proctor, Miss Velma
Church School Teachers:
Miss Edith Cornish, Mrs. Paul
TEXICO CONFERENCE Ward, Miss Dora Pearl Tolson,
Miss Merle Elliston, Mrs. C. L.
Organized 1916 Kirk, Miss Maggie McCoy, Mrs.
Territory: The State of New Mex- J. E. Brown, Miss Agnes Hin-
ico (excepting San Juan County den.
belonging to the Inter-Mountain Church Directory:
Conference), and that part of Albuquerque, N. Mex., Third St.
the State of Texas lying west Clovis, N. Mex., 423 Rencher St.
and north of the following coun- Clyde, Tex., northeast part of
ties (excepting Lipscomb county town.
belonging to the Oklahoma Con- El Paso, Tex., 3927 Westminster
ference) : West of the Eastern St.
line of Wichita, Archer, Jack, .Hagerman, N. Mex., west of
Palo Pinto, Erath, Hamilton, railroad.
Lampasas, and north of the Raton, N. Mex., City Library
south line of Lampasas, San Hall.
Saba, McCulloch, Concho, "Tom Roswell, N. Mex., northeast of
Green, Trion, Reagan, Upton, west school house.
Crane, Ward, Reeves, Culbert- Lubbock, Tex., Avenue H.
son, and El Paso. Amarillo, Tex., Ninth and Fill-
more Sts.
Population: 1,225,265; churches, Wichita Falls, Tex., Labor Tem-
25; membership, 522. ple.
Postal Address: 419 Rencher St.,
Clovis, N. Mex.
Pres., R. L. Benton. WESTERN UNION CON-
Sec. and Treas. G. R. Soper. FERENCE
Executive Committee: R. L. Educational:
Benton, G. A. LaGrone, J. J. Addington Intermediate School,
Landis, G. L. Truitt, L. Cope.
Legal Assn.: ".The Texico Con- Addington, Okla.
ference Assn. of S. D. A." Pres., Berea Intermediate School, Jef-
R. L. Benton; Sec., G. R. Soper. ferson, Tex.
Department Secretaries: Ketchum Intermediate School,
Tract Soc., G. R. Soper. Ketchum, Okla.
Field Miss., J. J. Landis. ,Oklahoma City Intermediate
Sabbath School, Educational, School, Oklahoma City, Okla.
and Miss. Vol., E. G. Truitt. Southwestern Junior College,
Home Miss., G. A. LaGrone. Keene, Tex.
Religious Liberty, R. L. Benton. Publishing:
Medical, G. A. LaGrone. Western Branch of Southern
Ministers: Pub. Assn., 112-114 St. Louis
R. L. Benton, G. W. Spies, G. A. Ave., Fort Worth, Tex.; H. R.
LaGrone, J. E. Brown. Gay, Manager.
Organized 1907 .
Territory: The provinces of Brit- ALBERTA CONFERENCE
ish Columbia, Alberta, Saskat- Organized 1906
chewan, Manitoba, and that por-
tion of Ontario lying west of the Territory: The Province of Al-
89th meridian. berta.
Population: 400,000; churches, 34;
Population: 3,000,000; churches, members, 1,365.
96; members, 3,459.
Office: Rooms 304-306, I. 0. 0.
Office: 201-202 I. 0. 0. F. Bldg., F. Bldg., Calgary, Alberta, Can-
Calgary, Alberta, Canada. ada.
Officers: Officers:
Pres., A. C. Gilbert. Pres., J. J. Reiswig.
Sec. and Treas., J. M. A. Le-
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, T. R. Marquand.
Lukens. Executive Committee: J. J.
Executive Committee: A. C. Gil- Reiswig, J. M. A. LeMarquand,
bert, T. R. Lukens, C. L. Butter- D. Leiske, A. V. Farnsworth, J.
field, J. J. Reiswig, W. A. Clem- K. Fish, 0. Ziprick, W. A.
enson, F. L. Hommel, C. L. Schebo.
Stone, L. C. Shepard, 0. S. Par- Legal Assn.: " Alberta Confer-
rett, M. D., H. J. Klooster. ence Association of S. D. A."
Legal Assn.: " Western Cana- Trustees: J. J. Reiswig, J. M.
dian Union Corporation of S. A. LeMarquand, E. P. Bassard,
D. A." 0. Ziprick, A. V. Farnsworth.
Department Secretaries: Department Secretaries:
Field Miss., C. R. Morris. Tract Soc., J. M. A. LeMar-
Educational and Miss. Vol., C. quand.
L. Stone. Field Miss., W. B. Easton.
Home Miss., T. R. Lukens. Sabbath School,
Educational and Miss. Vol., D.
Medical Miss., F. L. Hommel. E. Reiner.
Religious Liberty, A. C. Gilbert. Home Miss., D. E. Reiner.
Transportation Agent, T. R. Ministers:
Ministers: J. J. Reiswig, C. K. Reiswig, J.
K. Fish, W. A. Schebo, 0. Zip-
A. C. Gilbert, C. L. Stone, W. G. rick, H. S. Miller.
Honorary: N. McGill. Licentiate's:
P. A. Rick, C. D. Smith, S. M.
Licentiates: Ryan, H. A. Niergarth, Peter
F. L. Hommel, 0. S. Parrett, Yakavenko, B. A. Reile, D. E.
M. D., H. J. Klooster. Reiner.
Missionary Licentiates: Missionary Licentiates:
T. R. Lukens, C. R. Morris. J. M. A. LeMarquand, C. R. Mor-
Honorary: H. E. Shelstad. ris, Miss J. Kruse.

Church School Teachers: Church Directory:

Miss Margaret Nickel, H. Grace Vancouver:
Walker, Wilma McCarty, M. D. 1758 Union St.
Knoll, J. W. Hober, Mrs. J. W. 2056 Forty-second Ave.,East.
Hober, Mrs. Hilma Williams. Sixty-sixth Ave. andinear


Organized 1902
Organized 1903
Territory: British Columbia, Can-
ada. . Territory: The Province of Mani-
toba and that portion of Ontario
Population: 635,000; churches, 19; lying west of the 89th Meridian.
members, 639.
Population: 800,000; churches, 12;
Office: 605 Carter-Cotton Bldg., members, 420.
Vancouver, British Columbia.
Officers: Office: 302 Nokomis Bldg., Win-
nipeg, Manitoba.
Pres., W. A. Clemenson.
Sec. and Treas., T. S. Bowett. Officers:
Executive Committee: W. A. Pres., L. C. Shepard.
Clemenson, T. S. Bowett, A. E. Sec. and Treas., Adolph Bern-
Shantz, A. Ritchie, S. G. White, hard.
H. W. Dutton, Dan Reiswig. Executive Committee: L. C.
Legal Assn.: " British Columbia Shepard, F. W. Johnston, D. Gul-
Association of S. D. A." brandson W. A. Ramsay, Evan
Department Secretaries: Roberts, 'Adolph Bernhard, Hen-
ry Berg.
Tract Soc., T. S. Bowett. Legal Assn.: " The Manitoba
Field Miss., J. W. Wagner. Conference of S. D. A."
Sabbath School, Mrs. A. C. Gil-,
bert. Department Secretaries:
Educational, Miss. Vol., and Tract Soc., Adolph Bernhard.
Home Miss., C. W. Degering. Sabbath School, Mrs. L. C. Shep-
Religious Liberty, W. A. Clem- ard.
enson. Educational, Miss. Vol., and
Home Miss., Lyle C. Shepard.
Ministers: Religious Liberty, F. W. John-
W. A. Clemenson, A. Ritchie, S. ston.
G. White.
Missionary Licentiates: Lyle C. Shepard, F. W. Johnston,
C. W. Degering, T. S. Bowett, D. Gulbrandson, H. Berg.
H. Cameron, Mrs. H. Cameron, Honorary: Neil McGill.
Mrs. A. Ritchie, Mrs. A. C. Gil-
bert, R. E. Robinson, J. W. Wag- Licentiates:
ner. H. P. Parker, P. Sigurdsson.
Church School Teachers: Missionary Licentiates:
Wm. McCready, Mrs. Wm. Mc- Mrs. L. C. Shepard, Adolph Bern-
Cready, C..H. Casey, Mrs. C. H. hard, S. Demchuk, G. F. Ojala,
Casey, Miss Marie Stickle. J. H. Zackary.

Church Directory: Ministers:

Winnipeg (English), 290 Ban- C. L. Butterfield, Wm. Wasell,
nerman Ave. J. G. Walker, G. W. Rader, 0.
Winnipeg (Icelandic), 603 Al- M. Akre.
verstone Ave.
Theo. Diminyatz, J. J. Jutzy,
J. D. Neufeld, C. 0. Smith, D. D.
SASKATCHEWAN CONFER- Neufeld, Luther Long, H. K.
ENCE Martin, G. F. Ruf.
Organized 1912 Missionary Licentiates:
Territory: The Province of Sas- Peter Paulson, Wm. Brown, Mrs.
katchewan. J. J. Jutzy, Nickel Bodnig, Wm.
Population: 1,165,000; churches, Rumison, Archie Shipowick, Ro-
31; members, 1,035. land Carlill.
Office: 426 Spadina Crescent,
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Can-
Pres., C. L. Butterfield.
Sec. and Treas., J. J. Jutzy. Educational:
Executive Committee: C. L. Battleford Academy, Battleford,
Butterfield, J. J. Jutzy, G. W. Saskatchewan.
Rader, Wm. Wasell, H. K. Mar- Canadian Junior College, La-
tin, D. D. Neufeld, E. E. Farns- combe, Alberta.
worth, C. W. Deer. Publishing:
Legal Assn.: " Saskatchewan
Conference Assn. of S. D. A." Western Branch of the Canadian
Watchman Press, 303 Noko-
Department Secretaries: mis Bldg., Winnipeg, Mani-
Tract Soc., J. J. Jutzy.
Field Miss., Roland Carlill. Medical:
Home Miss., G. F. Ruf. Bethel Sanitarium, Bowness
Sabbath School, Mrs. J. J. Jutzy. Park, Calgary, Alberta.
Educational and Miss. Vol., G. F. Rest Haven Sanitarium, Sidney,
Ruf, British Columbia.
Territory: Europe, and that por- GENERAL LABORERS IN THE
tion of Asia and Africa not in- EUROPEAN DIVISION
cluded in other Divisions.
Population: Cir. 400,000,000. L. H. Christian, L. R. Conradi,
Cable and Telegraphic Address: W. K. Ising, E. Kotz, J. C. Raft,
Advent, Bern. W. A. Ruble, H. F. Schuberth,
Office Address: Holieweg 17, Bern, W. E. Read.
Vice-President for Europe, L. H. HAMBURG SEVENTH-DAY AD-
Treasurer, C. Pedersen.
Secretary, W. K. Ising. Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg, Ger-
General Auditors, Jens Olsen, many
P. Brandt.
(Legal society to hold all property
Department Secretaries: of the denomination in Ham-
Field Secs., J. C. Raft, H. F. burg.)
Publishing, H. Box. Officers: L. R. Conradi, Pres.;
Miss. Vol. and Educational, Power of Attorney,, H. Hartkop;
Sabbath School, Treas., Alice Ktissner; other
Medical Miss., W. A. Ruble, members: The presidents of the
M. D. Central European, East Ger-
Home Miss., E. Kotz. man, and West German Unions,
Foreign Miss., W. E. Read. and of local conferences therein.


Organized July, 1923

Territory: Esthonia, Latvia, and ESTHONIAN CONFERENCE

Lithuania. Organized 1912
Population: 6,391,000; churches, Territory: Esthonia.
51; members, 2,709.
Population: 1,500,000; churches,
Office: Dzirnavu eela 47, Riga, 15; membership,' 1,026.
Office: Merepuiestee ja Jnseneri
Officers: tan. Nurgal, Reval, Estland.
Pres., D. N. Wall.
Treas., E. Kreews. Officers:
Executive Committee: D. N. Pres., M. Lass.
Wall, K. Sutta, M. Lass, Ed. Sec., M. Parengrub.
Enseleit. Treas., Martha Raba.

Executive Committee: M. Lass, kis, A. Sprogis, K. Rose, A.

M. Barengrub, H. Kohler, G. Eglit.
Reiner, H. Maasik.
Department Secretaries:
A. Sommer, Alfred Vogel.
Tract Soc., Martha Raba.
Field Miss., E. Lillioja. Missionary Licentiates:
Sabbath School, Home Miss.,
Miss. Vol., E. Ney. V. Botsche, M. Sutta, E. Osol, K.
Pelnis, M. Stumberg.
M. Lass, M. Barengrub, A. Klem-
ent, L. Nikkar.
Organized 1920
A. Aug, Eduard Magi, G. Trus-
mann. Territory: District of Memel and
Great Lithuania.
Population: About 3,000,000;
LATVIAN CONFERENCE churches, 6; members, 80.
Address: Karlstrasse 20-a, Memel,
Organized 1920 Memelgau, Lithuania.
Territory: Latvia. Officers:
Population: 2,220,000; churches, Director, E. Enseleit.
30; membership, 1,603.
Sec., W. Strohl-Zagar6, Kruopu
Cable Address: Advent, Riga. g-ve 56-36, Lietuva.
Office Address: Dzirnawu eela 47, Treas., Mrs. E. Enseleit.
Riga, Latvia. Executive Committee: Ed. Di-
seleit, M. Gnedinas-Kybartai,
Officers: Jonis Goira, J. Kelertas, A.
Pres., K. Sutta. Krause-Jurbarka.
Sec., K. Rose.
Treas., E. Kreews. Department Secretaries:
Executive Committee: K. Sutta, Home Miss. and Miss. Vol., M.
0. Preedit, J. Holm, J. Marke- Gnedinas-Kybartai, Gedimino
vitz, J. Bauman, A. Sprogis, K. g-ve 19, butas 5, Lietuva.
Rose. Field Miss., Jonis Goira.
Department Secretaries:, Ministers:
Tract"Soc., K. Sutta.
Field Miss., Alfred Vogel. Ed. Enseleit, M. Gnedinas.
Sabbath School; Home Miss., and Licentiate:
Miss. Vol., A. Sprogis.
W. Strohl.
K. Sutta, J. Schneider, J. Spro- Missionary Licentiates:
lige, P. Purmal, J. Birsin, J. Dri- M. Morenings, J. Goira.
Organized 1902

Territory: The conferences of NORTH ENGLAND CON-

North England, South England, FERENCE
Welsh, and Scottish, and the
Irish Mission. Organized 1921 out of the English
Population: 46,764,530; churches, section of the North British Con-
78; members, 3,789. ference organized 1919, and the j
Midland section of the Welsh
Cable Address: " Hygiene," Wat- Midland Conference, organized
ford, Herts, England. 1919.
Office: Stanborough. Park, Wat-
ford, Herts, England. Territory: The counties of Lanca-
shire, Yorkshire, Durham, Che-
Officers: shire, Isle of Man, Westmore-
Pres., J. E. Jayne. land, Cumberland, Northumber-
Sec. and Treas., H. D. Clarke. land, Derbyshire, Nottingham-
Executive Committee: J. E. shire, Lincolnshire, Staffordshire,
Jayne, W. H. Meredith, A. E. Leicestershire, Rutlandshire
Bacon, R. Mussen, F. A. Spear- Northamptonshire, Worcester-
ing, F. S. Jackson, Dr. W. A. Ru- shire, Warwickshire.
ble, A. S. Maxwell, G. L. Gul-
bramlson, W. R. Raitt, H. D. Population: 19,500,000; churches,
Clarke, G. Baird, H. Osborne. 27; companies, 14; members,
Legal Assn.: " Seventh-day Ad- 1,382.
ventist Union, Ltd." Pres., J. E. Office: 22 Zulla Road, Nottingham,
Jayne; Sec., W. R. Raitt. England.
General Conference Transportation Officers:
A. Bacon, 17 Orford Road, Wal- Pres., A. E. Bacon.
thamstow, E. 17, England. Sec. and Treas., W. G. Baldry.
Department Secretaries: Executive Committee: A. E.
Bacon, W. A. Hall, S. F. Tonks,
Field Miss., . F. W. Goodall, G. T. Bryan, L.
Sabbath School and Miss. Vol., Brooking, A. P. Rae, F. L. Chap-
W. J. Young. man, W. G. Baldry.
Educational, G. Baird.
Home Miss., J. Harker. Department Secretaries:
Medical, Dr. W. A. Ruble. Miss. Vol. and Home Miss., F. W.
Ministers: Field Miss., F. L. Chapman.
J. E. Jayne, J. J. Gillatt, A. S. Sabbath School, W. G. Baldry.
Maxwell. Ministers: -
Licentiates: A. E. Bacon, A. S. Rodd, H. F.
H. D. Clarke, J. Harker, Dr. De'Ath, J. E. Bell, S. F. Tonks,
F. C. Shone, G. Baird. W. A. Hall, F. C. Bailey, A. K.
Missionary Licentiates: Armstrong, E. E. Craven.
A. Bacon, W. R. Raitt, E. H. Licentiates:
Marsh, H. Osborne. F. W. Coppock, F. L. Chapman.

Worcester, 16 High St. Missionary Licentiates:

York, St. Andrews Missions, F. W. Goodall, W. G. Baldry,
Spen Miss E. Cummins, Miss A. F.
Companies: Clarke, Miss M. Living, Miss M.
Simms, Miss A. Larminie, Miss
Blackburn, Mission Room, Aud- I. Anderson, Miss J. Handysides.
ley Range.
Burnley, 41 Albion St. Church Directory:
Langley (Birmingham), 6 Trin- Birmingham:
ity St., Langley. (Bearwood) 4 Rawlings Road,
Lincoln, Portland Chambers, Bearwood.
Portland St. (Handsworth) S. D. A. Church,
Mansfield, Westfield House, Nineveh Road, Handsworth.
Westfield Lane. (South) Tindall Street Schools,
Melton Mowbray, 21 Ashfordby Balsall Heath.
Road. Bradford, Hanson's Board
Middlesborough, Temperance In- Schools, Bradford Moor.
stitute, Woodland Road. Coventry, 128 Much Park St.
Northampton, 52 Albany Road. Derby, Room 3, Temperance Hall.
Rugby, The Mart, Bank St. Grimsby, 5, the Bungalows, Clee
Scarborough, Roscoe Hall, Ros- Road, Cleethorpes, Nr. Grims-
coe St. by.
Seacombe, Liberal Club, 33 Bor- Hull, The Metropole, West St.
ough Road. Kettering, Cannon St., Kettering.
Sutton - in - Ashfield, 29 York Leeds, Working Men's Hall,
Villas, Lucknow Drive. Park St.
Ulverston, Temperance Hall, Ul- Leicester, Sunday School Memo-
verston-in-Furness. rial Hall, New Walk.
Liverpool, S. D. A. Church, Sel-
wyn St., Walton.
Manchester, N., 361a, Bury New
SOUTH ENGLAND CON- Road, Broughton, Manchester.
FERENCE Manchester, S., S. D. A. Church,
Organized 1921 Parkfield St., Moss Side.
(Organized out of the South Brit- Newcastle-on-Tyne, Rechabite
ish Conference) Hall, Oxford St.
Nottingham, Room 75, The Me-
Territory: The Counties of Corn- chanics' Hall.
wall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Rotherham, 34 Mansfield Road,
Gloucester, ts,ilOxford, Berks, Moorgate.
Bucks, Surrey, Kent, London, Rushden, North St.
Middlesex, Hertford, Bedford, Sheffield, Cliff e Hall, Derbyshire
Huntingdon, Cambridge, Nor- Lane, Meersbrook.
folk, Essex, Isle of Wight, and Southport, Y. M. C. A. Hall,
the Channel Islands. East Bank St.
Office: Lindrick House, Seven Sis- Stoke-on-Trent, The School,
ters Road, Finsbury Park, Lon- Hapfield Estate, Hartshill.
don, N., England. Waterloo, Waterloo "WI, 3 Ox-
ford Road.
Officers: Wellingborough, Old Masonic
Pres., F. A. Spearing. Hall, Merriots Lane.
Sec. and Treas., H. Robson. Wigan, 31 Millgate.
Executive Committee: F. A. Wolverhampton, 8 Merridale St.,
Spearing, W. Maudsley, L. W. off Penn Road.

Barras, W. P. Prescott, 0. M. Forest Hill, Foresters Hall, Rag-

Dorland, W. H. Bunker, Dr. F. C. lan St., Forest Hill, S. E. 23.
Shone, H. Yeates, J. Bannister, Gillingham, Rechabite Hall,
S. G. Joyce, J. S. Newman, H. Cross St., Gillingham, Kent.
Robson. Hastings, Upper Room, 55 and
57, Mount. Road, Clivevale.
Department Secretaries:
Kingston, Friends' Meeting
Home Miss. and Miss. Vol., S. G. House, Eden St.
Joyce. London, North, Lindrick House,
Sabbath School, H. Robson. Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury
Field Miss., J. S. Newman. Park, London, N. 4.
Medical, Dr. W. A. Ruble. London, N. W., Wesleyan
Educational, H. H. Howard. Church, Harlesden.
Ministers: London, W., S. D. A. Church,
F. A. Spearing, W. Maudsley, L. Bath Road, Chiswick, W. 4.
W. Barras, W. P. Prescott, 0. M. Luton, 17 Old Bedford Road.
Dorland, T. H. Cooper, J. Mc- Plymouth, 19 Greenbank Ave.
Avoy, J. B. West. Portsmouth, Allensfield School,
5 Margate Road, Southsea.
Licentiates: Reading, 77 Shaftsbury Road.
F. E. Powell, J. J. Hyde, A. F. Ropley, Barnetts Wood, Bighton,
Bird, S. G. Joyce: Alresford, Hants.
Southampton, The Academy,
Missionary Licentiates: Shirley Road, Shirley.
G. W. Bailey, R. Borrowdale, J. Stanborough Park, The College,
S. Newman, H. Robson, C. H. Watford.
Anscombe, Mrs. E. M. Brooks, Walthamstow, S. D. A. Church,
Mrs. D. Casey, Miss E. Guntrip, Boundary Road, London, E. 17.
Miss G. E. Wallace, Miss W. Watford, S. D. A. Church, Dia-
Quibell, Miss D. Brown, Miss W. mond Road, Leavensden Road,
D. Clifford, Miss E. M. Powell, Watford.
Miss M. Anderson, Miss B. Wimbledon, Masonic Hall, Kings-
Clarke. ton Road.
Church Directory: Companies: ,
Bath, 37 Green Park. Dorchester, 59 Monmouth Road.
Bournemouth, Richmond Hall, E. Dereham, The Assembly
Alma Road (above Worlds Rooms, Norfolk.
Stores). Ely, 3 St. Johns Road, Ely,.
Brighton, Hove Academy of Mu- Cambs.
sic, Church Road, Hove. Harrow, The Hut, College Road.
Bristol, St. Gabriels Road, Hessenford, Widegates, Hessen-
Easton. ford, St. Germans, Cornwall.
Catford, Sportsbank Hall, Newport, Shide House Cottage,
Sportsbank Road. Newport, I. 0. W.
Croscombe, Wesleyan Chapel.
Romford, 81a South St., Rom-
Cambridge, New Service Hall, ford, Essex.
Eden St.
Edmonton, 18 Bounces Road, Lr. St. Mabyn, Trebell House, St.
Edmonton, N. 9. Mabyn, S. 0. Cornwall.
Exeter, 1 Bedford Circus. Salisbury, 3 Dew; Road.
Forest Gate, Jireh Hall, 133 Sa- Sandown, 20 Avenue Road, San-
bert Road, Forest Gate, E. 7. downs I, 0. W.

Sittingbourne, Fern House, Sta- organshire, Monmouthshire and

plehurst Road, Milton Regis. Isle of Anglesey.
Torquay, Co-operative Hall,Cas- Population: 3,013,489.
tle St. Office Address: 25 Brynhyfryd St.,
Ventnor, Winterdyne, Dudley Brynhyfryd, Swansea, Wales.
Road, Ventnor, I. 0. W.
Walmer, 91 Downs Road. Officers:
Pres., W. H. Meredith.
SCOTTISH CONFERENCE Sec. and Treas., J. H. Parkin.
Organized 1921 out of the North Sabbath School Sec., Miss. Vol.,
British Conference, organized Home Miss. Sec., J. H. Parkin.
1919. Executive committee: W. H.
Meredith, D. Morrison, H. W.
Territory: The whole of Scotland Armstrong, J. W. Ford, H. D.
including the Hebrides, Orkneys, Jones, R. Jacques, D. Davies, J.
and Shetlands. H. Parkin.
Office Address: Stanborough Park, Ministers:
Watford, Herts, England.
W. H. Meredith, D. Morrison,
Officers: H. W. Armstrong.
Pres. and Sec., R. Mussen.
Treas., H. D. Clarke. Missionary Licentiates:
Conference Committee: J. H. Parkin, D. Davies, Miss
M. Lenanton, Miss L. Cooper,
R. Mussen, G. Hyde, T. Thomp- Miss I. M. Baldwin, Miss 0.
son, A. Hogg, E. R. Elias. Davies.
Field Miss. Sec. and Miss. Vol.,
F. L. Chapman. Church Directory:
Ministers: Aberdare, 16 Spencer St., Cwma-
R. Mussen, G. Hyde. man.
Bargoed, Gwerthoner Place, Gil-
Licentiate: fach.
E. R. Elias. Blaenavon, Mission Hall Llan-
Missionary Credentials: over Road.
Miss J. Archibald, Miss Rob- Caerphilly, la Stockland St.
ertson, Miss E. Donaldson. Cardiff, 15 Moira Terrace, Ad-
Ebbw Vale, Harcourt Villa,
Organized 1921 out of the Welsh- Hereford, Citizens' Hall, Union
Midland Conference, organized St.
.1919. Merthyr, 38 Victoria St.
Territory: The counties of Flint- Newport, S. D. A. Church, Eves-
shire, Denbighshire, Carnarvon- well, Shepstow Road.
shire, Merionethshire, Montgom- Pembroke Dock, Middle Bastle-
eryshire, Shropshire, Hereford- ford Farm, Rosemarket, Noy-
shire, Radmorshire, Cardigan- land.
shire, Pembrokeshire, Carman Pontypridd, MiSSIOTI Hall, 24,
thenshire, Brecnockshire, Glam- West Street,

Forth, Gilfach Mission Hall, Treas., H. D. Clarke.

Cymmer. Advisory Committee: F. S.
Rhos, Jones Street Mission Hall. Jackson, S. Joyce, G. Reid, R.
Swansea, Y. M. C. A., Page Whiteside, W. Shaw.
Wattsville, 22 Falcon Terrace, Department Secretary:
Brynawel, Cross Keys. Sabbath School and Miss. Vol.,
Wellington, 13 Vineyard Road. Miss D. Moseley.
F. S. Jackson, S. Joyce.
Office: Killlea4, Muckamorel, Co.
Antrim, Ireland. Missionary Credentials:
Officers: Miss D. Moseley, Miss Ballard,
Supt. and Sec., F. S. Jackson. Miss J. Bastow.


Organized 1912
Territory: German Swiss, Wur- Medical Miss., Dr. P. Schmid.
temberg, North Bavarian, South Field Miss., L. Lutz.
Bavarian, Main-Neckar, German Sabbath School and Miss. Vol.,
Austrian Conferences. Willy Edener.
Religious Liberty, G. W. Schu-
Population of Germany: 62,000,- bert.
000 according to census of 1920; Traveling Nurse, Jandola Surber.
churches in union, 169; members,
7,551. Ministers:
G. W. Schubert, 0. Schildhauer.
Office Address: Tizianstr. 35, Licentiate:
Munich, Germany. Willy Edener.
Officers: South German Building Associa-
Pres., G. W. Schubert. tion:
Sec. and Treas., Otto Schild- Manager: Karl Fili, Architect.
hauer. Committee: G. W. Schubert, 0.
Office Sec., Dora Jenssen. Schildhauer, E. Gugel, J. Muth,
Sub-Treas., Helene Kofink. F. A. Prieser, E. Bahr, C. A.
Executive Committee: G. W. Motzer, G. Seng, K. Fili.
Schubert, E. Gugel, 0. Schild- South German Health Associa-
hauer, F. A. Prieser, J. Muth, tion:
W. Bahr, C. A. Motzer, G. Seng, Committee: G. W. Schubert, 0
Dr. P. Schmid, 0. Schuberth, Schildhauer, E. Gugel, Dr. P.
L. Lutz, J. G. Hopf, G. Muller, Schmid.
G. Hofer. Manager, Dr. P. Schmid.
Nursing Home Wiesbaden, Rhein-
Department Secretaries: str. 64:
Home. Miss., Willy Edener. Leader and first nurse: Kate
Educational, Otto Schuberth. Lapp.

Nurses: Lisette Maar, Mimi Licentiates:

Simon, Grete Ott, Leonore J. Miihlbacher, L. Schneebauer.
Dorfler, Hanna Dirks.
Missionary Licentiates:
E. Ehinger, A. Gutmann, Therese
BADEN CONFERENCE Edenweger, Ottilie Westenber-
,Organized 1912; reorganized 1922
Territory: Baden.
Office: Kriegstr. 84, Karlsruhe- GERMAN-SWISS CONFERENCE
Baden, Germany.
Organized 1901
Pres., G. Seng. Territory: German Switzerland
Sec. and Treas., Anny Bussinger. and Cantons of Grison and Ti-
Auditor, 0. Schildhauer. cino.
Executive Committee: G. Seng, Office Address: Stampfenbachstr.
L. Schaefer, L. Aberle, K. Kafitz, 85, Zurich, Switzerland.
R. Scherz.
Ministers: Officers:
G. Seng, L. Aberle, F. C. Grieser. Pres., E. Gugel.
Licentiate: Sec. and Treas., E. Haring.
K. Adolph. Auditor, 0. Schildhauer.
Executive Committee: E. Gu-
Missionary Licentiates: gel, G. Mailer, E. Siegrist, A.
G. Kupfer, H. Willi, 0. Neubauer, Rudolf, J. Ktible'r, A. Merz.
W. Schaeffler, A. Gassman.
Department Secretaries:
Homo' Miss. and Miss. Vol.,
ENCE Field Miss., Stuber.
Organized 1921
Territory: German-Austria (for
merly Austrian, Anterior Aus E. Gugel, Meyer Bartschy, F.
trian, and Styrmark-Carnten Rudin, R. Balder.
missions.) Licentiates:
Office: Pelzgasse 2-10, Vienna, E. Haring, J. Wuffli.
XV., Austria.
Officers: Missionary Licentiates:
Pres., F. A. Prieser. W. Dussy, E. Berner, E. Tobler,
Sec. and Treas., Bertha Bruscha. E. Haas, E. Spengler.
Auditor, Otto Schildhauer.
Executive Committee: F. A
Prieser, R. Lange, W. Brich, K. MAIN-NECKAR CONFERENCE
Floder, K. Turnherr.
Organized 1920
Department Secretaries:
Home Miss. and Miss. Vol., A. Territory: The northern part of
Sachsenmayer. Baden, Hessen to the right and
Field Miss., Grabener. the left of the Rhine, the dis-
tricts of Wiesbaden, Rtidesheim,
Ministers: and Aschaffenburg.
F. A. Prieser, F. Gruber, A.
Sachsenmeyer, R. Lange, A. Office: Eschenheimer Anlage 32,
Weinert, D. Eicher. Frankfurt an Main, Germany.

Officers: Licentiates:
Pres., E. Bahr. L. Krug, E. Kuschel.
Sec. and Treas., D. Worner. Missionary Licentiates:
Auditor, Otto Schildhauer. G. Zollman, Rosa MilIler, E.
Executive Committee: E. Bahr, Kolschmann, Lina Hof man,
J. Streib, C. Reihlen, F. Diirr, Frieda Zollmann, M. Parall.
P. Hanke, Rost, R. Scherz.
Department Secretaries:
Home Miss. and Miss. Vol., F.
Field Miss., E. Fuchs. FERENCE
Ministers: ' Organized 1919
E. Bahr, C. Reihlen, F. Dtirr, J. Territory: The southern part of
F. Grieser, K. Golzer. Upperpfalz, Lower Bavaria, Up-
Licentiates: per Bavaria, Schwaben, and
Paul GOde, Gg. Knecht, Eduard
Mayer. Office: Alpenstr. 29, Miinchen, Ger-
Missionary Licentiates: Officers:
Gg. Bohm, J. F. Staubert, Mina Pres., C. A. Motzer.
Muller, Christine Pipgras. Sec. and Treas., Lydia Rein.
Auditor, Otto Schildhauer.
Executive Committee: C. A.
NORTH BAVARIAN CONFER- Motzer, G. Mai, J. G. Hopf, J.
Strauss, Gemeih ard.
Department Secretaries:
Organized 1919 Home Miss. and Miss. Vol., W.
Territory: Upper, Central, and Edener.
Lower Frankonia, Upperpfalz, Field Miss., Kohler.
excepting Regensburg. Ministers:
Office: Austr. 112 III, Niirnberg, C. A. Motzer, H. Langenberg,
Bavaria, Germany. G. F. HOrner, G. Diirolf,G. Mai,
A. Junginger.
Pres., 0. Schildhauer. Licentiates:
Sec. and Treas., Laura Ha,gel- A. Stammberger, E. Adolph.
stein. Missionary Licentiates:
Auditor, Union Treasurer. G. Sommer, A. Henger, B.
Executive Committee: 0. Schild- Schmid, Buess, K. Westenberger,
hauer, Chr. Braun, J. Kohler, A. Vochezer.
G. Barth.
Department Secretaries:
Home Miss, and Miss. Vol., L. WURTEMBERG CONFERENCE
Field Miss., Zuber. Organized 1912; reorganized 1921
and 1922
Territory: Wurtemberg.
0. Schildhauer, R. Werner, M.
Ponig, A. v. Wallenstern, Hans Office: Bismarckstr. 79, Cannstatt-
Schwarz. Stuttgart, Germany.

Officers: Missionary Licentiates:

Pres., J. Muth. W. Gemeinhardt, A. Ansel, M.
Sec. and Treas., Johanna Walz. Schulte, M. Priill, Josephine
Auditor, Otto Schildhauer. Scheible, Luise Ffirst, Marie
Scheibenberger, H. Noltze.
Executive Committee: J. Muth,
R. Miiller, G. 118fer, H. Wittig,
K. Mergenthaler. SCHOOL CHURCH
Department Secretaries: Organized 1921
Territory: Bad Aibling.
Home Miss. and Miss. Vol., Max Office Address: Tizianstr. 35, Mu-
Busch. nich, Germany.
Field Miss., F. Riedlinger. Officers:
Elder, Dr. P. Schmid.
Ministers: Treas., Helene Hofink.
J. Muth, R. Milner, Fr. Gre- Minister:
gorius, Max Busch, J. Penner. H. Schmid.


Organized 1919 '
Territory: Entire Republic, com- Missionary Licentiate:
prising the Moravian- Silesian W. Kudelka.
Conference, North Bohemian
Conference, Central Bohemian
Mission and Slovakian Mission. MORAVIA-SILESIAN CONFER-
Population: 13,000,000; churches, ENCE
65; members, 1,709. Office Address: Badergasse 12,
Office Address: Badergasse 12, Troppau, Czechoslovakia.
Troppau, Czechoslovakia. Officers:
Officers: Pres., R. Riihling.
Pres., R. Riihling. Sec., W. Kudelka.
Sec., W. Kudelka. Treas., A. Reckziegel.
Treas., Augusta Reckziegel, Executive Committee: R. ROM-
Kralovo Pole, Wilsonowa, 8, ing, K. Jelen, J. Popelka, P.
Briinn, Czechoslovakia. Tannenberg, J. Petruschka.
Executive Committee: R. Riihl- Department Secretaries:
ing, M. H. Wentland; H. Bisch- Field Miss., J. Popelka.
off, J. Popelka, F. Ludwig, E. Miss. Vol., W. Kudelka.
Seidl, J. Doubraysky. Ministers:
Department Secretaries: R. Riihling, K. Polednik, K.
Field Miss., J. Popelka. Jelen, A. Gomola.
Home Miss., R. Riihling. Licentiate:
Miss. Vol. and Sabbath School, J. Oborny.
W. Kudelka.
Missionary Licentiates:
Minister: J. Mokry, A. Suchanek, J.
R. Riihling. Chodura, A. Busch, M. Bujok.

.Church Directory: Officers:

Brno, Kounicova 14.
1Via.hr. Ostrau, Marienberg Pal- Supt., J. Doubraysky.
acki 171. Sec., S. Kupcik.
Troppau, Hans Gudlichgasse Treas., A. Reckziegel.
(Israel Gemeindehaus). Executive Committee: J. Dou-
Nawsi, Advent-Kapell, Lazy 519. braysky, E. Balzar, J. Simon,
J. Mokry, A. Cepl.
Department Secretaries:
ENCE Field Miss., S. Kupcik.
Office Address: Pragerstrasse 36,
Teplitz-Schtinau, Czechoslovakia. Ministers:
J. Doubraysky, J. Simon.
Pres., M. H. Wentland. Missionary Licentiates:
Sec., F. B8hm. J. Kroulik, R. Machac, A. Adam.
Treas., A. Reckziegel. Church Directory:
Executive Committee: M. H.
Wentland, H. Aberle, E. Seidl, Prague Kral. Vinhorady, Jung-
K. Daute, J. Hannitsch. manova tr. 25.
Prague, Spalena 34.
Department Secretary:
Field Miss., J. Stefanschick.
M. H. Wentland, H. Aberle, R.
Neumann, F. Bohm. Office Address: Vodna ul. 2, Kas-
chau, Czechoslovakia.
K. Fleck, B. Vietze. Officers:
Missionary 'Licentiate : Supt., H. Bischoff.
A. Neugebauer. Treas., A. Reckziegel.
Executive Committee: H. Bisch-
Church Directory: off, A. Gajdos, K. Harting, J.
Reichenberg, Rochlitzerstrasse 9 Cernak, F. Semian.
Teplitz-Selinau, Pragerstrasse Department Secretaries:
36. Miss. Vol., B. Holthus.
Aussig E. Schmeikalstrasse 6 Field Miss., P. Schurmann.
bei Heptner.
Eger in BOhmen, Wallenshinsh Ministers:
bei Neugebauer. H. Bischoff, G. Geier.
Karlsbad, Helenengasse Haus
Augusburg bei Rohn. Licentiates:
Gablonz a. N. Hofgasse 4 bei St. Macko, J. Raschka.
Missionary Licentiates:
B. Streissinger, B. Cismar.
Church Directory:
Office Address: Gregrova 32,
Prague - Vinhorady, Czechoslo- Bratislava, Palackiplatz 9 II.
vakia. Kosice, Vodna. ul. 2.
Organized 1909
Territory: The Berlin, Branden- Bez. Magdeburg. Pres., W.
burg, Silesian, West Saxon, Krumm; Manager and Sec., W.
Northeast Saxon, Pomeranian, Hans.
and East Prussian Conferences. Legal Building Assn.: " Mittel-
Population: about 25,000,000; d e u t sche Grundstficksgesell-
churches, 314; members, 12,250. schaft m. b. H." Pres., W.
Hans; Sec. and Treas., A. Hes-
Office Address: Uhlandstr. 189, sel. Office: Uhlandstr. 189 III,
III, Charlottenburg, Berlin, Ger- Berlin-Charlottenburg, Germany.
Cable and Telegraphic Address:
" Adventmission, Berlin."
Pres., J. H. Schilling. Organized 1920
Sec., A. Heumann.
Treas., A. Hessel. Territory: Greater Berlin.
Financial Agent, W. Hans.
Auditor, P. A. Brandt. Office: Ahornstr. 27, Berlin-Steg-
Executive Committee: J. H. litz, Germany.
Schilling, F. Miffing, W. Hoff- Officers:
mann, A. 0. Janert, R. Lusky, P.
Horn, B. Ohme, J. Seefried, A. Pres., W. Hoffmann.
Posch, O. Kapitz, W. Muller, Sec. and Treas., R. Daumichen.
E. Meyer, M. D., L. E. Conradi, Executive Committee: W. Hoff-
M. D., W. Hans, H. Glass, A. mann, D. Brinkmann, M. Golze,
Hessel. M. Schiirer, A. Mulack, G. Frad-
rich, 0. Hausmann.
Department Secretaries:
Home Miss. and Miss. Vol., 0. Department Secretaries:
Kapitz. Miss. Vol., Sabbath School, and
Sabbath School and Educational, Home Miss., D. Brinkmann.
H. Glass. Field Miss., K. Ostwald.
Medical Miss., E. Meyer, M. D. Medical Miss., Maria Brasina.
Field Miss., A. Posch.
J. H. Schilling, W. Muller, O. W. Hoffmann, A. DUrner, D.
Kapitz, H. Glass. Brinkmann, M. Schiirer, F.
Dressler, R. SchrUder, A.
Licejtiates: Schenck.
E. C. Witzke, F. Pieringer, P. Licentiates:
E. Jeschke, B. Pest.
Missionary Licentiates:
W. Lesovsky, A. Heumann, Chr. Missionary Licentiates:
Zybach, E. Trusen.
A. Fatting, L. Eisberg, K.
Legal Health Assn.: "Deutscher Steudel, W. Noack, A. Reinhold,
Verein fur Gesundheitspflege Martha Thilmmel, Helene Jun-
e. V." Friedensau, Post Grabow, ker, Gertrud Pest.

BRANDENI3URG CONFERENCE Department Secretaries:

Miss. Vol., Sabbath School, and
Organized 1920 Home Miss., H. Seidel.
Field Miss., J. Morenings.
Territory: Districts of Potsdam,
Jerichow I and II, Torgau, Ministers:
Liebenwerda, Magdeburg, Wit- J. Seefried, K. Amelung, H.
tenberg and Frankfurt a. Oder. Seidel; M. Budnick, F. Seidler,
Office: Schliiterstrasse 11 I, Char- W. Ninow, F. Leplatoni, R.
lottenburg, Germany. Dietiich, G. Domnick, K. "Jonu-
liet, H. Korsch, M. Zilinski.
Pres., R. Lusky.
W. Gauger.
Sec., F. Selle.
Treas., Frieda Rowert. Missionary Licentiates:
Executive Committee: R. Lusky, W. Mier, P. Behrendt, K. Pan-
A. W. Milner, C. Vogel, R. segrau, E. Rathke, H. Neumann.
Schatz, H. Langenstrassen.
Department Secretaries:
Miss. Vol., Sabbath School, and NORTHEAST SAXON CON-
Home Miss., A. W. Milner. FERENCE
Field Miss., . Kissling.
Organized 1919
Medical Miss., Berta Klein.
Ministers: Territory: District of Dresden,
R. husky, A. W. Milner, F. Bautzen, and Leipzig.
Baucke, W. Fiirle, G. Freund, W. Office: Eliasstr. 20 c., Dresden-A,
Radke, H. Schmitz, A. Milner. Germany.
Licentiates: Officers:
A. Brendel, F. Selle, W. Kloss, Pres., B. Ohme.
A. Wachholz, W. Pudewell. Sec. and Treas., E. Kermer.
Missionary Licentiates: Executive Committee: B. Ohme,
H. Ross, T. Bottcher, K. Diet- F. Hambrock, E. Dwehus, B.
rich, L. Bohmelt, Margarete Neuhaus, M. Richter, M. Fischer,
Soyk, Antonie Martin. B. Reibetanz.
Department Secretaries:
Miss. Vol., Sabbath School, and
Organized 1903 Field Miss., R. Volzke.
Medical Miss., Elfriede Schroder.
Territory: Province of East Prus-
sia, West Prussia, Danzig. Ministers:
B. Ohme, F. Hambrock, E. Dwe-
Office: Roonstrasse 57, Allenstein, hus, W. Schwenecke, H. Brink-
East Prussia, Germany. mann, J. Brzezinski.
Pres., J. Seefried. G. Piwarz, F. Heinrich, W. Giil-
Sec., F. May. denpfennig, R. Patzig.
Treas., Martha Dabritz. Missionary Licentiates:
Executive Committee: J. See- M. Ballack, S. Steinkritzer, W.
fried, H. Seidel, M. Budnick, G. Milner, J. Beier, Louise Nat-
Dobinski, J. Heimann, H. Czukta, schinski, Elfriede Melchior, G.
F. May. Ackermann.


Medical Miss., Senta Rank.
Organized 1901
Territory: Province of Pomera- Ministers:
nia. A. 0. Janert, A. Krautschick, A.
Rebensburg, 0. Bauscher, H.
Office: POlitzerstrasse 45, Stettin, Hufnagel, A. Langholf, E. Nil-
Germany. ther, A. Arnold, H. Effenberg.
Officers: Licentiates:
Pres., F. Gotting. E. Frauchiger, G. Petzold, A.
Sec. and Treas., M. Jaekel. Walter, W. Thalmann.
Executive Committee: F. Gott-
ing, P. Liidtke, F. Tschirnitz, F. Missionary Licentiates:
Bahr, H. Wittig. H. Linde, W. Bartsch, W. Adam-
Department Secretaries: sky, H. Labs, P. Muller.
Miss. Vol., Sabbath School, and
Home Miss., H. Wittig.
Field Miss., A. 'Alder.
Medical Miss., Hedwig Koch. WEST SAXON CONFERENCE
Ministers: Organized 1920
F. Witting, P. Stocker, W. Trib-
bensee, R. Fatting, E. Jager, H. Territory: District of Chemnitz
Dietrich, 0. Panzig. and Zwickau.
F. Derlath. Office: Adventhaus, Hans Sachsstr.,
Chemnitz, Germany.
Missionary Licentiates:
W. Kulpatzki, 0. Bahr, F. Bahr, Officers:
F. Kroger, W. Troger, Schw. von Pres., P. Horn.
Konradowitsch. Sec. and Treas., Frieda Korduan.
Executive Committee: P. Horn,
A. Krautschick, E. Loser, R.
Heidenreich, R. Queek.
Department Secretaries:
Organized 1907
Miss. Vol., Sabbath School, and
Territory: Province of Silesia. Home Miss., H. Schluttig.
Field Miss., E. LOser.
Office: Bunsanstr. 5, Breslau, Ger- Medical Miss., Hanny Sickesz.
Officers: P. Horn, H. Kobs, Aug. Kraut-
Pres., A. 0. Janert. schick, F. Scior, F. Grellmann.
Sec., W. Schmieder.
Treas., Martha Fuchs. Licentiates:
Executive Committee: A. 0. H. Schluttig, J. Salatzkat, H.
Janert, Andreas Krautschick, T. Friedrich, R. Scheibitz, E. Hilde-
Forster, W. Natschinski, G. brandt, 0. Haase.
Thiel, A. Jllig, H. Liebal.
Missionary Licentiates:
Department Secretaries: K. Thiele, E. Pistorius, B. Neef,
Miss. Vol., Sabbath School, and M. Hoehmuth, Klara Horn,
Home Miss., A. Krautschick. Anita Broszat, Anna Jlling.
Organized 1923

Territory: Abyssinia proper, Gal- CENTRAL ABYSSINIAN

laland, Eritrea, British, French, MISSION
and Italian Somali Coast.
Organized 1921
Population: 13,000,000.
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Territory: Abyssinia proper.
P. 0. Box 145, Addis Abeba,
Abyssinia. Postal Address: S. D. A. Mission,
P. 0. Box 145, Addis Abeba,
Officers: Abyssinia.
Supt., V. E. Toppenberg.
Sec. and Treas., M. Sorenson.
Executive Committee: V. E. Top- Director, V. E. Toppenberg.
penberg, W. Koelling, R. Stein, Sec. and Treas., M. Sorenson.
G. Gudmundsen, M. Sorenson.
Minister: V. E. Toppenberg.
V. E. Toppenberg.
Missionary Licentiates:
Missionary Licentiates:
Mrs. V. E. Toppenberg, M. Sor-
Mrs. V. E. Toppenberg, M. Sor- enson, Mrs. M. Sorenson.
renson, Mrs. M. Sorenson.


Organized 1909 Organized 1922

Territory: The Italian colony of

Territory: Gallaland.
Postal Address: S. D. A. Mission,
Postal Address: Missione Avven- P. 0. Box 53, Addis Abeba,
tista, P. 0. Box 243, Asmara, Abyssinia.
Director, W. Koelling.
Director, G. Gudmundsen. Sec. and Treas., W. Koelling.
Sec. and Treas.,
G. Gudmundsen, 0. G. Michele. W. Koelling, R. Stein.

Missionary Licentiate: Missionary Licentiates:

Mrs. G. Gudmundsen. Mrs. W. Koelling, Mrs. R. Stein.
Organized 1902
Territory: The LOman, North BELGIAN CONFERENCE
France, South France, East
France, and Belgian Confer- Organized 1920
ences; and the Italian, Spanish,
Portuguese, and Algerian Mis- Territory: Belgium.
sions. Office: 174 Boulevard Anspach,
Brussels, Belgium.
Population: Approximately 120,-
000,000; churches, 74; member- Officers:
ship, 2,784. Pres., A. J. Girou.
Sec. and Treas., Miss C. Beullens.
General Office: Gland, Switzerland. Executive Committee: A. J.
Girou, J. Wibbens, J. L. Loots,
Officers: L. A. Mathy, J. Van den Bosch.
Pres., A. V. Olson. Department Secretaries:
Sec.,Treas., and Auditor, Robert . Tract Soc., Miss C. Beullens.
Gr Field Miss., M. Ringoot.
Executive Committee: A. V. Home Miss., J. L. Loots.
Olson, Robert Gerber, J. Robert, Miss. Vol., M. Ringoot.
A. G. Roth, L. E. Bork, J. Rey, Sabbath School, Miss M. Mas-
U. Augsbourger, P. Badaut, P. P. sange.
Richard, A. J. Girou, D. G. Wer-
ner, L. J. Stene, Paul Meyer, Ministers:
Albert Meyer, L. L. Caviness, A. J.. Girou, J. Wibbens, R. G.
S. Badaut, J. A. P. Green, Dr. Klingbeil, J. L. Loots, L. A.
J. Nussbaum. Mathy.
'Department Secretaries:
Missionary Licentiates:
Field Miss., J. A. P. Green. C. Beullens, M. Ringoot, L.
Sabbath School, Educational, Vrancken, J. Gilles.
and Miss. Vol., L. L. Caviness.
Home Miss., Samuel Badaut, 100
Rue Leibnitz, Paris 18, France.
Medical Miss., Dr. J. Nussbaum, EAST FRANCE CONFERENCE
1 bis rue Bernardin de St.
Pierre, Le Havre, France. (Formerly Alsace and Lorraine
Organized 1919
A. V. Olson, J. Vuilleumier, L. L.
Caviness, A. G. Roth, A. Vaucher, Territory: Alsace-Lorraine, the de-
L. P. Tieche. partments of Meurthe et Mo-
Honorary: J. P. Badaut. selle, Vosges, Haute - Saone,
Meuse, Haute-Marne, and the
Licentiates: territory of Belfort.
Samuel Badaut, R. Gerber, J. A. Office: Grand 'Rue 144, Strasbourg,
P. Green. Alsace, France.

Officers: Ministers:
Pres., P. F. Richard. J. Rey, J. C. Guenin, Albert
Sec. and Treas., George Haberey. Guyot, J. H. Weidner, W.
Executive Committee: P. F. Schaefer.
Richard, 0. Haberey, J. Fehr, Missionary Licentiates:
P. J. Frei, V. Monnier, G. Kiehl,
C. Zigan. M. Duval, A. Pache, Marie Han-
hardt, D. Lecoultre, J. Offner,
Department Secretaries: D. Walther, J. Clement, G.
Tract Soc., G. Haberey. Ferciot.
Field Miss., Werner Lagger. Church School Teacher:
Sabbath School, J. Frei. Miss Alice Favarger.
Home Miss., Miss. Vol., and Ed-
ucational, G. Haberey.
P. F. Richard, J. Fehr, J. Frei,
V. Monnier, Ch. Kamm. Organized 1923
Territory: Departments north of
Missionary Licentiates: Charente Inferieure, Charente,
G. Haberey, W. Lagger, Miss Haute - Vienne, Creuse, Allier,
Laura Gerber, Miss E. Gross, Saone et Loire, and Jura; and
Miss W. Hockenberger. west of Meuse, Haute-Marne,
and Haute-Sarene.
Office Address: 1 Rue Nicolas
Roret, Paris 13, France.
Organized 1884 Pres., U. Augsbourger.
Territory: The French-speaking Sec. and Treas., George Weber.
parts of Switzerland. Executive Committee: U. Augs-
bourger, George Weber, Dr. J.
Office Address: Rue Jumelles 4, Nussbaum, J. Monnier, J. Vuil-
Lausanne, Switzerland. leumier, A. Roth, A. Jaccard.
Department Secretaries:
Officers: Tract Society, G. Weber.
Pres., J. Rey. Field Miss., F. Charpiot.
Sec. and Treas., M. Duval. Sabbath School, B. Achard.
Miss. Vol. and Educational, M.
Executive Committee: J. Rey, Lavanchy.
M. Duval, J. C. Guenin, A. Pache, Medical Miss., Dr. J. Nussbaum.
Dr. P. A. De Forest, Louis Home Miss., J. Monnier.
Guenin, Luke Monnier.
Department Secretaries: U. Augsbourger, J. Monnier.
Tract Soc., M. Duval. Licentiates:
Field Miss., A. Pache. Dr. J. Nussbaum, M. Lavanchy,.
Sabbath School, M. Hanhardt. F. Charpiot.
Educational. and Miss. Vol., A.
Pache. Missionary Licentiates:
Home Miss., Marcel Duval. G. Weber, R. M. Peelard, B.
Medical Miss., Dr. P. A. De- Michaud, A. Liotier, B. Achard,
Forest. R. Tapon, J. Dethier,

SOUTH FRANCE CONFERENCE Department Secretaries:

Organized 1923 Tract Society, A. Gissler.
Field Miss., M. Chevalerias.
Territory: Departments south of Home Miss., A. Meyer.
Vendee, Deux Sevres, Vienne, Sabbath School, A. Meyer.
Indre, Cher, Nievre, Cote D'Or, Miss. Vol., J. Bureaud.
Haute-SaOne, and Doubs.
Office Address: 3 Rue Ste. Marie Minister:
des Terreaux, Lyon, France. Albert Meyer.
Officers: Licentiate:
Pres., Paul Badaut. J. Bureaud.
Sec. and Treas., Oscar Ganty.
Executive Committee: Paul Missionary Licentiates:
Badaut, Oscar Ganty, Oscar R. T. E. Colthurst, A. Gissler,
Meyer, F. Jochmans, Andre Roth, A. Morales, M. Chevalerias.
J. Roustain, Jules Carayon.
Department Secretaries:
Tract Society, Oscar Ganty. ITALIAN MISSION
Field Miss., F. Lavanchy.
Sabbath School, Mrs. Paul Ba- Organized 1903
daut. Territory: Italy.
Miss. Vol. and Educational, F.
Jochmans. Office Address: Casella Postale
Home Miss., Oscar Meyer. 408, Florence, Italy.
Ministers: Officers:
Paul Badaut, Oscar Meyer, T.
Nussbaum, E. Fawer, F. Joch- Supt., D. G. Werner.
mans. Sec. and Treas., F. Mair.
Mission Committee: D. G. Wer-
Licentiate: ner, F. Mair, G. Lippolis, G. Fer-
F. Lavanchy. raris, V. Speranza.
Missionary Licentiates: Department Secretaries:
Oscar Ganty, H. Ferciot, L. Bon-
net, H. Meyrial. Tract Society, F. Mair.
Field Miss., V. Speranza.
Home Miss., G. Lippolis.
ALGERIAN MISSION Sabbath School, F. Mair.
Miss. Vol. and Educational, H.
Entered 1905 Loosen.
Territory: Algiera. Ministers:
Office Address: 2 Rue Robert Es- D. G. Werner, G. Lippolis.
toublon, Algiers, Algeria.
Officers: Elie Bertalot, N. Cupertino, G.
Supt., Albert Meyer. Sabatino, J. Pferschy, A. Beer.
Sec. and Treas., A. Gissler.
Mission Committee: Albert Missionary Licentiates:
Meyer, A. Gissler, R. T. E. F. Mair, H. Loosen, E. New-
Colthurst, J, Bureaud, M, Simon. berry, V. Speranza, F, Creanza,


Organized 1904 Organized 1903
Territory: Spain and Spanish
Territory: Portugal. Morocco.
Office Address: Rua Cidade Man- Office. Address: Apartado 492, Bar-
chester 10-4, Lisbon, Portugal. celonai Spain.
Officers: Officers:
Supt., L. J. Stene.
Supt., Paul Meyer. Sec. and Treas., V. E. Dietel.
Sec. and Treas., A. F. Raposo. Mission Committee: L. J. Stene,
Mission Committee: Paul Mey- Pedro Sanz, F. Bond, V. E.
er, A. F. Raposo, J. Abella, F. Dietel, A. J. Lopez.
Simoes, A. Mendes. Department Secretaries:
Tract Soc., H. A. B. Robinson.
Department Secretaries: Field Miss., B. B. Aldrich.
Tract Soc., A. F. Raposo. Sabbath School, Mrs. V. E.
Home Miss., Paul Meyer. Dietel.
Sabbath School and Miss. Vol., Miss. Vol., A. J. Lopez.
A. F. Raposo. Home Miss., B. B. Aldrich.
Ministers: L. J. Stene, Frank Bond, Pedro
Paul Meyer, Jose Abella. Sanz.
Licentiates: V. J. Garcia, V. E. Dietel, Jose
Joao de Sa, A. F. Raposo. Lopez, B. B. Aldrich.
Missionary Licentiates: Missionary Licentiates:
Maria Nicolas, Maria Abella,
F. Simoes, A. D. Gomes. Maria Badenas.
Nurse: Mission School Teacher:
Rosalie Fires. Miss M. Sanz.


Organized 1921

Territory: The Polish Republid, Executive Committee: John

(Posania, Silesia-Galicia Con- Isaac, R. J. Cunitz, Th. Will,
ferences, and Warsaw Mission.) F. Brennwald, H. Bigalke.
Population: 30,000,000; churches, Department Secretaries:
49; members, 1,168.
Miss. Vol., F. Dzik.
Office Address: Nakielska 64, Byd- Field Miss., H. Bigalke.
goszcz, Poland, Europe.
Officers: John Isaac.
Pres., John Isaac.
Treas., F. Brennwald. Missionary Licentiate:
Sec., A. Geisler. F. Brennwald.

POSANIA CONFERENCE Department Secretary:

Territory: Province of Posania. Field Miss., Jan. Kulak.
Office Address: Nakielska 64, Byd- Home Miss. and Miss Vol., J.
goszcz, Poland, Europe. Zastawny.
Officers: R. J. Cunitz.
Pres., John Isaac.
Treas., M. Babinska. Licentiates:
Sec., A. Geisler. J. Niedoba, J. Zastawny, A.
Executive Committee: John Maszczak.
Isaac, A. Liidtke, 0. Krtiger, E. Missionary Licentiates:
Manieeki, F. Brennwald. A. Felte, W. Czembor, A.
Department Secretary: Gajdzica.
Field Miss., H. Bigalke.
John Isaac, A. Liidtke. Territory: Congresspoland.
Licentiate: Office Address: Zakatna 3-7, War-
St. Kapusta. saw, Poland, Europe.
Missionary Licentiate:
L. Zobel. Officers:
Director, Th. Will.
Sec., F. Dzik.
SILESIA-GALICIA CON- Treas., M. Babinska.
FERENCE Mission Committee: Th. Will, F.
Territory: Polish Silesia and Ga- Dzik, E. Rutsch, W. Mazgalski,
licia. A. A. Schilberg, P. Englert, A. I.
Office Address: ul. Francuska 6, Zawadzki.
Katowice, Poland, Europe. Ministers:
Officers: Th. Will, F. Dzik, P. Englert.
Pres., R. J. Cunitz. Licentiates:
Sec., J. Zastawny. A. A. Schilberg, Chr. Bartel.
Treas., M. Babinska. Missionary Licentiates:
Executive Committee: R. J. M. Dolgun, F. Kosmowski, E.
Cunitz, J. Niedoba, Joh. Berke, Kluth, 0. Wajraueh, A. Niewia-
Jan. Pieszka, Georg Czembor. domski, J. Padczyk.


Organized 1919
Territory: All of Rumania, as per Executive Committee: P. P.
boundaries determined by the Paulini, St. Demetrescu, A.
Peace Treaty. Wegner, P. H. Hermann, 0. Fas-
Population: 18,000,000; churches, nacht, I. Stroescu, Dr. Pascu, E.
129; membership, 4,023. G. Spulber, A. Craciunescu.
Office Address: Strada Labirint Department Secretary:
116, Bukharest, Rumania. Home Miss., P. H. Hermann.
Pres., P. P. Paulini. Minister:
Sec. and Treas., 0. Fasnacht. P. P. PauHa

Corporate Society Publishing Branch

Societatea CooperativA " Cuvantul Office Address: Wachsmanngasse
Evangheliei " No. 51 Hermannstadt, Transyl-
vania, Rumania.
(Society for the extension of Evan- Manager, Wilh. Steinmeier.
gelical work)
Address: Strada Labirint No. 116,
Bukharest, Rumania.
Territory: Northeastern part of
Pres., P. P. Paulini. Rumania (Moldova, Bucowina
Vice-Pres., St. Demetrescu. and Bessarabia).
Treas., R. Plesea.
Office Address: Strada Curtea de
Sec., Dr. E. Pascu. Apel No. 10, Focsani, Rumania.
Executive Committee: P. P.
Paulini, St. Demetrescu, A. Officers:
Darie, Dr. Pascu, E. E. Albulescu. Pres., Stefan Demetrescu.
Purpose: Sec. and Treas., I. Moisescu.
Publishing of Christian litera- Executive Committee: St. De-
ture and for buying of buildings metrescu, B. Iliescu, C. Popescu,
for publishing work, treatment G. Spulber, G. A. Escke, I. I.
rooms, meeting halls, etc. Pocuaru.
Department Secretaries:
Publishing Department Field Miss., L. Balan.
Office Address: Strada babirint Miss. Vol., Eufr. Tudorache.
116, Bukharest, Rumania. Ministers:
Officers: St. Demetrescu, C. Popescu, B.
Manager, Illiescu.
Treas., R. Plesea. Licentiates:
Leader of Canvassers: P. H.
Hermann. N. Paduraru, I. Toma, N. Doro-
Editors, P. P. Paulini, St. Deme- bath
trescu. Missionary Licentiates:
Asst. Editors, D. Florea, A. Hed-
wig. A. Petrescu, V. Jacubovici,
Local Committee: P. P. Paulini, C. Doaga, St. Ouatu, N. Alexe,
R. Plesea, N. Nielsen. V. Vlahopol, P.. Olteanu, G.
Dark, I. Moisescu, E. Tudorache.
Buildings Department
Office Address: Strada Labirint MUNTENIA CONFERENCE
116, Bukharest, Rumania.
Territory: Muntenia (southern
Officers: and western part of old Ruma-
Pres., P. P. Paulini. nia).
Sec., R. Plesea. Office Address: Strada Labirint
Treas., 0. Fasnacht. 116, Bukharest, Rumania.

Officers: Department Secretaries:

Pres., P. P. Paulini. - Home Miss. and Sabbath school,
Sec., D. Florea. F. Kessel.
Treas., 0. Fasnacht. Field Miss., Nemes Sandor.
Executive Committee: P. P. Miss. Vol., W. Steinmeier.
Paulini, A. Darie, 0. Fasnacht,
I. Stroescu, C. Ouatu. Ministers:
A. Wegner, St. Kelemen, H.
Department Secretaries: Bauer, F. Kessel, P. Betea.
Miss. Vol., D. Florea.
Field Miss., I. Radulescu. Licentiates:
Home Miss., P. Paunescu. I. Polder, I. Weber, J. Gaspar,
Medical Miss., Nicolina Dobre, M. Manchen.
Ecta. Srom.
Missionary Licentiates:
P. P. Paulini, A. N. Darie, M. I. Reit, M. Demenj, Z. Borzasi, J.
Gehann. Antal, St. Kovacs, P. Korman,
I. Stanescu, D. Faureseu G. Das-
oveanu, C. Dobre, G. Stanescu, C.
Missionary Licentiates: Territory: Banat and Chrisana
P. Paunescu, I. Gheorghisor, A.
Dragusin, St. Stefanescu, M. Address: Strada Vasile Stroescu
Manea, D. Dobre, Ivancica St. No. 2 Arad, Banat, Rumania.
P. Baciuvaroff.
Pres., P. H. Hermann.
Sec., G. Motorca.
ENCE Executive Committee: P. H.
Hermann, G. Motorca, P. Insri-
Territory: Transylvania. anu, C. Lovas, H. Indrianu, Ch.
Office Address: Burgergasse 29
Hermannstadt, Transylvania, Minister:
P. H. Hermann.
Pres., A. Wegner.
Sec. and Treas., W. Steinmeier. G. Motorca.
Executive Committee: A. Weg- Missionary Licentiates:
ner, St. Kelemen, A. Tiickelt, T.
Kondert, B. Balazs, G. Vermesan. S. Nanau, I. Tusa, V. Tolan.
Organized igzo

Territory: All Russia excepting Officers:

those parts attached to the Pres., H. J. Lobsack.
Scandinavian Union and the Far Sec., L. Wojtkiewicz.
Eastern Division. Treas., Th. Wagele.
Membership: Churches, 381; mem- Executive Committee: H. J.
mers, 9,034. Lobsack, K. A. Reifschneider,
H. K. Lfibsack, J. A. Ljwoff, B.
Address: 4 Meschtschanskaja 21, Schmidt, J. Wilson, L. Wojt-
Moscow, Russia. kiewicz.


Organized 1920

Territory: Central Russian, Neva, Address: 4 Meschtschanskaja 21,

and Northwest Russian Confer- Moscow, Russia.
ences, and the White Sea Mis- Officers:
sion. Pres., H. J. Lobsack.
Address: 4 Meschtschanskaja 21, Sec., L. Wojtkiewicz.
Moscow, Russia. Treas., Th. Wagele.
Membership: Churches, 41; mem- Executive Committee: H. J.
bers, 831. Lobsack, F. Gaidischar, L. Wojt-
kiewicz, N. Smirnow.
Officers: Ministers:
Pres., H. J. Lobsack, H. J. Lfibsack, F. Gaidischar.
Sec., L. Wojtkiewicz. Missionary Licentiates:
Treas., Th. Wagele. P. I. Karpow, W. Tarasowsky,
Executive Committee: H. J. K. Pamfilow.
Lobsack, J. Gorelik, F. Gaidis-
char, G. Grigoriew, W. S. Dy-
mann, J. Bojahr, P. Kapustin. NEVA CONFERENCE
Organized 1912
Territory: Petrograd, Olonez,
CENTRAL RUSSIAN CONFER- Nowgorod, and Pskow Govern-
ENCE ments.
Organized 1910 Membership: Churches, 17; mc,m-
bers, 327.
Territory: The City of Moscow, Address: Ropschinskaja 12, Q. 13,
and the Moscow, Wladimir, and Petrograd.
Twer Governments. Officers:
Membership: Churches, 5; mem- Pres., J. Gorelik.
bers,180. Sec., L. Wojtkiewicz.

Treas., Th. Wagele. Ministers:

Executive Committee: J. Gore- G. Grigoriew, S. Jefimow.
lik, J. Bojahr, Kin, J. Anderson.
Missionary Licentiate:
Minister: N. Sadochin.
J. Gorelik.
Missionary Licentiates: E. Ander-
son, L. Nachkur, J. Swirbul, A. - WHITE SEA MISSION
Serkow, and S. Schelnina. Organized 1912
Territory: Archangelsk, Wologda,
. N. Nowgorod, Kostroma, and
Membership: Churches, 5; mem-
Organized 1922 bers, 113.
Territory: Jaroslaw, Kaluga, Mo- Address: Bolschaja Pokrowka 52,
gilev, Orel, Rjasan, Smolensk, Q. 3, N. Nowgorod, Russia.
and Tula Governments.
Membership: Churches, 14; mem- Pres., W. S. Dymann.
bers, 211. Sec., L. Wojtkiewicz.
Address: Leninskaja 40, Orel, Rus- Treas., Th. Wagele.
sia. Executive Committee: W. S.
Dymann, H. J. Liftbsack, Welika-
Officers: now.
Pres., G. Grigoriew. Minister:
Sec., L. Wojtkiewicz. W. S. Dymann.
Treas., Th. Wagele.
Executive Committee: G. Gri- Missionary Licentiate:
goriew, S. Jefimow, M. Michnin. D. Schgulew.


Organized zgx3; reorganized 1920

Territory: Kiev Union District, KIEV UNION DISTRICT

Dnjepr, Podol, and Black Sea
Conferences. Organized 1917
Membership: Churches, 106; mem- Territory: The City of Kiev,
bers, 2,494. Gomel, Tschernigow, and North-
west Poltawa Governments.
Address: Post Box 384, Kiev. Membership: Churches, 9; mem-
Officers: bers, 112.
Pres., J. A. Ljwoff. Address: Post Box 384, Kiev, Rus-
Sec. and Treas., H. Born. sia.
Executive Committee: J. A. Officers:
Ljwoff, M. Griez, P. Swiridow, Pres., J. A. Ljwoff.
G. Raus, A. Tscherskaljsky. Sec. and Treas., H. Born.

Executive Committee: J. A. PODOL CONFERENCE

Ljwoff, J. Kraus, A. Tscher- Organized 1920
skalsky. Territory: Government of Podolia.
Minister: Membership: Churches, 30; mem-
J. A. Ljwoff. bership, 784.
Licentiate: Address: Post Box 384, Kiev.
J. Kraus. Officers:
Missionary Licentiate: Pres., G. Raus.
T. Dsuba. Sec. and Treas., H. Born.
Executive Committee: G. Raus,
J. A. Ljwoff, I. Baranowsky.
G. Raus.
Organized 1919 Licentiate:
Territory: Kiev and Wolhynien N. Chomenko.
Governments, excepting the City Missionary Licentiate:
of Kiev. R. Kutscherug.
Membership: Churches, 48; mem-
Address: Post Box 384, Kiev. Organized 1919
Officers: Territory: Cherson and Nikola-
jew Governments.
Pres., M. Griez.
Sec., and Treas., H. Born. Membership: Churches, 19; mem-
Executive Committee: M. Griez, bers, 337.
M. Koljadenko, G. Lyssogor, M. Address: Post Box 384, Kiev.
Gorbenko. Officers:
Pres., P. Swiridow.
Ministers: Sec. and Treas., H. Born.
M. Griez, M. Koljadenko, K. Executive Committee: P. Swiri-
Rempfert. dow, I. Pilkewitsch, I. Wage-
Licentiates: mann.
S. Tkatschenko, I. Janzen. Ministers:
P. Swiridow, I. Pilkewitsch.
Missionary Licentiates: Licentitate:
F. Kusemko, Grinenko. Sarembo.


Organized igzo
Territory: Asov and East Ukra- Officers:
nian Conferences, Crimean, Don Pres., K. A. Reifschneider.
and Woronesh Missions.
Sec. and Treas., 0. Reifschneider.
Membership: Churches, 56; mem- Executive Committee: K. A.
bers, 1,431. Reifschneider, E. Skorobreschts-
Address: Post Box 106, Jekater- chuk, G. Schewtschenko, G.
inoslay. Gretschko, A. Karetnikow.

ASOV CONFERENCE Address: Post Box 106, Jekater-

Organized 1912 inoslay.
Territory: Jekaterinoslav and Pres.,
Saporoshsk Governments. Sec. and Treas., 0. Reifschneider.
Executive Committee.
Membership: Churches, 28; mem- A. Karetnikow, W. Jaschtschuk,
bers, 606. M. Chotschenko, J. Krinitschny.
Address: Post Box 106, Jekater- Ministers:
inoslav, Russia.
Officers: Missionary Licentiate:
Pres., K. A. Reifschneider. M. Wigovsky.
Sec. and Treas., 0. Reifschnei-
Executive Committee: K. A. DON MISSION
Reifschneider, J. Reimer, G.
Schewtsehenko, G. Gretschko, A. Organized 1920
Karetnikow. Territory: Government of Don.
Ministers: Membership: Churches, 6; mem-
K. A. Reifschneider, J. Reimer, bers, 189.
Address: Post Box 106, Jekater-
Licentiate: inoslay.
EAST UKRANIAN CONFER- Sec. and Treas., 0. Reifschneider.
ENCE Executive Committee: Union
Organized 1920 Committee.
Territory: Charkow, Kursk and Ministers:
Poltawa Governments.
Membership: Churches, 12; mem- Missionary Licentiate:
bers, 350. G. Chawrenko.
Address: Post Box 106, Jekater-
inoslav, Russia.
Pres., E. Skorobreschtschuk. Organized 1920
Sec. and Treas., 0. Reifschneider. Territory: Government of Woro-
Executive Committee: E. Sko- nesh.
robresehtsehuk, A. Gontar, Membership: Churches, 5; mem-
Laschko. bers, 125.
Ministers: Address: Post Box 106, Jekater-
E. Skorobreschtschuk, A. Gon- inoslav, Russia.
Missionary Licentiate: Officers:
K. Manschura. Pres., K. A. Reifschneider.
Sec. and Treas., 0. Reifschneider.
Executive Committee.: Union
Organized 1920 Minister:
Territory: Government of Tauria. K. A. Reifschneider.
Membership: Churches, 5; mem- Licentiate:
bers, 161. W. Teppone.
Organized rgzo

Territory: North-, Central-, and CENTRAL CAUCASIAN CON-

Trans-Caucasian Conferences, FERENCE
and Turkestan Mission.
Organized 1920
Membership: Churches, 62; mem- Territory: Terek and Dagestan
bers, 1,713. Districts.
Address: Armawir, Kuban Dis- Membership: Churches, 8; mem-
trict, Nowo-Moskowskaja ulica bers, 182.
meshdu Stepnoj i Galizinskoj.
Officers: Address: Armawir, Kuban Dis-
trict, Nowo-Moskowskaja ulica
Pres., H. K. LObsack. meshdu Stepnoj i Galizinskoj,
Sec., L. LObsack. Russia.
Treas., Sernjak.
Executive Committee: H. K. Officers:
Lobsack, H. Ostwald, J. KJi- Pres., W. Swiridow.
menko. Sec., L. Lobsack.
Treas., Sernjak.
Executive Committee: W. Swiri-
NORTH CAUCASIAN- CONFER- dow, K. Koch, I. Klimenko.
Organized 1901 Ministers:
W. Swiridow, K. Koch.
Territory: Stawropol and Black
Sea Governments, and Kuban Missionary Licentiate:
District. I. Kilitew.
Membership: Churches, 35; mem-
bers, 1,049.
Address: Arrnawir, Kuban Dis-
trict, Nowo-Moskowskaja ulica Organized 1912
meshdu Stepnoj i Galizinskoj,
Russia. Territory: Baku, Erivan, Elisavet-
pol, Kutais and Tiflis Govern-
Officers: ments.
Pres., H. K. L8bsack. Membership: Churches, 12; mem-
Sec., L. LObsack. bers, 235.
Treas., Sernjak.
Executive Committee: H. K. Address: Armawir, Kuban Dis-
LObsack, J. Heinrichs, 0. Lito- trict, Nowo-Moskowskaja ulica
wstschenko. meshdu Stepnoj i Galizinskoj,
Ministers: Russia.
II. K. Lobsack, J. Petuchow. Officers:
Licentiate: Pres., J. Pachla.
K. Fisenko. Sec., L. Lobsack.
Treas., Sernjak.
Missionary Licentiates: Executive Committee: J. Pachla,
A. Gorzen, W. Schukow. Istjagin.

Ministers: Address: Armawir, Kuban Dis-

J. Pachla, Istjagin. trict, Nowo-Moskowskaja ulica
Licentiates: meshdu Stepnoj i Galizinskoj,
Gukas Gasarjan, Sulawa. Russia.
Organized 1911 Sec., L. Liibsack.
Treas., Sernjak.
Territory: Fergana, Samarkand, Executive Committee: H. Ost-
and Syr-Darja Districts, and wald, H. K. LObsack.
Trans-Caspean Territory.
Membership: Churches, 7; mem- Minister:
bers, 247. H. Ostwald.


Organized 1913; reorganized 192o
Territory: Saratow and Samara- Schmidt, K. S. Schamkow, G.
Ural Conferences. Winik.
Membership: Churches, 38; mem- Ministers:
bers, 761. B. Schmidt, K. S. Schamkow.
Address: Poste Restante, Saratov, Licentiate:
Russia. W. Balasch.
Pres., B. Schmidt.
Sec. and Treas., 0. Saalmann.
Executive Commit tee : B. SAMARA-URAL CONFERENCE
Schmidt, K. Schneider.
Organized 1911, reorganized 1920
Territory: Samara, Orenburg, and
Ufa Governments.
Membership: Churches, 19; mem-
Organized 1911 bers, 308.
Territory: Saratov, Tambow, and Address: Poste Restante, Saratov,
Simbirsk Governments. Russia.
Membership: Churches, 19; mem-
bers, 453. Officers:
Address: Poste Restante, Saratov, Sec. and Treas., 0. Saalmann.
Russia. Executive Committee : B.
Schmidt, A. alosenthal, 0. Wen-
Officers: del, A. Schneider.
Pres., B. Schmidt.
Sec. and Treas., 0. Saalmann. Licentiate:
Executive Committee : B. W. Gaidischar.
Organized 1917, reorganized 192o

Territory: West, Central, South, Address: Post Box 18, Tomsk,

and East Siberian Conferences. Russia.
Membership: Churches, 78; mem- Officers:
bers, 1,804. Pres., J. Wilson.
Sec. and Treas.,
Address: Post Box 18, Tomsk,
Executive Committee:
Officers: J. Wilson.
Pres., J. Wilson.
Sec. and Treas.,
Executive Committee: J. Wil-
son, G. Zirat, L. Nikkar, Stieben, SOUTH SIBERIAN CONFER
Kraus. ENCE
Organized 1921

WEST SIBERIAN CONFERENCE Territory: Semipalatinsk and Sem-

iretschinsk Districts.
Organized 1911
Membership: Churches, 18; mem-
Territory: East Turgai, Akmol- bers, 372.
insk, and Semipalatinsk Dis-
tricts, and Tobolsk Government. Address: Post Box 18, Tomsk.

Membership: Churches, 22; mem- Officers:

bers, 523. Pres., Stieben.
Sec. and Treas.,
Address: Post Box 18, Tomsk, Executive Committee:
Officers: Stieben.
Pres., G. Zirat.
Sec. and Treas.,

Minister: Organized 1911

G. Zirat. Territory: Irkutsk Government,
Transbaikalia, and Javutsk Dis-
CENTRAL SIBERIAN CONFER- Membership: Churches, 18; mem-
ENCE bers, 409.
Organized 1920 Address: Post Box 18, Tomsk,
Territory: Tomsk and Eniseisk
Governments. Officers:
Membership: Churches, 20; mem- Sec. and Treas.,
bers, 500. Executive Committee:
Organized 1909
Territory: The Conferences of Nor- Officers:
way, Sweden, Denmark, Fin- Pres., C. Resen.
land. Sec. and Treas., Balle Nielsen.
Executive Committee. Chr.
Population: 15,220,000; churches, Resen, T. Tobiassen, M. M. Ol-
154; membership, 6,705. sen, P. Norreen, L. Baunsgaard,
Cable Address: Advent, Stock- J. I. Henriksen, J. M. Nielsen.
holm, Sweden. Department Secretaries:
Office: Tunnelgatan 25, Stockholm, Sabbath School, Miss. Vol., and
Sweden. Home Miss., Werner Hansen.
Field Miss., Paul Olsen.
Pres., G. E. Nord. Chr. Resen, M. M. Olsen, Erik
Sec., Erik Arnesen, Naerum, Arnesen, J. P. U. Jensen, T. To-
Denmark. biassen, L. J. Kirkelykke, Axel
Treas., Erik Larsson. Varmer, L. Muderspach.
Auditor, A. C. Christensen.
Executive Committee: G. E. Licentiates:
Nord, A. G. Christiansen, Chr. A. Guldhammer, P. G. Nelsen,
Resen, A. Rintala, Emil Ahrdn, Werner Hansen, J. C. Hoist,
A. C. Christensen, J. C. Ottosen, Robert Jensen, Paul Olsen.
M. D., N. P. Nelson, M. D., Steen Missionary Licentiates:
Rasmussen, Elias Bjaanaes, Erik Claudia Jensen, Nanna Larsen,
Arnesen, C. M. Scott. Christine Andersen, Jensine
Department Secretaries: Knudsen, Thorvald Jensen.
Sabbath School, Educational, Church School Teachers:
Miss. Vol., and Home Miss., Marie Jensen, Kristine Lund,
Steen Rasmussen. Sarah Henriksen, D. D. Petersen.
Field Miss., Elias Bjaanaes.
G. E. Nord, Steen Rasmussen. FINLAND CONFERENCE
Organized 1909
DENMARK CONFERENCE Territory: Finland.
Membership: Churches, 20; mem-
Organized 1880 bers, 1,034.
Territory: The Kingdom of Den Office: Annegatan 7, FIelsingfors,
mark. Finland.

Membership: Churches, 44; mem- Officers:

bers, 2,310. Pres., A. Rintala.
Sec., K. V. Osola.
Cable Address: Expedit, Copenha- Treas., Y. Miettinen.
gen. Executive Committee: A. Rin-
tala, V. Sucksdorff, Sr., 0. Hog-
Office Address: Margrethevej 5, lund, 0. Jaakkola, C. Gidlund,
Copenhagen, V., Denmark. V. Kohtanen, V. Stahlberg.

Ministers: Licentiates:
A. Rintala, C. Gidlund, V. Koh- T. Valen, J. A. Tiligren, B. 0.
ta nen, K. Soisalo. Lands-as, 0. A. Udbjorg, V. R.
Hillman, I. J. Bjerke.
E. Hamara, W. B. Pontynen, G. Missionary Licentiates:
Hermansson. Olaf Wiik, Rolf Skyllstad,
Christine Dahl, Lina, Gaardsrud,
Missionary Licentiates: Louise Borge, Mina Jacobsen,
Laina Lehti, Liina Lehti, A. Borghild, Fulsebakke, Ester Fu-
Tampio, Hj. Halminen, T. Stahl- glevik, Julie Oberg.
berg, Anni Dahlman, Elin Erik-
Organized 1887 Territory: The Kingdom of Swe-
Territory: Kingdom of Norway.
Office: Tunnelgatan 25, Stockholm,
Membership: Churches, 46; mem- Sweden.
bership, 1,993.
Cable Address: Advent, Stockholm.
Cable Address: " Sundhedsbladet,"
Christiania. Membership: Churches, 43; mem-
bers, 1,368.
Office: Akersgaten 74, Christiania,
Norway. Officers:
Pres., G. E. Nord.
Officers: Sec., S. Lundstrom.
Pres., A. G. Christiansen. Treas., Oscar Grundberg.
Sec. and Treas., A. C. Christen- Auditors, A. C. Christensen, Erik
sen. Larsson.
Auditors, Erik Larsson, C. M. Executive Committee: G. E.
Scott. Nord, C. 0. Carlstjerna, Emil
Executive Committee: A. G. Ahren, Wald. Johanson, Seth
Christiansen, 0. J. 0. Rost, 0. S. Lundstrom, C. V. Anderson, C.
Lee, S. H. Myklebust, L. Hal- Kahlstrom.
vorsen, L. Iversen, Elias Bjaa- Legal Assn.: " Sillskapet San-
naes. ningens Harold." Pres., E.
Ahren; Vice-Pres., C. 0. Carl-
Department Secretaries:- stjerna-; Sec., Seth Lundstrom.
Sabbath School, Miss. Vol., and
Home Miss., V. R. Hillman. Department Secretaries:
Field Miss., S. A. Rasmussen. Field Miss., 0. Olson.
Miss. Vol., Home Miss., and
Ministers: Sabbath School, C. V. Ander-
A. G. Christiansen, 0. J. 0. Mist, son.
Chr. Tobiassen, 0. S. Lee, 0. R.
Nicolaysen, L. Saebo-Larssen, N. Ministers:
G. Nielsen, 0. Jordahl, H. Grund- G. E. Nord, C. 0. Carlstjerna,
set. Emil Ahren, A. J. Settergren,
Honorary: A. 0. Naerem. Seth Lundstratn, C. V. Ander-

son, C. Young, 0. Angervo, S. Missionary Licentiates:

Honorary: K. A. Earns&6m, J. Kristina Eriksson, Ellen Th.
Wallenkampf. Svensson, Sigrid Johansson,
Licentiates: Nanna Rudholm, Ellen Svensson,
K. R. Sandstrom, Nils Dahlsten,
Oscar Olson, Fritjof Ruth Andersson, Erik Karlsson,
Wilh. Runolf, G. Lindsay. Alfr. Andersson.


Organized agog
Territory: Rhenish, Hanover, Han- HANOVER CONFERENCE
sa, Thuringian, and Hessia- Organized 1919
Wstphalian and Holland Con-
ferences. Territory: Province of Hanover
(excepting the city of Harburg),
Population: 22,000,000; churches, the Free States of Brunswick
237; members, 9,617. (excepting the district of Blank-
Office Address: Reuter Kaserne 28, enburg), Bremen, Oldenburg,
Duesseldorf, Germany. and the districts of Gardelegen,
Salzwedel, and Stendal.
Pres., Paul Drinhaus, Eifel- Office Address: Bandelstr. 29, Han-
strasse 95, Bonn a. Rhein, nover, Germany.
Treas. and Auditor, 0. Schwen- Officers:
ecke. Pres., C. Bruck.
Executive Committee: P. Drin- Sec., H. Detlefsen.
haus, J. Braun, C. Bruck, H. Tread., W. Russler.
Fenner, K. Sinz, 0. Schwenecke, Executive Committee: C. Bruck,
J. Wintzen, W. Michael, 0. W. Varlemann, W. Redecker, W.
Adolf, H. Hartkop, 0. Hirth, H. Kiehn, R. Pfeiler.
Legal Assn.: " Westdeutsche Department Secretaries:
Home Miss. and Miss. Vol., H.
Grundstacks Gesellschaft m. b. Detlefsen.
H." Dusseldorf, Reuter Kaserne Field Miss., H. Hartmann.
Department Secretaries: C. Bruck, W. Varlemann, F.
Home Miss. and Field Miss., for Weinmann, H. Potschke, F. Hil-
all West German fields not mer, P. ROsel, F. Kobele, A. Oes-
otherwise provided for, W. terreich, R. Dangschat:
Miss. Vol. and Sabbath School Licentiates:
for all West German fields -not C. Glockner, H. Detlefsen, K.
otherwise provided for, F. Adolph, F. Brandt, H. Knoner.
Backer. A. Mannesmann.
Education, W. Michael. Missionary Licentiates:
Ministers: W. V. Oppen, M. Becker, 0, Tha-
Paul. Drinhaus, Fr. Backer. den.

HANSA CONFERENCE trict of Rinteln a. d. Weser;)

Schaumburg ,Lippe, Lippe-Det-
Organized 1909 mold and Waldeck, and District
(Formerly West Ger. Union Dist.(
Territory: Hamburg, Province of Office Adress: Querallee 11, Cassel,
Schleswig-Holstein, Lubeck, Germany.
Mecklenburg, Harburg.
Office Address: Grindelberg 11, Pres., H. Fenner, Dornberg-
Hamburg, Germany. strasse 12, Cassl.
Officers: Treas., F. Meier.
Executive Committee, H. Fen-
Pres., 0. Giebel. ner, W. Schick, S. Hohmann, H.
Sec., M. Kunze. Zahn, H. Wippermann.
Treas., Cl. Hohmann. Department Secretaries:
Executive Committee: 0. Giebel, Home Miss. and Miss. Vol., H.
V. Diinkel, A. Vollmer, W. Struve.
Schulz, P. Schuster. Field Miss., H. Wippermann.
Department Secretaries: Sabbath School, H. Struve.
Field Miss., P. Knitter. Ministers:
Miss. Vol. and Home Miss., A. H. Fenner, W. Schick, P. Stau-
Kruse. bert, H. Drangmeister, H. Behr,
Ministers: M. Wevers, H. Struve.
0. Giebel, F. Rischmiiller, F. J. Licentiates:'
Ott, W. Schulz, C. Kapitz. W. Scholl, G. Fischdick, H. Beck,
Licentiates: C. Harres, E. Hennecke, G. Die-
trich, H. Teichmann.
W. Seiler, M. Kunze, A. Pioeh,
A. Kruse. Missionary Licentiates:
Missionary' Licentiates: . E. Wagner, E. Schiitt, H. Hol.
thus, M. Kraft.
C. v. Fintel, Chr. Wetzel, G.
Darner, A. Severin, B. Bahr, G.
I. Organized 1901
HESSIA-WESTPHALIAN CON- Territory: Netherland.
Office: Egelantiestr. 4, The Hague,
Organized 1893 as West German Netherland.
. Conference
Territory: Province of Westpha-
lia and Hesse-Nassau with Up- Pres., J. Wintzen.
per-Hesse, (excepting the south- Sec., B. v. d. Akerboom.
ern districts of Rildesheim, Treas., H. Schell.
Wiesbaden, Hachst, Frankfurt a Executive Committee: J. Wint-
M. and Hanau, including, how- zen, B. v. d. Akerboom, H.
ever, the northern separate dis- Schell, J. Toben, M. Kramer.

Department Secretaries: THURINGIAN CONFERENCE

Sabbath School,. P. Voorthuis. Organized 1916
Home Miss. and Miss. Vol., H.
Twijnstra. Territory: The Federal State of
Ministers: Thuringia, Coburg, city and
rural district, the Province of
J. Wintzen, P. Schilstra, P. Saxony (excepting the districts
Voorthuis, H. Twijnstra. of Bitterfeld to the right of the
river Mulde, Delitzach to the
Licentiates: right of the river Mulde, Torgau,
F. J. L.Wortman, H. Eelsing, W. Wittenberg, Schweinitz, Lieben-
Betram, W. Berthold. werda, Gardelegen, Salzwedel,
Missionary Licentiate: Osterburg, Stendal, Jerichow I
B. v. d. Woude. and II, Magdeburg, city and
rural district, the district of
Blankenburg, and the Federal
State of Anhalt, excepting the
RHENISH CONFERENCE districts of Zerbst and Dessau to
the right of the river Mulde.
Organized 1922
Office Address: Gotthardtstr. 27,
Territory: Rhineland, without dis- Erfurt, Germany.
trict of Trier.
Office Address: Reuter Kaserne Pres., K. Sinz.
28, Diisseldorf, Germany.
Sec., W. Althoff.
Officers: Treas., B. Aumtiller.
Pres., J. Braun. Executive Committee: K. Sinz,
Sec., F. Backer. C. Kapitz, W. Gallnitz, A. Lusky,
Treas., P. Jaschke. C. Gatzinger.
Executive Committee: J. Braun,
P. Staubert, W. Darner, E. Ka- Department Secretaries:
mann, W. Streich. Home Miss. and Miss. Vol., W.
Department Secretaries: Field Miss., A. Lanz.
Home Miss., F. Backer. Sabbath School, W. Althoff.
Sabbath School, W. Pfeiler.
Miss. Vol., F. Backer. Ministers:
Field Miss., P. Schornstein. K. Sinz, C. Kapitz, A. Behrens,
Ministers: H. Dierking, 0. Kelle, W. Al-
J. Braun, A. Hennig, P. Staubert, thoff, A. Woysch, W. Herbert,
W. Peters.
G. Bahre, W. John, P. Zahl, H.
Watty. Licentiates:
Licentiate: 0. Sander, H. Dieckmann.
Fr. Drescher.
Missionary Licentiates:
Missionary Licentiates: W. Dennstedt, A. Klinker, E.
A. Thomas, P. Schubert, H. Adler, H. Stoltenberg, M. Thier-
Wilson, K. Scheele, A. Meyer, F. felder, M. Michaelis, A. Sonner,
Prillwitz, F. Hiibler, M. Sinz. K. Fischer, A. Hertwig.

BULGARIAN MISSION Treas., Ch. Greiner.

Territory: Bulgaria. Executive Committee: A. Minck,
M. Voigt, A. Zeiner, B. Jeszensz-
Office Address: Losenez 104 a ky, A. Wicklein, I. Poresin, G.
(Villa Rosa), Sofia, Bulgaria, Czegledy.
Department Secretary:
Officers: Tract Soc., K. Sohlmann.
Director, 0. Staubert. Field Miss., A. Wicklein.
Sec., Boris Nikoloff. Sabbath School, K. Sohlmann.
Treas., Home Miss. and Miss. Vol., K.
Executive Commttee: 0. Stau- Sohlmann.
bert, A. Thomas, K. Stojanoff,
D. Varsano, Nedju Nedjeff. Ministers:
Department Secretary: A. Minck, A. Zeiner, M. Voigt,
Field Miss., Nedju Nedjeff. J. Vencel.
Ministers: Licentiates:
0. Staubert, A. Thomas, Stefan A. Lauff, L. Michnay, K. Sohl-
Konstantinoff. mann, K. Tulaszevski.
Missionary Licentiates: Missionary Licentiates:
Boris Nikoloff, George Kirjakoff. D. Zarka, M. BuzgO, L. Papay,
A. Fodor, J. Pali, P. Botyanszky,
L. Halasz, E. Lovass, S. Greiner,
Territory: Greece and Albania.
Office Address: Post Box 144, Salo-
Officers: Territory: Servia, Macedonia,
Director, R. S. Greaves. Montenegro, Bosnia, Dalmatia,
Minister: R. S. Greaves. Croatia, Slovenia, and Wojvo-
Missionary Licentiate:
Loxandra Keanides. Population: 14,000,000; churches,
29; members, 529.
HUNGARIAN CONFERENCE Cable and Telegraphic Address:
Territory: Hungary. " Advent," Novi Sad.
Population: 8,000,000; churches, Office Address: Mission Society
37; members, 880. of Seventh-day Adventists, Pet-
Office Address: Dalnok ucca 13, ra Zrinskog, Street 13, Novi Sad,
Budapest VI, Hungary. Jugoslavia.
Officers: Officers:
Pres., A. Minck. Director, R. Schillinger.
Sec., D. Zarka. Sec. and Treas., N. Slankamenac.

Executive Committee: R. Schil- EAST AFRICAN COMBINED

linger, A. Mocnik, I. Plesko. MISSION
Department Secretaries: Including Kenya Colony, Tangan-
Home Miss., M. Ludewig.
yika, and Belgian East African
Sabbath Sekool, N. Slankamenac.
Miss. Vol., A. Mocnik. Organized 1921
Address: Gendia, via Kisumu,
Ministers: Kenya Colony.
R. ,Schillinger, A. Mocnik, M. Officers:
Ludewig. Supt., W. T. Bartlett.
Missionary Licentiates:
Executive Committee: W. T.
Bartlett, S. G. Maxwell, L. E.
I. Plesko. A. Lane, W. W. Armstrong, E.
A. Beavon, T. G. Belton.
Territory: Turkey. Organized July, 1923
Population: About 7,000,000. Territory: The whole of Egypt,
Office Address: Karanfil Sokak 63, Syria, Palestine, Cyprus, and
Perea, Constantinople. Transjordania.
Postal Address: Galata, Post Box Address: 2 Sharia Ayad Bey, Shu-
109, Constantinople, Turkey. bra, Cairo, Egypt.
Telegraphic Address: Advent, Con- Director: George Keough.
stantinople. Ministers:
Officers: George Keough, Nils Zerne.
Director, M. Grin. Licentiate: E. G. Essery.
Sec. and Treas., E. Ashod. Missionary Licentiates:
Mission Committee: M. Grin, Bulos Abdul Messiah, Ibrahim el
Mrs. Diamond Ashod, E. Ashod, Khalil.
Gabriel Pirenian.
Missionary Licentiate: Territory: The Faroe Islands.
Mrs. Diamond Ashod. Population: 22,000.
Address: Niels Finsensgade, Thors-
havn, Faroe Islands.
Director and Minister:
Ruanda Mission: S. D. A. Mission,
Gitwe, Ruanda, Belgian East ICELAND MISSION
Africa. Territory: Iceland and Greenland.
Superintendent: D. E.- Delhove. Address: Box 262, Reykjavik, Ice-
Ministers: land.
D. E. Delhove, A. Matter. Officers:
Litentiate: Director, 0. J. Olsen.
Henri Monnier. Sec. and Treas., J. Jonsson.

Local Committee: 0. J. Olsen, SOUTH PARE MISSION .

G. Piiisson, J. Jonsson, Loftur Postal Address; Buiko, via Tanga,
Sigurdsson, Onundur Joseplisson. Tangayika Territory, British
Department Secretary: East Africa.
Home Miss., Miss. Vol., and Director: S. G. Maxwell.
Field Miss., G. Palsson. Minister: S. G. Maxwell.
Minister: 0. J. Olsen. Licentiate: A. F. Bull.
Missionary Licentiate: Kihurio, Mamba, Suji, Vunta.
G. Palsson.
KENYA COLONY MISSION Address: Gendia Mission, Kisumu,
P. 0. Kenya, British East
Organized 1912 (Entered 1906) Africa.
Territory: British East Africa. Ministers:
Population: 7,665,234. W. Cuthbert, A. Watson.
Headquarters: Gendia Mission, Ki- E. B. Phillips.
sumu, P. 0. Kenya, British East Missionary Credentials:
Africa. A. H. Matthews, R. H. Mat-
Second Station: Wire Hill, Kis- thews, F. Salway.
umu. Majita District:
Third Station: Kisii, Kisumu. Head station: Majita.
Second station: Iramba.
Fourth Station: Kanyadoto Mis- Third station: Nyabangi.
sion, Kisumu. Fourth station: Shirati.
Fifth Station: Kamagambo, Kis- Ushashi District:
umu. Head station: Busegwe.
Second station: Ikizu.
Officers: Third station: Utimbaru.
Director, W. T. Bartlett. Fourth station: Sizaki.
Sec., L. E. A. Lane. Usukuma District:
Ministers: Head station: Ntusu.
W. T. Bartlett, L. E. A. Lane. Second station: Itilima.
Third station: Kanadi.
Licentiates: Fourth station: Mwag,ala.
W. W. Armstrong, T. G. Belton,
E. A. Beavon, E. R. Warland,
Missionary Credentials: MISSION
Miss G. Clarke. Entered 1914
Territory: Islands of Mauritius
and Madagascar. .
MESOPOTAMIAN MISSION Office Address: Rose Hill, Mauri-
tius Island.
Address: Care Bashir Abo Basso, Officers:
Pharm., Mosul, Iraq.
Supt., Marius Raspal.
Director_ and Minister: Sec. and Treas., Miss Lydie Le
J. McGeachy. Memo.

Mission Committee: M. Raspal, Licentiates:

E. Michel, Br. No0. H. Munson, J. A. Bonney.
Minister: Missionary Credentials:
Marius Raspal. H. E. Boyce.
Missionary Licentiates:
S. M. Michel, E. Michel, S. Cu- NIGERIA MISSION
niah, L. A. Henriot. Organized December, 1913
Territory: Nigeria, West Af-

Territory: Persia and Azerbeijan. Population: 16,500,000.

Director and Minister:

Address: Ilorin, Shao, Nigeria,
West Africa.
F. F. Oster, Tabriz, Persia.
Director, Wm. McClements.
Advisory Committee: L. F.
WEST AFRICAN COMBINED Langford, Wm. McClements, J.
MISSION E. E. Borgeaud, A. L. Balugan.
Organized 1918 Minister: W. McClements.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Agona,
Coomassie, Gold Coast, West Af- J. E. E. Borgeaud, J. Clifford.
Missionary Credentials: W. G. Till.
Superintendent, L. F. Langford.
Executive Committee: L. F.
Langford, Wm. McClements, H. SIERRA LEONE MISSION
W. Lowe, J. Clifford.
Organized 1913
Population : 1,400,000.
GOLD COAST MISSION Address: S. D. A. Mission, Water-
Organized December, 1913 loo, Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Territory: Gold Coast, West Af- Officers:

rica. Director, H. W. Lowe.
Sec., Miss E. Howard.
Population: 1,500,000. Advisory Committee: L. F. Lang-
ford, H. W. Lowe, E. Ashton,
Address: Agona, Coomassie, via I. W. Harding.
Seccondee, Gold Coast, West
Africa. Minister: H. W. Lowe.
Officers: Licentiates:
Director, L. F. Langford. I. W. Harding, E. Ashton, Geo.
Advisory Committee: L. F. King.
Langford, J. W. Garbrah. Missionary Credentials:
Ministers: Miss Middleton, Miss E. How-
L. F. Langford, J. W. Garbrah. ard.

INSTITUTIONS IN THE EURO- I Iamburg Publishing House,

Grindelberg 15a, Hamburg 13,
Educational: Jugoslavian Publishing House,
Petra Zrinskog 13, Novi Sad,
Aibling Seminary, Kurhaus, Jugoslavia.
Wittelsbach, Bad Aibling, Latin Union Publishing House,
Oberbayern, Germany. Damiharie les Lys (Seine-et-
Baltic Union School, Riga, Lat- Marne) France.
via. Polish Publishing House, Nakiel-
Finland S. D. A. Mission School, ska 64, Bydgoszcz, Poland.
Tavastehus st., Finland. Reval Publishing House, Mere-
Friedensau Missionary Semi- puiestee 14-a. Tallinn, Es-
nary, Friedensah, Post Gra- thonia.
bow, Bezirk Magdeburg, Ger- Riga Publishing House, Dsirnavu
many. eela, 47, Riga, Latvia.
Latin Union Training School, Rumanian Publishing House,
Collonges sous Saleve, Haute Strada Labirint 116, Buk-
Savoie, France. harest, Rumania.
Levant Mission School and Or- Scandinavian Publishing House,
phanage, Post Box 144, Salo- Akersgaten 74, Christiania,
nica, Greece. Norway; with branch at
Naerum Mission School, Nae- Margrethevej 5, Copenhagen,
rum, via Skodsborg, Denmark. V., Denmark.
Neandertal Missionary Semin- Stockholm Publishing House,
ary, Neandertal, Post Mett- Tunnelgatan 25, Stockholm,
- man, Rhld., Germany. Sweden.
Norway S. D. A. Mission School,
Algarheim pr. Jessheim, Nor-
way. Sanitariums:
Stanborough Missionary College,
Watford, Herts, England. Bad Aibling Sanitarium, Kur-
Swedish Missionary School, Ny- saus Wittelsbach, Bad Aibling,
hyttan, Jarnboks, Sweden. Oberbayern, Germany.
Waterloo Industrial School, Wa- Christiania Health Home, Ak-
terloo, Sierra Leone, West Al ersgaten Z4, Christiania, Nor-
rim. way.
Friedensau Health Home (for-
merly Friedensau Sanitarium),
Publishing: Post Grabow, Bez. Magdeburg,
Barcelona Publishing House, Germany.
Apartado 492, Barcelona, Lake Geneva Sanitarium, Gland,
Spain. Ct. Vaud, Switzerland.
British. Publishing House, Wat- Skodsborg Sanitarium, Skods-
ford, Herts, England. borg, Denmark.
Czechoslovakian Publishing
House, Kralovo Pole, Wil- Stanborough Park Sanitarium,
sonowa 8, Briinn, Czechoslo- Stanborough Park, Watford,
vakia. Herts, England.
Finland Publishing House, An- Waldfriede Sanitarium Alsen-
negatan 7, Helsingfors, Fin- strasse 99-109, Zehlendorf-
land. West, near Berlin, Germany.
Organized r9r3-; reorganized 1915, 1917, 1919

Territory: The Japan, Chosen, General Members: I. H. Evans, S.

Manchurian, Malaysitn, Philip- L. Frost, L. V. Finster, S. E.
pine, North China, South China, Jackson, F. H. DeVinney, 0. A.
West China, East China, East Hall, Frederick Lee, M. C. War-
Siberian, and Central China Un- ren, B. Petersen, H. A. Oberg,
ion Missions; also Mongolia, C. C. Crisler, E. A. Moon, H. I.
Tibet, Chinese Turkestan, Siam, Smith, Henderson, H. 0.
Annam. Swartout, E. J. Kraft, T. T. Ba-
Population: 620,484,765. bienco, G. J. Gjording, L. I.
Membership: Churches, 231; mem- Bowers.
bers, 10,980. Managers of Publishing Houses:
W. P. Henderson, E. A. Moon,
Cable and Telegraphic Address: A. B. Cole, H. I. Smith, E. L.
" Adventist," Shanghai. Woods.
Postal Address: 25 Ningkuo Road, Union Field Missionary Secreta-
Shanghai, China. ries: R. M. Milne, Nathan
Brewer, M. F. Wiedemann, J. C.
Executive Board: I. H. Evans, C. Klose, John Oss, E. L. Lutz, M.
C. Crisler, H. W. Barrows, B. Pe- Popow, V. L. Beecham, S. Mi-
tersen, H. A. Oberg, Frederick yake, M. E. Mullinnex, E. J.
Lee, 0. A. Hall, M. C. Warren, Kraft.
F. H. DeVinney, S. E. Jackson,
L. V. Finster, T. T. Babienco, C. Editors:
E. Weeks, Dr. C. C. Landis, S. L. H. 0. Swartout, E. R. Thiele,
Frost, Mrs. Adelaide B. Evans, S. Yamazaki, E. M. Adams, A.
V. T. Armstrong, J. G. Gjording. N. Anderson, Melvin Munson,
Chairman, I. H. Evans. Mrs. Theo. Wangerin.
Sec., C. C. Crisler. Educational Department:
'Treas., H. W. Barrows.
Auditor, Secretary: S. L. Frost; other
members: Ed. SeC'ys of Union
Legal Associations: " General Con- Missions, heads of Training
ference Corporation of Seventh- Schools, I. H. Evans, 0. A. Hall,
day Adventists." H. W. Bar- F. Lee, C. C. Crisler, V. T. Arm-
rows, Attorney-in-fact. strong, B. L. Anderson, G. E.
" Shanghai Sanitarium Associa- Clarke, 0. F. Sevrens, Ida E.
tion." Pres., I. H. Evans; Vice- Thompson, D. S. Williams, H. C.
Pres., C. C. Landis; Sec., C. C. Baumgartner, B. F. Gregory, L.
Crisler; Treas., H. W. Barrows; C. Wilcox, 0. B. Kuhn, H. L.
Address, 34 Nanking ,Road, Shull.
Shanghai, China.
Sabbath School Department:
Publishing Department: Secretary: Adelaide Bee Evans.
Sec.: C. E. Weaks; associate, J. Advisory Committee: Mrs. A. E.
J. Strahle; office sec., Mrs. R. Iverson, Mrs. M. C. Warren, Mrs.
G. Miller. . M. Fukazawa, Mrs. S. E. Jack-

son, Mrs. T. T. Babienco, Mrs. Missionary Licentiates:

Frederick Lee, Mrs. R. M. Milne, H. W. Barrows, Mrs. H. W.
Mrs. John Oss, Mrs. Theo. Wan- Barrows, Mrs. C. C. Crisler, Mrs.
gerin, Mrs. K. H. Wood, Mrs. A. I. H. Evans, Mrs. S. L. Frost,
Mountain, H. 0. Swartout, E. R. Mrs. C. C. Landis, Mrs. C. E.
Thiele. Weaks, C. F. Colton, Mrs. C. F.
Home Missionary Department: Colton, Miss Dorothy Wheeler,
Secretary: C. E. Weaks. Miss Lucy Andrus, Mrs. R. G.
Office Sec., Mrs. R. G. Miller. Miller, Miss Ruth Messenger, Mrs.
Missionary Volunteer Department: M. G.. Conger, Mrs. D. E. Rebok,
Secretary: S. L. Frost. Mrs. W. A. Scharffenberg, Miss
Bessie Mount, M. C. Ackley,
Medical Department: Mrs. M. C. Ackley, C. A. Carter,
Secretary: C. C. Landis, M. D. Mrs. C. A. Carter, W. P. Hen-
LABORERS HOLDING CREDEN- derson, Mrs. W. P. Henderson,
TIALS FROM THE FAR - G. S. Luther, Mrs. G. S. Luther,
EASTERN DIVISION Miss Edyth Roberts, Mrs. H. 0.
Swartout, Mrs. E. R. Thiele,
Ministers: Mrs. J. G. Gjording, H. C. White,
I. H. Evans, C. E. Weaks, Wu Mrs. H. C. White, L. A. Carr
Dzeh Shan, C. C. Crisler, S. L. (on furlough), Mrs. L. A. Carr,
Frost, M. G. Conger, A. C. Sel- Miss Edyth Johnson, J. A. Guild,
l-non, C. C. Landis, H. 0. Swart- Mrs. J. A. Guild, Miss Tillie E.
out, 0. B. Kuhn. Barr, Mrs. Dr. Bertha Selmon,
Licentiates: Mrs. D. E. Davenport, Miss Ida
E. R. Thiele, D. E. Rebok, W. A. Thompson, Dr. R. W. Paul, Mrs.
Scharffenberg, Dr. D. E. Daven- R. W. Paul, Miss Effie A. James,
port. Mrs. 0. B. Kuhn.


Organized igig
Territory: The following-named E. Strickland, M. E. Mullinnex
provinces: Ronan, Hunan, Hu- (on furlough), Liu Djen Bang, -
peh, Kiangsi, Shensi, Kansu. Liu Djung Gwang, Lou Gan
Ching, Ho Ai Deng, Wu Shou
Population: 126,302,787; churches, Shan, Liv Doh.
43; members, 1,232.
Office Address: Wang Gia Dun, Department Secretaries:
Hankow, Hupeh, China. Educational, D. S. Williams.
Sabbath School and Miss. Vol.,
Officers: Mrs. A. Mountain.
Supt., 0. A. Hall. Publishing and Home Miss., M.
Sec. and Treas., A. Mountain. E. Mullinnex (on furlough).
Executive Committee: 0. A. Women's Work, Mrs. M. E. Mul-
Hall, A. Mountain, C. P. Lillie, linnex (on furlough).
D. S. Williams, W. E. Gillis (on Medical Miss., Dr. H. C. James,
furlough), C. H. Davis, H. C. Lowanho, Yencheng, Honan,
James, M. D., E. H. James, W. China.

Minister: Mrs. W. I. Hilliard (on fur-

0. A. Hall. lough), Mrs. E. L. Longway, Li
Hain Dzi, Li Ping An, Niu Deng
Licentiates: San, Tang Yao Giai, Tang Yao
M. E. Mullinnex (on furlough), Tien, Wang Wen Yuen, Ren
A. Mountain, D. S. Williams. Seng Tsai, Han Seng Chen, Liu
Gin Bo, Gia Wen Deh, Djang
Missionary Licentiates: Djeng Hai, Liu Si Mu, Gia Hsi
Mrs. A. Mountain, Miss Della Yang, Li Hwan Hain, Yuen Shu
Chapman, Mrs. M. E. Mullinnex Shis, Gwo Da Sao, Gi Swen Shih.
(on furlough), Mrs. 0. A. Hall
(on furlough).

HONAN MISSION Organized 1917
Organized 1917 Territory: The Province of Hunan.
Territory: The Province of Honan. Address: S. .D. A. Mission, The
Island, Changsha, Hunan, China.
Address: Lowanho, Yencheng, Ho-
nan, China. Officers:
Officers: Director, C. H. Davis.
Sec. and Treas., H. R. Dixon.
Director, W. E. Strickland.
Sec. and Treas., W. I. Hilliard Department Secretaries:
(on furlough). Field Miss., Yue Gwang Yao,
Department Secretaries: Ren Gwo Hwa.
Home Miss., Wang Deh Dzi.
Sabbath School, Mrs. W. E. Sabbath School, Mrs. C. H. Da-
Strickland. vis.
Pub. and Home Miss., E. L. Educational and Miss. Vol.,
Longway. . Health and Temperance
Educational and Miss. Vol., D.
S. Williams. Minister: Ho Ai Deng.
Medical Miss., Dr. H. C. James.
Women's Work, Mrs. D. S. Licentiates:
Williams. C. H. Davis, H. R. Dixon, Liu
Ministers: Do, Hwang Djung Seng, Tang
Shao Djen.
W. E. Strickland, Du Fu Dzu,
Liu Djen Bang, Dju Dji Ih. Missionary Licentiates:
Mrs. C. H. Davis, Mrs. H. R.
Licentiates: Dixon, Liu Li Dzi, Liu Ai Gwang,
Dr. H. C. James, D. S. Williams, Ih Bing Heng, Yeh Da Suh, Li
Djao Hsi Meng, Fan Deh Dzun, Gwei Fu, Dju Dzi Ai, Djang Fu
W. I. Hilliard (on furlough), E. Hsuan, Pu Sin Ting, Peng Shih
L. Longway, Peng Hsien Djung. Sin, Peng Fu Lin, Hwang Dzi
Lin, Li Ai Ching, Hu Si Gwei,
Missionary Licentiates: Hsu Gin Tang, Wang Deh Dzi,
Mrs. D. S. Williams, Mrs. W. E. Yue Gwang Yao, Kwang Shou
Strickland, Mrs. Dr. H. C. James, Ting, Ren Gwo Hwa,

HUPEH MISSION Address: S. D. A. Mission, Kill-

kiang, Kiangsi, China.
Organized 1909
Territory: The Province of Hupeh. Director, E. H. James.
Address: Wang Gia Dun,/Hankow, Sec. and Treas.,
Hupeh, China. S. S. Sec., Mrs. E. H. James:
Field Miss. and Home Miss., T. .
Officers: A. Shaw.
Director, C. P. Lillie.
Sec. and Treas., H. G. Bogar. Ministers:
E. H. James, Liu Djung Gwang.
Department Secretaries:
Field Miss. and Home Miss., Licentiates:
Educational, C. P. Lillie. T. A. Shaw, Djang Bao Ling.
Sabbath School, Mrs. C. P. Lillie.
Missionary Licentiates:
Ministers: Mrs. E. H. James Mrs. T. A.
C. P. Lillie, Mo Che Ren. Shaw, Fu Ling Yuin, Li Yu
Licentiates: Djang, Chen Ming Dao, Djao
Shao Hsi, Nien Chwen Hwa.
Wu Shou San, Djou Hsiou Lin,
Li Wei Ching, Wang Shou Ih.
Missionary Licentiates:
II. G. Bogar, Mrs. C. P. Lillie, SHENSI MISSION
Mrs. H. 0. Bogar, Djang Hswen
Djen, Fan Tze Hsian, Liu Yang Organized 1917
Gu, Han Yao Chen, Yang Deh
Hwei, Djang Gwan Hwan, Hu Territory: The Province of Shensi.
Beh Ching.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Sianfu,
Shensi, China.
Director, W. E. Gillis, (on fur-
Organized 1917 lough).
Sec. and Treas.,
Territory: The Province of Ki-
angsi. Minister: W. E. Gillis.
Mission organized 1908; Conference Organized 1917, Union Mission
organized 'gig

Territory: Chosen (Korea). E. Scoles, Mrs. H. E. Scoles, Mrs.

Population: 17,288,989; churches, J. E. Riffel, Mrs. E. L. Woods,
20; members, 1,119. E. L. Woods, Miss H. M. Scott,
Le Sung Ill, Kang Chong Mo,
Cable Address: " Adventist," Seoul. Kwak Kwe Ho, Kang Tae Sook,
Kim Sang Chill, E. Chung Sik,
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Chung Chae Soon, Kim Won
Outside East Gate, Seoul, Cho- Chae, Chang Har Chin, Paik Rak
sen (Korea). Keun, Nu Young Sun.
Officers: Training School Teachers:
Supt., H. A. Oberg. J. E. Riffel, Mrs. J. E. Riffel,
See. and Treas, L. I. Bowers. Mrs. W. R. Smith, Kim Pyong
Executive Committee: II. A. Young, Kim Kyu Hyok, Kwak
()berg, L. I. Bowers, C. W. Lee, Kwe Ho, Kang Chang Mo, Ne
Kim Pyong Nong, J. C. Klose, Kyung Ill, Kim Sung Sang,
Ne Keun Ok, Chyong Mun Cook, Tong Mun Ho, Chae Che Syung,
W. R. Smith, J. E. Riffel, Mrs. Mun Chang Sai.
Theo. Wangerin, Kim Nae Chun,
Chae Tae Hyun. Church School Teachers:
Legal Organization Title: Zidon Son Chae Rin, Ne Myung Choon,
of the Chosen! Union Conference Kim Hoon Kun.
of S. D. A.
Department Secretaries:
Sabbath School and Miss. Vol., CENTRAL CHOSEN MISSION
Mrs. Theo. Wangerin.
Educational, J. E. Riffel. Organized 1919
Medical Miss., H. E. Scoles, M. D.
Field Miss. and Home Miss., J. Territory: Provinces of North and
C. Klose . South Ham Heung, Kang Won,
Kyong Kei, North Chyong Chun
Ministers: (except the counties of Po Ung,
H. A. Oberg, E. J. Urquhart (on Ok Chun, and Yung Tong), and
furlough), W. R. Smith, Chae South Chung Province (except
Toe Hyon, Kim Ku Hyok. the counties of Tae Chyon, Nan
San, Pu Yo, Syo Chyon, and Po
Licentiates: Ryung).
J. C. Klose, L. I. Bowers, J. E. Office Address: S. D. A. Mission,
Riffel, Pak Yun Soon, Kim Pong Outside East Gate, Seoul, Cho-
Kul, Kim Pyong Young. sen (Korea).
Missionary Licentiates: Officers:
Mrs. -H. A. Oberg, Mrs. L. I. Director, Chyong Mun Cook.
Bowers, Mrs. Theo. Wangerin, Sec., S. M. Kim.
Mrs. E. J. Urquhart (on fur- Treas., Ka Sung Sin.
lough), Mrs. W. R: Smith, Mrs. Executive Committee: " S. C.
J. C. Klose, J. E. Riffel, Dr. H. Kim, E. Chyong Sik, E. Seung

Eui, Kang Wha Syuk, Chyong Department Secretaries:

Mun Cook, Mrs. Theo. Wangerin, Sabbath School, Home Miss., and
Ko Sung Sin. Educational, Chung Hong
Department Secretaries: Field Miss., Song Young Soo.
Sabbath School and Home Miss..
E. Chyong Sik. Ministers:
Field Miss., Han Hoi Sun. C. W. Lee, N. C. Kim.
_Chyong Mun Cook. Licentiates:
Ilaold Bass, Kim Hong Mo,
Licentiates: Kim Syok Young, Nam Sang Ik,
Kang Wha Syuk, Ko Too Chil, Chung Hong Suk, Pae Kyung
Pak Chae Chung, Kim Young 0o, Su, Yang Chang Il.
Kim Syung Chae, Chung Pung
Syang. Missionary Licentiates:
Mrs. C. W. Lee, Mrs. Harold
Missionary Licentiates: Bass, Chyung Doug Sung, Pe Ku
Ko Sung Sin, E. Pyung Pin, Lara, Kim Ung Kyu, Pak Kwe
Han Hoi Sun, Pak Kwe Chang, Poong, E. Kun Pal, MM Chae
0. Rya Song, Kim Pil Ok, Pak We, Chyong Kwan Sin.
Won Sil.
Church School Teachers:
Church School Teachers: Pak Kwe Poong, E. Kun Pal,
Pak Kwe Chang, 0 Rya Song, Min Chae We, Chyong Kwan Sin. ,
Kim Pil Ok, Pak Won- Sil.


Organized 1919
Organized 1919 Territory: North and South Pyeng
Territory: Provinces of North and An, and Whang .Hai Provinces.
South Kyung San, North and
South Chyolla, the counties of Office Address: S. D. A. Mission,
Po ling, Ok Chun, Yung Tong Soonan, Chosen (Korea).
in North Chyong Chun, and the Officers:
counties of Tae Chyon, Non
San, Au Yo Syo Chyon, and Po Pres., W. R. Smith.
Ryung in South Chyong Chun Sec., Kim Pyung Nong.
Provinces. Treas., P. C. Kim.
Executive Committee: Kim
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Pyung Nong, Ne Keun Ok, W.
Keizan, Chosen. R. Smith, Kim Pong Kul.
Officers: Department Secretaries:
Director, C. W. Lee. Sabbath School, Y. H. Hyon.
Sec. a id Treas., T. S. Chyang. Field Miss., W. K. Chung.
Executive Committee: C. W. Educational, Miss. Vol., and
Lee, T. S. Chyung, N. C. Kim, Home Miss., Y. M. Kim.
Kim Hang Mo, Kim Nae Chun,
Chung Hong Syuk. Minister: Ne Keun Ok.

Licentiates: Chae, Y. H. Ryon, T. S. Kim, T.

K. C. Chyon, C. Kim, S. A. H. Kim, C. H. Kang, N. S. Ne,
Hong, T. P. Chyon, C. W. Cho, P. 0. Kim, Y. C. Pak.
T. S. Chyong, P. C. Kim, S. W. Church School Teachers:
K. S. Pak, C. C. Pak, H. S. Ne,
Missionary Licentiates: I. 0. Kim, C. K. Ko, I. S. Pak,
W. K. Chung, Y. M. Kim, A. J. C. W. Ha, I. C. Ne, M. C. Chae,
Kim, K. S. Pak, C. C. Pak, H. T. S. Kim, T. H. Kim, C. H.
S. Ne, K. W. Ok, C. K. Ko, I. S. Kang, N. S. Ne, P. 0. Kim,
Pak, C. W. Ha, I. C. Ne, M. C. Y. C. Pak.


Organized 1919

Territory: The Anhwei, Kiang- Licentiate:

su, and Chekiang Provinces. E. J. Johanson.
Population: 75,662,029; churches, Missionary Licentiates:
21; members, 914. Mrs. J. G. Gjording, Mrs. E. J.
Johanson, Mrs. N. F. Brewer (on
Office Address: 91-93 Yu-Yuen furlougy).
Road, Shanghai, China.
Supt., J. G. Gjording. ANHWEI MISSION
Sec. and Treas., E. J. Johanson.
Executive Committee: J. G. Organized 1917
Gjording, E. J. Johanson, K. H.
Wood, H. J. Doolittle, G. L. Wil- Territory: The Province of Anh-
kinson, N. F. Brewer (on fur- wei and that portion of Kiangsu
lough), 'W. A. Scharffenberg, Province north of the Yangtze
Mrs. K. H. Wood, Han Tsung River, and the district of Nan-
Djen, Wu Tsung Shan, Wu Dzi king.
Chia, Li Yu Tsiao, Swen Tsung
Gwang. Population: 44,015,047; churches,
4; members, 250.
Department Secretaries: Postal Address: 17 Gao Lou Men,
Sabbath School, Mrs. K. H. Nanking, China.
Field Miss. and Home Miss., N. Nanking Church Address: Djung
F. Brewer (on furlough). Djen Giai, Nangking, China.
Educational and Miss. Vol., W.
A. Scharffenberg, 26 Ningkuo Officers:
Rd., Shanghai. Director, H. J. Doolittle.
Sec. and Treas., H. L. Shull.
Ministers: Executive Committee: H. J.
J. G. Gjording, N. F. Brewer (on Doolittle, H. L. Shull, Han
furlough). Tsung-djen, Giang Tsung-gwang,

Wu Dzeh-shan, Wang Yu-tang, Miller, Wu Dzi-chiao, Li Yu-

Hwang Tien-do. . tsiao, Shen Su-cheng, Liu Peng-
Department Secretaries:
Department Sectetaries:
Sabbath School, Hwang Tien-do.
Educational and Miss Vol., Liu Sabbath School, Mrs. K. H.
Men-ru. Wood.
Field Miss. and Home Miss., N.
Ministers: F. Brewer (on furlough).
H. J. Doolittle, Han Tsung Djen, Russian: G. Hmelevsky, 279
Wu Ozeh Shan. Avenue Joffre, Shanghai.
Women's Woric; Mrs. B. Miller,
Licentiates: 97 Yu Yuen Rd., Shanghai.
H. L. Shull, Giang Tsung Minister: K. H. Wood.
Gwang, Hwang Djung, Hwang
Tien Do, Wang Yu-tang. Licentiates:
G. Hmelevsky, Mrs. B. Miller,
Missionary Licentiates: Chien Swen Ching, Wu Dzi
Mrs. H. J. Doolittle, Mrs. H. L. Chiao, Li Yu Tsiao.
Shull, Wang Shi-tien, Dziang
Dao-seng, Hu Dzeh-ren, Pan Missionary Licentiates:
Shui-ru, Djang Ming-deh, Wang Mrs. K. H. Wood, Mrs. G.
Shou-chen, Niu Shi-peng, Han Hmelevsky, Miu Rwen-deh,
Si-mu, Djang Si-mu, Wang Wu Tien-en, Yeh Tung-sin, I
Bing-thing, Chang Beh-ping, Su Siao-yen, Djang Sen-bao, Cheng
Chi-nien, Lwan Si-mu, Dju Gien- Dzin-nien, Chen Dzi-yun, Djao
pan, Dju Si-mu, Djang Sung- Chung-wen, Yeh Djuh-gun,
tsing, Liu Men-ru, Ding Shu- Wang Luh-san, Shen Su-cheng,
sen, Hu Si-mu, Shao Djen-shou. Dju Suen Siao-dzi, Djang Wu-
ih Siao-dzi, Shih Dzi-liang Si-
Middle School Teachers, 2; mu, Chien Shwen-ching Si-mu,
Church School Teachers, 11. I Meng-ai Si-mu, Cheng Dzi-
yun Si-mu, I Siao-yen Si-mu,
Wu Tien-en Si-mu, Tseng Lu-
Church School Teachers, 7.
Organized 1917
Shanghai Church Addresses:
Territory: The southern portion Central Shanghai Church, Pc-35
of Kiangsu Province, and the Range Rd., Shanghai, China.
northern portion of Chekiang East Shanghai Church, 25 Ning-
Province. kuo Rd., Shanghai, China..
West Shanghai Church, 29A
Population: 25,680,750; churches, Sinza Rd., Shanghai, China.
11; members, 490.
Office Address: 89 Yu-Yuen Road,
Officers: Organized 1919
Director, K. H. Wood. Territory: The Prefectures of
Sec. and Treas., E. J. Johanson. Wen-chow, Chu-chow, and Tai-
Executive Committee: K. H. chow, in the southern portion of
Wood, E. J. Johanson, Mrs. B. Chekiang Province.

Population: 5,966,232; churches, 6; Ministers:

members, 174. G. L. Wilkinson, Wu Tsung-
Postal Address: S. D. A. Mission, Licentiates:
Wenchow, Chekiang, China. F. P. Greiner, B. F. Gregory.
Missionary Licentiates:
Officers: Mrs. G. L. Wilkinson, Mrs. F.
Director, G. L. Wilkinson. P. Greiner, Mrs. B. F. Gregory,
Sec. and Treas., Benj. F. Greg- Djou Djung-heng, Hsiung Keh-
ory. lung, Djao Li-hwai, Liu Li-seng,
Executive Committee: G. L. Djou Yang-chuen, Wang Fu-ren,
Wilkinson, Benj. F. Gregory, Tsai Dzi-cheng, Chen Ming,
F. P. Greiner, Wu Tsung-shan, Pan Dzi-djang, Gung Si-mu,
Djou Djung-heng, Djou Li-hwai, Wang Si-mu, Tsai Si-mu, Li
Pan Li-dze. Si-mu.
Department Secretaries: Middle. School Teachers, 5, (in-
cluding two foreigners); Church
Sabbath School, Mrs. G. L. Wil- School Teachers, 3.
Field Miss. and Home Miss., F. Church Directory:
P. Greiner. Wenchow Church Address: Tsau
Educational and Miss. Vol., Vu Oa, Wenchow, Chekiang,
B. F. Gregory. China.


Organized 1921
Territory: Transbaikalia, Yakutsk, DuCodel Smsliusenko, A. An-
Amur, Maritime, and Sakhalin dronow, K. Koralloshvili.
provinces, and Russians in Man- Department Secretaries:
churia. (Grouped under three
mission fields: Transbaikal, Sabbath school, Mrs. T. T. Ba-
Amur, and Sungari.) bienco.
Field Miss. and Home Miss., M.
Population: 7,000,000; churches, 7; Popow.
members, 514. Educational and Miss Vol., T. T.
Telegraphic Address: " Adventist,"
Harbin. Ministers:
T. T. Babienco, A. Andronow,
Postal Address: Post Box 20, New J. A. Gaidischar.
Town, Harbin, Manchuria.
Officers: A. N. Korshar, M. Popow, A. D.
Kalashnikow, K. Koralloshvili,
Supt., T. T. Babienco. N. Mersliakow, T. Gladkow, B.
Sec. and Treas., K. Savitsky. Brashnikow.
Executive Committee T. T.
Babienco, K. Savitsky, M. Po- Missionary Licentiates:
pow, A. D. Kalashnikow, J. A. K. Savitsky, Mrs. T. - T. Babi-
Gaidischar, B. Brashnikow, V. enco.


Territory: Amur, Maritime, and T. T. Babienco.
Sakhalin Provinces. Licentiates:
Address: Severny prospect 39, Per- A. N. Kovshar, T. Gladkow, M.
vaja, Bechka, Vladivostock, Rus- Popow, B. Brashnikow, K. Kor-
sia. alloshvili.
Officers: Missionary Licentiates:
Director, A. Kalashnikow. K. Savitsky, Mrs. T. T. Babien-
Sec. and Treas., K. Savitsky, co.
Minister: Church: Corner' Sadowaya and
J. A. Gaidischar. Cicigarskaya, New Town, Har-
Licentiates: bin.
N. Mersliakow, A. D. Kalash-
Church: Kitayskaya str. Dom
Teschenko, Vladivostock. TRANSBAIKAL MISSION
Territory: Transbaikalia, Yakutsk.

SUNGARI MISSION Address: Post Box 20, New Town,

Harbin, Manchuria.
Territory: Russians in Manchuria.
Address: Post Box 20, New Town, Director, T. T. Babienco.
Harbin, Manchuria. Sec. and Treas., K. Savitsky.
Director, T. T. Babienco. Licentiates:
Sec. and Treas., K. Savitsky. M. Popow, A. Andronow.


Organized as a mission 1896; as a conference, Nov. 2, 1917; and as a
Union Mission, Aug. 20, 1919

Territory: Japan proper, not in- Officers:

cluding Formosa. Supt., H. F. Benson (furlough) ;
Population: 53,362,682; churches, acting, V. T. Armstrong.
10; members, 323. Sec., Treas., and Auditor, H. J.
Cable Address: " Adventist," To- Perkins.
kyo. (Use only Western Union Executive Committee: V. T.
Armstrong, T. H. Okohira, H.
Postal Address: Box 7, Yodobashi Kuniya, M. Fukazawa, T. Ko-
Post Office, Tokyo, Japan. / bayashi, A. N. Anderson, H. J.
Railway Station: Ogikubo, Cen- Perkins, _A. N. Nelson, P. A.
tral Line. 60 minutes from Webber (on furlough), Dr. Tat-
Tokyo Station.-21/2 hours from suauchi, E. J. Kraft, S. Miyake,
Yokohama, S,''Yamasaki,

Department Secretaries: Minister: A. N. Nelson._

Tract Soc., A. B. Cole. Licentiate: K. Sakakibara.
Field Miss., E. J. Kraft.
Home Miss., S. Miyake. Missionary Licentiate:
Sabbath School, Mrs. M. Fuka- Mrs. A. N. Nelson.
Educational, Perry A. Webber.
Miss. Vol., William Kamoda.
H. F. Benson (on furlough), A.
N. Nelson, P. A. Webber, V. T. Address: Kumochi, Fukuaicho
Armstrong, A. N. Anderson, Shimidzu 4, Kobe, Japan.
S. Miyake, T. Kobayashi, T. H. Officers:
Okahira, H. Kuniya.
Director, T. H. Okohira.
Licentiates: Sec. and Treas., H. J. Perkins.
S. G. Jacques (on furlough), Sec., Y. Seino (Japanese busi-
Hiroshi Kuniya, T. Kajiyama, S. ness only).
Kaneko, Y. Seino, T. Matsu-
kura, K. Sakakibara, S. Furuya, Minister: T. H. Okohira.
K. Kawase, S. Yamasaki.
Missionary Licentiates:
A. B. Cole, H. J. Perkins, E. J. T. Matsukura, Y. Seino, K.
Kraft, Mrs. P. A. Webber, Mrs. Kawase.
A. N. Anderson, Mrs. A. B.
Cole, Mrs. H. J. Perkins, Mrs.
H. F. Benson, Mrs. V. T. Arm- KANTO MISSION
strong, Mrs. E. J. Kraft, Mrs. Postal Address: Box 7, Yodobashi
S. G. Jacques (on furlough), B. Post Office, Tokyo, Japan.
Doi, M. Nishino, T. Hasegawa,
William Kamoda, Mrs. M. Fuka- Officers:
zawa. Director, H. Kuniya.
Sec. and Treas., H. J. Perkins.
Address: 15 Motoimachi, Hiro- H. Kuniya.
shima, Japan.
Missionary Licentiate:
Director, T. Kobayashi. M. Nishino.
Sec. and Treas., H. J. Perkins.
Licentiate: Address: 15 Motoimachi, Hiroshi-
S. Kaneko. ma, Japan.
HOKKAIDO MISSION Director, Tokutaro Kobayashi.
Address:- Minami 6 Jo, Nishi 11 Sec. and Treas., H. J. Perkins.
Chome, Sapporo, Japan. Minister: Tokutaro Kabayashi.
Director, A. N. Nelson. Licentiates:
Sec. awl Treas H. J, Perkins. T, Kajiyama, Hiroshi Kuniya.

TOHOKU MISSION Sec., S. Furuya (Japanese busi-

ness only).
Address:" 75 Sengokucho, Aizu-
Wakamatsu, Japan. Minister:
A. N. Nelson.
Licentiate: S. Furuya.
Director: A. N. Nelson, Minami
6 Jo,. Nishi, 11 Chome, Sapporo, Missionary Licentiates:
Japan. Mrs. A. N. Nelson, Mrs. T. Hase-
Sec. and Treas., H. J. Perkins. gawa.


Organized 1917

Territory: British Malaysia, Dutch Ministers:

East Indies, Siam. L. V. Finster, V. E. Hendershot,
I C. Schmidt, Phang Nyuk Thin.
Population: 60,175,087; churches,
12; members, 818. Licentiates:
Homer Baumgartner, V. L. Bee-
Cable Address: " Adventist," Sing- cham, Melvin Munson.
Missionary Licentiates:
Postal Address: 399 Upper Seran- A. E. Iverson, S. Rontoeng, Mrs.
goon Road, Singapore, Straits L. V. Finster, Mrs. A. E. Iver-
Settlements. son, H. I. Smith, Mrs. H. I.
Officers: Smith, Mrs. V. E. Hendershot,
Mrs. V. L., Beecham, J. E. Gard-
Supt., L. V. Finster. ner, M. D., Mrs. J. E. Gardner,
Sec., -Treas., and Auditor, A. E. Mrs. H. C. Baumgartner, Mrs.
Iverson. I. C. Schmidt, Mrs. Melvin Mun..
Executive Committee: L. V. Fin- son.
ster, A. E. Iverson, H. I. Smith,
G. B. Youngberg, J. W. Rowland,
W. P. Barto, I. C. Schmidt, L. 0. SINGAPORE MISSION
Pattison, F. A. Pratt, A. Mun-
son, G. A. Thompson (furlough), Organized 1914
V. E. Hendershot, H. C. Baum- Office Address: 399 Upper Seran-
gartner', V. L. Beecham, D. S. goon Road, Singapore, Straits
Kime, L. B. Mershon, J. S. Yates, Settlements.
G. C. Leedy.
Cable Address: "Adventist," Singa-
Department Secretaries: pore.
Educational and Miss. Vol., V.
E. Hendershot. Officers:
Field and Home Miss., V. L Director, J. W. Rowland.
Beecham. Sec. and Treas., A. E. Iverson.
Sabbath School, Mrs. L. V. Executive Committee : J. W.
Finster. Rowland, V. E. Hendershot, A.
Acting Sabbath School, Mrs. A. E. Iverson, Pang Nyuk Thin, Ku
E. Iverson. Hyuk MM.

Department Secretary: Minister: W. P. Barto.

S. S. Sec., Mrs. H. C. Baum-
gartner. Licentiates:
K. Pandjaitan, H. Aritonang,
Minister: J. W. Rowland. Chow Chee Yee.
Licentiates: Missionary Licentiate:
Lo Kee Kong, Chan Thien Hee, Mrs. W. P. Barto.
Ku Hyuk Min, Tshi Tsok Min.
Missionary Licentiate:
Mrs. J. W. Rowland, Tsen Tet SOUTH SUMATRA MISSION
Organized 1913
Office Address: 8 Zee Straat, Pa-
BATAKLAND MISSION dang, Sumatra, Dutch East In-
Office Address: Sipogoe, Post Sipi- dies.
rok, Tapanoeli, Sumatra, Dutch Cable Address: " Adventist," Pa-
East Indies. dang, Sumatra.
Cable Address: "Kime," Post Sip- Officers:
irok, Sumatra, Dutch East In- Director, G. A. Wood.
dies. Sec. and Treas., Mrs. G. A. Wood.
Officers: Executive Committee: G. A.
Director, D. S. Kime. Wood, Mrs. G. A. Wood, E.
Sec. and Treas., D. S. Kime. Simandjoentak.
Executive Committee: D. S.
Kime, Mrs. D. S. Kime, A. Ma- Minister:
mora. G. A. Wood.
Minister: D. S. Kime. Missionary Licentiates:
Mrs. G. A. Wood, E. Simandjoen-
Licentiate: A. Mamora. tak, G. Tamboenan, Miss Tan
Missionary Licentiate: Mrs. D. S. Ah Lioek.
Organized 1917 Office Address: 25 Sawohlaan, N.
G., Weltevreden, JaVa, Dutch
Office Address: 11 Kartinilaan, East Indies.
Medan, Sumatra, Dutch East Cable Address: " Adventist Mis-
Indies. sion," Weltevreden, Java.
Officers: Officers:
Director, W. P. Barto. Director, Sec., and Treas., J. S.
Sec. and Treas., W. P. Barto. Yates.
Executive Committee, W. P. Executive Committee: J. S.
Barto, Mrs. W. P. Barto, Kris- Yates, Mrs. J. S. Yates, J.
ostomus Pandjaitan. Simorangkir, Pan Ki Heng, 0. J.
Sabbath School Sec., Mrs. W. P. Lubis.
Barto. Sabbath School Sec., J. S. Yates,

Ministers: Cable Address: " Adventist," Jes-

J. S. Yates, H. Zimmermann, selton, British North Borneo.
Batavia, Java.
P. Drirthaus, Bandoeng, Java. Officers:
Missionary Licentiates: Director, L. B. Mershon.
Mrs. J. S. Yates, J. Simorangkir, Sec. and Treas.; Mrs. L B.
0. J. Lubis, Pan Iii Heng, Mrs. Mershon.
H. Zimmermann.
Department Secretaries:
Sabbath School, Mrs. G. B.
Organized 1913 Ministers:
L. B. Mershon, G. B. Youngberg,
Cable Address: " Adventist," So- Sarawak, B. N. B.
erabaja, Java.
Office Address: Tandjong Anom, Licentiate:
Toendjoengan, Soerabaya, Java, Lai CM Ak.
Dutch East Indies. Missionary Licentiates:
Officers: Mrs. L. B. Mershon, Mrs. G. B.
Director, L. 0. Pattison. Youngberg.
Sec. and Treas., Mrs. F. Ditt-
Executive Committee: B. Judge
(on furlough), Bong Hong, L. SIAM MISSION
Pandjaitan. Organized 1919
Department Secretaries: Office Address: 985 Windmill Road,
Tract Soc., Field Miss., Sabbath Bangkok, Siam.
School, Home Miss.,
Home Miss. Cor. Sec., B. Tin Cable Address: " Adventist," Bang-
dangan. kok.
Ministers: Officers:
L. 0. Pattison, B. Judge (on
furlough), F. Dittmarr. Director, F. A. Pratt.
Sec. and Treas., Mrs. F. A. Pratt.
Licentiates: 1:xerutive Committee: F. A.
A. Munson (on furlough), Bong Pratt, R. P. Abel, Su Sui San,
Hong, L. Pandjaitan. Kwon -Vui Leong, Mrs. F. A.
Missionary Licentiates: Pratt.
Mrs. A. Munson (on furlouo,b), '
Mrs. B. Judge ( on furlough), Department Secretaries:
Mrs. F. Dittmarr, Mrs. L. 0. Pat- Solihnth School. Mrs. F. A. Pratt.
tison. Home Missionary, R. P. Abel.


F. A. Pratt, R. P. Abel, Su Sui
Organized 1913
Missionary Licentiates:
Office Address: Jesselton, British Mrs. F. A. Pratt, Mrs. R. P. Abel,
,North Borneo. Kwon Vui Leong.


Sabbath School, Mrs. G. C.
Organized 1914 Leedy.
Office Address: 1 Parry Lane, Ku-
ala Lumpur, Federated Malay Ministers:
States. G. A. Thompson (furlough), G.
C. Leedy.
Director, G. C. Leedy. Licentiates:
Sec. and Treas., Mrs. G. C. Leedy. Wan Yun Chong, N. S. Kong,
Executive Committee: G. C. Chen Thin Khim, Ng Shu Kong,
Leedy, Mrs. G. C. Leedy, K. T. 'Chin Tau Rin, Mrs. G. C. Leedy.


Organized 1919
Territory: The three provinces of Missionary Licentiates:
Manchuria. Mrs. B. Petersen, Mrs. John Oss,
Geo. Halvorsen, Mrs. Geo. Hal-
Population: 24,603,013; churches, vorsen, Mrs. F. M. Larsen, Wang
8; members, 180. Fu Yuen.
Telegraphic Address: " Adventist," Church Address: Inside Small
Mukden. North Gate, Mukden, Manchuria,
Postal Address: Manchurian Un-
ion Mission S. D. A., Mukden,
Manchuria, China.
Supt., Bernhard Petersen. Address: Manchurian Union Mis-
Sec. and Treas., George Halvor- sion S. D. A., Mukden, Manchu-
sen. ria, China.
Executive Committee: B. Peter-
sen, R. M. Cossentine (on fur- Officers:
lough), F. M. Larsen, John Oss, Director, Bernhard Petersen.
Geo. Halvorsen, Hu Wen Hwan, Sec. and Treas., Geo. Halvorsen.
Du Shu Ren, Wang ohi Yuen,
Feng Cheng Gun. Licentiates:
Department Secretaries: Hu Wen Hwan, Liu Sheng.
Sabbath School, Mrs. John Oss. Missionary Licentiates:
Field Miss. and Home Miss.,
John Oss. Tsui Yu Djang, Tung Tsung San,
Miss. Vol. and Educational, R. Wang Shang Bo, Li Yun Ting,
M. Cossentine. Du Shu Ren, Yang Shu Tsing.
Minister: B. Petersen. Church School Teachers:
Licentiates: Wang Ching Shen, Yang Shao
R. M. Cossentine, John Oss, F. M. Chung, Gu Tsi Bin, Tung Gun
Larsen. Puh.

KIRIN MISSION Missionary Licentiates:

Address: Changchun, Manchuria, Djang Fushwen, Li Gwang Deh,
China. Wu Yun Feng.
Director, F. M. Larsen. Church School Teachers:
Sec. and Treas., Geo. Halvorsen. Gao Deh Hsin, Tung Hsi Sheng.


Organized zgrg

Territory: The provinces of CM- CHIHLI. MISSION _

hli, Shantung, and Shansi.
Organized 1918
Population: 76,104,907; churches,
3; members, 188. Territory: The province of Chihli.
Telegraphic and Cable Address: Address: S. D. A. Mission, 62 Ta
" Adventist Mission," Peking, Fang Chia Hutung, Peking,
China. China.
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Officers:
62 Ta Fang Chia Hutung, Pe-
king, China. Director, W. J. Harris.
Sec. and Treas., J. R. White.
Officers: Executive Committee: W. J.
Supt., Frederick Lee. Harris, Frederick Lee, J. H.
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, J. H. White, Su Dien Tsing, Wang
White. Hsi Yuen, Meng Djung In, Geng
Executive Committee: Freder- Fu Gwang, Han Pao Lo.
ick Lee, J. H. White, Mrs. F.
Lee, W. J. Harris, H. L. Graham, Department Secretaries:
Su Dien Tsing, Shen Chien P'an,
Wang Hsi Yuen, Tung Yun Chu. Sabbath School, Mrs. F. Lee.
Field Miss.,
Department Secretaries: Miss. Vol. and Educational,
Sabbath School, Mrs. Frederick
Lee. Ministers:
Miss. Vol. and Educational, J.
H. White. W. J. Harris, Su Dien Tsing.
Field Miss., ----
Minister: Wang Hsi Yuen, J. H. White.
Frederick Lee.
Missionary Licentiates:
Licentiate: Mrs. W. J. Harris, Mrs. J. H.
J. H. White. White.
Missionary Licentiate: Peking Church Address: 62 Ta
Mrs. F. Lee. Fang Chia, Hutung.

SHANTUNG MISSION Miss. Vol. and Educational, G. J.

Organized 1917 Field Miss.,
Territory: The Province of Shan- Minister:
G. J. Appel.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Tsin-
anfu, Shantung, China. Licentiates:
H. L. Graham, Shen Chien P'an,
Officers: Chiao Wen Li, Tung Yun Chu,
Director, H. L. Graham. Chang Ch'ien Kwang, Chia
Sec. and Treas., G. J. Appel. Ch'wen Chih, Chiang Ch'ung Li.
Executive Committee: H. L.
Graham, G. J. Appel, Mrs. H. L. Missiorary Licer tiatcs:
Graham, Shen Chien P'an, Chang Mrs. H. L. Graham, Mrs. G. J.
Ch'ien Kwang, Tung Yun Ow. Appel.
Department ,Secretarks: Church Addresses:
Sabbath School, Mrs. H. L. Gra- Tientsin: Nan Ma Lou.
ham. Tsinanfu: Wei Ih Lou.


Organized 1917

Territory: Philippine Islands and Department Secretaries:

Sulu Archipelago. Sabbath School, Mrs. S. E. Jack-
son, P. 0. Box 813, Manila,
Population: 10,500.000; churches, Philippine Islands.
78; members, 4,308. Field Miss. and Home Miss., M.
Cable Address: " Adventist," Ma- F. Wiedemann.
nila. Educational, 0. F. Sevrens.
Miss. Vol., L. D. Warren.
Postal Address: 705 Vermont St., Religious Liberty, E. M. Adams.
Manila, Philippine Islands. Ministers:
Officers: S. E. Jackson, E. M. Adams,
L. D. Warren, R. R. Figuhr.
Supt., S. E. Jackson, P. 0. Box
813, Manila, P. I. Licentiates:
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, Eu- 0. F. Sevrens, M. F. Wiedemann,
gene Woesner. L. A. Corda.
Executive Committee: S. E. Missionary Licentiates:
Jackson, G. H. Murrin, 0. F. Mrs. S. E. Jackson, Mrs. 0. F.
Sevrens, R. R. Breitigarn (on Sevrens, E. A. Moon, Mrs. E. A.
furlough), E. M. Adams, L. D. Moon, Harley Andersen, Mrs.
Warren, M. F. Wiedemann, W. Harley Andersen, Eugene Woes-
L. Rodriguez, A. N. Dela China, ner, Mrs. Eugene Woesner, Mrs.
J. 0. Afenir, E. A. Brion, E. A. E. M. Adams, Mrs. L. D. Warren,
Moon, W. B. Ammundsen, Eu- Mrs. R. R. Figuhr, Mrs. M. F.
gene Woesner, Mrs. S. E. Jack- Wiedemann, Apolonio Cruz, Re-
son. gino Villanueva.

CENTRAL SOUTHERN LUZON Ponce, Liberato Fernandez,

CONFERENCE Paciencia Molimbayan, Juana
San Agustin, Andrea P. Ligaya,
Organized 1916 Juliana M. Arguzon, Felieidad L.
Alejo, Mrs. R. R. Breitigam (on
Territory: The Provinces of Zam- furlough).
bales, Tarlec, Nueva Ecija, Ba-
taan, Bulacan, Cavite, Rizal, La- Church School Teachers:
guna. Batangas, Ta yabas, Pa m- Macario Pascual, 1402 Oroquieta
panga. Amhos Camarines, Al- St., Santa Cruz, Manila.
bay, Sorsogon, Mindoro, and Miss Virginia delos Ryes,
Marinduque. Barrio HulO, Malabon, Rizal.
Miss Rosalina Macalinao, 103 T.
Office Address: 707 Vermont St., Azucena St., San Pablo, La-
Manila, Philippine Islands. guna.
Officers: Church Directory:
Pres., E. M. Adams. Manila Church, 1402 Oroquieta
Sec. and Treas., E. A. Brion. St., Santa Cruz, Manila.
Executive Committee: E. M. San Pablo Church, 103 T. Azu-
Adams, E. A. Brion, Victorio cena St., San Pablo, Laguna.
Arevalo, M. P. Comilang, Mel- Malabon Church, Angel Luna St.,
chor Elauria, Benito Burgos, Malabon, Rizal.
Guillermo Dionisio. Pasay Church, 253 Luna St.,
Pasay, Rizal.
Department Secretaries:
Field Miss., M. B. Comilang.
Miss. Vol. and Educational, R. (Formerly Cebuan Mission)
Home Miss., Liberato Fernandez. Organized 1914
Religious Liberty, Flaviano Da-
lisay. Territory: Provinces of Cebu, Bo-
hol, Leyte, and Oriental Negros,
Ministers: Misamis, and Surigao.
E. M. Adams, R. R. Breitigam Office Address: Box 244, Cebu,
(on furlough), Victorio Arevalo, Cebu, Philippine Islands.
Guillermo Dionisio, Isaac En-
riquez, Agustin Panaga. Officers:
Director and Treas.,
Licentiates: Department Secretaries:
Ricardo Magcalen, Melchor Sabbath School,
Elauria, Roman Senson, Flavi- Asst. Field Miss., and Home
ano Dalisay, Jose Emralino, Miss., Vicente Rodrigo.
Valeriano Garcia, Florentino
Jabola, Maximo Cabance, M. B. Minister:
Comilang, Vicente Santos, Pon- W. L. Rodriquez.
ciano Bungay, Pedro S. Magsa- Licentiates:
lin, Jose Javier. Manuel J. Kintanar, V. J. Gomez,
A. C. Baculpo.
Missionary Licentiates:
Fortunato Parlan, Carlos Sal- Missionary Licentiates:
vador, Jacinto Suban, Gregorio Vicente Rodrigo, Bregida Rod-
Arguzon, E. A. Brion, Angeles T. riguez.

NORTHERN LUZON MISSION Vigan Church, Municipal St.,

Entered 1913; organized 1917 Address Box 50, Vigan, Ilocos
Territory: Provinces of Pangasi- Narvacan Church, Narvacan, Ilo-
nan, Nueva Viscaya, Isabela, cos Sur.
Cagayan, Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Candon Church, Candon, Ilocos
Sur, Abra, La Union, Mountain, Sur.
and the Batanes Islands. Amaraw Church, Amaraw, Sta.
Office Address: P. 0. Box 50, Vi- Cruz, Ilocos Sur.
gan, Ilocos Sur, Philippine Artacho Church, Artacho, Sison,
Islands. Pangasinan.
Director and Treas., W. B. Am-
Department Secretaries:
Sabbath School, Mrs. W. B. Am- Organized 1914
mundsen. Territory: The islands of Panay,
Asst. Sabbath School, J. 0. Guimaras, Romblon, Tablas, Si-
Home Miss. and Miss. Vol., J. 0. buyan, and the Province of Oc-
Afenir. cidental Negros.
Field Miss., Tito P. Atiga. Office Address: 44 Luna St., La
Religious Liberty, L. Z. Roda. Paz, Iloilo, Philippine Islands.
Educational, W. B. Ammundsen.
Postal Address: P. 0. 271, Iloilo,
Ministers: Philippine Islands.
W. B. Ammundsen, Leon Z.
Roda, Juan 0. Afenir, Emilio Officers:
Valera. Director and Treas., G. H. Mur-
Licentiates: rin.
Tito P. Atiga, Alyaro Z. Roda, Sec., Ciriaco Zarandona.
Eugenio Sanidad, R.afael Pilar. Department Secretaries:
Missionary Licentiates: Field Miss., Home Miss., and
Mr-s. W. B. Ammundsen, Matea Miss. Vol., Pedro Habana.
Rebollido, Martina Valera, An- Educational, Vicente Clava.
gela Cabacungan,Mrs. A. Z. Sabbath School, Mrs. G. H.
Roda, Manuel liva, Manuela Murrin.
Church School Teachers: G. H. Murrin, Fausto H. Jornada.
Tomas A. Pilar, Urbano Oliva,
Angela Cabacungan, Rosa Limos, Licentiates:
Address: P. 0. Box 50, Vigan, Antonino Dela China, Juan Golez,
Ilocos Sur, Philippine Islands. Aquilino Same, Remigio Habana.
Church. Directory: Missionary Licentiates:
Bacarra Church, Bacarra, Ilocos Mrs. G. H. Murrin, Tomas Hab-
Norte. ana, Adriano Aguerre, Simeon
Laoag Church, Laoag, Ilocos Evanado, .Erene Goyos, Agaton
Norte. Pusin, Pedro Habana, Remigio
San Nicolas Church, San Nicolas, Cahilig, Conrado Tortal, Max-
Ilocos Norte. imino Lirazan, Guillermo Pen-

don, Vicente Clava, Gregorio Miss Ildefonsa Buncio, Jaro

Porques, Juan Bacomo, Sofia School, Jaro, Iloilo Province.
Aquilon, Natividad Cahilig, An- Miss Segunda Jucaban, Sido
gela Iladia. School, Sido, Sibalom, Antique
Church School Teachers:
Miss Natividad Cahilig, Sulan- Intermediate School Teacher:
gan School, Sulangan, Gui- Vicente Clava, Jaro School, Jaro,
maras Island, Iloilo Province. Iloilo Province.


Reorganized 1919
Territory: The Chinese Provinces Licentiate: R. M. Milne.
of Kwangsi, Kwangtung, Fu-
kien, French Indo-China, and the Missionary Licentiates:
Islands of Formosa, Hainan and Mrs. F. H. DeVinney, Mrs. R. M.
the Colony of Hongkong. Milne, C. S. Sissons, Mrs. C. S.
Population: 89,685,271; churches
32; members, 2,047. Church Directory:
Canton, 43 Nam Kwang, Che
Telegraphic and Cable Address:. Kwong Lai.
" Adventist," Hongkong. Foochow City, Siang siu Seng.
Hongkong, 13a Orient Bldg.,
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 310, Kowloon.
Hongkong, China. Waichow, Siu Tung Moon Ngoi.
Office Address: Mongkoktsui, Cor-
onation Road, Kowloon, China.
Supt., F. H. DeVinney. Territory: The Cantonese-speak-
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, C. S.: ing portion of Kwangtung
Sissons. Province.
Executive Committee: F. H. De-
Vinney, W. C. Hankins, P. V. Office Address: S. D. A. Mission,
Thomas, R. M. Milne, C. C. Mor- Tungshan, Canton, China.
ris, T. K. Ana, N. P. Keh, G S.
Sissons, A. L. Ham, J. P. Ander- Officers:
son, F. E. Bates, Wong Shiu
Leung, B. L. Anderson. Director, A. L. Ham.
Sec. and Treas., H. B. Parker.
Department Secretaries:
Sabbath School, Mrs. R. M. Ministers:
Milne. A. L. Ham, S. L. Wong, H. B.
Field Miss., Home Miss., and Parker, T. S. Woo, L. C. Wilcox.
Educational, R. M. Milne.
Miss. Vol., C. C. Sissons. Licentiates:
Medical Miss., V. M. Hansen, S. M. Cheung,
P. L. Chan, C. M. Kwok, K. C.
Minister: F. H. DeVinney. Tam, C. L. Ma.

Missionary Licentiates: NORTH FUKIEN MISSION

Mrs. H. B. Parker, Mrs. L. C. Territory: The northern portion
Wilcox, Mrs. A. L. Ham, Mrs. of the Province of Fukien.
V. M. Hansen, C. C. Lai, K. M.
Sham, H. K. Siu, H. H. Tam, Office Address: S. D. A. Mission,
Y. K. Cheung, Mrs. L. P. Chan, Siang-siu Seng, Foochow City,
Miss Y. K. Leung, Mrs. T. S. China.
Wu, Miss S. Yick. Officers:
Director, C. C. Morris.
Sec. and Treas., G. E. Clarke.
HAKKA MISSION Minister: C. C. Morris.
Territory: The Hakka-speaking Licentiate: G. E. Clarke.
portion of the Provinces of Missionary Licentiates:
Kwangtung and Fukien. ,
Mrs. C. C. Morris, Mrs. G. E.
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Clarke.
Waichow, Kwangtung, China.
Director, J. P. Anderson. Territory: The Amoyese-speak-
See. and Treas., Mrs. J. P. An- ing portions of the Province of
derson. Fukien.
Ministers: Office Address: S. D. A. Mission,
J. P. Anderson, S. A. Nagel, Lo Kulangsu, Amoy, China.
Sin Tshoi.
Missionary Licentiates: Director, W. C. Hankins.
Mrs. S. A. Nagel, Mrs. J. P. Sec. and Treas., Mrs. W. C. Han-
Anderson. kins.
W. C. Hankins, B. L. Anderson,
N. P. Keh, N. K. Keh.
KWANGSI MISSION Missionary Licentiates:
Mrs. W. C. Hankins, Mrs. B. L.
Territory: The Province of Kwang- Anderson.
si, and On Po, Ling Shan and
Yam Chow Districts in Kwang-
Office Address: S. D. A. Mission, Territory: The Eastern slope of
Nanning, Kwangsi, China. the province of Kwangtung.
Officers: Office Address: S. D. A. Mission,
Director and Minister, P. V. Swatow, Kwangtung, China.
Sec. and Treas., P. L. Williams. Officers:
Director, F. E. Bates.
Missionary Licentiates: Sec. and Treas., F. E. Bates.
P. L. Williams, Mrs. P. L. Wil-
liams, Mrs. P. V. Thomas, Dr. Ministers:
Ang. F. E. Bates, T. K. Ang.

Licentiates: Missionary Licentiates:.

_Tan Hiong Tsun, Tan Zui Cheng, Mrs. F. E. Bates, Mrs. T. K.
Ang, Ang Tsun Heng, Wang
Heng Hang Seng, Heng Kok Sui S'eng, Ng Tsai Theng, Heng
Thoan, Lo Tau Nguang, Gui Tek Tu Leng, Chia Chiam Tong, Sng
Kheng, Ng King Ming. Khiam Tsong, Cheng To Han.


Organized tgig.

Territory: The Provinces of Sze- EAST SZECHWAN MISSION

chwan, Yunnan, Kweichow.
Address: S. D. A. Mission, Chung-
Population: 79,800,000; churches, king, Szechwan, China.
2; members, 66. .
Postal Address: S. D. A. Mission,
Chungking, Szechwan, China. Director, E. L. Lutz.
Sec. and Treas., M. C. Warren.
Telegraph Address: "Adventist,"
Chungking. Minister: Shi Ru Ling.
Supt., M. C. Warren. E. L. Lutz, Wang Suh Tang.
Sec. and Treas., M. C. Warren.
Executive Committee: M. C. Missionary Licentiates:
Warren, E. L. Lutz, C. L. Bland- Wang An Hsi, Li Lu Gun, Shi
ford, Dr. J. N. Andrews, S. H.
Lindt, L. I. Shinn, Mrs. M. C. Si Muh.
Warren, Shi Ru Ling, Liao
Hsian Hsien, Mao Bin Lan.
Department Secretaries: TIBETAN MISSION
Sabbath School, Mrs. M. C. War-
ren. Address: S. D. A. Mission, Tat-
Field Miss., Home Miss., and sienlu, Szechwan, China.
Miss. Vol., E. L. Lutz.
Educational, S. H. Lindt. Officers:
Ministers: Director, Dr. J. N. Andrews (on
M. C. Warren, Shi Ru Lin. furlough).
Licentiates: Sec. and Treas.,
0. W. Morgan (furlough) E. L. Licentiates:
Dr. J. N. Andrews (on furlough).
Missionary Licentiates:
Mrs. M. C. Warren, Mrs. 0. W. Missionary Licentiates:
Morgan (furlough), Mrs. E. L. Mrs. J. N. Andrews (on fur-
Lutz. lough).

WEST SZECHWAN MISSION Shanghai Missionary College, 17

Ningkuo Road, Shanghai,
Address: S: D. A. Mission, Cheng- China.
tu, Szechwan, China. Singapore Training School, 399
Officers: Upper Serangoon Road, Singa-
pore, Straits Settlements.
Director, C. L. Blandford (on Sino-American Middle School,
furlough). Kulangsu, Anioy, China.
Sec. and Treas., S. H. Lindt. Wenchow Industrial School,
Ministers: Wenchow, Chekiang, China.
Tsinan Industrial Mission
C. L. Blandford, (on furlough), School, - Tsinan, Shantung,
S. H. Lindt. China.
Licentiate: L. I. Shinn.
Missionary Licentiates: Chosen Mission Press, Seoul,
Mrs. S. H. Lindt, Mao Bin Lan, Chosen (Korea).
Gwoa Heo An, Gwoa, Si Muh, Japanese Publishing House, 169
Wang Dzi Bing, Mrs. L. I. Shinn. Amanuma, Suginami - mura,
Toyotama-gun, Tokyo, Japan.
Postal Address: Box 7, Yodo-
bashi P. 0., Tokyo Japan.
INSTITUTIONS iN FAR EAST- Malaysian Publishing House,
ERN DIVISION 399 Upper Serangoon Road,
Singapore, Straits Settlements.
Educational: Philippine Publishing House,
Cantonese Intermediate School, 239-251 Calle Luna, Pasay,
Tungshan, Canton, China. Rizal, Philippine Islands.
Chosen Union Training School, Postal Address: Box 813, Ma-
soonan, Chosen (Korea). nila, Philippine Islands.
Foochow Intermediate School, Signs of the Times Publishing
Foochow, China. House, 25 Ningkuo Road,
Fukien Intermediate School, Ku- Shanghai, China.
langsu, Amoy, China.
Hankow Intermediate School, Medical:
Wang Gai Dun, Hankow, Hu- Shanghai Sanitarium Assn., 34
peh, China. Nanking Road, Shanghai,
Honan Intermediate School, Lo- China.
wanho, Yencheng, Honan, Nanning Dispensary, Nanning,
China. Kwangsi, China.
Japan Mission Training School, Soonan Hospital, Soonan, Cho-
169 Amanuma, Suginami-mu- sen.
ra, Toyotama-gun, Tokyo, Yencheng Hospital-Dispensary,
Japan. Lowanho, Yencheng, Honan,
Nanking Industrial School, 17 China.
Gao Lou Men, Nanking, China. Tatsienlu Dispensary, Tatsien-
Philippine Academy, 239-251 lu, Szechwan, China.
Luna St., Pasay, Rizal, Philip- Little Eden Hospital, Fatshan,
pine Islands. Kwangtung, China.
Organized 19'6

Territory: The Austral and South Editors:

Brazil Union Conferences, and Edgar Brooks, D. R. Buckner,
the Inca and East Brazil Union Berger Johnson.
Population: 56,602,607; churches,
151; members, 11,004. HOME MISSIONARY DEPART-
Cable Address: " Division," Bue- Secretary, A. A. Cone.
nos Aires. Western Union Code General Members:
Five-letter Edition or A B C, _ P. E. Brodersen, F. W. Spies,
Fifth Edition. R. T. Baer, W. H. Williams, J.
Office Address: Calle Pino 3801, W. Westphal, H. U. Stevens, N.
Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argen- P'. Neilsen.
tina, South America. Union Home Miss. Secretaries:
E. V. Moore, L. E. Christman.
Executive Board: P. E. Broder-
Westphal, F. W. Spies, R. T. Secretary, C. P. Crager.
Baer, H. U.. Stevens, A. A. Cone,
C. P. Crager, N. P. Neilsen. Other Members:
Chairman of Executive Board: H. U. Stevens, J. S. Marshall, H.
P. E. Brodersen. B. Lundquist, T. W. Steen, W.
Sec., Sub-Treas., and Auditor, E. Murray, C. D. Striplin, E. U.
W. H. Williams. Ayars, B. L. Thompson.


Secretary, E. H. Meyers. Secretary, C. P. Crager.
Other Members:
General Members: H. U. Stevens, W. E. Murray, H.
P. E. Brodersen, J. W. West- B. Lundquist, T. W. Steen, J.
phal, F. W. Spies, W. H. Wil- S. Marshall, C. D. Striplin.
liams, R. T. Baer, H. U. Stevens,
N. P. Neilsen.
Managers of Publishing Houses: SABBATH SCHOOL DEPART-
Everett Everest, M. V. Tucker,
F. I. Mohr, F. C. Varney. Secretary, C. P. Crager.
Other Members:
Union Field Miss. Secretaries: E. V. Moore, H. B. Lundquist,
C. L. Bainer, W. A. Bergherm, J. F. I. Mohr, J. W. Westphal, B.
W. Wilhelm. H. Wilcox, F. C. Varney. _


TIALS FROM THE GENER- A. A. Cone, W. H. Williams.
P. E. Brodersen, J. W. West- Missionary Licentiate:
phal, C. P. Crager. W. E. Phillips.


Organized igo6

Office: Florida, F. C. C. A., Bue- BUENOS AIRES CONFERENCE

nos Aires, Argentina, South
Organized 1921
Territory: City of Buenos Aires
Officers: and suburbs.
Pres., R. T. Baer.
Sec. and Treas., G. E. Hartman. Office Address: Florida, F. C. C. A.,
Executive Committee: R. T. Buenos Aires, Argentina, South
Baer, G. E. Hartman, W. E. America.
Hancock, J. H. Roth, L. E.
Christman, Dr. C. E. Westphal, Officers:
J. S. Marshall, C. E. Krieghoff, Pres., R. T. Baer.
Ignacio Kalbermatter, E. W. Ev- Sec. and Treas., G. E. Hartman.
erest, W. A. Bergherm, H. B. Executive Committee: R. T.
Lundquist. Baer, G. E. Hartman, L. A.
Department Secretaries: Rojas, J. Ayvazian, Hector Dom-
inguez, C. Ferri.
Field Miss., W. A. Bergherm.
Educational and Miss. Vol., H. Department Secretaries:
B. Lundquist.
Medical Miss., Dr. C. E. West- Tract Soc., J. A. Ayvazian.
phal. Field Miss., Caytano Ferri.
Home Miss., L. E. Christman. Miss. Vol. and Home Miss., Hec-
Sabbath School, H. B. Lund- tor Dominguez.
quist. Sabbath School, Mrs. R. T.
R. T. Baer, Ernesto Tulin, L. E. L. A. Rojas, A. Buzugherian.
Licentiates: Camilo Gil.
H. B. Lundquist, W. A. Berg-
herm, J. S. Marshall, J. M. Missionary Licentiates:
Howell. J. A. Ayvazian, Mrs. R. T. Baer,
Matilda Gentile, Caytano Ferri,
Missionary Licentiates: Hector Dominguez, Silvia, Ve-
G. E. Hartman, 0. Oppegard, doya.
Lydia G. de Oppegard, 0. H.
Maxson, MT. H. Wohlers, Juan Church School Teachers:
Wedekamper, G, B. Replogle, C. Mrs. H. E. Herman, Miss Flora
E. Westphal. Block.


MISSION G. D. Klatt, E. U. Ayars, Walter
Organized 1921 Schubert, C. A. Andersen.
Territory: Province of Buenos Missionary Licentiates:
Aires (except City and sub- G Emmenegger, Gertrudis Davis,
urbs), territory of La Pampa Andres Ascione.
and territory of Neuquen.
Office Address: Florida, F. C.
C. A., Buenos Aires, Argentina,
Supt., R. T. Baer. Organized 1921
Sec. and Treas., G. E. Hartman.
Territory: Provinces of Entre
Department Secretaries: Rios, Sante Fe, Cordoba, La
Tract Soc., J. A. Ayvazian. Rioja, Santiago del Estero, Tu-
Field Miss., T. E. Saviano. cuman, Catamarca, Salta, Los
Andes, and Jujuy.
Ministers: Office Address: 2200 Laprida, Ro-
J. T. Thompson, Santiago Man- sario de Santa Fe, Argentina,
gold. South America.
Missionary Licentiates: Officers:
T. E. Saviano, Jose Iuorno.
Pres., J. H. Roth.
Sec. and Treas., W. A. Ernen-
CHILE CONFERENCE Executive Committee: J. H.
Roth, W. A. Ernenputseh, R. R.
Organized 1907 Saunders, G. Block, J. D. Haynes,
Territory: Chile, South America. Jose Weiss, Ami Pidoux.
Cable Address: "Adventist," San- Department Secretaries:
tiago, Chile, South America.
Field Miss., R. R. Saunders.
Office Address: Casilla 2830, San- Sabbath School, Teresa A.
tiago, Chile, South America. Krieghoff.
Pres., W. E. Hancock. Ministers:
Sec. and Treas., G. Emmeneg- J. H. Roth, G. Block E. W.
ger. Thomann, J. D. Haynes.
Executive Committee: W. E. Licentiates:
Hancock, G. Emmenegger, An-
dres Ascione, V. E. Thomann, P. Cartoccio, F. Sittner.
E. U. Ayars, Walter Schubert. Missionary Licentiates:
Department Secretaries: R. R. Saunders, Teresa A. Krieg-
Tract Soc., 0. Emmenegger. hoff, MV. A. Ernenputsch, Julia
Field Miss., F. Martinez. Paoloni.
Sabbath School, Gertrudis Da-
vis. Church School Teachers:
Miss. Vol. and Home Miss., An- 0. Heydeeker, Emma Sailer,
dres Ascione. Godofredo P. Block, Ana Ro-
Ministers: scher, Mrs. 0. E. Schnepper,
W. E. Hancock, V. E. Thomann. Santiago Sittner, Jorge Sehimpf.


Organized 1906 Organized 1906
Territory: Paraguay, the terri-
tories of Misiones, Chaco, For- Territory: Uruguay Republic,
mosa, and Corrientes, Argentina. South America.
Office Address: Posadas, Misiones, Office Address: Calle Arenal
Argentina, South America. 2535, Montevideo, Uruguay,
Officers: South America.
Supt., Ignacio Kalbermatter. Officers:
Sec. and Treas., D. J. Weiss.
Executive Committee: Ignacio Supt., C. E. Krieghoff.
Kalbermatter, D. J. Weiss, Pedro Sec. and Treas., Teresa Krieg-
M. Brouchy, Lazaro Solis, 0. G. hoff.
Schulz. Executive Committee: C. E.
Krieghoff, A. R. Sherman, Er-
Department Secretaries: nesto Beskow, Alejandro Ernst.
Tract Soc., D. J. Weiss.
Field Miss., 0. G. Schulz. Department Secretaries:
Ministers: Field Miss., J. D. Replogle.
Ignacio Kalbermatter, P. M. Miss. Vol., A. R. Sherman.
Licentiate: M. Leytes. Ministers:
Luis Ernst, C. E. Krieghoff, W.
Missionary Licentiates: B. Miramontez.
D. J. Weiss, Alejandro Cecotto,
0. G. Schulz. Licentiate: A. R. Sherman.


Organized rgig
Territory: The east half of the Officers:
State of Minas Geraes, the Fed- Supt., F. W. Spies.
eral District and the States of Sec. and Treas., F. C. Varney.
Rio de Janeiro, Espirito Santo, Executive Committee: F. W.
Bahia, Sergipe, Alagoas, Pern- Spies, F. C. Varney, R. J. Wil-
ambuco, Parahyba, Rio Grande fart, J. H. Boehm, J. W. Wil-
do Norte, Piauhy, Ceara, Maran- helm, George Belleau, L. B. Halli-
hao, Para, and Amazonas. well, E. M. Davis, J. L. Brown,
T. W. Steen.
Cable Address: " Adventists,"
Rio de Janeiro. Department Secretary:
Field Sec., J. MT. Wilhelm.
Postal Address: Caixa Postal 768, Ministers:
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South F. W. Spies, G. S. Belleau.
America. Licentiate:
Office Address: Rua Sao Pedro 169, J. W. Wilhelm.
1 Andar, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Missionary Licentiate:
South America. F. C. Varney.

BAHIA MISSION Department Secretary:

Established 1910 Field Miss., Paulo Schulz.
Territory: States of Bahia and Licentiate:
Sergipe. H. G. Stoehr, Guilherme Denz.
Office Address: Caixa Postal 198, Church School Teachers:
Bahia, Estado da Bahia, Brazil, Alberto Knuepfer, Francisco
South America. Belz.
Supt., L. B. Halliwell. PERNAMBUCO MISSION
Department Secretary: Established 1916
Field Miss., C. P. Leite.
Territory: The States of Pernam-
Licentiates: buco, Alagoas, Parahyba, and
L. B. Halliwell, G. Storch. Rio Grande do Norte.
Missionary Licentiate: C. P. Leite. Postal Address: Caixa Postal 378,
Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil,
South America.
Established 1919 Supt., E. M. Davis.
Sec. and Treas., E. Langenstras-
Territory: East half of the State sen.
of Minas Geraes.
Department Secretary:
Office Address: Rua Mariano Pro- Field Miss.,
copio 679, Mariano Procopio,
Minas Geraes, Brazil, South Minister:, E. M. Davis.
America. Licentiate: J. A. Silveira.
Officers: Missionary Licentiates:
Supt. and Minister, J. L. Brown. E. Langenstrassen, M. T. Silva.
Department Secretary:
Field Miss., G. C. Wynn.
L. D. Nabuco, Franklin Men- Established 1910
Missionary Licentiates: Territory: State of Rio de Ja
G. C. Wynn, Deodora Barbosa, neiro and Federal District.
Anna Pinto. Postal Address: Caixa Postal 768,
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South
Supt. and Minister, R. J.
Established 1919 1Vilf art.
Territory: State of Espirito San- Sec. and Treas., F. C. Varney.
to. Department Secretary:
Office Address: Caixa Postal 3764, Field Miss., E. P. Mansell.
Victoria, Espirito Santo, Bra- Licentiates:
zil, South America. Pedro Alexandre, E. P. Mansell.
Officers: Missionary Licentiates:
Supt. and Minister, J. H. Boehm. Mrs. Regina Braga, Miss Cath-
Seo. and Treas., H. G. Stoehr. arina Pinto, Lucilia. Fonseca.

Organized 1914
Territory: The Bolivia, Ecuador, Officers:
Lake Titicaca Indian, and Pe- Supt., T. L. Oswald.
ruvian Missions. Sec. and Treas., J. S. Hindbaugh.
Cable Address: "Incaimion," Executive Committee: T. L. Os-
Lima-Perti. wald, J. S. Hindbaugh, L. G.
Beans, R. S. Shepard.
Postal Address: Casilla 1003, Li-
ma, Peru, South America. Department Secretaries:
Tract Soc., J. S. Hindbaugh.
Office Address: Avenida Pardo No. Field Miss., Home Miss., and
724, Miraflores, Lima, Perd, Sabbath School, J. S. Hind-
South America. baugh.
Officers: Ministers:
Supt., H. U. Stevens. T. L. Oswald, R. S. Shepard.
Sec. and Treas., F. I. Mohr.
Executive Committee: H. U. Licentiate: L. G. Beans.
Stevens, F. I. Mohr, C. D. Strip-
lin, E. H. Wilcox, L. D. Minner, Missionary Licentiates:
H. D. Isaac, T. L. Oswald, Union J. S. Hindbaugh, Mateo Urbina,
Field Secretary. I. Chuquimia.

Department Secretaries:
Sabbath School, F. I. Mohr.
Educational and Miss. Vol., C. ECUADOR MISSION
D. Striplin.
Union Field and Home Miss., Established 1906
Territory: Republic of Ecuador,
Ministers: South America.
C. D. Striplin, W. W. Wheeler,
H. U. Stevens, Isaac Schneider. Cable Address: "Adventista," Qui-
to, Ecuador.
Missionary Licentiates:
F. I. Mohr, F. F. Osorio. Postal Address: Casilla 44, Quito,
Ecuador, South America.
Sec. and Treas., F. I. Mohr.
Established 1907 Executive Committee: H. D. Is-
Territory: Republic of Bolivia, aac, John Ford, J. R. McWil-
South America. Ham.
Telegraphic Address: " Adventis- Department Secretaries:
tas," La Paz, Bolivia. Field Miss, and Home Miss.,
J. R. McWilliam.
Postal Address: Casilla 355, La
Paz, Bolivia, South America. Minister: H. D. Isaac.

Licentiates: Missionary Licentiates:

Orley Ford (on furlough), John A. R. Dennis, Francisco Brouchy,
Ford. Mrs. A. .R. Dannis, Dr. S. T.
Johnston, A. C. Ford, Clyde W.
Missionary Licentiates: Miller, Pedro Kalbermatter, Mrs.
J. R. McWilliam, Teefilo San- H. M. Colburn, Martin Valas-
chez. quez, Juan Leo Arposa, Daniel
Sosa, Francisco Chambe, E. Val-


Established 1916 PERUVIAN MISSION
Territory: Departments of Puno. Established 1906
Madre de Dios, Cuzco, Arequipa,
Moquegua in Pera. Territory: Republic of Peru (ex-
Postal Address: Casilla 85, Puno, cept departments of Puno, Mad-
Peru, South America. re de Dios, Cuzco, Arequipa, and
Cable Address: "Adventista," Pu Cable and Telegraphic Address:
no, Peril.
" Adventista," Lima, Pera.
Officers: Postal Address: Casilla 1002, Lima,
Supt., E. H. Wilcox. Peru, South America.
Sec. and Treas., H. M. Colburn. Office Address: Plazuela de San
Executive Committee: E. H. Francisco 350, Lima, Peru, South
Wilcox, H. M. Colburn, S. T. America.
Johnston, David E. Dalinger, Officers:
J. D. Replogle, W. F. Miller, G.
Supt., L. D. Minner.
E. Mann. Sec. and Treas., J. W. Cole.
Executive Committee: L. D.
Department Secretaries: Minner, F. A. Stahl, J. W. ,Cole,
Tract Society, H. M. Colburn. R. R. Coble, Cesar Lopez.
Field Miss., Chas. Baker. Department Secretaries:
Medical, Dr. S. T. Johnston. Tract Soc., J. W. Cole.
Home Miss., Educational, Miss. Sabbath School, J. W. Cole.
Vol., and Sabbath School, G. Field Miss. and Home 'Miss., R.
E. Mann. R. Coble.
Ministers: Ministers:
E. II. Wilcox, W. F. Miller, G. L. D. Minner, F. A. Stahl, Cesar
E. Mann, D. E. Dalinger. Lopez.
Licentiate: P. S. Salazar.
J. D. Replogle, H. M. Colburn, Missionary Licentiates:
G. A. Schwerin, A. H. Field, L. J. W. Cole, R. R. Coble, Nicanor
L. Clark, B. L. Thompson, Lu- Moreno, Serafin Cortez, Santi-
ciano. Chambe. ago Silva, Augusto Amorea.
Organized 1911

Territory: The Conferences of Rio Missionary Licentiates:

Grande do Sul, Salo Paulo, and C. E. Schofield, A. Pages, H. B.
Santa Catharina; and the mis- Fisher.
sion fields of Parana, West
Minas and Matto Grosso; and
the State of Goyaz. RIO GRANDE DO SUL
Cable Address: " Adventista," Sao CONFERENCE
Postal Address: Caixa Postal 1028, Organized 1906
Sao Paulo, Brazil, South Amer-
ica. Territory: The State of Rio Grande
do Sul, Brazil.
Office Address: Rooms 1 and 2,
Avenida Sao Joao No. 6, Third Telegraphic Address: " Advent-
Floor, sao Paulo, Brazil, South ista," Porto Alegre, Brazil.
Postal Office: Caixa Postal 106,
Officers: Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do
Pres., N. P. Neilsen. Sul, Brazil, South America.
Sec., Treas., and Auditor, C. E.
Schofield. Office Address: Avenida do Bom
Executive Committee: N. P. Fim 174a, Porto Alegre, Rio
Neilsen, C. E. Schofield, C. L. Grande do Sul, Brazil, South
Bainer, W. E. Murray, E. V. America.
Moore, A. L. Westphal, the pres-
idents of the conferences com- Officers:
posing the Union, the superin- Pres., A. C. Harder.
tendents of the organized mis- Sec. and Treas., U. Wissner.
sions of the Union, the director Executive Committee: A. C.
of the Brazil Training School Harder, Aug. Rockel, Jos6 A. dos
and the Manager of the Brazil Reis, Ricardo 01m, U. Wissner.
Publishing House.
Legal Assn.: " Associacao dos Department Secretaries:
Adventistas do setimo dia no Tract Soc., U. Wissner.
Brazil." Field Miss., J. M. Zeroth.
Department Secretaries: Sabbath School, U. Wissner.
Field Miss., C. L. Bainer. Ministers:
Sabbath School and Home Miss., A. C. Harder, Jos6 A. dos Reis,
E. V. Moore. Aug. Rockel.
Educational and Miss. Vol., W.
E. Murray. Missionary Licentiates;
Minister: N. P. Neilsen. U. Wissner, J. M. Zeroth.
W. E. Murray, E. V. Moore, C. L. Church School Teachers:
Bainer, T. W. Steen, G. B. Tay- Carolina Kapteinat, Josd Men-
lor, C. H. Palmer, M. V. Tucker. des Rabello, Albertina Dassow.
152 "


FERENCE H. B. Westcott, A. E. Hagen.
Organized 1906 Licentiates:
Territory: State of Santa Cathar- Luiz Braun, Mathias Alencar.
ina, Brazil.
Office Address: Indayal, Blumenau, Missionary Licentiates:
Santa Catharina, Brazil, South Manoel Margarido, Rudolpho
America. Belz, Liborio Klein.
Officers: Church School Teachers:
Pres., F. R. Kuempel. Philonilla dos Santos, Isolina
Sec. and Treas., C. E. Schofield. Avelina Waldvogel, Sylvestre
Executive Committee: F. R. Foddai.
Kuempel, Fr. Peggau, A. Hort,
Germano Conrad.
Department Secretary: MATTO GROSSO MISSION
Field Miss., S. M. de Oliveira. Established 1921
Minister: F. R. Kuempel. Territory: The State of Matto
Ljcentiate: Germano Conrad. Grosso, Brazil
Church School Teacher: F. Stuhl- Office Address: Campo Grande,
mann, Matto Grosso, Brazil, South
Organized 1922 Supt., Max Rhode.
Territory: The State of Sao Licentiate: Max Rhode.
Paulo, Brazil.
Postal Address: Caixa Postal 1830,
Sao Paulo, Brazil, South Ameri. PARANA MISSION
Established 1906
Office Address: Rua Appeninos 45,
Sao Paulo, Brazil, South Amer- Territory: The State of Parana,
ica. Brazil.
Officers: Office Address: Rua Saldanha Ma-
Pres., H. B. Westcott. rinho 169, Curityba, Parana, Bra-
Sec. and Treas., C. L. Bauer. zil, South America.
Executive Committee: H. B.
Westcott, C. L. Bauer, Manoel Officers:
Margarido, Raphael Ferreira, Li- Supt., Germano Streithorst.
borio Klein, Flavin L. Monteiro. Executive Committee: Germa-
no Streithorst, Gustavo Richter,
Department Secretaries: Saturnino M. Oliveira, Joao Mo-
Field Miss., Manoel Margarido. reira de Castilho, Augusto An-
Sabbath School and Home Miss., vies.
E. V. Moore.
Educational and Miss. Vol., W. Department Secretary:
E. Murray. Field Miss., S. M. de Oliveira.

Minister: Germano Streithorst. INSTITUTIONS IN THE SOUTH

Licentiates: CONFERENCE
J. Moreira, Wilbur Holbrook.
Missionary Licentiate: S. M. de Colegio Adventista del Plata,
Oliveira. Puiggari, F. C. E. R., Entre
Rios, Argentina, South Amer-
Church School Teachers: ica.
Joao Gnutzmann, Evangelina Colegio Adventista de Chile, Chil-
Paula, Luisa Hoffman. Ian, Chile, South America.
Collegio Adventista, Santo Ama-
ro, Sao Paulo, Brazil, South
Insiituto Industrial, Casilla 1003,
WEST MINAS GERAES Lima, Peru, South America.
MISSION Titicaca Training School, Casilla
Unorganized 85, Puno, Peru, South America.
Established 1919
Territory: Western part of the Ca s a Editora Sudamericaua,
State of Minas Geraes, Brazil. Florida, F. C. C. A., Buenos
Aires, Argentina, South Amer-
Office Address: Caixa Postal 99, ica.
Varginha, R. S. M., Minas Ge- Casa Publicadora Brasileira, Sao
raes, Brazil, South America. Bernardo, S. P. R., Sao Paulo,
Brazil, South America.
Supt., A. L. Westphal. Sanitarium:
Sanatorio Adventista del Plata,
Licentiates: , Puiggari, F. C. E. R., Entre
A. L. Westphal, Domingos P. da Rios, Argentina, South Amer-
Silva. ica.
(Organized as the India Union Mission, rgro; reorganized, 1919)
Territory: India, Burma, Ceylon, Ministers:
and islands politically connected A. W. Cormack, A. H. Williams,
therewith. S. A. Wellman, G. F. Enoch, A.
Population: 325,000,000; churches, J. Olson, R. E. Hare, I. V. Conn-
51; members, 1,592. sell.
Cable Address: Adventist," Poona. Licentiates:
General Office: P. 0. Box 15, Poona, W. E. Perrin, G. E. Jones, H. G.
India. Franks, C. C. Belgrave, A. E.
Officers: Clark, M. D.
Chairman, A. IV. Cormack. Missionary Licentiates:
Sec. and Treas.:A. H. Williams. Mrs. A. W. Cormack, Mrs. A.
Division Committee: A. W. Cor- H. Williams, Mrs. G. F. Enoch,
mack, A. H. Williams, I. F. Blue, Mrs. S. A. Wellman, Mrs. A. J.
G. G. Lowry, H. E. Willoughby, Olson, Mrs. A. O'Connor, E. B.
J. Phillips, H. C. Menkel, M. D., Jones, W. A. Scott, Mrs. W. A.
S. A. Wellman, G. F. Enoch, A. J. Scott, F. 0. Raymond, Mrs. F.
Olson, E. B. Jones. 0. Raymond, Mrs. G. E. Shan-
Auditor: W. E. Perrin. non, Miss Ilma Dowling, T. J.
Legal Assn.: " The India Finan- Michael, Mrs, T. J. Michael,
cial Association of Seventh-day Miss F. Tuckey, Mrs. W. E. Per-
Adventists." rin, Miss M. Broderson, C. H.
Sec. and Treas. of Legal Assn., Mackett, Mrs. C. H. Mackett,
A. H. Williams. Mrs. H. G. Franks, Mrs. E. B.
Department Secretaries: Jones, C. L. Torrey, Mrs. C. L.
Publishing, L. C. Shepard. Torrey, A. Walker, Mrs. A.
Sabbath School, Miss. Vol., and Walker, Miss M. Matterand,
Home Miss., S. A. Wellman. Mrs. A. E. Clark, A. Killoway,
Educational, E. M. Meleen. Mrs. A. Killoway, Mrs. G. E.
Medical Miss., H. C. Menkel, M. Jones, Mrs. C. C. Belgrave, Miss
D. Thy.ra Sandberg.


Organized Ivo
Territory: Burma, ,including the Executive Committee: J. Phil-
Shan States; the Nicobar and lips, L. W. Melendy, E. B. Hare,
Andaman Groups. A. J. Denoyer, J. 0. Wilson.
Office Address: 60 Lower Kern- Department Secretaries:
mendine Road, Rangoon, Burma. Sabbath School and Miss. Vol.,
Cable Address: " Adventist, Ran- Mrs. L. W. Melendy.
goon." Medical Miss., Mrs. 0. Tornblad,
Officers: M. D.
Supt., J. Phillips. Field Miss. and Home Miss., J. 0.
Sec. and Treas., L. W. Melendy. Wilson,

Minister: J. Phillips. lips, H. A. Skinner, L. A. Sem-

mens, D. Hpo Hla.
Licentiate: J. 0. Wilson.
Missionary Licentiates: Ministers:
Mrs. J. Phillips, Mrs. 0. Torn- R. A. Beckner (on furlough), D.
blad, L. W. Melendy, Mrs. L. W. Hpo Ma.
Melendy, Mrs. J. 0. Wilson.
Native Worker: Saya Ba: L. A. Semmens, H. A. Skinner.
Missionary Licentiates:
Skinner, C.. E. Ronfelt.
Office Address: 60 Lower Kern-
mendine Road, RangoOn, Burma.
Advisory Committee: J. Phil
lips, A. J. Denoyer, F. A. Wy- Office Address: S. D. A. Mission,
man. Kamamaung, Shwegon Post Of-
fice, Salween District, via Maul-
Minister: F. A. Wyman. mein, Burma.
Licentiates: Officers:
A. J. Denoyer,Maung Maung. Supt., E. B. Hare.
Missionary Licentiates: Advisory Committee: E. B.
Mrs. A. J. Denoyer, Mrs. F. A. Hare, H. Baird, Tha Myaing,
Wyman. Thra Peter.
Local Workers:
Minister: E. B. Hare.
Aung Zone, D. J. Roberts, Dea-
con David. Licentiates:
H. Baird, Tha. Myaing, C. Stev-
Office Address: 60 Lower Kern- Missionary Licentiates:
mendine Road, Rangoon, Burma, Mrs. H. Baird, Mrs. E. B. Hare.
Officers: Local Workers:
Supt., (Acting), J. Phillips. Thra Peter, Thra John, Thra
Advisory Committee: J. Phil- Paul.
Organized igig
Territory: The Presidency of Ben- Ministers:
gal; the Provinces of Bihar and H. E. McWhinny, L. J. Burgess.
Orissa; the Province of Assam;
with connected native states. Licentiates:
R. J. Borrowdale, J. E. Saunders,
Office Address: 6 Dehi .Serampore W. A. Barlow, H. R. Cleverly.
Road, Entally, Calcutta, India.
Missionary Licentiates:
Officers: Mrs. L. J. Burgess, Mrs. H. E.
Supt., H. E. Willoughby. McWhinny, Mrs. R. J. Borrow-
Sec. and Treas., E. H. Guilliard. dale, Mrs. J. E. Saunders, Mrs.
Executive Committee: H. E. W. A. Barlow, Mrs. H. R. Clev-
Willoughby, L. G. Mookerjee, H. erly.
E. McWhinny, E. H. Guilliard,
G. A. Hamilton, J. C. Dean. Native Workers:
Benjamin Peter, James Besra,
Department Secretaries: Matla Kisku, Baiju Murmu,
Educational, H. E. Willoughby. Chotka Hansdak, Boaz Toppo,
Miss. Vol. and Sabbath School, Gabriel Murmo.
Mrs. H. E. Willoughby.
Publishing and Home Miss., J. C.
H. E. Willoughby, E. H. Guil- Officers:
liard, G. A. Hamilton. Supt., H. E. Willoughby.
Advisory Committee: H. E. Wil-
Licentiates: loughby, C. C. Kellar, P. C. Gyan.
W. H. Stevens (on furlough), W.
E. Bement, J. C. Dean. Ministers:
C. C. Kellar, A. G. Youngberg.
Missionary Licentiates:
Mrs. W. H. Stevens (on fur- Licentiate:
lough), Mrs. E. H. Guilliard, P. C. Gyan.
Mrs. G. A. Hamilton, Mrs. H. E. Missionary Licentiates:
Willoughby, Mrs. J. C. Dean, Mrs. C. C. Kellar, Mrs. A. G.
Mrs. W. E. Bement, Miss Nettie Youngberg.
Native Workers:
Local Workers: U. N. Haider, J. M. Baroi, Ra-
P. C. Dey, P. A. Poddar. tan Sirear.


Officers: Officers:
Supt., H. E. McWhinny, Ranchi, Supt., L. G. Mookerjee, Gopal-
B. N.'Ry., India. ganj, Dist. Faridpur, India.
Advisory Committee: H. E. Mc- Advisory Committee: L. G.
Whinny, R. J. Borrowdale, J. E. Mookerjee, P. K. Roy, T. C.
Saunders. Boiragee.

Minister: L. G. Mookerjee. Native Workers:

Licentiates: T. Boiragee, A. C. Haldar, P. N.
P. K. Roy, P. C. Arinda. Paroi, K. C. Ballabh, I. B. Boir-
agee, J. Baroi, J. C. Biswas, T.
Missionary Licentiate: Mrs. L. G. C. Baroi, D. Barikdar, M. C. Sir-
Mookerjee. car, J. N. Baroi.


Organized 1919
Territory: Bombay Presidency; Ministers:
the Central Provinces; the Cen- I. F. Blue, H. C. Menkel, M. D.,
tral India and Rajputana Agen- F. W. Smith (on furlough).
cies; such parts of Hyderbad
(Deccan) as are allied to the Licentiate:
foregoing by language; the Unit-
ed Provinces of Agra and Oudh; A. E. Nelson.
the Punjab; Kashmir; the
Northwest Frontier Provinces; Missionary Licentiates:
Baluchistan. Mrs. I. F. Blue, Mrs. F. W.
Smith (on furlough), Mrs. A. E.
Office Address: 17 Abbott Road, Nelson, Mrs. H. C. Menkel, Miss
Lucknow, India. M. H. Belchambers.

Asst. Supt., M. M. Mattison. Officers:
Sec., A. E. Nelson.
Treas., Miss M. H. Belcham- Supt., M. M. Mattison.
Sec., A. E. Nelson.
Advisory Committee: M. M.
Executive Committee: I. F. Mattison, F. W. Smith (fur-
Blue, M. M. Mattison, F. H. lough), R. P. Morris, Jahan
Loasby, R. E. Loasby (on fur- Singh, R. Peters, A. E. Nelson.
lough), H. C. Menkel A. E. Nel-
son, F. W. Smith (on furlough), Ministers:
G. F. Enoch, R. A. Hubley, Miss
M. H. Belchambers. M. M. Mattison, 0. H. Shrews-
bury, Jahan Singh, R. P. Morris.
Department Secretaries: Licentiates:
Sabbath School and Miss. Vol., R. L. Kimble (on furlough), R.
Mrs. S. A. Wellman. Peters, A. Gardner, 0. W. Nolda.
Educational, F. W. Smith (on Missionary Licentiates:
Mrs. M. M. Mattison, Mrs. R. L.
Publishing, A. E. Nelson. Kimble (on furlough), Mrs. 0.
Home Miss., S. A. Wellman. H. Shrewsbury, Miss M. B. Shry-
Medical Miss., H. C. Menkel, ock, Miss V. Chilton, Mrs. 0. W.
M. D. Nolda, Mrs. R. P. Morris.

Indian Evangelists: Jacob, P. Patole, 0. Pakhare, P.

A. Paul, Umarao Singh, Francis Kakade, B. Natkar, J. Khanda.-
Wray, Piyare Din, Narain Per- gale, J. Mackwan, T. Pakhare,
shad, Jug Mohan Singh, Masih A. Kambele, L. Pakhare, B.
Charan, James Francis, Bakhta- Karandikar, D. Bunsode.
ver Singh, Robin Singh, G. D.
Bates, N. B. Singh, Bhajan
Singh, K. Cornelius, Davi Per-
BOMBAY MISSION Supt., F. H. Loasby, Chichoki
Officers: Mallian, N. W. Ry., India.
Supt., R. E. Loasby (furlough). Sec., E. R. Streeter.
Acting Supt., R. A. Hubley. Advisory Committee: F. II.
Advisory Committee: R. E. Loas- Loasby, E. R. Reynolds, N. C.
by (furlough), R. A. Hubley, Burns, Mehnga Mall, E. R.
S. 0. Martin, J. B. Carter, W. H. Streeter.
McHenry, R. A. Smithwick. Ministers:
Ministers: F. H. Loasby, E. R. Reynolds.
R. E. Loasby (furlough), R. A.
Smithwick, J. B. Carter, R. A. Licentiates:
Hubley, W. H. McHenry, S. 0. N. C. Burns, 0. 0. Mattison, E.
Martin. R. Streeter, Sardar Khan, Mehn-
ga Mall, Kasim Ali, A. E. Clark,
Licentiates: M. D.
L. G. Wood, R. A. Thrift (fur-
lough), M. 'Oss. Missionary Licentiates:
Mrs. F. H.-Loasby, Mrs. E. R.
Missionary Licentiates: Reynolds, Mrs. N. C. Burns, Mrs.
Mrs. R. E. Loasby (furlough), 0. 0. Mattison, Mrs. E. R.
Mrs. S. 0. Martin, Miss E. Reid, Streeter, Mrs. A. E. Clark.
Mrs. J. B. Carter, Mrs. R. A.
Smithwick, Mrs. W. H. McHen- Indian Evangelists:
ry, Mrs. R. A. Thrift (furlough), Paul Thomas, Nabi Baksh, Hi-
Mrs. R. A. Hubley, Mrs. M. Oss, yat Masih, Wasawar Mall,
Miss I. Dowling. Badr-uddin, A. Peters, Barkat
Masih, Vern Mall, Achchar Mall,
Indian Evangelists: Daulet Masih, Labhu Mall, Na-
Peter Shinde, Govind Bhorge, wab Din, Sawan Mall, Ladhu
Uttam Bunsode, S. Nowgire, T. Mall, Hakim Rai, B. Peters, Is-
Mackwan, B. Thombre, Y. her Singh, Bhag Masih, Fazal
Waghmari, J. Wallakar, Y. Din, Mohamed Aiyub.
Organized igrg

Territory: The Madras Presi- CEYLON MISSION

dency with its neighboring na-
tive states, including such parts Officers:
of Hyderabad (Deccan) as are Supt., H. A. Hansen, " Glenfield,"
allied thereto by language; Cey- Kynsey Road, Colombo, Cey-
lon; the Maldive and Laccadive lon.
Telegraphic Address: " Adventist,"
Office Address: Cunningham Road, Colombo.
Bangalore, India. Licentiate:
Telegraphic Address: "Adventist," H. A. Hansen.
Bangalore. Missionary Licentiate:
Mrs. H. A. Hansen.
Ceylonese Workers:
Supt., G. G. Lowry.
D. E. Wegesinghe, E. D. Weges-
Asst. Supt., E. M. Meleen. inghe.
Sec. and Treas., C. W. Tinworth.
Executive Committee: G. G.
Lowry, E. M. Meleen, C. W. Tin- MALAYALAM MISSION
worth, E. D. Thomas, H. G.
Woodward, T. R. Flaiz, L. C. Officers:
Shepard, H. A. Hansen. Supt., H. G. Woodward, Kot-
tarakara, South Travancore,
Department Secretaries: India.
Sabbath School, Mrs. C. W. Tin- Advisory Committee: H. G.
worth. Woodward, J. Joshua, M. Abel,
Educational and Miss. Vol., E. S. D. Nallathambi.
M. Meleen. Sabbath School and Women's
Home Miss. and Field Miss., L. Industrial Depts., Mrs. H. G.
C. Shepard. Woodward.
Ministers: Ministers:
G. G. Lowry, E. M. Meleen. H. G. Woodward, J. L. Wilson.
Licentiates: Missionary Licentiates:
L. C. Shepard, C. W. Tinworth. Mrs. H. G. Woodward, Mrs. J. L.
Missionary Licentiates:
Mrs. G. G. Lowry, Mrs. E. M. Indian Workers:
Meleen, Mrs. L. C. Shepard, Mrs. M. Abel, J. Joshua, A. Shadrack,
C. W. Tinworth, D. C. Claessen, S. Nallathambi, D. Charles, T.
F. Jessen. M. Joseph, A. Jacob, M. J. Mo-
ses, K. G. Dason, M. Luckose,
Indian Workers: K. R. Matthew, Mrs. S. Vetha-
L. D. Benjamin, S. Aaron, R. muthu, A. John, Mrs. S. Mary,
John. S. Peter, P. Daniel.

TAMIL MISSION Indian Workers:
Officers: M. P. Daniel, A. V. Jesudass, G.
Supt., E. D. Thomas, Nazareth C. Joseph, C. H. Devasahayam,
P. 0., Tinnevelly Dist., India. M. N. Ammiraju, G. Samuel, K.
Advisory Committee: E. D V. Seth, P. Sunderarau, P. Mo-
Thomas, A. Asirvatham, V. ses, P. J. Kelly.
Isaac, P. David, G. Santhanum,
V. D. Koilpillai.
E. D. Thomas, P. C. Foley, A. Educational
Banbwegon S. D. A. Chin School,
Licentiate: Banbwegon, Mezaligon P. 0.,
V. Isaac. Henzada Dist., Burma.
Missionary Licentiates: Bengali Girls' School, Krishna-
Mrs. P. C. Poley, Mrs. E. D. gar City, Nadia Dist., Bengal.
Thomas, Mrs. V. Isaac, Mrs. A. Bengali Middle School for Boys,
Asirvatham. Gopalgunj, Dist. Faridpur,
Indian Workers: ChM School, Letpankwin, Burma.
P. David, V. D. Koilpillai, A. M. Hse Hseng Mission School,
Jesudass, K. G. Samuel, G. San- Taungthu, Burma.
thanam, T. S. Nayagam, S. Karen Mission School, Kama-
Thomas, Mrs. T. Devadoss, J. maung, Shwegon P. 0., Sal-
Miller, P. M. Ponniah, Mrs. P. ween Dist., via Maulmein,
Joseph, C. G. Isaac, V. Koil- Burma.
pillai, Mrs. V. D. Koilpillai, V. Marathi Boys' Boarding -School,
John Henry, R. A. Chinnuppah, Lasalgaon, G. I. P. Ry.,
K. Savariappam. Marathi Training School, Lasal-
gaon, G. I. P. Ry., India.
Marathi Training School for
Girls, Lasalgaon, G. I. P. Ry.,
Meiktila Technical School,
Officers: Meiktila, Burma.
Supt., T. R. Flaiz, Narsapur, North India Christian Training
Kistna Dist., India. School, Hapur, 0. & R. Ry.,
Advisory Committee: T. R. India.
Flaiz, M. Prakasam, V. J. Ben- North India Girls' School, Luck-
jamin, M. P. Daniel. now, India.
Department Secretary: Northeast India Union Training
Sabbath School, Mrs. T. R. Flaiz. School for Boys, Ranchi, India.
Open View Mission School,
Minister: Chelusain P. 0., Dwarikhal,
T. R. Flaiz. Garhwal Dist., India.
Punjab Boys' School, Chuhar-
Licentiates: kana, N. W. Ry., Punjab,
V. J. Benjamin, T. W. Asprey, India.
M. Prakasam. Rangoon S. D. A. Telugu School,
Missionary Licentiates: Rangoon, Burma.
Mrs. T. R. Flaiz, Mrs. T. W. Santali Boys' School, Karmatar,
Asprey. E. I. Ry., India.

Singhalese Primary School, Lu- Publishing

nawa, Dist., Ceylon. Seventh-day Adventist Publish-
South India Training School for ing House, Lucknow; with de-
Boys, Krishnarajapuram, My- pots at Bangalore, Calcutta,
sore, India. and Rangoon.
Taikgyi Girls' School, Taikgyi,
Tamil Intermediate School, Naz- Medical
areth P. 0., Tinnevelly Dist., Treatment rooms at Mussoorie
India. and Simla.
Telugu Intermediate School,
Narsapur, Kistna Dist., India. Dispensaries at Chuharkana,
United Provinces School for Hapur, Kalyan, Kamamaung,
Boys, Hapur, 0 and R. Ry., Karmatar, Lasalgaori, Taik-
Vincent Hill School, Mussoorie, gyi, Hse Hseng, Najibabad,
India. Dhampur, Chichoki Mallian.
Organized 1919

Population: 24,455,000; churches, Department Secretaries:

74, members, 4,350. Publishing and Home Miss., G. S.
" Adventist," Joseph.
Cable Address: Sabbath School, Mrs. A. P. Tarr.
Claremont, Cape. Field and Educational, T. M.
Office: Grove Ave., Claremont, ' French.
Cape Province, South Africa. Medical, John Reith, M. D.
W. H. Branson, D. E.- Robinson,
Vice-President of the General T. M. French,- E. D. Dick, E. P.
Conference for the African Di- Boger, J. D. Baker.
vision, W. H. Branson.
Sec. and Treas., W. B. Commin. Missionary Licentiates:
Executive Committee: W. H. W. B. Commin, J. G. Slate, Mrs.
Branson, W. B. Commin, J. W. A. P. Tarr.
MacNeil, E. C. Boger, a D.
Dick, J. G. Slate, G. S. Joseph, Legal Association: Seventh - day
T. M. French, Dr. J. Reith, Mrs. Adventist Community for Af-
A. P. Tarr. rica, (Incorporated).


Organized 19oz
Territory: The conferences of Executive Committee: J. W.
Cape, Orange River, and Natal- MacNeil, W. S. Hyatt, U. Bender,
Transvaal; the mission fields of J. N. de Beer, J. J. Birkenstock,
Bechuanaland, and Portuguese 'W. H. Anderson, G. S. Joseph,
East Africa, south of latitude H. G. Patchett, Dr. J. Reith,
22. A. F. Tarr.
Population: 7,328,377; churches, Legal Assn., S. D. A. Community
54; members, 2,017. for Africa (Inc.).
Office Address: 17-19 Bothwell
House, Rissik Street, Johannes- Department Secretaries:
burg, Transvaal. Field Miss. and Home Miss., G.
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 4565, S. Joseph.
Johannesburg, Transvaal. Miss. Vol. and Educational,
Officers: Medical, John Reith, M. D.
Pres., J. W. MacNeil. Religious Liberty, J. W. Mac-
Sec. and Treas., A. F. Tarr. Neil.

Ministers: Ministers:
J. W. MacNeil, J. J. Birkenstock. U. Bender, W. L. Hyatt.
Honorary Ministers: Licentiate:
M. C. Sturdevant, Hubertus A. W. Staples, Jr.
Elffers, P. Smailes, J. C. Rogers,
W. C. Walston, I. B. Burton, Missionary Licentiates:
D. F. Tarr, F. B. Armitage. Miss 0. M. Willmore, A. Priest,
Mrs. 0. 0. Fortner, Mrs. E; Bull.
W. H. Hurlow, H. G. Patchett. Church School Teachers:
Honorary Ministerial Licentiate: Miss A. Cooks, Miss V. Renou,
Chas. Sparrow. Miss Alice Armer.
Missionary Licentiates: Colored Work:
A. F. Tarr, Miss A. G. Fleming, Minister:
Mrs. H. G. Patchett, Miss V. D. J. May.
Honorary Minister:
Honorary Missionary Licentates: D. C. Theunissen.
Miss E. Edie, Miss M. J. Dixie.
Missionary Licentiate:
H. Julius.
(With which is incorporated the
Kaffirland Mission Field.)
R. Moko.
Organized 1892
European Work: A. Magalela, Douglas Ntsikeni.
Territory: Cape Province, South Missionary Licentiates:
Africa. R. Matakane, Johnson Bacela,
Cable Address: " Prophetic," Port Johan Bacela, J. Mbete, S.
Elizabeth. Ntwana, J. Mkunzi, S. Pikoli,
Office Address: 21 Chapel Street, E. Jakavula, J. Qubaba, A..
Port Elizabeth. Mredlane, I. Ngowebela, D. Kobe,
G. Mayaba, Lydia Qabaka, Lucy
Postal Address: P. 0. Box 378,
Ntsikeni, Legena Magelela, Ma-
Port Elizabeth, Cape, South
tilda Siwundla, Mary Jele, Rosa-
bella Ndwandwa, Myrtle No-
Officers: gantshi.
Pres., U. Bender.
Sec. and Treas., Miss 0. M.
Executive Committee: U. Ben-
der, 0. 0. Fortner, A. W. Staples, (With which is, incorporated the
Jr., C. W. Bozarth, H. G. Pat- Basuto Mission Field.)
chett, A. Priest, Claude Tarr.
European Work:
Department Secretaries: Territory: Province of the Orange
Tract Society, Miss 0. M. Will-
Free State, and Basutoland.
Sabbath School, Office Address: 41 West Burger
Miss Vol., Home Miss., and Field St., Bloemfontein, Orange Free
Miss., H. C. Olmstead. State, South Africa,


Pres., J. N. de Beer. ENCE
Sec. and Treas., D. A. Webster. (With which is incorporated the
Executive Committee: J. N. de Transvaal and Zulu Mission
Beer, A. E. Shone, J. Snijrnan, Fields and Indian Work.)
W. Hodgson, P. A. Venter, Sr.,
Organized 1902
S. G. Hiten.
Territory: The Provinces of Natal
Department Secretaries: and the Transvaal, also Zulu-
Tract Soc., D. A. Webster. land, Swaziland.
Field Miss., H. C. Olmstead.
Sabbath School, Mrs. A. E. Office Address: 8 Stranack St.,
Maritzburg, Natal, South Africa.
Miss. Vol. and Home Miss., D. Officers:
A. 'Webster.
Pres., W. S. Hyatt.
Sec. and Treas., A. A. Pitt.
Executive Committee: W. S.
J. N. De Beer, Wm. Hodgson, Hyatt, J. R. Campbell, Dr. E. W.
S. G. Hiten. Ingle, A. Ingle, C. 1\1. Blaine, 'W.
Missionary Licentiates:
D. A. Webster, Mrs. A. E. Shone. Department Secretaries:
Tract Soc., A. A. Pitt.
Church School Teacher: Field Miss., A. Blennerhassett.
Miss A. Visser. Sabbath School, Mrs. A. N. Ingle,
Miss. Vol., Mrs. E. W. Ingle.
Home Miss., H. S. Beckner.
Native Work:
Minister: Ministers:
J. Rasmeni. W. S. Hyatt, M. W. Carey, J. R.
Campbell, B. P. de Beer.
Hans Shai, J. Ndabambi, John Missionary Licentiates:
Ross, M. Africa, L. Ntsoaneng, A. A. Pitt, Miss C. A. Dixie, A.
J. Morris. Blennerhassett.

Missionary Licentiates: Indian Work:

B. Maqutu, I. Seteka, T. Maino-
ane, Ephriam Phomani.
S. J. Stevenson.

Native Work:
L. S. Molokomme.
(Under Direction of Orange River
J. M. Hlubi, R. M. Langa, James
Established 1910 Moya.

Address: Leribe, Basutoland, Missionary Licentiates:

South Africa. Abel. ' Makhene, Franklin .Ndh-
lovu, Peter Molotsi, E. H,
Director: W. Hodgson. Ndwandwa, Solomon Ndzoyi.


Territory: British Bechuanaland, W. H. Anderson.
Bechuanaland Protectorate, and Medical Missionary Licentiates:
the Districts of Lichtenburg, Dr. A. H. Kretchmar, Miss M.
and Marico in the Transvaal D. Ingle.
Office Address: Box 112, Mafeking, George Malothoa, Kgosi, Itumel-
B. B., South Africa. ing, George Mashwa, J. A.
Officers: Tsephe, D. Kettledas.
Supt., W. H. Anderson. Missionary Licentiates:
Sec. and Treas., W. H. Anderson. D. B. Lee, Mrs. W. H. Anderson,
Executive Committee: W. H. Mrs. E. Fielding, M. J. Nolut-
Anderson, Dr. A. H. Kretchmar, shungu, Eunice Mtintso, Mary
Ashley Renou. Marerntela, D. Matimla.


Organized 1916

Territory: Bechuanaland, north of Licentiate:

the Kalahari Desert, North and J. E. Symons.
South Rhodesia, Nyasaland, and
Portuguese East Africa, north Missionary Licentiate:
of latitude 22. Comprising Ny- L. E. Biggs.
asaland Mission Field, North
Rhodesia Mission Field, South
Address: Box 573, Bulawayo, Rho- Organized 1921
desia, South Africa. Address: Malamulo Mission, Blan-
Telegraphic Address: " Zumosda," tyre, Nyasaland, British Cen-
Bulawayo. tral Africa.
Officers: Officers:
Supt., Supt., G. A. Ellingworth.
Sec. and Treas., L. E. Biggs. Sec. and Treas., Mrs. G. A. El-
Executive Committee: Supt., lingworth.
F. R. Stockil, F. E. Thompson, Executive Committee: G. A. El-
G. A. Ellingworth, J. E. Sy- lingworth, W. L. Davey, G.
mons, C. Robinson, W. C. Flaiz, Pearson.
L. E. Biggs. Minister:
G. A. Ellingworth.
Department Secretaries:
Miss. Vol. and Educational,
W. C. Flaiz.
Home Miss., J. E. Symons. Acquired 1902
Ministers: Address: Blantyre, Nyasaland,
W. C. Flaiz, C. Robinson. British Central Africa.

Outstations: Matandani and Mo- MUSOFU MISSION

nekera. Established 1917
Address: Musofu Mission, Private
Minister, Bag, Broken Hill, Northern Rho-
Licentiate: W. L. Davy. desia, South Africa.
Director: C. E. Wheeler.
Missionary Licentiates:
G. Pearson, R. C. Bilks. Missionary Licentiate:
C. E. Wheeler:
Native Evangelists and Teachers:
Simon Kalilombe, Josiah Ngaka-
zia, Albert Sumani, Morrison
80 teachers. (Late Upper Zambesi Mission)
Established 1921
NORTH RHODESIA MISSION Address: P. 0. Sesheke, North
FIELD Rhodesia, South Africa.
Organized 1921 Director,
Missionary Licentiate,
Address: P. 0. Box 23, Lusaka,
Northern Rhodesia, South Af-
Territory: Northern
Northeast Rhodesia, Caprivi (Late Northeast Rhodesia
Strip (comprising the follow- Mission)
ing missions: Rusangu, Kalim- E4tablished 1921
beza, Musofu, Chimpempe).
Address: Kawambwa, via Ndola,
Officers: Northeast Rhodesia, South Af-
Supt., F. E. Thompson. rica.
Executive Committee: F. E. Officers:
Thompson, W. W. Walker, C. E. Director, H. J. Hurlow.
Wheeler, H. J. Hurlow. Licentiate: H. J. Hurlow.
F. E. Thompson.
RUSANGU MISSION Organized 1921
Established 1905 Address: Box 128, Gwelo, Rhodesia,
Address: Rusangu Mission. Pri- South Africa.
vate Bag, Livingstone, Northern Territory: Southern Rhodesia,
Rhodesia, South Africa. comprising the following mis-
Officers: sions: Somabula, Inyazura.
Director, W. W. . Walker. Outstations: Glendale, Victoria,
Shangani Reserve.
Licentiate: W. W. Walker.
Missionary Licentiate: Officers:
W. H. Marter. Supt., F. R. Stockil.

Sec. and Treas., T. J. Gibson. INYAZURA MISSION

Executive Committee: F. R.
Stockil, 11. M. Sparrow, F. B. Opened 1910
Jewell, W. S. Smith. Address: Inyazura Mission, Inya-
zura Siding, via Salisbury, Rho-
Minister: F. R. Stockil. desia, South Africa.
Licentiate: W. S. Smith. Officers:
Director, F. B. Jewell.
Missionary Licentiate:
S. Marx. Licentiate:
F. B. Jewell.
Missionary Licentiate:
Native Workers:
Established 1901 Edward, Jona Chimuka, Josia
Address: P. 0. Box 128, Gwelo, Muchinouta.
Rhodesia, South Africa. Gokwe Section: Emery Mhlalazi.
Director, F. R. Stockil.
F. R. Stockil, Harry Sibagobe. Established 1921
Licentiate: Territory: The Belgian Congo.
T. J. Gibson. Address: P. 0. Box 250, Elizabeth-
Outstation: Selukwe. ville, Belgian Congo.
Native Workers: Supt., E. C. Boger.
Dick Mahlahla, Judah Silemba,
Wm. Zidumbu, Mosei Maweni. Minister: E. C. Boger.

Que Que Section:

Pastor, Harry Sibagobi, Peter
Maseji, Philemon Sidubi, Joseph SONGA . MISSION
Mate, Asa Nxetjwa. Established 1921
Selukwe Section: Address: Songa Mission, P. 0.
J. P. Ngeno, Paul Mbono, Ack Mato, via Bukama, Belgian Con-
Zemba, Dick Fernando, Enoch go, South Africa.
Antipa, Enoch Wangana, Alfred
Homela, James Ndotyo, Eustice Officers:
Ndebele. Director, R. P. Robinson.
Belingwe Section: Licentiate: R. P. Robinson.
Abraham, Jim Bafana, Johnson
Ndaba, Ben Ncubo, James Nde-
bele, Joshua.
Lower Shangani:
John Nikani, Benjamin Nkam- Established 1923
benl, 1VIafohla, C. Mdhlongwe, Address: Near Elizabethville, Bel-
Tom Chitombo, Shilling Juil- gian Congo.
water, Duha. Officers:
Victoria Section: Director, A. C. LeButt.
Cloud Buga, Jim Kweya, David Missionary Licentiate:
Sibanda. A. C. LeButt.


(Unorganized) RICAN DIVISION
Address: P. 0. Box 140, Windhoek, Educational:
Southwest Africa. Solusi Mission Training School,
Bulawayo, Sauth Africa.
Workers: 0. 0. Bredenkamp, Lu- Spion Kop College, Ladysmith,
cas Modisi (native). Natal, South Africa.
PORTUGUESE WEST AFRICA Sentinel Publishing Co., Ros-
mead Ave., Kenilworth, Cape,
(Unorganized) South Africa.
Address: Benguella, Angola, Por- Sanitarium:
tuguese West Africa. Cape Sanitarium, Plumstead,
Minister: J. D. Baker, Cape, South Africa.
Created a Division Conference by action of the General Conference
in session at San Francisco, Cal., May 24, 1922.
Vice-President for Australasia, J. Population: 8,188,962; churches,
E. Fulton. 227; members, 8,817.


Organized 1894
Territory: The Conferences of General Manager, E. Watson;
North New South Wales, South Secretary, W. 0. Johanson.
New South Wales, North New Treasurer, T. W. Hammond.
Zealand, South New Zealand, Union Book Depository:
Queensland, South Australia,
Victoria-Tasmania, West Aus- Signs Publishing Company, War-
tralia; the Eastern Polynesia, burton, Victoria, Australia.
. Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, New Guinea, Manager, J. M. Johanson, War-
Solomon Islands, New Hebrides, burton.
Niue, Norfolk Island, and Lord Union Field Miss. Sec., H. Stacey.
Howe Island Missions. Asst. Union Field Miss. Sec., G.
Cable Address: " Adventist," Syd- F. Hansford.
ney. Book Committee: J. M. Johan-
son, C. M. Snow, A. G. Miller,
Office: " Mizpah," Wahroonga, A. W. Anderson, Mrs. A. L.
New South Wales, Australia. Hindson.
Pres., J. E. Fulton. Department Secretaries:
Vice-Presidents, W. J. Wester- Sabbath School, Mrs. A. L. Hind-
man, F. A. Allum. son.
Secretary, W. G. Turner. Educational, L. H. Wood.
Treas., T. W. Hammond. Asst. Educational, H. C. White.
Executive Committee: J. E. Medical Miss., Dr. T. A. Sher-
Fulton, W. J. Westerman, IV. win.
G. Turner, F. A. Allum, T. W. Publishing, H. Stacey.
Hammond, the presidents of the Religious Liberty, A. W. Ander-
local conferences; superintend- son.
ents of organized mission fields; Miss. Vol., H. C. White.
A. IV. Anderson, G. S. Fisher, S. Home Miss., S. V. Stratford.
V. Stratford, T. A. Sherwin, H. Health Food, W. 0. Johanson.
Stacey, J. M. Johanson, E. Wat- Ministers:
son, C. M. Snow, W. 0. Johan-
son, H. C. White, Mrs. A. L. F. A. Allum, A. W. Anderson, E.
Hindson, L. H. Wood, E. Rosen- S. Butz, J. E. Fulton, R. Hare,
dahl, W. W. Fletcher, W. H. J. M. Johanson, J. Mills, F. L.
Pascoe, J. A. Burden. Sharp, W. J. Smith, C. M. Snow,
Auditor, A. R. Watson. W. G. Turner, H. C. White, L. H.
Asst. Auditors, A. Mountain, Sr., Wood.
W. H. Hopkin. Licentiates:
Statistician, F. J. Butler. C. V. Bell, G. Bohringer, S. C.
Legal Assn.: " Australasian Butler, A. J. Dyason, G. S. Fish-
Conference Association, Ltd." er, P. Glockler, T. W. Hammond,

G. F. Hansford, W. H. Hopkin, longitude meets the 29th paral-

W. 0. Johanson, Dr. W. H. lel of south latitude.
James, H. Kirk, A. L. King, IL Office: " Rewa," 11 Cooranbong
R. Martin, A. Mountain, Sr., C. Rd., Broadmeadows, New South
H. Pretyman (Hon.), C. Rosen- Wales, Australia.
dahl (Hon.), E. Rosendahl, Dr.
T. A. Sherwin, H. Stacey, S. V.
Pres., A. H. Piper.
Stratford, E. Watson.
Sec. and Treas., R. E. G. Blair.
Missionary Licentiates: Executive Committee: A. H.
Piper, G. S. Fisher, J. Pollock,
G. Adair, C. G. Buik, Mrs. E. S.
T. Cowan, H. J. Evans, A. H.
Butz, T. J. Dowling, Mrs. A. L.
White, J. Banks.
Hindson, R. W. Lane, A. G. Mil-
ler, H. C. Moseley, W. H. Nolan, Department Secretaries:
P. B. Otto, Mrs. L. L. Ulrich, A. Field Miss., W. Morris.
R. Watson, W. A. Wilton, W. J. Sabbath School, A. H. White.
Wright, F. J. Butler. Educational, A. H. Piper.
Miss. Vol., A. H. White.
Medical Licentiates: Home Miss., A. H. White.
Miss I. Blair, J. W. Blackwelder,
G. F. Brandstater, Miss R. Car-
A. H. Piper, S. 'Watson, M. H.
roll, Dr. M. M. Freeman, Miss R.
Whittaker, J. Allen, R. Salton,
Martin, Miss J. McCullough,
L. E. Newbold.
Mrs. E. M. Shannon, W. T.
Smith, Miss A. Thorpe, Miss E. Licentiates:
Totenhofer, Miss R. White, Miss M. A. Connell, H. E. Carr, F. W.
R. Zeininger, Miss N. King, Reekie, T. M. Cole.
Miss R. Behrens, Nurse L. Missionary Licentiates:
Daugherty, Nurse E. Morris, R. E. G. Blair, W. Morris.
Nurse N. Schnepel, Nurse A.
Shearer. Church School Teacher:
E. A. Butler. -
Licensed Teachers:
Miss R. Allbon, Miss E. E. Ed-
wards, Miss L. Graham, Miss NEW SOUTH WALES, SOUTH
Groube, A. E. Speck, A. Martin, CONFERENCE
H. S. Streeter, F. T. Milne;
Organized 1895
Territory: That part of the state
NEW SOUTH WALES, NORTH of New South Wales South of
CONFERENCE the Hawkesbury and Capertee
Rivers, as far west as the 150th
Organized 1920 meridian of east longitude,
Territory: That part of the state thence west of the line running
of New South Wales north of. north to Cassilis, thence south-
the Hawkesbury and Capertee west of a line running north-
Rivers asfar west as the 150th westerly from Cassilis to where
meridian of east longitude, the 147th meridian of east longi-
thence east of the line running tude meets the 29th parallel of
north to Cassilis. 'Thence north- south latitude, with the excep-
east of a line running north- tion of the city of Broken Hill
westerly from Cassilis to where and such adjacent territory as is
the 147th meridian of east now a part of the South Aus-

tralian Conference, and Lord NEW ZEALAND, NORTH CON-

Howe Island. FERENCE
Office: " Tereora," The Boulevard,
Strathfield, N. S. W., Australia. Organized 1889

Officers: Territory: That portion of the

Dominion of New Zealand north
Pres., J. M. Cole. of Cook's Straits.
Vice-Pres., B. Cozens.
Sec. and Treas., J. H. Mills. Cable Address: " Mastery," Auck-
Executive Committee: J. M. land, New Zealand.
Cole, J. Adderton, E. Horton,
G. E. Hayes, C. J. Boulting, A. Office: 84 Jervois Road, Auckland,
Carrick, B. Cozens, W. J. Smith, New Zealand.
A. Shannon.
Department Secretaries:
Field MisS., C. R Farrell, D. A. Pres., H. M. Blunden.
Speck. Sec. and Treas., P. G. Foster,
Sabbath School, Miss A. M. Wil- Executiye Committee: H. M.
liams. Blunden,. J. B. Donald, J.
Edticational, W. J. Smith. Strange, M. Olsen, F. J. Pearce,
Religious Lib., A. W. Anderson. W. Richards, J. Hookings.
Miss. Vol. and Home Miss., B.
Legal Assn.: " New Zealand Con-
ference, Incorporated."
Department Secretaries:
J. M. Cole, B. Cozens, L. R.
Harvey, B. Cormack, H. Mitch- Field Miss., J. E. Laybourn.
ell, G. G-. Stewart, E. Behrens, Sabbath School, J. Hookings.
A. Smart, B. P. Rudge, A. W. Educational and Miss. Vol., N. H.
Kent. Faulkner.
Religious Liberty,
Licentiates: Home Miss., P. G. Foster.
J, Hindson, E. G. Whittaker, R.
Govett, C. R. Farrell, W. R. Ministers:
Carswell, C. J. Griffin, S. R. H. M. Blunden, L. Currow, F. G.
Maunder, T. R. Kent, A. H. Rampton, NV. Scragg, J. E.
Ferris. Steed.
Missionary Licentiates: Licentiates:
E. H. Parsons, E. R. Gane, Miss
C. J. Reynolds, G. H. Words-.
E. Todd, Miss A. E. Pearse,
worth, T. W. Whittle, E. Nillson,
Miss S. Read, D. A. Speck, Miss
H. L. Tolhurst, R. A. Anderson,
I. Hoy. Miss A. Williams, Miss
J. Bookings, N. H. Faulkner.
E. Perry, Miss E. Heise, Mrs.
G. E. Chapman, Mrs.mer, al Missionary Licentiates:
Mrs. Bridgett, Miss D. Watt, Dr. Eric Caro, P. G. Foster,
Miss L. Smart, W. Taylor, Mrs. Mrs. E. Wegner, E.. Mountain,
A. H. Ferris.
Gordon Smith, Miss F. Knowles.
Church School Teachers:
G. Greenaway, Miss 'W. Ken- Church School Teachers:
nard, Miss V. G. Camp, E. J. Miss M. Beavis, Miss Sutton, A.
Felsh, Miss M. Dawkins, Miss 0. J. F. Kranz, Miss M. Carras,
Shapcott, Miss M. Schnepel. Miss Woodfield.

NEW ZEALAND, SOUTH CON- Executive Committee: E. B.

FERENCE Rudge, S. M. Cobb, F. L. Wilt-
shire, C. F. Hodgkinson, R. Ful-
Organized 1915 cher, R. Coulston and one other.
Territory: That portion of the
Dominion of New Zealand south Department Secretaries:
of Cook's Straits. Field Miss., C. F. Hodgkinson.
Office: 902 Colombo St., Christ- Sabbath School, Miss V. Hard-
church, New Zealand.
Educational, E. B. Rudge.
Officers: Miss. Vol. Miss V. Eardley.
Pres., W. J. Westerman. Religious'Liberty, E. B. Rudge.
See. and Treas., A. G. Minchin. Home Miss., S. M. Cobb.
Executive Committee: W. J.
Westerman, S. H. Amyes, F. Ministers:
Grubb, A. J. Dyason, W. H. Ben- E. B. Rudge, S. M. Cobb, A. C.
son, R. G. Priestly. Chesson, F. Knight, J. S.
Department SeCretaries:
Field Miss., J. A. Farrar. Licentiates:
Sabbath School, Miss A. Jones. A. Hysler, C. M. Lee, R. L. Pat-
Educational and Religious Lib- terson, H. Robinson.
erty, W. J. -Westerman.
Miss. Vol., Miss A. Jones. Missionary Licentiates:
Home Miss., A. G. Minchin. E. L. Pengilley, Miss H. L.
Cozens, T. ' Anderson, C. F.
Ministers: Hodgkinson, Miss V. Eardley,
W. J. Westerman, J. W. Kent, Miss I. Craig.
J. Pascoe, W. E. Gillis. .
Licentiates: Church School Teachers:
A. Bullas, L. F. Were, A. L. Miss M. Ferguson, Miss M. H.
Were. Williams.
Missionary Licentiates:
A. G. Minchin, S. H. Amyes,
Farrar, Miss E. Westerman, R. ENCE
Powrie, W. Richards. Organized 1899
Territory: The State of South
Australia, and the city of Bro-
Organized 1899 Office: 116 Grote St., Adelaide,
Territory: The state of Queens- South Australia, Australia.
land. Officers:
Office: Corner Peel and Grey Sts., Pres., L. D. A. Lemke.
South Brisbane, Queensland, See., J. Todd.
Australia. Treas., Miss R.V. Stratford.
Executive Committee: L. D. A.
Officers: Lemke, L. J. Imrie, A. Zeunert,
Pres., E. B. Rudge. J. Golding, F. T. Pitt, T. A.
Sec. and Treas., E. L. Pengilley. Brown, J. Johnsson.

Department Secretaries: Miss. Vol., A. W. Knight.

Field Miss., A. Start. Home Miss., C. A. W. McGowan.
Educational and Religious Lib- Ministers:
erty, L. D. A. Lemke.
Sabbath School, --- F. A. Allum, J. H. Woods,
Miss. Vol. and Home Miss., T. H. Craddock, F. H. Letts,
H. C. Harker, G. E. Marriott,
Ministers: W. H. Pascoe, C. P. Michaels,
L. D. A. Lemke, L. J. Imrie, G. Hubbard.
D. G. Meyers. Licentiates:
Licentiates: J. L. Smith, C. A. W. McGowan,
H. A. Kent, E. Roennfeldt, C. C. Stafford, A. W. Knight, S. L.
Head, T. A. Brown. Patching, R. J. Burns, F. Mas-
ters, W. E. Battye, J. B. Conley,
Missionary Licentiates: E. R. Whitehead.
Miss R. V. Stratford, Miss B. A. Missionary Licentiates:
Miss M. McDowell, Miss D. Hor-
Church School Teachers: ley, Miss E. Britten, J. S. Hard-
Mrs. E. Vear, Miss D. Blucher, ing, Miss E. F. Hopgood, Miss
G. Currow, Miss Z. Manners. C. E. Hodgetts, Miss A. S. Hig-
gins, E. A. Turner, H. N. Carver,
R. G. Roberts, R. A. Thrift, Miss
M. C. Barlow, Miss I. Robertson,
Church School Teachers:
Organized 1888 Miss L. McMahon, Miss A.
Territory: The State of Victoria, Hardy, W. J. Gilson, E. Burns,
and the State of Tasmania. Miss E. Britten, Miss J. Owens,
Miss A. Russell, Miss B. M. Voss.
Office: 22 Stanley St., Richmond,
Victoria, Australia.
Pres., F. A. Allum. ENCE
Sec., J. L. Smith.
Treas., J. S. Harding. Organized 1902
Executive Committee: F. A.
Allum, T. H. Craddock, R. A. Territory: The State of West
Nattrass, C. L. Lister, W. A. Australia.
Bussau, R. L. Edmunds, J. C.
Cornell, W. J. Wright, W: H. Office: 47 Hay St., Subiaco, Perth,
Pascoe, P. Appledorff. West Australia.
Department Secretaries: Officers:
Field Miss., F. Masters, E. A. Pres., H. E. Piper.
Turner. Sec. and Treas., R. R. Gooding.
Sabbath School, Miss M. C. Bar- Executive Committee: H. E.
low. Piper, W. A. Wilton, W. N.
Educational, A. W. Cormack. Lock, E. Rosendahl, W. G. Spen-
Religious Liberty, T. H. Crad- cer, R. H. Constandt, F. R.
dock. Davey.

Department Secretaries: EASTERN POLYNESIAN MIS-

Field Miss., B. Waldrom. SION
Sabbath School, Mrs. S. G. Tank. Established 1892; reorganized 1916
Educational, E. Rosendahl.
Religious Liberty, H. E. Piper. Comprising the following former
Miss. Vol., Mrs. S. G. Tank. missions; Society Islands, and
`Home Miss., W. N. Lock. Pitcairn Island.
Territory: All the Pacific Islands
Ministers: east of the 160th degree of west
H. E. Piper, G. Robinson, A. H. longitude, and south of the tenth
Britten. parallel of north latitude.
Licentiates: _ Headquarters: Papeete, Tahiti,
R. H. Constandt, H. Meyers, Society Islands, Pacific Ocean.
W. N. Lock, M. B. C. Smith.
Missionary Licentiates: Supt., F. E. Lyndon..
R. R. Gooding, Miss E. Heise, Executive Committee: F. E.
Miss F. Reed, Mrs. S. G. Tank. Lyndon, G. L. Sterling, H. S.
Cozens, Wm. Chapman.
Church School Teachers:
Miss G. Clarke, Miss Ruby Ministers:
Clarke, Miss E. Clarke, Mrs. F. F. E. Lyndon, G. L. Sterling.
Davey, G. Minchin, Miss N.
Sheed. Licentiates:
H. S. Cozens, Wm. Chapman.

COOK ISLAND MISSION Missionary Licentiates:

Mrs. F. E. Lyndon, Iti Strick-
Established 1892. land, Koteka, Tihoni, Mrs. Wm.
Chapman, Mrs. G. L. Sterling.
(Included as part of the Eastern
Polynesian Mission, 1916 to 1923; Church School Teachers:
reorganized 1923.) M. E. McCoy, Miss L. Christian.
Territory: Those islands compris-
ing the Cook or Hervey Group,
and other small islands closely FIJI MISSION
Established 1889
Headquarters: Box 16, Rarotonga,
Cook Islands, Pacific Ocean. (Included as part of the Central
Polynesian Conference, 1916 to
Officers: 1921; reorganized 1921.)
Supt., H. A. Hill. Address: Suva Vou, Suva, Fiji,
(The field is operated under the Pacific Ocean.
direction of 4the Australasian
Union Conference.) Officers:
Supt., A. G. Stewart.
Minister: Sec. and Treas., Miss E. M.
H. A. Hill. Cooper.
Missionary Licentiate: Ministers:
Mrs. H. A. Hill. A. G. Stewart, S. W. Carr,

Meciusela Naisogo, Timoci Na- Missionary Licentiates:

wara. Mrs. E. E. Thorpe, Mrs. B. E.
Licentiates: Hadfield, Bulaka, Musie.
G. McLaren, G. Branster, C. S. Church School Teacher:
Palmer, Moapi Vosa, Semiti Joni Latu.
Gade, Sanipaleti Ramua.
Missionary Licentiates:
Mrs. G. Branster, Miss K M.
Cooper, Miss W. E. Haberman, SAMOAN MISSION
Mrs. G. Masters, Mrs. G. Mc- Established 1895
Laren, Mrs. C. S. Palmer, H. R.
-Steed, Mrs. H. R. Steed, Mrs. (Included as part of the Central
A. G. Stewart, David Dudley, Polynesian Conference, 1916 to
Jimmie Ramkhelewan, Feresi 1921; reorganized 1921.)
Rokosalu, Kelevi Matawalu,
Jope Laweloa, Samuela Naibose, Address: Apia, Samoa, Pacific
Tevita Dailalu, Josia Sauliga; Ocean.
Aranaiyasa Nacukdi, Nafata-
lai Navara5 Emori Sauvu- Officers:
tini, Fineasi Kali, Pereneki Supt., H. T. Howse.
Tagi, Asesela Lewaquasila, Sueli
Vunimoli, Taniela Tilivarua, Licentiate: H. T. Howse.
Semi Tikivili, Saimoni Nataubu, Missionary Licentiate: Mrs. H. T.
Tevita Railave, Apeti Dawai,
Taniela Vauvau, Joeli Lotawa, Howse.
Tomoci Moko, Joni Mataogo,
Semi - Vuloaloa, Golai, Nellie
G. Masters. Established 1908
Address: Bisiatabu, Port Mores-
by, British New Guinea.
Minister: G. F. Jones.
Established 1895
Missionary Licentiates:
(Included as part of the Central G. Peacock, Mrs. G. F. Jones,
Polynesian Conference, 1916 to Mitieli Nakasami, Mrs. G. Pea-
1921; reorganized 1921.) cock.

Address: Nukualofa, Tonga,

Friendly Islands, Pacific Ocean.
(Operated under direction of Established 1912
Australasian Union Conference.) Address: Atchin, New Hebrides,
Licentiates: Pacific Ocean.
B. E. Hadfield, E. E. Thorpe, Minister:
Jonie Latu. C. H. Parker.


J. R. James, D. Nicholson, W. ABORIGINES
D. Smith.
Established 1913
Missionary Licentiates: Address: Oaklands via Cairns,
Mrs. J. R. James, Mrs. D. Queensland, Australia.
Nicholson, Mrs. W. D. Smith,
Mrs, C. H. Parker. Officers:
Supt., J. L. Branford.
Treas., J. L. Branford.
Matron, Mrs. J. L. Branford.
NIUE (OR SAVAGE) ISLAND Licentiate: J. L. Branford.
Established 1914 Missionary Licentiates:
Address: Niue Island, Pacific G. A. Mitchell, Mrs. G. -A.
Ocean. Mitchell, Mrs. J. L. Branford,
L. Borgas, Miss W. Koglin, Mrs.
Licentiate: L. Borgas.
Church School Teacher:
Mrs. G. A. Mitchell.
Established 1893
Address: Norfolk Island, Aus- TRALASIAN UNION CON-
tralia. FERENCE
Licentiate: M. R. Adams. Educational:
Australasian Missionary College,
Missionary: Cooranbong, N. S. W., Aus-
Mrs. M. R. Adams. tralia.
Buresala Training School, Bure-
sala, Ovalau, Fiji, Pacific
Darling Range School, Carmel,
Established 1914 West Australia.
Address: Marovo Lagoon, via Tu- New Zealand Missionary School,
lagi, Solomon Islands, Pacific Longburn, New Zealand.
Ocean. Publishing:
Signs Publishing Co., Ltd., War-
Officers: burton, Victoria, Australia.
Supt., H. P. B. Wicks. Sanitariums:
Sec. and Treas., A. R. Barrett. Sydney Sanitarium, Wahroonga,
Minister: H. P. B. Wicks. N. S. mr., Australia.
Warburton Sanitarium, War-
Licentiates: burton, Victoria, Australia.
R. H. Tutty, C. A. Wrigley, D.
H. Gray, J. D. Anderson. Health Food Factories:
Avondale Industries, Cooran-
Missionary Licentiates: bong, N. S. W., Australia.
Mrs. R. H. Tutty, Mrs. M. Wicks, New Zealand Health Food Fac-
J. S. Archer, Mrs. J. S. Archer, tory, Papanui, Christchurch,
A. R. Barrett, Mrs. A. R. Bar- New Zealand.
rett, Mrs. J. D. Anderson, Mrs. West Australia Health Food
C. A. Wrigley, Mrs. D. H. Gray, Factory, Barrack St., Perth,
M. Pringle, Peo Pana. West Australia.
Organized x922
Territory: The Bahama Islands, Department Secretaries:
the West India Islands, Trini- Sabbath School and Miss. Vol.,
dad, Tabago, Mexico, Gaute- Mrs. E. E. Andross.
mala, Honduras, Salvador, Nica- Educational, C. J. Boyd.
ragua, Costa Rica, British Hon- Publishing and Home Miss., S.
duras, Panama, Colombia, Ven- E. Kellman.
ezuela, and British, French, and Union Field Missionary Secreta-
Dutch Guiana. ries:
Population: 40,405,387; organized G. D. Raff, J. D. Leslie, B. E.
churches, 200; members, 8,222. Wagner.
Office Address: Balboa, Canal Zone, Union Missionary Volunteer and
Panama. Sabbath School Secretaries: .
Mrs. J. A. Leland, Mrs. W. E.
Officers: Baxter, Mrs. D. A. Parsons.
Vice-President for Inter-Amer- Laborers Holding Credentials from
ica, E. E. Andross. the Inter-American Division:
Sec.-Treas., and Auditor, S. E.
Kellman. Ministers:
Executive Board: E. E. Andross, E. E. Andross, S. E. Kellman,
S. E. Kellman, J. A. Leland, C. E. Knight.
D. A. Parsons, W. E. Baxter, Missionary Licentiates:
H. C. Kephart, C. J. Boyd, Mrs. Mrs. E. E. Andross, Mrs. Kate
E. E. Andross, and C. E. Knight. L. Kellman.


Reorganized 1923
Territory: The Bahamas, Cuba, Publishing and Home Miss., G.
Jamaica, Porto Rico, Haiti, D. Raff.
Santo Domingo, and the Virgin Field Miss., G. D. Raff.
Population: 8,775,905; churches, J. A. Leland.
101; members, 3,863.
Office: Corrales 2a, Havana, Cuba. Licentiate:
G. D. Raff.
Supt., J. A. Leland. Missionary Licentiates:
Sec. and Treas., Mrs. J. A. Leland, Mrs. G. D.
Executive Committee: J. A. Raff.
Leland, G. D. Raff, J. D. Living-
ston, W. G. Kneeland, C. E.
Wood, H. E. Baasch, IV. P.
Elliott, William Steele. BAHAMAS MISSION
Departmental Secretaries: Entered 1909
Sabbath School and Miss Vol., Territory: The Bahama Islands
Mrs. J. A. Leland. and Turks Island's.

Population: 60,000; churches, 2; Missionary Licentiates:.

membership, 95. A. P. Christiansen, T. C. Harper,
Office Address: Box 356, Nassau, J. A. Williams, G. L. Claypole,
N. P., Bahamas. Mrs. H. C. Goodrich, Mrs. J. D.
Officers: Livingston, Mrs. G. T. Vore,
Supt. and Treas., W. G. Knee- Mrs. A. P. Christiansen, Mrs. F.
land. W. Miller, Mrs. C. J. Foster, J.
Minister: W. G. Kneeland Bautista Sales, J. N. Williams.
Missionary Licentiate: Mrs. W. G.
Native Bible Worker: HAITIEN MISSION
Mrs. Elizabeth Someillan.
Church School Teacher: Established 1905
Miss Enid Wright. Territory: Republic of Haiti.
Miss Florence Wood. Population: 2,500,000; churches,
20; members, 700.

CUBAN MISSION Cable Address: " Adventist," Cape

Haitien, Haiti.
Established 1905
Territory: Cuba and the Isle of Postal Address: Box 28, Cape
Haitien, Haiti, West Indies.
Population: 2,898,905; churches, Officers:
8; members, 367.
Director, W. P. Elliott.
Cable Address: " Adventista," Ha-
vana, Cuba. Sec. and Treas., M. D. Howard:
Office Address: Corrales 2a, Ha- Advisory Committeee: W. P.
vana, Cuba. Elliott, M. D. Howard, G. G.
Roth, M. N. Isaac, A. Nan, J.
Officers: Blot.
Supt., J. D. Livingston.
Sec. and Treas., A. P. Christian- Department Secretaries:
sen. Tract Soc., M. D. Howard.
Advisory Committee: J. D. Liv- Sabbath School, -
ingston, A. P. Christiansen, C. J. Educational, Miss Herminie L.
Foster,G. T. Vore, Jos6 Veiga, Roth.
J. Bautista Sales.
Department Secretaries:
Tract Soc., A. P. Christiansen. W. P. Elliott, G. G. Roth, M.
Field Miss., J. A. Williams. N. Isaac, Arioste Pean.
Sabbath School, Mrs. Florence Licentiates:
Home Miss., Mrs. F. W. Miller. Antoine Theodore, Jules Jean
Miss. Vol., Mrs. F. W. Miller. Baptiste, Deliile Apollon, J. Blot.
Ministers: Missionary Licentiates:
J. D. Livingston, H. C. Good- Miss Herminie L. Roth, Mrs. W.
rich, G. T. Vore, Pedro Cruz. P. Elliott, NI. D. Howard, Mrs.
Licentiates: M. D. Howard, R. P. Gage, Mrs.
C. J. Foster, F. W. Miller, Jose. R. P. Gage, Mrs. Tertullien
Veiga, Manuel Avila. Mercier.

JAMAICA CONFERENCE Cable Address: " Adventista," San

Organized 1903 Juan.
Territory: Island of Jamaica, Office Address: Porto Rican Mis-
sion, Box 401, Calle Nueva, Stop
and Cayman Islands.
14, Santurce, Porto Rico.
Population: 905,000; churches,
56, members, 2,137. Officers:
Supt., H. E. Baasch.
Cable Address: " Adventist," Sec. and Treas., J. W. Grounds.
Kingston. Advisory Committee: H. E.
Office: 112 Tower St., Kingston, Baasch, B. A. Wolcott, J. W.
Jamaica, British West Indies. Grounds, F. E. Wilson, D. C.
Officers: Babcock, Salvador Rivera, H. M.
Gibson, Francisco Megrant.
Pres., C. E. Wood.
Department Secretaries:
Sec. and Treas., J. G. Pettey. Tract Soc., J. W. Grounds.
Executive Committee: C. E.
Wood, J. G. Pettey, C. H. Kes- Field Miss., H. M. Gibson.
Sabbath School, Miss Ella E.
lake, Hubert Fletcher, 1). E.
Walker, Edward Kissendal. Payne, Box 26, Aibonito, P. R.
Educational and Miss. Vol., B.
Department Secretaries: A. Wolcott.
Tract Soc., J. G. Pettey. . Home Miss., F. E. Wilson.
Field Miss., 0. P. Reid. Ministers:
Home Miss., C. E. Wood. H. E. Baasch, H. S. Prenier, B.
Miss. Vol., P. J. Bailey. A. Wolcott, D. C. Babcock, F. E.
Sabbath School, Mrs. W. J. Hur- Wilson, Frank Hall, Salvador
don. Rivera, Francisco Megrant.
Educational; W. H. Wineland. Licentiates:
Religious Liberty, C. H. Keslake. Rafael Bracero, Manuel Mendez.
Ministers: Missionary Licentiates:
C. E. Wood, C. H. Keslake, W. J. H. M. Gibson, J. W. Grounds,
Hurdon, Hubert Fletcher, W. H. Pablo Wallejo, Mrs. H. M. Gib-
Randle, Methuselah Jones. son, Mrs. Margaret Baasch, Mrs.
D. C. Babcock, Mrs. J. W.
Licentiates: Grounds, Mrs. F. E. Wilson, Mrs.
W. H. Wineland, G. A. E. Smith, B. A. Wolcott, Mrs. Carmen
0. P. Reid. Mendez, Miss Ella E. Payne,
Missionary Licentiates: Mrs. H. S. Prenier, Juan Cortes
J. G. Pettey, P. J. Bailey, Ru- Cordero, Catherine King.
pert Harriott, Mrs. W. J. Hur-
don, Miss Viola Brodie, Miss SANTO DOMINGO MISSION
J. Harel Daw, Miss Essie Bar-
ber. Organized 1924
Territory: Republic of Santo Do-
in ingo.
PORTO RICAN MISSION Population: 1,000,000; churches, 2;
Organized 1909 members, 147.
Office Address: Box 308, Santo Do-
Territory: Porto Rico and the Vir- mingo City, Rep. Dominicana.
gin Islands.
Population: 1,412,000; churches, Supt. and Treas., William Steele.
12; members, 428. Advisory Committee: William

Steele, Peter Nygaard, C. N. Missionary Licentiates:

Moulton, Luis Retiff. 'Jaime Phipps, Mrs. Mercedes
Ministers: Phipps, Mrs. C. N. Moulton, Mrs.
W. Steele, Peter Nygaard, C. N. Wm. Steele, Mrs. P. Nygaard,
Moulton. R. W. Prince, Victoria Wallace.


Organized 1923

Territory: The Republics of Mex- Cable Address: " Adventista," Gua-

ico, Guatemala, Salvador, and temala.
Honduras, with British HO-n-
Office: Apartado 218, " Guatemala
City, Guatemala, Central Amer-
Population: 19,737,864; churches, ica.
21; members, 1,014.
Office Address: 4a Calle Queretaro Supt. and Treas., C. P. Martin.
No. 74 (Colonia Roma), Mexico Advisory Committee: C. P. Mar-
City, D. F., Mexico. tin, C. F. Staben, Emmanuel
Supt., D. A. Parsons. Department Secretaries:
Sec. and Treas., M. R. Battee. Tract Society, Home Miss., and
Executive Committee: D. A. Sabbath School, Mrs. C. P.
Parsons, M. R. Battee, J. D. Martin.
Leslie, C. P. Martin, E. E. Bed- Ministers:
doe, E. P. Howard. C. F. Staben, C. P. Martin.
Departmental Secretaries: Licentiate:
Publishing and Home Miss., J. Emmanuel Alvarez.
D. Leslie. Missionary Licentiates:
Sabbath School and Miss. Vol., Aristeo de la Cerda, Mrs. C. P.
Mrs. D. A. Parsons. Martin, Mrs. C. F. Staben.
D. A. Parsons.
J. D. Leslie. Organized 191S

Missionary Licentiates: Territory: Spanish and British

Mrs. D. A. Parsons, Mrs. J. D.
Leslie. Population: 700,000; churches, 10;
members, 344.

GUATEMALA MISSION Cable Address: " Adventista," San

Pedro, Honduras.
Organized 1913 Office Address: San Pedro Sula,
Territory: The Republic of Gua- Rep. Honduras.
temala, Central America. Officers:
Population: 2,200,000; churches, 1; Supt., E. E. Beddoe.
members, 76. See-Treas., C. V. Williams.

Advisory Committee: E. E. Bed- District Directors:

doe, C. V. Williams, Dr. A. L. Central, D. A. Parsons; North-
Gregory, W. F. Hardt, C. E. east, F. M. Owen; Northwest, C.
Overstreet, E. S. Elwin, A. R. E. Moon; Yucatan, , Te-
Harding, K. J. Snow. huantepec, G. G. Brown; Occi-
Department Secretaries: dental,
Tract Society, C. V. Williams.
Field Miss. and Home Miss., Ministers:
Sabbath School and Miss. Vol., D. A. Parsons, F. M. Owen, C. E.
Mrs. C. V. Williams. Moon, H. F. Brown, G. G. Brown,
S. Marchisio, B. C. Delgado.
E. E. Beddoe, C. E. Overstreet. Licentiates:
Licentiates: A. H. Moreno, 0. C. Barrett.
W. F. Hardt, F. E. Cary. Missionary Licentiates:
Missionary Licentiates: M. R. Battee, Josefina Sanchez,
Mrs. E. E. Beddoe, Mrs. C. E. Gregoria de Vera, M. G. Alvara-
Overstreet, Mrs. C. V. Williams, do, Elisa Verduzco, Cristino
Mrs. Lena M. Hardt, Mrs. Mar- Schultz, J. G. Perez, Rosa Flores,
geritta. Snow, Dr. A. L. Gregory, Eloisa Hernandez, Victor Model,
C. V. Williams, Dr. J. G. Smal- E. Ponce, A. E. Torres, Victori-
ley, Mrs. Lulu Gregory, Rafael ano Calvo, Mrs. C. E. Moon, Mrs.
Garay, Lino Almendarez. F. M. Owen, Mrs. H. F. Brown,
Honorary: David Haylock, Ar- Mrs. G. G. Brown, Mrs. 0. C.
thur Harding. Barrett.


Territory: The Republic of Mex- Organized 1915
ico. Territory: Republic of Salvador.
Population: 15,501,864; churches.
8; members, 475. Population: 1,336,000; churches, 2;
Office Address: 4a Calle Queretaro members, 119.
No. 74 (Colonia Roma), Mexico Office Address: 7a Ave. Norte,
City, D. F., Mexico. Num. 43, San Salvador, El Sal-
Officers: vador, Central America.
General Supt., D. A. Parsons. Officers:
Sec.-Treas., M. R. Battee. Supt., E. P. Howard.
Advisory Committee: D. A. Par- Treas., R. G. Jones.
sons, M. R. Battee, J. D. Leslie,
H. F. Brown, 0. C. Barrett, F. M. Department Secretaries:
Owen, C. E. Moon, G. G. Brown, Educational, J. A. Bodle, Santa
A. H. Moreno, B. C. Delgado. Ana, El Salvador, C. A.
Sabbath School, Mrs. E. P. How-
Department Secretaries: ard.
Tract Society, M. R. Battee. Tract Society and Miss. Vol., R.
Field Miss., J. D. Leslie. G. Jones.
Publishing and Home Miss., J. Home Miss., E. P. Howard.
D. Leslie.
Sabbath School and Miss. Vol., Minister:
Mrs. D. A. Parsons. E. P. Howard.

Licentiate: Mrs. Alma 0. Jones, Eliseo

J. V. Hernandez.
Missionary Licentiates:
J. A. Bodle, Mrs. J. A. Bodle, Native Workers:
Mrs. E. P. Howard, R. G. Jones, J. V. Hernandez, Eliseo Callas.


Reorganized 1923
Territory: The islands of Trinidad, Cable Address: " Adventista," Bo-
Barbados, Tobago, the Lesser gota.
Antilles, the three Guianas, and
the republics of Venezuela, Co- Office Address: Apartado 436, Bo-
lombia, Panama, Costa Rica,, and gota, Colombia, South America.
Nicaragua. Officers:
Population: 11,891,618; churches, Supt., E. M. Trummer.
78; members, 3,345. Advisory Committee: E. M.
Office: Apartado 136, Caracas, Trummer, L. V. Cleaves, N. M.
Venezuela. Brayshaw, Fred Brower, An-
Officers: tonio Redondo.
Field Miss. Sec., L. V. Cleaves.
Supt., W. E. Baxter. Sabbath School Sec., Mrs. No-
Sec. and Treas., ema F. Trummer.
Executive Committee: W. E.
Baxter, B. E. Wagner, H. J. Ed- Minister:
med, W. R. Pohle, C. V. Achen- E. M. Trummer.
bach, E. M. Trummer, H. W.
McCrow. Licentiates:
Department Secretaries: N. M. Brayshaw, L. V. Cleaves,
Field Miss., 'Publishing, and Antonio Redondo B.
Home Miss., B. E. Wagner. Missionary Licentiates:
Sabbath School and Miss. Vol., Mrs. N. F. Trummer, Mrs. N. M.
Mrs. W. E. Baxter. Brayshaw, Mrs. L. V. Cleaves.
W. E. Baxter.
B. E. Wagner. FERENCE
Missionary Licentiates: Organized 1906
Mrs. W. E. Baxter, Mrs. B. E. Territory: Trinidad, Tobago, Bar-
Wagner. . bados; Windward and Leeward
Islands; British, Dutch, and
Organized 1922 Population: 1,800,000; churches,
Territory: Republic of Colombia, 65; members, 2,401.
South America. Cable Address: " Adventists,"
Population: 5,847,000; church, 1; Port of Spain, Trinidad, Britis
members, 16. West Indies.

Office Address: 31 Dundonald St., VENEZUELA MISSION

Port of Spain, Trinidad, British
West Indies. Territory: Republic of Venezuela,
Postal Address: Box 66, Port of and islands of Curacao, Oruba,
Spain, Trinidad, British West Buen Ayre, and Margarita.
Indies. Population: 2,844,618; churches,
Officers: 2; members, 84.
Pres., H. J. Edmed.
Sec. and Treas., Benjamin Yip. Cable Address: " Achenbach," Car-
Executive Committee: H. J. Ed- acas.
med, C. B. Sutton, I. G. Knight,
I. V. Minner, H. W. McCrow, S. Postal Address: Apartado 136,
L. Ash, A. E. Riley, P. Giddings, Caracas, Venezuela, South Am-
S. A. Crichlow. erica.

Department Secretaries: Office Address: Carcel a Pilita No.

Tract Soc., Miss Ethel M. Ed- 2, Caracas, Venezuela, South
med. America.
Field Miss., C. B. Sutton.
Sabbath School and Educational, OffiCers:
Miss Mary E. Robertson. Supt., C. V. Achenbach.
Home Miss., C. B. Sutton.
Miss. Vol., J. D. Wood. Sec. and Treas., B. Bullard.
Medical Miss., Dr. Chas. Cave. Advisory Committee: C. V.
Achenbach, B. Bullard, D. D.
Ministers: Fitch, L. J. Borrowdale, Fran-
H. J. Edmed, I. G. Knight, I. V. cisco Cabrera.
Minner, A. E. Riley, J. J.
Smith, E. C. Henriques, S. L. Department Secretaries:
Ash, P. Giddings, C. B. Sutton, Tract Soc., B. Bullard.
G. B. Haining, H. W. McCrow, Field Miss.,
W. H. Lewis, Thomas Warner, Sabbath School and Miss. Vol.,
J. D. Wood. Mrs. C. V. Achenbach.
Home Miss., B. Bullard.
Nathan Payne, Dr. C. Cave, Ministers:
James Carrington, Henry Wise-
man, B. Yip, George Rickard. C. V. Achenbach, D. D. Fitch, L.
J. Borrowdale.
Missionary . Licentiates:
Mrs. H. J. Edmed, Mrs. I. G. Licentiate:
Knight, Mrs. I. V. Minner, Mrs. Francisco Cabrera.
C. B. Sutton, Mrs. E. C. Henri-
ques, Mrs. S. L. Ash, Mrs. P. Gid- Missionary Licentiates:
dings, Mrs. H. W. McCrow, Mrs. Mrs. C. V. Achenbach, Mrs. D.
G B. alining Mrs. J. J. Smith, D. Fitch, Mrs. D. A. Fitch, B.
Mrs. A. E. Riley, Mrs. Nathan Bullard, Mrs. B. Bullard, Mrs.
Payne, Mrs. William Lewis, Mrs. L. J. Borrowdale, Mrs. Carolina
J. D. Wood, Miss H. Skeritt, Crummel, Amelia Correa, Blanca
Annie Osborne, Ethel Edmed, Orta, Clara Robaina, R. E.
Samuel Jones, John Roberts, Greenidge, Mrs. R. E. Greenidge,
Jonathan Riley, R. Hyder, C. J. A. Lamas, Wm. K. Achen-
Williams. bach, J. G. Diaz.

WEST CARIBBEAN CON- Missionary Licentiates:

FERENCE Fred Hutchinson, Mrs. Fred
Hutchinson, F. W. Steeves, Mrs.
Organized 1906 F. W. Steeves, H. C. Kephart,
Territory: Republics of. Panama. Mrs. H. C. Kephart, Mrs. Lura
Costa Rica, and Nicaragua; and Davison, Mrs. Amy Walters,
Mrs. Amelia Downer, Mrs. C. J.
the islands of San Andres and Boyd, J. L. Holder, Mrs. J. L.
Old Province (Colombian), and Holder, Mrs. E. R. Johnson, C.
Corn Island (Nicaraguan). E. Nelson, M. D., C. F. Brooks,
Population: 1,400,000; churches, S. T. Archbold, R. T. Newball,
23; members, 800. Mrs. J. A. Reid.
Cable and Wireless Address: "Ad- Chinch School Teachers:
ventist," Colon, Panama. D. P. Abbott, Mrs. R T. New-
Postal Address: Box M, Cristo- ball, P. A. McGregor, Mrs. Eliz-
bal, Canal Zone, Panama. abeth Dixon, J. A. Maynard,
Office Address: Masonic Temple, Ishmael Ellis, Miss Edwedge
Corner Eleventh and Bolivar Lawrencin, Miss Euphemia Sal-
Streets, Cristobal, Canal Zone, mon.
. Pres., W. R. Pohle.
Sec. and Treas., Fred Hutchin- AMERICAN DIVISION
son. Educational:
Executive Committee: W. R. Aibonito Academy, 'Aibonito,
Pohle, Fred Hutchinson, H. C. Porto Rico.
Kephart, C. J. Boyd, J. A. Reid, Central American Training
Linton Rashford. School, Siguatepeque, Hon-
Department Secretaries: duras.
Colegio Adventista Industrial,
Tract Society, Fred Hutchinson. Bartle, Oriente, Cuba.
Field and Home Miss., F. W. Haitien Seminary, Box 28, Cape
Steeves. Haitien, Haiti.
Educational, C. J. Boyd. Mexico Training School, Tacu-
Sabbath School, Mrs. Fred baya, D. F., Mexico.
Hutchinson. West Caribbean Training School,
Ministers: Obispo, Canal Zone, Panama.
West Indian Training School,
W. R. Pohle, E. R. Johnson, Lin- Mandeville, Jamaica.
ton Rashford, J. A. Reid. -
Publishing: Pacific Press Publish-
Licentiates: ing Association, Central Amer-
C. J. Bdyd, A. A. Grizzle, G. H. ican Branch, Box 5007, Cristo-
Nembhard. bal, Canal Zone.

HAWAIIAN MISSION Sabbath School, Mrs. C. R. Web-

Entered 1895 Miss. Vol., Miss Kathryn Clan-
Territory: The Hawaiian Islands. ton.
Population: 250,627; churches, 2; Oriental, F. E. Stafford.
members, 175. Educational, H. E. Giddings.
Office Address: 1112 Keeaumoku Ministers:
St., Honolulu, Hawaii.
L. L. Hutchinson, S. T. Hare,
Officers: H. E. Giddings, R. J. McKeague.
Supt., L. L. Hutchinson. Licentiates:
Sec. and Treas.. R. J. MeKeague
Asst. Sec. and Treas., Mrs. L. L. F. E. Stafford, C. R. Webster,
Hutchinson. Dr. Hans Bonde.
Advisory Committee: L. L. Missionary Licentiates:
Hutchinson, S. T. Hare, H. E.
Giddings, R. J. McKeague, C. R. Mrs. C. R. Webster, Mrs. Mabel
Webster, F. E. Stafford, Jonah McKeague, Mrs. S. T. Hare, Mrs.
Kumalae. H. E. Giddings, Mrs. L. L. Hut-
chinson, Miss Kathryn Clanton,
Department Secretaries: F. M. Hansen, Mrs. F. M. Han-
Tract Soc. and Home Miss., R. sen, V. W. Thompson, Mrs.
J. McKeague. Willa Culp Thompson.
At the Educational Council held at St. Helena, Cal., June 4-14, 1915,
it was recommended that the work of our intermediate schools, acad-
emies, and colleges be organized upon a semester (half year) basis,
each semester to be subdivided into three periods of six weeks each.
Lt was also recommended that the credits given in these schools be
reckoned upon a unit basis, one unit representing a study pursued 36
weeks with five recitations a week, forty-five minutes in length, or its
equivalent; that college credits be given on the semester-hour basis, a
semester-hour representing a study pursued one sixty-minute hour a
week for eighteen weeks. The scope of the various courses conducted
in these schools is as follows:
Grades Years
Intermediate Course 7-10 4
Academic Course 9-12 4
College Course (General) 13-16 4
College Course (Special):
For Ministers (Complete) 13-16 4
For Ministers (Shorter Course) 13, 14
For Bible Workers and Missionaries
one- and two-year courses
Teachers (Elementary) 13, 14 2
Business and Shorthand 13, 14 2
Business only 121, 13 11
Shorthand only 121,13 11
Music the conservatory course
College Course (Medical) 13-16 4
For Medical Evangelists 4
For Nurses the instruction given in our sanitariums 3
For . Preparatory Medical Students 13,14 2
Lists of church schools and teachers will be found in connection with
directories of the conferences in which such schools are located. Di-
rectories of colleges, academies, and intermediate schools follow in al-
phabetical order.

AIBLING SEMINARY Local Board: G. W. Schubert, Otto

Schuberth, F. Schwaderer, P.
Kurhaus Wittelsbach, Bad Aibling, Schmid, M. D.
Oberbayern, Germany Faculty: Otto Schuberth, Princi-
Founded in 1021 as.Central Europ- pal, Business Manager, Lan-
ean Mission Seminary at Kirch- guages and Psychology; Paul
heim-Teck, Wiirtemberg. Schmid, M. D., Nursing, Science;
Hermann Schmidt, Bible, His-
School Board: G. W. Schubert, 0. tory; F. Pacher, Preceptor, Com-
Schildhauer, E. Bahr, J. Muth, mercial Department; Mrs. Rosa
C. Motzer, F. A. Prieser, E. Staerr, Matron and Preceptress;
Gugel, P. Schmid, M. D., J. G. Charlotte Schuberth, English,
Hopf, L. Lutz, Otto Schuberth, Voice; Olga Haecker, Piano.
187 ,

ADELPHIAN ACADEMY A. N. Allen, D. L. Wagner, D. C.

Holly, Michigan Field, F. H. Westphal, H. D.
Casebeer, W. B. Miramontez.
Established 1904 Faculty: K. M. Adams, Principal,
Corporate Name: " Adelphian History; W. L. Bird, Bible; B.
Academy Association." Rasmuson, Preceptor, Science;
Board of Trustees: W. H. Holden, Miss Lela Horning, Preceptress,
Chairman; W. C. Hannah, Sec.; English; Miss E. A. Caballero,
W. B. White, F. A. Webber, J. C. Spanish; Mrs. M. E. Fairchild,
Stevens, P. C. Hanson, R. M. Voice and Piano; Mrs. Rena
Harrison, C. L. Butcher, E. L. Seat; Grades 5-8; Ellen Bird,
Peterson. Grades 1-4.
Faculty: W. C. Hannah, Principal Industrial Faculty: K. M. Adams,
and Business Manager, Agricul- Business Manager; George Ricks,
ture; L. G. Sevener, Preceptor, Farming; Mrs. R. G. Lewis,
Science, Algebra; Mary Mont- Dressmaking; Mrs. K. M. Adams,
gomery, Preceptress, Matron, Domestic Science; W. L. Bird,
.,00king; F. L. Abbott, Bible; Carpentry; Miss E. A. Caballero,
I. M. Burke, English; Margaret Typing.
Hitchcock, Accountant, Geome-
try, Bookkeeping; Gladys Witt,
Hannah, Sewing. South Lancaster, Mass.
Elementary School: Albert Mob-
ley, Grammar Grades; Essie Established 1882
Burgess, Primary Grades. Board of Trustees: E. K. Slade,
(Pres.), B. F. Machlan, B. M.
Heald, E. L. Cardey, R. S. Fries,
AIBONITO ACADEMY J. A. Trout, W. C. Dunscombe,
(Formerly Colegio Adventista) A. E. Sanderson, E. E. Miles,
Aibonito, Porto Rico J. K. Jones, D. U. Hale, J. E.
Established 1920 Jayne, H. A. Vandeman, C. B.
Haynes, W. C. Moffett, F. C.
Board: H. E. Baasch, Pres., H. S. Gilbert, N. H. Saunders, C. F.
Prenier, J. W. Grounds, Manuel Ball.
Mendez, B. A. Wolcott, Sec.
Faculty: 13. A. Wolcott, Principal Officers of the Corporation: E. K..
and Manager; H. S. Prenier, Slade, President; B. F. Machlan,
Bible and History; Manuel Men- Treasurer; J. A. Trout, Secre-
dez, Spanish ; Miss Ella E. tary.
Payne, English and Normal; Local Board: E. K. Slade, B. F.
Miss Havilla Field, Instrumental Machla.n, J. A. Trout, W. C.
Music. Moffett, N., H. Saunders.

ARIZONA ACADEMY Administration: B. F. Machlan,

Pres. and -Business Manager;
1325 North Fourteenth St., J. A. Trout, Sec. and Asst Man-
Phoenix, Arizona ager, H. F. Benson, Preceptor;
Established 1920, Miss Violet Morgan, Preceptress;
Board: A. R. Sandborn. Chairman; Mrs. May M. Quantock, Matron.
K. M. Adams, Sec.; W. L. Bird, Faculty: B. F. Machlan, Pres.,
H. L. Wallace, I. T. Reynolds, School Administration;
C. D. M. Williams, J. L. Saucier, Bible; R. A. Beckner, Asst.

Bible; B. B. Ross, History; J. Domestic Science; and

N. Clapp, English; C. D. Utt, Matron; G. S. Fisher.
Registrar, Ancient Languages;
Mrs. B.. B. Ross, Modern Lan-
guages; J. W. Salisbury, Phys- BALTIC UNION SCHOOL
ical Science; G. H. Winslow, Riga, Latvia
Biological Science; Rowena E.
Purdon, Mathematics; Miss Vio- Established 1923
let Morgan, Preceptress, Ex- Board of Managers: D. N. Wall,'
pression and Physical Culture; Chairman; L. F. Oswald, K.
H. F. Benson, Missions, Precep- Sutta, M. Lass, Ed. Enseleit.
tor; C. H. Schowe, Musical Di- Principal: L. F. Oswald, assisted
rector, Voice; Miss Edna Farns- by several teachers to be sup-
worth, Piano; C. S. Corkh.am, plied.
Commerce; Miss M. E. Poole,
Stenography; Mrs. S. M. Butler, BANBWEGON S. D. A. CHIN
Bible Work; Milton Robison, SCHOOL
Normal Director; Miss Olive Established 1920
Lindberg, Grammar Department,
Critic Teacher; Miss Ella Os- Vernacular, first to fourth stand-
borne, Intermediate Department, ards.
Critic Teacher; Mrs. J. A. Trout, In charge of Aung Zone, Banbwe-
Primary Department, Critic gon Village, Mezaligon P. 0.,
Teacher; Violet Webber, Normal Henzada District, Burma.
Art; Mrs. May M. Quantock,
Matron, Cooking, Home Econ- BATTLEFORD ACADEMY
omics; Mrs. 9. W. Hastings,
Sewing; Dr. Clara Otis, Practical Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada
Nursing, Hydrotherapy; Guarles Established 1916
Sumner, Agriculture; H. B. Board of Managers: C. L. Butter-
Rudolph, Carpentry. field, Chairman; J. J. Jutzy,
Sec.; C. W. Deer, E. E. Farns-
COLLEGE feld, G. W. Rader, G. F. Ruf,
W. Wasell.
Cooranbong, New South Wales,
Australia Faculty: H. K. Martin, Principal,
History; C. 0. Smith, Bible; C.
Established 1894 F. Hubbard, Science; Catherine
Board: J. E. Fulton, Chairman; Nickel, English Grammar and
L. H. Wood, G. S. Fisher, E. Composition; Mrs. H. K. Martin,'
Watson, A. H. Piper, W. W. Literature, Language, and Voice;
Fletcher, H. C. White, W. G. Mrs. C. F. Hubbard, Music; Mrs.
Turner, T. W. Hammond. F. S. Bolton, Mathematics; Mrs.
S. K. Warnygora, Russian;
Faculty: L. H. Wood, Principal Mabel I. Campbell, Physiology
and Technical Studies; F. J. and General Nursing; E. A.
Butler, Business Manager; W. Edstrom, Commercial; Elizabeth
W. Fletcher, Bible; E. S. Butz, E. Nickel, Grades 7 and 8;
Preceptor, Physiology and Home Sarah E. Stickle, Grades 1- to 6.
Nursing; J. Mills, History and
Languages; A. E. Speck, Normal Administration: H. K. Martin,
Department; A. C. Martin, Mu- Business Manager; E. A. Ed-
sic; Miss R. Allbon, English; strorn, Accountant; C. F. Hub-

bard, Preceptor; Catherine BETHEL ACADEMY

Nickel, Preceptress; Mrs. P. Bethel, Wis.
Finkle, Matron.
Established 1899
Vocational Faculty: H. K. Martin, Educational Board: I. J. Wood-
Supt.; F. S. Bolton, Farm Man-. man, Pres.; B. H. Phipps, Sec.;
ager; Mrs. C. F. Hubbard, Art Dr. M. 0. Bentley, G. W. Pflu-
and Sewing; Perry Finkle, Car- gradt, Lawerence Jorgensen, W.
pentry; Angus MacPherson, H. Sherrig, P. L. Larson, W. H.
Blacksmithing. Westermeyer.
Faculty: B. H. Phipps, Principal
and Business Manager, Agricul-
BENGALI GIRLS' SCHOOL ture; Otto Johnson, Assistant
Business Manager, Commercial
Krishnagar City, Nadia District, Branches; E. P. Weaver, Pre-
Bengal, India ceptor, Manual Training, Latin;
Established 1916 Louie Hendrick, Farm Manager,
Bible, History; Hope Christo-
In charge of Miss N. Knister, as- pher, Preceptress, English; W. L.
sisted by N. Bhattachatgya and Avery, History, Bible, Missions;
other Bengali teachers. A. J. Skeels, Science, Mathe-
matics, Orchestra, Violin; Ber-
nice Webber, Librarian, Nor-
mal Director; Grace Fairchild,
BENGALI MIDDLE SCHOOL Piano; Flora McChesney, Ma-
FOR BOYS tron Mrs. Otto Johnson, Short-
S. D. A. Mission, Gopalgunj, Dist. hand,' Sewing; J. P. Beach,
Faridpur, India Grades 7 and 8.
Established 1921
In charge of Mrs. L. G. Mookerjee, BRAZILIAN SEMINARY
assisted by Jonas Singh (head-
master) and other Bengali (Collegio Adventista)
teachers. Established 1915
Address: Collegio Adventista,
Santo Amaro, Silo Paulo, Brazil,
Board of Directors: N. P. Neilsen,
Jefferson, Tex. T. W. Steen, F. W. Spies, E. M.
Established 1914 Davis, W. E. Murray, F. R.
Kuempel, A. C. Harder, J. H.
Board: R. F. Culpepper, Chairman; Boehm, R. Wilfart, G. S. Bel-
0. A. Graves, See.; E. E. Bal- leau, H. B. Westeott.
lard, E. Woods, J. F. Wright,
Miss Lorena Wilcox, U. S. Bald- Officers of the Board: N. P. Neil-
win. sen, Pres.; T. W. Steen, Sec.,
Treas., and Director; C. E.
Faculty: 0. W. Wolfe, Principal, Schofield, Auditor.
Bible; C. E. Smith, Advanced Executive Board: T. W. Steen, N.
Subjects; Fannie L. Woods, In- P. Neilsen, H. B. Westcott, G.
termediate; Lessie Culpepper, B. Taylor, C. H. Palmer, F. W.
Primary. Spies, G, S. Belleau.

Faculty: T. W. Steen, Director; nov, Preceptor, Bible; Alexis

C. E. Rentfro, Bible; G. B. Tay- Yakovenko, Russian; J. F.
lor, Preceptor and Sciences; Huenergardt, Latin-Slav De-
Mable Patterson, Preceptress, partment, Hungarian, Bible;
Matron, and Normal Depart- John Klepe, Rumanian; J. A.
ment; C. H. Palmer, Commer- Dominski, Polish; Alexander
cial Dept.; Flavio L. Monteiro, Long, Italian; Anna Jensen,
National Language and History; Preceptress, Education; Minnie
Mrs. T. W. Steen, Music and Olson, Home Economics; Ada
English; Adolph() Bergold, Farm Swanson, Matron; A. C. Matt-
Superintendent, Agriculture; son, Asst. Farm Supt.; Rhoda
Carmen Monteiro, Asst. in Por- Anderson, Librarian, Library
tuguese; Alma Mayer, Mathe- Science, Grade 8; Beda Bengt-
matics. son, Nurse, Hydrotherapy and
Practical Nursing; Hilding
Westerlund, Nurse, Hydrother-
BROADVIEW COLLEGE AND apy and Practical Nursing; E.
THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY R. Swanson, Accountant, Book-
La Grange, Ill. keeping, Penmanship; Adelaide
L. Anderson, Registrar, Stenog-
Established 1910 raphy; Ivar Carlson, Mechanical
Corporate Name: Broadview Theo- Department, Manual Training;
logical Seminary. Alice Bodin, Grades 1-7.
Board of Trustees: Wm. Guthrie,
Pres.; H. 0. Olson, Sec. and
Treas., August Anderson, J. W. BURESALA TRAINING SCHOOL
Christian, J. H. Hoffman, I. J. Buresala, Ovalau, Fiji, Pacific
Woodman, J. M. Erickson, J. J. Ocean
Irwin, C. H. Mattson., B. T. Established 1904
Russell, Olof Granlund, W. A. Faculty: C. S. Palmer, Principal.
Westworth, S. Mortenson, J. F.
Piper, M. N. Campbell.
- Local Board: J. W. Christian, CAMPION ACADEMY
Chairman; H. 0. Olson, Sec.;
August Anderson, J. M. Erick- Loveland, Colorado
son, J. F. Huenergardt. Established 1907
Faculty: H. 0. Olson, Pres:, Phi- Board of Managers: M. L. Rice,
losophy; S. Mortenson. Dean of Pres.; H. E. Westermeyer, Sec.;
School of Theology, Bible, Evan- Roy Hay, W. A. Angelberger,
gelical Training; August Swed- G. T. Burgess, N. W. Dunn, C. L.
berg, Bible; E. C. Rowell, Eng- Wilson.
lish; Winifred P. Rowell, An- Faculty: H. E. Westermeyer, Prin-
cient Languages; Karl Mattsson, cipal, English; C. L. Wilson,
Swedish, Mathematics; Mrs. Manager; A. C. Madsen, Pre-
Karl Mattsson, Swedish ; Emil ceptor, Bible; - G. W. Presnell,
Leffler, History; R. E. Hoen, Science and Mathematics; Mrs.
Science; Rene Engel - Lidge, G. W. Presnell, History and
Piano; Arvid Anderson, Piano, Normal; Margaret Miller, Pre-
Theory; Pearl Kurtichanov, ceptress, Language; Clara Erick-
Voice; 0. S. Beltz, History of son, Piano; John Hickman,
Music, Chorus, Director, Sight Voice and Violin; Ethel J. San-
Singing, Orchestra; Joel Nord- derson, Matron; Lloyd Aufder-
strom, Violin; Titus Kurticha- har, Engineer.


Lacombe, Alberta, Canada Cedar Lake, Mich.
Established 1907 Established 1899
Board of Managers: A. C. Gilbert, Board of Managers: J. F. Piper,
C. L. Butterfield, J. J. Reiswig, Pres.; G. H. Simpson, Sec. and
W. A. Clemenson, C. L. Stone, Treas.; H. H. Hicks, J. G. Lam-
T. - Ray Lukens, C. R. Morris, son, A. P. Peterson, G. H. Smith,
L. C. Shepard, H. J. Klooster. W. S. Cole.
Faculty: H. J. Klooster, President Faculty: G. H. Simpson, Principal
and Business Manager; H. S. and Business Manager; B. F.
Miller, Bible; G. E. Shankel, Williams, Bible; Paul Ford, Pre-
English; H. J. Klooster, Science; ceptor, Science; Anita Thurgood,
E. D. Hanson, History; Mrs. F. Preceptress, English; Ruth Ten-
B. Howard, Mathematics; 0. W. ny, Piano; Mrs. Paul Ford,
Reinmuth, Ancient and Modern Matron; H. J. Halvorsen, Farm
Languages; H. A. Shepard, Com- Supt., Agriculture; Jennie Nel-
merce; Miss Margaret Nickel, son, Accountant; Primary and
Grades 7-8; Miss Grace Walker, Intermediate Grades, Luella
Grades 1-6; Mrs. S. Harrison, Wells, Catherine Shepard.
Piano; Miss Susie Wagner, Cook
and Matron; Mrs. Rhoda Mason,
Dressmaking; Miss Pearl Pang- CENTRAL AMERICAN TRAIN-
man, R. N., Nursing; Mrs. H. J. ING SCHOOL
Alcock, Preceptress; Cecil Hauss- Siguatepeque, Honduras
ler, Preceptor; G. R. Johnson, Established 1915
Farm Superintendent; H. A. Faculty: W. F. Hardt, Principal;
Shepard, Treasurer. other members, L. B. Ward, Mrs.
Lena Hardt, A. E. Torres, Helen
Tungshan, Canton, China CHICAGO CONFERENCE
Operated for Cantonese, Kwangsai,
and Hakka Missions 619 South Ashland Blvd.,
Established 1915 Chicago, Ill.
Established 1923
Board of Directors: A. L. Ham, J.
P. Anderson, P. V. Thomas, H. Board: Under direction of the Chi-
B. Parker, Dr. S. L. Wong, T. S. cago Conference Committee.
Wu, C. S. Sissons, R. M. Milne. Faculty: F. S. Thompson, Princi-
Faculty: L. C. Wilcox, Principal pal; Mrs. F. S. Thompson, Nina
and Manager; . H. B. Parker, Williams.
Treas.; C. N. Tso, T. C. Wong,
Mrs. A. L. Ham, Mrs.' V. M.
Cheung, T. M. Li, Mrs. Chan. (Colegio Adventista de Chillan)
Address: Casilla 319, Chillan, Chile,
Board of Directors and faculty of South America.
Bethel Girls' School are the.same Established 1906
as for the Cantonese Intermedi- Board of Managers: W. E. Han-
ate School. cock, E. U. Ayars, V. E. Tho-

mann, Walter Schubert, G. Em- Executive Committee: W. B. Ochs,

menegger. S. E. Wight, J. T. Boettcher, H.
Faculty: E. U. Ayars, Principal; C. Hartwell, R. R. Neuman.
Mrs. E. U. Ayars, Preceptress; Faculty: W. B. Ochs, Pres., Bus-
Emeterio Arias, Catalina B. de iness Manager and Registrar;
Arias. H. E. Hein, Science; Miriam
Switzer, Mathematics and Do-
mestic Science; R. R. Neuman,
CHIN SCHOOL European and American History
Letpankwin, Burma and 'Librarian; J. F. Harder,
(Private) Bible; Wm. Wilkinson, English;
Established 1921 H. G. Reinmuth, Ancient Lan-
guages; J. B. Penner, German;
Vernacular: First to sixth stan- S. E. Ortner, Treasurer, Com-
dards. merce and Accounting; G. E.
In charge of Sava Seik, care A. Hansch, Stenography and Type-
J. Denoyer, Taikgyi, Burma. writing; Bernhard Ledington,
Director of Music, Instructor in
CHOSEN UNION TRAINING Voice and Theory; Mrs. Lola
SCHOOL Wilkinson, Instructor in Piano;
Elizabeth Harder, Normal Di-
Soonan, Chosen (Korea) rector, Education; Mrs. R. R.
Established 1909 Neuman, Hydrotherapy; Mrs. P.
Board: H. A. Oberg, J. E. Riffel, G. Broeckel, Sewing; A. G. Ort-
W. R. Smith, NeKern Ok, Kim ner, Carpentry; Rea G. Wake-
Pyong Yong, C. W. Lee, Kim ham, Printing and Bookbinding;
Kyu Hyok, Kim Ung Choon. Miss Frieda Reinmuth, Pre-
Faculty: J. E. Riffel, Principal ceptress and Matron; Carl Beck-
and Manager Kim Pyong Yong, er, Preceptor; Mrs. C. Becker,
Treasurer; Mrs. W. R. Smith, and Fannie Healzer, Critic
P. K. Kim, Mrs. J. E. Riffel, Y. Teachers; Miss Mollie Diel,
C. Ku, Miss H. M. Scott. Cook; J. F. Schmidt, Machinist,
Farm Manager; Henry Rein-
,muth, Engineer.
Clinton, Mo. TRIAL
Founded 1910 Bartle, Oriente, Cuba
Legal Title:" Clinton Theological Established 1923
Seminary." Faculty: Principal; other
Board of Trustees: S. E. Wight, members, C. J. Foster, Florence
M. B. Van Kirk, E. T. Russell, Foster, Piedad Valdivieso.
J. T. Boettcher, M. N. Campbell,
D. D. Rees, Wm. Guthrie, H. C. COLUMBIA ACADEMY
Hartwell, G. A. Grauer, B. E.
Miller, W. B. Ochs, C. G. Bellah, Battle Ground, Wash.
Henry Meyer, W. H. Clark, F. J. Established 1921
Wright, R. R. Neuman, S. E. Board of Managers: J. W. Nor-
Ortner. wood, Pres.; J. F. Bgatty, Sec.;
Officers of the Board: S. E. Wight, L. D. House, A. R. Bell, C. A.
Pres.; W. B. Ochs, Sec. and Purdom, N. C. Ernston, G. W.
Treas. Andrews.
194 EDUCATIONAL INsTrrunoict8
Faculty: G. E. Johnson, Principal, parative Religions; S. A. Smith,
Bible and History; D. E. Ven- Agriculture; Birt Summers, Mu-
den, Preceptor, Mathematics and sical Director, Voice; C. M. Sor-
Voice; Mrs. D. E. Venden, Eng- enson, History; P. N. Pearce,
lish; H. P. Kahler, Science and English; W. R. Lake, Hydro-
Language; Miss Ha Sleighter, therapy and Practical Nursing;
Preceptress and Matron; Mrs. Claude Conard, Commerce; E. E.
Myrtle Atkins, Grades 1-6; Mrs. Gardner, Commerce; H. L. Pear-
Clara Webb-Smith, Grades 6-8; son, Public Speaking; Mary E.
T. Folkenberg, Violin; Mrs. Mil- Lamson, Dean of Women, De-
dred Ward, Piano; Mrs. Jennie nominational History; Mrs. Lela
Pulford, Sewing; Miss Ruth Beuchel, Home Economics; Dor-
Clark, Registrar; James Hale, othy E. White, Normal Director,
Librarian. Pedagogy and Methods; Bertha
E. Allen, Registrar, Librarian,
Library Science; Fred Green,
DARLING RANGE SCHOOL Asst. Manager; C. A. Burman,
Carmel, West Australia Dean of Men, Bible; John Samp-
Established 1907 'son, Director of Mechanical De-
partment and Carpentry; Mrs.
Board: H. E. Piper, E. Rosendahl, Birt Summers, Piano; Mrs. C. M.
G. H. Palmateer, S. C. Butler, Sorenson, Matron; Mrs. Blanche
W. A. Wilton. E. Griggs, Asst. in Ancient Lan-
Faculty: E. Rosendahl, Principal guages; Myrtle Schultz, Critic
and Manager; S. C. Butler, Miss Teacher, Model School; Mrs.
E. E. Edwards, Miss B. Aitken, Clymer, Critic Teacher, Model
H. S. Streeter. School; S. Ellen Klose, Critic
Teacher Model School; Mrs.
Leona Summey-Burman, Asst.
EMMANUEL MISSIONARY in English; L. P. Thorpe, Wind
COLLEGE and String Instruments; Mrs.
Berrien Springs, Mich. Ella Iden-Edwards, French and
Established 1901 Missionary Volunteer Methods;
Mrs. Olive S. Fattic, Spanish;
Legal Title: "Emmanuel MissiOn- Mrs. Daisy Pierucci, Director of
ary College, Incorporated." Commercial Sewing; Ardenne
Board of Trustees: Wm. Guthrie, May, Art; H. E. Edwards, Di-
Frederick Griggs, Fred , Green, rector College Preparatory
W. A. Westworth, C. S. Wiest, School, Science and Mathemat-
J. F. Piper, G. R. Fattic, J. W. ics; W. N. Yeager, D. D. S.,
Christian, I. J. Woodman; J. J. Mission Dentistry; Anna D.
Irwin, W. H. Holden, H. H. Mast, Asst. in Home Economics;
Hicks. J. B. Krauss, Director of Print-
Officers of the Board: Wm. Guth- ing; Miss Martha Hutchison,
rie, Pres.; Frederick Griggs, Asst. in Piano.
Treas.; Fred Green, Sec. School of Theology and Missions
Faculty: Frederick Griggs, Pres., Faculty: Frederick Clriggs. Pres-
Philosophy; J. H. Haughey, An- ident, Evidences of Christianity;
cient Languages; W. H. Wake- W. R. French, Dean, Homi-
ham, Biblical Exegesis; 0. R. letics and Comparative Relig-
Cooper, M. D., Chemistry, Bi- ions and Mission Polity; W. H.
ology, and Physics; W. R. Wakeham, Biblical Exegesis; J.
French, Homiletics and Corn- H. Haughey, Secretary, Greek

and Hebrew; C. M. Sorenson, FINLAND S. D. A. MISSION

History; 0. R. Cooper, M.D., Sci- SCHOOL
ence; Birt Summers, Musical (Suomen S. P. A:n Lahetyskoulu)
Director; P. N. Pearce, English; Tavastehus st., Finland
Dorothy E. White, Education; Established 1918
Bertha E. Allen, Registrar, Li- Board of Managers: Finnish Con-
brarian, Tropical Diseases; ference Committee.
H. L. Pearson, Public Speaking; Faculty: E. Hlimarii, Principal;
W. N. Yeager, D. D. S., Mission K. V. Osola, Rauha Holmlund.
Lecturers: A. G. Daniels, Lectur- FIRESIDE CORRESPONDENCE
er on Church Organization and SCHOOL
Polity; W. A. Spicer, Lecturer Takoma Park Station, Washing-
on Missionary Expansion; J. L. ton, D. C.
Shaw, Lecturer On Mission Poli- Established 1909
ty; C. S. Longacre, Lecturer on Constituency: The General Con-
Religious Liberty; B. G. Wilkin- ference Committee.
son, Lecturer on Biblical Inter- Board of Managers: C. W. Irwin,
pretation and Comparative Re- Chairman; M. E. Olsen, Sec. and
ligions; M. E. Kern, Lecturer on Treas. C. L. Taylor, Asst. Sec.;
Missionary Volunteer. Services; W. E. Howell,
' C. C. Lewis, G. B.
Wm. Guthrie, Lecturer on Thompson, J. L. Shaw, M. E.
Church Finance; J. C. Knox, Kern.
Lecturer on City Evangelism; Advisory Council: Frederick
A. E. Serns, Lecturer on Pas- Griggs, H. A. Morrison, W. E.
toral Work. Nelson, 0. M. John, W. I. Smith.
Faculty: M. E. Olsen, Principal,
English Language and Litera-
ENTERPRISE ACADEMY ture; C. L. Taylor, Associate
Principal, Rome and Middle
Enterprise, Kans. Ages, Spirit of Prophecy, New
Organized 1919 Testament History; M. L. An-
dreason, English Bible; W. E.
Board of Managers: C. G. Bellah, Howell, New Testament Greek;
Pres.; L. 0. Knowlton, Sec.; W. C. C. Lewis, Hebrew, Public
L. Nott; Bernard Voth, L. C. Speaking, Parliamentary Law;
Christofferson, A. S. Bringle, E. G. Salisbury, Education;
Herbert Griffith, J. A. Ballard, L. C. DamsE,rard, Mathematics;
Y. P. Lovell, H. S. Osterloh. A. 'W. Werline, History; H. C.
Faculty: L. 0. Knowlton, Prin- Lacey, Major and Minor Proph-
cipal and Manager, Mathematics; ets; R. A. Duffy, Registrar and
F. G. Young, Bible; C. E. Lowry, Accountant, Bookkeeping; H.
Science, History; P. T. Gibbs, E. Rogers, Graham Shorthand;
English, Preceptor; Margaret Geoffrey Williams, M. D., Physi-
Jenkins, Languages, Preceptress; ology; F. L. Chaney, Geology;
Mrs. C. E. Lowry, Music Di- J. W. Osborn, Harmony; Mrs.
rector, Voice; Mrs. P. T. Gibbs, Myrta Kellogg-Lewis, School
Piano; W. B. Miller, Normal, Management; Mrs. H. A. Mor-
Grades 7 and 8; Miss Olga Alms- rison, Latin; Mrs. F. M. Wilcox,
kog, Primary Grades; Mrs. G. Practical Nursing; Miss May
Christopherson, Matron, Do- Stanley, Home Economics;
mestic Science; B. E. Jeys, Bryan Votaw, Gregg Stenog-
Printing. raphy.


Foochow, China Friedensau, Post Grabow, Bez.
Principal: G. E. Clarke. Magdeburg, Germany
Established 1899
Board: J. H. Schilling, W. Muller,
FOX RIVER ACADEMY Sec., G. W. Schubert, P. Drin-
haus, Dr. L. E. Conradi, F. Ga-
Sheridan, Ill. ting, W. Hans, W. Hoffmann, P.
Established 1900 Horn, A. 0. Janert, W. Krumm,
R. Lusky, Dr. W. Michael, B.
Board of Managers: W. A. West- Ohme, F. Pieringer, 0. Schu-
worth, Pres.; FL 0. Butler, See. berth, J. Seefried, Dr. E. C.
and. Treas; William Guthrie, Witzke.
B. L. Post, Hiram Young, F. E. Officers: W. Muller, Principal; W.
Endriss, J. W. Christensen. Witting, Business Manager; A.
Faculty: H. 0. Butler, Principal, Kahl, Treas.
Business Manager, and Bible; Faculty: W. Muller, Principal,
Stanley Clark, Preceptor, and Bible, Rhetoric; Dr. Witzke,
History; Myrtle Forman, Pre- Bible, Greek, Hebrew, Philos-
ceptress, Matron, Nursing, and ophy; F. Pieringer, Bible, His-
Domestic Science; Ralph Stan- tory, Arithmetic, Algebra; P.
ton, Diary, Agriculture, and Car- Hennig, Bible, Educational
pentry; Ruth Johnson, English Branches; W. Lesovsky, Precep-
and Lanzuages; E. M. Christen- tor, Latin, Psychology, Natural
sen, Science, Mathematics, Science; J. Esser, Anatomy,
Music, and Printing; Ruby Rat- Physiology, First Aid, Denom-
cliff, Primary Grades. inational History, Testimonies;
W. Blume, Bookkeeping, Cor-
respondence; Chr. Zybach,
FRESNO ACADEMY Church History, History of Mis-
sions, Comparative Religions,
Route J, Box 43, Fresno, Cal. English; M. Birkner, Music,
Established 1918 as an Intermedi- Stenography; E. Trusen, Ger-
ate School; as an Academy 1921. man, French; M. Wehowsky,
German for Foreigners.
School Board: G. H. Carlsen,
Chairman; W. U. Walder, Sec.;
0. 0. Applegate, Treas.; Frank FUKIEN INTERMEDIATE
Weeks, Iver Hansen, W. F. SCHOOL
Field, G. A. Driver, G. A. Kulangsu, Amoy, China
Wheeler, T. H. Nelson. Principal: B. L. Anderson.
Faculty: A. D. Field, Principal;
N. L. Howe, Science; H. J. Win-
ter, Bible, History; Lois Chris- GEM STATE ACADEMY
tian, English, Latin; Ruby
Spear, Spanish, Domestic Science. Caldwell, Idaho.
Church School: Flora Moffitt, May Established 1918
Hensley, Mrs. Goldie Church, Board of Managers: H. G. Thurs-
Mrs. A. D. Field, Esther Vame, ston, Chairman; W. A. Gosmer,
Nettie Howland, Sec., C. H. Rittenhouse, Joe

Stith, F. D. Wagner, J. G. Han- G. A. Roberts, A. C. Nelson, A.

hardt, Horace Weaver, A. C. Brorsen, Frances A. Fry, T. W.
Bird. Webb, H. W. Crane, H. J. Hen-
Faculty: W. A. Gosmer, Principal, ning, Mrs. Jas. Taphouse, W. A.
Bible; F. L. Bunch, Mathemat- Johnson.
ics, Science, Vocational; R. G. Faculty: A. C. Nelson, History;
Wirth, Preceptor, English, His- F. 0. Rathbun, Bookkeeping,
tory; Mrs. F. W. Baldwin, Geometry, Physics, Algebra;
Piano; Mrs. W. A. Gosmer, Mrs. A. C. Nelson, Composition,
Voice; Miss Eva Hale, Preeep- Rhetoric, Literature, Physiology,
tress, Home Economics; Miss Millinery; Mrs. Viola Miller,
Beatrice Casebeer, Spanish; Bible, Domestic Science; Paul
Miss Edna Gould, Commercial; Meeth, Mechanical Drawing,
F. W. Baldwin, Preparatory General Trades, Electricity;
Grades; Miss Lola Lindsay, Pri- Mrs. R. D. Bolter, Sewing; Miss
mary Grades. Genevieve Hansen, Grades 7 and
8; Miss Hila Hughes, Grades 5
and 6; Miss Jane O'Pelt, Grades
GLENDALE ACADEMY 3 and 4; Miss Edris Rahn,
Sycamore Canyon, Box 56, R-r, Grades 1 and 2, Latin.
Glendale, Cal.
Established 1923
Board of Managers: Dr. E. W. GRAYSVILLE ACADEMY
Alsberge, D. A. Ochs, J. How- Graysville, Tenn.
arth, W. J. Salisbury, B. M.
Established 1893
Emerson, C. H. Jones, R. W.
Parmele, G. W. Reaser, Mrs. H. Board of Managers: B. F. Knee-
G. Westphal, Mary E. Learned. land, Pres.; L. A. Jacobs, Sec.;
I. N. Connell, E. T. McNett, Miss
Faculty: D. A. Ochs, Principal, Cora Felker.
Bible; W. B. Dart, Mathematics; Faculty: L. A. Jacobs, Principal
Pauline A. Sturges, English; and Manager; Mrs. Mettie
W. F. Van Atta, Woodworking; S. Lenker, Bible and Matron;
Harold Maurer, Science, Span- Miss Ethel Griese, Preceptress,
ish; Mrs. Nellie Hankins, Sew- Primary Grades, and Physical
ing, Domestic Science; P. A. Culture; Miss Letha. M. Litch-
Webber, History; Rika H. Har- field, Intermediate Grades; Mrs.
tog, Music; Mable DeGrout, Ella E. Mitchell, Music.
Grade Seven; Mrs. Ward Mar-
tin, Grade Eight; Louise J.
'Wiesenhutter, Grades Five and
Six; Ester Johnson, Grades GREATER BOSTON INTER-
Three and Four; Charlotte MEDIATE SCHOOL
Jewell, Grades One and Two. 25 Parker St., Malden, Mass.
Established 1920
Board of Managers: R. S. Fries,
GOLDEN GATE ACADEMY Chairman; James Ray, Treas.;
King and Alcatraz Ayes., W. H. Howard, Sec.; A. R.
Newman, Mrs. C. G. Steele, Mrs.
Berkeley, Cal.
A. L. Offer, Oliver Doughty, Mrs.
Established 1923 R. S. Fries.
Board: E. H. Adams, Chairman; Teachers: Ruth E. Nichols, Esther
F. 0. Rathbun, Sec. and Treas.; M. Feltus.


io8 West 127th St., New York,
r2oth St. and Lenox Ave., N. Y.
New York, N. Y.
Established 1920 Established 1920
Board: Executive Committee of Faculty: J. L. Moran, Principal,
Greater New York Conference. Bible and Mathematics; Wil-
Faculty: H. H. Morse, Princi- fred Nathan, Science and His-
pal, Bible; Miss Martha Bloom, tory; Elma Engleton, Language,
English, Latin; H. Redding, Preparatory Department, Gram-
Mathematics, Science; Mrs. mar; Sylvia Lyons and Rebecea
Harry Morse, History, Cooking; Yeadon, Intermediate Depart-
Miss. Emily Zeh, Grammar De- ment; Alice Walker and Geneva
partment; Mrs. Frank Grant, Bryan, Primary Department.
Intermediate Department; Miss
Lois Andrews, Primary Depart-
51 Whitmore St., )Hartford, Conn.
Established 1921
Box 28, Cape Haitien, Haiti
Board: E. L. Cardey, President;
Board: MT. P. Elliott, Pres., M. D. R. W. Hall, I. M. Martin, N. C.
Howard, Sec., G. G. Roth, M. N. Van Horn, Mabel A. Porter, S, I.
Isaac, A. Pean, J. Blot. Bragan.
Faculty: MT. P. Elliott, Principal Administration: R. W. Hall, Prin-
and Preceptor; M. D. Howard, cipal and Business Manager;
Treas.; Herminie L. Roth, Pre- Mrs. N. C. Van Horn, Treasurer.
ceptress, Bible, Literature,
Sciences; Mrs. W. P. Elliott, Faculty: R. W. Hall, Principal,
Matron; R. P. Gaga, Enadish, Bible. History, Science; Mrs. R.
Mathematics; Mrs. R. P. Gage, W. Hall, Language, Mathemat-
French. ics; Miss Lena B. K. Taylor,
English, Bookkeeping, Sewing.

Wang Gia Dun, Hankow, Hupeh, SCHOOL
China Lowanho, Yencheng, Horan, China
Established 1918
Established 1917
Faculty: H. G. T3ogar, Pritm'pal;
Lou Gan China. Asst. Princinal; Foc-ltv: D. S.
Mrs. H. G. Bortar. Bookkeaner Pal: Mrs. D. S. 'Williams. Asst.
and - Precentress; Dzi Principal; Treasurer, W. T. Hil-
Gang, Preceptor; Li Wci lard (on furlough), Mrs. E. L.
thou Fun Tisien, Fan Yuan T ongwav, Wang Gin Bo, Tu
Ching, Li Dien San, Miss Tang Shot] Dien,, Tan, Shin Lob,
Shen Ching, and Mrs. Djang ' Yang, Sian Seng, Niu Siu Sen,
Hwei Nan.- Peng Si Mu.

HSE HSENG MISSION SCHOOL Larson, Blacksmithing; Miss S.

Nordahl, Sewing; . Harold Olson,
(Taungthu, India) Bookbinding; Elmer Nilson,
Established 1922
In charge of H. A. Skinner, as-
sisted by C. E. Ronfelt. INDIANA ACADEMY
Cicero, Ind.
Established 1902
SEMINARY Board of Managers: C. S. Wiest,
Pres.; C. W. Marsh. See. and
Hutchinson, Minn. Treas.; and the members of the
Established 1910 Indiana Conference Committee.
Board of Trustees: E. T. Russell, Faculty: C. W. Marsh, Principal
H. M. Johnson, H. J. Sheldon, and Manager, Mathematics W.
Charles Thompson, W. H. Clark, J. Blake, Bible and History; 'Mrs.
S. A. Ruskjer, L. Halsvick, P. W. J. Blake, English, Sewing;
E. Brodersen, N. R. Nelson, M. R. W. Woods, Preceptor, Span-
S. Reppe, James Johnson, C. ish, Science; Gladys McDill,
Edwardsen, A. P. Hanson, C. 0. Preceptress; R. F. Pitts, Violin,
Dammon, William Guthrie, Hen- Orchestra; C. J. Harris, Farm
ry Meyers, S. E. Wight, N. M. Manager, Agriculture; Mrs.
'Kier. Jane Albro, Matron, Hydrother-
Executive Board: H. M. Johnson, apy; Olva Voris, Accountant,
J. M. Peterson, E. T. Russell, N. Shorthand, Typewriting; Mae L.
R. Nelson, J. 0. Hanson. Hitchcock, Piano; Faye Ellis,
Normal, Grades 7 and 8;
Faculty: H. M. Johnson, Pres., Amanda Kirkpatrick, Grades
New Testament Greek; P. E. 1-6.
Berthelson, Bible; A. W. John-
son, History; M. S. Reppe, Nor-
' wegian; Hakon Muderspach, INTER-MOUNTAIN ACADEMY
Danish; J. M. Peterson, Eng-
lish, German; Marion Johnson, Located at Rulison, Colo.
English; J. 0. Hanson, Mathe-
matics; G. C. Jorgenson, Science, Established 1918
Caroline Hopkins, Commercial; Postal' Address: R. F. D., Grand
Ida Christensen-Axelson, Nor-
Valley, Colo.
mal; S. Ledington, Director of
Music; Mrs. S. Ledington, Board of Managers: B. H. Shaw,
Voice; Thurber Madison, Violin; E. D. Kirk, J. W. Kennedy, A.
Mary Ruth Miller, Assistant in R. Carver, W. M. Andress.
Piano; Mabel Levison, Hydro-
therapy, Nursing; Mrs. F. An- Faculty: E. D. Kirk, Principal,
derson, Matron; A. E. Axelson, History; W. M. Andress, Pastor,
Preceptor; Anna Paulson, Pre- Bible; E. B. Ogden, Preceptor,
ceptress; George Axelson, Farm Science, Mathematics; Virginia
Manager. M. Rees, Preceptress, English,
Assistants and Instructors of In- Language; Music,
dustries: Caroline Hopkins, Do- Matron; Mrs. E. D. Kirk, Nor-
mestic Science; A. N. Martin, mal Grades; E. E. Seamount,
Sloyd, Carpentry; Christian Farmer.

JAPAN MISSION TRAINING Faculty: Orno Follett, Supt.; Mag-

SCHOOL gie McCoy, Teacher; Agnes Fol-
169 Amanuma, Suginami-mura, lett, Domestic Science.
Toyotama-gun, Tokyo, Japan
Postal Address: Box 7, Yodobashi
Post Office, Tokyo, Japan.
Established 1908 LA SIERRA ACADEMY
Board: Executive Committee of Arlington, California.
Union Mission.
Local Board of Management: H. Established 1922
F. Benson (on furlough), V. T.
Armstrong, P. A. Webber, A. B. Board of Managers: J. J. Nethery,
Cole, H. Kuniya, A. N. Ander- Chairman; J. I. Robison, Sec.;
son, S. Yamazaki, S. Miyake, C. C. Mattison, W. C. Raley, J.
H. J. Perkins. A. Burden, H. W. Vollmer, R. F.
Principal and Manager: P. A. Emmerson.
Administration: J. I. Robison,
Principal; W. C. Raley, Business
KAREN MISSION SCHOOL Manager; Allen Dazey, Book-
S. D. A. Mission, Kamamaung, keeper; C. C. King, Preceptor;
Shwegon P. 0., Salween Dist., via Mrs. J. J. Koehn, Preceptress;
Maulmein, Burma. Mrs. A. C. Giddings, Matron.
Established 1918
In charge of H. Baird, assisted by Faculty: J. I. Robison, Principal;
Thra Paul, Thra John and other E H. Emmerson, Bible; Evelyn
Karen teachers. (Anglo-Karen, Meleen, Normal Director; L. J.
1st-7th Standards; Weaving and Vollmer, History; Ivamae Small,
other industries.) English; Lilah Godfrey, Science
and Mathematics; Pearl Cooper,
Art and Sewing; H. R. Miller,
Carpentry; P. W. Stuyvesant,_
KETCHUM INTERMEDIATE Spanish; E. T. Bush, Agricul-,
SCHOOL ture; L. C. Dale, Mechanics;
Ketchum, Okla. Grace Nelson, Music Director;
Established 1911 C. C. King, Assistant in Bible;
Mrs. J. J. Koehn, Nursing;
Board of Directors: R. W. Sufficool, Allen Dazey, Bookkeeping; Mrs.
Pres.; D. H. Kinzer, Sec.; Fred J. A. Scott, Grammar Grades;
C. Hughes, Treas.; Ezra Elliman, Mrs. R. W. Smith, Intermediate
G. R. Brocken, W. S. Roy. Grades; Sarah Monette, PH-
Faculty: D. C. Reeder, Principal; mary Grades.
Mrs. D. C. Reeder, Assistant.
Industrial Faculty: W. C. Raley,
Supt., H. R. Miller, Carpentry;
Lake Grove, Thoreau, N. Mex. Dale, Automobile and Electric
Work; R. F. Emmerson, Farm
Established 1918 Asst.; Mrs. A. C. Giddings,
Managing Board: M. B. Van Kirk, Matron; Mrs. M. E. Parker,
R. L. Benton, Orno Follett. Laundry.

LATIN UNION TRAINING Kerr, Preceptress; Wilna Ges-

SCHOOL ler, Asst. Preceptress, Spanish,
Latin; Anna A. Pierce, Voice;
(Serninaire Adventiste du Saleve) Minnie B. Rietze, Piano, Violin,
Collonges sous Saleve, Haute Organ; Ramona Dimond, Ac-
Savoie, France countant, Registrar; H. D.
Established 1904 Strever, Assistant Preceptor,
Board of Management: A. V. Ol- Hydrotherapy, First Aid; Mrs.
son, Chairman; A. Roth, Secre- Mary E. Little, Normal Director,
tary; R. Gerber, L. L. Caviness, Professional Subjects; Irene
Paul Badaut, E. Vaucher, J. Rey, Nelson, Critic Teacher, Grades
J. Robert, Dr. P. A. De Forest. 5, 6, 7, and 8; Mrs. Anna Kings-
bury, Critic Teacher, Grades 1,
Faculty: A. G. Roth, Principal and 2, 3, and 4; Lena. Mead, Matron.
Business Manager, Sciences; A. Vocational: R. R. Rees, Superin-
Vaucher, Bible; D. Walther, His- tendent, Agriculture; S. C. Han-
tory; H. Evard, Sciences and son, Carpentry, Engineering;
Mathematics; E. Rey, Normal Mrs. Anna Van Ausdle, Sew-
Director; S. Armengaud, French ing; Ramona Dimond, Type-
and Literature; F. Charpiot, writing and Shorthand.
Preceptor and Assistant Bible;
M. Klingbeil, Preceptress and
Flemish; ---- Modern Lan-
guages; M. Duval, Accountancy; LEVANT MISSION SCHOOL .
L. Eppner, Stenography; W. I. AND ORPHANAGE
Owen, Piano, Voice and Chorus; (Established 1922 at Constanti-
A. Sallee, Hydrotherapy and nople; temporarily removed
Physical Culture; L. Vez, Agri- to Salonica, 1923).
culture; Mrs. A. Sallee, Matron
and Domestic Science. Address: Post Box 144, Salonica,
Faculty: A. H. Larson, director;
LAURELWOOD ACADEMY assisted by Mabel Anderson,
Gertrude Meleen-Larson, and
Gaston, Oreg. native teachers.
Established 1904
Board of Managers: J. W. Nor-
wood, J. F. Beatty, A. R. Bell, LIMA TRAINING SCHOOL
G. W. White; G. W. Andrews, (Institute Industrial)
N. C. Ernston, C. A. Purdom, R.
W. Nelson, L. D. House. Miraflores, Lima, Peril, South
Officers of the Board: J. W. Nor-
wood, Chairman; J. F. Beatty, Established 1919
Sec.; R. R. Rees, Treas. Postal Address: Casilla 1003, Lima,
Faculty: F. S. Bunch, Principal, Peril.
Bible, Pastoral Training; R. R. Board of Managers: H. U. Stev-
Rees, Business Manager, Book- ens, Chairman; C. D. Striplin,
keeping; W. H. Bunch, Mathe- Sec. and Treas.; F. I. Mohr, E.
matics, Science; Effie Walin, H. Wilcox, L. D. Minner, H. D.
English, Expression; B. E. Isaac, T. L. Oswald, R. R. Coble.
Schaffner, Preceptor; F. B. Faculty: C. D. Striplin, Principal
Jenson, History, Bible; Meda, and Manager, Bible, Science; F,

F. Osorio, Language, History; Board of Trustees: Term of Three

Primary Grades; Years: A. G. Daniells, W. T.
Assistant Primary Grades; Mrs. Knox, S. E. Wight, H. W. Cot-
C. D. Striplin, Music. trell, J, L. Shaw, Wm. Guthrie,
Alfred Shryock; Term of Two
Years; J. L. McElhany, P. M.
LODI ACADEMY Keller, P. T. Magan, H. W. Voll-
mer, Newton Evans, W. M.
Lodi, Cal. Adams, F. E. Corson. Term of
One Year: E. H. Risley, G. W.
Established 1908 Reaser, G. H. Curtis, W. A.
Board of Management: Clarence George, George Thomason, J. J.
Santee, Chairman; F. T. Oakes, Nethery, S. S. Merrill.
Sec., E. L. Neff, V. E. Peugh, Officers of the Board: W. T. Knox,
H. L. Wallace, B. E. Wheeler, Pres.; J. L. McElhany, First
P. J. WOlfsen, P. H. Glantz, Vice-Pres.; Newton Evans,
E. E. Farnsworth. Second Vice-Pres.; S. S. Mer-
Faculty: E. E. Farnsworth, Prin- rill, Sec. and Treas.; F. E.
cipal; Bible; F. T. Oakes, Busi- Corson, Comptroller.
ness Manager, Commercial Members of the Executive Faculty:
Dept.; C. E. Kellogg, Hist,ory, Loma Linda: Newton Evans,
Woodwork; V. V. Wolfkill, Alfred Shryock, E. H. Risley,
Science; J. E. Young, Preceptor, F. B. Moor, A. N. Donaldson,
Assistant Bible; J. P. Fentzling, Alfred Roos, L. C. Kellogg, Len-
English; G. C. Heinrich, Ger- ore Campbell, W. Ai. George,
man, Latin; Mrs. F. T. Oakes, I. S. Ritchie, R. S. Owen, F. E.
Preceptress, Mathematics; Vel- Corson, Winifred Lindsay.
ma Wallace, Normal Director, Los Angeles: P. T. Magan, A. E.
Art; Marie A. Lucas, Assistant Coyne, P. M. Keller, Mrs. Flor-
Normal Director, Sewing; Min- ence Keller, D. D. Comstock,
nie Belle Scott, Registrar, Short- George Thomason, B. E. Grant,
hand and Typewriting; Mrs. M. V. L. Mann, Hersel Butka, C. W.
C. Wyant, Matron, Domestic Harrison, G. H. Curtis, Martha
Science; G. W. Greer, Voice and Borg.
Directing; Elizabeth A. May-
cock, Pianoforte and Harmony; LOS ANGELES ACADEMY
Fern H. Wyant, Assistant Piano-
forte; A. E. Cochran, Violin, 3210 Post St.,
Mandolin, Guitar; Mrs. E. E. Los Ange16, Cal.
Farnsworth, Librarian; Anna Established 1923
Virginia DeFehr, Grade 8; Lor-
ena Putnam, Grade 7; Mrs. L. Board: H. G. Lucas, Chairman;
M. Hasseltine, Grades 5'-'6; Mrs. A. Dimock, E. H. Hurlbut, J. W.
W. A. Sweeney, Grades 3-4; Hofstra, P. B. Bontemps, 0. D.
Elizabeth Friesen, Grades 1-2. Kittle, E. W. Cairncross, H. E.
Darby, Jesse Huffman, C. J.
Kunkel, Peter Lauritsen, A. R.
LOMA LINDA COLLEGE Jarvis, Ernest Wells, Charles
Legal Title: " College of Medical Totten, F. H. Westphal, M. M.
Evangelists." Blue, La Verne Osborn.
Faculty: E. M. Cadwallader, Prin-
Loma Linda and Los Angeles, Cal. cipal; R. B. Prout, Miss Mabel
Chartered. 1909 Andre, Miss Grace Morel.

MALAYSIAN UNION Faculty: L. C. Palmer, Principal,

SEMINARY Science; A. H. Rulkoetter, Bible;
J. J. Main History, English;
(Formerly Singapore Training Olive Severs-Palmer, Librarian,
School) Latin, French; G. R. Halverson,
399-I and 399-2, Upper Serangoon Preceptor, Science; H. F. Halenz,
Road, Singapore, Straits Mathematics, Manual Training;
Settlements Mrs. Katie M. Pogue, Precep-
tress, Education, Sewing;
Established 1916 Blanche de Spelder, Piano, Or-
Board: L. V. Finster, Chairman, gan, Voice; Lillie Iverson, Ac-
and all other members of the countant, Commercial Subjects;
Union Committee. Medisse Keith, Matron, Domes-
tic Science; Clara A. Hob-6,
Faculty: V. E. Hendershot, Prin- Nurse, Hydrotherapy, First Aid;
cipal; H. C. Baumgartner, Ben Harper, Farm Superin-
Treas.; Wong En Yin, Asst. tendent.
Treas.; Mrs. V. E. Hendershot,
English, Normal, Standard VII;
Mrs. A. E. Iverson, Bookkeep-
ing; Mrs. L. V. Finster, Critic MARATHI BOYS' BOARDING
Teacher; Low Ah Choag, Stand- SCHOOL
ards V and VI; Miss Eveleen Address: S. D. A. Mission, Lasal-
Goodenough, Standards 111 and gaon, O. I. P. Ry.,
IV; Miss Maude Thomas, Stand-
ards 1 and 11; Miss Monica Bay- Grades: 1-7 in Marathi; 1-5 in
ocot, Primary and Embroidery; English.
Chinese Department, Phan; Industry: Weaving.
Nyuk Thin, Theology; Chong In charge of Mrs. J. B. Carter,
Yok Chae, Preceptor; Mrs. Wong Headmistress; S. B. Devade,
En Yin, Preceptress; Chin Fui with five assistant teachers.
Lin, Asst.; Tom Khin, Cabinet
Work; Malay Department, K.
Mandias, Bible and Training
Course; Soetan Mangatas Sire- MARATHI TRAINING SCHOOL
gar, Preceptor; Albinoes Ma- Established 1920
more, Supply Teacher; Roefinoes
Goeltom, AsSt. Address: S. D. A. Mission, Lasal-
goan, G. I. P. Ry.,
In charge of R. E. Loasby (on fur-
lough), assisted by B. Bunsode.
Three years Ministerial Course.
Maple Plain, Minn.
Executive Board: Charles Thomp- Established 1920
son, Press; L. C. Palmer, Sec.;
A. H. Rulkoetter, G. J. Seltzer, Grades 1-7 Marathi. Industry,
H. L. Halverson, H. Christenson, Sewing.
M. E. Anderson, Calvin Kins- In charge of Mrs. W. H. McHenry,
man, H. M. Hiatt, Albert Guy, Headmistress, Shusheilabai Jad-
H. E. Crane. hava, and two assistant teachers.


Mountain View, Cal.
Memramcook, New Brunswick
Established 1922
Established 1904
Board: F. H. Gage, Chairman;
Board of Management: F. W. Maude O'Neil, Sec.; C. F. Jones,
Stray, Chairman; I. A. Arm- Treas.; . G. A. Roberts, E. F.
strong, Sec.; and members of Counter, Edgar Tucker, G. A.
Maritime Conference Committee. Fields, Mrs. E. L. Maxwell.
Administration: I. A. Armstrong, Faculty: H. A. Johnston, Princi-
Principal and Business Manager; pal, History and Bible Doc-
H. 0. Sangster, Treas.; H. W. trines; Mrs. Alma E. McKib-
Ingham, Preceptor; Miss Helen bin, Bible, and History; F. A.
Barrows, Preceptress; Mrs. H. Landis, Business Manager, Book-
W. Ingham, Matron. keeping and Carpentry; Miss
Winea Simpson, English and
Faculty: I. A. Armstrong, Princi- Latin; A. W. MacPherson,
pal, Carpentry, and Science; H. Science and Mathematics; Mrs.
W. Ingham, Mathematics and A. W. MacPherson, Librarian,
Languages; Miss Sadie Oickle, Literature; Mrs. Amanda Pease,
Bible, History, and English; Sewing and Cooking; Miss Win-
Miss Helen BarroWs, Commercial nifred James, Asst. Principal
and Hydrotherapy; Miss Elsie Primary School, Grades 1 and
Metcalf, Music; Miss Greta 2; Miss Mildred Jones, Grades
Hubley, Church School; Mrs. H. 3, 4; Miss Esther Jones, Grades
W. Ingham, Domestic Science. 5, 6; A. 0. Sage, Grades 7, 8.

Non-boarding academy and church

MEIXTILA TECHNICAL school, operated by the Mountain
SCHOOL View Church.

Meiktila, Burma
Established, 1910
Anglo-Vernacular, first to seventh
standards, and workers' class. Bozeman, Montana
In charge of L. A. Semmens, as- Established 1901
sisted by D. Hpo Ma and other
Burmese teachers. Board of Managers: B. M. Grandy,
Pres.; M. G. Dealy, Sec.; W. M.
Cubley, Jacob Riffel, J. L. Tuck-
er, C. D. Overton, A. Floss,
Tacubaya, D. F., Mexico. Ernest Wethern.

Established 1923 Faculty: C. D. Overton, Principal,

Business Manager, Preceptor;
Faculty: H. F. Brown, Principal; Mrs. C. D. Overton, Intermediate
other members, Victor Model, E. and English; Miss Myrta Hart,
Ponce, Eloisa Hernandez. Primary, and Preceptress.
Mount Vernon, Ohio Organized 1920
Established 1893 Address: Hsiu Hwa Sian, Nan-
king, China.
Executive Board: N. S. Ashton, F.
H. Robbins, D. S. Teters, H. J. Postal Address: 17 Gao Lou Men,
Detwiler, L. B. Taylor, D. A. Nanking, China.
Parsons, I. J. Gault, M. A. Alt-
man, C. F. Ulrich, C. E. Welch, Principal and Business Manager:
Wm. Robbins. H. L. Shull.
Officers of the Board: N. S. Ash- Board: Executive' Committee of
ton, Pres.; H. J. Detwiler, Sec.; the Anhwei Mission.
L. B. Taylor, Treas.; E. J. Sti-
peck, Auditor. Faculty: H. L. Shull, Principal;
Ding Shu-sen, Preceptor; Lwan
Local Board: N. S. Ashton, H. J. Si-mu, Preceptress; Gao Djen-
Detwiler, I. J. Gault, L. B. Tay-
hwa, Teacher.
lor, C. E. Welch.
Faculty: H. J. Detwiler, Princi-
History; L. A. Newgard, Com- NORMAL INSTITUTE
mercial; S. C. Rockwell, Science;
H. A. Miller, Music; Kathleen Madison, Tenn. (Near Nashville)
Smythe, Verna Schuster, Assist- Established 1904
ants in Music; Mrs. N. S. Ash-
ton, English; R. R. Ashton, Board of Trustees: Dr. E. A. Suth-
Preceptor and Mathematics; erland, Pres., M. B. DeGraw,
, Mrs. Robert Ashton, Preceptress, Sec. and Treas.; Dr. P. T.
Sewing; L. B. Taylor, Business Magan, W. C. White, Mrs. N. H.
Manager; Mrs. Marion L. Kelley, Druillard, Mrs. Josephine Got-
Cashier and Registrar; zian, Mrs. E. C. Gray, Nis Han-
Matron; T. W. Webb, Carpentry; sen, S. N. Haskell (deceased),
A. I., Baker, Printing; R. B. Mrs. Lida F. Scott.
Wheeler, Assistant in Printing. Board of Managers: Dr. E. A.
Sutherland, Pres.; M. B. De-
Graw, Sec. and Treas.; Mrs. N.
NAERUM MISSION SCHOOL H. Druillard, Dr. P. T. Magan,
G. W. Wells, Mrs. Lida F. Scott,
Nmrum, Denmark. Dr. Floyd Brailliar, W. F.
(Nurum Hojskole) Rocke, E. E. Brink, M. F. Knox,
0. R. Staines, R. L. Pierce, M. A.
Established 1908. Hollister, C. F. Alden, A. E.
Putnam, B. N. Mulford, S. N.
Address: Nmruin Hojskole, Nserum, ,Haskell (deceased.)
via Skodsborg, Denmark.
Faculty and Commissioned Work-
Board of Managers: Danish Con- ers: E. A. Sutherland, M. D.,
ference Committee. Pres.; Mrs. N. H. Druillard,
Faculty: Erik Arnesen, Principal; Sydney Brownsberger, Mrs. Syd-
Miss Othilia Nielsen, MA tron; P. ney Brownsberger, A. J. Wheel-
A. Christiansen, C. J. Henriksen, er, R. B. King, Florence Dittes,
Mrs. Ingeborg Hjartarson. G. B. McClure, Samantha E.

Whiteis, A. A. Robey, W. R. NEW _ZEALAND MISSIONAR1

Tolman, Eva, Wheeler, G. F. SCHOOL
Knapp, Elizabeth Windhorst, J.
C. Howell, W. F. Rocke, N. C. Longburn, New Zealand
Wilson, E. E. Brink, Mrs. A. J.
Wheeler, Mrs..R. B. King, James Established 1907
Lewis, Mrs. Betty Macmillan,
Mrs. Mertie Bralliar, M. W. Board: H. M. Blunden, A. J.
Wells, Mrs. W. R. Tolman, J. G. Dyason, G. F. Wright, J. Hook-
Rimmer, Mrs. G. F. Knapp, I. H. ings, G. Adair.
Sargent, A. E. Hallsted, Floyd Faculty: E. E. Cossentine, Prin-
Bralliar, Mrs. S. V. Sutherland, cipal; other teachers, F. L.
Mrs. Lida F. Scott, Mabel Rob- Sharp, Miss Graham, Miss
inson, Gladys Robinson, Mrs. Groube.
Clara Lewis, Frances Dittes,
Florence Hartsock, Mrs. A. A.
Robey, H. E. Standish, Mrs.
Laura Rimmer, H. H. King, Mrs. NORTH INDIA CHRISTIAN
I. H. Sargent, Florence Fentz-
ling, Mrs. Katherine Bertram, TRAINING SCHOOL
M. Bessie DeGraw, Sec. Established 1920
(Urdu and Hindi Languages)
NEANDERTAL MISSIONARY Address: Hapur, 0. & R. Ry.,
(Missions-Seminar Neandertal) Principal, Floyd W. Smith (fur-
Established 1921 lough) assisted by Mrs. F. W.
Smith ( furlough ) .
Neandertal, Post Mettman, Rhld.,
Board of Trustees: P. Drinhaus, NORTH INDIA GIRLS' SCHOOL
K. Sinz, H. Fenner, C. Bruck, 0.
Schwenecke, J. Braun, 0. Hirth, 6i Abbott Road, Lucknow, India
H. Hartkop, 0. Adolf, 0. Marte.
(Grades 1-7)
Executive Committee: P. Drin-
haus, E. C. Witzke, 0. Marte, Established 1919
J. Braun, W. Pfeiler. In charge of Mrs. A. E. Nelson,
Faculty: Dr. phil., W. Michael, assisted by Miss M. B. Shryock,
Director, Bible, Hebrew, Philoso- and four Indian lady teachers.
phy; Dr. med., H. Feldmann,
Hygiene; Dr. phil., W. Michael,
German, Greek; Stud. phil., W. NORTHEAST INDIA UNION
Pfeiler, History, Bible; W. TRAINING SCHOOL FOR
Teich, Physics, Chemistry, Peda- BOYS
gogy; H. Wilson, Music; Frau
Marianne Kokolski, English, S. D. A. Mission, Ranch', India
French, Methods; Frau Lisetta Established 1917
Meurer, Domestic Science, Sew-
ing; Frl. Dora Heuer (Matron), Principal: W. E. Bement, as-
Nursing. sisted by Indian teachers.

NORWAY S. D. A. MISSION Executive Committee: G. W.

SCHOOL Wells, Chairriaan; J. A. Tucker,
(Onsrud Missionsskole) Sec.; K. F. Arabs, W. H. Heck-
man, J. C. Thompson C. B.
Algarheim pr. Jessheim, Norway. Stephenson, W. E. Strother.
Established 1922
Administration: J. A. Tucker,
Board of Managers: A. G. Chris- Business Manager; K. F. Ambs,
tiansen, Henry Grundset, 0. J. Treas., Asst. Manager; F. L.
0. Rost, C. M. Scott, A. A. Peterson, Preceptor; Mrs. E. I.
Berger. Cunningham, Preceptress; Mrs.
Faculty: Henry Grundset, Prin- G. L. Samson, Matron; Mrs. Fan-
cipal; Della Hansen, Matron; nie Cox, Orphanage.
K. Nrland, Herbert Hansen,
Rolf Christensen. Faculty, Theology and Science:
J. A. Tucker, Pres.; W. H. L.
Baker, Bible; R. A. Jorgensen,
Science, Mathematics; Miss
OAK PARK ACADEMY Lotta E. Bell, Normal Director,
Normal Methods; E. C. Jacobsen,
Nevada, Iowa History; F. L. Peterson, English,
Music; Mrs. Anna, Hall, Bible
Established 1911 Workers Training; Mrs. J. A.
Board of Managers: H. H. Hicks, Tucker, Education.
- Pres.; W. H. Teesdale, Sec.; Preparatory Department: Mrs. J.
T. H. Jeys, G. E. Leffler, C. J. A. Tucker; Director; Jennie E.
Metzger, A. L. Miller, Bert Stratton, Grades 7-8; Francis
Rhoads, W. K. Smith, W. C. Baugh, Grades 1-6.
Foreman, J. E. Shively.
Industrial: J. A. Tucker, Supt.,
Faculty: W. H. Teesdale, Princi- K. F. Ambs, Asst.; W. H. Lewis,
pal and Manager; T. H. Jeys, Mgr.; R. A. Jorgensen, Asst.,
Bible; K. J. Reynolds, Precep- Mechanics, Buildings; E. C.
tor, History; Alice Weaver, Jacobsen, Mgr., Horticulture,
Preceptress, English, Ruby Mc- Campus; Mrs. G. L. Samson,
Gee, Science, Mathematics; Matron and Nurse, Domestic
Daisy Dean, Music; Edythe Science; Jennie E. Stratton,
Bushnell, Matron; Mrs. K. J. Sewing; J. D. Finley, Mgr.;
Reynolds, School Nurse. G. L. Samson, Asst., Farm, Gar-
den, Broommaking; K. F. Ambs,
Mgr.; C. R. Wood, Asst.; Print-
OAKWOOD JUNIOR COLLEGE ing, Painting, Poultry.
(For Colored)
Establislted 1895
114 East Eighth St.,
Board of Managers: G. W. Wells;
Chairman; J. A. Tucker, Sec.; Oklahoma City, Okla.
W. H. Heckman, C. W. Irwin, Established 1921
J. C. Thompson, W. E. Strother,
C. B. Stephenson, W. R. Elliot, Board: F. L. Griffin, Mrs. C. E.
B. W. Abney, T. S. Tate, N. B. Smith, W. T. Loftin, Mrs. Rosa
King, F. R. Isaac. Lick, C. J. Dart.

Faculty: Miss Almetta Garrett., PACIFIC UNION COLLEGE

Grades 8, 9, 10; Miss Elizabeth La Jota, Cal.
Lothian, Grades 5-7; Mrs. A. F. Established 1909
Harrison, Grades 1-4. Board of Trustees, Pacific Union
College Association: J. L. Me-
Elhany, Pres.; W. E. Nelson,
Sec.; C. Santee, G. A. Roberts,
" OPEN VIEW" MISSION J. J. Nethery, E. L. Neff, W. M.
SCHOOL Adams, W. C. White, J. A.
Neilsen, C. E. Rice, M. W. New-
Established 1910 ton, Otis Hudson; A. R. Sand-
born, V. E. Peugh, W. W.
Address: Chelusain P. 0., Dwari- Ruble.
khal, Garhwal Dist., India. Local Board of Management: W.
Anglo-Hindi to Seventh standard. E. Nelson,.Chairman; Otis Hud-
In charge of R. Peters, assisted by son, Sec.; J. L. McElhany, G. A.
Indian teachers. Roberts, C. E. Rice, M. W. New-
ton, B. L. House.
Administration: J. L. McElhany,
President Board of Trustees; W.
OSHAWA MISSIONARY E. Nelson, President of College,
COLLEGE Business Manager, Chairman of
Local Board: Otis Hudson, Treas.
Oshawa, Ontario
Faculty: W. E. Nelson, President;
Established 1912; incorporated B. L. House, Bible and Homile-
Dec. 20, 1920 tics; M. W. Newton, Higher
Mathematics and Astronomy; H.
Board of Trustees: F. W. Stray, A. Washburn, Library Science,
Pres.; K. L. Gant, Sec.; Earl Assistant in History; Guy Dail,
Beaty, Treas.; F. G. Lane, D. J. Greek and Bible; N. E. Paulin,
C. Barrett, George Butler, S. Violin, Orchestra, Theory; C.
Donaldson, C. F. McVagh, H. E. Weniger, English Language
H. Rans, L. F. Passebois. and Literature, Public Speak-
ing; L. R. Anderson, History;
Faculty: K. L. Gant, Pres., His- R. A. Mortensen, Physics and
tory; C. F. McVagh, Bible; J. Chemistry; W. B. Taylor, Man-
Curdy, French Dept.; E. A. ual Training and Bible; H. W.
Curdy, Greek and Latin; J. B. Clark, Biology and Geology;
Clymer, Preceptor, Mathematics Mary McReynolds, Medical
and Physics; Ruby Mackintosh, Evangelism and Physical Edu-
Librarian, English; Earl Beaty, cation; Carlos Fattebert, Span-
Registrar, Commerce; L. N. ish and French; A. W. Lane,
Holm, Farm Manager, Agricul- Accountancy and Commerce;
ture and Chemistry; Alma M. Kathrine B. Hale, Educational
Hill, Shorthand; Lora Babcock- and Normal Methods; Alma J.
Cyr, Piano; Abbie Culbert, Nor- Graf, Preceptorial Methods; C.
mal Training School; Minnie E. W. Dortch, Pipe Organ, Chorus,
Abray, Preceptress, Normal and Voice; Mrs. William B.
Critic Teacher; Mrs. Westman, Taylor, Piano and Voice; Eliza-
Matron; Pansy E. Palmer, R. N., beth Ann Tollman, Registrar,
Hydrotherapy; E. M. Cyr, Asst. Assistant in English; Mrs. Jessie
in French. E. Paap, Art; Mrs. William E.

Nelson, Domestic Science; Lewis Anderson, Intermediate; Roman

H. Hartin, Assistant in Mathe- Senson, Science, Intermediate;
matics; Ellen P. Anderson, Pedro R. Diaz, Intermediate;
Latin; Mrs. 0. F. Rathbun, As- Mrs. Anicia Elauria, Lope Balan,
sistant in English; Mrs. Daisy Conegunda Cruz, Primary
McConnell, Supervisor, Gram- Grades.
mar Grades; 1bIrs Marie Rey- Industrial Faculty: 0. F. Sevrens,
nolds, Sewing; M. E. Ellis, Print- Business Manager; Agustin La
ing; Minola. P. Robinson, Super- Madrid, Carpentry, Leather
visor, Primary Grades. Working;1 Hermengilda Roque,
Embroidery; Sebastian Sahagun,
College Administration: W. E. Nel- Gardening.
son, President and Manager;
Otis Hudson, Treasurer and As- Training School: 0. F. Sevrens,
sistant Manager; Lysle Spear, L. D. 'Warren, Mrs. S. E. Jack-
Matron; Alma J. Graf,.Precep- son, Mrs. L. D. Warren, Mrs.
tress, South Hall; L. H. Hartin, E. A. Moon, Roman Senson,
Preceptor, North Hall; M. E. Agusta. La Madrid,' Hermen-
Ellis, Printing; J. K. Battin, gilda Roque.
Store and Post Office; Mrs. C. Intermediate: Mrs. H. A. Ander-
M. Horning, Laundry; Donald son, Pedro R. Diaz.
O'Neil, Garage; James Belvail, Primary: Lope Balan, Miss Josef a
Farm. Ajes, Miss Conigunda Ortiz, Mrs.
Anicia M. Elauria.
239-25I Luna St., Pasay, Rizal, PINE TREE ACADEMY
Philippine Islands Auburn, Me.
Postal Address: Box 5772, Manila, Established 1921
Philippine Islands School Board: D. U. Hale, M. R.
Bailey, D. H. Hanson, W. E.
Established 1917 Tatro, V. H. Hanscom, Ward
Bickford, G. E. Owens.
Board of Directors: S. E. Jack-
son, Pres.; 0. F. Sevrens, Sec.; Faculty: Geo. E. Owens, Principal,
I. H. Evans, G. H. Murrin, W. Bible and History; Miss Hazel
B. Ammundsen, Eugene Woes- Nicola, Preceptress, English;
ner, E. M. Adams, M. F. Wiede- L. G. Sevrens, Preceptor, Math-
mann, W. L. Rodriguez, V. Are- ematics and Science; Mrs. L. G.
valo, J. 0. Afenir, E. A. Brion, Sevrens, Language; Mrs. Leula
M. B. Comilang, A. N. Dela Townsend, Music and Commer-
China, E. A. Moon. cial; Miss Mae Grills, Matron;
Faculty: 0. F. Sevrens, Principal, F. M. Barrows, .Farm Manager.
Science; L. D. Warren, Bible;
Preceptor; Precep-
tress; Mrs. S. E. Jackson, Math- PLAINVIEW ACADEMY
ematics, Grammar; Mrs. L. D. Redfield, S. Dak.
Warren, Registrar, Commercial
Department, English; Mrs. 0. Established 1902
F. Sevrens, Matron, Domestic Board: S. A. Ruskjer, Chairman;
Science; Mrs. E. A. Moon, Nurs- W. F. Hahn, Sec.; J. H. Nies,
ini_Interniedia#; Mrs.. H.. A. Emil Oswald, M. M. Keer, G.

G. Hagele, J. M. Christensen, Executive Committee: J. S. Mar-

C. M. Babcock, Floyd Bresee. shall, Chairman; J. M. Howell,
Faculty: W. F. Hahn, Principal Sec., R. T. Baer, C. E. Westphal,'
and Manager, Mathematics; C. W. H. Wohlers.
M. Babcock, Bible; Marie Ander- Faculty: J. S. Marshall, Principal,
son, English; G. G. Dollinger, Business Manager, Pedagogy,
Language, Printing; H. C. Hart- Science, History; J. M. Howell,
man, Science and Mathematics; Bible; Mrs. J. S. Marshall, Nor-
Grace Rosenthal, Normal, His- mal, English; Mrs. E. de Demar-
tory; Lena Rosenthal:, Matron; sico, Spanish, Mathematics;
Mable Campbell, Music; Gordon Louisa P. de Everest, Music;
Oss, Preceptor; Mrs. H. C. Hart- Amalia Block, Intermediate.
man, Preceptress; Ware Jordan, Industrial Department: W. H.
Farm Manager. Wohlers, Agriculture and Stock-
raising& J. M. Howell, Carpen-
try; Carlos Kunzman, Bakery;
PUNJAB BOYS' SCHOOL Andres Tabuenca, Gardening;
Miss Frieda Trefz, Domestic
Address: Chuharkana, N. W. Ry., Science and Sewing.
Punjab, India.
Manager, 0. 0. Mattison, assisted
by Bhugtu Mall, and other Pun- SANTALI BOYS' SCHOOL
jabi teachers. S. D. A. Mission, Karmatar, E. I.
Ry., India.
Established 1915
RANGOON S. D. A. TELUGU In charge of R. J. Borrowdale, as-
SCHOOL sisted by Indian Teachers.
Established 1922
Vernacular, First to fourth stan-
Address: 60 Lower Kemmendine
Road, Rangoon, Burma. 31 Ningkuo Road, Shanghai, China
In charge of D. J. Roberts, as- Established 1910
sisted by Telugu teachers. Board of Directors: I. H. Evans,
F. H. DeVinney, 0. A. Hall, J. G.
Gjording, M. C. Warren, Fred
RIVER PLATE ACADEMY Lee, Bernhard Peterson, H. W.
Barrows, C. C. Crisler, S. L.
(Colegio Adventista del Plata) Frost, M. G. Conger, F. H. Raley,
Puiggari, F. C. E., Entre Rios, D. E. Rebok.
Argentina, South America, Local Board: I. H. Evans, Chair-
man, C. C. Crisler, H. 0. Swart-
Established 1898 out, M. C. Ackley, H. W. Bar-
Board of Managers: R. T. Baer, rows, W. A. Scharffenberg, D. E.
Pres.; J. S. Marshall, Sec.; G. E. Rebok, S. S. Li, D. S. Wu, K.
Hartman, H. B. Lundquist, J. G. Yeh, W. T. Wang, T. K. Swen.
H. Roth, W. E. Hancock, Ignacio Faculty: D. E. Rebok, Principal,
Kalbermatter, C. E. Krieghoff, History; M. C. Ackley, Treas-
C. E. Westphal, W. H. Wohlers. urer, Commercial Department;

M. G. Conger (on furlough) ; C. E. Neff, W. Toler, E. G.

0. B. Kuhn, Bible Department; Tucker, R. D. Hottel, J. H.
W. A. Scharffenberg, Normal De- Smith, W. E. Bidwell, J. Z.
partment; Mrs. 0. B. Kuhn, Hottel.
English; Mrs. S. L. Frost (on Faculty: J. Z. Hottel, Principal,
furlough), Music Department; History, Mathematics; J. H.
Miss Ida E. Thompson, Matron, Smith, Bible, Science; H. A.
Miss Annie Loo, Preceptress; Weaver, Preceptor, History,
Swen Tshong Kwang, Preceptor; - Language; Mrs. J. Z. Hottel,
Sie Sui An, Wenli; P. W. Feng, English; Margaret Cosby, Pre-
Mathematics; Li Hsing, Science; ceptress, Hygiene, Home Nurs-
Yeh Kwen Gan, Teacher; Chen ing; Russell MacMeans, Ele-
Si Mu, Grade Teacher; Lu Shou mentary Department, Music;
Dao, Grade Teacher; Djung Dz Mrs. H. A. Weaver, Matron,
Djen, Teacher; Hwang Da Wei, Sewing; Carl V. Woods, Indus-
Teacher; J. A. Guild, Indus- trial.
tries; Mrs. J. A. Guild, Bible
Teacher; C. A. Carter, Language
Study; Mrs. C. A. Carter, Lan-
Harvey, N. Dak.
SHELTON ACADEMY Established 1903
Shelton, Nebr.
Board of Managers: H. Meyer,
Established 1919 Pres.; J. C. Harder, Sec.; A. A.
Board of Managers: S. G. Haugh- Dirksen, John Seibel, T. M.
ey, Chairman; J. I. Beardsley, Langberg, Jacob Wagner, J. F.
Sec., D. D. Rees, J. W. Rogers, Richert, Michael Stern, Lud-
C. H. Miller, A. F. Kirk, B. C. wig Kaftan.
Marshall, Myre Beaman, Wil-
bur James. Faculty: J. C. Harder, Principal,
Language; John S. Koehler, Bus-
Faculty: J. I. Beardsley, Principal, iness Manager, Farmer, Book-
Bible; Charles Larsen, Preceptor, keeping; E. J. Lorentz, Bible;
History; Linnie Keith, Precep- G. S. Livingston, English, His-
tress, English; A. D. Holmes, tory; G. E. Crary, Science,
Mathematics, Science; Juliette Mathematics; John Nahorny,
Herscher, Normal Department; Russian; Miss Bertha Astle-
Carrie Graves, Grades 7 and 8; ford, Preceptress, Grades 7 and
Ethel R. Page, Piano and Voice; 8; Emma Martz, Music; Helen
Ruby Adams, Matron, Domestic Kurtz, Matron, Cooking; W. N.
Science, Sewing; Lucile Beaman, Nehring, Engineering, Grades.
Cashier, Commercial Depart-
ment; E. S. Pearson, Farmer.

Lunawa Dist., Ceylon
New. Market, Va.
Established 1906 Established 1923
Board of Managers: T. B. West- Manager: H. A. Hansen; Head-
brook, C. H. Kelly, R. T. Fultz, master, D. E. Wegesinghe.

SINO-AMERICAN MIDDLE Elliott, A. S. Booth, J. L. Shuler,

SCHOOL C. IV. Curtis, C. B. Stephenson,
M. A. Hollister, B. F. Knee-
Kulangsu, Amoy, China land, Roy Carr, R. L. Pierce.
In charge of B. L. Anderson.
Faculty: Leo Thiel, President; J.
H. Behrens, Bible and Pastoral
Training; F. IV. Field, Bible and
SOLUSI MISSION TRAINING Greek; W. P. Bradley, Science
SCHOOL and Mathematics; E. L. Parrish,
Preceptor, History; Iva Dell
Established 1894 Kirk, Piano; J. L. Butler, Voice;
Address: Solusi Mission, Bulawa- Brent Zachary, Violin; Mrs. I.
yo, Rhodesia, South Africa. D. Richardson, .Preceptress;
Board of Managers: F. R. Stockil, Mable N. Behrens, Normal De-
C. Robinson, G. A. Ellingworth, partment; Myrtle V. Maxwell,
F. E Thompson, W. C. Flaiz, Critic Teacher; Model School;
J. E. Symons, L. E. Biggs. Maude I. Jones, English, Lan-
guage; C. S. Field, Assistant in
Director and Manager: W. C. Flaiz. English and Printing; Helen M.
Faculty: Principal, S. W. Palmer; Shull, Matron, Domestic Science;
Asst. Teacher, Mrs. S. W. Pal- Mrs. 0. L. DaA, Intergrade De-
mer; assisted by three native partment; Ruby E. Lea, Regis-
teachers. trar, Stenography; Roy Can-,
Accountant, Bookkeeping; Mrs.
G. N. Fuller, Sewing; T. R. Hux-
table, Woodworking.
SCHOOL FOR BOYS Industrial .Faculty: Helen M.
Krishnarajapuram (near Banga- Shull, Cooking; F. W. Field,
lore), Mysore State; India Apiculture; B. J. Fountain,
Blacksmithing; C. E. Ledford,
Established 1915 Agriculture; Cush Sparks, Print-
Board of Managers: E. M. Meleen, ing; MT. E. Bailey, Basketry; B.
C. W. Tinworth, L. C. Shepard. F. Wrenn, Carpentry.
Faculty: E. M. Meleen, Principal;
assisted by Mrs. E. M. Meleen
and G. F. H. Ritchie.
Ooltewah, Tenn. Established 1894
Established 1896 at Graysville, Board of Managers: M. B. Van
Tenn., as the Southern Training Kirk, Chairman; Lamont Thomp-
School; removed to Ooltewah, son, Sec.; P. H. Barnes, H. M.
Tenn., in 1916. J. Richards, J. F. Wright, C. E.
Board of Managers: W. H. Heck- Smith, L. N. Carter, R. P. Mont-
man, Pres.; Leo Thiel, Sec.; G. gomery, A. F. Harrison, H. L.
W. Wells, F. L. Harrison, Bur- Wilcox, H. R. Gay, A. W.Teter-
ton Castle, F. R. Isaac, J. C. son, W. J. Ward, G. F. Eichman,
Thompson, R. I. Keate, W. R. R. L, Benton, W. H, Clark,

Administration: Lamont Thomp- Faculty: K. M. Adams, Principal;

son, Pres.; P. H. Barnes, Treas.; A. N. Allen, Director; Emma
Oral W. Tucker, Preceptor; Caballero, Sciences; Miss Ger-
Mrs. F. B. Moran, Preceptress; trude Steen, Spanish Language;
Mrs. Minnie Cook, Matron; B. I. Rasmuson, Preceptor; Miss
Martha Thompson, Registrar. Lela Horning, Preceptress ; Mrs.
K. L. Adams, Matron; Mrs. M.
Faculty: Lamont Thouipson, Pres.; E. Fairchild, Piano, Vocal Music;
W. E. Straw, Bible; Julian MT. L. Bird, Carpentry; Winifred
Thompson, Science; Agnes Sor- Allen, Sewing; George Ricks,
enson, Languages; H. M. Kelley, Agriculture; Mrs. C. E. Nord-
History and Missions; Laura E. berg, Hydrotherapy and Do-
Patterson, English; L. N. Carter, mestic Science.
Commercial; Mrs. A. M. Wood-
all, Asst. Commercial; Madge
Gould, Voice; Harold B. Han-
num, Piano; Martha Thompson, SPION KOP COLLEGE
Registrar; Lucile Harper, Latin Address: Private Bag, Ladysmith,
and Algebra; Oral W. Tucker, Natal, South Africa.
Preceptor; Mrs. F. B. Moran,
Preceptress; R. L. Vincent, Asst. Board: W. H. Branson, E. D. Dick,
Bible; Irene Couch, Normal Di- W. B. Commin, T. M. French,
rector; P. H. Barnes, Treasurer; J. W. MacNeil, J. N. de Beer,
Mrs. Minnie Cook, Matron. W. S. Hyatt, U. Bender; Asso-
ciate Members: 0. 0. Fortner,
Industrial Department: R. C. F. Snijman, C. M. Blaine.
Hampton, Broom-making; C. N. Faculty: E. D. Dick, Principal; 0.
Woodward, Printing; C. L. K. Butler; Bible Teacher; Mrs.
Dortch, Woodwork; Mrs. P. H. 0. K. Butler, Preceptress; Miss
Barnes, Domestic Science; Mrs. H. M. Hyatt, English, Science;
0. W. Tucker, Sewing; Edith A. Boekhout, Modern Language's;
Randall, Laundry; T. F. Wilson, J. H. Stearns, Preceptor, His-
Farm. tory, Greek; Mrs. J. H. Stearns,
Normal; E. Tarr, Farm Man-
ager; Elementary Teacher;
W. C. Walston, Nursing Sub-
SPANISH-AMERICAN TRAIN- jects; Mrs. W. C. Walston, Ma-
tron; Miss Edna Davies, Music;
ING SCHOOL Miss A. Boekhout, Sewing.

1325 North Fourteenth St.,

Phoenix, Ariz.
Established 1920 COLLEGE
Board: A. R. Sandborn, Chairman; Stanborough Park, Watford, Herts,
K. M. Adams, Sec. and Treas.; England
W. L. Bird, H. L. Wallace, J. L. Established 1901
Sauder, D. C. Fields, D. L.
Wagner, I. T. Reynolds, C. D. Board of Directors: J. E. Jayne,
M. Williams, A. N. Allen, F. H. Chairman; Dr. W. A. Ruble, F.
Westphal, H. D. Casebeer, W. A. Spearing, W. R. Raitt, G. L.
B. Miramontes. Gulbrandson, A. S. Maxwell.

Instructors: G. Baird, Principal, SWEDISH MISSIONARY

History, Economics, Logic, SCHOOL
Latin; G. Hyde, Bible, Greek,
Hebrew; H. H. Howard, Pre- Nyhyttan, Jarnboas, Sweden
ceptor, New Testament History, Established 1898; reorganized 1908
and Missionary History; Mrs. Board of Managers: Swedish Con-
H. H. Howard, Normal Depart- ference Committee.
ment; J. Ford, Mathematics,
Science; Dr. W. A. Ruble, Physi- Faculty: C. 0. Carlstjerna, Mrs.
ology, First Aid; J. W. Pigott, C. 0. Carlstjerna, Ellis Col-
English, Geography; Miss A. son, Emmy Larsson, Gust. Lind-
Clifford, Preceptress and Matron, say, Julia Rundkvist.
Cookery; Miss M. Wharrie, Busi-
ness Course; Miss B. A. Terry,
French; Miss P. Hardinge, Mu- TAIKGYI GIRLS' SCHOOL
sic; A. Milne, Librarian; A. E. Taikgyi, Burma
Whitestone, Oarpentry,; J. L.
Murdock, Farm; Miss C. San- Established 1920
ders, Bible Readings; J. Rigby, Address: S. D. A. Mission, Taikgyi.
Business Manager. Burma.
Anglo-yernacular, First to Fifth
Standards; Domestic Science
Sutherlin, Oreg. In charge of Mrs. A. J. Denoyer.
Established 1918
Board of Trustees: A. V. Rhoads, TAMIL INTERMEDIATE
Chairman; C. H. Castle, Sec.
and Treas.; T. L. Thuemler, F. SCHOOL
A. Lashier, J. B. Meehan, F. L. Nazareth P. 0., Tinnevelly District,
Newkirk, J. H. Meier. India
Faculty: C. H. Castle, Principal Established 1909
and Manager, Bible, Commer- Address: Nazareth P. 0., Tinne-
cial; W. B. Riffle, Preceptor, velly Dist., India.
English, History; J. R. Patter-
son, Bible;' R. S. J. Hamilton, Manager: E. D. Thomas.
Shorthand, Typing, Science; Head Master: V. D. Koilpillai, as-
Miss Maud Miller, Preceptress, sisted by nine Tamil teachers.
Mathematics, Normal; Mrs.
Hamilton, Seventh and Eighth
Grades, English; Miss Ada
Hartman, Grades 1-6, Spanish; TELUGU INTERMEDIATE
Mrs. A. W. Jones, Piano and SCHOOL
Voice; Mrs. Ida Burden, Physi-
ology and Hydrotherapy. Narsapur, Kistna Dist., India
Established 1921
Industrial: C. H?. Castle, Supt. Address: Narsapur, Kistna Dist.,
and Manager; W. B. Riffle, Car- India.
pentry; R. S. J. Hamilton,
Printing; Mrs. Ida Burden, Manager: T. R. Flaiz.
Dressmaking; Mrs. A. Miller, Head Master: A. V. Jesudass, as-
Cooking. sisted by four Telugu teachers.


(Escuela Normal del Lago College View, Nebr.
Established 1891
Established 1922
Board of Managers: The presidents
Postal Address: Juliaca, Peril, of the following conferences:
South America. Central Union, Nebraska, Mis-
souri, Kansas, Inter-Mountain,
Board of Managers: E. H. Wilcox, Colorado, Wyoming, Northern
Chairman; B. L. Thompson, Sec. Union, Minnesota, North Dako-
and Treas., H. M. Colburn, G. E. ta, South Dakota, Iowa, South-
Mann, W. F. Miller, Dr. S. T. western Union, and Oklahoma;
Johnston, C. W. Miller. the educational secretaries of
Director and Manager: B. L. the Central Union, Northern
Thompson. Union, and Southwestern Union;
the president of Union College;
Faculty: B. L. Thompson, Prin- and C. A. Williams.
cipal; A. R. Dennis, Normal
Department, Spanish De- Executive Committee: S. E. Wight,
partment; Mrs. A. R. Dennis. 0. M. John, E. T. Russell, M. B.
VanKirk, S. G. Haughey, D. D.
Rees, H. J. Sheldon.
Administration: 0. M. John, Pres.;
C. A. Williams, Treas.; Dorothy
TSINAN INDUSTRIAL MISSION L. Pearce, Registrar and Libra-
SCHOOL rian; Pearl L. Rees, Dean of
Women; G. C. George, Precep-
Tsinan, Shantung, China tor; Mrs. C. B. VanGorder, Ma-
Established 1920 tron; Mrs. A. E. Hall, Secretary.

Board of Directors: H. L. Graham,Faculty: 0. M. John, President;

Mrs. H. L. Graham, G. J. Appel, H. F. Saxton, Bible; W. J. Mc-
Shen Chien P'an, Tung Yun Chu, Comb, History; J. N. Ander-
Chang Ch'ien Kwang, Goh Chiao son, Missions, Hebrew and
Liang. Greek; Rochelle Philmon, Eng-
lish; B. B. Davis, Director Nor-
Faculty: G. J. Appel, Supt., Goh mal Dept. and Education; G. M.
Chiao Liang, Principal; Chang Price, Geology and Latin; G. F.
Tsuen Goh Chiao Ou, Chiao Wolfkill, Chemistry, Biology,
Yuen, Mrs. H. L. Graham, Mrs. and Physiology; Lee Davis,
G. J. Appel. Spanish, French, and German;
H. K. Schilling, Physics and
Primary Department: Goh Tseu Mathematics; A. E. Hall; His-
Dji, Tung Sua En. tory; G. W. Habenicht, Science
and Mathematics; G. C. George,
Factory: G. J. Appel, Manager; Bible; B. P. Foote, Stenography
Chiao Yuen, Supt. and Typewriting; Mrs. H. F.
Intermediate School Teachers: Saxton, Adv. Accounting; Mrs.
4 (in Tsinan). Lydia Kime-Wolfkill, Home
Economics; Dorothy L. Pearce,
Church School Teachers: 7 (3 in Library Science; C. C. Engel,
Peking and.-4 in..Tsinan). Director School of- Music; Ber-

nice Williams, Piano; Estelle UNITED PROVINCES SCHOOL

Kiehnhoff, Voice; Winnie W. FOR BOYS
Turner, Mrs. George Bowers and
Christine . Erickson, Teachers in Established 1917
Model School. (Urdu and Hindi Languages)
Heads of Industrial Departments Address: Hapur, 0. & R RY.,
and Instructors in Vocational India.
Work: G. MT. Griffin, Carpentry
and Woodwork; George Jeys, In charge of Mrs. M. M. Mattison.
Printing; B. F. Perriman, Laun- Headmaster, A. Howard, assisted
dry; Charles Williams, Farm by Indian teachers.
Superintendent; Alonzo Cornell,
Hydrotherapy; Capitola Mills,
Millinery; MT. L. Halverson,
(Formerly " Annfield School ")
Mussoorie, India
Established 1911
(Grades in English up to 1st year
Union Springs, N. Y. Junior College
Established 1921 Board: W. W. Fletcher, Chairman;
Board of Trustees: J. K. Jones, J. . A. J. Olson, Vice Chairman;
E. Osterblom, C. A. Shull, F. H. G. E. Jones, Sec., A. H. Williams,
Hicks, Orva Lee Ice, Mrs. E. I. V. Counsell.
Blanche Markham, G. H. Rogers, Faculty: A. J. Olson, Principal,
G. E. Miles, H. M. Fleming. History; G. E. Jones, Preceptor,
Officers of Corporation: (The New Bible and Mathematics; I. V.
York Conference Association.) Counsell, Bible and Commercial
J. K. Jones, Pres.; J. E. Oster- Subjects; J. L. Shannon, Book-
blom, Sec. and Treas. keeper; C. Ritchie, English;
Miss M. Matterand, Preceptress;
Faculty: C. A. Shull, Principal, Miss M. Broderson, Form Sub-
Manager, History; P. E. Quim- jects; Miss E. Hansen, Form
by, Bible; G. E. Miles, Science, Subjects and Kindergarten; Miss
Mathematics; W. R. Higgins, F. Tuckey, Matron; also teach-
Preceptor, History, Woodwork- ers in Music, Drawing and Urdu.
ing; Annabel Orr, Preceptress
and School Nurse, Hydrother-
apy; Mrs. P. E. Quimby, Eng- WALDERLY ACADEMY
lish, Expression; Ruth Garber,
Matron, Domestic Science; Ruth Hines, Wis.
Blakeney, Piano, Latin, French; Established 1907
Caroline Bells, Registrar, Short-
hand, Typewriting; Miriam Gil- Board of Directors: J. J. Irwin,
bert, Preparatory Academic, H. M. Forshee, V. R. Neall, E. A.
Grades 6-8; Mrs. G. E. Miles, Piper, A. W. Nelson.
Grades 1-5; R. W. King, Print-
ing; H. A. May, Treasurer; H. Faculty: H. M. Forshee (on
M. Fleming, Farm Manager. leave) ; G. H. Straight, Acting

Principal and Manager, Mathe- aminations; C. W. Dime, Pre-

matics, Music; P. G. Gunderson, ceptor, Physics; W. C. Baldwin,
Preceptor, Science, Bible; Mrs. Farm Superintendent, Agricul-
H. M. Forshee, Preeeptress, Eng- ture; Edith A. Sawyer, Art;
lish; 0. P. Wilson, History, Edu- H. R. Sittner, Mathematics and
cation; Alvin Johnson, Farm Woodwork;, Bertha Lofstad,
Manager, Agriculture; Miss Expression and Public Speak-
Mattie Vixie, Matron, Sewing; ing; Mertie A. Wheeler, Regis-
Miss Marion Obert, Primary. trar and Librarian; K 0. Becker,
Accountant; Mrs. R. B. Ray,
Normal School Critic Teachers:
WALLA WALLA COLLEGE J. E. Weaver, Normal Director;
College Place, Wash. Grace DeLand, Grades seven and
eight; Mrs. M. E. Powers,
Established 1892 Grades, four, five, and six; Enid
F. Sparks, Grades one, two and
Board of Trustees: Morris Lukens, three, Primary Methods.
J. S. Rouse, J. W. Norwood,
Alfred Ogden, C. W. Flaiz, A. V. Industrial Departments: Ray Col-
Rhoads, B. M. Grandy, H. G. lins, Printing; H. R. Sittner,
Thurston, S. J. Lashier, F. S. Woodwork; Mrs. A. N. Atte-
Bunch, F. W. Peterson, W. I. berry, Dressmaking; E. R. Vin-
Smith. ton, Engineer; Richard Bergin,
Officers of the Board: Morris Store Manager; Raymond Hem-
Lukens, Chairman; W. I. Smith, pel, Baking; Mrs. R. B. Ray,
Sec., F. W. Peterson, Treasurer. Cooking; W. C. Baldwin, Farm
Administration: W. 1. Smith, Pres-
ident; F. W. Peterson, Manager;
C. W. Dime, Preceptor; Mabel
Shaffer. Preceptress; Mrs. R. B. WASHINGTON MISSIONARY
Ray, Matron; E. 0. Becker, COLLEGE
Bookkeeper; Mertie A. Wheeler, Takoma Park Station,
Registrar and Librarian. Washington, D. C.
Faculty: W. I. Smith, President, Established 1904; reorganized 1914
Mathematics and Astronomy; F.
W. Peterson, Treas.; F. M. Burg, Legal Title: Washington Mission
Dean of the School. of Theology; ary College.
C. W. Flaiz, Bible and Minis-
terial Training; Winifred L. Board of Trustees: F. H. Rob-
Holmden, Ancient Languages; bins, R. G. Bowen, E. E. An-
Clara E. Rogers, English; H. A. - dross, N. S. Ashton, 0. 0. Bern-
Peebles, Spanish and English; stein, H. S. Brown, A. G. Dan-
B. B. Smith, Commerce; W. M. iells, H. J. Detwiler, R. E.
Landeen, History; J. E. Weaver, Harter, W. H. Heckman, C. S.
Normal Director, Education; Longacre, J. W. McCord, G. W.
Mabel R. Shaffer, Preceptress, Wells, H. W. Miller, H. A. Mor-
Physiology and Hydrotherapy; rison, J. P. Neff, D. A. Parsons,
W. M. Heidenreich, Chemistry Wm. Robbins, E. J. Stipeck, D.
and Biology; A. D. Schlotthauer, W. Reavis, E. G. Salisbury, W.
M. D., Health and Physical Ex- F. Schwartz, R. M. Spencer,

J. L. Shaw, J. C. Thompson, Instructor in Carpentry and

J. A. Tucker, C. F. Ulrich, T. B. Woodwork; C. H. Taylor, In-
Westbrook, B. G. Wilkinson, structor in Printing; Flora J.
Leo Theil. Pflugradt; Instructor in Ex-
pression; Virginia Hoezell, In-
Local Board: F. H. Robbins, R. G. structor in German and Latin;
Bowen, H. W. Miller, H. A. Mor- Mrs. Kepplar, Instructor in
rison, C. S. Longacre, J. P. Violin.
Neff, E. G. Salisbury.
Administration: H. A. Morrison, WATERLOO INDUSTRIAL
Pres.; M. L. Andreasen, Dean of SCHOOL
Theology; Elsie Gibbs, Precept-
ress; L. R. Marsh, Preceptor, Waterloo, Sierra Leone,
R. G. Bowen, Treas., Ruby 0. West Africa
Damsgard, Matron. Established 1909
Faculty: H. A. Morrison, Pres.; Board: H. W. Lowe, L. F. Lang-
M. L. Andreasen, Dean of School ford, E. Ashton, J. A. During,
of Theology, Professor of Bib. H. E. Lynch.
heal Exegesis; E. G. Salisbury, Facility: L. F. Langford, E. Ash-
Professor of Education; A. G. ton, H. E. Lynch.
Taylor, Professor of Economics Girls' School: Teachers, Miss Mid-
and Government; L. C. Dams- dleton and Miss Howard.
gard, Registrar, Professor of
Mathematics and Astronomy;
A. W. Werline, Professor of
History; Jessie R. Evans, Pro- WENCHOW INDUSTRIAL
fessor of English; J. N. Kimble, SCHOOL
Professor of Chemistry and Organized 1920
Biology; H. W. Miller, M. D.,
Professor of Hygiene and Trop- Postal Address: Wenchow, Che-
ical Diseases; E. C. Wood, Di- kiang, China.
rector of Carpentry and Wood- Principal and Business Manager:
work Department; May Stanley, B. F. Gregory.
Professor of Home Economics; Board: The Executive Committee
Lela Leslie, Director of Depart- of the South Chekiang Mission.
ment of Commerce; J. W. Grant,
Instructor in History and Econ- Faculty: B. F. Gregory, Principal;
omics; E. E. Helligso, Profes- Mrs. B. F. Gregory, Dju Deh-
sor of Greek; Jose Llorens, Pro- ming, Djeng Dji-san, Djao Han-
fessor of Spanish and French; djou, Beh Yung-mei, Yuen
F. L. Chaney, Instructor in Yueh-lou, Liu Siao-tien.
Bible; Nellie P. Gage, Normal
Director; J. W. Osborn, Director
of Music, Voice, Piano; Vera E.
Morrison, Instructor in Math- WEST CARIBBEAN TRAINING.
ematics; Emma V. Mallatt, Li- SCHOOL
brarian, Instructor in English;
Etta M. Spicer, Art; Bessie E. Obispo, Canal Zone, Panama
Acton, Normal Critic Teacher; Established 1921
Mrs. C. H. Taylor, Normal Critic
Teacher; Blanche E. Hunter, Board of Trustees: MT . R. Pohle,
Assistant in Music; L. R. Gage, Chairman; C. J. Boyd, Sec.;

Fred Hutchinson, Linton Rash- WESTERN WASHINGTON

ford, H. C. Kephart, J. A. Reid. ACADEMY
Faculty: C. J. Boyd, Principal,
History;, Mathematics; F. W. Auburn, Wash.
Halladay, Bible, Mechanical De-
partment; R. C. Kraft, Music Established 1918
and Commercial Departments; Board of Managers:. A. R. Ogden,
Marie Boyd, Matron- R. E. Pres.; H. H. Hamilton, Sec.; J.
Brooks, Cashier; Jonathan A. Holbrook, G. W. Pettit, 0. J.
Buchanan, Preceptor; Amelia F.
Nerlund, J. E. Graham, C. D.
Downer, Preceptress; E. M. Threlkeld, L. E. Tupper, G. A.
Lawrencin, Primary Depart- Nystrom.
ment; Lilly F. Webster, Sewing,
Girls' Trades; Ellen R. Palmer, Faculty: H. H. Hamilton, Princi-
Cooking and Culinary Depart- pal and Manager, Bible, Wood-
ment; A. E. Bailey, Carpentry; work, Bookkeeping; Carl Rott-
0. M. Bryan, Farm Superintend- miller, Asst. Manager, Farm;
ent; Rudolphus Rodriquez, W. R. Beach, Preceptor, Span-
Stenographer. ish and History; G. T. Mac-
Innes, English and Bible; Claude
Thurston, Mathematics and
Science; Anna G. Roedel, Pre-
WEST INDIAN TRAINING ceptress and Matron, Domestic
SCHOOL Science; Georgia Heaton, Nor-
mal and Sewing; C. A. Wyman,
Mandeville, Jamaica, British West Bible, Agriculture and Baking;
Indies Mildred Wyman, Piano; Jane
Kuznik, Bookkeeper; Mrs. Bea-
Established 1918 trice Gyes, Cook; Adolph Gyes,
Board of Managers: C. E. Wood,
Pres.; W. H. Wineland, Sec.
and Treas.; M. B. Butterfield,
Hubert Fletcher, C. H. Keslake,
Edward Kissendal, J. G. Pettey, WINYAH LAKE ACADEMY
D. E. Walker.
Orlando, Fla.
Local Board: C. E. Wood, Chair-
man; C. H. Keslake, W. H. Established 1918
Wirieland. (Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth Grades
only. Operated by Florida San-
Faculty: W. H. Wineland, Prin- itarium.)
cipal and Business Manager;
C. H. Keslake, Bible; H. M. Board of Managers: .1. L. Shuler,
Johnston, Preceptor; His- L. L. Andrews, M. D., W. H.
tory; Essie Barber,. Preceptress Heckman, E. L. Place, Burton
and Matron; Johannah Daw, Castle, J. B. Locken, M. M. Mar-
English; Mymis Randall, Asst. tinson, M. D.
Matron; Rosamond. Harrison,
Music; .Mrs. H. L. Wineland, Executive Committee: F. H. Par-
Sewing; Librarian; Eric ish, L. T. Crisler, E. L. Place.
Parchment, Farm Superintend- Faculty: F. H. Parrish, Principal,
ent. Preceptor, Bible, Bookkeeping,

Woodwork; Mrs. F. H. Parrish, YAKIMA VALLEY ACADEMY

English, History, Music; Miss
Fern Kenyon, Preceptress, Bible, Granger, Wash.
Grammar; Mrs. Minnie G.
Rogers, Mathematics, Sewing, Established 1920
Eighth grade subjects; Miss
Alice Case, Domestic Science. Board of Trustees: J. S. Rouse,
R. R. Thrasher, Dr. Silas Yar-
nell, C. M. Christiansen, Carl
Leer, J. A. Rippey, C. A. Han-
WYOMING CONFERENCE IN- son, L. B. Losey, A. E. Green,
TERMEDIATE SCHOOL J. C. Christiansen, I. D. Whit-
Crawford, Nebr. ing, and Chairman of the County
Commissioners, Yakima County.
Established 1922
Faculty: L. B. Losey, Principal
Board of Managers: J. W. Turner, and Business Manager, Bible,
Chairman; H. C. Klement, See.; Agriculture; Kenneth Aplington,
Roy Kinzer, L. B. Hall, J. M. Preceptor, Spanish, History;
Barto, A. S. McCully, V. J. Mrs. Kenneth Aplington, Science,
Johns, E. T. Wilson, W. R. Bookkeeping, Mathematics; Ev-
Babcock, J. R. Staton. elyn Knoll, Preceptress, English;
Faculty: H. C. Klement, Principal, Harold Quade, Bible, History,
" Bible and History; Hilda Hol- Voice; Mrs. Harold Quade, Mu-
sten, Preceptress, English, Math- sic, Matron; Mrs. L. B. Losey,
ematics; Agnes Meyers, Gram- Librarian, Registrar; Mrs. La-
mar Grades; Mrs. Catherine vina Wagner, Grades 7 and 8,
Richey, Matron. and Sewing.

Number of advanced and intermediate schools, 134.

(In alphabetical order)


HOUSE StanboFough Press, Ltd.
(Editorial Espanola) Stanborough Park, Watford, Herts,
Apartado 492, Barcelona, Spain England
Estaolished 1915 _ Established 1889
Telegraphic Address: Tratados, Cable Address: " Hygiene," Wat-
Barcelona. ford, Herts, England.
Local Publishing Board: L. J. Board of Directors: J. E. Jayne,
Stene, V. E. Dietel, B. B. Aldrich. Chairman; G. L. Gulbrandson,
Manager: V. E. Dietel. A. Warren, A. S. Maxwell, E. H.
Periodicals: Sefiales de los Tiem-
pos, and El Esforzador. Officers: Manager and Treas., G.
L. Gulbrandson; Sec., E. H.
Marsh; Supt., A. Warren.
BRAZIL PUBLISHING HOUSE Editors: Present Truth and Mis-
sionary Worker, A. S. Maxwell;
(Casa Publicadora Brazileira) Good Health, Dr. W. A. Ruble,
Established 1905 E. H. Marsh.
Cable and Telegraphic Address: Book Committee: J. E. Jayne, G.
"Atalaia," Estacilo Sao Bernardo. L. Gulbrandson, A. S. Maxwell,
Postal Address: Silo Bernardo, S. J. Harker, E. H. Marsh.
P. R., Silo Paulo, Brazil.
Board of Directors: N. P. Neilsen, BUENOS AIRES PUBLISHING
F. W. Spies, M. V. Tucker, C. E. HOUSE,
Schofield, August Pages, C. L. Buenos Aires, Argentina,
Bainer, J. W. Wilhelm, H. B. South America
Westcott, R. Wilf art, F. C. Var- " Casa Editora Sud Americana "
ney, J. B. Johnson, H. B. Fisher, Established 1897
E. V. Moore. Cable Address: " Casatora," Bue-
Officers: Pres., N. P. Neilsen; Vice- nos Aires.
Pres., C. E. Schofield; Manager Postal Address: Florida, F. C. C.
and Sec., M. V. Tucker; Treas.,
August Pages. A., Buenos Aires, Argentina,
South America.
Department Managers: Book and
Periodical, M. V. Tucker; Super- Board of Managers: W. H. Wil-
intendent, H. B. Fisher. liams, E. W. Everest, P. R.
Miramontes, J. W. Westphal,
Book Committee: M. V. Tucker, R. T. Baer, E. H. Meyers, H. U.
J. B. Johnson, Henrique Zipp, Stevens, F. I. Mohr, W. E. Han-
N. P. Neilsen, F. W. Spies. cock, J. H. Roth, W. A. Berg-
Editors: 0 Atalaia, J. B. Johnson; herm, Edgar Brooks, E. H. Wil-
Revista Mensal, J. B. Johnson; cox.
Rundschau, August Pages. Officers: Pres., W. H. Williams;
Assistant Editors and Proofread- Manager and Treas., E. W. Ev-
ers: Henrique Zipp, Lulu Wald- erest; Supt. and Sec., P. R. Mir-
vogel, amontes.

Book Committee: J. W. Westphal, Officers: Pres., S. E. Wight; Sec.,

Chairman; E. W. Everest, Sec.; Roger Altman; Treas., Miss
Edgar Brooks, M. I. Fayard, W. Mettie E. Cornell.
E. Hancock, A. A. Cone, C. P. Periodical: The Christian Record,
Crager, E. H. Meyers. a monthly magazine for the
Editors: El A tafaya, Edgar blind, published in Revised
Brooks; Assistant Editor, M. I. Braille and New York Point
Fayard; La Revista Adventista, types; Editor and Manager,
D. R. Buckner; El Monitor de lal Roger Altman.
Juventud, D. R. Buckner.
Lima Branch The Christian Record also has a
Casilla 1003, Lima, Peru free circulating library depart-
ment, containing denominational
Manager: F. I. Mohr. books and pamphlets for free
circulation among the blind.
These are sent to the reader and
CANADIAN WATCHMAN PRESS returned to the office without
Box 398, Oshawa, Ontario
Organized 1895; incorporated 1920
Territory: The Eastern and West- Berrien Springs, Mich.
ern Canadian Union Conferences.
Board of Directors: C. F. Mc- Established 1901 '
Vagh, H. H. Rana F. W. Stray, Board of Managers: 'Lake Union
A. C. Gilbert, C. 'L. Ashley, N. Conference Committee.
C. Nelsen, S. Donaldson, D. J. C. Officers: Manager, Frederick
Barrett, K. L. Gant. Griggs; Sec., Fred Green; Supt.,
Officers: C. F. McVagh, Pres.; H. J. B. Krauss.
H. Rans, Vice-Pres. and Man- Editors: . Lake Union Herald, Mrs.
ager; C. L. Ashley, Sec. and L. K. Curtis; The Student Move-
Treas. ment, Roy Cummings.
Department Managers: Book and
Periodical Dept., H. H. Rans.
Editor: Canadian Watchman Mag-
Winnipeg Branch
303 Nokomis Bldg., Winnipeg, Office Address: Brfinn - Kralovo
Manitoba Pole, Wilsonova 8, Czechoslo-
Manager: C. L. Paddock.
Officers: Pres., R. Riihling; Man-
ager, F. A. Ludwig.
CHRISTIAN RECORD PUB- Committee: R. Rilhling, F. A. Lud-
LISHING CO. wig, J. Popelka.
College View, Nebr.
Editor: Hlasatel Pravdy and Straz
Established 1900 Zionska, F. Fiala. Books in Bo-
Board of Managers: S. E. Wight, hemian, German, Polish, Slo-
D. R. Callahan, R. T. Emery, vakian, Hungarian, Russian, and
Roger Altman, D. D. Rees, Ruthenian,


HOUSE Internationale Trak tatgesellschaf t,
Birmannsgasse 31, Basle, Swit-
Annegatan 7, Helsingfors, Finland. zerland.
Manager: P. John.
Established 1897
Austrian Branch
Corporate Name: Aikain Vartija. Advent -Verlag, Wim be rgergasse
46, Vienna VII, Austria.
Publishing Board: A. Rintala, Manager: J. Zachhuber.
0. Hoglund, Y. Miettinen.
Hungarian Branch
Editors: Aikain Vartija, E. Ham- Valldsos Iratok Nemzetkozi Ki-
ara; Siionin Ystava, A. Rintala; adOhivatala, Krisztina-ktirut 167,
Forsamlings Budbararen, V. Budapest I, Hungary.
Sucksdorff, Sr. Manager: W. Koch.
Periodicals: Utolso Uzenet and Ev-
angeliurai munkas.
Advent-Verlag, Grindelberg isa, JAPAN PUBLISHING HOUSE
Hamburg, Germany _ (Owari no Fukuinsha)
Established 1895 Established 1908
Cable Address: " Advent," Ham- Address: 17x Amanuma, Sugi-
burg. nama-mura, Toyotama-gun,
Publishing Board: L. R. Conradi, Tokyo, Japan
H. Hartkop, A. Vollmer, P. Drin- Postal Address: Box 7, Yodobashi
haus, H. Box, G. W. Schu- Post Office, Tokyo, Japan.
bert, 0. Schildhauer, W. Krumm,
W. Muller; Manager, L. R. Con- Manager: A. B. Cole.
radi; Assistants, H. Hartkop, A. Field Miss. Sec.: S. Miyake.
Vollmer. Publishing Committee: H. F. Ben-
son, V. T. Armstrong, A. N. An-
Local Committee: L. R. Conradi,
H. Hartkop, A. Vollmer, K. derson, S. Miyake, S. Yamazaki,
Banas, 0. Bucklers, 0. Worch, V. E. -Webber, H. Kuniya, E. J.
F. Lumnitz, H. Hoth, H. Beck- Kraft, H. J. Perkins.
mann. Editors: Jicho Zashi, A. N. Ander-
son, S. Yamazaki, N. Koide.
Editors: Herold der Wahrheit, L. Shimei no Otodzure, V. T. Arm-
R. Conradi and A. Vollmer; Der strong.
Adventbote, A. Koch;, Kirche
and Staat, G. W. Schubert;
Unser kleiner Freund, K. Sinz;
Gute Gesundheit, M. A. Creeper. JUGOSLAVIA PUBLISHING
Holland Branch ' HOUSE
Internationaal Advent Zendings- Established 1919
genootschap, Conradkade 4; The Cable and Telegraphic Address:
Hagud, Holland. Advent, Novi Sad.
Postal Address: Petra Zrinskog,
Manager: H. Schell. Street 13, Novi Sad, Jugoslavia.
Editors: Teekenen des Tijds, J. Publishing Board: R. Schillinger,
Wintzen; De Werker, J. Wint- A. Moenik, M. Ludwig; Manager
zen. and Treasurer, N. Slankamenac.

Periodicals published in Servian Languages in which publications

and Croatian, their title being are issued: Malay (Dutch Rom-
Voice of the Times. Editors anized), Batak, and Nias.
R. Schillinger, A. Mocnik.


Mountain View, Cal.
Librairie " Les Signes des Temps,"
Dammarie les Lys, (Seine-et- Established 1875
Marne) France. (Formerly Soc- Cable Address: "Uprising," Moun-
iete International de Traites, tain View, Cal.
Gland, Switzerland.)
Established 1896 Territory: The Pacific, North Pa-
cific, Central, Northern, and the
Telegraphic Address: " Signes," Inter-American Conferences.
Dammarie les Lys, (S. et M.)
France. Board of Directors: C. H. Jones,
J. H. Cochran, H. G. Childs, J. R.
Managing Board: A. V. Olson, L. Ferren, W. T. Knox H. H. Hall,
E. Borle, H. L. Henriksen, J. J. L. AlcElhany, S. N. Curtiss,
Rey, J. Vuilleumier, S. Badaut, O. A'. Roberts.
J. A. P. Green.
House Committee: L. E. Borle, H. Officers: Pres., C. H. Jones; Vice-
L. Henriksen, E. Meyer, J. Vuil- Presidents, J.. H. Cochran, H. H.
leumier. Hall; Sec. and Treas., H. G.
Childs; Auditor, General Con-
Officers: L. E. Borle, Manager; ference Auditor.
H. L. Henriksen, Sec. and Treas.
Advisory Committee: H. W. Cot-
Book Committee: J. Vuilleumier, trell, E. T. Russell, S. E. Wight,
Chairman; L. E. Bork, L. L. Clarence Santee, W. M. Adams,
Caviness, A. Vaucber, A. V. J. J. Nethery, E. L. Neff.
Olson, J. A. P. Green, J. Rey,
S. Badaut, Dr. J. Nussbaum. Managers and Department Heads:
Editors: Book Editor, J. Vuilleu- General Manager, C. H. Jones;
mier; " La Revue Adventiste " Assts., J. H. Cochran, H. G.
and " Les Signes des Temps," Childs; Book Department, J. H.
J. Vuilleumier; Vie et Sante, Cochran; Asst., C. F. Jones;
Dr. P. A. De Forest. Periodical Department, J. R.
Ferren; Asst. Treas and Cashier,
R. Hook, Jr.; Asst. Cashier, R. P.
Rowe; Superintendent, S. N.
MALAYSIAN SIGNS PRESS Curtiss; Traffic Manager, C. F.
399 Upper Serangoon Road, Singa- Jones; Art Director, M. B.
pore, Straits Settlements Drake.
Established 1917 Publishing Committee: C. H. Jones,
Cable Address: " Adventist," Sing- H. H. Hall, W. T. Knox, J. H.
apore. Cochran, B. M. Shull, J. R. Fer-
ren, A. 0. Tait, H. C'r. Childs,
Board: Malaysian Union Com- C. N. Lake, M. C. Wilcox, P. H.
mittee. Gage, A. L. Baker, J. M. Rowse,
Manager and Supt.: H. I. Smith. C. F. Jones, N. B. Drake, Ada
Editor: Pertandaan Zaman, Mel- M. Leavett, Maud O'Neil, S. N.
vin Munson. Curtiss.

Editors: Signs of the Times, A. 0. Russian Signs, A. G. Yakoven-

Tait and A. L. Baker; Asst., ko; Italian Signs, Alex Long;
F. D. Nichol; Our Little Friend, Bohemian Signs, L. F. Kucera:
Miss Maud . O'Neil; Sabbath Yiddish Magazine, F. C. Gil-
School Lesson Quarterly, Mrs. bert; Hungarian Signs, J. F.
L. Flora Plummer. Huenergardt.
Central Branch The Pacific Press Publishing Assn.,
at its main office and two fac
1224 Euclid Ave., Kansas City, Mo. tory branches, issues:
Manager: A. R. Smith. Periodicals and Magazines in Eng-
Northern Branch lish, Bohemian, Danish-Norwe-
gian, Finnish, German, Hunga-
182 North Snelling Ave., St. Paul, rian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese,
Minn. Rumanian, Russian, Slovakian,
Manager: R. E. Bowles. Spanish, Swedish, and Yiddish.
Northwest Branch Sabbath School Lesson Quarterlies
719 East Flanders St., Portland, In English, Bohemian, German,
Oreg. Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Ru-
manian, Russian, Ruthenian,
Manager: S. J. Abegg. Serbian, and Slovakian.
Pacific Branch Books, Pamphlets, and Tracts in
Box. Q, Mountain View, Cal. English, Arabic, Armenian, Bo-
Manager: J. M. Rowse. hemian, Bulgarian, Croatian,
Danish-Norwegian, Dutch, Es-
Central American Factory Branch thonian, Finnish, French, Ger-
Box 5007, Cristobal, Canal Zone, man, Greek, Hungarian, Ice-
Panama. landic, Italian, Lettonian, Pol-
Manager: H. C. Kephart. ish, Portuguese, Rumanian, Rus-
Editor: El Centinela Magazine, sian, Ruthenian, Serbian, Slo-
E. R. Johnson vakian, Spanish, Swedish, Syr-
Corresponding Editor: El Centin? iac, and Yiddish, and stocks the
ela Magazine, E. L. Maxwell. Oriental languages.
Special attention is also given to
International Branch the publication of standard
Office: Brookfield, Ill. school textbooks and juvenile
literatrire. Complete catalog
General Manager: G. C. Hoskin. sent free on application.
Superintendent: G. C. Hoskin.
Manager Book Department: E. C.
Manager Periodical Department, PHILIPPINE PUBLISHING
H. W. Sherrig. HOUSE
Cashier: B. L. Grundset.
Advisory Committee: G. C. Hos- Established 1914
kin, E. C. Peifer, H. W. Sherrig, Factory located at 239-251 Luna
B. L. Grundset, Wm. Guthrie, St., Pasay, Rizal, Philippine Is-
P. E. Brodersen, J. W. Christian, lands.
J. D. Johnson, K. A. Offerman. Cable Address: " Adventist," Man-
Editors: Christlicher Hausfreund, ila, Philippine Islands.
K. A. Offerman; Deutscher Arbe
iter, K. A. Offerman; Evange- Postal Address: Box 813, Manila,
liets Sendebud, J. D. Johnson: Philippine Islands.
Missionaeren, J. D. Johnson; Board: The Executive Committee
Sions Vaktare, Olaf Granlund; of the Philippine Union Mission.

Manager and Treas.: E. A. Moon; Territory: The Atlantic, Columbia,

Supt., Harley Anderson. and Lake Union Conferences.
Editors: Ang Tanglaw (Tagalog), Constituency: The trustees of the
E. M. Adams; assistants, F. corporation; members of the ex-
Dalisay, L. A. Corda; Ang Sulo ecutive committee of the Gen-
(Panayan), E. M. Adams; Ti eral Conference; members of
Damag ti Pagarian, (Ilocano), the executive committees of
E. M. Adams; assistants, L. Z. the Atlantic, Columbia, and
Roda, Regina Villanueva. Lake Union Conferences, and
Languages in which publications of each local conference
are issued: Tagalog, Panayan- therein, as well as the Un-
Visayan, Cebuan-Visayan, Ilo- ion Field Missionary and Union
cano, Pampangan, Bicol, Ibanag, Home Missionary secretaries, the
and Pangasinan. local conference Field Missionary,
Home Missionary, and Tract So-
ciety, secretaries therein; the ed-
POLISH PUBLISHING HOUSE itors of the periodicals published
(" Polyglot " Limited) by the Review and Herald Pub-
Established 1921 - lishing Association, the mana-
gers of the publishing house de-
Address: Nakielska 64, Bydgoszcz, partments and its branch offices,
Poland, Europe. " and such stockholders of the
Manager: F. Brennwald. Seventh-day Adventist Publish-
Publishing Board: John Isaac, R. ing Association of Battle Creek,
J. Cunitz, A. Geisler, H. Bigalke, Mich., as shall donate their stock
Th. Will, F. Brennwald. in said association to the Gen-
Power of Attorney: F. Brennwald. eral Conference of Seventh-day
Literature: Published in Polish Adventists, and shall make writ-
(Latin characters only), Ger- ten application to the Secretary
man, Russian, Ukrainian. of said Conference for such mem-
bership, previously to Jan. 1,
REVAL PUBLISHING HOUSE Board of Trustees: F. M. Wilcox,
E. R. Palmer, E. L. Richmond,
Address: Merepuiestee 14-a. Tal- J. L. Shaw, . B. Thompson, M.
linn, Esthonia. E. Kern, E. K. Slade, F. H. Rob-
Established 1922 bins, Wm. Guthrie, J. W. Mace,
Corporate Name: Rahwuswaheline L. W. Graham, R. T. Dowsett,
Traktaati Selts Osakond. C. P. Bollman, H. H. Cobban,
R. W. Conard.
Directors:) Esthonian Conference
Committee. Officers: Pres., F. M. Wilcox; Vice-
Editor: M. Barengrub. Pres., J. L. Shaw; General Man-
ager, E. R. Palmer; Manager, E.
L. Richmond; Treas., R. T.
REVIEW AND HERALD PUB- Dowsett; Sec., L. W. Graham.
Takoma Park, Washington, D. C. Department Managers: Supt.. E.
L. Richmond; Assistant Supt.,
Establi3hed 1849; incorporated R. W. Conard; Book Dept., J. W.
1861; reincorporated 1903 Mace; Periodical Dept., L. W.
Cable Address: " Review," Wash- Graham; Present Truth Dept.,
ington. D. W. Reavis.

Editors: Review and Herald, F. M. RIGA PUBLISHING HOUSE

Wilcox; associates, W. A. Spicer, Dsirnavu eela 47, Riga, Latvia
0. B. Thompson, C. A. Holt,
C. P. Bollman; special contribu- Established 1922
tors; A. G. Daniells, J. L. Shaw, Corporate Name: Latvias Rakstu
C. H. Watson, I. H. Evans, L. apgadiba.
H. Christian, E. E. Andross, J. Directors: K. Sutta, J. Schneider,
E. Fulton, 0. Montgomery, W. A. Vogel.
H. Branson, P. E. Brodersen.
Youth's Instructor, Miss Lora Treasurer: J. Buile.
Clement; special contributors, Editor: J. Schneider.
M. E. Kern, L. Flora Plummer,
W. E. Howell, Mrs. E. E.
and Health, L. A. Hansen, Dr. ING HOUSE
G. H. Heald. Liberty, C. S.
Longacre; associate. W. F. Mar- Strada Labirint 116, Bukharest,
tin; Managing Editor, C. P. Holt- Rumania
man. Sabbath School Worker,
Mrs. L. Flora Plummer; associ-
ate, Rosamond D. Ginther ; Home
and School, W. E. Howell; asso- SCANDINAVIAN PUBLISHING
ciates, A. W. Spalding, Flora H. HOUSE
Williams. Present Truth, F. A.
Coffin; associate, C. P. Bollman. Akersgaten 74, Christiania,
Church Officers' Gazette, T. E. Norway
Bowen; associates, M. E. Kern, Established 1879
J. A. Stevens.
Corporate Name: Skandinavisk
Book Committee: E. R. Palmer, Bokforlag.
Chairman; F. M. Wilcox, W. W.
Eastman, 0. H. Heald, D. W. Cable Address: Sundhedsbladet,
Reavis, E. L. Richmond, C. P. Christiania, Norway.
Bollman, G. B. Thompson, W. Publishing Board: G. E. Nord, A.
E. Howell, J. W. Mace, L. W. G. Christiansen, Chr. Resen, A.
Graham, R. T. Dowsett, L. A. C. Christensen, Elias Bjaans,
Hansen, M. E. Kern, C. A. Holt, Enok Endresen.
F. A. Coffin, C. K. Meyers, N. Z.
Town, H. H. Hall, U. V. Wilcox, Manager and Treasurer: Elias
W. B. Walters, R. W. Conard. Bj a anms.
Editors: Sundhedsbladet, J. C. Ot-
South Bend Branch tosen, M. D.; Evangeliets Sende-
212 South Lafayette St., South bud and Missionsefterretninger,
Bend, Ind.
Manager: J. D. Snider. Copenhagen Branch
New York Branch Margrethevej 5, Copenhagen, V.,
168 North Division St., Peekskill, Denmark.
N. Y. Corporate Name: Dansk Bogfor-
Manager: D. A. Bailey. lag.
Washington Branch Cable Address: " Expedit," Copen-
Takoma Park, Washington, D. C. hagen.
Manager: W. B. Walters. Treasurer: Chr. Hedebak.

SENTINEL PUBLISHING mese, D. Hpo Hla; Gujerati

COMPANY and Marathi, G. F. Enoch;
Rosmead Ave., Kenilworth, Cape, Tamil, E. D. Thomas; Hindi and
South Africa Urdu, F. W. Smith; Telugu, T.
R. Flaiz; Malayalam, ..H. O.
Telegraphic and Cable Address: Woodward.
" Sentinel," Kenilworth, Cape.
Languages in which publications
Publishing Board, MT. H. Branson, are issued: English,. Urdu (Ro-
J. W. MacNeil, D. E. Robinson, man and Persian), Punjabi, Mar-
J. G. Slate, W. B. Commin, G. athi, Gujarati, Santali, Bengali,
S. Joseph, T. M. French, J. N. de Oriya, Malayalam, Telugu, Ta-
Beer. mil, Kanarese, Singhalese, Bur-
Officers: W. H. Branson, Chair- mese, Sgau Karen.
man; J. G. Slate, Manager and
Editors: "The African Sentinel,"
D. E. Robinson; associates, . SIGNS OF THE TIMES PRESS
H. Branson, T. M. French; " De Seoul, Chosen (Korea)
Afrikaanse Wachter," D. E. Rob- Established 1909
inson; "The African Division
Outlook," Miss Priscilla Will- Publishing Board: H. A. Oberg, L.
more. I. Bowers, E. J. Urquhart (on
Languages in which publications furlough), J. C. Klose. C. W. Lee,
are issued: English, Dutch, Zulu, Chyong Mun Cook, E. L. Woods.
Sechuana, Sesuto, Xosa, Chi- Manager and Superintendent: E.
tonga. L. 'Woods.
Native Translators: M. D. Kalaka, Editors: Signs of the Times, Mrs.
A. Mzozoyana, E. K. J. Kuboni. Theo Wangerin; Church Com-
pass, Mrs. Theo. Wangerin.


17 Abbott Road, Lucknow, India Shanghai, China
Established 1898 Established 1905
Board of Directors: E. B. Jones, Postal Address: 25 Ningkuo Road,
S. A. Wellman, W. A. Scott, G. Shanghai, China.
F. Enoch, A. E. Nelson. Advisory Board: I. H. Evans,
Chairman; F. H. DeVinney, Fred
Officers: Chairman, E. B. Jones; Lee, H. 0. Swartout, MT. P. Hen-
Vice-Chairman, S. A. Wellman; derson, 0. A. Hall, M. C. War-
Manager a