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Enabling sustainability




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The best return OUR MISSION

on customers investment To realize our mission, sustainable use of Earths
natural resources, our strategy is built upon providing
Global integrated operations sustainable life cycle solutions to our customers, guar-
and local presence anteeing the best return on their investment. The ben-
ets of this approach include conferring the license to
Increasing Applying core Improving operate, maximizing recovery, and reducing emissions
value through technologies in productivity as well as energy and water consumption.
life cycle new attractive and In addition to strengthening our technology portfolio
solutions growth areas scalability through in-house research and development and ac-
quisitions, we seek to expand into the energy industry
and industrial water treatment. We also aim at further
Leadership in technology and innovation strengthening our presence in emerging markets and
improving our productivity and scalability.

Read more about our focus on sustainability and

browse our Case Book and Sustainability Report at
Outotec enables sustainable use of Earths natural resources
A technology company designing
and delivering tailored solutions
Outotec is a technology company that designs and delivers tailored solutions covering
minerals and metals, water, energy, biomass, and chemical processing. There is no other
company that can deliver such a wide range of applications: a unique position founded on a
century of scientific and operational knowledge.

Industry awareness Fostering Unique We guarantee The benefits Life cycle

and end-user innovation technology delivery on time and of our solutions approach
knowledge expertise on budget
Our extensive experience with a wide We promote innovation at Outotec Metallurgy Whether a project is located in a desert, at More: Less: We provide maintenance and operational
range of industries and applications by maintaining a strong open Minerals processing high altitude, or in the vicinity of a major Efficiency Energy usage excellence that covers the entire life cycle
provides Outotec with a penetrating innovation culture internally. Our Process engineering population center, we can develop the of a plant, whether greenfield or an existing
Performance Water usage
view into the use cycles of virtually IPRs include 600 patent families, Project implementation necessary solutions and deliver them to installation. This allows our customers to focus
over 5,300 national patents or Profitability Waste on their own core capabilities, secure in the
every metal and mineral. When the customer frequently on a turnkey
Water processing Reliability Emissions
planning the entire process chain, this pending applications, and 70 basis. Once up and running, our sustainable knowledge that their facilities are running at
registered trademarks. Energy solutions guarantee performance and Safety Pollution maximum capability.
is a unique advantage.
Biomass lifelong benefits to our customers.

Our commitment Enabling our customers

Monitoring our
own operations
Sharing our
The industry's
top minds
to sustainable Our most significant contribution to sustainability
is made through the solutions we provide to
our customers, enabling them to do business
We carefully monitor our actions as a company
in accordance with initiatives such as the
Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). We are
As an advanced provider of solutions covering
minerals, metals, water, energy, and biomass,
we are acutely conscious of our obligation to
Outotec is the sum total of the experts it
employs. Doing business sustainably means
housing some of the top minds in the industry,

business in a more environmentally friendly manner and

respond to increasingly tight environmental
regulation. In this way, Outotecs work enables
sustainable development worldwide.
justifiably proud of our sustainability track
record but there is much more yet to be done.
guide the public, decision makers worldwide,
and upcoming generations on sustainable
approaches to resource usage.
and ensuring that they are given room to do
what they do best while continuing to grow.

declining energy emissions peak oil / fossil need for water
ore grades challenges
The companies producing minerals,
use fuel depletion recycling availability
Global development relies metals and other raw materials face
many challenges. We have identified these
on metals and minerals
trends industry trends as the primary drivers for
sustainable development.
Our technology
sets us apart
Outotec is a technology company that
designs and delivers tailored solutions
covering minerals and metals, water,
energy, and biomass.

Our role is to build entire operations literally from This broad base of knowledge is put to use in each
the ground up. This means assessing an ore body Outotec project, allowing us to make guarantees
or other materials potential before going on to de- in terms of efficiency, emissions, and energy and
sign each part of the process that will transform it water usage, that contribute to a more desirable
into a profitable resource. This necessitates exten- bottom line both for our customers and for society
sive use of our wide base of IPRs and expert per- as a whole.
sonnel to deliver resource-efficient, environmen-
tally sound, economically viable solutions tailored Timely implementation assured
to meet the customers needs. We then continue to Outotecs process expertise is perfectly comple-
ensure that these solutions function at maximum mented by our engineering and implementation
capacity for the duration of their life cycle. capabilities. To transform scientific knowledge and
There is no other company that can deliver such process insight into plants that function at maxi-
a wide range of applications. Outotecs unique po- mum efficiency in the field requires a tailored skill
sition is built on a century of scientific knowledge set bolstered by a great deal of environmental
and project delivery, which has earned us the solid awareness.
reputation that often serves to guarantee a proj- Whether a project is located in a desert, at high alti-
ects feasibility to the industry at large. tude, or in the vicinity of a major population center,
Many of our solutions have been certified in the Eu- we can develop the necessary solutions and deliver
ropean Union as best available techniques (BAT). them to the customer frequently on a turnkey ba-
These include flash smelting and flash converting sis. We guarantee delivery on time, and on budget,
for copper and nickel, zinc direct leaching, electro- facts that we are more than ready to specify in our
lytic refining of copper, nickel, and zinc, alumina contracts.
calcination, and sulfuric acid production.
Enduring benefits via services
Unrivalled process expertise The same knowledge base also permeates Outotecs
Our sustainable solutions guarantee performance
Outotecs heritage encompasses more than 100 service capabilities. We provide maintenance and
operational excellence that covers the entire life and lifelong benefits to our customers:
years of experience in the processing of metals and
minerals, as well as more recent developments cycle of a plant, whether greenfield or an existing Optimized processes
in areas such as water, energy, and biomass. Our installation. Fast and reliable ramp-up
research facilities in Finland and Germany house Complementing our BATs with expert-driven ser- High material recovery
samples from a huge range of sites. As each ore vices allows our customers to focus on their own Efficient use of raw materials, energy and water
body and input material is unique, the range of core capabilities, secure in the knowledge that Low lifetime operating cost
processes and combinations that can be used to their facilities are running at maximum capacity.
extract useful raw materials from these resources Performance guarantees
is simply enormous.

2 3
A century of 2001 Merger of two major players
Outokumpu Technology acquired Lurgi
Metallurgie to broaden its technology

accumulated expertise
base and capabilities in engineering
and turnkey plant deliveries.

Further acquisitions included Royal

Pannevis (filters), KHD Aluminium
Technology (aluminum smelter tech-
nology) and the grinding technology of 2010 Sustainable use of Earths natural resources
Nordberg Mills. Outotec defined its mission as sustainable use of Earths
Outotec's strong market position and technology We have continuously developed our technologies natural resources. Acquisition of Larox (complementing
leadership are based on the knowledge and expe- and complemented our portfolio through acquisi- the ore-to-metal value chain with filters), Millteam (grind-
rience derived from the operations of two major tions. Now these patents, trademarks and brands ing mill services), Ausmelt (smelting and recycling), and
mining and metals companies: the Outokumpu are part of Outotec offering. Today several Outotec Edmeston (special steel structures for acid plants).
Group and former Lurgi Metallurgie GmbH, origi- technologies are EU-rated best available techniques
nating from Metallgesellschaft AG. (BAT) an industry benchmark thanks to their en-
ergy efficiency and low emissions.

2006 More out of ore

1920 Outokumpu decided to focus on the stainless
1881 Lurgi Gesellschaft fr Chemie und
Httenwesen GmbH established,
1990 steel business and sell other businesses in
Metallgesellschaft Lurgi AG established. its portfolio. Outokumpu Technology Oyj was
established for
focusing on metallurgy.
Its subsidiary Lurgi 1995 listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange and
metal trading and Chemie, Metallurgie Lurgi Metallurgie started as an independent company.
activities expanded und Industrieanlagen- GmbH dedicated
to mining and bau GmbH focused on to metallurgy 2003
metallurgical metallurgy, sulfuric and sulfuric acid Boliden Contech (engi-
plants. acid plants and general plants. neering, precious metals
engineering. technology) was joined to
Outokumpu Technology
as part of Boliden-
Outokumpus industry
LURGI METALLURGIE restructuring.


1940s 1954 1975 Internationalization 19802000 Growth through acquisitions 2007

Development of the Outokumpu started technology The first overseas sales of- Rammer (hydraulic hammers) Name changed to
Flash Smelting pro-
cess, which revolu-
sales when Japanese Furukawa
Co. bought a license for the
fices established in Canada.
Soon after that sales offices
Roxon (belt conveyors) Outotec Oyj. 2011
Candor (galvanizing) Acquisition of Chena Acquisition of Kiln Services
tionized the worlds production of copper with the were set up in the United
Aisco Systems (aluminum smelter equipment) (electrochemical Australia, Energy Products
copper smelting and Flash Smelting method. States, Mexico, Brazil and
Supaflo (thickeners) measuring). of Idaho (renewable energy
led to the forma- Peru.
tion of a technology
Wennberg (cathode stripping machines) 2004 technologies), ASH DEC
Indepro (engineering) As a result of the difficult market (phosphorous recycling
1910 division within the
Carpco and Inprosys (physical separation) situation in 20022004, Outotecs business), and Vertical
Outokumpu Oy Eberhard Hoesch & Shne (filters) filter businesses (Ceramec, Hoesch Pressure Filter technology.
founded in Finland to Some of these companies were later divested as and Pannevis) were sold to Larox Oyj.
beneficiate the large they were not Outokumpus core business.
copper deposit found
in Eastern Finland. 1935 1965 Outokumpu Technology had several, quite
Outokumpu constructed A department estab- independent subsidiaries:
the largest electric cop- lished for the licensing of Outokumpu Mintec 2008
per smelter in the world in technology and selling of Outokumpu Engineering Contractors Acquisition of Auburn
Imatra, Finland. Because of 1949 know-how for copper, zinc, Outokumpu Wenmec Group (maintenance and
the war it had to be moved Metallurgical research center nickel, and ferrochrome shutdown services).
Outokumpu Castform
to Harjavalta in 1940s. established in Pori, Finland. processing.
Outokumpu Engineering Services
Outokumpu Turula

4 5
Sustainability is Sustainability is a core
element in our mission and
principles, with 87% of our

at the heart of
order intake (2011) classified as
Environmental Goods and Services
(OECD definition). Outotec is a mem-
ber of Cleantech Finland, and has

our operations
been reporting according to GRI
guidelines level B+ since 2010.

Outotec has signed the

United Nations Global
Compact initiative and is
Our mission is the sustainable use of committed to its principles of human
rights, environment, labor and anti-
Earths natural resources. In order to corruption. We also participate in the

achieve this, we incorporate sustainability

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP),
and were included in the initiatives

into all aspects of our operations, from our Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index.

own business processes to the solutions

we develop for our customers.

At Outotec, we develop and deliver some of the Our mission statement, sustainable use of Earths
worlds most energy-efficient metals, minerals, natural resources, firmly attests to the fact that we
water and waste processing solutions, and care- not only provide the means to produce metals sus-
fully monitor our actions as a company in accor- tainably, but also enable production of the materi-
dance with initiatives such as the Global Reporting als necessary for green energy technologies such
Initiative (GRI). We are justifiably proud of our sus- as solar and wind power, as well as other energy-
tainability track record but there is much more yet conserving solutions like mass transport concepts.
to be done.
Answering todays challenges
A forward-looking mission All of the above are means of reducing our footprint
As we strive to make clear, Outotecs commitment as a global society, and all, for better or worse, re-
to sustainability extends far beyond our own oper- quire metals from the outset. The key fact is that
ations, which are relatively minor in terms of emis- we want those metals to be produced in a sustain-
sions. We see our impact in the industries we serve able manner, and then returned to the value chain
as of core importance to the effective use of the via recycling once they have achieved their purpose
planets limited resources. The ultimate aim of our in the world.
solutions is to decouple resource usage from na-
In addition, 21st century consumers are increas-
ture by harnessing advanced metal recovery, water,
ingly keen to know the origin of the products they
and recycling technologies.
purchase, and to understand the value chains be-
hind the brands they support.

6 7
Four customer-oriented
business areas
Outotec has a strong portfolio of technologies for the entire value
chain from ore to metals as well as energy and industrial water Our customer base
Outotecs customers include large, globally oper- its customers globally. To ensure flexibility and
treatment, many of which have been rated as BAT (best available ating mining companies and metals producers as operational efficiency, Outotec uses an extensive
technique) by the European Union. Outotec actively develops and well as local mining and metals companies. In ad- global subcontractor network for engineering and
dition, Outotec serves fertilizer producers, compa- manufacturing, often including local experts and
acquires new technologies and processes by anticipating future nies in the chemical industry, and companies that subcontractors in our projects.
market needs and customer requirements. utilize alternative energy sources. Outotec serves

Outotec technologies and services

Non-ferrous Solutions Energy, Light Metals and
Concentrators Aluminum smelting and casting process equipment
The Non-ferrous Solutions business area develops Environmental Solutions
Grinding Green anode plants
and delivers sustainable technologies for the pro- The Energy, Light Metals and Environmental So- Flotation Carbon crushing
cessing of non-ferrous ores into metals. Solutions lutions business area is responsible for solutions Thickening and clarifying Rodding shops
enable production of copper, nickel, zinc, lead, which produce sulfuric acid, energy, alumina, alu- Filtration Bath processing plants
Physical separation Casting process equipment
gold, silver, and platinum group metals as well as minum, and other light metals. In terms of energy,
Process automation and analyzers Spent potlining processing
industrial minerals. The technology offering covers the focus is on developing clean and efficient pro-
the entire value chain from ore to metal with con- duction methods for sources such as oil shale, oil Non-ferrous metals production Sulfuric acid plants
centrators, pyrometallurgical and hydrometallur- sands, and renewable energy. The environmental Pyrometallurgy Metallurgical feedstock-based
Roasting Elemental sulfur-based
gical plants, related process solutions, automation solutions on offer include sulfuric acid plants, ap-
Smelting, refining and anode casting Regenerative acid processing
and equipment. In addition to the proprietary tech- plications for gas cleaning and heat recovery as Slag cleaning and fuming
nologies the business area also offers engineering, well as the treatment of industrial wastewater. Hydrometallurgy Energy production
system integration, and project delivery including The business areas scope of deliveries ranges Leaching Oil winning from oil shale and oil sands
Fluidized bed and circulating fluidized bed power/CHP
production equipment, as well as training, opera- from feasibility studies, plant audits and plant Solution purification
Metals extraction plants based on conventional, renewable (biomass)
tion, maintenance, and spare parts services. The debottlenecking services to technology packages fuels and industrial by-products
business areas worldwide customer base consists and lump-sum turnkey plant deliveries. Outotecs Ferrous metals and ferroalloys production Fluidized bed-based coal and biomass gasification
of mining companies and producers of non-ferrous broad customer base worldwide includes compa- Beneficiation
metals. nies in the metallurgical industry, the fertilizer and Agglomeration Industrial water treatment
Direct reduction and smelting reduction Wastewater treatment in minerals and metals
pigment industry, and in oil and energy production. production
Ferrous Solutions
The Ferrous Solutions business area provides so- Services Light metals, fluidized bed applications Services
Roasting Technical services
lutions for the processing of iron and ferroalloy The Services business area focuses on providing Upgrade and modernization services
ores and titania feedstock into products such as customers with tailored services throughout the Operation and maintenance
concentrate, pellets, sinter, direct reduced iron, life cycle of their production plants, processes and Component services
hot-briquetted iron and ferroalloys. Ferrous Solu- equipment. Outotecs services enable customers
tions offers its energy efficient and environmentally to reach consistent availability and sustainable
sound technologies for beneficiation, pelletizing, operation for their plants and equipment: prereq-
sintering, direct reduction and smelting. The of- uisites for high productivity and efficiency. Outotec
fering also covers a wide range of feasibility stud- offers technical services, upgrade and moderni-
ies, engineering, process equipment, automation, zation services, operation and maintenance, and
project implementation, and services covering the component services.
entire life cycle of a plant.

8 9
Innovation is
a team effort
Outotec is the sum total of the experts
it employs. Doing business sustainably
means housing some of the top minds in
the industry, and ensuring that they are
given room to do what they do best while
continuing to grow.

The more talented, knowledgeable, innovative In turn, we regularly participate in R&D projects
thinkers we employ, the stronger our solutions with our customers, combining our process and
portfolio becomes, and the more our customers engineering knowledge with our partners local
benefit. expertise and industry knowledge to arrive at in-
novative solutions.
We promote innovation at Outotec by maintaining
a strong open internal innovation culture, encom-
Sharing our knowledge
passing cross-organizational and global knowledge
sharing. This means that people concentrating on As an advanced provider of solutions covering min-
research, sales, and process engineering at every erals, metals, water, energy, and biomass, we are
level of the organization participate in the innova- also acutely conscious of our obligation to guide
tion process to develop new technologies. the public, decision makers worldwide, and up-
coming generations on the sustainable approach
Thanks to this setup, enabled by common data- to resource usage.
bases and broad access to our IPRs (encompass-
ing 600 patent families, over 5,300 national pat- To this end, we frequently collaborate with govern-
ents or pending applications, and 70 registered ments and regulatory bodies to ensure that re-
trademarks), our inventions are often the result sources are utilized in a sustainable fashion, while
of solid teamwork rather than the work of any in- encouraging the use of technologies to reduce en- Reference deliveries
dividual. ergy consumption and emissions, and enable sig-
nificant cost savings. Half of the world's pyrometallurgical
primary copper is produced with Outotec
Flash Smelting
One-third of the worlds hydrometallurgical
copper is produced with Outotec SX-EW
Over a third of the worlds sulfuric acid
capacity runs on Outotec technology
Most of the world's iron ore pellets are
produced using Outotec's traveling grate

10 11
Outotec facts
and figures
Global integrated operations
always close to our customers
We have a flexible global operation model which close to our customers worldwide, representing
brings Outotec to wherever the customer is. Our extensive technical and engineering capabilities.
global presence and local operations enable world- Additionally, we operate through a wide network of
class engineering, project delivery and customer suppliers and contractors in order to deliver fast
service for our customers. Our market operations and reliable ramp-up and guarantee the best per-
Outotec develops and provides technology solu- lutions for the chemical industry, industrial water are comprised of over 1,800 professionals located formance for the customers investment.
tions for the sustainable use of Earth's natural treatment and the utilization of alternative energy
resources. As the global leader in minerals and sources. Outotec has a global network of sales
metals processing technology, over the decades and service centers, research facilities and nearly
Outotec has developed several breakthrough tech- 3,900 experts, and the company's shares are listed
nologies. The company also offers innovative so- on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki.

Ferroalloys, 4%
Sales by materials
Other metals, 8%
Copper, 33% Iron,15% Precious
metals,10% Sulfuric acid, 5%

Other incl.
Zinc, 3% energy, water,
Aluminum, 5% chemical
industry, 11%
Nickel, 6%
Sales by destination
EMEA (incl. CIS), 44% Asia Pacific, 25% Americas, 31%

Outotec office Outotec manufacturing/assembly Outotec research center

Key figures 2011

Sales: EUR 1,386 million We have a large installed base in over 80 countries,
Order intake: EUR 2,005 million delivered over the last 100 years.
Personnel: 3,900
Order intake, share of EGS: 87% (Environmental Goods and Services by the OECDs definition) 130 non-ferrous smelters 20 ferroalloy pelletizing and sintering plants
650 sulfuric acid plants 16 ferroalloy smelters
Patents: over 5,300 national patents
1,100 grinding mills 340 iron ore sintering plants
Annual R&D expenditure: EUR 35 million
10,000 flotation units 93 iron ore pelletizing plants
Offices in 25 countries
1,600 thickeners 260 fluidized bed roasting plants
Deliveries to over 80 countries 3,500 filters

Outotec Oyj
Riihitontuntie 7, PO Box 86
FI-02200 Espoo, Finland
tel. +358 20 529 211

Copyright 2012 Outotec Oyj. All rights reserved.

Outotec is a registered trademark of Outotec Oyj.

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