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Personal Mission Statement

Directions: You have spent the last few sessions of our business class learning about
why personal mission statements are important as well as brainstorming and drafting
your own personal mission statement. Today you will make sure your revisions and
edits for your mission statement and mission description is completed along with your
visual. Make sure to review the rubric throughout class and aim for that 4! Good luck!

Completed typed or professionally written personal mission statements, mission

descriptions and correlating visuals are due...
Odds: Thursday Sept. 7/ Evens: Friday Sept.8

Revisions vs. Edits

Step 1: Revise your own personal mission statement using the A.R.M.S.
Step 2: Edit your own personal mission statement using the C.U.P.S.
Step 3: Have a peer revise your mission statement using the A.R.M.S.

Step 4:Have a peer edit your personal mission statement using the
C.U.P.S. strategy

Step 5: Individually review revisions and edits and make adjustments

Step 6: Write or type your mission statement neatly (Make sure name,
class and date are written for your heading)
Step 7: Write a mission statement description (In several sentences
describe the keywords from your mission statement, an explanation of
how you will make your personal mission a reality and w hy your
mission is important to you).
Step 8: Create a visual (4 digital, sketched or painted graphics) or visual
performance (musical, dance presentation) that exemplifies the core values
you described in your mission statement.
Step 9: Double check your work and make sure all steps are completed
to the best of your ability.

4 3 2 1 0
Personal Exceeds Fully Meets Minimally Not Yet Unacceptable
Mission Expectations Expectations Meets Meets
Statement Expectations Expectations No mission
Mission statement Mission statement
is clear and statement is one Mission Mission sentence
concise stating clear, concise statement lacks statement is included.
three or more statement a desired value vague. Does
values and several outlining at least or not provide a
things student one value and accomplishment clear vision
would like to one thing student OR contains for what
accomplish. would like to much "filler". student wants
Sentence/ accomplish. to accomplish
paragraph is short, or what
easy to student
understand, and values.
contains no "filler".

Mission Exceeds Fully Meets Minimally Not Yet No descriptive

Statement Expectations Expectations Meets Meets paragraph
Description Expectations Expectations included.
Describes the Describes each of Describes a few
keywords of the the keywords of of the keywords Describes one
mission statement the mission of the mission of the
sentence with statement statement keywords of
descriptive sentence in sentence in the mission
adjectives. Tells detail. Tells what detail. Tells what statement
what the student the student will the student will sentence.
will do to achieve do to achieve do to achieve Does not tell
his/her mission his/her mission his/her mission why the
and why this is and why this is OR why this is student
important to the important to the important to the values these
student. Is easy to student. Spelling/ student. things.
understand and grammar does Spelling/ Spelling/
free of not detract from grammar grammar
spelling/grammar reader's occasionally detracts from
errors. understanding. detracts from reader's
reader's understanding
understanding. .
Visual Exceeds Fully Meets Minimally Not Yet No visual/No
Present- Expectations Expectations Meets Meets visual
ation Expectations Expectations performance
Vibrant, creative, Neat, orderly,
easy to read and and easy to read. Somewhat Has at least 1
understand. Has at Has at least 3 messy. Has 1 or graphic or
least 4 graphics or graphics or visual 2 graphics or visual
visual performance performance visual performance
that creatively that highlight the performance that highlighting
enhance the key key features of highlight key the key
features of the the mission features of the features of
mission statement. statement. It mission the mission
Student put appears student statement OR statement.
exceptional effort spent adequate graphics/perform Unclear,
into completing time completing ance do not messy, etc .
assignment. assignment. match the
statement. Very
little care or
effort put into
creating a neat