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West Santa Monica Avenue, Dededo, Guam 96929

Phone: (671) 632-5647
Accredited for six years by WASC and an active member of Learning School Alliance
Website: http://www.gdoe.net/vsabms
Email: vsabms@gdoe.net

Instructor Ms. Jonah May Guiking E-mail jvguiking@gdoe.net

Phone 632-5647 Office 3rd Period Blue Day - Interdisciplinary Team Prep
300-6490 Hours 7 Period Gold Day - Core Content Team Prep
Office Room 77 Communication with parents will consist of a variety of ways: Email,
Automated Progress Reports, and through Student Planners (as soon
as they are available) in addition to the standard phone calls home.

Different reading materials and books will be provided to supplement classroom discussion. The textbook for this course
will be Concepts and Challenges, Earth Science (Globe Fearon), which will not be issued to each student. A class set will
be used during class time along with additional resources provided. A textbook will be assigned if the student needs to
do any work outside of class and returned when work is completed.

Course Description:
Hafa Adai and welcome to a new school year! In 8th grade Science, we will be covering and studying different aspects of
Earth Science. By the end of 8th grade, students will have had an opportunity to conduct scientific investigations and
explore various scientific concepts and processes. The class includes lecture, group interaction, and laboratory activities.

Class topics and activities will be aligned with the adopted National Common Core Standards for Literacy and Writing in
Science. Students will be expected to participate to the best of their abilities in classroom activities as well as conduct
relevant independent activities outside of the classroom (i.e. homework, current events, science projects, research, and
public service events). Students will be working individually and in a variety of group arrangements.

The following is the alignment of objectives with standards. Students will be assessed in a variety of ways, which may
include the following: quizzes, class discussion, group presentations, science projects, exams, and other class activities.

Course Requirements:
q Blue or black pen (or similarly dark colored ink) and/or pencil
q One notebook (composition or spiral)
q One folder or binder (1)
q Filler paper
q Coloring instruments (crayons, markers, color pencils, etc.)
q 1 ream of Xerox paper
q 3 x 5 index cards (optional)
** Additional materials may be needed during laboratory activities.

Quarterly/Monthly Topics

q Science Process Skills q Energy Resources
q Scientific Method/Scientific Inquiry q Atmosphere
q Lab Safety and Measurement q Weather Factors
q Technology q Climate
q Earths History
q Plate Tectonics q Earth, Moon, and Sun
q Volcanoes and Earthquakes q Solar System
q Rocks q Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe
q Minerals

Academic Evaluation:
Students will be evaluated according to a combination of Category Weights and Points. The following are the different
categories students will be assessed upon:

Category Weight
Science Notebook 20%
Projects/Labs 25%
Quizzes/Tests 25%
Seatwork/Participation 20%
Homework 10%

Total: 100%

100% Letter Grade = A+ Student has completed all work and scored perfectly in all
assignments and projects.
99% to 90% Letter Grade = A to A- Student has completed all work and scored well in assignments
and projects.
89% to 80% Letter Grade = B+ to B- Student has completed most work and/or scored reasonably well
in assignments and projects.
79% to 70% Letter Grade = C+ to C- Student has completed some work and/or scored adequately in
assignments and projects.
69% to 60% Letter Grade = D+ to D- Student has completed minimal work and/or scored nominally in
assignments and projects.
59% and below Letter Grade = F Student has completed very little to no work and/or not scored
well at all in assignments and projects,

Citizenship Evaluation:
Students will also receive a citizenship grade in addition to their academic evaluation. How they are to be assigned their
score is as follows:
E (Excellent) Student is respectful, responsible, and safe in all aspects without question.
Student is prepared for class and participates in class activities.
S (Satisfactory) Student is respectful, responsible and safe.
Student is usually prepared for class and participates in most class activities.
N (Needs improvement) Student shows effort in being respectful, responsible, and safe.
Student tries to be a prepared class participant.
U (Unsatisfactory) Student needs to work on being respectful, responsible, and safe.
Student is not prepared or participating in class.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write a note or contact me.
(Roadrunner Three Addressed: Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Safe)

Student Expectations
Students are expected to exhibit these characteristics and responsible, respectful, and safe BMS Roadrunner students:
1. Follow and adhere to all classroom/team/school rules as well as directions given. Observance of specified
guidelines makes all other expectations possible.
2. You are to represent Benavente Middle School properly through adherence to the Guam DOE Board Policy
401. Your uniforms/team shirts identify you as a BMS student. All other articles of clothing, especially those
not in accordance with the dress policy are prohibited.
3. Ask questions or permission to do anything in the proper manner as established by your teacher. This can be
a simple as raising your hand for attention.
4. You are expected to respect all others and yourselves by showing physical and/or verbal restraint when
dealing with your peers and the adults in school.
5. Come to class on time everyday with required materials and ready to participate. Your academic success in
this class hinges on your doing so.

Parental Expectations
In addition, there are certain Parental Expectations that should be met to insure your child has maximum success in the
class. They are as follows:
1. Please monitor your childs attendance in school. While every effort is made to contact you in case of any
questionable absences, it is also incumbent upon you to insure your child is present and on time.
2. In addition, if your child is absent, please provide them with an excuse note upon their return. Please refer to
the following chart:
Every three consecutive absences will require a doctors note

Number of Requirement/School intervention
3 Team intervention + Parent contact + Conference with student + Truancy notice + Referral to social
worker (if needed)
6 Mandatory conference with administrator and parent + School attendance contract + Referral to
counselor + Truancy notice + Referral to social worker (if needed)
9 Mandatory conference with administrator and parent and School Attendance Officer + Truancy
notice signed by parent and returned + School attendance contract + Child Study Team referral +
Referral to school psychologist (required) + Referral to social worker (required)
12 Attendance referral to Truant Officer
Beyond 12 Explanation for habitual truancy status provided as well as attendance referral for to Truant Officer

3. Please complete and submit any documents as requested by the teacher and/or school (ie. progress reports,
memos, etc) in a timely manner.
4. Provide the teacher and school with updated contact numbers and email addresses (if any).
5. Please insure your child has the necessary materials as specified in the syllabus.

Classroom Management Plan for Attendance and Makeup Work
As stated before, attendance is very important as it has an effect on their grades. If a student is absent, they are
responsible for bringing in an excuse note. If a student is absent and they miss a class assignment, test, or
presentation/project, it will be their responsibility to request for the opportunity to make it up.

Classroom Management Plan for Minor Offenses
The goal of this class is to learn about Earth Science that will help you to have the skills and knowledge necessary for
life. Learning something new requires your best effort. The following rules will help you give your best effort.

Students are expected to:
1. BE PROMPT- Arrive to class on time every day and be ready to learn and participate. Team Blue Dragons believes in
an exemplary dress code: all students must have their shirts tucked in before they can enter class.
2. BE PREPARED- Come to class prepared for with all the necessary materials (i.e. school supplies, homework, etc.).
Notebooks, folders/binders, and textbooks will remain in the classroom unless advised otherwise by the teacher.
3. BE PRODUCTIVE- Remain on task in class at all times. Follow directions and stay seated unless you have been given
permission to do otherwise.
4. BE POLITE- Respect yourself, your classmates, and your teachers with your words and actions. Do not vandalize,
destroy or take other peoples belongings. Respect your classroom environment.
When the teachers hand is up (Silent Hand), student must stop what they are doing, face the front, and pay
attention to the teacher. This is one of the most important rules.
5. BE PATIENT- Quietly raise your hand if you have a question or comment and wait patiently for your teacher to
6. NO GUM should be chewed inside and outside of the classroom. Food and drinks will be at the teachers discretion.

Students who obey the rules:
1. Will receive excellent grades in class work and citizenship.
2. Will be prepared with skills useful in finding a job and preparing for future life experiences.

If a student chooses to commit a minor offense:

1st Consequence: Teacher will warn student that the rule was broken. Note made on referral.
2nd Consequence: Phone call will be made to parent or guardian in attempt to curtail behavior. Note made on
3rd Consequence: Detention and meeting with parent, team, and student.
4th Consequence: Student will be referred to Discipline Office. Note made on referral.

** Subsequent referrals will be dealt with by the Administrator for Discipline.
** Major Offenses will go directly and will be handled by the Administrator for Discipline.
** Students who will be suspended during the last quarter of the school year (4th quarter) will not be able to
participate in the team promotional and team fieldtrip/activities at the end of the year.

Teachers Signature



Eric Dela Cruz, ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Martina Nelson, Blue Dragons TEAM LEADER Date
This syllabus may be subject to change.
All school rules and board policies apply and will be followed.
SEE Attached: Food Waiver Form (found on the back of this sheet).

Please sign below. Bring this form back to the teacher tomorrow. If there are any questions or comments, please feel
free to contact me.

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Student Name (Print) Student Signature Date

Physical/Street Address Mailing Address

Contact Number(s) Email Address
Medical Concerns (food allergies, medications, etc.)

Students Class Period

Parent/Guardian Name (Print) Parent/Guardian Signature Date

Contact Number(s) Email Address
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