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May 2, 2017For the Greater Berks Regionbusinessweekly.readingeagle.com

2017 Berks County

ECONOMIC OUTLOOK 75 when sold separately
from the Reading Eagle


Tuesday, May 2, 2017|2

3|Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Reading Eagle Peter D. Barbey,president & CEO

B usiness Weekly
Volume 7, Issue No. 18, 2017 Reading Eagle Company
Harry J. Deitz Jr., associate publisher
& Reading Eagle editor
Andy Andrews,business editor
Special report Up front | Andy Andrews FINANCIAL GOALS
Berks County Economic Outlook
hats the key phrase in Today, its not enough to simply manage your finances. You need to make wise choices about your money every
time. We have the experience and expertise to guide you to your financial goals, and we offer a full range of products
this, Business Weeklys
Part 1/where we are now Credits and services to help you achieve them:
fourth annual economic
12  Taking the temperature Primary
outlook issue?
Life insurance
Retirement options
Estate and legacy strategies
Mutual funds
Health insurance
of a warm economy Perhaps steady as it goes is appropriate. College funding Managed accounts Retail brokerage
Business leaders believe steady, slow growth Dr. M. Halim Dalgin and Dr. Abdulwahab Well put more than 100 years of financial experience and stability on your side. Call us today.
will continue in Berks. Sraiheen, associate professors in the business de-
Part 2/where we are headed partment at Kutztown University, and Dr. Ernie
Post, director of the Kutztown Small Business
16  Whats the outlook for Development Center, have carefully analyzed eco-
the regional economy? nomic data to compile the outlook.
Steady growth for some; slowdown for others. Dr. M. Halim
Since the end of the Great Recession in June
Dalgin Beth Bebb Steven Bond Ted Ennis Jeffrey Freeman Scot Guldin Dawn Johnson
Part 3/economic pulse survey
2009, growth has not been dramatic for many sec- Financial Associate Financial Associate Financial Consultant Financial Associate Financial Consultant Financial Associate
tors in many places in the U.S. Instead, it has been Boyertown Kutztown West Lawn Pine Grove Kutztown Boyertown
610-367-1904 610-683-3564 610-371-9700 570-739-1102 610-683-3564 610-367-1904
24 Heightened political polarization and increases steady, especially here in Berks. For many industries,
in health care premiums weigh heavily on the the comeback has been plodding and uncertain, par-
business workforce. ticularly with construction, what with new housing
D e pa r t m e n t s & Co l u m n s starts in the county at perilously low levels.
While there are concerns in some sectors for
4 Calendar: Your Agenda Dr. Abdul
2016 into 2018, such as a decline in retail and a flat-
5 Letters: Workplace automation not rosy. Sraiheen Kurt Kohler John Lauer Gregory Powers Suzanne Rigg Becky Schweitzer Keith Snyder
tening in health care, agriculture saw steady growth Financial Consultant Financial Associate Financial Associate Financial Associate Financial Associate Financial Associate
6 In Brief: Pa. ranked 38th nationally in eco- Survey
nomic outlook. (though in agricultures case, the reporting numbers Exeter Morgantown Pottstown West Lawn West Lawn Hamburg
Author: 610-779-2016 610-286-5986 610-970-4740 484-374-5531 610-371-9700 610-562-2970
7 Snapshot: The Berks County economy. now include fisheries). Health care is becoming
8 V
 iewpoint: Aging baby boomers drive health more productive by using more automation. On the
care construction. flip side, retail is being cut because of the growth of
8 Office Space: Reading economy will grow e-commerce.
when collaboration begins.
The Executive Pulse Survey shows heightened
10 Office Space: Local bright spots have
emerged, although slow growth continues. political polarization and the weight of increasing
John Ungerman Jennifer Weil Roger Yoh
25 Newsmakers: New hires, promotions and health care premiums on the business workforce. Wealth Advisor Financial Associate Partner
Thrivent Financial was named one of the Worlds Most
Dr. Ernie Post Ethical Companies by Ethisphere Institute 20122016.
board appointments. These are somewhat dramatic changes from what Pottstown Kutztown West Lawn
610-970-4740 610-683-9152 610-914-1112
26 Scam Report: Employee awareness of secu- Project we reported last year.
rity of health care data is major fear. editor: Were always looking for talented individuals who will guide our members to be wise with money and live
Next week: Perkiomen Valley Chamber Stars/
Andy Andrews

Business Weekly / Reading Eagle

30 BizNotes: New companies, real estate trans-
Business Weekly / Reading Eagle

generously. Explore a career as a Thrivent Financial representative. Contact Partner Roger Yoh or visit
actions, court actions and liens. small business.
Reporting: WhyThrivent.com.
Brad Rhen
On the cover: Reading Eagle illustration by Craig Graphics: Thrivent Financial was named one of the Worlds Most Ethical Companies by the Ethisphere Institute. We earned this distinction as a result of our leadership in
Schaffer. Craig Schaffer 610-371-5080|aandrews@readingeagle.com|@ReadingEagleBiz promoting ethical business standards for introducing innovative ideas to benefit the public. Ethisphere Institute is a leading international think tank dedicated to
the creation, advancement and sharing of best practices in business ethics, corporate social responsibility, anticorruption and sustainability. Worlds Most Ethical
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5|Tuesday, May 2, 2017

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Your agenda The Greater Reading

Chamber of Commerce &
The Berkshire Chapter of
Professional Referral Ex-
The Greater Reading
Chamber of Commerce & FRIDAY
readingchamber.org. to www.greaterreading-
The Berkshire Chapter of
Professional Referral Ex-
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ership, Manufacturers
The Greater Reading
Chamber of Commerce
Send your Agenda items via email to businessweekly@readingeagle.com. Please in- Industry presents Lead change presents Lets Industry presents Intro- 5/12 change presents Lets Resource Center, 961 Mar- & Industry presents In-
clude the time and date of the event, the correct address for where the event is to be Worker Certificate Pro- Grow Our Businesses, duction to QuickBooks, MONDAY The Greater Reading Grow Our Businesses, con Blvd., Suite 200, Allen- termediate Photoshop,
held, the cost or registration fee, and a phone number, email or Web address for more gram, Chambers Center Peanut Bar and Restaurant, Shearer Technical Comput- The Greater Reading 5/15 Chamber of Commerce & Peanut Bar and Restaurant, town, 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Shearer Technical Com-
information. Please include a contact name and phone number with your submission for Business Excellence, 332 Penn St., noon to 1:15 er Consultants, 727 Penn Chamber of Commerce & Industry presents Intro- 332 Penn St., noon to 1:15 Cost: Free. For details or to puter Consultants, 727
in case information needs to be verified. Deadline is the Tuesday prior to publication. 49 Commerce Drive, p.m. Cost: Free. For details Ave., West Reading, 8:30 Industry presents Lessons The Greater Reading duction to Microsoft Pow- p.m. Cost: Free. For details register, call 610-628-4621 Penn Ave., West Reading,
This information is subject to change without notice. Spring Township, morn- and to register, call Chrissy to 10:30 a.m. Cost: $220. in Leadership II, Cham- Chamber of Commerce & erPoint, Shearer Technical and to register, call Chrissy or go to www.mrcpa.org. 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. Cost:
ing 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., Murray at 610-375-8581 or For details or to register, bers Center for Business Industry presents Lead Computer Consultants, Murray at 610-375-8581 or $375. For details or to reg-
evening 6 to 8 p.m. Cost: visit Facebook.com/Berk- call 610-376-6766 or go to Excellence, 49 Commerce Worker Certificate Pro- 727 Penn Ave., West visit Facebook.com/Berk- ister, call 610-376-6766 or
puter Consultants, 727 $610. For details or to reg- shirePRE. www.greaterreadingcham- Drive, Spring Township, gram, Chambers Center Reading, 4 to 6:30 p.m. shirePRE. WEDNESDAY go to www.greaterread-
TUESDAY Penn Ave., West Reading, FRIDAY ister, call 610-376-6766 or ber.org. 8:30 to 4:30 p.m. Cost: for Business Excellence, Cost: $220. For details or 5/17 ingchamber.org.
5/2 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. Cost: 5/5 go to www.greaterread- The Greater Reading $1,500. For details or to 49 Commerce Drive, to register, call 610-376- The Manufacturers Re-
$220. For details or to reg- ingchamber.org. Chamber of Commerce & The Manufacturers Re- register, call 610-376-6766 Spring Township, morn- 6766 or go to www.great- source Center presents The Greater Reading The Greater Reading
The Greater Reading ister, call 610-376-6766 or Reading Eagle Company, Industry presents Meet source Center presents or go to www.greaterread- ing 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., erreadingchamber.org. Introduction to Project Chamber of Commerce & Chamber of Commerce &
Chamber of Commerce & go to www.greaterread- Kutztown University and The Greater Reading the Berks County Candi- Introduction to Project ingchamber.org. evening 6 to 8 p.m. Cost: Management Concepts, Industry presents Pow- Industry presents Intro-
Industry presents Greater ingchamber.org. Herbein + Company Inc. Chamber of Commerce & dates Reception, Cham- Management Concepts, $610. For details or to reg- Manufacturers Resource er Networking Lunch, Big duction to QuickBooks,
Reading Young Profession- present The 2017 Berks Industry presents Inter- bers Center for Business Manufacturers Resource ister, call 610-376-6766 or TUESDAY Center, 961 Marcon Blvd., Vision Foundation, 1098 Shearer Technical Comput-
als Mentoring Program: Pat Pennsylvania Association Economic Forecast Break- mediate Excel, Shearer Excellence, 49 Commerce Center, 961 Marcon Blvd., SATURDAY go to www.greaterread- 5/16 Suite 200, Allentown, County Welfare Road, er Consultants, 727 Penn
Giles, Chambers Center of Notaries presents No- fast, Crowne Plaza Read- Technical Computer Con- Drive, Spring Township, 5 to Suite 200, Allentown, 5/13 ingchamber.org. 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Cost: Bern Township, 11:30 a.m. Ave., West Reading, 8:30
for Business Excellence, 49 tary Reappointment Semi- ing, 1741 Papermill Road, sultants, 727 Penn Ave., 7 p.m. For details or to reg- 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Cost: The Greater Reading Cham- $300. For details or to reg- to 1 p.m. Cost: $17. For de- to 10:30 a.m. Cost: $220.
Commerce Drive, Spring nar, Hampton Inn, 1800 Wyomissing, 7:30 to 9 a.m. West Reading, 8:30 a.m. ister, call 610-376-6766 or $300. For details or to reg- The Greater Reading The Greater Reading ber of Commerce & Industry ister, call 610-628-4621 or tails or to register, call 610- For details or to register,
Township, 5:30 to 7 p.m. Peppermill Road, Wyo- Cost: $10. For details or to to 10:30 a.m. Cost: $220. go to www.greaterreading- ister, call 610-628-4621 or Chamber of Commerce & Chamber of Commerce & presents GRYP Mentoring go to www.mrcpa.org. 376-6766 or go to www. call 610-376-6766 or go to
For details or to register, missing, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. register, call 610-236-4744 For details or to register, chamber.org. go to www.mrcpa.org. Industry presents Intro- Industry presents Inter- Program: Pat Giles, Cham- greaterreadingcham- www.greaterreadingcham-
call 610-376-6766 or go to Cost: $64. For details or or email dhoffman@read- call 610-376-6766 or go duction to Excel, Shearer mediate Excel, Shearer bers Center for Business The Manufacturers Re- ber.org. ber.org.
www.greaterreadingcham- to register, call 800-944- ingeagle.com. to www.greaterreading- The Greater Reading The Kutztown University Technical Computer Con- Technical Computer Con- Excellence, 49 Commerce source Center presents
ber.org. 8790, ext. 144 or email chamber.org. Chamber of Commerce & Small Business Develop- sultants, 727 Penn Ave., sultants, 727 Penn Ave., Drive, Spring Township, 5:30 The Methodology of The Greater Reading The Kutztown Universi-
rkohler@notary.org. The TriCounty Area Cham- Industry presents Intro- ment Center presents Are West Reading, 9 to 11:30 West Reading, 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. For details or to Troubleshooting, Col- Chamber of Commerce & ty Small Business Devel-
The Berkshire Chapter of ber of Commerce pres- The Greater Reading duction to Microsoft Pow- There Opportunities to Sell a.m. Cost: $220. For details to 10:30 a.m. Cost: $220. register, call 610-376-6766 orcon, 415 Moyer Blvd., Industry presents Greater opment Center presents
Professional Referral Ex- The Kutztown Universi- ents Leadercast: Powered Chamber of Commerce & erPoint, Shearer Technical Your Products and Servic- or to register, call 610-376- For details or to register, or go to www.greaterread- West Point, Upper Gw- Reading Young Profession- Small Business Certifi-
change presents Lets ty Small Business Devel- By Purpose, featuring Tri- Industry presents Intro- Computer Consultants, 727 es to the Government? 6766 or go to www.greater- call 610-376-6766 or go ingchamber.org. ynedd Township, Mont- als Mentoring Program: cations: Do They Work?
Grow Our Businesses, opment Center presents County chamber, Perkio- duction to Microsoft Pow- Penn Ave., West Reading, Northeast Berks Chamber gomery County, 8:30 a.m. Justin Spannuth, Cham- Northeast Berks Chamber
Peanut Bar and Restaurant, Business Smart, North- men Valley Chamber of erPoint, Shearer Technical 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. Cost: of Commerce, 110 W. Main to 4:30 p.m. Cost: $990. bers Center for Business of Commerce, 110 W. Main
332 Penn St., noon to 1:15 east Berks Chamber of Commerce, Phoenixville Computer Consultants, $220. For details or to reg- St., Kutztown, 8:30 to 10:30 For details or to register, Excellence, 49 Commerce St., Kutztown, 8:30 to 10:30

Workplace automation not rosy

p.m. Cost: Free. For details Commerce, 110 W. Main Chamber of Commerce, 727 Penn Ave., West ister, call 610-376-6766 or a.m.. For details or to regis- call 610-628-4621 or go to Drive, Spring Township, a.m.. For details or to regis-
and to register, call Chrissy St., Kutztown, 8:30 to Spring-Ford Chamber of Reading, 4 to 6:30 p.m. go to www.greaterreading- ter, call 484-646-4003 or www.mrcpa.org. 5:30 to 7 p.m. For details ter, call 484-646-4003 or
Murray at 610-375-8581 or 10:30 a.m.. For details or Commerce and Upper Cost: $220. For details or chamber.org. go to www.kutztownsbdc. or to register, call 610-376- go to www.kutztownsbdc.
visit Facebook.com/Berk- to register, call 484-646- Perkiomen Valley Cham- to register, call 610-376- org/upcoming.asp. The Manufacturers Re- 6766 or go to www.greater- org/upcoming.asp.
shirePRE. 4003 or go to www.kutz- ber of Commerce, Morn- 6766 or go to www.great- Editor: among the ruling class and also source Center presents readingchamber.org.
townsbdc.org/upcoming. ing Star Fellowship, 100 erreadingchamber.org. WEDNESDAY Concerning the cover story install what is known as a Uni-
Pennsylvania Association asp. Limekiln Road, Bechtels- 5/10 THURSDAY in Business Weekly (Better To- versal Basic Income.
of Notaries presents First- ville, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Cost: 5/11 gether, April 25, 2017): It isnt a handout or a form
Time Notary Seminar and $95, $120 for nonmember. TUESDAY The Greater Reading I do not share the writers of welfare, but a way to keep Colleen Webb
Everyday Notary Challeng- THURSDAY For details or to register, 5/9 Chamber of Commerce & The Greater Reading Journalist
es, Hampton Inn, 1800 5/4 call 610-326-2900 or visit Industry presents Greater Chamber and Economic
rosy view of automation in the the economy going while most
Peppermill Road, Wyomiss- www.tricountyareacham- The Greater Reading Reading Young Profession- Development Corp. pres- workplace. Whenever robots people lose their livelihoods to
ing, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Cost: The Eastern Pennsylvania ber.com. Chamber of Commerce & als Mentoring Program: ents 2017 State of the take over a job site, it hurts the the machines.
$64. For details or to reg- Business Owners Network Industry presents Greater Justin Spannuth, Cham- Community Workforce De- workers most. If you have a job, great, heres
ister, call 800-944-8790, presents its monthly net- Reading Young Profession- bers Center for Business velopment and Education Many of these workers some extra money. If you dont
ext. 144 or email rkohler@ working meeting, Camil- SATURDAY als Mentoring Program: Pat Excellence, 49 Commerce Summit, The Inn at Read-
notary.org. los Italian Restaurant, 264 5 /6
poured their lives and sweat have a job, now you can pay
Giles, Chambers Center Drive, Spring Township, ing, Wyomissing, 7:30 to
Greenwich St., Kutztown, for Business Excellence, 49 5:30 to 7 p.m. For details 11:45 a.m. Cost: Free for
into the jobs they are in now, your bills and buy what makes
Toastmasters Group pres- 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. Cost: The Greater Reading Commerce Drive, Spring or to register, call 610-376- members, $25 for non- and this is their reward? you happy.
ents Open House, New $15, payable at the door. Chamber of Commerce & Township, 5:30 to 7 p.m. 6766 or go to www.greater- members. For details or To be replaced by machines As machines take over the Theres more to life than just financial goals. At Ameriprise
Hanover United Method- For details or to register, Industry presents Intro- For details or to register, readingchamber.org. to register, call 610-376- that do not contribute to the workplace, we are going to have Financial, we take the time to understand whats truly important
ist Church room 205/207, call 610-462-4048. duction to Excel, Shearer call 610-376-6766 or go to 6766 or go to www.bit. economy, other than to save on to change our belief structure to you. Together, well develop a financial plan customized for your
211 Swamp Pike, New Ha- Technical Computer Con- www.greaterreadingcham- The Greater Reading ly/2p3bk2w.
nover Township, Montgom- The Greater Reading sultants, 727 Penn Ave., payroll? about poverty and how much life to help you live more confidently today. And tomorrow.
ber.org. Chamber of Commerce
ery County, 7 p.m. Cost: Chamber of Commerce & West Reading, 9 to 11:30 & Industry presents In- The Greater Reading Cham- I do not agree with it. of it is the individuals fault, for
Free. For details, call 610- Industry presents Super- a.m. Cost: $220. For details The Berks Chapter of the termediate Photoshop, ber of Commerce & Indus- As the article states in the soon it will be the robots fault. Crossroads Advisors Group
451-9755. visor Training: Leveraging or to register, call 610-376- Society for Human Re- Shearer Technical Com- try presents Supervisor beginning, 47 percent of U.S. Dustin A. Plank A financial advisory practice of
Workplace Relationships 6766 or go to www.greater- source Management pres- puter Consultants, 727 Training: Leveraging Work- jobs will be automated in the West Reading Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.
for Organizational Success readingchamber.org. ents Gender Pay Gap: Penn Ave., West Reading, place Relationships for next two decades. 85 percent
WEDNESDAY (Module III), Chambers 10 Promising Practices, 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. Cost: Organizational Success
5/3 Center for Business Excel- The Mid-Atlantic Renew- Berkshire County Club, $375. For details or to reg- (Module III), Chambers
of job losses between 2000 and 610.926.6649
lence, 49 Commerce Drive, able Energy Association 1637 Bernville Road, Bern ister, call 610-376-6766 or Center for Business Excel- 2010 also were believed to be 4641 Pottsville Pike, Ste 108
The Greater Reading Spring Township, morn- presents Tour of Solar Township, 7:30 to 9 a.m. go to www.greaterread- lence, 49 Commerce Drive, due to automation. Reading, PA 19605
Chamber of Commerce ing 8:30 to 11:30 a.m., eve- Homes Educational Event. Cost: $18 for members, ingchamber.org. Spring Township, morning I believe that giving more elizabeth.a.lauer@ampf.com

Business Weekly / Reading Eagle

& Industry presents In- ning 6 to 9 p.m. Cost: $545. For details or to register, go to automation will eventually
Business Weekly / Reading Eagle

$25 for guests. For de- 8:30 to 11:30 a.m., evening 6 We value your opinion allan.w.cornman@ampf.com
termediate Photoshop, For details or to register, to www.bit.ly/2oscjHi. tails or to register, email The Greater Reading to 9 p.m. Cost: $545. For de-
Shearer Technical Com- call 610-376-6766 or go to
create mass unemployment, Business Weekly encourages reader jeremy.d.henn@ampf.com
berkschapter179@gmail. Chamber of Commerce & tails or to register, call 610- input and welcomes your comments.
puter Consultants, 727 www.greaterreadingcham- com or visit www.berkspa. Industry presents Path- 376-6766 or go to www.
financial ruin and an eventual crossroadsadvisorsgroup.com
Please send any letters via email or
Penn Ave., West Reading, ber.org. MONDAY shrm.org. 2Personal Development: greaterreadingchamber.org. paradigm shift in both business regular mail about any topic covered
8:30 to 10:30 a.m. Cost: 5/8 He Said, She Said! Gender and governance, none of which in Business Weekly.
$375. For details or to reg- Pennsylvania Association The Ben Franklin Technol- Differences in the Work- The Greater Reading will be as pretty as the writer Please keep the letters to 200
ister, call 610-376-6766 or of Notaries presents MV- BerksSchuylkill SCORE ogy Partners of Northeast- place, Part II, Chambers Chamber of Commerce & paints peoples love of losing words or less.
go to www.greaterread- course Advanced Seminar, Chapter presents Devel- ern Pennsylvania presents Center for Business Ex- Industry presents De Mu-
ingchamber.org. Hampton Inn, 1800 Pep- oping a Comprehensive their jobs to machines. Address your commentary to:
Ben Franklin iXchange, cellence, 49 Commerce jer a Mujer, The Crowne Editor
permill Road, Wyomiss- Business Plan, Read- Zoellner Arts Center, Le- Drive, Spring Township, Plaza Reading, 1741 Paper- If this is to work, if people are
Business Weekly
The Greater Reading ing, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Cost: ing Area Community Col- high University, Bethlehem, 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. For de- mill Road, Reading, 5:30 to to have no jobs, yet still be able Reading Eagle Company Investment advisory products and services are made available through
Chamber of Commerce & $95. For details or to reg- lege, 10 S. Second St., 6 to 5 p.m. For details or to reg- tails or to register, call 610- 7 p.m. Cost: Free. For details to purchase items and keep the 345 Penn St. Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc., a registered investment adviser.
Industry presents Intro- ister, call 800-944-8790, 8 p.m. Cost: $80. For de- ister, call 610-758-5237 or 376-6766 or go to www. or to register, call 610-376- economy going, we are going to Reading, PA 19603 2015 Ameriprise Financial, Inc. All rights reserved. (10/15)
duction to QuickBooks, ext. 144 or email rkohler@ tails or to register, call 610- email leppler@nep.ben- greaterreadingcham- 6766 or go to www.greater- need to instill a sense of charity Email: aandrews@readingeagle.com
Shearer Technical Com- notary.org. 607-6231. franklin.org. ber.org. readingchamber.org.
Tuesday, May 2, 2017|6

7|Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Briefs snapshot

DATA PLACE Pa. ranked 38th nationally in economic outlook THE BERKS COUNTY ECONOMY Craig Schaffer is a Reading Eagle graphic
artist and page designer. Contact him

The retail ARLINGTON, Va. Pennsyl-

vania is ranked 38th in the nation
in economic outlook, according
the rankings this year, jumping from
39th to 38th.
Rich States, Poor States is cel-
2008, according to the publisher.
The publication is authored by Ar-
thur B. Laffer, a member of President An illustrated report by Craig Schaffer
at cschaffer@readingeagle.com to
comment on todays Snapshot or
follow on Twitter @ReCraigSchaffer.
apocalypse to recently released data by the
right-leaning American Legislative
ebrating its 10th edition with the
launch of a website that gives users
Ronald Reagans economic poli-
cy advisory board; Stephen Moore,
Exchange Council. the ability to compare and contrast distinguished visiting fellow at The Berks County labor force growth Berks Countys top jobs Average weekly wages,
The number of retail-industry
The annual publication Rich
States, Poor States: ALEC-Laffer State
economic trends of the last decade,
featuring a new tool showing how
Heritage Foundation; and Jonathan
Williams, ALEC chief economist and

% for all industries combined,
3rd quarter 2016
Economic Competitiveness Index particular policy adjustments can vice president of the ALEC Center 196,975 assistance % U.S.
jobs lost in the U.S. in February said Pennsylvanians are taking their change the economic outlook ranking for State Fiscal Reform.
and March, the largest decline tax dollars elsewhere, as seen by the of an individual state. The top states are Utah, Indiana and 3.Retailtrade %
since 2009. continued negative domestic outmi- Lawmakers have relied upon North Carolina. The bottom three are 4.Educationalservices% $1,027 $947
gration rates since 2010. Rich States, Poor States as a guide New Jersey, Vermont and New York. 211,233
2,880 -7.8%
According to a release, the Key- for measuring the economic com- Source: www.rich- andfoodservices %
The Berks County labor force grew
stone State improved by one place in petitiveness of their states since statespoorstates.org
The number of national store 1.5 percent from 2015 to 2016. 6.Administrativeand
closings announced for 2017. Experts project the number of wasteservices %
working age individuals will decrease

8,600 national Small Business Week being celebrated

2.4 percent this year.
technicalservices % Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics
8.Construction %
According to Credit Suisse, the
number of locations in the U.S.
that could close this year.
WASHINGTON The head of
the U.S. Small Business Adminis-
tration, Linda McMahon, said the
outstanding small-business own-
ers from around the country. She
is continuing the week with small-
the week.
Every year since 1963, the SBA
has highlighted the impact of out-
9.Wholesaletrade %
was the median Berks
agency is marking National Small business events in New York, In- standing entrepreneurs, small- warehousing % household income in 2015,
Source: The Wall Street Journal Business Week, which began Sun- dianapolis and Dallas, finishing up business owners and others from 11.Otherservices % which is greater than the
day and ends Saturday, according in Fresno, Calif. Additionally, rec- across the nation through National Labor force is dened as all persons ages 16
to a release. ognition and educational events in Small Business Week.
12.Managementofcompanies state average, $53,599.
years and older employed or unemployed.
McMahon started the week in SBAs 10 regions and 68 districts More details are available at andenterprises %
Source: Pennsylvania Department of
Washington, where she recognized are being conducted throughout www.sba.gov/NSBW. 13.Publicadministration% Labor and Industry. U.S. Census Bureau

Berks gross domestic product change over a decade Unemployment rate comparison
Yearly average

percentage change
among all industries U.S. Berks

Berks Backyards! 2.1% 2% 1.9%

1.5% 1.6%
2% 5.3% 5.1%
4.6% 4.9%
0.8% 0.9%

Recreates Outdoor

Living Spaces
Pa. Dept. of Labor & Industry,
Bureau of Labor Statistics Quarterly -2% January January January January
Hardscaping: Patio, Census of Employment and Wages.
2016 2017 2016 2017
Deck & Wall Installation
Softscaping: Annual,
Perennial, Shrub &
Tree Installation your suCCess begins here

Business Weekly / Reading Eagle

Business Weekly / Reading Eagle

Pool Design &
Installation Carl rosenberger
Business Weekly advertising sales coordinator
Landscape Lighting:
Up Lighting, Down Lighting Carl can show you why Business Weekly is the perfect place
& Moon Lighting to market your business or services through advertising in this
targeted source for the movers and shakers of Berks County.
Contact Anewalts at 610.916.7070
PA #5744

ContaCt Carl for your advertising needs:

610-236-4746 crosenberger@readingeagle.com

9|Tuesday, May 2, 2017

O p i n i o n Page label
Golden Oaks
Now Managed
by Chef Alans

Aging baby boomers drive expects health care construc- care construction, as well as Restaurant & Golf Club
tion to pick up with a rise in other types of construction, Open to the Public for Lunch & Dinner
off-site health clinics and the would be a reduction in govern-

health care construction

Tuesday through Saturday 11am - 8pm Sunday 11am - 4pm
continued increase in need to ment regulations on multiple
serve the needs of the elderly levels. A decrease in regulations Daily Features
Tuesday - Burgers & Domestic Brew $9.99
and the aging baby boomers. could speed up the overall plan-
Wednesday - Lobster Tail with Crab Cake & Fried Shrimp $19.99
The increased need to ning, design, land development
Thursday - 1/2 Price 1 Doz. Steamed Clams
provide health care to an ag- and permitting processes, and
Viewpoint By Glenn Ebersole
& Slow Roasted Prime Rib
ing population will translate would get projects built more
Friday & Saturday - Slow Roasted Prime Rib:
into the need to build new quickly.

10 oz. $16.99 / 14 oz. $19.99 / 24 oz. $26.99
he outlook for construction spending in facilities closer to the popula- Health Facilities Manage-
Now Taking Reservations for Mothers Day Buffet!
2017 continues to be positive for all mar- tion to meet their needs and to ment and the American Society Great Setting for Weddings, Rehearsal Dinners, Showers...
ket sectors. meet the patients where they for Healthcare Engineering of
10 Stonehedge Drive Fleetwood, PA 19522 610-944-6000 www.goldenoaksgolfclub.com
The American Institute of Architects semi- are. This could mean micro- the American Hospital Associa-
annual Consensus Construction Forecast, a hospitals that may be between tion conducted a survey and
survey of the nations leading construction fore- 15,000 to 50,000 square feet in found the following:
casters, has projected growth of about 6 percent size and have between five and Increased
attention to con-
Glenn Ebersole is in nonresidential construction spending in 2017, 15 inpatient beds for observa- sidering patient safety issues,
market development just below the pace of growth for 2016. tion and short-period stays. such as fall prevention.
manager for High Personal demographics remain a critical fac- This new type of facility would Increased
inclusion of
Concrete Group LLC tor impacting the demand for commercial con- be full service and open 24/7, patients and community mem- DNA TESTING SERVICES
in Denver, Lancaster struction. Health care, especially senior living, which would differentiate them bers in facility design decisions. Court Admissible Adoption / Immigration
County. will continue to show positive growth. from urgent care facilities. Providers
trying to figure Paternity / Maternity Forensic (Inheritance,
The AIA said: The demographics are incred- Health care construction is out what makes patients satis- Other Relationship Infidelity, Crime)
ibly favorable in the long run for health care. Se- making a steady recovery, ac- fied with the care and experi- DRUG AND ALCOHOL TESTING SERVICES
niors consume a lot of health care services, and cording to the Fails Manage- ence they receive at a hospital.
as baby boomers are moving into their late 60s ment Institute. Traditional The industry seems to be Social and Family Testing Passive Exposure
and 70s, we expect to see a lot of construction in large hospital projects are moving away from large-scale Court Mandated Guardian Ad Litem Support
the health care sector. returning to the design phase new construction. Among acute 2208 Quarry Drive, Suite 207, West Lawn
Architect magazine reports that health care with fewer large hospital proj- care hospitals that responded 484-926-2505 | arcpointlabs.com/readingpa
construction spending is projected to double in ects in the works. FMI said to the survey, less than 10
2017 from $19.6 billion in 2016. There also is a that the bulk of the work will percent had new construction Your Legal Partner in Berks
projected significant expansion, renovation and be renovation and additions as projects underway or in the
construction of new health care facilities in 2017. well as outpatient care. New fa- works, and about 17 percent
The 2017 Dodge Construction Outlook pre- cility designs are responding to had replacement projects un-
dicts that there will be a 7 percent increase in the need for a patient-centered derway or in the works over the
health care facility construction. In late 2016,
there was a bit of a stall in health care construc-
environment as well as reduc-
ing concerns for the spread of
next three years.
According to Dodges Chief WELLS FARGO
tion, as the market seemed to be waiting to see
the outcome of the 2016 presidential election
and the future of the Affordable Care Act. Dodge
One factor that could acceler-
ate positive growth in health
Economist Robert Murray, the
current period of growth will
continue into 2018.

Reading economy will grow Reading Eagle thanks Wells Fargo

when collaboration begins

Foundation for its support of our
Newspaper in Education program
at Reading High School.

Office Space By Johanny Cepeda-Freytiz realizing that in order to thrive community- and business-
as a community, we have to friendly and more concerned
work with one another. about relationship-building as

hen I think about our future economy, As the Latino population opposed to ticket summoning.
the most prevalent word and action continues to grow, I see more The parking meters give you
that comes to mind is unity! En la un- small businesses opening and more time for your money, al-
in esta la fuerza! (In unity is power!) existing ones flourishing. I am lowing patrons to shop in the
As I walk around the neighborhood and meet seeing more entrepreneurs downtown area.

Business Weekly / Reading Eagle

Business Weekly / Reading Eagle

people, business owners, entrepreneurs, pastors turning their homes into day The Greater Reading Cham-
Johanny Cepeda- and CEOs, and as I attend networking events care centers, bed-and-break- ber and Economic Develop-
Freytiz is the owner and meetings, I have realized that we as a city fasts, home offices and more. ment Corp. has welcomed
of Mi Casa Su Casa and as a community are moving in a positive The offices at City Hall have us, the Berks County Latino
Cafe, Reading, and direction. become very business-friendly, Chamber of Commerce, into its
executive director There is more synergy than ever among the and the lines of communication space, giving us an office, tele-
of the Berks County various entities that make up our great City of continue to improve. I have phone lines, access to resources,
Latino Chamber of Reading. There is a growing need to collaborate seen City Hall employees from support and an opportunity to
Commerce. as opposed to compete: Vamos a compartir en Codes and Community Devel- collaborate to better serve our
ves de competir. (Were going to share instead of opment participate in local net- business community.
compete.) working events and activities. These are all indicators that
There is a growing sentiment for community The Reading Parking Au- our economy is headed in the
building and empowerment. I think people are thority also has become more right direction.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017|10

11|Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Op in i o n

Local bright spots have emerged, REP is able to take a customers vision and develop an innovative

Business although slow growth continues

concept. Our atypical requests and unique products have exceeded
our expectations. (Sales representative) Mike Doyle attends to our

needs and is helpful in recommending the right product for us, and

Office Space need to offer such plans. keeps us informed.

Consumer housing: Its
By Chris Kim and Gary Moyer a sellers market in terms of
Mitch Raczy, Berks Area Mountain Biking Association
residential housing. Prices for
Weekday afternoons
he U.S. economy is growing at a slower property and homes have risen
rate than it has in previous decades. This significantly, yet buyers are
5:15 p.m. sluggish trend is evident in Berks County
as well, but were also seeing some areas of eco-
still finding they need to move
quickly to obtain a home of
WEEU 830 AM Chris Kim
nomic activity.
Lets look first at some of reasons for the con-
their choice.
Commercial and residen-
tinued weakness: tial development: The eco-
Lower profits and sluggish demand: With nomic recession caused some
Keep your ear on the no signs of a strong rebound, businesses remain
reluctant to invest in equipment and structures.
developers to go out of business
because of the amount of debt
pulse of business! Since such investments are key drivers of eco-
nomic growth, this low activity remains a con-
and lack of income they could
generate on their land. Others
cern for the Federal Reserve. struggled through the recession
Stay up to date with A shrinking workforce: Baby boomers are but adopted a more conserva-
retiring at a faster pace than there are younger tive approach by developing
Berks County business Gary Moyer
and trained workers to replace them. Since the
growth of gross domestic product is the sum of
smaller and more contained
news that affects you Chris Kim is
growth in the number of workers and growth in
the real output per worker, this phenomenon is Bright spots
chief investment slowly impacting the economy. Despite the overall economic
and your community. officer of Tompkins Unmet expectations: Optimism about the slowdown, Berks County has
Financial Advisors new administrations plan to implement more seen encouraging growth re-
Listen for the Business and Gary Moyer
is the chief lending
business-friendly regulations has not yet been
lated to health care facilities,
educational institutions and
Weekly Business Pulse, officer of Tompkins
VIST Bank, and Consumer spending remains key
ancillary businesses sprout-
ing from the farming industry.
both companies are In the short term, further growth will be Here are a few examples:
Monday through Friday located in Spring driven by domestic rather than global activity. Reading
Health System last
Township. This is because of widespread concerns about year completed its multilevel
at 5:15 p.m. in the political and economic unrest in Europe and surgical Healthplex building at
elsewhere. While this domestic focus is safer, it the hospitals West Reading lo-
financial portion of the also has the downside of insulating the U.S. from cation. Numerous satellite and
positive international developments. urgent care facilities also con-
A key domestic driver is consumer spending. tinue to spring up throughout
WEEU Afternoon News Growth in this area will depend, in part, on the the region.
new administrations ability to cut taxes, reduce A new student housing
Update on 830 AM. regulations and shrink the trade deficit. So far, building at the Rockland Plaza
these fiscal stimulus plans have encountered near the Albright College cam-
political roadblocks, so their positive impact ap- pus is under construction by a
pears to be a longer way off. developer. The college also re-
Another catalyst of personal consumption cently announced an affiliation
will be the economys ability to achieve full em- with a proposed Velodrome
ployment and increase wages. This will support in northeast Reading, the
household income growth and encourage more only such structure on the East
discretionary spending. Coast.

Business Weekly / Reading Eagle

Business Weekly / Reading Eagle

year, Alvernia Univer-
Impact on local economy sity announced plans to add a
Were seeing the local impact of these factors 100,000-square-foot classroom
in the following areas: and recreational facility. And
Staffing: In addition to delaying investments Reading Area Community Col-
in physical structures, small businesses are still lege has launched a capital cam-
reluctant to add staff. Instead of hiring, theyre paign to enhance its science and
acquiring technology that can perform some of technology capabilities.
the tasks of workers. Berks County has adapted to Contact REP sales representative Michael Doyle
Health care costs: The cost of company a slower growth economy. More for more information about how REP can work with you.
health care plans remains a big concern. Busi- vigorous and widespread activ- mdoyle@readingeagle.com 610-371-5183
ness owners are trying to keep the number of ity will require changes from
employees below the level at which they would Washington.
Tuesday, May 2, 2017|12

13|Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Part 1 / w he r e we a r e n ow By Kutztown University/Herbein+Company Inc.

during the Great Recession.
For the most part, the data shows that Berks
County is moving in a positive direction, al-
though the good news is hardly overwhelming,

as it goes
and there are a few red flags that we need to be
aware of, said Randy Peers, president and CEO
of the Greater Reading Chamber and Economic
Development Corp.
Robert F. Firely Jr., a partner at Herbein +
Company Inc., Spring Township, agreed that the
countys economy is trending up.
The local economy is doing a bit better than
last year, as evidenced by an inflation-adjusted in-
crease in our gross domestic product to $15.8 bil-
lion, as compared to $15.4 billion last year, he said.
Manufacturing still tops
Manufacturing remains Berks Countys big-
gest sector, both in terms of output and in em-
ployment, providing about 22.3 percent of the
output and 17.5 percent of the jobs. But while
Though economic signs remain positive, output has been steady, the employment is sig-
nificantly lower than it once was.
the county faces challenges, including At one time, manufacturing provided about
40,000 jobs in the county, or about 21 percent of
replacing an aging workforce. the overall employment. About a quarter of those
jobs have vanished because of productivity gains.
Manufacturing continues as our largest sector
By Brad Rhen Berks population New housing units Average housing price index of the Berks County economy, both in contribu-
Reading Eagle Berks Countys population grew The number of new dwellings, including single-family homes, town tion to GDP and number of employees, Firely
0.22 percent from 2014-2015 but houses, apartments and mobile homes, added to the county tax rolls said. As such, it is a critical component of the

he good news: Theres hasnt increased significantly over annually as gathered by the Berks County Planning Commission. Berks economy. Manufacturing utilizes com-
no terrible news to the past six years. 3,000
puter applications and robotics, which requires a
report. The bad news: more educated workforce than previously need-
2,787 The number of new 140,000
Theres not much good news to ed. As a result, productivity has increased.
415,271 houses grew
report. 2,500 Daniel W. Fogarty, director and chief operating
25 percent since a
Well, not quite. For the most officer of the Berks County Workforce Develop-
low of 417in 2015. 120,000
part, according to business 400,000
National ment Board, said manufacturing is one of the
leaders and analysts, growth 2,000
Reading MSA sectors that needs to be watched in coming years
has been sluggish but definitely Pennsylvania because many workers in the sector are nearing
upward. However, there are 300,000
1,500 retirement and will need to be replaced.
still some concerns but pos- We still have to replace 7,000 experienced
sible improvements along The Reading Metropolitan workers here by 2025, and the replacement work-
the way, including an aging 520 ers have to be more skilled and likely even better
200,000 80,000 Statistical Area housing
workforce and a pro-business price index grew 4.6 educated than these retiring workers were when
national administration. percent from 2015. It they entered the sector 30 years ago, he said.
Similar to the last several 100,000
60,000 remained lower than the Peers noted that Berks Countys median
years, the countys gross do- national index, but is household income is more than $2,000 higher
mestic product grew by 2 0 greater than the state than the state average, and thats due in large
percent in 2015, up from a 1.6 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s
40,000 average. part to the number of manufacturing jobs, which
percent rate the year before, ac- 1990s 2000s 2010s Source: Berks County Assessment Office generally produce higher wages.
cording to M. Halim Dalgin and Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Higher median household incomes also sup-
Abdulwahab Sraiheen, econom- port growth in other sectors, such as retail and
ics professors at Kutztown Uni- housing units rose 25 percent 20,000
arts, entertainment, accommodation and food
versity, who produce Business last year after hitting the sec- services, all growing sectors in Berks and all reli-
Weeklys annual economic out- ond-lowest rate in 30 years in ant on discretionary income, he said.

Business Weekly / Reading Eagle

Business Weekly / Reading Eagle

look issue. Their report is based 2015. Likewise, housing values '01 '03 '05 '07 '09 '11 '13 '15 '17
on 2015 data, the most recent rose 4.6 percent last year. Source: Freddie Mac Construction bears watching
year for which all information On the not-so-positive side, At 4.7 percent of the overall GDP, the mining, log-
is available. unemployment increased a ging and construction sector is a relatively small
Since 2001, the countys tick, from 4.6 percent in Janu- part of the countys economy. But both Firely and
economy has grown an average ary last year to 4.9 percent in Fogarty believe construction bears watching in the
0.9 percent a year: a positive January 2017. As of February in coming years.
but sluggish trend, compared the latest available figures, the Since its dramatic reduction during the reces-
with state and federal rates of Berks County unemployment
1.9 and 1.5 percent, respectively. rate dipped to 4.4 percent, but An employee at American Crane and Equipment
Also on the positive side, new its still much lower than it was Corp. works on an overhead crane at the companys
Reading Eagle: Susan L. Angstadt Amity Township manufacturing facility.
Tuesday, May 2, 2017|14

15|Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Part 1 / w he r e we a r e n ow By Kutztown University/Herbein+Company Inc.

sion, the sectors output has Significant business moves in the Berks region
been growing at an average rate Here are some of the major business stories in 2016-2017 that helped
of 1.6 percent a year. But Dalgin shape the Berks County economy:
and Sraiheen anticipate output
will shrink in the coming years, April 2016: Its announced that tion increases the hospital cam-
with the worst year in 2018. greater Readings economic de- puss space about 20 percent and
Despite that, Firely is opti- velopment groups the Greater includes 150 private patient rooms
mistic about the construction Reading Chamber of Commerce & and 24 surgical suites
industry, partly thanks to the $5 Industry, Greater Reading Econom- November: The Abraham Lin-
added to vehicle registrations ic Partnership and Greater Berks coln hotel, 100 N. Fifth St., ceas-
in Berks County, which must Development Fund will unite es hotel operations and transitions
be used to fund road and bridge into the Greater Reading Chamber to an apartment building known
repairs in the county. Addition- and Economic Development Corp. as Lincoln Towers. In April, owner
ally, he said, if President Donald In mid-December, Randy Peers is Alan W. Shuman receives tax cred-
Trump is successful with his selected as president and CEO. its toward an $11 million makeover
campaign pledge to invest in the May: The Big Mill building at that will convert the building into a
countrys infrastructure, that Eighth and Oley streets opens. De- mixed-used complex that includes
bodes well for the region. veloper Alan W. Shumans $23 mil- apartments and retail space.
Improvement in infrastruc- lion project transforms the former November: Carpenter Technolo-
ture leads to growth in other Reading Outlet Center building into gy Corp., formerly based in Spring
areas of our economy, he said. 69 apartments and 42,000 square Township, moves its corporate
Further, interest rates remain feet of commercial space. headquarters to Philadelphia. The
historically low, which is always July: East Penn Manufacturing move includes about 30 execu-
helpful to the construction in- Co. Inc. opens a $150 million ex- tive jobs. Reading Eagle: Harold Hoch
dustry. pansion project at the companys December: VF Outlet Center, For Randy Peers, president and CEO of the Greater Reading Chamber
The construction industry is Lyons campus. The company notes Wyomissing, is sold to Philadel- and Economic Development Corp., the most positive data point from his
on the rebound but has a sig- that the 590,000-square-foot in- phia-based developer Equus Capi- perspective is that the median household income is higher than state av-
nificant challenge ahead if it is dustrial battery facility will lead to tal Partners Ltd., which plans a $70 erage: more than $2,000 higher, he said.
to maintain its level of output, Reading Eagle: Susan L. Angstadt 400 additional jobs. million redevelopment. The project

Forging a new partnership

Fogarty said. A view from Lincoln Towers, formerly The Abraham Lincoln hotel. The site is undergoing renovations. July: John Weidenhammer, presi- will include the demolition of sev-
The construction sector dent of Weidenhammer, Wyomiss- eral buildings and will transform
Berks dropped
population off during the New housing units Average housing price index ing, purchases 503 Penn St. and the 34-acre site into a mixed-use
recession, and now
Berks Countys populationwere grew
see- The number of new dwellings, including single-family homes, town begins a multimillion-dollar renova- campus that will be home to the
0.22that it is recovering,
percent he but
from 2014-2015 houses, apartments and mobile homes, added to the county tax rolls tion that will lead to office and retail new corporate headquarters for
Though Berks County remains strong in
hasntWith that significantly
increased recovery, theover annually as gathered by the Berks County Planning Commission. space and possibly a restaurant. UGI Energy Services.
the market
past six is resulting in sig- August: Alvernia University an- April: The World Cycling League
nificant skill shortages, because 3,000
nounces its largest expansion in and Albright College announce manufacturing, Readings economic buildup is
youre seeing that retirements
2,787 The number of new
houses grew
its history. The project will include plans for a $20 million National Ve- critical to the countys vitality, according to a leader.
are continuing. So we have a 2,500 100,000 square feet of new class- lodrome and Events Center. The
lot of replacement jobs to focus 25 percent since a rooms and recreational space and 2,500-seat facility, which will serve By Andy Andrews direction, although the good
on in the construction sector
400,000 low of 417in 2015. 120,000
expand the main campus footprint as the world headquarters for the Reading Eagle news is hardly overwhelming.
as well. 2,000
Reading MSA by 15 acres. World Cycling League, will be only The most positive data point
Pennsylvania October: Reading Health System the second indoor velodrome in the Economic times are certainly from his perspective is that the
300,000 in context opens its $346 million expansion United States. changing. median household income is
While the employment rate at Reading Hospital, West Reading. Contact Brad Rhen: 610-371-5047 or In April last year, it was an- higher than the state average:
in Berks County is higher this The Reading Metropolitan The 476,000-square-foot addi- brhen@readingeagle.com. nounced that the greater Read- more than $2,000 higher, Peers
200,000than it was last year, Foga- 520 80,000 Statistical Area housing ing economic development said.
rty said he is a little concerned price index grew 4.6 groups the Greater Reading This is no doubt related to
about saying its higher. percent from 2015. It Chamber of Commerce & Indus- the fact that manufacturing jobs,
I really think its equiva-
60,000 remained lower than the and Events Center at Albright reform, those two economic try, Greater Reading Economic which generally produce higher
lent, he said. I think that national index, but is College, the $11 million renova- drivers, along with the low un- Partnership and Greater Berks wages, are found in much higher
theres been some churn in the 0 greater than the state tion of the former Abraham employment rate and low oil Development Fund would proportions in Berks County
marketplace, but Im not 100 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s
average. Lincoln hotel, the expansion at prices, bode well for improve- unite into the Greater Reading than in other counties, Peer
1990s sold that2000s
the number
2010s Source: Berks County Assessment Office Alvernia University and devel- ment in the economy. Chamber and Economic Devel- said. Higher median household
is actually
Source: higher
U.S. Census than it was
Bureau opment along Penn Street. Im also enthusiastic that the opment Corp. incomes also support growth in
a year ago. I think were right As we mentioned at last merger of the Greater Read- In mid-December, Randy other sectors, such as retail and
where we were last year in he said. dont solve this dilemma, GDP 20,000
years forecast event, we were ing Chamber of Commerce & Peers, 46, was named president arts, entertainment, accom-
terms of total employment, Peers, meanwhile, is con- will slow, and, in the worst case, hopeful that the DoubleTree Industry, the Greater Reading and CEO of the umbrella eco- modation and food services: all

Business Weekly / Reading Eagle

Business Weekly / Reading Eagle

and the job market remains cerned about the projection companies will leave Berks. by Hilton hotel on Penn Street Economic Partnership and the nomic organization. growing sectors in Berks and
quite strong. So, in terms of the that the labor force will shrink. There are only three ways to '01 '03 '05 '07 '09 '11 '13 '15 '17
would start the development of Greater Berks Development It will streamline develop- all reliant on discretionary in-
number of job openings versus Since there is almost no popu- solve this problem, Peers said: Source: Freddie Mac
the downtown area, and it looks Fund into the Greater Reading ment projects and provide a come.
the number of officially unem- lation growth, he expects the la- Attract new residents to Berks like that is happening, he said. Chamber and Economic Devel- one-stop shop for resources for What is critical is that the
ployed, were in a similar place. bor force to continue to decline. County and reverse the popu- The forecasted growth rate opment Corp. will contribute all Berks County businesses to business health of Reading mat-
The job market as a whole is As GDP rises, we will need lation decline, retain young Looking ahead of 2.7 percent for 2018 is good to economic growth in Berks help them grow, said Robert F. ters to the rest of the county.
very healthy, and it is very fa- new workers entering into the people who attend school here Firely believes big things news and would represent the by streamlining development Firely Jr., a partner at Herbein Almost everybody I have
vorable to job seekers, Fogarty labor force in order to meet the and then leave for other places, could be on the horizon in the largest gain since the recession, projects and providing a one- + Company Inc., Spring Town- spoken to, whether it was inside
said. demand fueled by this growth, and tap into the unemployed future. He pointed to several Firely said. And if the federal stop shop for resources for all ship. Reading or just anywhere else in
Were seeing wages going up, he said. Replace workers, populations to address any major construction projects government is successful in Berks County businesses to Peers said that regarding the the county, really does believe
and were seeing job seekers as they are called, are young skills gaps these groups might that are planned or underway in reducing the overall scope of help them grow, he said. economic outlook, for the most that Reading matters, he said.
with at least as many options as people coming of age to replace be experiencing that prevent Berks County, such as the $20 business regulations and can Contact Brad Rhen: 610-371-5047 or part, the data shows that Berks Contact Business Editor Andy Andrews:
they had a year ago, if not more, those that are retiring. If we them from obtaining jobs. million National Velodrome enact significant and fair tax brhen@readingeagle.com. County is moving in a positive 610-371-5080 or aandrews@readingeagle.com.
Tuesday, May 2, 2017|16

17|Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Part 2 / w he r e we a r e h ea d ed By Kutztown University/Herbein+Company Inc.

Economic outlook: the parts explained Berks County: an economic overview

At the end of 2016, the population of the Reading Metropolitan Statistical Area, which is Berks County, stood at 414,812. The gross domestic prod-
uct, or GDP, calculated at current market prices in the latest reported year (2015), was $15.8 billion. As of February, the economy employed about
201,818 people out of a workforce of 212,368. About 10,550 were unemployed, with the February unemployment rate at 4.4 percent.
By Andy Andrews Industry share of Reading-area 2015 gross domestic product Our other contributors The greater Reading economy has been growing an average at 0.9 percent every year since 2001. Damages wrought by the financial crisis have not
Reading Eagle Berks County GDP increased 2 percent, with a total output of been completely repaired, even though things are on the mend.
$15.8 billion in 2015, the most recent year with available data. Randy Peers

he following economic Real GDP figures are adjusted for inflation. is president Rank Industry Share of Number of Summary Outlook
outlook charts are com- and CEO of the Berks GDP employees
posed of three compo- 5.8% tilitiestransportation 2.6% Otherservices Greater Reading
1 Manufacturing 22.40% 30,500 In 2017 and 2018 we might see the growth rate swinging to negative
nents of data for 12 industry andwarehousin excludin Chamber and to territories causing the sector to shrink about 1.8%
categories. 4.7% ininloinand Economic
construction 1.5% Ariculture
We segmented the sectors Development 2 Retail and whole- 13.40% 25,950 For the years 2017 and 2018, the forecast indicates strong headwinds,
2.8% Artsentertainment 1.5% Information sale trade as a result of internet sales, causing this sector to reduce output.
in the following pages in al- recreation Corp.
0.6% Educational
phabetical order: agriculture; accommodation services 3 Professional and 13.30% 23,750 Despite the strong growth, the sector will face a dramatic drop in its
arts, entertainment, recreation, andfoodservices Robert F. Firely business services output before it swings to a strong growth, around 4% in 2018.
accommodation and food Jr. is partner in 4 Finance, insur- 10.90% 6,000 Employment continues to decrease due to new technologies that
services; educational services; charge of auditing ance, real estate provide the services with less labor.
finance, insurance, real es- and accounting and leasing
tate, rental and leasing; health at Herbein +
5 Government 10.60% 21,300 Employment has been shrinking faster than the government spending, about 1.5% every year.
care and social assistance; Company Inc.,
government; information; Spring Township. 6 Health care and 10.00% 26,800 Forecasted to rise by about 5.2% in 2017 and remain flat in 2018.
manufacturing; construction; 22.4%
social assistance
professional and business anufacturin 7 Utilities, transpor- 5.80% 7,850 Third fastest growing sector. Steady increase of employment of 3.5% a year on average.
services; retail and wholesale 10% Daniel W.
Healthcare tation and ware-
trade; and utilities, transporta- andsocial Fogarty is housing
tion and warehousing. assistance director of
8 Construction 4.70% 8,000 Steady decline, -1.5% a year on avarage, expecting 2018 to be the worst year in terms of output.
The first chart below each of workforce and mining
the separate industries tracks development and
real gross domestic product, or 10.6% chief operating 9 Arts, entertain- 2.80% 15,600 Estimated to drop about 7.5% and rebound in output for 2017 =
ment, recreation, and then another big drop again in 2018.
GDP, output in dollars and the Government Retailand officer of the accommodation
number of jobs. The second chart wholesale Berks County and food services
projects a forecast to the end of 10.9% Workforce
2018. Two important notes: The Finance Development 10 Information 1.40% 1,200 In 2017 is estimated that information services will almost stay flat before
insurance 13.3% it rebounds to a strong growth of around 8% in 2018.
gray areas represent the margin realestate Professional Board.
of deviation. The wider the gray, rentaland andbusiness 11 Agriculture* 1.50% 3,565*** The most volatile sector in output. Forecasted to increase in 2017
the greater the margin. leasin services Dr. Solomon with a drop of about 5% in 2018.
To develop these GDP Figure does not Lausch is 12 Educational 0.60% 3,150 On average the sector has been growing about 1% every year,
growth-rate forecasts, Dr. M. Bureau of equal 100 percent executive services** similar to the county population growth rate.
Halim Dalgin and Dr. Abdulwa- Economic Analysis due to rounding. director of the
hab Sraiheen, professors of eco- Berks Business *Agricultural employment data is tracked through the Bureau of Labor Sta- **Reported numbers dont include Sources: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S.
nomics at Kutztown University, and inflation rates interacted to figures from different years. Education tistics Quarterly Census of Employment and Wage analysis, but this info is support and services staff. Bureau of Economic Analysis, Berks County
limited to covered employment, meaning the wages paid to employees in ***NAICS code 11 (Ag, Forestry, Fish-
used a statistical tool called the create changes in GDP growth, Recovery from the Great Coalition. covered employment are used as a basis in establishing an unemployment ing and Hunting).
Workforce Development Board, Additional infor-
vector autoregressive regres- and how they changed. The Recession has been slow but insurance benefit account. Data does not include self-employed. mation by Dr. M. Halim Dalgin and Dr. Abdulwa-
sion model. The tool relies outlook incorporates the more steady, with growth in most in- hab Sraiheen
less on theoretical models and accurate chain-dollar approach, dustries into the next year. Thad
makes minimal assumptions. a method of adjusting real dol- Contact Business Editor Andy Andrews: Gelsinger,
Dalgin and Sraiheen looked lar amounts for inflation over 610-371-5080 or aandrews@readingeagle.com. an attorney at
at how unemployment rates time, to allow comparison of Leisawitz Heller,
is the president
of the Greater
Authors of this report Reading Young
Dr. M. Halim Dr. Abdulwa- Dr. Ernie Post
Dalgin is an as- hab Sraiheen, has been direc- Sonya Smith
sociate professor an associate pro- tor of Kutztown is assistant
of economics at fessor of eco- Universitys Small director, grants

Business Weekly / Reading Eagle

Business Weekly / Reading Eagle

Kutztown Univer- nomics at KU, Business Devel- and sponsored

sity. He is a gradu- is a graduate of opment Center projects,
ate of Middle East the University of since 1998. The Academic and
Technical Univer- Jordan, where Center provides Student Affairs,
sity, where he re- he received his no-cost profes- at Kutztown
ceived his bachelors and masters bachelors degree in economics sional consulting to existing and University, and is a
degrees in statistics. Dalgin went and statistics. He received a mas- nascent entrepreneurs in south- representative of the Berks County
to Syracuse University to receive a ters degree in social and econom- eastern Pennsylvania. Post gradu- Latino Chamber of Commerce.
masters degree in mathematics and ic statistics at George Washington ated from Allegheny College with
a doctorate in economics. He does University and a doctorate in eco- bachelors degrees in economics Some comments originate from
research in commodity markets, spe- nomics at Penn State. and psychology and completed a First Research, Austin, Texas,
cializing in financialization of com- Sraiheen does research in the field masters degree and doctorate in which provides reports for more
modities as an asset class. of economic growth. education at Penn State. than 1,000 industry segments.
Tuesday, May 2, 2017|18

19|Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Part 2 / w he r e we a r e h ea d ed By Kutztown University/Herbein+Company Inc.

Examples of companies within this sector: Forestry, logging, limestone

mining and construction companies; specialty trade contractors; and oil
and gas extraction. Examples of companies within this sector: Colleges, universities and
Examples of companies within this sector: Farms and raw-input food, Examples of companies within this sector: Hotels, restaurants, perform- school districts.
flower and fiber producers. ing arts centers, spectator sports and the gambling industry. Berks major employers: Burkey Construction Co., Descco Design and
Construction Inc. and Dolan Construction Inc. Berks major employers: Reading School District, Berks County Interme-
Berks major employer: Family farms and orchards. Berks major employers: DoubleTree by Hilton hotel, Crowne Plaza diate Unit, Wilson School District and Kutztown University.
Reading, Santander Arena, Reading Fightin Phils and Penn National Gam- Dalgin and Sraiheen say: The decline in this sector has been steady. Its
Dalgin and Sraiheen say: Farm output has been steadily decreasing, both ing Inc. share of GDP in the local economy is down from 6.7 percent to 4.7 per- Dalgin and Sraiheen say: The relatively small size of this sector, 0.6 per-

Business Weekly / Reading Eagle

Business Weekly / Reading Eagle

in terms of its share of the county economy and its level of output. Since cent. But since the recession, output has been growing at a steady rate cent of the county GDP, does not diminish its importance. On average,
the Great Recession ended, it has been the fastest-growing sector in the Dalgin and Sraiheen say: As an employer, this sector produces about 3 of 1.6 percent. In 2015, which is the year when we have the last available the sector has been growing about 1 percent every year, similar to the
local economy. The long-term growth rate is averaging 1.6 percent a year percent of the metropolitan output, yet it employs 8.5 percent of its work- data, the sector grew about 1.34 percent. The sector could not recover the county population growth rate. But growth has been negative since the
since 2001. However, the sector has picked up its growth rate to 6 percent ers, up from 7.3 percent in 2001. Over the sample period, its GDP share jobs it lost after the Great Recession, but it might be coming back because recession. We are expecting that growth rate will accelerate to about 2.3
a year since the crisis. We estimate that the roller-coaster ride output of has decreased, but the employment share increased. Overall, in this sec- employment has been picking up in the last couple of years. Despite the percent in 2016. Furthermore, it will swing back to negative territories in
growth to continue in 2016 and 2017, each year adding another 17 percent tor, growth was sluggish at about 0.4 percent and below the average. We steady growth since the financial crisis, we forecast that the level of out- 2017 before it leaps up to about 7 percent in 2018.
increase. Characteristically for the agricultural sector, output will drop by are estimating a big drop in leisure and hospitality services of about 7.5 put as well as the share of output in the overall economy will be shrinking
about 5 percent in 2018. percent. Our forecast indicates a rebound in output for 2017 and then an- and we expect that 2018 will be the worst year in terms of output. The last word, Dr. Solomon Lausch: Most of educational expenditures
other big drop again in 2018. appear to be included under the government category. For the represen-
Another view, Daniel W. Fogarty: This sector is highly productive and The last word, Robert F. Firely Jr.: If President Trump is successful in ful- tation that educational services constitutes less than one percent of to-
accounts for more than $767 million in annual sales from crop and animal Another view, Randy Peers: This sector is performing below expecta- filling his campaign pledge of a $1 trillion infrastructure program, we will tal Berks County GDP: The real figure, I think is more like 5 or 6 percent.
production, with 79 percent of these sales to purchasers outside of Berks tions. When you think of events in this region, with a little bit more of a see an uptick for heavy construction companies through road, bridge, While public education is a government service, it is such a large part of
County. concerted effort, we can see growth in this sector. and airport improvements. the local government footprint that it should be evaluated separately.
Tuesday, May 2, 2017|22

23|Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Part 2 / w he r e we a r e h ea d ed By Kutztown University/Herbein+Company Inc.

Examples of companies within this sector: Steel products, foundries, Examples of companies within this sector: Truck transportation, pipeline
machine shops and food products. Examples of companies within this sector: In wholesale: professional transportation of natural gas and warehousing.
Examples of companies within this sector: Law, accounting, architecture and commercial equipment and supply wholesalers and grocery and re-
Berks major employers: East Penn Manufacturing Co. Inc., Carpenter and engineering firms. lated products wholesalers; and in retail, motor vehicle and parts deal- Berks major employers: Penske Logistics, FirstEnergy Corp. and UGI Corp.
Technology Corp., Morgan Truck Body LLC and Giorgio Fresh Co. ers and clothing and clothing accessories stores.
Berks major employers: Stevens & Lee, Kozloff-Stoudt, ParenteBeard, Dalgin and Sraiheen say: The relative importance of this sector has
Dalgin and Sraiheen say: Manufacturing is the biggest sector, both in RKL LLP and Herbein and Company Inc. Berks major employers: Boscovs Inc., Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Redners been increasing in the overall economy, from 4.8 percent in 2001 to 5.8
terms of output and in employment, providing about 22.3 percent of the Markets Inc., Giant Food Stores and Weis Markets. percent in 2015, even though its employment share has been almost flat.
output and 17.5 percent of the employment in Berks County. Manufactur- Dalgin and Sraiheen say: The contribution of professional services to the Since the crisis, this is the third fastest-growing sector, albeit with in-
ing used to provide about 40,000 jobs, or 21 percent of the overall em- regional economy is around 13.3 percent, and does not show much vari- Dalgin and Sraiheen say: In terms of output, this is the second-biggest creased volatility. Output of this sector increased by 7.5 percent in 2015
ployment in the county, but unfortunately, a quarter of these jobs vanished ation in this regard. So far, the average growth rate of the industry was sector in the regional economy and third-biggest employer, about 15 per- and, owing to the high volatility of the sector, our forecasts indicate a big

Business Weekly / Reading Eagle

Business Weekly / Reading Eagle

because of automation and productivity gains in manufacturing. Since around 1.4 percent a year, similar to the county GDP growth rate. Growth cent and 13.4 percent, respectively. In 2015, the sector had a small con- drop in the growth rate, about 10 percent, and a further contraction of 4
2009, output has been recovering strongly, and employment increasing in employment averages about 1.7 percent a year, which is much higher traction following the slowing growth trend since 2012; furthermore, we percent in 2017, after which we are expecting a big jump in the growth
as well. Output grew in 2015 by about 1.8 percent. We estimate that it has than the regional growth rate in employment. However, this sector has the estimate that output slightly contracted in 2016, about 0.6 percent. For rates to about 14 percent. Employment in this sector has been steadily in-
grown about 3 percent in 2016, and the growth rate is forecasted to slow second fastest growing output, about 4 percent, since the recession. The the years 2017 and 2018, our forecast indicates strong headwinds, caus- creasing at a healthy clip of 3.5 percent a year on average. Yet again, vol-
down to about 2.2 percent. In 2017 and in 2018, we might see the growth overall volatility of the sector is close to the average in the regional econ- ing this sector to reduce output 2.7 percent and 1.7 percent, consecu- atility has been high, which makes forecasting especially hard. Overall,
rate swinging to negative territories, causing the sector to shrink about 1.8 omy. The most recent data indicate that provision of professional servic- tively. The new business model of increasing internet sales might explain the volume of internet sales will definitely have big impact in the growth
percent. es grew by about 6.4 percent in 2015. However, we estimate that despite some of the decline in this sector. model of this section of the local economy.
the strong growth showing in recent years, that sector will face a dramat-
Another view, Daniel W. Fogarty: Manufacturing is our largest sector by ic drop in its output before it swings to a strong growth, about 4 percent in Another view, Robert F. Firely Jr.: A significant and continuing chal- Another view, Randy Peers: This is a solid growth sector for Berks
employment, with about 31,000 workers at 525 establishments, includ- 2018. lenging is internet transactions with providers such as Amazon. County, although with some volatility. Our neighbors to the north in Le-
ing the countys largest employer, East Penn Manufacturing Co. Inc. Of the The last word, Thad Gelsinger: Employment was strong in 2016 and is high have focused on transportation and warehousing as a primary in-
subclusters examined during a recent regional industry analysis, food pro- expected to increase in 2017. The anticipated spur in the overall economy The last word, Sonya Smith: Looking at the decreases, a question dustry to nurture, and we are seeing some of that spillover in Berks
cessing and manufacturing represents a uniquely advantaged subsector. that may result from strong employment in the area is encouraging. comes to mind: Is e-commerce an optional route to be sustainable? County.
Tuesday, May 2, 2017|20

21|Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Part 2 / w he r e we a r e h ea d ed By Kutztown University/Herbein+Company Inc.

Examples of companies within this sector: Agencies that administer

government services at the federal, state or municipal level. Examples of companies within this sector: Hospitals, health care com- Examples of companies within this sector: Cable companies; wireless
panies and colleges and universities. and satellite telecommunications; newspapers, radio and television;
Examples of companies within this sector: Banks, financial advisers and Berks major employers: Public schools, Berks County government and and data processing and hosting services.
insurance carriers. Pennsylvania government. Berks major employers: Reading Health System, Penn State Health St.
Dalgin and Sraiheen say: Over the years, until the Great Recession, the Joseph and Supportive Concepts for Families. Berks major employers: Distributed Systems Services Inc., Weiden-
Berks major employers: Santander Bank, BB&T, Wells Fargo Bank, Cus- provision of government services and jobs has been steadily increasing, at Dalgin and Sraiheen say: The provision of health care and social assis- hammer, Reading Eagle Company.
tomers Bank and The Loomis Co. about 2 percent a year. But since then, the size of the government spend- tance is the fastest-growing industry in our sample period. Compared to
Dalgin and Sraiheen say: The share of this sector in the economy has ing has been sliding down about 1 percent every year. Moreover, govern- the beginning of our period, its relative size in the economy has increased Dalgin and Sraiheen say: In terms of its volatility of output, this sec-
been slowly decreasing, from 13 percent to 10.8 percent. Its share of em- ment employment has been shrinking faster than then the government by 3 percentage points, from 7 percent to 10 percent. Moreover, it has tor is only second to the agricultural sector. At the beginning of our pe-
ployment has also been decreasing steadily, from 5.1 percent to 3.4 per- spending, about 1.5 percent every year since then. Because of the ups and achieved this result with a much more subdued volatility, second small- riod, growth rate was volatile and yet at times very dizzying; however,
cent, since 2001. The level of output has been shrinking by about 0.4 downs in government output, its share of employment (12 percent) and est after the government sector. The growth rate of this sector, before after the recession, it has come down to earth. On the eve of the Great

Business Weekly / Reading Eagle

Business Weekly / Reading Eagle

percent, on average, annually. The sector in absolute terms is smaller output (11 percent) has been stable. In 2015, the provision of government the financial crisis, has been much stronger than it was in the aftermath, Recession, it had almost doubled its share of output, but it was hard
now than it was at the beginning of 2001. As a matter of fact, the growing services dropped by about 0.7 percent. We estimate that contraction of 4.5 percent versus 1.7 percent. As an employer, its share in the econo- hit by the recession, and since then recovery was not very strong. As
trend of financial services was reversed after the financial crisis, leading these services will continue, albeit at a much faster rate, through 2018. my has also been growing: at the beginning of the period, its share of em- the share of its output has increased from 1.2 percent to 1.5 percent, its
to a contraction of 2.9 percent on average since 2010. Although output ployment was about 10 percent. We are forecasting that the provision of share in employment has decreased from 1.2 percent to 0.7 percent.
picked up in 2014 by 2 percent and in 2015 by another 0.8 percent, em- Another view, First Research: About 5.1 million people work for state health care and social assistance to rise by about 5.2 percent in 2017 and Since 2012, the sector has been shrinking slowly. In 2015, the provision
ployment continued to decrease because of new technologies that could governments, and about 14.3 million people work for local governments. remain flat in 2018. of information services decreased by about 0.44 percent. In 2017, we
provide the services with less labor. In our forecast period, growth will Average wages are generally higher than for the average U.S. worker. Another view, Daniel W. Fogarty: Our second-largest employment sec- estimate that information services will stay flat before it rebounds to a
stay very strong, at an average of about 4 percent. tor, health care and social assistance, added another 800 local jobs last very strong growth of about 8 percent in 2018.
The last word, Robert F. Firely Jr.: The government sector in Berks Coun- year and continues setting employment records year after year, employ-
The last word, Robert F. Firely Jr.: In the wake of the financial crisis in ty employs about 22,000 jobs and represents 10.9 percent of our local ing more than 29,000, making up 16 percent of local employment. We The last word, Robert F. Firely Jr.: Demand for information technolo-
the late 2000s, Congress enacted comprehensive financial regulatory re- GDP. Locally, since the recession, the size of government has been declin- project that employment in health care and social assistance will over- gy services is driven by technological advances, but spending depends
form. The industry is anticipating significant regulatory relief under the ing about 1 percent annually, and government employment has also been take local manufacturing sector employment by 2022, and is on its way on the health of the U.S. economy. This is a fragmented industry, in that
Trump administration, which campaigned to dismantle Dodd-Frank. declining. to adding more than 5,000 new jobs by 2026. the 50 largest companies account for about 40 percent of the revenue.
Tuesday, May 2, 2017|24

25|Tuesday, May 2, 2017

par t 3 / t he eco n om i c p u lse s u rve y people

About the survey Newsmakers University with a bachelors de- plementing business development nia State Board of Accountancy for
gree in psychology. Last summer strategies for continued growth a four-year term.
Business Weekly publishes news of ar- he was a content marketing intern of the companys customer base A partner of Herbein + Company
The Executive Pulse survey link was sent to members of the Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Kutztown University Small ea residents or former residents who
Business Development Center, and it was promoted in Business Weekly. The sample includes businesses representing both the nonprofit and have been hired, promoted or appoint- at DaBrian. and establishment of new business Inc. in Spring Township, Stonesifer
private sectors. A total of 107 completed surveys were used to calculate the following results: ed to boards. Send your news via email partner relationships within and specializes in audit and consulting
to businessweekly@readingeagle.com, Sustainable Energy Fund outside central Pennsylvania. services for the manufacturing and
1. Compared with a year ago, 2. During the next 12 months, 3. Are your firms capital and 4. Do you anticipate that your and attach a recent photo (a high-reso- adds board member Eckert has a marketing and plan- distribution industries.
have overall economic do you expect the overall investment expenditures likely firms sales revenues will lution photo of at least 300 kB as a jpg or Lower Macungie Township, Le- ning background in the health care Stonesifer is a past
tif file). Or send us news through read-
conditions in the U.S. economic conditions in the to increase, remain the same increase, remain the same ingeagle.com using the Newsmakers
high County-based Sustainable industry, where he managed the president of Penn-
improved, remained the U.S. to be better, about the or decrease during the next or decrease during the next form from the drop-down window under Energy Fund has announced the marketing and communications for sylvania Institute of
same or worsened? same or worse? 12 months? 12 months? the Money tab, and fill in all the required addition of Jocelyn several major facilities in central Certified Public Ac-
fields. Include a contact name and phone Cramer to its board of and eastern Pennsylvania. countants Reading
% %Dontknow %Dontknow % % % %Dontknow number with your submission. Deadline directors. He is a graduate of the St. Jo- chapter. Stonesifer
orsened noopinion noopinion Dontknow Decrease Decrease noopinion is the Tuesday prior to publication. Cramer, from Lake sephs University class of 2008 and David W. is a member of sev-
noopinion Township in Wayne received his masters degree from Stonesifer eral national organi-
LVCC announces County, was born and Millersville University in 2011. Eck- zations, including the
% new president/CEO raised in Dalton, Lack- ert is originally from Lancaster and American Institute of CPAs, Na-
orse %
Remain The Lebanon Valley Chamber of Jocelyn awanna County, and lives in Manheim Township, Lan- tional Society of Accountants for
% % % thesame Commerce CEO search committee Cramer attended The State caster County, with his wife, Emily. Cooperatives and Albright College
% Improved Better % Increase % and board have announced that University of New York National Advisory Council for Ac-
% Remain
Remained About
Increase Karen Groh was se- in Binghamton. There, she received Akujieze joins LDG counting.
thesame thesame
thesame lected president and a bachelors degree in theater. as VP of finance Stonesifer received his bache-
CEO. Cramer began her first theater Williamsport, Lycoming Coun- lors degree in accounting from Al-
Groh stepped in as production company in Boston, di- ty-based Larson Design Group bright College.
interim president and recting or acting in every produc- has announced that Adanma
CEO in mid-Decem- tion while simultaneously leading Akujieze has joined its corporate Home Health Care
ber. She has been a all fundraising, marketing and pub- leadership team as vice president appoints 3 to board
Karen business owner of IA licity efforts for the company. She of finance. LuAnn Oatman, Eric Brown and
Groh Design, a graphic de- works as executive director for LDG has offices Eric Rick Wolf have been ap-
5. Do you expect your firms 6. Do you expect your firms 7. When do you expect your 8. Rate the top challenges your sign and marketing Sustainable Energy Education & in Bethel Township pointed to the Wyomissing-based
profitability to improve, remain total number of employees firms total number of business is likely to face over company, for 21 years. She joined Development Support in Hones- and Lititz, Lancaster Home Health Care Management
the same or worsen during the to increase, remain the same employees to increase the next two years.* the chamber in 1998 and has been dale, Wayne County. County. Inc. board to help individuals fur-
next 12 months? or decrease during the next over the next 12 months? an active member ever since. Akujieze will over- ther achieve a level
12 months? 1. Rising health care premiums Groh has chaired numerous Berks County Capital see LDGs account- of well-being in their
% %Dontknow % %Dontknow % % chamber committees, including the Campaign Review Board Adanma ing department. She home of choice.
orsen noopinion Decrease noopinion small business round table, cen- hires Rush Akujieze will be responsible for Oatman is presi-
2. Polarized political leadership tennial planning and ambassadors. Wyomissing-based Capital mentoring staff, ex- dent and CEO, Berks
% She has chaired the committee re- Campaign Review Board has an- ecuting analyses of various busi- Encore, 40 N. Ninth
% sponsible for planning the annu- nounced that Virginia Rush, Wyo- ness initiatives and implementing St.; Brown is gener-
Noplans % 3. Finding new customers al Patriot Day Community Concert missing, has been hired as director. long-range planning tools such as LuAnn al manager, Double-
Increase toincrease since it began 16 years ago. The newly created po- forecasts. Oatman Tree by Hilton hotel,
% % numberof %
Remain Improve % employees % Groh will transition her busi- sition will support and Akujieze is an active member 701 Penn St.; Wolf is
thesame Remain 4. Increasing taxes ness client base to other agencies strengthen the cur- of her community. She is a board founder of Embrace

over the next few months. She lives rent capital campaign member for Snyder, Union, Miff- the Challenge LLC,
% in Cornwall, Lebanon County, with vetting process and lin Child Development Inc., where Flying Hills.
% her husband, John, and children help prepare nonprof- she serves on the audit, finance A proponent of
Steadily 5. Finding qualied entry-level or
throuh % technically skilled employees Joshua and Sarah. it agencies for capital and human resources commit- advocacy for inde-
thenextmonths Virginia T. campaign success. tees. pendent living and
% DaBrian Marketing hires Rush In her role, Rush Akujieze is a certified public Eric Brown community educa-
*Respondents were asked to answer using a 5-point scale (ranked from most to least challenging). Results are the combination of concerned, very concerned copywriter will support the CCRB accountant. In addition, she is a tion, Oatman led the
and extremely concerned answers. Results may not equal 100 percent due to rounding. DaBrian Marketing Group, 500 with the implementation, man- member of several professional or- vision for Berks En-
Penn St., Suite 201, has hired Chris- agement, communication and ganizations, including the Pennsyl- core, a nonprofit that

Confidence has shown a distinct rise 2014

tian H. Kline as copywriter. marketing of the CCRB process. vania Institute of Certified Public offers support servic-
Year Confidence index In his role, Kline uti- Where possible, she will provide Accountants. es for older adults and
lizes his knowledge support to smaller nonprofits who Prior to joining LDG, Akujieze seniors.
100 of human behavior to do not have the capacity or staff served in finance leadership roles Brown has worked
write helpful content to conduct a capital campaign. at Weis Markets Inc., first as chief Eric Wolf as an advocate for
By Dr. H. Halim Dalgin at the overall economy level calculate the confidence index 2015 103.4 for each clients target internal auditor and then as direc- Berks Visiting Nurse

Business Weekly / Reading Eagle

Business Weekly / Reading Eagle

without considering specific for different industries because audience. Eckert joins tor of corporate accounting and Association to make its inaugu-
2016 99.7
Kutztown Univer sity
industries, and then I took their it seems, in this questionnaire, Klines mission is Landmark Abstract compliance. She is a graduate of ral Festival of Trees a successful
I was able to combine various average for each year. That gave categories are not overlapping Christian to express a consis- East Hempfield Township, Lan- Michigan State University, where event and is investing time again
trends into a summary statistic, a me a confidence index for any with the previous ones. 2017 112.1 H. Kline tent and universal caster County-based Landmark she earned both her bachelors and this year.
confidence index. I took the first given year. I then normalized While business confidence de- message through any Abstract, part of the HomeSale masters degrees in accounting. Wolf brings an educational out-
six variables in the Executive the index by using 2014 as the creased in 2016, the confidence ternet sales and other oppor- marketing initiatives that contain Group of title agen- look and deep community roots to
Pulse survey; calculated the dif- base year. Here is the index for is much greater from 2017 to tunities, show distinct growth. creative material. Specifically, Kline cies, has hired Tim CPA appointed to State the VNAs, according to the orga-
ference in percentages of the posi- the whole economy: 2018 as a result of many factors, And professional and business collaborates with creative director Eckert as director of Board of Accountancy nization. He is the recent found-
tive and negative expectations for The first six questions from including a pro-business na- services remains on a con- Mark Mapp and web designer Nick business development David W. Stonesifer, a certified er of Embrace the Challenge LLC, a
each year, which came out either the Pulse survey are most rel- tional administration. tinually positive upswing, as Davies to ensure campaigns offer and marketing. public accountant, was nominated consultative services organization
as positive or negative; and then I evant about the current and fu- From our expectations does information. In manu- users relevant and action-oriented At Landmark, Eck- by Gov. Tom Wolf and unanimous- for schools and nonprofit organi-
added this number to 100. ture business environment. for 2018, transportation and facturing, we dont see a lot of narratives. ert will be responsible ly confirmed by the Pennsylvania zations.
I did this for each variable However, this year I did not warehousing, because of in- change. Kline graduated from Temple Tim Eckert for creating and im- Senate to serve on the Pennsylva-
Tuesday, May 2, 2017|26

27|Tuesday, May 2, 2017

s cam r e p o rt

Employee awareness of security of health care data is major fear

By Stu Sjouwerman by securing wireless or bring- sandboxes. layers, including macro and
CyberheistNews your-own devices (54 percent Our friends at Malwarebytes ransomware mitigation, and
of respondents) and a lack of blogged that the criminal neither of those required any
A new study conducted by actionable intelligence (36 hacker group controlling the signature update.
HIMSS Analytics found that percent). Necurs botnet just opened the And obviously, trained end-
employees lacking education HIMSS Analytics Senior spam floodgates again and is users can spot the red flags
and awareness are top health Director of Research Services pumping out fake documents related to this and would never
care data security threats. Bryan Fiekers maintained that that deliver the nasty Locky open the PDF to begin with, let
Approximately 80 percent of security cannot become an ransomware. alone then open the Word file
surveyed health information out-of-sight, out-of-mind prob- The ransomware is dropped hidden within.
technology executives and pro- lem. following a distribution meth- You need defense-in depth,
fessionals report that employee Check this article from od we have been seeing more meaning layered defenses.
security awareness is their HealthITSecurity: www.bit. of recently with Dridex, which Its urgent to create your hu-
greatest concern regarding ly/2ot01N7. involves embedding a Word man firewall by stepping your
health care data security. document within a PDF file. users through new-school se-
The 2017 Level 3 Healthcare Locky ransomware back When the user clicks the OK curity awareness training and
Security Study was conducted and badder than ever button, the rogue Word docu- frequently testing them with
by HIMSS Analytics and spon- Locky ransomware reap- ment is displayed. simulated phishing emails.
sored by Level 3 Communica- peared with a vengeance The attack relies on users Dont wind up with a ransom-
tions Inc. HIMSS interviewed recently, this time not using opening up malicious attach- ware infection.
125 individuals who worked in Office documents combined ments that will appear legiti- In related news, since Locky
or alongside the IT department with social engineering to have mate. is run by Russian organized
at a health care provider orga- the user-enabled macros, but Many studies have shown cybercrime, a U.S. court sen-
nization. with a PDF that has a Word file that users are often the weak- tenced a Russian hacker to a
Exposure from partners hidden within, which executes est link in an attack chain, and record-setting 27 years.
or third parties was the top a macro script when opened by criminals know that too well. Finally, some justice!
concern for nearly 69 percent the user. This scenario allows Malwarebytes protects Visit www.bit.ly/2oO0LfP.
of those surveyed, followed the phishing email to bypass against this attack at various

for your efforts and support in compiling, analyzing and

Business Weekly / Reading Eagle

Business Weekly / Reading Eagle

presenting this years Berks County Economic Outlook.

Millersville University Gordinier Hall

k a u t t e r k e l l e y. c o m
k a u t t e r k e l l e y. c o m
Award Winning Architectural & Interior Design
Tuesday, May 2, 2017|30

31|Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Bizno t e s Tr a n s p o r t a t i o n safet y

How to use BizNotes

BizNotes are a compilation of public records to help
LLC, 501 Exeter Road, Ex-
eter Township, $168,000.
Forrest R. Smith III and
Sheriff of Berks County
to J.P. Morgan Mortgage
Acquisition Corp., 11 Dale
to Branch Banking and
Trust Co. and Susque-
hanna Bank, 938 N. 11th
28 S. Water St., Womels-
dorf, $10.
Sheriff of Berks County
GVF welcomes partner to ensure road safety, increase profitability
businesses increase their customer base, stay informed Beverly J. Smith to Em- Drive, Oley Township, St., $2,400. to Fulton Bank NA, 250
about the community and manage their affairs. pire Group, 34-5 Wister $87,000. Diplomat Property Man- S. Fifth St., Womelsdorf, KING OF PRUSSIA GVF, a and even first responders can tion is shared with drivers. lems on the road, in their area,
Way, Exeter Township, Philip Edmund Pendle- ager LLC to Invescon LLC, $2,500. nonprofit dedicated to improv- broadcast voice messages to let TruckBlox is building part- in the fastest and safest way
Liens include those filed against businesses in Berks $52,000. ton and Deborah Pend- 1423 Birch St., $44,000. David Rutter Estate to GK
County by federal, state or municipal governments. This The Janet Kwiatkowski leton to 12 Acres Farm MTGLQ Investors LP to Land Group LP, 30 Wyo-
ing transportation and infra- approaching drivers know to nerships with state depart- possible.
information may be useful to credit managers, loan offi- Revocable Living Trust LLC, 1278 Memorial NRM Group LLC, 1321 missing Hills Blvd., Wyo- structure in the region, has slow down or move over. ments of transportation and According to GVF, together
cers, attorneys, collection agencies or vendors. and Sheriff of Berks Highway, Oley Township, Mulberry St., $11,000. missing, $105,000. announced that TruckBlox has GVF is excited to partner traffic agencies to get real-time they are working to help reach
County to Nationstar $405,000. Stefanie M. Brothers Woodland Plaza Apart- joined the partnership, accord- with such an innovative com- data about road conditions in the Road to Zero Initiative by
Legal actions include civil suits and judgments contained HECM Acquisition Trust Gary J. Kramer and Ger- to One Nine LLC, 440 ment Associates LP and ing to a release. pany, said Rob Henry, GVF their city, county or state. The reducing distracted driving and
in the public records in local, state and federal courts. 2016-3 and Wilming- ald R. Zerbe to Deutsche Bingaman St., $34,900. Bergen Woodland Plaza The mission at TruckBlox is executive director, in a state- new TruckBlox dashboard will giving drivers time to make life-
ton Savings Fund Soci- Bank National Trust Co. Wells Fargo Bank NA GP LLC to Woodland Plaza
Real estate transactions are a sign of economic activ- ety FSB, 228 Christine and First Franklin Mort- to RE Equity Invest- 2017 LLC, 1701 State Hill to make roads safer for all driv- ment. Through their unique provide the ability for private, saving decisions while driving.
ity and show the business properties that plan develop- Drive, Exeter Township, gage Loan Trust 2006- ments LLC, 110 Clinton Road, Wyomissing, $10. ers, roadside workers and first technology, we look forward to state and government agencies For more, visit www.truck-
ment and tax classification. Information about high-end $46,000. FF8, 66 Slater Road, Drive, Robeson Township, responders while increasing working together to promote to notify their drivers of prob- blox.com.
homes is useful to contractors, retailers, interior-design Sheriff of Berks County to Ontelaunee Township, $110,000. production and profitability for safer commutes using real-
firms and other home-improvement vendors. LSF9 Master Participa- $172,701. Roberto Mandanici to FF New business Americas commercial vehicles. time information.
tion Trust, 212 Cathy Ann Sheriff of Berks County to Investments LLC, 2902 registrations According to GVF, with the I am thrilled to partner
New business names are listings obtained from the De-
partment of State Corporation Bureau. When a new
Drive, Exeter Township,
JPMorgan Chase Bank
NA, 10 Furnace Row,
State Hill Road E2, Spring
Township, $90,000. T&K Drywall Finish LLC, TruckBlox app, commercial with GVF, so together we can Index
business forms, it is required to file supporting docu- Sheriff of Berks County to Ontelaunee Township, Bergen Victoria Cross- 102 S. Sixth St., drywall drivers can avoid traffic jams, achieve our goals for better and People Organizations Advertisers
mentation with the state. We collect information about Bank of New York Mel- $3,100. ings GP LLC and Victo- finishing lane closures and other costly safer transportation, said Matt
new companies in the following categories: business lon Trustee and Bank of McCarron Real Estate ria Crossings Apartment Top of The Line Clothing, delays. More importantly, they Stachel, founder and CEO of M. Halim Dalgin.............. 12 Berks County Workforce Anewalts Landscape
corporations, fictitious names, limited liability compa- New York Trustee and LLC to HTW Real Es- Associates LP to Victo- 837 Moss St., mens retail receive warnings about split- TruckBlox in a statement. GVF Robert F. Firely Jr.....13, 15 Development Board...... 13 Contracting.........................5
nies, limited partnerships and professional corpora- CWABS Inc., 547 Franklin tate LLC, 85 Ashley Way, ria Crossing 2017 LLC, clothing store Daniel W. Fogarty........... 15 Greater Reading Chamber ARC Point Labs of Read-
tions. Note that the addresses provided in these listings St., Hamburg, $2,300. Ontelaunee Township, 144 Victoria Lane, Spring PI Seven LLC, 111 N. Sixth
second problems that cause in- is changing the way people Thad Gelsinger................. 16 and Economic Develop- ing..........................................9
are mailing addresses and do not necessarily specify the The Richard H. Schear- $2,900,000. Township, $10. St., health care-related juries and death, such as an icy commute on a daily basis. It is Dr. Solomon Lausch....... 16 ment Corp....................... 13 BB&T.................................... 24
physical location of a business. er estate to New Roads Justin Goodwin and Al- Marlon A. Lagos, Juan services overpass, debris in the middle of very exciting to work with an- Randy Peers...............13, 15 Herbein + Company Inc. Crossroads Ameriprise....5
Real Estate Group LLC, yssa Goodwin to Central Panchana and Teresa La- Lori M. Bellman LLC, 135 the road or a multivehicle crash other out-of-the-box-thinking Dr. Ernie Post.................... 16 ............................................ 13 Gage Personnel...................4
Lawsuits pation Trust, 142 Ceme- 3432 Freemont St., Lau- Penn Capital Manage- gos to Empire Group, N. Fifth St., real estate happening down the street. company who has been on the Sonya Smith...................... 16 Kutztown University....... 12 Golden Oaks Country
tery Lane, Bern Township, reldale, $46,000. ment LLC, 224 Mine 519 Lenore Place, Spring McNeils Real Estate LLC, The safety proposition cutting edge for more than 20 Abdulwahab Sraiheen.... 12 Club.......................................9
Redco Group, Temple, $2,500. Wetzel Family Trust to Road, Pike Township, Township, $146,000. 1506 Orchard View Road, Kautter & Kelley Archi-
Willow Creek Invest- $132,000. Sheriff of Berks County to real estate doesnt stop with drivers, years. I am confident that a re- tects......................................4
was sued for discrimina- Daniel L. Wilson and
tion by Louise Robinson, Mandy A. Wilson to Riv- ments, 838 Tower Road, Sheriff of Berks Coun- U.S. Bank NA and TBW MLR Construction & though. Construction highway lationship with GVF will help Masano Auto Group...... 28
Reading, for an amount in erpath Inc., 125 W. Third Longswamp Township, ty to Federal Home Mortgage-Backed Trust Consulting Corp., 1230 workers, state and local mu- TruckBlox revolutionize the Thrivent Financial...............3
excess of $50,000 plus St., Bernville, $45,000. $120,000. Loan Mortgage Corp., 13 2006-6, 924 Cacoosing Marion St., remodeling nicipal maintenance workers way road condition informa- Village at Maidencreek....8
costs of the suit, Docket Eddie E. Torres and Jenni- Sheriff of Berks County to Shade Road, Pike Town- Drive, Spring Township, services
No. 1705110, April 19. fer M. Torres to RE Equi- Pennymac Loan Services ship, $2,300. $70,000. JeanCarlos Construction
Penske Truck Leasing ty Investments LLC, 153 LLC, 10 Cherrydale Ave., Thomas F. Kenney Jr. to Sheriff of Berks County LLC, 1221 N. Fifth St., dry-
Corp., Green Hills, was Hopewell St., Birdsboro, Lower Alsace Township, Clare Inc., 1044 N. 12th to MTGLQ Investors LP, wall installation
sued for damages and in- $34,000. $2,600. St., $23,000. 140 Laurel Court, Spring CloudActiv LLC, 1144
juries suffered by Antho- Michael W. Baker Jr. and The Anna L. Deisher es- Kevin P. Kalnoski and Township, $80,000. Robeson St., information
tate and Jonathan Grim Sandra S. Kalnoski to TD The Surinder K. Sabhar- technology consultation
ny Reed, Tamaqua, for
an amount in excess of
Chelsea S. Bradley to
Riverpath Inc., 723 E. to KAB Loan Services Improvements LLC, 1155 wal estate and the Su- and management Youve built your business by
$50,000 plus costs of the Fourth St., Boyertown, LLC, 301 Bowers Road, Mulberry St., $16,000. rinder Kaur Sabharwal CMH Creative Solutions
suit, Docket No. 1705116, $100,000. Maxatawny Township,
U.S. Bank NA and Sas-
co Mortgage Loan Trust
estate to RDM Resto-
ration LLC, 172 Heather
LLC, 1551 Allegheny Ave.,
apartment C3, internet
serving your clients best interests.
April 20. Victory Bank to Three
B Properties LLC, 40 E.
Philadelphia Ave., Boyer-
Riverpath Inc. to Turn-
ing Point Investments
2006-WF1 to Berks
County Non Profit Devel-
Lane, Spring Township,
Akhil Real Estates LLC,
So have we.
Real estate town, $210,000. 2 LLC, 7 Girard Ave., opment Corp., 1144 Mul- Keri L. Kelly to Aspireone 4950 Dunham Drive, Ex-
transactions Sheriff of Berks County Muhlenberg Township, berry St., $10,000. LLC, 1334 I W. Wyomiss- eter Township, real estate Our commercial clients know the value of doing business with
to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $109,000. Aha Realty Corp. to Td & ing Blvd., Spring Town- Royal Canvas Studio, 1316
Stacey H. Ames and Scott 4210 New Holland Road, The Epiphany Evangeli- G LLC, 1255 Buttonwood ship, $52,000. Columbia Ave., Kenhorst, BB&T. Our consultative approach allows us to understand
J. Bolonski to KAB Loan Brecknock Township, cal Lutheran Church of St., $14,000. Philip D. Rowe Jr., Ame- photography your business and provide insights to drive the performance
Services LLC, 106 Anti- $2,500. South Temple PA and Dayspring Homes Inc. lia R. Barto and Mary GRMCJ LLC, 102 Maple
etam Road, Alsace Town- Louis A. Visco Jr. to Vet Calvary Evangelical Lu- to DAHS Investments Lee Rowes Irrevocable Lane, Amity Township, of your business forward. For more than 140 years, weve
ship, $65,000. O&P LLC, 3508 Main St., theran Church to 629 LLC, 1545 Schuylkill Ave., Deed of Trust to Hoya consulting built relationships by creating long-lasting partnerships
Sheriff of Berks County Caernarvon Township, N. Temple Blvd. LLC, $71,000. V LP, 2222 and 2222R Iceliners Synchronized
to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $520,000. 629 N. Temple Blvd., Sheriff of Berks County to Tulpehocken Road, Spring Skating Team LLC, 7 In- that extend beyond deals and transactions. Experience the
Wachovia Mortgage FSB Sheriff of Berks County Muhlenberg Township, Federal National Mort- Township, $1,400,000. dian Springs Court, difference when one of the strongest and most respected
and World Savings Bank to Wells Fargo Bank NA $250,000. gage Association, 1823 Carol Fry to MKS Con- Caernarvon Township,
FSB, 144 Skyline Drive, Trustee and Wells Far- Wilmington Savings Fund Olive St., $2,100. struction LLC, 11 Ran- synchronized figure skat- banks in the nation is also part of your community. BBT.com
Alsace Township, $2,900. go Bank Minnesota NA Society FSB, Christiana Sheriff of Berks County to or Court, St. Lawrence, ing team
Sheriff of Berks County Trustee and Reperform- Trust and BCAT 2014- Federal National Mort- $20,000. Amity Community Edu-
to Wells Fargo Bank NA, ing Loan Remic Trust 4TT to New Roads Real gage Association, 922 N. Sheriff of Berks County to cation Center, 211 Ben
1995 Mount Laurel Road Certificates Series 2002- Estate Group LLC, 4347 Eighth St., $2,100. Wells Fargo Bank NA, 27 Franklin Highway, Exeter

Business Weekly / Reading Eagle

Business Weekly / Reading Eagle

and Mount Laurel Road 1, 1283 County Line Road, 12th Ave., Muhlenberg Sheriff of Berks County to E. Market St., Tulpehock- Township, educational
lot, Alsace Township, Colebrookdale Township, Township, $81,000. Deutsche Bank Nation- en Township, $2,300. classes
$2,700. $2,100. Tara Hoffman to Car- al Trust Co. Trustee and Lem Moore LLC and Sher- Repperts Candy II Inc.,
Sheriff of Berks County to Kent Lewis and Cathy rington Mortgage Ser- Popular ABS Inc., 1226 iff of Berks County to 2708 W. Philadelphia
Kingsmead Asset Hold- Lewis to Marin-Pri- vices LLC, 127 Mayberry Chestnut St., $1,900. Phoenixville Federal Ave., Oley, candy manu-
ing Trust, 823 Antietam vate LLC, 773 Imperial Ave., Muhlenberg Town- Sheriff of Berks Coun- Bank and Trust, 5 Shed facturer
Drive, Amity Township, Drive, Cumru Township, ship, $2,400. ty to Fannie Mae, 945 Road, Union Township, 1274 Hill Road LLC, 1300
$2,500. $97,000. Sheriff of Berks County to Muhlenberg St., $2,800. $365,000. Stone Ridge Road, Spring
Nicholas W. Wolf and Elizabeth A. Siegel and Citimortgage Inc., 1015 Sheriff of Berks Coun- Olleroif LLC to 600 Township, real estate
Crystal S. Wolf to Amer- Robert A. Siegel to Ro- Meadow Drive, Muhlen- ty to Federal Home Loan Penn LLC, 600 Penn Hat-A-Tack, 275 Sunday
ican International Relo- co Property Invest- berg Township, $4,000. Mortgage Corp., 1728 Ave., West Reading, Road, Windsor Township,
B A N K I N G . I N S U R A N C E . I N V E S T M E N T S
cation Solutions LLC, 188 ment LLC, 720 Loblolly Dale J.M. Troutman to Haak St., $2,400. $1,165,000. retail sales of hats and
W. Spring St., Bechtels- Lane, Cumru Township, Zeppos Real Estate Sheriff of Berks Coun- Park Court Apartment horse equipment
ville, $170,000. $94,000. Holdings LLC, 4629 ty and JJ Property Man- Associates LP and Ber- Tuckerton LLC, 1030 Reed Member FDIC. Only deposit products are FDIC insured. BBT.com
Sheriff of Berks County Desiree Weidenhammer Kutztown Road, Muhlen- agement Co. LLC and JJ gen Park Court GP LLC Ave., Wyomissing, real 2016, Branch Banking and Trust Company. All rights reserved.
to LSF9 Master Partici- to Ocwen Loan Servicing berg Township, $139,900. Property Management to Park Court 2017 LLC, estate
No Money Down
Tuesday, May 2, 2017|32

Lease Event
Haul. Deliver. Work Exceptional Values From Our Loaner Fleet - Limited Time Offer

| 2017 CLA250 4MATIC
2017 Metris WORKER
Lease For

$ /Mo

Stock #M9992
Original MSRP $41,130 3483 Miles Prior use: Company Service Loaner $1570.95 due at
signing which includes 1st payment, $795 Acq fee and applicable PA tax and Registration

#73339 Pre-owned
| 2017 C300 4MATIC
Lease For

36 Mos

2016 Sprinter WORKER

Stock #M9643
Original MSRP $48,185 3483 Miles Prior use: Company Service Loaner $1603.93 due at
signing which includes 1st payment, $795 Acq fee and applicable PA tax and Registration

| 2017 GLE350 4MATIC

Lease For

36 Mos

$ 32,495

Stock #M9640
STARTING AT M9640 Original MSRP $60,320 4247 Miles Prior use: Company Service Loaner $1821.76
due at signing which includes 1st payment, $795 Acq fee and applicable PA tax and Registration
Business Weekly / Reading Eagle

1.877TomMasano | 1.877.866.6272 | 815 Lancaster Ave.
1.877.TomMasano | 1.877.866.6272 | 815 Lancaster Ave | Reading
$995 shipping plus tax & tags extra. Expires 5.2.17
Payments based on 36 mos. lease with $0 due at signing subject to credit approval.
Tax on payment extra. No security deposit required. All offers end 5.2.17