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(A Film Review)

Submitted by:
Reynald Ramirez

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The story is about an alien,

with a body similar to the
human body, lands on Earth,
naked, for a research mission
on the human world. He gets
stranded in Earth as his
spaceship's remote control
device gets stolen by a villager.
The alien tried to chase the
thief in order to retrieve his
remote control back, but only
manages to take the radio
recorder of the thief because
that villager threw sand on his
eyes and escaped riding on top
of a moving train. Later on, he
discovered that the thief sold
his spaceships remote control
and thats how the PKs story
Authors General Impression

The movie itself is quite impressive. The story is unique than other fictional movie Ive
watch. Even though its comedy, theres still moral lesson to it. Like religion is all about
fashion. People judge ones personality based on his religion and fashion. They judge you
by the clothes and appearance you are showing to them.
Heres the good and worst things Ive observe in the movie P.K.
Good story line
Exploitation of (some) religious figures
The movie focus too much on Hinduism
The love story of Jaggu and Sarfraz is quite boring and lame
Overall Rating: 4/5
Critique of the Author

Plotline was awesome. But in my opinion, its kind of rushed.

Exposition is funny and humorous.

When the alien met Jaggu? I thought Jaggu would think of him as preacher

Best scene was the debate of the alien and Tapasvi.

The resolution was good, but can easily be predicted. It would be better if
P.K. show his planet to Jaggu.

Music/Story line/Acting/ is amazing.

Overall Rating: 4.1/5

For me, all roles were effective, but obviously the best role was
the P.K. (drunkman) or the human-like alien. Not because hes
the main character, but because his acting is normal and not
exaggerated. He looks like an innocent man that doesnt know
anything, but learns every single thing he do.

All character portraited their roles correctly.


The shots had a huge contribution too. The place, the events, and
the scene supported how the actors would act.

I think what the author wishes to convey is about finding the right
religion. No matter whatever you are, or religion you have, you
will still be judged by other people.
The author is telling that god doesnt need our protection, we
need his protection.

The following are the scenarios that highlights the movie:

Debate of PK and the godman
Religion of India
Letting go of the alien
Music and Special Effect

The music contribute for the emotion of audience. Like when PK

was leaving Earth, the background music makes the scene even
more sadder. Music also helps the actor what emotion should they

Visual effects made the movie more lively and emotional.

It also helps the author what he wanted to show. Moreover,
everyone knows that the movie would be boring if there was no
special effects.
The first part made me little confused. How can an alien have a fit body?
I thought gym is only invented in Earth. Also if the aliens planet
communicate by grabbing hands, they wouldnt have lips and ears
because they would not need it, and how can the alien learn the human
language if they dont have the concept of it?

Also, when Jaggus father came to Tapasvi (the godman), how can
Tapasvi know the name of her boyfriend? Jaggu and her father havent
even told him.

And the scene when PK grabs the hand of Jaggu, how did the alien know
what really happened? He said at the first part that holding ones hand can
only pass the knowledge to him but not all the things happened.

Script were catchy and original.

Which god should I believe? You all say that, it's only one god. I say,
no... there are two gods. One is the one who created us all. The other one
is the one created by people like you. We know nothing about the god who
made us all. But the god people like you made is exactly like you... liar,
pretend to act, giving false promises, meeting rich people sooner, letting
the poor neglected, happy when get praised-P.K.

In that line, the author wants to conveys something. Almost all people
have a religion. They always say they have faith in god, but the reality is
that they dont even believe it. The other gods were just created by some
people, to have money, and give false promises. They dont care if the
others are poor, as long as they are happy and rich.

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