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Departure Flight

Traveloka Booking ID
Friday, 1 September 2017 195092254

Palembang (PLM) Airline Booking Code (PNR)

Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II OBZ46T
09:40 Batam (BTH)
Subclass N ( Economy ) Hang Nadim

Check-in at least 90
Present e-ticket and valid All times shown are in
minutes before
identification at check-in local airport time

No. Passenger(s) Ticket Type Facilities (Baggage, seat)

1 Mr. VICRA ADHITYA Adult PLM - BTH 20 kg

Customer Service ( Indonesia ) Customer Service Email

0804-1500-308 cs@traveloka.com

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Passenger Details

No. Passenger(s) Route

1 Mr. VICRA ADHITYA Palembang - Batam

Airline Conditions of Carriage

Please read and understand the following airline's conditions of carriage

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