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ZF Test Services for

Vehicles and Vehicle Components
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Extensive Group Know how

-- Highly Flexible Divisions

Only testing makes

technology safe for people.

Our trust in the world of tech- mitted efforts that we can all feel safe. It is
nology is strong, causing reassuring to be able to place trust. In turn,
thoughts of potential danger to such trust is also an obligation and entails
be pushed far into the back- responsibility that must be fully met.
ground. While this is a tribute Performance, durability, economic efficiency,
to progress, it also reflects gra- safety and comfort are the essential bench-
tifying developments. After all, marks we measure up to. The work performed
being able to trust the experi- at ZF Test Service is geared to optimizing and
ence of others in many areas safeguarding the functionality of components
of our lives makes us freer and and systems.
Josef Thuringer more independent. Indeed, it In view of shorter developmental cycles and
Senior Manager
ZF Test Service is the sole reason why we are worldwide pressures on costs, powerful testing
able to trust and use modern systems and efficient methods and procedures
transportation taking us to the are becoming increasingly indispensable. Here,
most far-flung corners of the state of the art, virtual world development tools
earth -- at increasing speeds enter the picture in performing powerful calcu-
and rising levels of safety. We lation procedures and flexible simulations.
trust that experts have paved All these developments, however, are conclu-
the way, putting technologies ded their verification through experiments on
on the test bench, researching test systems taking the stringent demands
and testing what is technically made on technology into account and genera-
possible and proving reliabili- ting the necessary trust in all the technologies
ty. It is thanks to these com- involved.

Josef Thuringer

The ZF Test Centre, with its test and circular

course hall, spreads out over a total of 37,000
square meters, and also offers sufficient space
for field tests.

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Functional and
Component Testing 4

Structural Testing 6

Driveline Testing 8

Acoustics Testing 10

Communication plays a significant New ways and concepts arise Circular Course Test and
role at all levels of ZFs progressive in co-operation with experts Vehicle Measurement 12
management culture. from a wide and varied range
of disciplines. Technical Calculations 14

There is an optimum solution for

all testing tasks -- and we have them all!

We are bringing roads and streets into the laboratory -- ence on your projects and infuse them
with test systems that simulate the desired test condi- with fresh ideas from the drafting to their
tions in a realistic way. We create laboratory conditions final realization.
that are exactly reproducible as well as cost efficient. Professional project management in the
Backed by in-depth technology competence and experi- realization phase safeguards the smooth
ence culled from countless projects, the ZF specialists progress and success of demanding pro-
will assist you in your planning. You will benefit from jects. In this way, coordination input and
the extensive knowledge and skills of an independent time will be reduced, potential conflicts
partner. averted, thereby ensuring smooth techni-
From design and drafting all the way through to realiza- cal handling within the prescribed time
tion, our planning teams will focus their entire experi- and cost frameworks.

Sensors, transducers and measuring equipment

catering to the most wide and diverse physical
dimensions are calibrated at the companys own
calibrating laboratory. A closed chain of traceability
is achieved through a comparison with working
standards that are calibrated in DKD laboratories
or directly by the manufacturer.

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Functional and
Component Testing
Simulating real life situations.
The starting point for all additional test.

A perfect unit is always

the sum of perfect individual parts.

Realistic no-load operational ons. The main emphasis lies on the testing
conditions delivering valuable of steering systems and the examination
information on unit behavi- of different sealing concepts in complete
our patterns, are created vehicle axles.
during functional tests. The Steering system test benches enable the
establishment of the maxi- transfer of the steering system-specific po-
mum steady-state tempera- pulation load established in vehicles from
ture as well as dissipated the roads to the laboratory. Impermeability,
energy are the key focus of functioning and life expectancy are all tes-
these investigations. Here, ted at the same time.
test facilities with rotations A specially developed, computer-controlled
of up to 10,000 rotations per servo-hydraulics regulates all parameters in
minute are available. real time or a test-time compression popula-
During component testing, Mud water test benches serve to test the
individual components are seals in complete axles, axle systems and
tested in terms of their dura- transmissions. Forward and backward dri-
bility and functionality under ving, steering system or spring deflections
realistic utilization conditi- are among the possible test parameters. In
addition, the simulation of driving through
water with subsequent drying processes is
possible. Modern automation systems gua-
rantee smooth program sequences.

The supply of lubrication oil is

investigated precisely within the
framework of the functional test.
Specially installed viewing win-
dows allow the visual checking
of flow conditions.

Functional test bench

determining steady-state
temperature and dissipated

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Functional test benches

34 kW / 55 kW / 65 kW

Incline test benches

20 / 65 kW
45 angle of inclination

Cold test chamber

160 kW
Cold chamber testing Steering system test bench
Axles and transmissions are frozen The test bench checks the Steering system test benches
in a refrigerating box to test functi- impermeability, functioning and for complete axles
ons at extremely low temperatures. life expectancy of steering sys-
In this test, temperatures as low as tem components of every type Mud water test benches
-40 C are standard parameters. of complete vehicle axles. for complete axles

Incline test bench (above left) Mud water test bench (above) Real utilization conditions
The incline test bench is suitable for Complete axles or transmissions with are simulated and the life-
general investigations on axles, axle different sealing concepts are tested time of seals in axles are
components and transmissions. The for impermeability in continuous realis- tested at the same time.
test bench can be inclined up to 45 tic operation or -- for test-time com-
in two levels with the help of a central pression -- in a particularly aggressive
hub mechanism. mixture of sludge.

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Structural Testing
The safe operating behaviour of products is a major
demand made on development activities. Structural
testing ensures that these demands are reliably met.

Service life, economy and safety

-- structural testing at ZF Test Service

In view of ever increasing Whether dynamic or statistical structu-

time and cost pressures, deve- ral testing, ZF Test Service has the right
lopment tasks in the vehicle test facilities for every application. The
and automotive supplier Hydropuls test bench comprises over
industry necessitate efficient, 20 linear cylinders for forces from 63 to
innovative solutions. This 400 kN and two rotating cylinders intro-
holds especially true against ducing torques up to 32 kNm. All the
the background of the extre- test cylinders can be operated indivi-
me increase in testing task dually or in co-operation. The two multi-
complexity. This entails achie- channel plants for multi-axis tests form
ving precise results in conti- the core of this test field. Computer-con-
nuously shorter cycles and at trolled real time fatigue tests or synthetic
lower costs. These challenges population loads can be tested on these
can only be met by concentra- facilities. The modular design of this
ting on the essentials and comprehensive mechanical equipment
deploying the right tools. guarantees a high degree of flexibility.

A consistent, comprehensive software

system and associated data processing
deliver statements on the lifetime and
the necessary dimensioning of the test
object in a relatively short period of

Hydropuls test benches

The tests provide information
on the lifetime and the neces-
sary dimensioning of the test
object. Real time fatigue tests
are also possible here, apart
from synthetic load populations.

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Hydropuls test bench

with torsional and longitu-
dinal cylinders (16/32 kNm
and 63-400 kN)

Test objects team up with sensors Torsion cylinder

Test objects fitted with measuring For combined driveline
technology supply information on and structural testing
stretching and therefore on loads
at specially defined points. This
enables direct comparisons with

Multi-axis structural testing Operation room

The Hydropuls testing facility forms A consistent, comprehensive soft-
the core the structural test. Among ware system enables the recording
other processes, it is possible to and processing of measuring data
simulate a computer-controlled and their provision for calculation
multi-axle spectrum of loads here. and simulation, all the way through
to generation of test programs.

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Driveline Testing
The torque loading at axles and drive units are tested during drive
unit line tests. The control system is capable of simulating realistic
conditions as fully automatic operations around the clock.

Rotations up to 11,000 rpm? Torques

up to 120,000 Nm? No problem for us!

ZF shifts road testing to the results. You can rely on our many years of
laboratory, thereby trimming experience in the sector of simulation test
development times and dis- technology. Flexible solutions meeting a
pensing with expensive dri- wide range of individual requirements are
ving tests. Our precisely one of our key strengths.
adjusted simulation and auto- The drive line test field comprises approxi-
mation technology are the mately a dozen test benches of varying de-
decisive factors ensuring suc- sign and construction types. A host of drive
cessful laboratory tests. All unit variants can be reproduced, from a
parts of the entire vehicle, simple dual inline operation through triple
driver and street system can machine T operation to 4-machine all-
be simulated in different com- wheel drive units.
binations on the test benches. The range of services also includes loaded
Automatic test sequences gua- runs, differential and contact pattern inves-
rantee the high reproducibili- tigation on axles, differentials and transmis-
ty of the test conditions and sions for automobiles, freight vehicles,
thereby the comparability of coaches as well as for agricultural and con-
struction machines or special applications.
Our testing facilities are available 24 hours
a day, 365 days a year. Our in-depth know-
how and the resulting technology lead gua-
rantee the continuous availability of inno-
vative and high-quality testing.

Measuring and operational room

All test facilities are automated
and equipped with control and
measuring computers. The test
processes are tracked and moni-
tored by measuring terminals.
Four-machine load test bench
Universal test bench with four
electrical drive units performing
loaded runs, differentials, wheel
heads, distributor transmissions
and special drive units.

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Load test benches

in T arrangement 270-450 kW

Four-machine load test bench

200 kW

Inline test benches

80-300 kW

Disassembly-free, endoscope video High-precision measuring

inspection system establishing degree
of effect

Modern multi-machine test bench Load test bench

Testing loads of drive unit inline Loaded runs, differential and
components up to complete drive contact pattern investigations
unit inline systems with high torque loads

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Acoustics Testing
Reduced noise limits and the significantly increased customer
awareness of comfort are pushing acoustic development increa-
singly into the foreground. You can count on our expert support
as your reliable, competent partner.

Perfect units down to the last detail

-- call on our acoustics competence!

The acoustic characteristics of tional vibration and impact measurements.

a product represent a decisive At ZF Test Service, there is a differentiation
competitive factor. We at your between the focus areas of test bench work
service as a strong, reliable and vehicle acoustics.
partner, enabling you to keep Investigations at the test bench guarantee
in step with the rising require- high reproducibility, allow direct compari-
ments in the area of acoustics sons and can be carried out in a time effi-
and vibration technology. cient way. Two test benches, which are
We command all the necessary equipped with large, low noise-reflexion
knowledge and skills, as well acoustics measuring spaces, are available
as the sophisticated tools and for these tasks.
facilities to cope with all rele- Vehicle measurements have the advantage
vant tasks. The range of ser- that they concern typical product utilization
vices of our acoustics specia- cases on the one hand, while specific or
lists includes the multi-chan- critical operational states can be investiga-
nel recording of the air-borne ted on the other.
sound and structure-borne Apart from conventional methods of sound
sound, in addition to complex measuring technology, modern measuring
analyses of rotation and opera- systems, which can record sound in a cor-
rect and faithful manner in terms of acous-
tics, are available for driving tests. All data
are promptly analyzed, processed and simu-
lated in the acoustics laboratory.

One of the core skills of ZF is the

manufacture of bevel gear sets. Their
running noise is a significant quality
characteristic here. It is possible to
comprehensively evaluate noise beha-
viour by means of acoustic testing.

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Acoustic test benches

T arrangement 272 kW,
360 kW (low reflexion test

Comprehensive vehicle measure- Data obtained from vehicle

ments are carried out to verify the measurements are immediately
test bed measuring results in analyzed and evaluated online.
practical applications.

Acoustic test benches Leading-edge measuring

The acoustics tests are performed in the low equipment and instruments
reflexion test chambers. The course of the enable a comprehensive
tests can take place in a T arrangement, or investigation of the data at
inline or individual machine operation. the test bench and in the

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Circular Course Test and

Vehicle Measurement
Driver-less driving tests are carried out under realistic working conditi-
ons in our own circular course hall. Vehicle measurements create the
data basis for all further testing.

We transform
roads and streets into test beds!

Reproducibility independent Here, the test object is pulled across ob-

of weather conditions and stacles of different geometries and arrange-
operation without drivers on ments by a lane-guided vehicle in a suitable,
the circular course represent padded test device. Vertical impact loads
an attractive, cost efficient are achieved in this manner.
alternative to durability tests Stress tests that have been passed -- some-
on the road. The bump ob- times beyond actual requirements -- guaran-
stacle test is the most impor- tee the unlimited everyday capability of
tant test procedure on the the components or the complete vehicles.
circular course with a 50 m Measurements in the vehicle provide infor-
radius. Structural parts such mation on component loads in everyday
as axle bracket, steering conditions. Values acquired serve as the
knuckles, suspensions and basis for additional investigations or as the
spring systems or steering validation of the model for technical calcu-
system components are tested lations.
for load-bearing capacity and The measuring equipment available at ZF
life expectancy. Test Service covers the entire product
range, from automobiles through to com-
mercial vehicles and on to machines. The
establishment of load populations, stress
analyses and the synchronous video analy-
sis of measurements are only a small part
of our comprehensive range of services.

Tires test
In addition to axle loading,
tires and wheels can also be
subjected to continuous load

Measuring wheel
Prior to testing, vehicles are
equipped with sophisticated

ZF Versuch Englisch.qxd 14.02.2006 16:32 Uhr Seite 13

Circular course testing

Tires test
Bump obstacle test for
structural testing
Lane-guided vehicle

Vehicle measurement
On-road and off-road
Drive test Synchronous recording testing
Vehicle tests are carried out at our of measuring data and Load cycle recording
own driving yard or on defined video images Noise level testing
routes within a radius of 200 km.

Circular course Vehicle measurement

24-hour fatigue testing without driver and A wide range of diverse
closely simulating actual conditions are measurements on vehicles
advantages of the circular course testing of are also conducted at our
load-bearing capacity and life expectancy. testing site.

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Technical Calculations
In components calculation, customer requirements are
implemented in a targeted manner in the dimensioning
of new products.

Competent partners
in the development process

As a service provider in cross- methods we are able to shape and deter-

sector development, we are mine the development process in a deci-
available as an innovative sive manner.
and competent partner in the Before the first prototype actually exists, it
technical calculation and the can already be investigated on the virtual
CAE/PDM user service. In simulation model, enabling weak points to
supporting the product gene- be recognized at an early stage and the
ration process, we draw on optimum variant filtered out from different
leading-edge, process oriented drafts.
methods, combined with a Different cases of loading -- derived from
high degree of flexibility. We simulations or measurements -- can be eva-
are committed to the aims of luated accompanying development. The
shortening development cyc- influence of the components on durability
les, minimizing costs and con- is established at an early stage through
tinuously improving quality. fatigue strength analyses. The depiction
By utilizing state of the art of the realistic simulation model is conti-
CAD/CAE software and nuously improved through the permanent
advanced, latest generation ongoing adjustment and balancing of the
load and boundary conditions with testing.
In this way, it is possible to reduce testing
on actual prototypes to the necessary
levels. This saves time and makes a deci-
sive contribution to competitive strength.

Innovative lightweight
structures arise because
of the targeted application
of optimization methods.

Analysis of eigenvalues
Rising demands on noise
behaviour necessitate timely
investigation of dynamic

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Design methods
Finding concepts
Development accompanying

System behaviour
Component analysis Analysis of structural
Implementation of detailed FE ana- components
lyses on system components FE model of automobile Strength
differential Stiffness

Complex Structures Durability calculation

Implementation of complex Analysis of fatigue life during the
FE analyses of entire sys- development process results in
tem, taking into account products dimensioned to ensure
the adjacent structures operational reliability.

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ZF Passau GmbH
Test Service
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Telefax +49 851 494-5638

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