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17 MAY 2011
Challenge: an assignment for the RedesignMe community
Redesigner: the natural person accepting these terms and conditions
Redesignme Connect: the legal personality RedesignMe B.V. who exploits Redesignme Connect
Redesigns: all ideas posted by Redesigner

Challenge Initiator wishes to place a Challenge on the website connect.redesignme.com. Challenge
Initiator requests Redesignme Connect to make an offer free of engagement. Once the offer is
accepted by Challenge Initiator the offer becomes binding between Challenge Initiator and
Redesignme Connect, unless Redesignme Connect revokes her offer.

Representative of Challenge Initiator warrants that he or she is entitled to represent Challenge
Initiator and that he or she is permitted to disclose the information admitted in the Challenge.

Redesignme Connect guarantees a minimum number of fifteen (15) Redesigns. Redesignme Connect
has to use its reasonable efforts in the performance of its remaning obligations. The remaining
obligations of Redesignme Connect are explicitly not result based.

Redesignme Connect is not responsible nor liable for the outcome or the usefulness of any Redesign
nor for the success of a Challenge.

Redesignme Connect is permitted to exclude any Redesigner from participation and to remove any
Redesign without having to give a reason.

Challenge Initiator will pay Redesignme Connect a fee determined by Redesignme Connect. The fee
consists of the fee for the winners and the fee for Redesignme Connect. The entire fee is paid in
advance either by creditcard, paypal or banktransfer. Challenge will not be put online before the entire
fee has been received by Redesignme Connect.

Challenge Initiator shall publish the winners of the Challenge within four (4) weeks after the closing
date (deadline) of the Challenge. If the Challenge Initiator fails to publish these results within this
period, Redesignme Connect is authorized to decide for Challenge Initiator. Redesignme Connect
retains all rights to claim damages from the Challenge Initiator caused by the delay or failure to
publish the results.

All (intellectual property) rights regarding the Redesigns and/or the outcome of the Challenge – in any
form or shape - are, or shall be, assigned to Challenge Initiator. If assignment is not possible, Redesigners
will permit Challenge Initiator to use the Redesigns and/or the outcome of the Challenge for its own
purposes. In so far as possible and permitted under Dutch law, Redesigners shall also waive their
(moral) rights. If and in sofar as necessary in the future, Redesigner will have to fully cooperate in
assigning any intellectual property right to Challenge Initiator.

Redesignme Connect has the right to use the Redesigns and/or the outcome of the Challenge for
promotional activities in original as well as in modified form.

Redesignme Connect cannot be held responsible and liable for the publication by Redesignme Connect
of any confidential information provided by the Challenge Initiator for the Challenge or information
that originated from or during the Challenge.


17 MAY 2011

If the Challenge Initiator deems it necessary, Challenge Initiator will provide Redesignme Connect with
a non disclosure agreement. Redesignme Connect will forward this non disclosure agreement to its
Redesigners. Redesignme Connect will not be responsible nor liable for the compliance with this non
disclosure agreement by Redesigner(s).

During the term of the Agreement and during a period of twenty-four months after the date of
termination of the Agreement, Challenge Initiator may not, paid or unpaid, directly or indirectly, for
himself or for third parties, deploy Redesigner to perform activities without the intervention of
Redesignme Connect or without permission of Redesignme Connect. Redesignme Connect is entitled
to grant permission under the condition that a compensation will be paid by Challenge Initiator. If
Challenge Initiator fails to comply with this provision, it will forfeit an immediately payable penalty in
favor of Redesignme Connect, which is not subject to setoff, amounting to € 10.000,- (in words: ten
thousand Euros) for each breach of this provision.

Redesignme Connect is not liable for any damage or loss caused to Challenge Initiator resulting from
the performance of the agreement or otherwise, unless such damage is caused intentionally or by
gross negligence on the part of Redesignme Connect. Consequential loss, including sustained losses
and loss of profit shall not be compensated.

In no event liability of Redesignme Connect shall exceed the amount of remuneration received by
RedesignMe from the Challenge Initiator.

Challenge Initiator indemnifies Redesignme Connect against all claims of third parties, including any
responsibility for any damages resulting from any data uploaded by Challenge Initiator, the
application, use and/or the marketing of (the results of) the contribution of the Redesigners and/or
the services of Redesignme Connect.

Both parties may terminate this agreement at any time by means of a written notice. Termination
does not in any way affect or alter the obligation of the Challenge Initiator to fully pay the
remuneration due.

* * *