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di ords u, Dividing words up What is etymology? The linguistic sign (F. de Saussure). The 2 relationships?! ‘Simple signs vs. complex signs. How do we establish which is which? Identify whether the following are complex signs or simple signs: remission, gooseberry, permissive, remove, replay, resign, footballer, millennium, bookselling, abracadabra. Free vs. bound morphemes. 5.1.In the list of English words below, pick out the free and bound morphemes: hurtful flashy blockage wrongdoing resistance hopelessly volleyball unbiased shown African wizardry mortality unsafe brightness outworker Jonathan's upgrade unbutton Compare the following pairs of words and decide which consist of 1 morpheme and which of 2 morphemes: baked naked printer winter horden garden reheat retreat preview precinct unstable constable Which of the following words contain the following words contain the same morpheme at the beginning: engulf, enthuse, enhance, ennoble, envelop, enlarge, ensconce, entitle, enrage, encourage, enrich, encode, entrust. ‘Agarabi is a language of Papua New Guinea, of uncertain classification. The data presented here are slightly simplified for teaching purposes. Identify the morphemes illustrated in these data, What exactly does each morpheme mean? tinohe ‘my mother’ amaah ‘his or her house’ anohe ‘your mother’ -tinta for me’ anohe ‘his or her mother’ -onta ‘for you’ tipohe ‘my father’ santa for him or her’ apohe ‘your father’ apohe ‘his or her father’ tro ‘hit me’ aro “hit him or her’ time ‘give me’ ame ‘give him or her’ ahnon ‘his or her head’