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Case Study

Alternative Use of RO Reject Water Cuts

Sewer Costs, Increases Scrubber Cycles
for Semiconductor Manufacturer
Challenge Results
Inefficient water use was expensive Reuse plan saves water and money
A microelectronics component manufacturer in By recycling the RO reject water in this way to
eastern Pennsylvania was discharging the Reverse boost ammonia scrubber cycles and decrease its
Osmosis (RO) reject water from the water purifica- water consumption, the customer saved more
tion operation at its production plant into the city than 2.1 million gallons of makeup water in one
sewers. The cost was significant in the wake of a year, which equated to $21,267 in annual sewer
recent threefold increase in sewer surcharges. cost savings. Utilizing this approach to increase
acid scrubber cycles saved another 9,707 gallons
Solution of water in that period, for annual sewer cost sav-
ings of $9,707.
Reject water captured as supplemental makeup
After examining its concentrate quality, GE deter-
mined that the RO reject water could be diverted
from drainage into reuse as supplemental makeup
for the ammonia and acid scrubber systems used to
treat the wastewater from the manufacturing pro-
cess. The GE solution retrieved most of the water for
this purpose, while piping was installed from the de-
ionization system to the utilities area to capture part
of the RO concentrate so that it would blend with
the city makeup water source.

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