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Dear Students and Families:

My name is Ms. Musselwhite-Scott (Ms. Scott for simplicity) and I would like to welcome you to
8th Grade Life Science. Life Science is an introductory course that in many ways is very similar to
high school biology. There is no regents exam for this course; however, there is a New York
State Science Grade 8 Assessment Exam given in May (laboratory skills) and June (a written

On Monday September 11th, all eighth grade students at EDA will be taking the pre-assessment
test for life science. The pre-assessment will be used as one way to measure student growth
throughout the year.

Curriculum Design:

We will be continuing to use the curriculum modules developed by FOSS (Full Option Science
System) for eighth grade life science. The modules, called investigations, are designed to
increase student collaboration and promote student inquiry. There is no textbook. All labs and
other materials will be copied and given directly to the students.

Pencils are REQUIRED. Every day, the students will be expected to write. There is no guarantee that I
will have pencils to lend.
Loose-leaf paper.
One folder to take materials home.

I provide the students with a folder for in class use. This folder is collected daily and does not leave the classroom.
Classroom Expectations:

Class Entry During Instruction/ Class Time

On time Please do not talk over
Once students enter the instruction or class
room, work is to begin. academic discussions.
Pick folders and pencils. Students raise hand to be
Extra copies are available called on.
so students dont need to Respectful language and
go to a locker. appropriate discussion.
Cell phones are to be Harassment or disturbing
away. Cell phones may others will have
only be used with consequences.
teacher permission.
Safety Bathroom Policy
Follow all directions. Students may go during
Equipment is only to be passing.
used for its intended After the bell, students
purpose. must wait 5 minutes.
Do not disassemble or Students must have
deface room fixtures, agendas to go to the
furniture, equipment, bathroom.
etc. Students should not be
Keep the room clean. asking to go to the
Stay in your assigned bathroom more than
area. twice a week.
The most efficient way to reach me is by email. My email address
is cmusselw@elmiracityschools.com. I create email groups for
each class period so that I can periodically send updates on
curriculum and assignments. Please fill out the back page of this
handout and if possible include the email address you use

Thank you. I am looking forward to working with everyone.


Ms. Musselwhite-Scott

Life Science Ernie Davis Academy

Parent/ Guardian Contact Information for Ms. Musselwhite-Scott

Student Name: ________________________________________

Class Period: __________________________

Parent / Guardian Contact #1:

Name: ____________________________________________ (Please print.)

Email: _____________________________________________

Phone: ___________________________________

Parent / Guardian Contact #2:

Name: ____________________________________________ (Please print.)

Email: _____________________________________________

Phone: ___________________________________

Parent /Guardian Signature: ________________________________________

Do you have additional concerns or questions?