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Volume X Number 1

1 Special thanks for those
who ve sent us invitations to
v is it them when we go to Cal
ifornia this s p r in g , but i t
may be the Oklahoma Tax Com
mission has grounded ns for

.y fw ,?
the p re se n t. For n in e years ,
we ve operated a le t t e r s h o p
in connection with the maga
zine under the tax agent s ad
vice that we were exempt under
5 He said h is name was Al there are two tubes one to see Oklahoma la w s, but the other
phonse V. Ienatowitcz. and that the magnetic M ira , which is day we were informed that they
he represented the Pood A Drug the one psychics s e e around have changed their minds (or
Addicts. Like a typical G-man. you when you think you re be what passes for same), and our
he flashed h is card which we ing ju s t what you look li k e in customers must not only p a y
examined quite c a r e fu lly not tiie mirror while shaving, and sales taxes but we have been
that we d id n t believe him but the other tube i s the Etca- assessed on our invoices for
we wondered i f w e d heard the color a u r a a projection o f the l a s t three years plus a
name correctly which we had . rainbow colors thru a d iffr a c penalty o f about 20 percent
We had a c a r d , too r e lic of tion grating system. The mag for not knowing better than to
our old Air Force days -- so we n etic aura tube i s not being take the agent s advice. Maybe
exchanged proof o f our exis marketed at this time pending this i s how t h e pigs at the
tence. This in it s e lf probably further improvement. Anyhow, trough" g e t aronnd o u r new
was an innovation in the an Lowana has told more about the Governors promise not to in
nals o f Government snoopery . Etcacolor tube in her article crease taxes in Oklahoma . . .
Of course, we were a b i t cur on Page 4 than we could in the ^ Most women change their
ious about why we should be so limited space we allow f o r . name at least once, and others
honored--maybe they were going facetious comments in this col seem to make a habit of it , but
to seize all the banned books umn , so w e ll spend no time i t s usually the surname with
in our Rental Library but Mr. I trying to gild the lily , so to which th ey re most concerned .
(fo r short) quickly corrected speak. One o f the uses for the Bat not o u r intrepid a n d in !
our thinking on this matter tube will be in the discovery tractable handwriting a n a ly s t ,
when he asked us what we knew and treatment of cancer, Davis of Ontario. C a lif. She came to
about Scientology and the Hub tells u s , but this i s a sub us as Mrs. Maxine Dumke. but
bard E-Meter. It took us more jec t we h a v e n t space to go when she begin writing for The
than two hours to convince M r. into until next month.. . Anoth ABERREE, Just call ne M ac ,
I that we knew so l it t le about er experiment Davis sent us is she wrote. I d o n 't lik e Max
Scientology and the Hubbard E* a k it to check the radiation ine. Now, someone has suggest
Meter -- which, we s u s p e c t e d , in our area, but we goofed our ed she start s a ilin g under her
was probably more honest than firs t test by not following n iddle nane o f t o o because
anything e l s e in Washington , directions, and Eva Woodford s of better v ib ra tio n s, b u t we
the p. D. A. included that he cartoon may explain why w eve rebel. Not that we dont like
(Mr. I ) decided against draft not tried i t again y e t .. ; (PLEASE T U N TO PAGE 12)
ing us as a witness in any
possible upcoming Washington "I"'fit,,.
trial which Mr. I admitted
they d had in mind. However, we
suggested that i f they w ant
ed someone to point an accus
ing finger at the A. M. A . , or
the crooked churches, or Con
gress, o r even the Pood and Drug
Ackninistration, j u s t c a l l on
us, because th ey d find us not
only w i l l i n g b u t anxious to
take a Washington vacation a t
Government e x p e n s e . That i s ,
i f and when we get some free
time that i s n t being taken up
by alphabetical g o o n s ...
5 The next v isitor who be
gins t e llin g us about colors
(bright or dull) they can see
around us, with an I-can-do-
something-you-can t a i r , m ay
have to prove it . Because n o w ,
with the aid o f a li t t l e tube
sa lt u s by Lowana Julaine and
Ro.v D a v is o f the Davis R e
search L a b s ., in Green Cove
Springs, F l a ., w e r e all s e t "L o u is " once said that when he tried to contact us psychi-
to do a l i t t l e seeing on our ca lly , a ll he could get was "the busy s ig n a l" . So, When Te Pub
ow n. What you s e e , when y o u tried to see Te i d s aura thru the Davis Ktcacolor tube , she
look thru one e n d , i s quite had a sim ilar experience. Anyhow, this is how i t looked to Bva
startling, and almost tempting Woodford, of Lost Creek, W.7 a ,, who admitted may have
she been
enough that one c o u ld forget "exaggerating s lig h t ly ". However, i f we'd had time to look at
there are things to do o t h e r Te Pub, w e'd have found her aura also was a b it on the "busy"
than look at auras . Actually , side- depicted here by a worried look and flyin g sweat.
Th e ABERREE -APU, 1963 '*

APRIL, 1963 Recusant Voice of The Infinites
for Earth, Mars, Venus, Saturn,
Vol. X - No. 1 n B R R 66 Pluto, and Zydokumzruskehen
Published monthly, except for the combined January-February and POLICY: Don t take it so damn* seriously.
the J u l y August issues, at 207 N. Washington, Enid, Okla. The infiniteness of Man is not reduced
Editorial office: 2522*1 North Monroe, Enid, Okla. to a split infinity" by wars, taxes,
or experts who seek to sell him what
Mail Address: Postoffice Box 528, Olid, Okla. he already has in an infinite amount.
Sub-Policy: We reserve the right to change
Subscription Price: $2 a year, $5 for 3 years. Single copies 25* our minds f r o m issue to issue, or
even from page to page, i f we desire.
Second class postage paid at Ekiid, Oklahoma. Sub-Sub-Policy: Each Man h a s the inherent
right to be his own and only "Author
EDITOR: The Rev. Mr. Dr. ALPHIA OMEGA HART. 1-2, D .D .. D. Sen., ity with his w ife s permission.
F .S e n ., B .Sen., HDA, HCA, et al ad infinitum ad nauseum Sub-Sub-Sub-Policy: We have no objection to
PUBLISHER: ALICE AGNES HART, 1*1, HCA, SEC., WFE., L b m ., ETC. educated guesses about Mans d e s
tiny i f there *s no price tag to i t ,
ADVERTISING*-Payable in advance. Write for rates. Copy and pay and if the guesser has no obj ection to
ment must reach us 45 days prior to insertion date. our guessing that h e s only guessing.


Children look forward to an auditor, going about h i s
birthdays; their elders try to business o f making the world
forget them. Since w e re now safe f o r m o r e a n d better
nine years o l d , and o l d for bridges, was skidded into the
onr a g e , w e r e going to do clink for robbing the American
neither. Medical Association o f it s mon
As we look back over the 90 opoly on keeping their patients
issues that mark our "h is t o r y , safe as a source for more pre
. 77 ~TT7~/ , Three Churches Given tentious homes and newer a n d
however, t h e r e s more than a y y f- j Y ____ ! barters by New Jersey shinier Cadillacs.
b it o f nostalgia i n the maga
zine s aura. We ve changed. We Scientologists being per
have l o s t some o f the face sons who study how to get out
tiousness that characterized o f their h e a d s , some thetan
the "b a b y ABERREE (or maybe must have broadcast a few beans
i t s a case o f you c a n t be during some unguarded moment,
funny forever). and the secret leaked. We were
We s till h a v e subscribers deluged with letters asking i f
who have been with us since the pnblivb 1M; i t were true that Scientology
utma tw* of
$1. 67-a-year days, yet some of by nW M orlng CO*, eymjil was abandoning psychotherapy
r *tuik elMPtikg* m l tf
our loudest supporters in t h e I attw pi ju s t hap* am a <
' w r - j *-1 nia fu r d naath t tI4M i^ it lf tc ScSao-
for t h e c ro ss. Having spent
beginning have "g raduated to Ur letter*, bub b*.
1 am. Saa Mga I . )
l(i*ffa 3^5*23^
I t l w a 'i mara aa H ga l>.)
most o f our ready funds as
where they do n t need us any tuition and not being able to
more (We hope t h a t s why they a fiord a battery o f secretaries
dropped out). And the type of world of philosophy, ology, ism , to answer the queries being
material that f i l l s our col ics, and anity was pretty s a f e . received, we discussed the pros
umns definitely has changed . I t was a serious b u s in e s s . No and cons o f the subject for
Some of this change was u n one knew better than everybody several seconds. Were we to be
intentional; we used the best how dangerous i t was to live a parly to this covert vengeance
o f what was available, and it without preparing to die. And against the medicos? Were we
became a matter o f the buggy then, out of the ashes o f false to l i e to our friends, and tell
running away with the h o r s e . hopes, high-pressure come-on, them no such plan existed, so
But in starting our 10th and self-qualified M e s sia h s , that someone might garner a few
year o f publication, we d lik e rose not another buzzard but $ 5 0 ,000s in a surprise suit or
to reprint an auditorial from a phoenix to out-phoenix a l l two for interfering with a man s
the anniversary number o f six phoenixes: The ABERREE. right to compete legitimately
years ago. It will explain to For our 9 83 ,2 7 1 readers not w i t h soul - savers ? Thi s may
our new readers how The ABER fortunate enough to get the sound fantastic, but it was on
REE came into being. firs t fe w issues, let us rem such a basis that a great de
For old-timers, you can stop inisce a bit. cision was made. We would pub
h e r e , a n d turn to something We were i n Phoenix, taking lish a magazine! We would call
fresher to read unless you the Third Clinical Course, the it (o f all things) The ABERREE!
want to humor your n o s t a lg ia . latest super - duper teaching And we would "scoop the world
But remember, one thing h a s n t offered a "s e le c t few capable on the gigantic metamorphosis
changed and thats our policy . o f carrying on the higher ech o f the basilisk from its Dia-
W e re n o t even taking our age elons o f Scientology. The Maes netic cocoon .
" t o o damn s er io u sly . tro (instructor, ISIB D T A , e t c .) When the urge to start creat
had ju s t announced to h i s ap ing
THIRD CANDLE FOR THE ABERREE plauding near-graduates that Knocked upon o u r t r a i le r
Three years o lil How fa st the Scientology was immunizing i t door,
volumes s e lf from prosecution and per There was not a whit of warning
Gather on the shelf of tine. secution that it was donning O f what future was in store,
Untold reams o f n ic e , w hite the robes o f a r e lig io n , and But t h e b u g kept pounding,
paper henceforth would operate under pounding,
Smeared with hope, and help, the protection of a Federal With a knock like mighty
and crime. Constitution that was s e t up Thor.
Unbound f i l e s o f printed pages to guarantee freedom o f wor Since we wanted The ABERREE
Streaked with d i r t , and ink, ship. But, i t was to be a well-
to be different from the dozen
and grime. guarded secret and the fact
Up until March o f 1954, the would become known only when (PLEASE TURN TO P A G E 18)
MYSTIC GETS EXCITED cept a psychosomatically-induced suggestion.
Those who are susceptible to suggestion be


lieve they " s e e something for a few t i m e s .
Then the suggestion wears o f f and they are
disgusted, d is illu s io n e d , and down in t h e


psychic dumps a g a in . T hey reach out for an
other decoy and go thru the whole heart-break
ing procedure again and again .
From now on things should be different. The
By LOW ANA JULAINE Quackery and dishonest tricks being offered to
the psychic investigator have been put to shame ,
I 1HE ANCIENT m ystics a r e r ig h t around the and the cheating frauds that prey on the pub
I | psychic corner, breathing down our necks. l i c will be laughed into non-existence.
' Science h a s reached back into the dusty I had been hearing about the Etcacolor aura
scenes o f history to bring forth a brand- tube since the early part o f 1961. Being a
new instrument for the modern psychic re- psychic who can see the auras at w ill under
- searcher. proper conditions, and being able to distin
Those who have read my articles and stories guish one auric manifestation from another, I
know I ca ll a spade a spade . After which I was frankly skeptical of the p ossibility of
use it to dig a hole w i t h , a n d the deeper I any instrument aiding the non-psychic to see
dig the better I like it . My digging has turned this phenomenon. I arrived in Green Cove Springs
up some strange, fantastic, and often unbeliev in January 7 of this year with my tongue in my
able objects and items of interest. cheek and a "show me chip on my shoulder.
To date, I ve turned up nothing more excit The firs t thing Roy Davis did was show me
ing than a discovery in the laboratories o f and as long as I d known Roy and knew he never
Roy Davis, in Green Cove Springs, Fla. This is misrepresented anything, I should have known
the rediscovery, actually, of the ancient prin that even in this he would be true to type. He
ciple o f viewing the inner and outer magnetic took the instrument apart piece by piece and
auras. This rediscovery is still in the infant let me examine each part thoroly. Then he let
stages within the labs. I ll say no more about me s it there and watch him put i t together so
it for the present because I want to tell you I would know no trickery had been added. After
about a "d if f e r e n t a ura viewer which Roy has which he handed the Etcacolor aura tube to me
labeled the Etcacolor aura viewer. to experiment with as long as I pleased.
Being an Egyptian psychic schooled in the When I placed my band under the lamp as in
secrets of mystic seeing, I have often wit structed, I saw the indescribable living colors
nessed those vivid and vibrant colors of the o f the Etcacolor a u r a on the drape-covered
human aura which only psychics and mystics have lamp s ha de, in all its brillian t magnificense
been able to observe. But never was I able to lik e a miniature aurora borealis. Roy tested
hold them for any duration of time that would with me by placing himself in such a position
allow me to inspect them to my h e a r t s content. that I could view h is a u r ic m anifestations.
Never before have I seen these living colors Thru these tests we learned that two persons
floating in space lik e a manifestation from an may have the same colors radiating from t h e
unknown and un-named w orld. body, but there is a decided difference in shad
I have investigated and tested more highly ing and order o f these colors. This i s some
a d v er tis ed , f r a u d u l e n t objects than I can thing I had previously suspected but had been
count o r even remember. I ve looked thru in unable to determ ine.
struments that are supposed to show the magnif The color spectrum is in different order
icence o f the l iv in g aura in all its glory. I than the primary c o l o r s . The spectrum runs
saw nothing. I get so disgusted with the frauds red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and v i o l e t .
and fakes who sell this bunch of junk that I Frequencies o f this spectrum were increased by
could shake them. They drain the public d r y at least one full octave as seen thru the Etca
and give them absolutely nothing in return ex- color aura tube over the ability o f my psychic
sight. Blue that is seen with normal psychic
sight becomes purple or purple b l u e .
A plain white light seemed to increase the
aura while the fluorescent light had a tendency
to reduce the aura but increase the clarity o f
the colors.
Words like "fa n t a s t ic and amazing were
too simple to describe my deflated skepticism.
I was actually see in g , with an instrument and
without using psychic sight, the weird phenom
ena of vivid colors my grandmother showed me
when I was first learning to develop this a bil
ity as a c h i l d .
And it was done without a long p eriod of
t r a in in g , or sitting quietly in a dark room,
mumbling some special mumbo-jumbo. Nor was it
necessary to add gadgets, or color f i l t e r s . I
just looked--and there i t w a s , "p r e t t y as a
p ic tu re . A n d that c a n be done, too, photo
graph the aura. I ve seen some beautiful o n e s
Roy h a s taken which makes the a u r a tube as
fully s cien tific, and provable, as the X- ray,
re-discovered by Dr. W .K . Roentgen in the tail-
end of the last century.
-------- *---------
I t is better not to know so much than to
Roy Davis looking thru his Etcacolor Aura Tube know many things that ain t so. Josh B illin g s .

4--------------------------------------- The A E R R E E APRIL, 1963


A Hard-Boiled Look at Seership

THE DOOR TO THE FUTURE, by Jess Stearn. 327
p p ., $ U .5 0 . Doubleday & C o ,, Hew York, H .Y ,
proves as much as any of them that one can make
Nostradamus say anything. I f the above verse
predicts a "rev ival of Christianity , then i t 's
~VOR A PERSON professing so much skep- a differe nt Christianity than that preached in
I 1 ticism in fortune t e llin g , Jess the orthodox churches of today, in which death
il Stearn, calling himself a hard-boiled definitely is not the day o f birth; this sounds
I I I newspaper man (meaning, we suppose, more lik e metaphysics than Christianity.
J someone not easily fooled), has had S te a m has devoted one chapter to "A s t r o l
1 a lot of future predicted for him ogy, Fortune Tellers, and Frauds --mostly as-
trology and confesses so much time spent vis
1 not only his own but of his friends .
itin g star gazers some at $ 2 5 for an hour
And tho this strain of skepticism is that one wonders how he found time to get his
I injected anew thruout The Door to book w ritten . However, he gives them the ad
M the Future , the reader can see that vantage o f the doubt, and cites the numbers of
the author is being convinced (against times h e s learned that they could chart t h e
his will, of course), that Pope Benedict course of destiny. He even rehashes the story
XIV wasn't being as objective as he might o f H i t l e r s leaning on astrologers for h is at
when he said, The gift of prophecy occurs tempted conquest o f the world, but got rid o f
the astrologers who warned him against h is
in fools, idiots, and melancholy persons .
projected drive against Russia.
And th ey re all there--well, most o f them. As for the frauds. S te a m writes, "M aking
J e a n e Dixon, Edgar Cayce, Peter Hurkos, Nos the rounds o f the supper-club mystics, I learned
tradamus , Arthur F o rd , Mother Shipton even many diverse things about myself. On the very
the J e s u s o f the Bible. N ot only what they day I was making a trip by a i r to C a lifo r n ia ,
said about the past that D ID happen, but what I was also going by sea to S>ain. I was going
they've promised for the future. And some o f to be married this year, next year, last y e a r ,
it i s n 't good. and n o t a t a ll. I was going to lose my j o b ,
For example, J e a n e D i x o n , known as the get a promotion, and I was going to liv e to 6 0 ,
Capital (Washington, D . C . ) Soothsayer , who 75, and 8 4 . Which served him right. I f you
predicted the death of F. D. Roosevelt when he flip a coin often enough, you ll always get
was serving his fourth term , foresaw Dag Ham- both heads and t a ils probably equally. Y o u ll
m arskjold s death in an airplane crash, and also wear out the c o in .
has a long chain o f other successes to h e r There i s a p ossibility. S te a m points o u t ,
credit. Mrs. Dixon, who has predicted correctly that i f th is psychic ability to look into the
every presidential election in t h e l a s t 20 future/past/present with all- seeing eyes, is
years, has been less quoted on the fo llo w in g : developed, and accepted, i t will com pletely
Nixon would receive the most votes in 1960, but change our mode o f l i f e . How far would crimi
not all h is votes would be counted; that the n ality get i f someone can close h i s eyes, pick
successful Democratic candidate would be a s up some dust from the scene o f the crime, and
sassinated, or die during h is firs t term; that come up with full details o f the crim e, in
Russia would win the space race; Russia will cluding t h e k i l l e r s social security number?
dictate t h e peace; Khruschev, when he goes, What nation could plot a surprise attack on
will disappear q uickly . Some big p i l l s to another nation i f the warped geniuses in its own
swallow, but so were some o f those that al particular pentagon/kremlin were having their
ready are history. so-called brains scanned by a mystic who could
But there are other d o le fu l forecasts that see all a n d tell a l l ? And how long could a
have been seen hy seers other than Mrs. Dixon nation s economy be strait-jacketed by strikes
--the destruction of New York, preceded by that i f a mystic could t e ll, in advance, ju s t how
o f Los Angeles and San Francisco, was predicted much pressure t h e labor-management conferees
by Edgar Cayce, the sage o f V irginia Beach . would stand before giving in--to save face and
Unfortunately, Cayce never was asked by what their own economic doldrums? The p o ss ib ilitie s
means this destruction was to occur only that o f a complete overthrow o f our hypocrisy-rid
New York's demise was set roughly f o r 1998 . den civ iliza tio n are stupendous. I t might even
And this i s a year prior to the space war of mean a new course in school on How to be hon
July, 1999, seen by Nostradamus several cen est in spite o f yourself .
turies before Cayce even existed. However, But where does all this knowledge of the un
there are unkind persons who say one can find knowable come from? Where does the psychic get
anything i n Nostradamus, i f h e s w illin g to h i s knowledge o f the airplane t h a t s going to
juggle enough words and symbols. Stearn seems crash next week, and who ll be aboard? How did
to go along with the interpreter Stewart Munro Jea n e Dixon know President Roosevelt had only a
Robb, who thinks the "G r e a t S e e r has coded few months to liv e when he called her to the
most o f the world s highlights up to the year White House for a "r e a d in g which was some
3797. After this, S te a m (or Robb) sees in the thing a majority of the voters hadn t been able
following verse, a revival o f Christianity: to figure out only a few weeks previously? And
The body without soul w ill no longer be a sac why are some dreams so prophetic, while others
r if ic e apparently mean exactly nothing?
Day o f death w ill change to day o f birth. And w ha t about those o f us who spend so
The divine s p ir it w ill nake the soul happy, much time and money consulting seers and for
Seeing the world in its eternity. tune tellers? Even i f we learned o f tomorrow s
This reviewer thinks this verse, by i t s e l f , events, would we do anything about them, or

APRIL, 1963 Th e flBERREE 5

even try to? As Ste a m says: "Nostradam us, o f to be the conclusion S t e a m has reached, that
co u rs e, s a w an ap parent sp a ce conflict not " t h e future stretches on virtually endlessly,
very f a r o f f , b u t despite h is record in the despite a few possibly unpleasant interludes,
past for accuracy, few will believe him. I find and the order i s already established. Nothing
this d if f i c u l t to accept myself, any more than we can do, perhaps, shall change i t .
as a very young man I could accept the fact In c lo s in g . S t e a m quotes t h e C atholic
that I would some day d ie . In the same way, I "s a in t Thomas Aquinas, that G o d receives no
cannot take Edgar Cayce seriously when he tells news from the world, and nothing surprises Him .
o f the imminent destruction o f New York City " I f two servants, who do not know they need
and the two great c itie s o f the West Coast. It meet, are sent by their master to t h e same
matters not how right, again, Cayce h a s been place, the meeting o f the two servants, i f re
in the p a s t ." ferred to themselves, i s by chance, b u t a s
And again: "R egardless o f the evidence or compared to the master who had ordered it , it
proof, many people will never take seriously is directly intended.
reported instances o f psychic phenomena or We disagree and fortunately we can do this
any other phenomena that defies explanation by today without being burned at the sta k e. How
their f i v e senses. As a matter o f fact, even ever altho we know no more for certain than
when the phenomenon has been established to Aquinas d i d our own un sain ted aberrations
the satisfaction o f some o f these senses eyes dictate to us that we have more choice in this
and ears, for example they s t ill will sneer. game o f l i f e than i f we were actors in a mo
tion picture film whose only chance o f evad
Maybe we dont lik e to accept "e v ide n ce o f ing their performance i s an accidental fire in
accurate precognition because o f what i t may the projection booth.
portend that the future already i s fixed and TO think otherwise is to accept fatalism
we are not masters o f our fate; that we do not and relax since "w h a t is to be, will b e . It
have any choice but to follow the groove that sounds lik e an excellent excuse for those seek
leads from the cradle to the grave. This seems ing a way to dodge responsibility. Trah Nika.

COULTER DENIES KINSHIP even met him . And I never was interested in
Scientology I rejected it in toto as soon as


I found out what it w a s .
As for Dianetics, obviously it d id n 't work
for me, at least. My evaluation o f it was that


what was good in it wasn t new and what was
new in it w asn t good. Others may have a d i f
ferent ev aluation , but that i s their experi
ence. I reject it in toto. I have no need for
By ART COULTER any of its ideas and techniques. I remember it

primarily as a source of misery and heartache.
URPOSE of this article is to correct a false I wish I d never heard of it.
impression that some readers of The ABER- So much f o r my personal association w ith
REE may have namely, that Synergetics is D ia n e t ic s . The ideas and tools of Synergetics
in some way an offshoot o f Dianetics and have developed along quite a different p a t h .
Scientology. I o b je c t strongly to t h i s Many o f the ideas o f Synergetics are not
representation because it is not true, be new. The term "synergy was derived from medi
cause it i s an insult to me personally, andcine, where it refers to the co-operative ac
because it creates d iffic u lt ie s for Synergeti-tion o f two drugs or o f two or more muscles
cists. about a jo int. The idea of synergy it se lf goes
I realize that my enemies, and those who back to the early Greeks, and even further in
wish to destroy or invalidate Synergetics, will the civ iliza tio n of the Ea st.
continue their attacks regardless of what I What i s new about Synergetics is the dis
might s a y . I hope, however, t h a t the open- covery of the synergic mode of function. Every
minded reader will give my viewpoint a fair one experiences the phenomenon of synergy at
hearing, and that whatever h is judgment may b e , one time or another. The tools of Synergetics
he will at least communicate to others my ob when used with precision evoke synergy so
jection to such a characterization of Syner often it reaches a continuous flow . And this
getics, whenever the topic is brought up . flow, when it occurs, is a new form o f exper
The reason for this impression is plausible ience.
enough. It derives from the fact that I once Hie basic tool o f Synergetics tracking
investigated Dianetics and that, impressed by was not drawn from Dianetics . Rather it was
the gallant effort o f Don Purcell to save the inspired by James Harvey Robinson, whose book,
Dianetic Research Foundation and angered by "T h e M ind i n the M a k i n g ", written in the
the despicable attacks made upon him at the 1930 s, exerted a strong influence upon me . I
time, I tried, informally, to help him . This have yet to see a Dianeticist or Scientolo
was in the period 1950-1953. gist use this tool properly. The reason for
This was prior to the defin itiv e emergence this is easy to see it is basically incompat
o f Synergetics as a science. The first essay ible with the basic Dianetic technique, " r u n
on Synergetics was written early in 1953, and ning it o u t " . ( "R unning is it s e lf derived
privately distributed to a few friends. (I t has from an e a r ly psychiatric technique , c a lle d
been reprinted in the December, 1962, issue of " t h e cathartic method by some a u t h o r s.!
CHANGE. t When I realized the significance o f From a logical standpoint, Synergetics is
this development, I told Don it would be nec closely related to psychoanalysis, general se
essary for me to terminate my efforts in his mantics , the theory of emergent e v o lu t io n ,
b e h a l f , that Synergetics was an independent Gestalt Psychology, and Cybernetics. To these
science in its own right, and must develop ac fields, I can honestly pay tribute .
cording to its own laws. But i f I were to be asked, "W h a t worthwhile
I never at any time had any relation with idea or technique did you first honestly hear
L.Ron Hubbard. I never took any of h is courses about in D i a n e t i c s ? I would have to answer,
or received a n y o f his "d e g r e e s . I ve never "N o n e !
6----------------------------------------Th e R E R R E E APRIL, 1963
Siut }jou, Too, Gan
W A R N I N G These lessons i n #'Adva nced Percep*
ig h t 1y or delv ed
t io n " are n ot to be treeted
LESSON 12 CONCENTRATION in by the cu r i o u s lor i die or q u e s tionable
/\ UR NEXT subject I s concentration, goa 1S. AS the Author ceuti ons , they' re dange r*
ous and i t Is s u g g e s t e d two p e r s o n s with simi-
I 1 and the prerequisites for this les- 1 ar intent work as e team. One of the risks in*
I I son are an ability to meditate and vo 1ved, Mr Schroeppel warns, Is thst some who
I I a desire to be able to handle or succe ss* u 11 y de v e l o p the! r ad vanced perce pt ion
control or work with the mind. In ar e going to see some thin IS t h e y d rather not
see And don't mis with any other tech nique.
I I order to attain the higher abil- or you may f ind yours elf wo rkl ng at c r oss-pur-
I ities of the mind, it i s necessary poses. Whl ch Is no place to find yours elI, or
to be able to focus and control the for anyone else to find you espec i a 11y an in*
I f conscious m in d , to hold it t o a competent p s y c h ologist or psychiatrist. They
may get the Idea y o u re as crazy as they are.
\ J single point or subject, still and
at rest there. This is exceedingly d i f f i
cult for most persons to do. The average than, say, 10 inche s o f space, maybe six or
individual is totally incapable of holding eight feet from you--not far, at the most, not
his mind or his attention still. over 10 feet. The Yogis us ed a candle flame
So how does one get to the point? placed two feet or so in front o f the ey e s ,
Preliminary d r ills should include medita and they concentrate not on the tip o f the
tion o r holding the mind on a single s u b je ct. flame but on the base. Others sometimes use
They should also include the deliberate filling things like small statues, or a small painting
o f the mind with particular classes of thought, that is not too complicated. For myself, I use
and then the elimination o f those classes of a picture the face o f a friend. The object on
thought from the m ind. I n a team drill , t h e which you fix should be f a i r l y pleasant, and
director might say, Imagine this for a w h i l e ... it should have pleasant connotations for y o u .
All right, now stop imagining (or playing w it h , However, any mental p ictu re s held should be
or thinking about! this and imagine t h is ...N o w static mental pictures. There should be no mo
stop playing with this one and play with this tion in them, no growth, no change whatsoever.
o n e , so that the subject matter a lso comes They should not smile, or talk back to y o u ,
under control. This is a slow exercise and a change c o lo r , grow in clarity, o r anything
long haul, but you gain from it perception and lik e that.
control and direction over your own atte n tio n . Your purpose eventually is to hold your full
There is one path toward integration or the attention on the chosen object of concentra
knowledge of the soul which comprises three tion, absolutely, without a n y wavering and
steps and three alone: meditation, concentra without any interferences. You should use all
tion, and beingness. It is a slow path, and it of the attention you have the attention with
usually requires a certa in amount o f counsel which you s e e , with w hich you listen, with
ing, but it is one by which the individual who which you smell, with which you feel your body.
walks by himself toward God can travel almost In the beginning a second, two s e c o n d s , 10
completely alone. It conveys very lit t le in seconds of absolute, total attention will be
the way of power or function. It will, however, quite good. Your goal is at least 10 minutes
convey a clarity of perception and a certainty to hold your attention fixed on the object and
o f self; and properly done it should also bring nowhere els e , without wavering for any purpose
an inner peace and faith about w hat the indi whatsoever, with no awareness of anything e l s e .
vidual i s , where he i s , where he is g oin g and I f you pick the face o f a friend as your ob
why; and i t should bring about some awareness j e c t , y o u may discover some curious side-
of God and o f what the soul and its purpose effects. When you are concentrating on your
are. It is a path toward God which can be used friend, he may see you and later comment, " I
by i t s e l f . The r es u lts i n effectiven ess of saw you on the street corner this morning. What
function in present tine, telepathy, clairvoy were you doing about that time? O r , " I was
ance, or healing powers, or the ability to alone in my room about nine o clock last n ig h t ,
handle energy, are lik ely to be quite lim ited . and it seemed to me that you just came in and
Effective prayer may o r may not result from talked to me for a minute. I looked around, and
it , according to what the individual knows I actually expected to feel y ou, but I could
about prayer, rather than the technique itsel f . n t. What were you doing then ? I have run in
Probably it w ill not make him cause in his to this sort of thing . I use much longer per
particular environment, but may be more likely iods o f meditation, and with intention or some
to make him effect. such thing added, it produces definite results
Meditation has been discussed already. Con at the other end. However, what you are trying
centration is done as follows: Find a place to learn to do i s just s it s t i l l , with no in
where you can be alone completely and totally tention, no anything except attention, com
alone with no need at all to put your attention plete attention, complete focus o f conscious
on th e physical requirements of the environ ness on the picture.
ment. Pick an object or mental picture a nd When you can concentrate like this f o r 10
focus all your attention on it. I f an o b j e c t , minutes, focus on being something for a sus
i t should be small; it should occupy no more tained period of tim e. You already have had
APRIL, 1963 -The ABERREE 7
d r il l s on being, but they have been for speed: Sooner or later you should be able to be
Touch this. Get away from it . Be this. Be something and as the something examine its
something else. Be y o u r se lf. The emphasis has whole pattern o f l i f e : its growth, its purpose,
been on speed, and there was a good reason and its memories. Flowers work very nicely on
why. Actual telepathic and clairvoyant percep this sort of thing. I f you are a flower, you
tion is normally done at high speeds. One man should be able to go back and be the seed, and
I know estimates they come in bursts of a 25th feel the sun and the rain on it , and the wind
o f a second , which he has to sit and pick and the cold. You should be able to feel the
apart. I have seen as many as a thousand con shell opening, the roots going down, and the
cepts and images land in the split part of a leaves growing up, the plant coming into bloom
second, so that the receiver had to pick the and going on to seed. It may take time to be
package apart and sort it out after it had been anything this completely, but sooner or later
delivered. But this is something different from you should be able to pick up the whole exper
what we are now after. ience and being of your chosen object.
What we want here is for you to be the ob At the start you should work more or less
je c t , to be it thoroly and completely, to lose on one thing until you get good at it before
all trace of yourself as a body sitting there taking on something else. Stay with the flower,
in a chair, to concentrate and focus your at or whatever the object is, until you feel it
tention totally and completely and over a per thoroly and are quite good at being it. What
iod of time in being whatever it is you have you want to be able to do is to transfer your
chosen . complete awareness, your whole awareness, into
The object of your focus should be some the form of the flower, and then to be able ,
thing which is well worth being. You might try when the session is over, to un-be" the flower
an image o f one o f the saints. You might pick and be yourself competely and wholly.
some object which has reasonably good connota There are two important advantages of drill
tions in relation to the environment too, some well done on this sort of t h in g . First, it
bit of statuary or ceramics which you admire. enables you to control the environment in a
Preferably the o b je c t should be something very direct sense ; second, i f you keep being
fairly stationary and simple, not something other things and then coming back to being
complicated like an engine with wheels spin yourself, your concept of yourself b e c o m e s
ning or something which contains a lot of high sharper a n d clearer, a n d the self becomes
speed or random motion. The Yogis would have somewhat healthier, better contained and con
you practice on only one thing : Iswara, they trolled, with fewer past identifications, o l d
call it , or God. You might try being some good awarenesses, a nd so forth. I t will b e , or
friend whom you like; but i f you do this, be should be, more appropriate to the present time
certain you pick one in good physical condition . you are in.
I f you choose a person , make sure he or she Of course you want to make sure you do not
has ideals of which you approve and is healthy bring stuff back with you. For instance, i f you
and comfortable p h y s ica lly --in short, someone be somebody who is in poor shape, you want to
in whose being you can be comfortable . make absolutely sure, when you stop being that
Being people is fair. Being small objects-- individual and become yourself, that you be
small pretty statues, flowers, or things like come wholly and fully yourself and do not bring
that--is probably better. You can, i f you are any garbage back with you. Most people under
so minded, practice being one of the chakras. normal circumstances are carrying good- sized
I f your aim is solely union with God and knowl chunks of garbage that they have picked up
edge of God, spend your time being the chakra along the way from mother, father, and other
at the top of the head, the crown chakra, and people. Very few are being themselves wholly
while you are the crown chakra examine what and fully anyway. The number of this kind is
you a r e . so few and far between that you will have a
But whatever you pick , your purpose is to bit of a surprise when you really become able
lose yourself completely within it . You must to pick up an individual who is himself a nd
be that object and not carry any o f your iden not trying to be three or more other people
tity ( John Smith or "M ary Jo n e s or I am a such as my brother who is older than I am,
woman and my feet hurt '! along with y o u . F o r and my mother , and my father, and the school
the period o f your exercise , your beingness , teacher I liked, and a good Rotary member .
you are the object wholly, completely, total- When a student is fully and totally focused
ly--and nothing else. As the object, after you down on one point in this way, somebody else
learn to be it , you examine what you are: that should be able to walk into the room, kick his
is , get the complete structure o f i t , molecu leg, or bite him, or something else as strong
lar, muscular, clothes, whatever it may be. as t h a t , and he should be at the most only
When you get very good at this being, you mildly annoyed by the interruption. It should
establish a-form of control. As the o b je c t , go almost unnoticed until such time as he puts
you c a n move and change. You will find this h is attention b a c k i n his body. T h e s t a t e
applies to people. It is a form o f power which actually requires a lot more attention than
should be used most carefully and only for a the so-called hypnotic trance i f it i s done
good reason. However, i f someone near you is properly and effectively and you achieve what
very uncomfortable and radiating a lot o f ju n k , you are supposed to by it . I might add that i f
i t is possible for you to become the person , you can do this by yourself, there is no need
change the radiation, and then go back to be to fool around with hypnosis of any k i n d . You
ing yourself; and you will find that the other can and should take full responsibility f o r
individual is no longer putting out the junk , what happens to yourself, instead of passing
that he is putting out whatever you laid on it o ff to somebody else. In most cases what
him. O f course there are limitations to t h i s . the hypnotist provides i s : First, an external
It won * t work very well i f the individual is source of attention; second, an external source
completely responsible for himself and what he of responsibility so that the subject doesnt
is doing. But, on the other hand, the complete have to be responsible for the things he does ;
ly responsible individual will not be radiating and third (maybei, a lit t le technique. All of
a lot o f garbage all o v e r t h e environment these things you should by now be able to sup-
either. (PLEASE TURN TO P A G E 9)

8 Th e ABERREE APRIL, 1963-

1 --THE HIDDEN CREATOR and uncreated.
|HE WORU) wants to know who, what, and where A valuable discovery, unnoticed by great
Is the Creator. Ages of searching by great scientists. There i s only one basic prereq
men have failed to find Him. I f He e x i s t s , u is ite to seeing anything with the eyes it
it should be possible to locate Him. I f He must be created, and, hence, is temporal. By
is only a myth, there is no answer to the further analysis, i t i s certain t h e Looker,
question: What power creates and regulates which cannot be se e n with the eyes, has never
the world and everything in i t ? been created, and, therefore, is eternal .
Dr. Andrew D. White wrote: "T h e r e come, one The scientists found only an automatic uni
after the other, five of t h e greatest men of verse with no Creator. The Creator cannot be
modern times Copernicus, K e p le r, Descartes, seen and is , therefore, uncreated and eternal .
Newton, and L a p l a c e and when their work was He is the Absolute Reality, whose existence is
done, the Biblical conception o f the universe revealed only by H is Work, in which He i s re
was exploded and gone. flected, and appears in every plant and p l a n e t ,
S ir Isaac Newton decided to learn something in every bird and bee, in every mouse and man.
o f the Creator by learning more about the uni That is the true doctrine o f Omnipresence.
verse. He believed original creation consisted The Bible is right when it says, "T h e King
o f t h e C r e a t o r s making all things more or dom o f God is within you". But had the author
less as they now a r e . With a push of His a l or interpreter o f that remarkable passage op
mighty hand, He h a d s e t the planets g o i n g , erated on a level only one step higher in h is
having at the same time given the Law of Grav understanding, the s in g le word " w i t h i n had
itation as a guide, and from there on to the never been included; and so much different
Last Judgment no change cou ld occur in the might have been the story of human history.
eternal machine, save a stray comet that would The c le rg y p lo d blindly on with m ulish
need to be checked like dust in the works o f a faith in creed and dogma, paralleling the s c i
watch . entist in peering forever outward in h is search
The researches o f these intellectual giants for the Kingdom of God within . Some day these
were inspired by a desire to lea r n something converging lines o f search may meet in the
of the Creator by learning more about the Uni staggering light o f Knowingness, thus ending
verse the Bible says He made. Their work ended the long, dark night in which men walk and work .
with t h e discovery of an automatic universe Take a new look at the ageless wisdom in
that gets along perfectly without any Creator. the Bible and learn the secrets unnoticed since
TCiese findings leave the b ig question un the burning of the ancient libraries destroyed
answered. An automatic universe must have the precious scrolls o f the wise men o f antiq
power to produce, and it should be possible to uity. Here is a revelation for the fact seeker ,
gain some definite knowledge as to what power but not recommended for t h e f e a r f u l , fear-
creates the world and all things in i t . bound s la v e . Many mystery problems are dis
All questions have answers. So has t h i s o n e , solved and many amazing secrets are uncovered.
and this writer w as determined n o t to stop (Continued in the next issue*

searching until he found it. Where did he find ------ 4------
it? Right in the Bible, but stated in terms so (CONTINUED
simple that none had noticed them. F R O M P A G E 8)
Great scientists with giant telescopes peer
ply for yourself.
outward in an effort to find the outer limits
There are those who may consider the exer
of the universe. With powerful microscopes they
cise in concentration to be self-hypnosis. I
search as diligently for the origin o f the un
say it is much more than that. It should not
iverse . A n exciting game in both d irections, only be considerably better than the average
but yielding unsatisfactory r e s u lt s .
state o f self-hypnosis, but it must also be
The writer took another course. He saw much
under your control , and I warn you that it
in the Biblical statement that we locfc not at should not be undertaken except for particular
the things seen (with the eyes'*, but a t the
results which have a meaning, such as trying
things not seen (with the eyes*; for the things to attain awareness of God, or gaining higher
seen (with t h e eyes'* a re temporal; but the perception. In other words, you should not do
things (seen in the mind and* not seen (with it just for fu n . You might do it to find out
the eyes* are eternal (2 Cor. 4: 18*. what it will do for you; that is a legitimate
Here was a starting point. The Looker cannot rea so n .
see t h a t which lo o k s. It can see o n ly some This lesson i s a long-haul proposition. A
object other than it s e lf. All the Looker c a n year, two years, three years would not be con
see has been created or it would not be pres
sidered at all unusual for this sort o f thing.
ent to be s e e n . All objects that can be s e e n , I f y ou le a r n concentration in two or three
says the B ible, are temporal, having been cre
months, consider yourself to be a minor mira
ated. All things that cannot be seen with the
cle-- or better s t i l l , look again and see i f
eyes are eternal, not having been created. As
you really are getting the results you should.
the Looker cannot see it s e lf, i t is eternal
(Continued in the next issue*
APRIL, 1963-
MYSTERIOUS RECOVERIES an irrational p a re n t slapping the child un
expectedly and shouting, Shut up ! , the oc


clusion is s till more d iffic u lt to overcome,
the depth o f forgetfulness is increased, and
later the grown-up suffers a chronic dyspepsia,


an aching heart, and possibly has no recollec
tion o f ever having a pet as a c h ild .
Such a sufferer o f pain and anguish need no
longer make the weary rounds o f medicines that
cannot cure and healers that heal not. Thru a

system labeled Humanetics , he can by intent
and purpose ( i f need be, with a notebook to
HERE ARE occasional, valid reports o f peo
ple recovering from a supposedly "i n c u r a write down such phrases as come to o n e s own
mind) seek to recall the l ie , to effectively
ble affliction. Such events are considered
discharge from the mind manifold word phrases
mysterious , even by physicians and clergy
that bear on the childhood anguish; and to
and even when an effort is made to explain
purposefully r e - e v a l u a t e th e s e comnand
them as Acts o f God . However, i f there
phrases . Thus the l i e is n o t e d in present
is a common denominator i n such unexplained
time by the conscious mind. This constitutes a
reco veries, it seems to be that in some b rief
voluntary a c t io n . Magical results follow , but
interval ju s t before the recovery began , the
individual has c le a r ly , often un ex p ec te dly , there i s nothing mysterious about them.
An involuntary action is now taking p la c e .
recalled certain exact statements relating to
Conscious awareness and purposeful recognition
a highly emotional and/or painful experience.
o f the original l i e a l t e r s the power o f the
A physician, fearful o f performing surgery ,
unconscious to control it s victim by the past
became responsible during an emergency when he
illogical dictates o f the "command p hrases
unexpectedly recalled h is despair and embar
rassment as a student when a hypercritical in that b u ilt up such dreadful power from small
beginnings. Without blinding emotion to distort
structor t o l d h i m , You will n ev e r make a
and make lasting, words and incidents that are
surgeon .
fittin g only for the moment, these hangovers
A compulsive t h r o a t - c le a r e r remembered
th ink ing, I ju s t c a n t swallow it , when a from the past can be re-evaluated in their
loved one died unexpectedly. true p ersp ectiv e.
A victim o f pernicious anemia remembered Sometimes exact data come spontaneously,
she had been told, Y o u ve lost so much blood, producing sudden changes to show that a mira
cle h a s taken p l a c e ; other times a n d with
you w ont have enough for y o u rse lf.
Remembrance of t h e painful or emotional other people the work i s arduous, demanding
"a g re em ents actually set fo r c es into motion great determination to persevere as the words
that remolded the individual s l i f e . o f one phrase prompt variations o f t h e theme
and similar agreements are recalled up and
I t has been postulated that the exact words
down the path of o n e s history; until in the
o f some forgotten statement or thought h a d
ultimate triumph over the unconscious, the in
become lodged in the unconscious p o rtio n of
dividual has been forced to remember words
the mind without the person's conscious aware
connected w i t h m a n y painful and emotional
ness; a n d w a s somehow causing unreasonable
events long lost to conscious memory.
physical and mental anguish.
The important thing in Humanetics i s that
The benefit t h a t others might g a in from one need not be dependent upon another for help
these data is that i t contains the promise that in this search. I t needs no mumbo-jumbo or
a person with perseverance may be able to work tricks; no services o f self-appointed experts
alone--be not dependent upon the whims or fan in esoteric fields o f knowledge a n d /o r medi
cies o f another--and yet ratio n ally and pur cine; no high-priced entrepreneurs to inter
posefully prevail against a variety of unwanted pret dreams, to discuss or analyze, or review
a fflic t io n s or disagreeable compulsions. or evaluate or tell one what to do or how to
This would be accomplished by the indiv id think.
ual intentionally seeking to recall to con Yet, here are t h e reasons to be found and
scious awareness the exact words o f thoughts or set aside why one person hates to do housework
statements that they told to themselves during whereas another is a slave to i t ; why one per
times o f physical pain o r mental anguish, or son i s stagnant with idleness and boredom,
were told by others. The theory behind this is another driven to early death by tension; why
that the actual word content the concept o f a one quarrels incessantly and another flees to
palpably foolish and untrue statement can be solitude; one is sickly and cannot e a t while
come the unsuspected cause o f peculiar actions another bulges with fat and cannot control a
and chronic ailments by becoming lodged in the gluttonous appetite.
unconscious area o f the mind where they pro To escape such com pulsions, one learns to
duce unwanted effects by some l i t t l e known control the effect o f these " command phrases
process o f stimulus response a c t i v i t y . by firsjt learning how they are installed with
The concepts themselves, often originating out the' individual s own realization; p l u s a
in a stupid remark o f .some other p erson, c a n determination to not increase the problem by
be described as original lie s which have been adding to i t , day by day .
accepted as true during times o f emotional up I t will be discovered that the implant has
set and/or physical pain. This leads to a dis occurred during periods o f anger, fear, g u i l t ,
tortion o f logic which exists on the below- sickness o r p a i n , apathy, g r i e f , and o t h e r
conscious level o f the mind and thereafter be emotions that accompany critical events in a
comes t h e source which causes illogical person s l i f e especially as a child, but not
obligations for the victim to suffer such con necessarily connected with youthful experiences.
sequences as i f the li e s were actual, invari I t would be a mistake to assume that i f a
able, immutable truths. phrase caused the trouble, the effect could be
For example, a child may be terrorized a n d offset by repeating a counter-phrase i n the
sick at heart over the death of a favored p e t . popular form o f brainwashing known as posi-
The child thinks, I ll never get over t h i s .
I f the emotional upset is further augmented by ( P L E A S E T U R N 10 P A G E I D
10------------------------------------ ---------- T h e A B E RR E E APRIL, 1963
Ta les of the Unusual' That Test the C r e d ulity
of Th ose A f r a i d of What They Don't Unders t a n d .
"A lo n g about the time the Professor was
making his p re dictio n s, m ilitary s c ie n t is t s
had decided to test a very large bomb in the
southwestern d e s e r t . As y o u know, something
caused them to change their minds and substi
tute a smaller o n e .
I f they had completed testing the large
UFOS MAP DANGEROUS FISSU R E one as they were fir s t p lanning, there would
Early one morning (in 1955 or 19561, I was have been a very distinct possibil ity that this
out by the edge of a fa irly large pond trying crack would have opened up under and into the
to get a shot at some wild geese . There was no Great L a k e s . This could have caused just such
one else around the pond at the tim e. Hearing a flood as the Professor predicted.
some geese honking , I looked up to see i f they I f these scientists of yours could be in
appeared to be coming in to the water, and saw duced to look at and believe some of our charts
something more interesting to me than geese . and maps of the interior o f the ea r th , they
I d seen saucers b e fo r e , and this was to mnght be a li t t l e more careful with their
all appearances sim ilar to those I d seen pre atomic hammers.
viously. I t was alone, a silvery disc, travel As to t h e s a u c e r with the black vapor
ing slowly in an easterly direction and leaving t r a il, a saucer is sent out and will follow a
behind a lo n g , black vapor tra il. It didn 't crack in the earth by using a sort o f radar
seem to be high . Then I noticed another silvery detection system somewhat lik e a ship follow
shape coming up o n the firs t o n e , very f a s t , ing a submarine or a plane on a beam.
from the w est. This one w as leaving a white The black trail is simply a trail o f black
contrail. When it came up fa irly c lo s e , t h e smoke a mixture of chemicals that leaves a
firs t one suddenly took o f f , rapidly outdis long t r a il. This is photographed from another
tancing the other, s t ill leaving a black trail . spaceship h i g h above the e a r t h , and s o r t of
The second one suddenly peeled off , and as superimposed upon a map or chart o f the a r e a .
it turned I c o u ld see the stubby v e e w in g s This way we keep our charts up to d a t e .
o f a je t fighter p la n e . It turned rapidly and "T h e je t plane was sent to investigate the
disappeared to t h e w e s t . The saucer then UFO, and gave up the chase when he got into the
made a sudden right-angle t u r n , and w ithout black trail and got a whiff of i t . T h i s , while
leaving any more of the black t r a i l, darted off it will make a person slightly nauseated i f
to the north . The black trail in the sky went breathed in t o the lungs , i s not dangerous in
away quickly. small amounts.
That night, I contacted D (an entity with The p ilot told his superiors at the base
which I often h a d been in communication! on that the saucer tried to k ill him with p o ison
the Ouija board, and asked i f he could tell me g a s . Maybe this is why they have been ordered
what had been going on . to shoot them down . We are not worried about
"Y o u remember the Professor (In Chicago? or that what worries us is where the pieces will
Detroit?--S. C . ! who lost his job for predict fly to when and i f you guys become too enthus
ing a catastrophe? He s a i d the Great Lakes iastic (with testing! o u t th e r e on Jackass
would r i s e and flood the surrounding co u n F la t !
try. He got his information from a Spiritu al D used the expression "T h e Jackasses o f
ist source. It was accurate as to p o ss ib ili Jackass F l a t quite o f t e n . I had never been
ties, even tho it d i d n t happen. At least, it able to find anything in the news (at t h a t
h a s n t happened yet. time! about any testing go in g on at Jackass
"Between the Rocky Mountains and the moun F l a t , b u t wrote it down a s he told it . The
tainous a re a s of the eastern states lie s a news lately has brought this to mind a g a in .
great bowl, or depression in the earth s c r u s t . I have been out of contact these last couple
This is fille d with comparatively loose mater of years, due to sickness, e t c ., but intend to
ia l. This has been shaken up from time to time try again as soon as I get to a suitable so li
in the past and has caused cracks to form deep tude somewhere. Probably the desert later o n .
within the more solid parts of the earth. These Stanley Clason, Poison, Mont,
cracks or fissures extend upwards, and in some ----- 4------
places reach the surface. However, the open
ings are small on the surface and w iden con
siderably deep down in the earth . These are
f i l l e d mostly with water some of it hot, some
F R O M P A G E 10)
tive thinking . T ry in g to offset a distortion
cooler, and some of it under considerable pres by in sta llin g another only sets up internal
sure from various causes such as steam from conflict--the "hu ng er simply moves o f f in an
the hot sp o ts , from the weight of the mater other direction.
ial on top , and frequent shifting (tho slig ht! It will be noted that people talk thru their
o f the looser formations above. You do have a own distortions much o f the time, and one can
few 'pop valves , such as hot springs, geysers , gain experience for their own consideration by
and deep flows o f water to the surface (such learning to s p o t command p hrases in the
as Yellowstone Park!, but these in no wise take language o f others. (When an obvious phrase is
care of the tremendous pressures beneath some detected, i t is n o t to be called to the other
areas, and the crust of your earth is weak in person s attention without their interest o r
places . respect.) The purpose is to learn the trickier
" O l d cracks are widening from time t o 't i m e , knack o f discovering the aberrations in one s
and new ones open up frequently. These include own speech p a tt e rn , and to use these discov
a long fissure extending from your southwest eries to unload t h e emotional charges stored
ern U. S. in a northerly direction along t h e in o n e 's ow n forgotten p a s t .
eastern edge of the Rocky Mountain areas, and As s k ill develops in the practice o f this
turning i n an almost easterly direction t h r u method, it becomes nearly an automatic process ,
your part o f the country (North-central Mon in the experience o f and opinion of it s discov
tana. S . C . ! . This continues generally eastward erer, Richard Wetherill, Wtynnewood, Penn., who
and comes up in the general area beneath the i s setting up a foundation for the dissemina
Great Lakes. But not very far beneath. tion o f Humanetics on an ever-widening scale.

APRIL, 1963 Th e flBERREE 11

pearing points o f r a d ia t in g straight l i n e s .
The story i s unfolded from the top story of
the h e l i x . "J a c k is the extra sensory im
planted ferment that jacks up the he lix beyond
her critical zero s ize. In chemistry, "n o r is
a prefix denoting t h e parent compound from
which another norates. Jack is the parental " I
and the Father , the " N o r y point of the d i
chotomy t h a t n ar r ate s the story. Jack i s a
nickname for Jacob and means "supplanter or
fo llo w in g after . H is impure presence s u p
plants immortal heliocentricity with deadly
Jack-a-Nory i s the hyphenated existence o f
ends-beginnings that are so attached to each
other that there c a n t be one without the other.
Conception c a n come o n ly t h r u death. In
their interlocking common p o i n t , there i s
About Jack-a-Hory: neither o n e nor the other but the two-in-one.
And now my story1s begun. The colon after "Jack-a-Nory: " shows this end
I ' l l tell you another point dividing as colonic, droppings from above
About his brother:

as so-called blessed events. The " a in Jack-
And now my story is done, a-Nory is a negation and shows that Jack is
N THE reactive unendingness o f the helio not a Nory any m ore, nor the parent compound
centricity o f Mother Nature, there i s no any more, but ju s t an active colon. And so the
"I", no columnar u p lift that comes to an story o f objective "m y is begun. The period
end surging out on top and feeding back to after "b e g u n . shows that i t is, a t once, an
the bottom, thus X-wise. X marks the spot end heliocentrically. Jack-a-Nory i s that zero
that can come to the helix only when some fellow .
extra sensory impurity i s implanted in her " I ' l l tell you another about his brother,
coils at the bottom and becomes an erupting fo is ju s t saying that death and conception are
cal point o f in fe c t io n . The active fallout from twin brothers and the story about one is the
such a built-up solar center re a c t s a n d this story about the other. To " t e l l you another
reintegrated reactivity, that feeds back the is to tell you another t a l l story. They are
divided p ie c e s , is another unending heliocen- not t r u e brothers because they do not come
tricity, unless the engrammic implanting p r o naturally. They are b u ilt up by extra sensory
cedure is repeated and the he lix i s forced to m eans. Moreover, the story done and begun is
again come full circle to another shorted end one and the same point. Where conception goes,
beginning. But without an end-beginning there there also goes death. They supplant and fol
is no " I and no story to tell. low each other. Observe the colon after broth
Hie end o f the helical c r a to r is I and, e r :, the drop-out o f twin droppings. These
at once, the radiating Father creates the death twins are simultaneous and mutually consequen
o f Mother N a t u r e s heliocentricity and the tial. The choice between them is a choice be
conception o f straight-line radioactivity a r e tween the lesser of two identical e v i l s . The
I and the Father, who are one, that is one and natural, immortal helix has to die to win the
the same point. To tell a story is to toll the jackpot o f conception. I t takes but an extra
disappearing h e lix totally and unfold the ap

(PLEASE TURN TO PAGE 13) ______________
write like auditors who talk a and Mark Pu rdv. B u d a r t i s t ,
wonderful s e s s io n , but seldom i s n t the only one who d lik e
(CONTINUED FROM PAGE 2) take time to in d u lg e ... to tell Uncle Sam to h is face
"L o u (w e d better, we have a 5 I t 's " t h a t tim e again, what s wrong in Washington.
favorite sister named Louise) , Mark offered th is cartoon as a

m \m m m
but with " L o u i s " heading one \ 7& cover for Hie ABERREE, but i t s
column and "L o u another, read a b it too political for us
ers might get the idea w e re a and b e s id e s , we already h a d
b it "lo o - ney i f our column this month s cover p rin te d . . .
ists w ill forgive u s the p un . 1 We once said that our big
. . . However, there s nothing objections to some of the Hu-
looney about a new hobby Max- manetics material was repeti
i n e /L o u / M a c has p ic k e d u p - tion o f the word Humanetics
putting jigsaw puzzles togeth so often. (Must have been the
er for less persevering neigh "e d ito r in us squawking). But
bors and fr ie n d s , and getting this o bje ctio n has been e n
paid for i t . . . tirely eliminated in the latest
publication f r o m Wynnewood,
1 The other d a y , Ye Ed and Penn. Go Sane! because the
Ye Pub were accepted as mem book i s written entirely in
bers o f the Enid Writers* C lub. quoted i n t e r changes between
Which i s n t unusual many peo toe b o o k 's characters, and you
ple belong to w riting clubs , learn the techniques o f Human
but as we looked over the ros etics without finding out that
ter o f those with whom we were Humanetics was used until you
associating, we noticed th a t reach an insert page in t h e
most o f the " s e l l i n g writers back o f toe book. An excellent
are "i n a c t i v e members. Which "And I s a y , i f you watch the way o f presenting problems and
is our category too. Too many spending of the tax money a s their solutions. (And how many
writers, w e ve found, are lik e close as you watch the collect- times did we use the word " H u
a ud ito rs. They lik e to TALK ing o f i t , you c o u ld easily manetics in toe above? Wow!
w r it in g , but havent time to reduce taxes one-half. How inconsistent can one b e ? ) .. .
12 ----------------------------------- T he flBERREE APRIL, 1963
LEVEL OF ADVANCEMENT we may compare them to the rainbow. Imagine a
great rainbow c i r c l in g the earth, and suppose


it to be in motion and you will have an idea of
how these currents lode as they encircle this
p l a n e t , with each force representing one of


the colors of the rainbow only instead o f the
alleged seven colors of the rainbow you will
have five distinct colors.
It is true that the real currents have been
By ALBERTA M. O'CONNELL partly or dimly seen by men and are called the
zodiacal lights, and the many-colored Northern
(ftom the P u b l i s h e d L e c t u r e s of Ri c h a r d Ingalese. Lights also give us a glimpse o f portions of
C o p y right 1902 by Ri c h a r d Ingale se. )
these currents, which sweep round and permeate
i n HERE ARE groupings of forces and truths as the earth in every part of it .
H i well as groupings o f minds. Literary folk Perhaps you have looked over the hot pave
| are drawn together and musicians naturally ments of a city in summer and have seen heat
| seek musicians for their friends; these vibrations rising from them in wavering clo u d s.
| groups vibrate in the same common key, or Imagine those grayish-white heat vibrations to
same rate o f vibration. be of five different colors and you will have
There are currents o f thought in the great a good picture of how the Cosmmc forces l o o k .
magnetic sea of consciousness in which we l i v e , Or, suppose a handful of ribbon streamers of
and we c a n a n d do attract ourselves either these different colors were shaken rapidly be
consciously or unconsciously to different cur fore your eyes; some of you being partly color
rents with definite results. blind would see only according to h is capacity
Try to picture for a moment this magnetic for seeing, and it is the same with the a b il
consciousness of which we are a part. It pul ity to see and use the Cosmic forces. You see
sates with l i f e and is capable o f receiving and function in the color with which you are
and transmitting thoughts. In this great mag connected by reason o f your corresponding v i
netic sea there are thought currents as clear brations.
ly defined as there are currents in the a ir or The human mind is related to these currents
in the ocean. very much as a telegraph instrument is related
When two people are thinking along the same to the telegraph wires. It may be attached to
general line, they are in a current o f thought any w i r e a n d repeat all messages that pass
which i s one o f those in the Universal Con- over it . The human mind can attach i t s e lf to
sciousnessf and because their minds are attached the b l u e , the red , the y e llo w , or the green
to this current, they are for the time being current, as the case may be, and receive every
receiving in unison the same general ideas. thing in that cu rren t.
Often plagiarism may be explained in this The firs t thing to do to become conscious
manner. Man draws from the Universal according of these color currents is to image or visual
to h is mentality, and groups of men may draw ize them , and remember that nothing was ever
simultaneously the same ideas from the same imagined by mind that does not exist in the
currents o f thought. Universe .
The occultist knows that by making a mental I f you are vibrating green and the blue has
image o f w e a l t h a n d by concentrating h i s begun to .tinge your a u r a , then vis u a lize t h e
thoughts upon it , he has put into o peration a blue and i t will be drawn to you, since what
law, and thru the magnetic cord which connects ever you concentrate upon o r image y o u must
him with his creation he will draw to himself draw to yourself. I f you have developed to the
the wealth he h a s mentally created. He uses point o f the blue vibration t in g e d w it h the
the law consciously and realizes h is desires y ello w , t h e n you can draw the yellow Cosmic
much sooner than the man who uses the law semi- current into yourself.
consciously. Whenever you are able to draw to you a cur
These currents a r e spiritual forces gener rent that is vibrating higher than your pre
ated by Divine Mind. Remember that the sensi dominating color, you raise your own vibrations
tive, etheric M i n d o f t h e U nive rse is all and receive all the good that you are capable
around us, as a ir surrounds us or as the ocean o f assimilating from that current. These mental
surrounds and sustains the fish which liv e in pictures and concentrations are the two in
it. struments we u t iliz e for the purpose of con
Divine Mind i s always in motion. An ind i necting ourselves with Cosmic currents w h i c h
vidual mind cannot permanently work against a are constantly flowing around the ea rth .
Universal current or misuse it any more than (Continued in the next issue!

he could keep the tide from rising; but he can
work along the r i ^ $ lines and make use of
these great currents to his own advantage.
All force is one force, manifesting at d i f turn o f the jackscrew to lose o n e 's natural
ferent rates o f vibration, according to the
screw sense. The I never t e lls the tru th ,
media t h r u which i t a c t s , and the different because in truth, in the true helix, he is not
rates o f vibrations we w ill call separate cur there to tell one.
rents. We will consider five o f these forces An untrue Mormon i s a Jack Mormon, even as
or five great currents. Each o f these five cur a Jack-a-Nory is untrue to Mother N ature. The
rents i s subdivided into other c u rr en ts , a n d untrue story is a tale told by an idiot who
each o f these s u b d iv is io n s , l i k e the great exchanges immortality for sudden death a n d
c u rren ts, is separated from each other by a conception. To be tied to the treadmill of
difference i n their rates o f vibrations, the repetitive dy in g s and b o m i n g s , leaping from
same as the Gulf Stream i s separated from the story to story, mountain top to mountain t o p ,
main body o f water thru which it flows by a is to be lik e a jackrabbit. A jackass is one
different rate o f vibration. who i s stupid enough to t w i s t h is feminine
The Cosmic currents vibrate r e d , o r a n g e , helical orbit o u t in a shorted, generating
green, blue, and yellow, and may be pictured full circle. A jackass is an unending feminine
as vibratory currents of color. To illustrate, aspect brought to an erupting man end.
APRIL, 1963. The ABERREE 13
to 10 hours per night, I read are n o t a lo n e . The situation
recently that this is too much. as I see i t a n d t h i s is
What d o y o u suggest? P , P . , strictly my viewpoint is this :
Chicago, I I I , Everything we t a k e into o u r
DEAR F .P . I t 's your body ; body is a source o f energy. It
therefore, y o u s h o u l d have is G od expressing i t s e lf a s
some knowledge as to its c a r e . one thing o r another ; there
Most people, I feel, spend too fore, some things are more con
much time dreaming o f what they centrated than others. For ex
are going to do instead o f do ample, an apple contains alco
ing it. The advanced individual hol so does a glass o f scotch.
requires no more than five or Our bodies either control that
six hours per night -- and usu which we take into it o r the
ally less. thing c o n t r o l s u s . I would
suggest t h a t you experiment
DEAR LOUIS What is light? and find out the needs o f your
(Send jronr questions d irect to 0 , 1 . , Denver, Colo, body. R e m e m b e r , Jesus the
LO UIS, 1411 East M isso u ri, Phoenix, Christ said, it did not matter
A r l z . , enclosing a staaped, sell- DEAR O.T.--Light is a five-
letter word meaning what a so much what w ent into t h e
addressed envelope. For those vbo
aish personal re p lie s , a a ln la u i three-letter word means--GOD. mouth, but what came o u t .
contribution o1 $2 per question Many writers prefer to use the

should be in c lu d e d .) word Light instead of G o d DEAR LOUIS My husband says

DEAR L O U IS Did you read because t h e word God to many he knows you and that you were
s t ill indicates form and Light bom in S t , L o u is, and raised
the Saturday Evening POST ar there. I s this true? H .R .,
ticle on "Quacks"? What d i d does not.
S t, Louis, Mo.
you think o f it? P . L . , Los DEAR L O U IS We in Portland
Angeles, C a l i f , DEAR H. R. -- I m sorry but
sure d o m i s s you and wonder your husband has another Louis
DEAR FRIEND -- Speaking of when you are returning, J . L . , in m i n d . I ve only v i s i t e d
quacks your area must attract C .T . your fa ir city.
them for you have your share DEAR FRIENDS -- I miss Port
o f them. I thought the article land , and I ll be up there DEAR L O U IS Did you know
was e x c e l l e n t , even tho i t around June for a good s t a y . the work y o u re doing is evil
blasted one o f our ABERREANs. Contact Inez and Sylvia Whit and that y o u 'r e headed f o r
ney, 2704 N .E . 2 6 t h , for de hell? We want you to know that
DEAR L O U IS When are you tails. we are praying fo r you. Please
coming to Canada? L . J . , On send a love offering to help
tario, Canada, DEAR L O U IS Some o f the in this mission, 0 . 0 . , Hel
m e t a p h y s i c a l lessons warn ena, Mont,
DEAR FRIEND -- I spent part
against such foods as meat; DEAR BLESSED ONE They tell
o f my summer tour up your way ;
so, I was there but where were others stress t h e abstinence me it takes one to know one so
you? I ll most lik ely b e in o f alcohol. Should I give these look in the mirror sometime. I
Canada in J u l y --for details , things up? I 'm confused. V .B ., suppose you are booked w it h a
contact D r . Joseph B o u c h e r, Cincinnati, Ohio, one-way passage to heaven. I
H E . Broadway, Vancouver, B . C . DEAR V.B . Some o f the in think I l l take the escalator
dividuals who write these le s down; I m sure I d enjoy the
DEAR LOUIS I sleep eight sons are confused too so you company better.

^enecio w u e^
u vw nuy '^yypz ZUvnry' ~pwn 'ryfrvirt
I 1HE SAMPLE o f handwriting o ffe r e d here is //
| I outstanding. I would lik e to publish the there i s no skimping.
1 full analysis, but ethics forbid. Irritation will often rear its ugly head in
When you f i n d w riting t h a t i s sm all, writing o f this type, simply because the wri
neat, pleasant c o lo r , and the " l e a n in ter i s co n sc ie n t io u s , wants to do more a nd
- - the right direction plus d e fin ite indica can t ; therefore irr itatio n impatience--be
tions o f generosity you have a writer who is comes present in any writing that is done. You
worth their weight in gold. Snail writing, yet will rarely find a writer of this type with a
readable, w id e spacing between the lines as temper, but will find understanding, consider
well as words, usually mean extravagance, not ation, and courtesy, A liberal generosity for
always in the material sense b u t in helpful the weakness o f we humans. You may find ind i
ness toward others. I should say, large writ cations o f weariness, but confronted with this
ing, sprawled out, ca lls f o r t h e extravagant accusation, the writer will deny it, simply
bit, but when the writing i s small, combined because they do not have time to think o f them
with the so-called extravagance, the writer is selves how they feel physically, selflessness
out-going, a helpful individual who will give i s a 50-cent word, but pretty well covers the
all to help anyone possible. He or she concen description.
trates o n s e r v ic e . Combining indications o f You will f i n d this type of writing among
the analytical m in d, you will find one who thru nurses, doctors, social workers people who are
necessity MUST concentrate on those who need dedicated to the service o f the weaker members
what can be done, more than others. Time means o f t h i s mad world. I f you have a friend mho
l i t t l e except the fact that each day has 24 writes in this manner, you are indeed blessed;
hours in which to cover the ground, do the appreciate him or her, for you have more than
things that a r e necessary, and in this sense you realize.
14'---------------------------------------Th e ft] E R R E E APRIL, 1963
before they turn them loose. ready. We are hoping that Roy
Wing Anderson, Los Angeles, Eugene Davis will be able to
C alif. be with us at this time too to
(ED. NOTE Congrats, on the give a series o f lectures. He
speedy recovery and the nerve is planning to be on the Coast
to stand up f o r your health in about this time of y e a r , b u t
the face o f medical bla ckm ail. down California w a y ...
Now, i f y o u d j u s t do the same Louis himself is being giv
about "s m o g " , we c o u l d look en much instruction on c o lo r ,
forward to having you around in healing, in prayer, etc. He
f o r a 1ong, 1ong t i m e . ) has not elaborated on i t ; but
0 0 he has been told that this in
struction is important at this
Would you put in The ABER-
time. He says, ' Think in terms
REE that Louis is driving up
of color lamps, e t c . That s
the West Coast the last week in
vague enougi, but maybe i t will
May, and that thus far I have
invitations to stop in San D i ring a bell with you.
As to Cynthia Sunday, she
ego, Hollywood, San Francisco,
will be instructing on The Law,
and San Mateo. I m on my way
Psychology, Religion, The Law
to Portland where I ll be hold
o f Mind in Action, Five Points
ing a convocation for about six
o f the Law, Hypnotism and the
weeks, with classes, lec tu re s,
Five Points, Putting Creative
e t c . I believe Roy Davis and
Mind to Work, Concentration,
O f the 30-some magazines I others will be a part o f t h i s .
etc. Ine z Whitney, 270d M .E.
have subscribed to, The ABER- Dr. Cynthia Sunday will give
26th A v ,, Portland, Ore.
REE is the only one I read from an outstanding course on Tro-

cover to cover. In the last ward s Law . Donna Vance will I would lik e to reassure
issue,' the best page in it (my give a lecture on the New Age A. B. Pierson o f Selma, C a l i f . ,
opinion o f course) is the in Woman. Louis will talk on col (he lives close enough, I think ,
side front cover title d Hart or and sound.. . This will be the to come over here and see me
to Heart*. I t h i t the b u l l s first metaphysical summer school personally, so this i s an open
eye right in the center of the o f this calibre at least, I inv itation). Tell him he need-
target. don t know of any that stresses n t worry at all about Jesus
An interesting experience : the expanded consciousness as appearing as a n old, w rinkled,
About a month ago I caught the this w i l l . People from all feeble-eyed m a n when he re
flu. When almost over i t a walk over the United States will turns to earth. Jesus will not
in the damnable smog threw me attend. Inez Whitney, 2704 N . come back to earth in a physi
into pneum onia. I would n o t E. 26th A v ., Portland, i s hand- cal body, but will come in the
have a medic until I was so ill 1 ing arrangements . . . I m on my clouds in great glory' in the
my better 9 /10th s called a doc way to F lorence, to hold a spirit form after the earth is
tor. After examining me he convocation with Philip (Fried destroyed a n d when the new
stated that i f I wasnt in a man) and the Oasis group down heaven a n d n e w earth come
hospital that night I would there. They were the Horizons about a spiritual kingdom .
not be around long. So into a group of Oklahoma or part of Spirit is forever young--at
Queen of the (D evil s ) Angels them. " -Louis, Phoenix, A r iz, the prime (say, around the
hospital i was installed. I do (ED. NOTE We wrote M iss mid-20 s or whenever you pre
not know what was given me but Whitney f o r more i n f o r m a t io n , fer to think o f as the best
the next morning I felt O.K. and the following i s taken from part of maturity). I f Mr. P. can
When I insisted on going her r e p l y ) : project out o f his physical
home I was told I had a cancer I m not sure I can give body at the p resent, he may
in the le ft l u n g . . . S p e cia lis t you too much inform ation, b u t notice that he i s a young man
called, informed me o f the 5 ,0 00 this is what he (Louis) has in h is spiritual counterpart.
plus cancers he had seen, told written concerning the classes : He will realize he has perfect
me I had seven months to live " As to Dr. Cynthia Sunday , vision as w ell as a perfect
i f not operated on immediately . she is related to the evange psychic form. The reason for
. . . I told them I was quite fa lis t Sunday. She has been a this is that it is only in the
m iliar with A.M. A. suppression teacher and student o f meta material world (lower vibra
o f the Hoxey, Krebiozen, Koch, physics f o r n i g h on to 40 tions is a better term) that
and two other cancer remedies years. She is a fabulous teach we have decay -- and old age is
and that a cancer victim would er and teaches practical bas a form of decay, nothing else .
live longer i f n o t subjected ics that can be put into op The physical body is perisha
to the A. M. A. radiation or sur eration immediately. I talked ble not the psychic. The lat
gery. They fo un d me a hard her into giving this c l a s s , ter can be changed by thought,
sell case. for she is sorta retired. tho. I f you habitually imagine
I came to the Spears Chi T h i s class she gives i s yourself as the physical body,
ropractic hospital in Denver, usually 20 lessons, but I asked your psychic likeness will take
was given an examination on her to power pack it into 1 0 . on this image, and that is why
all four points , x- rayed from Each class takes a t least an spirits may look old right
chin to heels, and no cancer hour . . . and s h e likes large after going over, and they
was found. c la s s e s , i f possible 50 o r have to be told that this is
Cost o f six days in the more. not a reality. I t doesn t mat
Roman C a t h o lic hospital $ 3 4 5 I want my classes small , ter at what age we are on this
plus $75 M.D. plus s p e c ia lis t , intimate, personal not over a plane when we d i e , we tend to
so-called, $ 3 5 . 0 0 . . . . What a dozen; a n d I prefer to have return to a normal appearance.
crazy, greed-ridden world it is them in a home atmosphere where An infant will grow up in the
now. . . people can feel more r e la x e d ... spirit, an old man will grow
"H e r e (at Spears) they cure D r . and Mata Boyde will young. I t takes an average of
people, not try to bleed them probably be there and others . several weeks (earth time) for
white and leave them paupers I feel the vortex building a l most people to regain their
APRIL, 1963' --------T h e A B E R R E E -------- --------------------------------------------- 15
y o u th , unless they know the had lived in Long B e a c h . I they (the mischievous type) do
true facts . . . think California, but it could love to k i d people. F re d
An example is the time I have been some other state. ( I f shouldn t allow t h i s , should
was lying on the divan one anyone knew of a Dan Courtney tell them he really wants the
summer--not quite asleep , but in some town named Long Beach , truth. It is a different type
aware o f the room, the furni please contact m e, ) Dan did of material they are made o f ,
ture, and myself--in an in-be not stay in my orbit or what indeed, but this is not so
tween state of consciousness. I y o u d call vicinity, so I lost much actual difference as a
looked up and saw a man walk him for good. T h e point I matter of finer vibrations . . .
right thru the front door! He wish to make -- he had died in I t seems spirits gather par-
was about 40 in appearance and h is late 8 0 s , a nd yet he had t i d e s about their s pirit
wore tan work clothes -- very reverted to a comparatively bodies to make them visible to
neat and pressed ju s t so. His young man in ju s t a short week us when we are in the in-be
hair was light brown, combed or two maybe a bit longer, as tween state of consciousness .
straight back. He had blue-gray some spirits sleep for awhile. In this s t a t e , we are aware
eyes, a tanned skin . He was Which brings me to Jacob only of the lower vibrations
about five feet eight inches and Rose Apsel s article. I am of the psychic (ie , the psych
tall and mediun build. J noticed happy that he has resumed con ic counterpart of physical ob
he was rather shy--maybe for tact with the H. W. peop le. He j e c t s , and this is a lo w er
barging in this way but he is a very conscientious in d i plane condition. I f you a r e
came over to my side and knelt vidual, and perfectly honest- projected out of the body,
down by me and seemed to be let the chips fall etc. is his you will be aware only of the
pleading with his eyes for un motto, apparently. One thing physical plane , unless you go
derstanding. Please contact he does-not seem to r e a l i z e , to the higher planes . In that
my w i f e , he s a i d . Write to tho, is that when a soul first case , you lose contact wi th
her and tell her I am a l i v e . leaves the body at d e a t h . i t the physical. However, it is
That is when he just melted is taken by spirit helpers im absolutely impossible for a
away (really, my consciousness mediately to a place where it spirit out o f the body to see
reversed it s e l f h e r e , and I can r e s t . . . for several days physical things in actuality .
became completely aware o f the three is the normal time. Since He will s e e the psychic coun
physical -- the hair-like line the soul would be asleep , it terpart only. T h i s accounts
between the two worlds dis is not on call by the psychic for the strange things he might
solved). Right upon coming out investigator a t all hours, or encounter on an astral journey
o f t h i s , I could remember the at any time. Especially, it in the material world. He may
man s words, but in a few min would not be allowed to go out see objects as they were at
utes, even these faded some of its own o r b i t or vibra another t i m e , or including
what. This was 1959 or 1960, I tional level, as this would be these with the objects as they
t h in k . weakening and even dangerous. are now. My daughter saw a win
A few days later, a friend One reason Apsel cannot con dow in our house that she said
visited me, and we got out the tact any other entities than wasn t there, really. What she
o u ija board. I had almost dis the ones he has contacted is didn t know is that when we
missed this vision from my that these spirits are in h is remodeled this place, we filled
mind, because I just couldn t own vibratory field , and he in that window and put in oth
remember enough about it to cannot, normally, go out after ers at a different loca tio n.)
know what the man was trying spirits in another vibration. It i s p o ssib le F re d s
to get me to do. Just contact In other words, i t would be spirits were referring to this
my wife , but how, I d forgot hard for him to contact my semi-materialization the spir
ten. We were in the process of s p i r i t s , tho mine can travel its are required to undergo
talking to our guides hers, to under some conditions. In f a c t , for v is ib ilit y , and they may
be specific when all at once they travel a l o t , but it is have referred to a lattice-like
there came the w o r d s , The in groups, and conditions have structure in t h i s . I wouldn t
m a n 's name i s Dan Courtney*. to be right. Some o r b i t s are know, as I haven t delved too
Now, I h a d n 't mentioned this not safe for s p irits of a d i f deeply into this p a r t ic le s
vision to my friend, yet, so I ferent vibration. Some are har d e a l ...A spirit in the daytime
had no idea the message was for monious. The problem of being will look just like anyone in
me. I waited. Then the ouija stuck in time and space, or the flesh--you c a n t tell the
spelled out, This is for Rose being blacked out for an in d iffe r e n c e , until they walk
and repeated the message. Then , definite time, is very real. thru walls or m e lt etc. Here
he tells you that he asked It is possible ADsel s spir is the reason we s e e only
you to write to h is w i f e . I its do read the obituaries , but one or two spirits when, in re
came to with a shock. That word perhaps he should ask them and a l i t y , the space around us
w r it e brought t h e entire not guess at the source of in could be occupied with hundreds
message back to me, just as a formation. Not that this means on all levels of vibration ,
key word will unlock a hypnotic he should swallow every word and each level is unaware of
sequence. I asked for the ad as t r u t h .. . not much chance of the o t h e r s , even tho blended
dress, but Dan said, no, that this guy being g u l l i b l e . .. and actually i n s i d e the oth
he had changed his mind now and The lattice-like be in g s ers in the same * space . You
did not want to disturb her as may be pulling FredH ands leg! dont go up high, n ecessarily,
she was in her 8 0 s and very Ha! Actually, the sp irit body to go to a higher p la n e . You
i l l and would pass over soon , is a replica o f the physical , change vibrations step them
anyway. He said he had died in but much more perfect. Even up for the higher ones. But
h is late 8 0 s t o o , not long spirits b o m in the sp irit and you can t go any higher than
ago. A t the tim e, he d id n t never having been on the earth your spirit has progressed. It
understand, but now he knew are made the same as spirits can t stand the pain of i t and
h is wife would be 0 . K. I tried that have left the physical is turned back. But any spirit
to get the address, ju s t for a body. They are human. Some may can go low er for a t i m e .
test, and there was an inter not be aware o f how they look T h a t s how they can contact us
ruption here and I never got inside. But the advanced spir here. Rosalind John, 1533
it-- just that the old couple its know all about it. However Uth, Norco, C a l i f .

16- -----The f l BERREE----- APRIL, 1963

Not too much else new on have been interested in such cou ldn t more completely dis
t h e A p s e lia n e n t it le s except a areas. I ve noticed by exper agree . Tim e is r e l a t i v e .
couple o f instructive in c i ience-travel that certain are Pro cess is relative. Becom
dents . Both have to do with as, very desirable to live i n , i n g i s r e la t iv e . Unfold-
the translocation phenomenon also have very dramatic cloud ment i s r e la t iv e . And the
that i s , t h e o p e r a t i o n of formations, as well as ener relative i s m utable, subject
transferring an ego from one gizing a n d easy-to-breathe to the individual s will which
phenomenal space to another. air. Such areas are m entally, i s the individual s a c t i o n s .
Let P (ll be o n e s place of or physically vital. In the in d i Eventuality is speeded u p by
igin and let P(2l be o n e s vidual, t h e relation ship be the consideration o f things at
place of destination. Then, tween place a n d where we lo h a nd as events. Pull consid
first, focus as much atte n tio n , cate I An i s easy to s e e . eration of this last sentence
consciousness, or whatever it Sometimes the relation between will be (o r can be! of great
is on P(2l as possible. This physical location a n d mental practical v a lu e to the ind i
is like resonance. Then focus location o f the race-man s I vidual. When we stay mentally
one o r more senses on P (2 ) Am i s overlooked. The people centered in b e in g , becoming
and finagle around until the make the place indeed. Each and process, unfolding all
image is clear and looks like area in the planet has its own contract and vanish back into
something de fin ite. Then, i f individuality. Each city is a their native nothingness . Then
P ( l ) plus P (2 ) equals your at reflection of collective mental- we accept, permit, recognize ,
tention or whatnot, P ( l ) / P ( 2 ) physical agreement. Who exper and r e a liz e that ultim ate ,
equals the ratio o f attention iences collective tropical at goals , e t c . , always have
at the two places. When P ( l ) / * titudes in icy climates? Or been being with the sense of
P (2 ) is smaller than 1 , you pheus a n d Bacchus a r e not hereness, n o w n e s s .a n d I am
have translocated. The densi archetypes o f the Eskimo col that I am . To be or not to
t y o f o n e s s e lf at P (2 ) var lective u n co n scio us. T heres b e is the b ig - lie . . .
ies inversely with P ( l ) / P ( 2 ) . nothing gaunt nor gothic i n O .K ., Editor-friend. I rub
An entity seems to be actual the rhythms o f the collective ber stamp your auditorial How
or real in its own phenomenal reflexes from which realms come About Some Spiritual Research-
space and virtual in the other the conga, rumba, samba, and Development . Are we going to
space. The virtual part i s an bossa nova. wait and let them do it? O r
alogous to a stereographic im God and le t each reader do we prove our convictions?
age, but h a s a t least some make h is own interpretation What a r e the e d i t o r s id e a s ,
mass. I t seems to be a kind of bless Mary Wales; she did stir suggestions, proposals. Ran
skilful trick o f the sort, I up the glands, guts, and gusto dolph R a y , B o x 2 1 , Thousand
can t t e l1 you but I can show of q u it e a few r e a d e r s . I t Pains, C a lif.
you . (ED. NOTE ? ? ? ?? ?}- seems to this reader that the 0
Have now encountered three value o f a magazine , such as " R e 1 ig io n , re Hubbards
classes of Apselians: (1 ) The The ABEKREE, i s i n no small bootleg meters, i s a big smoke
beatnik variety; (2 ) a medi measure the response and re s creen .
ocre variety square , hum sponse-ability o f the readers The P D A has no power to
drum, and dull as ditchwater, as participants in this spec concern it s e lf with re lig io n ,
about whom y o u d meet o n a tator a g e . as such. It does concern it s e lf
downtown street or at a church As a teacher o f the occult with sharpsters peddling weird
or PTA meeting; (3 ) a psych arts, living pictures and how mislabeled contraptions, flu
otic a n d /o r mentally retarded they are made, and o f painting i d s , compounds, some t o x i c ,
variety, who are psychiatri- in which I stress painting the some dangerous. The PDA is un
cally i l l in various ways. The causative states rather than derstaffed, inadequately f i
translocation i s a s o rt o f re-presenting the living pic nanced; does not operate at the
fusing of two images, much like t u r e s , which would be merely behest of organized medicine .
learning to see a three-dimen breaking the 2nd Commandment I get some pain in my heth-
sional block instead o f two and thus an energy d i s s i p a er end to observe that in the
flat pictures when looking in tion, I found H a r o ld Schroep- entire field of metaphysics, I
a stereoscope. T h e transfer pel s letter of great i n t e r e s t . haven t seen a s in g le refer
from P (l ) to P (2 ) and back ap Its a pity that Aleister Crow ence to the fact that the FDA
pears to be instantaneous, so ley did not realize that 'When successfully moved against the
probably no physical transfer the student has conquered the biggest drug-makers in the USA
o f mass takes place. The par phantasm, he i s then made aware in the thalidomide s itu ation.
ticular phenomenal sp a ce of that this phantasm is the cre Volney G, Mathison, 1208 W.
my entities looks very much ation of h is own m i n d ... I 30th, Los Angeles 7, C a lif.
like this one except that i t prefer to believe that phan
seems a l it t l e poorer and dir tasms are not of the mind b u t George M. L am sa , an Ara
tier, much in the way an older o f collective error a n d i l l u maic scholar, has translated
city looks dirtier and poorer sion, minds many, which is un the Christian Bible from its
than a newer city. Apparently , reality and to which the in d i original language, the Aramaic.
only the beatnik entities are vidual may subscribe and ex The Aramaic Bibles have always
good looking o f these three perience such is s u e s . To my been used in that a re a , and
varieties. The mediocre ones view the individual has choice the original meanings and lo
range from plain to homely; as to whether he or she will ca litie s are understood. Con
the psychos (what few I saw ) subscribe to the mind of real sequently, we, who have trans
are real messes. --Fred Hand, ity or plurality-duality of lated from t h e Aramaic, to
2718 Eagle, Houston, Texas, collective b e l i e f ; c o n flic t , Greek, to Latin, to English (I
G should say King James English)
chaos, c o n f u s i o n , d i s c o r d ,
Would like to k n o w the doubt, dis-ease. are the baffled recip ients.
spots which, on the surface "R o sa lin d John says: What " I n t h e N e a r East, Chris
of t h e ea rth , have reduced I mean is that earthmen will tians may divorce and remarry
gravity, which Morris Swenson unfold their inborn, spiritual without stigma for (says Mr.
mentions i n h i s letter. For selves eventually, and no one Lamsa) Jesus never really for
practical and human reasons I can rush t h i s process. I bid this. He referred to an
APRIL, 1963 The ABERREE 17
other aspect. this time is not J e s u s but It was a source of amaze
And so, Jacob and Rose Ap- Shri Meyer B a b a , a n d at this ment to many that he was found
sel, please read Mr. Lamsas time he live s in India. not guilty of fortu ne t e ll
books, and h is translations of Now, I expect this letter ing, f o r there seems to b e a
the Aramaic Bible. Jesus said , i f printed will evoke a perfect strange but widely - accepted
in effect ( E l i , E li, lama storm o f p ro t e st ; however, i f idea here that you are guilty
sabachthani .) Mr God, my God information is d e sir e d , I will in the lower courts and must
for th is I was b o m * . The Ara supply such as I c a n , to in appeal to the higher courts i f
maic can mean a lso , For this terested parties upon receipt you s till contend you are not
event I was fated *, or T h i s of a self- addressed stamped guilty and have the money to
is my m ission . Ruth IngaVl envelope. Let me state that I follow t h r u . Even h i s lawyer
S p i g n e s i , 7U Standish R d ,, have nothing to s ell, nor do I seemed to regard the trial as
Stamford,, Conn, want any donations. L. H. De- a formality preceding an ap
Long, 255 E , Stuart A v ,, Lake p e a l . M .J .W o o d , Phoenix,
Since most o f your writers Wales, F la . A r iz,
seem to have some kind o f a (ED.NOTE Laws are g e ttin g
Altho The ABERREE i s , un
b e l ie f in reincarnation, a n d so complicated with incompe
fortunately, relatively new in
since this magazine is more or tent le g is la t o r s grin d in g them
my l i f e , for many years I have
less directed to crackpots, out by the dozens that it is
pursued the type of subject
Aberritio nists and what-have- only a matter o f ta k in g time
dealt with in its p a g e s .
you like myself it should to find a law that f i t s and
Twice you have mentioned
not be too d iffic u lt for read each and every one o f us could
Rev. Randolph Ray and h is e x
ers, p a r t i c u l a r l y Mr. A. B .
periences in our Capital of become banquet b ait fo r a fee
Pierson o f Selma, C a l i f ., in seeking lawyer. Some d ay, it
Conservatism . I made the ac
answer to whose plaint in March w ill be e a sie r to com pile a
quaintance o f Rev. Ray during
issue of this magazine this tome of what i s le gal than to
h is stay in Phoenix and found
letter is directed, to believe add to the lib r a r y o f books
him to be one of the most unus
also that it i s possible for that t e ll what is n t . )
ual persons I ve ever met.

God to incarnate in human form ;
which is what most churches
modest nature, we accepted the
state was the case with Christ inv a lid atio n .
Since we s till w ere in the
" I f Mr. Pierson would study or so mimeographed publications
mood to b e l i e v e everything
a b it about some of the earlier available, we decided on a fa
(well, almost everything) our
heathen r e l ig io n s , he might cetious approach. In fact, we
instructor had told us, we al
further come to the understand intended for The ABERREE to be
so accepted the ukase that No
ing that Buddha, Quetzlecoatl , so dog-goned facetious that no
one who is unable to exterior
Krishna, Zoroaster, Mohammed, one would believe anything we
ize c a n audit a preclear suc
and probably many others were said. Including ourselves.
The fir s t issue was more of cessfully . We hadn t exteri
likewise incarnations o f God
a success than we had planned. orized. Therefore, rather than
for the people of those par
throw more good money after
ticular periods in time , and Inquiries came in for cop ies.
bad, maybe we'd better h ie our
held the same Divine O ffic e in Subscriptions, at the ridicu
selves to the area o f our juve
their time as did Jesus in his lous rate o f $ 1 .6 7 a year with
n ile d e lin q u e n c ie s , where we
time -- which brings us up to no guarantee we'd print anoth
er issue , stuffed our mails . could h i d e our failure and
the present day.
shame among understanding boy
Practically all ministers I t seemed that h a lf o f Scien
hood friends and r elativ es.
are preaching that these are tology s till had $ 1. 67 le ft
the latter d a y s that Jesus after buying books and courses We confess that our resistance
will soon return or that the that t h e y d i d n t much c a r e H u n g b y n o t h i n g but a
millenium is h e r e , etc.' whether they got anything for thread,
As an ordained m inister , or n o t . As the plaudits o f our readers
I am going one great big step But we h a d been s er io u s Was like sugar on our bread.
further a n d state that Jesus about one thing: We d id n t care I t w a s easier to publish
is already here! In the flesh! whether we published again or Than to be behind our head,.
God has already incarnated in not. One was enough. We had With Issue 2, we went up to
a human body, fo r the people other plans that did not in $ 1 .6 8 , and when even this did
of this particular day and age clude meeting a continual dead not frighten away success, The
-- i f ye can receive i t . line , or t r y in g to be funny ABERREE took a full b r e a t h .
Mr.Pierson says he is now (W ed used up all our humor in But i t h a s n t been without a
feeble, wrinkled, toneless, the first iss u e ), or facetious, gasp now and then, which many
toothless, e t c . and asks, Is or sarcastic. readers will remember. There
that the Jesus that is coming No o n e be lie v e d u s . The was the open attack on us by
back? ABERREE w a s a legitim ate, i f The GHOST--and has anyone seen
This J e s u s of today is premature, "som ething that we a GHOST lately? A l s o , there
certainly old-- in years a n y couldn t drown. Not in Arid- was a threatened suit because
way, since he was born in Feb zonia, anyway. we printed Volney Mathisons
ruary o f 1894. Fragile? Well , To keep a long story short advertising, which we still d o .
perhaps, but clear-eyed, a l e r t , (Who wants to? We re trying to And ex-communication by t h e
enduring as time it s e lf, and f i l l a page), we became one of CECS, of which w e ve heard l i t
like no other man anyone liv the 22 graduate theta clears tle since it s abortive attempt
ing today has ever seen . Many from this super-duper "G e t thee to force all practitioners to
thousands of people in foreign behind me, thetan class. But sign $ 2 5 , 0 0 0 pay-on-demand
countries and in the U .S. know we w e r e n t behind our head. notes for the right to prac
o f him, have met him, and many , E x t e r i o r i z a t i o n to us w a s tice.
many have even lived in his about as real as claims t heres And thru it a ll. The A B ER
physical presence for short gold buried in Fort Knox. If REE h a s n t lost a single horn.
periods of t i m e . H i s only it was possible, w ed flunked. But we think i t s about time
teaching is L O V E . He is the I f i t w a s n 't p o ss ib le , w e ' d we quit tooting them for this
embodiment of L o v e . His name been gypped. And be.ing o f a issue.

18 -----Th e ABERREE------ APRIL, 1963

BEET JUICE , organically grown,
l iv e , raw, unheated, v a c u u a
d r ie d . Nothing reaoved except wa
ter and f ib e r . Nothing added. Dy-
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E .Jo n e s , Suite 2 0 2 .3 , Hotel Cush I served ay k i n g " s a i d sone Noble,
" I would not be in this t errib le
tru th ," Saaple 1 0 t. RIPSAW, P .O .
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Milwaukee 15, Wis. 152 West 4 2 n d Street
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APRIL, 1963' Th e ABERREE 19

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20 The ABERREE APRIL, 1963
Number 2

Volume X

KS- Tri-State Music Festivals'll3

we please start over, sending
him the oldest ones we have in
stock. We feel sorry for Cali
fo r n ia , l o s in g a darned good
citizen that way someone who
appreciates, a n d co llects,
such good reading material . . .
1 Mrs. A lice Galusha of Pu
eblo, C olo., is convinced that
when the Moon Sign Book says
a day will be bad for her, it
will be no p i c n i c . Recently,
1 W h e n the E dito r was on will be enough to bring the F . when she and husband John had
Tulagi in the Solomon Islands D. A ., the A. vl. A . , and maybe to go into Pueblo to get a
during World War I I , he men all $50 b illio n s o f the armed couple car title s straightened
tioned there were five mangy forces' down on our neck - - a u p , she carefully placed a l l
dogs on the islands which were more serious crime than sign the necessary papers in one big
much more e f f e c t i v e than our ing a southern college roster envelope--and, yes, you guessed
radar system , since they knew with red i n k held by black it! When they reached the no
long before the radar operators fingers . I f you know what we tary s o ffice, they found they
did when Jap bombers -- and es mean . . . had left*the envelope safely at
pecially W a s h i n g Machine 1 There were about 30 pres home. I n returning home for
Charlie were headed our way ent when the BSRA (Borderland the missing papers, they inad
for their nightly firew orks. Science Research Associates) vertently l o c k e d themselves
His letter got bogged down in group met in Los Angeles . Ten out o f the house, which meant
the c e n s o r s o f f i c e , because o f these already were ABERREE a burglary job later. Back in
it wasnt permissive to mention subscribers , and when H a ro ld town, they had difficu lty in
the word "r a d a r . Apparently, Kinney mentioned The ABERREE finding a notary in , and when
some Washington wiseacre knew and that we might make a p i l this feat finally was accom
that the Japs d id n 't know we grimage to that area in M a y , plished, Alice got lost in the
had such a de v ice, a nd no one 15 of the remaining 25 got " o n downtown shopping center, try
in Tokyo was going to find out the l i n e for s u b s c r ip t io n s . ing to find the tax o ffice. As
this deep dark secret by in Which is the type of invitation i f this w a s n t enough, after
tercepting any service mans we can understand--and appre these preliminaries had been
m ail. We were reminded o f this ciate . . . successfully n eg o tia te d , they
word ban when we mentioned the 1 A year or so ago, Norman found the insurance o ffice had
word ca n cer in this column Taylor, giving a Vancouver, B . moved, when they sought to get
last month in connection with C . , address, began ordering as the insurance transferred . It
an innocuous tube c a lle d the many back copies o f The ABER could have been worse, maybe,
Etcacolor Tube. Hardly had The REE as we could supply. Sud but A l i c e says s h e 'l l check
A8ERREE hit the mails th a n we denly, his magazines w ere re her book next time to a v o id ,
were deluged with protests and turned and only recently did i f p o ss ib le , such days w i t h
denials- - in fact, w e ve heard we learn that he went to Cali all that adversity . . .
so much about our mention o f fornia on a va ca tio n , fell in
this tube (or the word can love with the state, got a j o b , H This is copied from FACT*
cer ?! that we re net sure our and a f t e r eight months , w a s published a t 333 S .E . 46, Ok
confession that a look thru arrested and deported to his lahoma City:
the tube did n o t , repeat N O T , native Australia for illegally After deciding to get mar
cure us o f a cancer we did not adding to the C a lifo r n ia cen ried a second time as my firs t
have will be oroper repentance. sus-grab. Among things he was wife had advised in order to
It may get to the point where not perm itted to t a k e home be happy, I ran this ad in an
such conversation as " N o , I do with him was h is collection of Oklahoma C i t y weekly: Home-
not care for another can, S i r , ABERREEs. he writes, and w i l l (PLEASE TURN TO PAGE 19)

Mahdah Love, Lakemont, G a ., T h e ABBRRBB's say at me holding hand with the enemy?" Louis
"L o u is ", and Heva Dell Hunter, Los Altos, C a l ., punned: " W e l l , we could do worse t h in g s we
taken recently i n Phoenix. Said Mahdah, when could hold a la t ih a n d ." Said the Bditor: "Whatl
she saw the picture: "W hat will the Subudites Three featured metaphysicians? And no f e e t ? "

2 Th e ABERREE MAY, 1963

r MAY, 1963 (Recusant Voice of 'The Infinites'
| for Earth, Mars, Venus, Saturn,
Vol. X, No. 2
HBRR l Pluto, and Zydokumzruskehen
Published monthly, except for the combined January-Pebruary and POLICY: Dont take it so damn seriously.
the J u l y August issues, at 207 N. Washington, Enid, okla. The inflniteness of Man is not reduced
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Editorial Office: 2522^ North Monroe, Enid, Okla. or "experts who seek to sell him what
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EDITOR: The Rev. Mr. Dr. AUWUA OMEGA HART, 1*2, D .D ., D. Sen., ity with his w ife s permission.
F .S e n ., B .Se n ., HDA, HCA, et al ad infinitum ad nauseum Sub-Sub-Sub-Policy: We have no objection to
PUBLISHER: ALICE AGNES HART, 1-1, HCA. SEC., WFE.. L b m . , ETC. * ' educated guesses" about Mans d e s
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in advance. Write for rates. Copy and pay and if theguesser has no objection to
ment must reach us 45 days prior to insertion date. our guessing that h e s only guessing.


The three o f u s a Baptist I t a l l breaks down to one turned to the passage in ques
minister who had dropped in to fact WE are god! he said . tion. He frowned as he read.
discuss some printing, a free We are punishing ourselves. W e l l , it only says the Lord
thinker who had ju s t dropped I f we are God, then God is God sent HIM forth, but it must
in, and the Editor who was al the Legislature, too. is that be assumed that He meant man
ways i n were s it t in g there, what you mean? we asked. as a w hole, which would i n
a cup o f coffee before each of I t was the m in i s t e r s turn clude Eve, n atura lly .
us, m ildly discussing this and to chuckle. You see how con The freethinker g r i n n e d .
that--such as Castro, weather, fusing i t all can get i f you Then what did Jesus mean when
and a State Legislature in its deny t h e original story of He said the kingdom of God i s
usual state o f unpredictable crea tio n ? he ask ed, i f we within? Surely, Christ wasnt
ness. The discussion was quiet, all are God, as some proclaim referring to the Garden o f
since w e a ll seemed agreed who by their very claims de Eden, because man was without,
none o f us w ould lik e being fame the entire concept o f God , or God was, or something.
in Castro s shoes (nor in h is then we reduce God to the lev Jesus was thinking of Man's
clutches); that t h e weather el of the serpent who brought potential, the m inister s a i d .
could be improved (or could be about m a n 's original downfall I f you are w illing to believe
worse); a n d the L eg is latu re in the Garden of Eden. We elim in J e s u s , to accept that H e
would look best i f the adopted inate any need for our Blessed died for our sin s, to believe
uniform was a coat o f tar and Saviour to have died on the that by this redemption we can
feathers. cross for our sins nearly 2 ,0 0 0 have everlasting li fe , then the
God damned m orons! t h e years ago . We m ak e a mockeiy Kingdom o f God I S within , i f
freethinker exploded. o f all religion, good and b a d , you are w illing to invite God
God i s punishing u s f o r right a n d wrong, punishment to come in and live. I t s con
electing such self-seeking men and reward. fusing only i f you want to be
to make our laws, the m inis That would be bad? the confused; i f you want to twist
ter s a i d . By o u r votes we freethinker asked, i f God is the words o f Holy S crip ture
have given the reins o f gov a ll, i s n 't He as much evil as around to fi t your purpose
ernment to Satan. We sowed the He i s good? that purpose being to make a
seed; this is the harvest. Works o f Satan! the min l ia r o f the Book.
We knew b e tt e r , but could iste r exploded. Only Satan Where is within? we a s k e d ,
n't resist asking: Ifcos God? could foster such concepts. o f no one in particular. Are
The minister broke the b r ie f Maybe Satan wrote the B i you thinking of self as a bod y ,
s ile n c e . God i s the F ath er, b l e , the freethinker h a z and the w ith in would be the
and a s our F ath er, we cannot arded. Doesn t the Bible say equivalent o f trying to locate
question the wisdom o f G o d . God is a ll? your liver, or your blood, or
Nor do you, all the words you Omnipotent, o m n ip r e s e n t , are we really sp ir it usiing the
use in your magazine to the and omniscient d o e s n 't mean body o n l y temporarily? T h i s
contrary. They are mere r e d as i t affects u s , the minis would give us no location in
herrings you drag across t h e ter r e p lie d . Mien Adam and space ju s t as even the most
trail to confuse people in t o Eve were ousted from p a r a d is e , learned c a n ' t locate God in
thinking y o u a r e n t the God they became beings of volition , space. How, then, can we locate
fearing man I know you to b e . for which they alone were re God within when we are unable
Yet y o u h a v e questioned sponsible. p rior to the sins to find something for Him to
H is wisdom j u s t now, we re committed by Adam and Eve, all be within?
plied. D i d n 't H e make t h e that G o d had made was good, Not changing the subj e c t ,
Legislators and the voters but they contaminated all this but do you suppose w e ll have
who put them in power? by disobeying G o d 's laws, so , nice weather for the Band Fes
S atan s doings!1 the min as Genesis tells u s , God sent tival this year? the f r e e
iste r exclaimed. God Himself them from Eden and setup cher thinker asked.
is a loving God as you know. ubim with flaming swords to We s h o u ld , the minister
Let s d o n t blame Him for what see that they ate not o f the agreed.
the State Legislature does. tree o f l i f e . And we think the predicting
Then h o w could He punish How about Eve d id n 't He o f weather two months in ad
us for electing those Legisla send Eve out too?" we asked. vance w a s a safer subject for
tors and yet have nothing to Certainly! The m in ist e r us to discuss since, appar
do with putting them in power? walked to the bookcase, from ently, we knew more about it
The freeth in ker c h u c k le d . which he took a B i b l e , a n d than any of us did about G o d .
RED IS LOWEST, YELLOW is repellent, enters a bod y, i t demagnetizes
the atoms and prepares a condition for bacte


ria to enter and disease to fo llo w . Sometimes
the body becomes instantly disrupted by this
demagnetizing force a n d apoplexy i s caused.

Many times paralysis i s produced because the
red fcrce i s so great that the atoms which
compose the nerves o f the body become demagne
tized and never afterward regain their polarity .
By ALBERTA M. O'CONNELL Different shades o f the red compose the
sub-currents of the great red current. The
(F r o * the P u b l i s h e d L e c t u r e s of R i c h s r d Ingalese.
C o p yright 19 02 by Ri c h a r d I n g alese.) light shade, called scarlet, indicates anger;
the darker shade, c a lle d crimson, indicates

(Continued from Last Issued sex desire. Pear is indicated by a s till dark
P IT I S d i f f i c u l t for you to v isua lize the er shade a red-brown which sometimes deepens
color you d e s i r e , th en get a piece o f rib to almost brown-black, and sense gratification
bon of the proper shade a n d look at it is renresented by a shade o f wine color.
until you have the color impressed upon The orange current or force is used by
your m ind. This will help you to visualize everything that lives upon this earth. It is
the Cosmic currents , and when you are con the li fe current and sustains every plant and
centrating you should realize that they are animal that exists. Every creature that breathes
currents o f f o r c e , tho you speak o f them in inhales it with the atmosphere and things that
terms of color. When the blue current is men do not have lung capacity absorb this great
tioned, that force is meant which vibrates at a force thru their bodies, as sponges absorb wa
rate that makes it appear as blue. Electricity ter or moisture. I f an animal becomes i l l , it
is a part o f this current and when the proper immediately goes out into the sunlight and
mechanism is Used to condense and conduct i t , breathes deeply o f this orange force and i f
it manifests as blue to the physical eye. permitted to remain in the sunshine a n d all
We will study the red current firs t as that drugs, such as our sometimes unwise veterinary
is the lowest in the scale. Red vibrations in surgeons give to anim als, a r e withheld, th e
anything mean emotion of some kind. Man, like creature w ill get well.
an animal, sometimes uses the red current u n Green is the current of ind iv id u a liza tio n .
consciously and whenever he gets a n g ry , h e It also represents s e lfis h n e s s , both in its
connects himself with the Universal current of higher and its lower forms. Manifesting in this
red whether conscious o f it or n ot, and that is great current is all desire for personal pos
why he loses his self-control so quickly. sessions, distinctions, and individual aggran
As soon as he becomes e n r a g e d , his aura dizement. It is the current of intellectual-
changes to the vibration r ed; then h is aura is ization without intuition. There are many who
vibrating sympathetically with the red Cosmic have had a great deal o f book learning, whose
current and the connection between the two is objective minds are trained and who are intel
instantly m a d e . T h e red current has been lectual, and their memory o f facts and alleged
tapped, t h e m an s a u r a is the conducting in facts is wonderful; but their subjective minds
strument for that fo r c e , a n d immediately t h e may be altogether undeveloped and yet these
man becomes f i l l e d with that v ib r a t io n . Self- persons pass for very wise individuals. They
control i s swept aw ay. He has connected him- vibrate green and have but li t t l e or no real
s e l f with everybody in the world who is angry knowledge.
at that moment and he is functioning in these Selfishness i n its lowest a sp ect i s m a
vibrations. He is receiving telepathically all subcurrent a n d belongs in t h e shade called
the ugly things that other angry people a r e bottle-green. The desire for personal posses
thinking about, and he do e s things w h i l e in sions, for distinction, and for aggrandizement
that condition which he had never thought of is the color of the grass we see in the Autumn;
doing. I f he commits murder while in this con it is a very pronounced shade, but not so dark
d it io n , the legal fraternity ca lls him emotion as the bottle-green. Intellectualization with
a lly in s a n e , and he escapes punishment by be out intuition i s a s till lighter shade and a
ing incarcerated in an asylum. Red is a lo w , wise individualization without selfishness is
disruptive, jagged vibration, and when i t i s o f the shade called pastel-green.
drawn into a person it begins i t s disruptive Individualization m an ifests as the green
work upon the physical body o f the person, and vibration everywhere in the Universe and when
all the good creations which he has made a r e you look out at night and see a s t a r send
instantly repelled from his aura. And not only ing forth a green ligh t, you may know that i t ,
are good things and good people repelled from lik e our e a r t h , i s passing thru the period o f
him, but he a t tr a c t s a ll the so-called evil individualization , and lik e our own world , is
m an ifestatio ns, and unless h e recovers h i s the fourth p la n e t in a chain o f s ev e n . T h e
mental poise and gets out o f that red c u r r e n t , planet o f individualization i s where men or
nothing but misfortune w ill come u n t i l he is minds become self-dependent, independent, self-
swept out o f h is body. reliant. The grass and foliage upon earth i s
Anger demagnetizes the atoms which compose green because in the vegetable kingdom Univer
the ph ysical b o d y . There is a positive a nd sal Consciousness is making an effort to indi
negative s i d e o f every atom a s there i s to vidu alize. As man develops and becomes more and
every magnetic thing in the world. When we more individualized, he vibrates green in pro
speak o f a body having magnetic p o la r it y , w e portion to h is development. The occultist uses
mean that to the negative o f one side stands this color to create for himself and for oth
the positive o f the next and that to the nega ers wealth, honor, position, and every mater
tive o f one atom stands the positive side of ial thing that can be d e s ir e d .
another atom; and when the body i s demagne The occultist also uses this green current
t ize d , this relationship is destroyed. as an antidote for altruism . There comes a
The higher forces o f nature flow rhythmic time i n the career o f every man i n some life
a lly over these atoms when they are magnetic when he wants to bear everybodys sorrows and
a lly polarized; but when the red current, which (PLEASE TURN TO P A G E 8)

4 Th e ABERREE MAY, 1963

Self-Hypnosis a Sham Label By Dr. GEORGE T. CRAWFORD
HEN ARE the erudite and thoughtful aware of any implants that have been placed in
people who do a bit of writing, a h is automatic mind, but he w i l l proceed to

bit of teaching, a bit of counsel carry them out upon the proper stimulus or the
pushing of the right button, as it is referred
ing, going to stop confusing the
issue? Could it be that many of Time, as we think o f it , does not exist
these people a r e confused them under hypnosis. To obviate the shock o f this
selves in regard to what hypno time lapse, the technique used by the profes
tism actually is? In many of the sionals i s to try to connect some running
publications be in g merchandised thought or theme at the time they " p u t them
today by metaphysicians, or by u n d e r " with t h e same theme when they bring
them back to their self-consciousness again
those who feel that they are cosmically
aware to a degree, there seems to be an I t i s misleading and downright wrong for
absence of the real meaning of the word those who are supposed to know something about
hypnotism*. the field, or area o f control and domination
Your attention i s called to the standard which is hypnotism, to continuously u s e the
dictionary for a d e fin itio n . Hypnotism i s de words auto-hypnotism and self-hypnotism. How
fined as a trance-like state or condition. It can a subject hypnotize him self and put him
i s abnormal in relation to conscious-awareness s e lf into a somnambulistic trance (an abnormal,
o f the individual. non-physically conscious s t a t e ) and then d i
Before me are seven different recent publi rect himself, much less be aware o f anything
cations dealing with the unfolding and discov that he did? It i s totally, scientifica lly im
ery o f the power within oneself, and they have possible. I t is a confusing o f the terms " s u g
various titles. Several o f them are printed and gestive therapeutics and "hypnotism . I t is a
distributed by very f i n e organizations, from confusing of mental d i s c i p l i n e o f s e lf a n d
my point o f view, but in all these there c a n that o f hypnotism.
be found direct inference that a condition o f Why c a n t those people and organizations
self-hypnotism is possible. Others refer to it that purport to know this subject delineate
as " auto-hypnotism . Now, l e t ' s clear up the between the destructive, devolutionary process
point. L e t s stop being taken in by those idio called hypnotism and that of the evolving pro
would lik e to make hypnotism constructively cess o f mental disciplin e where the individual
acceptable. consciously directs t h e active or passive
There is no question what you can do to an awareness condition and then i s aware o f what
other or what another can do to you when a transpires?
state o f hypnotism exists between the p a r t ie s . in hypnotism, the subject i s not aware o f
Hypnotism is the control o f one by another, or what transpires nor the passing o f time-space.
the control o f others by one. The mere words, This i s n t ju s t a statement b y this w rite r.
or rather the mere suggestion, carried by the This is an absolute physiological, psychologi
words "a u t o and " s e l f naturally lead one to cal actuality. To deny i t is lik e denying the
think that he, himself, as a single individual sun in the sky, the moon in space. I t s like
or entity, can hypnotize himself. 'T h i s is u t denying the earth i s round, ju s t because you
terly false. The misuse o f the word hypnotism personally have not gotten into a rowboat a n d
by prefixin g i t with " a u t o and " s e l f i s an oared your way around the globe.
attempt to confuse the lay public, and i t seems When are those o f us who point the way, who
that they are confusing many o f t h e eru d ite , try to help others in mental discipline, going
supposedly thoughtful people also, because they to talk sense and be honest- - yes, be honest
have continued to attach these prefixes of and scientifica lly truthful when we discuss
" a u t o and " s e l f to hypnotism. hypnotism?
I wonder i f those who are writing about i t Here in 300 words i s an oversimplification
in their courses o f study, in their books, and o f the subject:
giving i t a b ill o f good health, so to s p e a k , Hypnotism is a state o f control and domina
personally know anything about the mechanics tion exercised by a hypnotist over h is subject.
o f hypnotism. Certainly i f they do (and i would The one who controls and dominates the subject
lik e to think that most o f them do since they i s the hypnotist. The subject is the person or
write so glibly about i t ) , how can they recon persons under the control and domination o f
c i l e the use o f the words "a u t o and " s e l f as the h y p n o t is t . T h ese d e fin ition s s hould be
a prefix? I f they personally know about it , by kept in m in d.
personal e x p e r ie n c e , o b s e r v a t i o n , and u s e , Hypnotism has all shades and degrees rang
they know very well that the subject when hyp ing from a state o f slight awakeness to the
notized i s disconnected from h is physical or most profound s t a t e o f complete functional
ganism as far a s directing it s activity, re suspension called a form o f "suspended anima
ceiving impulses from it , o r evaluating any tion . The trance grows deeper and more pro
thing that i s planted in the automatic or found by the continuance o f the "w illing-
storage department or subjective mind. process of tiie hypnotist. This state o f hyp
When a person is hypnotized for a period of nosis sweeps thru the brain as a wave, demon
time (as I personally have done many times be strating its effect first in the section classi
fore learning better back in the 30 s), he is fied as perceptive and culminating in the me
not aware o f any passage o f time. Nor is he dulla.
MAY, 1963 T h e ABERREE 5
In direct relation to the depth o f the hyp tism and self-hypnotism are s c ien tific impos
notic state is the degree o f complete control s ib il i t i e s . The sim ilarity a n d confusion o f
m an ifest, and once the state i s well estab terms is unfortunate.
lished, all independent reactions to the phys True suggestive-therapy is in no way asso
ical senses o f the subject are n u llifie d . The ciated with the hypnotic state. Neither is men*
subject thus sees, hears, tastes, smells, and tal d isciplin e n o r various foims o f positive
feels only that which the hypnotist says that conditioning o f the mind. These are construc
he does and nothing more! Only the will and tive and entirely opposite to the destructive
intent o f the operator can b e expressed thru process called hypnotism.
the subject. Hypnotism in any degree o r under any con
The subject will carry out the commands o f dition i s destructive in nature. I t tears down
the hypnotist only to the extent these com the su b je ct's barrier o f "will- protection . I t
mands convey the real intent o f the w ill of subjugates the will o f the subject to another
the hypnotist. The subject will not murder or totally. I t is a method o f altering the inter
steal or perform in an immoral manner unless pretation o f stimuli without consulting t h e
the actual intent and desire to do so i s with will and intent o f the subject. I t does not
in the will o f the hypnotist. T he w i l l a n d remove the weakness o f personality which per
moral values o f the subject are in no way con mitted the perverted interpretations to mani
cerned/ Mark this well. fest in the fir s t place. The changing o f in
Suggestion during a state o f hypnosis i s terpretation o f stimuli under hypnosis acts as
impossible! All direction commonly spoken of a cover-up o f symptoms, not a correction o f
as "s u g g es tio n i s nothing short o f an irre cause.
futable responsibility upon the consciousness
o f the subject. Under hypnosis the subject has Man became free when he recognized that he
absolutely no choice whatsoever. Auto-hypno was subject to law. Durant

Science Often Murders the Only Apparent Dead


help. The ambulance was called and the man was
T W AS recently published in the press that rushed on a stretcher to the hospital for ex
in one country in Europe a regulation w a s amination. The physicians who had signed his
passed by the health department according death ce rtificate accepted that they erred in
to which all dead should be buried within their diagnosis o f the death o f their patient!
12 hours from the moment of death. T o all We repeat that before the passing o f three
familiar with philosophy and metaphysics days or 72 hours no separation o f the soul from
this measure is considered as a murder of our the body takes place. Therefore, any interfer
beloved departed ones by the authorities i n ence w ith t h e bod y by the embalmer i n the
the hands o f the embalmer and the p h y s icia n . funeral home, all the pain caused thereby is
I t i s well known to all metaphysicians o f fe lt by the soul, which is unable to use its
all sch o o ls, ancient and m o d e m , that i t is body to resist these surgical interventions by
the soul, this s p ir itu al entity, which mani the embalmer or physician. Thus, the poor soul
fests th ru t h e p hysical body and its parts o f the dead man suffers helplessly in great
during the l i f e o f man on E a r t h . There is a agony in their hands.
close association a n d collaboration o f t h e A sim ilar condition is experienced by the
soul o f man and o f the physical body, which soul during dreams, when the person finds it-
continues as long as the body remains jn good sel f in an accident or is under attack and suf
condition and thus the soul can use i t for its fers all the agony therefrom without being able
various manifestations and functions in l i f e . to come back to it s physical body and defend
As soon as the physical body, either by an ac i t in this agonizing state o f the dream.
cident or by d isea se, becomes unable to keep Many years ago in Europe, when t h e dead
this union and collaboration with the spiritual were buried without being embalmed and the
soul, then the separation takes place .and the bodies were interred before the elapse o f this
physical body returns to the earth to disinte three days period o f time, there were record
grate into i t s material elements, whereas the ed in many cemeteries instances in which, when
soul disa sso cia tin g i t s e l f from the body r e the grave was opened, after two or three years,
turns to the spiritual realms o f the cosmos the skeleton o f the dead had moved from its
whence i t came. original position and i t had turned in many
Philosophical schools, ancient and m odem , positions in the grave. This person was buried
accept that after the death is declared by the under the state of necrophania. I t was interred
known signs o f the stopping o f the heart beat alive and when the man or the woman came to
ing, the rigidity o f the body, e t c ., i t takes themselves in their grave they fought to escape
three whole days or 72 hours for the separation their earthly prison to no avail and died in
o f the soul from it s physical body thru the terror, agony, and suffocation!
severance o f the silv er cord. This h a s been Such tragedies do not occur today because
proved by the so-called dead who were certified the bodies o f the dead are embalmed w ithin a
as such by the medical doctors and whose bod short time after their c e rt ifie d death or they
ies were taken to the funeral homes, when the undergo an autopsy by the physician. In both
dead regained h is senses and came out of this cases the dead man is murdered by science. Thus
temporary state o f necrephania. i t is made sure that he cannot come back from
Such a case was reported a couple o f years the dead any more and tell what happened to
ago in one o f the funeral homes in Brooklyn , him or her !
N. Y. When the embalmer began embalming t h e The Pythagorean Society and other philosoph
body, suddenly the dead started to move and ical schools and organizations know this Cos
to open his eyes, wondering what was going on ! mic law and we keep the bodies of our dead un
The embalmer was frightened by seeing the pre touched before the elapse o f this three d a y s
viously dead body come to l i f e and try to get period required for the separation o f the soul
out o f the coffin, and he fled ca llin g f o r from the physical body to take place.

6 Th e ABERREE MAY, 1963

The Magic Power in Color By DOROTHY SPRINGFIELD

O L O R , AND i t s r o le in the f i e l d o f not being done to take the place o f any medi
h e a l i n g , began a b s o r b in g my i n t e r e s t cal services they might need, or to stop any
one from seeking medical advice. However, many
some y e a r s back w h i l e I w a s in the
doctors today agree that color is a factor in
f i e l d o f n u r s in g . I n o t ic e d that the helping most persons. Walk into any modern
s ta r k w h it e w a l l s o f h o s p i t a l s , the doctors o ffic e s today and you w ill see cheer
w h ite uniform s o f th e n u r s e s , a n d ful colors on the walls, the chairs and fur
the w h it e ja c k e t s e f f e c t e d by d o c niture and there is a noticeable lack o f dol
tors, surp risin gly w e r e r e ta rd in g drums among the patients waiting.
r eco v ery e s p e c i a l l y o f p a t i e n t s in It was further noticed that adding a touch
t h e m e n t a l w a rd s. How s e r io u s t h i s o f red to the orange brought about in some of
us a tightening up; this was due to the strong
d e v i t a l i z i n g was c o u ld be n o t i c e d g r e a t ly
energy we had and the red acted a s an i r r i
d u r i n g v i s i t i n g h o u r s , when v i s i t o r s w ea r tant . For those lacking in energy, the same
in g b r ig h t ly - c o lo r e d clo th in g c a lle d f o r a touch o f red acted a s an insp ira tio n and a
p a t i e n t , o r m erely a p p e a re d in the w a rd . stepping up of energy.
I t was alm ost l i k e a h e a lin g r a y , a n d For those with a q uick temper, the orange
th e r e w a s an im m e d ia t e p e r k in g up, or had a calming effect, but seeing the red would
r i s e in to ne , i n many a s th ey were a c c i cause tempers to immediately flare, and argu
d e n t a l l y exp o sed to t h e s e c o l o r s . ments would be s ta r t e d . In a s en se , i t was
Also, i t w a s n o tic e d that when mealtimes amusing. I t was suggested that the color be
arrived, these same patients vould reach o u t breathed in, which brought about the same effect.
fir s t for the green o f a fresh vegetable, or Next, we painted the walls and c e i l i n g a
some dish that was cheerfully yellow, even tho yellow c o lo r ; then decided to make one wall
these patients might not care, taste-wise, for green, one wall blue, one red, and one p u rp le .
these same vegetables. Apparently, i t was the Bedlam broke lo o se! The effect on each w as
color that attracted them. Should the dessert d i ffe r e n t . Those who were more mental t h a n
be gelatin, mixed with fruits, they would leave physical turned towards t h e y e llo w , b u t the
on their plates the white o f an ap p le , b u t ones who were on the physical level- - that i s ,
would finish all that had color. Then, in a in their energy level started quarreling.
better mood, they would attack the meat dish Those on a lower t o n e " level would have
with red meat having an especial appeal. In nothing to do with the purple when mixed with
the mental ward, chicken would more than likely other colors in the same room, but cover the
be le ft barely touched. purple up and give them something o f an or
Some patients who were not too i l l , or just ange color to hold--and their tone le v e l was
this side o f a mental condition, would first quickly stepped up, and the breathing became
go for the color in the foods, but would finish less shallow.
what was put before them . There were some in this group who were some
Persons on the anemic side while in the what on the apathy lev el no tone at all who
hospital and even a fter discharge would always would shirk responsibility, or refuse to ac
go for anything that was red. When-these same cept responsibility for anything they might
patients had to report to C lin ic , they invar do. Altho it was treading on dangerous ground
iably wore red. One patient especially always with this type o f person, we tried having them
attended C l i n i c wearing a red dress, red hat leave the room while we covered up the purple
and shoes and there was a cheerfulness about and the red, leaving only the g r e e n , yellow ,
her that had been lacking while she had been and blue. I t had a most astonishing effect. The
in the hospital. orange and the yellow would raise their tone
The effect o f color depends a great deal on level, and they would be much more cheerful.
the p erso n s chemical makeup the colors that We next tried b l u e . I t had an e x ce llen t
are in the aura. (These are subject to change effect, bringing peace mentally and a feeling
as the person either comes up from a lower to of physical restfu lne ss. Any occultist knows
a higher level or develops toward a spiritual that blue i s a high cosmic ray; it raises the
mode o f thinking. ) tone level to a high pitch . Combined with the
Getting together a group o f persons, rang yellow, it brought peace and stimulation. Com
ing in age from 10 to the 60 s, We began to bining these two colors with a rose shade on
experiment with color i t s effect, and the why one wall brought the tone o f the voice under
o f it . control and some of the group dozed in their
For a laboratory , w e had what once had chairs; those on the couch went to sleep. The
been a chicken c o o p , which had been rebuilt atmosphere was decidedly peaceful.
into a one-room shack that w a s used f o r odds The li t t l e ones, o f whom there were three
and ends. We cleared this out, cleaned it , and when surrounded with these colors were what
painted i t white. When the white paint was d r y , might be called l i t t l e angels . Children, not
we covered i t with the color o f a lovely, ripe having their full growth, respond quite well
orange. to these colors, for there i s none o f the sar
It w a s surprising the effe ct th is had on donic in their natures; this comes much l a t e r ,
some o f those taking part in the experiment. depending on the company they keep and their
They seemed much relieved o f repressions --be natures.
came sharper in their t h in k in g . Also, they It was found that, when reciting the 91st
felt better on the physical l e v e l . This was Psalm and having the blue color, there was
MAY, 1963 Th e ABERREE 7
: Mfm.t
deep feeling put into the reciting o f t h i s walls in white with a touch of the same v i o l e t . ?
Psalm , and those with any insight could see This gave a soft glow to the room. An amethyst
waves o f color surrounding many o f the group. rug covered the floor and violet drapes were
We then switched to the color v i o l e t --which at the windows. The room formerly had been a
produced almost the same reaction as the b l u e . light green with yellow drapes, which clashed,
It seemed to step up the spiritual side, stim not only in color but brought out the worst in
ulate the imagination on the creative side. It the occupants temperaments .
is no color for those tending toward the mor Both bathrooms were done i n medium co lo r
onic mind; it is far too depressing for than , carnation, with a violet throw-rug and cama-
as they do not seem able to respond to i t . tion shower curtains. The outside of the house -
Otherwise, it is a m ost harmonious color for was painted a soft white, trimmed in the light
most persons. est of lavender.
We then decided it was time to experiment It took three months to bring about all the
with co lo rs in the home . This took a great changes in the house , but i f the saving o f a
deal o f time, and grumblings from the men of teetering marriage is im portant, they were
the house that is, some o f them. They d i d n t months well spent. This time does not include ,
want t h e respo n siblity nor, perhaps, t h e o f course, the weeks and months we as a group
upset. expended in experiments experiments which are
One member--I ll call her Mary decided that s till being carried o n , by the way, even tho
each room in her house must be different--each the group is now much smaller.

color her favorite -- with no regard for the
wishes o f the rest o f the family. There were
six in the family, and the project was viewed
with much grumbling and fault-finding. F in a l l y , thinks it a great privilege to give away every
she decided to consult other members of the thing he has in the world. He becomes a devout
household as to their likes and dislik es, and believer in poverty and piety a n d dissipates
the proj ect started with the master bedroom , himself mentally, physically, and fin a n c ia lly ,
which she made a lovely peach shade, heavy on and sooner or later nervous prostration claims
the pink side. A rug with ro se designs was added his body. For such a person, the green current
to the color scheme. To this, her husband added is used to restore him to a normal condition
white shades, with peachy-pink drapes. Light o f in d iv id u a liza tio n .
green touches were added in pillows on the Some color of the blue current represents
lounge. The effect was most lovely and peace all t h e higher mental cu rren ts. In the sub
ful. This color stepped up the tone o f both currents are literature, music, art, the high
she and her husband, and since it agreed with er education, organization, order, f o r m , e t c .
th eir own favorite colors--both o f them being This force c a n never be used by animals, but
on the less m aterialistic s id e - - it brought only by the subjective mind of man. All inspi
about an inner peace. ration along any lin e of thought is due to the
Attention next was turned to the k itc h e n . inflow o f this blue cu rren t, o f which men are
The three boys who were in their 'teens-- many times entirely unconscious. A r t is t s in
wanted gay colors, lik e reds, yellow, greens, any line express greater things than are i n
all at one time. The one daughter wanted bright their own minds to e x p ress.
sun-yellow; she had to liv e in it-- eat in the Yellow i s the h i p e s t color vibration upon
kitchen, unless company came. Again there was this p la n e t a nd i s therefore the greatest
confusion, and it closed on a sour note among fo r c e . It is spiritual and creative lo ve . I t
all o f them. i s wisdom, intuition, divine harmony, a n d is
The parents invited the children into the the highest aspect o f Deity that we are capa
bedroom and the color problem for the kitchen ble o f understanding at this time. It embraces
was threshed out. Since the daughter i s rather all the spiritual q u a lit ie s we can co n ceive,
o f an excitable nature and all yellow would and it is regrettable that man does not pos
be far too stimulating a soft shade o f blue sess very many o f them as yet. To acquire this
was decided o n , with wallpaper oh one s i d e force man must develop to the point where the
with touches o f orange in it . The boys picked subjective mind con trols the objective , a nd
out the floor covering, which was a light t a n . when he can attach himself to the yellow Cosmic
The only red in the kitchen was a china tea pot current he ca n accomplish anything he may un
--which made an excellent splash o f color on dertake to do upon this planet. An undeveloped
the yellow t i l e . Curtains were added o f a person cannot use the y e llo w current o f force
lighter shade o f blue and the table and chairs because i t is a vibration so much higher than
were on the ligh t tan side. These colors agreed h is own that there is no sympathy between him
with a l l o f them, and tone w a s decidedly and it and it can be used to help only such
stepped u p . Formerly, the kitchen had been a persons as are in sympathy with it.
dull gree n , which became a muddy green w h e n ' A knowledge o f these forces and how to use
the sun shone in on the south s i d e . them gives one almost unlimited power.
The dining area was done in the same shade
as the liv in g room a soft yellow, with touch A TIP YOU MAY NEED FOR THIS SUMMER'S DROUTH
es o f orange. The rug, a very soft brown, fitted DEAR EDITOR:
in well with th eir fu r n itu r e, which was brown. We h a v e discovered a way to have water
Drapes were o f a soft tan. The overall atmos iriienever we want i t , whether i t rains or n o t .
phere was decidedly p e a c e fu l, a n d i t was a Take a barrel (wine barrel or such) and
delight to take meals there. char t h e i n s i d e . Rinse i t well. Leave i t on
One problem arose about music and the par the back porch where o n e side i s protected.
ents insisted that there would be good music Place upon a stone we used tw o b u ild in g
or none at all -- before, during, a n d after blocks and place a large sheet o f glass o v e r
meals. No ja z z . The boys pouted and yapped it. Thru this " l i d one can see the condensa
about it, but the results spoke for themselves. tion form. In the winter time, keeping i t in a
Laughter accompanied the clatter o f d is h e s , woodshed i s O.K . Some claim they had to put in
and the indigestion o f the parents disappeared. a cup o f water to get i t started, but only a
As for the g i r l s bedroom, one side was a few found th is necessary.
lovely violet shade, with the remainder o f the Veronica Sydou, Bsperance, K .T .

8 T he flBERREE MAY, 1963

S u f Moo, 57oo, Gan IDo 3t
By HAROLD S. SCHROEPPEL W A R N I N G Th e s e lessons l n " A d v s n c e d P e r c e p
t i o n ere not to be treet ed lightly or delved
LESSON 13 HEALING TECHNIQUES In by the c u r i o u s for Idle or que s t i o n a b l e
|HE HEALING techniques which will be goals. As the Author caution s, t h e y re d a n g e r
o u s and it is s u g g e s t e d two pe r s o n s with s i m i
given here have all been tested and lar Intent work as a team. One of the risks In
have worked for some persons . No volved, Mr. Schro eppel warns, is that soma who
one of them worked for everybody successfully d e v e l o p their adva n c e d p e r c e p t i o n
who tried it , nor did any one per are going to see some things they' d rather not
s e e . And don't mi x with any other technique,
son have success with all of them . or you may find yourself w o r k i n g at c r o s s - p u r -
So try them yourself; see which you posas. Which is no place to find yours elf, or
can use, and i f one doesn t work, for anyone else to find you especial Iy an in
try something else. co m p e t e n t psychologist or p s y chiatrist. They
may get the idea y o u're as crazy as they are.
For the f i r s t t e c h n i q u e : I f you
are well aware o f p r a n a , you can flow your
s u b je c t f u l l o f i t . Load him up w ith i t ,
and t h i s a lo ne w i l l ca u se changes in some ing the h e a lin g , and pick up the flows and
forces involved. But again, don t try this i f
peo p le.
you are skeptical about i t , o r resentful, or
Here i s another: Try forming a picture, a anything lik e that. A good healer will pick up
concept, and impressing i t on the part c o n any lack o f faith, pain, dislike, or any other
cerned. Picture the affected part as it would strong feeling, and he will (r ig h tfu lly !) re
be i f it were perfect. sent the opposition. Not only th a t, he will
Try forming a model of the part, increasing usually know who did it, and he may run you o u t .
the size o f it until you can study the fine de in any case you will interfere with the h e a lin g .
ta ils for what is wrong. Imagine it to be cor Eveiy person h a s , when he is conceived, a
rected, and then check for correction. When genetic blueprint which can be picked up by a
you do get your picture o f the correction, the good clairvoyant. You may be able to key this
perfect model, duplicate it several times. Make in. This blueprint is the structure o f the in
a lot o f pictures o f it . I f the model seems to dividual and how he would feel from the inside
keep sh ifting in your pictures, keep on making out as he was designed to be, full grown and
them until i t stays put and corrected. That in good health. I t should be complete in every
will be the one you get. detail too, complete a n d perfect, without any
Now try finding a t im e in the past within broken bones or anything else wrong with i t .
the person* s memory when this part was p e r f e c t , I t should b e in completely good function, as
and then try to amplify the memory, to turn it it should h a v e been p re se n t at conception.
up and impress it on the individual again. This keying-in has b e e n done by those with
Tiy balancing out the in d iv id u a l s energy strong clairvoyant power. Sometimes i t causes
flows. O f course, to do this you have to be rather drastic changes in the su bje cts facial
able to balance your own. I f you are good at structure and things lik e t h a t .
it , you can probably balance out h i s without I f y o u c a n see shadows on your subject-
too much trouble. shadow people, shadow lim b s, shadow i n ju r i e s ,
Another frequently used healing technique shadow d e a t h try to eliminate these stray
is t h e l a y in g on o f h and s. T r y laying your shadows, to knock them out. 'Die spiritu alists
hands on the person, permitting power, love and say they see things in black and white. I f you
health to flow thru them from you to him. This can see t h e l i g h t and shadow, try turning it
usually takes some practice. Incidentally, on wholly li g h t , a n d then i f you are s t ill work
this technique and on others using energy, you ing with it , make i t beautiful.
frequently need a warm-up period o f from three And here is s till another way: I f you have
to five minutes in which to build up the ener readied cosmic consciousness yourself, try ty
gy (reference Max Freedom Long s The Secret ing the person into cosmic consciousness. Or
Science Behind Miracles ). you may be able to do the same thing with one
Try knowing that a person can be healed and o f the high level telepathic groups; try tying
letting the knowledge flow t h ru you. Turn up your subject into t h a t. Ag ain , there i s the
your knowingness i f you are good at the di same requirement: In order to t ie something
chotomies turn i t up as h ig i a s i t will go , into a high level telepathic group, you h a v e
and then take that knowingness and ju s t flow it to be aware o f the group yourself and, what is
into the individual, along with the knowledge more, your purpose h a s to b e in lin e with
that he is healed, he i s well, you can see him theirs. Now you will find and you should have
well. found by the time you get this far that there
Try contacting the power and glory o f God are a number, at least 20, high-level, higi-
and letting this flow thru y o u . order, and hard-hitting telepathic groups o p
I f you havent too many prejudices, you can erating within the world and elsewhere which
try these two: Try "b e i n g a person whom some can be picked up a n d which broadcast p o w er
one else i s h e alin g , but don t impress your which you can borrow and use, provided you are
personality on the being take i t easy. Also in lin e with their purposes.
t r y beins the healer while he is accomplish One thing you should keep in mind: D o n t
MAY, 1963.
work too hard at these. I was taught that ap cured by medicine, but some o f them may not be
proximately 30 percent o f the people who come cured by anything on God s green earth.
to you with trouble could be cured no matter Work with the ones you can work with, and
what you d o , so long as they are sure you can d o n 't b e afraid to take on the hard ones; but
do it . You could tell them to walk around the don t take i t to heart i f you c a n t find the
block, stand up and s it down, take a s p i r in , r ig it method to help them. Also, do n 't fold up
turn around three times, o r anything else, so i f somebody else comes along right behind you
long as they believe in you and have a reason and c u r e s the o n e you couldn t touch. This
ably good conviction that they will get well . happens frequently too, especially when you
The next 30 percent or so will have some are dealing with psychic m atters. You d id n t
thing objectively detectable wrong with them; touch the right key, or i t wasn t ready to fall
they will have a virus or bacteria, some p a in , into place; and he goes over to the next heal
some physical maladjustment or flaw ; but they er, who looks at him and says, Why d o n t you
w ill also have some psychic troubles and can take off that shoe? I t s too tight. So he puts
be cu re d with some skill or talen t. I h a v e on another pair, and h e s comfortable.
nothing against bacteria; I have nothing against
doctors. Viruses are not ille g a l, and people I f somebody comes w i t h a chronic som atic,
get the f l u , even people with a lot o f aware he will honestly tell within the fir s t 10 min
ness and a lot o f healing ability. However, utes and usually within the firs t -two senten
they are usually much less uncomfortable with ces exactly and precisely what i s wrong with
i t than the ones who do n 't have these powers. him . I f y o u are to help him, you must catch
Then there will be 30 or 40 percent that it. I t may seem very ordinary--something you
you can do nothing with at all. wouldnt pay any attention to normally.
Some o f you w ill find that nearly all the You may s till have to go thru the motions,
people you touch w ill be o f the firs t 30 per even tho you realize nothing will happen. That
cent. You can give them any kind o f token r it is one reason I dont lik e faith-healing groups
ual, and their troubles w i l l go away, i f you before a church full o f people. The faith
are good at effort, i f you can handle pain as healer must take on everyone who comes; I
an effort, there w ill be people you can l i f t a watched one who knew when people came to him
pain from. Then i f you want to do a thoro job which ones he would be able to help and which
you can reach back for the reason they had it ones he could not. He knew it before he prayed,
and why they are using i t , and see i f you can but he had to go thru h is ritual regardless,
hand them a better pattern with which to meet otherwise he broke up h is working pattern.
the world than a headache. There a r e a number o f healing techniques
Another t r i c k : When someone tells you he which have been used and tested. Some are avail
has a headache, ask him, "P i n e , what shape is able from Max Freedom Long and h is Huna Re
it? How thick is it? How dense is it? i s it search p u b l i c a t i o n s . He h a s worked several
moving in any way? Does it spin? I'm looking for years experimenting with a n d testing t e c h
a five-pointed headache; I know a fellow I d niques with a group o f 365 people, more or
lik e to give one to because h e played me a l e s s , a n d h a s published three books: The
dirty trick. But I c a n 't use a four-and-a-half Secret Science Behind M ira cle s , " T h e Secret
pointed one; i t s got to have five. Has yours Science a t Work , and Growing I n t o Light .
got five? Oh, it s round and fuzzy ~ w ell, I There i s a l s o a book c a l l e d " I n t h e O n e
do n t need a round and fhz 2y one a t a l l . " i f Sp irit , by Marguerite Hannan Bro, which is
you ask him several times, and get him to give the story o f Harrie Rhodes s h e a l i n g t e c h
an accurate description o f how i t feels a nd niques . For some, the techniques o f the Spir
what shape it is, i t will disappear while he i t u a l i s t s , t h e Theosophists, o r U n it y w ill
is talking to you. He may come back five min work; these all have extensive literature o f
utes la ter and say, You know it 's ftanny that their own. Christian Scientists recommend that
headache I was t e llin g you about i t s gone. I you start on removing peoples emotional troub
ca n t understand what happened. * You answer: les firs t , learning to handle grief, fear, and
0. K. You don t mind feeling good, do you? Do anger i n other people a n d working out from
you object to that? and let it go at that. t h e r e . I f you have done these lessons well ,
One very rough technique which, i f you can you should be able to do t h i s easily by now.
take it , will eliminate a lot o f garbage i s to Play with the various techniques; work around
s i t down with another person and throw the ener with them. Don t take them too seriously. And
gy which is called prana back and forth between don t shoot your doctor; d o n t throw out all
the two o f you flow i t back and forth. I t will your medicine or decide not to take vitamins
activate-a lot o f s tu ff between you. You will while you a r e going on with this. I f you are
find that your memories and so forth are stuck going to do healing work, especially i f you
out there, and this prana activates the ta ngle . are going to use energy flows or prana, you will
I f you a r e n t i n top-flight physical c o n d i need to be in top-notch physical co n d itio n .
tion, i f you have l i t t l e stored-up pains with Also, i f you are going to use energy flow s,
in the body some place, this one can be rough, dont play around with something which you had
because these pains are turned u p , and they as a ch r o n ic disease y o u r se lf, even tho you
keep turning up until you override whatever have healed it . I f you had s in u s trouble and
keyed them in and set them there in the first i t got well, lay o f f people with sinus trouble.
place. Then they will go away. But while they There w i l l be many times when i t will be
are going up, the process is quite p ainful, i f d i ffic u lt to tell what healed the p erson. He
you can tolerate it , the best thing i s not to comes to you with a headache, you take a swing
back down, but to keep riding i t out. However, at it , and h i s headache goes away. Later you
a word o f warning again: Things turned up like learned he slipped down five grains o f aspirin
th is should disappear a few minutes after the about the same time. Which one took the head
processing has been stopped. I f anything per ache out? I t s a good question; I do n t know
s is ts for a couple o f days, s e e your doctor the answer. You will run into a l o t o f t h a t ,
and find out w h a t's wrong physically. but d o n ' t fig h t the doubters. Don t try to
There will be some mho will never find any prove who did it ; don t worry about who gets
thing but th e 40 percent that n o th in g will the credit. Just t r y things, keep your eyes
touch. No matter what you do psychically, these open, keep alert, and le t i t go at that.
people w o n 't get w e l l . Some o f them may b e
(Continued i n t h e next issue)
Th e fl BERREE MAY, 1963
"physical matter and mechanical energy , has
been elevated to the status o f a r e l i g i o n .
Genesis o f the Bible i s not in it with a
school textbook on chemistry, says Prof. J. H .
Woodger. This s c ien tific dogmatism dates from
the days of our grandfathers who believed the
universe is a gigantic machine made o f h a r d ,
solid, inv isible atoms.
T h e n something s ta r t lin g happened -- t h e
splittin g of that atom. As to this remarkable
ev en t, one author s a i d :
By Dr. KARL KRIDLER "T h e splitting o f tte atom w a s the great
achievement of this age, supplying the sort of
(21 CREATIVE ACTION under-the-surface knowledge we needed in all

EFERRING to Creation, a noted author s a i d , th in g s . Until we apply it to all things, in
" I t (Creation1 i s a process by means of cluding religion , we a re but sup erficialists
which Prim al Substance i s transformed in groping in worlds not r e a l i z e d . Knowledge of
such manner as to be caused to conform to m atter s real constitution is something that
the s p e c ific a t io n s of a d e fin ite p l a n . Nature has waited for man to achieve. Ftor it
marks the turning point in the long, descend
1 Reasoning from this p rem ise, it becomes ing process of the planetary night, the process
certain that every Creative Act involves two from here on being upward.
d efin ite factors, a Creator and a Substance. Prof. Eddington said the r e s u l t o f this
He continued: The absence o f either of achievement transformed the eternal world of
these factors automatically renders Creation physics into a world of shadows, and left s c i
impossible. Without a Creator, Substance must ence dangling from a lim b.
remain an inert mass; and without Substance, Prof. J . B. Haldane, great astronomer, said :
the Creator must remain s t e r i l e , as He has "M aterialism , once a plausible theory (of s c i
nothing with which to exercise H i s creative ence! is now the fa t a lis t ic creed o f thousands
powers. I n other words, something can not be (of s c ie n t is ts !, b u t materialism i s nothing
created from nothing ; and no kind o f creation better than a superstition, on the same level
is possible without a creator to do the work . as a b e lie f in witches and d e v i l s .
Then he made this shrewd observation: There There goes s cien c e o u t the window, along
are tw o popular fallacies o f Creation which with it s baseless assumption that the world is
deceive most sincere persons who try to gain composed o f blind and unknown forces, and is
and apply an understanding o f Creative Action . exclusively chemical and mechanical.
One is the theory that Creation is the magical (Continued in th e next issue!
trick o f making something from nothing. The

. 'enecfomueb^
----- -------
other is the sc ie n t ific concept that Creation
is a haphazard and spontaneous process which
operates w ithout a motivating power to do the
w ork, a n d without a guiding in t e llig e n c e to
direct the process. Both of these theories are w u tu as 'fyyfn tn wm y ^7*/ VTjrvjn,
indefensible myths. They have no basis in f a c t ,
and serve only to increase the confusion of the By MAXINE *S. DUMKE
unwary. 0 Y OU RE puzzled about a friend? You need
These two f a l l a c i e s , taught in our schools n t be it is quite simple to figure them
and colleges, are the basic reason why clerics out with handwriting analysis. Many tim es,
and college graduates in t h e C h r is t ia n world in the course of a lifetim e, you will won
are incompetent to analyze intelligently th e der i f So-and-so i s trustworthy can be
fundamental principles of Creative A c t io n . depended upon to live up to their word.
One o f these fa llacies is taught by theol There are several ways to back up your own
ogy, w hich adheres s t r ic t ly to the literal d e cisio n s, a n d by studying their handwriting,
statements of the biblical f a b l e . It teaches you need not guess you will know. Study the
children as positively true the story o f Crea t-crossings, for one thing; the a and/or o .
tion in the first chapter of Genesis , and they A t-crossing, turned down, will give you infor
grow up thoroly steeped in this fallacy. mation that the penman is a pretty shallow
Then comes the fallacy of science, opposed individual; maybe on the surface seems to be
to the biblical fable and taught to children in all you wish in a friend or business associate
the s c h o o l s , t h a t the world is composed of but that type o f t-crossing is a dead give
blind and unknown forces ; that we are nothing away. They will be shallow," w it h no depth to
but in fin ite ly small particles on the surface anything they say .
o f a speck of dust in the immensity of the Watch the open " a a n d o ; i f they re too
cosmos; that the cosmos is totally deprived of open, th ey ll tell all they know to anyone who
L ife and Consciousness, and that the universe will l i s t e n . Combine the two and you find a
is exclusively chemical and mechanical, s in c e writer who would be interesting, but certainly
i t has been created from an unknown substratum neither dependable nor trustworthy. Something
o f a gossip.
by the techniques of physics and mechanics.
Between t h e s e two popular f a l l a c i e s , o n e The s l a n t o f the writing w i l l h a v e some
based on an ancient fable in the B ible and the bearing on a decision of this kind, but i t will
other on the wild speculations o f a material not alter the facts the old gal (o r boy) likes
i s t i c s c i e n c e , the actual facts o f Creation to yak i t up and will at the slightest open
run a terrible gauntlet in this world o f men i n g . Don t tell THEM anything you d o n t want
made public, b u t they do have their usefu l
tal darkness .
n es s: cheap tho perhaps not too accurate, ad
One o f the reasons for the lack of basic
vertising .
data at this time relative to anthropology,
(ED. NOTE Lack o f response from readers
biology, psychology, physiology, and pathology
has le d to a de cision to drop t h is feature
rises from the fact that for a century a ma
from The ABERREE. Both Mrs. Dumke and the Edi
t e r ia lis t ic science , denying the existence of
to r thank those who have shown in te re st.
a spiritual world and contending that all is
MAY, 1963 Th e ABERREE 11
understanding the structure of DEAR LOUIS When you talked
both the physical and s p ir it here, you recited a poem called
ual aspects of the u n iv e r s e . "God to M e". Would you please
Pythagoras w r o t e : When God print same in The ABERREE, for
wrote the language of the u n i I believe i t is something pre
verse he wrote it w it h num cious to be shared by all.- M .G.
bers. "
DEAR M.Q. --Yes, the poem is
DEAR L O U I S We hear that in two parts: the introduction
Canada i s i n f o r a big oil that d e fin e s terms and then
bocm. I s this true ? D .M ., the expansion of same.
Vancouver, Canada. GOD TO ME
God is P r i n c i p l e (gov erning), Mind
DEAR D. M.--In your Frazier (guiding), Sou I (susta i n i n g ) . S p i r
Valley area there is much oil , it (ble ssing). Life (preserving).
but I m not so sure it will go Truth (defending), and Love ( p r o
" b o o m . tect ing).
(Send your questions direct to
LO UIS, 1411 East M isso u ri, Phoenix, As Prin ciple, God justly gover ns
DEAR L O U IS I always seem me--
A r l z . , enclosing a s ta ip e d , self- to be broke; how can I have
addressed envelope. Por those *ho A firm, sublime, undeviating
more money? R . P . , Carmel, Cal. fact;
f is h personal r e p lie s , a i l n i i u i
As Mind, He guides my every thought
contribution of $2 per question DEAR R. P. -- Money i s the
should be In c lu d e d .) and act,
easiest thing in the world to And p o i n t s the way thru veil
h a v e , but to have-it there are and myste ry.
DEAR LOUIS I have recently a few rules, the first of these As Soul, His Stre n g t h susta i n s and
been studying numerology a n d being i f you want money then bears me up,
f in d it fa sc in a tin g. Do y o u this must be your only thought, An e v e r - p r e s e n t answer to m y
fe e l this study has any value? your total thought, and every call;
D . M ., Hew York, N . I . thing you do is directed in His Spirit bl e s s e s " m e and mine
DEAR D. N. Numerology has this direction. L e t s face i t and all",
And fills yet m o r e my o v e r f l o w
deep and profound meanings . I you want your cake and lettuce ing cup.
find i t a wonderful tool in together. As Life, my G o d p r e s e r v e s me,
sound and sure,
are instructions to guide one As perfe ct, in a measure, as is
in the choice of business part His (ruth d efends me well and c o n
ners, as well as the right time stant ly
to go into business for o n e s From error's onslaught and t e m p
self, or to apply for a posi tation' s Iure.
tio n . T h i s i s followed by a The 6od as Love prot e c t s me with
presentation of the employers His Care,
side of the problem, and points Now and forever, here and e v e r y
out how knowledge o f astrology where.
can help him in placing right

VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE B I ASTROL people in the right j o b s . DEAR LO UIS Why is your co l-
OGY, by Charles B .L u n tz, 213 Confirming the often-heard umn in The ABERREE so brief?
p p ., $ 2 .5 0 . Pub. by Llewellyn statement that 'T h e stars in We would l i k e to see more.
P u b s ., 100 S . Wabash, S t.P a u l, cline, they do not impel , M r. Who s fa u lt i s i t , yours or
Minn. Luntz claims that Vocational the e d ito r 's? M . L . , Raleigh,
Parents and counselors who Astrology allows a wide l a t i N. Car.
want to see e v e r y young person tude o f choice. Nevertheless, EAR M. L. -- I m afraid I m
find h is or her proper niche it "s t e r n ly bars certain vo the guilty party. Mr.Hart will
in l i f e , m i g h t d is c o v e r in cations as obviously unfitted
print all the answers I send
Vocational Guidance by A s to a n a t iv e ; shakes it s h e a d in ( I think), b u t , you s e e ,
trology by Charles E. L u n t z , doubtfully a t others; bestows there a re other things I must
some helpful g u i d e p o s t s to an indifferent glance at still attend to b e sid e s preparing a
point them in the right direc another set, but beams all over column. I ll try to do b e t t e r ,
tion. This is, o f course, pro in ecstatic approval when the
but I won t promise. Maybe i f
viding they have some aptitude right choices a r e finally
you read the column twice, it
toward astrology. reached.
will seem longer.
As Mr.Luntz explains, This Without delving deeply into

i s intended as a practical work the intricacies o f this sci
o f reference for students a s ence, we did learn that astrol
DEAR L O U IS Every time 1
well as professionals and, in ogy c a n furnish guidance t o
read your column (which I dear
fact, fo r individuals who ward two different types o f
ly love a n d turn to immedi
would not claim to be e it h e r , success : first, i n finding a
ately when I get The ABERREE),
but who have su fficien t e l e vocation which offers deep per
sonal satisfaction, even with I h e a r s t r a i n s o f beautiful
mentary knowledge o f astrology
to be able to set up and prog out great financial reward, music . Could you tell me why?
ress a horoscope and who de and secondly, job security, a Are y o u a m u s ic ia n ? K . M . ,
s ir e a clear set of reliable remunerative p r o f e s s i o n , or Pittsburgh, Penn.
rules formulated w h i c h , if success in accumulating world DEAR K . M. Wherever I am ,
they are followed, will y ield ly goods. In som e fortunate there must be m usic. I c a n t
the information they s e e k . horoscopes, there are indica function without it . The music
The author demonstrates the tions both of these goals may you pick up is my stereo radio
validity o f these rules by giv be attained, but in most c a s e s , or my stereo record p layer; I
ing case histories of success one must choose between peace have one or the other going
ful persons and world fig u r e s , o f mind (wealth not guaran constantly, usually night and
accompanied by illustrations o f teed) and wealth (with possi day . So . . . you tuned in quite
their horoscopes. T h ere also ble ulcers). Sophia Tryst. well. I d call i t a bull s- eye.
12 -----Th e ABERREE ----- MAY, 1963
except a specialist in cancer . seen a r e merely results of
I am not nor would I know a color dispersion. The result
cancer i f I saw one . . . ing image is not based on re
"A bout the letter you re ality. Thus the supposed color
ceived from the reader that he on your T-V receiver is com
can get diffraction grating posed o f all co lo rs o f the
for 25tf, tell him to go ahead. rainbow, regardless of the or
The kind I am using cost me iginal colors at the T-V trans
$25 a sheet, so there. Soy mitter, providing you fall for
Davis, Green Cove Springs, Fla, the grating trick instead of
buying a color T-V with true
"T h e story and a d . on the color rendition . Any encyclo
Etcacolor Viewer are both fine. pedia will explain it under
Nothing can go wrong t h e r e . Dispersion , D iffr a c t io n , I n
But t h e inner-magnetic-aura- terference , Chromatic Aberra
detector is something entirely tion , Spectroscop e, e t c . --
aside from the horseshoe-mag George W. Lagus, 111 W. Myrtle
netic-control system that the S t . , San Antonio, Texas.
group of Biomagnetic scientists
and doctors are working with .
" I wish y o ur contributors
"T h e inner - magnetic-aura-
wouldn t waste so much t ime
detector is a rediscovery, b y
and space trying to ju s t ify
Roy Davis, of an ancient prin
ciple of seeing the magnetic biblical lore with mundane a f
" T h i s w a s in Jack G u in n s fa irs . They should remember
colors of the human body. This
column in The DENVER POST, Feb . that the bible is an Eastern
s t ill is not what the mystics
27, 1963: and Oriental book and full of
and psychics call the human
" 'Somebody at the C o w le s Oriental imagery and let it go
M agazines I n s i d e r 's N ew slet aura. But it does show the col at that. The folklore o f ancient
ter h a s been stu dy in g "T h e ors of the aura in basic form. world history has passed thru
Complete Prophecies o f Nostra "T h e story on possible h eal
so many scribes who have ad
ing and magnetic control of
dam us" (Crown Publishers) and libbed to a farewell that it
tumorous growths that is being
on Page 274 found that the 16th does not pay to wage wars over
Century seer predicted as fol investigated by Biomagnetics the context.
lows : has nothing to do with the
" Y e s , this is the space a g e ,
" A t the close of the w ar, auras of either the body or the much of the space being be
to change the glory, / Near the s p ir it. It (magnetic forces of tween the e a r s .
shore shall three f a ir c h il a horseshoe magnetl does have
" I f the Mr. D. mentioned in
dren be b o m / Ruin to the peo to do w it h trying to oontrol
God Dealers in A B , Jan-Feb.,
ple by competent age/ To change cancer will write me I will carry his
that country s Kingdom and see Ali Roy did in this matter studies toward God and furnish
i t grow no m o r e ./ The en tire was develop a system for the him my books all without any
course o f a kingdom s h a ll be scientists and doctors to s e e charge. I will consider it a
changed by the appearance of the magnetic force that t h e y privilege to so do.
three brothers, who shall en are working w it h . U n t il now,
"R o sa lin d John, same i s s u e .
ter and take over the branches 't h e y have been unable to see
I note where some writer says
o f the government. --Edwin the forces emanating from a the original Garden o f Eden
and Terrie T alley, 333 E ,1 6 t h , magnet of any type except by was in Florida and backs it up
Denver, Colo, using plastic sheeting and mag w ith in ter e stin g d a t a . The
netized p a rt ic le s . Even w it h Garden o f Eden was man s en
" I n your 'Hart to Heart , I this method th ey could o n ly vironment before he came into
see the direction o f one ema
wish to thank you for this very the physical octave and w a s
fine w r it e u p , a n d as we are s t ill a spiritual b e in g . When
" N o w , th ey c a n s e e a ll
friends , I know you did this man came into physical b o d ie s ,
sides o f the fluxating forces
to assist calling our Etcacol- there w a s no more sp ir itu a l
that come from the magnet. This
or Tube to your readers ' at environment and hence no Gar
ability came from the discov
tention, for which I am grate den of Eden, so-called.
ery, by Roy Davis, to actually
ful. Except for an e r r o r. The " T o Rosalind John again. The
see and photograph the mag
mistale was your sentence, 'One last water ring which had been
netic forces o f a magnet.
o f the uses for the tube will suspended in the sky owing to
Lowana Ju la in e , 2 3 ff. Walnut,
be in the discovery and treat the faster speed o f the e a r t h ,
Green Cove Springs, F la,
ment o f ca n cer . fell when the e a r t h s speed

Since I sent you two ar slowed down and so Noah's flood
t i c l e s , one on the Etcacolor " I have here the April issue came. No more water rings up
Tube and one on the discovery o f The ABERREE. I see that a l there, Rosalind.
by doctors using the l i t t l e most two pages are devoted to "P re h is t o ric animals which
known a r t o f Biomagnetics to the device that allegedly makes thrived under the h o t watery
arrest tumors, your data sheets you see the human aura. vapor canopy disappeared when
must have got mixed up, as the " I t may come as a shock to the canopy fell and the s u n s
Etcacolor Tube has no value as many that chromatic aberration rays struck the earth d ir e c t ly .
s u c h , and could not locate a and color dispersion are phe Monkeys have no souls and so
pimple. Nor could i t t r e a t nomena that have been observed remain monkeys from generation
anything. I ask you therefore for c e n t u r i e s . Diffraction to generation. Man is the only
to call to the readers atten gratings have been sold b e fo r e . animal that is a soul and so
tion this mistake, as I am not They have been used in the de can progress until he reaches
in the medical business as o f vices that 'oonvert' your black the E d e n ic state again as a
fering anything that would lo and white T-V to colorT rV ... . spiritual b e in g .
cate cancer or treat ca n cer; The gratings do not show the "G o d i s one being and the
this is too grave a responsi human a u r a . . . The y do not make statement that God said Let
b il it y for anyone to undertake you see color T-V,...The colors us make man in our image was
MAY, 1963------ ----------------- -----Th e ABERREE----- ---------------------------------------------------- 13
inserted by some overzealous ers of the Bible the majority be via the mediums o f the pub
scribe. There is no Satan; that o f them--thought of the Bible lic means o f international com
is the human m ind, the mortal as he represents the general munications. L io n e l Bruno
mind o f Mary Baker Eddy who run o f readers today. Fifty van Hawn Dartsch-Bansbach, E.
got the right idea of i t . This years behind tim e. No writer Melbourne, V ic ., Australia,
mind fell from pure spiritual up-to-date to be had? George (ED.NOTE Most in t e r n a t i o n
condition to the material con C. Lee, Noxon, Mont. al m isu nd ersta ndin gs stem from
dition , b e i n g cast headlong m isle a d in g propaganda fed the
out o f heavenly consciousness. Perhaps your readers may peoples o f ALL n a t io n s and
The s e a t o f the mind was in be interested to know that the e s p e c i a l l y the smears used by
the head and so this immature cactus m e n t i o n e d in recent those who think they have some
mortal mind was literally cast issues (lophophoral m a y be th i n g to ga in from f r i c t i o n or
out o f its former heavenly purchased for 15 cents each war. Maybe, some day i f thought
state, headlong, or head first. from E. F r i z z e l l , Route 4, San t r a n s m is s i o n becomes standard,
There is only one rac e of Benito, Texas. It i s rumored t h e y ' l l a ls o f i n d a way to keep
mankind and there is a fixed that c u r i o u s psychological such t h i n k e r s impotent with a
number of souls , tho not all changes m a y b e produced by hate c u r t a i n . )
are in incarnation at any one taking one top an hour after
time. The explosion of popula breakfast and an hour a f t e r You f i n a l l y got me going
tion we read about i s a heavy lunch. there awhile to o , which i s
reincarnating i n f l u x at this Your readers may a lso be probably fa ir enough. So my
time. There must be a meaning interested to know that the
favorite (and o n l y ) magazine
to this heavy influx but what oldest liv in g thing i s t h e
featuring satire i n t h e oc
it is we are not aware at this creeping devil ca c tu s (mach-
cultism and witchmedical field
t im e . aerocerous eruca) which grows
i s n ow d o in g practical jokes
There i s no soul to be on and near Magdalena Is la n d ,
too? For your information, i f
B aja California. It i s immortal
lost a n d saved as taught in you haven't already found o u t ,
orthodoxy. This is a misunder and travels. I t travels by
Roy D a v is s Aurascope employs
standing o f the S c r ip t u r e s . growing forward. A plant may
th e diffraction-grating rep
God i s t h e real s e lf of you cover an acre. I t resembles a
lic a film transmission t y p e
and so cannot be lost and have giant snake.
a dvertised and sold for at
to b e s a v e d . D o e s n t make My address is simply M il least two years . . . The d e v ice,
sense, does it? ford, Utah; I hope some reader a s o r t o f toy spectroscope,
S p ir it informants do n o t will please write to me and ex w ill, o f course, display p ris
know any more than they did in plain how to attach oneself to matic colors around anything,
l i f e and so the individual may this immortal c a c t u s immedi or nothing. At $ 5 , this optical
change sex or not according to ately after death and before novelty seems greatly over
the need in incarnating each losing one s etheric body. priced . . . The only thing I r e
t im e . " I t is rumored that one can gret i s that one o f my erst
develop very curious Yoga-type
Jacob Apsel. One does not while favorite parapsychology
phenomena over a period o f time
gain unity with the Universal w r ite rs , Lowana J u la i n e , al
by gently massaging the nerve ,
by statements or tape record lowed herself to be associated
central at the back of the
ings. This union is not under with i t . . .
the control of the human mind hard palate (along the physi
" T h e issue has, as usual, a
ological white line called the
else all the smart people would number o f think-making item s.
White Nile o f Egypt. V George
have made the grade before this The Hardboiled Look a t Seer-
C. Dem on, M ilford, Utah.
and the opposite is true. Satan , s h ip --the problem o f how to
the human mind, is misleading "T h e A B E R R E E s u r e gets have the usual hankypank going
to keep people away from achiev around. When I wrote o f popo- on when ESP was widespread and
ing Oneness with the Father tillo I heard from 5 states rampant has been widely con
God as long as it can . and 2 foreign c o u n t r i e s ... sidered fictionally in the bet
Mary W a le s . There i s no "B e fo r e writing of popotil- ter S - F m ag azin es . For in
evidence t o support the claim lo I had talked to a number of stance The Demolished M a n .
that Jesus is coming again . I people who were greatly helped Non-flctionally, there is math
have been unable to find out by that herb but i t seems to ematical games theory, which
where Jesus is now, possibly be less universally helpful assumes a s a postulate that
on one of the other inhabitable than Harold K i n n e y s desert there is no information not
p la n e ts . B u t Jesus and his h e r b l a gu bem adora w h i c h known to all players. I ve seen
mission h a v e been e n t ir e ly really gives remarkable re one article speculating t h a t
misunderstood and I do n o t sults in reducing pain a n d the Soviets, may have developed
look for him to ever return in swelling in a r t h r i t i s . I 'm a form of games theory assuming
the grandiose manner pictured gathering l a gubernadora n ow secrecy and surprise, however.
in the Gospels. Remember, the and drying it and am thrilled I should think by this tim e
bib le is an O r ien ta l book and at the results friends and rel that free will/determinism had
full o f O r ie n ta l imagery. -- atives report. I haven *t been become a pseudoproblem. Pre
Addison O 'N e i l l , 1128 Hampton able to get more popotillo. cognition ca n be regarded a s
R d ., Daytona Beach, F l a . E, Graham, Box I d , Ruidoso, N. intuitive s t a t i s t i c s , e x t r a p
olating p r o b a b ilit ie s . From
I get m u c h benefit from th is point o f view t h e big
ABERREE possibly because I Having lately completed a thing to worry about i s when
become so irritate d at some tremendous amount of factual several soothsaying seers look
p a r t s . But t h a t i s what you records concerning many things beyond a certain date in the
desire, s o . . . which have happened behind the future and see n othin g.
Why do you assign to write scenes o f American p olitical COULTER DENIES I think Dr .
on The Book They Blamed on l i f e in this 20th Century, I Coulters problem arises most
God to a man who knows so now feel a deep admiration for ly from h is personal hatred of
l i t t l e about God and so lit t le the people o f America and I Hubbard because of the l a t t e r s
about the Bible? know that America is not what unkind obituary of C oulters
"P erh a ps 50 years ago read we are made to believe i t to friend Purcell. Coulter, part

14 -----Th e ABERREE----- MAY, 1963

ly as a consequence of t h i s , get the impression that Earth- and pulled h is horns jt is f a
refuses to credit D i a n e t i c s humanoid bodies a r e compara wee b i t . t h e y would be t h e
even with what m e r it i t h a s . tively strong and tough and s p i t t i n image o f each o t h e r .
As a result. Coulter i s fr e our people can get away with In March A u d ito r ia l, How
quently annoyed with people more stunts than the average . About Some S p ir it u a l Research
pointing out parallelism b e M y beings w ere, o f course, Development?' We are very much
tween Dianetics a n d Synerge referring to the actual physi for t h a t , a n d we too would
tics, which sim ilarities S y n . cal m atrix o f their virtual suggest that no theologian be
shares with any effective psy projections. The lattices are permitted to serve on that
chotherapy a t a l l . Too, D r . arrays o f several dozen points committee.
Coulter has elected to promote o f low-intensity actinic light "W e a l s o strongly endorse
the deception that Synergetics that wink on and off. They look (top middle column of that
is not a psychotherapy, a de as much lik e Alpha particles auditorial) I f we took more
ception also promoted for h is as anything I can think o f . pains to improve Democracy,
system, by H u b b a r d ... They are probably a thin d is th ered b e no threat o f Com
persion o f radioactive mole munism. D r , A lb ert B u r k e ,
LETTERS Rosalind John just whose weekly T-V lectures are
about puts the stopper in one cules. Being of the Zen faith ,
i f anything, I am, o f course, listened to from c o a s t to
t h in g . Whatever/whoever 'm y '
only cursorily interested in co a st, voiced t h e very same
en tities a r e , they seem to be
what, i f anything, happens to opinion. The Editor (Par. 2 ,
a prevalent species and a plen
people who are physically dead . Column 3) recommends a research
tiful o n e . One wonders why so
But a humanoid, i n t e l l i g e n t report to All schools . . . so
few i f any people have noticed
life-form available to us even that these students can decide
that this sort i s o f rather a
before we achieve space travel for themselves. We would a d d ,
slender build and medium brown
--that is significant. but starting with high schools
complexion before. Mrs. John s
Mathison Hubbard probably and higher, where they begin to
descriptions a l s o correlate
guffaws with glee when shown have the intelligence to choose.
with t h e Apsel-Hand observa
writings indicating that Coul Touching on Hart to H e a rt
tio ns, limited ability to com
ter and Mathison hate him to 2nd p a r ., How c an a govern
municate, the existence o f set-
pieces! D o n 't they know that ment clerk evaluate an E-me
tl ed groups and nomadic groups ,
hate glues people together al ter? Or understand anything
the 1 eptokurtic distribution
most a s tight a s love does? about freeing human so u ls ?
o f physical e f f e c t s , a n d the
The Thalidomide scandal was a " L . Ron Hubbard s Washing
carefree attitude toward facts
scandal not only for the drug ton Scientology factory takes
and consistency in communica
companies. G iv in g p r e g n a n t big money for intangibles. We
tion. (I applaud the new fea
women tranquilizers may be all insist these intangibles a r e
ture o f putting addresses on
r ig h t , b u t forbidding eveiy- not freeing human or any other
the letters to i n c i t e large
body the use o f a drug bad for so u ls. H i s assembly line of
correspondence.) I s t i l l say
that, as far as I m concerned, pregnant women? Do men have to shedding shackles sheds shek
the existence of this species be protected during pregnancy? els!
And how could the pharmacolo Churchill s potent article
o f entity is no longer doubt
gists know Thalidomide would Get Rid of I t p o i n t s up
fu l; b u t w h eth er they a r e
ghosts or not, I in sist is cause teratological births un strong reasons for Scientolo
s till moot. I f you tell them til it caused some teratologi gists to stop a nd re-evaluate
they a r e g h o s t s , they a r e cal births? -- Fred Hand, 2718 their ground. Quote: The va
ghosts. I f you tell them they Eagle, Houston, Texas, lid ity and workability o f con
are Space people, they are that. cepts and techniques ( o f D i a
I f y o u don t tell them, but The ABERREE i s a joy to netics) was finished with its
ask them, and refuse to volun read, refreshing i s the word, founder in f l i g h t .
teer a f o r e g o n e co n c lu s io n , after a l i f e of 50 yrs. with Another stronger reason for
then they dont know. What won crud. to r ea d (pronounced as D ia n e tic s ' failures and a ls o
derful Company Men they would cud), (that i s the u sound). I Scientology weaknesses is that
make, what i d e a l p o lit ic ia n s , was aware o f the religious much of their concepts and
what a punch o f ham actors. By hoax when a boy of 10 or 1 2 . techniques a r e b a s ed on in
the way, I ve followed A p s e l s My views have been substanti correct evaluations based on
and J o h n s advice in a few ated over the years. Love that limitations to explore the val
cases already. Tellin g enti truth ! -- George E . Foster, idity of information given by
ties, Never mind all o f that Richfield Springs, H . 7 . preclears in the state of r e v
schlock. Either volunteer some erie (a form o f hypnosis). I
factual information or shut up I enjoy reading The ABER would respectfully suggest that
and do n t bother m e. So they REE, but I d o n t agree th a t Mr. Churchill (and others in
shut up and don t bother m e. w e re all a b it aberrated in terested) check my cry into
About e n t i t i e s getting mind like one o f your readers the wilderness , that the A .A .
stuck some place and so on, I wrote in h is letter. I think recordings were not true.
think I found o u t a l i t t l e w e 'r e all thinkers, otherwise Our DE s (d is c a m a t e enti
about that. I t seems that some we w o u ld n t be so curious as ties a la F. N. Hand) told us
worlds or planets or whatever to the unknown. Eva Woodford, they had a barrel of fun watch
the places are have travel and R . l , Box <15, Lost Creek, W.Va. ing the dramatic effect on L .
immigration regulations, to Ron Hubbard s i n t e llig e n c ia ,
gether with police forces and I t s a b i r d ; i t s a p la n e ; when they (the D E s) spun their
possibly intrusion-alarm sys i t s superman! Well, based on fabrications (partly described
tems and entity - snaggers to our E d ito r's Auditorials, h e s in Churchills u r tic le par. 5 .)
enforce them. In fact, one of an irreligious theologian , an " T h i s is not new to us. We
the small number o f definite atheistic deist; a m aterialis have found that not all th e
statements I v e wrung out o f tic soul searcher; and a d ia l answers come from the hypno
my en tities w as, Will y o u ectic faithist. For those who tised subject. Frequently, when
please stop blundering around have met S a ta n but never met it serves their purpose, the
at random into places you do our E d ito r, I would s a y , if D E s step in, fu r n is h the an
n t know anything a b o u t ! I Satan put on Alphia s eyeshade swers. Few hypnotists are aware
HAY, 1963- ---- Th e ABERREE----- 15
o f t h i s , few e r w ill even en farm using t h e D-cell cata day as the Sun, then E aster,
tertain the i d e a , none w ill lysts , and report very good 4th of July, and Halloween are
stop, look, a n d see ! This is r e s u lt s . Another man said h is Sun-Worshipers festival dates
reason enough for wrong con dog is now free o f fleas f o r but t h e ancients s a i d that
cepts and techniques. the fir s t time in y e a r s . A n the Sun was not God for i t was
"F r e d e r ic N . Hand s a rti other says i t helps make de set i n a f i x e d course by a
cle, Exploring the W orld o f licious bread and p i z z a . A n higher power, for a purpose.
Friendly, L a t t ic e - lik e Beat- other with a very large green Many astrologers know that
nicks Proves Fun , has much o f house in Canada says cucumber Satan resides in the planet
real v a lu e , b u t h i s exchange seeds came up in just 16 hours Saturn (B ) but very few know
with ju s t a dozen or more D E s and are doing f i n e . . . that h e has in filtra ted t h i s
i s not q u ite enough to form an " I might h a v e Riley Crabb Earth (planet) with h is moons.
over-all opinion o f the people and the Mrs. v i s i t between New His moons are s p in n in g frag
and the place they reside i n . York a n d Boston in the near ments lik e h is r in g , cold and
In a letter to him I s h a l l future. Hi lary M . Dorey, 1 2 icy, no warm center, no morals
cover all he presents in his Arnold A v . , Rewport, R . I , but extremely intelligent. The
finely detailed account, but I planets are o u r m ental and
wish to b r ie fly touch on a few " F i n d enclosed a $1 b ill for moral f a c u l t i e s , n o t men or
important details. a year sub. for a new subscrib gods a s represented in t h e
" I a gree w it h h i m that er to your wonderful mag that B ible. When we tune in to B
'These en tities are curious, w a k e s up those looking f o r forces (m a lefics , c a p i t a l s )
im aginative, (but n o t that truth and more knowledge a n d Mars, not the Sun , rules sign
they are) comparatively i r the Forum where different peo 1, the Self, and self-love in
responsible . We know many who ple can express their opinions creases, then B takes Venuss
are quite responsible. on religion as to their view place a s ruler o f 7 , Others,
" I agree with him that they point. Severe on O t h e r s . Then comes
will improvise metaphysics, " I f more people really had Love of wealth 2 , then a set
p ro je c t io n s , p reh istory, and contact with the sp irit world, mind 3. Indigestible convic
theology. This holds true of and were guided by truthful tions. After this occurs, Sa
many we know here on earth. I Sp ir its o f God. Of course, many turn s women saboteurs a r e
do not agree that They c a n o f us do not know how sneaky, given t h e go-ahead o r d e r s .
display any shape . . . I t s not untruthful wanderers from the T r a g ic , s e n sation al events
easy to tell i f you * re con r e a litie s o f things to come we come when they progress to
versing with one or a g r o u p . are taught to believe in a critical p la c e s , crosses, and
We h a v e found not all can certain GOD from our childhood, sign 8, Death or it s rulers.
change their form, a nd those i t all depends on where, what " T h i s i s happening t o our
that c a n have to relinquish condition, what country we are b e s t people by c h u rc h fu ls .
their present form. This makes brought up in. Naturally you Put D and E in their horo
i t impossible to take on more would be a Hindu in In d ia and scopes, quit being a B eliever
than one form at a time. a Confucian, Buddhist. In the with c lo s e d e y e s . . . B ib l e
Their language is no d if U, S. A . , we have our parents to morals are Zionism in Jerusa
ferent than ours. I have come thank for whatever they f o i s t lem but Nazism over the fence
across religious fanatics who onto our young minds. You know in Germany. Communism in Rus
talk in tongues (? ) What a the adage, L i k e a t t r a c t s s ia . And the rocks they throw
babble, but this is not indic lik e? Anyway, the search is come from Saturn s ring or his
ative o f the language o f earth on for something d iffe r e n t . heretofore i n v i s i b l e moons
people. We in s ist on straight Vilfred J . Jodoin, 1229 Astor circlin g this planet. So, Maiy
talk and get it. D r ., Hew Port Richey, Fla. Wales is right about the evil
" i n p a r . 8, Hand mentions s pirits that abound in hordes
The entities are male and fe "H a d the pleasure o f hear in the Earth p la n e , but she
m ale. Y e s , b u t n o t in s ex . ing General Watts speak last had better check her chart to
There c a n be no sex. Where week. As you probably know, he see where she is hooked u p .
physical properties are a bsen t, is the one who forced the gang All b o r n in fle s h a r e
there c a n be no reproduction to free General Walker. Since nailed to the cross or tree of
as we h a v e i t . The sex they he is a native o f Oklahoma life. T r e e s were c a l l e d an
function in is the continua (liv es in Oklahoma City) I feel cestors by ancestor-worship
tion o f the form and features more proud o f my home s t a t e ers a n d we s till r e f e r to
they had in their last incar now than e v er . You remember family trees and have stars in
nation.--Jacob and Rose Apsel, the lines of the poem Give the Christmas trees. They are
1310-A S , 3 7 , Milwaukee, Vis. me men to match my m ountains; family lin e horoscopes that we
give me men to match my p l a in s ' are nailed to . Both character
Hundreds o f recent t e s t s well, in Generals Walker and and planetary aspects a r e in
upon plants made recently in Watts, i feel we indeed ha ve herited, and the object o f l i f e
dicated startling beneficial two to match our plains. i s to develop character, to
results. O f particular interest Ethel Foresnan, 1 W E . d6th, make our charts better. Billy
were tests by an organic gar Rew York, R. Y. Graham has made a name for him
dener in D e t r o i t , who uses D- s e lf as a Successful Debunker
cell water to grow r a d is h e s , o f Success . Satan promised it
"Som e blin d men discussing
cabbage, and cucumbers without to Christ under the usual con
elephants in the ABERREE forum
the belching aftereffect. Be ditions that all have to com
throw stones at each other be
sides growing higher than ave ply with, but was turned down.
cause they have Bible indiges
rage crops, he also grew five The t e s t f o r B illy will b e
tion. They project what i s in
and s ix stalks from a single whether h e loves success more
side themselves to an outside
kernel o f c o m , each with a t than the truth. Morris Swn-
object. MRA do e s that and so
least one ear o f c o m . He also does M ary W a l e s . T h e B ible son, R l , Box 6 25, Camas, Vash.

grew better cotton plants than Morals were indigestible to
are grown in Texas and C a lif Amos and Christ but they said " I agree w it h L o u i s that
o r n i a ... to hold the rocks. SATEVEPOST ran a good piece on
"N o w have a large chinchilla "C h r i s t has the same birth quack marriage counselors. The

16 ----- Th e ABERREE ----- MAY, 1963

POST correctly stated my work, tension stretches nerves too "M y in t e r e s t i n ABERREE
even accurately quoted my fees . much or not enough, sim ilar to stemmed from my interest in
But the POST made a prize boo- violin strings. This causes in Dianetics. Early in 1950 I took
boo by including my name in creased function or decreased a course with Ron and Dr. Win
the wrong story. This occurred function. Simple effort p r o ter. Dianetics has more or less
because 'I presented electro- cessing will demonstrate what faded from the pages of ABER
psychometry successfully be causes them to return even a f REE (with occasional spots on
fore the same California leg ter e x ce llen t adjustment f o r Scien to lo g y !.. ,
isla tiv e committee that was in no apparent reason . "P erhaps I m taking myself
vestigating fake marriage coun The three dimensional pack too damn seriously, but since
selors. I m n o t a marriage age o f the goals problems mass I had to spend the nickel any
counselor, quack o r nonquack. with all the re a c t iv e effort- way, I feel lik e registering
The . . . in v estig ator, I 'm in counter-effort i t contains i s an objection to t h e v a r io u s
formed, has been fired. He was what immediately underlies the derogatory comments about t h e
never at my office at any tim e. physical structure. The chiro Federal Government and govern
The POST would lik e to run a practic practice c a n be r e ment employes. I ve worked i n
retraction. But this would be garded a s an effort process the Federal Government almost
a mere paragraph or two, and I along s o l i d communication 25 years. I started with prob
do n 't want this at a ll. Since lines. Hands are solid communi ably the lowest paid job they
The POST i s d i s t r i b u t e d in cation line s with wide accept have--$50 per month in the L i
California, I can sue here in ance. However by finding ter brary o f Congress. In t h e
a Los Angeles court. The suit minals used for all the effort- course of time I ve moved up
will be conducted in a way that counter- effort o f interper to a fa ir ly responsible posi
should afford some front-page sonal relations and the postu tion where I feel I am doing
publicity to the great embar lates or considerations that go something , however s m a ll, to
rassment o f the P O S T . . . Thi s , along with them, the uncom improve my country. I have met
my attorneys s a y , will not be pleted action cycles o f failed and worked with a considerable
in less than TWO YEARS! and abandoned g o a ls can run number o f government workers.
Your idea o f a book delin out o f the reactive ba n k . Un I recall that the ones I knew,
eating w hat I S legal amuses limited p o ss ib ilitie s are now and know, are just people, not
me. This would be, even now, a in sig it. Try it. For anyone clucks, jerks, or knuckleheads
small book. who used to respond to some (altho I know every organiza
It s legal to be b o m pro type o f therapy a n d now no tion, government or private
vided that your mother is mar longer does. This will release industry, has its deadwood and
ried. I t s legal to contract them so that they can once more makes bloopers!, but just hu
some, but not all, o f the 1875 respond to say the least and a man beings with the same fo i
diseases liste d in the medical balance can occur between the bles a n d f e a r s , l o v e s and
le x ic o n . I t 's legal to become ta and mest, spirit and matter, l u s t s , ambitions a n d appe
a 400-lb. monstrosity o f f a t mind and body. tites , deficiencies and dis
and blubber. I t s legal to pay Volney M a t h is o n s letter appointments, as other people.
taxes. I pay 19 separate taxes did not point out that iiie in In f a c t , p u t a bunch o f them
to operate my businesses. I t ' s dividual medical doctors were in a room with bank c le r k s ,
legal to bet $2 on a horse at not p u b lic ly m a d e out to be grocers, fillin g station ow n
a legal racetrack, but not with quacks in the Thalidomide case ers, and department store man
a skulking tax-dodging bookie. thru the newspapers by the F . agers, and even the editor of
I t s legal to go to bed with a D. A. b u t the chiropractors ABERREE would be hard put to
gal a n d have sex with her were in t h e Micro-dynameter finger the government employee.
provided y o u have a scrap of case. They did not j u s t ca ll " I t seems to me that until
paper obtained at a c o s t of the instruments off the market. everyone gets to c l e a r , or
$25 o r so from some phony They raided o f f i c e s . But they whatever term you use with a
preacher. A n d f i n a l l y , i t ' s did not raid o ffic es o f M D s sim ilar connotation, govern
legal to have .15 or 20 k i d s , and-use smear news a r t i c l e s . ment will be required. (I sus
whether you c a n feed them or There is the difference in the pect that clears will need a
not. action o f the F. D- A. as re c l e a r government!. From
Beyond t h ese i t e m s , I m gards the medics /ind the chi- fa m ilie s to t r i b e s , and from
not really sure whether a n y ros. The chiros were well-in states to n a t io n s , there are
thing is legal . I ll have to tentioned but were treated un areas o f p erson a l, national ,
ask my attorney! Volney G. fairly. I might add that I was and international r e la t io n
Mathison, 1208 V ,30th, Los An not involved because I ve not ships that must be governed
ge les, C a l if , had a Micro-dynameter. There (c o n tro lle d , i f you wish!
fore I can be somewhat objec
The ABERREE e x c i t e s a lot crime, safety, health, econom
tive. T h e F. D . A. might be ics, transportation, etc. But
o f in t e r e s t in g t h in k in g a n d rough on drug interests but
all s o rt s o f viewpoints leap when you put a capital G in
they appear to be apologetic government, d o n t invest i t
into view while reading it . for t h e m e d ic s , o r AM A in
" I find a s a chiropractor with a personal ity. I ve heard
terests . . .
that the recent material of that some people conjure up a
I d lik e to see more pro- white-smocked man with dark-
the Rt. 2-12 processes as now S c i/D ia material in The ABER-
being advocated by the Hubbard rimmed g l a s s e s , when they put
REE and less anti-Hubbard ma
Guidance Centers is q uite v a l i d . a capital S in Science.
terial. An understanding of
I f y o u regard t h e body the three-dimensional nature I w ont belabor the p o in t ,
structure o f the musculo-skel- o f the goals problem mass will or even argue it , but the Dec
etal frame as a te n sio n frame help those who align them laration o f Independence (Au
such as a m g weaver uses you- selves with the forces o f truth thority! indicates that Gov
11 q uick ly realize that in and light, not to classify all ernments are instituted among
order to have a good p roduct, others as opposition and be men, deriving their just powers
the frame must be in good bal longing to those o f darkness from the consent of the gov
ance. Otherwise fibers will be and evil. Ha! J , Harold Thib erned. In our case I think you
too t a u t o r t o o s l a c k . I n odeau, Box 8 5 , Myrtle Beach, also have to r e a d into that
creased o r decreased t o n e and S . Car. * the inertia o f the governed .
MAY, 1963--------------------
-----T h e A B E R R E E -------- ------------- ----------------17
In t h e last election we h a d evening for the m a il; six miles Concentration . Fo r 17 y ea rs,
approximately 108 million peo of that a day besides all the now, I h a v e been consciously
ple elig ib le to vote. Around other walking I do around home entering the object and/or ob
68 million voted. That other in my work. George R . Clem jects I am going to paint, and
40% better keep their l i p s ents, Sebring, F la . (Box 366) then painting them in their
buttoned i f they d o n t 1 ike state of cause, it s own effe ct.
local, state, or Federal gov " I am required to i d e n t i fy I paint them also in the energy
ernment, because they could do in the presence of the Post patterns o f the cause-state.
a lot to change i t . They could master mail that is n o t con These intelligent energies are
have c r e a t e d a t h i r d p a rty nected with the enterprise the feeling, form, in-form-a-
president, for in sta n ce. and return all mail connected tion o f the object. Since the
" I think our problem is that with t h e en terp rise to the day of my 21st birthday, and a
we are getting too big, that Postmaster to be marked Fraud painting I did that day, I have
we have too many damn people , ulent a nd returned to t h e obeyed the injunction o f the
but outside of shooting mysel f , Postmaster at the point o f or second commandment and Jesus :
I m not sure w hat to do about igin, and, as I understand i t , Judge not by appearance b u t
i t ... the letters are returned in a judge righteous judgment. A
" Y o u ' re doing good with a government brown manila enve conceptive artist lives in the
d if f ic u l t task. Keep The ABER- lope. Therefore, at this end, contemplative state and usually
REE going, even i f I cancel my we ha ve complied w i t h P o s t is found traveling very much
subscription next y e a r . --Bill O ffic e department orders. The thru a variety o f experiences,
Conover, 5606 Bouffant B lv d ,, local Postmaster does not open rapidly scanning a v a r i e t y of
Alexandria, fa, and censor letters. ( ED. NOTE images . Fo r example : Sunday
But she DOES read cards ! ) I morning, L o w e ll, Joel, and I
have the right to open and ex le ft Palm S p r i n g s d e s e r t
VER, Drawer 90, Southern P i n e s , amine letters to d e t e r m i n e warmth and images and 1% hours
whether or not the letters are later were in a snow blizzard
N. C. ? I f not, a sk them for a
copy o f their March issue, in connected with the en ter p ris e. about 5 ,0 0 0 feet in the moun
which two large pages are de (ED. NOTE The above explana tains between Idyl wild a n d
voted to a review o f Cosmic tion was offered to the editor Banning. This after brunch amid
when he pro tested the return, six nuns, an Indian boy with
Radiation by P ro f. Hilton Ho-
tema, the review being written marked "F r a u d u le n t", o f l e t whom Joel was playing in the
by Col. A. E. Powell, in h is
t e r s sent Mr. Katzen in reply snow, t o b o g g a n s l e d s , etc.
80 s , a man o f l e t t e r s , also
to an ad c a r r i e d re c e n tly in Then after we Just barely e s
an author and writer of books. The ABERREE.) caped from icy roads, b liz
That is the grea test review I Volney G. Mathison ought zards immediately in agricul
ever read o f any book. to read the newspaper reports tural Banning in valley on edge
"When I wrote Cosmic Radi about the chain o f activity o f the desert where it w as
ation , I thought the readers that started with the Broome rain ing. Forty - fi v e minutes
of it would regard the author County ( N . Y . ) M edical Society later back in sunny desert
as a crazy nut, but the general complaining to the State Edu shopping for groceries. This
reaction w ent the other way, cation Department who in turn is the w ay l i f e i s w h e n we
and they consider him a w ise complained to the F. D. A. who in learn to consciously select the
man (which he i s n ot). C o l . turn got co-operation from the images with rapidity, not seek
Powell said in h i s r e v i e w : Post Office Department in their ing to arrest the images or
May I repeat that I p rize this effort to crush me. I t all our scanning flow past them.
book as one o f the most valu started when I offered go give Randolph Ray, Box 2 1 , Thous
able and illum inating of the spiritual h e a l i n g free o f and Palms, C a lif,
thousands I have rea d. charge in an effort to see i f
"T h e reaction to Cosmic i t could help to cure a case of Looks a s i f our space gave
Radiation inspired me to begin hemophilia in a boy whose par out again too soon. Sorry !
work on a r e v is e d , improved ents did not accept the o f f e r .
edition, and i t w ill even have I boubt whether any literature
was mailed to the parents. It
a n e w t i t l e , T h e Bnpyreal
Sea, this Sea being created was an F. D. A. medical doctor The Flying Saucer
by contact o f raw cosmic radi who was the only witness in my
ation with tiie electro-magnetic
emanations e m i t t e d by t h e
case with the Post O ffic e De
partment, and h is opinion was
evidence* aginst me t h o he By D r. John H . Manas,
e a r t h , c a lle d i t s aura , which P h .D ., K . D . , M s.D.
shields everything on i t s sur admitted making no tests o f my
teachings. M orris K a t ze n , The nature of the F l y i n g
face from the k i l l in g rays of sauce rs. Where they come from?
outer space, otherwise the ra Cooks F a lls. S . T.
W ho flies them ? Mars and our
diation o f our own sun would This reader believes April Martian Visitors. Val - T hor,
destroy us a hundred m i l l i o n issue best e v er . As artist- the V e n u s i a n A m b a s s a d o r in
miles away. teacher, appreciated the tech Washington. The s u b t e r r a n e a n
"T h e a n c ie n t masters knew Rac e s of the Deros. The a n c i
nique o f rooster on cov er.. .
all this, and they called Cos ent Atlant e a n s , their s u b t e r
Hart to Heart always en ranean c i ties and the F l y i n g
mic radiation Astral Light. A s joyed. Hie auditorial I found Saucers. Can m an ever g o to
we make n e w d is co v e ries we fun also revealing. I t opened the M o o n and the p l a n e t s ? Space
move up on those o ld wise m en, my eyes fu r t h e r to ce rta in c o n d i t i o n s and Cosm i c rays and
and maybe in years to come we things phoeny-cian. I wonder i f forces. C r e a t i o n of the Solar
w ill know as much as they did the official liars I encountered System. Original illustrations.
about Creation and the Creator. had been audited? E n g r a v e d c o l o r e d binding .
" I m ...n o w in my 86th y e a r , Well, friend editor, looks $2 . 0 0 p o s t p a i d . Send f o r
and to keep from growing o l d . lik e Lowana J u la in e and Roy your copy today, to:
I ve put aside my car and gone Davis took you up on your aud
to w a l k i n g . I liv e Vk m ile s ito ria l, How About Some Spir PYTHAGOREAN SOCIETY
from our post o ffic e and make 152 West 42nd Street
itual Research Development . N e w York 36. N. V.
the trip on foot morning and * R e : Schroeppel No. 12--
18- -----Th e ABERREE----- may, 1963
plete in one b o o k l e t - a l l 32 chap
t e r s - - a s . published s e r ia lly In
The ABERREE. Send $1 to The ABER-
REE. P. O. Box 528. Enid, Okla.


loving man o f means, elderly
but in excellent health, wants
forms Los Angelenos Interested itual classic of all time. "S t e p s wife--no smoking, drinking, and
in Improving themselves and help to C h r i s t ,* ' bv E l l e n G . W hite. no religious fanatic. Send de
ing others that the Los Angeles Large p r in t , tfx
5 X . Price $ 1 .0 0 . t a ils of s e lf and I will do
Synergetic group is being re- es Matthew B o k m il l e r , 10324 Grand
tab lish ed . Group meetings mill be R iver, Detroit 4 , M ic h ig an . 01-3* the same. L . Z . T a y l o r i n g ...
every tmo weeks at a l o c a t io n This ad brought 76 letters
probably vest of Figueroa. For THE BIBLE HANDBOOK by Foote
particulars c all EX- 2 - 1866 or and B a l l . An in stru ctive guide
to this bogus name and from
w rite Ben K e l l e r . 2447 Fourth to the B ib le needed by a l l . UNIQUE them I culled out 46 t h a t I
Street. Santa M onica, C a l i f . 92-1* BOOKS, P . 0 . Box 3002, S t a . B, thought about the right age and
South Bend, In d ia n a . 91-5* physical type, so I sent each
WANT TO BOY "A dv an ced P r in c i
ples of F a i t h " co urse: "Concept BEET J U I C E , o rganically grown, a copy o f Gospel of Love ' (ED.
T h e ra p y " course, and Nexology l iv e , r a w , u n n e a t e d , vacuum NOTE Some of h i s anti-Bible
course. Edwin Herman, 2479 S h i r d rie d . Nothing removed except wa
ley Avenue, Baltimore 1 5 , Mary ter and f i b e r . Nothing added. Dy
1 iterature) with a mimeographed
land. 9 2-1* namic! 150 t a b le ts . $ 7 . 5 0 . GAG sheet tellin g that I wanted a
S a le s , P . 0 . Box 1 6 9 7 , A b ile n e , mate who was somewhat in har
ORTHODOX means B e l i e v i n g - Un T exas. 88 - 6 *
believ ers were called h e r e t ic s . mony with my views as expressed
D iffe r e n t cults sprang from the GIFTED SPIRITUALIST--50 cents a in the booklet. A few days la
C atho lics by sheading B e l i e f s q uestio n . L o u i s e M a r k s , 107 ter I m ailed each a copy of
one after another, like onion Ferry S t . , D a n v il l e , Penn. 88- 1*
s k in s . Luther sh e d the Pope, he Bible Stories 1 1 1 .', and then
d i d n 't B 'e l i e v e in s e llin g w rit THE RIPSAW--"Rips away the bark I got in touch with each one
ten passes to heaven, but he B e- of superstition and cuts to the by phone or letter and I got
lleved in the B 'i b l e . Heretics t r u t h . S a m p l e 1 0 4 . RIPSAW, P .O .
who shed a ll the B ib le and God, Box 3002 , s t a . B, So u th B e n d , rebuffed by about two-thirds of
too, becoming a t h e is t s , d i d n ' t Ind ia na . 88- 6* the la d ie s , some saying they
believe anything or know anything were not in harmony at all and
either (about the B i b l e ) . Faith
has a twin brother, G ullive r (G u l ASTROLOGY HOROSCOPE. 50 cents. others saying they were n o t
Louise Marks, 107 Ferry S t r e e t ,
lib le Logic) that B 'e l i e v e s In a
D a n v ille , Penna. 91- 2* interested, but out of the lis t
d iffe r e n t Pope. Faith fa lls for I got 16 who had become favor
G lit te r and G ullive r fa lls f o r
A , B, C 's behind names. To know REQUEST an in vitatio n to mem ably impressed, most o f them
something about the b i b l e , start bership from the Florida S o c i
ety for Psychical Research, Inc. saying they did not know such
with Satan (Sa tu rn , B ) and his
henchmen, for they control Fam e, Write -- Route 4, Box 8 2 , Tam pa, things were in the Bible.
Wealth, Crime, S ic k n e ss, and In F lo rida . 85- 10* I talked to a l l o f them
s a n ity . They are calle d malefics several times and found tha t
by a stro lo gers, but you don t FAMOUS CLIMATE THAT HEALS. Pa
have to study a s t r o lo g y w h e n paya d ie t , $100 per month, with all were doubters, now. Eight
they are represented with capital room. Inexpensive M a s t e r s ' and o f them I called upon person
le t t e r s , and the signs represent Doctors* degrees in V itarian ism ,
Naturopathy, e t c . Journal Pros ally and talked many times to
ed by numbers that are c a p it a l
ized when controlled by S a ta n . I f pectus: 2 0 4 , J , Lovewisdom , Vil- them by phone and all became
you can add the days In six months cabamba, L o ja , Ecuador. 90- 3* freethinkers.
and m ultiply by 1, 2 , or 3, you Each o f the 76 who answer
c a n q u a lify . I f you d o n 't have Have you heard about "T H E WIS
t in e , please d o n 't waste my tine DOM POOL 7 Write Arthur J . Burks, ed had said that she was re
by answering. Send postage for c /o CSA, Lakemont, G eo rg ia. 89-6* ligious and o f the 16 who be
sample to New Age Center, R - l, came freethinkers, six had been
Box 6 2 5 , Camas, Wash. 92- 1* SUBCONSCIOUS MIND by David Bush
$ 1 .9 8 . David Bush said, Give Baptists, four Methodists, two
me 60 minutes and I ll unlock the Christian , a n d one Lutheran .
floodgates of that vast reservoir
of mental power - - yo u r s u b c o n
scious mind. Note the immediate
"T h e Lutheran lady had be
longed to that church for 50
effect on your b u s in e s s , s o c ia l, years and she i s now 60. She
and everyday l i f e . UNIQUE BOOKS,
JOURNAL OF SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY P .O .B o x 3 0 0 2 , S t a . B . , South Bend, is a very intellig ent and at
International In d ia n a . 88 - 6 * tractive woman who never missed
T HE BEST T H I N G T H A T EVER a Sunday from church and was
HAPPENED WHETHER YOU BELIEVE it or not, the leader and driving force
you owe it to y o u r s e lf, and God,
" S c i e n c e M e e t s the O c c u l t to read "T h e Book They Blamed on behind most o f the church ac
Get the W o r l d s Most Unusua l G o d " by D r . Karl K r i d l e r . Com- t iv itie s. She does not attend
and U n i q u e P u b l i c a t i o n with an church any more and is as fine
E x p o s i t i o n of Both the Ortho - a freethinker type of mind a s
dox and U n o r t h o d o x
S a mple Copies, each
D Cell Catalysts any reader of PACT. She is Mrs.
Jack Bays now. . .
S u b s cription, S3 per year For those w ish in g to ex Jack B a y s , the editor o f
Advertisers en c l o s e a sta mped periment with my D -Cell PACT, who announced h is recent
addressed envelope for your Catalysts in the treatment marriage in this fashion, adds
Ao Rate Chart of plants, seeds, and g a s that i f you want an atheist or
Magazine Published Quarterly o l i n e , I will s e n d th re e agnostic for a mate, just make
U n d e r Ausp i c e s of of the if!2 white for charg a few and then choose the best
A S S O C I A T I O N FOR SOCIAL P S Y ing a gallon o f water. Cost o n e . To which we a d d . Jack
CH O L O G Y must be quite a man, i f he can
$2. 50. Blue ones for charg
(A N o n - P r o f i t E d ucational and erase 50 years o f churchanity
ing gasoline cost the same .
Philanthropic Co r p o r a t i o n so s u c c e s s f u l l y ...
C h a r t e r e d by the G o vernment of Instructions with each
the District of C o l umbia) order. 5 W ere using a lot of let
ters to the editor this is s u e ;
Ad d r a s s
18 13-b Ad ams Ml I I Road, N.W.
HILARY M. D0REY but wouldnt The ARERREE be a
Wa s h i n g t o n , D.C., U.S.A. 12% A r nold A v .- - N e w p o r t , R.I.. sorry mag without its read
er-writers? We think so.
MAY, 1963
See the ETCACOLOR Since there a r e several
hundred books in the Lending
Library, only a partial list

Diffraction AURA can be run at one time. Save

these ads for complete l is t
ing . Indexed by authors.

A G H A R T A - Robt. E. Oickh off
VERY P E C U L I A R P E O P L E - - E r i c J.
0 ingwaI I

SOME HU M A N O D D I T I E S -- Eric i.

H. N o r m a n d Dodge
N I N T H HOUR -- John Dobbs

NICE. A . D . 3 2 5 -- Dean Dudle y
No longer do you have to wish, train, hope to L I V I N G T H E B I B L E - - N ew T e s t a
ment -- E idetic Foun d a t i o n
see what the ancients reportedly saw. YOU SEE AT L I V I N G WITH C H I L D R E N - Eidet ic
ONCE! No training. No gadgets. No letdown due to Found at ion
misleading advertisements. No hours sitting in a Albert Ellis
dark room, but can be used at once. SEE AT ONCE! P S Y C H O L O G Y OF S E X - - Have Iock
THIS IS A NEW SYSTEM NEVER K I N 6 O F P A R I S -- ( Novel) -- Guv

O a h s p e ) -- F. 0. Engin eer

See the diffraction aura of your hands, fin B A H A ' U LLAH A ND THE N E W ERA
J . E. Esslemont
gers; see your friend's head in aura colors float PILGR IM, PROPH ET, AND M E - - L.
ing in space. Use it to learn, study; marvel at A. Fealy
P R O S P E R I T Y -- C h a r l e s Fillmore
the glowing colors. See them floating in space in THRU N A T U R A L L A W S * TO FIRST
living colors of objects, pets, animals.


GR E A T CAUSE S. S. Fisher
T R U T H L O V E R E d ward Fjel l a n d e r

$[0 0 H A U N T E O M I N D -- Nand or Fodor

--Ethel Fores man
COMPLETE...................... !| post-
SE C R E T S OF DR. T A V E R N E R -- 01 on
Fortu ne
Sold with Money-back Guarantee. Or, send $1.00, J OURNEY INTO A S T R A N G E LAND
refundable on purchase, for the booklet," DISCOV Eloise Franco
ERY OF THE ETCACOLOR AURA". No C.O.D.'s please. C H O A N A L Y S I S -- Siground Freud
We invite the professional mediums and psychics P S Y C H O A N A L Y S I S S. Freud
to send for this completely new presentation in BASIC T E A C H I N G S OF THE GREAT
P H I L O S O P H E R S -- S . E . Frist Jr.
advancing the investigations of the Etcacolor SONG OF S A N D T A R O T -- Nancy
Aura. Your reactions will welcome such a new con FuI Iwood
BRIEF P S Y C H O T H E R A P Y Bert rand
cept in psychic investigations. S. Frohm an
OUR FO R W A R D LOOK Anni s e Gal-
Mark L. Gallert
Write for information on the Innermagnetic Aura HI ODEN F ACTORS THAT CONTR OL
Detector, to sell for $10.00. Lets your students YOUR LIFE -- M a r k L. Gallert
FADS 8 F A L L A C I E S - - M. Gardner
see what you can't express, or tell them. Nothing
like this ever placed before the professional for (Continued next issue)
visual actual seeing. Its a completely new tool, LENDING LIBRARY RULES
Ftor paid-up subscribers in U .
sold only to advanced students or professionals. S . o n ly .
Rental fee, 254 per book .
OFFERED AS TRAINING AID ONLY Only one book will be sent at
a time. Alternate titles suggest
ed in case book you want is o u t .
ROY DAVIS RESEARCH LABS Please return in two weeks.


P O B n i 5 2 8 Enid. O kla.
20- The ABERREE MAY, 1963
Volume X Number 3
Other guest speakers a s y e t
unknown will be sandwiched in
each d a y to keep the program
interesting and in s p ir in g . We
wouldn t be surprised even i f
a flying saucer or so dipped
their rims over the area, just
in acknowledgment to those who
are w illin g to b e lie v e what
they s e e , and not rationalize
i t -away with some mundane ex
H For those who look for i t ie s f o r the 18th, and tiiat planation. But such is not on
significances In our cover this they ' d really meant to say was the program that we know o f . . .
month, let us save them time that they d be in Oklahoma City i So, i f we can get away,
and trouble by assuring them on the 16th. However, they ll we hope to see some o f you
right here that THERE ARE NONE. be back , come 10 May i f we and i f we c a n t , we hope you
The picture was taken from a read the sorry card correct enjoy yourselves. Maybe there
painting by Bruce Meyers o f ly but that ll be too late for are telepathists strong enough
White Salmon, Wash., sent u s an interview for this e d it io n . to wing their pleasures back
by Lorraine Harr o f P o r t la n d , I t was (the one on the 16th/ to us--for u s to enjoy second
Ore. Since we d o n t have the 18th) a meeting we had been hand . . .
type o f equipment necessary to looking forward t o , too , b u t 1 I f y o u m is s your usual
reproduce c o l o r pictures, our maybe we can squeeze i n time quota o f I See for Y o u this
fir s t reaction was that i t was from the m ailing of the June month, blame i t on the poor
not a picture for The ABERREE issue to make the new (and we mail service between Phoenix
but we decided to try anyway, hope) corrected date . . . and B i i d , too much work f o r
even i f we had to reproduce 5 And this b r i n g s u s to a the s e e r , or ju st blame it!
i t in monotone. An d this is subject about which we ve been However, not having heard from
the result! The picture, which doing much thinking but lit tle L o u i s '* fo r a month , we just
Bruce entitled Blue Boy , has deciding--whether we shall at "scraped the barrel o f what
lost much o f it s quality as we tend the 4-day Borderland con was le ft over from last month,
were forced to reduce brown vention to be held at Harmony and crossed our fingers w ith
trees, dark shadows, and even Grove n e a r Escondido, C a l i f . , hopes h e ll be back to normal
the red mouth o f the wolf/pro- on May 30-31 and June 1-2. We next month . . . ^ Me asked Trah
tector to one shade o f b l u e , have been invited and shall Nika to pinch-hit again as he
varying only its intensity. We i f w e can possibly arrange did la st s n a e r , b u t all w e
hope Bruce d o e s n t mind. And things in Enid so that we can got was a growl and a grunt
anyhow, in a r e a l i t y where a get away -- but there are too and you c a n t p rin t THAT. . .
character such as "B lu e Boy many question marks in any ad 5 Iben Albert Rov Davis of
is part o f the environment, vanced c a lc u la t io n s . H a ro ld Green Cove Sp rings, F la. (not
who is to say that our alter Kinnev of Englewood, C a l i f . , Roy H i e H n Davis o f Garrett
ing o f h i s color scheme may and Floranee Verrico of Holly Park, M d.) , pat an ad in The
not be as accurate as the art wood, C a l i f ., e s p e c i a lly have AHHHfflK aboat h is etcacolor
i s t s , who is conditioned to written e n c o u raging 1 etters tu b e , h e really stirred up a
all those pretty colors on his that make the prospects o f go h o rn e t s n est among readers.
p alette. . . ing doubly enticing. Mrs. Ver Not since Katzea have we seen
5 Even those who know tech rico even has suggested that such a barrage o f letters from
niques for driving out evil there are those who w o u ld see those who know a ll about d if
sp ir its seem impotent before to i t that w e d not have to fraction gratings, and what the
one l i t t l e devil, who invades try and negotiate the Los Ange tube would/would not do . S o
the most sanctified sanctorums les murder lanes to attend a altho we have no q u a litie s of
with most embarrassing r e g u l meeting in Los Angeles follow se e rs h ip . w e predict that M r.
arity. This lit t le devil who ing the Harmony Grove meeting , D a v is s Psychic News Letter,
i s better known as the typo i f w e d only consent to make by it s very controversial n a
graphical error found h is way the trip. ture, w ill arouse the wrath of
into t h e correspondence o f those who would rather read
Riley Crabb. recently, messing 5 Looking over the schedule news headlines aboat war with
up completely his planned stop for the four days convinces us Cuba, bad weather in specified
in Oklahoma C i t y . R i l e y , who that the program would be more areas, illn e s s , and bank f a il
publishes the Borderland Sci than worthwhile even were we ures, than forecasts they are
ence Research publication, The not given an opportunity to on the horizon. Sin ce we d o n t
ROUND ROBIN, h a d written before meet so many of our valued sub know how accurate Mr. Davis is
starting a speaking tour that scribers and fr ie n d s . For ex as a seer, we can only w ait to
he w o u ld be in Oklahoma City ample, on the opening day- - fin d out and hope that in the
on 18 A pril. Charles and Velva Thursday, May 30 Rile.v Crabb meantime, Mr. Davis learns to
Rhodes, not being sufficiently will make the keynote talk and s p e ll.. .
all-seeing to detect the pres address o f welcome, followed 5 Breaking a long s ile n c e
ence of the playful l it t le imp , by gob Churchill, Joe JhB Sloan,. of almost nine years * A . J . S ,
sent out announcements to all Mlllesan D r e w s , and Douglas McMillan, erstwhile editor or
members o f t h e Oklahoma City Low. F rid ay books Katherine the old B. D. R . (B risto l Dia-
New Age group and then waited Kimbrough. Eric Murray. Beva netic Review), w r it e s to say
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was a pleasant surprise when Riley C rabb , and Vincent H . for Hie ABERREE on the re-eval-
Riley and Judy showed up two Gaddi b . Saturday will have J U . uation of Dianetica-Scientology
days early, but not so pleas L. o . Anderson. Ir Y P r James, after 13 years, plan a expla
ant when they discovered this Dave Bhreeve , D. Grace Brun- nation o f h is long s ile n c e .
was IT that other commitments ler. and Larry Chatterton. and Not nany persons knew pianet
(barring typographical errors) Sunday will have Crabb. Jessica tes as d id t h is British andi-
placed them in farther commun Madlsan. and Q i. Craig H u nter. (PLEASE TUWW TO PME 18)
2 Th e ABERREE JiWE, 1963
JUNE, 1963 ^Recusant Voice of 'The Infinites^,
| for Earth, Mars, Venus, Saturn,
Vol. X No. 3 HBRR l Pluto, and Zydokumzruskehen I
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AN AUDITORIAL BY 103-644, 440-01-2935 , 670-59-14

Why cannot man understand men each has known and how this "P o o ls * n am es, lik e f o o l s '
or know God? Is it because he individual compares to other faces, are always found in pub
is liv in g on an identity plane individuals. Of course, t h e r e s lic p la c e s . Not very Godlike
in which th e r e is no meaning always an "A n n Landers or an --but i t ' s human.
to him o f the word ONE? And how A b b y " to complain to i f one So you want to be like God
can we be "o n e with a l l " i f feels t h e difference between to be part o f the "O neness of
we are educated from birth to what they g o t a n d what they the universe? Did you ever see
be separate and individual? wanted doesn t give them a suf God s picture on the cover of
At b ir th , man is separated ficien t advantage. His magazine? or His by-line
from oneness with h is mother, The husband, normally, be on a book, or "Copyright by
and this separateness increases comes a mechanic, salesman, God- all rights reserved ? In
with almost every breath. He architect, policeman, doctor, it s e lf, this might be a good
is given a label, so he will or lawyer, perhaps s p e c i a l i z scale on which to weigh claim
be distinguishable from others ; ing within h is particular cat ants to Deity status. How much
footprints are taken to in egory; this may be a difference are they willing to be at One
sure that Johnny Jones w o n t hard to detect, but h e ll de with their fellowman ?
go home with Mrs. Snith . fend it jealously. Even tho he Being hum an, w e 'r e a bit
At home, he quickly learns appears to conform --to " p prejudiced in favor o f this
l i t t l e tricks to gain recog along with t h e gang -- i t i s code o f difference and ind i
nition and pampering. W it h in not from a sense of "O neness . viduality, and we like to feel
days, Johnny proves h i s adapt He discovered long ago, in his that our individual efforts are
ability to "b e i n g hum an" by tight for recognition, ju s t how efforts to improve, but NOT to
discovering he c a n get e x t r a far society will let him go in be different ju st for the sake
attention by being d i f f e r e n t . h is desire to be "d if f e r e n t . o f ballooning o u r status sym
I f he has older brothers and H e ll put h is name on the o f bol. Individuality is ea rths
s i s t e r s , h e e n j o y s special fice door, store, o r business challenge, and we lik e it . If
status because he is " t h e ba and later h is tombstone not we prove our mettle as in d i
by". I f he grows up to be that because he doesnt remember v id u a ls without conceit a nd
Jones b r a t o r that " n i c e what particular desk o r piece without demeaning those around
l i t t l e k id next d o o r , he has o f real estate is h i s o r to u s w ell have succeeded in
attained a mark o f separate prevent "c la im ju m p in g ", but negotiating what is apparently
ness which h is ego w ill f e e d i t i s h i s mark in the world o f the level o f this p la n e . But
and cause him to magnify. which he wants recognition. as we do it , we err i f we prate
All t h r u l ife - - in s chool, I f h is name i s published in o f reaching the God-level. Or
at play, at work, in romance the newspaper, the e d it o r had equally we err by chastising
the inclination is to be " d i f better be certain i t s spelled ourselves for worldly successes.
ferent . Sometimes i t s a ten correctly. And published pic Maybe automation and the
dency even to be worse than tures o f crowds in which one punch card system will push
others i f he gets h i s share may be no more than a few dots mankind toward the universal
o f recognition from it . He can in the landscape will f i n d Oneness by removing the iden
be the k id who c a n 't le a r n people trying to proudly iden t it ie s we cherish. The glamour
geography, o r a rith m etic; or tify themselves from all other o f being a Johnny Jones, Bobbie
the k id who spurns athletics dots in the landscape. Sm ith, o r Pramklin Ossfedder
because h e s " c l u m s y " , or he No, m ans ego will not let will fade, as we become merely
handles a ball on the playing him approach the " O n e n e s s 99 , 2 3 4 , 102, 7 3 8 ,5 6 2 ,3 4 8 , o r
Held as i f i t w e r e g r e a s e d . that i s supposed to be an at 156-162-987.
I f h e c a n t be a bright s t a r , tribute o f Godhood. Even some We wonder i f these numbers
h e l l be a dull o n e . o f the most avowed " a v a t a r s will be applied to one and all
Even i n marriage, the min and so-called spiritual lead alike Baptist, Buddhist, Mo
iste r pronounces the p a ir a s ers c a n t seem to forego t h e hammedan, or Methodist priest
"one , but one o f the " o n e " is temptation to put their names and layman or will the fight
the husband and the other one and faces in all prints likely to be "d if f e r e n t give R o m a n
the wife, and neither will let to go before the public. In numerals to the Catholics, for
t h e remainder o f the "o n e this connection, th eres prob instance, and cardinal numbers
forget the d is tin c tio n . There ably more to an old "backhouse for "p r in c e s o f the church ?
are t r a d it io n s that must be rhyme than mere words and For other possible absurdities
obeyed, roles for the man a nd rhythm most o f you probably we leave i t to those who go in
roles for the woman -- and com have seen it, but for those o f for a b s u r d itie s w e ve been
parisons with other men and wo- you who h a v e n t , we repeat: absurd enough for one month.
FIRST ERASE PATIENTS build a new house on a s ite alre a dy occupied
THIRD: In ordinary treatment, take the left

hand o f your patient with your right hand, that
the Cosmic Force may enter your le ft side and
pass out at your right, or positive side, into

the left, o r receptive s id e , o f the p a t ie n t .
You should remain in a positive condition of
mind w h ile treating in th is manner, or your

tk J 11____
own personal magnetism or l i f e force will be
By ALBERTA M. O'CONNELL drawn from you with the Cosmic Force into the
(Prow the P u b l i s h e d L e c t u r e s of R i c h a r d Ingalese.

FOURTH: In a case o f depleted mental condi
C o p y right 1902 by Ri c h a r d Ing alese.) tion o f a patient, in epilepsy, insanity, a n d
N CURING disease by the power o f mind, there in spinal trouble, place y our right hand upon
is the conscious and unconscious use o f the the top o f the p a tie n t s head while giving the
Cosmic F o rces. A l l m o d e r n metaphysical treatment. T h i s position throws the current
schools differ somewhat among themselves in where i t is most needed.
regard to the process by which cu re s are FIFTH: I n cases o f cancers, tumors, b o i l s ,
performed, yet a l l perform some remarkable swellings or any kind o f separate growth, cover
o n e s . Some schools use strenuous denials, and the affected area with a white s ilk handker
consciously or unconsciously hypnotize their chief, then place your hand over i t while giv
p a t ie n t s , a n d while the patients are in this ing the treatment. By covering it , you do not
condition change their thought, and in t h i s see it , and are better able to picture perfec
manner change the manifestation o f the disease tion in it s p lace, and by placing your hand
from which they are suffering. Other s ch o o ls, upon the affected part, you bring the current
thru repeated suggestions, cause the patient o f force directly into it . This conserves fo r c e .
to accept a new line of thought, and with the SIXTH: Keep your le ft hand o f f the patient
change o f thought the body changes. In both when treating. Otherwise you form a complete
these classes o f cases it is the direct action circuit with him, and as the new l i f e goes in
o f mind upon mind which brings about the change to him thru h i s le ft hand o r s id e , you draw
in the condition of the p a tie n t . h is o l d , wornout or demagnetized atoms into
Other schools, thru d e n ia ls a n d affirma your s e l f , thereby lowering your own rate of
tions, or thru affirmations and denials, peti vibration, a n d bringing a physical c o n dition
tion, or prayer, and th ru picturing the d e upon yourself sim ilar to that which you are
sired results, unconsciously put into operation trying to relieve.
the Cosmic fo r c e s . SEVENTH: In separate growths, use the high
There a r e three things the occultist at est shade o f the particular Cosmic Force o r
tempts to do i n making a cure thru mental color you have selected to use for your pati en t.
m eans. F irst, he destroys the mental picture Suppose you desire t o use green; then treat
o f disease which his patient holds as a matrix ; with the ultra-ray o f green, because that is
second, he raises the vibrations o f that por the highest rate o f vibration o f that color
tion of the body which has become lowered, and and will bring the quickest r e s u l t s . Herein
makes i t vibrate normally, thus forcing o u t li e s the great success o f the occultist over
all foreign elements; and t h ir d , he supple the majority o f healers, and over those who use
ments the elements driven out with new elements mechanical processes. When the x-ray is thrown
which are introduced into the system by the upon an individualized growth, it immediately
Cosmic Force flowing thru it. commences its disruptive process, and much
Here are a few rules that may be helpful in better r e s u l t s are obtained than with the
demonstrating over disease : FIRST, it is well knife. I t s limitation i s lik e that o f surgery,
to avoid seeing the manifestation of the d is in t h a t i t d o e s not reach the blood; conse
ease , i f p o ssible. By d o in g this, you will quently, i f the germs are thru the blood, there
not have the picture of disease constantly in will be a return of the disease. But i f the
mind and will be able to see more clearly the healer p la c e s his hand over the affected part
picture o f perfect health you must create f o r and uses the ultra shade o f Cosmic color se
the p a tie n t. I f you do not see the objective lected, and directs the current thru the entire
symptoms of an ugly wound, o r an a r t i f i c i a l system, the germs will be destroyed.
growth, it i s easier to make a perfect image EIGHT: Concentrate on the aura of the pa
and to present that picture to the p a t ie n t . tient to get h is predominant color, and then
In cases where there a r e only subjective ask of Universal Consciousness that the color
symptoms, never let your sympathies go out to may be made known to y o u . This should be done
the patient, but hold yourself positive against in case y o u are not clairvoyant, and do not
any emotion o f fear which he may have. The mo see Cosmic c o lo rs at w i ll.
ment your own emotions become joined with his , NINTH: Demand o f Deity that you may be used
your power t o destroy his mental picture o f as an instrument for I t to manifest thru. This
disease i s weakened; you have then accepted demand, like any other, must, and will be, m e t,
his creatio ns a n d a r e b u t accentuating the because whatever i s held in mind constantly
pictures in his mind. must sooner or later materialize.
SECOND: When you have learned from the pa TENTH: Always treat yourself for positive
tient w hat h is creations are, you are able to ness before treating a patient. According to
destroy them by denying their permanency, if your own positiveness can you be a channel or
they exist temporarily, or by denying them ab center thru which Cosmic Forces can flow. One
solutely i f they are imaginary. After making reason for becoming positive before commenc
your denials, follow with affirmations o f that ing to treat a patient i s that you may not
which i s true; create a perfect physical con take upon yourself the pains or disease from
your patients, as many metaphysicians do.
dition for your patient, and hold that thought
ELEVENTH: Always use the color, or shade of
picture until he himself accepts it.
the color, next higher in the scale o f vibra
TO mentally affirm a healthy condition with
out denying or destroying the pictures of dis tions than the predominating color of your pa-
ease held by the patient i s like attempting to (PLEASE TURN T O PACE 6)

4 Th e flBERREE JUNE, 1963

The W atcher at the Graveyard By ARTHUR J. BURKS
HE NAKED cabocloa word which means, know for certain . Perhaps he had already

roughly, "Indian-descended, i l l i t f e d . Ihe two fire flie s dipped away, van
erate jungle B r a z il ia n " wakened ished, a n d the cat moved off thru the
easily and all at o n ce . There was blackness.
no s le e p in e s s , no rubbing of the The Watcher breathed again . His mouth
e y e s. He stood erect on his tough opened a little and moisture appeared at
bare feet and looked around . The its corners. That had been very close. He
funeral was over, had been over for shivered slightly in the lowering cold ,
a long time , and everyone had gone just off the equator.
home . The sun had sunk in the Amazon The moon rode higher. Its mellow lig h t ,
Valley hours ago and the stars were o u tby , which one out on the river might read
hanging low over the black Mapua , close a newspaper, seemed to be struggling
enough to touch. He scarcely no ted t h e against the coal-blackness, blacker even
stars , knowing them really beyond reach . than the ebony Mapua, to push it into and
He stood in the cemetery--grass-grown , under the trees . On three sides of the
rock-bordered. The crosses were all wood cemetery the jungle rose h ig h . The river
en because caboclos were too poor to buy side was open but it was blacker than the
stones . blackness that piled itself so thickly in
The ebon Mapua, one of the many tongues the trees. The Watcher had known the soft
in the mouth of the Amazon, was his river. almost-still voice of the Mapua all his
He had been bom on it , would die on it life . He heard it as he slept. It was the
as h i s immediate family h ad . The last first sound he remembered.
close relative had been buried this af Now another sound stiffened his h e ad,
ternoon. There were other relatives on a snake sound this time. It was nearer
the Taujori but that was far away and they than the cat sound had been . It crawled
were afraid of the bad air on the black along, inched a l o n g , night-hunting for
river which set peoples skins afire and squeaking mice and rats perhaps. It could
burned them until they died. They had come be a boa constrictor, a deadly bushmaster,
to the funeral . They had stayed only as even a parrot snake, or a gorgeously col
long as decency required. They were ac ored coral. One did not need to fear it
customed to death, as The Watcher was. It i f one stood very s t il l ; that was one of
was everywhere. the first things The Watcher had learned.
Right he re was death , close to the A round warmness crawled upon one of
ju ngles, where night caught only the un his f e e t , down between them, over the
wary. Fireflies, huge and silent, darted o th er, then away, but there was much of
thru the undergrowth at the riv e r 's bank. it and it kept crawling over his feet for
The tall trees were of many k in d s . There a long time, as long as he could hold his
were t h e rubber tre e , the cotton tree, breath. Then he breathed again and was
the graceful assai palm . But the slender thankful he had wakened. In sleep, one
palm d i d not grow where years of death might move without knowing, and be bitten
had erected so many weathered crosses. grievously, f a t a l l y .
They grew around t h e house wherein all The moon dropped behind a black cloud
save The Watcher h ad d ie d , the house to that covered a l l the sky and the ebon
which he would not return, into which, crosses. As The Watcher w atched, th e
when death had entirely passed, some other crosses all seemed to approach him, as if
caboclo would move with his numerous and to push him back to the river whence he
growing family, of which two in 10 lived. had com e, whither he would g o , up and
The Watcher stiffened. Even his breath down which all Brazilians traveled in
stopped. A sound had come out of the for their hardwood canoes. He shivered a g a in .
est , a gentle c a t sound. The Watcher, Winter rain was due and nights were c o ld .
there among the now-black crosses, waited He could f e e l night things crawling on
for the jaguar to approach, to leap, to him. The humming pests sang their song in
slay. It came . Its yellowish eyes , like his ears, bit him in many p la ce s. In f i
two fireflies close together flying low, nitely p a t ie n t , he did not figh t them.
appeared among the very blackest shadows They simply dodged and returned i f he did.
where the moonlight scarcely touched. They A bird began to screech, " Y o u re cheap!
stayed there, always close together, as You re cheap ! far back in the forest. He
i f f o r a long time they studied the neu knew it was the jumping bird that jumped
tral, silent Watcher. Why the jaguar did as it screeched, as if words gave it power
not rush a n d spring no one would ever to jump. It traveled at nig h t, but went
JUNE, 1963' Th e A B ERR E E --------------------------------------- 5
nowhere in particular.
Time passed. He tried to make it pass
faster. He wished he knew just when the
sun would come. He turned his head slowly
so as not to attract a t t e n t io n ; there %
might be someone to tell him . He thought
he saw a canoa on the river, but it float 1
ed out of shadow to become a drifting
tree. As he recognized it , something that
rode it splashed o f f , moved toward him
across the waters. He knew by the wriggly
wake of it that he would have to stand
still again when it reached the cemetery
until he knew what it was. So he stood for
a long time , but it did not appear. Yet Jack be nimble, Jack be quick,
it could be close, c l o s e , watching the Jack jump over the candle stick .
Watcher. IRTHDAYS, marriage days, and death days are
One after the other, startlingly f a s t , candlelight days. These are the periods in
nuts began falling from a nearby b u r i t i conjunction that commemorate the end o f
palm, just out of sight up-river. Could one cycle o f events and the beginning o f
be the wind i f there were a wind so high another. A candle is symbolic o f o n e s nat
ural, u p liftin g, reactive hel iocentricity
up. More likely some predator climber that is an unending spiral. To bring the moth
seeking food. er helix to an en d, she has to be jacked up
For hours before dawn The Watcher did with extra sensory implants so that her last
not move , until the moon came out of the p air of integrating open coils are forced to
cloud again ; but it was gray and distant come full circle and shorted in marriage, into
and darkness remained almost as deep as another straigit l i n e , generating, burning
before, among the crosses. borning. So at points o f transition, from im
mortal heliocentricity to deadly r ad io ac tivity ,
Dawn must be near. The Watcher shivered the candle i s li t . Ekids and beginnings are the
again, waiting for the su n . He faced periods that o n e jumps over the stick and
where it would rise; faced intently, like crosses the bar i n t o repetitive deaths a n d
a worshipper, and almost held his breath . conceptions, which are one and the same p oint.
The night thru which The Watcher had In immaculate Mother N a tu res unendingness,
passed would have been a nightmare to any there is no jumping over the candle stick from
outlander. But The Watcher had endured as cycle to cycle. 9ie has no flame, no masculine
crator creator from which to man out. She i s a
caboclos were accustomed to endure; there
truncated, n o n - objective, autom atic! ty. To
had been nothing else to do, and a car- live forever, she requires no Jack to jack her
boclo never squirms . up, no nimbleness n o r quickness to reach her
Dawn came. He turned and walked down helical h e i g h t s . Any a ss ista n ce to her i s
to the bank of the Mapua staunchly. Maybe murder and another start. Candlelight services
now his many relatives on the Taujuri mark the spot, the place from which one leaves
would remember him, and return . He could and fire s are started.
expect them by the time the sun was near When Mother G o o s e , who is Mother N a t u r e ,
the top of the sky. tells Jack to go ahead and jump over the River
Styx, she i s being d e r is iv e . She knows that
It h ad been an uncomfortable, even one c a n learn only by do in g , and by doing,
chill night, for a naked man. It had been learns not to do it again. Candlelights s h o u l d
unspeakably trying for this naked man--The remind one of his original sinnergystic syns
Watcher, six years old. o f dyings and bornings. He is to overcome syn

A. M. OCONNELL .rV S ".,

----------- by divesting himself o f all engrammic implants
that are strangers to h is own action only. He
must decondition himself o f all so-called good
things that he is constantly adding unto h i s
tient. Suppose you are going to treat a person helical l i f e line that puts it out and lights
who vibrates in the higher shade o f green. i t up like candlelight, again and again.
Then use the blue Cosmic Force, which he must
respond t o , b u t which he will react from. By
using a color higher than h is normal one, you is listening to what you say. You should say ,
raise h i s v ib r a t io n s and when the reaction J im (or whatever), you are mind, and being
comes he will not go below the highest shades mind, you cannot be diseased. Immediately you
o f h is own color and the r e lie f he receives have made a distinction in the patient between
will be permanent. h is m in d himself--and the body, you have the
TWELFTH: U s e suggestions as a supplemental mind working with you to es tablish'the condi
aid to the treatment by color. Use i t for the tion you desire.
purpose o f destroying in the mind of your pa THIRTEENTH: Use as few words as possible to
tient the picture o f disease, and for creating express your thoughts, clearly and concisely.
a new picture o f h e alth . For example: F irst These are a few of the rules and suggestions
get full name o f your patient, and then call which may be used in successful mind h e a lin g .
him mentally by that name until you feel you There are others, but I am trying to show you
have h i s a t te n tio n . Remember, everyone m ust those which exemplify the laws which underlie
receive every thought that is repeatedly s e n t the phenomena o f healing. Having given you the
to him whether he accepts i t or not i s anoth rules, i t remains with you whether th is knowl
er matter. I f your patient has a pet name, one edge shall be purely intellectual or whether
that he hears most at home, u s e that until he you will make practical use o f it .

6 The AB ERREE JUNE, 1 9 6 3

Tragedy of an Unwanted Zygote
ONCEPTION i s a drama, the impact of
body relaxes with a feeling of great r e l i e f .!
which usually remains uncomprehended. Aud Who is saying this?
This moment of fusion seems to de PC Father is saying " I love y o u ". (There
termine, almost completely, the be is a great overwhelming emotion followed by
sobbing and crying for several minutes.! This
havior patterns of the organism cre
seems like the beginning o f the tremendous at
ated by this union of sperm and ovum. tachment between most fathers and daughters.
To clarify t h e material which Aud Who does he r e f e r to? And why the
follows, it is necessary to under feeling of grief?
stand th e meaning o f the Dianetic PC " I love y o u" refers to the n e w life ,
term valence . It is the compulsive which is me. But now the fe e l i n g o f love is
impersonation or identification with an gone, and I fee l alone and anxious.
others personality. At the time of con Aud Now you feel alone? You mentioned that
Mother was resisting at the time of conception.
ception, we find aspects of both Mothers P C Yes, now I am alone, and I don 't like
and Father s personality patterns super the fe e lin g .
imposed upon the instinctual physical body A u d The thought occurs to me: the somatic
patterns carried by the sperm and ovum. reaction you have at this time i s c a lle d a
It is p o ss ib le i n a D ia n e t ic processing c o l d ; does this mean a c o l d reception at
s e s s io n , with the use of peyote * as an addi conception?
tional tool, to recall with vivid awareness P C Tes, the fe e l i n g o f being wanted is
the emotions a n d a t tit u d e s in operation at gone, and now I fee l alone and frightened
this decisive moment o f u n io n , and also those Aud See i f you can separate the feelings of
o f the subsequent nine-month prenatal period . the newly-formed zygote and those Mother might
It seems reasonable to assume that in the be having.
event o f a complete acceptance o f conception PC I , the zy g o t e , am feeling alone a nd
by both parents, th e entity thus conceived frightened.
would become a comparatively unaberrated, well- Aud How does Mother feel?
functioning individual. This acceptance, un PC She is thinking, "I'm going to get rid
fortunately, is seldom the c a s e , a s has been of i t ."
established during m a n y hours o f clinical Aud Does Mother know she has conceived?
fin d in g s ; and it is the conflict created by PC On some level, she must, because I sure
these two o p p o s in g , inharmonious a t tit u d e s , have a rejected fe e lin g .
and some o f the resulting consequences, that Aud--Might this phrase, Get rid o f i t ,
will be presented for consideration h e r e . mostly refer to the semen? What does she do?
The quoted material following is from the PC She takes a douche.
voluminous data o f the Psychological Research Aud What is her feeling when she takes it?
Foundation of Phoenix, Ariz. It is taken ver PC She is revolted by the whole idea of sex.
batim from tape recordings of a Dianetic ses Aud How do e s s h e visualize semen, feel
sion, using peyote as a tool to fa c ilita te the about it?
recall of deeply-buried experiences. The con P C I t i s equivalent to mucous, or snot;
clusions o f equivalents arrived at do not nec sex is a snotty business.
essarily apply to any other case. Aud Snot meaning semen0
PRECLEAR My f i r s t impression i s o f warm P C Yes. I see a relationship here between
semen, and a visio of F ather's fa c e , (The emo a cold, which I have in restimulation, and sex;
tion felt is released by a g rief charge.! "Let the nose is equivalent to the vagina, and blow
me in! Let me i n ! " Father is saying this just ing the nose is equal to emitting or rejecting
before conception, "I'm coming I'm c o m in g !" the semen,
There is a fran tic fe e lin g ; it seems Mother is Aud What was that pounding of the fist into
resisting, and F a th er is making desperate the hand?
effo rts, " I ' v e got to make it this time. I t ' s PC I t meant the impact of conception; fi r s t
the end i f I do n 't make i t . " you conceive, then try to get rid of the semen.
AUDITOR--Whose feeling i s this? And what Aud--You mean Mother did this, and you now
does it refer to? replay this as a cold in the nose?
P C Both Father a nd ' I ' are fee ling t h i s ; P C Yes, that's right.
and ' i t ' r e f e r s to conception. There i s a Aud What other equals are there between a
strong impression that ' I ' w o n 't reincarnate cold and conception?
in this lifetime i f ' I ' do n 't make ' i t ' this PC Mother takes a Lysol douche, which makes
time. (There is much bodily effort here , a nd the membrane of the vagina irritate d, as the
the fist o f one hand hits the palm of the other membrane o f the nose is ir r it a t e d during a
hand many, many tim es.! I finally made i t . (The cold.
Aud This first douche was Lysol?
* P E Y O T E The s a c r e d c a c t u s of the Indian s in P C Yes, but not as strong as the one she
M exico, c o n t a i n i n g a comp le x of a l k a l o i d s , the chief took 10 days after conception. (Preclear had
one of w h i c h is m e s c a l i n e . Peyote , a m u c h - m a l i g n e d run this in a previous session.) 1
' d r u g ' , is not n a r c o t i c - - q u i t e c o n t rary. It is not Aud Would this be what we call basic-basic,
habit-fo r m i n g , and p r o d u c e s no harmfu l s i d e - e f f e c t s , the firs t engram on this chain? How many min
u n l i k e some s y n t h e t i c p r o d u c t s of the c h e m i s t - m e d i utes after conception w a s t h i s first douche
co comb i n e : Thal i d o m i d e , for e x a m p l e . taken?
JUNE, 1963' Th e ABERREE 7
PC Ten minutes. sex; when we wear dark glasses, we. do n 't have
Aud--Continue to scan Mother s thoughts and to look so much at sex.
feelings at this time. Also, what is happening Aud--And you wear dark glasses?
to the zygote? . . PC Tes.
PC There is a pressure in the head, simi- Aud- - If M other said I don t want s e x " ,
lar to the one fe lt during a cold. I t is caused could she mean e-y-e dont want sex?
by the flo w o f water from the douche. I also P C (Laughs) Tes, she certainly could.
get the phrase, " I hope everything drains o u t ". Aud Would putting drops in the eyes equate
with something else?
Aud -- Oh? Is this Mother? Does she mean as PC Of course, a douche. I use drops and
she takes the douche that she hopes everything boric acid quite often.
drains out, including you? Aud -- How do t h e ey e s really feel about
PC Tes. these drops?
Aud How does this material relate to smells? PC I t is quite a shock to the eyes.
PC Smells become shut o f f during a cold. Aud Is it on a par with pouring Lysol into
Aud What are Mother s feelings about smells a vagina?
as she takes the douche? P C Yes, it is .
P C V eil, she not only dislik e s the semen, Aud-- What might the eyes do over a long
she dis lik e s the smell o f i t ; she would rather period o f time? What might happen to them?
have the smell o f the Lysol than the semen. PC They become somewhat out of focus. They
Aud I would like to point out to you that are going to distort my vision to keep remind
you have quite a preoccupation with deodorants, ing me o f Mother's outlook on sex, and how,
all kinds o f things to neutralize odors, es when I am in her valence, I replay h e r same
pecially body odors. attitude.
P C Yes, because i f you c a n 't smell ' i t ' , So, as h a s already been mentioned, i t i s
' i t ' i s n 't there. this double valence o f acceptance and rejec
Aud--Do you have similar feelings? tion that constitutes the basic predisposition
P C Tes, i f I turn o f f the sense o f smell, to which many subsequent behavior patterns be
I c a n 't be reminded o f how offensive sex i s . come attached. I n all o n e s relationships
Aud--Is that jfoat you do with a cold, and especially a marital one the tendency to shift
i f you c a n t smell ' i t , you wont get preg from o n e v a le n c e to another, according to
nant, because i t i s n t there? whether one felt wanted or not wanted, becomes
P C Tes, especially i f I take a douche. apparent. The reaction is on a compulsive, un
Aud--Continue to scan for. any other equiv aware l e v e l, and replays a s an exaggerated
alents. need for the love of t h e accepting parent, to
PC Coughing seems to be an act o f rejec counteract the anxiety and threat to survival
tion, because when you cough, you are expelling caused by the rejecting parent s patterns that
or getting rid o f ' i t ' ; i f I cough much, I get were installed at the time o f conception. The
a headache. This goes back to the pressure in above i s only one example of this basic a c
the uterus caused by the douche. ceptance- rejection c o n fig u r a tio n , which i s
Aud--How might this coughing get connected present at the time o f so many conceptions.
as far as Mother is concerned? What might she Much o f the material quoted from the re
say i f she had a cold when she was pregnant? corded session deals with somatic reactions
PC Well, the phrase "I 'v e got to get rid of that a r e transferred from the original organ
i t " also applies to her cold. and/or function to an analog by way of associ
Aud So the cold and coughing gets hooked ation or id en tifica tio n , and linked together
up with the AA (attempted abortion'* chain be sem antically--all summed up in the word " p s y
cause o f the phrase, " I ve got to get rid of chosomatic . T h e genesis o f some o f these
it ? seems to be clearly in view in this instance.
PC Tes, there is also irritatio n and itch The resolution o f these conflicts has to
ing in the throat with both a cold and hay come about by bringing firs t i n t o conscious
fever. awareness, then re-evaluating and integrating
Aud--How about your preoccupation w it h this occluded material. The recovery o f s e lf
mouthwash? and ones own identity can come about only thru
PC Oh, good heavens, the mouthwash becomes the conscious re-experiencing o f the tim es
a douche. when one assumed another valence or viewpoint;
Aud--So, every time you use mouthwash, you the compulsive dramatizing o f another person
are being Mother taking that first douche t o ality precludes any c l e a r perception o f that
get rid o f it ? What does the mouthwash really complex system o f relationships called l i f e .
do to the throat?
P C I t bum s and irritates it the iMy a
Aud Are there any other relationships here? I realize I am s t i d l i n g my neck out for
P C Tes, i f a small bit o f mucous i s dis the a x , but about three years ago my husband
lodged along with the mouthwash, this becomes had a skin cancer removed from h is le ft temple
a successful abortion, and I fin d myself thinkr by surgery. It healed up nicely and showed no
ing, I 'm glad to get r id of that. return growth.
Aud What about the habit o f putting Men- Several months ago another growth started
tholatum in the nose? behind h is right ear; it felt lik e a nerve end,
P C Veil, it dislodges the dried-up resi was painful, and occasionally i f i t was touch
due, and when I blow that out, this is also an ed suddenly, i t b le d . I tried unsuccessfully
attempt to abort, or get rid o f ' i t ' . to get him to go to a doctor but he refuse d, so
Aud So would you say that using Menthola- I started putting a h a lf grape on it and cov
tum and mouthwash continually reactivates this ering it with a bandaid every night. I t shrunk
AA chain. and disappeared. There i s no sign o f even a
P C Yes, it certainly does. tiny lump. The skin is healthy and has remained
Aud How are the eyes r ela ted to this ma that way for months.
terial ? Please do not tell the AMA, as I prefer to
PC They also reflect on e's attitude toward remain fr e e . Myrtle Myers, Meadow Vista, Cal.

8- The RBERREE JUNE, 1963

Mut you , J7oo, Gun o 3t
By HAROLD S. SCHROEPPEL W A R N I N G Th e s e less ons In A d v a n c e d P e r c e p
t i o n " are not to be t reated light ly or delv e d
14 POUR AREAS OP PSYCHIC EXPERIENCE In by the c u r i o u s for idle or q u e s t i o n a b l e
goals. As the Auth o r cautions, t h e y re d a n g e r
|HIS LESSON consists largely of in o u s and it is s u g g e s t e d two p e r s o n s with s i m i
formation and data. The main pre lar intent w o r k as a team. One of the risks in
requisites for it are an open mind volv ed. Hr. Schroeppel werns, is that soiae who
and the ability to reserve your s u c c e s s f u l l y d e v e l o p their e d v a n c e d p e r c e p t i o n
a re goi n g to see sows things they 'd rather not
right to disagree w it h the data s e e . And don't m i x with any other technique,
until you have examined the tech or you may find yourself w o r k i n g at cros s - p u r -
niques that produced it in the first poses. Whi c h is no place to find yours elf, or
p lace. for anyone else to find you espe c i a l I y an in
co m p e t e n t psy c h o l o g i s t or psychi a t r i s t . They
Jung refe rs to the abnormal or may get the idea y o u're as crazy as they are.
unusual phenomena of the mind as the The EDITOR
collective unconscious". I was taught to
cut up people differently, and I am going tell me about another early memory, and In
to break them down into four cla sse s. I great detail. Now tell me about a memory which
will s a y the most about the one I have is close to present tim e, and i f you keep do
had the most experience with. ing this under reverie techniques, the <indi-
vidual will sooner or later fall back into in
The four classes I use a r e : cellular aware cidents which are known as past lives. Of
n e s s , ancestral memoiy, g e netic memory, and course, he may say, "Now this i s completely
spiritual phenomena; and the majority o f this imaginary, but i t s what is happening.
lesson will be on the genetic memory because Anyway, the phenomenon e x i s t s . Whether it
there i s less information available from other proves reincarnation is another argument. Per
sources on this than on any o f the o t h e r s . sonally I d o n t believe in reincarnation; I
O f c e l l u l a r awareness I will s ay almost have another idea about things. However, there
nothing except that it e x i s t s . Under special i s within the individual a complete record o f
techniques it can be turned up. Normally, i t is h is evolutionary development.
only temporary; i t lasts for ju s t a few sec I t starts with something which has been
onds or a few minutes, and continuous cellular called a photon converter, in which t h e in d i
awareness serves no particular purpose. The vidual will find he is a very small thing which
temporary state is sometimes used during heal is about to be hit by a huge particle o f light
ing procedures, but the average individual does which explodes as it h it s him. The genetic mem
not need it , and it is not normal for him no oiy comes up from there; i t includes the mi
matter how good his internal awareness may be. tosis, o r paramecium s p l i t ; the algae that
Ancestral memory presumably is that memory floated on the sea and lived only about a sin
carried back thru the living cells, thru father gle day; something lik e an amoeba; the space
and mother and ancestors. It d iffe r s from ge spore, fa llin g thru space; and a lot o f fishes
netic memory in that it is the l i f e pattern o f various k in d s . The individual may turn up
and in it nobody should get k illed . They should being a clam; this one i s quite common. He may
be b o r n , grow up , get m arried, and then the also go so far back as to be either a ring o f
next generation should be born and the thread bluish light with something dancing thru the
should continue thru them. The one individual middle o f it , o r he may be the something that
I have encountered who had ancestral memory dances thru the ring o f bluish lig h t , or he
had his pictures reversed from right to l e f t , may be both o f these at once, and give you a
but he described with otherwise apparent accu perfectly good description o f an ordinary hy
racy scenes from h is fa t h e r s l i f e long before drogen atom when he is doing it .
he was born, when his father was at the age of Another thing: As man developed, in h is early
about 15 or 16. stages, he was black. You need n t be surprised
Genetic memory is better known. I t has about t h a t . I f your subject gets back among
sometimes been turned up as " p a s t l i v e s " , and the prim itives and i s white, y o u v e got a
considered as evidence of reincarnation. It phoney not that you should be surprised a t
does exist within the individual and within that, either. You w ill get those too. But i f
every individual. It can be keyed in by effort you d o , you need do nothing about i t ; ju s t
processing, by use o f the dichotomies at high say, " A l l right, fine; now can you go a li t t l e
sp e e d s , by use o f the emotional curve tech earlier? or, "G i v e me more d etails about this
niques , and by the use of m editation. I t can thing.
also be brought out by hypnotic or other forms You will find some q uite unusual l i t t l e an
o f memory regression. imals when l i f e fir s t came out o f the sea. On
The individual does not have to know that this track there i s something called a "g rim
there is such a thing as genetic memory. If weeper which i s rather lik e a clam but lives
you get him relaxed on a couch and ask h im , on land and breathes in the tides o f the sea.
What is the earliest memory you have? Tell me You may also find volcanic history and s o m e
about it , in great detail. Now tell me some fish. The story o f Adam and Eve and the snake
memory which is fairly recent. All right, now is also found there in the fact that once upon
JUNE, 1963- Th e ABERREE 9
a time t h e r e were mostly monkeys and snakes, matic, i t will be found tied up with the way
and the monkeys d id n 't lik e snakes. he was k ille d or the way he k ille d people in
Then there i s o f course the complete prim past l i v e s , and running this o u t , picking it
it iv e history o f man, and in th is you will up, inspecting it , e t c ., should bring the dis
find, by the way, that i t w a s rather rough. ease or somatic under control, i f i t can b e
People got k il l e d o f f quite frequently a nd done. A l s o , i f the persons major purpose in
rather drastically. I t i s only in comparative l i f e is out o f line with h is environment, run
recent years that c iv iliza tio n has gotten to ning past live s will allow a complete altera
the point where people can die o f old age or tion of that major purpose, will pull i t up
enjoy the luxury o f some long, lingering d i s and set it down again completely.
ease. In the genetic memory they usually got Still another reason for running past lives
k illed, suddenly and violently. So i f somebody which occasionally comes up in therapy is the
starts running genuine past liv e s , he is not elimination o f suicidal tendencies. There is
likely to be the King of Norway or liv in g very absolutely no point in bailing out of a l i f e
many lives in ancient Egypt, o r anything like simply because it is loused up, i f you know
t h a t . I f he is running in t o past lives thru that by so doing you are only going to get
effort processing, he should be away back on handed a new o n e , and that the same problems
the primitive trail somewhere getting h is head you d id n t solve this time are go in g to be
bashed in or being run thru with a spear or handed back to you in a s lig h tly tougher form
stabbed with a sword, or something lik e that. at some later date.
I do nt mean this should happen to everybody, Now there i s a lit t le puzzle here: I f i be
but there will be a lot of i t , so do n t let it lieve that past l i f e running demonstrates such
shock you. There should also be two sides to things, why don t i b e lie v e in reincarnation?
it; i f your subject is stabbed to death in one Yes, i t i s stubborn of m e, but i t h a s to do
l i f e , in the next one he probably stabs some with time, and I will explain to those who are
body else to de a th . Also, most subjects w i l l interested, provided they can demonstrate they
cover both sexes. have access to past lives themselves.
Normally o n c e any o f these areas has been The fourth and biggest class is the spir
opened to you by the techniques in this course , itual phenomena. Remember that the phenomenon
it will remain open, and you can go on picking i t s e lf was a force structure, or an electrical
at it. However, I suggest you dont try to run discharge, or something like that in nature,
down all the dates, names, and places o f the and to bring it down into words or pictures it
various things you turn up. In most cases you has to be a ltered. When someone describes his
wont find anything. This stu ff was originally experiences in terms of a flower or a vision ,
protected from the mind f o r a very good r e a remember that i f what he sensed was truly spir
son, and it is s till protected to some extent. itual, i f it came from the direction of God or
Very seldom does an individual get accurate in that form of perception, it was originally
name, place, and date recall on past l i v e s . a structure in energy or something of that
When he does, he may find others have recalled order. When the individual brought i t down and
the same past l i f e , with the same name and the crystallized i t into a picture or a descrip
same details. That doesnt mean you c a n t go tion, when he gave a referent to it , he altered
back and check the data and see that it e x i s t s . the original. D iffe r e n t people alter th ese
Sometimes you can. But in this course that is things in radically different ways.
not our purpose for running these t h in g s . I f Hie person who sees hallucinations has no
you want to try to prove reincarnation by this particular reason to be in an asylum unless he
means, that is up to you. I dont recommend i t . is determined to shoot at h is h a llucin a tion s,
Our purpose is to check your own growth as a or chase them with an ax, or blames h is troub
human, as a personality, as a soul, and see les on them. D o n t think, simply because spir
what is out o f balance. For one t h in g , in the its do exist, or karma do e s exist, or any of
genetic memory there is always an overt moti these phenomena come within your experience,
vator s e r ie s . T h e individual w a s k ille d by that this is completely and totally responsi
th is m eans; h e k ille d others by this means. ble for your present fate in present tim e. I t
Sometimes there are two or three o f these a n d i s n t . You are.
they w ill be related to h is chronic disease i f There is much information available from
he has one and to the method by which he will other sources on the spiritual phenomena. The
die in this l i f e . All these things are pre best l is t o f these that I know i s i n the Mys
sented for a reason in terms o f the i n d iv id u a l. tical Qabalah o f the Jews. They are described
How many o f them apply to h is effort in h is there very carefully; a number o f visions are
present l i f e , a n d what do you do about them? given, and the states o f mind, colors that have
Well, i f he is too aggressive, you have him run to do with them , and much more. The Tree o f
k il l in g other people by the same method. You L if e and 1 0 sephiroth are d e ta ile d , and the
ask him for incidents where he k ille d other Qabalah also contains a good catalog o f some
people until h is aggressiveness balances o u t . of the mystical e f f e c t s , a t what le v e l they
I f he i s too placid, too easily beat up by the should happen, and how to use them.
world a Caspar Milquetoast you ask him for There are also some ancient works on magic
the other side o f i t , all the times when he and alchemy which describe spiritual phenomena.
was k ille d or disposed o f by other people. The See the Tarot cards, the 78 cards o f the Chal
same process is used i f a man is too fem inine, dean Tarot, particularly the court cards.
you can ask him for the times when he was a Look up and compare the esoteric literature
woman. I f a woman i s too m asculine, you can of the various r e lig io n s . T h is is a very in
ask her about the times when she was a man. teresting study comparison o f the legends and
Sooner or later you take the incidents which stories of the various religions. The story o f
the individual turns up or p re se n ts, and ask Buddha in the Bhagavad G i t a i s one ex a m p le .
him alw ays, How do these relate to what you The Sutras o f Patanjali contain some descrip
are doing i n present life? Are you ca r ry in g tions o f phenomena and a very nice and neatly
on what you are doing now? detailed account o f how to get there t o o .
The fundamental reason for running a past As I have said, different people experience
l i f e in terms o f therapy i s this: I f the in d i these things differently.
vidual has some chronic disease or chronic so (To be continued next issue)
10 Th e fl BERREE JUNE, 1963
cloud in sp a c e , creating the products by word
o f mouth and wave o f hand, according to the
Bible? He is not. The Creator is that myster
ious Power which does the w o r k ; and the Bible
says in that Power " w e live, and move, and
have our being .
When the biblical makers let that revealing
data get into their book, with other state
ments we shall select and present in due time,
they preserved from the precious scrolls, burnt
to destroy knowledge, some of the most vital
By Dr. KARL KRIDLER fragments o f the ageless wisdom.
What is that magic Power which does the
(3 ) CREATIVE ACTION (Continued) work? Who has defined i t ? Are we on the trail
1 0 R T H E b e n e f i t o f laics and clerics, we o f a great mystery? Are we at the door o f the
l|| shall notice some phases o f creative action crypt in which the Creator is hidden? The
U mentioned b y the five great men referred prospects look promising. We ve found the hay
|| to in Serial No. 1 by Dr. White : stack. Now all we have to do is find the pro
| 1. A decrease in temperature automati- verbial needle. Can we do it?
A cally changes inv isible vapor to water The five great men mentioned by Dr. White
which falls as rain, creating lakes and riv ers. exploded the biblical concept of creation, but
A further fall in temperature changes water to failed to find the Creator. When He eluded them
ice o f such strength that it will sustain the so completely, they logically assumed that He
weight o f elephants, p r e s e n t i n g to the mind a i s only a myth.
picture o f giant animals standing on invisible Then science steps in and tries to f i l l the
vapor. That is creation in action. gap by claiming the mysterious Power that does
2. We plant the lifeless-looking seed o f an the work i s j u s t b l i n d , mechanical energy.
apple in the ground, where i t is moistened by That s tu p id dogma rules the schools and also
the rain and warmed by the sun, and it pro the medics who administer poison to the sick
duces a tree that bears apples, under the law in an attempt to change the b o d y s function to
o f sameness that like begets lik e. The required what they think it should be. I f the sick d i e ,
intelligence to obey the law is inherent in the "d is e a s e k illed them. I f they l i v e , the
the seed. That is creation in action. poison saved them.
3. Nothing appears more l i f e l e s s than a Hie mystery of creation was not solved by
h e n s egg. After a few weeks o f brooding, the the great men whose work exploded the biblical
apparently l i f e l e s s substance o f the egg concept of creation. The mystery will never be
changes into a living chicken that steps forth solved until we shall have discovered the na
into the world, endowed with enough strength ture o f a l l elements involved in creative
and intelligence to take care of i t s n e e d s , action. And o f all the elements engaged in the
supplying i t s e l f with everything required to process, none is so vital and essential as the
sustain i t according to the law o f its b e in g . Magic Power that does the work.
That is creation in action. (Continued in the next issue)
4. Creation s greatest performance i s mak
ing man. It uses the body o f the human-mother
as it s workshop, and builds the body of man by
condensing cosmic radiation. In due time a new
body emerges from the mother s organism, born
into the world, a liv in g being. That is crea
tion in action.
Gestation is the process o f creation that
occurs in the mothers body. This process is
the work o f creation, not o f the mother. Nor
does the substance which builds the body come
from the mother. For creation never builds new
bodies o f second-hand substance. That building
material, as stated, is condensed r a d i a t i o n ,
the same as that of which all objects are cre
In the four cases o f creative action c i t e d ,
we witness a regular order of intellig en t work,
according to pre-ordained plan, with knowledge
o f the finished product apparent in advance,
the automatic process being triggered by the
condition o f the environment.
Col. James Churchward observed these facts
and wrote: "U n d e r the law o f cr ea tio n , there
must firs t come a condition (o f the environ
ment), and with i t (there comes) a suitable
l i f e (organism) to live in i t . Then he added:
Thruout the entire history o f the earth , this
has been so; and at no time do we find a n ew
creation behind the condition, as the condi
tion is the parent o f the cr ea tio n .
The condition i s absolutely essential, but
not actually the parent of the creation. The
condition is the requirement that triggers the
process o f creative action.
Where is the Creator while all this crea -By EVA L. WO O D F O R D , Lost Creek, W. Va.
tive action is occurring? I s He s ittin g on a " P l e a s e , Mother I ' d rather do it u y s e l f ,"

JUNE, 1963 T h e ABERREE 11

SPIRIT HEALER LAUDED one may drop into an apron pocket, while she
is "l a y i n g her h a n d s upon the person being

tr e a te d , whatever one wishes to give. Some
folded a dollar bill into a small square and
dropped it into her apron pocket. Many seem to


give n othin g.
The writer was told, by one long-acquainted
with Mrs. Jessel s work, that she often helped
finan cially the ill who had been bled white by
By WING ANDERSON the medics, to remain in Ashland until healing
i S O N E approaches A shland, O r e ., no bill- was accomplished.
I boards, road or other signs, guide him to No instant healer i s Mrs. J e s s e l . Healing
(I the healing center o f the woman who brings o f long-established i l l s takes time and it is
fl more money into Ashland than any other in- wise to plan to remain at Ashland a month or
I I dividual or enterprise. Nor will one find so i f arthritis or other i l l s o f a mineral na
1 1 . any identifying posters in Ashland to lead ture exist. Cancer o f the flesh is ofttimes
one to her. Neither i n the past nor present cured q uick er than the results o f surgery,
has there been any desire or attempt at adver x-ray, and orthodox methods o f the medics that
tising and one may wonder i f Susie Jessel, at leave seri ais damage to the body.
the end o f a 16-hour healing s e s s io n , d i d n t Mrs. Jessel makes no diagnosis altho s h e
wish that she was as l i t t l e known today as she may comment casually on a persons condition
was some 30 years ago when she moved to Ash and tell a patient when he can plan to return
land. home.
While she d o e s n t make a better mousetrap, There i s no poking, pulling, adju stm ents,
she do es deliver the most precious thing on or force o f any kind used. The person seeking
healing s its quietly while Mrs. Jessel passes
e a r t h ; good health to replace the ill health
her hands up and down, front and back, o f the
brought to her by the thousands she s e r v e s .
torso, strokes the arms from shoulder to h a n d s ,
Anyone i n Ashland c a n direct the newcomer and i f the trouble i s in the legs strokes them
to the Jessel healing room where one can learn also. A treatment requires from one to three
truths about healing n o t to be found in any m inutes.
medical bo o k. One can always tell when treatment is ended
I f there i s any other spiritual healer in for Mrs. Jessel w ill walk to a stand and wipe
the United States to equal the healing which her hands on a wet towel.
results from the laying on of h a nd s by Susie While treating certain types o f i l l n e s s ,
Jes se l, that individual is unknown to this the veins in her arms will swell and appear to
writer. harden. Upon wiping her hands on the wet towel
Good n ew s spreads by word of mouth from her hands and arms return to normal.
those who have been healed by M rs. Jessel. A The fir s t time one ca lls in the evening at
count of autos, lined up on the street in front the healing room, one should ask what time of
o f the healing room, added up to 20 from states
night it is best to come. The ill come and go
from Texas to Maine plus a number with Oregon all thru the night and a time may be assigned
which will result in as short a wait as possi
Who i s this Susie Jessel who treats from
ble .
200 to 300 or more individuals a night suffer The new arrival, unless an emergency case ,
ing from a cold to cancer? Mrs. Jessel is a
takes a chair in the rear row and works to the
slim woman 72 years old whose presence sheds a
front as people leave for home and release the
light upon all who meet her. Her main purpose chair they have occupied. Emergency cases re
is to heal suffering humanity. The fact that ceive treatment as soon as Mrs. Jessel can
she treats person after person, from about 6 :0 0 give it.
in the evening thru the night until the last is The writer was at Jessel s three times for
served, a n d has been doing this most o f her a month each time. Without a doubt he would not
l i f e , places her high in the sp iritu al grades. be walking today h a d h e not received great
Born in Grandview, N . C . , April 22, 1891, it benefit thru Mrs. Jessel.
was discovered while she was a baby that when Each tim e while there information w a s
placed on the lap of an ill or pain-wracked sought from others about their cases: what was
person, the pain ceased and healing b e g a n . his or her ailment ? how long had it existed?
When a g ir l , she was called upon constantly by how long had he been at Je s s e l's ? what benefit
those who knew her to heal their various i l l s . i f a ny , etc. ? Answers were astonishing for
She tried to run away from it all by teaching without exception everyone reported improve
school. Her marriage to Charles H. Jessel re ment in health.
moved her from a schoolroom and kept her busy
for some time rearing five children Joe and The writer will never cease to bless Susie
Anna, Alma, Edna, and Mary Jane. Joe and Alma Jessel for the healing received thru her. She
inherited healing power as d i d her grand is truly the worker o f modern miracles. A mir
daughter. acle is an accomplishment by powers we know
After leaving North C a ro lin a , the family l i t t l e abou t, but i s always w ith in n atu res
moved fir s t to South Dakota, later to Ashland, laws and not the setting aside o f any law. One
Ore. Many attempts have been made by c it ie s and power o f greater potency overcomes a lesser
individuals, from F. D. Roosevelt f o r Warm law ju s t as ascending sap in a tree overcomes
Springs to aid in polio recoveries to a city the resistance o f gravity.
in Switzerland which promised to bu ild her a ------------
healing colter i f she would come to Switzer DEFINITION O F A CHURCH A wooden o r stone
land. structure b u ilt half-way between heaven and
Mrs. J e s s e l makes no charges, keeps no rec hell -- with locks on the doors to keep out the
ords of the persons she serves, and has refused wicked and protect the belongings o f the saved,
many offers o f g ifts which she thought ex ce ssiv e. while they try to coax the wicked to be saved
S usie, a s h e r admirers c a l l h e r , wears an so that they, too, will contribute to the locks
apron while serving those seeking healing, and that keep out the wicked.

12 Th e ABERREE JUNE, 1963

er colors that mingle with i t .
Sorry i f I gave you unfounded
a n x ie t ie s .
DEAR LOUIS -- I 'm rather new
to the so-called new thought,
truth, o r metaphysical move
ment. I like m a t I read, but
why so many " n u t s " in the
group? A .C ., San Bernardino,
C a lif.
DEAR A. C. Whats the old
saying "All the world is queer
except thee and me. And some
times I think thee queer . Ac
tually , I know what you mean
(Send your questions d irect to for, as I go around the coun
LOUIS, 1411 East M isso u ri, Phoenix, try, I meet some "way-out in
A r i z . , enclosing a stanped, s e l f * dividuals. However, who c a n
addressed envelope. For those vho
say who is sane and who is not?
wish personal r e p lie s , a ninlnun
I suppose Jesus the Christ was
contribution of $2 per question
should be in c lu d e d .) considered a b i t daffy in his
tim e. S o , the best advice I
DEAR LOUIS I'm a 65-year- can give you is close your
In writing to an old friend
old maiden lady. Recently in eyes and listen to the message
in El Paso yesterday, I hap
The ABERREE you indicated that and pay no attention to t h e
pened on a thought which might
pink in a lady 's aura indicat messenger.
bear r ep etitio n .
ed pregnancy. I was told th a t Had Ron Hubbard, in start
my aura was very pink. Are you DEAR L O U IS What do you ing to teach Dianetics, simply
sure you're not mistaken? P . think o f I . Q . tests? G .R ., avoided a l l o r ganizational
M ., Philadelphia, Penn. Philadelphia, Penn.
DEAR FRIEND--Are you brag DEAR G.R. An intelligence is use i f you use what you
ging o r complaining? Pink in test proves but one thing you have to the f u l l e s t , then you
o n e s aura can denote many can pass or fail same, but it can be said to be an i n t e lli
t h i n g s , all depending on the does not make you i n t e l l i g e n t . gent person . But passing a test
shade, intensity, and the oth The key to all l i f e s function does not prove anything.

Son of Panther-CatTermed Anti-Christian Taunt


sequence o f events for that time and p la c e .
HE FIRST C h r istia n ap o stles openly and This term o f ridicule, th is derogatory say ing ,
proudly spoke o f Jesus, the Christ, as the with which the anti-Christians had taunted the
"Son o f the Virgin . The orthodox Jews and fir s t C h r i s t i a n s , evolved to the erroneous
the Roman pagans who desired the downfall name and story. For in those days, as in th e s e ,
o f h is followers a tta c k e d them from a l l the child is always called after the father and
. . a n g le s . Calling him Jesus Ben Pandera the mockery of the virgin and her son grew in
was one o f the ways. The Greek word for virginto a legend, tho a false one.
was parthenos, a n d s o , t h e i r enemies, t h e The laws o f Moses were active during the
anti-Christians, distorted the word to pantera,times o f Mary and o f J e s u s . T h e penalty o f
or panther-cat. The Jews laughingly calledmany crimes and/or sins was stoning to death.
him "B e n ha-Pantera or Son o f the Panther-I f Joseph had then divorced Mary (M i r ia m ), he
Cat . This ridicule o f the early C hristianswould have had to give the elders of h is v i l
was kept alive, but in time--200 years later lage the reason that she was with child. Had
the early designation was forgotten, but the he divorced h e r he would have h a d to ac
memory, and tales, lingered on. knowledge the fact he was without knowledge of
The uncertain story is that a pagan named h e r , as they used to say. There was but one
Celsus heard the f a c t s u n d o c u m e n t e d of penalty for this crime de a th. Joseph would
co u rse from an unnamed J e w , about 178 A .D . , have been sentencing her to death by ston ing.
or so >he said: Consequently, i f the sto r y were true, Mary
Miriam , divorced by her husband , the car would not have wandered until she gave b ir th
penter, for adultery wandered until she gave to Jesus they would have both been long d e a d ,
birth to Jesus son of a soldier named Pandera. for this was Mosaic law.
Now, as you can see, by 200 A . D . , the say A man named Houston S. Chamberlain wrote a
ing, Jesus, Son of the Panther-Cat , or "J e s u s book named, The Foundations of the 20th Cen-
Ben ha-Pantera had evolved into Jesus Ben tuiy . He was married to a daughter o f Wagner,
Pandera , mostly because Greek was the inter the German composer. He wrote the story of
national language among the e l i t e , but was Jesus Ben Pandera to prove that Jesus was an
misunderstood among the rabble. I t is obvious Aryan. Shades of H itler! He quoted the ancient
that they, logically enough, took the name falsehood circulated about 200 A . D. by the
Santera or "P a n d e r a to be the name of the anti-Christians. In those days the anti-Chris
father. F o r t h e y , the anti -Christians , no tians were the orthodox J e w s , a n d the Roman
longer knew t h a t t h e i r ancestors had sneer- pagans (who were throwing the Christians to
ingly called Jesus after his mother in this the lions and burning them at the stak e.) The
manner. The term of ridicule from the original anti-Christians sought to prove that Jesus was
Christian saying, Jesus, Son o f the Virgin , not the Messiah or even a Jew. The fabricated
to the taunts of Jesus, Son o f the Panther- story w as designed to blast the blasphemers
Cat . to Jesus, son o f Pandera, was a natural and heretics of that time the early C h ristia ns.

JUNE, 1963 Th e ABERREE 13

f r o n t s , conducted a personal ances. The impedances have led derstanding and personal devel
school for 80 o r so students, him to say and do things that opment who are ready, able, and
u sin g a fe w t y p i s t s and a resulted in a great deal of w illing to take chaise of their
couple s e c r e t a r ie s , he might m is e r y and heartache for me own cases. Many o f its tools
have made, net each year, well personally. I d o n t like t h i s , operation traverse, schedule
over $ 1 0 0 ,0 0 0 . Lecturing four but I realize it is not Hub B, tracking, Operation Hercu
mornings* a week, making r e bard s f a u l t . les, etc. are designed for
cordings o f all speeches, using " I also strongly object to the individual to use working
advanced students to assist Hubbard s vicious attacks on alone . They can also be used
and a u d it newcomers, he would Don Purcell, attacks repeated by two or three people working
have had a simple organization after D o n s de a th. But this together in t o g e t h e r wo r k .
with virtually no expenses and was not the reason I wrote my Coaching is an a c t iv it y in
worry. article. I can assure Mr. Hub which the coach explicitly con
"H a d he personally trained bard that a public retraction fines himself to asking queries
some 5 0 0 people each year, I and apology on h is part would in a situation in which i t i s
am s u r e th ey would s till be be received g e n e r o u s l y and agreed and understood that the
operating and the entire move with fo rgiven ess. tracker i s in charge. This is
ment established solidly. "N o r w as i t parallelism the very antithesis o f psycho
"T h in k o f it: 5 0 0 x 12 years between Dianetics and Syner therapy where the therapist is
equals 8,000 professional o p getics , which people point in ch a rg e.
erators, probably all over the out. Such parallels exist, as To my knowledge Hand has
world now. Hand s a y s , between any two never been to a S y ne rgetic
"N o managers, paid tea ch schools. What concerned me was workshop o r participated in a
ers, overhead bother and mess the practice of some Hubbard- Synergetic group or program.
ing with intermediaries. ians of referring to Synerget Quite obviously he doesnt know
"A n d with this thought came ics in a derogatory manner as what he i s talking about. I
consideration o f the quirks in an o ffs h o o t o r v a r ian t o f believe a public retraction
him which probably would have D ia n e t ic s a minor variation and apology is in order. " Art
disdained such a program. H is on a theme by Hubbard , as one Coulter, 297 Canyon D r ,t Co
need ' for ostentation , fancy Hubbardian puts it. Aside from lumbus, O h i o .
t i t l e s , big front. He had to the personal insult involved,
out-do Freud, e t c ., but Freud this is harmful to Synergetics There i s n o t much I c a n
is still big stuff on the record in view o f the bad reputation sink my teeth i n t o in t h i s
and no one mentions H u b b a r d . Dianetics and Scientology have issue. My f r i e n d Dr.M anas
--Lee Lockhart, G e n .D e l., S ly, earned. writes about a soul, but there
Hubbard himself has never is no such soul as he imagines ,
S e v a d a done t h i s , i t s h o u ld b e a c nor is there l i f e after death.
" A s ex-Scientologists, you knowledged . True, he has, by L ife i s nothing more than an
sure print a lot o f Dia/Sci implication, insinuated that I electro - chemical m a n i festa-
material i n T h e A B E R R E E s was a criminal and Communist, tion, and when the blood stops
p a g es . Evidently you never but this can be dismissed as a circulating l i f e comes to an
have recuperated from being shrill effort t o ju s t ify con e n d , but the personality may
excommunicated by Hubbard. May duct that has been basically survive in the minds of other
I suggest you use a few command u n ju s t ifia b le . liv in g b o d ie s . The biblical
phrases in that respect. Let "H a n d goes on to accuse m e
people l i k e Harold Thibodeau eternal l i f e is the l i f e force
of deception that Synergetics it s e l f which is eternal. It is
get his D i a / S c i straight from is n o t a psychotherapy . I n
D. C. or English Hqs. Sure, Hub effect, he is calling me a l i a r .
that kind o f eternal l i f e that
we can add to our being while
bard has some good ideas, but An obvious retort to this i s we a r e a l i v e . The b ib lic a l
so does Pope John 2 3 r d , or to point out that Hand, a clin kingdom o f God is w ithin; and
Mary Baker Eddy. ical psychologist, is covertly
"K a r l Kridler is a thought the biblical God i s a God of
trying to * stack the deck in the l i v i n g . T h e G od o f the
provoker, and makes them think favor o f h i s particular field dead i s dead. And that means
for themselves. Some of t h e by lumping all approaches to
articles are really way out that the souls o f the dead are
self-understanding and per also dead. Therefore, the aim
in le ft f i e l d , b u t are okay sonal development as forms of
i f not too dogmatic. in l ife should be the acqui
psychotherapy . So broad a sition o f l i f e more than mon
"W o u ld particularly like to definition would also include
see more h u n a /s y n a articles ey. That is to say that man
education, parenthood, relig kind m u ld find more inner
and less D ia /S ci ones. ious a c t iv ity , and helping a peace, better health, greater
"Perhaps Harold S . co u ld friend with a problem.
happiness in the course of
label his articles Schroeppel-
I deny H a n d s charge, and l i f e , and a longer l i f e by
e tic s. Y e s , I do enjoy them accuse him in turn o f deliber striving for more of the ener
tho . Also enjoy Louis and his
ate distortion and misrepre gy that manifests as l i f e than
comments. P h i l F r i e d m a n is
sentation o f Synergetics. Syn to waste a large portion of
completely over my head, how ergetics i s not, basically, a l i f e i n striving for worthless
ever. Humanetics is the u l t i form of psychotherapy. Psycho pleasures and material gain
mate in my present understand therapy may be defined as psy that serve n o useful purpose.
ing. Much superior to Dianet- chological assistance given by L ife , not money, is our most
ics/Scientology in every r e a psychiatrist or c l i n i c a l precious possession.
spect . Dick Queener, 2101
psychologist to a human with a The consensus is that I
Brooks R d ., Knoxville, Term.
mental or psychosomatic d is should get a job and stop wast

order, so serious that the pa ing money in a hopeless ca u se;
I would like, i f I may, to tient cannot solve the problem that I cannot beat the A. M. A. ;
comment o n Fred Hands letter by himself alone. Synergetics that I am stepping on the toes
in the May iss u e . specifically excludes this type of the medics; that the A.M. A.
" F i r s t , I d o n t hate H u b of help. It is designed pri i s more powerful than the gov
bard. I regard him as a human marily for people who are in ernment ; and that I c annot
being with a number o f imped terested in greater self-un- w in . It is true that the A.M.

14 ------ T h e A B E R R E E ------ JUNE, 1963

A. i s a very powerful organi e t c ., will not work. The causes The prenatal bank is the
zation, but it i s also q u it e o f the trouble must be accur firs t door, the one k ey , a n d
possible that one man and God ately a s c e r t a i n e d . T h a t s the solar system catastrophe(s)
can overcome A . M. A . tyranny. where electropsychometry comes the second, one o f them being
Maybe the A. M. A. can put me in in. folney G, Mathison, 1208 documented beyond d o u b t by
to the gutter, or i n j a i l , or If, 30th, Los Angeles 7 , C a li f. Velikowski in h is books. Part
in a mental institution, but I o f this project has turned in
would rather go down fighting You ran an ad last month to an overhaul o f the data of
than t o q u it and give in to someone wanting to learn about astrology, most o f i t b e in g
tyranny. -- M o rris K a t ze n , Wilhelm Reichs Orgone Therapy. done by my brother Clark Done,
Cooks F a lls , M. 7 . Here is some information that in Westminster. A s t r o 1 ogy
may help th is gentleman: really did used to be an exact
Dr. Reich died i n p ris o n , s c ie n c e , and q u it e possibly
Not s i n c e you publicized
standing up for t r u t h , and in can become again at least much
Morris K a tze n s frantic cam
facto murdered by the FDA o f a more u s e fu l than i t i s a t
paign to save naughty humanity
broken heart. p re se n t . . .
from extinction via masturba
H is legal h e ir i s the Wil We are seriously thinking
tion have you started such a
ruckus as you have now kicked helm Reich Infant T r u s t Fund, about ways and means to get
which preserves the archives th is information , the results
up concerning diffraction-gra
o f the Orgone Institu te and of 16 months o f concentrated
ting gimmicks such as the * Et-
caco lo r tu b e . has opened the Wilhelm Reich and directed re-examination of
Museum at Organon, Ran gely , basic Dianetic concepts, plus
"L e a v in g out my own opin
Maine, to the p u b lic . (A few the missing pieces which make
ions, I d suggest your readers
o f Dr. R e i c h 's p u b lications the whole thing workable and
write Echtund S c i e n t i f i c Co . ,
are republished b y F a r r a r , explicable, out to what i s le ft
Barrington , N . J . , the major
Strauss and Cudahy recently .) o f the field . O f course the
producer o f diffraction g r a t
in g s , for their f r e e catalog The legal c a s e ( i t contains work is s till in p rogress, but
many unexploded truth-bombs) the basic data seems now solid
which l i s t s a couple pages of
can be read in the Library o f enough to present without fear
diffractio n m a t e r ia l . . . But
Congress legal lib r a r y . See o f adding to the confusion or
remember, the entire b i z is
especially the unopened and spinning a n y more people. We
optical, not psychical*.
unreviewed evidence appendices want no control operation, nc
Congrats for running B ill
by the defense ( Contact with central organization other than
Conover s letter. I ve had a
Space and a Red Thread . Al a place to continue auditing
lot o f contacts with federal
so samples o f the new mathe and research and a comm, point
people; once enjoyed having
matics (KRW system ) to show that will maintain a return
them make a detailed element-
what he was really busy with)* flo w .
by-element inspection o f elec
There are a few doctors "R e . Orgs. in Rem s jargon:
tropsychometers; put s e v e r a l
Dr. Reich had trained who try A friend and preclear, U . G
o f them on the instrument and
to apply the principles o f Powell, wrote from Denver abou:
found they actually ARE human
Orgone Therapy. . . banded to 10 days ago saying he had hap
beings. One who read very low-
gether under American Associ pened to see a PFDA T-V pro
toned explained h e d ju s t come
ation for Medical Orgonomy, gram on the Circle Theater, ai
in from the orange fields where
4101 Apalogen Road, Dr. C h a s . the end of which a character
h e d had to confiscate a lot
O ile r , Philadelphia 3, Penn. in robes was shown holding a
o f fr u it because i t was con
E v e Reich M o is e , Hancock, p air o f electrodes attached to
taminated by o v e r dosing of
M aine a meter over the usual beauti
poison sp ra ys. The fanners
ful but sick maiden, and say
acted as i f they wanted to We lit e r a lly c a n t keep up ing something like : This is
shoot him. He got no publicity , with the inflow these last two part of my religion, and any
no thanks from the many people months. I t has been a long time interference with this is a
he protected f r o m poisoned since I have fe lt hopeful alxrat violation of my religious free
fruit. Just in h is d a y s jo b . th is auditing business, much dom. I imagine that the mes
Finally, re Dr. Crawford s less practically enthusiastic. s a g e was crude enough to ar
piece about hypnotism. This We need about s ix months d e rive with a certain segment of
a rticle is in i t s e l f a fasci voted ju s t to outlining t h e the audience . After what you
nating demonstration o f self- picture which began in 1950 said about your v is it from o f
hypnosis. Dr. Crawford has com with the prenatal engrain and fic ia l lev els, i t would seem
pletely hypnotized himself in which has now expanded or un that LRH had better have some
to the notion that hypnosis folded to the real basic-basic very high-powered help o f a
comes in no shades o f effects on the level o f the solar sys legal variety. The latest poor
such as excellent, good, f a i r , tem . . . sheet from St. H i l l informs us
b a d , b u t only that i t s all This i s not ju s t a tempo there is nothing t o w o r r j
bad bad bad b a d , black black rary m an ic, as I feel that I a b o u t; that Ron almost feele
black b l a c k . This is absurd. now know something about man- sorry for the Government; and
Deep cataleptic hypnosis is ics. Preclears are now getting that he has a new electronic
saving many liv e s i n surgery into view basic data in one or organ which he i s learning to
in bad-heart conditions where two s e s s io n s , data which it play. As Tido s a i d , fiddling
in anaesthetics are dangerous. took us months to crawl thru with his electronic organ while
" 1 have a vault full o f mas before we got the two keys to Scientology b u rn s. I really
ter tapes, all self-hypnotic' the picture. They bring in es hate to see something lik e this
and I can f i l l a hall any day sentially the same things with happen to Ron or anyone else
with people who by this modal no prior knowledge or prompt who h a s , after a l l , come up
ity have been pulled out of ing, and the keys have provided with some useful d a t a . And it
situations that had refused to us with so many insights into he loses I am not looking for
y ie ld to analysis, psychiatry , what used to be puzzles and ward to the repercussions.
etc. I do agree with Dr, Craw occlusions that there now seems Bob Churchill, 8608 M.Central,
ford, however, that hypnosis, no doubt that we are really on Phoenix, A riz.
i f used in an attempt to over to something that won t slide
lay psychical traumas, engrams, around when looked a t . "I just have to throw in mj

JUNE, 1963---------------------- ------Th e fl BERREE ---------------------- 15

two c e n ts' worth when I read even knowing what is going o n . a cou ple o f days and died a
such uninformed and downright I have progressed pretty well few days l a t e r . . .
ignorance about a subject that in psychic research thru hypno Do y o u know The ABERREE
I am well-informed and exper tism on such subjects as astral gets more and more in t e r e st in g .
ienced in, as in self-hypnosis t r a v e l, c l a i r v o y a n c e . T heta And the letter de p t, is very
as put forth by some Doctor vision, mind reading, and oth much s o . I do enjoy reading
George T. Crawford in the May ers. Of course, i f the Scien everyone s far-out op inions!
issue o f The ABERREE. tologists h a d not already Wow! That one from DeLong about
" I was at one time, several thrown me out o f their associ Jesus being on earth was the
years a g o , practicing s e lf ation, they certainly would lim it. Doesnt he read the B i
hypnosis and I wish to state for practicing hypnotism . But ble? Says definitely that Jesus
right here that i t certainly hypnotism in Texas as well as is coming in the clouds--not
does work. However, i t is not all other s t a t e s , so far as 1 that he will b e born again
as strong as direct hypnotism, know, i s legal, i f one doesnt here. 'J e s u ' a l s o said his
and the person does not forget use i t for criminal purposes, kingdom was not of this w orld .
what goes on a s one usually Clem V. Johnson, B'J60 Veir He told his followers there
does under real hypnotism . I t D r . , Houston, Texas. would b e many C h r i s t s , and
i s a state o f light trance all when t h e y would say to come
right, a n d one is almost " I would lik e to thank each here or go there, to find Him ,
passedout, but holds on to his and every one who has written to believe them n o t ' , for
awareness ju s t enough to be such fine letters to me about there will b e m a n y false
aware to some extent o f what the Etcacolor tubes . One fine Christs . But I hate to stick
goes on around h im , altho he psychic student writes me he my neck out h e r e . We are a l1
doesn t do so unless there is was able to see forms other entitled to our b e l i e f s .. .
a reason such as danger, and/or than ju st the etcacolor auras; Hope J a co b and Rose and
knowing that he wishes to be he and others have told me even Fred Hand and Pierson d o n t
awake as soon as he has made by phone that they saw spir take my criticism too serious
the implants in his own m ind. itual spectres, old p eo p le, ly. I am merely making an all-
I t is very closely related to men and women, and one wrote out effort to keep this stuff
hypnotism, and is a state o f he had seen a young boy. .1 do from getting out of hand (keep
hypnosis ju s t as all the com not, nor w ill I ever, adver ing spiritual f e e t on sp ir i
mercial brainwashing on T-V i s tise the tube to be anything tual ground). I lik e the rea
a form o f hypnotic suggestion . more than a training a i d , a sonable approach to these, and
Dr.Bernheim in h is book, Sug new means unknown to many, of become frightened when someone
gestive Therapeutics , s t a t e s seeing the etcacolor auras, by floats o f f on an ethereal, in
that there are nine states of means o f diffraction gratings. tangible nothingness. " - R o s a
hypnotism in which all o f than Some have written the edi lind J o h n , 1U33 itth, Sorco,
are subject to s u g g e s t i o n . tor o f Ihe ABERREE and are C alif. _ _
They are R e fr a c t o r y , L ig h t disp le a se d. S hould any pur
Somnolence, Heaviness, Light chaser expect more than he re Reading my letter in the
Sleep, Deep Sleep, Very Deep ceived, I will be most happy good b i g letters section in
Sleep , L i g h t Somnambulism , to refund their purchase price the M ay i s s u e , I thought o f
Deep S o m n a m b u l is m . O th er s plus the postage, as the reac the s atir is t M ort Sohl, in a
have stated that there are 20 tions have been exciting and monolog at the Hungry i in San
stages o f hypnosis; but today , wonderful. Francisco he concluded, Now
these are usually condensed to Those mho know o f d iffra c is there any minority group I
about four stag es. Self-hyp tion gratings and went ahead have not offended? It appears
nosis i s , o f course, o f the and bought a tube I know will that Roy D a v is s products have
lighter stages. I f Dr. Craw not be disappointed. Those who made the best controversy since
ford prefers to call this s e lf know o f diffraction gratings Katzen , tho I doubt that was
hypnosis by some other name, and feel this is not as adver Mr. Davis s intention. I agree
that is h is p riv ile ge; but tised need not purchase o n e , th e r e s too much conditioned
please l e t s not l e t him con and i f they will send me their response and signal reaction
fuse the issue by making the name and a ddress, I will b e to ca n cer. But, like nuclear
statement that no such thing most happy to tell how to make warfare, I think i t s too dras
ex ists. I t has been said that one o f their own. I would not tic to play games w it h . . . Roy
hypnotism can be defined as a stoop to the level o f some Davis has explicitly disclaimed
state o f mind when a person publications as o ffering de medical value for h i s products
w ill accept almost any sugges vices to see the human aura, so t h a t s all o f that. Exactly
tion, or is very easily in flu as I feel this i s a misrepre what Lowana Julaine is talking
enced by suggestion, and also sentation. - -Roy D a v is, 23 . about I can t determine, after
that T-V commercials are a l Walnut, Green Cove Springs, F la , four r e a d i n g s . I understand
most pure hypnotism . T h is is she is trying to help a friend
true , and all a d v e r tis in g is . I 'v e had the flu or maybe which i s good, but her under
designed to influence o r hyp i t was the atomic illn e ss Ray standing o f elementary physics
n o tize as much as p o s s i b le , Palmer claims i t i s . Anyway, is , in a word, n e b u l o u s ...
and those people .who are easily this came with the rains, and THE ISSUE-- Red I s Lowest:
influenced or accept sugges we h a d n t had rain for over a Happily I *m out o f this. A b o m
tions easily are already a l year neither did I have colds dichromat, I c a n 't see some o f
most in a state o f h y pn osis. or flu. My cat got what ap these c o l o r s in a c o a t o f
Self-hypnosis is a light trance peared to be pneumonia a few p a in t , much l e s s an energy
thru which one accepts h is own days later. She was out in a flow. SsIf-Hypnosis The s e lf
suggestions--and it does work. brush pile sitting over a nest cannot control the self, reflex-
I have be en i n hypnotic of new kittens, protecting them ively a n d simultaneously, I
research now for a number of while the rain poured down on a g r e e . The s e lf cannot c o n
years and profess to be a fa ir h e r . I found h e r thus a nd trol the s e l f serially and
h y p n o tis t, and c an hypnotize brought the c a t and kaboodle consecutively, I deny. Consid
four out o f five people in less of kittens into the h ouse. But er a person in time, as a pro
than 30 seconds without than too late, she sot real sick in cess. Then, taking a person in
16-------------------------------- -----The ABERREE ----- 'JUNE, 1963
their present state, now, this did this unaberrated person Why c a n t we a c c e p t i d e a s
person (Self-O) can devise and get in here with all us nuts? without going overboard about
set up a conditioning to affect Apse Is Jacob is a nice guy and them? a fanatic is a man who
a future state o f this same so i s Rose. Remember I d is is crazy about a subject in
person (Self-1) so that a state claimed expertise in compari which the other chap can live
s till later (Self-2) will re son with the Apsels because my without more than a casual in
spond to a posthypnotic sugges contacts were much fewer. As t e r e s t . Charles Peacock, 130
tion given to Self-1 by Self- 0. for the entities, i t s prob W. 83rd, New York, N. Y,
Thus Self-1 conditions behav ably an off-season for my
ior o f Self-2. When conceived favorite group, since what few I sort o f liked the idea
clearly, i t s easy to see how I v e got the last f e w weeks o f a lot of letters like in the
self-hypnosis can be distribut are others. I f they happen to new issue , but I do feel that
ed along an individual s b i be in this space-time region, I am wearying of the same old
ography or 'w o r l d l i n e . A per they tune in and s o c i a l i z e a gabble from the same old geese.
son can hypnotize himself, not lit t le . The last one wanted me Wish I could think of some
now but later. See Eileen Gar to do something with my hippo b r illia n t and witty discourse
r e t t s a rticle in the Hypno campal gyrus (a brain s t r u c to liven up the pages.
s i s issue o f TOMORROW for a ture near the front), but eith Even L o u is has become a
detailed description o f s e lf er h is or my neuro-physiology drag since he quit seeing and
hypnosis from the inside . An wasnt up to making plain just started running a gabble col
eternal being cannot hypnotize what he meant. A sophisticated, umn. This is too bad as he did
it s e lf; a temporal being ca n . somewhat sardonic type, agree start out to show promise as a
Humans a r e temporal b e i n g s . able , but uncommonly detached seer o f some interesting sights
Hypnosis does require two peo attitude for an e n t it y .. . Morris and witty too before i t all
p l e , a l l right, b u t a single Katzen Katzen is getting sim became so goldarned serious
individual is not the same ila r treatment to Dr. Wilhelm and all. I wonder what he saw
person successively i f a n y Reich -- which finally k illed that spooked him out of the
thing happened in the meantime Reich. I t s a lousy shame and business of seeing? Bob Ar-
and it always does. Who I was I wish Katzen had the capital entz, 3 Planebrook Rd. , M a l
is not who I am now and who I to make a case of it. I think vern, Penn.
am is not who I will be, tho h is civil rights are being ab
all o f us have a lot in com rogated. Whether h e s right or "T o ask one i f he believes
mon. Or, I have more, in common not, he has as much right to be in God is asking i f he believes
with my contemporary friends right or wrong as anybody. in Consciousness, or Khrusch-
than with my former s e lf when I like the b ig g e r letter ev*s unknown God. I f there is
I was an adolescent. I f I sur section. I t s a good issue. no concept then i t is unknown ;
vive to be a senescent old gaf Fred Hand, 2718 Eagle, Hous I f there i s a concept i t is
fer in 2000 A. D . , I w i l l be ton, Texas. Consciousness, a n d not some
more lik e a senescent old gaf
thing apart.
Astrology has more than its "C re a tio n i s the everlast
fer then than like the mid-40-
share o f frauds and I clash ing body o f eternal Conscious
ish bloke I am i n the 1 9 6 0 's .
with the ortho-astrology b e ness. I t may be a three-phase
Me then can hypnotize me now
cause I accept fatalism . cycle (s u b , surface, and s u
to respond as me la t e r . . .
Children b o m at the same per. ) I t wells up from the sub
LETTERS Talley the flim time, same place, all have d if to become the I in id e n t i t y .
siest swat at the Kennedys I 'v e ferent mothers. Different fath There is only one I .
seen y e t . Nostradamus d i d n t ers, too, a n d all leave the "A n y names, words, o r re
say brothers and the U .S . is scene o f birth for a change or ligion by any kind of creature
no kingdom. Better would b e change o f environment as they on any world in any universe
England Elizabeth, Ph ilip , are rea red. are synonymous symbolisms. I t
and Margaret. Also, which war? Science is now engaged in all takes place NOW the only
. ..O 'N eill I agree. T h eres a a study o f D .N .A ., short for a time th e r e i s , was, o r ever
lot o f veracity going on h e r e , genetic code o f l i f e that di will be.
even i f some o f i t s buried in rects the processes o f growing "I am a disciple o f Karl
metaphor. Especially I agree things both vegetable and ani Kridler, Kenyon Klamonti, H i l
that devout theologians are mal. I t may take years o f study ton Hotema. How am I to know
mostly agreed that the Bible but science will resolve the which of the two Jesus inter
and i t s sources are almost no matter. pretations to follow? -- A . B .
where literal a n d accurate, There are other fa c t o rs , Pierson, 1439 M ill, Selina, Cal.
but refer, or point to, factual too factors of s oil, clim ate, (ED. NOTE I f you want to
events in many places. That is , environment, and culture that be a "follow er", i t d o e s n t
that as h i s to ry and moral are known as D. N. R. This is make much difference which one
philosophy and wisdom-for-liv radiation from the Cosmic Ray you believe a l l lead to the
ing, the B ible texts have much often called background radi same dump heap. Being a d i s
o f value, but, as given, they ation. Fallout can also be an c i p le of anyone is the end of
are human, all too human in flu e n c e . the t r a i l . )
distorted. That the B ible is a "Now, i f a colored man weds
handbook o f astrology seems as a white g i r l , is i t fatalism The cream* o f our educa
starkly incredible a s M a ry to say the offspring will be t e d constructed and compiled
Baker Eddy s theory that it colored? i f one plants corn , for our guidance and ed ifica
was a health book. G . C . Lee one expects corn , and surely tion dictionaries, but being a
Thanks to Mr. Lee for a peyote there is never a word o f fata subscriber to ABERREE has me
address. I ' v e already used i t lism . questioning e v e r y t h i n g that
once. I ve two others but they " L i f e i n the not-too-dis smells orthodox or status quo.
are buried under archives. I'm tant fu tu r e , perhaps, w ill be Tbe dictionary states
glad to get them because 3 /4 directed by codes o f law just Mortality, a noun, meaning, the
o f all popular articles on pe as n atu re i s already d o i n g , condition o f being subject to
yote are barefaced lie s , and I regardless. death.
welcome chances to set people So I explain my fatalism . Next, Immortality, a noun ,
straight. Eva Woodford How " A s to your other question , meaning, exemption from death;
JUNE, 1963______________________ ----Th e ABERREE------ -------------------------------- 17
t h e maintenance of eternal tors . m ultiplied, or brought to pass
l i f e in a b o d y ... or a soul- or Speaking of doctors. What as a consequence. I suggest to
spirit. is Karl Kridler a Dr. o f? H e d view ers, r a t h e r than b r in g
I thought that wee Latin make a good p o l i t i c i a n . Takes sounds, images i n , go out to
p re fix meant simply NOT! so I him longer to say l e s s th a n touch - feeling r a n g e . R eal
concluded that i f Mortal means anyone else in your good mag thought, actual f e e l i n g is
subject to death, then Immortal except Friedman who says noth embodied. That which I t o u c h
means simply N ot! subject to ing at all (to me, anyway1. really touches m e ...W e neither
death without these fringe ben Give a great big r o s e to know the individuals on T-V,
e f it s lik e exemption, etc. Harold Schroeppel (when they nor do they act-ually know u s .
Now, seeing how the dic come in season ). T h eres a man No real relationship, nor real
tionaries stretch things I m with something to say and he response-ability. With T-V one
going to forgive you for an says it . Alberta O Connell can becomes a stranger in o n e s
error in ABERREE for M arch, have a rose, too, along with own home, unable to have rela
page 19, the 7th line in t h e Ye Pub and Ye Ed for Hart to tionship with these persons .
last letter appearing on that Heart which is always amusing So w ha ts the popularity? This
p age. That w o r d should be and heart-warming or newsy or very no - responsibility for
spelled ' Daniel * and not Da something. The letters to the give and take . Yet, the
vid* * Thomas Barclay, 1427 editor are always good (for a illusion of humanity seems to
Kings Av , , V. Vancouver, B . C , laugh i f nothing e l s e .) Mrs, be at o n e s fingertips. So the
Lester Schmeling, 7U1 Del Norte individual can deceive himself
I like your policy D o n t Av, , Ontario, C a lif. with believing he is a part of
take it so damn * seriously , a great big family . Many with
and that *s mistake No. 1 among Dr. George T. C ra w fo rd s whom I have worked by mail have
most o f your writers; they are article very interesting, sig come to see me and I them. It
taking l i f e much too seriously n ifica n t. I wonder i f Dr. Craw is interesting and revealing
and I suspect missing a heck of ford and/or other readers have to observe, particularly in
a lot o f fun. done research in cases o f hu the light of universal law of
"B u t fun is fun and i f you mans hypnotized by the lower attraction and its operation as
are incarnated as a woman I kingdoms, plant, mineral, ani co-ordination, c o - efficien cy ,
think you should be the most mal, chemical. I have and would co-operation. And speaking of
womanly w o m a n possible a d be interested to compare n o t e s . law o f attraction, this reader
that takes care o f Maxine Dum- As a teacher o f Tarot-Qubalah found auditorial in May issue
kes desire to be called M ac*. I found Alberta O Con nells revealing, the three of us, a
That caricature she drew! I f article most rewarding. Miss Baptist minister, a free think
t h a t s t h e way M axine sees O Connell came within a h a i r s er, and the editor. Water lev
hersel f s h e d better start an breath of the hypnosis o f which els, feathers o f birds, e t c .
alyzing her own handwriting or I speak. I t is always inadvis Randolph Ray, Box 2 1 , Thous-
something. able to enter into that which and Palms, C a lif,________
Louis the seer is a disap we cannot exit from. Including
pointment most o f the time. He our point o f awareness which
does l it t l e foreseeing in his can b e in
any a r e a o f any
level, or kingdom of
V Cell Catalysts
column. The one Ye E d wrote
last summer w a s better than consciousness.. , For those w is h in g to ex
some o f his. periment with my " D -Cell
In line with aberrations, I Catalysts in the treatment
" P h i l i p Friedman is so far
would like to point out to the of plants, seeds, and g a s
out I do n t dig him at all .
T-V viewer reading this, there o l i n e , I will s e n d th re e
Sure hope he stays out of the is no exchange o f liv in g flows o f the #2 white for charg
clutches o f the p sy ch ia trists. between viewed images and view
Wow! C a n you imagine the con ing a gallon o f water. Cost
er. They talk at you or you at $2. 50. Blue ones for charg
sternation o f those good doc them but nothing is increa sed, ing gasoline cost the same.

Instructions with each
And maybe wading thru jungles order.
in search of a hermit who knew
(CONTINUED FROM PAGE 2) where the Inca riches are hid
\ 2 4 Arno l d A v . - -Newp o r t , R.l.
tor, and his analysis should den might b e therapeutic in
be almost as revealing as i f i t s e l f --even tho i t s not our
the author o f the self-labeled idea o f a way to seek health. WHY SLEEP YOUR DEATH AWAY?
It hath been said by m en of
science himself were to s a y : As f a r as that goes, neither fame and accep t a d by most people
" I m about w illing to explain does the picture johnny paints that Death and taxas cannot be
why I found i t necessary to o f vitarian living in Ecuador evaded.
Most of us forge the links that
keep jumping from one horse to s tir a n y wanderlust in o u r bind us, and it Is sq u a l l y true
another while the merry-go- anchored soul -- especially as that we cannot use the m u s c l e s we
round was in motion, or "T h e he confesses that the poisons never flex.
confessions o f an earth-bound Some people are alert to l o o p
o f civilization are encroaching holes to esca pe taxes. Some are
space pirate . O .K ., Mac, we re there, too, tho maybe not on s p i r i t u a l l y alert to looph oles to
w a i t i n g ... the full-scale basis they do e s c a p e d e a t h . . . ( r e m a i n I n g total ly
u n c o n s c i o u s or in a foggy state).
5 We suspect Johnav Love- in Am erica. . . Why sle e p your death away, when
wisdom . who i s try in g to get 5 Phil Friedman , zero mas y ou can reawa ken and live. It Is
" h e a l t h p a t i e n t s to h is new ter o f Florence, A r i z ., whos possible to train your s e n s e s of
a w a r e n e s s to be m o r e k e e n l y alert
home in Vilcabamba, Loja, Ec been taking health advice from to impres s i o n s b y p a s s e d by the
uador, was baiting those who one o f the nation s top homeo majority. We insist it Is also
care more for prospecting for paths as well as a neighboring p o s s i b l e to train your c o n s c i o u s
n e s s to a STILL A L E R T N E S S that
lost I n c a gold than they do seer (with zero o f course will refuse to be rend e r e d t o t a l
for health, when he d e v o t e d res u lts!, fina lly switched to ly u n c o n s c i o u s by the impact of
in h i s la st "E t e rn a l Youth g o a t s milk. And that did i t death . " Y o u can wake up and l i v e .
Do not ask us to h e l p you! R E
L if e so much space to stories Phil reports. H e s getting bet F L E C T A ND M E D ITATE.
o f lost fortunes in Inca gold . ter . . . (Adv.) Jac o b and Rose Apsel

18-------------------------------- Th e ABERREE---- ----------------- ---JUNE, 1963

- - $1.98. David Bush s a id , Give
ae 60 ainutes and I ' l l unlock the
floodgates of that vast reservoir
of aental poser--your subcon
scious a in d . Note the m e d i a t e
e ffe c t on your b u sin ess, s o c ia l,
and everyday l i f e . " UNIQUE BOOKS,
P .O .B o x 3 0 0 2 , s t a . B , South Bend,
In d ia n a . 88-6*

itua l classic of all t in e . Steps b etter! Read "M en tal Telepathy l i v e, raw, unneated, vacuui
to C h r i s t ," by E llen G . Vhlte. -- " A Textbook for A ll Students d r ie d . Nothing reioved except wa
Large p r in t , S ^ S X " . Price $ 1 .0 0 . It gives interesting s c ie n t i f ic ter and f ib e r . Nothing added. Dy
Matthew B o k n ille r, 10324 Grand theory co rrelatin g b o d il> and at- namic! 150 t a b le ts . $ 7 .5 0 . G & G
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aospheric electricity with thought
transference aaongst all c rea T ex as. 88-6*
t u r e s . Besides practice- rules for
aental telepathy, aental h e a lin g , WHETHER YOU BELIEVE it or not,
and near-trance r ela xa tio n , book you owe it to y o u r s elf, and God,
e x p la in s : Personal n a g n e tis i, I n to read "T h e Book They Blaued on
fluencing others to do one s s i l l , G o d " by Dr. Karl K rid le r . Con-
WANTED--Volunteers to prove to w itchcraft (Yes! but beware! It plete in one booklet--all 32 chap
a'lphia that the b 'ib le is true. w o r k s !), radiesthesia and r a d i ters -- as published s e r ia lly In
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This is to be done by s iip le ar- REE, P.O .B o x 528, E n id , Okla.
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B 'e l l e f in Logic or Authority of reincarnation , a s tr o lo g y and
any kind is not. Sa tan , Saturn, cycles in a l l l i f e (e a o t i o n a l ,
B ' , and his Forces (C a p it a lize d ) eco n oaic, g e o p o l i t i c a l ! ) . You can
nove on schedule. It is only nec le a r n , and d o , auch. Send f o r
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or less
the days
and multiply
in six
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Davenport Crehore, Carpenter H i l l ,
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the Dist r i c t of C o l umbia)
Green Cove Springs, Florida t 8 13-b Adams Mill Road, N.W,
W a s h i n g t o n , O.C., U.S.A.

JUNE, 1963- Th e ABERREE 19

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Santi Priya Ghosh

ART OF M E D I T A T I O N -- Joel S.
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see what the ancients reportedly saw. YOU SEE AT P S Y C H O S O M A T I C CASE B O O K - - Roy
ONCE! No training. No gadgets. No letdown due to G rinker and Fred R obbins
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See the diffraction aura of your hands, fin WAV OF H E A V E H - - M a n l y Hal I
gers; see your friend's head in aura colors float TIFIC F ASTING -- N . S . H a n o k a
ing in space. Use it to learn, study; marvel at C L I N I C A L COURSE N O T E S Alph ia
the glowing colors. See them floating in space~in N O T E S ON D O C T O R A T E C O U R S E
living colors of objects, pets, animals.
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20' Th e ABERREE JUNE, 1963
Volume X < Number 4
y&t/d and Barnomy Grove, i t was then
that Teapot (our Tempest)
decided to develop a hula hula
of its omi, amd the garage in
Fomoma sent ms to Ontario for
remli^roant o f t h e f r o n t
This i s the kind of
like, be
lt fomw mm am opportun
ity to call on Dumke.
onr e r a t d i l e graph ologist,
1 Customers had been noti-
d o promptly called a meeting
team o f scientists to. c a n y
fled w ed be out o f town, bags for the searing of members of
on h is work, his enthusiasm is
were practically packed, and the Ontario Library group in
almost boundless. Can you im
we h a d discarded all doubts agine a roundtable o f brains
her home, it sms one o f the
about attending the Borderland writing a new dictionary with
events o f the trip; two of the
convention in Harmony Grove out v o w e l s , showing how t h e
et were mediums,
in a lot o f
when an airmail letter arrived
from a psychic friend warn
addition o f a, e, i, o, or n
to a string o f consonants has
yak-yak phi r o e sp irit writ
ing us : Ple a se , I beg o f you li t t l e effect, i f any, on the
in g . Prsarot m e r e Jim and
both--don t start or make this Jessie Kil-
kinship o f the words that r e
trip to California now--not s u lt ? A b ill is a ball i s a i - Grace
this time! Adding that w e d boll is a bull is a bell, Isa n o hostess and
run into all kinds o f disap bel. (Shades o f Gertrude Stein!)
Ferguson was
pointments. But, being students Adding interest to the v i s i t ,
told that ftps John would be
o f Longfellow s Courtship of but not joining the zero d i s
with mm naanM th sooner than
Miles Standish , w e d learned proved t r u e ,
cussion, was our seer, I-ouis.
early in l i f e that he who put- ; o f as know . Asked how
who drove down from Phoenix to
teth h i s h a n d to t h e plow explain how his teaching, trav forecasts that
shouldn t look backwards and els, and other activities were roald be inundated
altho we have much respect for wearing him down to a Buddhis V n e ific, the con
this fr ie n d s seeing , within tic shadow, and causing letters tact amid m o. that Khruschev
hours we were " p l o w i n g west, w c u ld ^ e J jB t f^ a n e ^ o ^ h is giant
to p ile up on h is desk almost
certain that there d b e more as tall as Mount Camel back, We
disappointments i f we didn t gathered from this that the " I
make the trip than i f we d i d . See for You column nay suffer that nomt o f foompe and all of
Anyhow, as a Anal clincher. Ye an e c lip s e for a few months
north gfxica w o u l d change
Ed had promised Y e Pub she until its conductor catches up
places rtth L aoiria and At
could learn to drive on this on some o f h is extracurricular
lantis . h a t the only effect
trip, and she wasn t going to a c t iv itie s . We might add that
on Califoenia would be the
be cheated o f her lessons, she wiwkimg o f the Colorado River
Philip DOES have a goat (3 . in
said (which, incidentally, was b a s i ^ fkaa the G o lf o f Cali
fa ct), that he DOES live on a
a promise we d i d n t k e e p ) . . , d iet of goat milk, and that he
fornia to VWpet Sound, con
seems to be improving mightily
verting the Pastiiti a re a into
1 I t was a wonderful t r i p a huge l i l o d . R e m e m b e r i n g
and ditto for the convention, in health because o f i t . . .
t h a t w e had no pontoons on
and the temptation is r i f e to 1 Prom F lo r e n c e , we drove
abandon all features and let to San Bernardino and Pomona oar visit ioediately. but our
ters for a detailed report. But for b r ie f stops with relatives facetious expression o f con
this wouldn't be fa ir to Riley before beading for Escondido cern bnmaht reassurance that
and Judy Crabb. sponsors for this retairtimjhe wnaldnt hap
the convention, so we' 11 keep pen un til 1965. Re met so many
to the highlights (to u s ) and nice; unorthodox thinkers in
leave the convention i t s e l f to California that it would be a
the Crabbs BSRA JOURNAL. We shame to have then secede from
know they probably will do a the U. & in such a dramatic say ,
better job, since they put the but maybe, in the meantime,
lectures on tape, and can live something nay knock sane sense
over all four exciting days into the think-tanks of these
anytime they wish to thread up so-called war leaders, and the
the recorder. B e s id e s , since bomb to make obsolete a ll ge
they live in Vista, i t s easy ographies and globes w ill not
for them to personally contact be set o f f . . .
the many who seem to have so 5 Early next d a y , we con
much to o f f e r ... tinued on our route, stopping
only long enough to get Rosa
5 r o u t e , we stopped at
lind John o f Norco out o f bed
the desert ranch o f Philip and
Lena Friedman , near Florence. ( I t was REAL early, so this is
Here, P h i l i p h a s turned h i s no reflection on Rosalinds
getting-up tine), We felt a
hone into a medley o f artifices
many Chinese with overtones b it guilty at this, bat salved
our conscience hr
that carry out P h i l s "z e r o
theories, which he will explain Phil "Zero" Priedaon has a tha t^ part o f a hnen
to all who w ill stand and l i s rig h t to smile. That ju ice he's
ten. When it comes o u t o f P h i l 's squeezing fro* the sp ig o ts of
mouth, i t sounds l e s s confus one o f nis three goats i s -- was P a c ific ...
ing than i t does on the pages when whipped with f ig s , d a tes,
o f The ABERREE and when Phil and other available f r u i t
talks o f financing a "research bringing hi m health.
------T h e A B E R R E E
JULY-AUGJJST 1963 , Recusant Voice of 'The Infinites'
for Earth, Mars, Venus, Saturn,
Vol. X No. A
HB6RR66 Pluto, and Zydokumzruskehen
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seems to be used more and more
by groups not necessarily Spir
i t u a l i s t , and there were no
tices of several meetings f o r
pretty large field , engaged in
by imaginative persons who are
not afraid to let new id ea s
trickle in--and the speakers
Brea and talk shop with the the near fu t u r e . In fact, our were researchers in their par
editors o f CHIMES. We had only old friend and fellow Aberree, ticular facet w illing to share
a Postoffice Box f o r an ad Arthur Burks, was to appear on their findings with others in
dress--which i s a bit frus the Understandorama program on exchange for fresh i d e a s . ..
trating when you want to see June 29 and 3 0 .
someone personally--but always 5 Our f i r s t evening, Mary
the optimists, we stopped at a ^ The BSRA (Borderland S c i Stevens picked us up and took
drug store to look up the ad ence Research Associates) con us t o -LaJolla for a night of
dress. CHIMES w as u n listed . vention lasted four days, and conviviality. Mary, who i s a
NOr could the clerk offer us usual attendance was more than real estate salesman o f proven
any enlightening information. 100 daily, but we couldn 't haz- talent, gave us a short tour
Inspirationally, we stopped at ard*a guess as to the total, as o f beautiful L a Jolla, but we
a printing o ffic e , and found many came only for a day or so a r e so partial to our short-
that the one we had picked was and few attended all four. The grass plains that this subal-
the one CHIMES had used before talks w e r e diversified and pine terrain, plus the mansion-
they "w e n t o f f s e t ; we were well-spaced, giving ample time proportions o f the homes, was
' provided a detailed map up a for hobnobbing between groups. an easy temptation to r e s i s t .
h ill far from B r e a , and with Speakers were available for We spent the night with Wen-
many qualms, we stopped before off-platform discussions dur den and Gladys M o y e r ,-iEo
a beautiful large house on the ing intermissions or over cof have one o f the newer homes in
summit, certain we had somehow fee at the dining h a l l . The LaJolla. Guests who dropped in
failed to follow d ir ec tio n s . weather was almost perfect to share an evening o f discus
However, this proved to be the with cool, cloudy days and sion included _A. L_. Kltselman
right house , and after they d chilly evenings and nights. In and h i s wife Betsy. B etsy s
gotten o v e r their surprise fairness to all , we refrain mother, B o n n ie ftiowne. a nd
that anyone should ferret out from singling out any one or Mary Stevens. N aturally, the
their hideaway, Leigh and June more speakers, as each con talk gravitated to D ia n e t ic s ,
Denton. CHIMES ed it o r s , made tributed h is or her b it to the E-. Therapy, and Ron Hubbard
us welcome, and for an hour or whole. Borderland science is a and it seems that the Moyers
so, we traded information and and Dave and Betty Sfareeve.
gossip. We have to admit a bit .also of L a J o l l a , are doing
o f envy for all that wording ' with E-Therapy what most o f us
space, but not their is o la t io n . had hoped to do with Dianetics
Fortunately, we have salesmen using it s u c c e s s fu lly ...
so well-trained that few of 1 Mr. and Mrs. Bob Ryder of
them bother us more than a few San Diego, and their" two chi 1 -
minutes, and we wouldn't miss dren, Adrienne and Mike, v is it
the contacts with our readers ed the Grove and i t took l i t
for anything in the world. We tle arm-twisting for us to ac
mi edit add that there probably cept an invitation to v is it
will be some changes in The with them one night after the
ABERREE a s a result of this convention clo s e d --especially
interview , because they, lik e when Mrs. Ryder ( the former
us, had to learn publishing Monica Macomber, our secretary
the hard way. Which is a sure when we were with the Hubbard
means o f picking up a lot of office in P h o e n ix ) , volunteered
useful in fo r m a t io n ... to lead u s into Los Angeles
^ We readied Harmony Grove over the network o f freeways
in mid-afternoon . T h is is a early Monday morning. We had
real grove converted into a heard so much about the Los
Sp ir itu a lis t camp -- about five Angeles freeways that such an
miles from Escondido over good That lapful o f mail which o ffer sounded almost heaven
blacktop roads, even tho a b it accumulated during our absence sent. We le ft San Diego a t 5
winding and narrow. T he camp from the o ffice doesn't seem a.m. Monday, and followed Mon
has several cottages, buildings to hold a speck o f terro r f o r i c a s c a r s t a illig h t Without
for the various activities, and Te Pub. A fte r a l l , what has d ifficu lty for the first 100
a lunchroom; in late y ears, it she got an ed ito r for? (PLEASE TURN TO PAGE 11)
Tricks that Trip Truth Seekers By ROY EUGENE DAVIS
T I S obvious today that there is a is , right where we a r e . We experience fulfill

great interest in the psychic realms . ment and are not forever seeking new t h r i l l s ,
Part o f this is due to the sincere nor are we seeking to escape from a humdrum
existence. What drives people into the pursuit
urge of the soul to know the truth of truth in the psychic realms? It is ignorance
about life and part of it is due to for all delusion is the result of the soul
the need we have to be entertained . being ignorant o f its real n a t u r e . The cure is
In the latter instance, people find enlightenment. It is that simple
life so boring that psychic experi Man is dominated by one o f three qualities
ences are fascinating to investigate , in nature: Inertia, and he is lazy and s p ir it
for a while. When the novelty wears ually blind; or restlessness, and a b le n d of
off, the soul is just as bored as before .spiritual desire and the need for stimulation ;
Psychic investigation, while it may beor he aspires unto light and truth. Men and
stimulating for awhile, is n o t necessar women who remain on the astral level are dom
ily rewarding. An awareness of the psychic inated by their restless nature. They may at
times be lift e d into the heights o f spiritual
worlds does not automatically insure peace aspiration, but for the most part they desire
of mind, enlightenment, a n d the solving to become involved in the psychic w orlds. A
of human problems. wholesome interest in the p s y c h i c realms is
A person who understands the nature of Con not bad but all too often it becomes an escape
sciousness is free to that degree, regardless from the reality o f this world.
of whether he operates on this plane or an That is why many cannot understand why their
astral plane. There are liberated souls oper personal l i f e pattern is not getting better
ating on earth who s e e th ru the essential even tho*they a r e sincere about seeking the
dream nature of things and they are more free truth of li fe , on the psychic level. They fail
than many people on the astral planes who are to realize that i f their search is prompted by
involved to the point where they think their a sense of lack and they feel they will find
world is real. So it is not that any plane or the answers outside themselves, they are bound
place is more or less spiritual; it i s our to be led astray. Many spend so much time in
ability to see thru the thing that makes the the study of the astral realms that they be
d iffe r e n c e . There is no power in things to come'* other worldly and lose interest in this
control us; it is our concept o f the world that plane and its responsibilities.
enables us to be free o r causes us t o remain We all know of people who have the ability
in bondage. to see auras, bear voices, get v i s i o n s , and
A person who believes that astral worlds otherwise commune with more subtle t h i n g s .
are more real than this world is deluded, sp ir Often this i s merely self-delusion; more ob
itually short- sighted. The astral or energy viously so when such people are ignorant of
manifestations are figments, as are the things the basic facts of l i f e .
o f this world. It is all Consciousness appear Most o f us would rather have a body a nd
ing in form on this or any other plane. function on some level than be free of a body
Many think that when they leave the body altogether. This is why we resist a change in
they w ill go to an astral plane, where they viewpoint. We cling to situations because we
will be free, o r where they will be reunited want t o be involved in l i f e on some level of
with friends and members o f the family who've cr e a t io n . This need we have for t h i n g s , o b
le ft the body. In the fir s t place, there i s no jects, people, and a personal god or perhaps a
sure way to know whether you will move onto whole heaven full o f gods springs from our
the same astral level as your friends because urge to be involved. The things, objects, peo
as time goes, on you may no longer see things ple, god and/or gods exist as mental creations.
the same way. Also, by the time you leave this We make them real. We endow them with individ
plane they may have reincarnated. Besides, the u ality. It is our game, our drama. The world
clinging .to the form or body o f others is a is just as we imagine it to be. This last con
cause for pain a need to have their world re cept is so frightening to the average person
main pretty much the way it has always been in that he will not even face i t unless he is
order to feel secure. They are s till believing forced to as he sees his world fa llin g apart or
that security l ie s in things and form . They unless he feels the inner urge to know tru th .
have not yet learned to attune themselves to I think the time has come to get over t h e
the In fin it e Inv isible which i s appearing as idea there are higher truths and lower tru th s.
the forms. The astral worlds will one day d is There are degrees of clear-sightedness, that is
solve, as will this world. a ll. Everyone is ready for the facts o f l ife
It does not seem to c a r r y much weight when i f they are presented clearly and without the
we remind people that a l l enlightened souls ological im plications. Too often, even truth
have said it was unwise to become overly i n teachers make a religion o f their presentation.
volved in t h e psy chic realm s. Every truth They d o n t start out with th is intention but
teacher without exception has stressed the im they bow to the w ills of the lightened
portance o f remaining true to the basic prin people who come to them for instruction. As I
cip les o f l i f e . When we are able to move con look over the metaphysical a m e n t today I
sciously in the realization o f our real or soul see thousands wallowing in M b Ih and they
n a t u r e . we a r e able to see everything as i t think they are**in truth**.
4- The fl BERREE J U T 1 1ST, 1963
When we make a teaching a Jesus C h r is t that persons who regu larly practice such a
teach in g or a Hindu teaching o r any other trance are compelled by neurotic tendencies.
kind o f teaching, we color it with whims and Their trance becomes a way to escape from harsh
fantasies. Truth is period. It can be presented reality. Many mediums have been unable to ad
within the framework o f Christianity, Hinduism , ju s t in the world o f rational human beings.
Buddhism, or any other ism". But, to make it Often their daydreams become the means f o r
the exclusive possession of any sect is impos letting out frustrations and repressed wishes
sible. I am even surprised to hear truth stu and instincts. When the world o f fantasy be
dents say, We believe in reincarnation, karma, comes the real world, then we have a case of
treatment, e t c ., or we d o n t believe in these schizophrenia, or a split personality.
t h in g s . They simply take new concepts a n d Because the fa nta sie s o f s p ir it u a lis t ic
establish them as be lie fs which must be ac activity a r e so attractive to the neurotic
cepted blindly i f one is to be a truth stu personality, it is natural that we should find,
dent . Realization seldom enters into the pic as we do, so much deception, alcoholism, homo
ture at a l l . It i s n t what we believe, but what sexuality, and perversion among the ranks o f
we know that really counts? What do you know mediums and teachers.
for sure? Most mediums claim to have a guide or con
The idea o f paying respect to God is a be trol who is readily available and who aids them
l i e f i n duality. You cannot see the oneness to establish contact with other astral enti
and believe in duality at the same time. You ties. These guides are doctors, Indians, or
either know the truth or you d o n t . I f we be ju s t cute lit t le souls with cheerful manners.
lieve God answers prayer, then we believe i n The medium may carry on a conversation with
duality. How many prayers have you had answered the imagined guide or may act as a channel
recently. I f some were not, then is it because for the entity who desires to talk.
it w asn t best for you? I f God knows best then In most instances, the "e n t i t i e s that man
why pray at all? ifest in the seance room are figments o f im
A major problem is t h i s : When we no longer agination. They are, for the most part, the re
accept a personal God, then we often lose our flections o f the repressed wishes and impulses
direction in l i f e . We have nowhere to go. What o f the people present and the medium. What of
we must do then is to have a point o f co n tact, the fact that, while in trance, the medium may
something to give us stab ility in the shifting "b r i n g t h r u material which consciously they
seas o f human circumstances. The best thing to would not know? This can either be explained
do, outside o f releasing yourself into the In by showing how the material merely came forth
fin ite Invisible, is to have a spiritual ideal , from the subconscious, where it was stored and
literally an incarnation o f S p ir it. T h is, then , forgotten, or at times, it is q u i t e possible
gives you something with which to identify. It that a person in trance could ha ve access to
helps you to aspire unto the heights until you the storehouse o f all knowledge in the uni
reach that clear level of awareness that you versal subjective mind, which is all pervading.
are consciously or unconsciously seeking. I believe it is quite possible for a person to
Often the urge to communicate with higher be open intuitively and know things that are
beings is so strong that people s it in devel beyond t h e conscious mind s grasp, but one
opment classes to try to establish c o n t a c t . need not go into trance to do this for it can
Or they will go to a medium for an experience and should be done consciously.
in communication . In almost every instance , I have never known of a genuine instance or
when such communication i s forthcoming, it is a materialization of an astral body in a seance
either fraud or self-deception. room . We w ill, for the moment, discount the
Most people who claim contact with astral Instances of spontaneous astral manifestation
guides do not have the awareness to comprehend or true clairvoyant vision as being out of
even the most elementary truths. I f they cannot context with this discussion. Every case of
comprehend basic truths, how can they compre seance room m a t e r i a l i z a t i o n i s deliberate
hend a person who is supposed to be tile embod fraud. The appearance o f a sp ir it out o f no
iment o f Truth? where and the vanishing of said spirit into
I am constantly amazed a t the number o f thin a ir or down into the floor or into the
times that guidance proves to be wrong, that cabinet is easy for a sk ille d performer.
"advice proves to be unsound, and that wis There is no evidence to support the con
dom proves to be ignorance when held up in tention that a medium would be hurt i f a light
the light o f truth. I know o f small business were to be turned on suddenly when they are
operations that do better with an ordinary entranced. All the light would do would be to
mortal who thinks straight at the head, than expose the medium in the act of pretending. As
do many spiritual organizations which have the
for the ectoplasm that supposedly exudes from
"b l e s s in g s of the masters behind them. T h is, the medium s person, thru the openings, the
to me, is incongruous.
nose, genital organs, mouth, e t c ., the photo
The word trance is a term embracing a wide
graphs of this substance that I have seen seem
number o f psychological states. A trance may
to be what i t i s cloth that is attached for
be deep or it may be mild. It may be brought
the purpose of fooling the cameras lens. This
on by hypnosis, hysteria, or subjective c o n
can be made from cheesecloth, from strips of
templation. The common factor is that the sub
any white material, or purchased by the yard
ject is unaware of the immediate physical en
from novelty houses which specialize in such.
vironment. This unawareness need not be com
What, then, shall we do when we find our
plete it is sometimes hazy depending upon the
interesting playthings stripped of their tran
nature and depth o f the trance.
scendental aura? Where shall we turn for in
With p ra cticing mediums , discounting t h e
spiration and strength? We should turn to the
simulated trance state, we find two types o f
truth that man is able to consciously know
trance. One, which i s the least common, i n
the facts o f li fe , that he is able to find his
volves an abnormal degree o f mental dlsassoci-
place in the scheme of things and lead a pur
ation. The second type, harder to define, in
poseful existence. We should take stock of our
volves the acting out o f the inward imaginative
fantasies which are conditioned by tradition
Are you regular in meditation? Are you seek
and suggestion.
ing enlightenment instead o f phenomena? Are
In the latter instance, I think we can say (PLEASE TURN TO P A G E 7)
JULY-AUGUST, 1 9 6 3 ------------------------ T h e A ERREE 5
Unearned Spirit Contacts HitBy Dr. GEORGE T. CRAWFORD
NTERCOMMUNICATION between the two lev that which enables him to positively receive.

els o f soul manifestation h a s been I t i s suspected that t h e percentage o f
practiced for many years. This par those who have earned the r ig it and practice
ticular presentation i s to clarify P. R. circuitry i s a much sm aller group than
the two distinctly different method those who want to be m ystically important or
who naively believe that you can get something
ologies two d is t in c t methods that for nothing a n d feel t h a t you have become
are th e antithesis o f one another. "e v o l v e d by becoming negative, m the latter
One is constructive, and i s in har group are large numbers o f "s e n s i t i v e s rang
mony with the universal constructive ing from slightly negative to total negative.
laws of nature as they are known to The choice i s up to the individual, but it
mankind. The other is destructive and in is an obligation for those who are aware of
harmonious with natural law. The first is the two different methodologies to present to
all who will listen the clear explanation o f
known as. the positive -receptive ( P . R .)
P. R. circuitry as opposed to N. R. c i r c u it r y ;
mode of communication, and the other is further to point out that one i s in harmony
known as a negative-receptive (N. R .) type with the constructive laws o f nature and the
of communication. other violates the natural and constructive
You will notice that both o f these types of laws o f nature. It should be noted that viola
communication are those of receptivity. Bluntly tion o f the "individuality- of- the- entity by
stated, those o f u s on this particular plane any means (no matter how glorious the result
o f manifestation or vibration receive informa may appear at the moment) carries with i t an
tion, philosophical comment, directions, sug automatic penalty.
gestions, and the like in either of these two Many of you know persons who are cla ssified
ways. The positive-reception (P. R. 1 method is as sensitives or mediums. The question is: Are
exemplified in our physical-material world as they healthy mentally and physically by stand
the accepted way o f communication. It is writ ards you accept as healthy standards? Do they
ten or spoken to someone who reads or hears i t . suffer from aches and pains? Are they beset
Both the writer or speaker and the reader or with unhappiness? Are they troubled by wor
listener are in a positive-receptive condition. ries, annoyances, constant accidents o f a mi
Both are. fully conscious and have the p rivi nor or semi-major nature? Do they ex em p lify
lege o f choice to accept or reject as the in "POCK , meaning "p o s itiv e , optimistic, con
dividual chooses. We have this same type of structive, and k i n d , in their own l i f e a s
P. R. methodology u s e d with r a d io , with T-V, well as that which they express to others?
and in all forms o f communication acceptable These are the questions for you to ponder.
to our society. Remember that one who practices a profession
This is en tirely different from the nega which demands honesty and then in h is own l i f e
tive-receptive (N. R. i. Negative-receptive sets is not honest no matter how much good he may
aside the "Conscious - awareness department do another is a hypocrite. A doctor, for ex
from a slight bit to total disconnection. Thus ample, who cannot maintain a degree o f normal
the receiver does not retain the right of f r e e , or better-than-normal health has no honest
positive choice. Examples of this would be the right to practice as a doctor. A lawyer who is
trance medium, o r the semi-trance medium, or fundamentally dishonest and tricky has no
any shades or degrees o f mediumship where the moral right to practice his p rofession. And
individual, acting a s t h e medium , i s in the certainly you wouldnt bank your money in an
slightest degree o f semi-consciousness a n d institution whose officers in their personal
then speaks, writes, or in some other way man lives were dishonest with funds.
ife s t s the control o f the sender. Using this As you search for a philosophy for l i f e and
N. R. method, it is even possible for a human the meaning o f it a ll, you w i l l meet some who
physical organism on this plane to be possessed are positive-receptive. These few will mani
by another intelligence, either in a physical fest health, happiness, and harmony because
body, or no longer in a material body. they comply with natural laws.
N .R. is to be avoided i f for no other reason Those who d a ily strive to maintain a har
than the fact the receiver is not in f u l l , monic with universal laws e a r n the reward of
total possession o f his fa c u lt ie s . Such lack manifesting a h ig h e r vibratory cellular body.
o f possession violates the law o f individual With a higher vibratory cellular body comes
ity and separateness. The outstanding men and the P . R ., a keenness o f sense organs, it is
women o f today in the fie ld of receptivity who the sensitivity o f the organism that deter
manifest a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a mines i t s receptiveness.
healthy philosophy that word "h e a l t h y means You may ask, " I f i t is the sensitivity o f
harmonious know full well that there are no the organism that is so necessary, then what
trick courses by c a n t ic le s , drugs, or other i s wrong with using methods and chemicals that
method for th e attainment o f the reward o f make the sense organs more sensitive? What is
attunement t o the g r e a t creative source, o r wrong with using parts o f the cactus family o f
communication with individuals who have moved plants, the sacred mushroom, and other chemi
to a higher vibratory level. cals, h e rb a ls , and gases that sharpen t h e
There is no constructive, honest short-cut. senses ?
I t is a reward that is earned earned because Those using these methods are attempting to
one has learned and applied and lived and done gain th a t which they have not earned as an
evolutional^ right, as a reward for s e l f - a c inviolable and preciousness of the individual
complishment, or as a result o f mental disci ity, and are you going to maintain that in d i
pline and the effect o f daily applying t h e viduality consciously, purposefully; ev olu
natural evolving laws o f nature. t i o n a r y , thus raising your s p e c i f ic gravity
Use o f the sacred mushroom and other forms by your own mental discipline? Or are you going
o f chemical adjuncts produces more effects than to lower this human individuality, lower it to
are immediately discernible. What becomes of the depths of non-human chemicals in order to
the distinctiveness o f character, both mental temporarily stimulate a keenness of your sense
and physical, after a few years using these centers? Think carefully before casting the die .
drugs? Where is the strength of mind and the In summary, let me make it plain that the
power o f control centered-- in the person, or opening of the sense organisms of your in d i
is i t under the chemical domination o f these vidualness comes as a reward which you could
adjuncts? The answer is self-evident, for the not stop even i f you wanted. It comes as a re
person is not in a positive state o f control ward for self-accomplishment thru mental d is
o f himself and i s not directing h is sense or cipline and follows autom atically. But when
ganisms and receptive centers. He has merely you drop yourself to the level o f inorganic or
stupefied the conscious-awareness department organic matter and use these external i t e m s ,
so that the dream world and the great subjec then you are trying to fake mental discipline
tive side o f l i f e may be more discernible. and you are tearing down your conscious-aware
Outstanding demonstrations have been made ness . Thus you lower and devolute that entity
thruout ages using these chemicals. Unusual which is the you, and you pay the p r i c e for
and exciting demonstrations are being made to that devolution. Would it not be far better to
day by the same methods. I t i s s t i r r i n g up earn the right by the practice of mental d is
quite a b it o f comment in certain areas of the cip lin e (even i f it ta ke s years) than to be
United States a n d Europe. It seems to be a partly numbed and under the influence and con
popular wave that is gaining momentum a n d i t trol o f an outside substance?
h istorically exists hand-in-glove with the use The difference is very clear. One is s e lf
o f hypnosis in a culture. What good, as far as development, self-evolution. T h e other is an
evolving t h e ind iv id ual entity, comes from attempt to get something for nothing by devo-
such stimulative adjuncts that actually d e luting and lowering yourself so that you b e
press the conscious - awareness faculty o f a come a slave, temporarily at least, to a king
person? dom o f l i f e below t h a t of human. You might
Other questions o ft e n ask ed a r e : Is not just as well take to the bottle and hallucina
good accomplished by this form o f opening up tions. You would be in the same category, al-
the sensitivity? Has not this method produced tho n o t as acceptable to those who dabble in
benefit to many persons? Have not lives been pseudo-metaphysical activity today.
improved? Have not partial hallucinations and You must decide your evolutionary pathway.
psychosomatic illnesses been wiped out by those Are you going to evolute, raise your specific
who have used the sacred mushroom, peyote, and gravity by y o u r own mental discipline, or are
other ca ctus extracts? How can you say this you g oin g to drop into a la y e r o f existence
method i s in error when it is certainly obvi dependent on organic and inorganic substances
ous that great good has been done when these that temporarily make your sense organisms
methods have been used? more sensitive? -
Here we come to a very important point. Do To state it another way, you must decide in
you subscribe to the theory that the means is regard to communication whether you are going
ju s t i f ie d by the ends? Do you believe that as to use the P. R. circuitry, a n d thus evolve
long as some outward good appears to be gained thru mental discipline, or whether you are go
or accom plished, i t is n o t important as to ing to use the N. R. circuitry and deteriorate
the means o f accomplishing it? I f that be your your individuality. Your decision is vital and
conception o f idiat i s right, what i s evolu far-reaching ! ________ ^________
tionary, then I am p e r s o n a l l y sorry.
hoped that you have reached a plateau of think
ing where the means (tile methodology you use)
is t h e important th in g , in other words, i f
It is


you w illing to drop existing concepts i f they
something i s wrong on Tuesday and Thursday , are contrary to what you feel to be true? Are
then i t s wrong on all other days o f the week. you engaged in some meaningful activity? O r ,
I f the application o f domination o f another is are you bored and misdirected? Why not get in
good sometimes, but is to be abhorred other volved with some worthwhile project? Why not run
tim es, then th e r e i s something illogical , a study group, support a truth movement place
something about i t that is anti-natural that worthwhile books in l i b r a r i e s , write letters
i s vio lating nature, because nature i s always to editors when you see a worthwhile article in
consistent. No matter what the apparent good a paper or magazine? Contribute to this rolling
in your judgment or in my judgment may be, to panorama o f l i f e . Get involved and at the same
set ourselves up as judge and jury and to d ic time, remain divinely detached.
tate, to dominate, to control another o r others In truth, all forms are transitory. They
for the accomplishment of a goal which we have will change. T h e sole reality is the cause of
decided i s to their b e n e fit , i s certainly a the appearance world. Our goal should be to
direct violation of everything that we can s e e , catch this realization and then will our f u l
study, or experiment with in nature. fillment be complete.
Under nature and natural law, each entity
on the level o f human intelligence must work
out, to t h e degree o f h is mental expression,
h is own salvation meaning to seek their own
way back from whence they came.
The struggle for " selfness , for ind iv id
uality, i s at the very root o f everyones be
ing. You must make a d e fin ite choice, i f you
desire to delve into the realm o f metaphysical
development. Are you going to adhere to the


Siut Mou, Too, Gan S o 9i
By HAROLD S. SCHROEPPEL W A R N I N G These lessons In " A d v a n c e d P e r c e p
t i o n are not to be treated lightly or delv ed
LESSON 15 DUPLICATION in by the cu r i o u s for-<idle or q u e s t ionable
wv REREQUISITES fo r t h i s lesson u re : goals. As tha Author cautions, thsy' re d a n g e r
I A the a b ility to visualize things ac- o u s and It is s u g g e s t e d two pe r s o n s with s i m i

I I curately, the a b ility to perceive

lar Intent work as a team. One of the risks In
volved, Mr. Schro eppel warns, is that some who
the future to some extent, and the
mfT mind
successfully de v e l o p their advanced perc e p t i o n
a b ility to create within your own " a r e going to see some things they'd rather not

W images which you know th at you

I yourself created, to be able to do
s e e . And don't m ix with any other technique,
or you may find yours elf w o r k i n g at c r o s s - p u r
poses. Which Is no place to find yours elf, or
I anything with them, and to d iffer- for anyo n e else to find you e s p eclalIy an in
I en tiate between the images you cre- competent psyc h o l o g i s t or psychiatrist. They

ate and those which are created for may gat the idea you're as crazy as they are.

you, or presented to you.


Probably the most important technique and

thing will not disappear for someone else just
the most useful in the training and understand
because it does for you, because it will remain
ing o f perception is duplication, developing
a part of the common reality. Those things which
the ability to duplicate a picture and to handle
belong to you and do not belong to the common
duplication. Duplication is in i t s e lf a lesson
reality will disappear immediately on duplica
in perception, because actually, on the highest
level o f perception, the universe is perceived tion, and their disappearance will be permanent
by duplication. That is, you put something out i f you want it to be. Those things which belong
in your universe, and then you perceive what to the common reality will disappear only for
you put out. It is necessary for you as an in you and will still exist in the common r e a lity .
dividual, or as your particular section of God, The main application for duplication is in
getting rid o f unwanted things, foreseen events
or something, to put something out in order to
you would rather avoid, pains, something which
perceive it. You have to keep putting it out
is wrong with you, things which are in your own
there i f you are to see it and study it and
reality that you don t want there, or things
work with it and bump into it . I f you stop this
which someone else has in his own reality that
process, the thing will disappear.
he doesn t w a n t .
You can t just decide, tho, that you are How do you u s e this technique? Here is a
going to stop putting that wall, or chair, or simple example: You are riding in a car on your
whatever it may be, there. You do i t the other way home, and before your mind appears a picture
way around: I f you want to get rid o f something, o f an autooiobile accident in which you are a
you keep trying to put it there and put it participant. Immediately, not wanting that ac
there and put it there and as you keep trying cident, you duplicate the picture. You remake
to put it there, all o f a sudden it disappears. it , again and again, and all o f a sudden t h e
I f you simply sit down in a room, close your picture sh ifts. Now, instead o f being in the
eyes, and keep dupl icating the room around you , accident, you are merely watching it as a spec
making pictures o f it in complete d e ta il, even tator. You duplicate that picture a few times
tually you will open your eyes and that room and it remains that way ; so, since you are
will not be there and its disappearance will watching the accident from a nice comfortable
be no hallucination. Other people in the room distance, you let it go. Then when you have
will see it . And y o u will be able to put it gone on down the road a few m ile s , th e r e s
back whenever you so desire . your accident, just as you last pictured i t ,
This process for demonstration purposes can with yourself as spectator, not participant.
be done on any real object, such as a chair or This technique is very useful in terms o f
a vase. I f you are doing team d r i l l , have the future events that you don t want to happen,
subject s it down in front of the object, close because any given future event which you can
h is eyes, and then keep making pictures of the see in good clear detail and make a duplicate
object. These pictures should be complete in o f can be changed simply by duplicating it
every detail. They should include the time, the until it changes into something you would rather
place, the duration o f the object, the solid see. You may not be able to move it out of an
ness o f it , all its experience, and everything other 's universe, but you can at least take it
else about it . When the subject, in his own out o f yours and this is one method o f con
mind, with the eyes closed, makes a perfect du trolling the future.
plicate of the object, he will be able to open Duplication is particularly useful for peo
his eyes and the object will be gone. You and ple who have old pictures stuck in their memor
other people in the room will still be able to ies, or other obsessions they d o n t want. They
see it , but for him it will stay disappeared may say that a certain memory controls them, or
until he puts it back there. they keep wanting to see somebody because o f a
In reference to the disappearance of an ob recurring picture. I t may be of someone who
jec t and what happens when i t is fully per annoys them, who, they say, controls them. If
ceived, there are some comments in " H i e Sutras you have such a case, say to your subject, " A l l
o f Pataniali . But the main point is that the right, make a picture of that person. Now make


another picture o f him. Make another one. Now I might add that the process of duplication
make a picture o f him on this side of the wall . is also very handy for persons who are low in
Now make a picture of him on that side o f the energy. Sometimes people who are working on
w a l l . Keep him making pictures, and all o f a these lessons or sim ilar exercises get too
sudden he will say, I c a n 't make another one spread o ut, or dispersed, and their energy falls
like i t . Check him see i f he ca n . I f he c a n t , o ff. The use o f duplication is an excellent way
you w ill find that the control the other person to pull back together. Take any kind of picture
had over him has disappeared with the p ictu re. and put it out, duplicate it , put the duplicate
away out in the distance somewhere, and then
This would work very w ell, for example, on a
young woman who has decided she loves a man and pull it in to you. Make thousands and thousands
c a n t get him out of her mind, altho for one o f these duplicates and keep pulling them in to
reason or another she realizes he do e sn t be you, and you should pick up energy you should
long there. You dont in such a case tell her to pick up a lot of it.
get him out of her mind. You start her making After your creative ability goes up, and your
pictures of him detailed pictures. Soon her control of your thought images gets strong, you
agreement that the unsuitable lover controls discover occasionally that you create an idea
her w ill be gone, along with the picture. which seems very good and that for aw hile youd
I f you investigate this angle, you will find lik e to see happen; but when you consider the
a lot o f people who have stuck pictures of full aspects of the thing, you decide you don't
this sort pictures of father or mother or want it . You have put intention into this pic
someone else hanging over them. Simply ask them ture, and have put some energy into i t , and you
to make another picture lik e that, to keep on have made your prayer to God, or however you
making them, to make some more, make some more, want to say it . Now how to get r id o f it?
make some more, until they are free from the The answer is: by duplication. You take the
picture and keep duplicating it , making sure
one they d o n t w a n t .
To get rid of pain a headache, for instance you have a complete duplicate, and sooner or
--ask the individual, Can you make a picture of later you will blow up the original -- it will
that headache? What shape is it? Make a picture
What happens i f you see a major accident or
exactly the same shape as your headache. I f
disaster coming and start making duplicates of
you can keep him duplieating the picture, soon
it? Well, you can remove it from your own aware
er or later that picture will disappear.
ness and change your own relationship to i t ,
Another one: Somebody tells you he has trou but you will not remove the accident from group
bles. Ask him, "C a n you get a picture of your consciousness until you are more cause than
troubles? What do they look like? I f you put simply someone making duplicates o f i t . The
them out here on the table, what would you see? desire to have that major accident must be re
I f he can make such a picture, tell him, All moved from group consciousness, and in this
right, now make another picture of those trou case group consciousness will include all the
b l e s . Now make another. Now see i f you can make various people who are scheduled to be in the
a better picture of them. H is troubles maybe disaster. Ordinarily it is not a good thing to
symbolized by a piece of paper. I remember one fool with things lik e that. Let them go. Ar
case where a passport was the source o f emo range to be elsewhere at the scheduled time. I f
tional stress, another in which it was c itizen one of your loved ones is going to be there and
ship papers. Keep your subject making pictures you can get him or her to change the intention
of whatever bothers him; keep him duplicating to be there, a l l r ig h t , but otherwise s a y
it as perfectly as he can. I f he can move the nothing about it; the race does not need right,
picture around, that helps, but it is not nec now a lot of modern prophets who can predict
essary. plane and railroad accidents a n d t hings like
One method o f sharpening any picture which that. You could undoubtedly make such proph
is only h a lf seen, a s , for instance, at the ecies i f you work with these techniques a n d
edges o f vision any picture you are not quite learn them w e l l , b u t normally it serves no
able to identify--is to make a duplicate o f i t , purpose, as I have explained before, so let it
and another, and then some more. As it shifts go except where you might help out given indi
and changes, keep on making duplicates of the viduals who are w illing to he helped without a
new version, and sooner or later you will see lot o f detailed explanation.
the real thing exactly as it i s , or else it The best exercise in developing ability to
will disappear. I f it goes away, the bond or duplicate, the best way t o practice it , is to
tie which it had on you will be removed. sit down by yourself in a quiet place and then
Duplication is also useful in meditation to simply duplicate whatever comes to mind, what
find out where thoughts and pictures come from. ever comes within the field of awareness. Keep
Suppose you sit down to meditate, and your mind this up for, say, 10 minutes. No matter what it
suddenly gets crowded with a flock of stray is, make a duplicate of i t , with sound, smell,
thoughts or images, when what you want is com taste, touch, color, w h a t e v e r i t comprises.
plete blankness of mind. Just start duplicating Duplicate it and keep duplicating i t . A s i t
the stu ff that pours in, no matter what it is changes, change your duplicates. I f you spend
or how it comes. Continue to make duplicates of fiv e or 10 minutes a day on this, your percep
i t . I f you make enough, the pictures will stop tion of things in the universe should change
coming and you will be able to blank the screen . rather radically, provided it h a s n t already.
Duplication i s also a way o f meditating on (To be continued next issuei
an object, and o f handling people with whom you
want to communicate. You want to hold the ob
je c t or person in your mind, but i t disappears. This message received
Ih this case, ju st keep putting it back.
On our best psychograph:
After you have done a lot of work on dupli
cation, you will be able to take a good hard Have fun any season
look at something and make it disappear from For L ife is to Laugh";
your universe in broad daylight i f you want it Ve 're passing i t on
to, or put it back as you w ill. Be careful, th o ,
that you d o n t play these games while driving From The ABERREE s ta ff.
or doing anything like that.
for all cars stopped for long
periods. With four lanes hard
ly moving, we c a n understand
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them in Southern C a lifo r n ia ,
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fall from the sky. However,
at 65 miles per hour. On the M illisan Drews, whose pictures
when we h it t h e L o s Angeles
old highways, you WENT places, were s u c h a feature o f t h e
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on the freeways, you go PAST convention, got the idea from
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tels fo r an admirer. to tell her we were on o u r Christmas handkerchief when we
3 . Riley Crabb, BSRA direc w a y ... mentioned we s t i l l were unde
tor, rings the bell to announce cided about the cover for the
time for the next speaker, 5 In Los Angeles, a recep Annual Christmas issue o f The
tion had been planned for us ABERREE. Had we been able to
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Bonnie Browne, Mary Stevens,
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Betty Shreeve,and Dave Shreeve.
been able to produce. Appar us to escape doing it , in s ist
6 . D r. L . 0 . Anderson puts ently, the Southern California ed Ye Ed reclown h is "bathrobe
some fin ish in g touches on his area is becoming quite color act , which r e m i n d e d Oscar
much-moved faraday cage. conscious, as several o f the Weidhaas of Hollywood that he
demonstrations at the Grove
7. Mr. and M r s . A. L . K it Ka3 bought a "money-making
included color systems by Rilev
selman stop a moment to smile gadget almost identical to the
Crabb and gob Beck . Maybe the
at the "stup id" photographer. one we used, for one mark when
time will come when color will
he was in Germany as a boy.
8 . Part of the crowd during be used on the freeways paving Incidentally, h is wife, W v-
a lecture in the auditorium. not only to differentiate
n o n a , introduced herself as
9 . fred Kimball, "the man various routes, but to keep
the sister of Charles Rhoades.
drivers awake, alert, and in a
who contacts the conscious o f Oklahoma City, showing not
courteous mood. Arizona uses a
nesses o f anim als", stoops to so much that " i t s a small
type o f paving that is red and
commune with a gopherK which world , but that we do get
brown, but we doubt i f this is
rejected Fred s f i r s t offering a r o u n d ... Even Scientology was
dictated by other than availa
o f grass fo r "something with a represented in the person of
ble m a t e r i a l s ...
tuft on i t " . When Fred supplied Evans Farber. who says he still
the requested tid - b it, the 1 I t seemed rather odd for remembers an exteriorization
gopher disappeared, p u s h in g us to be honored guests at a session with Ye Ed almost a
dirt into the mouth o f his reception but we knew it was decade a g o , when both Evans
hole because o f the gathering mainly for The ABERREE and its and he were playing on the
curious. writers and contributors, so same team. O d d ly , the part
as representatives for those about the session Ye Ed remem
1 0 . What would a psychic
contributors , we tried not to bers most, Evans had forgotten ,
convention be without a p s y
do anything that might make and we had forgotten Evans had
chic? Here a r e two "Louis"
them ashamed o f u s . About 40 successfully exteriorized .....
and Heva Dell Hunter, taking a
or 50 o f our friends-subscrib Harold Kinney chided Yb Ed for
break from "s ee in g ".
ers w ere present, a n d soon not asking publicly for-more
11. Part o f the cro w d m ill these ceased being lit t le fi le (Don 't you wish we 'd shut up?
ing a r o u n d in front o f the cards with names, addresses, This i s positively t'hff? last
auditorium during intermission. and expiration dates. I t s too jim p. Please turn to Page 1 2 .)

JUIY-AUGUST, 1963-------------- -----The ABERREE----- :--------------------------------ii

o f voice? I f they were told it tical field to reach our atten
was actively working thruout tion is the 64-page copy of NEW
their b o d ie s , many would r e DIMENSIONS, edited in England
port strange symptoms and dose and printed by Llewellyn Pub
themselves with whatever was lications in St. Paul, Minn .
recommended? In the introductory editor
D o e s n 't this sound a bit ial by Basil Wilhy, its ed ito r ,
lik e t h e bromides y o u hear the purpose of NEW DIMENSIONS
MIHD-COHDIIIOHIHG, by C la r a every time you turn your radio is " t o take the mystery out o f
M ills Ward. 36-page booklet, on See your doctor; fight magic, the superstition out of
75t, pub. by Ward Cheering and cancer with a checkup and a psychism, and the pretentious
Healing Service, M etropolis, check. "G iv e - - t o stamp out ness out o f occultism. This
III. polio (tuberculosis, heart dis is quite a promise and it will
ease, or whatever). Most know be interesting to see how well
I t enough w rite rs get the that i t is the check they are
these intentions are carried
idea across t h a t o u r think fishing for -- the disease they out yet retain the support of
ing is responsible for bodily cause is only a by-product.
all mystical and occult schools
conditions, maybe such "s c a r e She adds "P o p u la r evange which have been invited to
babies who sell cancer, heart lism is no less a threat to
submit material. Few o f these
disease, po lio , sin, and " H e l l the discerning man o r woman, schools wish to be u n ve ile d
via every available means will who may discredit Christianity for what they are because be
be l e f t impotently w a g g in g because o f the seeming c h i l d s
hind m y s t e r y , superstition,
their jaws- - and we can settle play that i s resorted to in
and pretentiousness they can
down to advancing ourselves the mere signing o f a card so
operate more profitably.
instead o f reacting to the neg they may receive forgiveness
ative implants being sold to of sins and go to heaven . Of The firs t issue April/May ,
us by radio, T-V, newspapers, course, here again we have the 1963, contains articles by W.
and low-toned magazines. E. Butler, Gareth Knight, Pa
money motive, because a person t ric ia Crowther, Margaret Lum-
For example. Miss Ward says : frightened o f h is fu tu re i s
Mind-conditioning is funda more w illing to p a y bigger ley- Brown, D a v id W illiam s,
mental in action. Medicine is Margaret Bruce, Dion Fortune,
f i r e insurance premiums. Marc Edmund Jones , and Harold
a monopoly o f the f e w , but M ind- Conditioning is a
mind-conditioning i s for a l l . Mori and. A strong astrological
small booklet--but it doesnt tone covers everything, which
Why should you have your aches take a tome of long, intricate
and p a i n s dressed u p with words to give the basic facts. is natural since the Llewellyn
Latin names you do not under firm is primarily interested
Anything more i s mere window- in astrological books and study
stand? Even the simple, nat dressing. I rah H k a
ural process o f cell-division courses. However, there a r e
* * * enough of the other "w a y o u t
i s called karyokinesis.
Can you picture the effect HEW DIMEHSIOWS Bi-monthly subjects covered that one need
on many gullible people should magazine edited i n London, not be astro logically inclined
pub.at 100 S . Wabash, S t.P a u l, to enjoy NEW DIMENSIONS i f he
they be given this perfectly
truthful descriptive diagnosis Minn. 50t a copy. likes magazines o f this n atu re.
in a solemnly threatening tone Latest magazine in the mys A. H .

obtainable for a fraction of
what this special " s p i r i t p en
is being priced a t . And Jacob
him in this issue o f The ABER
REE, Roy Eugene talks our lan
guage, but he does a much bet
persons to contribute to The and Rose A p s e l. o f Milwaukee , ter jo b o f i t . . .
ABERREE -- and it was a slap on who have had some experience
^ When most o f us go back
the wrist we richly deserved; in this sort o f so-called phe
to the old home town after a
We had been assuming too much. nomena, supported Ye E d s con
long absence, we meet d is a p
So , we hereby wish to correct tention by sending u s some
pointments at landmarks that
the om ission. The columns o f spirit writing done with the
no longer are as we remember.
The ABERREE (to the limits of burned end of a match. In f a c t ,
But not so Randolph Rav. After
our s p a ce ) are w id e open to he sent along t h e match as
a year or so in Arizona and
contributors who have something some kind o f supporting e v i
California, he returned to h is
dence . . .
they sincerely feel needs say old "camping ground of New
ing. We d o n t care whether we 5 A letter from BQI EUggfiS Orleans. " I t s more beautiful
agree with it or not some of Davis of Garrett P a r k , M d .,
than ever, he says. " S o ouch
the stu ff we print now has no says Am busy, busy, busy . . .
restoration work going on, old
Hope to see you in late J u l y .
editorial b le s s in g -- but we mansions more beautiful than
have our own two p a ges, and From h is speaking schedule, we
originally and the French Quar
the remainder o f the magazine understand that busy s t u f f ,
ter more like Paris than ever.
belongs to t h e readers and but he lis t s "tentative d a t e s
Since w e ve never been to New
contributors. This month, how for an Oklahoma City appear
Orleans, we ll take his word
ever, we think w e v e greatly ance as August 1 and 2, under
for i t , and won t go there
exceeded our space allowance auspices o f the New Age Cen
looking f o r things we never
but we gat carried away. Thank ter. (This should give wheth
" s a w " when we w e r e n t there
you for listening i f y ou re er i t s late J u l y o r e a r ly
b e f o r e ...
s till with u s . . . August Charlie Rhoades group
time to get their new Center 5 Our sympathies to Albert
^ In some o f h is advertis in operation at 145 N. E. 1 4 t h ). Roy Davis. Green Cove Springs ,
ing literature, Albert Ro t Dav Roy Eugene will be on his way Fla. in the loss o f his 91-
is o f Green Cove Springs, F l a . , to C a lifo r n ia , where he will year-old mother early in Ju n e.
disagrees with Ye Ed who dis make two appearances in t h e Albert Roy says he intends to
agreed with Albert Roy that Science of Mind Church in Grau- establish communications with
his special pen would do any mans Chinese theater the first h is mother as soon as h e is
better " s p i r i t w r it in g than t w o S u n d a y s i n August, A s able, and will keep ABERREE
any other writing equipment, ou ll note from an article by readers in fo m e d o f resul t s .. .
12------------- ------------------ ----- The ABERREE----- JULY-AUGUST, 1963
Father Zer point. The grand surprise o f the prize i s that
in the zero point o f aid-beginning there is

Takes a
nothing for him to have and hold.
Instead o f returning immaculately, this
li t t l e pig also went all the way, and the only

way to go all the way home to the z e r o home
plate o f death serving a conception is to take
in strange bedfellows, things foreign to o n e s
own activity. Wee, wee, wee! is the wee zero
end that o n e is conditioned to die thru, in
order to grasp that wee b it of sensed l i f e ,
which i f one wins, he loses h is helical immor
tality and also the sensed l i f e , the straight
line fallout therefrom.
By PHILIP FRIEDMAN; To p ig i s to lit te r or bring forth in the
manner o f pigs, to act and live like pigs. A
THIS LITTLB PIG p ig is a greedy person who eats up and messes
all in one. P ig iron i s such a mass, such an
This little pig went to market,
easily - melted mould. A pig is one who is so
This little pig stayed home,
stupidly obstinate and perverse as not to see
This little pig had roast beef,
and change the error o f h is ways and escape
This little pig had none,
h is earthly pigpen and the pigskin he lives
This little pig cried "Bee, wee, w e e /"
in. A pigeon is one easily swindled out of his
All the way home,

immediate birthright and purity in color. He
111 HE MARKET is a central location where fin- exchanges it for the pigmentation stained in
! ished products are brought in and sold o u t . red blood. A pigmy i s someone dim inutive in
I A market is the place that marks the spot stature.
I where Mother N ature s reactive heliocen- W e e is the root of weed that i s some
I trie spiral is finished and begun again as thing weeded o u t , and also of w eek that is
straight line r ad iations. The end o f the the weakness of being a full week ending and
journey in and the beginning of the journey starting another. Heel i s t h e so-called
out are one and the same point, the dichotomy good looks o f objective bom ings. Weep are
o f another death and conception.
the tears one sheds when his goal is reached.
As long as Mother Nature is a clean reac " W e e t is the wit it takes to kill o n e s eter
tion, putting back in place the divided pieces
nal heliocentricity and convert it to deadly
o f her own previous action only, then she is
r ad iatio n s . Death is not natural but an art
an unending spiral. Her helical coils never fully built-up job.
reach the market place and never get sold down
the river of another cycle of l i f e . Her end is
truncated. I f she elects to take herself to
market, she has to buoy and buy h e r s e l f up
with extra sensory things and force her open
coils to be shorted full circle in another mas
culine point o f gendering generation. Only by
some artificiality can she build up an erupting
center, a market place, and exchange her im
mortal helical l i f e line for fl a s h y , deadly
A pig is the female o f the species, the in
gathering kind that eats all up. To be lit t le
is to be lit t le oneself in the littleness o f

another zero end-beginning. I n the purity o f (4 ) THE UNKNOWABLE REALITY
Mother N a tu re s perpetual s p ir a l, there is no HE MYSTERIOUS Power that performs creative
this , no moment of ine rtia that one can s a y , action is the real problem remaining un
T h i s is i t . This can be said only o f her solved. Theology ca lls i t God, but cannot
dead end where the hand o f death is not s ta y ed . analyze God, and simply bypasses the prob
Here, like the market place, is also where lem without any further solution. Science
generations start and stop. This li t t l e pig ca lls i t blind, non-intelligent, mechani
and the first l i t t l e pig and all the lit t le cal energy, and regards that as final. Dr.
pigs to follow are one and the same lit t le p i g , Alexis Carrel, one o f the truly great scien
one and the same lit t le entity, liv in g in the tists o f modem times, does not agree, regard
same place, in the usual hyphenated existence ing that Power as an Unknowable Reality. He
o f dyings and bo m ings. T he roast beef that said, in Man the Unknown ; Man is made up
this l i t t l e pig had was his own hot flesh and o f a procession o f phantoms, i n t h e midst of
blood, roasted in the process o f a burning which strides an unknowable R e a lit y .
horning in the heliocentric solar center. Nothing in that statement tells us what man
The same l i t t l e pig, at th e same time, had actually i s . The same philosophy applies to
none; that is, none of her immortal h e lio c e n every living thing, to every plant and anim al.
tric l i f e in the zero end. only the nothing Science recognizes the existence o f th is Un
ness o f death, objectively and actively horn knowable Reality, but q u ic k ly bypasses i t in
ing. Once out in a course o f action a l i t t l e all discussions. Not even Carrel dared pause
p igs only recourse is another reaction, so o f at that point and make a d efin ite attempt to
the prize o f creation he sought and won be a l analyze this unknowable Reality. He d i d in
so has none. I t can only suffer to return home clude this edifying admission:
in another clean, never-ending h e lix , never to Our knowledge o f the human body i s . i n
die again, " l e e , wee, w e e ! all three are h is truth, most rudimentary. In fact, o a r ignor
I and h is parental pair, h is last p air o f ance is profound. Most o f the questions put to
helical co ils, the two-in-one, doing a grand themselves by those (s c i e n t is t s ) Who study
fina le and falling from their helical heights human beings remain without answer, immense
as an upside-down dotted i , a s an exclamation (TURN TO PAGE 14, PLEASE!
on my favorite magazine. (TRUE "C o lla p s in g toy balloon and
and ARGOSY are former favor wilted t ie are withering me
ites since my introduction to mentoes o f past gay happy times
The ABERREE ) . that he has no hope of dupli
" I t occurs to me that some cating in the present or fu
of your readers may become a ture. Were he not so wrapped
li t t l e frantic looking at a up in h im s elf, he would be
'no significance painting that aware of the next (b ea r trap)
i s so lousy with gimmicks and in the long line o f major and
symbols, so with your permis minor p it fa lls o f l i f e that
sion, here are my thoughts be he can either avoid or maneuver
hind Meyers Blue Boy ( I f himself into. Which leads us
Gainsborough can have one, so to the moral o f the story we
can I . ) a r e , a f t e r a ll is s a i d and
How b l u e I am ! Nobody done, self-made.
loves m e . Everything (b a d ) "W hy I picked an abominable
happens to me. Woe is me! De snowman t y p e i s a n y b o d y 's
cayed havingness at the bottom g u e s s . Have done an improved
o f apathy. The snowy environ version on a 12 x l 6 c a n v a s .
ment is, of course, the ever It is the same except that I
present Cold, Cruel World . have added child-like features
I t is certainly true that to the characters face, which
all the world does not love the adds more sympathy appeal.
down and o u t e r . Tho some may "When i read in a previous
"W h a t a jo l t to pull my la feel a certain amount o f com issue that you could not re
test ABERREE out o f the enve passion and want to help him , produce the painting, I decid
lope and have one o f my crea the majority would rather not ed to try something less diffi
tions jump o u t at m e. get involved (fear o f conta cult to reproduce for your
The reproduction is fine gion, perhaps.) Bystanders are consideration. It is something
terrific! I m happy about the inclined to scoff and harass from the lighter side of l ife
way i t turned out and I m also (represented by dog-wolf, what which should appeal to those
very flattered that you should ever), while friends desert with a sense o f humor. I w as
find my Blue Boy interesting (empty p e t collar) to seek a about to sound the starting
enough to consider for a cover happier environment. gun on the project when up

M U L U U H j
( c o n t in u e d
from p a g e i3)
the in a b ility of man to progress to knowledge
o f higher causes, but o f the inadequacy o f the
regions o f mans inner world are s till unknown. research method conducted by science. We said
I t i s impossible, for the present, to grasp all questions have answers, and, writh a n ade
it s (b o dy s) constitution. We must, then, be quate system o f research, i t is possible to
content with the s cientific observation o f our ascend not only to higher levels where answers
organic and mental activitie s, and, without l i e hidden in the crypt, but to advance later
any o t h e r gu id e, march forward into the un ally without limit.
known. The further we follow a false philosophy,
And so, a great scientist in the f i e l d of the denser grows the nature of the Unknowable
biology and pathology presents the sad s ta t e Reality, and the more uncertain we become at
o f mental ignorance prevailing in that realm. each step. But the dogma o f creation by the
Yet we are brazenly assured by those engaged fia t o f God having been exploded, we are in
in the work that within a comparatively short total darkness which science cannot dissipate
time d is ea s e will be conquered and become in spite o f all it s boasted progress.
only a memory, provided the money for that Law, order, system, and development are so
brand o f research w i l l continue to pour into intimately related that the thinking mind will
the medical coffers. not bring it s searchings to a close, and rest
T h is admitted ignorance a s to the most v i it s reasoning upon the b e lie f that God, with
tal element in all creation is heralded in big out the observance of law and order as revealed
publications as The march of s c ie n c e " Now we by all created phenomena, by word o f mouth and
know the direction o f that march . Carrel wave o f hand, commanded into existence out of
told us, and he goes further in these words: nothing, the countless formations of this ma
"T h o se (scientists) who investigate the je s t ic universe.
phenomena o f l i f e are as i f lost i n an inex As hard as humanity searches for knowledge
tricable jungle, in the midst of a magic forest, and the amount o f time and money expended in
whose countless trees unceasingly change their research for knowledge, make i t d iffic u lt to
places and their shape. believe that entire libraries have been burned
Dr. White was ju s t ifie d in stating that the to destroy knowledge. Such are the bald facts
biblica l concept o f creation by the f i a t of o f history, and that data are now called hate
God was exploded and gone. But h is fLve great lit e r a t u r e when published and passed out to
men did not find the deep secret o f c r e a t ion . the brainwashed slaves of modern times.
Their findings exploded the biblical concept We have discovered enough in our 65 years
but fa iled to replace it with anything definite of experience and researching for knowledge to
on the point. And so, we are no better o ff now be constrained to believe that the ancient
than we were before. masters and their mysterious symbols were far
Pursuing the trail o f physical science in from being what we have been told they are. We
all things, we invariably come to a lin e which, have found enough evidence to indicate that
we are assured, cannot be p assed "the-ring- the masters were scientists of the first order,
pass-no t . Beyond that line lie s the great un and that their symbolism, including their Zodi-
known. Further Eidvance in that dark region is akos and their Tarot cards, concealed an ama
im possible--for science says so, and t h a t s zing stoiy relative to creation. Some of that
final. story we shall describe.
We accept this position as evidence not of (Continued in the next issue)


pops your latest cover. Think and have a ' strange new b r ee d able f o r the p a t ie n t and
I ' l l send it on to you anyway , that doesnt take things too achievable in no other manner,
Just for kicks. Bruce Meyers, darn seriously! Y o u d probably are nevertheless presumed hy
H . 4 , Box 3 8 8 , White Salnon, be pleased to discover how Dr. Crawford to be misguided
Hash. much real humor there i s in fools who a r e doing an evil
(ED.NOTE Please do. We're police f i l e s . work because we ' control and
always interested in 'some For now, thanks so much dominate the subj ect . He seems
thing le s s d i f f i c u l t to repro for opening whole new areas of to fail to realize the f a c t
duce', and e sp e c ia lly i f i t thought to m e.--Maxine Clear that we a re all 'controlled
has a touch of humor.) water, dl8 B. 20th, S p o k a n e , and dominated by the various
Wash. stimuli of our environments at
You t h in k I m n o t some (ED. NOTE As a former po all times. I t is our job, if
kind o f a n u t ? Well, i f I'm lic e reporter, the e d ito r has we possess i n t e 11 i gence, to
not I ve sure got a way o u t been exposed to some o f the use, alter, change, o r avoid
way o f t h in k in g ... F in s t a n c e : humor in p o lice work. Maybe i f these stimuli over which, we
You say the June cover de the human s i d e of such work have control, depending whether
picts .nothing in p articular; was recognized more, the fear their effects are favorable or
is a s o r t o f reproduction o f and d isrespect fo r "cops" and unfavorable for us.
Blue B o y '? W e l l , he re s my "law that is a ll to o preva I t is the last paragraph
version, and i t s a duzy. lent would give way to under in Dr. Crawford s a r t i c l e
H e re s this poor baby ab standing and mutual beingness. which proves that the a rticle
ominable snow boy with a par I f The ABERREE helps, we don t is the result o f lack o f knowl
t ia lly deflated balloon a nd a mind how many "fr e e - r id e r s edge and lack o f investigation
broken yo-yo looking for c o m share your cop ie s.) o f the subject; 'Hypnosis in
panionship, but the hound dog any degree or under any condi
or dog-dog, whatever kind it tion is destructive in nature .
Our c a t ...h a d five healthy
i s , i s really s cared simple. kittens. Looks lik e the God . . . The s a m e .self-appointed
Look a t the bla n k expression dess o f F er tility image, which viewers with alarm told Col
o f the eyes, also h is mouth is umbus, without themselves ever
I bought some tim e ago for
agape and h e s simply frozen good lu c k , has been doing her leaving dry land, the terrible
by fear. He did get out o f the stu ff. I s e n t to England for disasters which would happen
collar and that far away from it. Wish s h e d get some o f my to him. They also said anaes
the chain, b u t since i t s 60 cartoons sold for me. U su a lly , thetics were of Satan, and that
degrees below zero and h e s I d o n t fall for that sort o f women were ordained by God to
also scared s t i f f , t h a t s as thing^-dont know what got in suffer in childbirth. Every
far as he could go. major medical advance has been
to me to send for i t . $ 1 .5 0 o f
" A l l the snow-boy wants is retarded, often for hundreds
my hard-earned money at that!
to play a l i t t l e ; maybe h e o f years, by such thinkers .
So, t e l l M r. Fred H a n d ,
thinks he can get some air or Hypnosis is one such example.
who says I m not aberrated ,
gas into the balloon and his Proven conclusively in thous
that h e might p o s s i b l y b e
yo-yo fixed; being sort o f 'way ands o f cases by Mesmer in the
wrong. I d o n t know whether to
o u t him self he doesn t under 1 7 0 0 s, by Esdaile and others
be flattered or insulted. I d
stand these things. in other thousands o f cases in
feel mighty lonesome i f t h e
" i s n t i t ' a l l typical of the 1 8 0 0 s, not until recently
Aberreans would all stick up
humans tho? The blank expres has it become respectable or
their noses at poor un-aber-
sion on snow-boys face, sure acceptable to orthodox m edi
rated me.
tells o f the perplexities o f c i n e . A n d t h i s acceptance,
However, I d o k n o w I m
the human race while the awe overdue as it i s , was forced
chicken when it comes to try
some fearful look about t h e by the dental use and accep
ing out Mr. Harold Schroeppels
dog also depicts human charac tance, and from that, public
Advanced Perception, I tried
ter istics. Poor doggie seems demand. . .
once the relaxing a n d tensing
to be saying, 'Ma, h e s making One o f my fir s t realiza
in one o f the first a rt ic le s;
eyes at me. tions, after realization in my
when I got up off the couch and
I t lo o k s lik e the s u n s early 30 ' s , o f the failure of
saw f a c e s (handsome a nd
shining in that place as there allopathic m edicine, which I
p r e t ty ) looking a t me very
are shadows, but i t s too cold was well ta ught, to prevent
pleasantly (both male and fe
to get thru to the animals or d is e a s e , or to produce real
m ale), i really got scared. So
what have you. So in li fe , even h e a lt h , w a s t h a t medicine
I said to myself, T h a t s a l l ,
i f you want to be friends to teaches that disease i.~ the
B ro th e r !
the other fellow, you may look normal, the u s u a l , that it
I think I ' l l ju st stick to
like a monster. Evelyn Beard, i s the 'enemy*, that d is e a s e
drawing cartoons. Congratula
17 / . 3 r d , Martins Ferry, Ohio. can strike anyone# any tim e ,
tions on the cover picture. --
that i t is no respecter o f
i v a Woodford, S t . 1 , B ox 15,
persons. These familiar cliches
" I completely enjoy The AB Lost Creek, W. fa.
are even more prevalent, ob
ERREE, and re-read each issue noxious, and false today than
several times while looking I t i s a long time' since I they were 30 years a g o . There
forward to n e x t o n e . I m a have written to you, but this may have been some excuse for
Meter M a id (w r it e p a rk in g does not mean I have n ot re such be lie fs in the dark ages.
tickets) for Spokane Police ceived and enjoyed many o f the Today there are those o f us who
D ep t., a n d The A B E R R E E is articles in The ABERREE. I feel can prove they are absolutely
passed around t i l l dog-eared! constrained, however, to take and utterly f a l s e . They c a n ,
Know y o u d prefer that they issue with the article in your like the blanket condemnation
were a l l subscribers but I May issue b y D r . George T . o f h y pn osis, apply only to
borrow back several other mag Crawford concerning hypnosis. those who refuse to investi
azines and books, so c a n t af There are many inaccuracies in gate, or do not have the a bil
ford to cut o f f my supply. the article. We who use h y p it y to investigate provable,
M eanwhile, eventually m a y be n o sis only for c l i n i c a l pur s c ien tific facts. The accept
y o u ll win over and enlighten poses , even tho our r e s u lt s ance o f the delusions that we
at least one police department are often fantastically favor- are born in sin and shaped in
JULY-AUGUST, 19tf3 ------T h e A B E R R E E ----- ---------------------- 15
i n i q u i t y o r that we are born be chosen as carefully as the physical body, are as chickens
to be diseased, to me now con surgeon, and on the basis o f s t ill in the eggs; we have no
stitutes an insult to God and results known to have been idea o f what movement a n d
to n a n . I t is a denial o f ev achieved, not on the number o f freedom o f action i s .
erything Jesus said. I t i s the Cadillacs h e h a s . S .E .R o g The element A I R may hold
real blasphemy. It is o n e o f er s , M .D ., 2391 W.
10th, Van a greater s e c r e t , o r abi 1 ity ,
the most common, unfortunate couver, B . C . than has yet been approached.
and destructive effects o f s e lf Anciently i t was stated that
h ypno sis. However, self-hyp " I m sorry I had to miss i f we would redeem t h e earth
nosis is seldom effective un the reception Monday, but that and make all the land fruitful ,
less instigated by heterohyp is the n i g h t my wife and I we would set into operation a
nosis (being hypnotized by an v is it Dr. Drown in Hollywood. chain action that would take
other). In this case, the orig You may have heard o f her work up the seas. The air then would
inal hypnotists are those in in radionics, and her fantastic become charged with a greater
authority, who should n ot be instrument with which she can and greater magnetism , people
in authority. Hie hypnotic com diagnose any patient from a would become awakened to a new
mand, now more obtrusive than drop o f the p a t ie n t s blood. li fe , and the darkness o f dis
ever, is in essence: Altho we She can also use the instru ease and death would fade away.
have failed to produce a solu ment to photograph the dis O f course this is an in
tion to the problem , you must eased area and has a booklet sane idea to those blindly
s t il l follow us blindly and o f rather amazing photos of buried under a myriad o f meth
im plicitly. Altho the problem cancer, g a l l s ton es, ulcers , ods to make money, and a school
under discussion is worsening, blood clots, etc. system teaching successful
you must s till believe in u s . As a matter o f research, ways to lead the b l i n d .
You must follow or even listen she once tuned i n to a p o r But will we ever become
to nobody else. You must, above tion o f the moon from a photo comprehensive enough t o be
a l l , NOT think for yourselves. graph obtained from the G r if practical in a real earthly
Neither I nor any doctor fith Park observatory. To her and worldly sense? Root hog or
worthy o f the name seeks to surprise she obtained a clear die and up to date it has been
break down the will b a r r ie r photo of a space s a t e l l i t e d i e . Wayne Trubshaw, 1515
o f any patient. He seek to do passing ju s t below the rim o f 8th S t . , M arysville, Wash.
the opposite by enlightenment. the moon. She * tuned in to
I f we are working in agreement the s ate llite a nd obtained a So pleased that y o u a r e
with natural laws, we succeed, somewhat blurred photo o f the going t o u s e Communication
the degree o f success being occupants. One can easily dis with Other Levels . This ties
proportional to our own s k i l l , tinguish the outline of a man s up directly with hypnotism be
and, equally important, the lower body (from the chest cause inter - level communica
w illingness o f the patient to down) s ittin g in the capsule tion o f the N. R. (negative re
lose h is aberrations. I f we are and the unmistakable faces of ceptive ) cir c u it ry type i s
two dogs near his feet. Tubes nothing more or less than 'pos
inept or untrained, and i f the
patient refuses to accept re o f some sort are attached to session o f one by another and
the dogs noses. Rather start i s hypnotism. Surely the degree
sponsibility for himself and his
acts, we fa il. At no time could ling. But, o f course, this o f hypnotic depth v a r i e s , but
would be o f no interest to i t s s till the same thing.
we do as much harm as the con
you. "Many may n ot agree w ith
ventional hypnosis o f accept
(ED. NOTE What do you mean these blunt statements, but
ing disgraceful, and sub-op
OF COURSE, it would be o f no agreement is not a requirement
timal conditions, o r methods
in t e r e s t ? Have we created such of communication. The fact that
which have failed, as 'the best
an in c o rre c t im pression o f the some will read the views e x
that can be d o n e . The best
type o f m aterial w e d l i k e to pressed regarding N-R and P-R
that can be done is perfection ,
use in The ABERREE? We re in circuitry and t h e n express
since God did not create im
te re ste d in an y th in g unortho themselves TO THE SUBJECT, not
perfection . Only man i s r e
dox, a s lo n g a s some people to the writer, can only benefit
sponsible for t h a t . . .
s in c e r e ly b e lie v e i t and that all p a rties.
There is nothing evil in in c lu d e s Dr. Drown.) The only ones that buzz me
Nature, and hypnosis is a nat I hope to find time in a few are those that do not have the
ural phenomenon. I t is the in days to dash o f f some sort o f courage o f their convictions
correct use o f anything which article for ABERREE on the D- and hide behind the fake trance
may be evil. Millions have de Cell as I p rom ised...T he a rti technique. An actual person in
stroyed themselves with food. cle will get Dorey and Harold trance (hypnotized) wi.'l n o t
A ir can k ill, so can water. Any Kinney o ff my back. Theyve feel a pin that is induced in
instrument or therapy is as been nipping at me for months to their f l e s h , unless in the
good, or as u s e l e s s , as i t s about that article for you. light stage. Further, ordinary
user. Hypnosis used by a f o o l , Joe Dun Sloan, 6315 Middleton, contact with the body of a
o r by a charlatan,or by a dev Huntington Park, C a lif. person in any degree of trance
i l , may be destructive, i f such (hypnotism) will in no way
operators can find subjects Would lik e to commend Dr. harm them.
fool enough to let them prac K ridler for h is wonderful work "Many m ild - tra n ce sensi
tice upon them. Hypnosis used in revealing the falsehoods tives put on the act o f leav
by a competent practitioner and deceptions o f the past. To ing the body, then speaking as
upon subjects where and when me a lie that builds a super i f a D r .-- , or a M r s .--- ,
i t i s indicated, will always stitious b e lie f and excites etc., is doing the originating.
be o f benefit. In c id e n t a lly , emotional erroneous imagination Hhy f a k e the act? Hhen you
hypnotists who are the most i s a very dangerous and mis- know, you know . . . say s o !
competent, judged by . results ery-causing barrier to the de "Am looking forward to at
to patients, are always o f the velopment o f potential powers. tacks on the views expressed.
highest moral and ethical in Humanity must move into Expect some will attack me as
tegrity. Those with the most greater l i f e expression and a p e r s o n ... t h a t s m adness."
integrity are given the most full understanding o f what it D r. George "Hasty Man" C ra w
ab ility . The hypnotist should is basically. He, in an organic fo rd, VO W.Main, Brevard, H .C .
16-------------------------------- -----Th e ABERREE----- ------------- JULY-AUGUST, 1963
" J u s t one problem for the Manas has said in h is a r t i c l e , sis o f the New Testament i s , I
Gripes to the E d ito r column. when I have lost consciousness suppose, formally a heresy, but
Should ire run a counter-ad to thru anesthesia my soul does I d i d n t think heresy was i l
Roy Davis Research Labs, which not feel the agony o f my bunion legal in our t im e . Why this
i s n t me? I bless their work , operation, but when my body should cause the postoffice De
whatever i t i s , but I m get has lost consciousness to such partment to stop his mail, and
ting letters from a l l o v e r an extent that doctors pro prevent various investigators
asking me about my new view nounce it d e a d , my soul feels from allowing him to attempt
er. Dont know i f the other Roy the agony of t h e embalming faith healing for nothing, are
gets my mail or not. The mail process. The two con sidera two things I dont understand
can be sorted out-- i t s the tions do not s it w e ll together. at a l l . I d o n t understand
image that might get roughed In closing let me say I sacramental defecation e it h e r ,
up--since I m not dealing in have invariably enjoyed a rti but since the Black Moslems
psychic aids o f a mechanical cles by Roy Davis for the sin are free to worship their own
nature. -- Roy Eugene Davis, cerity I felt was in them and s k i n s , surely Katzen i s en
Garrett Park, Md. for the manner o f expression t itle d to venerate h is viscera .
as well as seeming validity of Probably a case o f the creep
ing clericalism t h a t Lagus
co n tent. I do not think this
"M ay I register astonish (George W . ) disturbs himself
same man would delib erately
ment at something I s e e in about.
try to make money by sellin g a
Harold Schroeppels Lesson 13? Now anent 1 a ffa ir e Davis
tubular diffraction-grating de
Quite ca sua lly, i t seems to (Albert Roy), I was indeed re
vice thru which the purchasers
m e, h e s a y s , I f y o u have quested to butter you up about
hope to see the superphysical
cosmic consciousness y o u r se lf, the advertising. He doesnt
human aura. I note h is ad does
try tying the person into cos know me too well, does he? I ve
not actually say this; actually
mic co n scio u sn ess. W hat I read Davis s advertising pieces
it seems to me to go to some
have learned o f cosmic con (d irect mail) and also a copy
length not to say i t , but only
sciousness causes me to put it o f the autowriting course. The
to imply it a s strongly as
in a category o f one , worth long introduction appears to
p o s s ib le . R e a lly , the ad on
its own special paragraph and this device contains some re have more entertainment value
all the capitals on the type markable jewels o f meaning than information. The instruc
writer, i f such devices could lessness. For example, t h i s : tions proper, the last p a r t ,
succeed in transmitting its Your reactions will welcome seem practical enough. They
true significance. But perhaps such a new concept . . . I am w ork , anyway. I agree about
as w it h so many words a n d also q u it e fond of the accom the superfluity of the psychic
phrases e n c o u n t e r e d in the panying expression, * v is u a l p e n . Any smooth writing b a ll
field o f (what? Freethinking?l actual s e e in g . In a l l , this point pen or ink pencil should
this is used here to mean advertisement is a jewel o f do equally well. Whether just
something less revolutionary some k ind! I say, more power anybody at all can learn to
to the experiencer o f it than to people who put 2/3rds-page write automatically depends en
the Awakened State, R ecogni ads in the good old ABERREE1 tirely, o f course, on whether
tion , o r Liberation -- three They are doing good o f a s o r t , they have aptitude for i t . . .
words for the same thing which whether they intend to or n o t! About Art Coulters l e t t e r .
is also sometimes called cos I could make quite a production
Paul Perella, Vaianae, Bawaii.
mic consciousness. I f Bucke is o f this but I would ju s t as

the referrent usa ge , then the " I n y o u r April issue t h e soon n o t . . . I had no intention
cosmic consciousness meant by li t t l e a rticle by Art Coulter whatever o f offending Dr. C o u l
Mr. Schroeppel is not the ut on kinship with Dianetics is ter personally, nor did I in
terly transcendent s u b je c t iv e tend to derogate Synergetics,
very amusing. However, it has
state but any one o f several ju s t enough twist to make it nor to asperse the Synergetic
less profound states which are wrong. Having worked with Art society. For whatever distress
harbingers o f actual Nirvanic in the early days o f S y n er I have caused him, I offer my
Consciousness -- s t i ll another g e t ic s , and then le ft to be unreserved and plenary apol
synonym for this great fact come a Scientology a u d i t o r ogy. As to a public retraction ,
p o s s i b l e to consciousness , after a good e v a l u a t i o n o f I believe a public rebuttal is
which always has been the goal both, I know Art to be a sin more in order. While agreeing
o f all human effort directed cere man and hard-working, but that Dr. Cou lter does not hate
toward realization o f the so- he is trying to deny that there Hubbard, it seems transparent
called d iv in e . i s ice underfoot a s he slips ly obvious f r o m p u b lish ed
On the o t h e r hand i t may and slides on it , and puts up statements that Dr. Coulter in
well be that M r . Schroeppel skyhooks to hold on to, at the tensely dislikes Mr. Hubbard.
moves in circles where the same time. As a fellow vintage Korzybski-
highest experience open to hu I doubt he will ever know an o f the deepest d y e , I have
manity in i t s present state is that what he rejected in to t o , to take notice o f D r .C o u lt e r s
a commonplace. I f this is the he never did find out what it occasional lapses into seman
case, I would suggest that what was. So let him figure-figure tic ambiguity in the published
Mr. Schroeppel has to say i s h is way thru this small portion letter. That Hubbard did v i
highly worth the reading, al- o f tim e, we will pick him up ciously attack Don Purcell be
tho I myself respond rather next time around. Jerry Be- fore Purcell s death and that
poorly to multiple-choice in d in , 108 E . Oak, Villa Park, I I I . these attacks were distu rb in g
struction. Incidentally, I have to Purcell s friends, I agree.
found the most defin itiv e and I got a letter from Morris That Hubbard attacked Mr. Pur
logically organized work treat Katzen with thanks for t h e cell after the l a t t e r 's death
ing o f Cosmic Consciousness good wish and description of implies theoretical considera
to be not Buckes book o f that case p rog ress, demonstration tions o f Spiritualism and per
t it le , but an obscure book by frustrations, e t c . . . I f I un sonal survival a f t e r d e a t h
Dr. Franklin Merrell-Wolff en derstand the situation, Katzen which are not empirically es
t itle d Pathways T h r u to has done nothing worse than tablished, and with which I do
Space . . . . teach defecation as a sacra not concur. In my o p in io n ,
According to w h a t John ment. H is physiological exege- which is exactly a s worthless
JULY-AUfiUST, 1963------------ ----T h e A B E R R E E ------ ---------------------- 17
as that o f any human being, a broader definition originated what they mean. And I was far
dead person is immune to at w ith t h e phenomenological, ahead of you, as I had in mind
tack. I t seems a contradiction client-centered, non-directive sending in my subscription with
en tailin g a mixture o f the approach t o p s y c h o l o g i c a l a letter telling you that I am
clin ica l and p ie t is t ic points counseling which i s the_ ap paying 2 months ahead to be
o f v i e w , to say one does not proach in which I was t r a in e d . sure to get The ABERREE for
hate or condemn someone f o r I t i s a ls o t h e Existential another year, because I could-
actions arising from defects Analysis point o f view. Ac n t be without it; reading same
in th eir personality structure cording to the broad definition is lik e a fresh, clean wind is
and then o ffer to forgive the o f psychotherapy, this class blowing the cobwebs away and
same person i f they will re would include education, par clears the atmosphere.
pent o f these same actions . . . enthood, religious a c t i v i t y , I also wanted to tell you
The long, consistent record o f and helping a friend with a I am grateful to Harold Kinney
w ild, biased, and irresponsi problem. In summary, by D r . in Inglewood, who made me ac
ble statements o f hard-core C o u lte r s d e fin it io n , S y n er quainted with The ABERREE.
Hubbardians is, o f course, fa getics is not a psychotherapy; "W e ll, that was my intention
m ilia r to all o f us. i b i s sort by the wider definition I u s e , to write you, and now you get
o f thing is ju s t as irritating i t i s . " Fred, Band, 2 7 1 8 Eagle, the 2 dollars only and without
and no more meaningful tnan Houston, Texas. a nice letter.
similar statements by political And finally, 1 wish to ask
ultraconservatives and sectar "E v id en tly y o u h a v e the you young m an: Pi ease do not
ian religious zealots--both o f Davis 'psychic a u r a bit under rush me in the fu t u r e , have
which categories Hubbard close control. As to the healing or mercy with an old man, I am 73 .
ly resembles. I personally diagnosing with magnets, pros I am always good for 2 dollars
know, and can prove, that Syn ecutions and convictions on as I am very rich for I am in
ergetics pre-existed Dianetics this one, for mail fraud a n d excellent health without drug
and further that the principal what-have-you, go back some 50 store o r hospital. Have not
connection between t h e t w o years. In fact, this goes back seen a hospital since 1920 and
movements was a passing inter to Mesmer and his healing with for many y e a r s a doctor. The
est in Hubbards work expressed the lodestone until he discov ABERREE clears my mind a n d
by Dr. Coulter in 1950-1951. ered any non-magnetic rock Clear mind sound body .
I t i s distressing to be called worked ju s t as well . . . Karl Rezac S r . , 19101 Barrett
crim inal and communist . I "W ou ld hate to see some so- Lane, Santa Ana, C a li f.
have also been called b o t h . . . , called psychical healers g e t (ED.NOTE Ssh-h-h-h. We're
am under the impression that cases such a s this o n e last glad The ABERREE can keep the
any and all Americans who do week. A 32-year-old gal , U SC doctor away, but i f word gets
not agree with everybody and g r a d , s p e c ia lis t in math just
out, we might find ourselves
do exactly as they are told
now holding down a tough teach
in trouble with the A.M.A. and
are sooner o r later called i t s k it e - t a i l, the Food and
ing job, but she i s completely
crim ina l and 'communist . A Drug doctors.)
convinced that a prof in USC .
criminal is a person who has
has her hypnotized, that he is I do enjoy The ABERREE and
committed an act forbidden by
raping her with h i s 'astral most especially L o u i s . His
law. A 'communist is apparent
bod y two o r three times a column ' I See for You is just
ly anyone who is not a f u l l
time fanatical anti-communist. week; she got herself institu real in tere stin g . H i s k ee n
This name-calling i s another tionalized two years involun sense o f humor and ability to
example o f Hubbard s i r r e tarily over t h is; got out by put so much meaning into words
sponsible output. pretending to be sane the way is fabulous . . .
the stupid institutional p s y " I wonder how many realize
"A l l o w me to bypass the chiatrists want you to be, so that the marvelous gift of
deck stack ing reference on got discharged as ' success seeing takes a lot o f r e s p o n
the ground that this involves fully treated ; complained to s ib ilit y to use it wisely, and
bringing up the long-standing, the F .B . I. who told her it was as w e ll as he does. Effie
extremely bitter feud between a personal problem between Harrison, Chelan, Hash.
the psychiatric and psycholog her and the p r o f; she stopped
ical field s as to w h ic h , i f in here en route to Berkeley "V ero n ica should have stat
either, snould be allowed to to murder the p r o f ! Got her ed (May issue) that the water
practice psychotherapy. This thru a long assessment and now barrel should be exposed to
controversy has a significant have her on a personalized tape the full sun, and only the one
emotional loading for me and I with a promise to use it s i x part o f barrel against t h e
may have unconsciously dealt a months before killing the prof ; building; should have a fe w
few o f f the bottom. this may get complicated as I inches o f breathing space so
" A l i e is a statement as see signs she is already mak that the coldness of the shadow
serted as true by a person who plus the draft caused by the
ing a transference onto me. You
believes i t is false. I deny
certainly have to know y our a ir around the barrel was what
that I asserted D r . C ou lter caused or formed the moisture
business in electropsychometry.
believes Synergetics to be a to condense in the container.
The prof is o f German genetic
psychotherapy while denying i t V em Sydow, Esperance, H .7 .
sto c k, s h e is o f R u ssian
i s o n e . This point hinges on
divergent definitions o f psy Ukrainian forebears , She gets
chotherapy. The two definitions demographic teethmarks on her Eureka, I have found ' i t !
breasts a n d e l s e w h e r e in And you. . . I thank for the l e a d .
involved here coincide only in
part to a human with a men erotic a reas when t h e p r o f I refer to that beautiful sum
tal or psychosomatic disorder 'p sy c h ic a lly ' b i t e s h e r ! -- mary letter by A. B .Pierson in
so serious that t h e . patient Volney G. Mathison, 1208 Vest the June 6 3 ABERREE. Your ed
cannot solve -the problem by 30th, Los Angeles, C a lif. i t o r s note at the end o f that
him self alone. * To me, psycho
letter is the key. When phys
therapy means assistance by "Y e s , I have been watching ical man can learn to depend
anyone and by any means in the the li t t l e figures to the right completely on h is high-self
solution o f such problems. Ib i s o f my name. and I also know (kahuna) or comforter, he will

18-------------------------------- ---- Th e f l BERREE------ ______________-JULY-AUGUST, 1963

have faultless communication
with reality, in and beyond
th is physical world, in retro
spection, i t i s interesting to
note how many hundreds of
w ays I have se e n this and
yet not heeded. Detachment is
true consent. Observe care
fully the esoteric relation of
two words, (l) recondite, and for lost kinds of sickness thru are written In your hands. Time
( 2) recondition (to re-educate Radiesthesia and Homeopathy com ly advice on love, marriage, bus
(in d iv id u a ls ), to change (emo bined therapy. Widely p r a c t ic e d in ess, e t c . , w ill aid in your
In England and Europe. Sixty-three entire future success. Best hand
tional habits, attitudes, etc.) page booklet by practitio ner of prints are made by the use of oil
There i s an important t i e above gives much helpful Informa p aint, or lip stick dabbed evenly
h e r e . -- B. L . Harris, 16738 t io n . This advertiser has exper on palm and fingers to w r is t .
ienced helpful results and wishes Place hand firmly on plain sheet
27th, S .W ., Seattle, Wash. to give the Information to others of paper beneath which a folded
without money p r o f i t . Send $ 1 .0 0 handkerchief has b e e n placed
I c a n t be without ABERREE toward cost of booklet and adver under palm a rea. Trace outlines
t is in g . John Booth, Hudson Hope, of hand with p enc il. Let prints
for thought-provoking s e n se . . . B ritish Columbia, Canada. 94-1** dry. Send clear prints or both
The biggest difference be hands with $ 1 0 , date, time, and

tween people is th is: One per VICTIMS OF CANCER and other lace of b ir th , name and address
serious a fflic t io n s are saving o I-Patterns, P . O . B o x 463, W i l
son believes differently than themselves by self-treatm ent. De liamsport, Penn. 94-4*
another would! Personally, I'm scribe your i l l and enclose a
for New Age thought. I t is stamped envelope. No charge. Sim CLIMATE THAT HEALS, Naturlst
ply want none to suffe r as I d id . Colony, University degrees at
reasonable to say we may all F.B.Wortm an, 526 2nd A v e . , Albany, $10 per year plus texts, author s
have come from Mars -- that is , Ga. 94-1. six months* fasts methods, p o llu
having l i v e d the necessary tions and menstruation healing
WANT TO BUY-- I w ill pay $ 5 0 .0 0 d ie t . World Sp ir itu al Center. 20$
lives on Mars before we gradu cash for e a c h : Nexology per sub jec t, J . Lovewlsdom, v n -
ated from there to come to the course, "Advanced Prin cip les of cabamba, L o ja, Ecuador. 94-3.
F a i t h " course, "C oncept Therapy"
earth. I t takes each one o f us course, Edwin Herman, 2479 S h i r MY CLAIMS for the results ob
so many lives, over 100 I ex ley A v e ., Baltimore 15 , Md. 94-1* tainable by Sp ir itu al Healing
pect, to develop spiritually are not b eliev ed . Also un b eliev
GIFTED SPIRITUALIST--50 cents a able may be the claim that you
enough to graduate from the q uestio n. Louise Marks, 107 can get up to fifteen shaves from
planet earth so we c a n then Ferry S t . , Danville , Penn. 88-1* a sta in les s razor b lad e. The sup
live on Venus. Surely it is a ply of these blades cannot meet
THE BIBLE HANDBOOK by Foote and the demand. They are being ra
greater God that loves us thru B a ll, $ 1 .5 0 -- An Instructive t io n e d . To prove that claims which
many lives than only one puny guide to the Bible needed by a l l . appear to be unbelievable can
l i t t l e l i f e . Yes, I believe in UNIQUE BOOKS, P.O .BO X 3002, Sta. sometimes be true I decided to
B, South Bend, Ind ia na . 91-7* o ffer single sta in less s t e el
reincarnation and karma. After razor blades fo r fifteen cents
having a good l i f e this time , Have you heard about THE W IS ostpaid and I f you find that the
we might be born in a palace DOM POOL? Write A rt h u r J .B u r k s , lade is not able to give you
c /o CSA, Lakemont, G eo rg ia. 89-6* three or more times as many shaves
next time, or i f we live wick as the ordinary steel blades your
edly because we live amongst WHETHER YOU BELIEVE IT or not, money w ill be refunded. Package
wicked people not being any you owe it to yo urself, and God, of fiv e blades for seventy-five
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have God uppermost. N eve r to In the final a n a ly s is , a n
rej ect the L o r d . There i s no atom particle c a n be either a
truer t r u t h --in Him we live particle or wave-length .
and move and have our b e in g . Thus we dangle; but i f one
The Flying Saucer
Amelia Jacobsen, R t. <f, Box is t h e determined b e lie v e r
5 8 , Waupaca, Wis. t y p e , then a light state o f Hoax EXPOSED!
hypnosis is in evidence. By D r. John H. Manas,
Enjoyed t h e article v e ry P h .D .. H . D . , M s .D .
Now comes a b e lie f that
much in last ABERRBE (June) The nature of the F l y i n g
Satan is the true God and J e
about Susie Jessel, a very One saucers. Where they cons tron?
hovah i s t h a t o l d boy in
woman and wonderful work that Who flies then ? Mars and our
sheeps clothing . Well, l e t s
she does. Martian Visitors. Val-Thor,
give it the same consideration the Vonuslan A m b a s s a d o r in
Am w e l l acquainted w it h
as other b e l i e f s . How are we Washington. The subterranean
the work since my husband and
to know? Races of the Deros. The a n c i
daughter d o the same t h i n g ,
Fifty years ago a certain ent Atlanteans, their sebter-
only ours i s done by appoint
honest researcher by the name ranean cities and the Flying
ment only so no long waiting Saucers. Can nan ever ge to
o f Charles Darwin was preached
periods and try to hold to day the Moon end the planets? Space
into league with the D ev il. We
appointments, the working peo conditions and Cosnie rays and
d o n t hear so much about the
p le only g e t evening t r e a t forces. Creation of the Solar
old Devil nowdays. Has he taken
ment . This type treatment i s Systen. Original illustrations.
over or faded out? Engraved colored binding.
truly a wonderful G o d - g iv e n
th in g . Mrs. Robert H . John Instead o f taking a com $2.00 postpaid. Send fo r
son, R t . 1 , Box 1 5 8 , Tcmhill, fortable seat on the fence, why your copy today, to:
Ore. dont we take another look at
the o ld sun c u l t something PYTHAGOREAN SOCIETY
The humanoid creature may real to see and feel? A .B . 152 West 42nd S t r e e t
live the simple anim al l i f e . Pierson, Selma, C a lif. Men York 38. . T.

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f l B R R
Number 5
Volume X


u n ex p ec te d ly was that o f Ran
dolph Ray. News o f Randolphs
passing c a m e the long-way-
round in a letter from IL. D .
Schencfc- La Fama, Mexico , wfTo
was advised by friends who sent

him a clipping from the New
dolph and h is son Joel were on
a Dallas-bound b u s , and just
after the bus le ft Bunkie, La . ,
Randolph slumped in h i s s e a t ,
5 THE COVER--Long p a n t s . . . Jim, h is wife M ild re d , Medium appearing to have merely gone
school books. . . a h a ir c u t .. . and Kilgore, and the group present to s l e e p . I t may h a v e been
g-i-r-r-l-l-s-s ! Ugh ! What an who " l e n t theta (as Scientol Randolph w a s on h i s way to
unpromising future ! No wonder ogists say! to the h e a l i n g . .. O lid, as he had indicated he
"l i t t l e Aberree is n t happy planned a v is it to The ABERREE
5 No matter h o w you try to
at w hat is being "sm oked u p condition yourself to the idea s ta ff before returning to Cal
for him . But, o d d l y , a s we ifornia, altbo he h adn t given
that " d e a t h " i s a graduation,
grow, so do o u r problems, and and y o u shouldn t regret the us a probable d a t e . Randolph
what we dreaded back along the passing o f a friend o r rela was a minister o f the Univer
lifepath become landmarks o f t i v e , i t s pretty hard to re sal Church o f the Master (Oak
nostalgia in later years. What member a ll this metaphysical land, C a l i f .) and an author
a fu t ile seesaw--dread the fu claptrap when i t happens to ity on the T aro t. He was an
ture and regret the p a s t . . . someone whose passing will re artist as well as prolific wri
sult in a certain void. T h a t s ter, and h is philosophic d i s
1 When we helped Jim Fereu- courses, penned in a variety
son i n and ait o f h is wheel - why it was such a shock to get
news from Ruth S o ie n e s i. o f of colored inks, will be missed
chair and up the steps of the at The ABERREE E d it o r s desk . . .
home of Maxine Dumke in Ontar Stamford, Conn., that Alberta
O Connell had passed away on 1 Tom O Neil called us from
io , C a l i f ., recently, we did- Southern Pines, N. C . , the oth
n 't realize that an era of pain June 13 o f a heart attack, two
days after she was taken to a er noon just as we were f i n
was nearing an end that with ishing a "s i e s t a behind the
in a few hours, Jim would find h o s p it a l. L e s s than a month
before, Mrs. Spignesi reports, hot e n d o f a hoe in our sun
the wheelchair an unnecessary burned garden. I t seems t h a t
Alberta had been warned in a
memento o f 16 years suffering Tom, who also publishes PSYCHIC
from multiple s c le r o s is . What dream that " h e r work here was
finished , but she thought it OBSERVER, as most o f you know,
happened sounds like a miracle i s producing an album o f ghost
one o f those now-you-see-it; referred to her work i n Con
necticut, and she was to return s t o r i e s , and wants to use an
now-you-don't events we h e a r old ABERREE cover (O cto b er,
o f occasionally, but Jim Fer to Washington and try to get
her music published * i c h was 19611 for the box. Of course we
guson 's escape from the wheel were flattered that any o f our
chair is not that kind of mir one of A lb er ta s great aims in
li fe : publication of her music a rt is tic (?l efforts should be
acle. It represents 16 years of elected to a more permanent
and getting her book, "S tra n g e
work on the part of Jim and his role than wrapping up the din
wife Mildred, a refusal to give Prologue , made into a movies.
ner scraps or passing on to
up , even tho doctors offered 5 Another "d e a t h that came <PLEASE TURN TO PAGE IN)
l i t t l e or nothing in the way.
of hope. And the end was almost
as dramatic as anything w e ve
heard about in our l i f e t i m e .
T h e s t o r y , s p lic e d together
from parts o f letters sent us
by Mrs. Dumke, is something
lik e t h i s : The night after we
le ft O n ta r io , a meeting w a s
held in the home o f Jim and
Mildred Ferguson. Among those
present was Jes sie Kilgore, a
medium who had entertained us
the night previous with spirit
writing, and others interested
in such phenomena. After r e
freshments , Mrs. K il gore went
into a trance , and almost her
f i r s t in t e llig ib le words were
orders: "J i m , stand u p ! J im ,
who w a s s i t t i n g in a large
overstuffed chair, arose at the
conmiand, and after other in
structions, walked to the med
ium, about 10 feet in front of
him, firmly, straight without
aid. And furthermore, he has-
n t needed h is wheelchair or By EVA W O O D FORD. Lost Crack, W. Va.
crutches since merely a cane Since i t 's no "Surrey w i th a fringe' on top ", we guess use'll
to steady him, as muscles can just have to use Eva's suggested t itle , "The Rocky Road to ???"
getiprettyimpotent and cranky, fo r the above sketch. Mot being symbolists, w e 'l l leave details
after 16 years o f forced iner of the picture including the "mad" look on the donkey's face
tia. A tip o f the eyeshade to and the useless reins to those who go in fo r suck things.
----- The ABERREE---- ------- ---------- septewsew, m3
7 L S' ----------- -
I Recusant Voice of 'The Infinites'
I for Earth, Mars, Venus, Saturn,
v _
Vol. X Mo. 5
HBRR ^ Pluto, and Zydokumzruskehen
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the J u l y August issues, at 207 N. Washington, Enid, Okla. The inflniteness of Man is not reduced
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This i s not an a u d it o r ia l, a fter death , a nd these per Crazy ? Probably.
tho it probably will be class sons who call themselves athe Ana what can we do about
i f i e d as such because o f the is t s , "a g n o s tic s , and anti- it? Well, we might spend more
space it occupies. However, we Christians actually are merely time trying to find out who we
ju st want a chance to discuss putting labels on their d i s are and what i s our actual
some concepts that have been gust with t h e preposterous relationship to the body -- i f
taking possession o f our mind mouthings o f self-styled know- we are it s master or it s serv
for the l a s t few years, and it- alls who d do anything for ant. I f we discover we c a n t ,
are about to make a l ia r o u t a buck and th e r e s no way in by command or p o stu la te, get
o f our "P o l i c y as stated in th is lifetim e to prove them the body into operative condi
the masthead, in fact, we re on the lia r s and frauds they ob tion , and that we must spend
the verge o f taking some ideas viously a r e . a lifetim e as nursemaid to a
pretty d a r n seriously, which For th is, orthodox religion hunk o f animated clay which
i s one reason why this i s n t must absorb much o f the guilt as I T S goal seeks to escape
an auditorial. T h e r e s some because o f i t s refusal to a l the inevitable grave for a s
thing wrong with anything you low its teachers and p riests to long as p o s s ib le , then we can
take seriously, so l e t s ju s t look beyond the pages o f it s leave such things as spiritual
discuss t h i s , and see where own outworn creeds and book o f progress to queer people lik e
the bugs are. Anyone wanting holy myths. yogis, monks, and fakirs while
to add or detract from ideas But this i s n t the point we we dedicate ourselves to the
presented herein is welcome. are concerned with h e r e . Are psychiatrists and the o t h e r
Most systems o f l i f e that we, masters (so-called) o f the economic butterflies, flit tin g
label themselves metaphysi bo d y , o u r "temporary h o m e from sucker to sucker.
ca l in character (as well as during physical existence, be This does n o t mean neglect
some religions) in s ist that ing subjected to the greatest o f the body, any more than we
the I or You that is part mass fraud o f all time where would be slo v en ly about the
o f the eternal l i f e force is in the master,,is subject to the house we live in, or spend all
inhabiting the body on a tem s la v e . Are w e , the Causative our time weeding while ignor
porary basis. Prom h e r e , t h e Force that should control the ing the fruit-bearing trees of
various ideologies have a part body i t s u s i n g , being t h e the orchard. In t h e latter
ing o f the ways as to what effect o f the body s aberra case, we would wind up with a
happens to the I or You as tions -- it s concern over knock weedless -- and treeless -- plot
it bids farewell t o it s phys knees, big b e llie s, headaches, of ground.
ical chum, and goes to another limps, coughs, and sneezing? The body needs food, proper
plane for re- education, for I s this our goal in l i f e to care, exercise, and attention ,
rein carn atio n , or stic k s ride herd over a body s a i l but not at the expense o f our
around as an errant e n t i t y , ments rather than seek sp ir it own spiritual advancement. It
getting into mischief and try ual advancement? is probably due to our absorb-
ing to find out why things Most processing (which in tion with body matters that we
aren t as they always were. But cludes a u d i t i n g , coaching, are w illin g to accept false ,
this is not a discussion o f psychoanalysis, e t c .) , pampers half-baked theories about our
what happens 'to the s p i r i t , the body. Hours are spent try own tenancy in the universal
soul, You , I , thetan , or ing to find causes behind the scheme o f things to the point
whatever label i s acceptable. bodys i l l s . What did we do or that we think o f ourselves as
Maybe somebody knows what hap think to bring on that club being the b o d y , because that
pens but they re not able to foot, tin ear, sniffling s i n u s , is what concerns us most.
prove i t to the satisfaction galloping gout? Was i t another Longevity, apparently, is a
o f anyone else, and because o f l ife t im e s aberration that is hit-or-miss proposition attain
th is lack o f proof, fr au d s , putting u s under a d o cto rs ed at the p r i c e o f senility
psycho tics, and sensational care in this existence? "P o o r and decrepitude. He c a n t im
is t s have been able to muddy body I L e t s check thru o u r agine a world peopled by pa
the pool with their own. garbled memories for r e lie f (a t $25 an triarchs whose greatest physi
versions, usually in success h o u r ). What memories? What cal accomplishment is stacking
ful opposition to t h e o r i e s e n t it y s memories? OUR memor calendar pages on a p ile they
expressed by apparently r a ies? Or that o f a cell which hope will reach to infin ity .
tional seers and mediums. As a has a genetic lifepath o f it s Fortunately, part o f our
result, some antagonism builds own , going back to n o -one- stated policy is , " H e reserve
up to the whole idea o f l i f e knows - what ? Oonfusine? Y e s . (PLEASE TURN TO PAGE 15)
JESUIT ROLE IN working in three fields religion, finance, and

Worlds Ruin
p o litic s .
There i s no question in the w r it e r 's mind
but that the Jesuits control world fin a n c e ,
banking systems, and international bankers.
The J es u its control the money and credit o f
the world, including the Federal Reserve Sys
tem o f the united states which iw owned lock ,

stock, and barrelby the banks o f this n a t io n .
The only thing Federal about i t i s its name.
The people o f this nation do not own one share
o f it s stock nor have a voice in it s co n tr o l.
The Federal Reserve System i s a member of
By WING ANDERSON the international banking system o f the w orld,
Essene Mystic controlled by the Jesuits.
The average American would be amazed at the
H I HE CREATOR of the countless millions number o f Roman Catholics in Congress and every
ill Pla n e t s . g a l a x i e s , and total important o ffic e o f the Nation.
i s a nest o f Roman Catholics a s i s also the
The Pentagon
I I I creation is ONE in reality but al- F .B . I . I t is the Jesuits who are now ruling the
I I I ways THREE in aspect. He-She is the United States and a r e the power b ehind the
actor, the thing acted upon, and White House, i f not actually o f i t .
the result of such action. He-She The Jesuits have dual organizations the
is the positive, the negative, and J es u it priest and the lay Jesuit. Were the
the neutral. The Creator includes Dulles brothers lay Jesuits? Did n o t every
the Fatherhood of Life, the Mother- policy and action indicate they were? is J. F .K .
-M- hood of Earth , and the Brotherhood a 1 ay J e s u i t ? Rome knows. Washington never
will know.
of Man . Western religions recognize the
Whenever you see S. J . following a Cath
Creator a s t h e Creator, the Sustainer, o lic p r i e s t s name , you may know he i s a mem
and the Destroyer. ber o f the Society o f Jesus a Jesuit.
Everything, to here-living humanity, appears Lay Jesuits have no such revealing insignia
to have two p o l e s . Every element o f creation but they control the money, banking, and prop
seems to be dual: light and darkness, heat and erty o f the church-state, the richest (nation)
cold, up and down each with a neutral con organization on earth today other th a n t h e
tain ing eq u al parts o f each, o r half-way be U. & & R.
tween the two, forming the duality producing a This world-wide cold-hot war has now cen
trin ity . tered into a war between Rome and Moscow. Be
The above also is true o f the Roman Catholic fore i t is over, every nation and race on earth
Church. The white pope, John X X III, as well as w ill be in it .
h is successor, Paul V I, was and is the s p ir it The work o f the J e s u i t s i s destructive
ual head o f the church. The black p ope. Com without a doubt, b u t i t is essential o f prog
manding General o f the Jesuits, is head o f the ress . The Jesuits function as the third ele
Vatican State, the m aterialistic aspect o f the ment o f the C r e a t o r Creator, S u s t a i n e r ,a n d
church-state. Destroyer. T h e Jesuits are accomplishing the
The church represents the s p ir it, the V ati C reators work, and as such, their work o f de
can State represents the body o f this world struction is good, not ev il. The Jes u its, with
wide duality. the wars, revolutions, and changes o f govern
About 1950, the Jes u its became dominant in ment, economics, and religion they are direct
the church-state and from that time on the ly or indirectly responsible for, are clearing
J e s u it s have dominated the organization. the world o f outgrown institutions so our prayer
The real power of the Roman Catholic church- may be answered , "T h y kingdom come , Thy will
state i s the Chief Executive (Commanding Gen be done on earth as i t i s in heaven.
eral) o f the Jesuits, whose existence i s known We liv e in the most decisive years a planet
to few persons. The white pope, whoever he may ever experiences when selfishness, com petition,
be , i s the front nan , the apparent ruler o f and war pass on t o be followed by self-LESS-
the church. He i s t h e o n e who receives the ness, co-operation, and peace. Every one o f the
h o n o r s , but takes h i s orders from the black 7 0 o r more bibles in use today thruout the
pope who always rem ains i n t h e background. world t e l l t h e same stoiy o f a time when
L ik e many in d iv id u a ls , the body r u l e s the h e a lt h , w e a l t h , and happiness; peace, abun
spirit- - and so it i s with the church-state o f dance and security will be enjoyed by every
Rome. Vatican State rules the Roman Catholic man regardless o f race, color, o r religion.
church . We may not lik e the work o f the J e s u i t s ,
Everything in creation follows the plan o f for seemingly i t is ev il. There is no evil in
three in one. Everything is a trinity includ fact, but mans ina bility to see that evil i s
ing man, with body, s p ir it, and soul. (S p irit lik e unripe fruit, in t i n e , e v i l will ripen
and mind are synonymous.) into good. E v il, like a green apple, nay give
The Jes u its, in this 2 0 t h Century parallel one a bellyache n o w , b u t when ripe will be
to the 3 0 Years w a r, when Roman Catholic na eaten with pleasure and profit.
tions ganged up on Protestant nations a n d ----- ------
trie d to drive them back under Roman c o n t r o l, Another W riters Conference w ill be he ld at
are now trying to make " t h e world Ca th o lic . Tahlequah, O k la ., on October 20-21, Jack F e l t s ,
The Jesuits, thruout their history, have been o f Pan press, announces. He even suggested we
makers o f wars. Altho spoken o f as World War I , appear, and in t h e n e x t paragraph , said he
World War I I , and World War I I I , they are in wanted " at least one genuine freak to spice the
fact but o ne war i n three sessions cold war show , fe night be odious and urge he wave some
from 1914 to the end o f the Battle o f Arma "l o n g green in front o f a popular Tulsa evan
geddon, with three hot wars inclu ded. g e lis t (Tulsa being so clo se), but we w o n t ;
The Jes u its follow the rule o f three by we lik e writers. Sometimes we try to be o n e .

4------------------ -------------------------------------------T h e ABERREE SEPTEMBER, 196 3

INCE 1935, Dr. Ruth B. Drown of Los

Angeles has been utilizing officially
unacknowledged energy principles of
the human body to make cross-sec
tional photographs of human organs ,
tissues, and bones. Named the Radio-
Vision Instrument, this device when
properly understood is undoubtedly
one o f the most remarkable i n v e n
tions in history. That the instru
ment, and more especially the principles
involved in its operation, have not be
come more widely known is d u e to many
factors. For one thing, Dr. Drown has cut
sharply a c r o s s t h e favored, orthodox
theories of disease, and as a consequence D r, Droun was demonstrating her instruments
has been villified, blackguarded, and mis to B r i t i s h doctors, token a blood crystal w as
delivered to the lecture room from a patient in
represented by Big Medicine. A new day Connecticut. She diagnosed the case as cancer
seems to be at hand, i f only because Rus of the stomach, a diagnosis proven by post mor
sia is about to rub Uncle Sam s face in tem surgery. A shorn the pyloric end o f the
his own stupidity in the very field where stomach, which extends ffom the right edge of
Dr. Drown has labored so long. the picture. B the white, thickened cancerous
Two Soviet experimenters have demonstrated tissue. Across the funnel-like opening of the
irrefutably, and independently o f Dr. Drown, stomach between A arid B is a blood clot, C.
that the energy p rinciples on which she has
based her work are absolutely authentic. From the matter, in June o f 1961, the writer pub
I.Leo nido v s account of the work of Semyon and lished in the Journal of Borderland Sciences
Valentina K irlian carried in FATE in September, (Box 548, Vista, C a l i f .) an article describing
1962, it i s obvious that the Soviet experi the complete experimental procedure by which
menters were unaware o f Dr. Drowns work. The any person o f normal eyesight may actually see
diagnostic and therapeutic properties o f this this molecular emanation for himself. The ex
energy , o n which these Russians so rightly periment involves no psychism, but is as phys
speculate, have already been thoroly exp lored ical and repeatable as turning on an electric
by Dr. Drown in 40 years o f slogging, selfless switch. I f the experiment i s followed, t h e
labor. same emanations recorded by the K irlia n s and
While i t i s not possible to make a final published in FATE may be directly perceivable
judgment on the K ir lia n work on the basis of by anyone.
Leonidovs necessarily sketchy a r t i c l e , i t i s This energy has distinctly fluidic properties
obvious from the published Russian photographs and does not follow the normal law o f o p t ic s .
o f t h e human finger that t h e K ir lia n s have The experiment also shows a distinct difference
photographed both molecular and vital r a d i a between mineral substances a n d living sub
tio n . T h e S o v i e t workers already have noted stances. Both h a v e a molecular emanation
the electrical differences between liv in g a nd But t h e living structure i s surrounded by a
dead substances which have always been part o f pale gray double o f it s e lf, standing o ut from
Dr. Drown's theories. the extremity o f t h e physical substance by
Central to a l l Dr. Drowns inventions and about l/3 2 n d o f an inch. There is generally
technics i s t h e postulation that everything much m ore rad iatio n around a liv in g object
having form in the physical world is made up than a mineral article.
o f molecules, wood d iffe r s from steel, for ex This double is the etheric double or forma
ample, because the molecular arrangements in tive-force body o f the liv in g organism. When
wood and steel are different. Molecules are i t is removed, at death, the liv in g asp ect or
sub-sensible particles o f electricity in per l i f e p rinciple of the organism is removed. The
petual motion. This constant whirling o f these liv in g organism is no longer constantly perme
tiny particles produces a molecular emanation ated by vital energy. The organism slowly de
from all materials, i t i s held that these ema scends to the purely mineral state and eventu
nations are a function o f the source producing ally d is in t e g r a t e s . T h i s d e c lin e o f vital
them. energy is dramatically shown in the Kirlian
Even i f the K ir lia n work did not verify le a f photographs.
that this i s indeed t r u e , there would never This energy is different to the conventional
theless s t il l be nothing hypothetical about energy employed in electronics. Both the mo-
SEPTEMBER, 1963---- ----------------- Th e AB E R R E E 5
lecular emanations and the vital radiation are pressed numerically as a Drown frequency, or
d iffere nt to conventional energy. This is why r a t e , as it is termed.
these energy forms, i f they are to be approp The nine tuning dia ls with 10 studs each,
riately analyzed, c la s sifie d , and manipulated , permit the operator to tune in on better than
require com pletely d iffe re n t instruments than two billio n separate frequencies, in order to
those used in conventional electronics. For get t h e electrostatic energy o f the physical
well over three decades. D r. Drown has sought, body to pass thru the instrument, friction has
thru books, lectures, and copious other writ to be applied by the operators hand. This is
ings, to get this fundamental point thru the done by stroking the detecting pad on the in
heads o f all who seek to understand her w ork. strument. The energy moves under this impulse
American magazines which fall over each o t h e r when t h e d ia ls are set t o some frequency or
to publicize Russian work fall o v e r themselves component o f a frequency resonant with a fre
to avoid the work o f D r . Drown, the American. quency or frequency component o f the p a t ie n t s
For this reason, a Drown Diagnostic instru body.
ment or Radio-Vision instrument cannot be By procedures which are too ramified and
authentically or usefully evaluated by any technical to compress into the sp a c e lim ita
electronics expert from the conventional field tions o f th is a r t i c l e , a complete d ia g n o sis
no matter what h is eminence. Thru the y e a r s , may be made fay the application o f these meth
various s c i e n t i f i c smart-alecks, both in the ods . The function o f every organ and gland is
employ o f the U. S. Government and others who measured, a n d a u rinaly sis, blood chem istry,
have d o n e their best to smear and ruin D r . and blood count are carried out. By procedures
Drown, have obtained Drown instruments by any which are again related to the molecular ema
means necessary and have examined them. To the nations o f healthy organs, the first cause o f a
eye o f the conventional electronics ex p er t, p a t ie n t s ailments may b e tracked down.
there is nothing useful inside. NO samples are taken from the body for u r i
There are nine dia ls , each consisting o f 10 nalysis or blood count. These tests are carried
studs, the resistance o f the whole assemblage out in the body, while the flu ids are dynamic
being one ohm. Conventional electronics would ally associated with the body processes. The
rightly s t a t e , on the basis o f conventional accuracy o f the Drown methods was consistently
energy, that the instrument could not diagnose ve rified over a period o f five years by a Flor
disease. (The claim has never been made that ida laboratory using the recognized laboratory
the instrum ent could diagnose d is e a s e .) Yet procedures. The accuracy o f the Drown blood
all such people , without excep tion , have de count, u rinaly sis, and blood chemistry methods
liberately avoided approaching t h e inventor has also been confirmed on numerous occasions
and asking her to explain the p rinciple o f op fay medical doctors and osteopaths who have work
eration . They h a v e always considered that ed hand in hand with Dr. Drown thru the y e a r s .
they knew it a ll, an attitude as unsound as it The development o f such a complete d i a g
is absurd. nostic procedure has been a g ia n t s work. Be
As a radio engineer, the writer knows the tween 1 3 0 and 140 separate measurements a r e
problem well from both sides, but i t is shame involved in every diagnosis made by Dr. Drown.
ful that an undeviatingly conventional approach Thus i t i s seen why she in s ists that a solid
to the examination o f Drown instruments has medical education i s indispensable in under
obscured the true nature o f their purposes and standing and using her work.
design. The instrument is an antenna, used for In dealing with d iffere nt forms o f energy,
collecting the molecular and vital energy o f a the conventionally educated scientist or engi
human b e i n g , and for tuning, examining, and neer finds h e m ust review certa in concepts
classifiring these energies. I t has nothing to ( P L E A S E T U R N T O P A C E 12)
do with conventional electronics and requires
a completely differe nt approach. Also required
is freedom from bias, preconceived ideas, and
the misrepresentations nationally circulated
by bodies determined to k ill thought and work
along this l i n e .
Dr. Drown has based her work on the twofold
nature o f the energy connected with the human
body. There i s the electrostatic energy o f the
physical tissues themselves, and there i s the
vital energy passing thru these tissues. Each
organ, gland, and type o f tissue has it s own
set frequency, governed entirely by the molec
ular structure o f the tissue in question. This
frequency is always the same thruout the human
and animal kingdoms for various tissues o f the
Sim ilarly, when tissue is changed by d is
ease, i t s m o l e c u l a r emanation is changed.
Healthy t i s s u e and diseased tissue are two
d iffere nt things, as any q ualified pathologist
will testify . Thru the decades, by painstaking
work, Dr. Drown has found the frequencies o f
virtually every part o f the human body, and
she has also found the frequencies o f most
d is e a s e s .
Bacteria, for example, have a certain form,
a fact which permits the trained bacteriolo
gist to identify and classify them. Like every C ross-sectional photograph by Radio-Vision
thing else in the physical world, the form of -showing a gallston e in a g a ll bladder. Stone
the bacteria i s made up o f molecules, and is shown imbedded in the tissu e , with an area
therefore each type o f bacteria can be ex o f inflammation shown as a dark sp o t, above.
6 Th e fl BERREE SEPTEMBER, 1963
Hiding Our'l'ps, Coasting Our 'Downs
Our First Breath Starts Us on Positive
an d Negative Lifewaves, Writer Claims
V VERY human being has a cycle of ex- do w hich required physical energy, you would
I 1 istence beginning with t h e f i r s t check your positive lifewave to make sure the
I 1 breath of l i f e , which responds to cycle was at h ig i t i d e . I f you were g oin g to
I ' biological, numerical, and cosmical propose marriage, you would check her emotional
I. rhythms. These rhythms regulate the lifewave to make sure she would respond favor
ably to you. (These lifewaves are indicated on
I development, maturity, and waning a graph with red and blue curves, respective
I I of all affairs of life , whether it ly. ) We are happy and confident when our emo
I I be an embryo, a disease or illness , tional or sensitive lifewaves are at high t i d e .
I I the building of a house, the devel- When they are at low tide, we feel discouraged
X J opment o f a business project, or sometimes even depressed. In our research it
anything you might name which comes into has been found that all suicides occur when we
existence, or is created thru natural law are at low time on the negative (or feminine)
or man s v o litio n . This cycle has .been lifewave. Marilyn Monroe was at minus 2 .2 on
the rhythm scale when she d i e d , o f course, we
given the term Bio-Rhytmus Bio meaning
go thru many "low s without anything disastrous
body and rhytmus meaning rhythm , named happening. A negative low period alone w i l l
and copyrighted by its discoverer, P r o f . not cause one to c a r r y out a death w is h . But
Ellerbak, of Berlin, Germany. i f i t coincides with an adverse aspect in the
A rhythm is a continuing process, r is horoscope, the story might e n d d i f f e r e n t l y .
ing to a climax, leveling off, then f a ll Likewise, a " l u c k y day wont protect you i f
ing , ever repeating themselves like the your bloodstream is at low tide.
ebb and flow of the tides. We found in the Europeans seem more aware o f the value of
beginning of our studies that the rhythms knowing your rhythms in advance. At Locarno ,
have two currents; positive and negative ; Sw itzerlan d, records have been kept in o n e
hospital o f more than 10,000 patients. Doctors
later, we discovered there was a third
there will not operate ihen the physical life-
current which we named X until we had wave is at low tide, unless i t i s an emergency
researched deeper into the subject. and cannot w a it . They learned by experience
All humans have all three rhythms. The pos that a patient has more resistance to disease
it iv e rhythm is 23 days in length and is called and will recover more quickly i f they are at
the masculine (or physical) lifewave. The neg high tide when undergoing surgery. J e ff Chand
ative rhythm i s o f 28 days in length and is ler had h is fateful surgery when he was at low
called t h e feminine (o r emotional, p a s s i v e ) tide; bad they waited a few more days, he would
lifew a v e . Then we found that the " X rhythm have been at high t i d e .
was influencing our thinking processes and was In Zurich, Switzerland, t h e public t r a n s
common to bo th s e x e s , so we c a l l e d i t the portation system keeps graphs on their b u s
neutral (or intellectual) rhythm, and i t is 33 drivers, and only the ones at high tide are
days in len gth . given'the hazardous jobs; the others are given
To determine where you are o n the rhythm the r o u tin e work. L i f e insurance companies
scale, we must fir s t begin with your birthdate have reduced their accident rates by ta kin g
(and this has nothing to do with the p la n e ts ; advantage o f this scienc e.
that belongs in the fie ld o f astrology). We Animals also are under the law of rhythm,
then make a mathematical computation to the altho horses are the only ones I have checked
date you wish to know about. E a c h day in the thoroly. A h o r s e c a n t win i f he i s at low
cycle has a numerical value. When your life- tide , even tho the odds are in favor o f i t .
waves are rising ( o r at high t id e ), your bat The announcer may say, " H e got o f f to a good
tery is discharging and you have much pep and start, but seemed to tire easily . I f the owner
energy to work w i t h . When your lifewaves are had thought enough of his horse and was in t e l
charging, you should rest and relax and give ligent enough to live by Bio-Khytmus, he would
them an opportunity to recharge. I f your car not have run it in a race when it should have
had a dead battery and was in the garage being been r e s t i n g , thereby lengthening the racing
charged, i f every few minutes you took i t out l i f e o f the animal. Like the human, it takes
and started up a motor with i t , i t would never the horse longer t o recuperate, after i t has
get "c h ar g e d in that manner, would i t ? The "pushed i t s e lf vs. Mother Nature.
same thing happens to our human battery we For example, C. V. Whitney raced h is $300,-
run here and there d o in g things we think im 000 horse, Swiss Roll, when she was at low tide
portant, a n d d o n t give ourselves a chance to on May 10, 1961. She fell and broke her fo o t .
build u p . Many doctors believe the resulting At fir s t they were afraid she might have to be
"s tre ss - sy n d ro m es are the cause o f so much destroyed, but later were able to save her for
illn e ss in our nation, today . breeding purposes -- but her racing days were
We are at our best when we are at high tide , over. Whitney him self was at a point in the
and a t our worst when at low t i d e . The low rhythm scale that we call "d o ubly ca utio us ,
tensions cause the weak moments. Disease and since both h is p ositive and negative lifewaves
death occur on ly when the negative influences were changing direction on that d a t e . His
predominate in the rhythms, i f you had a job to physical lifewave was going from low tide into
high, and his emotional lifewave was going from
Father Zer
Takes a
hitf) into low .
I t has been claimed by some that you can
win at cards o r gambling by the use o f b io

Gander at?
rhythm, but this i s n t s o . However, in the
case o f a contest where two persons were in
volved--one at high tide and one at low tide
the one who was in the high position would w i n .
I f both were at high tide, the outcome would
be determined by other factors.
There are many fields in which Bio-Rhytmus
may be used to great advantage. A salesman
wishing to make a big k i llin g should attack the
prospect when at low tide and when he himself By PHILIP FRIEDMAN
is a t high t i d e . Then the prospect s sales
resistance is at low ebb. FIHGBRS AMD TOSS
Every lady in th is land
It even works in p o litics. The presidential
election in 1932 had candidates Herbert Hoover Has twenty n a ils, upon each hand
Five, and twenty on hands and fe e t.
and Franklin R o o s e v e lt . T h eir respective
grades, rhythm-wise, for that date were: Hoover A ll th is i s tru e, without d eceit.
minus 9 .4 , and FDR plus 14. You recall who was F WE WATCH the commas that we m e e t ,"a l l this

the winner, o f course, this system wont work is true without d e c e i t . I f one is in a
i f someone juggles the ballot b o x e s . Having coma, he misses the conwna and misses the
said this much, I d ju s t as well stick my neck m eaning. A comma is an apostrophe that has
out and report on the most recent presidential fallen from i t s high e s t a t e . Whereas an
election: November, 1960. Kennedy was a plus apostrophe i s a truncation and shows that
4 .2 and Nixon a plus 1 0 .0 . Sev eral psychics

a.M '-'W
something has been forever le ft out, a comma
are on record as saying Nixon won. ( e d . NOTE: shows but a temporary p a u s e , a moment of in
It may be he DID by NOT g e ttin g the o ffic e . ) ertia in death before the exertion of horning.
Mr. Kennedy will be a plus 7 .9 on Nov. 2 3 , The Hebrew letter for ten, which is the end
1964; when I And out who h is opponent will be , of a cycle from 1 to 10, i s an apostrophe. In
I am ready to lay bets on the outcome. Mother Nature there i s no end to her unending


coils unless something extra sensory fingers
them, and forces them to come full circle that


toes them out into another cyclic round.
The Immaculate "L a d y , in whom nothing ex

me m * *
traneous i s implanted, is a " l a d y with a cap


ital L . She never b e lit t le s herself to come to
the l i t t l e zero end o f death and conception.
She i s a non-objective, automatic helix as

i t o
From a bleak backdrop o f rocks, sand, and long as she is "w it h o u t d e c e i t , that is , re-
contorted Jo sh u a t r e e s , a white dome rises actively ingathering the divided pieces o f her
from the desert near Yucca Valley lik e some own manly action o n l y , without e n d , without
thing from another world. genitalia to generate into objectivity. But
A chain link fence bearing a " h i g h voltage every lit t le "L a d y in this l a n d was b o m ob
sign rings the s tr u ctu re. From outside t h e jec tiv ely and is the result of a completion of
fence a larger sign proclaims: "The Integra a ten-cycle. Had her cycle o f ten not been
tronA ' Time Machine ' fo r basic research on artificially built up to her zero dead end, she
rejuvenation, a n ti-g ra v ity , tim e-tra vel," would not be here with 20 n ails in a flesh-and-
It s creator says the "m achine is based on blood body. She wanted to be the apostrophe.
a formula he received from a contingent from Ten fingers to go in and 10 toes to tow out
outer s p a c e . I t s design has been recorded in changes o n e s stable helical Lady into a flashy
the sign w riting o f the ancients. I t s function radioactive l o u t , changes o n e from eternal
w ill be to recharge the human body lik e a bat helical femininity to flashy radioactive mas
tery. ..w ith a side effect o f being able to turn culin ity . One cannot look upon the face o f a
back time. comma except he go into a coma.
Hie man chiefly responsible for the "In te-
gratron is George W. Van Tassel, a man known
widely in connection with the subject o f flying
saucers and v isito rs from outer space.
Van Tassel, who operates the near-by Giant
Rock A ir p o r t a mecca for the believers in
visito rs from outer space i s president o f the
" C o l l e g e o f Universal Wisdom . The college ,
thru a non-profit corporation chartered by the
state, owns the integratron.
The "m achine , says Van Tassel, i s s t i ll at
least two years from completion. So f a r , he
said, the corporation which he heads has sunk
$ 6 8 ,0 0 0 into the structure. The money came from
contributions o f some 4 ,0 0 0 persons scattered
over the n a t i o n , bu t most o f whom liv e in the
Los Angeles area.
Rejuvenation is the main goal o f the exper
im ent, s a y s the m a c h in e s inventor. Time
travel will be pursued as an interesting side mmmmm
venture. Van T assel's "Integratron", b u ilt on the d esert
Reprint from an a r tic le by AL BRDfOi in the near Tucca Valley, was b u ilt without screws,
San Bernardino (C a lif.) SUM n a ils, or any other m etal.
8- Tbe A B E R R E E --------------- Sept e m be r , 1963
f&ut you, 7oo, Gun J0o 3t
By HAROLD S. SCHROEPPEL W A R N I N G These lesso ns In Advan c e d P e r c e p
t i o n are not to be tree ted lightly or d e lved
LESSON 16 CONTROL OP THE FUTURE In by the c u r i o u s for idle or q u e s t i o n a b l e
goals. As the Author cauti ons, t h e y re d a n g e r
R E R E Q U ISIT ES f o r t h i s le s s o n a r e a l l o u s and it Is s u g g e s t e d two p e r s o n s with s i m i
the p r e c e d in g l e s s o n s a n d som e lar intent work as a lean. On e of the risks in
a b i l i t y i n a l l o f them : a b i l i t y to volv ed. Hr. Schroeppel warns. Is that sowe who
s e e and p e r c e i v e t h e fu t u r e t o some s u c c e s s f u l l y d e v e l o p their a d v a n c e d p e r c e p t i o n
a re go i n g to soo s o w e things t h e y d rather not
e x t e n t , t h e a b i l i t y t o h a n d le emo s e o . And don't w l x with any oth e r techn ique,
t i o n , t o h a n d le i n t e n t i o n a n d to or y ou w a y find y o u r s e l f w o r k i n g at C M > s s - p u r -
ch an ge i n t e n t i o n , t o understand poses. W h i c h Is no pla c e to find yours elf, or
th o ugh t, e m o t io n , and e f f o r t , and for a n y o n e else to find you o s p e c l a l l y an In
competent psychologist or p s y chiatrist. They
how to a p p ly them . ay get the idea y o u ' r e as crazy as they are.
Everybody c o n t r o ls h i s own f u _____________ The EDITOR
tu r e to some e x t e n t . E v e r y b o d y fo r e s e e s
th e f u t u r e to some e x t e n t . You know tha t pick up the emotionally colored events from
you a re g o in g t o e a t , and you s e t in mo your dreams.
Your perception o f the future will vary
tio n t h e p r e l im in a r y s t e p s tow ard that
directly according, fir s t , to how much you are
fu tu re . Y o u know that you are g o in g to w illin g to see and perceive in the way o f emo
have v ario u s o r d in a r y t h i n g s happen t o tion , r o u t in e , a n d the actual structure o f
y o u , t h a t t h e sun i s g o in g to r i s e tomor l i f e , the routine growing things; and, second,
row, and a l o t o f o t h e r s t u f f lik e t h a t . to how much o f i t you are trying to co n tr o l,
Pe rh a p s 9 5 p e r c e n t o f y o u r fu t u r e i s more because the more desire you h a v e about the
o r l e s s r o u t i n e , a nd f o r t h i s reason you future, the more effort you are making to con
h ave come t o ig n o r e i t . trol i t , tiie less o f i t you w ill be able to
see. You will not see those things which would
What most people are actually looking for interfere with the things you are trying to
in control o f the future is the means o f avoid control. So you will have to strike a balance.
ing the high spots o f unpleasant emotion -- the I am told by a number o f persons that about 50
"t i m e s when I l o s t , a n d o f setting up the percent is the proper balance; You should see
tim es when I was successful . about 50 percent o f the future in pretty good
The question then i s not whether you can detail, and the other 5 0 percent should be
see and control any o f the future, b u t how more or less random, or random-seeming, which
much o f i t do you see and control. How much o f means that actually you are trying to control
it are you apparently effect rather than the or prevent about 10 or 15 percent o f what you
controlling cause? do not see.
On the highest level o f awareness, the in I t is possible to operate on a completely
dividual continuously and in detail c r e a t e s random, completely seen fu t u r e . in this case
h i s future as he creates h is environment, and you are totally the effect o f the environment.
the control o f i t as he creates i t is not very You will e a t tills way, but the how and the
d i f f i c u l t . Bht there is a balance. In order to Therewithal w ill rather surprise you. This law
cause something, you must agree to be the effect o f possibles is stated in the B ib le in one o f
o f i t also. I f you want to control a group o f the parables o f Jesus when he says, "C o nsider
people, you have to agree to be the effect o f the l i l i e s o f the field , how they grow; they
that group; that is , you must be w illing to do toil not, neither do they spin, yet Solomon in
whatever is necessary in order to cause that all his glory was not arrayed as one of th es e.
group o f people to do what you want them to I t is also stated elsewhere when he t e lls his
do. I t i s n 't a simple matter o f saying, 1 d disciple s to go forth to teach taking only a
lik e to see the world at p ea ce , without being robe and no other s u p p lie s , i t is perfectly
ready to do something about peace. O f co u rse, possible to live an absolutely random, uncon
i f you want to b e cause for as large a group trolled future as well. But you will have to
o f people as the world, you have to be a large find out where you are before you start walk
amount o f effect a l s o . You have to be crucified in g . I f you climb out o f a boat a n d start
o r i t s equivalent perhaps murdered on some walking across the water, you are apt to get
Indian street, as Gandhi was. On smaller things wet unless you have the data on le v i t a t i o n .
you d o n t need to be q u it e so much e f f e c t , But we are considering control o f the fu
naturally. You can control then with somewhat ture and how this i s achieved. The future in
less tro u ble. But you must s t i l l be ready to terms o f a given individual i s controlled ex
make things balan ce. actly and in detail hy h i s intentions about
By now, i f you have do n e the lessons and i t , i f he is cause; or, i f he i s not cause, by
learned them well, you should be able to see the things h e has agreed to be the effe ct o f ,
fair- sized blocks o f the future. Normally you which he has agreed are cause for him. Between
can see i t in a straight-line event scan which these two, i t is always possible to determine
has a lot o f holes in i t that i s , you can see a man s future in great d e ta il. By this same
the major h ig i points from day to day. i f you p rin ciple I t i s possible to set up anybody on
have been doing the dream technique, you should an electropsychometer, whether be claims to
know the future or not, and determine what his concrete whole. These are the points a t which
intentions a r e , w hat he plans to do i n the you c a n alter y o u r future d r a s t ic a lly by
future if anything, who or what he i s the effect changing the intentions that hold it in p la c e .
o f , and what he is trying to cause. I t is even You must learn to make sure, when you plan
easier to determine h is future simply by ask something, when you set up the desire, that
ing him to imagine a number o f things and not you examine the full meaning o f that d e s ir e .
ing h is reactions to them. The ones he imagines I f you s e t u p , f o r example, a desire f o r a
the easiest are i n most cases the ones he supply of walnuts, you must be w illing to plant
would lik e to see happen . the tree, to take care o f that tree and prune
To control your future, you learn to con i t and water i t properly, and so on. I f you set
trol your intentions about it . Once the inten up the desire to have children , you must be
tions are set, the future i s esta blish e d. In fu lly w illing to care for those ch ild r en , to
tention and desire in this case are practically feed them and send than to school and wash
the same thing. A real strong desire for some their dirty faces and clean the mud o f f their
thing is in effect, as far as God is concerned, feet and a l l the rest o f the complications
a p r a y e r , a n d i s communicated to the group that go with raising c h ild r e n .
mind, the race m ind, G o d , or whatever action This i s where most people get o f f the track
i t is that i s in charge o f answering p ra y er, in controlling the future. I t is not how they
and will be recorded and acted upon. The un i ask nor the fact they set up the desire; i t is
verse i s so set up that you must get exactly usually in their fa ilin g to calculate the full
what you want; the factor which is not deter effect o f what they are asking for.
mined i s when you will get i t , how long y o u While y o u have been able to get by with
w ill have to w a it, because time i s the arbi this kind o f vague irresponsibility to some
trary, the element which changes. With this extent before you had training, you will find
one variable, your future will be based exact that, now you are trained, you cannot make a
ly and entirely on your desires and your in casual, half-hearted prayer. Anything you do
tentions at some time or other past, p r e se n t , in a half-baked way will give you an absolutely
or future. half-baked r e s u lt . The un trained individual
I f you have agreed that someone else is may be able to pray for rain without consider
cause for you for instance that some woman ing a ll t h e aspects o f i t , and have a nice
controls you completely, or you must keep your gentle shower for a result; but this w ill not
mother happy then your future will be deter work for you. You might end up with a tornado
mined by th eir intentions and d e s ir e s . and a flood.
But most o f y o u , by the time you have come You can control anything over which you are
this far, should be determining your own fu w illing to take authority, i f someone comes to
ture by your own intentions, and you should by you for help, you say to yourself, " I take
now have some inkling as to how you set i t u p . authority over this person, and you say it to
You should be able to catch y ourself th in k in g , God, o r the telepathic levels, or whatever you
I t would be real n ice i f this would happen, want to call them. But once you have claimed
and afterward see how such things happen as the authority, you cannot blame the results on
d e sir e d . The remainder o f the job o f learning, somebody else. You must be w illin g to accept
to control the future i s learning to set up whatever happens.
these l i t t l e desires properly. I f someone comes to you and says that such-
One reason for the Y o g is strong emphasis on and-such a group got together and prayed and
absolute neutrality o f thought, absolute bal prevented a war, he is talking thru h is hat
ance, being able to s it completely s t i l l , is unless that group was equally w illing to cause
that in this way the individual can shut d o m a war at some time or other. The same is true
h i s desirer , that part of him which causes o f deaths or accidents. Every use o f force
and controls his future. Having shut i t down, applied in the universe must balance. God likes
he is then in a position as he sets i t back up nice neat, balanced equations in the psychic
again to examine the future he i s causing for realm as well a s anywhere else.
himself, to see what h i s intentions and de There is only one force which can be applied
s ir e s a r e . in large quantities without causing an equally
In each o f us there are certain cycles a l large imbalance which must somehow be compen
ready in motion, a s we have previously dis sated; and that i s the force o f love. But love
cussed. Now you are the effect o f past d e s ir e s , does not control the future. Love permits i t ,
and some o f them are s t i ll in motion, and some love admires i t , love lets i t happen. The min
o f them will be unchangeable. Some o f them are ute you try to cause o r alter some p a r t i c u l a r
in motion and unchangeable because you a r e a event, you are no longer using in it s fullest
human being born into a human society; some , that force which is called love, because love
because you are a man or a woman and have s e x ; i s a force that does not bend o r alter e v e n t s ,
some, because you are a growing, evolving in but brings them to flower in their own natural
dividual with a certain relationship to an a l way. I f a person would naturally be w illing to
ready established environment. But these are do this o r that, when love is applied i t will
essentially minor, and only a few o f the de become possible for him to achieve with the
t a il s o f your fu t u r e . Most o f your future in stimulus o f love, even tho he might have thought
great detail can be altered radically from i t beyond him without this h e l p . But i f what
th is moment forth, i f you are so minded. Prac the individual would naturally do is to slug
t ic a lly everything but your sex and your age h is brother, upon application o f the force o f
can be pulled u p , taken apart, and set down love he is quite lik ely to go ahead and slug
again in a new spot, i f you w ant. h is brother anyway.
There are certain times when your future is Ordinarily i t i s not good to control your
easier to affect than a t o t h e r s . There a r e future, i f you try to maintain complete con
change p o i n t s , at which the future fans out trol over i t , you will have almost no percep
from a particular decision or set o f d e c is io n s , tion on i t except for those things which you
each one o f which has it s own complete, de are trying to cause to happen; and i f you have
ta ile d, total fu t u r e wrapped up w i t h i t so an emotional block, you will get thoroly sur
that when you come to this point you can see prised sooner or later.
the future as a more or less integrated or (Continued in the next issue)

10 Th e fl BERREE SEPTEMBER, 1963

By Dr. KARL KRIDLER OW DOES one get what he wants? F irst, one

makes a start and one way to start is to

be so vibrantly healthy, so full o f good
(5") MAKING THE BIBLE s p ir its , so alert, that anything i s ea s y .
ITH THE establishment o f the Roman State It would seem that m ost ABERREE readers
Church in the Fourth Century A . D . , came and all ABERREE writers, whether in a rti
the need o f a book to persuade the people cles o r in l e t t e r s , are soul-searchers and
to believe the Church w a s G o d s agents truth seekers. There are two kinds, those who
The giant task of compiling that book from spend some e f f o r t and motion and those who
the scrolls o f the ancient astrologers, d o n t. The ones who do may s it in m editation,
not one line o f which had a known author, was do special exercises , attend seances, write ,
begun by Eusebius o f Caesarea (264-349 A .D . 1 play a the o u ija board, lecture, think up new
renowned scholar, a learned le a d e r , some say gimmicks, originate n e w t h e o r ie s , conduct
an In it ia t e o f the Ancient M y s t e r i e s , a ngroups,
d walk their astral bodies around, o r . . .
Bnperor Constantine's right-hand-bower at the Then there are the ones who d o n t. Don 't do
F irst Council of Nicea in 325 A . D . , where and anything, that is, except, o f course, s i t and
when occurred the epochal event o f founding talk. They have no energy to do otherwise.
the above Church, not so much as a religious The apparent goal i s to be one with the
institutio n as a p o litical expediency, accord universe , know the unknowable , find the
ing to the facts o f hidden history. essence o f God or Sp irit , solve the riddle of
Had Eusebius lived to fin is h the B ible, it the universe , or ju s t to b e . There are jil-
would have been a far d iffere nt book than it lions of paths leading to b e - Many of the
turned out to b e . He died before i t was com leaders and proponents of these paths have many
pleted, and the work was taken over by Jerome ideas in common on which I w ill not elaborate
(331-420 A.D . 1 and finished in the early part except one which, o f course, leads me by this
o f the Fifth Century. verbose and devious way to the crux o f this
Jerome lacked much o f being the polished humble missive. It is th is start with the most
scholar Eusebius was. He was not so proficient obvious and logical point of reality for us all
in knowledge o f the ancient symbols and a lle --the body. A healthy body! It is an i n d i s
gories as Eusebius was. This caused him to in putable fact we must have at least an operable
clude and exclude certain scriptures, the value body for a starting point to expend the energy
of which was unknown to him, and to give the necessary to embark on the path o f choice. It
wrong slant to many o f h is interpretations o f i s always a help i f our parents have given us
the ancient language. a durable body and good food in our formative
Regardless o f who had made the B ib le, none years, but NOW is the time we are liv in g in and
o f the scribes in those tu rbu le n t t im e s had NOW is the important consideration.
dared to commit to writing in lucid language I recommend the following t h in g s : Eat no
the secret knowledge concealed in the ancient processed f o o d s , t r y to obtain organically-
symbols and a lle g o r ie s . Hence, the Bible was grown produce, meat, and eggs whenever possi
compiled not to present, in overt d e ta il, the ble. Eat plenty o f seeds and nuts. Take health
ageless wisdom o f the Masters, but to conceal food vitamins and bone meal.
i t . And so, there is much truth in a remarka This advice is d i ffic u lt to follow, I know
ble book o f 800 pages by Krypton, t it le d Quar- as supplies are scarce or non-existent in some
tum Organum, wherein he s a i d : areas . So each a n d every one start writing
The Bible i s nothing b u t mythology, and letters to your p r e s id e n t , your governors ,
when we come to deal with i t (which he did in your congressmen, your state assemblymen, your
later pages o f h is book), we will prove that federal, state, and county agricultural de
it i s plagiarized mythology at that (P. 3 20 V . partments, your food manufacturers, and gro
Christianity believes this mythology i s of cery chain owners protesting. Protest the use
Jewish o rig in . No reference to Jews occurs in o f insecticides, pesticides, weed k ille r s anc
the B i b l e until we reach 2 Kings 1 6 : 6 . Why chemical fe r t iliz e r s that make fruits and veg
theologians call Abraham, Isa a c , and J a co b etables u n fit for human consumption. ProtesJ
Jews i s not understandable. No Jews were the use o f steroids such as stilbesterol an*
known in history during their days. This is an use o f antibiotics in our meat, poultry, anc
other case to prove how mistaken theologians milk industries. Protest the pollution o f our
are as to many points in the B i b l e . water supplies by industrial wastes and use of
Making the B ible w a s a huge and delicate detergents instead o f soap. Protest the chem
task. The compilers did not relish the thought ical additives that are put wholesale into
o f recording the profound secrets o f the age processed foods.
less wisdom that had never before been put in Turn the tide in the complete annihilatioi
writing. It had to be done in such an ingenious o f our bodies while we s t ill have a chance tr
manner that the exoteric could not detect the use them. After a ll, the whole point of e x is
hidden meaning o f what they r e a d , and y e t tence is to get out of this l i f e alive! I f yo
think they d i d . And s o , every w ord, every want further data on what is being done to yoi
phrase, lin e , sentence, ana paragraph had to in the name of science , read PREVENTION MAG
be studied with extreme care, to make the mes AZINE, Rodale Press, Bamaus, Pe nn ., Silent
sages misleading to the exoteric while inform S p r in g , by Rachel Carson, and Poisons in
ing the e s o t e r ic , and yet conceal from the Tour Food , by William Longgood. Or check your
( P L E A S E T U R N TO P A 6 E 13) public library: there are many others.


tr ev o r ja m e s
previously deemed immutable.
Physicists are
appear in the Periodic Table, in 1938, however,
Dr. Drown found, and therefore p ublished , 101
elements passing over the human cranial nerve
system. Physics at that time entertained only
trained that the strength o f a radio station 9 2 elements. In the intervening time, physics
in your receiver diminishes in proportion to has found 12 more elements, and Dr. Drown has
the square o f the distance between the receiver completed her chart at 108.
and the station. Vital energy i s subject to no These aspects and many others connect D r .
such attenuation, i t has other properties that Drown's work in the most rational way to orth
portend a revolution in electrical communica odox science, and they also connect metaphysics
tion, and which have already become a part o f to p h y sics. W h ile this side of things is a
the technology developed by Dr. D r o w n . great deal more difficult to grasp, i t is truly
For example, it has been found among other destined to be her m ost sig nificant contribu
researches that the blood of a human being is tion to world thought in this age .
the bearer o f a special relationship to vital The human body is considered hy every worth
energy. Mien a dime-sized sp o t o f blood i s while e s o t e r i c approach as a microcosm , a
placed on a chip o f blotting paper, it becomes .l i t t l e u n iv erse, a t in y duplicate o f the mac
the v is ib le end o f an inv is ib le line connected rocosm . Since the earliest times, intuitively
to the body o f its owner as long as he is alive guided teachin g has related man s o rga n s,
and even for a short time after d e a th . Not glands, tissues, and general anatomy to the
until the vital energy is completely withdrawn Cosmos, in the Chaldean Qabalah, all this was
subsequent to death is the connection broken. set out in numbers.
A s im ila r phenomenon, showing t h e gradual These Qabalistic numbers are all verified by
withdrawal o f vital energy from a dead lea f , a never-ending network o f relationships b e
has been objectified by the K ir lia n s in R u ss ia . tween Drown frequencies and the numbers. This
Assuming that the owner o f the blood spot discovery w i l l certainly bring this ancient
is s t il l alive when h is blood crystal is con system of thought squarely into the 20th Cen
nected to the input of the Drown Diagnostic tury, with a firm link to modern physics and
Instrument, then electrically speaking that completely suited to modem men with contem
person is present at the input o f the instru porary problems.
ment. The connection is not to the patient as The applications o f this in psychosomatic
he was at the time when the blood spot w as medicine seem destined to be the most far-
taken, but as he is a t the moment the blood reaching of a ll. The mental attitudes of modem
crystal is connected to the instrument. He may men, their frustrations, appetites, and habits
be diagnosed in full ju s t as i f he were in the o f thought damage their physical structures by
room, and photographs made in cross-section of precise relationships o f mind to body. The
h is organs. A blood count, blood chem istiy , Drown system, for example, permits the knowl
and urinalysis may be made the same way. edgeable doctor to know from organic damage
Radio-Vision photographs have been made by what aspect o f h i s p a t ie n t s emotional and
Dr. Drown in London, before audiences of medi mental l i f e is disturbed. Within a short tim e,

cal doctors , o f patients who were physically provided that Americas good laws are not mis
in the S. A. In one dramatic instance, both used to destroy the Drown work, a whole new era
diagnosis and Radio-Vision were fully confirmed will open for psychiatry. I t could well become
by post mortem surgery in Connecticut. the king o f the medical arts and sciences.
Dr. Drown also invented an instrument for A full system o f therapy h a s a l s o been
the control o f hemorrhage. When an instrument worked out by Dr. D row n , based on t h e same
is tuned in to the parathyroid glands o f a hu principles as diagnosis, ju s t as it is possible
man and grounded, then hemorrhage is controlled to tune into bodily tissues to detect d i s e a s e ,
in that person wherever he goes on earth. A so is i t possible to tune into the same struc
prominent eastern U . S. university conducted tures for treatment, in the t h e r a p y , the pa
tests with this device in dentistry, found it t i e n t s vital energy i s the primary h e a lin g
most efficacious, and permitted the surgeon in agency.
volved to attest to this in Writing. Then the As far as tests o f the Drown work are con
university forbade publication o f the r es u lts, cerned, there have been many tests, formal and
apparently after word of success got higher u p . informal, thru the years. There never has been
Readers o f s c ien tific bent might wish to a formal test carried out by competent phys
know what relationship Dr. Drowns work does icians trained to use this work by the inven
bear to the world o f conventional physics. The tor, and in a spirit of scientific o b je c t iv it y .
relationship is much closer than might be sus Anything along this line detrimental to D r .
pected. Dr. Drown >s work is entirely a matter Drown and her discoveries has, o f course, been
o f num bers. Without numbers, i t would n o t , widely published by the powerful agencies who
could not, exist. Numbers have a s t r a n g e a f do not wish these theories to gain currency.
fin ity for the truth. Dr. Alexander Cannon, the eminent B ritish
The numbers in the Drown system, far from neurosurgeon and psychiatrist, advanced h is
being arbitrary and meaningless, bear a s ig own views about tests when h e wrote to the
n ific a n t relationship to the mathematics Which author: What is the use o f a t e s t , i f i t is
underlie all physics on the one h a n d , and to done in bias and ignorance o f what is being
the vast metaphysical system o f the Chaldean tested?
Qabalah on the other. D r . Drown illustrated in due time, i f this series o f discoveries
this relationship in 1938. can evoke the enlightened interest o f American
In London in that year D r . Drown concluded scientists determined that their nation shall
a phase o f her research into the human cranial dominate the world o f i d e a s , the Drown work
nerve system, and published a chart in England. will emerge triumphant from all properly ar
This c h a r t showed the elements found to be ranged tests. For the moment, we have only the
passing o v e r the various ascending and de hope that the lesson o f Sputnik has sunk in ,
scending branches o f the cranial system by the and that men o f intelligence and goodwill will
Drown instrument. The actual frequencies of unite to bring this new aspect o f physics into
these elements are virtually identical with the light, i f i t is not done in America, it is
the atomic weights o f the elements as they evident it is now going to be done in R u ssia .

12 T he A 3ERREE SE PTEMBER, 1963

visite d Hie ABERREE office more ly horoscopes available, and
than a year a g o , demonstrated the daily predictions in many
they have an unusual awareness newspapers. In spite o f this
o f their own E S P powers but widespread in t e r e s t , few ever
t h is can be developed by oth dream o f attempting to cast
ers, Wetherill s a y s . He adds their own horoscopes.
that it was thru logical think To make this possible was
ing and BSP that Humanetics de the aim o f Grant Lewi in writ
veloped it s system o f getting ing "Heaven Knows What , since
THE THEORY A HD PRACTICE OP rid o f distorted actions and he believed that one o f the
EZTRASBHSORY PERCEPTIOH, By thinking. Picking up "command prime uses o f astrology was in
Richard Wetherill. 150 p a g e s ; phrases which dictate aberra- self-discovery, and one should
aiweo. Pub. by Hum anetics, tive responses is in i t s e l f a not have to be dependent upon
Vyrmewood, Perm. use o f E S P , Wetherill s a y s . professionals. Mr. Lewi also
One merely has to ask for the emphasized the value of astrol
ESP i s n t something you ogy in en a bling parents to
p h ra s es , start writing them
learn, i t s something you d is down, and t h e y ll come, i f one recognize seeds o f d ifficulty
cover, Richard Wetherill points persists long enough, incidents in their children, and by early
out in this latest book in the care and train in g, stave o ff
o f picking up "command phrases
Humanetics series. I t s a bit for persons needing them but much later unhappiness.
like b r eath ing , or clearing not p re se nt, a r e c it e d , with Beginning w i t h a sam ple
our throats. I t s so habitual dramatic r e s u lt s . horoscope, thru which you are
that most o f us d o n t r ea lize carefully l e d , step by ste p ,
One o f the more spectacular
we do it . But to take full ad you are given instructions for
demonstrations o f ESP i s the
vantage o f ESP on a conscious " r e c a l l o f details o f one s casting your own, a n d i f you
level- - well, t h a t s the pur did your practice lessons con
own b ir t h - - in which persons
pose o f " T h e Theory and Prac
doing this were able to give scientiously, you shouldn t go
tice o f Extrasensory P e rc e p wrong. As insurance against
information even more accurate
tion . It shows you how to use e r r o r, a n u m b e r o f printed
than persons present who were
this lit tle understood fa c u lt y .
relying on their conscious mem horoscope blanks are furnished,
Wetheril 1 g i v e s numerous
ories. But before you start along with cardboard wheels to
examples showing how ESP works
checking your own birth scenes, assist in determining the sub
--not to convince the s k e p t i c ,
check your m otives, W etherill j e c t s squares or trin es .
but for the information of the
a d v is e s . T h e y ve got to be Grant Lewi h system o f using
many who keep library shelves
Simon-pure--and this disagrees abbreviations, such as " J u ,
empty of all books obtainable
with t h o se who in s ist there "M e r , " S a t , e t c ., removes
on the subject. Thruout these
are no "a b so lu te s . All r ig h t , much o f the mystery for begin
examples , he points o ut that
Wetherill says, i s absolute ners, but the standard astrol
motive is the important factor
or i t i s n t really r ig h t . ogy symvols a r e supplied i f
in using ESP; one must have no
A good book for those in he wishes a more p ro fe ss io n
selfish intentions -- such a s :
terested either in ESP or Hu a l- lo o k in g c h a r t . Prom the
How can I make things easier
manetics. Table o f Years at the back o f
for me? What advantages will
ESP is distributed to con the b o o k , y o u find numbers
it give me in my dealings with
tributors t o t h e Humanetics which indicate where to place
others? How can I profit? e t c .
movement. ^ ^ Trah Rika the planets in the numbered
Quit thinking about yourself ,
spaces o f the horoscope c i r c l e ;
and start thinking about your HEAVER KROVS VBAT, by Grant following which you underline
place and your function in Lewi. 215 pp. of text plus all the various combinations
G o d s divin e p l a n , he u r g e s . epheneris fo r years 1890 to
ind ica te d . You then look up
Wetherill thinks it unfor 196U, inclusive. $ 1 0 .0 0 , Pub.
the numbered paragraphs which
tunate that the word "EXTRA- by Llewellyn P u b s ., 100 South apply to each. I f you wish to
sensory perception should be Vabash, S t. Paul, Minn.
copy th es e, y o u ll find you
so universally accepted rather have a complete horoscope--
Altho referred to in the
than INNER - sensory p e r c e p many pages long--and you may
encyclopedia as an "a n c ie n t
tion , since the powers demon
art , astrology today is grow find i t so fascinating, y o u ll
strated come naturally from be doing i t for relatives and
ing like a "youngster , as ev
within , and are not " extras
idenced by the number o f as fr ie n d s . Add a turban, and
acquired from without.
trology magazines on n e w s y o u r e in business.
Mr. and Mrs. Wetherill, who stands, the generalized month Sophia Tryst

jVn.il L lY lllj J L iIt
(c o n t i n u e d
F R O M P A G E 11)
other versions are published by groups that
have special theories of God and H is work ,
eyes o f the w o rld the hidden meaning of the such as Jehovah s W itnesses, who want a Bible
symbols and p a ra b le s. to show their postulates are the "r e a l McCoy .
Revelation i s one o f the most stupendous The press o f Sept. 21, 1952, carried t h i s
allegories ever penned by the hand o f man. It item: "R e lig io u s events o f 1952 include publi
has steadfastly baffled the best brains o f cation o f the Revised Standard Version Bible .
Christianity to decipher it s cryptic meaning. Thus the scheme goes o n , with various reasons
Even Krypton, wise in b ib lica l lore, fa ile d to offered as excuses why it is d o n e .
And it s secret message when he picked it apart But why such importance attributed to the
in his book above mentioned. B ible o r to the tyranny o f words? Hie Bible is
The work of revision and interpolation of only a book, made by men, and no book , no
the B ible has never ceased. Since about 1880 author, no pastor, no group, no organization
when the Revised Edition of the King James B i can vary or change the facts o f Creation. For
ble o f 1611 was p u b l i s h e d , numerous other those fixed facts we are here searching. They
versions have been published by groups that are much more important, valuable, and t r u s t
felt they were making matters clearer by ren worthy in m ans l i f e than any book, regardless
dering the K i n g s English o f 1611 into the o f its age, author, source, or n a t u r e .
language o f the commoners o f this e r a . s t i ll (Continued in the next issue)
( C O N T I N U E D F R O M P A G E 2)
per, but it probably wont get
t h e publicity given B r i dey
Murphy. This episode concerns
data any E-meter student could
have given them years ago. Re
member the pre-clears. who had
an annoying habit of squeezing
a Santa M onica e x - c o n v i c t ,
horrify Aunt Agatha who knows the c a n s , or loosening p r e s
Meryl B. Cork, who claims that
all about hell and w ha ts go sure, to control the reading
while in p r i s o n recovering
ing to happen to people who and confuse the auditor? O f
from gunshot wounds received
disagree with her-- and in our course , a good auditor could
in a ho ldu p , he was regressed
excitem ent, we probably ran detect such subterfuges, but
under hypnosis by prison doc
Toms long distance telephone there probably has be en many
tors (you can do anything to a
b ill away out of proportion to an auditing hour wasted trying
convict legally, apparently >.
what he expected when he put to find a n engram that w a s
While under hypnosis, Cork re
in the call to ask us a simple no more than an i t c h in the
vealed to a Dr. Paul S tu v e r
Q u estio n . But it do e s sound palm , or the recall o f some
that in h is previous l i f e " , he
lik e a good idea--this putting thing that had nothin g to do
had been William B illy t h e
ghost stories on r e c o r d . Re whatever with the question the
Kid Bonnie, who was shot to
minds us of our barefoot days auditor had a sk e d . Now, since
death in New Mexico after h e d
when we used to lie in the hay it i s o f f i c i a l , it can be
k ille d 21 white men, two wom
stack , while Dad told us some revealed that tensing the toe
en, 10 Mexicans, 13 I n d ia n s ,
d i l l i e s . Above u s , the stars muscles , when answering some
twinkled a m u s e d l y , and the and two Negroes. (He d i d n t do
so well in this l i f e , however, thing truthfully, stimulates
moon-man grinned u n de rstan d- an emotional involvement that
ingly while our eyes probed as he was shot five times by could b e m istaken for a l i e
the shadows between us and the b is would-be victim in an un response. Or the m ental p ic
successful beauty shop holdu p . 1
house, and we dreaded the time turing of something e x c it in g -
Cork say s that investigation
when w e d have to go thru or such as a b r ie f sexual fantasy
o f h is recalls have proven so
past whatever might be lurking w ill produce an emotional
in them as the ev en ings story authentic that Hollywood pro
ducers are planning a revised storm that might make the poly
t e llin g session ended. . . ^ Any
movie o f the western badmans graph run wild. Actually, with
how, i f you see a box with some all due respect to Volney Math-
l i f e , using the data as given
cavorting ghosts thereon who
by Cork under hypnosis. Since ison whose machine forced an
look familiar, stop and give a
*% illy the K i d " was not one of auditor to get his nose out o f
listen to Toms yarns. It might
our heroes, w e re not printing a science-fiction magazine a s
be fun . . .
th is to advertise the revised his pre-clear snoozed away in
5 There was such a crowd story at o f a western badman, but a dope-off , we long ago came
the recent appearance o f Ar to ask how a man can stage a to the conclusion that readings
thur Burks in Los Angeles that holdup on Dec. 12, 1962, pick on the E-meter showed less the
Floranee Verrico had to stand up five bullet wounds, go to pre-clears Tbne than it did
on the porch and turn away the prison, be regressed thru the how much he was " i n session .
latecom ers, after m ore t h a n past l i f e o f a famous t h u g , A pre-clear, facing an auditor
125 had f i l l e d the large meet and get out to help make a who was following some rote he
ing room of D u L. 0j_ Ander movie in May o f 1963. In 1 8 8 1 , had learned i n c l a s s , would
son s to capacity, sEe r e p o r t s . "ju st ic e d i d n 't include movie let h is m ind wander t o more
However, the Friends o f t h e and T-V contracts for teen pleasant things than p rov ing
Dunbar Training Center organi agers who couldn t behave. . . Hubbard was a bsolutely r i g h t ,
zation is seeking larger quar and could give such a false
ters not especially because 5 Albert Roy D a v i s . Green " h i g h reading that the poor
o f this, but Dr. Anderson him Cove S p r in g s , F l a ., r a n t h e rote auditor would start dig
s e lf is to move soon -- forced following ad. in the classified ging for " c l e a r b u tton s to
out because h is Center a t 270 section o f two F lo r id a news pin on h is v ic t im . But it was
South St. Andrews Place is be papers, t h e FLORIDA TIMES- more ennui that was showing
ing sold out from under him to UNION a n d t h e Jacksonville than i t was tone rea din g . . .
make way for a new apartment JOURNAL: It may be that the Washington
h o u s e. . . 5 Another change in 8. PERSONALSNOTICES1* o f f i c i a l s , faced with the fear
the Los Angeles area is th e o f revealing their maladminis
acquisition by the Church of L. RON HUBBARDP,si tration on the same type of
Scientology o f a larger build FRED HANDPk machine police have used f o r
ing at 1089 South Hoover, with PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH
ME! Or anyone knowing the ad* years to force prisoners into
an open house to celebrate on dress of anyone, or all, of the true or false confessions, may
present or please
above men,
June 29. The 12-hour affair was known write
Nt> have set up the exp erts to
marked w ith a party and the phone calls please. Roy Davis, confuse the issue that they
director; Rov Davis Co.; 23 W,
playing o f t a p e s . (O n e guess Walnut St.; Green Cove Springs, really d i d n t steal those m il
as to whose voice was o n the Fla. l i o n s , after a l l , but w e r e
tapes. 1 . . . 1 A ll o f which does It went to a claimed 2 ,5 0 0 ,0 0 0 merely tensing their big t o e s .
n t sound as i f Angelenos are readers, cost him $ 7 2 .8 0 , and Which may mean the electrodes
much w orried over bodements d i d n t garner a single answer. o f the future w ill be clamped
that Califo rnia will sink into I wanted to prove a point and on the toes not held in the
the d r i n k , with the rising of I think I d i d , Roy ex p la ins. hand. How about it Volney? . . .
Lem uria. O u r mentioning i t Well, i t proved a point to u s , 5 Apropos o f nothing (zero ,
here do e sn t mean we think it too that advertising in The that i s ) , Phil Friedman, who
"w ill happen or that i t wont . ABERREE i s a better i n v e s t i s trying to escape t h e h e a t
However, i f i t should, we sus ment IF you want r e s u l t s ... o f Florence at Lakeside , an
pect the effect on other so- Arizona seaport , sends us an
called s a f e r areas w i l l be 1 So many lia r s are turning announcement o f the birth of
ju s t as d e v a s t a t i n g ... up in Washington and so much trip lets to Lady, one o f his
need to find out just who is goats, recently. (Y es, the goat
5 Further evidence to sup lying about what that self- goes where Phil goes; aYter a l l ,
port the theory o f reincarna styled experts are taking a one must s t a y h e alth y , even
tion h a s b e e n reported b y a new look at the lowly poly when vacationing.) This gives
Santa Monica, C a l i f ., newspa graph and are coming up with ( PL E A S E TURN TO PAGE 15)


him a herd o f six to feed, take
PAGE 14]
sidering converting ORION into
a bimonthly, giving them twice
as much time for production
that m a y in d ic a t e the F D A
thinks it has grown powerful
enough for a showdown i s its
which is a rainbow we once im action in refusing the cancer
care o f, and eventually milk
agined f o r The ABERREE. How treatm ent, Krebiozen , permit
i f they re all milchable, which
ever, deadlines have a habit to ship its drug across state
Phil didn t s a y . . . 1 However,
of exerting p ressure, no mat lines out o f Illin o is . Dr. Ste-
he did call attention to some
te r how far apart they may be van Durovic, discoverer o f the
errors in the Mother Goose ar
spaced, and cne gets so he ad drug, said 400 to 5 0 0 persons
t ic le we used last month some
errors in which we substituted ju s ts to t h e m ... outside the state have been
consonants for o t h e r con so 1 A newcomer in the psychic cut o ff from treatment by the
nants, as w ell as vowels f o r field is The COSMIC STAR, tab FDA action and their only re
other vow els. Maybe t h a t s loid-type m onthly, p ublished course is suits to enjoin the
in H o lly w ood, C a l i f . (6 3 1 1 FDA from halting ship m en ts.
why out o f P h i l s m outh , it
sounds less confusing than it Yucca S t . ) From the firs t two
1 The Governments d r iv e to
does on the pages of The ABER- issues, it i s apparent COSMIC reduce all of us to tax-paying
REE , Phil quotes, in a some STAR intends to do a reporting
numbers got another boost in
what sarcastic v e i n . . . job in the entire f i e l d of
July when Zip Codes were
psychism and Spiritualism. Our
1 LOOKING AHEAD Lo wan a Ju- added to complicate the job of
congratulations t o Lo u is, who
l a i n e , whose writings in the addressing m a i l . We suspect
was interviewed as fir s t in a some will use them and some
past have proven s u c h a favo series on the lives o f Famous
r it e with ABERREE readers, has won t --which will bring about
Psychics, Sensitives, and M e a new regulation making them
agreed to conduct a Dream diums . . . 5 johnny Lovewisdom ,
Divination column for us, and mandatory as macnines are added
who spends h is l i f e trying to that c a n t r e a d E h id , Okla.
we hope to start next month .
stay healthy on special d i e t s , but can read 73701 . And what
Nightmares a specialty. There
invited us to h i s 43rd birth happens to the outworn slogan ,
will be other additions , a n d
day party in Loja, Ecuador, on Neither snow, nor rain, nor
subtractions, but news o f these
July 23rd. 43 bananas aflame heat, e t c . ? Will it undergo a
will have to wait until they
on the birthday c a k e, he prom modernization, such as, "N e i t h
occur, since we re temporarily
is e d . On the post outside our er rust, nor dir t, nor squeaky
out o f p s y c h i c s . (Louis i s
o ffic e door, t h e thermometer cogs shall stay these ferrets
busy "wowing em up Portland
was reading 114, s o anything o f numbers, maximums, and min-
way and T ra h N i k a says i t s
burning even bananas on birth imums.. . 5 Here, w e d lik e to
much too hot to be donning h is
day cakes wasnt much o f an again remind subscribers who
sees all -knows all ca p , or
inducement for this particular are planning on moving to send
anything e l s e . ) . . . 5 And while
season. But thanks, Johnny . . . us their new addresses. Added
on t h e subject o f p sy chics,
Florida may lose one o f its 5 Elsewhere in th is column , to our " Z i p code i s the Zap
psychic observers because o f mention i s made of the Elec- system, in which second class
the high cost o f a ir condi tropsychoroeter. This was writ mail goes back to the publish
tioning. Albert Roy Davis, who ten before we learned that one er with a 10 cents d u e label
of the devices had been seized thereon, even i f you merely
is responsible for the PSYCHIC
in San Antonio from C.P. Wright , move next door, or across the
NEWS LETTER, has been looking
a member of the Concept Ther street. Which means, you lose
for new quarters at Henderson
apy Institute, by the Food and a magazine. The days when peo
v ille , North Carolina. T h a t s
Drug agents , who allege the ple could move with lit t le or
smack dab in the middle o f the
Electropsychometer h a s been no n o t i c e , sick vicious dogs
tobacco and corn country, a nd
falsely la b e le d , inasmuch as on the postman, and still get
is quite a ways west o f South
literature accompanying it sug their mail, are passing. Auto
ern P i n e s , where Tom O 'N e i l
gests its effective use in the mation is twisting its icy, in
holds forth w it h h i s PSYCHIC
diagnosing of mental diseases human fingers i n t o another
OBSERVER. I seen more corn a and physical malfunction. This
growin than I have in my News fie ld o f communication, a n d
latest action by a federal we re having to take responsi
Letter down i n the State of
unit which seems so sensitive b ilit y for our own "wrong num
F lo r id a t io n , Davis r e p o r t s ...
to A .M .A. thinking hints that bers (ju st aS we did when the
5 The magazine O R I O N , pub the medical union is getting dia ls replaced the human hel
lished by fid and Lois O Neal bold or desperate as it seeks lo g i r l s of a few years back) .
at Lakemont, G a ., has taken on to cut o ff every avenue of es G ra dua lly , we become robots
a new look , w it h the combined cape for persons seeking aid to our own robots.

May and June issue, printed in without mortgaging their all
their newly-installed p l a n t . to the monopoly (since the
The merger issue w a s n e c e s Electropsychometer w a s used
sary , Editor - Printer 0 Neal extensively by chiropractors (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3)
explains, because o f the extra and those engaged in psychoso the rigit to change our minds ,
work e n t a ile d in doing their matic d is e a s e treatment!. In and it may be that the ideas
own p r in t in g . Next month, he the p a s t , our nasty remarks expressed above w i l l p r o v e
prom ises, t h e y ll be back on about the FDA have caused Vol- quite transient. In any event,
schedule. O N e a l s goal o f 64 ne.v Mathison to come to their w e d lik e your ideas on the
pages, plus cover, w a s missed defense as nice boys doing a subject even i f y o u ve solved
by only four pages which is a necessary jo b , but Volney has the secrets o f eternal physi
lot o f magazine t o e d i t , set been known to change h is mind cal ex iste nc e. O f c o u rs e, we
into type, and print. This is before and this latest in may ask for some proof ju s t
when one discovers how short a fringement on liberty may r e as we ll expect the first v i s i
month can b e . Another change mind the inventor o f the Elec tors to the moon to bring back
the O Neals have inaugurated, tropsychometer that one dares a hunk o f green cheese, or the
i s to abandon the 10 -times-a- not turn h is back on a r a t fir s t men on M ars to return
year p o l i c y , and henceforth, tlesnake, no matter how docile with a canal or two.-'
th ey ll publish every m o n t h . it appears when y o u ve got an Proof ! What an odd word
O N eal confesses t h e y re con eye on i t . . . 5 Another ruling in metaphysics and religion .
SEPTEMBER, 1963- ---- Th e ABERREE----- 15
ation, coupled with a change in and thought to say nothing of
my own circumstances, seemed money!--he gave to his alleged
to indicate a clean cut with evaluation o f S ynergetics
the f i e l d . Looking b a c k , I were only a small fraction of
think it was too abrupt, and I what he invested in diantol
apologize to those I d i d not ogy. He did pretend to be in
inform o f my decision . terested in Synergetics and I
"R ecently we have been in accepted t h i s , but I believe
touch with Bob Churchill o f now he was a covert diantolo-
the P s ycho logical R e search gist all along, trying to in
Foundation , P h o e n i x , A r i z ., filt ra t e and invalidate Syner
and have been impressed with getics .
the thoro reappraisal that he " I am sorry he now finds it
and h is co-workers have con necessary to try to invalidate
ducted i n v o l v i n g something me p u b lic ly , but this i s the
lik e 1700 hours o f a u d it in g . way diantologists are carefully
We are using h is methods here , instructed to operate by ABIL
and are pleased with the re ITY MAJOR I and the infamous
sults s o far o b t a i n e d ... I Scientologist Code o f Honor .
think we are on an interesting Art Coulter, 297 Canyon D r .,
line o f research, and I must Columbus, Ohio.
emphasize that it is research.
We cannot make any promises of "Yesterday we received the
c l e a r in g or anything else sad news that Ran di Ray h a s
"S i n c e 1950, many able peo save an increasing awareness departed the physical p l a n e .
p le became more, able thru the and self-knowledge. I know Bob The g r e a t personal loss is
techniques o f Dianetics, then would be glad to have the as tempered by the knowledge that
later Scientology. When Scien sistance o f any auditors who the indomitable sp irit w i l l
tology moved into the image of know what engrams are, and are continue in another sphere of
church, many o f these a b l e not afraid to have a look. If activity. I know your readers
people discontinued their as anyone feels lik e t h i s , per who knew him will share this
sociation with the organization haps they will get in touch with m e.
and the le a d e r , b u t not their either with him or m e. A , J . We, h e re at B udd a , feel
interest in this new fie ld o f S. McMillan, 5 O dkfield Road, that R a n d i s works, writings ,
the self-improvement s c hool
o f thought.
B risto l 8, England. and h is l i f e story would be of
inestimable value to those he
We are now trying to find I appreciate very much Fred le ft behind and for those who
these people thru the columns H a n d s re