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WHY GOD, WHY? , Not too slozw (sostenuto) 2 CHRIS: a Why does ;Sai-gon ne-ver sleep at night? — Why does this git smelt ot o-range wees? — < 2 < How can I feel good when no-thing’s right? — Why is she cool when there is no breeze? — Vi-et- re ce ana owe) ee oe noc mo mec ee 8 a Od ale ee Pro. Voc. + way wou, wry: 7 no-thing left — here that Ml miss — Why send me now a night like this? __ ¥ 1s atempo Who is the git in this must-y bed? — Why is her voice ring-ing in my head? — Why am 1 back ina filthy room? ‘Why am I high on her cheap perfume? — Vi-et- VEU UTUC Se