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The official publication of Minnesota Wing Civil Air Patrol December 2004

Local Air Force associations honors four wing members

The General E.W. Rawlings strong force in his unit’s
Chapter of the Air Force aerospace program not only
Association and Chapter by his own enthusiasm but
858 of the Air Force also by his willingness to
Sergeants' Association host- share his excitement with
ed their joint annual awards fellow cadets. Each month,
dinner Nov. 12, at the he helped with classes for
Royal Cliff Banquet the aerospace excellence
Facility in Eagan, Minn. program, where he did out-
At this banquet, the associ- lines for these classes and
ations’ members recognized presented several classes
outstanding Minnesota himself. He typed up the
members of the Air Force class outcome with atten-
community, including dance records and sent
active duty, Air Force them to CAP National
Reserve, Air National Headquarters. Because of
Guard, Air Force Reserve Arnet's efforts and dedica-
Officer Training Corp and tion, this unit achieved the C/Tech. Sgt. Mitchell T. C/2nd Lt. Joshua J.
Civil Air Patrol members. 2004 Aerospace Excellence Arnet, North Hennepin Waddell, Viking
Each organization named Award. Composite Squadron. Composite Squadron.
its own award winners. C/2nd Lt. Joshua J.
Waddell, Viking Squadron,
Four members of
Minnesota Wing were was recognized for his out-
selected for such honors, standing leadership in cadet
programs. He was selected
including C/Tech. Sgt.
as the Viking Squadron
Mitchell T. Arnet, North
Hennepin Squadron; C/2nd Cadet of the Quarter (first
Lt. Joshua J. Waddell, quarter of 2003) and Viking
Squadron 2003 Non-
Viking Squadron; 2nd Lt.
Commissioned Officer of
Andrew G. Bosshart, Anoka
Squadron; and Lt. Col. the Year. He served more
Stanley H. Kegel, Jr., wing than a year as a flight com-
mander, and produced some
headquarters. Their nomi-
of the sharpest cadets to
nation letters follow.
date. He served in the
C/Tech. Sgt. Mitchell T. squadron color guard and
Arnet, North Hennepin has been involved in plan-
Squadron, was recognized ning some of the unit cadet
for his outstanding leader- activities and emergency 2nd Lt. Andrew G. Lt. Col. Stanley H. Kegel,
ship in cadet aerospace Bosshart, Anoka Jr., Minnesota Wing
education. He has been a Honors / Page 3 Composite Squadron. headquarters.
Commander’s Column: Wing staff obtain building permits
by Col. Steve Miller, during all CAP activities, nizant of the safety factor.
wing commander to be a responsible steward Icy roads, low tire pressure,
Well, it’s finally happened. of CAP resources and to unscraped windows can all
We have been granted per- fully prepare myself for the contribute to an unsafe
mits from the cities of challenging missions that driving situation. Be alert,
South St. Paul and Inver serve America.” be safe and have a happy,
Grove Heights to begin the With all of the extra travel holiday season.
building of our new wing that takes place around the -Semper Vigilans
maintenance facility. holidays, let's all be cog-
Obtaining these permits has
been a process that has
taken many months. Our
original plan was to have
Col. Steve Miller
Weather or not
the facility completed by
fall of 2004. Many obsta-
all we do. His team came
up with a safety pledge. At You just can't have enough
cles came up in the every national activity I Lt. Col. Nick Modders, nance persons, it provides
process. At this point, those have attended, including 130th Squadron the temperature of the road-
obstacles have all been National Staff College, two way surface, as well as if
National Conferences and For pilots, aircrew mem-
overcome. Machinery will its wet. One item pilots will
two National Board meet- bers and ground teams,
begin moving dirt in note missing from all of
ings, this pledge was read there can never be enough
December. Watch for more this information is cloud
by all attendees after the weather information to help
news on the new facility. height.
Pledge of Allegiance. with mission and/or flight
We need your help. We planning. To enjoy a more complete
have several open positions Our current national com- weather reporting system
mander, Maj.Gen. Dwight Along Minnesota's road-
at wing headquarters. than is offered by aviation
Wheless, is continuing with ways, there are 92 weather
Please think about assisting only weather reports, see
this practice. At the wing sensors mounted at the
the wing with your time www.rwis.dot.state.mn.us.
headquarters staff meetings, edge of the roadway right-
and talents. You will help There, you will find the
we will be reciting this of-way. They stand about
the wing and see another aviation reporting stations
pledge, too. I encourage all 30-feet tall with the airport
side of Civil Air Patrol. shown on the RWIS infor-
units to use this pledge as a like sensors, such as
In his last year of com- anemometer, wind direction mation tables. It’s kind of
part of each meeting. The one stop weather shopping.
mand, Maj. Gen. Richard pledge is as follows: gauge (which looks like the
Bowling began a program outline of an aircraft fuse- For those interested in actu-
to bring to everyone's mind “I pledge to do my part to lage) and a rain gauge, all ally seeing the weather,
the importance of safety in foster a safe environment mounted on the 30-foot click on the "Camera Map"
tower. offering on the right side-
WingTips is a publication of What is measured at these bar of the RWIS website to
Minnesota Wing Civil Air Patrol, Road Way Information access 15 camera sites that
U.S. Air Force Auxiliary Service, or RWIS, sites? view adjacent highways.
P.O. Box 11230, St. Paul, MN 55111 Your aviation weather cov-
For the ground team and
www.mnwg.cap.gov erage will be greatly
aviators, the items of inter-
wingtips@mnwg.cap.gov enhanced by taking advan-
est include: air temperature,
The views expressed, either written or implied, are not neces- dew point, precipitation, tage of this service; and
sarily those of the U.S. Air Force, the Civil Air Patrol or precipitation intensity, visi- who knows, there may be a
Minnesota Wing. Submissions should be sent to the above bility, wind direction and camera on an RWIS site
email address. near your objective that
wind speed.
Wing Commander: Col. Steve Miller will give you a look at the
Wingtips Editor: Maj. Shannon Bauer For the highway mainte- big picture.
Honors / from Page 1 to CAP, he provided a very

services exercises. He also

realistic scenario for a 2004 Minnesota Leadership
recent training mission.
served as the cadet deputy
Lt. Col. Stanley H. Kegel,
Academy honors recognized
commander for the unit and
was recently selected as Jr., wing headquarters, was
cadet commander. Waddell recognized for outstanding Basic Cadet Officer Course Honor Graduates:
was honored at the 2003 leadership in mission com- Alpha Seminar: C/Tech. Sgt. Laura Broker, St. Cloud
Minnesota Wing encamp- mand and control. Kegel Bravo Seminar: C/Master Sgt. Sara Anderson, Anoka
ment as the encampment’s has done an excellent job as
Basic Cadet Officer Distinguished Graduate:
distinguished graduate. the wing’s director of emer-
C/2nd Lt. Joshua Waddell, Viking
gency services for the last
2nd Lt. Andrew G. three years. In recent BCOC Outstanding Seminar Leader:
Bosshart, Anoka Squadron, weeks, he orchestrated C/Capt. Brian Anderson, 130th
was recognized for out- three major search and res- Non-commissioned Officer School Honor Graduates:
standing leadership in cue training exercises and a Alpha: C/Senior Airman Grace Burgio, St. Croix
emergency services train- unit-based exercise. These Bravo: C/Tech. Sgt. Nathan Lundeen, North Hennepin
ing. His great enthusiasm events consumed a tremen- Charlie: C/Senior Airman Luck Dicosimo, 130th
for the emergency services dous amount of his time. Delta: C/Senior Airman Andrew Puckett, Hutchinson
program has given his unit Kegel additionally arranged Echo: C/Airman 1st Class Nathan Tyner, Crow Wing
a huge "shot in the arm." to have adequate staff at
His mission was to make each event and arranged for NCOS Distinguished Graduate -- Lt. Col. Bruce
the squadron a leader in the funding for these mis- Sexton Plaque: C/Airman 1st Class Althea Johnston,
emergency services. He sions. This year's unit-based Duluth, (presented by Lt. Col. Bruce Sexton himself)
held emergency services exercise was particularly NCOS-Best Presentation Awards:
classes for the unit cadets difficult to manage because Alpha: C/Senior Airman Nathan Schwartzbauer, Viking
and seniors, providing a the funding for this mission Bravo: C/Tech. Sgt. Paul Austin, Red Wing
review prior to taking the was changing and there was Charlie: C/Airman 1st Class Trevor Mathison,
new exams. He demonstrat- a need for continuous com- Fort Snelling
ed how members could munication between wing Delta: C/Senior Airman Katelyn Strenge, Valley
navigate through the new and the units. Kegel's Echo: C/Master Sgt. Aaron Lillemo, 130
emergency services qualifi- efforts will ensure the mis-
cation requirements, bring- NCOS Best Overall Presentation Plaque:
sion readiness of the entire
ing everyone up to date. C/Tech. Sgt. Paul Austin, Red Wing
Although Bosshart is new

Aircrew locates crash site Minnesota Wing Flight Academy 2005

By Lt. Col. Keith Bischoff, Incident Commander Now Accepting Applications!!!
The Air Force Rescue Coordination Center requested
Minnesota Wing assistance in locating an overdue and
missing Cessna-182 on Sept. 26. Aircrew teams from
Hutchinson, St. Cloud and Pipestone squadrons were
dispatched for the search. The St Cloud crew located the Flight academy provides flight training in a powered
crash site one mile off the runway at Morris, Minn. (Cessna 172) or glider (Blanik L23) with emphasis on skills
The pilot had departed Morris around 5:30 a.m. that day to the fly the aircraft on a supervised solo. A high percentage
of the students achieve their solo flight.
and was heading for a fuel stop in Red Oak, Iowa, with
a final destination in Kansas. He never arrived in Red July 15-23, 2005
Oak. No radar data was available and no emergency Applications accepted until Jan. 31, 2005
locator transmission signal was heard. Unfortunately, the For prerequisites and information on how to apply see:
pilot and only occupant of the aircraft was found www.mncap.org/cp/flightacademy
Senior member and cadet Viking sends
officer promotions holiday cheer
Lt. Col. Robert Johnson, Crow Wing
Lt. Col. John Tarpy, Ft. Snelling
to troops
Maj. Ellen Browning, Red Wing
Maj. William Hewitt, Owatonna
Maj. Chet Wilberg, Hutchinson In an effort to send a little
Capt. Daniel Barto, Crow Wing bit of home to American
Capt. Norville Pervier, Crow Wing troops serving abroad this
Capt. James Hetherington, Viking
holiday season, Viking
Capt. Steven Jurvelin, Grand Rapids
Capt. Ernest Moen, Valley
Squadron collected more
Capt. Rod Thompson, Grand Rapids than 520 pounds of goodies
Capt. Richard Yeager, Cass County and toiletries, as well as the
1st Lt. Steven Homan, Red Wing more than $700 needed to
1st Lt. Scott Johnson, Saint Paul mail the goodies.
2nd Lt. Michael Anderson, St. Paul
More than 21 parcels were
2nd Lt. William Cammack, Saint Paul
2nd Lt. Penny Hadrava, Grand Rapids shipped to a CAP unit in
2nd Lt. Paul Markegard, Saint Paul Ramstein, Germany, for
2nd Lt. Bruce Windorski, Grand Rapids transportation to the
C/Lt. Col. Christina Dalbec, Duluth Landstuhl Regional
C/Capt. Brian Anderson, 130th Squadron Medical Center, where
C/2nd Lt. Timothy Jensen, Crow Wing wounded solders will
C/2nd Lt. Sarah Pfingsten, Crow Wing receive the goods. An addi- Lt. Col. Barney Uhlig,
C/2nd Lt. John Sellen, Valley tional 10 parcels were sent Viking, packs up soap for
C/2nd Lt. Jason Suby, Viking directly to troops in Iraq. soldiers serving in Iraq.

Minnesota Wing Civil Air Patrol, NONPROFIT ORG.

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P.O. Box 11230, St. Paul, MN 55111 ST.PAUL, MN